Friday, November 24, 2017


President Trump has a hotel on Pennsylvania Ave. that is a grand one at that. In special suites...for example...24 carat gold toilet lids and sterling silver spoons are just a few of the added appointments demonstrating to the guest they're not only respected...but...also...appreciated. VIVA TRUMP!


Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, (D.Conn) said Mike Flynn was in big trouble for lying about this and that. When confronted about his own lying...about telling people he had saved Lieutenant Dan...he admitted he was a "laurel's thief"...but...because he was a freedom-hating Democrat voters* in his region liked him.
*In Connecticut...this BLOG has already spent $20 million undermining and denouncing this laurel's thief. As Senator Sherrod Brown,(D.OH) was overheard saying, "He's a LIAR who needs to be evicted from the U.S. Senate...then...ostracized and spat upon."


While the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA publishes "false polls"...this BLOG has performed the same feat using proper "samples" along with proper "mechanics" to derive the BEST GUESS possible. It was this BLOG...and...ONLY this BLOG...for instance...which declared Donald J. Trump the winner DAYS before the finale using formulaic algorithms designed to render an accurate account of the electorate on the day such POLL taken. Extrapolating...imagining an outcome some days hence...while incredibly risky and potentially a destructive aspect for this BLOG...nonetheless...undaunted...this BLOG issued its prediction: TRUMP DEFEATS HILLARY!

Franken apologia

U.S. Senator Al Franken (D.Minn) issued a blanket apology designed to address the complaints of the 13,992 ladies who have come forward with horrific stories about how "fish lips" attacked them...groped them...invaded their privacy...and...had his nasty way with them. "I'm sorry to all the ladies. I have been many places...done many things...most of which I see now was quite dastardly and irredeemable," whispered Franken when he was shown a photo of himself and a lady as she squirmed out of his offensive embrace.


Because the tenure of President Trump is so rare...that to commemorate the greatness afoot...people are out buying what they want. VIVA TRUMP!