Saturday, June 30, 2012


What if police so often beat the homeless...such beatings escaping the notice of anyone...that... when caught inflicting such injury...they claim "first time"...demanding observers overlook such kind of stuff?

I'd say...America is gone and what's left is what can be shown on TV. How about you?


A Dr. Who...equipped with T.A.R.D.A.S....travels here and there sorting things out. His TARDAS* is a device which grants him access.

When Dr. Who arrived on Earth he met this "other" HIGHLANDER "immortal" manner exchanged information. Each knew the other and yet did not know what was about to begin.

Yes...folks...Dr.Who met this other...a female bearing the name: LADY ELIZABETH.
* Time and relative dimension and space, (TARDAS). Rapsylon...a dude...who resided on some obscure planet called Galifree...captured a black hole and with temporal engineering built the first TARDES. Indeed...based on this INVENTION....from Galifree...the TIME they became to be called by all intelligent beings in the cosmos...ruled the Universe making sure all was well and good for all critters. However, the DARLEKS...a rabid bunch of meglo-maniacs...destroyed the TIME LORDS leaving only Dr. Who...the known surviving TIME LORD. I say "known" since on planet Earth there was another...marooned...devoid of the midst of critters whose desire unbounded...whose greed unlimited...and...whose treachery would be known first hand.


Watergate scandal and resultant investigation uncovered a minor break-in of the Democratic Campaign Headquarters located at the Watergate Hotel during Nixon's re-election efforts. Of course...Nixon participated in the cover-up and ultimately resigned from office in disgrace.

The murder of BRIAN TERRY is a crime which has roots in the Oval Office. This isn't some minor break-in...folks...this is conspiracy to commit murder and its subsequent cover-up. Obama is up to his dirty neck in both the murder and its cover-up. Recall the assassin of BRIAN TERRY left behind evidence which linked Obama to the murder...a link...eventually to be revealed. The blood of BRIAN TERRY can't be washed from Obama's hands no matter the times his hands know Lady MacBeth's wretchedness.


Never made camp in Waldo June...too dangerous...old Indian White Dove Colorado...too good to pass...deep roots there...5000 square foot house...broad field...barn with fear of fire shared.

Yet...Waldo Canyon...little there left...conflagration...2000 degree heat...charred cruel nature's chef. Wildfire...stuff embedded among Indian lore...things White Dove feared...why to him...Waldo Canyon...instant coffin door.

Sure...enough...those 400 homes and barns in Waldo Canyon gone...wiped from Mother Earth by wildfire...horrid as devil-spawn. White Dove told them about danger afoot. Perhaps because they were not Indian they didn't understand when he showed them flame and expressed the soot.


When I arose ...climbed from tent...and...stirred with stick last night's fire...embers smoldered...slight smoke exchange for flame...wood be delivered.

Let us take a trip down memory lane shall we...and...find..."why" ERIC THE HOLDER smolders...why embers glow...why...if he be fed...secrets behind BRIAN TERRY DEATH then show.

Immunize ERIC THE HOLDER from prosecution. Put him in jail requiring his release upon revelation of his information about the circumstances surrounding the assassination of U.S. Border Guard BRIAN TERRY. The more names he utters the more likely his release becomes.

Many people...including the editorial staff of this BLOG...believe Eric the Holder could be forced to utter connective stuff...tell secrets...reveal Col. Mustard in the Kitchen with the candle stick like things.

For was obvious the order to kill issued from the Oval Office...since...only from top-down could or would such be done. To utter "OBAMA"...a prize most coveted by the unlikely to bubble forth...even...if Eric the Holder in jail for days sits.

Why conclude unlikely when Eric sweats so well? Because in order to check that tactic of "in-jail-til-tell"...TEAM OBAMA interdicted with "EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE". Such an assertion tacitly,though, endorsed the theory this BLOG has preached since BRIAN TERRY'S body was discovered and at that crime scene was left evidence traced directly into the Oval Office!

While such "protective mantle" might hold for a season...nevertheless...whatever was left behind by the assassin connected top-down...not-any-way-to-dodge-it sound! Eventually...someone will crack...a leak will occur....and...revelation of ill-deed...such things from slumber stir. KEYES(Edward G. Robinson)said in the movie,DOUBLE INDEMNITY:"They're on a ride together. Neither one can get off...they must ride it to the end."

When Obama gave the order to silence U.S. Border Guard BRIAN prevent him from whistle-blowing about BLACK OPS teams operating along the Mexican border fomenting unrest and mayhem when directed for political advantage*...never...ever...did Obama think his neck would now be in the noose as much as Eric The of his go-for boys.

Obama had been assured Captain Jeppers discreet...and...never would Captain Jeppers connect the deed to separated as edge from edge when canyon yawn. And...Jeppers would have done such in way as clean...had but Jeppers felt TEAM OBAMA deserved "unseen".

Instead...Jeppers left behind a Joel Harris "tar baby"...touch and find. The only way to avoid its grip and potential torment...was...not have initiated the "kill order" in the first place. Once such KILL ORDER couldn't be rescinded...or...recalled.

Jeppers knew the reaction by TEAM OBAMA would be to initiate its "fail-safe" option...if...something were left behind.Indeed...according to the data delivered by JEPPERS to this BLOG'S DROP BOX...FAST AND FURIOUS was a canned cover story...a just-in-case military thing...if something went awry...something went nasty...something went wrong...then...this CANNED COVER STORY launched...trimmed to fit what fact or factor the public would ever be shown.

Unfortunately...for TEAM OBAMA...Captain Jeppers had already thought of such things and left behind stuff the canned story only made more incriminating...more obvious...more like an elephant than a butt-riding flea.

Jeppers knew that the story hatched in "fail-safe"...when used to explain the "left-behind" would be so silly....but...crafted no matter by fool made to "fit" what most people already knew.

Although Jeppers didn't want to snuff BRIAN TERRY...Jeppers was required to perform as directed. What jeppers could do was reveal those bastards who initiated the LAUNCH SEQUENCE. Jeppers knew about BRIAN TERRY and knew about his family and how prideful they were of their intrepid border guard.

However, BRIAN TERRY had put together a PELICAN to speak...which connected TEAM OBAMA and the TEAMSTERS to the murders along the border in 2009. He had data showing such TEAM OBAMA conspiracy. He delivered such conclusions to his supervisor. Within 72 hours of that last transmission...BRIAN TERRY was dead.

Yes...Jeppers dispatched BRIAN TERRY. The deed was completed as ordered following a tradition unbroken since ole George Washington...during the whiskey rebellion...had the shock troops opposing him cornered and summarily executed...a deed never pinned on him.

But...TEAM OBAMA is different.BRIAN TERRY was to be killed because he connected the unrest and mayhem afoot along the Mexican the Oval Office. If he were permitted to reveal such things it would destabilize any relationship Obama was attempting with Latinos. Hence...the snuff-order was issued...and...BRIAN TERRY became just another name on a list of those killed along the Mexican border in the early years of the 21st Century. I said previously...Jeppers didn't feel TEAM OBAMA deserved such "unseen" power. Jeppers decided to leave something behind...something a dedicated group could find...something that would have to it attached everyone connected to the crime. Little would be left to prove should an independent investigation led by Ken and Josephine Terry...the bereaved parents of BRIAN undertaken.
In the movie, EDGE OF assassin and cleaner reveals his purpose and cleans up a mess.

HEALTH POLICE any tyranny,(think NAZI regime), it didn't begin too badly. OBAMACARE a few shorts years...though...a 100,000 HEALTH POLICE...people sent out to compel you to pay your HEALTH TAX...or...face a beating.

On one such the not-too-distant-future...sometime A.D...a shirtless....bearded lad...with a backpack...and...long pants and bare feet...was approached by two such uniformed HEALTH POLICE,(click here for movie). Because the homeless lad didn't mind when a police car pulled in front of him and stopped him on the side walk interrupting his course of travel.

Out piled two officers. One was heavy set and towered in girth and height...while the other...a repeat of JUDGMENT-DAY Terminator-2 cop...sneaked behind...taking up strategic position...behind...this engaged-now-in-dialogue lad. Hence the scene: a shirtless...backpack toting...bearded stationary...with arms crossed...a huge HEALTH COP in front with club...its nasty aspect swinging cleverly in his hand...and...the quiet one stationed within grab-distance behind him.

Instead of demanding these officers depart his company and permit him to be on his way...this bearded American chose to ask RAMOS why he could not speak better English. At one point, the citizen-without-shirt-or-shoe asked Ramos if he were from Tibet or Cambodia...all squint-eyed and buck-toothed...a real bizarre clown...layer after layer...this citizen heaped metaphor on tongue-tied RAMOS.

Had this lad but directed Ramos to move aside...he'd still be alive. It was a command these officers were by law required to respect and heed...unless...they possessed at least some reasonable articulated suspicion crime afoot and this person involved.

But...unfortunately for this lad...OBAMACARE required identification or face a beating. At the time...such directive to disengage and step aside would have been issued...the HEALTH POLICE did not know who he was...and...were entitled to have either name or blood.

Once name given and the citizen cleared as "OKAY-by-OBAMACARE"...then...the officers no matter what opprobrious epithet heaped...had to permit him exit from their perimeter. But...this talkative lad did not reveal his name...and...did not direct them to depart his presence but continued to engage them making sport of the defects RAMOS brought to the table.

What this lad didn't know was the LAW had been changed so that if you were human you were required to identify yourself to the HEALTH POLICE or face instant death by beating. This LAD refused name...and...asked to depart.

Of course...refusal to reveal identity was some proof of the violation of that "must-produce-identification"law...hence...under WHREN v. US...the officers were entitled to detain. When the lad refused directives, he was then beaten to the ground...struck with tazers...and...beaten...until...dead... a fate decreed by OBAMACARE... a fate well-deserved for this miscreant. How dare he not have his papers in order!


OBAMACARE is "oppression" written into LAW. Will you not join our ARMY OF LIBERATION and assist us in defeating all politicians who support such OPPRESSION? let us march to WASHINGTON DC and "make salt". Let us delete and eliminate until the otherwise unhampered market flourishes once more.

