Thursday, May 31, 2012


The oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE has become more onerous in New York City. Mayor Bloomberg("Bloomie" to his friends and pals)has outlawed any soda drink larger than 16 ounces! Yes...the BIG GULP in New York City will become a collector's item. Indeed...Mayor Bloomberg issued a "shoot-on-sight" RUBY RIDGE kind of order. His anger over BIG GULP is unquenchable. He told the Chief of Police he wanted bloody streets before he ever saw another BIG GULP inside the city limits! At one point in his instruction Bloomie snorted, "Go forth...kill...and...kill some more...but...never shall I find another BIG GULP in the BIG APPLE!"


Democrat JOHN EDWARDS faced a jury in North Carolina and they delivered a verdict of NOT GUILTY on Count#3 after 7 days of deliberation. Naturally, the federal judge directed the jury to return to their deliberations on the other 5 counts. The verdict EXONERATED Democrat John Edwards since the jury therein said he didn't accepted illegal campaign contributions,(Count#3).

Democrat JOHN EDWARDS lacked the "dirt" to prevent prosecution. Unlike Democrat Jon Corzine who has plenty of "ammo" should the U.S. Justice Department attack him...ole EDWARDS had to fight on his own accord. He deployed several good defense lawyers who generated reasonable doubt. Indeed...when Democrat John Edwards received an opinion of that $900,000 donation's propriety when the EDWARDS CAMPAIGN inquired in 2008 from the same government attacking him in North Carolina...he was bound to be acquitted.


Recently...a famous neuro-psychologist...discovered an incredible phenomenon. She discovered RIDERS suffered definite BRAIN-DAMAGE...damage so severe as to leave the victim mentally-infirmed...incapable of self-determination. Her RESEARCH AND STUDY documented this "psychic injury" in such detail that many political scientists believe her innovative research and discoveries the bedrock of all 21st century economic systems.

Instead of creating complicit computer models which verify what you wish verified and ignore what contradicts...this BRILLIANT SCIENTIST studied the existing pool of RIDERS...anyone receiving anything from any government...receiving any entitlement...any food stamp...any paycheck or voucher of any type...such person was included in the pool of RIDERS. Every rider was interviewed. Every rider was examined using a Positron Emission Tomography,(PET-scan) machine. Every rider was observed in every scientific way possible...with all data fed into public computer banks accessible through GOOGLE.

Her findings were as frightening as they were enlightening. She found each RIDER had definite detrimental"brain-stuff"(DBS) which didn't exist in those who relied on their own industry and enterprise to produce and sustain. Those RIDERS who were the most dependent...for instance...had the most DBS. Those FOOD STAMP USERS who had been on SNAP for over 12 months had "dependency quotients" bordering on "slave". In other words...SNAP CARD users were almost 99.99% guaranteed to kneel and lick MASTER'S boot. According to these powerful conclusions...if...the MASTER says "jump"...the "SNAP CARD user" asks "how high?"


The Social Security recipient has a more independent quotient than...say a SNAP CARD user...because most of them believe they "paid for" that old-age pension...and...they relied on the promise of benefits.But for that promise, they would have refused to have their income siphoned off.Their DBS from "psychic injury" hence is not as significant.They aren't as dependent. However, there was a noticeable degree of DBS the more the social security recipient's PENSION purchased less and less goods and services. The realization of perpetration of deception generates DBS which can be quantified and can be called psychic injury.


Tracing back mankind's goes back to a specific spot in time and back 200 million(+) stops. It's as one moment there wasn't anything...and...then...there was something. POOF and there it was...magical...intact...DNA stuff performing the same repetitive feat today that it did 200(+) million years previously when that MINI-COMPUTER was initially deployed,(GENESIS 1:1).

While philosophers have struggled with this "chicken or egg" puzzle...some have concluded what matters is that a monkey...BANANA is banquet...while to's a banana. Unlike monkey whose hand remains gripping the fruit inside the gourd-trap until the tribal-hunter comes along to collect his daily will let that tasty fruit loose...and...remove his hand...understanding "fruit + hand = stuck".


ROGER CLEMENS is presenting his defense in the perjury trial wherein the U.S. Injustice Department claims CLEMENS lied to Congress when he appeared and gratuitously claimed he never "knowingly" injected himself with "illegal drugs". The far...has called witnesses who describe CLEMENS as a tough competitor whose work ethic incomparable and envied by his teammates.

At some point, though, CLEMENS must call an expert with knowledge about contamination of syringes. This EXPERT...if called...will easily confirm McNamee...the government's star-witness...contaminated the material intentionally to create an appearance. This EXPERT will demonstrate how easily such CLEMENS DNA could be mixed with "illegal drugs" and the Syringe and cotton swabs. This EXPERT will show that "if" a person wished to create an appearance...and...had possession of specific things...such things could be mixed to create an appearance.

It's my esteemed prediction ROGER CLEMENS will be exonerated. In the CLOSING ARGUMENT...if such a DEFENSE EXPERT has testified...the DEFENSE LAWYER can point out things anyone of which generates a reasonable doubt. For example, McNamee was in possession of things which could be used to create an appearance. He possessed the illegal drugs. He was able to get possession of needles which CLEMENS had used. He was able to get possession of cotton swabs which were used by CLEMENS.

Imagine CLEMENS knowingly doing something illegal and permitting another person to have possession of such "incriminating" stuff. The last thing CLEMENS would have permitted were such things leaving his presence in the hands of anyone! Such a patent point was ignored by the U.S. Injustice Department...though...because their idiotic theory is McNamee was entrusted with those that sometime in the future..CLEMENS could be challenged or blackmailed by this "trusted" person.

The reasonable hypothesis of innocence is that CLEMENS injected B-12 and never lied about it to Congress. Even though ignored by the U.S. Injustice Department...the evidence was that B-12 shots were customarily lined up on a table in the training room and were called DARTS. The DARTS contained "legal" B-12 stuff. McNamee was involved with the team and hence had access to such things. Hence, he had access to the things he later presented to the U.S. Injustice Department as proof he injected CLEMENS with illegal drugs. Indeed...the only one admitting possession of illegal drugs is McNamee. The only one admitting he was willing to inject such things into people is McNamee. The only one capable of creating what McNamee created is McNamee.


FOLKS...every city and county have too many law enforcement personnel and can afford to trim 90%...leaving a lean crew performing the menial-repetitive task of law enforcement. Yes...only victim-crimes will be investigated. Sure...traffic offenses will proceed as usual...but...the number of officers will be 90% less! All anti-drug laws in Florida must be repealed. These laws create "too many cops...too many prisons".


ROMNEY is the better choice in 2012. Voters will choose ROMNEY over OBAMA because with ROMNEY there is at least some chance America might avoid the nastier aspects of Obama's brand of socialism and Eco-fascism. For example, ROMNEY will repeal the MARXIST inheritance tax...a tax KARL MARX said was necessary to implement the "workers' paradise". ROMNEY might very well delete the progressive nature of the income tax replacing that MARXIST TAX with a flat-tax of not more than FIVE PERCENT with said 5% levied on the net adjusted gross income of the taxpayers when said income is above $1.0 million. Anyone annually earning less than $1.0 million wouldn't be taxed!


Rep. RON PAUL would have defeated OBAMA by landslide proportions. His message was "liberation over subjugation"...and...was so powerful...TEAM OBAMA feared him the most. However, the Republican Party Establishment and TEAM OBAMA combined...oddly push ROMNEY into the 2012 Republican presidential berth. However, now that ROMNEY is the Republican nominee...TEAM OBAMA has turned from "helper to hater" revealing all of the flaws of ROMNEY hoping his shortcomings will exceed the obvious disaster that has come to be known as the OBAMA REGIME.


Elwood and Jay...the Blues Brothers...were asked to assist the Caterpillar strike in Joilet, Illinois. Of course...the BLUES BROTHERS were reluctant to inject themselves into this UNION STRIKE since they concluded these UNIONS people were "too greedy"...and...their STRIKE was not a "mission from GOD".


As soon as Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin gave public employees the choice to be a member of a UNION...most chose to avoid any further patronage. The UNIONS have been unable to attract these reluctant former members. Even with promises of "more not less"...these former members have refused to return! They simply disliked the UNION but were forced to participate...until...Scott Walker liberated them!


TEAM OBAMA gave billions of taxpayer dollars to BATTERY COMPANIES to make batteries. Of course, almost everyone of these recipients have gone bankrupt. Talk about a great way to steal money!


Folks...the U.S. Senate is about to strap America with an idiotic SEA TREATY. Imagine Germany or Venezuela telling Americans how they can use the'll sense what's afoot!


Obama demonstrated his ignorance of foreign policy when he called Auschwitz a Polish death camp instead of a NAZI death camp. This obvious gaffe...this faux pas...angered Polish Prime Minister DONALD TUSK. How dare OBAMA smack-down the Polish people this way!


OBAMA was at a ceremony giving out "medals of nonsense"...awarding trophies and shiny round things to the living and the dead alike. As he was drooling cliches and one point...decided to dwell on World War II and what the NAZI criminals did to Jews in Poland. Instead of calling the DEATH their real name: NAZI DEATH CAMPS...Obama...Harvard-educated...all-wise...all-knowing...OBAMA...elected to label them: "POLISH DEATH CAMPS".

The Polish outrage was instantaneous and mighty! Polish Prime Minister DONALD TUSK remained angry even though OBAMA apologized for the gaffe. In usual form...Obama's apology blamed his speech writers...the NAZIS themselves...and...any Pole who didn't believe the JEWS were ever killed by Hitler and company. Moreover...he called on American-voters of Polish descent to ignore any NASTY RETORTS coming from Poland because they were from Poland.
Obama tells a joke about Poland almost every day. In one of them...he recalls the previous Polish Pope JOHN could not speak English. However, after a 14 day tour of America he acquired some English phrases. The one he worked on for hours in the mirror until he could say it was: "Please no more Kilbassa!"


The Spanish conquistador-CORTEZ...conqueror of the Aztecs of Mexico...plundered the countryside for gold and other precious stuff. Imagine a modern day CORTEZ marauding around the lunar surface using avatars similar to the ones the LUNAR MINING COMPANY (LMC)uses...but...with a 30mm cannon bite to've just sensed what has arrived on the MOON as of 24 hours ago. At last count...LMC lost 3 LOCATOR-BOTS from cannon-fire. Apparently whomever it is operating those PIRATE-BOTS...they're pretty skilled and quite cunning.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The federal government has arrested 70 people in connection with the manufacture and sale of 200 tons of great "urb". The quality was superb...the cost in line...and...the availability as good as it gets. The cancer-people lined up to get their marijuana...but...had to be turned away when their "medical-marijuana"provider explained what had occurred. Yes...there was a time when Uncle Sugar grew pot...but...the pot they grew was lousy. It was what everyone has come to expect from government...marginal junk unworthy of most pot-smokers.

