Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Obama and Governor Chris Christie surveyed the coast line of New Jersey. The Governor complimented Obama on his expeditious rescue activity...but...didn't raise the issue of Benghazi whatever. Why he didn't take that opportunity to berate and belittle Obama seems obvious. This blubber-puss doesn't wish to attack Obama's competency since Christie might run for President in 2016.


WOW! Obama went to New Jersey for a photo-op session with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. While Obama was "missing in action" when Ambassador Stevens was slain...he was readily available for the photo-op in New Jersey. Sure...he could have saved those 4 Americans had he been on the job instead of out campaigning...but...he didn't care about them. Yet...he saw political advantage in going to Jersey and getting photographed. Makes you want to vote for OBAMA, eh folks?


FEMA was identified by ROMNEY as a government agency he'll close down. In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is taking Romney to task for such an intention to delete. The acrimony and venom spewed by these MASS MEDIA talking heads over Romney's expressed intent to eliminate is wondrous to observe.

These are the same people who refused and still refuse to discuss the reckless incompetence demonstrated by Obama on 09-11-12...the day the Benghazi embassy compound was attack which lasted 7 long attack wherein the 4 Americans later killed cried out for help only to be thrice rebuked.

While they can excoriate Romney for wishing to dispense with federal emergency interference with state and local clean-up activities...they have assiduously avoided any critical analysis of Obama's patent incompetence when it came to protecting Americans in Libya.


In 1980...Jimmy Carter preferred a ROSE GARDEN strategy for his re-election. Recall that ole Jimmy "peanut" Carter was confronted with American hostages taken by Iranian thugs when they attacked and occupied the American embassy in Tehran. Carter had allowed that embassy to be attacked and overrun.

To his credit, though, Carter did try to extricate the hostages with a "failed" commando raid. Thereafter...Carter refused to travel about America giving speeches having been so embarrassed by that "botched" rescue mission. Instead...Jimmy chose to remain in the ROSE GARDEN where he conferred with important people about how to rescue those hostages...a theme which filled the MASS MEDIA discussions almost 24/7.

OBAMA has been faced with two big crises. The first...of course...was the assassination of an ambassador in a Benghazi compound. The second one has been encapsulated in the word "SANDY".

As for the 1st one...Obama was not to be found...sort of "missing-in-action" so to speak. The situation-room...that hallowed spot wherein Obama sat fixated on a TV screen as SEAL TEAM#6 entered that Pakistani compound and slew Osama bin Laden...such an important site was empty...bereft of Obama or his so-called "situation-team".

With respect to SANDY...Obama...stopped campaigning something he refused to do when Ambassador Stevens for 7 long hours screamed for HELP. Instead of continuing on the campaign trail...however...for this disaster...he returned to the Oval Office in order to sit out the hurricane and coordinate relief efforts from the "situation-room". Because there were voters in the "affected areas"...Obama needed to be there and appear to be "in-charge".

Perhaps you don't care either way if Obama ignored 7 hours of entreaties for help from a "safe-room" in the Benghazi embassy compound. can't see the pragmatic...almost Machiavellian attitude of Obama with respect to SANDY and its clean-up effort. Governor Chris Christie...for instance...overlooked that display of  reckless incompetence in Benghazi and heaped praise on Obama his expeditious reaction to SANDY...a storm over which he lacked any power to stop.


FOOL MULTITUDE chooses by show never learning more than fond eye doth teach. However, those who don't choose by view...chance as fair and choose as true.


"KNOT WITH KNOB!" Such was the description of the momentum of Obama in these last few days before the election of 2012.


Do you find it revolting that the MASS MEDIA is dwelling on the hurricane and not mentioning the obvious incompetence of Obama when it came to defending the embassy in Benghazi? If you don't...maybe you haven't considered what Obama refused to do to save those 4 American lives at the beleaguered embassy on 09-11-12.

Ed Rendell(D.Pa)

Former governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell came forward to express his disenchantment with TEAM OBAMA. He was angered by Obama's demonstrable cowardice when it came to issuing orders for the Predator Drones to open fire on those attacking the embassy compound in Benghazi. Rendell was miffed by the way Obama ignored the cries for help coming from that "safe-room" in Benghazi...a room that was "safe" for 7 long hours before its walls breached and those within slain.


Ohio voters...for the most part...have become disenchanted with TEAM OBAMA. Many of them refer to the death of Ambassador Stevens as proof Obama is reckless* and definitely incompetent. Many of them when asked said, "They can't support a coward to be the commander-in-chief."
*Charlie Woods...father of TYRONE WOODS...came forward to label Obama "a coward". Recall that TYRONE WOODS was killed while fighting in Benghazi trying to defend the embassy compound. Tyrone Woods was heard screaming into the microphone for OBAMA to issue the order to unleash the firepower hovering above that beleaguered compound. Yes...Predator Drones...hovering above the compound and quite capable of saving those 4 Americans...were ordered NOT to fire their weapons!


"No thank you!"replied Mayor Bloomberg when Obama asked him if Obama could come to New York City and tour the resultant hurricane devastation. Moreover, Bloomie refused the personal phone number offered by Obama saying "if Ambassador Stevens was given and used that phone number during the Benghazi embassy compound assault and was ignored...then...what good is that phone number to New York City?"

BILL"blue dress" CLINTON

Disbarred lawyer and former President Bill"blue dress"Clinton appeared before a crowd of clapping seals and told them OBAMA had the power to generate prosperity in America...if...he were granted another 48 months. The crowd cheered wildly at such statement from this proven LIAR and inveterate Democrat. Clinton reviewed the list of failures of TEAM OBAMA but conspicuously left out any mention of the BENGHAZI SCANDAL wherein an Ambassador and 3 other Americans were murdered.


Ambassador Stevens on 09-11-12 screamed into the microphone, "Where are you?" Of course...Stevens was asking Obama where he was when the embassy was under attack. As Obama was off campaigning and not in the "situation-room"...the spot where he should have been. Yes...had Obama given the "protect-order"...gunships and Predator Drones would have erected a STEEL SCREEN between those 4 Americans and their would-be attackers...thereby saving them from doom.

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy...Obama can be observed traveling to every devastated site to inspect and direct clean-up. He even flew back from Florida to be photographed hunched-forward in the "situation-room". In that photo...Obama's visage is packed with concern. His complicit MASS MEDIA is crowing about how well Obama has handled the hurricane.

Senator Ben Thompson

Former Senator Ben Thompson(R.Tn) came forward and told America that there were too many signals of incompetence coming from TEAM strong such indications it might very well embolden our enemies to attack. He pointed to the embassy compound assault in Benghazi wherein an ambassador was murdered along with 3 other Americans as distinct proof Obama is reckless and definitely incompetent....two things for which America's enemies look as they assess any "downside" to an attack on America.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Vice President Joe Biden said he saw Obama give several governors his private phone number and directed them to call him should they need his assistance in handling the clean-up from hurricane Sandy. Of course...blubber-puss Chris Christie praised Obama for giving him that phone number but said he'd not attempt to call since it was obvious to him Obama would not answer.

Governor Christie for proof of that aspect noted Ambassador Stevens had that same phone number and called it for 7 long hours...never once getting Obama on that phone. According to phone logs of the Benghazi embassy...Stevens was screaming for help only to be informed 3 times that Obama was not going to answer any phone call no matter how desperate Stevens might be.


Chrysler is sending JEEP PRODUCTION to China. Of course...Chrysler is denying this decision to produce Jeeps in China because they received money from Uncle Sugar...billions of dollars of taxpayer money. Whatever TEAM OBAMA wants them to say or do...they'll perform as directed because they're beholding to this simian in the Oval Office.

ROMNEY'S OFFERED ASSISTANCE Ohio...held an event to raise awareness of the needs of the hurricane storm victims. Instantly...TEAM OBAMA'S talking heads on TV and RADIO went to maligning Romney for his efforts calling them "campaign activities".

What was so interesting about such acrimony and expressive anger is the same talking heads expressing such hatred themselves refused to offer "emergency assistance" excusing their refusal by saying the RED CROSS does not want canned goods...brooms...shovels...rakes...or...absorbent paper sent to them for distribution. How dare this Mormon offer assistance!

