Monday, February 19, 2018


Privately...FBI Director Chris Wray told his inner circle it was good that mayhem manifested in Parkland, Florida...just in time to help U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) get re-elected."


As the shooter went room to room killing people...some asked themselves "why" they had permitted others to pass laws that prevented them from defending themselves. Yes...when they signed up for the JOB...they knew one of the obvious hazards was: SCHOOL SHOOTER. accepting the JOB...these teachers and administrators assumed the RISK...assumed the potential for a NIKOLAS CRUZ to come to campus and slaughter. But...because TEACHERS' UNION stuff never addresses such RISK...the teachers* were left unprotected.
*Coach Aaron Freis...for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School... held the door open for children to escape although NIKOLAS CRUZ was facing Aaron and fired several .223 bullets blowing bucket size holes in this valiant hero.


Had the police or the FBI been told NIKOLAS CRUZ was a "pot-smoker"...or...was a Muslim jihadist with plan to ARMY would have attacked CRUZ' S house: S.W.A.T...Apache Helicopters...Marine division...batallion of Abrams Tanks...and...B-2 bombers dispatched from Ankara...all headed to stop NIKOLAS CRUZ...the 19 year old WHO had been identified as a SCHOOL SHOOTER...someone who would perform such massacre without conscience.

However...all the NOTIFICATIONS delivered to LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel were never collated...never examined...never investigated...but...left ignored...left untouched...left in some agent's "in-bin". When asked "why" such lack of concern...FBI Director Chris Wray declared, "We would have responded instantly had the tipsters mentioned JIHAD or DRUGS. Had they mentioned either one of those topics...the entire state of Florida would have been placed under marshal law...this SCHOOL SHOOTER "all-clear" whistle heard."


STORMY DANIELS signed a "non-disclosure" agreement in exchange for $130,000.00 wherein she promised never to discuss prior sexual involvement* she might have had with Donald J. Trump. When asked about this pay-off...Ms. Daniels' helper interceded and said, "It's like two riders on the same bus. Neither one can get off...and...hence...must ride to the very end...together...come what may."
*Edward G. Robinson in the movie, DOUBLE INDEMNITY tells the culprit about a BUS RIDE.


U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff,(D.Ca) was overheard telling a compatriot, "Keep the hell hound tracking. I don't care if there isn't any real evidence. When did real proof ever stop the Injustice Dept? They'll do our* Donald J. Trump around Perdition's Horn before they give him up."
*Schiff demonstrated his keen awareness of prophecy when he alluded to MOBY DICK and Ahab's sylloquy about chasing him.

LADY ELIZABETH was asked about Schiff and instantly delivered her own prose:

"I'd smite the face of God...if he insulted me...I'd stand and view Medusa's head had it but defied me to see...and...I'll chase that great white fiend unto the bowels of hell...that great white fiend whose death will be when slayed where demons dwell."