Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drew Peterson

What if Drew Peterson is not guilty? What if his missing wife is not dead but intentionally and deliberately refusing to surface thereby putting ole Drew through this travail. She didn't have to beat him returning some of the fire he'd laid on her through the years. She didn't have to fight him in court over little more than broken dreams and nasty rumor. No...she just made it "look like"...and...then...departed...leaving DREW PETERSON in the predicament in which he now finds himself.

This wonderful way to reap revenge...might be framed in concept as a reverse BODY HEAT. Recall in the movie, BODY HEAT...the dude serving life in prison for a murder he did not commit...ultimately discovers the ruse. In this DREW PETERSON episode...the wife made it look like she died...but...she really is residing somewhere watching this jerk get the roller coaster ride he deserved.


Folks...this issue is not anyone's business...but...strictly a private matter not in need of injected opinion either "pro"...or..."con". The Republicans are foolish to raise the issue of same sex marriage to the stature of a Republican 2012 platform provision. They should say such things are between consenting adults and leave it with that statement! The votes lost by maintaining anti-gay attitudes might be enough to defeat ROMNEY.


Recently this BLOG was called upon to prove that Obama was a MARXIST ON MISSION...and...dedicated to hurting not helping consumers. After some examination...proof was indeed forthcoming...powerful and persuasive.

According to the latest leaks from the U.S. Commerce Department...CHINESE  wind-turbine towers...will cost the consumer a great deal more...perhaps as much as 72% more per tower. Yes...folks...in order to line some crony-capitalist's pocket...the consumer will pay 72% more for such towers. While such might not be important to those spending other people's money(OPM)...those from whom such money was taken, (think taxpayers-unwitting fools who pull)...that increase of 72% in cost of purchase is monstrous and reprehensible.

Sure...American wind-turbine manufacturers can't produce as cheaply...or...as well as what the CHINESE or VIETNAMESE can achieve. The reasons for such inability are obvious and associated with governmental interference with the otherwise unhampered market. If the wind-turbine industry in America lacked subsidies...they'd be gone.

As in other socialist nations...however...the American "greenies" live off other people's money, (think Solyndra)...and...don't mind paying huge prices for labor and material because they receive almost 100% of their income and sustenance from TEAM OBAMA. They needed to be protected from efficiency achieved abroad...enabling them to continue to be inefficient and dinosaur-like. Hence this new tariff...this new ridiculous anti-liberty measure...this anti-consumer rule!


Vice President Joe Biden said his storeroom was open to anyone seeking sustenance or credit. Because he made such a big deal out of his "open door" policy...this BLOG dispatched a crew to ask...to seek something from ole "stand up Chuck" Joe Biden. They approached his office...and...were immediately stopped by Secret Service dudes...each one with gun and grim visage. They coldly directed these supplicants to contact JOE BIDEN by INTERNET...that he was too aloof...too high and mighty...too king-like...to stoop and listen to people...particularly people seeking his storeroom door.

Yes...JOE BIDEN is regal...imperial...and...you're not! Yes...he offered the abundance of his storeroom and then put guards about with orders to shoot on sight anyone refusing to depart the premises. Sure...he promised bounty...but...such was crowd candy...and...never meant to be taken seriously. As one Secret Service agent said...off-camera..."we turned away a starving mother and a dying baby yesterday...while Biden chortled at their cries for mercy."


Okay...in answering "why I'm here?"...permit me to say that I went to Calcutta and met with Mother Teresa. I offered to assist. She turned to me in anger at our first meeting and sternly said, "GO FIND YOUR OWN CALCUTTA!"


Elizabeth Warren squeezed so much political advantage out of her LIE about having saved JOHN SMITH from doom by agreeing to do him in her tee pee...that she called OBAMA. She told him he had to play the ancient slave scenario and claim therein he's the 11th grandson of an Afro-American who was the 1st Afro-American enslaved for life. There would not be any way to prove it was not true...and...whatever documents need there be...such certainly could be found, (search Obama's birth certificate and Trump's discoveries).

Obama hung up the phone just as Michelle was entering the room. "Who was that?" she asked as she sat on his lap...slowly licking his lips with hers? Oh...that was Papoose Warren describing the drama and political advantage from claiming to be the 11th generation of  the first slave ever enslaved...and...that I need to stand forth and proclaim such bridge...saying...into the Universe in a ROOTS-like moment...with some of that movie's hillside grandeur..."Hear me old black African...we're finally free!"

Michelle laughed in his ear and whispered, "Oh...Barack...you're such a trickster and a good one at that...why not issue such LIE?" Sure...it was wrong...but...as Michelle once told an audience of freedom-haters..."LIE and then LIE some more!"

Yes...such an approach is deceitful...but...Michelle and Obama are the duo of deception. Here was an opportunity for OBAMA to come out of the closet and claim his connection to slavery in America...thereby...garnering more support from voters who believe such connection vital in 2012 to have to remain in power for another term.

Here was a chance to tell the world that leading America...was not only a MARXIST ON MISSION...but...a great one at that. Instead of originating as a south side of Chicago community organizer...he could assert he was the down-line of some ancient slave....that he was a dude from the bowels  of hell...generations upon generations of travail....and...that he was a leader ready to drain all storerooms for the down-trodden and the poor.


Paul H. Rubin is a professor of economics at Emory University and an avid reader and patron of this BLOG. After much begging...ole "Paulie" agreed to write a scathing indictment of TEAM OBAMA and its MARXIST ways, (Wall Street Journal A-11;07-31-12). We congratulate Paulie for his friendship and expressed scholarship.

In short, Mr. Rubin revealed how anti-business TEAM OBAMA has been over the course of the last 3.7 years...and...how likely such anti-freedom efforts will continue unabated...perhaps...even...enhanced...should Obama be re-elected. Indeed...Obama has imposed 106 major regulations...each one costing in excess of $100 million in compliance costs alone...and...designed to favor some and snuff others as the REGIME gleans and sorts until what is left are loyal supplicants ready to lick boot with candied tongue, (MATTHEW 4:8).


ALEPPO, SYRIA...a battlefield where people on both sides are dying...is a critical cross-roads for entry of weapons and supplies from Turkey. If the rebels can remain in control of that area...they can re-supply...and...continue their struggle for liberation from the IRON GRIP of ASSAD...the butcher of HOMS.

Americans need to watch what ASSAD is doing to quell dissent...since...TEAM OBAMA has planned to stomp in a similar manner anyone calling for the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE model to be dismantled and the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market thereby ushered in.

Free Pussy Riot!

TALK ABOUT ETHICAL MISTAKE...the band made one when they entered a church in Moscow...masked...each with musical instrument...and...began to strut their stuff to the utter surprise of parishioners. When they lifted their legs passing the DUCHY to the left hand side...many elderly Bushkas...rose and hobbled towards the heavy ebony door.

According to one of the band...they were politically guilty but not legally guilty if the charge be hooliganism. Naturally...they were arrested for such profane disrespect for a place of worship...a trespass...an uninvited intrusion into the sanctity others were seeking when rudely disturbed by this NOISE and DISPLAY.

Somehow...these ladies don't like VLADIMIR PUTIN and wanted him to know of their dislike using this crass display as somehow not as a welcome-sign...but...a desperate effort to ride his horse.


Yes...folks...PUTIN met with ROMNEY while ROMNEY was on the backside of 10 Downy Street. The conference was disguised as a tour of the MI-6 club and barracks...and...hence escaped scrutiny. The public was treated instead to a flood of nasty rumor and innuendo each one more biting and scathing than the last...but...cleverly designed to hide this significant meeting.

ROMNEY recognized PUTIN as his best bet to achieve world-class greatness in the early days of the 21st Century. Indeed...ROMNEY agreed with this BLOG'S assessment of PUTIN...that he is the reincarnation of PETER THE GREAT...and will be the best partner any business person could ever wish to have....firm...honest...intelligent...and...fair-minded.


Yes...ROMNEY...in Jerusalem...observed a cultural difference between the Jews and the Palestinians...a difference too great to overlook and one in need of well-framed expression. Hence...Mitt 'the nit' ROMNEY...said he thought the Jewish culture in many ways superior to that of the Palestinian lifestyle...a life packed with sex and camel dung.

Naturally...such comparison angered the Palestinians...or...at least...it angered those Palestinians with access to the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA. One such rag-headed Palestinian with tears streaming down his dung-smeared face demanded ROMNEY depart and leave them alone. As EREKAT looked into that TV camera...he screamed out "ALLAHU AKBAR"...followed by that ancient Muslim expression..."a running man with knife can slit a thousand throats."


"Bridget Siegel at the door" is a phrase few politicians wish to hear. Recall Bridget wrote a book about the sex, money and drugs consumed along the campaign trail using names...dates...and...places...not hiding one person's reputation...but...exposing them all to the world as if in a glass house such things done.

Yes...she revealed every sordid Bill Clinton tryst...exposed the machinations of the McCain bunch...and...offered TEAM OBAMA'S bag of tricks. In many ways...few considered her a menace...never sensing that behind that smile and engaging brown eyes there lurked a ravenous shark...swimming...looking for prey...searching for that morsel...that nugget...that something about which people would pay to know.


What if...a small group...with money....combined and created a school for the gifted. Any child could attend...but...the flunk out rate would not moderate curriculum or speed.

This "way" was attempted in a small school in Greeneville, Delaware sporting the name: ALEXIS I. DuPONT. From that class selected for the experiment...every one of those students today leads in whatever field chosen. Yes..some advocate nonsense...but...it's done with aplomb and presented so well it seems as solid as the GREAT WALL OF CHINA.


Folks...2012...is important if you want fiscally-conservative county government. Those politicians saying they'll reduce taxes and the footprint of government...they are to be elected.


