Sunday, September 30, 2012


Alexis McGill Johnson...alias "val-gal" her dissatisfaction with Obama. She had heard he had ole J.C. Stevens killed because Stevens was about to reveal his sexual relationship with HILLARY CLINTON. She was angry since Stevens was also her consort and squeeze when he was in town visiting the WASHINGTON DC Zoo. How dare Obama remove with "run and gun"!

Alexis is called "val-gal" due to her stage presence in the local pole dancing establishment in Georgetown. It stands for "value-gal" means...when you stick that $20 bill into her panties...she squirms and churns as if someone had into her put steam and ginger.

Ah,best explanation,eh?

Obama was asked about the series of story-changes surrounding the death of Ambassador Stevens. Obama was shocked he'd been cornered by a reporter from this BLOG. However, he could hardly pass by this Vet in wheelchair without looking "fearful". Sure...the dudes with sun glasses, black suits and Armani shoes could have stepped in and insulated Obama...but...that too would have presented a "nasty sound-bite" for some Republican Super-PAC. Thus...Obama stopped...and...submitted to interview looking down on this well-dressed cripple with question.

This vet was frame inquiry using skilled context and passionate prose. He noted first...Susan Obama stooge...said Stevens was slaughtered in a spontaneous riot which began in Cairo and spilled over into Benghazi 24 hours later. This Vet also pointed out that Susan identified the source of the riots as an offending video. She called the VIDEO the core-cause of the riots and the assault on embassy compounds throughout the Middle East. However, she vehemently denied the attack on Steven's site was a coordinated and well-planned assassination intended to silence a "whistle-blower".

The wheelchair-bound reporter went on to frame the question well. He continued: "Later on...the story changed. Now...Susan Rice and TEAM OBAMA had a new script. This time around the track...they declared the attack on the Benghazi compound was orchestrated by none other than al Qaeda...the very bunch Obama said had been destroyed.

Indeed...Obama had purposefully avoided daily briefings in the weeks leading up to the assassination of Stevens because he had erased al Qaeda! So sure was Obama that...on told James Clapper...his national security adviser...there was not any credible threat from such a group in 2012...particularly...not in Libya...and...certainly not in Benghazi."

Obama listened to this clever wheelchair-bound Vet. He knew he couldn't accuse the Vet of collaboration with FREEUSFLORIDA.COm without promoting the BLOG into national prominence. Hence...Obama listened to the questions and rejoined with "Are you telling me these things...or...are you...asking me these things?"

The reporter instantly observed weakness and pounced. From that wheelchair...he whispered painfully, "Mr. President, surely 9-11-12 was a date you had to know was one which would be the most publicized should an attack occur? And...because you're could have stationed a brigade of Marines in Benghazi to insure safety. You could have deployed the 10,000 tanks parked in Kuwait just to tell any rag head not to make the attempt. left Stevens to die from smoke inhalation in an unprotected compound. Is that your best explanation?"

Naturally, this reporter was referring to the fact that Stevens was not killed by any of the 123,345 AK-47 bullets fired by the assault team. He was not killed by the dozens of 88mm rocket propelled grenades. He was not killed by the 43,985 9mm bullets fired inside that compound. He was not killed by the 30 claymor mines which were positioned and then detonated. And he was not killed by 20mm cannon rounds those numbering as many as 10,000 rounds fired.

No...none of all that blast and boom...none got ole J.C. Stevens. No...folks...he died of smoke inhalation...and...hence not any way to know if he were not held down and forced to breathe until dead using a technique often employed by a cadre of DELTA FORCE...a tight-knit bunch known only as BLACK MAMBA.

According to James Clapper...national security adviser who examined the details of was obvious that Stevens had been matter how much white-wash and cover-up summoned to the fore. The manner of death horrific...slow...agonizing...monstrous...but not one thing could connected OBAMA to it. James Clapper said Obama knew absolutely nothing about the murder before or after it was committed.

Such lack of link seemed was awesome this wheelchair-bound Vet saw as much. He asked Obama if it were not obvious Obama had the chance to protect Stevens...yet...chose to slay. He asked if it were not equally obvious that James Clapper had warned about an attack and was rebuffed.

The Vet added that the Vet had heard Stevens was about to reveal his sexual relationship with HILLARY CLINTON...and...with the election so close...Stevens had to be silenced. And it was this decision to slay which prompted Obama to stay away from daily ignore James Clapper's alert.

Yet...this time...Obama sent a 'tried and proven' crew...not some Captain Jeppers type...but...a REMO WILLIAMS  Korean trainer sort...dudes who would hate themselves but would complete mission nevertheless. And this cadre used a special technique whereby the victim is subjected to inhalation of smoke until death occurs...leaving not any trace of murder...not leaving a "BRIAN TERRY" to speak.

Indeed...many voters remember "how" U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY was murdered and it was such data to which this cripple with question referred. The Vet knew smoke inhalation was a product of an assassination process and he asked Obama about it. If water-boarding were illegal...then...plastic bag plus smoke just as illegal.

When Obama seemed oblivious to the manner of Stevens death...attempting to dodge and duck thereby...the Vet reacted loudly saying,  "Recall Terry was assassinated in Mexico because he had uncovered American Black Ops teams fomenting unrest and mayhem along the Mexican border when politically useful. You found out...issued a "snuff order"...and...he was assassinated. Unfortunately for you...your choice of assassin was poor because that assassin left behind something you can't shake or avoid, eh, Mr. President?"

The Vet didn't let up. He fired off another barrage before Obama could respond with: "According to Rep. Darrell Issa...a Congressman brave enough to look...for example...Terry had reported his conclusions to his superiors and within 72 hours of that last transmission...BRIAN TERRY was dead...killed in a supposed shoot-out."

Probably...we would never have known Brian Terry was slain had it not been for something "left behind"...something which connected you...Mr. the murder...something which could never be hidden...and...which was unerring in its decisiveness. No matter what you matter how many Horowitz white-wash dudes you put in goo...eventually the dots will be connected...conspiracy to assassinate they'll prove."

 With that last statement disguised as question...Obama turned and departed. As he left the old Vet screamed out, "This time around...the "snuff order" issued by you was specific: leave nothing behind. Hence...Stevens died of smoke inhalation. Ah, the best explanation, eh...Mr. President?"

400,000 more employed?

In the upcoming debate...Obama will stop...pause...look into the camera...and...say,"There were 400,000 more jobs created than the Department of Labor reported making my "employed-now" numbers much better and certainly a number demonstrating how worthy of retention in office I am so that I can push and pull American forward."

ROMNEY will be left with telling Americans he plans to trim a little around the edges...but...leave the NANNY STATE CAGE and "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE intact. He'll be left to tell American that he'll make the laws and rules more efficient...more intrusive...more hellish...more Mormon-like...but...he won't challenge the underlying premise that the government owns everything and people are mere stewards operating through a system of permits and grants.

For ROMNEY to defeat OBAMA in the DEBATE...ROMNEY must preach THE ORB. If ROMNEY declares himself determined to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model and usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...he'd compel OBAMA to reveal himself as a MARXIST ON MISSION. Obama would be forced to admit he wants to empower rule from cradle to offer freebie and friend...and...discouragement to opposing knave.

With such pivot....with such Sun Tzu that DEBATE...would be able to paint future that does not include YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA. He could tell Americans their stuff insulated from the grip and grab of some MASTER inside a 20th century CAGE. He could promise each RIDER a "pay-off" for the LIES and DECEPTION unleashed...a one-time victim's payment...once done...never again within MASTER'S reach.

ROMNEY could declare all borders open...all laws hindering...monitoring...labeling...restricting...all gone and over with! While OBAMA could only describe more of the such pivot...could...for 300 million people...a future of prosperity frame.

By discussing things in terms of THE ORB...ROMNEY could declare every RIDER a victim of the 20th Century CAGE. For instance...he could describe how the LOCK BOX TRUST FUND was raided by both sides of the surviving-victims of the social security and medicare Ponzi-scheme are left with paper I.O.U. stuff*...payable guessed it...more colored paper money...not GOLD and PLATINUM...the stuff most thought the prudent administrator...a government employee...was buying for them.

As everyone knows...and...ROMNEY could echo should he choose to preach THE ORB...these pathetic worker bees...during their working careers...during a time when they could have used that money for their own investment portfolios...accepted having their precious income drained because that precious money was going into a LOCK BOX TRUST FUND...a fund prudently administered so that GOLD AND PLATINUM were bought regularly guaranteeing the value of the corpus would remain sufficient for all participants. Romney could opine that every worker bee was told, "Because of the LOCK BOX TRUST FUND concept...never could any politician stand up in front of a TV camera and tell the patrons of social security and medicare that they're susceptible of  cut-off." some point in the DEBATE...if he uses THE ORB...ROMNEY could tell the crowd he wants the MASTER to release its grip on the future. He could rhetorically define the concept well by using metaphor and simile...deploying and exposing therein the benefits of liberation over subjugation. He might even throw in the idea of the "Obamastad"...a modern day version of the Amistad with some nasty twists.

For example...ROMNEY could demand the immediate deletion of the inheritance tax reciting such a tax horrific and Marxist. Such labeling would permit him to paint a vivid scene of a widow crying as some agent steps past her and grabs the family fortune...destroying whatever dream the decedent envisioned with such provision and full storeroom. He could tell the audience that on the Plantation...the MASTER would determine what TOBY could pass on to his heirs.

Not stopping there...ROMNEY could declare THE ORB chases away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism...and...ushers in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. In the OUM...for instance...never would there be found 17 blends of gasoline making the gasoline physical distribution network a veritable cluster-jerk...a phrase Joe Biden used in Ft. Meyers to describe what TEAM OBAMA had done to the energy industry.

