Wednesday, May 23, 2018


University of Florida assistant professor ANDREA L. DUTTON and her co-pilot, Professor Michael E. Mann...a well-known Penn State charlatan...were told to get out front and stop some bullets before the REVELATION OF FALSEHOOD* brought down their entire MYTH of man-made climate change. "If you don't preach the tenets of the MYTH...we'll remove you from your teaching niche," threatened U.S. Senator Bill Nelson...himself a devout freedom-hating Democrat when he spoke to Dutton and Mann in a 3 way phone call addressing the unraveling of their mutually beloved MYTH, (WSJ A-14;05-23-18).
*Sea level rise is a natural phenomenon. Sea level neither rises nor falls because mankind emits carbon dioxide(CO2) every time a human-breath is exhaled...or...a cow emits its gases...or...a car burps nocuous fumes. Earthquakes...angle of Earth to Sun...sun flares...silt from land to sea...along with a myriad of other causes and instances not yet known contribute to a rise or fall in sea levels. To proclaim man-emitted CO2 causes sea levels to rise is to proclaim a LIE. Indeed...MANN refused to discuss the concept of equilibrium of Mother Earth when confronted about the MYTH-LIE. He had to avoid such dialogue since CO2 is a TRACE GAS and is a food-stuff of plant-life...things that use CO2 to make C6-H12-O6[GLUCOSE.]. The more CO2 in the atmosphere...the more food for plants to eat...a scientifically-proven fact known as photo-synthesis. times past...sea levels were 400 feet lower than today...and...mankind...MANN'S culprit in 2018...wasn't emitting mega-amounts of CO2...but...was still in caves hacking away at each other over carrion left by the bigger animals of the jungle. The recent emission from the Hawaiian volcano caused sea levels to rise recently but MANN and his cohort-Dutton refused to discuss any causal relationship lest they lose their jobs.


Doing business with Israeli entrepreneur JOEL ZAMEL must be conducted with an understanding that...if...ZAMEL must...he will: LIE...DECEIVE...and...BETRAY. Somehow...ZAMEL insinuated himself in a lower level of the 2016 Trump campaign and from that niche conducted as much profitable-interface as possible. Nowadays...ZAMEL is singing* like a bird...but...his noise too faint to be heard,(WSJ A-5;05-23-18).
*While ZAMEL is spilling data...the operatives for TEAM-OBAMA are observing "OMERTA"...the code of silence. Team Trump was...and...unfortunately...still is INFESTED with "spies" whose mission to hurt Trump...frame Trump's pals...create and concoct when needed.


Water...water...water everywhere...but not a drop to drink...such the rhyme for Newark, New Jersey residents...their in-door faucet glowing...with what most described as horror with stink. Hearing about such Newark plight and having observed what Democrats...for political purposes...did in Flint, Michigan to create DANGER...SCOTT PRUITT...the leader of the Environmental Protection Agency...directed his underlings to clean up the water supply and extract...if possible...the OBVIOUS contaminates and toxins, (WSJ A-4;05-23-18).

Yes...folks...a Republican is trying to clean up your water so that when you drink're not consuming such things as LEAD...ARSENIC...and..."OTHER". The Democrats see "poisoned water" as a great issue and have dispatched several cadres to look for a water supply that can be contaminated so that people sicken...and...some die.

"I want a calamity before election day,"shouted Democratic National Committee TOM PEREZ when he was told Democrats lacked a cogent message that would attract voters,(WSJ A-4;05-23-18).


Easties? Yes...residents of east Boston are called "EASTIES". Nowadays...with so much government burdens heaped on land owners...most housing prices in that area have risen substantially and will climb even higher should AMAZON choose Boston for its second HEADQUARTERS.

Instead of removing government this and that so that land prices could fall and thereby alleviate the threat of rent increases which landowners must impose to keep pace with big grab government's increasingly oppressive grip...instead of that enlightened approach...the Democrats imposed even more restrictions...and...burdens...guaranteed to increase rents and land prices.

Why would AMAZON want to be in such a socialist miasma? Hasn't Jeff Bezos seen enough in Seattle to know BOSTON is just another expression of that hatred of freedom? Might BEZOS be that ignorant of what it means to be an EASTIE?


Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai was asked by Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Jeff Merkley to find out who was posting "false utterances" they never uttered.

Pat Toomey...for against net neutrality rules since they would stifle and retard INTERNET COMMERCE...something a Republican finds abhorrent. Yet...whoever posted the TOOMEY comment declared TOOMEY wanted enslavement and destruction of internet-freedom. MERKLEY...on the other hand...was framed as an opponent to net neutrality...a complete distortion of MERKLEY'S hateful position that the INTERNET should be controlled by big grab government...a government he envisions having him as one of the omnipotent would-be masters.

Ajit Pai knows what enslavement looks like when it comes to the INTERNET and will do what he can to stop the "whip-and-chain" from being introduction MERKLEY and his nefarious bunch desire most. "If I can insinuate myself into that loop...I can remain in power forever," dripped MERKLEY as he drank from his Fountain of Youth, (WSJ A-2;05-23-18).