Folks...we need the spirit of BILLY JACK in WASHINGTON DC. If introspection undertaken...immediately...observed such spirit there...but...perhaps...smothered beneath other cares.

Why not join our crusade to march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt"(search Gandhi)? Each of you is BILLY JACK in spirit. Each wishing the best of the best from everyone...and...offering everything to assist in that venture.

Why not march to WASHINGTON DC and deploy THE ORB...instantly thereby chasing away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism? Why not support an alternative which dismantles the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its "$402 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system ushering in thereby the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)?

Such questions asked since we're marching on WASHINGTON DC...before us THE ORB...and...leading the way...is the spirit of BILLY JACK. And...what's important to note is that there isn't a damn thing they can do about it!(Billy Jack-1st movie from the park scene).


New York City Mayor Bloomberg got all liquored up and in that haze of righteous power decreed all new mothers shall breast feed or be imprisoned on THE ROCK!

In the movie, BANANAS...a Woody Allen flick...the leader...after they win...immediately issues decrees about the color shirts people must wear and what type of liquor they will avoid. As this jerk spouts off...his team begin to wonder if they had better depose this idiot before he actually attempts to implement.


Because of the taxes and the lousy business climate...most doctors prefer Texas or Florida. The exodus of doctors from northern states is obvious and has become something to be discussed by the MASS MEDIA.

The solution is simple if one were to wish cessation of such exodus. What need be done is remove those things which cause people to depart, namely taxes and red tape. Remove those burdens...and...most doctors would remain where they were before they were smothered by such government stuff. But...they depart as soon as their lives become the property of others.


Yes...the New York City version of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...now...requires new mothers to breast feed and not to use infant formulas...substitutes for breast milk and completely safe and nutritious. Mayor Bloomberg...alias MASTER OF CAGE...decided new mothers needed to breast feed and anyone refusing to follow such diktat to be arrested...their babies ripped from their arms...and....delivered to surrogate wet-nurses.

ping pong

Olympic ping pong is played by people with hands so quick and power so skillfully deployed that the spectators observing this display of incredible speed are delightfully entertained.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Every lady has the right to choose and not any meddlesome...live-my-way jerk should ever be able to commandeer the decision on full term or abort. It's quite impressive to hear the loudest demand coming from people who have never and will never care for the unwanted child. They're all talk...no walk. They're there to direct and control...and...to reduce the woman to that of some herd animal.

The REPUBLICAN PARTY must embrace liberation over subjugation and remove government interference at all levels of existence and lifestyle. If a lady wants to abort, it's her right and it must remain an unbridled right...packed with sole and exclusive discretion. Anything else amounts to an unwarranted intrusion smacking of tyranny!

The Democrats have been clever in pushing the idiots in the Republican Party whose opposition to abortion is foolhardy and officious. Take for instance, ROMNEY. He told America he would stop abortions...a statement so anti-liberty it had to have cost him millions of votes among liberty-loving ladies.

The POLITICAL STRATEGY cadre of this BLOG contacted ROMNEY and entreated him to change his view and embrace liberty and the right to abort. By doing that  one pivot...he could undermine almost 39% of Obama's support among ladies insuring a solid 2012 victory. On the other hand...he was informed that to remain "anti-abortion" was to limit his curb appeal and probably cost him the election.


ROMNEY...in London...was asked about his tour of the government area of London. He noted several landmarks. He mentioned he'd been on the backside of Downy Street...meaning he had walked around the entire block and had visited every door...waved to every face in every window...and...had basically circumnavigated that entire edifice.

Yet...the British Press...ever ready to sell a newspaper...twisted his meaning to refer to the rump...or...buttock...and...since Downy Street is staffed with nose-in-air pomp...it was obvious ole Mitt 'the nit' Romney...was perhaps..."the twit" instead.


Emily Tisch Sussman...a Democrat strategist...and...a former Obama supporter...off-camera...was caught telling ED SCHULTZ...a MSNBC clown...she had become disenchanted with Obama...alias...MARXIST ON MISSION. Indeed...ole Sussman was angered by that "you didn't build that yourself" speech.

She had become incensed when she heard this simian...in Roanoke,Virginia...on Friday the 13th...proclaimed that Sussman's success was due to someone else. Sussman knew just how many bedrooms plowed...how many lips kissed and boots licked to get to where she was in the food chain...and...not any portion was put there by the likes of Obama! Hence...she was miffed and ready to spew venom both about this jerk and his view of her effort to climb the ladder from scum bucket to touted strategist.


Dick Cheney said McCain erred when he selected SARAH PALIN as his Vice Presidential running mate. Instantly...Liz Cheney...daughter of Dick...came out strongly disagreeing with her father's assessment. Palin added zeal to what was an otherwise moribund campaign...one with little to offer.

Folks...it's obvious the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is attempting to sully ROMNEY'S selection by putting PALIN out there as somehow the kind of Vice President Romney must not pick lest he turn off the independent voter and the wishy-washy turncoat Democrat. According to these puppet-talking heads...RUBIO...a tea party champion...for example...would be terrible for ROMNEY since that selection would play well to the freedom-lovers...but...be a real turn-off to the independent voters and to turncoat Democrats.

No...they want ROMNEY to pick some socialist or Eco-fascist...some whining worm...that the MASS MEDIA can parade around showing America that ROMNEY and his Vice Presidential running mate are little more than tepid clones of capitalism...a hated form of economics. They want ROMNEY to pick some wishy-washy "me-too" person...so that in the Fall...TEAM OBAMA can compare them both to critters crawling along a limb looking for prey.

It's obvious SARAH PALIN is feared.  It's equally obvious that Dick Ceheney is a company man and will kill his own mother to advance the cause of the CAGE. Oh...sure...Dick deceives people by claiming to be a liberty-lover...but...behind the scenes...he's a lousy jerk!

He fears Palin...as much as Obama. Indeed...Cheney is as much a protector of the ESTABLISHMENT as that MARXIST ON MISSION presently bubbling forth in the Oval Office.

Dick Cheney fears Palin because Palin would and eventually will eliminate this NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE in which ole Dick and his pals...his crony-capitalist pals have derived billions of dollars in ill-gotten gains...gotten from war...false contracts...and...things so nasty they can't be written lest the readership become so disturbed as to cease further patronage.

Palin is feared...by both the Republican and Democrat ESTABLISHMENT because she will eliminate this CAGE...and...cut off the siphons and umbilical cords...slicing and liberating...as if severing the GORDIAN KNOT. Indeed...unlike any other liberator...she can draw a stadium-packed crowd while not any other politician has such gravitas...such appeal...such zeal. Sure...the MASS MEDIA despises her since she represents liberation over subjugation...but...the more they squeeze the more she slips through their evil grasp.


Administration insider, Valarie Jarrett...when asked about her leaking of what could be national security data...said with some aplomb, "Okay...it's probably been revealed elsewhere so it's likely this data...this raw data...is not any longer considered "top secret". Indeed...if the information came from the Oval Office...it could not be sensitive data...national security affecting data...not if it came from the Oval Office...it simply couldn't be secret or that sensitive."


Lech Walesa...a Polish freedom-fighter met with ROMNEY...but...refused to meet with OBAMA. This refusal was dramatic and this BLOG was there to find out why such snub to Obama and the opposite welcome of warmth for Romney.

According to Lech Walesa...Obama represented the oppression of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...anathema to most freedom-loving Poles. In contrast...ROMNEY was accepted as representing the cry for liberation over subjugation...a theme ingrained in every Pole.

Recall that Lech Walesa...during the time of the IRON CURTAIN...was told that to touch a shipyard fence was to die at the hands of machine gun toting guards. Undaunted by such threat...and...standing with 500,000 on-lookers...all there to watch Lech cower and kneel...Lech Walesa went to that fence...as he approached he heard the bolts on guns lock and load...yet...onward he marched towards that fence.

The captain of the guard with bullhorn demanded LECH WALESA not take one step more lest he be slaughtered instantly. Not persuaded...LECH WALESA continued onward toward the fence. As he touched the fence...the captain ordered him shot...but...not one gun fired.

The captain pulled his pistol and aimed at LECH WALESA. As he took aim to slay this liberator...he heard LECH WALESA say the immortal words...words spoken a million times in a million different places...words etched into the very fabric of every human spirit, "WHO CLIMBS WITH ME!"

The crowd of 500,000 sheep and one captain ran towards the fence...and...the IRON CURTAIN fell! Yes...it took awhile for it to ripple across the CAGE...but...shaken to core the grip of MASTER surely was!


Obama claimed that but for bridges, airports, harbors, traffic lights, and teachers most prosperous people would be destitute...without wealth...and...but for such things...but for such government stuff...but for those things...the producer would never have produced as well.

Each one of these things is helpful but not necessary. Indeed...with respect to most public school teachers...a significant number of children learn in spite of them...and...rarely because of their effort! According to Arne Duncan...Obama's Secretary of Education...public education is top heavy with the great teachers swamped in a sea of mediocrity with such deplorable pedagogues protected by UNION CONTRACT from expulsion for incompetence.

Historically...most RICH PEOPLE were not great intellects...but...knew "how" to profit from selling goods and services better than others who proved to be less able. And while in the public schools the producer is called nasty names and the "non-producer" described as "deserving-victim"...producers...nevertheless...bubble forth. Their particular skill an adroit combination of the ability to know what people want and the capacity to provide when such wanted.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. We're faced with a distinct choice: CAGE or KEY. To re-elect Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists...is to perpetuate the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its "$401 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

On the other hand...if  the voters support the REPUBLICANS...there is a distinct chance there will be a sufficient number to deploy THE ORB and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a circumstance HARVARD SCIENTISTS say will resemble what Christians have envisioned was EDEN.


