Friday, August 31, 2012


Loud slapping noises were heard coming from the Tampa hotel room of Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL). Most people thought she was in her room practicing her Democrat Convention speech to be delivered in North Carolina.

However, the slapping sound was from Krystal Ball...a muscle-bound female friend with a bent for slapping to get the COMBATANT ready. Krystal Ball had been summoned by Debbie to slap her in the face as hard as possible...lifting ole Debbie 3 feet off the ground...making her angry...making her mad...affecting her greatly...instead of pleasant speaking...she'd "break on that crowd real bad."

Slap went Krystal Ball...boom went Debbie's head against the wall. Are you mad yet...merciless without regret? Before Deb could say she saw red...Ball blasted her chin with an upper cut grin...splattering her nose in blood on bed. As Debbie fell back once more...slamming her head against the door...she said slap on Krystal Ball...I'm beginning to see how to make them crawl.



At the Democrat National Convention...the wonders and bliss of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE will be revealed to the unwashed masses. Even Obama will promise more not less "red ink' FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...never telling the audience Uncle Sugar is printing worthless colored-paper money...which sooner than later will become hyper-inflationary....bringing America to the brink once more of another credit-currency calamity similar to 2008 only 10,000 times worse!


S.E.CUPP...a rabid socialist and Obama-lover...told this BLOG'S reporter she could not wait for the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina. She had heard the Debbie Wasserman Schultz speech already in Tampa because she was in a hotel room 5 rooms down from Debbie's room and even with that much space between them...S.E.CUPP said she could hear Debbie screaming...whining...whimpering...scoffing...and...sneering as if some cornered critter.


CLINT EASTWOOD demonstrated why he was the best actor for the part of  SMACK-DOWN DUDE. Last night in a memorable performance...he used an empty chair to stomp and kick Obama around as if Obama were some kind of helpless clown...getting shoved and pushed by an angry just-been-cheated sound.


ROMNEY-RYAN must show Americans there is a way to escape this YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They must demonstrate an alternative...a to speak. If they do...they'll defeat TEAM OBAMA. Indeed...the Republicans have a chance to evict the entire vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists from every level of government...ushering in the otherwise unhampered market,(OUM).


When asked about marathons...Republican Vice President PAUL RYAN said his best time was 2 hours fifty something. Later on...Al "not so" Sharpton took umbrage with that estimate saying that TIME would have meant he ran one of the world's fastest marathons...something quite unlikely. The manner in which Al "not so" Sharpton revealed such informational dissonance though dripped with anger and menace.

Yet...when Al "not so" Sharpton was shown the OBVIOUS connection between Obama and the assassination of U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY...he refused to listen. He began to sing MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB...and...turned away from knowing truth. Sure...he could take to task PAUL RYAN saying something off-the-cuff about question a connection to Al "not so" Sharpton...not ole at all.


It's 08-31-12AD...and...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA hasn't wasted any time lining up envenomed talking heads...each one ready to say something snide and demeaning. Never would they admit ole ROMNEY delivered a good statement about what he'd do to reduce the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA.


Have you noticed the MASS MEDIA pushes lousy books calling them "great works by inspired writers" reality...what's written little more than idle drivel and rehashed tripe? Why not examine one of these recommended books and sense how mediocre and banal the plot...or...content?

After you have assessed what I've described as correct analysis...then...ask yourself..."why raise up the mediocre as being great when it's really not?"

The answer was given by AYN RAND in Fountainhead. In a dialogue...TOOEY tells the parasite-architect he raised up this parasite...this worthless "great" so that TOOEY could attack the "actually great" by comparison thereto.


American Idol Taylor Hicks danced and sang for the audience at the Republican National Convention. His performance was "star-quality" and well worth the time spent watching. In contrast...the Democratic National Convention will not have a live presented in 3-D hologram format featuring PUSSY RIOT strutting their female parts and saying nasty things about ROMNEY-RYAN.


Vladimir Putin is a world-class chess player. Most of the Chinese leadership are master chess champions but prefer to play a game called GO. Unlike them...OBAMA has trouble with "go fish"...and...TEXAS HOLD'EM slow.


Ironic to it not...Obama picked Ft. Bliss to tell America he was going to increase the footprint of war in Afghanistan? To that statement of intent to expand and slaughter more people...FIRST ARMOR didn't make much noise...not any approbation offered. When Obama said he was about to deploy FIRST ARMOR back to the toilet bowl of Afghanistan...again...the level of approval was tomb-like in its silence.

It's likely FT. BLISS will become a symbol of war weariness. The tired speech delivered by Obama fell on troops whose skill package second to none. However, there was not any place FIRST ARMOR needed to go since any opposition met by the ARMY would have knives...small arms...and...perhaps a few rocket propelled grenades...but...little else. No need for a 1000 Abrams tanks...with 120mm cannon capable of destroying everything in their path with little in the way of anti-tank threat. Not any foe short of Russia or China could oppose such force for more than a few hours...particularly when American jets...flown by such top guns as Maverick and Iceman...rule the skies.


Clint Eastwood delivered a clever speech wherein at times he seemed to direct his comments to an empty chair stationed next to his podium addressing it as if it were occupied by OBAMA. was a one-way give and tug...but...when you're dealing with something as evil as're handing slither slug. To make sure he didn't get by fang struck...Eastwood stationed an empty chair and ran over it with a 100 ton truck.


The difference between the MASS MEDIA coverage of the Republican and Democrat conventions will be so noticeable most people will find it repugnant to watch. While a crystal ball might serve to reveal what the talking heads will be's likely...Chris Matthews will reveal his tingling left leg...Ed Schultz will have tears running down his cheeks as he describes the MARXIST dogma Obama spewed forth...and...Rachel Maddow will fondly recall how much YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA awaits America.


Political scientists are about to be treated to the 2012 Democrat National Convention wherein the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model will be praised in every way possible or thought to be persuasive in this era of big government and rampant entitlement system expansion. They'll observe speeches designed around fear and fool to drive voters into the voting booth to support continuation of this 20th Century "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

Democratic National Committee chairwoman...U.S. Rep.Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL.)...for expected to speak about the wonders and bliss of the NANNY STATE. She'll describe the spank and diaper check she warmly envisions imposed on the unwashed masses forcing them to kneel and worship whatever golden calf then in vogue,(EXODUS 32:24). She'll reflect fondly on all the government entrenchment of liberty which has gone on since TEAM OBAMA took control. She'll demand Americans become sheep and cattle to be managed by a benevolent MASTER.

Chairwoman-Schultz's speech is mentioned since it offers insight into the collective mind of the would-be MASTERS.'s the entire content of the Democrat convention which will be a snap shot of the last days of the 20th Century CAGE environment. Rarely does such an occasion present itself in such encapsulated format permitting most political scientists to examine what it was that finally caused the CAGE to be dismantled.

Even OBAMA will describe the CAGE and RIDE. Indeed...TEAM OBAMA...will promise more not less RIDE...more freebie and favor...more gift and grant...but...such things bountiful so long as TEAM OBAMA remains in power. retain their RIDE they must muster at the voting booth and be that slave inside. Such things...such speeches...such applause...and...all the accompanying anecdotal stories about NANNY STATE glories...all will combine to present a FREEZE FRAME of what was afoot in the last days of the NANNY STATE...who was saying what about whom and why.

This BLOG is forged in speculation and trimmed with educated guess...with full rein and spur to the imagination.'s obvious this 2012 Democratic convention is the finale of the defenders of this CAGE and "red ink" RIDE model of the 20th century. You will sense how close its end when you hear how shrill and bitter-pill Schultz turns out to be. She plans to rant and excoriate...besmirch and defame...and otherwise call ridiculous the idea that there is an alternative to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model...a model pumping a DEBT CLOCK...a clock ticking away so fast not any human mind can grasp it's import...a CLOCK which clearly demonstrates the foolhardy nature of continuing down this reckless socialist path and offers...a clock which ironically offers instant context and explanation for "why" this CAGE is finished.

The more the Democrats from the stage screech and preach CAGE and RIDE stuff...the more the political scientists will have as paint for the picture of the final days of the CAGE... the final days before Americans rose up and supported deployment of THE ORB.

As one Obama campaign insider said, "It's only a matter of time before the ARMY OF LIBERATION breaches the WALLS and permits 300 million Americans an opportunity to escape.Our task is to keep those RIDERS cemented and obliged to lick boot."



The otherwise impenetrable walls of the NANNY STATE CAGE will be instantly if the sword of Alexander the Great were cutting through the Gordian Knot.


DREW HORNBEIN...OCCUPY-dude...threatened to close down WALL STREET. Could he and his team succeed in achieving such results...inflicting that amount of chaos? If they were successful...what goal accomplished? If it meant to perturb and will be a consummate play. If it's meant...on the other be some social justice will fall flat. Few people believe monkey tells much more than monkey stuff.