LILIANA GIL VALETTA? much as it might seem incredible...LILIANA GIL VALETTA has expressed her dissatisfaction with TEAM OBAMA and has switched her political support to ROMNEY-RYAN. When asked what caused such a change of mind...she replied she was angry with Obama for murdering Ambassador Stevens.

She found it reprehensible the manner in which Stevens' pleas for assistance were ignored by Obama. How dare this simian in the Oval Office refuse to send in the gunships or have the hovering-on-site Predator Drones fire its missiles and machine guns thereby saving the Ambassador and those 3 other Americans.


Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed stepped forward to declare he was switching his allegiance from TEAM OBAMA to ROMNEY-RYAN because Obama sat back and permitted Ambassador Stevens to be murdered. According to Mayor Reed...J.Christopher Stevens was one of his sexual-consorts when he was in Georgetown last year and hated Obama for killing this manly-dude.


Ambassador Stevens hunkered down in a "safe-room" nursing a wound to his leg sustained as he ran from his attackers. Stevens inside that "safe-room" expressed "pity-wanting pain"...and...begged for Obama to send in the gunships.


Sabrina Eaton was asked why she switched her support from Obama to Romney. Her reply startled everyone. She changed her allegiance to ROMNEY-RYAN when she heard "how" Obama had refused to save Ambassador Stevens and the 3 other Americans in Benghazi on 09-11-12.

Philadelphia school song

In the elementary schools...the teachers directed their pupils to pray to Obama as a messiah. One teacher had her class of 32 students write letters to Obama commencing with the introductory phrase: "Dear God".'s as revolting and repulsive as you can imagine.When asked why she would direct such of these teachers* said she thought it good to make students believe Obama to be god-like...capable of making Hurricane Sandy to steer away from Pennsylvania.
TEACHERS' UNION issued a directive to its members to teach their children to pray to Obama. The UNION directed its teacher-members to raise Obama up as a messiah...a man-God.


Rush Limbaugh has spent several years trying to belittle "liberalism". While he has not defined...or...perhaps...cannot define...what he wishes to call bad...he uses "liberalism" in some pejorative sense.

In order to assist this loudmouth-radio dude...this BLOG dispatched a letter to RUSH setting forth what "liberalism"  has come to mean. It means enslavement...whip...and...chain. It means a ruling elite standing above Americans directing from cradle to grave using NANNY STATE spank and diaper check. It means you don't own or paint your future...but...must await the diktat of your MASTER inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Unfortunately...RUSH LIMBAUGH does not understand liberation over subjugation in ways meaningful to Americans in late October of 2012. He does not understand...for example...his view on abortion is wrongful because it entails government edict directing what a lady will do with her body and its contents. Moreover...this so-called freedom-fighter does not want to eliminate the income tax even though it's universal enslavement. He does not want to delete red tape and bottleneck either because he likes government telling others what they can and can't do.


Romney must turn to Russia and ask Putin to open Russian markets to American goods and services in exchange for open access to America. If Romney is smart...he'll befriend Vladimir Putin. Together these two men could create prosperity unimaginable even 12 months ago! Romney would be wise to assist Putin in his plan to make Russia the great country it can be. Such assistance in the form of otherwise unhampered markets would be a boon and benefit to everyone!


What caused hurricane Sandy to come into Massachusetts and cause damage? After some examination...HARVARD SCIENTISTS...using man-made global warming computer models...determined SANDY turned and headed into the Northeast due to a significant "rain dance" performed by that 100% American Indian: Democrat ELIZABETH WARREN...alias Papoose-Warren.

Yes...folks...$9 billion in storm damage imposed because ELIZABETH WARREN wanted to prove she could change the course of mighty rivers...bend steel in her bare hands...and...of course...cause great weather changes using ancient rain-dance ritual. She put rain-dance paint on her body...along with eagle feathers in her hair...and...danced about a fire...chanting mystical incantation...demanding Mother Nature's fare.


Man-made global warming is a myth. However, hurricane Sandy has been blamed on Chinese coal smoke. As mythologist Mike Mann of Penn State fame said, "Take away Chinese coal-smoke and there would not be any storms on planet Earth!"

Of can be as stupid as Mike Mann and believe such can join this BLOG'S effort to compel Penn State to fire MIKE MANN...alias myth-monkey. We need to identify such myth-monkeys and evict them accordingly.

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone(D.NJ)

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone came forward after hurricane Sandy and said he disliked the way Obama handled the trouble in Benghazi. Instead of running around America campaigning...Pallone felt Obama should have been in the "situation-room" during the 7-hour attack on the Benghazi compound wherein Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were murdered.

Many voters are asking the same question about Obama. Why would he be in the "situation-room" during a hurricane he could not stop or assuage...and...not be in that critical room when 4 Americans were screaming for 7 hours for help?


Hurricane Sandy has killed 26 people so far. Yes...such storm was dangerous...but...people were warned to stay away. Those people...who were storm-slain...simply refused to take face Sandy nose-to-nose only to be killed in that confrontational exercise.

The MASS MEDIA has been flooding TV and RADIO with storm-stuff focusing on the storm and little else. Indeed...4 Americans were slain in Benghazi due to reckless incompetence and that tragedy has barely been mentioned. It would seem the number of dead might be the required aspect for news coverage, eh OBAMA?


Eugene Robinson...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...declared OBAMA a messiah and voters must kneel and lick his boot. Naturally...fewer and fewer voters sense such god-like qualities in Obama despite the MASS MEDIA'S 24/7 description of such grandeur.

For example...Robinson didn't find it disturbing that OBAMA was campaigning on 09-11-12 while an embassy in Benghazi was under attack for SEVEN HOURS! Yes...Obama could have ordered the Predator Drones hovering over that beleaguered compound to open fire and save those 4 Americans. But...Obama needed Stevens silenced before Stevens could reveal "campaign-destructive" things.'re getting "fooled again". The complicit MASS MEDIA won't reveal the reckless incompetence demonstrated in trying to turn your attention away from the Libyan debacle. They want you to consider Obama a man-God...a messiah...and...a person incapable of such reckless incompetence. As Eugene Robinson candidly admitted, "Obama is a messianic MARXIST ON MISSION...and...will deliver European socialist ways destroying the fabric of America...something long sought by us, Progressives."


NEW YORK CITY received some damage due to hurricane Sandy. But it was not the MONSTER that it was hyped to be by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA. Somehow...Mother Nature didn't deliver the damage the Democrats desired making their dwelling on the storm even more obvious as to "why" they spent so much time on it. By packing the news with storm-stuff...they crowded out mention of the 09-11-12 Benghazi massacre wherein 4 Americans lives were lost. don't much care about how Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and the other American died. Certainly...TEAM OBAMA is hoping you don't care. They're hoping you vote for TEAM OBAMA ignoring the reckless incompetence demonstrated by them in the handling of the Benghazi massacre.

Monday, October 29, 2012


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is showing a SKY CRANE breaking up in the winds of Sandy. The falling crane has been shown every 15 minutes on the news cycle of all Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA outlets...NBC...ABC...CBS...MSNBC...CNN and others. It's as if the MASS MEDIA were trying to pack the NEWS CYCLE denying "real information" any space for publication.

Take for example the news-packed BENGAZI massacre...TEAM OBAMA knew about the Benghazi attack...its MASS MEDIA has VIDEO of that attack...all 7 hours(+) of it...and...not once have they shown those 4 Americans dying. Sure...they could show those horrific scenes of death...scenes Obama could have stopped...lives he could have MASS MEDIA is showing a SKY CRANE falling in the wind...or...waves slapping New York City.'re getting played...and...played well. The MASS MEDIA is using its 24/7 power to focus on some storm...some brute of Mother Nature insuring by such continual reference not any time left to discuss the reckless incompetence of OBAMA and the resultant 4 American deaths suffered at the Benghazi compound.


On an island there were 500 producers and 501 RIDERS such that the 501 always out-voted the 500 making the RIDERS most powerful and the most wealthy. The 501 voted...for take 99% of what the 500 produced and redistribute such loot to the 501. Sure...the 501 fought over what share each received...but...some portion all were assured.

However, the 500 was not a real number since the producers dwindled in score until there were only a few and they produced little more. Starving and wretched...the RIDERS demanded something be done...whip and chain better used...some LIE or DECEPTION...some carrot and stick like tale made and spun.