When you're spending other people's money (OPM)...only bare storeroom moderates. Indeed...only after...it's all gone...all used up...all spent...and...there isn't anything left...such is "when" the BIG SPENDER finally ends the spree. Until that moment...whatever the whim...with OPM...it's all for free!


TEAM OBAMA is inoculating the American voter from the shock of observing that enormous auditorium framed for the Democrat National Convention almost empty and almost devoid of any Democrat hotshots. To accomplish this feat...they have been discussing the empty seats at the London Olympics...saying such empty seats didn't detract from the excellent competition in progress.

Such discussion is intended to tell the voters not to be surprised when they see 99% of all seats at the DNC convention unfilled...and...the floor areas packed not with Democrats wanting to reduce the footprint of government...a contingent that lacks voice nowadays...but...jammed...crammed...rammed...with hooligans interested only in throwing "shit bombs" if provoked in defiant OCCUPY fashion!

Yes...Valarie Jarrett...a close adviser to Obama...plans on making a cameo appearance to bolster her "post-election" job prospects if Obama were to lose...a likelihood becoming more likely every day. Of course...Sen. Chuck Schumer will be ever-present sticking his POSSUM-like face into every TV camera possible claiming the Democrats offer "more not less"...more taxes...more spending...more FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...and...of course....more burden on the backs of the unwitting FOOLS who PULL this RIDE.

I mention these two BIG NAMES in the Democrat Party because their attendance has been confirmed. Sure...Rep. Nancy Pelosi won't attend since she says she has better things to do than go and be seen with OBAMA...a definite 2012 loser. To be associated too closely with Obama is to be stuck on "tar baby"...something ole raisin-face Pelosi simply wishes to avoid.

Because it's important to defeat TEAM OBAMA...evict the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists from every level of government...and...dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model...this BLOG plans to attend that gathering and interview attendees.

This BLOG will highlight every nasty aspect of TEAM OBAMA. Our cadres will  immerse themselves in the convention spirit. People will be invited to speak candidly into the BLOG'S camera in the hopes of changing people's view...inviting them to replace the 20th century with a 21st century cure: the otherwise unhampered market...a place free of the grip and grab of the MASTER...a place where there is not any RIDE...but...a prosperous society of disparate individuals... with its Socio-economic context...based on liberty and peaceful co-existence between neighbors and nations.

Imagine...on YouTube...you see Democrats saying Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION and they won't vote for him and were attending the convention in the hopes of discouraging others from supporting him and the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists? Imagine you hear Convention-goers say OBAMA didn't build anything except more misery and torment? Imagine as much and you'll sense how powerful this BLOG will be during that convention!


One developer stopped at floor eight because he simply ran out of potential tenants for his contemplated edifice at GROUND ZERO...a place where once stood two huge World Trade Center towers packed with tenants. When the developer was interviewed by one of this BLOG'S editorial staff...he pointed out that he couldn't find anyone foolish enough.

He went on to point out New York City is anti-business...anti-liberty...and...20 ounce coke drinkers had best find another place for crib...and...according to this candid developer...they have...refusing to consider discounts as steep as 99% in some instances. They said they were not about to be directed from cradle to grave by NANNY STATE CAGE Mayor Bloomberg.

While the people of Manhattan might not ever consider it...what if...there were an outcry...a cry for liberation over subjugation insisting all red tape and tax be suspended...all siphons retracted...all whip stowed away...all crony-deals put on hold...and...an otherwise unhampered market ushered in? Immediately...Manhattan would become an instant drain on all wealth not nailed down or capable of interdiction by some MASTER. Wealth from every spot...even from Hong Kong and Singapore...such would flee to Manhattan.

However, without such dismantling of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...what becomes of Manhattan will be little more than "yesterday's rice". Indeed...all of New York City...not just Manhattan...is suffering this exodus as producers look for better business conditions...better infrastructure...better life and lifestyle.

Yes...New York City will continue to be the fashion capital of the world for a few more years...but...with INTERNET and SKYPE...such founts are everywhere and just a click away. Indeed...even the FASHION CENTERS will dwindle and disappear as more and more producers seek less burden...less directive...less diktat from such titans as BLOOMBERG. As has always been the case...those who support such CAGE are the last to depart...but depart they do when the MASTER is at their door demanding from them not less but more.

Why would a consumer voluntarily encounter New York City when by accessing the INTERNET all shopping can be done and the source for that dress or shoe need not be situated in that nasty pit called New York City? As one FASHION DESIGNER said when asked why she put NYC in her rear view mirror, "My customers want quality at the lowest price...and...I grant them their fondest wish...so I don't need Bloomberg or his latest dietary dish."

Not any New York City taxes...not any NYC traffic...not any dudes trying to wash the windshield...not any hassle one readily associates with that nasty...dirty...New York City between the would-be consumer and that dress she needs next week arriving as promised via the United Postal Service...the best public postal service in the world.

The brick and mortar establishments of New York City are dinosaurs. The real trick today is physical distribution. With special warehouses equipped with robots...and...robot delivery carts directed by GPS...using the public sidewalks or bike paths...with collision alarm...forcefully saying in a voice similar to BLOOMBERG'S gruff noise called speech: "Please...step aside....would you please step aside...would you please step aside..." as on down the sidewalk the robot travels headed to deliver whatever ordered.


Has anyone noticed the great number of empty seats at the Olympics? Someone said such would be commonplace until the "final round"...then...every seat will be taken by those who paid to observe that incredible contest between athletes so skilled...so technically-correct...as to defy common sense or belief.


Because you are inundated nowadays 24/7 by cleverly-crafted propaganda...and...you probably lack a way of arguing your point due to such "goo and gob" most people drool believing themselves repeating sagacious reactive rhetoric when what they've said supports more CAGE...more RIDE...more misery and torment.

As an obligatory caveat...permit this BLOG to frame what is obviously the simple and plain. In a free society...people interact peacefully. Each person is a producer and at the same moment a consumer making everyone a participant in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king....and...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.

In such an OUM...the government and its ability to interfere is restricted mightily...until what is left is essential government services and little more. The courts...the police...and...a small national defense force is all that's required. As for borders...they're open and without incident...making the to/from of labor unrestricted...unfettered...and...insulated from the grip and grab of some would-be MASTER and his crony-capitalists.

In this OUM...MONEY is not a product of some government plot or program...but...left to the marketplace. The government merely insures the currency is not counterfeited,( think police job). Such an approach excludes the Keynesian idiots from nationalizing the money and thereafter siphoning off the value until that 1950 ONE DOLLAR buys only ELEVEN CENTS of stuff in 2012!

Folks...it's quite easy to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE...I might add...fashioned and forged by both sides of the aisle...and...must be eliminated with the same mutual passion that erected its bars and cement. Both sides could easily join and demand the repeal of any and all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "$401 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...ushering in thereby a 21st Century era of prosperity unparalleled in history!

Yes...the 20th Century CAGE is well protected. Except for this BLOG and few organizations such as the AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE...everyone else is pushing to perpetuate this CAGE and RIDE.

Advocates of the CAGE are raised up by the MASTER of this CAGE environment and called brilliant...enlightened...and...well-guided. Such CAGE proponents as PAUL KRUGMAN are opposing our cry for liberation over subjugation. Krugman spews socialism in almost every sentence uttered. He wants government directing from cradle to grave. From the looks of him...it's not any wonder that he's a CAGE-lover,(search "Paul Krugman" for photo and you'll see what I mean).

Recall that KRUGMAN...a certified idiot...was given a Nobel Prize in order to give him and his drooling knavery credibility among the Universities of America where SOCIALISM and ECO-FASCISM are taught. Competing with KRUGMAN at the time of that dispensation...however...was this BLOG'S economic guru,TIMMY TITLER. Titler's paper on liberation was too dramatic...too powerful...too dynamic...and...capable of dissolving the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA oppressing America...and...hence...was not selected.


Mitt 'the nit' Romney can defeat TEAM OBAMA...but...he must preach deployment of THE ORB.

This observation is made because of what has occurred on the political battlefield. Due to the power and influence of this BLOG...TEAM OBAMA felt compelled to have Obama in Roanoke,Virginia tell American producers they were not producing by themselves but had the help of government...so much help in fact...that "but for" such help these producers would be moribund.


Ah...yes...reputation...a most idle and false imposition...more oft got without merit and lost without deserving.


General Motors...now known as Government Motors...has been selling new cars to people who simply won't pay for them but will drive until the "re-po" man appears with tow truck. Imagine GM pushing such a CAR LOAN POLICY when it was a private company. Such a thing simply would not have occurred because GM...in those days...was trying to generate maximum profits for its shareholders and bondholders.

Maybe you don't care. However, such things are brought to your attention so that one day when you're own money doesn't buy even bread...you'll be able to recollect that a BLOG years ago warned about such things and called on every American to join the ARMY OF LIBERATION and march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt".

Yes...there is an ARMY seeking liberation over subjugation...and...demanding THE ORB be deployed and the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model be dismantled and the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market thereby ushered in. In 2012...for instance...the ARMY is growing and by the time the U.S. Dollar is so worthless that the other side isn't printed because the ink costs more than the dollar amount featured on the other side...by that time...most Americans will be members of this veritable ARMY.

In 2012...though...TEAM OBAMA has its own army of RIDERS situated aboard a "$401 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...a RIDE cleverly crafted to compel compliance...create whining-worm-like dependency...and...perpetuate the 20th Century MASTER.

Sure...the 2012 RIDE is "red ink" and will end abruptly. Such an end is obvious. Most RIDERS fear such an abrupt end and want the MASTER to whip and cajole the unwitting FOOLS who PULL. They love it when Obama tells the FOOLS, "You didn't build that...someone else did!"