Romney could point out that gasoline prices are high because of government-mandated this or that. Delete those hurdles and directives and gasoline would plummet in price to around 35 cents per gallon! Such declaration would expose OBAMA instantly. How could Obama explain SOLYNDRA? How could Obama explain the trillion dollar "Green energy" gamble that failed? Delete the NANNY STATE...Romney could crow...and...voters would sense their better day with the Republican-show.
* In the movie, DUMB AND DUMBER...there is a scene where the owner of the money in the briefcase corners the two birds in a bedroom. The owner opens the briefcase...and...therein...he finds a mountain of I.O.U. plus the bill of sale for each item bought. The dude is angered. DUMB AND DUMBER promise to pay it all back. It would take awhile...but...every cent would be returned.
According to David Axelrod in a private email to David Plouffe: "Those states whose governments refused to delete and dismantle...their populations will dwindle by half by 2020."


"WHATEVER you give will never be enough!" Declared the MASTER to the unwitting FOOLS who PULLED the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE offered to the 'entitled' deep inside.

Sounds like the first sentence in some sci-fi horror film...and...yet...JOE BIDEN said as much to a crowd in Ft. Meyers, Florida. He told the audience TEAM OBAMA wasn't finished with the RICH PEOPLE. They planned to drain and loot until little left. He promised to redistribute such stuff to them. And to that promised plunder...that 19 person crowd screamed with joy and adulation.

In the audience of pro-CAGE people...however...solemnly stood a sky marshal holding a FREEUSFLORIDA.COM sign. Yes...the TV cameramen were directed not to put that "damn sign" Chris Matthews calls it...into the camera's field. Avoid that "damn sign"! Yet...there stood that sky marshal sign above his head...solemn...resolute...determined...offering to the world another EDEN fed.

Because liberation over subjugation paramount...that SIGN was present and you can see the dramatic affect it had indirectly by observing what a mere sign did to Joe Biden's eyes and sneer.  The cameras never left Joe Biden's face...their orders distinct and clear. Yet...JOE BIDEN'S eyes can be observed staring at this "off-camera sign" he delivered his speech about enslavement and bounty(Google-search JOE BIDEN SPEECH IN FT. MEYERS).

Sure...Obama-controlled cameras didn't feature the sign this time. They were prepared to interdict such sign publication. Joe Biden delivered his speech...that sign disturbed...and...perplexed ole Joe "stand-up-Chuck" Biden. It's affect was present and felt. Sure...they stopped the actual sign from getting's affect on JOE BIDEN indelible.


Obama campaign adviser, DAVID PLOUFFE was asked by a reporter from this BLOG about Ambassador Stevens and his murder in Benghazi. He tried to avoid this BLOG'S reporter...but...he returned to the microphone when people standing around began to belittle him for not discussing something with a Vet in a wheelchair!

In that incredible interview...Plouffe said that Obama was always "on game"...always "knew what was afoot"...and...definitely...a skilled Commander-in-chief. Avoiding any questions about "how" and "why"...Plouffe delivered an excellent "white-wash" of  what everyone else instantly knew* was obviously a well-planned assassination. Instead of admitting Obama was guilty of incompetence and reckless disregard for life and property...Plouffe described Obama as brilliant and capable.

According to ole Davie Plouffe...though...Obama knew about the danger to Stevens but found its level quite acceptable. Plouffe said Obama told him sternly not to worry about Stevens...that Stevens was going to get what he deserved.

With that statement...Plouffe disengaged and departed the area swiftly surrounded by dudes with sun glasses,black suits and Armani shoes. As Plouffe left the area...the crowd that that time grown into 300 million...began to chant: "OBAMA KNEW...OBAMA KNEW...OBAMA KNEW!"

The significance of such chanting...can't be minimized. Before you "buy into" TEAM OBAMA'S circuitous denials and explanations about what Obama knew and when he knew it...why not watch those YouTube videos of Hillary and ole J.C. Stevens? After you observe them...ask yourself would Obama issue a "snuff order" to stop Stevens from revealing his sexual relationship with Clinton?

As it is...Stevens is gone...Hillary is keeping quiet...and...GOOGLE has been directed not to permit anyone to "up-load" those VIDEOS showing such a sexual relationship! Imagine that kind of power to tell deny inquiring mind...access to TRUTH. Imagine as'll sense the evil afoot in the Oval Office...and...perhaps "why" Plouffe had to duck and dodge.
* Vidoes are surfacing on YouTube revealing the sexual relationship between Stevens and Hillary Clinton. In one of these VIDEOS of Stevens and Hillary Clinton...they're featured cavorting in a Benghazi bedroom on a lush bed with satin sheets. In another VIDEO...Hillary Clinton can be observed dancing in a Casbah belly-dancer costume about a naked Stevens who is holding a wine glass in his right hand and smoking a cigar with his left hand...a habit developed when Stevens became infatuated with Winston Churchill's ghost.


Ashley Foilec has been deaf since birth. Yet...she won the Motocross National Championship...a feat so extraordinary it deserved BLOG comment. Here was a young lady whose disability did not hinder or prevent. Yes..she had to work that much harder...but...human spirit unbounded...and...insulated from those...such as OBAMA*...who would wish she remained "disabled" need of government care and control.
*Obama was asked about her success. He instantly screamed into the camera: "She didn't build that!"


RIDERS aboard the 20th Century NANNY STATE "free lunch and wagon ride" are wondering how much longer such ride since the federal debt clock is spinning at a rate so fast not any human mind can comprehend its import. America is $16 trillion in fixed national debt and that number is increasing at the rate of $983 million per hour! In a metaphorical sense...this increase can be considered as if the North Atlantic pouring into the bowels of Titanic.


Security Adviser James Clapper met with Obama a week before Ambassador Stevens was assassinated. Obama informed Jimmie he needed to busy himself elsewhere...and...not worry about Stevens. Obama conceded Stevens was in jeopardy...but...said Stevens deserved what he was about to receive. Jimmie Clapper didn't understand the reference...and...let it go not asking about it. Later on...when Stevens was murdered...and...the Hillary-Stevens tryst was exposed...he understood what Obama meant that day.


Vero Beach City Council needs to fire their city manager. He's a jerk and needs to be evicted instantly! How the City Council every thought to pay such sum for that work seems in its own right ridiculous! We need to delete this council and vote in a new one...the new one ready to trim budget down to bare necessities including eliminating almost 98% of all police employed. Fire them...and...let them go wash dishes or mow lawns...their skill level no doubt.


FLORIDA does not wish to have the misery and torment so many northern states are experiencing due to their socialist policies and programs. In Florida...unlike Maryland or Delaware for example...people don't fear government since government is kept in a "dog-petting" posture. Should any government jerk in Florida feel their power is more than that of a "pet"...the idiot is quickly identified and ejected.


Traditionally...when something goes wrong...a "fall guy" is chosen to take the blame. James Clapper...the National Security adviser to Obama...accepted this designation and agreed to take the "heat" over the death of Ambassador Stevens. Admirable that he would do it...but...reprehensible that Obama would ask.


Voters will choose ROMNEY-RYAN because they're dissatisfied with what TEAM OBAMA has done for the last 3.9 years. Sure...the MASS MEDIA 24/7 is trying to persuade them to relent and accept the dismal way TEAM OBAMA has performed. In in any other states...this MASS MEDIA ploy simply isn't working.

ROMNEY-RYAN are offering a slow-down in the advance of government into your life...but not elimination. This tepid approach is not exciting and might throw some water on an otherwise hot flame.


James Clapper...National Security Adviser...came forward and said he was to blame for the death of Ambassador Stevens. He said Obama didn't have anything to do with protecting the compound where Stevens was slaughtered. Recall that Stevens died by smoke inhalation...not...from an assassins bullet. Never again* would a "snuff order" be traced back to the Oval Office.
*U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY was killed with weapons traced directly to the Oval Office!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Answering the call for "pro-Obama" talking heads...Anne Kornblut arrived. She said give me script...slap my face...and...into camera cry. The producer...advanced...backhanded her across the room...over a chair and table...blasting her nose to mush on broom. That's enough said  Kornblut...holding one hand out palm forward...the other nursing lip and nose...I'm ready to apologize for Obama...your assistance mighty prose.

Kornblut began by saying Ambassador Stevens died...and...Obama...not at fault...he did all he could...not anyone could have better tried...Stevens as safe as if in Fort Knox vault...TEAM OBAMA would never lie...and...they couldn't plan for spontaneous assault.

Off-camera...Kornblut was complimented on her style and poise. They said her script should have been changed before she went on TV since TEAM OBAMA had elected another ploy. They were going to admit the attack was organized and coordinated...but...just a bump in the road...done by terrorists to annoy...not the beginning of the Apocalypse...not some BOMB making the whole world explode.

Latest email from Anne Korblut after her interview on MSNBC. The attack on Stevens' spot fetched every video of Hillary and him...maybe...and...that "maybe"...that "untied string" what compelled TEAM OBAMA to say the reason for the attack was a VIDEO made by Nakoula Bisseley Nakoula.

SUSAN Del PERCIO-smoke signal

Susan Del her deep concern...part of some massive plot...wherein liberty finally in conflagration burned. Can I support this march into enslavement? Can I preside over this "YOKE AND CHOKE? Such questions Del Percio admitted...ran loosely beneath her smoke.


People wonder what makes someone ignore the smell of burning flesh? To those inquiring minds...recall it was HITLER'S GERMANY...embraced...enmeshed.


ROMNEY DEBATE COACH...may this BLOG offer tip and tape. THE ORB your rock...the otherwise unhampered market...your sling. Need not fetch another 4...the first and only will do...before stands GOLIATH...Phillistine-Mass Media behind...yet...THE ORB strikes true.
THE ORB. The omnibus repeal bill(ORB)...cites therein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. THE ORB chases away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism and instantly ushers in the OUM...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...and...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
To Romney...should you choose to remain joined to Obama and desire as much CAGE and RIDE as he...never can you win a debate.'re DEBATING a MARXIST ON MISSION...and...YOU'RE as much a socialist as he...when both accept basic premise...the more logical...and...reasonable...the other less likely succeed. Hence...Obama will defeat you in every debate. And...even if  you do score a few here and'll be ruled less than good...bordering on poor to fair. Unlike have few friends in the MASS MEDIA...though...during the Republican Primary season to sway and push they praised you as worthy...greater than BUSH.