ARMY OF LIBERATION just have to fight back or lose what little you have to those whose avarice afoot.

The ARMY OF LIBERATION has formed. Its leader is a 28 year old lady with a public health degree from the University of Florida. She's basically a JOAN OF ARC...a liberator...ready to delete and eliminate the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA which has come to stifle and torment our blessed land.


CEO Matt Kibbe of FREEDOMWORKS.COM has joined with this BLOG to repeal OBAMACARE. Any politician supporting OBAMACARE will be identified and defeated at the ballot box. As Matt Kibbe said,"There are more freedom-lovers than haters any day!"


As the Jews were loaded into the boxcars for transport to the DEATH CAMPS...the NAZIS paid people to stand there,smile and act as if the JEWS were headed to paradise.

The same "paid-for" smiles were observed on 06-28-12. People were cheering and screaming for joy that America had finally been enslaved. As easily as HITLER enslaved the it was as easily accomplished in America. Once Obama had seated Sotomayor and Keagan on that SCOTUS bench...he was assured enslavement of America guaranteed.

To undo what HITLER did required a great war and much bloodshed. The hold on the German people was so strong...that...even when the Russians were blowing up BERLIN...most Germans...still...believed Hitler was outside Stalingrad and marching on Moscow. Even then...had HITLER directed the Germans to kneel and lick his boot...most Germans would have fought over the chance.

To undo what TEAM OBAMA has done to America will have to be addressed instantly lest we devolve into a socialist miasma wherein the citizen mere sheep directed from cradle to grave in NANNY STATE fashion. The smiles*on those implementing this YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA will be the same ones the JEWS saw. Will you climb aboard the boxcars oblivious to the danger and blinded by the smiles around you?
*In the movie, THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, there is a scene where prisoners are forced to sing to cover the noise inside the cabin as a prisoner is beaten to death.


On June 29, 2012...Obama toured the Colorado wildfire destruction. He walked among the charred ruins of once great homes and forests. He himself...likened the landscape to what America would shortly be as OBAMACARE overtakes and consumes what little liberty remained in America!


Ben Franklin...after the Constitution was finally installed...was asked about what had just occurred. He concluded America had been granted ultimate would remain only so long as people protected what had just been granted.

In 1916...America fell down and passed the INCOME TAX...creating universal slavery. Not any longer was the product of your labor a Constitutional amendment belonged to Uncle Sugar. Whatever was left in your storeroom was merely left by a beneficent MASTER...but...MASTER nonetheless!

In 1933...America became a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein each person was directed from cradle to grave by MASTER. The INCOME TAX and the INHERITANCE TAX were used to reduce even the greatest producers to little more than whining worms wishing for their MASTER to remove some hurdle or hassle so they might breathe easier...or...have a little more to eat.

On JUNE 28,2012...5 black-robed people...sitting for LIFE* on a judicial bench...decided it was time for America to devolve into another banana republic wherein civil war flashes and flirts.
* In the book, BANALITY OF EVIL...the author develops this theme in the context of the NAZI rise to power. Yet...when examining these 5 people who enslaved America on sense the same banality of evil afoot. Look at Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg or that smiling Sotomayor and you'll sense what the Germans saw in 1938 as they paraded back and forth in adulation.


On West Palm Beach, Florida...U.S. Senator MARCO RUBIO will be seated at a table signing books for customers. It'll be on this occasion that RUBIO will be approached by this BLOG'S "freedom-crew"...and...will be given a piece of paper on which will be written: "CAGE or be?"


Yesterday...was the 1st day America was enslaved and it wasn't so bad. It felt like it did when HITLER first took away freedom and replaced it with "freedom to obey". There were parties and dancing. Germans screamed and cheered for HITLER and his merry band of men. To them...HITLER represented "freebie and favor". He embodied all that was good and righteous in the German psyche. America...outside the so-called Supreme Court of the United States...people rejoiced that 5 of the 9 black-robed Judges had agreed with OBAMA. These 5 people determined it was "good and righteous" to enslave America and deliver the NANNY STATE CAGE in its inescapable format.


What makes a person build and then climb aboard a make-shift raft hoping the ocean current will carry them away from their hell-hole in CUBA? Easily answered: FREEDOM!

If this poor soul, though, were to arrive in America...on June 29,2012...she'd find herself buried in the same government morass from which she thought she had escaped. Ironic to think Americans imprisoned themselves by OBAMACARE making America just as nasty a spot as CUBA...or...NORTH KOREA. Sure...the whip and chain has not overtly arrived ...but...what makes such things possible certainly has!

When people demand enslavement of themselves and their fellow-man...such is monstrous...but...America isn't any longer a free where the citizen a beast of burden pulling a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE for those inclined to climb aboard. This rafter...should she remain in America...will be enslaved along with the other 300(+) million Americans...equally reduced to cattle-like status...directed to chew cud...and...shut up about the yoke and choke agenda.


OBAMACARE is emblematic of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein the MASTER deigns to direct from cradle to grave. Eventually...most Americas will be so'll kneel and lick any boot for freebie or favor. for OBAMACARE is strongest in this group according to the Quinnipiac POLL performed to assess this aspect of the overall CAGE environment now so heavily upon us.


Bloodless civil war most often begins with the heavy hand of government stomping and chomping...and...the target more than mere stranger to those mustering reactive-defense. When people see the down-trodden getting kicked around...they usually step in and defend against such attack.

Probably...this VICTIM-ZERO...refused to pay his HEALTH TAX...a TAX levied on VICTIM-ZERO because VICTIM-ZERO was an American. When VICTIM-ZERO serially refused to pay the HEALTH TAX...his assets were attached and sold at public auction by the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Naturally...VICTIM-ZERO was thrown into the street. was while homeless that VICTIM-ZERO inspired such assistance from all like-minded Americans....a number stretching into the 290 million range.

Pitted against these 290(+) million were the 12 million would-be MASTERS. They, however, controlled the MASS MEDIA which for its ill-part...24/7...belched propaganda preaching therein people were better off as cattle and sheep chewing their cud and obeying their MASTERS.

Friday, June 29, 2012


The Syrians are killing each other over their version of OBAMACARE. Maybe such bloodshed will come to America. Certainly...Union boss TRUMKA says it will. This UNION BOSS off-camera described how his people would use whatever means necessary to eradicate anyone championing OBAMACARE.


ROMNEY...a Mormon socialist...senses he can achieve political advantage by opposing OBAMACARE...a larger version of what ROMNEY imposed on the voters of Massachusetts. Can he carry this opposition when TEAM OBAMA is already claiming "How can the pot call the kettle black?"


Democratic strategist CHRIS KOFINIS crowed about how easily America was overcome and conquered by the socialists. took time to put the necessary socialists on the Supreme Court...but...yesterday...these disguised socialists...all 5 of them...declared OBAMACARE good and righteous. These 5 black-robed jerks declared America not any longer a free country but a slave-state similar to what is afoot in almost every other country on this planet.


Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL), must be defeated. He championed OBAMACARE and is a freedom-hater. He must be evicted from Congress. Please join with eliminate this NANNY STATE CAGE which has become symbolized by this horrific OBAMACARE.

When Obama put Sotomayor and Keagan on the Supreme Court...their quid pro quo for such placement was that they'd entrench liberty and eradicate freedom replacing such a thing with "freedom to obey". Yesterday...these two wenches followed through on their promised assault on liberty!


Voter ire is palpable. Yesterday...America was conquered by complicit MASS MEDIA is bragging about "how" easily Americans were made to kneel and lick Obama's boot. maybe you like licking your MASTER'S boot...but...many voters find such to be anathema to their soul. How about you?


While HITLER was slaughtering Jews...the American MASS MEDIA ignored such things. 2012...we're being told OBAMACARE is "good and righteous"'s as nasty as anything Hitler ever imagined.



Now…America must shed the chain just imposed by SCOTUS. In a 5-4 decision…SCOTUS upheld the MANDATE calling it a huge tax…but…a tax…nonetheless. Sure…Obama called it a MANDATE and denied it was a disguised tax. But SCOTUS removed such euphemistic cloak and called it what it was: a tax!

Will Americans kneel and lick this boot? Will you kneel and lick this boot? Are you that kind of candied tongue supplicant? If so…you’re part of TEAM OBAMA and are a liberty-hater. What’s ironic about your support is that as soon as the HEALTH POLICE are bashing down your door…you’ll find yourself looking for Americans to stand up and defend.

News blackout

The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA enlisted the help of cable vision providers to interrupt anti-OBAMCARE blogging.


Folks…it’s June 28, 2012…and civil war has arrived in America. The war will be between those who favor government “whip and chain” and those who oppose enslavement. Ironic to think…this CIVIL WAR will be fought between people who want you enslaved and yourself whose desire to be free of the utmost import.


If you buy OBAMACARE HEALTH INSURANCE are you not licking Obama’s boot? Are you not licking Senator Bill Nelson’s boot and the boots of all the others who supported OBAMACARE? Candied tongue, eh?


Supreme Court chief judge ROBERTS betrayed liberty and chose to enslave America. He joined the other 4 socialists and delivered CHAINS upon America.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Yesterday... America was betrayed by 5 black-robed Benedict Arnold types. These evil people voted to eliminate liberty and replace it with "freedom to obey"...the very thing the Revolutionary War was fought to delete.


Yesterday...America was conquered. Today...most of the conquered...they're quiet...they've accepted the YOKE...and...await MASTER'S directive from cradle to grave. Some even danced joyful in such destruction of what little liberty remained.

The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is trumpeting the conquest as the best thing ever to occur in America. Now...people will live and die as directed by the MASTER in neo-feudal manner.

I often wondered what kind of person kneels and licks boot. After watching millions of Americans dancing and singing about such's not a puzzlement any longer. Just as the Germans bowed and worshiped Hitler's golden Americans will likewise perform for OBAMA.