Indeed...2012 RIDERS are so fearful...it's likely they'll vote for anyone promising RIDE continuation...unabated...fully loaded with all the bells and whistles one might expect from a luxury RIDE such as what has been fashioned throughout the 20th Century.

In the movie, GANDHI...ole Ghandi marches to the ocean and makes salt...a forbidden by law practice punishable by a lengthy prison sentence.


While attending a lecture delivered at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business...a research team in attendance...was surprised to hear JOHN H. COCHRANE...a professor of sorts they imagined...telling the audience about the benefits of neo-feudalism...but...saying as much in cloaked terms and disguised drama...euphemistically painting a romantic vision where government picks winners and losers in accord with some plan or forecast.

After hearing this drivel and tripe...this BLOG'S adroit RESEARCH TEAM approached this drooler and asked ole Johnny boy what was up with telling those mush-minds that there were benefits to be had in a neo-feudalist state. He replied that the audience was little more than clapping seals and he just threw them a ball.(Wall Street Journal A-17;07-28-12).

Sunday, July 29, 2012


"You didn't build that...someone else did." When Obama uttered those words...he was saying that nowadays people find the infrastructure and other government-provided goods and services as integral to their overall success...so much so that it can be said that "but for" government help...most people would be destitute...their business belly-up..that dream crushed beneath an avalanche of debt incurred seeking that rainbow and pot of gold.

If you were an owner of SOLYNDRA or one of the other crony-capitalist boondoggles...then...OBAMA'S statement was entirely correct. Recall that once Uncle Sugar withdrew the umbilical cord Solyndra went bankrupt. Moreover...if you were one of those lucky few picked to build windmills...eagle slayers by any other name...your income and prosperity clearly associated with the mandated subsidy enjoyed...and...if...still...there...that continued existence because of OBAMA'S favor.

In contrast to such crony-capitalist enterprises as SOLYNDRA...stands FIREHOUSE SUBS. Yes...folks...FIREHOUSE SUBS...that veritable drama on bun...began when two firemen joined forces...merged dream and pocket book...and...commenced the 1st FIREHOUSE SUB. Sure...the odds were 100 million to 1 that they'd last one year.

Naturally...when they opened their doors for business...after paying so many fees and receiving so many permission slips from every petty-king and ruling elite in the food-purveying loop...they reached out to people...people such as Obama...then...an Illinois Senator. They figured they were both government employees...and...also firemen...9-11-01 hero stuff...and...thus...all of their fellow government employees would immediately do business with them.

Based on this belief they were the product of government...the same belief OBAMA touted in that Roanoke,Virginia speech...these two struggling entrepreneurs worked to garner favor with all government workers most of whom ate lunch off campus.

After many long fruitless hours advertising for government patronage...they concluded envy and avarice kept such worker bees from their flower. Both in a mutual slap session concluded they were wrong to spend 1032 hours of their combined time on the phone begging Obama to try their SUBS. He even ignored their request that he endorse their product permitting them easy entry into an otherwise closed market: CHICAGO.

Undaunted by such smug avoidance...most of which dripped in envy and hatred of anyone trying to achieve greatness without the permission of the MASTER...these two jobless FIREMEN proceeded to offer to the universe their idea of a complete meal...the kind of SUB a fireman eats when he's waiting to go and save people and things. They installed their stuff and began to ask people to come and try the cuisine.

As one of the owners recounted...in our spiritual interview with him...he discovered anyone associated with local government refused to patronize their SUB SHOP. They served everyone but government people.

No matter how much they begged...entreated...coupon-offered them...never did the government people patronize the SUB SHOP. So obvious was this boycott that this BLOG interviewed these recalcitrant worker bees. They were jealous that two $14,000 per year FIREMEN...one a guitar player...the other a kitchen-bound iron-chef...could turn a dream and their mother-in-law's credit card into a $300 million empire. How dare they ignore the government...how dare they not have subsidy to perpetuate...how dare they attempt to build on their own when it was obvious to them and to Obama that "these two FIREMEN didn't build that...someone else did!"


William Dillon was imprisoned for 27 years...that's 424 months...for a crime he did not commit. The proof was non-existent...yet...the STATE ATTORNEY proceeded and by force of state power convinced 12 jurors WILLIAM DILLON was guilty of murder. It took 27 years of indefatigable effort to prove WILLIAM DILLON was not the culprit. Of course...those involved in his prosecution were themselves never arrested and imprisoned to serve 27 years...a fitting punishment deserved absolutely!

In UTOPIA...by Thomas Moore...those involved in that wrongful prosecution would be thrown into prison to serve 27 years...compelling them to suffer as did WILLIAM DILLON. While most of what Moore wrote is drivel and tripe...that solution to reckless prosecution would become the pitfall to be observed by every prosecutor lest he or she suffer what was heaped on the back of the now-proven-to-be-innocent.

And...while the UTOPIAN method of reprisal and revenge are worthy of imposition in this WILLIAM DILLON instance...the wrongful prosecution required a willful jury...12 people unwilling to honor their own oath to try the case only on the evidence presented and not on sympathy and antipathy.

Indeed...some pro-justice types might ask about these jurors. Would these 12 jurors be similarly punished...or...are they left to dwell in their own conscience? Are these 12 sanctimonious jurors relegated to reviewing 24/7 the horror they visited on WILLIAM DILLON...a terrifying 424 month long adventure...wrongfully imposed...yet...deliberately delivered?

Folks...if you're chosen as a juror...please hold the State Attorney to its burden of proof. This burden is called "beyond all reasonable doubt". If you have such a doubt...no matter if the size of a mustard seed...it's a doubt and you must acquit...even if you hate the defendant...and...believe all the MASS MEDIA tripe and drivel...even so...you must acquit.


Jack Nicholson seated on the witness stand tells Tom Cruise "You can't handle the truth!" That CODE RED scene is classic and well worth watching.

However...ironically...TOM CRUISE recently was confronted with a scene so similar he told this BLOG'S editorial staff he thought himself on some kind of stage and he was looking for Nicholson to sneer and snort some more. Of course...ole 5 foot tall TOP GUN was referring to his wife's night-on-the-town with some mysterious well-dressed...6 feet...8 inch tall...handsome stranger.

As TOM'S psychiatrist pointed out...Cruise suffered humiliation in the bedroom. He was so short and his wife so tall that when they were nose to nose he had his toe in it...and...when...they were toe to toe...he had his nose in it.


How do you slip past cannons prepared and arrayed to blow anyone to smithereens? I'd say you must assault those positions...taking enough of them so that those left can't prevent passage but merely harass and hurt...not totally interdict. The other way is silently to sneak past their barrels hoping the entire ARMY OF LIBERATION succeeded in passing by and out of range before notice taken.

In the ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu...one of his principles is that you NEVER attack a prepared position! Yes...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is pushing the NANNY STATE CAGE model as the "best of the best"...and...something to be preserved and perpetuated. Anyone dissenting from that mission statement is identified and culled so that such anti-CAGE speech isn't heard by the herd.

The power of the MASS MEDIA is formidable. Just ask Herman Cain about how quickly the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA'S cannon can decimate and eviscerate once spotted. Recall his burgeoning campaign died in an explosive mist of elevator sex and room service. In less than a fortnight...the HERMAN CAIN 2012 candidacy for the office of the President of the United States was finished...blown to bits by well-aimed MASS MEDIA cannon!

The only "unwatched route" not yet shut is the INTERNET. The reason is simple. There are not enough people reading or searching for things to read which address the need to eliminate this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model and usher in thereby the otherwise unhamperd market...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. According to David Axelrod...an advisor to Obama...the INTERNET is a toothless hound looking for a porch and nap. Hence...the cannon are aimed elsewhere.

Indeed...this BLOG...while unique...is situated among 6 billion others...smothered in numbers so vast not anyone without special knowledge could even locate this BLOG. Yet...this BLOG continues undaunted...unscathed by such numbers...and...relying primarily on content and presentation to underpin...enlighten...generate interest...and...offer entertainment.

As an excellent example of this "silent passage" idea...you need only examine the Biblical character: JOHN THE BAPTIST. As everyone knows...when JOHN the BAPTIST went into the desert...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...he was surrounded by sand, snake, scorpion, spider and "other". With courage and understanding...though...JOHN began to preach to the universe calling for rebirth...renewal...refreshment...and...inviting anyone to come and receive such bounty of God.

Yes...at first...not anyone heard the call. Ole John didn't stop witnessing, though! He remained steadfast in his POOL OF GOD. Imagine...a dude standing in a pool of water...in the middle of the desert inviting anyone to come and permit him to baptize and enlighten...and...you'll sense "how" farfetched such a scene might have appeared to the average Judean. And...maybe answer "why" THE ESTABLISHMENT overlooked...or...didn't take heed.

Yet...by the time the MASTER of the CAGE discovered him...it was much too late to silence his demand for liberation over subjugation,(JOHN 1:23). Biblical historians point out that this voice of one crying in the wilderness was so powerful...that by the time Caiaphus dispatched his scouts and began to charge his cannon...the prayer-line awaiting renewal and rebirth stretched 1/2 the way across Judea.

Nowadays...TEAM OBAMA is directing its MASS MEDIA cannon to pepper and destroy any enemy of the CAGE. Such enemy is defined as anyone attempting to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "$401 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Had this BLOG sought publication in any of the traditional modes of presentation...it surely would not have a following as large as it has presently and would have suffered* barrages from the heights.

*The INTERNET has not be closed down...and...is the proverbial POOL OF GOD into which one might go and find refreshment of soul.