ROMNEY can tackle OBAMA and throw him into tizzy...should ROMNEY preach THE Obama flat...the big fizzy!


Former Ambassador Marc Ginsberg came forward and explained a little bit more about why Obama covered up the real perpetrators who carried out the assassination of Ambassador J.C.Stevens.

Ginsberg...began his interview with this BLOG'S cub-reporter from a most interesting perspective. According to this best pal of the deceased-Stevens...he was having an affair with someone in the State Department...a snuff order was issued...and...a riot was used as "cover crop" for the cadre's mission.

Marc Ginsberg mentioned Stevens kept two for public consumption...the other...his own private memoirs. The second one...a collection of writings and computer discs...disappeared in the attack. The public-consumption one has surfaced...though...and...therein he does mention his dread of an al Qaeda attack and that he needed more protection.

Ginsberg found this "diary" suspicious since he knew Stevens and had spoken to Stevens not a day before he was assassinated. Stevens did not trust local government troops...and...wanted his own American team beefed up. He had spoken to Marc about his fear of assassination. He believed he'd been marked for termination since he had over-stepped when a moment of anger...threatened to reveal his sexual relationship with Hillary Clinton.

Ginsberg also pointed out that Obama refused to attend the daily foreign affairs briefing the week leading up to the death of Stevens. It was obvious Obama did not want to have any way anyone could connect him to the death of Stevens. However, by remaining aloof...the Benghazi compound did not get "beefed-up" with security. On the eve of 9-11...Obama was avoiding briefings...his Ambassador was a sitting was obvious to Ginsberg...a "snuff-order" had been issued.

Ginsberg noted that in America...the President issues "snuff-orders"...and...BLACK OPS teams carry them out. In the Middle East...a the Arab version of this diktat. However the label...Ginsberg suspected assassination for political purpose...its authors in the Oval Office...not in Tripoli.


Michelle Obama in Cedar Falls, Iowa...told an enthusiastic crowd...they had best not procrastinate...go vote and tell the world they love their chains...they love the whip...they love the way they kneel and bow.

Clapping seals couldn't do any better than that crowd before which Queen-Michelle Obama spoke. These people wanted more not less...they loved bondage...they cherished YOKE. She described the NANNY STATE CAGE...miserable and tormented within...ignore such things she said...on my promises...such reliance and depend.

However, in that audience, there stood a FREEUSFLORIDA.COM sign...held by a sky marshal...and...defiantly shown to Michelle during her entire speech! As she spoke...her eyes often glanced at that dramatic her eyes you could see her scrolling down her index cards looking for any mention of FREEUSFLORIDA.COM.(Google-search the speech and watch her eyes).


Can ROMNEY prevail? Contrary to the Obama-controlled drum-beat to the contrary...he can...if...he preaches THE ORB. It's still not too late to rise up...throw off the 20th century muck and duck...and...proclaim himself the leader of the ARMY OF LIBERATION before which is carried THE ORB chasing away socialism and Eco-fascism.

If...on the other hand...ROMNEY continues and there...not firm...not fixed...any time...anywhere...then...ROMNEY will lose. Most voters simply will remain home or those that do go to the voting booth won't much feel Obama will be any worse than ROMNEY when it comes to cutting off some government program...or...reducing some government benefit...and...hence they'll vote OBAMA. many cities...Obama gave out free phones as a voting-bloc-creation strategy. They called them Obama-phones. According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...almost all of those recipients will vote for Obama because he bought them and their loyalty as one would buy cattle or sheep.

To counter-act the lure of such a Pied Piper...ROMNEY must preach THE ORB. He must tell America there is another way. Socialism...dividing an ever-dwindling pie...such things for would-be MASTERS...such things for parasite and knave...but...unworthy of America...beneath you and I. Liberation over subjugation...each American's basic right...standing forth...proud and brave...refusing to kneel and lick boot and might.

YOUTH VOTE FOR OBAMA? What? Well...the MASS MEDIA says the youth want more enslavement...more future painted by MASTER than by they...more kneel and lick...accepting...ignoring...own soul betrayed.


Aboard the Obamastad...a metaphorical slave its bowels...cargo sits...some FOOLS who PULL...others...avaricious and want of wit.

Aboard the Obamastad...slaves made by offering take this freebie or favor...each time another lock on door.

Some time seemed ROMNEY-RYAN had a chance. They had enough money to control some of the TV and RADIO. Sure..TEAM OBAMA had a free ride...every talking head loved the CAGE and the power granted to them inside. When ROMNEY was demanding taxes be cut...the MASS MEDIA attacked  and said tax cuts are wrong....there needed to be more trillion dollar splurges...into that spending spiral America belonged.

For example...MSNBC pro-Obama. Never does any talking head decry Obama. Even though OBAMANOMICS has destroyed entrepreneurial spirit...the MASS MEDIA has many RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE convinced the $899 million(+) per hour in "red ink" doesn't mean they're about to lose their seat.(Google-search DEBT LOCK).

The MASS MEDIA is in Obama's pocket. much so that when Ambassador Stevens was slain in a coordinated attack carrying out a "snuff order"issued by TEAM OBAMA...not any talking head ever said OBAMA was to blame. Sure Stevens died on September the 11th...but...that date lacked any meaning for TEAM OBAMA...and...even...less meaning for the complicit talking heads.

Mention is made of this bias in the MASS MEDIA...since it is the power of the MASS MEDIA that has created this metaphorical Obamastad...a slave ship...wherein its bowels sit a cargo accepting MASTER'S drool and whip.

Let each RIDER be cautioned. What you're being shown "glitters and glistens"...but..."red ink" will end your RIDE...sooner than later...and...not anywhere in the NANNY STATE CAGE will you be able to hide. Imagine you're directed with mud and straw make brick...and...should you refuse...your seat given to someone* who knelt and licked.To save your spot...would you return to fold...bleat as sheep...and...lick when told?
*Already in MICHIGAN...unwed mothers are told they had best send their children to the indoctrination centers...euphemistically called schools...or...lose their GOVERNMENT dole. The unwed mother does as MASTER sniffs...she kneels and licks boot...lest she lose her government stipend miffed.


MICHIGAN will link welfare receipt to school attendance. Should a lady...for to compel her children to attend public school...then...her welfare check will be cut off. Of course...this law will affect Afro-Americans more than any other minority group. Their schools are sub-par and likely little more than regimentation centers...where children are not taught but warehoused with strict rules and harsh outcomes.

Maybe you don't support public schools because the schools are not run by teachers and parents any longer but by bureaucrats. In most schools...the honchos are administrators...not teachers...and...definitely...not parents. They dictate what will be taught and how it will be taught. Dissent is not an option for most teachers since to cry out is to become identified as not a team player and hence ostracized. the State is cutting off parents because their children hate the public school environment...perhaps...these "affected" people will rise up and take back their schools. Remove the ridiculous rules and laws hindering and perplexing modern education.

Return the schools to their traditional role: education for future action. Indeed...why teach a child to build a wheel in 2012...or...make a bow and arrow...when..."how to build" nowadays can include "computer"..."anti-gravity-machine"...and...many other ideas even Jules Verne would envy. Yes...schools must teach rudiments such as math, reading, and science...but...they must also offer cutting edge and permit every student access to what could be the "next" breakthrough.

If the schools were such "advent sites"...not any child would wish to be left out of that circus! But...this 21st Century template is called "too much" those dinosaurs who are unwilling to step aside and permit "new and fresh" to enter the class room. And...because the OLD still has control and refuses to open that door...most children in inner-city schools are left with dinosaurs. Hence...they refuse to go to a place which is literally a waste of their precious time.

Instead of removing the laws and rules which create and perpetuate these "ancient-centers"...MICHIGAN has opted for more red tape...more diktat...more directive...more control over those receiving government lucre...subsidy...and...favor.

Imagine that lady having to coax Lotheesha...Mobeesha...Timi-Tom...and...her oldest...BIG BOB THORTON...a name his father gave to him before he left for the AFGHANISTAN WAR where he was butchered by rag-heads. Imagine...none of these children...each one a computer whiz...wish to encounter their respective the gauntlet with ever-angry administrators slapping and many of them...they step on each other trying to be the one who grabbed and removed the child from the hall...playground...or...classroom.

Now...add to this problem each morning...a DENIAL OF'll sense what's afoot in MICHIGAN. Of course...a Democrat is the lead singer on this new rule...and...believes the majority of voters will support such "cut-off". Instead of eliminating the dinosaurs and "old system"...thereby attracting students...this Democrat has decided to add more rules...more hassle...more 20th Century stuff.


IN THE OTHERWISE UNHAMPERED MARKET(OUM)...schools are private. The schools compete for students mightily. The parents support the schools with money that is based on GOLD...hence...a few dollars buys quality education. Never in the OUM can a mob...led by some would-be MASTER...declare "our tears, your purse".


NASCAR had an announcer for its events whose name we all know. He was CHRIS ECONOMAKI. He was the voice of NASCAR. He passed at the age of 91 years. Gentlemen: start your engines! God speed, Chris!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Democrat ENGELDINGER walked past many employees...went to the loading dock...and...shot the owner who had fired him a few hours earlier. He also shot several other people on that loading dock including a UPS driver who just coincidentally was there for a delivery.

Democrat ENGELDINGER was a Democrat and an Obama supporter. He was heralded as a great American by Obama when Obama was in Minneapolis. He called ENGELDINGER the kind of Democrat he thought worthy of his mention. To Obama...Democrat ENGELDINGER was the kind of dude he thought typical of his constituency.