Maybe you're one of those knee-crooking knaves whose future depends on your candied tongue licking boot for MASTER'S favor. Certainly...Hitler found such support in Germany. He promised "more not less"...and...delivered the NAZI STATE...a place where people were cared for and directed in cattle-format. Eventually...Hitler was defeated...not by sheep-like freedom-loving Americans!

It might very well be America is "gone"...and...what is masquerading as such is little more than a NANNY STATE CAGE with its "$273 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Can America shed these newest CHAINS? It's highly unlikely freedom will return since the MASS MEDIA is controlled by the MASTER of this hellish CAGE and RIDE. Indeed...most of the MASS MEDIA is gloating and chortling about this facile enslavement. They're laughing at how easily Americans were reduced to that of servile supplicants and parasites...each awaiting the pleasure of their MASTER.


America...yesterday...began its slow devolution into a CIVIL WAR where competing factions fight over what little wealth remaining...clawing and grabbing as if wild animals seeking another bite from the carcass.


Rep. Nancy Pelosi,(D.Ca), walked out of the U.S. House of Representatives protesting the Republican effort to uncover "why" Obama ordered the assassination of U.S. Border Guard BRIAN TERRY. Off-camera...Pelosi said she wasn't concerned about the circumstances surrounding BRIAN TERRY'S death because it wasn't her she didn't care one way or the other.

From what has been so far revealed...BRIAN TERRY was assassinated on a "snuff order" issued by Obama. Whistle blower,BRIAN TERRY,was silenced because he dared reveal what he had discovered. As everyone know knows...BRIAN TERRY uncovered BLACK OPS teams operating along the Mexican border fomenting unrest and mayhem when so directed by the Oval Office. Within 72 hours of his report to his supervisors on such things...he was slaughtered.

The question which seems to be on most voters' minds is "why" kill BRIAN TERRY. Why would Pelosi and the rest of that Democrat vermin wish to hide those involved in such heinous activity? The answer is they wish to remain "in-power". As we're was easier to kill this one whistle blower than it would have been to explain "why" BLACK OPS teams were killing people along the border.

two camps

When MOSES returned to CAMP he discovered his team had divided into two groups...those who wanted to worship golden idols and those who believed the way Moses did. Naturally...Moses prevailed over the idolators.

Oddly enough...this same scenario has come full circle and presses America. There are basically 2 camps. In one reside the would-be MASTERS and their sheep-like RIDERS...while in the other...are the FOOLS who PULL this FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

Assisting the camp of the MASTERS is the MASS MEDIA. These birds are dedicated socialists and Eco-fascists whose bent to destroy what little liberty remains in America and replace it with FREEDOM TO OBEY. Their job is to deprive Americans of their reason and replace it with mindless knavery.

In which camp are you found? Do you join those whose candied tongue shines MASTER'S boot? you march with us to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". Those who lick boot are told their engaged tongues grant them favor and freebie. They're congratulated on how well they obey and kneel.

Those of us who refuse to be knee-crooking knaves are marching to WASHINGTON DC where THE ORB shall be deployed and this horror vanquished. Sure...the MASS MEDIA will tell* you it's impossible to remove the CHAIN...and...delete this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
* Some biblical scholars have imagined what Moses might have done...what he might have hard it would have been for him to regain his position of leadership had he been faced with contrary MASS MEDIA.


Yes...folks...since have a MASTER standing above you...directing as if you were sheep to be counted,cared for and culled as MASTER sees fit.

Yesterday...America was conquered by a dedicated cadre. In the movie, DOGS OF WAR, a small country was attacked by mercenaries whose goal it was to conquer. When I watched that entertaining never occurred to me I was observing a metaphor of what America would experience in the early days of the 21st Century.


In the OLD TESTAMENT...the prophets would travel to various kingdoms and reveal the falsehood and desperation afoot and call upon the KING to change his ways or lose his throne in torment.

In America...there are only a few such people attempting to alert Americans inviting them to change their ways and vote to delete the NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE that yesterday became almost intolerable for most Americans...a CAGE designed to crush liberty and intall "freedom to obey".

America is a blessed land...because it was passionately defended by liberty-lovers. However, over the years...liberty has been pushed into the corner so far what's left is "freedom to obey". Yesterday was merely another restatement of this propostition that America is now enslaved...captured...encaged...and...desperate to escape.


U.S. Attorney Eric the Holder was found in criminal contempt of Congress yesterday. Many of the Democrats walked out of the U.S. House of Representatives in protest claiming Congress should not examine "why" U.S. Border Guard BRIAN TERRY was assassinated by TEAM OBAMA. As Rep.Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca) said, "Americans don't need to know "why" BRIAN TERRY was assassinated. They only need to know he was slaughtered for the common good."

You have to hand it to ole Eric the Holder. He has taken the brunt of the Congressional ire flowing from this obvious MURDER and cover-up. But...he won't reveal that OBAMA gave the "snuff order"...since he's loyal and won't bite the feeding hand.


There are essentially 3 groups in our new-socialist America: (a)the biggest group are the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system cleverly crafted to compel compliance, create dependency and perpetuate the power of MASTER;(b) the FOOLS who PULL and (c) the would-be MASTERS.

As hard as it might be to grasp such a thing...America was CONQUERED yesterday by a dedicated cadre which included 5 judges...a host of complicit Democrats...and...disguised Republicans.

Yes...its was a bloodless conquest...but conquest...nevertheless. Americans are now enslaved from cradle to grave. The MASTER you to kneel and worship this GOLDEN CALF,(Exodus 32:24). It's amazing how many Americans will lick boot for freebie and favor...their candied tongue dancing to shine jack boot.

ATLAS SHRUGGED envisioned such terrible times in America. Ayn Rand saw what was afoot and attempted in her tome to WARN. She foresaw these 3 groups and knew the ONLY WAY to stop such advance of enslavement was for the FOOLS who PULL to quit...stop work...and...compel the others to recognize their error and assist in eradication of such a YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA.


As a child...I thought America was unable to be conquered because of its location and its freedom-loving people. I imagined a RED DAWN in which the initial invasion was stopped. Never could an enemy achieve victory over such a proud and liberty-loving people.

And yet...America fell on June 28, 2012. It was destroyed from within by its own people...something unimaginable...and...yet...yesterday...America became enslaved. But yesterday...had someone told me that 5 black-robed people could ENSLAVE 300 million...I'd have called that declarant "fool packed with unbridled ignorance". Today...that same person...I refer to as "forecaster"..."prescient seer"...and...other laudable labels.

Like never before...Americans must rise up and retake their beloved land from the clutches of these now-MASTERS. Every politician who favors or supports OBAMACARE must be identified and eliminated through our only process left: ELECTIONS.

We must elect a dedicated bunch to go to WASHINGTON DC and "make salt". We need to impeach those 5 people...defrocking them...and...sending them into the public where the anger and hatred for them might manifest in inimical ways.

Arrayed against such an attempt at liberation over subjugation are a formidable crew. They have won and are now MASTERS over us. Inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE we are now unsettled but found. Kneel and worship this golden calf will be their directive and charge. Your candied tongue will dance applying shine to their jack boot.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Because of OBAMACARE...botique medical care will become the norm...with the poor and needy...left to the public healthcare clinics where their death assured. Those able to afford the "good doctors" will live healthy lives...always with access to the latest medical know-how. Those dependent on the "death clinics" they'll come to be commonly labeled...their lives will depend on what some DEATH PANEL has determined better or best.


Before you endorse OBAMACARE "why" not examine the flow chart...the organizational model of OBAMACARE. After such'll understand what is meant by tyranny.


Hey Joe...what in the hell for know. Today...liberty was replaced with "freedom to obey". America is now enslaved. The Democrats sense victory over liberty. Indeed...Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...gloated today over this enthronement of tyranny.

America became the land of the free in 1776...and...on June 28, darkly turned into the land of the indentured servant and neo-feudal MASTER.

Those fondly preaching the worth of such CHAIN brag about "how" they'll be able to make a doctor treat them for illness. Yet such bragging presupposes skill and dedication to bring about good outcome on the part of this enslaved doctor...particularly when the doctor looks upon such braggart as part of the reason for his burden and refuse in such contemplation even to consider touching or treating this scoundrel.


Yes...folks...some years from now...ole Chief Judge Roberts will be in need of some medical treatment...and...the protest against his receipt of any by-then-very-scarce-medical-care will be mighty. How dare this old bastard receive....will be the mighty cry. Didn't the DEATH PANEL say he was terminal...we can't afford his treatment...hand him some pills and let him die!


BONDAGE? America was placed into bondage today. The way the socialists danced in the the aisles of'd have thought some WAR had just been won. And if you concluded as much you'd be correct. Liberty was conquered today!


Today...June 28, 2012...America became enslaved. Today...5 black-robed MARXISTS disguised as Americans...chose to support tyranny...chose subjugation over liberation...and...delivered America into the service and bondage of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE'S MASTER.

One surprised voter said,"We've been attacked! The FREEDOM-HATERS gained control of the MASS MEDIA so that all you would ever hear is the DANCE BAND on the Titanic as the frigid water of enslavement engulfed without pity."

While I share such remarkable allusion and seems what occurred today was another tax imposed. Sure..its the most pernicious and demented stuff imaginable...but...nevertheless...a tax.

America can't respond and repeal such a TAX,though. There are too many vested interests engaged in perpetuating this newest HUGE TAX. Moreover...the MASS MEDIA is controlled by those who wish such TAX imposed and slowly increased until every American a bond-slave directed from cradle to grave.

Sure...if there were some way...some media not controlled...that spot...that window...such opening might well be used to enlighten and encourage. Indeed...such might be used to explain and describe the tyranny afoot.


Yes...Sotomayor and Keagan...two Obama appointees joined the other socialists and freedom-haters on the U.S. Supreme Court to enslave America in a 5 to 4 decision. The power over America is so incredibly horrific...few can imagine what is to come. But...tyranny has finally infected this blessed land.