Maybe your one of those people who believe your opinion about marijuana should be the LAW...and...any transgressors...anyone defying your LAW...they must suffer as they 70 pot-growers will suffer as they're dragged through the court system until a valiant JURY acquits everyone of them and these DRUG LAWS finally are eclipsed.

Recall in Czarist Russia...the Bolsheviks were captured regularly committing crimes...but...the Czar had trial-by-jury insulating anyone from the Regime's grip. The juries merely acquitted all Bolsheviks further eroding the power of the CZAR. SO it will occur in America. Maybe these 70 defendants will be acquitted by a valiant jury making that FIRST STATEMENT:"DRUG WAR over...America won!"

The anti-drug laws are "witch-burning" laws...similar to what was on the books in old Salem circa 1680s. We must eliminate these laws. By such deleting...we can remove over 99% of all law enforcement personnel from the payroll! We can reduce the PRISON population by 86%. Yes...vested interests would lose mightily should these "witch-laws" be what! To them...most Floridians say..."go get a real job...and...get your busy-nose out of my closet!"


Removing chicken bones while preparing a chicken for market is a tedious, repetitive feat for which most chicken producers pay good money to skilled meat cutters. However, because the labor costs are rising...and...the price of chicken can't go much higher before substitutes are used...ROBOTS are getting another debut. For dude created a chicken-cutting robot that slices and dices until there is only meat and the bones are somewhere else.

One chicken producer was interviewed about the likelihood he'd employ ROBOTS and eliminate the 12,000 meat cutters in his 5 chicken factories. Speaking on condition of anonymity, this farmer said, "If the ROBOT can't lower the cost of chicken preparation...then...chicken farming as we know it will be another topic in some anthropology classroom discussion of bygone eras. There won't be any chicken farms in America selling Grade-A meat!


FACEBOOK SHARES are headed towards ONE PENNY per share...the "real value" of FACEBOOK. Indeed...FACEBOOK was unable to find a 21st Century niche in India and China...two places where GOOGLE has become KING! Because of this inability to fit...FACEBOOK is headed into the history of such things as the DOT-COM BUST. FACEBOOK will be found in the graveyard of would-be dinosaurs..."balloon-stuff" to speak. Indeed...many stock analysts examining this IPO debacle have concluded:had the consumer but known how "unreal" the value really was when such was bought a few weeks back...few investors would've offered more than ONE PENNY per share...and such offered purchase price a GIFT at that no less!


Years ago...BOB DYLAN...wrote songs about rebellion and ignorance...framing the 1960s quite well in such phrases as "the times they are a' changin" and "Johnny's in the basement, mixin' up the medicine...I'm on the pavement...thinkin' about the government"...and...other notable lyrics.

Because OBAMA wants to be re-elected...he needed the 1960 Hippie vote and what better way to garner such support than by raising up an ICON of that ERA...a raspy voiced rebel ready to shine once more in ways night can't know. Yeah..ole BOB-D received a medal from THE MAN...something shiny...too stoned but sand.


Mitt 'the nit' ROMNEY...the Republican 2012 choice for President welcomed his friend, D.TRUMP, at a FUND RAISER in Nevada. TEAM OBAMA attempted to throw "birther-fire" onto that meeting...but...failed to combust any voters. Both of these dudes want to defeat OBAMA and plan to say whatever required to achieve such result.


Vladimir Putin...the great Russian Leader...and...perhaps...the reincarnation of PETER THE GREAT...has been attacked by the American MASS MEDIA because he is trying to make RUSSIA a great trading nation packed with rich RUSSIANS... goal worthy of such a leader as PUTIN!


IRANIAN computers recently began to manifest viral intrusion. The virus is called "FLAME". It's the creation of the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad and is designed not to cripple computers but to glean them for information. The tracking of the IRANIAN development of a nuclear weapon seems to be the purpose behind FLAME and its predecessor,STUXNET.

Because FLAME was discovered...protective steps by the IRANIAN REGIME have been taken requiring another VIRUS to be developed to pursue such "information-gathering" purpose.Perhaps, they'll label the next version "VIKING" order to add some color and poise to this method of SPYING.


Yes...Walter Cronkite selected ROMNEY as the winner of the 2012 Presidential contest. Sure...ole Walter's been dead some years now...but...his ability to forecast...his uncanny skill to predict...such incorporeal stuff remains intact. His entire intellect was downloaded into a computer...and...that data filled with ways to predict political outcomes. So precise the forecasts that TEAM OBAMA is asking this "EIGHT BALL" every important question possible.

For example..Libyan strongman,KADAFFY...was predicted to abdicate and a specific date was provided by this data base reverently called: CRONKITE. It's more complex than STUXNET and FLAME...two computer viruses designed to gather information in IRAN and SYRIA.It's more precise than any software out there and has provided "real time" forecasts. Indeed...CRONKITE predicted the ARAB SPRING and noted such Democracy effort would begin in TUNISIA.

Because of its "predicting template"...TEAM OBAMA is asking CRONKITE what steps must be taken to defeat ROMNEY and assure Democratic victory in November of 2012. The answer they received was disturbing. CRONKITE when asked such question presented an answer unpalatable to TEAM OBAMA. When asked what could be done to defeat ROMNEY...the answer was: " can't win!"


Solyndra,LLC squandered $535 million in taxpayer money. It represents a huge stain on TEAM OBAMA'S "green energy" policies...and...could work against Obama's re-election mightily. Sure...the "green energy"portfolio is packed mostly with such "losers"...and...the loss to taxpayers almost too great to frame...but...TEAM OBAMA has chosen to direct its MASS MEDIA talking heads to declare openly into the TV camera:"NOBODY CARES HOW MUCH MONEY OBAMA LOST!"

In reaction to such stupid assertion of ambivalence and lack of caring...the Republican Party leadership has been pounding the SOLYNDRA scandal and its obvious connection to TEAM OBAMA. They're telling taxpayers the government can pick winners and losers as it chooses in its unbridled discretion and the producers...the unwitting FOOLS who PULL needn't be concerned where or how their precious funds are spent!


According to official CIA Syria...a massacre occurred. It was perpetrated by people closely associated with the CIA and was intended to destabilize even further the Assad Regime. The CIA erred slightly in leaking the evidence of massacre before even the Syrian Government discovered the heinous scene and the mass grave wherein 132 children were found. it was this "gap" which definitely revealed CIA involvement!

Yes...TEAM OBAMA directed this slaughter in order to create a campaign issue in America. Sure...this kind of evil hasn't been observed since the what! As one official TEAM OBAMA insider said, "When you're trying to get re-elected...a few dead rag-heads can help tremendously."


In England...there is a spot with huge stones arranged in circles inside of each other. Some of these stones weigh in excess of 80 tons,(2000lbs x80) and were put there at a time when most anthropologists claim mankind lacked the wheel or pulley...and...such stones impossible to move with what technology they possessed...and...yet...inexplicably...there they stand...a silent tribute to what people can do when joint enterprise their objective.

With superior technology but hindered by New York Unions and government corruption...the GROUND ZERO MUSEUM remains unfinished. Indeed..."THE LAST COLUMN"...a 37 foot, 58 ton section of structural steel...remains unplaced as the remaining relic of the WORLD TRADE CENTER. Yes...there are millions of Americans who have donated to placement and construction of this memorial to the 9-11-01 tragedy...but...the final decisions are made by the PORT AUTHORITY(P/A)...a non-elected bureaucratic regime with huge salaries and expense accounts.

And the P/A has decided the costs of the memorial must be increased by 300% in order to cover all the P/A expenses associated therewith.Many people believe there is corruption afoot and it's centered around the P/A. Can the P/A burden this newest edition of STONEHENGE?


CECILE RICHARDS...head honcho of PLANNED PARENTHOOD...decided to attack ROMNEY claiming he wants to kill women. According to this latest TEAM OBAMA attack...ROMNEY'S call for PLANNED PARENTHOOD not to receive federal government funding will kill 1 in 5 American women. Frightening as it might cutting off funding...PLANNED PARENTHOOD would have to survive on its own donation and other means. Of course...PLANNED PARENTHOOD wouldn't be able to afford Cecile Richard's salary or expense account...something which Cecile Richards can't accept!

As this writer has said many times...if PLANNED PARENTHOOD is such a wonderful organization...if PLANNED PARENTHOOD offers so much wouldn't be difficult to raise money every year to fund such charitable assistance. Naturally...enormous salaries and other "perks" wouldn't be offered to the PLANNED PARENTHOOD staff...but...such should be "volunteer" anyway,eh,Cecile?

It's amusing to note Cecile Richards has never volunteered her time, ever! If she's not paid...she doesn't move! Sure...she talks a good game...but...remove her "salary and perks" and she'd be as nasty a loudmouth as any of the other Democrat-parasites. Indeed...she's as callous a person as you'd ever wish to avoid!


In TEXAS...the Republicans chose ROMNEY in their primary process...putting ROMNEY over the 1144 delegate count. Hence...on the 1st vote in TAMPA...the nominee will be ROMNEY. They picked ROMNEY since he's the only one left standing...and...perhaps because ROMNEY promised to dismantle much of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model.

Because he's the Republican nominee...the editorial staff of this BLOG has decided to throw its considerable weight and influence behind ROMNEY...labeling the effort:TEAM ROMNEY.They contacted TEAM ROMNEY and invited them to preach "THE ORB". Embedded in their explanation was a recital of HUMAN ACTION and ATLAS SHRUGGED.They explained to ROMNEY,himself,the advantages of pushing THE ORB and "why" such push would shove Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...into the proverbial painted corner.

The ARMY OF LIBERATION will pivot and support ROMNEY in order to defeat the slime slug in the Oval Office. American can't suffer another 48 months of MARXISM. We simply are crushed by such foul notions particularly when imposed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Political Scientists all over the world are watching the 2012 American election cycle because this one is shaping up to be a watershed moment.A choice between CAGE or KEY.It will be a decision between the 21st Century model...better known as the "otherwise unhampered market"...and...more 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its "$253 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. TEAM OBAMA is selling nostalgia and "same old, same old"...while ROMNEY hopefully is selling liberation over subjugation.