ROMNEY to defeat Obama must espouse liberation over subjugation. The more he tries to be similar to Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...the more votes he loses not gains!


Nakoula Basseley Nakoula(NBN)...the dude who participated in making the YouTube "hit" about the Prophet Muhammad...was arrested for violation of his federal probation. According to his probationary terms...he was not to be using a computer. Of course...that "offensive trailer" was presented over the INTERNET...and...hence...violated his restrictions.

NBN wanted 15 minutes of fame. His trailer was 14 minutes he almost made it. It featured the Prophet Muhammad having a sexual relationship with several camels. The entire theme was so offensive it reminded many viewers of the critically-acclaimed art in New York City where the statute of the Madonna  was covered in elephant dung and a donkey dick stuck in her mouth.

Folks...the artist who besmirched the Madonna was cheered and praised by such wonderful opinion-makers as the New York Times and CNN,(communist news network). However, when these same outfits were asked to applaud the artistic power of ole NBN...they refused saying they didn't need to be checking beneath the hoods of their cars for the next 100 years looking for BOMBS.


THE ESTABLISHMENT is monolithic. Yes...the two major political parties might appear opposed...yet...they're so similar as to be little more than disguised troops associated with the same army.

ROMNEY...for a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE advocate. He was heard describing how he'd "means-test" he would dismantle the "red ink" system which presently bleeds red ink at the rate of $896 million(+) per hour!(Google-search DEBT CLOCK).

As silly as it sounds...ROMNEY was heard telling taxpayers he would not reduce their taxes as much as they want. He was heard telling the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE that they will be lavished with pomp and circumstance and never will they want for anything. He told others that he would see to it the producers were whipped and cajoled to produce for the good of the hive.

REAGAN defeated CARTER because he offered "different". Yes...he was hamstrung and was prevented from getting all he wanted...but...REAGAN almost single-handed put the NANNY STATE on a course to ultimate destruction thereby insuring capitalism a future.

Instead of preaching an alternative...a 21st Century alternative...ROMNEY-RYAN have chosen to speak in 20th century CAGE lingo...something unattractive to most voters. Their advisers have told them they need to be the same color and smell as TEAM OBAMA...even though...such is exactly what will turn voters off and insure TEAM OBAMA another 48 months in power.


ROMNEY...recently...told several audiences he plans to reduce the deficit and he will raise taxes. He told them he was just as much a "tax and spend" as Obama and could deliver as much as Obama promised. Instead of describing a new alternative...ROMNEY has decided he needs to be as similar to Obama as possible...hoping to draw off some of that "independent voter" edge the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA claims Obama has.

Folks...ROMNEY-RYAN can't prevail when TEAM OBAMA promises so much and has the MASS MEDIA in its corner. To claim similarity as some kind of power-position seems nonsensical. If the idea is to make a small target for the MASS MEDIA...the planned duck and cover simply will siphon off what little support ROMNEY-RYAN had from freedom-lovers. As for making himself more attractive to the so-called independent voters...wishy-washy is already in the Oval Office and there doesn't appear to be any reason to change horses.


The MASS MEDIA guaranteed Jimmy "peanut" Carter they controlled the voters and he was destined to have a 2nd term in Office. Of course...history shows us that REAGAN blew Carter's doors off in a landslide election. Reagan preached liberation over subjugation...and...Americans responded. Indeed...Reagan led an economic boom unparalleled and not again repeated.

Yes...Reagan didn't go far enough...but...he was hindered and bottle-necked by Democrats bents on perpetuating the NANNY STATE CAGE. When BUSH came along with his silliness and tepid nature...for example...the Democrats observed they had a way to regain power and impose hellish-socialism. They observed the power of propaganda and understood they lacked enough such power that Carter lost. Hence...they worked on acquiring control of the MASS MEDIA. They knew whomever controlled the propaganda mills...could attain political power and control over America.

To accomplish this feat and avoid another Carter-loss...the Democrats began gaining control of all media outlets. Naturally...they had the help of the Universities which produced loyal MARXISTS by the thousands each year...each one willing to slit his own mother's throat should his MASTER so direct. The public well...led by the communists in the TEACHER'S UNION...pumped their students heads full of envy and anger telling them their MASTER would control from cradle to grave. were so inundated with such "love of chain and whip"...MASS MEDIA simply amplified such beliefs. The MASS MEDIA has been so successful that many politicians think they can openly declare their hatred for liberty and such proclamation cheered instead of hooted and boo'd.

Take for example that slime slug, Claire McCaskill. According to Senator Claire McCaskill(D.Mo), "Most Americans believe they're enslaved. But...instead of repulsion...they find it wonderful and want to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue for MASTER'S favor."

According to Claire Mccaskill...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater... "voters" want more not less of what TEAM OBAMA has so far produced. They want more taxes...more spending...more deficits...more misery and torment...more Solyndra-scandals...more dead ambassadors...more nuclear weapons in the hands of maniacs.

THE ESTABLISHMENT agreed to support McCaskill if she knelt and licked boot. McCaskill obliged with candied tongue. She voted for OBAMACARE and DODD-FRANK...the two pillars of the "new order" and the two laws needed to create an inescapable NANNY STATE CAGE.


Ultimate justice for SEBELIUS would be for her to have some dreadful ailment...and...the DEATH PANEL...the bunch created by OBAMACARE...decide she didn't deserve "cure"...but...merely needed a pill and put into the corner to die. (Donald Berwick...death panel jerk...opined that he would consider life and death in his own unbridled discretion...unfettered by mercy.)


Marjorie Clifton...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...revealed how disturbed she was over Obama not expressing his MARXIST DOGMA. She wanted to hear him describe "how" he planned to enslave and destroy liberty. She wanted to hear him proclaim everyone under his thumb and controlled from cradle to grave with NANNY STATE spank and diaper check. How dare he not tell America about the CAGE and how he'll force people to do his bidding!


Eventually...enough voters will choose liberation over subjugation to evict the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists who have ruined the economy and lives of so many American over the last 75 years. However, to achieve success...the MASS MEDIA must be infiltrated and the preference for supporting enslavement changed from within.


On September 10, 2012...Hillary Clinton was advised by a reporter from this BLOG that an attack on the Benghazi embassy compound was planned for 9-11-12 and precautions and defensive effort must be implemented forthwith. Clinton received that information and alert but ignored it. Apparently she and Obama were embarked on another gambit which required death to make it poignant.


Adam Greenberg...signed with the Chicago Cubs to play baseball. In his 1st pro-ball his 1st time ever at bat...the pitcher threw a 98 MPH fast-ball. The spheroid struck Adam in the head dropping him instantly. The injury was so severe it removed Adam from the roster completely.

For 94 months...Adam recuperated. had passed him by. Sure...he wanted another chance...but...not anyone would offer such opportunity. However, the Florida MARLINS heard about Adam Greenberg and his wish to play. The MARLINS contacted Adam and invited him to sign a one-day contract and promised to put him into the batter's box once more!

Everyone in Florida is happy about this decision and praise the MARLINS for their charity.


MOST RIDERS...aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...say to the MASTER, "Cut someone else's throat...leave mine alone."

In the socialist society Obama envisions...each RIDER will receive what MASTER deems better or best. The RIDERS...because they are servile supplicants...will accept what is "given" since to squawk is to complain about freebies...something to which few take time to listen. As Obama chortled when asked about RIDERS and their enslavement,"Never do the hungry bite the feeding hand!"


Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to the United Nations and in his speech he produced a drawing of a BOMB. He explained the Iranians have completed 70% of their BOMB...and...are working on the next 20% uranium-enrichment process.

This 2nd step is exposed to the air and can be attacked from above should the JEWS decide "enough is enough". However, if the Iranians succeed in enriching as planned...then...they would be able to proceed to step #3 enriching the uranium to "bomb-stuff". Once they have that would only be a few months before they had the trigger built and the BOMB assembled.

Netanyahu was adamant that OBAMA could not any longer ignore this incredible threat to humanity. Unlike the Jew...the Iranian maniac will deploy and detonate. As Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said about A-bomb usage, "Israel will be erased from the face of the Middle East!"

What Netanyahu does not know is that Obama wants some kind of incredible threat to appear. Once Russia and China were dispatched as enemies...the industrial-military complex needed a new "enemy". The Iranians are accommodating this new labeling since the Iranians are too ignorant to understand their vilification is political and heaped upon them for ulterior motives.


SEBELIUS...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...was caught breaking federal law. She violated the HATCH ACT...a law forbidding political big shots from forcing their underlings to support some politician or issue. According to the investigators...SEBELIUS was requiring written loyalty oaths and express-promises to push the MARXIST AGENDA of Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists. When J.G....a female employee refused and was fired...such is when the investigation began!


BEFORE Ambassador Stevens was assassinated...Hillary Clinton posted on her website a statement that there was not any credible proof that 9-11-12 would be a "murder-day"...even though that date has been turned into such infamy. Following along with this alleged-belief...OBAMA directed all defensive troops withdrawn leaving the Benghazi compound defenseless...and...susceptible of assault by BLACK MAMBA...a black ops team directed to slay and depart without leaving a trace of their involvement.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Folks...on MSNBC...they're showing photos of the embassy compound in Benghazi. If these are photos of that assault-site...then...they have unwittingly shown absolute proof that a special cadre attached to DELTA FORCE was involved in that attack. In one photo there was a rocket hole...a hole through solid reinforced concrete and titanium steel...walls designed to stop anything...anything...except a special rocket propelled grenade packing a special warhead designed specifically to punch through that specific wall!

And the ONLY cadre possessing that warhead was BLACK MAMBA. Not any other detachment in the world possessed such a specialized weapon. Had MSNBC known they were providing absolute proof that OBAMA was involved in the assassination of Ambassador J.C. Stevens...those photos would never have been aired on national TV.