Running through the city streets...naked...singing old negro spiritual songs and banging on drums and tambourines...went the parade. It was called a SAHUR...a Turkish festival celebrated in typical Turkish fashion...naked...drunk...and...singing songs not anyone can recognize.

What struck most on-lookers as a powerful international message...PRINCE HARRY...just back from playing "naked pool" in Las Vegas...led the merry-parade...strutting and dancing in ways at once erotic but also subtle and romantic in royal ways.


U.S. Senator Marco Rubio,(R.FL)...delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention. He discussed liberty and enslavement. He described what is presently suffocating America and invited voters to choose an alternative to this NANNY STATE CAGE and its "$600 million (+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Senator RUBIO did not preach THE ORB, however. He hinted around its edges...even...portrayed some of its benefits...but...would not deliver THE ORB as proposed. He was more politically-savvy pundits...there are too many Americans aboard the get elected...Republicans had to say they liked such an "into fiscal oblivion" slide.

RUBIO was flatly informed that he couldn't tell America that Uncle Sugar was bankrupt and printing worthless paper money to pay for the RIDE...since that revelation would ruin the Republican Party's political chances...chances they believe improved by offering "same old, same old...just different bag....tempered a twitch with THE ORB'S benefits."


How does a tyrant remain in power? The answer might seem simple. Slay all opposition leaving only sheep and cattle to tend. times past...such method was easily understood and as easily implemented. Stalin...for example...slaughtered millions of people to retain power. In North Korea, Iran...and...Syria...even today...the tyrant remains in power through absolute cruelty and merciless grip.

In America the method of maintaining position and power is different...but...just as effective. In America...the MASTER uses laws and rules to create and perpetuate a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein people are directed from cradle to grave with spank and diaper check.

To keep power...the MASTER of this 20th Century CAGE simply offers a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE to everyone meeting certain criteria. By such gleaning and sorting......eventually the RIDE is packed with servile supplicants and parasites each one willing to kneel and worship whatever golden calf erected,(EXODUS 32:24).

In America...nowadays...over 50% of the population is aboard the RIDE and unable to do anything other than what the MASTER directs. Inside the voting booth...the RIDER must choose RIDE or "other"...with...the likelihood of choosing "other" almost nil. The MASTER knows such human frailty commonplace...and...plays to the fear of RIDE-loss to compel the RIDERS to get off their couches and go to the voting booth and choose RIDE.

The difficulty with this NANNY STATE CAGE approach to that eventually the unwitting FOOLS who PULL simply quit and climb aboard the RIDE as well. In 2012...for example...the number of people claiming disability* and therefor qualifying as an entitlement recipient increased dramatically. Why work? Why not climb aboard...and...receive a stipend each month from Uncle Sugar?

To eliminate this subtle-tyranny...and...dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...Americans must support deployment of THE ORB,(i.e, the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating this CAGE and "red ink" RIDE). THE ORB  chases away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism...and...ushers in the otherwise unhampered market,(OUM)... a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Of course...arrayed against such dash to door attempting thereby escape from this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE are formidable troops. The MASS MEDIA...for packed with pro-tyrant people and their efforts to sully and besmirch such a march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt" would be 24/7...vicious...biting...and...powerfully persuasive. Vested interest groups will also join in the opposition to any deleting or eliminating of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the CAGE.

Yet...with INTERNET...the ARMY OF LIBERATION...will succeed in addressing any LIES belched by THE ESTABLISHMENT. As more and more Americans use INTERNET...the likelihood of stopping the ARMY OF LIBERATION by "aggressive propaganda" in the MASS MEDIA diminishes ASSAD is discovering in SYRIA nowadays. This Syrian tyrant...for example...crudely closed down all opposing MASS MEDIA...but...could not close down the INTERNET!
*Wall Street Journal A-15;08-30-12: "In July, most Americans were shocked to discover that 246,000 new people had qualified for disability benefits during the previous three months, while only 225,000 people had found new jobs."


"MAKE MY DAY!" Clint the Republican National Convention...delivered a clever speech pointing out every shortcoming and disaster caused by TEAM OBAMA. Clint used an empty chair and referred to the empty chair several times pretending such to be the President's chair in the Oval Office.

Immediately...OBAMA twittered back with a photo taken from behind...showing Obama seated in the Oval Office...behind his a chair that said on an "affixed-to-its-back" gold plate: "MARXIST ON MISSION".


In Las Vegas...Britain's Prince Harry and several gals were secretly video-taped playing a game of pool. Because the game was "strip pool" some point in that competition...PRINCE HARRY became did the other 100 girls playing with him. VEGAS such things remain there. However...when some bastard has a hidden camera...that understanding about privacy is not honored.


In the Ronald Reagan economic-recovery in 1981...government programs offering entitlements went down considerably. People didn't want to be enslaved to some MASTER inside a NANNY STATE CAGE and they escaped and began to prosper. Because Reagan lowered taxes...removed red tape and hassle...the American economy boomed and blossomed.

In 2008...TEAM OBAMA ignored the benefits of lower taxes...less red tape...less hassle from government...and...went the opposite way...with more taxes...more spending...more red tape and hassle. As a result...the government entitlement programs have bloomed and blossomed accordingly. The FOOD STAMP program...for instance...went from 26 million to 46 million...a staggering 71% increase. Likewise...businesses have refused to expand and employ more people since each new worker carries with them a number of new laws and rules so nasty...not many employers wish to encounter preferring to not hire but to find ways to avoid such need.

The problem is that TEAM OBAMA controls the MASS MEDIA and everything their talking heads think, do or say. In many ways...the MASS MEDIA has become a puppet...reading off scripts prepared for public consumption...packed with propaganda...but...little in the way of real facts presented. Hence...not anywhere in the MASS MEDIA is there mention of such GOVERNMENT GROWTH and its nasty consequences.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

GASOLINE ABOVE $4.00 per gallon?

Folks...gasoline over $4.00 per gallon on Labor Day? Can Obama survive that PRICE HIKE? If it were a Republican...the answer would be "no". The Democrat-controlled MASS MEDIA would have been frenzied-piranha....each one looking forlornly into the TV camera and sighing with the words: "TO HIGH...ASK THEM WHY."

Yes...TEAM OBAMA can be blamed for these gasoline prices. Indeed...OBAMA has just decreed the American car by 2025 must get 54 miles per gallon of gasoline...a feat not any auto-maker can perform without that "new car" costing over $180,000.00 each. ONLY the rich could have them...making the rest of us have to ride "green stuff"...such as air-condition-broken buses with creeps seated next door...or...subways with things some might label critter or crude.

Imagine two towns and one runs out of gasoline. In most instances...those two towns have government-dictated blends which can't be mixed creating a dearth instead of glut. Such silly environmental strictures cause gasoline prices to be greater than what they would otherwise be if generic gasoline were used...something long ago that was the case. Hence...gasoline prices will continue to climb as more and more OBAMA stuff is jammed and crammed.


Of all the much better places to practice her North Carolina convention speech...Debbie Wasserman Schultz chose a hotel Tampa, Florida adjacent to PAUL RYAN'S room. She made it a point to scream at the wall so that in the next room...ole PAUL would hear her NOISE. Indeed...PAUL RYAN told America she sounded shrill and annoying. Her screeching and puffing too disturbing to ignore. He described her NOISE as the worst thing he had ever encountered.


Hateful and mercilessly biased Chris Matthews took his cordless microphone...into an on-looker Tampa...pretending to be conducting an extemporaneous interview with faces in the crowd...randomly picked. He would give the awaiting by-stander the microphone and the by-stander would then deliver a prepared speech.

Yet...ole CHIS pretended such were extemporaneous statements and not cronies placed to be used in the manner he was doing. He asked for impromptu opinions about the PAUL RYAN speech...a speech MATTHEWS had just finished saying was flawed with "LIES AND DECEPTIONS". Of course...except for two Republicans...people that would not be passed over...the rest were Democrat activists assigned to that area to deliver scripted opinions when "left-leg-tingling" brought the microphone and camera near.


TEAM OBAMA led by Chris Matthews and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said with a straight face that the $878 billion stimulus positively helped the economy. Based on that idiotic assessment...such argument...if taken to its obvious conclusion...would mean if the spending had been with reckless abandon...instead of having only been spent carelessly...then...the economy instead of struggling along at 1.3% GDP would be booming had the spending been...say....twice as much.

In the last 3.8 years...TEAM OBAMA has spent $16 trillion. This figure is derived as follows: $6 trillion dollars of borrowed money and another $9.9 trillion taken in taxes for a total of $16 trillion in 3.8 years...and...still...the economy is almost moribund. What TEAM OBAMA did was drain the wealth that was left in America and redistributed the manner he told JOE THE PLUMBER he intended to do back in October of 2008.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul does not increase wealth. Hence...the $16 trillion in spending has not built anything more than bigger government...more YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...and...stifled whatever could have been by such GOVERNMENT STUFF. Remember...when government takes wealth and spends it this or that way...what you see is what government built and not what could have been had that wealth been left in the hands of those who produced it.