Back in the Republican National Convention...where Goldwater was nominated...RONALD REAGAN delivered a magnificent speech about the glory of liberty and tribulation of government red tape and tax.Of course...GOLDWATER lost out to Lyndon B. Johnson who continued the Vietnam War he promised to end; and America suffered the GREAT SOCIETY...and...its trillion dollar WAR ON POVERTY....LBJ'S idea of "guns and butter".

GOLDWATER represented a cry for liberation over subjugation...yet...a majority of the voters stayed with LBJ. Sure...he benefited from a death he helped plan...promised to end a war most people already hated...and...had the help of a complicit MASS MEDIA...but...what AMERICA received...instead...was the GREAT SOCIETY...and...its trillion dollar WAR ON POVERTY.


Why hog the JOB? Many politicians need their JOB. They haven't any other source of livelihood and detest working in the real world where employment and income are "iffy" things! Because they're on the public payroll their JOB is to keep the TAX AND SPEND going mightily. The more people dependent on the "pro-vote"...the more JOB security for those who promise "more not less".

Unfortunately for most politicians slithering about in the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the voters are beginning to awaken to the LIE...are angry about the DECEPTION...and...are planning on evicting the entire vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists. Sure...they have been told to fear the light of THE ORB...but...most voters are intrepid Americans and aren't easily frightened.Such is "why" U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL),can be defeated by CONNIE long as MACK offers liberation over subjugation.


DONALD TRUMP asked about the birth certificate of Obama. Trump had obtained video of Obama getting birthed in Kenya...mid-wife stuff...tribal tent...dirt floor...mother-in-labor...and...then...Obama arrived. Later on...he was removed to Hawaii...and...a false birth certificate was prepared.

Yes...urban legend goes far in explaining this one. As TRUMP noted in his presentation...Obama simply "appeared one day". At the Hawaiian hospital where Obama was allegedly born...they immediately after the child leaves the womb...the child's feet and fingers are printed. These things are done to insure a fail-safe protection against "switch".

Keep in mind...HARVARD SCIENTISTS have certified that the finger print and foot print of the child born in Hawaii does not match the foot print and finger print of the Kenyan masquerading as President of the United States. Something does match when it should!


DONALD TRUMP is as much detested as he is liked. ROMNEY must be prudent and not find himself losing votes he could have had but for his coziness with TRUMP. The editorial staff of this BLOG reached out to ROMNEY inviting him to consider THE's deployment. They asked ROMNEY to avoid any link-up too soon with any train...particularly one with TRUMP attached.

They pointed out the significance of THE ORB and "how" when preached it forces TEAM OBAMA to become more rabid...more demented...and...promising so much not even the most ignorant of RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system could believe it. Indeed...delivered to ROMNEY through email were back-up data with colored pie chart and statistical graphs...the stuff most politicians find directive. We entreated him to examine the benefits of the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) and to compare such "advantages" to the pitfall and hassle so much a part of the NANNY STATE CAGE in which America suffers nowadays.

If ROMNEY does preach THE ORB...he'll defeat TEAM OBAMA handily. Voters choose "KEY" over "CAGE" every time such is offered. He doesn't need to busy himself with endorsements since they represent one vote each. What he needs to do is preach THE ORB*...demonstrating "why" liberation over subjugation is the 21st Century approach to abundance and prosperity.

The trick for TEAM OBAMA is to lure ROMNEY into these early endorsements...and...dupe him into rejecting such things as THE ORB. Should ROMNEY not get tricked and does choose THE ORB...he'd immediately put every Democrat at risk of eviction because the voters could ask in every town hall meetings: "do you support deployment of THE ORB? If not "why not"? That question and answer would put every Democrat-politician in peril since voters don't want "more RIDE...more red ink...more torment."
*THE ORB is the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and entitlement system. Embedded in THE ORB is the "victim-payment" provision wherein each RIDER is given a "one-time" victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by Uncle Sugar. The MASTERS of this CAGE...the minions of MAMMON,(MATTHEW 6:24) to speak...despise anyone preaching THE ORB since its deployment eliminates the need for almost every government JOB!


U.S. Attorney General Eric the Holder was...and...still is...involved in a conspiratorial cover-up of the U.S. Border Guard BRIAN TERRY assassination. The proof of his complicity is overwhelming but he's the head honcho and couldn't be expected to prosecute himself. On the other hand, there isn't any evidence against ROGER CLEMENS that wasn't concocted or contrived...yet...he's getting ruthlessly prosecuted by Holder's team.

Maybe you don't think it necessary...but...many people are demanding the entire U.S. Injustice Department be completely cleansed...the entire vermin horde of those rascals "fired". Unfortunately for these crows and vultures...any resume' mentioning a former job with the Injustice Department assures the applicant:"not hired". Most employers simply don't pull rattlesnakes into their sleeping bag.


In the center of the Milky Way Galaxy there is a BLACK HOLE so massive it's almost impossible to describe. While 19th century scientists claimed there wasn't any such thing as a BLACK HOLE...nowadays...astronomers have found millions of them spread throughout the universe...some so immense they vacuumed up debris and planets which came too close leaving a substantial void between the BLACK HOLE and the remainder of whatever orbits it.

I mention this phenomenon since the FEDERAL DEBT and annual budget deficits are a proverbial black hole consuming everything which draws too near. While Americans could eliminate this "black hole" easily by deploying THE ORB...such solution is not politically-popular's beginning to attract converts by the millions as more and more voters come to understand "why" America must dismantle this "black hole" causing NANNY STATE CAGE.


ROBERT RUBIN...poster child for "drooling idiot"...wrote about "how" to cripple and destroy what little liberty remains in America. His stupid statement, (Wall Street Journal A-13;05-29-12), calls on GOVERNMENT...and....more GOVERNMENT...and...even more GOVERNMENT. Coming from a parasite such as RUBIN you couldn't expect much more, now could you?

BECAUSE Rubin's WSJ article was so at odds with reason and logic...this BLOG'S editorial staff contacted him hoping to change his views on liberty and enslavement. We urged him to read HUMAN ACTION and ATLAS SHRUGGED. He had never heard of these tomes. He said he would read them in order to placate this BLOG. time he chooses to write about SOCIALISM...he'll frame it as despicable.

Robert Rubin is one of those pseudo-economists who believes government can spend $1.00 and such $1.00 creates $1.86 in economic activity...basically...something from nothing. By his calculations...government can spend its way into prosperity...always "more not less" spending the secret to such limitless bounty. Naturally, most people find such statements to be ridiculous. How about you?


Obama on Memorial Day promised more war...more destruction...more death...and...the hand-picked crowds screamed with "blood-lust"...each attendee shouting support for more FOREIGN INVOLVEMENT!


In order to close the budget deficit those public employee salaries...another dollar in TAX will be added to each PACK. Hence...if you smoke Marlboro...a fantastic-tasting're taste buds just found a hole in your habit. Imagine another $3.00 per day as you pound down that last smoke in a 3-pack a day run through life.

Anticipating this new TAX and perhaps many more increases...and...knowing taste the most powerful director of entrepreneur discovered a "loop hole" in the entire way tobacco is taxed. Yes...her approach requires the"taste-seeker"to take the time to sit and roll their own...but...with the help of cottage-industry machinery...that 100 pack effort takes only 3 minutes...and...instead of $5.00 + $1.00 new tax for a $6.00/pack her spot...instead...they don't pay $600.00 for that 100 pack...but...$300.00 per 100 packs!


Elderly Floridians with arthritis and other painful maladies are demanding Governor Rick Scott legalize marijuana for medical purposes. They've become angry that Florida is still chained to the 20th Century "witch burning laws". One 85 year old lady stated she was going to demand such deletion from her legislative group in Tallahassee. How dare someone stand above someone else and say they must suffer pain because they can't have some "pain-relieving" pot! Who are they self-made GODS who suppose they can direct you as if you were sheep?

Monday, May 28, 2012


SOMEHOW...our place burned down. We had customers...we had product...we had what we had until it all burned down. Gone. Burned up...burned down...burned sideways...burned all around...gone...our place place on lawn...yes..folks...our place burned down...and...yet...I hear some cookin' sound.

Hey...that trailer over there...that smoke...that smell...those 1000 people in line waiting...seems like magic found...but...who can tell?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

HILL 875?

In November of Vietnam...Airborne troops happened on Hill 875. The had stumbled on a North Vietnamese Army operation. Both sides were packed with firepower and skill. And for several days the Communists and Allied Forces traded stomp and chomp. At one point...Air Force dropped bombs on their own team slaughtering an entire company of men. Sure...they'd been told not to drop bombs where they dropped them...but...when you're coming into bomb at 500(+) miles per hour...sometimes it was difficult to manage the bomb drop properly.

Ironically...after Airborne finally took Hill 875...killing over 10,000 Vietnamese Army dudes to accomplish the feat...the TOP BRASS in WASHINGTON DC determined Hill 875 was a "hill too far" withdrawing the American umbrella away from that area. To many military scientists examining the idiocy that was Vietnam...Hill 875 was needless carnage done to satisfy* the "blood-lust" of war-criminal Lyndon B.Johnson!
*2942 American lives were lost and another 8,523 wounded in taking needless Hill 875. Imagine PICKETT'S CHARGE at Gettysburg during the American Civil'll sense what these Airborne dues felt when they learned their blood for needless...their wounds needless...and....suffered to satisfy the "demented blood lust" of war criminal Lyndon B. Johnson.


Yes...Obama gave the order to kill Osama bin Laden. BUSH-CHENEY had refused to issue that order since they needed that dude alive to continue to justify the idiotic WARS in Iraq and Afghanistan. say OBAMA is some kind of HERO for issuing that "kill order" is silly and is the product of an overactive imagination on the part of the complicit MASS MEDIA.


Triple-A? Such was the astonished question when the driver announced the car stopped for some unknown reason on I-95 in 100 degree heat. Reacting to the distressful news...I asked the driver if she had Triple-A. She replied, "Triple-A?" She didn't know about AAA and lacked such coverage. Immediately, I pulled out my Triple-A card and called the HELP-NOW number. Within 15 minutes our car was at a "fix-it" spot...we were inside an air-conditioned waiting area eating cookies and sipping on ice-cold milk! THANK YOU Triple-A!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced DRAGON-1 had docked with the International Space Station (ISS) delivering 1000 pounds of critical supplies and equipment. What he didn't reveal were the robotics required to accomplish such feat. He did express his the 300 million helpers each one having contributed something towards this incredible achievement.

