Monday, March 19, 2018


President Trump didn't understand just how close he was when he said he wanted to DRAIN THE SWAMP. In the new America...there are two levels of justice...justice for the unwashed masses...and...expiation for the ruling elite. Take Hillary-the-hag for instance. She conducted a "pay-to-play" racket while Secretary of State; and when cornered, destroyed the hard drives and crushed cell phones...actions which would bring condemnation to anyone else...but...for such effort she was commended as brilliantly clever.

Maybe President Trump will tire of MUELLER'S PROBE...and tell this so-called proctologist he plans to continue to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE no matter how much "heat" scumbags such as Mueller can bring to bear. Perhaps...voters know* that if the SWAMP can withstand TRUMP'S "clean-house"'s likely the NANNY STATE with the help of its omnipotent MASS MEDIA will overwhelm and consume America in the same sickening fashion as it did Venezuela...nowadays...a place of empty shelves and hollow eyes.
*In "real" POLLS...likely-to-vote Americans wish to have the burden and shackle of the NANNY STATE removed...and...are more likely than not to support the politician who promises more liberty and less big grab government stomp and chomp.


Yes...folks...the Austin bomber is a Democrat hates capitalism and the freedom one must have to prosper in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. As a noise-making socialist...the bomber's to bring attention to the plight of homeless people and soft shelled turtles.


MSNBC has already convicted Donald J. Trump of money-laundering...and...obstruction of justice...although there isn't any proof. But...hatchet jobs rely on such LACK OF EVIDENCE...since it gives the attackers the ability to say, "We don't know if the accusations are true...but...we're accusing and our detailed accusations are proof least for us and for the MASS about you?"

President Trump...however...can shut down this nonsense when it comes time to do as much. For now...though...he can use MUELLER to ask rhetorically: How is it "crooked-Hillary" escaped investigation when the evidence of racketeering so open-and-obvious? Such questions at rallies are crowd-pleasers and as a TITAN...Big Don knows how to entertain. VIVA TRUMP!


While her character dark and hateful...Hillary Clinton's ability to leave false start fires to stop the duck any question about her past tells the world this lady is a genius...although a corrupt one. generated the Medici Ventures approach to finding that next new billion dollar start-up company. The wizards and geniuses declared tZERO...for example...forecast billions of dollars in revenue the 1st year only to admit to equity holders the RED INK will one day turn BLACK. Until then...tZERO enthusiasts will have to content themselves knowing that some day will be some day.