Yet...the number of producers continued to dwindle until all that was left were a ruling elite and poor people ready to lick boot for a meal or shelter.

Such is the way the colonists found the Hawaiians. Each island poor and pathetic...with every islander making sure everyone remained wretched and equally starving. Any attempt to better ones self was immediately deemed anti-social and snuffed. How dare someone wish more than tent and fire.


Ah...yes...the Obama-controlled talking heads are packing the MASS MEDIA time slots with storm updates...each one showing another few inches of storm surge or rain or wind or people telling about their fear of things yet to come. It's a minute by minute reporting of hurricane Sandy. Reporting done with such fervor you'd think they were discussing something heroic and courageous in the way Obama hunkered down in the Oval Office...commanding FEMA...and...taking charge.

Yet...when there was really a time when Obama could have done something...he was not even in Washington DC. Everyone knows he was out campaigning not caring that in Benghazi 4 Americans were pleading for him to issue the orders thereby sending into action protective firepower...firepower so strong those 4 Americans would still be alive! No...Obama was not anywhere to be found to issue such orders.

However...with an approaching storm over which he lacks any control...he's hunkered down in the "situation-room"...commanding FEMA troops. Sure...he could have saved those 4 Americans with the same enthusiasm he's demonstrating with respect to the approaching hurricane...yet...he intentionally refused to render such aid. What a guy! Makes you want to go and vote for him, eh?


Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is flooding the TV and RADIO with "storm-stuff" much time thereon spent...none left for mention of what went down in Benghazi. No space to discuss the needless deaths of an Ambassador and 3 other Americans...people whose lives could have been saved had OBAMA issued the orders for STEEL SCREEN...a protective mantle delivered by then-hovering Predator Drones...specialized Drones capable of slaughtering 100,000 people in an instant.

Yes...folks...Obama could have issued STEEL SCREEN and those Drones would have unleashed so much firepower the entire population of Benghazi would have been obliterated. Yet...Obama refused to issue such orders for STEEL SCREEN and those 4 Americans perished. Sure...Obama had the power to save but refused. And...its such conclusions the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA knows if reached by too many voters would render TEAM OBAMA'S chances of re-election near ZERO.

Ironic...would you not agree...the storm generated by the refusal to save 4 American lives...isn't reported with the same fervor as those reports of hurricane Sandy's land-fall in the Northeast?


A secret isn't any longer when leak in such appears. Whom might whom such secret showed...two questions if exposure near.

Mention is made of this aspect of secret since something went wrong with how Benghazi went down...Stevens was supposed to be snuffed with a rioting mob around. But...the mob could not be summoned...and...time was running the BLACK OPS TEAM performed their task...they performed with skill, no doubt.

This ruthless bunch of mercenaries known only as BLACK MAMBA used plastic bags to suffocate Stevens,Tyrone Woods and the other two Americans. They left not any traces of compelled death.

But what "tells" America that a merciless "snuff-order" was by Obama issued and by BLACK MAMBA with aplomb carried out? The answer is found in the multiple-layers of excuses and cover-up stories emitted by TEAM OBAMA as each new detail bubbled forth from such an unexpected source it couldn't be anticipated, namely this BLOG.


The roster of the situation-room...on the date Osama bin Laden was slain...reads like a "who's who" of political power and prowess. In that room were listed Obama and Hillary Clinton along with Leon Panetta and a host of other underlings...all crowded around a TV screen...a screen showing Osama bin Laden getting killed. According to the roster's "in/out" recitals...Obama and Hillary Clinton never left that room and watched* SEAL TEAM #6 deliver death to bin Laden.

In distinct contrast...the roster of that "special-room" on 09-11-12...recites that not anyone entered or left that room...that the room was vacant. Yes...the TV was on...and...on the TV screen were 4 brave Americans fighting for their lives...but...not anyone was there to observe. The VIDEO of that struggle was streamed to the situation-room by Predator Drones equipped with "real-time" transmission power!

Certainly...Clinton was not there..seated....with her hand to her mouth in dumb-struck horror...a pose she well-adopted for her photo-op when Osama bin Laden was slain. And...Obama was not there either...even though when bin Laden was slain he was observed seated and hunched forward staring at that TV screen and the unfolding deed such transmitted. No...folks...not anyone was there to watch 4 courageous Americans die on TV. Talk about a backdoor stage at a sold-out show...those 4 died screaming for someone to know.

*In a photo-op of that dramatic moment...seated in that situation-room...were Obama and Hillary Clinton watching a TV screen. Clinton in that photo-op had her hand to her mouth as if observing something so horrific it was shocking her mind.


OKAY...buses are running voters to the ballot box. The bus drivers are demanding the riders vote for TEAM OBAMA in exchange for the RIDE. Will you be so foolish as to kneel and lick such boot?


"What did Obama know and when did he know it?" are the two questions U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz has been asking about the assassination of Ambassador Stevens. How about you?


Obama-stooge, DAVID AXELROD was overheard saying he detested Netanyahu and wanted Israel overrun by Muslim hordes.


On 10-28-12...Obama flew back to the Oval Office so that he could maximize the political benefit derived from standing the now-famous "situation-room" assist in the event hurricane Sandy does damage when it strikes the Northeast. The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA has been crowing about the valor and courage demonstrated by Obama when he refused to attend a campaign rally in Orlando, Florida and be in the Oval Office when Sandy struck the coast.

The ironic aspect of such adroit attendance to detail on the part of Obama on 10-28-12  is that on 09-11-12...he was off campaigning for his re-election. Instead of  Obama seated in the "situation-room" as he was on the date/time Osama bin Laden was finally slaughtered...Obama was off campaigning on 09-11-12. Moreover...when informed...on 09-11-12...the Benghazi-embassy was under attack...he refused to order defenses be erected!

Imagine...for 7 long hours...4 Americans in Benghazi cried out for help and were refused such assistance by Obama. As Americans now know...Obama was absent from the Oval Office on 09-11-12...a date when Obama should have been "on-station" just in case something did occur somewhere and he could "stop it". Obama was off attending campaign  functions ignoring his overarching obligation to protect American life and property.

Now...when there is not anything he can do to thwart the damage hurricane Sandy could inflict...he's seated in the "situation room"...hunched over...examining the TV screen and watching news reporters discussing the horror approaching the Northeast.

Ironic...OBAMA was absent from that same room when 4 Americans were screaming for help...preventive-help Obama could have instantly dispatched...but...he's right there seated and all hunched forward watching that TV screen as a hurricane comes closer to America.



MSNBC stooges came forward and showed a video of a June of 2012 debate where ROMNEY says with a borrowing of $1.6 trillion by the federal government there was not any moral basis to continue such things. He noted that FEMA should be dismantled and returned to the states wherein each Governor would direct resources and not some political jerk from FEMA with orders to assist some and ignore others.

However, the video of the Benghazi embassy compound attack...a video taken by hovering Predator Drones...a video available upon MASS MEDIA request...has not been shown to America. Yes...the MASS MEDIA has its copy of what went down in Benghazi. But...such video won't be shown to America before the election because it demonstrates how reckless and incompetent TEAM OBAMA was.

Ironic...the MASS MEDIA is screaming about an anti-FEMA video of ROMNEY...and...not once insisting on the Benghazi video be shown. The bias is so obvious and their intention so evil. They would cover-up incompetence of Obama in order to belittle Romney because of a statement about FEMA what was offered in the context of off-the-wall government spending.

Latinos choose Romney-Ryan

Hispanic voters are choosing ROMNEY-RYAN by a margin of 5 to 1 due to their anger over what Obama did not do to save 4 Americans in Benghazi. Jose Rodriguez...a Democrat strategist...for example...said Latinos are choosing ROMNEY-RYAN because they sense betrayal in TEAM OBAMA. They sense they'll be "fooled again" should they choose OBAMA-BIDEN or any other Democrat politicians.


The ESTABLISHMENT...alias THE MAN*...controls both the Democrats and the Republicans generating by such grip candidates so similar in their bent...there isn't any difference offered to the voter. Indeed...ROMNEY-RYAN will delete some of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA imposed by THE MAN through its Democrat-portion of the template...but...they won't dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE because it would eliminate the "grip of the ESTABLISHMENT".
* In the movie,BOOTY CALL...there is a scene where THE MAN was depicted.