Now that the Space Taxi system is available and open for business...the Lunar Mining Company(LMC) can proceed to prepare to transport the MINING-BOTS to lunar surface spots found to be packed with precious stuff. Once mined...the product then transported to the ISS...processed...and...then...using ELON MUSK'S equipment...delivered as cargo to Earth to be sold to the nighest bidder. The show will be called LUNAR WARS...instead of STORAGE WARS.


The decision to leave Dr. Shakil Afridi behind was made by OBAMA. SEAL TEAM #6 was given explicit instructions to leave Afridi behind. Sure...this BLOG predicted such betrayal...but...Afridi had ignored such warning preferring to believe OBAMA would never betray as predicted. To his utter surprise and misfortune...Afridi was betrayed...kissed in the Garden so to ole Barack Hussien Obama,!

The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA isn't making much noise about this betrayal...but who would expect otherwise? When Obama made the decision to leave this man behind in contravention of all known codes of decency and Christian love...he demonstrated "core"...showed what makes him tick...and...most people have concluded he's despicable... a slime slug unworthy of re-election. Sure...he beat ole Afridi out of that $25 million reward...and....didn't have to share any glory with Afridi...the snitch-dude...and...if those accomplishments are accomplishments in your all means believe whatever Obama tells you and vote for his continued imperious reign!


Deceived...very deceived...remarkably deceived...and...then...there is Afridi-deceived. Talk about deceived? Afridi is the poster child for the concept. Recall Shakil Afridi was promised political asylum and $25 million in exchange for his data on Osama bin Laden. Naturally, Afridi believed the Americans and delivered the information. We all know such data was used to attack and kill bin Laden.

However, Afridi forgot he was dealing with TEAM OBAMA...the most vile and treacherous crew ever to inhabit the Oval Office. He never thought he was to be left behind...a sacrificial receive the anger and punishment from irritated Pakistani Muslims. Even when the editorial staff of this BLOG warned everyone about the repulsive aspect of TEAM OBAMA...nevertheless...Afridi chose to ignore...and...Friday...ole Shakil...ole trusting Shakil...received a 33 year Pakistani prison sentence for TREASON!

Maybe you support TEAM OBAMA and trust them to deliver what has been promised. Again...permit this BLOG to issue this alert: "BEWARE...the easiest person fooled is yourself!" Imagine Afridi buying that promised salvation and remuneration...and...delivering in exchange for such promised benefit the coordinates to the most wanted man on planet Earth...and...then...discovering such promise was LIE...intentional LIE...designed LIE...imagine as much and you'll feel the grip in gut Afridi felt when arrested by the Pakistani police for TREASON...his name having been given to them by TEAM OBAMA!

In a larger sense...BETRAYAL OF AFRIDI...might very well serve as some symbol...something akin to the rattles of the Texas cotton-mouth. When you hear TEAM OBAMA promising you something in exchange for your ignore the rattling sound at your own Afridi-like peril.

1000 jen?

One thousand jen equals one mile. Sun Tzu used such measure in his ART OF WAR. By the time Sun Tzu was writing his tome...ARMIES were measuring threat by miles not feet. According to legend...Sun Tzu had rockets capable of striking the enemy several miles away...hitting them before they ever saw Sun Tzu's army.

I mention this factoid because the 2012 political contest is a battleground measured in POLLS...not feet...not miles...but POLLING data...things reaching into the enemy camp...sapping the very life from it...slowly smothering zeal...cruel bombardment...vile numbers meant to hurt and deplete.

So far...for example...OBAMA leads ROMNEY in every category possible. According to these POLLS...for example...voters like the way Obama squandered $5 trillion in less than 48 months. They accept the "red tape and tax" trap TEAM OBAMA has prepared for 2013. The POLLING DATA even says almost 63% of voters will vote for more enslavement...more government power...more stomp and chomp in exchange for promised prosperity and a better FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Maybe these POLLS are correct. Perhaps the voter has lost the will to rise up and demand liberation over subjugation. Certainly, TEAM OBAMA is busy siphoning off any zeal to support an alternative...removing a desire to join a crusade to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. From what many political scientists can observe...TEAM OBAMA is using "contrived polls" to manage a political message and provide underpinnings and asserted-proof substantiating any program or policy.

In the coming months...the national stage will be packed with every interest group possible. The Democrats...adept at such parades of toothless, infirmed and begging...will fill auditoriums with them...using their demand "more not less" government. And at every step along the way...POLLING data will be deployed to bolster such effort.

When need there be...for example...TEAM OBAMA-TV cameras will show Granny in Illinois forced to choose between dog food or medicine. The reason for the disaster to Granny always the fault of the Republicans. Never mentioned will be the fact that Governor Pat Quinn signed into law a $1.6 billion reduction in Illinois-MEDICAID*...including a 2.7% reduction in MEDICAID PAYMENTS to medical service providers.

*By such "control and directive"...Pat Quinn is making sure poor people suffer greatly. Instead of eliminating any "red tape and tax"...deleting entire segments of government...ole QUINN decided to stomp on the poor once more the Democrat-way! The doctors will refuse to render medical service. TEAM OBAMA will call out the national guard stationing them at every hospital staffing them with military doctors...most of whom are Afghans trying to learn about medical science first hand.


TEAM OBAMA has begun to attack "liberty" in its political advertising asserting ROMNEY is a "bad man" because he attempted to make a profit over the objection of bottle-necking UNIONS. Perhaps this approach might garner some's a "big turn-off" to anyone making her or his way through life one paycheck at a time.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Former Governor Ed Rendell,(D. Pa), said the business skill of ROMNEY isn't relevant when it comes to the duties and responsibilities of the President. According to Rendell...Obama was well-suited to be President since he was a south side of Chicago community organizer and sat in Jeremiah Wright's hell-fire church for 20 years before renouncing his seat...a seat he'd occupied for 240 months.

Unlike ROMNEY...who was trying to dodge red tape and tax and be profitable in his endeavors...OBAMA spent his working career as a a MASTER inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE to speak...plotting ways to compel producers to deliver more to the MOB. And during that career...OBAMA found justification for such plundering in the filth Wright spewed each Sunday.

In a contest between ROMNEY and OBAMA...OBAMA wins...if...ROMNEY capitulates and begins to declare himself Obama-lite. If TEAM OBAMA can dupe ROMNEY into becoming some "wishy-washy" "me-too" dude...they can defeat the Republicans in 2012. On the other hand...if ROMNEY demonstrates his intention to dismantle this CAGE...he'll defeat OBAMA in Reagan-Carter 1980 numbers!


Obama in several speeches called ROMNEY a purveyor of "bad ideas". Somehow...the fiscal scandals surrounding SOLYNDRA, Beacon, Ener1, First Solar, and a multitude of others were "good ideas" since each one authored by OBAMA! Solyndra, for example, was such a great idea it cost taxpayers $535 million in squandered capital. Not to be outdone...BEACON grabbed a billion bucks before it went bankrupt. And...BEACON was called the 8th wonder of the world by OBAMA just before it went belly-up. Another example of what "good ideas" Obama seems to hatch from his fertile MARXIST ON MISSION mind.


ANONYMOUS POSTINGS on the INTERNET somehow must now carry a name with it? I doubt such requirement in NEW YORK STATE can pass constitutional scrutiny. If someone wishes to print be it. The reader needn't bother reading something to which not any string attached. human nature might be...those...who smell stink most, smelled stink first.


Everyone knows that BANE is defined as a cause of trouble...while BAIN doesn't have a Webster's Dictionary definition. However, BAIN CAPITOL was a Romney-run company that made a great deal of money...losing some...making some...but...always struggling to be profitable.

Recently...TEAM OBAMA had to admit BAIN CAPITOL had been a donator to his campaign. How could Obama demean BAIN CAPITOL when they're making such political gifts? Indeed...TEAM OBAMA for the last 10 days had been beating the "hate capitalism" drum hard...hoping to attract every kook and socialist possible to bubble forth and vote. Perhaps even promise something in exchange for their vote.

But when those donors at BAIN and all other donors saw what TEAM OBAMA did to ole Afridi...abandoning this helper...leaving a man to speak...deserting him to rot in some stinking Pakistani prison...when they observed such betrayal...what could make them think that they...lowly they...that they could ever be anything more than boot scrapings...that they would not suffer betrayal as heinous as that suffered by Afridi. If they'll sell out Shakil Afridi...the dude who received promises under official seal...what makes any donor to TEAM OBAMA believe that Obama wouldn't betray them?


Everyone has heard the phrase: "the whole 9 yards". The expression is often attached to an assertion that everything which could be done was indeed done. For those with a need to know enough trivia to prevail on JEOPARDY...permit to say this phrase comes from World War II. The B-17 bombers had machine guns mounted all over it. The bullet-belt for the 50 caliber machine gun was 9 yards long. When the gunner had delivered the whole 9 yards...he had fired his entire complement of bullets requiring re-load.


ROMNEY might defeat TEAM OBAMA if he can continue to force Obama to reveal himself as a MARXIST ON MISSION. Every time Obama rhetorically attacks the "free market" system...he alienates more voters...people who are surprised their "hope and change" dude is little more than a socialist with Eco-fascist tendencies. The more Obama attacks Romney for attempting to feed his family...the more he offends the blue collar workers and Hispanics. Indeed...ROMNEY might win.

The editorial staff of this BLOG contacted ROMNEY. He was informed he must preach THE ORB in order to defeat OBAMA. Naturally, Mitt 'the nit' ROMNEY was reluctant to consider liberation over subjugation...but...promised to put aside his own Mormon-socialism and offer to America the "otherwise unhampered market".


Shakil Afridi was convicted of treason in Pakistan. Recall that Dr.Afridi had helped TEAM OBAMA locate and kill Osama bin Laden. His name was leaked to the MASS MEDIA because TEAM OBAMA didn't want to pay the $25 million this dude had been promised.

Consequently, Dr. Afridi was arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to 33 years in prison for treason. Until his name was leaked...though...the Pakistani police lacked any way to discern which Paki had snitched. Yes...Afridi made what he thought was a secret covenant...a "money deal"...but...he had made the "money deal" with TEAM OBAMA...the most treacherous and evil regime ever to be in control of such things. After Osama bin Laden was slaughtered... the name of the snitch was quickly revealed in order to eliminate any need to pay that $25 million REWARD.