Because of the noise made by this BLOG...Congressional Republicans are asking the same questions. The entire attack on the Benghazi compound was planned and carried out by two groups. One bunch was to deliver the "riot stuff"...permitting Obama to claim the murders were spontaneous and against which not any defense possible. The other group was the BLACK MAMBA team.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is a clset socialist. He must be evicted from his Senate seat and Connie Mack installed. Join with me and let us delete anothr NANNY STATE CAGE advocate.


Obama cavalierly described Iranians with a "nuke" as merely a bump in the road. Sure...they might deploy and detonate...taking out Tel Aviv and New York City simultaneously...but...such things...mere possibility...and...hence a proverbial bump in road...nothing more.


Jesus offered a message of rebirth and revival...and...millions of people about our planet celebrate him and his doctrine. Marx and Mao offered a message of hate and envy and millions of people around the world fear it.

Ah...yes...campaign in poetry but govern in prose.


In Detroit...TEAM OBAMA passed out free cellphones. The response was immediate and wonderful. Low income voters and social security voters had Obama to thank for that lucre...for that freebie...for that exchange they were simply asked not to bite the feeding hand.

If BUSH-CHENEY were this obvious with "vote-buying"...the MASS MEDIA would be hammering them 24/7. However...because it's TEAM OBAMA committing such's quite acceptable...and...clever.


McClatchy...a big league ball player...finally came forth and announced he and Obama's brother in tribal Kenya were in love and were due to be married in the Oval Office should Obama be re-elected. Such information is good for TEAM OBAMA since it was designed to motivate the gay communities around the country to prepare for a gala affair...come one,come all!


The total number of RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE comprise roughly 47% of America. These people...for the most part...want others to pull their RIDE. They want "freebie and favor". Sure...there are RIDERS who want to jump off and begin to assist the other FOOLS who pull...but...that number is so small it's not measurable with statistical precision.

Such mention is made of this obvious feature of the RIDE because the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is making a big deal out of ROMNEY'S assertion that 47% of Americans want the FREE RIDE...believe they deserve it...and...will support only politicians who are ready to deliver more not less.

Take for example, LARKIN WARREN. Her husband deserted her and left her and the 8 children in a small apartment in the middle of a city packed with loving Democrats. She went door to door asking for help from these loving-Democrats. They each asked  in reaction to her request for succor, "Why not apply for government assistance?" However, none of these loving-Democrats would offer her a JOB...or...a place to live rent-free. Sure...most of them could have helped...but...they were Democrats...and...other people's money more suited and to Larkin Warren...delivered..."free".

Larkin Warren was featured on the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA as a grateful welfare recipient. But for that welfare check...but for those food stamps...but for that free rent money...and...that free transport....but for all that freebie and favor...had it not been for all of that...why...ole Larkin Warren would have perished along with her 8 siblings. She was grateful and wanted to come on national TV and cheer OBAMA and tell people they need to support the policy of "My tears, your purse."


Roger Simon...a rabid socialist and he was disturbed by the death of Ambassador Stevens. He had heard Obama issued a "snuff order" to silence Stevens before he could publish his sexual relationship with HILLARY CLINTON. As Simons opined, "If Obama would assassinate for such trivial betrayals what more would he find acceptable?"


Moses...was told to go back to Egypt and confront the most powerful man on the planet...a man-God. Moses...replied, "Okay...I took my shoes off back there in recognition of your granduer...and...awed by what're directing me to return to Egypt...and...confront the most powerful dude ever known?"

Of course...we all know that GOD interfaced with Moses giving him a stronger belief ...and...a stick. Indeed...when Moses entered the hall of Pharoh he possessed the love of God and the staff of Jacob. Yes...humbled and meek...stood Moses before Pharoh and demanded this KING...this man-GOD permit exodus.

Mention is made of this dialogue and subsequent 2012...each voter is a metaphorical-Moses and that voting booth the hall of Paroh. Do you kneel and lick Pharoh's boot,(MATTHEW4:8)? that voting you demand liberation over subjugation and choose the Republican Party and its effort to reduce the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA otherwise gripping and throttling Americans?


In the movie, WATERWORLD, there is a scene wherein Dennis Hopper stands forth...points in a direction and declares, "There lies land!" At that moment...oars are produced...and...the entire team aboard ole Den's ship begin to row. Kevin Cosner says, "But you don't know that!' To such obvious fact and concomitant objection...Hopper says, "Yes...such is true...but...they're happier heading towards something than just sitting around."

Perhaps...the concept contained in that dialogue is something worthy of examination. Can Obama promise freebies and favors, ("there lies land"), even when the DEBT CLOCK spins so fast not any human mind can comprehend it? Of course, he can. Will people "believe" it, though? Again...the answer is "yes" provided the DENNIS HOPPER-type controls virtually all of the MASS MEDIA.
The DEBT CLOCK is the better reason for dismantling whatever is causing it. You can't feed an omnivorous maw with a swath so vast not any mind can grasp its width.


To a socialist society* empowered by majority vote...three things are required: (a) people willing to climb aboard a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE, (b) unwitting FOOLS who PULL and (c) the ruling elite...alias the MASTER.

To keep the pool of RIDERS growing and hence a bigger pool of pro-RIDE voters...all MASS MEDIA must be controlled by the MASTER of the NANNY STATE CAGE. The using propaganda disseminated through its mass media** appendage...can hide hunger and privation behind more and more programs and policies each one designed to address the problems previous laws and rules caused.

To keep the unwitting FOOLS pulling...carrot and stick deployed. To keep them pulling...they're threatened with void. To keep the RIDERS riding and voting...they're lured deeper and deeper into dependency until they're little more than cattle and sheep. control inside the CAGE...the MASTER manipulates,cajoles and deletes.

In 2012...the MASS MEDIA is so biased it's become obvious to everyone. As Krystal Ball said off-camera discussing candidly media bias,"Where are the questions about Obama's connection to the BRIAN TERRY murder? Where are the questions about Obama's relationship to the Solyndra scandal? Where are the questions about Obama's abject failure to defend the Middle East embassies thereby almost guaranteeing an ambassador would be slain? Hmmm...where are those questions?"


**The INTERNET arrived at a time when the MASS MEDIA had full sway over America and America...except for the Reagan era...was moving inexorably towards the bankrupt welfare state ruled by envy and raw power. The INTERNET pierced this otherwise impenentrable wall...a wall erected to prevent anyone from gaining enough public media outlets to make a difference.

Indeed...prior to GOOGLE...and...the wisdom of its corporate board of directors and its incredible staff...


Folks...perhaps you wish to believe the POLLING DATA...and...are comfortable with the POLLING NUMBERS...but...many voters smell something foul afoot. How is it that every POLL is producing numbers demonstrating TEAM OBAMA ahead of ROMNEY-RYAN? What has occurred that would propel TEAM OBAMA into such a commanding lead among likely-voters?

Such questions asked...since the editorial staff of this BLOG couldn't find anything worthy of mention as a susbtantial basis for re-electing TEAM OBAMA and permitting them another 48 months to ruin what's left of American liberty.

Troubling to the editorial staff...for instance...was the OBVIOUS fact that a  "somewhat aware" RIDER aboard the "$899 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...might very well doubt Obama's promise that such RIDE shall continue unabated by looting the storerooms of the RICH.

Moreover, the was now had to be suspicious that the LOCK BOX TRUST FUND which was the basis of their acceptance and patronage of the Social Security and Medicare system is LIE...that they were DECEIVED by both sides of the aisle...and...OBAMACARE was a raid on what was left. Thus...few retirees would ever support TEAM OBAMA because to support such MARXIST ON MISSION and his vermin Hun-horde would be to place what's left of their lives in the hands of merciless and ruthless* politicians...a fate for which they never bargained during their "working" lives.

*Naturally...there are what's known as "umbilical-RIDERS". These are the totally-dependent people whose very existence relies on the lucre of Uncle Sugar. This group is very small and numbers less than 900,000 all of whom have been identified and offered private charity help. Most have accepted the offer...and...the few who refused...these poor wretches were paid more by the Democrats to remain on the dole so that the Democrats would have some poster-children for public view....SIDE-SHOW AT CIRCUS stuff.


The 2012 message of TEAM OBAMA is that should they be returned to power...they'll double-down on all rules and directives and reduce Americans to little more than sheep and be controlled from cradle to grave.

Oddly enough...there are almost 100 million Americans who can't wait to be subjected to NANNY STATE spank and diaper check...and...are infatuated with the 20th Century CAGE-RIDE-FOOL template. They like the NANNY STATE its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement any whip or chain on the backs of the unwitting FOOLS who PULL.

Perhaps...America must suffer another 48 months of socialism and the hands of Obama...alais MARXIST ON MISSION...and...his vermin Hun-horde...before...someone approaches and cries against the walls of Ninevah(Book of Jona).


Had BUSH-CHENEY been caught by surprise on 9-11-12AD...and...they had suffered the death of an ambassador...the MASS MEDIA 24/7 would have every pundit...every talking head...every international guru belittling them...decrying their ignorance...and...pointing out how idiotic they must be.

However...when OBAMA makes the error...and...people die...he's called a great leader...the ambassador-assassination plot labeled "spontaneous and without prior indicators"...and...his lack of ability to coordinate an effective response framed as a powerful way to handle things.


U.S. Senator MARK WARNER(D.Va)...came forward and mentioned his concern about how unprepared TEAM OBAMA was for the 9-11-12 attacks on the Middle East embassy compounds. He was troubled by the rumor that Obama didn't beef-up "protective measures" because Stevens had to be silenced before he divulged his sexual relationship with Hillary Clinton.


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA ROMNEY'S Mormonism. How can America support a Mormon is the buy-line in that MASS MEDIA today. Recall this BLOG predicted this assault should ROMNEY succeed in gaining the Republican nomination. In the next few weeks...the MASS MEDIA will begin to expose MORMON DOCTRINE and critique it in ways not done in 2008 when Obama was hiding the fact he was a rabid MARXIST ON MISSION.