In Ohio...U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown...a rabid socialist and about to lose his Senate seat requiring him to return to his hole. Yes...Brown hates freedom and has voted against anything which would reduce the grip of government. He sees himself as some kind of would-be MASTER and likes his boots shined with candied tongue.


Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...has promised to tax and spend until America is totally bankrupt. Somehow...that promised activity is called "enlightened" by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA. As one MSNBC "Hardball"Chris Matthews said, "you can't out-give Obama...he's a MARXIST...a freedom-hater...and...will destroy liberty replacing it with freedom-to-obey...something I've wished for since the NAZIS were obliterated."


Obama returned to Washington DC to address the havoc caused by the approaching hurricane. The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is crowing about "how" Obama ceased his campaigning in Florida in order to be in Washington DC if an emergency arose out of such hurricane. According to U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL)...this cessation demonstrated how wonderful Obama was to cease campaigning in order to be in the Oval Office during the land-fall of this storm.

Ironic...don't you think...that OBAMA would return to the Oval Office to watch a storm strike land...a storm he could not control...but...when...on 09-11-12...he could have saved the lives of 4 Americans by issuing a "protection order" he did not! Maybe you don't appreciate this difference...but...if you were the father or mother of one of those slain Americans in Benghazi you would.


Private trains are running today...while government-trains are not. Apparently...private railroads were prepared for this HURRICANE SANDY...but...government-trains because they are government-trains were not. Hence...only private rail is operational today in the Northeast while government-trains are not.


Ann Lewis...a Clinton supporter...came forward to tell America she had changed her mind and was supporting ROMNEY-RYAN. Her decision was based on the manner in which Obama assassinated Ambassador Stevens...her best friend forever. She and Stevens were childhood sweethearts and his death angered her so much she decided to support ROMNEY-RYAN.


Bill "blue dress" Clinton was dispatched to Orlando,Florida to tell an excited crowd how much more whip and chain will be unleashed after the election. He promised them higher taxes...more spending...more government intrusion into their private such promised HELL...the crowd of clapping seals cheered wildly.


Tyrone of the 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi on 09-11-12...used the radio to call for help. He knew just down the street were gunships...and...hovering above him Predator Drones packed with firepower and capable of stopping the assault on the embassy compound. He cried out, "For the love of God...Obama...release the gunships...order the Predator Drones to deliver protective mantle!"

Naturally...because the attackers were members of a BLACK OPS team dispatched to snuff Stevens...Obama refused to order gunships and Predator Drones to fire their weapons and interdict that assault. Stevens had to die before he could reveal his ambivalent sexual appetite for Clinton and camel.The weapons which could have been used to save Tyrone Woods and the others were ordered to remain "on the ground".


TEAM OBAMA needed something to take public attention off the display of reckless incompetence surrounding the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi. Accommodating them was Mother Nature whose category#1 storm...Hurricane SANDY...on 10-28-12...struck the Northeast giving the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA that "needed-topic".


Tyrone Woods was one of the 4 Americans slain in Benghazi on 09-11-12. Before he left for that embassy...he was begged not to go. He was told he'd be betrayed by TEAM OBAMA should that embassy be attacked. He was told Obama would personally turn down the volume on the radio in order not to hear the screams for help. Ignoring such information...TYRONE WOODS went to Benghazi and was murdered in the same manner as forecast by this BLOG'S editorial staff.


Because this BLOG offered $25 million for Obama's offer that eclipsed Trump's by $20 million...people have been taking notice of what Obama isn't telling. However, after hearing CHARLIE WOODS' cries for information about the circumstances surrounding his son's death in Benghazi on 9-11-12...this BLOG has upped its ante to $100 million.

ANYONE with information about what went down in Benghazi can apply of this $100 million pay-off. Indeed...with that kind of money on the line...someone will discover their honor...come forward...and...reveal what occurred in Libya at the embassy compound over that 7 long hours.

Dee Dee Myers...for Obama apologist...has found the $100 million offer so attractive she has already issued a statement about what Obama knew and when he knew it. According to Dee Dee...Obama knew the 4 Americans were in definite danger...knew they would die if military assistance not given...but...chose to permit their deaths in order to gain greater political advantage.


To be chosen to represent the Democrats...the politician must be an inveterate LIAR without conscience. Obama fit that template perfectly. His inaction in BENGHAZI is demonstrative of such bent. Recall...on 09-11-12...Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were murdered while Obama stood by...watched...and...then...had his cronies LIE about it!


Obama said he would return to Washington DC and not attend a campaign rally in Orlando leaving that appearance and speech to the likes of Bill"blue dress"Clinton. Here was a President responding to an approaching storm by returning to Washington DC to handle emergency activities.

Odd...don't you agree...a storm can draw a campaigning President back to his home port...but...the 7 hour long attack in Benghazi didn't. Indeed...Obama flew to Vegas for a campaign donation dinner within hours of the reported attack on Benghazi embassy compound. Even though he knew 4 Americans had been killed...such information didn't delay or hinder his campaigning efforts.

Maybe you don't think it important that Obama ignored the screams for help issued by those beleaguered 4 Americans as they fought off another wave of attackers. think you're somehow more important...more special...more needed...and...hence...Obama would come to your aid when entreated. If you do hold such're a fool and will one day find out how disastrously foolish you were to repose such trust in that south side of Chicago community organizer.

Indeed...TYRONE of the 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi...was heard on a radio crying for help...pleading with Obama-controlled gunships to come and defend...gunships that could have stopped the embassy assault instantly. His plea was ignored. His cries for assistance avoided. Even though these Americans could have been saved...Obama chose to have them slain. "WHY?"


U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz and U.S.Rep. Allen West...two Republicans...are asking what went down in Benghazi. They heard from Charlie Woods...the father of Tyrone of the 4 Americans murdered in that 9-11-12 attack on the embassy compound in Benghazi.Charlie Woods pleaded with them to investigate what appeared to be an ongoing cover-up or white-wash of reckless incompetence.

So far...the MASS MEDIA has refused to publish these Republican investigative findings since such a revelation would surely sink TEAM OBAMA. And...because the MASS MEDIA is controlled by these vermin...the voters won't know what happened until "after" the election, if ever. Even Charlie Woods will be denied access to that data until after election day since access would deliver more credibility to Charlie Wood's description of Obama's reckless incompetence.


Obama went to New Hampshire and the crowd cheered when he said he was going to plunder and redistribute the loot to them. How he'd do it was not explained since that was packed with "more whip and chain"...something which would have turned off most Americans even those in that audience of clapping seals. Hence, Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...generalized about the wonders and bliss of the NANNY STATE CAGE and its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE situated therein.


Folks...if you recall...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...continually referred to those slain in Benghazi as the "4 Americans". Never did they reveal the names of the 4 Americans unless called upon and then only to the extent of saying: "Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans". Never did they identify the other 3 Americans leaving them "generic"...until...this BLOG began to make noise!

So powerful has this BLOG been when it comes to discovering what went down in Benghazi that the father of one of the 4 Americans has come forward and stated he wants to know what Obama knew and when he knew it.

Of course..the MASS MEDIA has refused to mention CHARLES WOODS' demand. It has avoided focusing any MASS MEDIA attention on these two questions since to them...their HERO is OBAMA...not TYRONE of the 3 other Americans murdered in that Benghazi embassy compound. They simply don't want OBAMA to lose an election because he was considered by the voters as "reckless and incompetent".

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Senator Ken Johnson came forward and identified two helpers in the Benghazi cover-up: Senator Warner and Senator Udall. These two Democrats were summoned to the Oval Office and directed to deliver "cover-up". They were told Ambassador Stevens was assassinated to silence him before he could reveal things which would bring down the entire Democrat Party... including their good selves. They had best deliver cover-up or start looking for a real job post-2012 election.

In that 3-person meeting...Obama told these two knaves...they had best cover best efforts their own jobs saved.Maybe these two birds didn't care that OBAMA slayed Ambassador Stevens. To them....that was someone else...and...their door still safe. Yet...if Obama could snuff someone so Ambassador, at easily could they get stomped?