As one TEAM OBAMA insider said, "Spending not your own but other people's money is bad since it causes reckless behavior. According to David Axelrod...OBAMA spent carelessly...but....not recklessly." Of course...Axelrod was referring to the SOLYNDRA SCANDAL...and...the other manifold boondoggles OBAMA authored. Indeed...Obama generated almost $500 billion in stupid investments...but...these were careless ventures...not reckless ones, however.

Sure...some people won mightily. The SOLYNDRA owners...for example...left the company bankrupt after siphoning off the "stimulus" money their company had received out of the so-called $878 stimulus package.


PENDA HAIR has involved herself with the VOTER IDENTIFICATION LAW. She wants everyone to be able to vote and does not wish anyone to have to demonstrate their identity. Sure...such relaxation of requirement would afford the willful plenty of room to vote more than once...but...what would that matter to PENDA HAIR?

Recall that PENDA 2008...discovered voter fraud and refused to reveal it because it favored the Democrat Party. Later on...such an ostrich maneuver was called despicable by Republicans.


Have you noticed the pro-OBAMA TV stations are having their own talking heads deliver biting criticism and sarcastic commentary...lambasting and belittling wherever possible ever aspect of the Republican National Convention?

For example...asking CHRIS MATTHEWS...a rabid socialist and well-known freedom-hater...about the effectiveness of the REPUBLICAN MESSAGE...could only fetch excoriation and besmirching rhetoric written for him by TEAM OBAMA. Matthew's cohort,RACHEL MADDOW...another reviler-of-liberty...when asked to address the MESSAGE...vomited and wretched saying she lacked the visceral fortitude to reveal such horror.

FOLKS...but for this BLOG...there is not anyone writing about what must be done! Naturally...those preaching THE ORB outside the convention center have been ignored even though THE ORB offers the "only cure" for the misery and torment so much upon America. In one demonstrative-instance...MSNBC Chris Matthews had security people clear away the FREEUSFLORIDA.COM sign. He had been caught before by this BLOG'S talented tumult-team...and...he wasn't about to have that sign once more stationed prominently at his right ear in biblical fashion.


What possible information could the HUFFINGTON POST lady have to offer important enough to warrant a 15 minute interview on MSNBC with the Republican National Convention ongoing in the background? According to JAMES FALLOWS...absolutely nothing at all could this air-head impart worthy of recollection.


What on earth is Dandy Dick Durbin doing drooling in Tampa while the Republicans have their convention? It's inexplicable...but...there he was getting interviewed by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA telling America that TEAM OBAMA will offer "more not less" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...and...the Republicans are trying to eliminate the $1 trillion(+) annual deficits by deleting the RIDE.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Arrayed* against the ARMY OF LIBERATION stand a formidable bunch. They control the programming of most TV and RADIO stations. They have stationed in almost every newspaper fellow-travelers whose hatred of liberty equal to their own.

Leading this attempt to reduce the government's footprint are the Republicans. However...the Republicans have chosen a moderate...tepid...crew...ROMNEY-RYAN...inoffensive...whose wish to better America by deleting red tape, tax and goo. They can't be any more specific...though...because to define what part of the overall RIDE will be ended...would give "red meat" to the hungry Obama-controlled talking heads.

To avoid such orchestrated-assault...they're being as general and secretive as TEAM OBAMA was in 2008. Recall the JOE THE PLUMBER incident wherein the MASS MEDIA instantly ignored the implications of what OBAMA said about spreading the wealth around. They dodged such things because they knew Obama was a dedicated MARXIST ON MISSION...with a tribal socialist bent. Had they but dwelt on that dialogue...OBAMA would never have defeated bad as McCain was!

*Dandy Dick Durbin...dude with blue turban...said enslavement better than not...trying to prison rot.


The HOOD found the BISMARK and on that fatal day...the BISMARK started firing 15 miles away...we gotta sink the BISMARK was the battle sound...but...when the smoke had cleared away...MIGHTY HOOD went down.

That song about the fate of the H.M.S. HOOD came to mind as I listened to U.S.Rep. PAUL the Republican Vice Presidential choice...deliver shell after shell on-target blowing TEAM OBAMA instantly away. The blast radius of some of those explosions so far-reaching that OBAMA was heard to say, "We might very well have lost the election by this Convention speech's cannonade."


SMALL TOWN STUFF...we hear about it but hardly ever know anyone victimized by it. However...when it descends on us...when we're first hand targets...such is when...notice is taken of how powerful small town government has become.

Permit a moment...for the short version of such an attack. An Italian cook wanted to expand his business into Sebastian, Florida. He went to Sebastian and looked for a SPOT. He found a spot. He went to every government office vested with any interest or rule in any way affecting that spot...and...complied with all requirements...many and complex as they were...and...received thereby an occupational permit allowing this Italian cook to sell his products from that spot.

Because that spot had been empty for several years due to the on-going DEPRESSION afoot in Indian River County, Florida...not anyone paid much attention to the SIGN which announced his presence...and...less this Italian cook, his wife, and 4 children went about offering FOOD to anyone willing to buy it.

However, their FOOD was incredibly good...better than any customer had tasted...and...word spread quickly. Sebastian, most Floridians packed with mean-spirited people who hate life and themselves and are willing to tell anyone who'll listen.

In such a crowd any "good news" rumor travels at a snail's pace requiring any "new business" to have enough "sticking power" to remain afloat...keep door open...make sure the food is as good as it was yesterday...and...offer a smile to anyone even coming close to the door. As one 98 year old Sebastian resident said as he left the SPOT, "Never in all my years have I eaten so well...and...paid so little for what some might call FOOD FOR THE GODS."

The WEALTH brought into the SPOT was so much that the envious began to take notice. The restaurants located in and around the SPOT became concerned as their patrons began to frequent the SPOT preferring such fare to what these others offered. patron well-known for breakfast at another cafe stopped going there and began to eat at the SPOT.

The line waiting to eat the FOOD OF THE GODS was so became the topic of conversation of these "nobody-there" owners. They had to find some way to close down the SPOT lest they lose customer base and have to close their own doors. It was so noticeable that the envious began to plot this ITALIAN COOK'S downfall.

In the final meeting on what to of these avaricious owners mentioned he had connections in the Indian River County Building Department..and...elsewhere. With a few telephone calls...the "heat" could be brought down on this ITALIAN COOK and probably close him down! Joyful such indirect assault possible, the collaborators departed to await the BOOM.

Sure marched the GOVERNMENT. Because this was to be an indirect attack...there was not to be not any way to link these conspirators to it. Indeed...the building inspector engaged in this effort seemed insulated from such "puppeteering"...yet...everything that has gone on so far seems this dude...this aloof...haughty dude presently possessing the JOB of the Building Inspector.

For the behest of this DUDE...the Fire Marshal entered the SPOT. He pointed out defects and deficiencies and demanded such be cured within several days or suffer closure. After the Fire Marshal said his piece...the ITALIAN COOK stopped cooking...went to his briefcase...doubling as his small-business-office...and...withdrew a piece of paper with a huge GOLD STAMP...and...the signatures of people much more powerful and with much more authority than Fire Marshal Bob.

The paper said the SPOT was safe and secure. As the COOK noted such things in passing...and...opined that the Fire Marshal's statement was totally contrary to what was mentioned therein...the Fire Marshal accidentally revealed the Building Inspector as the one who had dispatched him with specific directions...directions which were intended to harass and frighten.

With that GOLD STAMPED paper shown...though...Fire Marshal Bob departed asking that his visit not be mentioned.

And it would have remained "yesterday's rice" had it not been for the next INSPECTOR to arrive and demand some defect be corrected or face closure. This inspector was from the health department and was very snotty...and...ready for a fight.

The COOK stopped cooking...again...went to his briefcase...and...withdrew another piece of paper with a GOLD STAMP and signatures of people with greater authority than the underling to whom such GOLD STAMPED paper was given for perusal and edification. This health inspector examined the document...and...agreed everything was within official limits and to excuse the intrusion into what appeared to be another incredibly busy day with a line forming already.

After that Inspector departed...the COOK called his lawyer. Please get these birds off my back. Whomever I've angered...please tell them I'm sorry...I'm only trying to make my way through this jungle called Sebastian and have been able to feed many whose palate for the first time having been granted the FOOD OF THE GODS.

The lawyer dutifully contracted the BUILDING INSPECTOR whose first statement from jump street was that the electrical use at the SPOT was too great and better electrical wiring and panels had to be installed. The lawyer revealed that such problem had been examined and corrective measures were to be undertaken as the SPOT could afford.