Imagine it's 11-07-12AD...and...TEAM OBAMA won. If you can sense that far into the'll also feel the horror of knowing America was once great and now will become another Zimbabwe.


Before you choose TEAM OBAMA remember your liberty is something which will be removed and "freedom to obey" installed. Naturally...many voters don't believe themselves imperiled if they choose more enslavement...more chain and whip...believing the MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE will only attack the unwitting FOOLS who PULL the "$896 million(+) per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Remarkable that these same voters lack any ability to reason or sort out why TEAM OBAMA is evil and must be evicted from power. They don't sense* the loss of freedom since they have not had their door bashed down yet. They haven't discovered the CHAIN about their own neck as they sit in the bowels of the newest metaphorical slaveship: THE OBAMASTAD.
*THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden


It's likely when the OBAMACARE TAX in 2014 is imposed on Americans...there will be a reaction unlike anything ever observed since the Civil War. Three factions will arise. One faction will be those who are the sheep and cattle and who will obey because they fear reprisal or worse. Another faction will resist and declare their willingness to die rather than kneel and lick MASTER'S boot. And...the final bunch will be the ruling class...the MASTERS...those that "sniff and snoot" over you as if you were a worm and they some powerful God-like being.


IOWA "exit-polls" will be running today and it's likely the voters as they depart the voting booth will be asked for whom they voted. Many will LIE in order to retain their privacy...making this POLL suspect as to its precision.


FORTUNATELY...the NFL lockout of referees is over. Hopefully...with the real deal back...the debacle at Green Bay where a touchdown instead of interception was the ruling on the field...will be just a footnote in some trivia game.


Singer Andy Williams...the crooner whose song MOON RIVER catapulted him to stardom...has died. Before he passed, however, he said he wanted ROMNEY-RYAN and called TEAM OBAMA little more than a vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists. He'll be missed. He wanted the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE dismantled before he died. God speed, Andy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As unusual as it might seem to the desert countries of the Middle East...camels are used everywhere and hence are quite commonplace even in the middle of cities. Tehran...for instance...camels are found walking about...some with and some without riders.

Moreover, some camels are so intelligent they can use their crude vocal cords to make noises approximating human-enunciated words and perform such feats as making sentences which sound like sentences spoken by a human...and...until the speaker is found...most would say that sentence was "human sound".

One camel...located in Tehran...on a YouTube video...a video made by someone in Tehran whose dislike of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quite apparent...says...into the camera..."OH...MAHMOUD...NOT THERE!"

Ana Marie Cox-Guardian owl?

Off-camera...Ana Marie Cox...a well-known freedom-hater and Obama-lover...expressed her grave concern over Obama's inability to assess competently foreign affairs and might very well succeed in granting to IRAN enough room to build their weapon of doom.


According to the so-called POLLSTERS...Americans want more NANNY STATE CAGE spank and diaper check. They desire intrusion into every aspect of their lives. As Al "not so" Sharpton said, "The edicts of  New York City mayor-Bloomberg are welcomed additions to our daily duties accepting each directive and diktat as if coming from some God."


Dan Danner...broad-band scanner...said TEAM OBAMA bears evil's banner. Let us for the alternative vote...Dan Danner was heard and framed in quote.


KAREN KOZDRA leads a crusade to march to City Hall and "make salt".  As she goes from door to door...she invites each neighbor to consider alternatives. She offers her services to assist in dismantling this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE model which was imposed on Vero over the years. She calls on every Vero Beach resident to consider liberation over subjugation thereby creating the burgeoning economy so much needed to absorb the number of children reaching employment age.

Why can't the crushing red tape, tax and spend of  Vero Beach City be deleted? Why must Vero Beach children look elsewhere for employment? Why is there so much spent each year on City services when such can be delivered much better by volunteers? Indeed...Vero Beach is one of the few cities with an abundance of volunteers some capable of performing any administrative feat required.

Folks...we're in the early days of the 21st Century. Yes...there are residents of Vero Beach who don't care about the future for children in Vero Beach. They don't want prosperity bubbling and blooming...but...instead...they prefer the silence of the tomb...and...the quiet of empty rooms.


YES...FOLKS...TESLA Obama-favorite...and...a company featured in almost every political campaign ad TEAM OBAMA has produced in the last 24 months...this poster-child for GREEN's experiencing trouble selling its electric car at $109,000.00.'ll go 60 miles per hour for 15 minutes...and...might not explode in your's literally a white elephant and only the most rich or the most idiotic would ever venture such CASH for CRUD.

Nicholas Tesla...a 20th Century genius...imagined and then build a powerful radio transmitter capable of making air explode as if some comet entered the atmosphere...compacted air...and...then...burst...causing Tanguska-like devastation. Whether the Russian explosion of 1908 was due to Tesla...not anyone will ever know.

The entire Tesla test-device exploded when its awesome radio beam broke free of its telemetry and instead of blasting a big hole in the moon...blew a hole somewhere else...where only later would be known. However, the power overloaded what was thought insulated from such stress and BOOM! Naturally...Tesla could not be sure Tanguska was a product of his TERROR-BEAM...and...refused to reveal its likely origin preferring to allow speculation to be as wide and long as possible.


UNTIL THE RUSSIANS actually entered Berlin and destroyed the Reich Stag's big NAZI SYMBOL perched high above...most Germans thought the propaganda true...that German troops were outside Stalingrad and about to succeed in dispatching what by then only remnants of a once proud Russian army.

Historical mention is made about the power of propaganda since in America...on 09-26-12AD...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is pumping out "Stalingrad-like" stuff...and...the question many Americans believe TEAM OBAMA that successful?


In a sleepy little fishing village nestled along the Treasure Coast...a lady wanted to stop what as afoot around her. She feared for her two children and knew her town was moribund and without economic vitality. Yes...there was a small farmer's market on Saturday...and...several fairs scattered here and there...but...the overall economic environment of her town was D.O.A.(dead on arrival). Because she wanted to make a difference, she entered her name into a political contest to gain a set on the local town council.

Instantly, she was identified as an interloper. How dare she attempt to arrest control of this small town's council and begin to down-size and eliminate! How dare she wish to squeeze...and...delete...until...the government small...efficient...and...delivering only essential government services! HMMMM...How dare she?


Why the 24/7 recitation of  favorable POLLING NUMBERS by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA since the Democrat National Convention(DNC)? There has not been any up-tick in the economy...the jobless numbers are abysmal...the Middle East is aflame...the DEBT CLOCK is spinning so fast not any human mind can comprehend its import...and...Americans have lost income and wealth in greater degree than ever before.

For some time...the editorial staff of this BLOG considered explanations for this deluge of favorable POLLING NUMBERS. These numbers had to be contrived and for political use. There had to be some other purpose behind such avalanche of POLLING DATA...particularly DATA which was so contrary to common sense. As one HARVARD SCIENTIST said when invited to discuss this BLOG'S research, "Every human-indicator was blinking "red zone"...showing anti-Obama feelings so strong as to be beyond reach of TEAM OBAMA no matter how much promised freebie and favor heaped and preached."

Today, the purpose became clear. Enlightenment arrived when the POLLS were combined with something which will begin next week. Next week begins "early voting" was imperative that TEAM OBAMA appear to be 'strong and powerful'...and...stomping ROMNEY-RYAN. According to this theory, the early-voters will hear about this 'GREAT POLLING DATA'...and...wish to go along with the herd and vote for the POLLING DATA declared leader: TEAM OBAMA.

Indeed...the purpose is well-crafted and implemented. There has mentioned already...a cascade of references to these POLLS...these offered insights into the way voters are leaning. By these POLLS...the talking heads of  the complicit MASS MEDIA...crow and brag about how far ahead TEAM OBAMA is with the voters. They then recite* a myriad of reasons why people have chosen OBAMA and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...please consider the alternative to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model. There is an alternative. Yes...ROMNEY-RYAN are, themselves, trying to fit into some "wish-washy" template in order to dodge the cannon of the complicit MASS MEDIA whose mission until election day to besmirch and sully accomplish this feat using POLLS to influence early voters and probably a war with IRAN to swing the NOVEMBER 6th voters into TEAM OBAMA'S corner. choose LIBERATION OVER SUBJUGATION instead of  more NANNY STATE CAGE spank and diaper check.
*One talking head, Rachel Maddow...dwells on things even OBAMA had to recant and disavow. She presents them as fact even though she must surely know how false they are.

Mohammed Morsi

Egyptian head honcho Mohammed Morsi asked to meet with Obama about the 21 nation firestorm erupting throughout the Middle East and Asia...each spot packed with anti-American anger and demand for the downfall of the Great Satan. Unfortunately for Morsi...OBAMA could hardly meet with him and not thereby confess foreign policy failure.


Iranian maniac, Ahmadinejad stood before the United Nations and proclaimed a New World Order where the United States was little more than another has-been now packed with idiots...each trying to determine what portion of the loot from some rich-person's storeroom theirs. As for the JEW...he said ISRAEL is a "dead end" and the Palestinians very soon would have the homeland they so much desire.

And...where is ole Obama on the topic? Well...we know he isn't much concerned with discussing the threat with the JEW. Recall he left Prime Minister Netanyahu sitting in the downtown deli in Washington DC while he was across town preaching socialist nostrums to a crowd of clapping seals.  Indeed...when Egypt's newest leader attempted to frame the 9-11-12 assassination of Ambassador J.Christopher Stevens as a well-conceived attack...Obama chose to attend a VEGAS fund-raiser...instead of dispatching DELTA FORCE...America's 24/7 emergency defense awesome...even jihadists fear them most.

Ahmadinejad didn't stop there. He expressed doubt Obama was up to the task of derailing Iranian efforts to construct the Sword of Allah...a weapon to be deployed and soon as it comes on line. He said IRAN is doing quite well even with the harsh sanctions imposed by the Great Satan.