Voters are given in 2012 for their choice politicians who are as similar as two sheets of paper. Whatever happened to differences? Perhaps...the ROMNEY-RYAN "me-too" approach will become a template for what not to do when competing against socialists and Eco-fascists for the hearts and minds of the voting public.


Democrat Mark Warner contacted fellow-Democrat Udall and asked if he were angered over the death of their mutual consort, J.C. Stevens. Udall said he was definitely upset about suffering the loss such a sexual relationship...but...he loved Obama more. Warner conceded Obama was manly and likely killed Stevens for positive* purpose.
*Makes you want to vote for TEAM OBAMA, eh folks?


In times past...the rumor of an army marching would cause folks to turn out to observe the spectacle. The British were famous for cheering the lads into battle. They would clap and cheer as troops paraded by throwing flowers and offering glasses of beer.

SARAH PALIN...leads an army of liberation. They're parading past your home through the virtual world of the INTERNET. She has been creating this army ever since it was shown TEAM OBAMA would prevail in 2012. Her appeal for membership is simple: cage or key. If you believe the existing state of affairs somehow'll choose CAGE not'll hiss and sneer as the ARMY passes by on its way to delete and eliminate the CAGE and its hellish "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

On the other hand...if you are not a boot licker and you wish to stand tall...stand TYRONE WOODS*'ll join this crusade to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.Before this ARMY OF LIBERATION is carried THE ORB. It chases away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism and ushers in the otherwise unhampered market wherein the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. Wherever this ARMY finds itself unopposed. The peasants...serfs...even...ruling elite...acknowledge its power...and...if not thereafter joining crusade...turning and dashing away in retreat.
*Tyrone Woods was murdered in Benghazi on 09-11-12 by TEAM OBAMA. He cried out for help but was thrice denied! He was a hero and fought valiantly. But he was betrayed by OBAMA!

 The 2012 election cycle drew such distinct lines that the ARMY OF LIBERATION will be quite able to identify those in power whose eviction imperative in order that THE ORB can be deployed. Due to the MARXIST WAYS of Obama...those who want enslavement have come forth...throwing off their disguises...and...proclaiming themselves rabid socialists and freedom-haters.


FOOD STAMP RECIPIENTS...became angry when told their "freebies" were due to end next month. How dare the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE end so abruptly! They were entitled to receive from the labor of others. They were entitled to sit back and receive from their MASTER the bounty the NANNY STATE CAGE able to generate through the whip and chain imposed by MASTER.

Food Stamp recipients came together organized themselves into a 58 million person army...membership therein provable by holding proudly forth that FOOD STAMP CARD...that piece of plastic with name and photo...that piece of plastic which framed their spot in such CAGE.

With their freebie gasoline...wearing their freebie clothing...and...eating freebie food along the way...this massive 58 million person army...each one a recipient of freebie...descended on Washington DC demanding something be done...some storeroom looted...some estate plundered...but...they wanted their freebies and they wanted them now! How dare anyone attempt to interrupt or stop the "freebie"!

Leading this FOOD STAMP RIOT will be Tim Kaine...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. He knows the power of leading a pack of ravenous wolves. As a loyal Obama-lover and devoted Democrat...he knows how to steal and spend other people's money. Such blood-thirsty vermin as Democrat-Kaine are worthy to lead the FOOD STAMP ARMY to Washington DC where they can slaughter until they receive their freebies.


Because Obama occupies the Oval Office...the socialists feel safe to come forth and drool their evil on TV. Take for example...KEN ROGOFF...a freedom-hater...with credentials making him the foremost authority on economics...said OBAMANOMICS has greatly benefited America. Bragging in socialist manner...Rogoff said, "TEAM OBAMA has put trillions of dollars on the DEBT CLOCK and has squandered billions on boondoggles...making it the most profligate administration ever."

Maybe...ROMNEY is too tepid...too wishy-washy...and...such temperance has turned off voters. It would be horrific...though...were TEAM OBAMA to prevail and have another 48 months to do what Rogoff finds so appealing.


TEAM OBAMA represents enslavement and dependency. Many voters will choose Republican in 2012 in order to escape such horror. How about you?


Early voters...those choosing to vote early...have picked Republican 9 times out of 10! Yes...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA would have you believe different hoping such cloud...such fog...will prevent...perhaps...discourage. Yet...most voters have seen through such trick...and...have chosen the Republican brand of fresh and new.

Ever since Ambassador Stevens was left to die along with 3 other Americans in Benghazi...the Democrat brand has suffered. As DAVID AXELROD said, "To admit you're a Democrat would be to accept Obama's reckless incompetence...and...that is something fewer and fewer Americans are willing to do."

Saturday, October 27, 2012


U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...stepped forward and said she had changed her mind and was supporting ROMNEY-RYAN. Yes...she's a Democrat and wants liberty erased and replaced with "freedom to obey"...with her...of one of the would-be MASTERS. She drips with envy of others...and...hates anyone whose skill or talent better than hers.

What changed her mind? Well...according to ole Tammy...she switched allegiance when she heard about "how" Obama had participated in the murder of Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans. She reviewed the data offered by this BLOG and was convinced Obama was involved and perhaps even its director.


Obama was asked what kind of person would stoop to support his re-election. Instantly...he smiled and said,"The stupid and moronic will be the only ones choosing me...but...99% of America is that I'm sure to win."


Ah...yes...Obama seeks re-election offering America another 48 months of socialist drivel and Eco-fascist tripe.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Jen Psaki...a former Obama supporter...said she had switched her allegiance to ROMNEY-RYAN when she discovered Obama had betrayed Ambassador Stevens and had permitted him to be murdered. She was disturbed by the way Obama thrice refused to order protective mantle be imposed. As Jen Psaki exclaimed when asked why she switched her support, "Had Obama sent in the troops...Stevens and the others would still be alive!"

TYRONE WOODS? Ambassador and 3 other Americans were murdered. One of these 3 other Americans was TYRONE WOODS...a former Navy Seal and a helper at the embassy compound. He was heard screaming into a radio microphone for help. He was demanding the Predator Drones...hovering above the their weapons and save them.

The refusal to render aid when such defense available is heinous conduct...reckless and incompetent. TYRONE WOODS and the Ambassador would be alive had Obama simply given the orders to protect and defend. However...Obama intentionally refused to issue such orders despite hearing the screams of Stevens getting tortured by BLACK MAMBA.


Jonathan Capehart...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...explained his reason for switching his allegiance from TEAM OBAMA to ROMNEY-RYAN. He and Ambassador Stevens were lovers with many a steamy night in Georgetown spent fondly reviewing records...their euphemistic way of referencing their trysts. His loss of such a lover as Stevens was too much to accept and he hated Obama for not saving that dude. Hence...he'd switched his flag...and...was pushing ROMNEY-RYAN.


Ambassador J.C. Stevens was promised by Obama that should the Benghazi embassy compound be attacked...Obama would dispatch STEEL SCREEN...protecting Stevens and his retinue completely. When Stevens asked Obama to put such assurances in writing...Obama became at once offended. " word as strong as oak."

Of pleaded for Obama to keep his keep his promise and deliver instant protection...but...was thrice refused. At one point in the dialogue between Stevens...situated in a beleaguered safe-room...and...Obama...Stevens demanded protection in accord with Obama's "oak-strong" word.

"I recall your words were as strong as oak!" cried Stevens into that microphone as he listened to his attackers blowing holes into his "safe-room".
In the movie, Jerry McGuire...Tom Cruise runs into a dude with a word as strong as oak.


In a political ad...Obama tells a cheering audience he'll never permit IRAN to get a "nuke". Of course...that promise seems hollow when one considers it was OBAMA who decided not to send in help and save Ambassador Stevens. Likewise little trust can be offered when one reflects on "how" Obama tricked* Dr. Afridi into revealing the coordinates of Osama bin Laden.
*Dr.Afridi was promised both extraction and a $25 million reward in exchange for his information. After SEAL TEAM #6 carried out their mission...they departed and did not take Dr. Afridi with them. Moreover, SEAL TEAM #6 didn't leave his $25 million.


In the movie, PASSCHENDAELE...there is a scene where a soldier runs through shot and shell to retrieve his best friend's body as it sits above a German trench hanging from debris. The Germans stop shooting and assist the soldier in the effort. In that moment...the audience is shown bravery and love wrapped in poignant frame.