If someone had told me 5 Marxists could join together and enslave 300 million people...I'd have called that person lunatic...far-fetched paint...unbridled and dehorsed. And...yet...I sat witness today as 5 people...5 dedicated freedom-haters...indeed...inveterate MARXISTS...join together and enslave America...all 300 million...all chained...all in Pharonic bondage...all to kneel and worship.

Let us examine what has occurred. Most of you don't want to know and I don't blame you. You can't imagine yourself enslaved and can't bring yourself to examine these PRISON BARS. As one Jewish doctor said today when asked about OBAMACARE,"They won't believe it...even when the gas in the showers doesn't smell right. Indeed...many will seek refuge in their cabin as this Titanic plummets to doom."

Certainly...the 5 black-robed tyrants...they don't fear impeachment...eviction...deletion. No...they think they're there for LIFE dispensing the tryanny they've unleashed. Perhaps...America is so far into the whining worm mode that the chains will be accepted as "good and righteous".

Perhaps what Rep.Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca),said about Americans is true. She said Americans are whining worms who will kneel and worship in exchange for glories and kingdoms,(MATTHEW 4:8). Until today...I'd have called PELOSI a LIAR. But...seems she's correct. Americans were observed by the millions dancing in the streets since OBAMACARE passed constitutional muster.

Are we to assume those who died defending liberty against subjugation died in vain? Are we to assume*TEAM OBAMA...using its complicit MASS MEDIA...can impose tyranny and we not rebel?

Folks...examine what has occurred! Cry for what has just been lost: LIBERTY! As I said...had someone just yesterday said America would be conquered by 5 5 MARIXSTS...I'd have scoffed. And...yet...America was attacked and conquered today!


*Many years ago...I had an argument with a socialist...a Greek socialist. She said when America fell it's destruction would be found in a desire to have cake and eat it too. Naturally I retorted that Americans were not as idiotic as Greeks with stuffed mouths yet complaining about farmers.


The Rev.Jessie Jackson was asked about OBAMACARE and the Supreme Court's decision. In typical Jackson fashion....he pointed out the true irony of it all...that the 2012 Supreme Court would enslave the white man as did the 1857 Supreme Court that doomed DRED Afro-American. "How ironic," crowed Jesse Jackson,"that whitey would enslave himself...and...the enslavement be embedded in a law imposed by an Afro-American." the days to come...the socialists and the MARXISTS will be parading around crowing and bragging how America was so easily enslaved and brought to its collective knees. Already MSNBC Chris Matthews went on TV and declared his left leg tingling. Obama even took to the national stage to gloat and chortle that he had enslaved whitey.

Complete IRONY...wouldn't you as well with ole Reverand Jackson agree? Keep in mind that PENALTY...the fine incurred by refusal to kneel and lick boot...will grow until its an anchor around you uncaring neck. ALSO...your driver's license will be taken. Your bank accounts garnished. Your house sold at public auction...and...your destitution another welcomed occasion.

The more dependent the people...the more likely the MASTER remains! Never do the hungry bite the feeding hand. TEAM OBAMA knew such things when it enslaved America. Note...the two Obama Supreme Court appointees joined the other MARXISTS to murder freedom and raise up rank-tryanny!

Yes...JESSIE JACKSON has grown in stature since this morning. He has finally identified the passion which has supported his hatred all these years for the white man. Why he thought he the IRONY...reveal without fear of public acrimony such hateful racist expressions...can't be readily explained. Perhaps such moxey...such courage comes from the fact that an Afro-American enslaved whitey.


Folks...where is the outcry? Where is the demand for liberation over subjugation? Why has there not been substantial declaration that such an evil thing as OBAMACARE is anathema to liberty and must be repealed forthwith?

Beware the Republican Establishment! These people are disguised as Republicans but they want enslavement as much as TEAM OBAMA. We need to evict the entire lousy bunch of vermin from Congress who would see Americans chained and made bond-slaves.


If you detect foul's probably a FRENCHMAN upwind.


Yes...recently several people became ill and died quickly. After investigating the cause of death it was determined the 911 people were contaminated with a BUG from the local CDC unit in that area. It took a great deal of effort to isolate the wee-beastie that killed all those folks...but...such was accomplished.

Tracing this BUG was difficult since it was never known before to be something which could affect humans. Somehow the BUG had been modified...tampered with...made different and very deadly. After serial was shown the Obama Administration had issued an order that CDC release this BUG into the public so that OBAMA could see how powerful such would be when sprayed on the Syrians next week.


CIVIL WAR can be fought with or without bloodshed. The CIVIL WAR which has begun in America perhaps will be a bloodless one...but...a CIVIL WAR no less. This one will be fought with ideas instead of bullets. Those wishing America to be free will be on one side...and...those wishing to enslave us on the other.

Liberty-lovers will flock to our banner as we march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt" eradicate every law and rule which hampers or interferes with the marketplace. Of course...repeal of OBAMACARE will be a highlighted goal...but...not the ONLY one since the ARMY OF LIBERATION will be carrying THE ORB before it chasing away all the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism.


Folks...SCOTUS ruled against liberty and in favor of subjugation. There were 4 of the 9 who voted against such MANDATE. These 4 people are to be cherished and praised. As TRUMKA...a noise-making UNION BOSS...said a few minutes ago...the other 5 need to be whipped and beaten until little more than bloody mangled mess!


In 1916...America suffered imposition of an INCOME TAX...reducing everyone to "slave status". If you produced something...the product of your toil not yours but MASTERS! Whatever MASTER determined "still yours" was left to the unbridled discretion of the MASTER of this now-created NANNY STATE CAGE. If government decided 90% of your wealth now belongs to the people...such was deemed "righteous and correct".

Today...SCOTUS delivered another "whip and chain"...when it upheld OBAMACARE'S MANDATE. Will people kneel and lick this boot, too? It's likely most Americans will find this MANDATE repulsive and motivate them to vote out any politician supporting this evil.


When MOSES returned to his CAMP he was confronted by devil-worshipers. They had forged a golden calf...and...were pushing everyone to deliver their gold for more idols. Sounds like OBAMACARE MANDATE in other format. What's your conclusion?


According to many UNION bosses...Chief Judge Roberts is a jerk! He hates liberty and wants Americans to kneel and lick boot. According to UNION BOSS TRUMKA...union members are plotting ways to approach and beat him into a bloody mangled heap. Not to be left out...the TEAMSTERS have issued a "shoot-on-sight" notice directing TEAMSTERS to identify complicit SCOTUS judges and run them over with their 18 wheelers.

Unlike other countries where people kneel and worship whatever golden calf MASTER deems important...America is packed with liberty-lovers. They don't like such an assault and will do what need be done to delete such JUDGES...such vermin.


November of 2012 will be an election where the voters choose between two very different politicians...those who favor enslavement and those who wish liberation over subjugation. In Florida...the voters will choose between Bill Nelson...a well-known freedom hater...and...the Republican whose mission to overturn OBAMACARE and remove this stain from our blessed land.


Timmy Titler refused to kneel and lick MASTER'S boot. He said he would never bow and pay such a thing as an OBAMACARE MANDATE. Of course...he was identified by the MASTER and attacked. His house was surrounded by federal marshals led by some dude pretending to be Tommy Lee Jones. Within a few minutes...gun fire erupted. The house was riddled with 100,000 bullets as each marshal fired as many times as possible trying to KILL the freedom-fighter within.

Sure these federal marshals were all trained by a dude pretending to be HIMMLER. They were told to kill without conscience and these mindless robots performed as directed. Timmy's house was deluged with bullet and bomb delivered by vengeful hands.

But...Timmy had friends. They came to his house and observed the siege. Some immediately went their guns...and....returned to defend Titler against such hatred. These returnees were spotted, however, and slaughtered to the man by a federal marshal hiding in the bushes with a machine gun. This federal-murderer...disguised as a federal marshal...was immediately awarded a Senator BLUMENTHAL medal* for uncommon valor.

* Recall Senator Blumenthal,(D.Conn), was caught LYING about his military background. He claimed he had carried Lt. Dan to safety and had braved a napalm attack to retrieve the bleeding hulk of BUBBA.


When 9 black-robed people were invited to choose between freedom or slavery...a majority of these 9 black-robed jerks chose slavery! Ironic...don't you think...9 life-appointed idiots given the power to enslave 300 million people?

It's imperative we impeach these Judges who voted for the MANDATE. We need to evict such people from their niche and then label them for public be spat upon and kicked as if some flea-bitten cur.


America has become enslaved. Yes...SCOTUS has declared such slavery embedded in the MANDATE "good and righteous"...but...a similar bunch of slime 1857...said DRED SCOTT was not human but chattel.

We must resit this LAW. Yes...resistance will devolve into general civil's time there is an ARMY OF LIBERATION carrying before it THE ORB. Not until today...however...was there any impetus to join such a crusade. But...this SCOTUS ruling today...anathema of liberty...has provided the fire...the glue...the need to join and march to WASHINGTON DC and "make salt".


Recently in Syria...judges have been targeted for termination. If they support ASSAD...the dictator of Syria...they're marked for eradication. In America...many pundits are cautioning the Supreme Court Judges to be careful since any of them who voted in favor of the OBAMACARE MANDATE are obviously marked in similar manner by liberty-lovers who feel it their duty to dispatch such evil!

Folks...we're in CIVIL WAR. Yes...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA will attempt to ameliorate and'll be too little...too late. America is at WAR between its citizens...a conflict between those who wish you and I to kneel and lick boot...and...our team whose mission to fend off such entrenchment of what little liberty remains.

Yes...there are fringe groups everywhere in this blessed land already plotting how to delete those Supreme Court Judges who favored the MANDATE. Will they succeed in removing such stains from our blessed land? Only time will tell. But...this ruling today is anti-freedom and definitely something which will generate a desire to eliminate those evil-judges.


U.S. Senator BILL NELSON,(D.FL),must be evicted. He supports OBAMACARE...and...its hellish MANDATE...a MANDATE that SCOTUS has just upheld as "lawful and righteous". He'll be on one side of this CIVIL WAR that is now afoot. In the other camp are those freedom-lovers who prefer death than licking Nelson's boot.