To bolster the position of the lawyer in this interface...the lawyer offered another GOLD STAMPED piece of paper which addressed that very concern about electrical service and the COOK had been granted variance and time to correct...two things this INSPECTOR was not inclined to offer but had to concede had been granted by people with more authority. Because this INSPECTOR was on thin ice...he skated away saying to provide the "completion data" when corrective measures finished. Internal Revenue Service...federal people...contacted the COOK and demanded things the COOK could not provide. How the BUILDING INSPECTOR was able to dispatch those piranha hasn't been revealed...but...sent they were by this DUDE...this co-conspirator.

How long can this now-beleaguered COOK continue? How long can this COOK find JOY in such work when every time a bright future seems possible...another GOVERNMENT JACK BOOT stomps into his life...demanding...threatening...and...leaving only when a GOLD STAMPED piece of paper produced demonstrating that part of the attack too wrongful...too obvious to be pursued?


"Surprised!" describes the impression when observing college students applauding Obama...a dedicated MARXIST ON MISSION...a dude who'd slice his own mother's throat to advance cause. They clap for his enslavement of them.

They applaud the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA which lists each one of them as an unwitting FOOL who PULLS...the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...a RIDE aboard which last count...159 million Americans...159 million sheep....mindless cattle...ready to kneel and worship whatever golden calf chosen by MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

They cheered when this MARXIST ON MISSION...this simian in the Oval office...said he was reducing them to slaves...and...forcing them to pull the RIDE for others. Some had tears running down their cheeks as he described the CHAIN to be affixed about their necks. They wanted to PULL...and...were just waiting for that YOKE to be applied.

Across campus was another speaker. This speaker was presenting the other way...the 21st Century way. Lady Elizabeth was addressing a different crowd, though. These were students looking for someone to be their leader. They were members of the ARMY OF LIBERATION before whom was carried THE ORB...and...they were there to hear from someone whose credentials warranted their time spent listening.

LADY ELIZABETH revealed EDEN. Her audience...screamed with adulation. Here was a real leader willing to stand forth and declare America would be liberated from the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. She promised to march to WASHINGTON DC and to every other office of government and "make salt"...eliminating and deleting until all that remained was an otherwise unhampered market...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king.


Obama continues to blame BUSH-CHENEY for the miserable economic climate he...himself...has been managing for the last 3.8 years. Sure...he has helpers whose MARXIST bent as great as his own...but...Obama has had his hand in everything which has been done or not done over these last few years. In his first 2 years in office...for example...Obama had a "power-lock"...a Congress filled with socialists and Eco-fascists...a Supreme Court jam-packed with MARXISTS and freedom-haters...and...a complicit MASS MEDIA ready to tell America it was good to be enslaved.

In 2010 mid-term elections...Americans revealed how displeased they were at the way TEAM OBAMA was hurting America. They jettisoned many Democrats and directed those taking their places to delete the 20th Century YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA. They wanted to dismantle this NANNY STATE CAGE not make it more powerful...more intrusive...more tyrannical.

Nowadays...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is claiming America has changed its collective mind and wants more NANNY STATE CAGE...and...more FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE not less.

Yet...everyone to whom this BLOG'S reporters have every state in the Union...most of them want the GRIP AND GRAB of this CAGE otherwise unhampered market ushered in.

They realize the MASS MEDIA is pumping out 24/7 propaganda hoping to push people into supporting this enslavement and erection of a ruling elite...a ruling class...insulated from any entrenching of power using clever laws which guarantee the incumbent an easy victory more often than not, (McCain-Feingold Election Law).


ETHANOL...stuff made from corn and grabbing so much corn that the beef industry is about to go under. Yes...ETHANOL has a mandate from the federal government requiring corn to be used for FUEL...even though it's not a marketable product if not subsidized. Hence...the federal government is making ETHANOL and destroying the beef industry.


GWEN IFILL...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...was overheard discussing her sexual relationship with JANET NAPOLITANO...the Homeland Security chief. She was angry that JANET was unfaithful to her having been caught in a Motel-6 with Suzanne Barr.


Obama lacks charisma. His get a crowd to gather so he's not speaking only to the  PRESS CORP and his own Secret Service team...must pay people to attend. One elderly lady was paid $50.00 to take a front-row seat and cry when Obama discussed GOVERNMENT HELP. Another lady was paid $100 to pretend to faint when Obama crowed  about his YOKE AND CHOKE'd grab even more wealth and pass it around.

POLLING DATA...suspect in every way more often than not...absolutely shows this time around that OBAMA is hated by over 98% of all Americans but tolerated by some provided he gives them a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.


There are several kinds of people aboard the 20th Century "$500 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...hence...the deletion thereof appears to be a tangled can't be managed...but...only tolerated.

For example...senior citizens are on the RIDE. They PAID for their seat by suffering huge taxes imposed on them so that when they did reach elderly status...there would be some safety-net...some social security...some medicare...some help from the American government...a government that took such TAX MONEY and promised such precious funds would be put into a LOCK BOX TRUST FUND...prudently administered.

Never did the federal government reveal the TRUE PURPOSE of the RIDE...i.e., to reduce the RIDERS to that of dependent sheep and mindless cattle...waiting for their food and shelter from their MASTER.

However...nowadays...this particular group of RIDERS is the most desperate since their LOCK BOX TRUST FUND was raided and all that's left in that LOCK BOX TRUST FUND are pieces of paper* with I.O.U. written on them..."DUMB and DUMBER" stuff. These voters have been DECEIVED mightily...and...are angry that anyone would consider siphoning off what little wealth still remains in that mythical LOCK BOX TRUST FUND.

Another bunch aboard the RIDE climbed aboard because they found an open seat waiting for them to occupy. The "FOOD STAMP" crowd, for example, are parasites and servile supplicants whose FOOD STAMPS were obtained because they were FREE and UNLIMITED in amount. Yes...taxpayers had to foot that FOOD STAMP far as these RIDERS are concerned...they have FREE FOOD...FREE SHELTER...FREE CLOTHING...FREE TRANSPORT...and whatever else MASTER deems good and fitting for them.
* In the movie, DUMB and DUMBER...there is a scene in a bedroom where the owner of a briefcase opens it only to find IOU paper and receipts therein. He becomes livid. Where is the money? DUMB and DUMBER reveal to this pistol-pointing jerk they would repay the money...and...every IOU was a good the moment...they were without money but would promise over time to repay.


Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. If you don't believe that've not been attacked yet by some government jerk. But once you've sustained an'll JOIN our crusade to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE!


After much examination...anthropologists concluded the reason people left ancient cities was because those remaining would not change their ways and such ways were so nasty most simply could not any longer abide by such horror and departed. There was not ANY practical way to eliminate the grip and grab of these governments of these the population left the area for better lives...lives not fraught with whatever the city-government wanted to impose.

After watching the Republican National Convention(RNC) last occurred that here was a collection of people trying to change the government's YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA but were shoveling dung against the tide...people wanted  the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE. Yes...those whose future is not aboard such RIDE...are similar to the ancient disgruntled folks who voted with their feet.

Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez stood at the podium and told America that TEAM OBAMA was a disaster and they needed to be evicted. She pleaded with America to choose liberation over continued subjugation. She cried out for them to realize what horror they were underwriting with any support for that simian in the Oval Office or for his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists.


Folks...BUSH'S Secretary of State took to the podium last night and revealed how great she was and will be as she finds ways to assist America in removing the chain-and-whip of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA. She envisions America once again free and rid of the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Folks...the hatred of the Republican demand that the NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled is obvious. The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...almost every TV and RADIO station...have assigned snide...snippy commentators and talking heads to pick and kick openly demeaning and defaming....making the Republican National Convention less than what it might really symbolize.

In Tampa, Florida...Republicans have gathered to begin their effort to elect ROMNEY-RYAN and other Republicans to the House and Senate...thereby securing power...and...enabling OBAMACARE to be repealed...along with...almost the entire NANNY STATE CAGE model...releasing America from the grip and grab of this 20th Century MASTER...and...ushering in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place HARVARD SCIENTISTS have called EDEN.

Because the OUM does not require a ruling elite...or...some crony-MASS is anathema to TEAM OBAMA. Should the OUM be implements...for example...3.78 million federal worker bees would be discharged. recognition of their selfless, drooling public service...they'd each be given a thank you note and fruit basket...but...NOTHING ELSE! As for every RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...THE ORB provides a one-time payment as to each RIDER in recognition of the LIES and DECEPTION used by both sides of the aisle to garner the RIDERS' favor and supportive vote.


Have you heard the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA push on the polemic which goes something like this: Americans want a social safety-net. Americans don't have the grit to care for their own any more and hence need the social safety-net to catch ole Granny.

This polemic envisions Granny starving and her own kin-folk turning their backs on the ole gal instead of assisting her...and...they want this social safety-net to catch ole Granny as she free-falls into fiscal oblivion because her family abandoned her leaving her as a ward for some charity to find and nurture...something the OBAMA-CONTROLLED MASS MEDIA says doesn't exist.