Mention is made of this movie scene because it's so dramatically different to what went down in Benghazi on 09-11-12. In the Benghazi...Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were trapped for 7 hours and eventually killed by their attackers. Throughout the ordeal...Stevens continually begged for Obama to send help but was thrice refused. Unlike the soldier risking it all to retrieve the remains of his pal...Obama stood by and listened to Stevens for help scream and cry.


Patrick Gaspard...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...told Martin Bashir...himself a fellow traveler...that he could not any longer support TEAM OBAMA because of the way Obama had handled the death of Ambassador J.C. Stevens. Gaspard was angry that Obama had snuffed Stevens since Stevens had spent many a steamy evening with Gaspard in a Georgetown flat. Stevens and Gaspard were best friends forever until Obama got involved.

Gaspard went on to belittle Colin Powell for endorsing Obama. "How dare that jackal endorse the dude who killed my squeeze!" Gaspard was livid with Powell's proclamation that Obama was worthy of re-election!


After Donald Trump offered $5 million...and...this BLOG upped the ante to $25 million...Vice President Joe Biden decided he'd offer the entire state of Delaware...road...building...tree...plant...and...all other wealth of that state...if...OBAMA would reveal himself.

Of course...Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...can't afford to accept any of these offers and reveal himself lest he lose the 2012 election instantly upon such exposure. In essence...plucking grass to know where sits the wind.

Yes...he could benefit one or many by simply accepting the offered MONEY and reveal himself. Both TRUMP and this BLOG offered MONEY in exchange for "background revelation" with such FUNDS being delivered to whomever Obama designed as recipient. So far...however...Obama has chosen to keep himself hidden from public scrutiny...and...deny someone* such FUNDS. What a guy, eh folks?
*Timmy Titler...hearing about the incredible offer of money for information...contacted TEAM OBAMA and begged for Obama to reveal himself and then designate his mother the recipient of that $30 million($25 million+$5 million) enabling his mother to get a life-saving operation. So far...Timmy Titler has been informed by Stephanie Obama-stooge and filter...that OBAMA won't be revealing himself and that Timmy's mother should take a pill and die in the corner...referring to a statement Obama once made about the fate of his own mother.


PHOEBE CONNELLY...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...has departed TEAM OBAMA expressing her anger thereby. She was best friends forever with Ambassador J.C.Stevens. She had many a steamy occasion with the lad as she fondly recalled in her email she dispatched to U.S. Rep.Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL)...outlining "why" she was switching her political support to ROMNEY-RYAN.

Phoebe could not accept assassinating Stevens just because he threatened to reveal his ambivalent sexual appetite for Clinton and camel. To her way of thinking...TEAM OBAMA could have survived such revelation. There was not any need to slay and thereby silence the "Dude in Benghazi" as she was wont to call ole J.C.Stevens.


Trust me! Obama told a cheering crowd they needed to trust him. After Obama departed the area...a reporter from this BLOG interviewed several attendees who didn't applaud the 'trust me' portion of Obama's overall stump-speech.

These people were in agreement they didn't cheer that portion of the overall speech because they didn't trust Obama..and...couldn't bring themselves to pretend they did. They pointed to the betrayal of Dr. Afridi and Ambassador Stevens as two examples of why they'd never trust Obama.

They recited how Dr. Afridi stood on the roof of his house and watched SEAL TEAM #6 depart the area 10 feet above his head in stealth helicopters. They all knew that Dr. Afridi had been promised "extraction" and $25 million in reward money if he revealed the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. One attendee noted that as Afridi watched Obama betray was obvious to that moment...he could not trust Obama.

They also described the horrific way Ambassador Stevens died pleading for Obama to deploy the STEEL SCREEN...a defensive web of bullet, bomb and boom...only to be thrice told: "Sorry...stop whining and die bravely."

Sure...these clapping seals liked the way Obama promised more FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE and for that promised prosperity inside the NANNY STATE CAGE they cheered wildly. However, they could not cheer when OBAMA asked them to repose trust in him....that request they could not fulfill.They didn't want to end up like Afridi or imprisoned for life...the other snuffed by BLACK MAMBA.


Recall there was a "situation room" photo-op...the day Osama bin Laden was slain? In that photo-op... Hillary was seated across from Obama...her hand to her mouth as if  in utter disgust at what she was observing. Her eyes glued to the SKYPE CONNECT live-feed showing to her and the others watching that TV screen the snuffing of Osama bin Laden. Obama sat hunched forward...his white shirt collar open...his buckshot eyes glued to the TV screen....watching SEAL TEAM #6 snuff Osama bin Laden.What a photo-op,eh BARACK? forward to 09-11-12...and...examine the same situation room while the embassy in Benghazi was under attack. As confirmed by David Axelrod...that special-room was empty the entire time the compound was under attack. The TV screen in that special-room had upon it a "live-feed" showing Stevens situated in a safe-room...screaming into the microphone for help.

But...not anyone was in that situation room to hear Stevens' scream of horror. Hillary was not there seated with her hand to her mouth. Across from her was not seated Obama. fellow Americans...that situation-room was empty...those once-so-proudly-occupied seats...each and every one of them were empty. Sure Stevens was crying for help...but...not any help was to be how!

Looking into the matter...Lt. Col. Allen West...recited that the attack on America went on for 7 hours in Libya. According to this soldier-turned-Representative...there were several hours of tape-recorded pleading and begging...beseeching Obama to relent. According to one section of those recordings...Stevens can be distinctly heard begging Obama to recall BLACK MAMBA...that Stevens was only kidding about revealing his ambivalent sexual appetite for Clinton and camel....and...that he would never have revealed any of it before the election.

Confirming Allen West's depiction of cowardice under fire...Panetta admitted that there were 7 hours of such live-feed which Obama could have watched in the situation-room. He could have sat there all hunched forward as he was wont to do when something important afoot.

From that seat in that special-room...OBAMA could have directed his "defense troops"...thereby...saving...hopefully...Stevens, Tyrone Woods and two other Americans. But...Obama was not to be found. Or...if...present some where on campus...could not be made to relent and recall BLACK MAMBA...a shadowy bunch whose mission to carry out "snuff-orders".

As admitted by LEON PANETTA...the situation-room...on 09-11-12...was empty for the entire 7 hours that the compound was attacked. Empty chairs...empty room...a room that had once been a photo-op spot in times past...was for those horrifying 420 minutes...a desert...not anyone there to observe disaster in progress...not anyone there to hear Stevens scream for help.

Imagine 4 American lives in peril for 420 minutes...and...during that 420...requests for assistance thrice denied. Imagine there was time to interdict...protect...and...thereby save...and...such was not done. Imagine as much and you'll sense the foul presence afoot in that empty situation-room.

Maybe voters will be kept baffled by a complicit MASS MEDIA and thereby will vote for TEAM OBAMA out of ignorance. From the lack of details mentioned by most of the MASS's likely they've agreed with TEAM OBAMA to keep a lid on the scandal until after the election.


Over the embassy compound flew Predator Drones...massive firepower...ready to below...protective'er left alone...just push the button and observe lethal show.


Even though he could have...the Secretary of Defense, LEON PANETTA...said he wouldn't have dispatched troops into Benghazi to defend against the "then-in-progress" 7 hour long attack on the embassy compound located therein...without knowing what was occurring. He would never send in troops to assist in defending the compound which was under attack for 7 long hours. As Lt. Col. Woods said,"Panetta knew he had to react and save that Ambassador and the 3 other Americans but froze because he's as much a coward as Obama."

LEON PANETTA said he didn't send in "defense" troops to protect an Ambassador at a compound under attack because there was not enough data from which to assess how safe it would be for the relief troops. With self-righteous indignation...Panetta crowed that he didn't want to drop a "help" team into the middle of mayhem where the helpers were outnumbered and out-gunned. Indeed...Panetta pointed out to be extra-safe...he had to assume his "relief" troops would have been instantly overwhelmed and slaughtered. Why throw fresh meat into the grinder?

Folks...LEON PANETTA is a politician not a soldier. He's not even a good historian of American warfare. He could have thrown a steel wall of bullet, bomb and boom slaughtering the entire population of BENGHAZI thereby saving the occupants that otherwise beleaguered compound. Yet...PANETTA refrained from doing what he knew could be done to save American lives...4 of Ambassador and 3 other having the name: TYRONE WOODS.