The dismal 1.5% number issued by the Commerce Department was to be expected. Indeed...this BLOG in October of 2011...forecast stagnation for America in 2012 due to the programs and policies of TEAM OBAMA. Had Obama deployed THE ORB and dismantled the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...an agenda...I might add...crafted over the 20th Century by both sides of the aisle...had Obama done as much...America would be the shining beacon on the hill...and...a siphon on all wealth the world over. Indeed...investors from every nation would flock to America seeking this land where the MASTER and 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE no longer exist...but...instead...an otherwise unhampered market flourishing.

Americans are inundated and swamped by 24/7 propaganda. They're told America is stagnant because government needs to invade and direct from cradle to grave to achieve prosperity. In the public schools...pushing this NANNY STATE CAGE concept...are the teachers whose mission and seeming duty nowadays to inculcate socialist values and besmirch initiative and self-esteem. In almost everything we do or say...somehow the government in that concept or topic has full range and play.

Folks...why not consider an alternative? Why must we continue to devolve into something akin to a 3rd world banana republic? Yes...Obama would find such torment and misery acceptable since he spent almost all of his formative years in countries which practiced socialism and taught hatred of liberty. But...maybe...you're a "real" American...and...want to build something on your own without the assistance of would-be MASTER-OBAMA. If so...why not consider the alternative offered by this BLOG and the ARMY OF LIEBRATION it represents?
THE ORB chases away socialism and Eco-fascism. The omnibus repeal bill,(ORB), cites all rule and law creating or perpetuating this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "$400 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system cleverly crafted to compel compliance...create whining worm dependency...and...perpetuate the MASTER.


To some the queen flying into the 2012 Olympics sporting a British parachute emblazoned with the UNION JACK was incredible...awesome...and...totally surprising. It'll remain a singular marker in history. Maybe even attaining the level of a Final Jeopardy question by 2085.


KEKO...a small lively monkey...was the center of a heated battle in court between two alleged owners...each one claiming KEKO loved them more. One of these claimants, DEBBIE BERG, showed Judge Rugg,Sr. how she and KEKO interacted. She went to the center of the court room and laid down. Instantly...KEKO flew from his perch and landed at her side near her thigh. Immediately, he lifted her skirt...pulled down her panties...and...disappeared under her fluffed dress. Debbie Berg began to laugh and giggle as KEKO plied his trade.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Obama let the cat out of the bag...genie out of bottle...and...it probably will cost him the 2012 election. Yet...because he's a MARXIST ON MISSION...he simply couldn't keep his disguise intact and when he revealed "core belief" in Roanoke, Virginia...he didn't know that such candid declaration was...still...anathema in America!

"You didn't build that...someone else did!" Those words...they embodied his entire philosophy. He's the MASTER...and...anything you have...was painted by him and his cronies. But for Obama...you're dung on shoe...fly swatted...worm crushed...you're his bond slave...and...if successful...it was only because someone else did it...not you.

Permit this BLOG to offer an example of what Obama meant by those words since he's a dude in disguise more often than not.

According to Obama...in his fascist state...whatever a person does is done by permit...by application...and...those most loyal...most likely to assist when Big Boss Tweed wants another term in office...they're first in line...first to receive...and...most likely protected by the MASTER preferring loyal subject to doubtful foe,(think Solyndra and Democrat Jon Corzine).

What Obama didn't realize since he's been an outlier his whole life is that in America...RUDY is always afoot...he's in every American...and...every American is RUDY!

Imagine RUDY encountering a 6 foot 8 inch lifts 700 pounds with one finger Notre Dame giant...and...instead of cowering...he confronts...challenges...battles...and...is destroyed in agony as ripped muscle and sinew fling wildly against mountain unclimbable.

And...imagine...further...as RUDY recovers in the locker room...he hears the trainer say..."hey RUDY...keep ice on those elbows...it'll keep the pain from blowing your brain to bits". Imagine that RUDY replies to the trainer, "Oh...thank you...but...my elbows are fine...you see...I was not the one whose helmet was ripped from his head by hands known only in hell...my knee reversed in torment...and...my elbow...both of them...ripped from their hinges as if they some odd door with disgruntled carpenter wanting to change the look...no...OBAMA suffered such things. It was not I who stood before giants...but...Obama...and whatever injury sustained...not mine...but incurred by someone else!"

If you find such referral nonsense...you'll sense what is meant when it is said that Obama has let the proverbial genie out of the bottle...that annoying cat from its doomsday bag...and...his defeat inevitable. He simply can't put that EVIL REVEALED back into that spot...that protected...never let it out spot.

FIREHOUSE SUBS...the best sub for the money that money can buy. Begun by two firemen who quit their JOBS and launched forth offering the best SUB in town. Accompanying the SUBS were several hot sauces each one a unique "hot sauce". One of the biggest favorites is prepared by a dude in a Haz-mat suit...Andromeda Strain stuff...gloves...tongs...weird noises and funny-looking glowing goo...but...customers love to watch their SUB disappear into a smoking halo as the "hot sauce" eats through bun into plate and on to the floor where it does the ALIEN thing...and...continues to eat through deck after deck...I mean...folks...this stuff is "hot"..."FIRE HOUSE SUB" hot!

Yet...according to Obama...these two intrepid lads...one a dreamer with guitar...the other another dreamer with a penchant for cooking...both working endless hours without rest...wanting their families to have the best...but whatever they did...Obama was the one who did it...and...not they!

In a few words...in that watershed speech...Obama informed America he was not one of them...and...told producers they were unwitting FOOLS who PULL the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

The FIREHOUSE SUBS lads...they were miffed when Obama took credit for their success. They contacted this BLOG and asked that the editorial staff make a comment about their anger. They said that not any TV, RADIO or NEWSPAPER would carry their protest and demand that this NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled.

Folks..we're getting played and fooled again. Let us retake our government...eliminate this NANNY STATE CAGE and its crony capitalism and usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where there are countless successful entrepeneurs...successful by their own effort and not helped or hindered by some bureaucrat exercising the power of the CAGE.



Opposing Obama are several groups. One bunch  wants wishy-washy "me-too" JEB BUSH. Yes..he was an okay governor...but...he lacks spirit and he lacks vision. He loves the 20th century CAGE. He just doesn't want to be as explicit about his GRIP AND GRAB as Obama was in Roanoke, Virginia.
The other crew wants liberation over subjugation. They want this NANNY STATE dismantled...and...the JEB BUSH "me too" crowd evicted as well.

Folks...somehow the Republican Establishment is pushing JEB BUSH as a moderate conservative whose willing to kill to advance socialist cause but only if his hands can't be traced to ill-deed.


I was driving behind a party bus when it began to fly all over the road from side to side at 80 miles per hour rendering the entire vehicle unstable and bound to tip over killing everyone aboard. I looked to see if there were "night of the living dead" zombies making it wildly go...but none could I see. While pondering that permutation...I scanned the sky to make sure that BUS was not subjected to a tractor beam...some abduction scenario in progress...but...no wierd green glow as you'd expect on this island Earth.

All tires were good. But still that BUS was acting as if someone were driving that BUS intentionally...or....recklessly...or...there was not any driver and that bus was without helmsman. The last possibility chilled my bones. From the screams coming from that bus...it was packed...and...they surely could muster a driver from their ranks to save them from doom.

Yet...after a few more horrific miles with that bus careening off each side rail on both sides of the road...it finally went over an embankment...sailed 5000 feet in Thelma and Louise fashion...and....disappeared into a dark canyon.

Because it was so horrific...and...because First Aid might be needed...I stopped my car...went to my trunk...took out my sky pilot...strapped the chute...climbed dark edge...and...hoping I was not about to collide with my own destiny...I jumped. My chute deployed as expected...and...down I descended. I used my 100 million candle power flashlight to illuminate below.

The ground below illuminated in a huge patch of dirt and rocks rendering landing dangerous. Yet...with trepidation but lathered skill...I touched down on my feet...my chute slowly folding itself neatly on the quiet ground. There wasn't a sound. There was not even whisper of wind...not any...dead still...dead air...as if into tomb I had spilled.

Not wondering about predicament afoot...I began to search for the BUS. According to the manner in which it flew into the canyon it had to be nearby. With much effort...I climbed over hill and rock until...I stood on a spot high enough to see that I had jumped into a huge natural hole without door.

As for the BUS...I never found it. Maybe Bermuda Triangle stuff. What I do know is that my cellphone is about to run out of battery and this texted message might not get sent. However...if you pass by a car sitting on the side of the road near a huge canyon-like hole...please scream down into it. You will her me screaming back.


TEAM OBAMA must face the stark fact that the economy is faltering...and...headed into a double-dip recession...if...we're not already inside of such a thing and have been since October of 2011.

TEAM OBAMA'S solution is to layer on more "red tape and tax"...to "spend and squander"...and...in so many words...generally continue on the same path on which they've been for the last 3.7 years.

For their PLAN to succeed..however...they would need to nationalize almost every industry...siphon off profits...and...redistribute them in accord with perceived need as such need assessed by the MASTER of this NANNY STATE CAGE model.

When Obama told Americans they didn't build their respective businesses...someone else did that...he was telling the FOOLS who PULL this "$400 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system their burden and whatever they do is by his permission and such granted only to loyal voters.


Glenn Beck dedicated a day to PUBLIC SERVICE. He called on all Americans to donate some time to some public service. He envisioned people cleaning the beaches...sweeping the sidewalks...trimming roadsides...and...generally cleaning their cribs...so to speak.

What GLENN BECK failed to verbalize...however...was what he was attempting to demonstrate to all Americans. And because he didn't  reveal the overarching purpose...this BLOG has added as much. From what this BLOG'S editorial staff was able to determine...GLENN BECK wanted to show that in a free society people can voluntarily join together to accomplish tremendous feats.

What GLENN BECK was saying by such a call for public service was that people need people and not government situated between them directing and controlling with diktat and "other". Such governmental interference in all forms and formats more often than not prevents such charitable things from occurring in a most practical way.