CIVIL WAR has arrived once more on American shores. This time around,though,the battle will be between people who wish others enslaved for their benefit and those laboring and toiling to satisfy those wants and needs. Are you in support of enslavement? If you'll be on one side opposing those seeking liberty. Ironic the Supreme Court upheld* enslavement, wouldn't you agree?
DRED SCOTT in 1857 was informed by SCOTUS that he was to remain enslaved. Many people have wondered what ole DRED SCOTT felt when he was informed of the SCOTUS decision. Such curiosity is now satisfied for everyone even those who didn't care what SCOTT felt.


The battle for liberation over subjugation has finally arrived! SCOTUS upheld the OBAMACARE MANDATE. Every American can now experience what DRED SCOTT experienced in 1857. We're all now enslaved. Imagine some bastard standing over you with a'll sense the enslavement that has been imposed.

Some have asked the editorial staff of this BLOG to speculate on what will start the next civil war since this ENSLAVEMENT has been imposed. While such request will be satisfied in due's too soon to describe which bunch will outright resist Uncle Sugar. Will it be a WACO-TEXAS debacle with another Janet Reno type burning women and children alive in a fenced compound in order to compel healthcare mandated payment? Will it be as tragic as RUBY RIDGE where federal snipers slaughtered a woman and her child?

We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM! SCOTUS has upheld something so's likely to alter America in ways most Americans can't imagine. For'll be attacked should you refuse to kneel and worship this golden calf. You'll be made to lick boot and refusal will precipitate delivered violence. The government...based on this SCOTUS DECISION...will send troops to KILL order...that America be safe for the socialists and other freedom-haters.


Amazing how much the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is stirring public interest in the SCOTUS ruling on OBAMACARE. Most people don't much care about the issue one way or the other since they're poor and lack wealth to pay for healthcare under most circumstances.


Yes...folks...this BLOG has a team dedicated to following identified socialists and Eco-fascists about in public with signs calling everyone's attention to how evil and nasty that person...inviting everyone to express their scorn and displeasure. The purpose underpinning this effort is to bring to the attention of the voting-public the shortcomings of that "targeted person".

Take for example...Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL). He can't go anywhere in public without someone in the crowd calling him some opprobrious epithet and causing thereby the rest of the crowd to chant such defilement. In Orlando...for example...Nelson was driven from a gathering by such chanting. He couldn't deliver his LIES AND DECEPTIVE STATEMENTS to a silent audience...and...departed discouraged and disenchanted. Indeed...he had been uncovered...revealed...and...found wanting!


Vero Beach,Florida is another dead town. The local government has killed so much business that few are left and those that are lack room for more employees. Hence...Vero Beach and Sebastian high school graduates must depart Indian River County to find employment. Maybe you don't care because you don't have the "dead air" suffocating us...but...many voters sense the problem and wish to change it!

We need to clean our government-house...evict these dinosaurs...eliminating thereby hurdle and hassle to development and prosperity which seem to be so horrifically afoot in our otherwise wonderful county.


Blumenthal is a liar and a cheat. Such ill-qualities qualified him to be a Senator from Connecticut. Yes...folks...this slime slug is typical of what you meet in that state...lying...cheating...evil...government people.'s as if the application form demands such applicant be as unprincipled and nasty as possible.

Recall BLUMENTHAL was caught lying about his military background.
Indeed...any time this jerk appears in public...this BLOG'S "labeling cadre"...follows this bastard around telling people aloud what a LIAR he is. Just yesterday...when BLUMENTHAL left the Senate building...this undaunted cadre followed him calling him LIAR---CHEAT...SCOUNDREL as he walked.

Yes...Connecticut has produced another evil politician. He'll LIE and CHEAT until he's once again caught. Will his next intrusion on truth be met with as lackluster an outcry as last time? If Connecticut...there will be many such "false-heroes"...each one having saved Lt. Dan and carried the bleeding hulk of Bubba to safety.


The Democratic National Convention lacks the $27 million needed to fund it and corporate donors have expressed reluctance to assist. Why fund a convention where they will be pilloried and caustically demeaned? Seldom does a person offer to pay to be called vile names.


Folks...the pill mills around the Treasure Coast have been attacked by the police attempting thereby to reduce the availability of "pain-killers". However, by such eradication efforts...these idiots are reducing the number of places where legitimate pain-sufferers can get their medicine.

It's likely most of these pill-mills will be eradicated causing a dearth of medicine...and...making life for "pain-sufferers" that much more nasty.

Maybe you support such eradication efforts. You probably don't need a pain pill and hence don't much care about what those who do must do to obtain such relief. To you...I say...I do hope you never are beset with chronic pain...but...if you do become a "pain-sufferer" that you suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer some more. You deserve the worst of it!

I call your type of person a "busy-nosed jerk" whose destiny should be fraught with every ill and torment possible so that you might understand what you inflict on others by supporting the attack on pill-mills!


The Republicans deserve to lose to Obama should ROMNEY propose American troops remain in Afghanistan! We must depart that toilet bowl forthwith and any dialogue about remaining there foolish and out-of-touch.


One psychologist opined it hard to imagine what it was like in 1857 when DRED SCOTT was informed he was not "human"...but...instead..."chattel" be bought and sold as one would a cow or horse. Sure...those in prison know the feeling since 24/7 they're told what to do and when to do it...but...outside of prison...Americans don't expect such diktats.

In a few hours...however...the U.S. Supreme Court will deliver a DRED SCOTT kind of ruling. As one legal scholar said,"If these jerks uphold OBAMACARE...and...its hellish mandate...then...every American will appreciate the predicament in which DRED SCOTT found himself as he sought liberation over subjugation.


Today...the U.S. Supreme Court...will issue a ruling about whether or not you must kneel and lick MASTER'S boot. Most Americans find that idea...though...repulsive and revolting to their conscience and moral battlements. They've never bowed to some MASTER...and...probably will find kneeling somewhat uncomfortable.


Many people have long suspected POLLSTERS produce what their employers expect. If their paying-customer wishes to have a POLL demonstrating support or opposition for or against some public issue...then...they satisfy such want and deliver the POLLING NUMBERS expected.'s most cases obvious...and...yet...POLLSTERS do it without compunction or regret.

Throughout the summer months...America will be treated to such POLLS...each one offering support for some government program or intrusion. Imagine POLLS declaring 89% of all Americans want to be enslaved and told what to do from cradle to'll sense the evil afoot.

16 for every 100

16 for every 100 people is the ratio of government employees to private individuals. Greece has 20 such jerks for every 100 Greeks. Imagine...almost every person you find in a grocery store or Walmart is a "paid-by-you" government'll quickly sense how far America has gone into this toilet called socialism.


The federal government led by TEAM OBAMA is making life almost unbearable for millions of Americans. It's this unpleasant reaction to their YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA which will prove their undoing and cost them the election in 2012.


There is so much hydraulic fracturing "fracking" afoot...natural gas and oil prices are plummeting...making the cost of energy much lower for America! Natural gas...for example...went from 89 cents per gallon to 28.4 cents. If you were just getting into the manufacturing business...such energy costs would stimulate and attract...insuring profit margins much greater at 24 cents than would have been expected at 89 cents.

Those producers...however...and there are many of them in this situation...who were unable to anticipate this remarkable diminution in price...they're probably stuck and will close their doors if they can't adapt. Ironically...many of them are bound by contract at 89 cents per gallon not 28 cents...and...simply can't adjust to this bonanza.

Imagine having built a supply depot to buy, store and market foreign gas because American gas was too high...only to find such facility unwanted...unneeded...and...definitely unsalable. If you were so're probably cursing "fracking" are trying to get TEAM OBAMA to stop such effort and make price of gas climb! if such path your're a crony capitalist and one of the people whose future depends on your candied tongue licking the boot of MASTER.

2+2=4 not 5?

In FRANCE...the Socialists took over in such ways they can pass any law or rule they wish and they are. For example...the minimum wage was raised pleasing the UNIONS who demanded the minimum wage be $25.00 per hour for entry-level workers. Of course...reacting to this increase in overall production costs...French employers have begun discharging marginal workers and refusing to hire exacerbating an already drastic "unemployed" statistic.


Yes...folks...when you exhale...according to the Federal Appeals Court in Washington're emitting CO2...and...CO2 is a "dangerous gas" dangerous...according to these black-robed's likely to kill anyone within your vicinity. Imagine each time you exhale're a murderer!

Americans need to identify these black-robed idiots and demand they be discharged and labeled so publicly they can be scorned and shunned as if they had plague. In the Middle Ages...such anti-liberty people would be spotted...tied to a tree...and...whipped and beaten to death. Perhaps such fate need not be visited on these federal judges...but...they definitely need to be evicted.

We're under assault by the Eco-fascists. They have on their team a host of judges who believe themselves so insulated they can issue such EVIL RULINGS. Until America stands up and declares such people "unwanted"...we'll continue to suffer beneath such JACK-BOOTED ways.

Lisa Jackson...the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) Administrator...said the decision was a strong validation of the agency's approach. The court held that EPA followed both the science and the law in taking common-sense, reasonable actions to address the very real threat of climate change by limiting greenhouse gas pollution from the largest sources.

The COAL INDUSTRY will soon be an historical footnote in some American history book as more and more coal-related factories and enterprises fold and fail. If you're one of those silly-romantics who believe "cave with candle" seems "warm and cozy"'ll enjoy what might be forced on the rest of us...those whose comforts include air conditioning and hot-running water.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


If the U.S. Supreme Court declares the MANDATE constitutional...then...America...within a few short years...will be embroiled in a civil war where the sides are as fluid as the issues they champion. What will differ between some of these their allegiance to liberation over subjugation. Those factions seeking respite from the GRIP AND GRAB of this newest "whip and chain" will find themselves the target of those groups seeking to enslave and siphon.


Obama put Keagan and Sotomayor on the U.S. Supreme Court because they promised unbridled loyalty. They promised they'd endorse any entrenchment of liberty and propose as much enslavement as possible assisting thereby in the rendering of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE inescapable.