What the safety-net advocates are saying in so many words is that they don't do charity and hence want a social safety-net to catch their intentionally-stranded mother and father...two people who gave these safety-net advocates their all...stranded and left for someone else to carry.

MARTIN BASHIR...a talking head on MSNBC...said he stranded his mother and left her for the government to carry. He said he enjoyed watching producers have their wealth grabbed so that it can be given to his mother...a person he stranded and left for others to carry.

According to MARTIN BASHIR...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...Americans don't care that such a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system is used to create even more dependent people thereby insuring a favorable voting bloc for "more not less". Martin said his mother licks boot to get things nowadays. Martin said it disgusted him to watch his mother lick boot...but...he had to abandon her so that the government could provide that social safety-net and release him from bondage.

What they care about is the MYTH that somehow by impoverishing a the product of such labor to someone else as the MASTER sees fit...that such person so helped is not any longer hungry...not any longer without clothing...shelter...transport...or...anything else the MASTER deems righteous and necessary. Indeed...according to the MASS MEDIA...Americans don't care that nowadays the MASTER can blithely squander $6 trillion and never fear any American from demanding another DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE...this time deploying THE ORB and finally completing the pathway to EDEN.


Because the MASS MEDIA is packed with socialists and Eco-fascists...the Republicans have succumbed to their power and are presenting 'wishy-washy"..."me-too" drivel...not much different that what TEAM OBAMA proposes for the next 48 months. Instead of the Republicans at their Tampa convention preaching THE ORB...and...promising to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete its "whining-worm-creating" RIDE...a RIDE cleverly crafted to turn people into sheep...reduce them to dependent critters...fearing loss of RIDE...and...willing to lick boot with candied tongue for a better seat.

ROMNEY-RYAN could have pushed OBAMA into the proverbial corner forcing this simian to reveal himself as a MARXIST ON MISSION...willing to slit his own mother's throat to advance cause. Had they but preached THE ORB...calling on all Americans to join the ARMY OF LIBERATION...and...march to WASHINGTON DC and to every other government office and "make salt". THE ORB drives the would-be MASTERS from their niches...evicting the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists instantly.

YES...we can dismantle this CAGE and liberate America from this "red ink" YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA. Of course...arrayed against this effort will be powerful MASS MEDIA and "other"...each one crawling from their scum-hole to belch opprobrious epithet and cast egregious aspersion.

It was the fear of such talking heads as RACHEL MADDOW...a slobbering socialist freedom-hater...or...CHRIS MATTHEWS...a jerk with a problem with Cialis. These slime-slugs scared ROMNEY-RYAN so much these two are saying "wishy-washy" things...things cowards would say...things fearful people would say.

This BLOG cried out to ROMNEY-RYAN to preach THE ORB...and...give America a chance...just a chance to throw of the bondage of this NANNY STATE...bondage which TEAM OBAMA wants to increase...not lessen!


What kind of person would wish to have a NANNY STATE CAGE with MASTER directing from cradle to grave? When you ask that question...not anyone raises their hand as that kind of person since not anyone wishes to reveal how worm-like and servile they really are.


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA has been slamming and demeaning the Republican National Convention speakers. However, few Americans are surprised by such nasty bias since they've observed it in every word spoken since Obama took office.

Take for instance...the gaffe Obama committed in London when he thought the music was for him and he continued to deliver some 1/2 baked statement until someone leaned over and told him he was speaking during the British National Anthem and he should be quiet. Had BUSH or ROMNEY done such an idiotic would be shown 24/7 and talking heads would have been commenting on it daily. But...because the error was committed by the simian in the Oval was not mentioned and had to be aired through the FOX NEWS network or else Americans would never have observed this IDIOT...this flop-eared MARXIST ON MISSION...making such a grievous social-error.


It didn't matter what Governor Chris Christie(R.NJ) said last night...even if it were the greatest oratory ever delivered. The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA already had its script. The plan toi besmirch was carried forth with aplomb. The talking heads on every TV channel,except FOX NEWS, demeaned GOVERNOR CHRISTIE...calling his speech lackluster and cowardly. Of course...these same people would never be brave enough to criticize him in his presence since he might just smack them into a wall or kick them in the balls.


TEAM OBAMA must sell "collectivism" far...few voters want to be enslaved with some ruling elite telling them when to laugh...when to cry...when to live...and...when to die. Sure...out of 310 million Americans there are a few whining worms whose lives are so pathetic they want to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave. is they...these servile supplicants and parasites...whose banner championed most by TEAM OBAMA.


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is pounding on the way the speakers presented their speeches last night. Ann Romney's speech was called tepid and weak. The KEYNOTE SPEAKER Chris Christie was called angry and disturbed. But...anyone expecting the MASS MEDIA talking heads to be anything other than nasty and critical was expecting far too much from such vermin.


Government stooge and would-be MASTER Elizabeth Warren has been traveling around Massachusetts telling people they did not build their wealth...someone else did. She told one audience that because others helped produce whatever they had...they must permit the MASTER to enter and take back what was provided.

Yes...such statements are the things which occur in a tyranny...not in a free country. Can you imagine that nasty woman bashing down your door and grabbing what she claimed was not yours but belonged to the MOB and she was going to redistribute as she saw fit. Imagine such horror and you've just been in the mind of that despicable ugly woman sporting the name "Liz Warren".


Have you noticed the people making the statement "you didn't build that...someone else did" are people plagued by envy and self-hatred for their own shortcomings and distractions.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER GOVERNOR OF NEW JERSEY Chris Christie delivered a speech which was good but not great. He did not call Obama a MARXIST ON MISSION. He did not indict TEAM OBAMA for their abysmal performance in delivering a better economy...a feat they said they could accomplish but so far have failed to produce.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


To the idiots who claim they built the light bulb and Edison was just somehow a part of the overall these indirect might very well be said that they starve on their own.

Folks...their polemic is flawed. An otherwise unhampered market(OUM) is nothing more than people cooperating peacefully in a division of labor context with each person at the same moment a consumer as much as a producer. Each person offers goods and services and other people either buy or ignore...but...never in the OUM is there an initiation of force or fraud to gain what freely could not be obtained.

Hence...unlike the oppressive NANNY STATE CAGE in which folks find themselves the OUM...people go about their lives in intricate relationships so complex...not anyone could imagine such a thing. And what is so magical about the OUM...what delivers EDEN instantly is that in the OUM there can never be found an able-bodied pauper.


At IOWA a dedicated MARXIST ON MISSION...uttered collectivist drivel and the students...some dressed in yellow...others in red t-shirts...screamed in adulation. Every time Obama said he cared and wanted to plunder storerooms for them...redistributing to them...they cheered if hungry critters begging scraps from LONG SHANK'S to speak, (a phrase from BRAVEHEART).

Had there been another voice competing with that noise...what possibly could be said? What would someone have to say to persuade or sway students whose cheers were for loot with blade?

The answer to that question was presented by Lady Elizabeth. After Obama delivered his speech to those 217 Iowa State clapping seals...she addressed a crowd of 243,974...a certified-by-Harvard nose-count...all packaged...confirmed...and...definitely a real crowd...not some "bused-in" bunch which TEAM OBAMA is wont to use...but 243,974 freedom-loving people wanting to hear about EDEN.

For 15 minutes lady Elizabeth entertained and fed this audience the good news of liberation over subjugation. She declared before her ARMY OF LIBERATION was carried THE ORB chasing away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism...and...ushering in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...and...a place where never can someone such as OBAMA compel your future declaring "his tears...your purse."


In the movie, ONE-EYED JACK, Brando asks Mulden, " I gonna get a fair trial?" To which ole Carl Mulden says in whispered tone, "'re gonna get a fair trial...and...then...we're gonna take ya out and hang ya."

As you listen to the Republican National Convention coverage presented by the Obama-controlled MASS might wonder if the MASS MEDIA is gonna give ROMNEY-RYAN a '"fair trial".



Because the Republican National Convention(RNC) is afoot...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA directed its "storm-crews" to tell the TV and RADIO audiences that the "now-category-one" Hurricane Isaac is terrible and horrifying....even though Isaac is probably the smallest...weakest so-called hurricane ever recorded!

The purpose of making this storm seem more deadly than it ever could be is because the RNC is ongoing...and...TEAM OBAMA wishes to bring back Katrina-victims to recall their torment and once again demean BUSH for his refusal seven years earlier to help New Orleans sooner than he did.

According to one TEAM OBAMA insider speaking on condition of anonymity, "Obama wants to call ROMNEY-RYAN heartless and tell America that a messiah. That he created or saved 4 million jobs...put a rover on Mars...stopped the war in Iraq and managed to kill enough Americans in Afghanistan that America is ready to bring the survivors home."

What better backdrop to present such claims...what better stage on which to where New Orleans is once again beset by storm...powerful wind and rain...fearful stuff...and...only OBAMA there to salvage and save...delivering blessings in messianic format.