For instance...helping little Billy with his braces when Obama will care for him from cradle to grave becomes an excuse for righteous ignoring and overlooking. Clean-up teams are never formed since the government pays people to mow and trim and sweep and direct and control and "other". Neighborhood "unarmed" security...even...such left to law enforcement...instead of neighborhoods watching out for each other.

Hence...the larger point made to assist BECK'S march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt" is that government must be reduced until it delivers only essential governmental services such as courts, police and national defense. Indeed...but for government intrusion...the number of people assisted by charity would be vast and significant...but...never would it be "your tears, my purse". Such a broader frame was needed for GLENN BECK'S effort.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The effort of GLENN BECK with his DAY OF SERVICE was an attempt to reveal the power of Americans and the lack of any need for the NANNY STATE CAGE or its "$400 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system designed to eliminate private charity and subsitute such with the freebie and favor of the MASTER, (MATTHEW 4:8).

Indeed...the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists COMBINED into a MASTER...a ruling elite...and they have control of the Oval Office...the U.S. Senate...the U.S. Supreme Court...and...virtual control over most Americans through Obamacare!  If such intrusion is compouded at the State and county and city levels...the stifling affect on charity is palpable and can only be ignored by the most ardent advocates of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Perhaps such intrusion and imposition of power will be by you accepted...but...maybe not. You could very well be on our side...seeking liberation over subjugation...seeking for government to lift its boot and permit Americans to breathe!

Why not examine an alternative? Why not seek EDEN? Why not assist GLENN BECK and the other freedom-lovers in their march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt"? Bear in mind...in the otherwise unhampered market...the alternative offiered...charity is so abundant chairties advertise for "needy patrons"!

The alternative...the thing GLENN BECK overlooked...or...couldn't express...such overlooked thing...the alternative...so to speak...bears the title: THE ORB. To deploy THE ORB is to liberate and dismantle this oppressive CAGE and its "red ink" RIDE...a cleverly crafted trap offered as RIDE...which ensnares and reduces its victim to whining worm...ready to lick boot for MASTER'S favor,(MATTHEW 6:24).

Indeed...THE ORB contains a one-time victims' payment provision. This provision pays off each RIDER in recognition of the psychic injury intentionally-inflicted by Uncle Sugar. The payment is made in colored-paper money...but...unfortunately...such is all that remains of a once great country's public coffers. The good news is that each victim can become the patron of private charity...something which always arises once the INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT steps out.

Yes...the alternative envisions little or no federal government except that needed to deliver the barest of services. As one HARVARD SCIENTIST concluded, "THE ORB chases away instantly the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism....and...ushers in the otherwise unhampered market where charity boundless...but...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper. By implementing the "omnibus repeal bill"(THE ORB) our Gordian Knot instantly sliced and Americans released from this CAGE and its "cripple-causing" RIDE.

This broader message...that EDEN can be reached..that the CAGE can be dismantled...and...each American granted the liberty seek whatever future she or he could generate...such by this BLOG herein provided.

Yes...for the armless...legless...blind....deaf...mentally-disabled...PRIVATE HANDS WITH CHARITY OF HEART await to provide sustenance and succor. Yet...what is so surprising to the "displaced" socialists...the would-be MASTERSas they like to be called...is that in the otherwise unhamepred market...even those so-called "disabled and infirmed" are RICH* in their own way and resent anyone offering them insult or perjorative assessment.

U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly made reference to this BLOG in a firey speech on the House Floor...a speech that brought the entire Republican House to its feat in applause and cheers of righteous indignation.
*FRED GILL is 2 feet tall but has desire and heart as big as Texas. He's been trying to make money since he was 10 years old. The government offered him RIDE...and...he refused. As FRED GILL  said, "Had I climbed aboard...I'd be their slave...to crow and dance when told."


Fred Gill...all 2 feet of him...said he never took government money...even though he was offered government assistance due to his dwarfism. He said not anyone in government has helped but has done much to hinder and hurt.

Fred Gill was incensed by what Obama said about people not doing for themselves...but...only with government help could they ever succeed. How dare this MARXIST ON MISSION ascribe such helplessness to him! Yes...he's a small person in a big world...but...he labors daily to accomplish for hismelf what he sees as better or best. Never would FRED GILL permit Obama to enter his life and direct him as if he were cattle or sheep.


Had I not observed it...I'd have said such was fantascy. Yet...the Queen of England parachuted into the Olympic Games! What a gal!


When Obama said, "You didn't build that...someone else did!" he obviously was not speaking about FRED GILL...a 2 foot tall dude with a heart and voice as BIG AS TEXAS! Yes...FRED GILL...a 2 foot drawf...made his own path...and...created his 'SONG PRODUCTION EMPIRE' even though TEAM OBAMA said such a small person could NEVER achieve greatness without GOVERNMENT HELP.


A dwarf...sporting the name FRED GILL...was asked to sing a RAP SONG. He accepted the challenge asking only that the microphone be lowered. Instantly...this 2 foot tall dude was rapping a SONG he'd written and people were dancing wildly and enjoying his presentation. He sang about the love that left him...about the things that will never be...made me feel like that buck and a quarter that I'd paid them to listen and see.


Until people actually attempted to squeeze value from what is literally "air"...FACEBOOK seemed a worthy investment. However...once FACEBOOK was reduced to stockholder ownership...its seeming value evaporated. People discovered FACEBOOK was little more than a concept backed by consumer confidence...something which lacks any value and relies almost solely on investor fever.


Folks...because the INTERNET was not infected with government "this or that"...wonderful producers...such as the founders of GOOGLE...have been able to offer a product and service which even 10 years ago would have been called "impossible"!


Sir Paul McCartney...former Beatle and freedom-lover...finished off the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics with a wonderful rendition of "Hey Jude". It's wonderful to hear this icon of liberation performing for the world!sir


Senator Bill Nelson from Florida must be evicted from his niche in the U.S. Senate. He's a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. He has been the vanguard for replacing liberty with "freedom to obey"...and...represents the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model. Bill Nelson wants you to grovel before him and lick his boot for freebie and favor. Many Floridians find such notions of power repulsive. They've concluded he's unworthy to represent freedom-loving Floridians any longer!


Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion bucks and he has not been arrested! He has too much "dirt" on everyone in the Obama Administration. As ole Jon said, "Bite me...I bite back."


TEAM OBAMA will discover the voters distrust government and especially don't like to be directed from cradle to grave by some MASTER inside a 20th Century NANNY  STATE CAGE model with its "$281 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system cleverly crafted to compel compliance...create dependency...and...perpetuate the MASTER.

1.5% GDP?

Have you noticed the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA and the Obama Administration are claiming 1.5% growth in Gross National Product( aggregate of all goods and services produced) in order to avoid the accusation that AMERICA has fallen back into recession. When the GOVERNMENT STIMULUS MONEY ran out...so did the business associated therewith...thereby generating this horrifically bad number: 1.5%GDP.

Perhaps you believe government creates and that people don't have much to do with whether America is prosperous or not. Certainly Obama believes as much. He told a crowd of clapping seals in Roanoke,Virginia that producers did not build what they had but received their glory from the MASTER of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE,(MATTHEW 4:8).

Sure...we can continue into this morass of misery and torment...with millions more climbing aboard the "$400 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. One TEAM OBAMA insider laughed heartily and said, "Voters will be reduced to sheep and cattle willing to lick boot for MASTER'S freebies and favors."


Mitt 'the nit' Romney went to London just to ride the ponies...or so it seemed. He met with the head honcho of MI-6...the British version of the American CIA...a meeting which was supposedly to be secret but which was caught on camera by every photographer dispatched to capture anything which might "hurt politically". The 'nit' also met with the socialist Labor Leader-Milibrand. He met with former Prime Minister Tony Blair...another devout socialist and dedicated Eco-fascist. And...of course...he visited for a few moments with Cameron...the Prime Minister.

Whatever Romney did in London has been called callous or uncaring by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA. In contrast...Michelle Obama...the First Lady...was followed around with a complicit MASS MEDIA taking "cameo shots"...each one intended to demonstrate Michelle Obama was a rabid socialist ready to KILL to advance cause.

Indeed...one TEAM OBAMA insider confided, "Michelle is here in London showing every freedom-hater that she and her husband want to enslave Americans in the same manner that the Brits and French and Spanish and Germans and Italians and "other" are chained and yoked for the benefit of the hive."


Because the British dislike the Jews...at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies in London...there was a moment of silence granted for the British athletes killed at the 1972 Games in Munich...but...not for the Jewish Athletes also slaughtered that terrible day.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Vladimir Putin was heard laughing loudly as he read the reports from his Russian spies located throughout the United States. They reported to him America is headed down the proverbial tubes into a miasma of socialism and Eco-fascism and would not be much of a threat to Russian businesses throughout the world. Keep in mind...American Law makes it a crime for Americans to do business with Russians...an idiotic restriction designed to perpetuate as long as possible ill-will between these two great countries.

PUTIN...the reincarnation of PETER THE GREAT...knows that TEAM OBAMA is packed with dedicated MARXISTS. He knows such idiocy reduces a country's people to helples sheep easily directed from cradle to grave. He knows such YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA squeezes and squashes until what's left more or less pathetic and poor and controlled by MASTER.

Indeed they're led by MARXIST ON MISSION...and...PUTIN knows...if unchecked...Obama and his vermin Hun-horde will reduce America to some 3rd world NANNY STATE replete with servile supplicants, parasites and "boot-licking" crony-capitalists. Such a nation won't be able to feed or cloth itself let alone project some kind of international image of power and prowess...a toothless lap dog whining for another bowl of gruel.