He said OBAMA had to assassinate Stevens because Obama discovered Stevens was about to reveal his sexual relationship with Hillary Clinton...a revelation so damaging to TEAM OBAMA it was likely able to sink their hopes of re-election.

In many ways...this Iranian was describing and expressing what most Americans had already come to believe and appropriately conclude. a recent POLL...98% of all Americans know Stevens and Clinton were a notorious twosome in Benghazi. They based their belief on the YouTube videos showing Hillary and Stevens in several separate instances...each was lewd and dripping in sexual passion and craving.

In one secret-VIDEO...ole Hillary...appeared in Stevens bedroom dressed as a CASBAH belly-dancer. She belly-danced about him singing old negro spirituals such as Jesus down by the river and whispering as she bounced about, "When the trumpet of the Lord sounds and all time will end...and...the morning break eternal bright and fair...when the saved of the Earth gather on the other shore and the roll is called up yonder I'll be there."

Ahmadinejad...chortled as he discussed how weak and tepid TEAM OBAMA. He crowed that should such hidden VIDEOS ever be published...TEAM OBAMA would be finished. It remains to be seen whether such VIDEOS can cause that reaction and destroy voters' belief in Obama's ability to pull America up out of the morass of misery and torment so much clutching America nowadays. Certainly...if the VIDEO were one where Hillary was doing the Prophet Muhammad...Americans would laugh...but...Muslims would scream and demand death to all infidels who would dare insult the Prophet.


Daniella Gibbs Leger...a rabid socialist...became doubtful of Obama's ability to prevent IRAN from constructing a nuclear weapon and feared New York City would be little more than a radioactive hole in planet Earth sooner than later.


Has anyone asked what "middle class" means? Does it mean a person situated in such "middle class" lacks what the "upper class" has? Spiritually? Materially?

Maybe you believe you're in that "middle class". Perhaps you believe ROMNEY-RYAN will attack your position and loot your storeroom. Such belief is foolhardy since the ONLY bunch dedicated to reducing you to the level of sheep and cattle is TEAM OBAMA.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


JEB BUSH...or any of the other vermin BUSH...they're ESTABLISHMENT scum...and...need to be stomped and beat. JEB BUSH would stand there and watch gas pellets thrown into Jewish showers. He's as miserbale and as freedom-hating as anyone you can imagine. Yes...Obama is a liberty-hater...but...he comes from the front. JEB BUSH...and BUSH vermin...they come from behind. That's all they know. Treachery. Betrayal. Bush stuff. Vermin! Swine! BUSH!


Sununu...a BUSH jerk...has come forward and said America needs more of the industiral military complex. To Sununu....most people say you need to be put in Afghanistan in a Kabul ghetto for an hour and let them slice you into little pieces.


Joe Obama supporter...was asked candidly "why" vote for a simian? He said he would support Obama because Obama would remove liberty and replace such with "freedom to obey".


DAKOTA MEYER is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Recently, this Marine came forward and declared the Afghan Strategy incompetent and flawed. He pointed out American troops are at risk because almost every Afghan receives respect if that Afghan kills an American...alias "intruder".

Folks...we NEVER should have attacked Iraq or Afghanistan. Instead of invading those two irrelevant toilet bowls...America should have taken out IRAN and thereby engendered PEACE for a 1000 years in all directions. However, had BUSH-CHENEY did something as reasonable as that...there would not be any need for the massive military-industrial complex which needs many wars to feed its omnivorous maw.


U.S. Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, declared ROMNEY had sullied the Mormon faith. By demanding liberation over subjugation and a dismantling of the oppressive NANNY STATE CAGE model...somehow...ROMNEY...was besmirching Mormonism. According to Reid...ROMNEY should be traveling about America proclaiming socialistic ideas and telling Americans "they didn't build that!"


Gangnam style...for awhile...rockin' wild...yeah...beautiful...lovely...gangnam style.


At the Madonna Concert...Madonna took a few moments to tell the 35,476 person crowd they needed to vote for Obama because he would enslave them and reduce them to sheep and cattle. To that vision by this blonde-haired lady that crowd screamed and cheered. They wanted to kneel and lick MASTER'S boot and liked that Madonna could say so well what they were thinking for so long.


Ezekiel Emanuel, Neera Tanden and Donald Berwick are rabid-socialists and freedom-haters. Recall Beast-Berwick* said he'd sign a death warrant for his own mother if it would serve the common good; Neera Tanden was the one who said mercy lacks a seat in his mind; and Emanuel said by using OBAMACARE the MASTER can control and direct from cradle to grave with NANNY STATE spank and diaper check.

Folks...during the NAZI REGIME...there were all sorts of apologists and advocates of this or that aspect of the overall NAZI horror. In America...the NANNY STATE CAGE has a similar complement of such "helpers". These three jerks are such vermin and should be identified in public and shunned as if infected with loathsome disease.
*Donald Berwick needs to be pilloried...beaten...and...otherwise scorned. He's a slime slug...and...would throw in gas pellets if his MASTER directed such a shower occur.


Have you noticed the phrase: "play by the rules" is oft used by TEAM OBAMA to describe its interpretation of "free market". Never does anyone ask about what rules to which such phrase refers? If by rule one means "thou shall not initiate physical force...either direct or indirect...within the Socio-economic context"...then that rule is obvious and accepted by everyone as a "given". On the other hand...if by "rule" one means any regulation...any hurdle...any hassle government might impose...then...such 'rule' is anathema to liberty and its excrescence: the otherwise unhampered market(OUM).

Such things are mentioned since CHINA is getting dumped on in America by both sides of the aisle. Somehow, because China is delivering quality products at the lowest price possible...they're called "monsters...and...greedy producers". How dare the Chinese out-produce...and...otherwise out-sail American bewilderment. How dare they benefit American consumers with lower prices on better products!

Chinese don't kneel

The Chinese were smart not to buy into the myth of man-made global warming and did not invest in it because it lacked any viable market. They saw how crippling such idiocy could be and steered clear. Hence, their products don't cost as much to produce. The Chinese observed the U.S. dollar was being reduced in value by Uncle Sugar and took immediate steps to prevent TEAM OBAMA from using currency-manipulation to drain value from the Chinese Yen.

Bad driver?
The Chinese have strict limits. The Chinese have attempted to eliminate and delete all red tape and tax hindering and hampering trade and prosperity thereby making their goods and services cheaper.
Two violin makers

Competition between producers has only one goal: give to the consumer the best product at the lowest price. The ability of one to attract consumers while another with equal skill starves is a feature of the marketplace which few ever master.
Bingo in parlor

 Whether the producer carries health insurance on employees...or...whether the employees have retirement benefits...such things are left to each employer and that decision controlled by the overall marketplace. When someone attempts to introduce the word "fair" into they are when discussing Chinese trade...that person is trying to inject her own value judgment as "diktat".

Monday, September 24, 2012


MSNBC ED SCHULTZ...a rabid freedom-hater and drooling obvious puppet for TEAM OBAMA...has spent the last several weeks excoriating ROMNEY...but...never once asking questions about TEAM OBAMA'S myriad of economic failures and international disasters including the obvious assassination by Obama of a would-be whistle-blower: Ambassador J.Christopher Stevens. Ole Eddie "socialist" Schultz can't ask such things lest he eviscerate Obama's entire campaign in less than 30 seconds.


Most Hispanics know the misery of socialism. They know its buzz words and they fear those preaching them. They've rightly concluded TEAM OBAMA offers enslavement of the producer with a MASTER ruling over both the unwitting FOOLS who PULL the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...and...the RIDERS aboard. They know socialism and Eco-fascism destroys and does not generate prosperity.

Moreover...they've come to doubt Obama's promises since when he had complete power and could have opened the borders to free trade and movement of labor...he refused! a Latino town meeting...he was challenged about his breach of promise and to that challenge he chortled...and...sniffed such a thing was surely not "shovel-ready."


Need a poll saying problem...just come with cash...favorable numbers see. The POLLS then are used by talking heads...some tasked with doubting score...others to claim such numbers dread. wonder what importance the vote you cast...believing your small drop inconsequential motion without future...cemented past. At least...TEAM OBAMA wants you to kneel and lick MASTER'S boot...promising more not less...pointing out storeroom to loot,(MATHEW 4:8).


An otherwise unhampered market(OUM) requires a very small government and hence there would not be much room for would-be MASTERS such as Obama. Hence..he despises the OUM and anyone who preaches the OUM, his enemy. In the OUM...there is not any need for intrusive departments...agencies...bureaus...outlets and "other"...and...hence...all would-be MASTERS see the OUM as their "pink slip"...and...they fear such a thing!

Obama needs a place where rule and directive the standard. Take for instance his commandeering of the INTERNET. In the OUM...Obama would never be permitted such power to attack liberty. Somehow...this the Oval Office...using present-day LAW and RULE...has issued an Executive Order as illegal as it is dangerous...saying...that...if...a contractor wishes to do business with Uncle Sugar...that contractor must accept the federal government as its overarching director...following all rules...adhering to any measures determined by such geniuses as Hillary or Obama* to be of paramount importance.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is pumping out propaganda 24/7 using every possible means to distort and deceive the voters once more. However, this in 2010...the voters sense their "getting fooled again"...and...they're going to surprise TEAM OBAMA and all its pundits and complicit talking heads on MSNBC and CNN(the communist news network).

On the other hand...should TEAM OBAMA prevail...if the likes of socialist U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) is re-elected...for an example of great misfortune...then...America is fiscally particular will resemble something right out of a Cuban travel magazine...yesterday's rice...filled with unemployed people...most of them on the dole...and sanctimonious Bill 'the socialist' Nelson parading about throwing bread to the starving unwashed MASSES...his sheep and he is wont to call Floridians.

*Recall these two birds were caught with their pants down on 9-11-12 when an Ambassador was assassinated.