The puzzle parts are many and the Obama-MASS MEDIA...along with Panetta...are doing their best to keep the public generally ignorant about what went down in Benghazi. Imagine what Panetta is saying when he asserts he knew he could have saved lives...but...didn't wish to throw other lives into a situation the details of which were unknown.

As far as he knew...that compound could have been under assault by MARTIANS...CRITTERS FROM CRAWL...or...something Secretary of multi-trillion-dollar-DEFENSE...he could not RISK MORE DEATH. Panetta conceded...however...he did heard Ambassador Stevens screaming into a microphone for help...begging him to relent...pleading with him to look at the "real time" SKYPE and see for himself what was afoot!

As one military aide...speaking on condition of anonymity...told a reporter from this BLOG...after Panetta spoke to America about his inaction, "Stevens was heard telling Panetta that the BLACK MAMBA CADRE could be stopped...if not by countermanding orders from the Oval American military stationed all around that compound."

Of course...the CADRE mentioned was the BLACK MAMBA team...a shadowy bunch whose mission always carried out unless all of the CADRE dead. Stevens knew the identity of his attackers and referred to them in that dialogue with Panetta. He told Panetta to cancel the "snuff-order" issued by the Oval Office. But...Panetta knew Obama wanted Stevens dead....slain before he could least one BLOG has said!


Obama dispatched his DIRTY TRICKS TEAM to send out a threat-letter telling Republicans in Florida they can't vote unless they're registered. Of course...the message in the letter is that you need to be properly registered to vote. But...the manner in which that message is delivered in that letter disturbs and frightens everyone who reads it. Hence: DIRTY TRICK.

Tom Smith

In Pennsylvania...TOM SMITH is using his own money to compete for the U.S. Senate seat against Bob Casey...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. TOMMY SMITH has preached THE ORB...and...will defeat this Democrat whose passionate defense of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE has been noticed by Pennsylvania voters. one voter said, "Most of us concluded ole Bob was anti-American and needed to be evicted from his perch of power."

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Israel sent bombers to Sudan to blow up munition factories making stuff for Hamas. BOOM! In the center of the capital of the Sudan a factory exploded. What caused the destruction in that capitol city remained a mystery until Prime Minister Netanyahu admitted his team not only blew it up...but...would slay anyone making munitions for Hamas in Gaza Strip. Recall it was the Israelis who blew up a DRONE built in Sudan but deployed by Hamas in Gaza last week.


Colin Powell...hasn't any money but was informed he could receive a stipend if he supported TEAM OBAMA. Because Colin Powell lacked any principles...he knelt down and licked his benefactor's boot. Colin Powell? Ironic...isn't Afro-American who loves slavery?


Petreus...CIA head honcho...was told to kneel and lick boot. As incredible as it might seem...Petreus...knelt down...extended candied tongue..and shined Obama's boot. Such was the ritual Petreus...head of the CIA...performed with aplomb. His tongue stretched well...and...shined boot so that Obama could see his reflection. Petreus was patted on his servile head for such a good job well done.

If anyone thought Petreus was a man with were wrong. He's a jelly-fish...and....a jelly fish with candied tongue. You louse...jerk...or...worse. Hillary Clinton was correct when she endorsed the phrase in the New York Times: General Betraus!


Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican John Mandel are competing for the hearts and minds of Ohio voters. Brown has appealed to the RIDERS aboard the 20th Century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system telling them they had best vote for proponents of  this "red ink" RIDE...or...face the fear of seat loss. In distinct contrast...Josh Mandel has promised the voters he'll eliminate the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA that has stifled and smothered Ohio.

Sherrod Brown...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...came forward and said let us remove liberty and replace it with "freedom to obey". Can voters from Ohio really send back to the U.S. Senate someone who hates liberty and is contrary in mind-set to the beliefs of  most of the voters of Ohio?
MANDEL asked Brown where is the social security money? Where is the money that is supposed to be in the LOCK-BOW TRUST FUND? Where is it? And the slippery...slimy...SHERROD BROWN lied...and..said it was there...when it was not! What a LIAR! Can Ohio voters choose a LIAR?
Mandel defeats Brown! This will be the headline in Ohio on 11-08-12!


Obviously Mourdock stepped into another well-prepared trap by the Democrats. He was asked about abortion and he decided to make statements which were off-the-wall. Later...he retracted hurt his chances of election. Had he merely preached THE ORB...he not be in a muddle as he is right now. Recall that THE ORB sets forth a manifesto wherein a lady's decision to abort is unbridled and hers alone to make.


HILLARY ROSEN...a Democrat strategist...expressed her anger over the death of Ambassador Stevens. As she said...Stevens didn't deserve to be snuffed even if he were threatening to reveal his ambivalent sexual appetite for camel and Clinton.


Obama told people in Florida during his 8 states in 2 days campaign swing that he would listen to them...and...hear their voices. The crowd cheered somewhat since most knew Obama had ignored the screams for help from that beleaguered Benghazi compound. They knew he could have saved Ambassador Stevens...but...chose to let him die along with 3 other Americans. Sure...Obama heard their cries for help...heard them cry for protection...yet...refused to send the necessary defenders and equipment!


A bidding war has sprung up around the country. Donald Trump started off the bidding by offering $5.0 million within 60 minutes of certified revelation of Obama's background. Not to be outdone...this BLOG offered $25 million within 60 minutes should Obama accommodate the BLOG'S ENTREATY and reveal himself. Now...trying to get a bigger splash than this BLOG and TRUMP received by their respective bids...Vice President JOE BIDEN offered the entire wealth of the state of Delaware for the same information.


Jonathan Allen...a freedom-hater and writer for POLITICO...expressed his change of mind and declared himself a ROMNEY-RYAN supporter. His decision to change sides he said was made for him when he heard OBAMA lying about what happened to Ambassador Stevens.

What disgusted Allen the most was the fact that Stevens into a microphone screamed for help for 7 hours and Obama...while hearing his plaintiff cries...ignored them! He couldn't bring himself to support someone who'd allow an Ambassador to be slain...particularly one screaming for help.


Early voting is done by voters. If the voters...after voting...truthfully reveal how they voted...and...their responses truthfully recorded...then...such an exit poll would be worthwhile to know.

Because of the power of such a POLL on "later-voters"...this BLOG has done a thorough POLLING of every early voter in every state and has received results as follows: ROMNEY-RYAN 60%...TEAM OBAMA 30%...the exact opposite of the way the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is reporting it!

How could there be an exact might ask? Well...according to HARVARD simply means one of the POLLS is not correct...but...there is not any way to know which one is or is not precision stuff.

What gives this BLOG more weight in a 50/50 toss-up is the fact that MSNBC "Hard-baller"Chris Matthews hates this BLOG more than he dislikes ROMNEY.Before Matthews begins any out-door TV session...for instance...he has his crew clear the area of all FREEUSFLORIDA.COM signs. He refused to begin until all those signs were removed! Hence...if Matthews believes this BLOG has such must also mean this BLOG'S POLLING RESULTS are the best!


Democrat Diana DeGette...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...came forward and said voters were supporting ROMNEY because they had concluded OBAMA was lying about his involvement in the assassination of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi on 09-11-12. Joining in on this change of mind...ole DeGette said that her anger about that death was overwhelming her and she simply couldn't support Obama any longer.


According to official data derived from scientific studies about France and its people...the FRENCH are definitely the most slovenly...most bereft of far the laziest in the world surpassing Zimbabwe, Cuba and Venezuela.

United Nations pamphlets use the FRENCH as a benchmark for filth and stench. Indeed...they measure stench from filth in FRENCHIES. A New York City dump site...all 300 square miles of it...has a stench so repulsive...its workers must use special breathing apparatus lest they succumb to the smell and pass out. The dump site has a smell* of 3000 FRENCHIES. An Indian Reservation's latrine area has a 10,000 FRENCHIES number.

Folks...maybe you've been to France and have smelled how filthy and observed how disgusting the FRENCH people are. If you haven't been your travel money. It's a toilet bowl packed with dung-eating Frenchies.