How does a politician remain in power in a NANNY STATE CAGE? The obvious answer is "deception". A well-known political scientist...when invited by this BLOG to frame the problem facing America in 2012...took the time to say,"Nothing is easier for a politician than promising government benefits that can't be delivered. Pensions such as Social Security are perfect for this role. The promises that are made are for money to be paid many years from now-and somebody else will be in power then, left with the job of figuring out what to do and say when the money runs out and the riots start."(THOMAS SOWELL).

It's time for Americans to examine what is said and offered...gleaning...sorting...and...asking themselves...if...Uncle Sugar is leaking "red ink" at the rate of $251 million(+) per hour" how much longer can the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system last? Certainly,TEAM OBAMA believes it can squeeze another 48 months out of the American taxpayer...even though...most producers are simply cutting back. Many of those doing less justify their reduction in production by claiming they're not about to become beasts of burden for the likes of OBAMA!

Maybe you're ambivalent in your choice...with either Romney or Obama...equally suitable since you believe this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with "red ink" RIDE immutable...impervious to omnivorous maw consuming everything in every storeroom. Yet...there are many voters who will choose ROMNEY over OBAMA because ROMNEY has promised to dismantle some of this CAGE liberating much of an otherwise "chained society". Sure...he won't dismantle completely because he's a Mormon-socialist...but...he'll delete enough hassle and hurdle to offer producers a way to benefit without fear of expropriation.

As for RIDERS...those people who consider the RIDE an entitlement...something they deserve...something they demand and accept any whip required for its for these people...these RIDERS...they want whatever they can get and will do whatever they need to get it.Unfortunately for these intrepid RIDERS...though...the RIDE delivered by TEAM OBAMA nowadays is leaking "red ink" so fast the human mind can't frame the overall indebtedness such RIDE represents. At some point..."something from nothing" will be obvious to even these RIDERS...but...not because a LIE wasn't used to prevent revelation.

Sure...TEAM OBAMA is LYING to the RIDERS when they're promised "more not less"...but...RIDERS never bite the "feeding hand". A RIDER will kneel and lick MASTER'S boot in exchange for freebie or favor,(MATTHEW 4:8). A devoted RIDER...for example...will even do MASTER'S bidding in exchange for whatever MASTER determines "better or best". Hence...TEAM OBAMA has been busy these last 3.8 years creating as many servile supplicants and parasites as possible...making sure this POOL of RIDERS sufficiently large assuring thereby re-election.


Even if Obama deserves 24/7 diatribe revealing therein his shortcomings and obvious evil...such effort too much to undertake. Hence...this BLOG'S editorial staff has decided to address TEAM OBAMA each day...but...also...pepper the BLOG with other topics to make the overall reading experience more enjoyable, humorous and informative.

Yes...OBAMA is a MARXIST ON MISSION. He hates liberty...and...sees himself as some kind of MASTER inside this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. To him...people are sheep and be cared for...controlled...and...culled as MASTER sees fit. Of course...this south-side of Chicago community organizer will take from the producer and redistribute as he sees fit...but...when you're MASTER...your decisions are "better or best".


A medical corps man,GEORGE TRACY, in 1968 went back to Wilmington, Delaware to be with friends and family during Thanksgiving of that year. He spoke about Vietnam and how dangerous it was. He mentioned how men died by stepping on MINES...planted by the so-called ENEMY in areas the Americans thought safe. While he was always watching for the unusual...many of his fellow soldiers weren't. He feared he would die in Vietnam from such misfortune.

Of course...GEORGE TRACY...graduate of Alexis I.DuPont High School...was killed by exactly what he feared most. A soldier in the line as they walked down that jungle path stepped on a MINE. The MINE was a BIG ONE. The blast radius was over 200 feet in all directions. What was left of George Tracy was scraped up...put into a body bag...and...sent to his grieving parents. Yes...their son had died in a needless war started and perpetuated by JERKS.

As I've said many times...Lyndon B. Johnson should be tried...posthumously...for WAR CRIMES...thereby...deservedly dragging his name through dung. Indeed...all of the bastards who started and prolonged that WAR need to be identified and labeled "jerks". GEORGE TRACY was a great man with a great future...but...he ended up just another one of those 50,000 name engraved on that WALL.


The American sub had surfaced. Its captain on the bridge...lookouts at station...when...from out of the sun came a Japanese Zero firing its 20mm cannon and its machine guns at the long cigar slicing through the otherwise painted ocean. Surprised...and...endangered...the captain directed the BOAT to dive. One of the lookouts was struck by machine gun fire and the captain had only enough time to assist in getting this wounded sailor down the hatch when the water began to cover the SUB completely. Knowing there wasn't time for him to follow that sailor...the captain closed the hatch and as he was closing the hatch he said,"TAKE HER DOWN!"

Yes...heroism comes in many forms and formats. In World War in every other war America...has fought...there have been acts of courage and instances of heroism so incredible...few can imagine it. Here was a captain saving his team and boat from obvious doom...carrying out a duty as old as the the mariner-tradition which made such legend possible.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


The Pakistani doctor was promised he would receive the $25 million reward and his name would never be released insuring his safety. In exchange for this money...the Pakistani doctor reported the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Of course...OBAMA took credit for slaying Osama bin Laden...and...revealed the Pakistani doctor's name in order to eliminate any need to pay the $25 million reward. The Pakistani doctor was immediately arrested...and...has been sentenced to 33 years in prison.

The Pakistani doctor was betrayed by TEAM OBAMA. They LIED to him. They TRICKED him. Naturally, this Pakistani doctor believed the Americans because he was told Americans were honorable...trustworthy...and...dependable. As Dr.Shakil Afridi was sentenced,though, you could see in his face the realization he'd been duped by Uncle Sugar. He simply refused to believe the Americans would betray him so easily when he did so much for TEAM OBAMA. those deep furrowed his pursed could observe the anger bubbling in his deceived soul.

He was warned,however,never to trust Americans. Whatever they say it's probably a LIE or worse. He knew about the KURDS and how they'd been betrayed by BUSH. He knew about the millions of others who were destroyed by deceitful Americans...yet...he believed he'd be treated differently. Not only was he incorrect...but...he'll have 33 years to consider "why" he ignored the OBVIOUS!


JOE THE headed to Washington DC to "make salt". He understands the rhetoric of the MARXIST Mass Media...and...knows how to include them in the overall effort to eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Even Al'not so'Sharpton...a hired-gun for TEAM OBAMA...was befuddled by Joe's clever inclusion of whatever Sharpton described as an interest group. For example..when Al said the "poor" weren't doing very well nowadays...JOE THE PLUMBER described eliminating the TEAM OBAMA imposed-hurdles which prevent the poor from becoming the rich.

Vice President JOE BIDEN in a speech yesterday said a plumber could never be President of America...insulting WURZELBACHER and every other American. Naturally, Obama was qualified to be President having been a Community Organizer and his success with SOLYNDRA just more icing on that highly-decorated cake.


In the last 25 years...the 30 worst months for "employment" have been during the Obama Administration. The topics and their related numbers that TEAM OBAMA are generating,however,won't mention such a depressingly bad track record preferring to dwell on his accomplishments in such things as SOLYNDRA...and...FIRST SOLAR. Republicans,though,are making noise about the failure to generate JOBS for Americans...something OBAMA says he's adept at doing.

Maybe the last 30 months have been wonderful for you. If you work for the government...your pay was steady...maybe even increased...your benefits were reaffirmed...maybe even increased. Unlike the decimation suffered in the private sector...most government JOBS went untouched. If success is measured in retained government jobs...then....TEAM OBAMA has definitely been successful.


Al Qaeda in Yemen? qaeda is qaeda is everywhere there are American troops messing with the natives. Every time troops crash through another door at night....every time troops look at Muslim women...everytime insults are delivered in such ways...another member of al qaeda is born!

Indeed...when PREDATOR DRONES slaughter innocent people...their heirs and loved ones do all they can to avenge such misdeed; their beliefs compel the vendetta be unleashed. An eye for an to speak. Hence, when Clinton killed those people in that aspirin factory with those cruise missiles he doomed the 3000 people killed on 09-11-01 at the World Trade Center. The Muslims directing those jets were treating them as if they were "cruise missiles"...this time headed for American Targets.

Naturally, the American MASS MEDIA wasn't about to connect Clinton to that 9/11 tragedy. Yes...Clinton's actions precipitated that retaliatory assault on the World Trade Center...but...few Americans know such data. Even fewer know that BUSH-CHENEY had detailed information about the 9/11 attack...but...chose to suffer the assault so that they could have their "dirty little war".
While digesting Readers Digest in the back of a dirty book store...a flag decal with some gum on the back...fell out on the floor...well...I picked it up...wnet out side...put it on my window shield...and...if...Betsy Ross could see me now I'll tell her how good I feel. But your flag decal won't get you into heaven's already over-crowded from your dirty little war...and...Jesus don't like matter what the reason for...and...your flag decal won't get you into heaven any more, (JOHN PRINE).


On May 01,2012...PAUL H. SKYPE INTERVIEW...was entreated by this BLOG'S editorial staff to read both HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises and ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand. He had never read them and agreed to perform the feat. In exchange, we promised cutting-edge enlightenment upon his otherwise drab-little world. After digesting both tomes, Paul H. Rubin...known to his pals as "PUG-WOP"...contacted this BLOG to report his darkness had been blessed with curative light.

Because he was not any longer a "tethered" TITAN...ole PUG-WOP wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal,(A-17;05-24-12) wherein he offered OBAMA some of the more poignant details he discovered while observing the "burning bush not consumed". He invited OBAMA to consider liberation over throw off his MARXIST mantle...and...thoroughly reject the ideology of the CAGE. Because PUG-WOP'S mind was changed by reading such tomes...he thought Obama could benefit as well. Hence, he wrote about what Obama had missed and what Obama needed to know and then do.

We congratulate PAUL H. RUBIN for having the courage to preach some of the underlying tenets of THE ORB. It is people such as he who will one day be leading the movement to deploy THE ORB...and...finally dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its "$251 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. It will be people such as he...who will rise up...throw off their whining worm ways...and...demand this CAGE be dismantled forthwith. are all CAGES...this NANNY STATE CAGE is well-protected. For PAUL H. RUBIN to find the courage to stand up and speak out, for example, was almost too much to ask of him. Here was another voice attempting to enlighten through use of so identifying the shortcomings of Obama...invite this MARXIST ON MISSION to throw off such things and dismantle this 20th Century Morass of "red tape and tax".