Have you noticed how little the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA has been spending on the abysmal economic numbers flooding almost every market? Perhaps you're not paying attention...don't much care...and...don't believe you're situation affected. You might be correct...but...if not...what provisions have you made for the approaching debacle?


When Harry met Sally...and...Sleepless in Seattle...each of them a fine movie wherein NORA EPHRON appeared in a starring role. America will miss her smile and charm. God speed, Nora.


Obama is the 1st black President and 9 Democrats...each one a closet racist...has announced he or she won't attend the Democratic National Convention. For example...disloyal Senator Claire McCaskill...said she simply couldn't be associated with Obama any longer. Her chances of re-election were dashed by her promotion of OBAMACARE in 2009 and 2010. Her only hope was to become disassociated with obvious 2012 loser.


Entitlement laws have their own self-protective mantle. Such Laws and the entitlement generated thereby become well-defended not only by its administrators but by recipients,as well.The IAGO-types*...who observe political advantage embedded in such defensive-determination...instantly fan combustible fear into flame...demanding loyal support with RIDE exchanged.

OBAMA...for example...has told the 49 million FOOD STAMP recipients they'll starve should ROMNEY and his crew be elected. He also informed Medicare** and Social Security recipients the Republicans will cut them off should they not conform and worship TEAM OBAMA'S golden calf,(Exodus 32:24). Such use of fear by TEAM OBAMA obvious and delivered on Obama's behalf.

ROMNEY to defeat Obama must differ in almost every way. Romney must understand the grip around the RIDER'S mind...kept in place by a clever MASTER. While Obama offers more chain...for example...Romney must offer key to cage. Whereas Obama has presided over 3.7 years of nonsense...perhaps...Romney will deliver of the grip and grab of some would-be MASTER.

As Karl Rove off-camera said yesterday,"To out-sail TEAM OBAMA...ROMNEY must offer each fearful-RIDER aboard the "$274 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system something better. He can't offer more RIDE...since he'll never out-promise OBAMA...alias MARXIST ON MISSION."

This BLOG is glad Karl Rove finally understood the benefits flowing from deployment of THE ORB.Indeed...ROMNEY frames EDEN by preaching THE ORB.Romney must promise every voter that he'll deliver the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) model...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...and...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. inoculate the RIDERS...they'll be TEAM for thrown shivering into the cold...stepped over and pushed aside. offering EDEN instead of the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism...the two primal concepts underpinning TEAM OBAMA...ROMNEY could very well draw to his side of the ledger the "swing vote". Indeed...LINDA of "Swing Vote"...confirmed this BLOG'S polemic stating that the RIDERS know there is too much "red ink" for their RIDE to last much longer and alternatives to such a disaster instantly politically-attractive.

By offering a viable...instantly available...alternative...ROMNEY would undermine any effort on the part of the Obama-controlled MASS label him "black-hearted"..."evil"..."greedy"...or worse. Instead of offering some modest reduction in the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...ROMNEY could capture the spirit of America and ride that tsunami into the Oval Office...if...he were to promise deployment of THE ORB.

As everyone knows...embedded in THE ORB is a provision which pays each RIDER a one-time victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the RIDE.For 84 year old woman would receive $374,000. Her payment would be in colored-paper money...but...folks...unfortunately...that's all we have left. Both sides of the aisle have looted the public storeroom for political gain for so long..."red ink" is all that's left of a once great country's public treasure house. Hence...colored-paper money will be used to retire each claim.

Because THE ORB offers each RIDER something in exchange for passionate creates instantly an army of vocal as any 2012 RIDER or administrator of the RIDE. Yes...where once were whining worms waiting for MASTER'S favor...there will be patriots demanding government get off their backs...out of their lives...and...deliver*** only essential services.

*In OTHELLO...IAGO is a deceitful---conniving jerk!

**Yes...Romney and company will be accused of starving Granny...even...though...the accusers the first to refuse succor. Indeed...Vice President Joe Biden is notorious for claiming the Republicans want to pillage and plunder the middle class...when...he has never been generous. At one point...ole Joe Biden told a needy person who asked him for money,"Fuck-you!" Ah...Knavery's plain face unseen til used.

***The OUM presupposes not any taxes or regulation leaving the markets unhampered. Indeed...the OUM eliminates the siphons and the crony-capitalists...and...generates prosperity unbounded and limitless. Open banks...entrepreneurs operating without fear of government interference or expropriation...such things commonplace in the OUM. What isn't found are boondoggles such as SOLYNDRA and FISKE MOTORS.

Ah, stupidity

Obama is behaving as if STUPIDITY were a virtue. Instead of pursuing market-oriented solutions to economic problems and bottlenecks...he chose to impose more layers of rule and law...the very things that stifled and suffocated until recession ensued. In some respects many political scientists and free-market economists have concluded Obama has raised STUPIDITY from a virtue to a bloody science.


Bankruptcy was declared by STOCKTON,CALIFORNIA.Yes...folks...the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system finally collapsed in STOCKTON. Sure...those affected government employees are angry that their "party" is over and they must seek jobs where qualified...such JOBS as found in lawn care or fast food delivery within their purview.Their only they probably wouldn't be hired because they did work for government...a real black mark when considered by private employers. Why hire a jerk is what most employers ask themselves as they examine the resume' of these out-of-work government jerks.


Should the Supreme Court declare OBAMACARE anathema to liberty and contrary to the U.S. Constitution...something so obvious it would seem not to require much assessment by these 9 birds disguised as sagacious's likely the U.S. House of Representatives will offer an alternative. The House leadership has been working on a substitute for OBAMACARE which is based on free-markets and not government-edict.

Naturally...Obama and the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA are against any kind of liberty-oriented solution to the medical service industry problems. Their approach is "SHOVE AND PUSH"...and...any dissent considered ill-timed and punished accordingly. Hence...Speaker Boehner will have to fight hard to eliminate the government interference with health care and deliver a market-oriented deal.


Folks...Obama and his crony-Democrats put two MARXISTS on the U.S. Supreme Court(SCOTUS). He thought these two ladies would surely vote to subjugate not liberate...and...the OBAMACARE decision will be a litmus test for their loyalty. If these two birds vote to enslave...something Obama expects...then...America will suffer beneath this jack boot until some semblance of liberty returns to us by evicting these evil people and deleting their onerous laws and rules.

Will 300 million Americans kneel and lick this boot? Will 300 million Americans accept the inherent bondage embedded in OBAMACARE? I doubt such evil will be countenanced by a majority of the Supreme Court's likely these 9 people don't much care about liberty and want to be known as KING-MAKERS.



Reputation is an idle and most false imposition…oft got without merit and lost without deserving. Hence…it might very well suffer the MARINES to participate in GAY PRIDE DAY…an ordered celebration…issuing from the Pentagon…a place where homosexuality afoot since 1964…but…only recently “outed” from clumsy closet by Obama. In such passion have the MARINES been directed to celebrate and cheer with GAY PRIDE.



In 1857…Dred Scott attempted to eliminate his bonds of slavery. The Supreme Court of the United States(SCOTUS) upheld the lower court ruling that DRED SCOTT was not HUMAN…but…CHATTEL. A Civil War ensued over this issue and others culminating with the deleting of “slavery”.

In 2012…SCOTUS will decide if Americans are FREE or ENSLAVED when SCOTUS rules on the so-called OBAMACARE MANDATE…a law so hideous…so anti-liberty…it could only have issued forth from the bowels of the Democrat Party. SCOTUS will determine if a person’s life belongs to that person or to the government.

Some believe SCOTUS is packed with socialists and Eco-fascists…true freedom-haters…whose JOB safe so long as SCOTUS supports subjugation not liberation. Will this belief be confirmed? It’s the belief0 of this writer that SCOTUS will find the MANDATE just too heinous to accept.

If I’m wrong…then…America will soon be at WAR with itself as people publically refuse to kneel and lick this boot. Imagine the HEALTH POLICE bashing down your door and removing your assets to be sold to pay for your sickly neighbor whose illness an instant claim on everything you own or will own. Imagine as much and you’ll sense the horror embedded in this so-called MANDATE.


U.S. Senator CLAIR McCASKILL has issued a notice that she’ll not be attending the Democratic National Party convention. She can’t afford to be associated with Obama in 2012 since she faces re-election. McCaskill’s campaign strategy is to distance herself from Obama since he’s a “loser” and she knows he’ll take her down with his ship.
Can this nasty woman deceive the “show-me” voter? Can she achieve re-election by LYING about herself? Such questions are bubbling forth as Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA talking heads discuss McCaskill’s disloyalty and dishonesty.
Hopefully….Missouri voters are intelligent enough to sort out such “deceit” and evict this evil-woman from office. Perhaps she’ll be hired post-election by some hotel in Vegas to greet those who don’t know about her. What is known is that she’s a freedom-hater and what some might call a would-be MASTER inside this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its “$273 million(+) per hour red ink” FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


The newest pitch by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is that the ROMNEY loss to Obama will occur, if at all, in the swing states…states that are presently beset and suffocated by the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE…a CAGE Obama advocates and supports mightily. To support their view…TEAMOBAMA paid QUINNIPIAC POLLSTERS to fabricate a supportive poll indicating Obama is strong in these swing states.

Because a POLLSTER does not make money delivering “contrary polls”…QUINNIPIAC POLLSTERS didn’t disappoint. In Florida…for example…QUINNIPIAC POLL put Obama ahead of ROMNEY by 5%. According to these POLLS…Floridians want freebie and favor and believe TEAM OBAMA the better source of such lucre.

If such POLL were done in a place such a mid-town Miami…then…those people probably do want more freebie and favor since their more likely than not on the dole already. They’re probably already mindless sheep and cattle waiting for MASTER to deliver their sustenance…sustenance for which they’ll kneel and lick boot, (MATTHEW 4:8).



Magic Johnson…a former NBA star…along with some of his friends…bought the fiscally-troubled L.A.Dodgers in March of 2012. It’s likely Johnson and his crew will be able to attract fans once more and put the Dodgers into the World Series.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


BARBAROUS BRAWL...that's what called...come and and anger's sprawl. As men in rage strike those who wish them best...joined treachery and stationed quest.