PUTIN could drain Europe of wealth...maybe drain America of whatever isn't nailed down or caged...if...he were to announce RUSSIA was an "otherwise unhamepred market"(OUM)...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax. Announce the OUM...and...PUTIN would instantly become the MESSIAH mentioned in the Book of Revelations and usher in a 1000 years of peace and prosperity!


Rep. Mike Kelly decided to preach THE ORB for a few moments...raising high 20 pounds of bound-by-string LAW IN PAPER...in the well of the U.S. House of Representatives demanding the Democrats take their boot off the throat of American business.

What's so nasty about this NANNY STATE against which Mike Kelly railed...is that the NANNY STATE filtered down into the counties and cities stifling and hindering every thing and everyone...bottlenecking...and...forcing every business to ask for permission to exist...thereby rendering each business a servile supplicant...willing to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue.

Take for instance...Lancing, Michigan. A 14 year old boy took his $300 he had saved since he was 5 years old and bought a hot dog wagon and stationed it in a very lucrative spot immediately making back his $300 and deriving a profit of $5000 in one week. He had kids and their parents lined up for miles waiting to buy one of them. They all recalled that last scene in "3:00 HIGH" where everyone bought one sheet of paper for $1.00 in order to assist in repayment of money which had been taken by the MEAN DUDE earlier in the movie.

But...envy...avarice...and...crony capitalism...all combined into a "CEASE AND DESIST ORDER" delivered by 5 police officers backed up by a deployed S.W.A.T. team with 9 snipers...each putting a red dot on the heart of that 14 year old defiant entrepreneur! Officer Tigdik approached little Billy...a child with no arms...one leg...one eye...and...a heart as big as TEXAS!

Tigdik had his 9mm pistol drawn and aimed at this desperado seated in a make-shift couch suspended off the ground by old rope his dad had found discarded at the city dump located a few yards from their back door. Tigdik had been a company man his whole life...knelt when told...licked boot when told...and...was what people understand as "true government tabloid" stuff.

He handed Billy the ORDER by sticking it between the offered big toe and the other thing that looked more like the back of a lobster's tail. Tigdik watched as Billy oriented his body so that his mouth could unfold that ORDER so that he could read it. Tigdik watched in awe as little Billy read each sentence aloud...the tears running down his little wrinkled-from-birth face.

When Billy had completed reading the ORDER aloud...taking moments to choke back torment and sweep out crushed dreams...Tigdik injected, "YOU MUST LEAVE NOW OR FACE BRUTAL REPRISAL EVEN DEATH!"

Billy laughed at such threat. He wasn't going any where. He was not stopping. He was going to continue without fear or hesitation. Tigdik...instantly angered by such courage...gave the SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION signal...and...from a dozen directions...50 caliber bullets ripped through the HOT DOG STAND...blowing it and defiant Billy  to pieces.


A Cologne Judge decided a Jewish or Muslim male infant can't be circumcised. Immediately...by judicial diktat...this tradition was turned into an illegal attack on a baby...an attack the Judge said was criminal in nature and any parent involved to be put to death instantly with a small caliber bullet behind the ear...in traditional German style.

Attend "fool" moon!

Scout leader Antonio Camacho crossed out the spot on their scout's pledge where it said scouts aren't queer. "Tony" said his scout troop didn't care if a scout were homosexual...but...asked those so bent to refrain from sexual attack on others.

Hearing about this confrontation between this New York City Scout Master and the Home Office...DAN CATHY...the owner of Chik-Fil-la...decided to stick his nose into the wad and sniff hard. He claimed the traditional marriage was between man and woman and he endorsed the traditional marriage. Never once, though, did ole Danny Boy say that he didn't serve queers.

Yet...because  DANNY BOY is an ardent Republican and an outspoken critic of TEAM OBAMA...his statement has been raised to a roar. In Chicago...for example...Alderman Proco Moreno...denied a business permit to a Chik Fil La applicant just to splap Danny Boy's face. He denied he refused entry because CATHY is anti-Obama. He said he refused to issue the permit because CATHY was in favor of traditional marriage.


Pennsylvania was able to attract world-class oil and gas exploration teams because the State was directing when...where...how...and...if...with respect to every well drilled to "frack" the otherwise unavailable resources of oil and natural gas. However...Pennsylvania is controlled by socialists and Eco-fascists whose goal to make oil and gas so expensive that people will turn to "green stuff" such as solar...wind...and...biofuels. They don't care if they snuff jobs and the future for millions...if to stop such "fracking" will compel people to use less and revert to a "cave with candle" existence.

What happened to the "foreseeability" feature? Well...some enterprising socialist and Eco-fascists sought court orders giving each county the power to tell such teams what to do. As one Eco-fascist said,"We'll make it so difficult that not any quality capital-intensive entreprenuers would ever risk such venture." Indeed...this candid Eco-fascist laughed at how sheep-like Pennsylvania people has become and how easily they could be made to kneel and worship the golden calf,(Exodus 32:24).


The Brits...at least those in control of the MASS MEDIA...decided before ROMNEY arrived to support Obama because Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION and will bail out the "red ink" welfare states of Europe whereas Romney will do what Reagan would have done: let them fold like cheap suit.

Awaiting the Brit broadside was the complicit Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA in America. One of these simple simons chortled at how one British Newspaper called ROMNEY: " an American Borat"...while another Brit rag...another snide sniffer...so to speak...called him a "wazzok...and...a most excellently packed poop of wanton dullness."

It's amazing how the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is attacking ROMNEY using surrogates wherever found. These attacks are designed to distract voters...to prevent them from asking about "how bad" the American economy has suffered beneath the stomp and chomp of TEAM OBAMA.

ROMNEY must not dwell in this petty mud-throwing. But take this world-attention...pivot...and...tell the world that America is open for business and all the 20th Century red tape...all the 20th Century monitoring...all the snide invasive 20th Century whatever...all of such grip and grab is gone. If he were to preach THE ORB...he'd become the instant leader of liberation over subjugation and disptach TEAM OBAMA into the trash bin of history.


Recall that idiot Obama began giving a speech while everyone else stood at attention as the British National Anthem was played. The Queen...standing next to him...had the look of utter disgust...surprise...and...astonishment at how stupid this simian was. The dude standing next to Obama leaned over and whispered he had best shut up during the national anthem...this wasn't church with a choir humming a tune as he delivered prepared oratory.


Drought throughout the mid-west has ruined the corn crop. However, to make matters even worse...the federal government grabbed a huge portion of what corn was available to make ethanol. At a time when "FRACKING" has paved the way for abundant oil and natural gas mandating ethanol production is as silly an idea as using a spoon and bucket to dip the ocean dry.


Mayor of London was angered by ROMNEY asking about the extent to which the Brits went to protect the Olympic Games. Ole Boris Johnson chided,"It was easy to protect the ROMNEY GAMES since they were held in a desert where the only trouble might come from prairie dog or cactus."


A meddlesome person usually will assert their way is better or best...and...your approach materially lacking. The busy-nose is usually shoved aside and told to mind their own business. More often than not...the officious take heed...shut up...and...depart without further incident.

Yet...there are some people who want you to live their way...to suffer as they do...to be in as small a circle as they...and...will KILL to compel such compliance.

Take for instance the LAW AGAINST MARIJUANA. If you ask most people...they'd say..."I LIKE URB...and...can't stand anyone who does not." And....yet...there is a LAW against POT. How did such a LAW get on the books?


Two ways to get GOLD. The first is to get a pan...squat for days in a stream dipping and looking. The other way is BUY what others have found and made into coin and bullion. The latter approach is best since the "squat with pan" can only be done successfully by a Korean or Mexican...the two types of people who can squat for hours and perform such a feat.

HARVARD SCIENTISTS...offered this explanation as to "why" Koreans and Mexicans are the two kinds of people who find GOLD more often than not. In some ways...they represent the epitome of persistence and patience.

GOLD is mentioned today since the Federal Reserve is about to flood America with almost worthless colored-paper money. By such action...the federal government can siphon off what little wealth you have left without raising taxes or cutting its wanton spending. Yes...you'll have your colored-paper money...but...little will it purchase requiring a bucket of the stuff for "bread and coffee".

Thursday, July 26, 2012

IRAQ and al Qeada

Ironic...don't you think...that OBAMA pulled precipitously out of Iraq leaving that entire country to the whim and way of al Qaeda? Over the last few weeks...for instance...al Qaeda has killed so many pro-American dudes...and frightened so many others into silence...that some international consultants believe IRAQ will eventually be evil more anti-American that ever before.


ROMNEY must pivot and declare he'll deploy THE ORB and dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE so championed...nowadays...by Obama. Inside the CAGE...for example...you don't build your own...it's done for you by others. Inside the CAGE you don't choose what you can keep for yourself...the MASTER does. Indeed...a tax cut is labeled an expenditure of MASTER.

Against such nonsense ROMNEY could offer THE ORB. It would compel TEAM OBAMA to preach MARXIST DOGMA. In Roanoke,Virginia...for example...because Romney had briefly mentioned liberation over subjugation...Obama was forced to deliver the "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT SPEECH."


Only after this BLOG made noise did the Department of Agriculture withdraw its 'MEATLESS MONDAY" campaign...a campaign designed to ruin the U.S. Beef markets...rendering over a million Americans instantly out of business. The goal was to make more people dependent on the U.S. Government thereby insuring a 2012 victory.

As one TEAM OBAMA insider said as he laughed about it, "The hungry never bite the feeding hand. We plan to destroy the beef industry thereby putting even more people into our hands to feed and direct as if sheep."

Yes..when Obama said "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT!"...this meatless Monday campaign was intended to underscore that point with the U.S. Beef producers...most of whom came out publicly for ROMNEY.