Statistically speaking...the odds of PAUL H. RUBIN getting published any where but in the WSJ were slim to none...but...this BLOG encouraged PUG-WOP to seek the door marked "WSJ". We told him the New York Times was packed with communists and Eco-fascists and would never publish any "what's up" wherein OBAMA was invited to become smarter. We told him the WASHINGTON POST would never carry that article because it was too rational and logical.

Indeed...we were correct. The WSJ was the only door which opened for ole PUG-WOP.AS was forecast...the complicit MASS MEDIA assiduously defended the CAGE from any assault.Both newspapers informed PUG-WOP his article was rejected because it put Obama in a "bad light"...something they weren't wont to do.

As with any cleverly designed CAGE...the MASTER uses the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA to favor some and punish others...picking winners...demanding their loyalty thereafter. PUG-WOP'S article completely demonstrated this CAGE approach leads to misery and darkness. In many ways...PUG-WOP demonstrated in his article a simple method to achieve economic prosperity...but...his solution...his cure...supposes the federal government reduced to essential government services only...something the MASTER and its minions, (MATTHEW 6:24)won't ever permit.

The MASS MEDIA is used to tell the public the common good requires some more government this or that. Any dissent is squashed by these same MASS MEDIA people when directed by MASTER.Hence...PUG-WOP'S reasonable approach to liberty through market freedom...unfettered by the grip and grab of MASTER...could never be published in them...not ever!


Egyptian elections are here and 13 politicians are competing to be head honcho. Naturally,whomever is successful in defeating the others will...still...have to contend with a mighty military...a military vested with enough interest to make its voice heard every time! What doesn't bode well for Israel is the fact all 13 of these Egyptians have openly professed hatred of the Jew.


At a UNION meeting...a pinata was beaten with a baseball bat. On the pinata was painted the face of NIKKI HALEY...the Governor of South Carolina. One U.S. Official when asked about this horrific public display of displeasure said,"Unions are frustrated that this Governor would attempt to insulate her state from the grip and grab of the UNION." This official went on to admit...though...that had this been a Republican meeting...and...had that pinata had the face of OBAMA...the attendees would have been identified and arrested for committing some kind of crime.

Maybe you don't much care about these brush-fire skirmishes around America...that if Haley defeated by UNION power so what...what matter that to you? If you're a scholar...the answer to that query bubbles forth in the poem entitled THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden. Recall in THE HANGMAN...the narrator acknowledges he could have stopped the HANGMAN...but...didn't because those attacked were not associated with his life or lifestyle; and when THE HANGMAN came for him...there wasn't anyone left to defend him in his moment of peril.

It's obvious Governor Nikki Haley is under attack by the UNIONS. They want South Carolina to be UNION and will do whatever to achieve such result. If the UNION must send in its THUGS to incite otherwise docile UNION members to beat pinatas with baseball be it! If the UNION needs to burn tires in the street...or...throw Molotov cocktails into be it!(Trumka's statement)


Stupid...very stupid...too stupid...were choices before me. Which one chosen was something I'd have to which hurt least?


Well...Season #11 generated two American Idol superstars: Phil and Jessica. After some nail-biting...PHIL was chosen. Of course...sixteen year old Jessica Sanchez received virtually the same number of votes although not enough to prevail. Both of these young Americans will be stars and entertain America for years to come!


OBAMA might prevail in 2012 because he controls the MASS MEDIA.Whatever he says or does is published in terms of messianic activity...healing the blind....curing Mother Earth...and...delivering prosperity to every voter. Sure...he's a MARXIST ON MISSION and has ruined much of America's reputation...but...the MASS MEDIA simply doesn't care.


The greenhouse gas emissions from a volcano hurts Mother Earth...and...TEAM OBAMA hates anything which would damage Mother Earth. Hence...OBAMA directed his EPA stooge, Lisa Jackson, to pass a rule directing nature to stop it....stop it now! Of course...Jackson did as told and passed a rule making it illegal for a volcano to emit greenhouse gases. After such printing of rule occurred...she dispatched her minions to Hawaii and elsewhere to deliver the "cease and desist order". The effort included standing on the volcano's edge passionately reading aloud the 20,000 page rule into that gaping,angry maw.


HEWLETT-PACKARD,(HP), announced it was cutting 27,000 JOBS. AN HP official said the JOB CUTS were due to TEAM OBAMA'S disastrous handling of the economy. According to these private industry people...OBAMA passed so many rules and laws it was too burdensome to keep so many employees. OBAMACARE and the LILLY LEDBETTER law were just two of the causes for Hp's decision.


Before his stay in the Oval Office...OBAMA was little more than a community organizer. He never opened and perpetuated a business. He never met a payroll. His business talent is minimal, (think Solyndra and First Solar). Indeed...OBAMA saw fit to squander almost a trillion bucks on GREEN ENERGY...something few thought viable...yet...he proceeded anyway...demonstrating his utter lack of reason and confused logic.

While I'm not thrilled about ROMNEY...he's a better choice in 2012 than TEAM OBAMA. Almost everyone is concluding as much. In Florida, for example, voters realize OBAMA has done so much wrong it's hurt the average Floridian. In OHIO...another battleground state and UNION stronghold...Obama's support has waned among UNION members. They wanted him to destroy what little liberty remained and replace it with "freedom to obey"...a well-worn UNION idea. While OBAMA has done a great deal to accomplish this UNION GOAL...they don't believe he's done enough!

BONO AND QUEEN entertainer...met with the Queen of England and explained to her the need to grant Northern Ireland its independence. When she refused...he began to spit and scratch as if some kind of cornered critter suddenly decided to fight its way out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


JOHN WISEMAN appeared on MSNBC with Al'not so'Sharpton...and...discussed GS Technologies...a company which BAIN CAPITOL bought...attempted to operate...found UNIONS too powerful...and...finally closed the Kansas City operation part of GST.

JOHN WISEMAN was UNION. Sure...he and his whining worm pals...could've taken less...kept GST operational...but...he chose to drive BAIN CAPITOL from ownership expecting some UNION-loving company to buy out accept the incredible legacy anchor GST had on its balance sheet...and continue to fund UNION AGREMENT benefits. This wasn't some benign small funding agreement. No...folks...this UNION anchor which grew per UNION AGREEMENT to $44 million more than when BAIN took over...growth BAIN simply couldn't accept. As one BAIN CAPITOL insider said, "When Romney discovered the embedded PONZI SCHEME in that GST Union Agreement...he plug pulled!"

Sure...JOHN bitter. He was UNION. Received UNION WAGE. Thought himself entitled to UNION benefits...permanent...benefits....good...richly-funded benefits...and...he was bitter that BAIN discovered the PONZI SCHEME...and...chose to jump off before train wreck. How dare ROMNEY not lose his shirt...become bankrupt trying to save UNION THINGS!

Indeed...JOHN WISEMAN told Al'not so' Sharpton...BAIN CAPITOL had a clear and present duty to fund all UNION benefits even if it meant going broke! Wiseman cemented this point by grabbing a well-known example of the greatness of TEAM OBAMA. SOLYNDRA was able to squander $535 million of taxpayers' money because Obama was prepared to pay UNIONS what they deserved.

National service jobs?

TEAM OBAMA wants to hire people and deploy them as NATIONAL SERVICE AGENTS...helping out in up neighborhoods...picking up toxic waste from oil out toilets in public bathrooms...assisting mountain rescue and carrying water in brigade fashion when forest fire fighting required. Yes...the annual payroll will be $98 BILLION...but...those 1000 19 year old NATIONAL SERVICE AGENTS(NSA)will be paid a good wage and will receive good bonuses...and...will receive good health care insurance coverage...will receive a good car to drive...good food to eat...good clothes to wear...and...all for $98 billion!

Of course...that $98 billion will be taken from people who have real jobs producing real value...but...according to TEAM OBAMA and his Keynesian FOOL CROWD...when government spends $1.00...there is $1.86 in overall economic consequential activity generated. Hence...if you spend $1.0 get $1.86 trillion in economic activity. heard right...2+2=4 for me and you...but...for TEAM OBAMA 2+2 can equal "5"...or...$1.86 trillion depending on who needs to be fooled again.

Because this idea of national toilet bowl cleaners was so new and fresh...and...only costs $98 billion...MICHELLE OBAMA demanded she be the one to choose the uniform for these service workers. After many long hours at the sewing machine...ole Michelle produced her FIRST UNIFORM...the template from which all others would be fashioned. The NATIONAL SERVICE AGENT uniform comes with a "brown shirt" and handsome red flags when parade time rolls around.

MICHELLE took her power as FIRST LADY even further. She demanded she be the one to choreograph the march the agents would perform as they passed by the REVIEW STANDS where the MASTERS of the NANNY STATE CAGE would stand looking imperious and satisfied. MICHELLE envisioned these 1st 1000 agents dressed in their brown shirts...shiny boots...and "goose-step" marching in legion format singing Russian Worker songs. Indeed...Michelle Obama described her pageanty as the 8th wonder of the world.


OBAMA went to the U.S. Air Force Academy and delivered a typical MARXIST speech. Of course, he took credit for every American accomplishment in the last 100 years. If it weren't for Obama and his remarkable "government"...America would be in's unemplyment number would be over 8%...the banks would be strapped with government red tape and hassle...and...America would still be at war in Afghanistan. Yes...if it weren't for OBAMA...the annual federal deficit would be over $1.7 trillion.

As I was listening to such bragging about the way things would've been but for this MARXIST ON occurred to me that unemployment was over 8%....the federal deficit was $1.89 trillion...and...America was still embroiled in toilet-bowl Afghanistan. Whatever Obama was saying didn't seem to "fit with" what was actually afoot.

Yes...these eagles clapped when an applause line was obvious...but...most seniors were tepid in their support. One Senior...speaking on condition of anonymity said, "I clapped because we were directed to applaud...otherwise...this dude would've been given the "silent treatment". Another senior overheard the comment...stepped over to this BLOG'S TV camera and added that he didn't clap and wouldn't no matter what order given to dance as seals with ball on nose.



When the Federal Reserve depressed INTEREST RATES to "near-zero"...the goal was to make government borrowing cheaper. It didn't matter if such reduction in "interest rate" would destroy almost every nest egg which counted on such INTEREST RATE remaining around TEN PERCENT. Even if this reduction destroyed 28.94 million nest eggs causing their owners to become destitute and to be known as OBAMA-PEOPLE...people made totally reliant on the freebie and favor of OBAMA...even with such destruction...nevertheless...Obama informed America he would continue until everyone is "Obama-people".