RON PAUL delivered a good interview. He said he favored some of the things which ROMNEY-RYAN said they'd do to liberate this moribund economy from the suffocating grip of the MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Likewise...RON PAUL was critical of other things declaring ROMNEY-RYAN didn't go far enough and their reluctance to dismantle this CAGE and delete the "red ink" RIDE might prove their undoing. RON PAUL noted the voters wanted bold and courageous...not "same old, same old...just different bag."


RICK SANTORUM is not a free market capitalist. He might claim to be for political purpose...but...he's not a freedom-lover. Indeed...Santorum wrote that, "it is the responsibility of the government to provide dependable safety-net programs to protect our most vulnerable citizens from a life of poverty. The goal is to ensure a future where the federal government encourages and empowers success, personal responsibility and financial independence."

Naturally...with RICK SANTORUM...his policy is "his tears...your purse". He'd take cannon and blow down your door to get into that storeroom and plunder some more. Whatever his definition of safety-net program would be presented as necessary and anyone refusing shot on sight. As ole RICK said...when you're offering must be ready to fight.

Folks...the best safety-net possible is one that never has to be used. But if there is a need for such a safety-net, however, that one be available and already deployed to address the danger therein contemplated. As David Axelrod...a loudmouthed Obama stooge...conceded, "It's common knowledge that the only safety-net program able to be a 24/7 watchdog is private charity."



As Mother Teresa said to me when I asked her if I could help with the bandages on the leper's foot, "Go find your own Calcutta!"


The KEYNOTE ADDRESS will be delivered by pugnacious New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In a squarely Democrat-controlled state...this powerful politician has attempted to lessen some of the 'grip and grab' suffered by New Jersey residents. He can't eliminate what has been erected over a 100 years of cronyism and special interest give and take...yet...this Governor has been inviting more and more voters to consider alternatives to what has smothered New Jersey until it's the only state which has lost businesses more rapidly than any other since records of such things first kept.

Unfortunately, America won't hear CHRISTIE demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled since that position would be contrary to what ROMNEY-RYAN have in mind. Instead...CHRISTIE will tell America that the Republicans will preserve the CAGE...even enhance the RIDE by making things more efficient...and...finding new ways to finance the otherwise "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Even though CAGE or KEY is the real issue before the voters...CHRISTIE won't say as much. Oh..sure..he'll say taxes need to be cut...that spending is too much and must be reduced...and...that the military need more money so they can have better guns, boats, planes and bombs.

He'll decry OBAMACARE and its incredible intrusion into every American's private life...but not offer to eliminate all red tape and tax which presently prevents the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) from providing medical assistance for everyone with the money to afford the same. He's likely to reveal that MEDICARE is about to go belly-up...and...that anyone wishing to preserve "MEDICARE as we know it" is the fool ignoring the iceberg.

It's likely CHRISTIE will refer to a study undertaken by HARVARD. According to HARVARD the OUM..."bumper-to-bumper" medical care insurance would be quite cheap...roughly around $10 per month for a family of 5. The STUDY concluded the reason medical care costs so much in 2012 was because of government interference with almost every aspect of such medical service delivery industry.

In the OUM...for instance...unlike the CAGE environment...everyone with a medical need has access to some form of care designed to address that specific ailment. Such precision has become commonplace...nowadays...with the advent of the computer and the ability remotely to assess problems making medical care services available to everyone instantly. As one doctor put it, "The OUM gives you the chance to beat the widow-maker."

It's the passionate hope of this BLOG that CHRISTIE be brave and pull ROMNEY-RYAN out of the 20th century CAGE...invite them to preach THE ORB...and...thereby...deliver to America a fresh 21st Century-path...offering to America the proverbial EDEN...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where a producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...and...a place where never can some MASTER with MOB declare "their tears, your purse".


GOVERNMENT MOTORS…f/k/a General Motors…announced the discontinuance of the CHEVY VOLT…the electric car monstrosity Obama designed and demanded built. Even though GM said it would continue to produce what can’t even be given away…it was going to focus on the IMPALA…a model consumers have mentioned they want. To assuage Obama’s anger…to lessen his ire…however...GM erected a 5 million square foot warehouse to store these unwanted CHEVY VOLTS.(Wall Street Journal B-8;08-28-12)

When asked "why" shelve this "Obama-picked" winner...GM people said, "We removed the CHEVY VOLT from the stream of commerce to prevent "home-burn-down" due to spontaneous-fires in CHEVY VOLTS. Statistically speaking...we were better off as a nation if 5 million homes did not burst into flames due to their owners having erred and bought a "fire-bomb".


OPTIMUS PRIME...which in Chinese Mandarin dialect is pronounced phonetically: "boo who" the greatest water buffalo ever to defend such TITLE. Standing in a ring...surrounded by a billion Chinese viewers...for the last 7 years...this TITAN has fought challengers...some raised from birth with only such fight in mind.

So well-defended the title by this critter that few bet against him making the purse for any victory little to none. As the owner of this winner lamented, "If someone does not bring forth a creature of equal stature...I'll have to sell this BIG BOY for hamburger to pay my mortgage and homeowner's insurance...two expenses upcoming."

Alas...OPTIMUS PRIME continued to defeat all comers. In one match...for example...he faced off against 10 competitors...some with horns tipped with cobra-venom...only to defeat them all...killing everyone of them with clever blows to their eyes and noses.

I mention this story about OPTIMUS PRIME since a company in America bought him to be slaughtered...dressed out...and...delivered to OBAMA...the one who asked that he be first considered should that BULL ever be so good he became too good. Obama wanted that hamburger to be served to his guests in North Carolina during his Democrat Convention...since it represented symbolically his tribal socialism...and...his willingness to destroy greatness to satisfy the needs of the MOB.

72% of VOTERS

While the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is rebuking this BLOG'S published POLL...FOX NEWS has picked up this POLLING DATA and is publishing it. Unlike the Obama-MASS MEDIA...FOX NEWS checked out the methodology employed by this BLOG in this POLLING EFFORT and found it flawless and impeccable. Hence...FOX NEWS has been telling America that 72 out of every 100 voters believe the "economy and jobs" are the two big issues in 2012...and...they believe ROMNEY-RYAN more capable of reviving what is presently an "economy-on-life-support".



PUSSY RIOT is not all in jail…two of the PUSSY RIOT escaped. They’re in a hotel (Gloria Estefan's Costa de Este) in Vero Beach, Florida hiding under the names: Tina and Tiffany Tate…sisters from the old country…here visiting their sick great aunt….not fearing any ill-fate. They’re booking shows on Oprah…Letterman…Leno. Kimmel agreed to have them appear…but Kimmel…unlike those other show-hosts…insisted these two PUSSY RIOT babes can appear on his show only if they lift their legs and strut for him as they did in that Moscow church.


Foreign investors have come to America looking to buy land and farm crops. Naturally, they by-passed Florida because of the State’s lousy business climate. Indeed…business is unwanted. As U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) said, “Florida eventually will become a retirement area…with little opportunity for children…and…whatever business there is only that permitted by the MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.”


MSNBC is the biggest offender of using concocted polls as a tactic. For example…one talking head said Floridians support Obama and hate Romney-Ryan and then called upon a POLL conveniently taken purporting to indicate such proposition common-held by the voters.

MSNBC talking head,Martin Bashir…an unapologetic socialist and freedom-hater…using such tactic…went to far as to declare Floridians earning less than $50,000 support OBAMA while those earning more than $50,000 prefer the Republican ticket. He lacked any real proof of such an assertion…yet presented such nonsense as if it were an accomplished fact.


As U.S. Senator MARCO RUBIO(R.FL) pointed out…the differences between OBAMA and ROMNEY are remarkable.

Romney has a talent for helping businesses survive and could assist Americans in eliminating all the hurdle and hassle erected over the last 96 years to stifle and hinder.

In contrast…Obama is a south side of Chicago community organizer whose idea of business observed in such winners as SOLYNDRA and FIRST SOLAR. Indeed…the acumen of OBAMA can also be sensed in the 2500 pages of OBAMACARE…a law which erects a 15-person death panel…whose mission to starve Granny of medical care so that those loyal to OBAMA can receive freebie and favor when it comes to their own medical needs.

TITAN TIRE went to court griping about Chinese off-road tires. Recall that every auto magazine rated the CHINESE TIRE best ever made! It was cheaper…better…easier to get…easier to use…and…a better all-around tire than anything made in America. Indeed… the American consumer was receiving quality from a foreign tire maker and they were loving such bounty.

TITAN TIRE found their tires shunned by the consumer since the consumer knew the difference between a good tire…what TITAN was able to produce…and…a great tire…the one the CHINESE were delivering.

Because TITAN TIRE is a whining worm…it went to court claiming it must be protected…and…their crummy tires forced on consumers.

