Saturday, July 21, 2018


Wherever Senator Schumer goes...he's followed by a team of SCHUMER-HATERS...loudly saying "bad stuff" about Schumer...all of it true...all of it embarrassing...and...all of it exquisitely declared. In one grocery store...for instance...the shadow-squad silently stared and glared in ways so disconcerting Schumer departed that store...grabbed a cab...and...disappeared into the night.


On Al Gore's bucket list was put: STOP CIMATE CHANGE. Beneath that heading were several things: (i) delete fossil fuel force mankind back to a time of tent and mule, and (ii) create a story about how famine and privation is good for the soul.


FACEBOOK...has a messaging system called WHATSAPP. In India...jackals used WHATSAPP to spread a rumor about a local brick layer. The mob gathered...grabbed the surprised brick layer...and...hung him from a tree. His death was greeted with cheers since they had killed a serial child rapist. When the vigilantes...however...were told he was not a serial rapist but the town marshal on his day off...they lamented...apologized for their error...and...went on about their business and fear-crammed lives waiting for that next alert.

0.03% shift

Folks...according to the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...all the Russians had to do to influence the 2016 presidential election outcome was to get 0.03% of the voter-pool to choose Big Don over crooked-Hillary. The Russians did it by skillful use of greed and envy...putting carrots out for Democrats to chase...sending sexual-trap artists to visit Republicans. The outcome was TRUMP won the election. Indeed...the talking heads of the MASS MEDIA have in chorus fashion chirped, "It was not the foulness of Hillary that defeated her...but...the intrigue of the Russians and their mastery* of the FOOL-BURGER."
*A Russian FOOL-BURGER is fed to the target. The Obama-controlled U.S. Injustice Dept. made a deal with TEAM-HILLARY not to attack her over the emails and her "pay-to-play" racket she ran during her tenure as Secretary of State. That deal explains why STRZOK ignored Hillary's misconduct...and...why JAMES COMEY was writing an EXONERATION STATEMENT 3 months before he ever interviewed Hillary and her accomplices,(WSJ A-13;07-21-18).


Salomon Melgen asked U.S. Senator Robert Menendez,(D.NJ) for help in perpetrating...and...then...insulating from prosecution...a massive MEDICADE fraud. MENENDEZ thought he could help MELGEN because Democrats in the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. were ignoring such Congressional assistance. When MENENDEZ did not support OBAMA'S plan...though...he found himself indicted for helping MELGEN...doing for MELGEN what other Democrats did. Instead of turning on the DEEP STATE...though...MENENDEZ relied on the prosecutors to deliver to the jury a "bad case" and thereby receive a HUNG JURY.

Nowadays...the Democrats hope MENENDEZ can defeat BOB HUGINS...a Republican whose message not so much about liberation as it is about rebuilding New Jersey roads, bridges and tunnels. If HUGINS were to preach freedom from the grip and grab of the MENENEDEZ NANNY STATE...and...invite New Jersey voters to join his march to make dismantle the NANNY STATE...and...deliver the producer from the shackle of the parasite...he would defeat socialist-BOB,(WSJ A-11;07-21-18).