In BAGHDAD members of the United Nations Security Council are meeting to discuss IRANIAN "nukes". The meeting was prompted by rumors the maniacs in Tehran are about to acquire a reliable "nuke". Because Tehran already has a rocket capable of striking New York City...the peril of combination has become a "real and present" danger to TEAM OBAMA'S hopes for re-election . Should the ragheads in Tehran combine "nuke" with rocket...New York City will be blown into oblivion. The maniacs in Tehran have promised* as much and they intend to carry out their threat when capable of so doing!
* The Council of Twelve are focused on the 12th IMAM scenario...a legend where a 12 IMAM appears after the world is washed in the blood of infidels. Of course...everyone knows these ragheads call America the "Great Satan".


Harvey Golub delivered an analysis of the Democrat-Economic PLAN...the one that has drawn $5 trillion from a $15 trillion annual GDP...the one that has crippled almost every industry...the one that has red tape and tax forecasts so vast...not any human mind can frame it. Because GOLUB is a remorseless Keynesian, though, he didn't find anything wrong with the overall economic template into which TEAM OBAMA chose to cram America. Instead of declaring KEYNESIAN STUFF foolhardy...his anger centered around the "ways" chosen to accomplish this "jump-start"...ways GOLUB found ineffective and injurious.(Wall Street Journal A-15;05/23/12).

After reading his analysis and discussing its shortcomings...this BLOG'S editorial staff contacted GOLUB and offered him new insight...a fresh outlook. His reaction was gracious and accepting. He finally understood his errors and thanked us profusely. Enlightening him was difficult...however...since he was steeped in the idiocy of KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS...fully packed with KEYNESIAN nonsense...and...obdurate about giving it up in favor rational discourse. For example...he hardly couldn't bring himself to concede 2+2=4 when GOLUB...for so long had believed the answer could be "5" if enough people wished* hard enough.

Elucidating despite reluctance to listen...we delivered "TRUTH". This BLOG'S undaunted team of educators revealed for him the wonders and bliss of the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market" based on rational self-interest...not "animal spirits" based on liberation not where the consumer and not some technocrat is queen or king.
* Yes...GOLUB clapped as hard as he could to make Tinkerbell revive after drinking that poison meant for Peter Pan.


Unlike ROMNEY...TEAM OBAMA has tactical advantage. It controls the MASS MEDIA and most of the federal regulatory structure enabling it both to threaten and favor enemies and have its best moments's least flattering ignored. TEAM OBAMA has so much power it's likely ROMNEY will be defeated in landslide numbers "if" Romney approaches the election as some kind of "wishy-washy" moderate. Such "me-too" would provide TEAM OBAMA with even more ammo...even more of a reason why voters mustn't choose ROMNEY.

On the other hand...should ROMNEY depart from the template envisioned by TEAM OBAMA...he might very well assail such defended walls and defeat the enemy within...evicting this vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists. It's unlikely...however...ROMNEY would pivot and preach "THE ORB"...since he's a devout Mormon-socialist...and...incapable of understanding the difference between liberation and subjugation. He doesn't see anything wrong with stomping and chomping for the common good...and...will eliminate liberty in favor of government "grip and grab" every time such choice offered.

Indeed...TEAM OBAMA is counting on ROMNEY remaining the "same old, same old, just different bag". They're relying on ROMNEY to eschew liberation and accept subjugation. They're hoping ROMNEY won't change but remain an advocate of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "$250 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. As David Plouffe said, "Romney will do and say as we predict and will lose because of it!"


Nicholas N. Owens...former ombudsman of Small Business Administration, (SBA)...bragged about an occasion when he was able to stop MASTER from stomping and chomping a dude in Greenville, South Carolina by the name of ROB LATHAM. Apparently Latham had bought motors with labels easily removed using a laser cutting device of no less than 100 million AMPS! Because those labels could be removed by such means...the motors weren't permitted to enter America leaving Latham with a $1 million investment sitting in Singapore. Panic-stricken...Latham called Owens and begged him to contact the stooges at the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), and tell them he had $10,000 available for their Las Vegas Conference to pay for the mind reader and magician.

Owens obliged this beleaguered entrepreneur delivering both a message and the $10,000 package...bundles of $20s and $10s. Within days...the "red tag" was lifted...and...the nuclear rocket motors entered into America to be used to propel PREDATOR DRONES over America! Latham stood to make BIG BUCKS...and...has since...delivering 10,000 DRONES to OBAMA so that he can spy on Americans.

Yes...a manufacturer working with government by contract to deliver goods and services to said government is exactly what happened between Latham and Owens. Had Rob Latham, though, been attempting to perform some other feat...such as use the motors for his own projects...he would NEVER have dodged that "red tag"...and...the $300 billion in profits he made...those funds would never have materialized.

While you might enjoy "fascism"...permit me to reveal such thing was at the heart of the NAZI economic plan. Sure...Germans had title to their property...but...all property was subject to the diktat of the MASTER inside the German NANNY STATE CAGE. Had Latham been in NAZI Germany...say around 1938...his factory would have received the motors and those motors would have been installed into government DRONES to be used as MASTER saw fit.

Some of you might instantly say..."hey...that's exactly what occurred in Obama's America when LATHAM had to seek government help to avoid government exchange...perform what government directed."

To those of you making that compliments to your sagacity and highly-trained skill of observation. Yes...LATHAM was subjected to government "grip and grab"...a victim of the fascist system. He had to do whatever MASTER directed...or...else lose out and be just another "won't-play-ball" producer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The ARMY OF LIBERATION...led by LADY ELIZABETH and other well-known community organizers...has joined with freedom-loving groups to vote out the Democrats at all levels of government. This ARMY OF LIBERATION has agreed to become an effective coalition to defeat TEAM OBAMA and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists. As one official insider said, "The ARMY OF LIBERATION attracts even RIDERS....because....before them is carried THE ORB. They offer everyone liberation over subjugation. In many ways they draw people together in mutual purpose to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its "$249 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system cleverly crafted to compel compliance and create dependency.

ROMNEY can defeat TEAM OBAMA. However, ROMNEY must preach THE ORB. At some time...OBAMA...will corner ROMNEY...and...force ROMNEY to admit he's in favor of government solution instead of "free market" solution. In order to out-flank such assault...ROMNEY must preach THE ORB...demanding this CAGE and 'red ink' RIDE be dismantled...the jack boot lifted from the throat of the producer...and...the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA deleted. By such demands...ROMNEY would make OBAMA reveal himself as a MARXIST ON MISSION...something so repulsive...not even most Democrats could support his re-election.


JOE BIDEN has delivered two speeches. The first one in Ohio was packed with screaming...and...screeching...claiming and saying...and...overall blubbering things few people understood. Somehow...RICH PEOPLE erected barriers preventing his parents from dreaming...yet...they were able to dream as much and as great as any "rich guy". In the second speech...JOE BIDEN seemed deflated...empty of fire...wet-blanket stuff. His pitch monotone...his point meaningless...but...he was soft-spoken...slow-in-pronunciation...and...subdued. Many official observers concluded his FOOL STATUS had been removed...and...he was just the Vice President stuck to a one-term MARXIST ON MISSION...alias BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA,!


JEOPARDY FINAL QUESTION: The name of the well-known...and...until then...highly-respected...politician...who...into an "open microphone" said to Obama, "This is a big fucking deal"? Answer: Who is JOE BIDEN?
Maybe Joe Biden was sent into the PUBLIC to be act the part of distract the public's attention away from the depressingly bad 3.8 years Obama has had in the Oval Office.

Some political scientists have called 2012 a watershed election. Should TEAM OBAMA prevail...then...America is doomed to become just another socialist morass with pressure groups vying for their season in power when they might loot the storeroom of others. On the other hand...should ROMNEY succeed...and...bring with him a filibuster-proof Senate...he can dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "$249 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...thereby...usher in the otherwise unhampered market,(OUM).

To make sure TEAM OBAMA defeats ROMNEY and ROMNEY'S U.S. Senate was determined the Democratic National Committee required a "FOOL" unrepentant scoundrel...someone people could hate and love at the same time...a JOE BIDEN kind of dude...a scrapper...a fighter...a guy from a family as plain as chalk...but..with parents who could dream as great as any "rich guy can dream!"

Yes...years the Circus arrived in would conduct a parade wherein some of the entertainers would march about...passing out tickets and T-shirts. And leading this extravaganza was THE FOOL. This person was dressed and acted in ways the audience knew him to be "FOOL". He stuck head in barrel...bubbled goo...surely FOOL with something to prove. He struck lion...had arm ripped off...only a FOOL to such things scoff. Likewise many thought Biden such FOOL when JOE BIDEN delivered his vulgar noise...certainly FOOL...a FOOL so poised.


The government should stop supporting aggregate demand when the economy is strong enough to stand on its own two feet. (Alan Blinder-WSJ A-17;5/22/12). such's clear...Alan Blinder is as much socialist as he is fool. Following this polemic through, the government pumps in derived taxation and borrowing...this money is absorbed into the overall economy...and...somehow...this combination fetches great rewards such as making the economy strong enough so that it might stand on its own two feet....sturdy enough to survive the siphons inserted to keep that circle-jerk on-going.


When it's free...few wish to pay...and...with FACEBOOK exactly that occurred. When Government Motors pulled its advertising from FACEBOOK...and...that withdrawal was prior to the heralded was an indication FACEBOOK lacked any value other than the cost of a few computer warehouses packed with computer-servers handling the FACEBOOK traffic.

According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...the FACEBOOK investor was buying "cloud"...buying "whimsy"...buying "the air in a balloon...or...any other metaphor you choose fitting. Some investors finding themselves in such predicament have expressed bewilderment at how easily they were duped. As one investor said, "The easiest person to fool is yourself!"

One dude...having just lost $20 million in one day as FACEBOOK stock drops in value...a decline which will continue daily...until...that stock's value is only ONE CENT per SHARE...yes..that's U.S. penny, penny...and...that value is only because not anyone can bring themselves to admit FACEBOOK as worthless as a Zimbabwe trillion dollar note.

"FOOLS bought FACEBOOK" will be the mantra many will claim they were saying long before that FACEBOOK Initial Public Offering ever was on the drawing board. will be documented that it was this BLOG which described FACEBOOK as almost worthless...and....anyone buying that stock should also consider getting in on the fast action around the BROOKLYN BRIDGE.