The way to accomplish such a feat was to make the CHINESE TIRE more expensive through adding tax…huge 100% tax amounts...thereby insuring the American consumer wouldn’t buy Chinese tires…even though Chinese tires “pre-tariff” the cheapest and the very best.

CONGRESS…by passing this idiotic tariff… has begun a silly TRADE WAR…a trade war similar to the one that crushed the global economy once before. Recall the Hawley-Smoot Tariff which began a trade war with Europe and Japan which precipitated World War II. Well…the 2012 Congress has seen fit to raise tariffs…trade-killing barriers…making CHINESE products very expensive…hurting the American consumer immeasurably…and…laying the predicate for a brush-fire war somewhere requiring American soldiers to go and die.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan will be Romney’s vice presidential running mate. He wants to liberate America from the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA so much oppressing America…an AGENDA that forced millions of people onto FOOD STAMPS…and…even…more millions of elderly to choose between medical care and food.

HIVE OR THRIVE…choose HIVE…and…chosen-chain…choose thrive and free remain.



After much argument with the editorial staff of this BLOG…ole JEB BUSH agreed to say something in favor of THE ORB and its deployment. Yet…when he got to the stage to deliver his interview…he balked…quivered…and…said things completely alien to what was otherwise to be declared.

Somehow…THE ESTABLISHMENT…alias THE MAN…had gotten to him…and…had directed him to say “wish-washy” things…”same old, same old” kind of things…yet…offered as “new stuff”…as “fresh pathway”…when…it little more than rehashed Keynesian baloney.

Legend has it…Lady Elizabeth began her crusade to liberate America in her home town of Vero Beach, Florida. Unlike Jesus who could do no miracles in his own home town(LUKE 4:24)…LADY ELIZABETH found a hungry crowd…eager to hear how she would march to every office of government and “make salt”…liberating…and…dismantling…until…ushered in…the otherwise unhampered market,(OUM).

Before Lady Elizabeth and her ARMY OF LIBERATION was carried THE ORB chasing away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. So alluring and attractive the EDEN offered…the number of members of her ARMY grew exponentially as twitter and Google pushed her theme and purpose.

Even RIDERS flocked to her banner. Yes…many of whom were dependent whining worms but even the most ignorant among them agreed with her that a“$500 million(+) per hour red ink” FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system was not about to last too much longer and was probably already bankrupt and about to leave them stranded…dependent…and…without any way to provide for themselves any longer…having become…too reliant…too dependent…too sheep-like…and…above all…too want-witted to care about the stark reality of “storeroom bare”.


Kurds want independence. In Iraq…Kurds rule their area in provincial-government format. But…in Turkey…the KURDS are oppressed. Sure…their brethren in Iraq are adjacent to them and provide them arms against such Turkish oppression…but…Turkey won’t permit Turkish KURDS to join with the Iraqi Kurds to create an enclave…perhaps…even a nation…a nation some might wish to call KURDISTAN.


The Iranians plan to use the General Assembly of the United Nations to rebuke the sanctions America and its allies have imposed. The gambit will be clever since those nations aligned with IRAN would not be any which the Council of Twelve would consider worthy of the 12 IMAM destruction-scenario…a scenario in which the 12th IMAM appears walking through a sea of blood…the blood of slain infidels…slain in order to purify Mother Earth and make way for this GRAND MUFF-DEE…this big shot…this head honcho…this 12th IMAM!

And…because these “nothing-nations” will be spared…it’s believed by IRANIAN tacticians that these nobodies will join with IRAN and demand sanctions be lifted…and…open trade resumed…never once asking about the NUCLEAR WEAPON the Iranians are secretly constructing to be deployed and detonated upon completion.

Unlike the scrupulous Russians…the COUNCIL OF TWELVE would welcome a Chernobyl-like slaughter…the fear…the terror of such an event something about which they fondly speak and oft-describe. They’re maniacs on mission and won’t hesitate to detonate once their sword of Allah…the label affixed to their NUCLEAR-BOMB…has been forged. As one mullah said, “The radioactive fallout encompassing the planet in a doomsday shroud lasting 100,000 years in all directions will insure the arrival of the 12th IMAM.”

The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA attempted to paint ROMNEY as a mean-spirited person. However, that effort failed to produce much of a political advantage since more people hate Obama. The hatred for Obama is not due to some personality quirk…but…derived from the manner in which he has governed over the last 3.8 years. Americans simply don’t want a MARXIST ON MISSION stationed in the Oval Office….preferring a moderate Republican whose socialist bent not as pronounced as OBAMA’S.


How does Obama tell an audience with a straight face that he has accomplished great things in his 3.8 years in the Oval Office…2 years of which he controlled the CONGRESS and the SUPREME COURT…when…in 2012…the American economy is crawling along on life-support at 1.3% Gross National Product(GDP)…unemployment among inner-city Afro-Americans is 34%...and…the only thing growing are the power and grip of Uncle Sugar.


As amazing as it might seem…the speech Obama plans to give in North Carolina at his own Convention has been hacked and is ONLY available on this BLOG. How this BLOG procured this particular SPEECH isn’t necessary to know. What is good to know…though…is…that OBAMA’S every move has been reported to this BLOG and exposed daily to the world.

In this SPEECH…Obama will tell America many things about what he plans to do. Of course…as a MARXIST ON MISSION…his plans involve taking away as much wealth as possible…reducing as many people to dependency as possible…and…increasing the grip of the MASTER on those whining servile supplicants and parasites…which by the end of Obama’s second term will be two labels an  observer could put on 99% of all Americans.

In his speech…OBAMA will brag about slaying Osama bin Laden…and…the 4 million JOBS he’s saved or created. He’ll tell students they don’t need to pay back their loans. He’ll tell Granny her medical care will be in the hands of a 15-member death panel whose mission will be to make sure the MONEY  SPENT is SPENT on what Granny needs…and…not on what some doctor wants. He’ll tell wealthy people they’re mortal-targets and their storerooms to be plundered accordingly.




A reporter for this BLOG was dispatched to speak to a Democrat candidate. As she approached the candidate with her microphone in hand…her camera dude a few feet behind recording her effort…this Democrat said “eat”…and…an aide peeled off from the entourage…closed on the Reporter…grabbed her microphone…raised it above his 6’9” head and smashed it into the top of this 4’8” reporter’s head immediately sending this cub-reporter to her knees in horrible pain…her neck numb…her legs numb…her arms numb…her spine crushed…and…perpetual paralysis her fate.

Yes…it was typical Democrat stuff…and…it was initially thought that this BLOG’S reporter paid dearly for encountering when such manner undertaken proscribed to avoid the very injury she sustained. In the hospital…however…this cub-reporter whispered that she was following protocol. But that so-called Democrat-AIDE and THUG traversed the prescribed buffer zone of 90 feet with a Ninja quickness never known and for which not any “duck and dodge” plan could have been forged.

The cameraman retreated and was able to avoid having his camera ripped from his hands only by seeking the safety of his van…locking doors…and…hitting the EMERGENCY SIREN installed just in case some kind of attack on van were to unfold.

As soon as the NOISE began…the Democrat candidate and his team moved on and away in Limousine fashion. Once gone…the cameraman dashed to assist the dying 4’8” cub-reporter. He delivered oxygen to her since her injury prevented self-breathing…and…continued to render assistance until the ambulance arrived.



TEAM OBAMA has brought the triple-D of politics to America: debt…doubt…and…decline.



According to the political science team associated with this BLOG…an opponent…attempting to compete with OBAMA…by…promising as much freebie and favor and offering to deliver more not less FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system…such an opponent will be shunned and disappointed when voters don’t change and support such “same old, same old…just different bag” approach.

ROMNEY-RYAN must preach THE ORB…and…offer to the RIDERS and to the FOOLS who PULL an alternative to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its “$500 million(+) per hour red ink” FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. As David Axelrod said off-camera, “Should the Republicans offer a dramatic alternative to the present-day morass of misery and torment…they’ll defeat TEAM OBAMA in a landslide victory.”

Monday, August 27, 2012


What is the greater need of most people? Depends on whose need one calls more precious than another otherwise competing need.

If your starting point...for that...without exception...there must be continued the "$500 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...then...the need of the RIDERS trumps concern for the FOOLS who PULL. Such starting point permits the MASTER and the RIDERS righteously to ignore the cries of those pathetic-FOOLS that their burden too much...the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA too miserable and tormenting to tolerate any longer.

On the other hand...if your starting point is liberation over subjugation...if before you is carried THE're marching in an ARMY OF LIBERATION which calls on every American...RIDER and FOOL join and dismantle this 20th Century misery-causing...sheep-making NANNY STATE CAGE along with its "psychic-dependence-injury" inflicting RIDE.


Except for FOX NEWS...the rest of the MASS MEDIA...both TV and pro-OBAMA...and...that so-called REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION, (RNC)...the one with a platform which contains "anti-abortion"...along with..."anti-immigration"...rhetoric...such convention will be used to lambaste...demean...chide...and...scold.