Folks...we're treated to a wonderful revelation of American politics at its best. Each side is throwing good...righteous...mud...attempting to influence some pollster-identified voting bloc...or...just trying to keep interest with broil and battle afoot.

ROMNEY offers some reduction in the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA which mightily by Obama made. Romney promises less "grip and grab"...from determined MARXIST shade.In significant respect, Obama proclaims..."more not less"...FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE framed...the RIDERS in their vote expressed.

As Obama told another hand-picked audience, "The hungry never bite the feeding hand!If you're a RIDER aboard the '$272 million(+) per hour red ink' FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement'll receive more not less...should you support TEAM OBAMA...feeling fear of loss...not Obama-caused stress."

Indeed...TEAM OBAMA has honed fear until its razor-edge by Obama deployed to gain political advantage. In one striking July of 2011...for example...Obama threatened to cut off Social Security recipients...a threat which intentionally struck fear into the heart of all the elderly reliant on such a safe and sound social security system.

This was tactical since the elderly still believed their money in some kind of lock-box trust fund. They both sides of the aisle...promised such treasure's safety. These people had their balloon and illusion burst...unfortunately...when Obama went on national TV in July of 2011 and informed Granny she must now fear loss of stipend and the Republicans were to blame.

The ubiquitous belief held by all Social Security Ponzi scheme victims...prior to Obama's candid revelation...was that there was "enough at least" for them...maybe not the present-day worker bees...but...surely enough for Granny,et al.

Indeed...Granny...over the many years...was told over and over by both sides of the aisle that Social Security"sound and ole Granny's money safe in a lock-box trust fund...prudently administered with fiduciary-care always found."

Obama altered that injecting a "fear quotient"...and...attempted to connect such engendered-fear to ruffians disguised as Republicans.

In so many words...Obama blamed the nasty Republicans. He said the Republicans wished to siphon and drain until Granny without her monthly government-stipend...hungered and lame...a stipend for which ole Granny worked her entire producing-years...each paycheck drained of a social security tax amount ole Granny was promised was taken each week from her meager paycheck and put into a LOCK-BOX TRUST FUND prudently administered with the trustee buying gold and platinum and other precious things thereby insuring a huge treasure chest...a huge to pay ole Granny until ole Granny in the ground.

That LOCK-BOX TRUST FUND stuff turned out to be LIE. Obama merely revealed the truth and asked the beleaguered RIDERS to kneel and vote the RIDE. Candidly...he said the LOCK-BOX both sides looted...plunder squandered here and Afghan now-gone Iraqi school...and...Vietnam's bloodiest ridge..and...all the boondoggle in between in thief-like fashion shared.


If he's standing...he's loitering...if walking...stalking...if's hard to be Obama in America. Such the theme pressed by the Obama team. Incite racist anger...push buttons...hate their template seems to be.

mock mood?

Ah...yes...mock-mood...I knew him, Horatio. He was a man of infinite jest...full and packed with mirth. But...he was also a skilled jet fighter pilot operating over Syria as a mercenary for the TURKS. Sure...he had missiles,30mm chain-gun cannon and anti-personnel bombs...all loaded on his Turk-supplied jet be used over Syria when called upon to inject some torment...but...he wasn't anticipating any such order. To was to be a routine mission without incident or cause.

Mock-mood climbed into his jet...hit the accelerator...and...zoom...he was aloft climbing to 38,965 feet where he would patrol for a few hours back and forth in lazy circles and swoops. However,what mock-mood didn't know was there was another jet pilot...a Syrian pilot using the call sign: COBRA...climbing into his craft about the same time mock-mood took off from Turkey.

As fate would have it,Horatio,ole mock-mood spotted that Syrian jet on his forward-looking radar as he patrolled the area. At first mock-mood didn't find threat and considered the Syrian just something to note but not fear. However, that first impression instantly evaporated when mock-mood found his jet swept by the same kind of targeting radar that he was wont to use immediately before firing off one of his missiles or cannon rounds.

As described by the Turkish ground unit monitoring the episode...mock-mood immediately dived his jet straight down attempting to out-skirmish this Syrian who obviously was attempting to target him for doom. Mock-mood fired his defensive weapons and offensive weapons one after the other trying to score a hit before that Syrian achieved a similar result on him. The dog fight went on and on as each gained but only to lose advantage leaving trick or error the cause for any impending potential destruction.

However, mock-mood was not as skilled as need there be. His jet was blown to bits by 15 missiles...fired in machine-gun fashion from the Syrian jet. The weapon system which destroyed mock-mood was designed and built in Mongolia and was so new not anyone had observed its power or aerial authority. Had mock-mood been pitted against "known stuff"...he'd certainly be here, Horatio. But, alas...mock-mood is just another story eventually swallowed in the desert of time and space.


The Florida panhandle residents were warned about flooding by this BLOG last year. This BLOG warned that area to begin to prepare for a huge rain storm that would visit them as some ruffian in late June of 2012. Of course...our weather prediction was correct and the panhandle is swimming in deluge and drowning in nasty flood.


Democrat Eric the Holder...the beleaguered U.S. Attorney General...will be held in contempt by the Republican Congress. It's amazing how Eric is taking the brunt of the investigation insulting Obama from scrutiny. By Eric's refusal to reveal...Obama might very well escape accusation

3 year old alive?

Several miles away from her home...still clutched in the arms of her dead mother...was a 3 year old female child. Her mother had died saving her from the tornado.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Yes...folks...I bought a Chevy Cruze. I was one of 475,000 Americans who were duped into buying this fire-hazard. The Cruze tends to burst into flame and burn up if a plastic plate beneath the car becomes fouled with leaking liquids...leaking from a government-built engine...built by government-union labor. As one GOVERNMENT MOTORS union-worker said, "The CRUZE is a fire-hazard, no doubt about it!"

Recall the RUSSIANS. They built cars whose progress was measured in gallons per mile.The foolhardy would find towing as commonplace as untroubled travel in those junk-heaps. Yet...they couldn't complain lest they find themselves in some gulag. Eventually, though, the RUSSIAN GOONS fell because they couldn't produce better. America...we have GOVERNMENT MOTORS. It's this outfit that built the CRUZE and designed those 475,000 junk-heaps to burst into flame should motor stuff fall upon the plastic covering beneath the vehicle. With any government operation there wasn't any coordination between departments making the CRUZE something capable of burning down the customer's house.

In order to stop this hazard from burning down the customer's house...the GOVERNMENT MOTORS solution is to cut holes in the plastic plate permitting the motor stuff to fall onto the pavement thereby poisoning the planet! Indeed...this so-called RUSSIAN-like panacea...will be deemed an environmental poisoning of the ground water and the intentional killing of people. Again...typical government stuff, eh OBAMA?


Imagine Satan having a TV channel and thereon telling people they can have kingdoms and glories if only they kneel and worship as directed,(MATTHEW 4:8). Imagine as much and you'll sense the power of TEAM OBAMA. They control the MASS MEDIA.

For example...they can tell people to riot and kill in order to receive bounty from MASTER as they did when Occupy Wall Street was bubbling forth. Recall the MASS MEDIA said it was good for these Occupy protesters to throw fire bombs and shoot police. talking head working for MSNBC...said it made his left leg tingle just thinking about killing people to advance the cause of socialism and Eco-fascism.


Obama told a cheering and jubilant audience he favored "bottom-up" economics where the middle class...those earning less than $250,000 per year...they'll be granted freebie and favor while the RICH forced to pay their "fair share". Somehow...receipt of freebie and favor a righteous exchange for loyalty to the MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Maybe you're attracted by such "envy argument"...wanting to see someone with money paying more taxes so that you might receive more not less from government.If you are such a person...keep in mind the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system is leaking red ink at the rate of $271 million(+) per hour. The odds of the RIDE lasting much longer are slim to none. Sure...Uncle Sugar can do a ZIMBABWE and monetize the debt making the U.S. Dollar more worthless than it already is...but...most RIDERS know that route ends in complete RIDE loss.

A poor person simply can't gather enough capital to commence business. The hurdles are too many nowadays for a poor person to procure financing to fund dream. A RICH PERSON usually must be enlisted to assist in funding the dream with hopes of investment accretion therefrom.

Eliminate the RICH PERSON and the sole source of funding becomes the MASTER of the CAGE. Once this bottleneck is achieved not anyone can prosper without the direct favor of the MASTER. As one OBAMA official conceded,"By eliminating the RICH...the government insures that everyone seeking prosperity must kneel and lick our boot."


My pole jerked and I tugged back...reeled in the line...and...on the hook there spat...a BLOWEE...puffing into a massive ball of thorn and wretched stench. How to get that inedible critter off my hook...somehow as easy as rip and pinch. I grabbed using my grabbing glove...but...BLOWEE about 3 foot wide and deadly if shoved.

I then placed BLOWEE on the ground and tugged real hook stuck confound...aces and eights...BLOWEE knew the cards...understood doomsday sound.


The bereaved parents of slain U.S. Border Guard BRIAN TERRY have been granted a national TV interview. They want to know "why" their son was assassinated. TheY want to know "why" the entire slime slug bunch involved hasn't yet been identified. They wonder "why" the U.S. Injustice Department can chase ROGER CLEMENS attempting to prosecute a bald-faced LIE...and...that same fervor...that same unusual zeal...somehow never applied to an investigation into the circumstances surrounding their son's murder.

KEN TERRY and JOSEPHINE TERRY are grieving parents. They miss their son. They know they have lost something so precious. They know the assassination of their son was ordered. They know whomever it was who actually carried out the "snuff-order" was principled enough to leave behind something which morph'd into a net...a sticky web...a Joel Harris-like tar baby...capturing everyone involved in any way involvement possible!

Against Ken and Josephine stand TEAM OBAMA. Somewhere inside TEAM OBAMA is proof that Obama gave that "snuff order". He gave the order because BRIAN TERRY had to be silenced. He couldn't be permitted to "whistle-blow"...and...expose the BLACK OPS TEAMS operating along the Mexican border.