As one Democrat Strategist opined, "By killing the BEEF INDUSTRY...Obama is assured more votes from the "greenies". Recall that cattle emit so much methane that the Earth is ready into flames burst killing everyone on the planet in some ridiculous global spontaneous combustion event...an event the computers of the man-made global warming people forecast will happen if CATTLE are not reduced to an overall national herd size not any larger than 100 head!


When you enter that voting booth...you're alone. If the politicians have done their work well...you are fairly sure what each competing candidate offers.

To increase the odds that you will choose a Democrat...the Democrats offer "freebie and favor" in exchange for political support. Take for instance, owners of SOLYNDRA. Obama repaid their 2008 campaign support with a $535 million loan guarantee. As everyone knows...in the SOLYNDRA scandal...it was proven Obama was directly involved in delivering that MONEY BAG.

Another way the Democrats hedge their odds of victory is to reduce a voter to dependency. As one TEAM OBAMA insider chortled and said, "The hungry never bite the feeding hand!" Lately...TEAM OBAMA has been spreading rumors that ROMNEY and the Republicans plan to starve Granny and keep little Billy blind. Such "fear factor" will become even more pronounced as we draw closer to the election.

It's the conclusion of most political scientists that ROMNEY can easily defeat this huckster and his cronies not by out-promising them since such isn't possible...but...by offering an alternative...the otherwise unhampered market...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where a producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.


The best way to argue with a gun-hater is to put that idiot into a situation where the GUN makes a difference. Perhaps...put them on a subway with thugs and watch as they scream for a GUN while beaten and robbed. Yeah...after that beating...that stomping...most of these idiots demand a GUN for revenge...to go and hunt down those thugs...stalk them...and...slay them without remorse.

In that Aurora theater...just one opposing GUN would have prevented the slaughter. Instead of JAMES HOLMES standing there shooting seated patrons as they watched the movie, DARK KNIGHT...he...himself...would have been blown away by 10,000 bullets. There would not have been enough left to bury. However...anti-gun laws made it simple and easy for HOLMES to commit that massacre.


In 2008...74% of all Jews chose Obama. They thought he represented "hope and change". However...by 2012...most Jews are disenchanted with Obama and will probably support ROMNEY. For example...in New York City...most Jews want Romney this time around because they want the GRIP AND GRAB of government lessened not increased.


KARL ANDERSON...Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus...spoke out against the way TEAM OBAMA has conducted its 2012 campaign. He decried the nasty tone and misguided nonsense levied against Romney. So angered was ANDERSON that he conducted his own POLL...asking likely-voters if they enjoyed the hateful manner in which TEAM OBAMA was conducting its campaign.

According to the POLL taken...78% of all people asked said they disliked TEAM OBAMA'S "nasty approach" to the 2012 election cycle.


Anaheim Police were caught injuring people just to hurt them. One "HASSLE" squad was found to have committed over 1000 acts of indiscriminate violence. In one documented instance...this squad approached an Afro-American...surrounded him...and...beat him almost to death leaving a broken body and blood on the sidewalk. The reason given by them in their report was that they spotted this dude spitting on the sidewalk.


Violet Ripken was kidnapped. She's the mother of Cal Ripken...a famous baseball player. Immediately...the entire nation began a "hunt-find". The furor was so great...the cry for help so loud...the kidnappers decided they had chosen the WRONG PERSON!

Indeed...inside a car...tied up...in the back seat...was found GRANNY RIPKEN. To the kidnappers...the entire nation says thank you for making the right decision this time around.


Some political scientists have concluded SARAH PALIN has lost her crowd-drawing prowess. In times past...PALIN'S appearance could turn an otherwise small town hall meeting into a gathering of thousands...maybe millions! In one city...for instance...almost the entire population attempted to cram into that 100,000 seat stadium just to hear her tell them she would dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


Lewis Hays III has joined the crusade to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its $400 million(+) per hour red ink FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system cleverly crafted to compel compliance...create dependency...and...perpetuate the MASTER. As you might recall LEWIS HAYS III gained public recognition when he stood up in a town hall meeting and pointed out the ruinous nature of taxation. One attendee said that in his oration...he framed liberation over subjugation and invited everyone in that audience to march to WASHINGTON DC and "make salt". (Wall Street Journal A-15;07-25-12).
"make salt" is a reference to Gandhi. He and 800 million other citizens of India...marched to the ocean to make salt...a feat the British Government prohibited. Of course...we know Gandhi succeeded in defeating the British Empire with such maneuvers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Rep. Steny Hoyer...Congressional Democratic Whip...said that for every $1.00 in food stamps there is $1.72 in economic activity...and...for every $1.00 spent by Uncle Sugar for unemployment insurance payments there is $1.87  in similar economic activity.

Hence...by merely flooding the country with FOOD STAMPS and UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE PAYMENTS...the U.S. Economy will blossom and bloom...so many people with so much money...they can't help but stimulate the economy! SO says Steny Hoyer and all the other "perpetual motion" advocates claiming 2+2 can equal "5" if you wish hard enough!

The reason Rep. Hoyer can say such absurd things in solemn tones...is because he's a student of KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS...a pseudo-scientific polemic which relies on the ability of the human mind to wish 2+2=5...and..."5" appear...at least appear for that ardent "wisher".

According to Hoyer...Uncle Sugar can spend America into prosperity...taxing the producers...and...redistributing such loot to the RIDERS aboard the ever-getting bigger-better FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. In the HOYER HOOT...the producer...the unwitting FOOL who PULLS...is...a beast of burden...struggling inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. The beast can't much argue with HOYER since HOYER can add 2+2 and get "5" any time he wants and reason doesn't have any supporting role therein.

In SPAIN and the other impoverished Euro-zone nations...the citizens have already bought into this FALSEHOOD. They chose to climb aboard the RIDE and get whatever freebie and favor possible. Naturally...the Spanish FOOLS who PULL awakened to this RIDE and concomitant burden...quit and climbed aboard seeking as good a seat as those already ensconced. Hence...Spain and the rest of Europe has devolved into a morass of misery and torment.

While you might subscribe to the HOYER HOOT...and...don't much care abut how miserable people are in SPAIN, FRANCE,AND PORTUGAL...permit this BLOG to offer an alternative.

The choice offered is a reaction to the HOYER HOOT. Inside the HOYER HOOT...America is already smothered in $70 trillion of red ink...a number so immense not any human mind can grasp or frame.

This alternative is proposed...because...if...we pursue the HOYER HOOT for very much longer...calamity WILL befall this otherwise blessed land rendering millions of Americans completely destitute and susceptible to demagoguery. Imagine that $70 trillion being $300 trillion in just a few years...and...you'll sense how horrific the HOYER HOOT will be.

The alternative offered is called: THE ORB. It's a shorthand way of saying "the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "$400 million per hour red ink' FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Indeed...an ARMY OF LIBERATION carries before it THE ORB chasing away socialism and Eco-fascism and ushering in the otherwise unhampered market,(OUM)...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king.

By deploying THE ORB...Americans can instantly slice through their 20th Century GORDIAN KNOT. Imagine red tape and taxes gone instantly...federal spending reduced to supporting only courts, police and a small national defense force tailored to prevailing in any 21st century war. Imagine your future painted by you and not by some MARXIST ON MISSION claiming "you didn't build that!"

Moreover...embedded in THE ORB is a one-time victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the RIDE. According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...the RIDE is a cleverly crafted trap to compel compliance...create dependency...and...perpetuate the MASTER. The RIDE inflicts an injury to the mind of the RIDER/VICTIM...reducing that otherwise self-starter to that of whining worm ready to lick boot with candied tongue.

Folks...let us jettison the 20th century via THE ORB. Let us evict the would-be MASTERS and those who want misery and  torment plaguing America so that they might rise up and say...give me more power and I'll make your set aboard the RIDE bigger-better. Let us enter the 21st Century and find EDEN...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.


Because of the power and reach of this BLOG...millions of elderly Americans are contacting their Senators and Congressional Reps and telling them to reduce taxes not raise them. They're demanding Uncle Sugar stop its deficit spending and eliminate 98% of the Federal Government at all levels...closing entire departments and sending home 3.78 million federal worker bees with only a thank you note and a fruit basket for their selfless, drooling public service.

The ALERT was issued when it became clear the Democrats were about to attack the elderly and reduce them to eating dog food if not licking the MASTER'S boot for freebie and favor. According to the Democrats...capital gains taxes will be raised. Such increase in taxes will financially devastate 94.2% of all elderly people...making their fixed incomes even more tenuous and doubtful.

According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...the increase in taxes is designed to force the elderly to depend on Uncle Sugar for sustenance making it likely these "hungry" won't bite the "feeding hand". As one TEAM OBAMA insider said, "When we take Granny's wealth...she'll be forced to vote for us!"


Should Ben Bernanke...chairman of the Federal Reserve...get his way...America will soon be awash with colored-paper money...so much of it that the value of that U.S. Dollar will be around FIVE CENTS! In Zimbabwe...they don't print both sides of their $100 trillion dollar note since the ink costs more than the value such ink would represent.


In Canada...the provinces are granted broad power to deal with their respective mineral deposits. However, it wasn't until the national government dropped its ROYALTY from 25% to 1% that the OIL SAND teams ventured to explore...find...and....extract.

This simple fact demonstrates that if the government removes the barriers of tax and red tape...prosperity arrives soon thereafter. When Obama said higher taxes and more red tape generates prosperity...he was not only wrong...but also...foolhardy to believe as much.

One HARVARD SCIENTIST said that this flowering of the OIL SAND INDUSTRY in Canada would not have occurred in America where Obama and his "greenies" are working 24/7 to reduce America to a "cave with candle" lifestyle. This candid SCIENTIST pointed to the KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE as a primal example of a NANNY STATE CAGE model bent on reducing its population to servile supplicants sweating as they try to sleep on hot summer nights.