American voters want less government...less intrusion...less NANNY STATE spank and diaper check...and...are willing to evict TEAM OBAMA in order to receive such solace and respite.


MSNBC political-analyst MANDY DRURY refused to say on TV what had been written by her employer. She simply could not tell America she wanted to have sex with CHRIS MATTHEWS when he revealed his left leg tingling.


Karen Obama supporter...was asked about the HATE she had for liberty and her equally-obvious love for the NANNY STATE CAGE. She replied that she wanted whip and chain imposed on every producer...with herself and her kind...holding the reins...driving the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.


More female voters than ever before are choosing ROMNEY-RYAN because they realize TEAM OBAMA will destroy liberty and replace such with "freedom to obey". Of course...this allegiance to the Republican Party had to be derailed. Hence...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA delivered POLLING DATA showing Democrats were liked more than were the Republicans and that most female voters preferred the NANNY STATE CAGE model.

The MASS MEDIA in cementing this proposition of "female preference" was assisted mightily by a 5th column jerk named TODD-CLOD AKIN. Someone got to ole TODD and directed him to become anathema to female voters. Because TODD-CLOD AKIN was a disguised socialist...and...hence...quite willing to impose his ABORTION-VIEWS on female voters...he was chosen to be the TURD IN PUNCH BOWL...with his STUPID DECLARATIONS to be aired on the eve of the RNC thereby insuring most females' reactive-choosing of TEAM OBAMA come November 06,2012.


As incredible as it might seem...MSNBC dispatched vulgar-mouthed CHRIS MATTHEWS to "cover" the Republican National Convention,(RNC). Recall Chris Matthews told the nation his left leg tingles every time he hears Obama tell an audience he'll enslave and redistribute in MARXIST format. And...because of this sexual fascination with's quite unlikely Matthews will be fair and unbiased when reporting the events of the RNC.

Already...MATTHEWS told a reporter for this BLOG that he hated liberty and was there to besmirch and belittle. He said he was part of TEAM OBAMA and was prepared to report dirt and grime from time to time when the MASS MEDIA wished to tap hatred for liberty bubbling from the soul of CHRIS "hardball" MATTHEWS.


In Tampa, Florida...CHARLES FLETCHER...a lawyer...revealed he would support OBAMA because OBAMA had delivered to FLETCHER a prosperous Tampa...and...a vibrant Florida...booming and blossoming.

After hearing from this well-dressed dude with a look similar to the movie-character WOLVERINE...this BLOG conducted a "look-see" wondering what could FLETCHER have observed that had otherwise escaped the notice of 38 million other Floridians.

According to the Labor Department...for's common knowledge that...FLORIDA UNEMPLOYMENT FIGURES are terrible and have not shown any improvement worthy of publication. Likewise...the business communities around Florida have suffered so much...that bankruptcies are at an all time high.

Farming...another stalwart of economic power in the Sunshine State in times past...has suffered so much by governmental red tape and taxes that most farmers have simply quit and have dedicated their land to fallow ground replenishing such through nature's own fertilizing process...and...waiting for that day when the jack boot be removed from their throats. the midst of all this economic woe...stands CHARLES FLETCHER...a lawyer whose income has dropped...but...overall he's happy. He wants more government interference in Florida so that prosperity derived therefrom might manifest. Yes...prosperity never flows from such "tax and spend" as proven mightily in DETROIT and CHARLIE'S world...such stomp and chomp fetches more not less of whatever makes him happy.

In many ways FLETCHER'S utterances remind people of  a scene out of the movie, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. In that one scene...a snotty-dude is shown leading the survivors down into the bowels of the a turned-over-by-big-wave cruise ship when Gene Hackman confronts snotty-dude and his tattered team...and...explains the only way out is through the engine room and that to travel deeper into a sinking ship quite foolhardy.

In that epic-interface...snotty-dude tells Gene Hackman...himself...playing the part of a tormented preacher...that deeper into the ship is better since there was a room which was water-tight and would provide shelter and safety until help arrived. Hackman attempts to explain "why" that part of the ship already gone and within a few minutes the area where they were then standing would be flooded...and...anyone caught still there drowned.

Of that incredible scene...snotty-dude doesn't listen to such messenger and persuades his beleaguered crew of survivors that HACKMAN not only was wrong...but also...that safety was within their reach if only they continued deeper into the sinking ship.

CHARLES FLETCHER...alias WOLVERINE...seems to be similar in bent to that of "snotty-dude"...ready to lead his people into the pit.


By this BLOG'S a campaign rally...Obama was asked why Americans were working twice as hard and earning half as much? As a MARXIST ON MISSION...his reply was chilling. He said in his next term he would see to it that every American had a JOB...that taxes were increased...and...the money collected redistributed as he saw fit.

In this off-camera interview...Obama was asked, "With a track record of failure which included such scandals as SOLYNDRA and FIRST SOLAR...what government project or program had he in mind for his 2nd chance to make the American economy vibrant and dynamic once more? He said he'd use OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY as he saw fit...funding what he thought best...and...ignoring any contrary proof that such merely another boondoggle.

Such revelations are mentioned in this BLOG since not any where else can a reader find such insight into what makes Obama tick. Here was a dedicated MARXIST ON MISSION finding himself so well-protected by the NANNY STATE CAGE model...that he could reveal to this BLOG'S cub-reporter such anti-American rhetoric fearlessly orated and with some tonal qualities reminiscent of tyrants in times past.


Homeland Security chief, JANET NAPOLITANO threatened Obama with "dirty laundry" should he attempt to fire her over her tryst with SUZANNE BARR...another Obama advocate with an unusual sexual appetite for the strange and clever.

According to this BLOG'S pet eye-ball stationed in the Oval Office...this THREAT was sent by special courier under seal such that it was "for Obama's eyes only" in secret and all of that. The "I bite back" message said JANET would tell about what really occurred in COLUMBIA.

Ole "damn it" Janet said she would reveal the otherwise-kept-secret Columbian brothels specializing in offering 12 year old to the sexual needs of the "specially-selected-by-Obama" Secret Service personnel who frequented those torture chambers. She also threatened to expose OBAMA for his connection to the assassination of U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY.

So far...these threats have worked their magic. OBAMA has directed the MASS MEDIA not to discuss or any way...anything about JANET or bury the news...and...never permit anyone to connect OBAMA to what JANET was threatening to reveal as FACT AND FACTOR.


FAIR AND UNBIASED. These two crucial qualities will be lacking when the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA conducts its so-called news coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Take for instance the  MASS MEDIA'S "conflict-crews". These teams have been stationed in several locations with "paid-actors" ready to stage mini-riots...perhaps...burn tires or banks...break some windows...and...scream OCCUPY rhetoric. As such is done...the cameras will capture and the complicit MASS MEDIA will publish...each talking head taking their turn exclaiming how horrific the Republican Party platform must be to generate such hatred and social unrest.

Then...of course..there will be the ruckus which will unfold right outside the convention door as people scream Republicans want to starve Granny...and...continue conducting foolhardy war.

What won't be shown is the speech by LADY ELIZABETH...her determined discourse delivered to a hungry crowd. Her stature...undaunted and fearless....her power beyond that of mortal man...and...her beauty and love for all bubbling from every thing said and done by her in that monumental moment when she called for liberation over subjugation.


Kissing and hugging. When we weren't...we should have been. Most and best...each caress...beginning to end.


At an Obama campaign rally...Obama crowed about using other people's money to make investments in energy...and...basic research. As he was bragging about the 4 million jobs his regime created or saved...people began to depart the auditorium...slowly at first...a few at a time...but... the more Obama BRAGGED AND CROWED...the faster the people rose and left...walking hurriedly from the building covering their faces so they could not be identified.

As they left the area...each attendee was invited to speak to this BLOG'S reporter. Most of them agreed to speak provided her face was covered with a BAG beforehand. After covering her face...she began to recite "why" she had changed her mind and would vote against TEAM OBAMA. She was frightened by his declaration that he would give out things but in return people had to give back and give in portions defined by him. Such a scary thought too much for her hence she rose and left the campaign rally* as did the other 13 people who were there.

This lady said she wanted anyone but TEAM OBAMA in office. Her family didn't need to have some NANNY STATE intruding into her and some MASTER saw fit. She also found it amusing that Obama would be bragging about his ability to pick winners and losers considering his favorite-pick,SOLYNDRA  and the other boondoggles he marshaled as so-called prudent investments absorbed $100 billion of "other people's money"(OPM) only to go belly-up when the OPM was cut off.
* In an auditorium designed to accommodate 100,000 people...only 15 showed up to hear Obama's latest MARXIST PLANS. Of course...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA cut out any camera shots which showed how few people were there to hear this MARXIST ON MISSION drool about how great he was.