Sunday, April 22, 2018


How far down the line did the infection spread? How many employees at the U.S. Injustice Dept. undertook their own "attacks"...believing their "attacks" were sanctioned by their superiors since their superiors were engaging in the same kind of horrific attack...attack designed to besmirch and ruin...intended to "rig"...and...obstruct? Such questions by President Trump prompted U.S. Attorney General to direct a secret cadre to infiltrate the FBI and the Injustice Dept...and...identify those jackals* and jerks who had done such dirty deeds.
*Rod Rosenstein epitomizes what Anna Arendt meant by "banality of evil".

Saturday, April 21, 2018

WASHINGTON POST: mullet wrapper

The WASHINGTON POST was going under until it received the GIFT OF TRUMP. By berating...belittling...denouncing...bemoaning...and...excoriating TEAM-TRUMP...that rag has gained new life. The more LIES it prints...the more papers it sells. One editor said if it weren't for TRUMP...that paper would have already been bought by JERRY SPRINGER.


In Houston...Barbara Bush was laid to rest. At her funeral...people took to the podium to say a few words about her...what she meant to important she was in their lives.

Outside that people-packed church of mourners...however...stood rancorous Randa Jarrar screaming about BARBARA'S NAME on the bathroom wall at the local truck many soldiers were now flowers because of her.

Except for the hungry MASS MEDIA which could not get enough of that hatred...not anyone else listened to Jarrar spew her venom.


If James Comey...while Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI)...wrote memos to memos to file...then...there should be memos-to-file not only on President Trump but also on Obama...Clinton...Loretta Lynch...along with a host of other potentates. his own peculiar way...Comey was making a J. EDGAR HOOVER file...a file of dirt on all would-be masters, their knaves and that if any of them should ever rise up and attempt liberation of the unwashed masses...the DIRT would be used and that "loudmouth" silenced thereby.


Kim Jong un...the North Korean dictator...had to seek peace. The mountain beneath which he conducted all those nuclear tests was not only it was emitting radiation so powerful North Korea would be uninhabitable in less than 10 years...and...there was little that could be done to stop the collapse and resultant deadly emissions.

President Trump offered to "clean the site" provided the "little fella" stopped testing nukes and long-range missiles. If Big Don's offer to assist in "clean-up" is accepted...PEACE ON EARTH will arrive full force. VIVA TRUMP!