Because JOBS is an important political issue in 2012...might you not wish to know how terrible TEAM OBAMA has been when it comes to such things? Because of Obama's attack on COAL...Alpha Natural Resources...for example...announced last week it was cutting 1,200 positions as it closed 8 mines in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Arch Coal announced in June that it would idle operations in Appalachia cutting 750 full-time jobs...blaming TEAM OBAMA'S oppressive red tape and tax as its primal cause.

Indeed...31,000 megawatts of electrical power have been destroyed by TEAM OBAMA. When there were blackouts all over the Northeast took days to restore service...the cause was directly due to TEAM OBAMA'S assault on COAL! Everyone in those affected 2011-2012...knows TEAM OBAMA the culprit no matter how much propaganda might be heaped on BUSH-CHENEY(pre-2009) as its cause.

If you're one of those poor wretches whose JOB was destroyed by TEAM're likely not a fan and probably are one of those"on-FOOD STAMP" dudes standing along highways in those downtrodden-states holding ROMNEY-RYAN signs pleading with their neighbors to take might be their ox getting gored next time around!


Everyone knows 9-11-12 was a day on which Muslim radical elements would be most likely to attack. However...TEAM OBAMA withdrew its protective troops away from certain areas...including a strategic area at the Benghazi compound wherein Ambassador J.C.Stevens was located. Yes...Obama was told such lack of defense invited assault...but...such alert...such prognostication...went completely ignored as if attack desired.

The MASS MEDIA has dwelt on the VIDEO...the trouble-stirring video about Muhammad having sex with camels...because to focus on "why" troops were withdrawn instead of "beefed-up" would frame Obama as a murderer...a dude willing to assassinate to get re-elected.


Maybe you don't care how many times Obama has been caught LYING about a critical fact or factor. Take for instance the rash of national security leaks...leaks which directly resulted in the death of Ambassador J.Christopher Stevens.

Because Obama had his hand in the death of Stevens...a cover-story was launched. This tale was similar in its foolhardy-aspect to the canned story produced when U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY was assassinated pursuant to a "snuff order" issued by Obama to prevent Terry from whistle-blowing. As ridiculous as possible...the cover-story first used by Obama explaining therein the death of Stevens was as preposterous as the FAST AND FURIOUS explanation produced to insulate Obama from that assassination.



Perhaps you wish to keep TEAM OBAMA and hope this Hun-horde will change their path..alter their course. you...unnecessary letter and all-licensed fool...when they come to grab what you have...remember these was a time when you could have stood with the ARMY OF LIBERATION against the NANNY STATE push and pull...insuring history will note well where you stood.


According to the MASS MEDIA...most people have decided they want to keep TEAM OBAMA...even if OBAMA and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists have been a dismal failure...they want the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE to continue unabated...and...they don't care how much money from China must be onerous taxes must accomplish the feat.

Because TEAM OBAMA has promised "more RIDE"...even if such promise degenerate jerk-wads told...these RIDERS support Obama...awaiting promised-bounty at their door...the FOOD STAMP...a new kind of gold...the MASTER who "giveth" adored.

According to the POLLS...ROMNEY is lackluster...he tries to promise something to every group. To some he tells how he'll cut tax and spend...while to others he cries duck soup.

ROMNEY must pivot. America wishes this horrific monkey off its back. If TEAM OBAMA re-installed...liberty will be yesterday's rice in the dirty dish stack.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to every every man-jack one of consider...before you choose more NANNY STATE CAGE spank and diaper check...more taxes...more spending...more red tape...more snooping-agents...more this and that...before you do...why not consider ROMNEY-RYAN?

Yes...tepid and frightened...good adjectives framing what has been so far by ROMNEY-RYAN revealed. But...they fight against Democrats and a very biased and powerful MASS MEDIA...a formidable combination...and remain almost tied 50-50 with less than  50 days to the election. Perhaps they must be wishy-washy to escape any effort by TEAM OBAMA to paint them as "wolf and jackal".

From what has been done in the Republican campaign so far...ROMNEY-RYAN are not going to dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE but will find ways to perpetuate it more efficiently...never challenging the underlying premise that liberty must take a backseat to power and authority. Because they're basically promising to retain the status quo but fine-tune it to get the economy bubbling once more...they don't have much "attracting-power".

Sure...they promise some reduction in this 20th Century behemoth...a thing gobbling wealth at a rate so fast and in amounts so vast not any human mind can grasp(Google-search DEBT CLOCK).


Obama said he can't change WASHINGTON DC from the inside. After listening to such occurred to many folks that it was not so much that he "can't"...but...that he "won't". When this simian in the Oval Office had complete power over his 1st two years of office...he chose to deliver enslavement in the form of DODD-FRANK, OBAMACARE and other laws and rules too many to recite herein. In essence he chose to deliver more "WASHINGTON stuff" no less!


MAJESTIC AMERICA...jewel of liberty...reduced to little more than knave and unnecessary letter.


Yes...according to many theologians...Obama is the reincarnation of the anti-Christ. Even Rev. Al "not so" Sharpton has said as much. As ole Al "not so" Sharpton said, "Obama is evil...pure...nasty evil...and...I like it more than life itself."

OBAMA: an all-licensed fool

Obama proved he's an "all-licensed fool". When 9-11-12 approached...he was warned about attack possibilities by this BLOG including a coordinated assault on the Benghazi embassy compound. This spot was singled out since it was where Hillary Clinton had her consort, J.Christopher Stevens. The editorial staff of this BLOG concluded he was the most likely target. If his sexual relationship with Hillary Clinton ever were revealed...Obama's re-election was doomed. Hence J.C. had to die.


THE ORB...the omnibus repeal bill...when deployed...will dismantle instantly the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "red ink' FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system cleverly crafted to compel compliance, create dependency, and perpetuate the MASTER. It'll pay off each RIDER in recognition of the LIES and DECEPTION perpetrated on them by both sides of the aisle. It will delete almost every government department, agency, bureau and outlet. its deployment...EDEN will manifest forthwith.


In 2008...TEAM OBAMA directed BLACK PANTHERS be stationed at voting areas. This time around...NAVY SEALS will be there to comfort voters otherwise intimidated by such THUG-TACTICS.


In 2008...General Motors closed the GM plant there and discharged 26,467 employees making Janesville, Illinois a great place to demonstrate how wonderful and powerful Obama-nomics has been and will be. Since 2009...Obama has pumped $300 billion into Janesville...and...still...the people there are miserable...unhappy...and...repulsed by any more mention of "stimulus"! Indeed...except for those employed by government...most other residents of Janesville are unemployed and feel defeated.

Into Janesville...came a business owned by a trio of entrepreneurs. They set up a small stand near the city park and began to sell NOOGIE WOOGIE sandwiches..."pork with punch"...and...instantly...people came by and purchased the $2.50 each 4 inch long sandwich...packed with spiced pork...surrounded by "fresh-chewy bread"...and...accompanied by a 4 ounce plastic container of "Yo Momma's blind man BBQ sauce".

By mid-week...though...the POLICE arrived. They were armed with machine guns and told to shoot to kill. The captain of this murder-squad approached one of the three amigos and asked her to show to him the "permit"...the "papers"...the "government stuff". She listened to his demand and then replied there were not any such papers...and...she was not about to kneel and lick that boot no matter how many guns and threats.

The captain observed Janesville residents beginning to arrive in great numbers. Some had guns and knives and were ready to use them to protect this NOOGIE WOOGIE outpost of freedom...a beleaguered outpost nevertheless and worthy of their instant protection. Many of those standing near that NOOGIE WOOGIE tent-in-public-park(10 foot by 10 foot) were wounded warriors...some without arms...others without legs...or...eyes...but...all there...armed and ready to do battle with this murder-squad.

"It's the LAW...they must close down!" screamed the captain of the murder squad. "I have snipers posted everywhere with orders to kill and that order give I will. Step back and permit the police to do their job and arrest these 3 amigos...and...should they resist...permit us to murder them!"

The obvious leader of these wounded warriors replied, "Harm one hair on 'yond gray'll die like a' dog...march on he said."

UP from the meadows rich with corn, 
Clear in the cool September morn, 
The clustered spires of Frederick stand 
Green-walled by the hills of Maryland. 
Round about them orchards sweep,         5
Apple and peach tree fruited deep, 
Fair as a garden of the Lord 
To the eyes of the famished rebel horde, 
On that pleasant morn of the early fall 
When Lee marched over the mountain wall,—  10
Over the mountains winding down, 
Horse and foot, into Frederick town. 
Forty flags with their silver stars, 
Forty flags with their crimson bars, 
Flapped in the morning wind: the sun  15
Of noon looked down, and saw not one. 
Up rose old Barbara Frietchie then, 
Bowed with her fourscore years and ten; 


The ARMY OF LIBERATION...formed around a belief in liberation over subjugation. Before it was carried THE ORB which chased away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism and ushered in the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM).

The ARMY OF LIBERATION was opposed by the almighty MASS MEDIA...leaving only the INTERNET as the way it reached out to every freedom-lover to assess their own respective predicament and join the crusade to march to WASHINGTON DC and "make salt".

However, the message was pure and divinely inspired. THE ORB called on eradication of all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Such mission too basic...too core...the MASS MEDIA couldn't matter how they implored.

In January of 2013...there must be afoot an ARMY OF LIBERATION. When that massive tax hits America...and...people discover they're inside an oppressive NANNY STATE CAGE and they are faceless cogs to be counted, cared for and culled as MASTER sees fit...they will search for ways to join this crusade.

Because the ARMY OF LIBERATION will dismantle this CAGE...and...delete the "red ink" will be opposed by those whose lives revolve around other people's torment and misery. SEBELIUS will have to find a job. Steve Chu will have to return to whatever hole from which he crawled. Lisa Jackson will return to the brothel she inhabited and Janet Napolitano will marry Suzanne Barr.