Japan was washed by tsunami. The ocean rose up...washed ashore...and...then...withdrew taking with it debris. The amount of  that debris headed towards Alaska is the size of TEXAS...and...can be spotted from the International Space Station. Some ecologists claim this MASSIVE DEBRIS FIELD, (MDF), will kill off every bald eagle...every whale....every shark...every fish...every crab...and...most varieties of snail. The environmental disaster forecast is so horrific...many believe 98% of all Americans will suffer heart attack or stress-related stroke when they're informed old Baldy is gone...that Willy won't ever be free...and...NEMO caught* in a celluloid jam.

Knowing there was BIG BUCKS in clean-up...this BLOG'S editorial staff dispatched this BLOG'S flotilla of "helper" boats which were used to aid Governor Bobby Jindal when the Gulf Coast was threatened with toxic oil. Recall it was this flotilla which was by Jindal credited with stopping the biggest toxic oil contamination from occurring. This squadron has been dispatched both to stop this MDF from getting any closer to California and Alaska...and...eliminating**as much of it as possible.
* Rocky Horror Picture Show theme song.
** CEMENT will be sprayed onto this MDF...making it so heavy it sinks into the Pacific Ocean depths. The idea is to sink the stuff in 4500 feet of water...frigid water....never-to-be-seen-again kind of water. Yes...the amount of cement will be 1000 times more than used in the Hoover Dam...but..when you're trying to protect Old Baldy...and...make sure Willy be free...expense is never an issue...cost to perform never a question.


Well...Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX finally got that Falcon 9 rocket launched. The mission is to dock with the International Space Station, (ISS), and deliver needed supplies for its occupants. It is also designed to deliver telemetry to the world so that other rockets can use the same data to dock with the ISS and other warehouses which will spring up in low Earth orbit almost overnight.

The information will assist the Lunar Mining Company, (LMC). As everyone knows...LMC...has already put avatars on the lunar surface and that these robots are looking for precious metals and minerals. Once such stuff has been found, though, it will need to be extracted...transported to low Earth orbit...processed...and...then...delivered to Mother Earth for sale. The FALCON 9 effort provides everyone...including LMC...with the data needed to dock with orbiting warehouses...a feat...some Princeton graduates said too treacherous to attempt.


 In Libya...Abdel Baset al-Megrahi has finally succumbed to his prostate cancer and died. Recall that he was connected to a bomb which brought down a passenger-packed jet...and...spent many years in a Scottish Prison. He was released when it was demonstrated the jerk had contracted consumptive cancer and should be permitted to die in Libya. Over BUSH-CHENEY objection...he was released and flew back to Tripoli where he received cancer treatments which prolonged his life 1000% longer than predicted by Scottish Doctors.

Many people are could there be such a difference in a Scottish doctor's OPINION and what actually occurred. HARVARD SCIENTISTS tasked to answer this question reported that ABDEL outlived the Doctor's prediction because he received Libyan cancer treatment...not Scottish Government-administered medicine and treatment. For Libya...Megrahi received a different batch of cancer-fighting drugs...and...this combination worked well until his already-damaged body simply couldn't any longer self-repair and he succumbed. Had he remained in Scottish custody...he'd have received the Scottish-package...a package cleverly designed to terminate quickly.

I mention this SCOTTISH STUFF because TEAM OBAMA has created OBAMACARE with a death panel similar in bent and purpose to that found embedded in the SCOTTISH MEDICAL LAWS. Every healthcare scholar...who has compared the British System and the one OBAMACARE will generate...have's likely these death panels will deliver assistance but only healthcare assistance it determines better or best. Can you imagine what the AMERICAN package will contain?


Arizona's  Secretary of State, KEN BENNETT, asked Obama to produce his birth certificate in order to qualify to run for President. Of course...OBAMA lacks any birth certificate since he was born in Kenya in a tribal hut where record of his birth was recorded in the traditional way. The tribal chief took his ceremonial blade and notched the BIRTH ancient tree the tribe inscribed with all the names as they arrived.

 And...there...on that tree...a tree KEN BENNETT has photographed...sits the notch for Barack Hussein Obama. Naturally his tribal name wasn't Obama...but... "HORSE". They referred to him as a man called HORSE in much the same way as the tribe gave the moniker: MAU-DEEB to the desperate son of the slain Duke Atraides, (Movie: DUNE).

Yes...KEN BENNETT believes a man called HORSE is occupying the White House...and...his plan to force horse, of course, out into the labeling him Mr. ED!


According to every political scientist weighing in on the topic of electoral success...ROMNEY can defeat OBAMA...if...ROMNEY preaches " THE ORB"...and...demands this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...its "$249 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system eliminated. One HARVARD SCIENTIST said, "Romney can defeat Obama by offering liberation over subjugation."


Before you choose Princeton University as the best college for your child...consider the evil afoot there. ALAN BLINDER is a typical professor at that so-called University...and...his filthy ways and idiotic views are so revolting few can stand to be in the same room with him for any length of time. He's just too anti-American for most people to accept. And...parents should consider such things before wasting their precious money sending their child into that morass and quagmire.

According to ALAN BLINDER...a potential teacher of your child...2+2 can equal "5" or any other number chosen by ALAN BLINDER. He's a Keynesian economist and as such reality doesn't matter. If his computer delivers the must be correct. spit out "5" instead of "4"...but...when you're ALAN BLINDER...such difference is unworthy of your concern. (Wall Street Journal 5/22/12;A-17).


Mayor Cory Booker's  openly critical comment about  the manner in which TEAM OBAMA attacked BAIN CAPITAL...a company formerly managed by Mitt 'the nit' ROMNEY...has been the focus of reactive anger. Obama screamed nasty opprobrious epithets when he heard what Booker had said about him. How dare this Mayor belittle the MARXIST bent of Obama!


High School student, HUNTER ROGERS, verbally was slapped down when he and his teacher became embroiled in an argument about OBAMA. The teacher reacted inappropriately by raising her voice until she was screaming. She threatened HUNTER ROGERS with arrest for saying things about OBAMA. Indifferent to such empty threat...HUNTER ROGERS continued to press his point only to receive snide retort and vicious threat.

This same teacher had been calling Mitt Romney nasty names. She identified him as 'the nit'...a repulsive reference to hair lice. She called Romney a Mormon-socialist...a man unworthy of the Oval Office. She reverently called Obama a messiah...that America was fortunate to have a MARXIST ON MISSION in the Oval Office.

When HUNTER ROGERS expressed his dissatisfaction with TEAM OBAMA...such effort was met with diatribe and acrimony from the teacher. It was this interface which startled the parents of Hunter Rogers. They instantly demanded this teacher's resignation. The School Board...everyone of them an Obama-lover...refused to fire this "devout-Marxist"...choosing instead to put her in another class room packed with Obama-loving children...a place where she could preach propaganda and not be asked 'why".

Monday, May 21, 2012


According to officials tasked with the feat of comparing ancient legends...the date: December 21, 2012...was mentioned everywhere. The Mayans...and...other neolithic people wrote about this date describing it as the end of the universe. In caves granite deserts framed with pyramid...they notified the future such date meant something and best be heeded well.

For ancient Mayan dude...spent his 93 years of life scratching such notification in granite...a notification which the jungle hid until revealed by inquisitive bulldozers dispatched by this BLOG'S editorial team back in 2008. According to this sage...12-21-12 is a significant date and one people should heed. On that date...the sun will be aligned with the galactic center...Earth will shake...our moon explode...and....general panic grab mankind.

Not to be outdone...Nostradamus outlined many doom-dates...including 12-21-12...each one a possible date for oblivion although he wasn't sure which one to heed most. Indeed...12-21-10 was supposedly the date a meteor would blow a big hole in South America...but...that huge rock missed us by 100,000 miles. On 12-21-11...another mile-wide asteroid missed Earth by 58,000 miles but that one was traveling over 200,000 miles per hour hence unnoticed by most observation sites on Earth!

Folks...if America is to be struck by some enormous rock...we lack any way to prevent such calamity. From the granite...from the caves...from the pyramids...from the Dead Sea Scrolls...from all sources...little is said about avoidance measures. No...Bruce Willis doesn't have some drilling machine to reach 800 feet...and...America doesn't have space ships capable of attacking such menace. No...we're basically "out of luck" if something from somewhere else wishes to rearrange arrival.


Cardinal Dolan is leading Catholics to protest OBAMCARE and its detrimental reach into the very core of Catholicism!


Afghan Forces will take over mid-2013 the duty of insuring national security. Such was the timetable and planned American troop withdrawal recited by Obama in Chicago at the close of the NATO conference. In attendance were many Generals...many warriors...and...most were disturbed at how stupid OBAMA appeared when threats were discussed.

It was obvious to everyone that OBAMA had agreed to remain in Afghanistan so long as IRAN was saber-rattling. He agreed to keep 100 squadrons of F-22 Raptors stationed within striking distance of Tehran for instant deployment when Tehran "nukes" New York eventuality the maniacs in Tehran have promised.

Maybe YOU join with Obama and believe we're threatened by IRAN and we need to keep such firepower in Afghanistan. To such misgivings...I say...if...such threat were real...then...instant attack an obvious imperative...and...Obama exposes America to more danger by waiting for these maniacs to finish construction of the "Sword of Allah" the beloved given-name for their "nuke". Even Nostradamus warned America about the "blue turban dude!"

Disturbed by such indifference...worried about an obvious lack of fear of IRAN...attending General Stan McChrysal said, " building a "nuke"...they must be attacked invasion which every military expert predicts "successful in a fortnight". On the other hand...if... they're not constructing such a thing...then...they need to be left alone and's this "if" which frightened Stan.

Indeed...itt was this "if" which troubled greatly ole McChrystal. Ignoring "nuclear weapon" construction efforts seemed foolhardy...yet...attacking those who weren't building them...just as bad. It scared this august military dude so much he said, "It's this "if"...which Obama in Chicago blithely dismissed as "fairy tale dressed goblin dark"...such might very well turn into mushroom cloud over Manhattan.

In this SKYPE interview with General Stan McChrystal...he gladly offered what need be done to avert such eventuality. For instance...according to boot-shined Stan...we need to depart Afghanistan. We need to invade Iran and install the GREENS wiping out every Revolutionary Guard dude...slaughtering any rag-headed mullah offering contrary argument. While cleansing IRAN...we need to travel throughout the rest of the Middle East and Asia slaughtering anyone who can be identified as an enemy of America...stopping by Israel to compare lists.
In the movie, JOSIE WALES...there is a scene where Captain Red Legs says he plans to have a job murdering outlaws for years to come.