Maybe Brian Terry knew his information had to be connected to a project so massive he had to be in the midst of co-conspirators...complicit participants...their identities he didn't know. Brian Terry reported in one of his dispatches to these friends that he knew someone in his own team was involved in these BLACK OPS activities which included mass murder and mayhem. In those same dispatches...BRIAN TERRY speculated that the size of these operations were so massive and included so many people it had to be organized and directed from the Oval Office.

BRIAN TERRY was so fearful...though...perhaps suspicious of his own comrades...that he dispatched his PELICAN BRIEF to several people. What has been revealed UNWITTINGLY by TEAM OBAMA is that BRIAN TERRY reported his suspicions and delivered his collected proof to his supervisor...and...within 72 hours of such interface...BRIAN TERRY was slaughtered.

According to a pet eye-ball stationed inside the INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT...that last report from BRIAN TERRY to his supervisors was redacted...gleaned...massaged...such that the data delivered through private email differed from what the U.S. Attorney General Eric the Holder so far delivered to Rep. Darrell Issa for inspection under the label:"ALL INFORMATION ABOUT BRIAN TERRY". Recall that Rep.Issa was one of the people who received a BRIAN TERRY download...a download of data about what BRIAN TERRY had uncovered!

Somehow Eric the Holder was alerted that ISSA had the "actual report of BRIAN TERRY" and was comparing that REPORT...that PELICAN 7600 documents so far delivered by the Injustice Department...making note of each difference.

Eric the Holder had to cease delivery of the remaining 140,000 documents and photographs. He couldn't be sure if what he so far delivered was "different" and hence incriminating and simply compounding the "in-progress" COVER-UP...a COVER-UP caused by that "something" which that principled assassin left behind as "tar-baby".

If KEN TERRY and JOSEPHINE TERRY continue to ask questions...eventually...those culprits in any way involved will be identified.'ll take months...perhaps years...but...they seem to have dedicated themselves in their twilight years to pursue that bunch to hell!They seem ready to ask such questions and follow each answer to its logical conclusion. The army of arm-chair sleuths assisting these bereaved parents has grown as this BLOG continues to offer help in ferreting out the entire crew...any and all identified!

Indeed...whatever was left behind by that principled-assassin...such was so glue-like...anyone connected could not...and...still...cannot...extricate or insulate. Someone it always is in such things...will sooner than later crack seeking a "plea deal" to avoid the charge of conspiracy to murder or conspiracy to cover-up that murder. That "left behind stuff" will become so bright not any corner will hide those in any way connected in any way to the death of BRIAN TERRY and/or its subsequent cover-up.

Because the trail obviously leads into the Oval Office...the INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT had to stop delivery. We now know Obama was involved in some conspiracy...whatever its eventual label might be...a fact confirmed by the exercise of Executive Privilege by TEAM OBAMA.

By such exercise TEAM OBAMA interdicted any more delivery of those remaining 140,000 documents. By such "stonewalling"...TEAM OBAMA prevented any further damage. TEAM OBAMA by such exercise of Executive Privilege prevented any further comparison to what actually was reported by BRIAN TERRY in his PELICAN BRIEF...a report which cost him his life within 72 hours of its delivery.

Ken and Josephine can prevail and bring down the entire sordid lot of them if they simply continue to demand answers to their questions. For example...if they continue to pick through the house of cards...they'll find that OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS was a "canned cover-story" in the event there were ever such need...remote as such might be.

Once it was learned...though...that the principled-assassin left behind "connective proof"...TEAM OBAMA had to scramble to cobble together an explanation for the death of U.S. Border Guard BRIAN TERRY. The idea was to unleash this "canned explanation" for what was left behind by that principled-assassin.

However, whomever that principled-assassin was...what was left behind was "tar-baby" like and capable of exposing the entire game!The "canned-explanation" was preposterous* but it was the "only one" which might fit what had already been vetted and considered a viable option. only requires KEN AND JOSEPHINE TERRY to ask questions and demand answers...even if the answers reveal a massive project to foment terror and fear along the Mexican border...even if the answers expose TEAM OBAMA using such unrest for propaganda purposes.
* In the movie, EDGE OF DARKNESS...a Mel Gibson classic...Jeppers...that's Captain Jeppers to you...Captain Jeppers was a principled-assassin. He killed those who needed killing and left behind what needed to be done to stop such senseless slaughter when such murder done for political gain.


Political scientists were treated to 3 primal political figures pumping policy and program in 2012. They were not shocked...for example...when Obama at the annual Hispanic Conference...true to his moniker of MARXIST ON MISSION...revealed his PLAN to permit more immigration and to absolve any illegal immigrant of wrong-doing as a passing gesture of political gamesmanship. Because Hispanics are inclined to prefer more government freebie and favor...they cheered wildly as Obama recited "how" he would give them stuff...if...these Latinos bloc-voted for TEAM OBAMA.

ROMNEY climbed that same stage and told the audience he wanted to re-make the IMMIGRATION LAW. He didn't give specifics and was not well-received because of his inclination to say "wishy-washy" platitude and boring bromide. He did point out that socialism and Eco-fascism would crush America and eliminate any niche the Hispanics might envision as theirs.

U.S. Senator MARCO RUBIO told this same audience that he didn't like the "race-baiting"...and..."envy-push" tactics of TEAM OBAMA. He said Hispanics can see through such "promise more not less" stratagem.He explained the removal of government red tape and tax would spur the overall economy. He said that because such things would generate production of goods and services...such burgeoning would open doors for everyone. He said the borders should be "open and free"...without incident or hindrance...but...that EDEN-like situation couldn't come about if TEAM OBAMA continued to scrape and ignite "racist" sentiments.

Folks...the best of all possible worlds is one wherein the otherwise unhampered market flourishes. In such a such an EDEN...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper...the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...and...never need the producer fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax. The borders are open and without incident permitting labor to move freely as markets expand and contract.

MARCO RUBIO* came closest in his depiction of this EDEN. He invited Latinos to consider this alternative when choosing a leader in 2012. Do they choose Obama and his 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its "$270 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system cleverly crafted to compel compliance, create dependency and perpetuate the MASTER? Latinos choose liberation over subjugation and bloc-vote REPUBLICAN? Can Latinos discriminate between CAGE and KEY? DO they know the difference between liberty and enslavement? According to every Latino-spokesman...Latinos want more not less government. They want more enslavement of the producer. They want government to make the freebie and favor better than before. They want to come and take as much as possible with an open door.

The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA has framed the Hispanic issue in terms which are silly once you examine the overall problem.Indeed...this Obama-template has two aspects and it's this interplay between them which the MASS MEDIA uses to obscure the real issue.

According to this nasty-template...the Mexicans are crossing the border to get freebies and government favors...thereby increasing the overall burden on the American taxpayer. Stop these Mexicans at the border and the costs associated with taking care of them would evaporate reducing the federal deficit by $100 billion or more.

The accord with this PLOT-LINE...say these Hispanics must receive all social services and be included in all community freebie and favor. Hence...there is this interplay...this opposing forces idea...which Obama used in his speech at that Hispanic Conference. He informed the Latinos that TEAM OBAMA was their best bet for freebie and favor and that the REPUBLICANS represented the "plug-pull"...and...couldn't be trusted to afford the Latino an even-break.

* Off-camera...RUBIO was interviewed by the RUBIO SQUAD...a dedicated team associated with this BLOG. These undaunted patriots follow RUBIO everywhere inviting him to interface and discuss important problems. After the HISPANIC CONFERENCE...he agreed to give a 300 second interview,(click here). In that interview...he agreed THE ORB was the only way to dismantle this CAGE and usher in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM).


Before an athlete signs with PENN STATE to play football...this young male should be informed that he will be attacked and raped by a PENN STATE COACH sometime during his football career there. If he wants to be for PENN STATE! Because most high school athletes want to play for a BIG NAME SCHOOL there must be warned about this one!


SANDUSKY was found guilty of sexually assaulting PENN STATE football players and others. As the evidence unfolded at the JERRY SANDUSKY was shown that SANDUSKY raped almost every PENN STATE defensive player and the number could be in the thousands. Indeed...if your neighbor played for PENN STATE and was a defensive player for PENN STATE...he was probably raped at least 10 times by SANDUSKY. Sure...he's not telling or revealing...but...such scar...such damage was inflicted.

Are other sexual predators trolling PENN STATE locker rooms?From what rumors reveal...most of the 2011 PENN STATE football team has sexual deviant behavior. The entire PENN STATE FOOTBALL TEAM is probably packed with rape victims. Maybe the rapes have gone into other areas and not done any longer in the PENN STATE FOOTBALL TEAM shower area...but...PENN STATE FOOTBALL PLAYERS claim they've been approached by PENN STATE FOOTBALL COACHES about sexual preference and homosexual interlude.
In 2012...a sexual preference study was undertaken examining the PENN STATE FOOTBALL TEAM. The results were shocking. Almost every PENN STATE FOOTBALL PLAYER over the last 30 years was recruited for his homosexual tendencies and promoted quickly if the player practiced homosexual activity with the coaching staff. One PENN STATE official said she was surprised there were so many PENN STATE FOOTBALL PLAYERS with "SANDUSKY-like tendencies".


Obama told an audience of clapping seals that he was going to impose more burdens on the FOOLS who PULL their FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE. The audience roared with approbation. How dare someone produce and that production not be siphoned and grabbed. The crowd cheered wildly when he promised "more not less". They screamed with adulation when he said he'd make sure the producers are chained and whipped for them.

Folks...if ROMNEY attempts to "out-promise" OBAMA he'll lose. Not anyone can out-promise OBAMA. Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION and will promise anything to retain power. What ROMNEY needs to do is preach THE ORB and force Obama to reveal himself to be MARXIST ON MISSION. Should ROMNEY achieve such results...voters will choose KEY over CAGE...liberation over subjugation...and...ROMNEY will prevail in 2012 in a Reagan-Carter 1980 landslide.