Mention is made of FRANCE and its people since according to a recent POLL...the FRENCH like Obama better than they like ROMNEY. They like a MARXIST ON MISSION because he'll reduce America to a dung-heap and hence erase any inequality between them! According to one hateful Frenchman...OBAMA will reduce America to such a'll be on the order of 1.3 million Frenchies...maybe even more!
* In terms of taste...the measure is in scovals. Hence a ghost chili has a scoval rating of 1.3 million!


Colin Powell endorsed Obama and asked Americans to favor TEAM OBAMA in 2012. Even though Obama exhibited gross incompetence in foreign policy...Colin Powell said he was willing to look the other way and stay upwind from the stench of reckless behavior. He liked to think Obama wanted Stevens to live but chose to slay him in order to prevent Stevens from whistle-blowing...something Colin Powell found reprehensible and worthy of costing such whistle-blower his life.

Colin Powell endorsed Obama because he appreciated the manner in which he went about betraying Dr. Afridi. As Powell put it, "Dr. Afridi was stupid enough to believe Obama would both pay him $25 million in reward money and grant him political asylum in exchange for the coordinates of Osama bin Laden." Powell chortled at how stupid Afridi was and how ridiculous Afridi must have looked and felt as Afridi watched SEAL TEAM #6 helicopters lift off and depart the area ignoring his screams for "promised pick-up".The way Colin Powell saw it...Obama was courageous to betray that Pakistani and save $25 million by so doing.

Colin Powell endorsed Obama because Obama had allowed IRAN to get more stuff with which to construct a "nuke". It was foresighted to permit those maniacs access to nuclear weapons because with such access would come terror and fear...two things Colin Powell knew were good things for America to suffer.

Yes...the endorsement by COLIN POWELL will fetch many votes for TEAM OBAMA. Every hole crawler...every scum-bag...every person whose life framed in betrayal...those sorts and types will rush out to vote for the vermin Colin Powell deemed worthy. They'll choose Obama because he LIES so well. They'll choose Obama because he can betray and avoid* the "tell".

* In TEXAS HOLD'EM...the players examine their opposition for what the gamblers call the "tell". A grimace...a wink...a motion...something out of place...something out of the ordinary...a "tell" so to speak...something alerting the observer inside that hidden aspect lurks something better.


Had BUSH-CHENEY been the ones who suffered the Benghazi embassy compound attack on 09-11-12 and the resultant death of an Ambassador...the MASS MEDIA would have been screaming and attacking 24/7. However, because the MASS MEDIA is biased...they'll never attack OBAMA for his reckless incompetence.


Vice President Joe Biden told an audience in Iowa they were in Ohio. Of course...his geography was incorrect...but...he is a Democrat so idiocy is expected.


Obama was overheard...on 09-12-12...saying "Dodge and duck that mother...and...don't tell her what happened to her son in Benghazi."


In the movie, ATLAS SHRUGGED, part two...there is a meeting wherein industrialists meet and are directed to express publicly their support for enslavement. Of the movie...they go along with the plan for "chain and whip" because they thought themselves worthy of determining the course and direction of life in America.

In the Wall Street Journal(WSJ)...on if from a scene in that incredible movie...80 so-called BIG SHOTS...joined together to demand enslavement not liberation. Instead of declaring war on socialism and Eco-fascism...they turned in their weapons...knelt...and...licked MASTER'S boot, (MATTHEW 4:8).


Ambassador Stevens screamed into the microphone: "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...OBAMA....SEND IN THE TROOPS!" Of course...history will demonstrate Obama refused to assist when assistance could have saved Stevens and the 3 other Americans in that Benghazi compound. Indeed...there is plenty of proof that there were troops and equipment available to defend but these things were not sent forth!

Hence...the voter must ask...can I trust Obama? In answering that otherwise unsure voter...watching what Obama did to save his best friend forever...would conclude: "NO...CAN'T TRUST OBAMA.!"


Ask Dr. Afridi...languishing in a Pakistani prison serving a "life sentence"...about TRUSTING OBAMA. Recall he was promised by Obama...personally promised by this simian in the Oval Office...that "if" Afridi divulged the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden...the most wanted man on Earth...Dr. Afridi would receive both $25 million in reward money...and...political asylum in America.

Dr. Afridi believed and trusted Obama. As Dr. Afridi stood on his roof and watched SEAL TEAM #6 helicopters pass within 10 feet of his head as they left the area...he KNEW he'd been betrayed. He trusted the wrong people and for that "solid-as-oak" trust in Obama he found himself imprisoned for $25 political asylum...just an 8' x 5' prison cell with bread and water the rest of his life!

Ask Ambassador Stevens if he trusted Obama before getting assassinated. This BLOG...using a ghost whisperer...conferred with J.C. Stevens on this very aspect of TRUST. While the information was imparted through a medium...nevertheless...Stevens described the horror he experienced as he waited for Obama to send in protective dispatch military personnel equipped with crowd-interdiction weapons. Quite naturally...Stevens was angry about Obama's decision to let him die.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Talking head Joe Madison...a rabid socialist and well-known freedom-hater...told AL
"not so" Sharpton...that ole Joe could not support OBAMA any longer because Obama had LIED about the death of Ambassador Stevens. For Joe Madison the breaking point was when he heard Obama admit he killed Stevens in order to get re-elected.


SISTER SIMONE CAMPBELL came forward to say she couldn't continue to support OBAMA because he was involved in the assassination of Ambassador Stevens...a dear friend of Sister Simone Campbell. Yes...Sister Simone loved Obama because Obama preached enslavement and the wonders of the NANNY STATE CAGE...but...she simply could a follower of JESUS...accept the EVIL in Obama's heart.


Obama has been turning off his own supporters in recent days due to his deceptive description of what he knew and when he knew it when it came to the circumstances surrounding Ambassador Stevens' assassination. At first...he claimed he relied on bottle-necked information sources which deliberately told him FALSEHOOD.

When that LIE didn't get by...OBAMA chose to switch gears and throw Hillary Clinton under the bus. When her sword-fall didn't stop this BLOG'S noise...Obama sent in his other cronies to say he didn't know even if he did.

How long can the stonewalling continue? I'd say as long as Obama controls the MASS MEDIA...he can escape scrutiny. When it seems...however...these loyalists can safely jump ship...they'll flee and claim they were paid to assist in the OBAMA-created LIE...but...would be just as loyal to the next team should ROMNEY-RYAN prevail in 2012.

$25 million?

When Donald Trump offered to deliver $5 million to any charity of Obama's choosing within 60 minutes of Obama revealing his "background"...never...did ole Donald think he'd be out-bid. But he's been "trumped" so to speak. This BLOG has offered $25 million within 60 minutes of such revelation and such BIGGER PRIZE to be given to any GREEN ENERGY COMPANY Obama selects.

Please, Mr. President!

A little boy went up to Obama and asked him to release his background so that his sickly Mom could receive that $5.0 million Donald Trump offered to deliver to anyone so chosen by a "now-out-of-closet" Obama. The little boy had tears in his eyes. His mom was sick...needed a $5.0 million operation...and...there stood Obama...a person instantly able to benefit his mom. Hence...this little child with a small drum strapped to his waist approached Obama...a messianic plead for his mom's life.

Of course...a team of Secret Service agents descended on this small approaching drummer-boy putting their hulking bodies between this 3 foot tall frame of fear and tear and the MESSIAH...alias BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA...MMM...MMM...MM!

"Let him pass!" commanded a curious Obama. The child looked similar to the child Obama had used so well at the signing of OBAMACARE into law...and...he envisioned using this lad in a like fashion. As the child marched forward...he began to drum...a drumming which the imperious would find fitting. Obama stood fixated as this lad paraded forth emitting a rhythm hauntingly familiar to anyone attempting to capture opposing flag.

When the child reached within a foot of Obama's form...he stopped drumming. He looked up into the buckshot eyes of this would-be GOD and asked, "Please Mr. President...please reveal who you are...expose what you did...and...then...choose my mom to receive Donald Trump's $5.0 million bid!"

Obama was caught. He was being video-taped by a wheelchair bound reporter from this BLOG. Yes...the child was "planted"...his drum well-trained...and...his mission to undermine Obama as much as possible thereby insuring his defeat!

Sensing trap...Obama reeled backwards as if he'd been blasted by a flame-thrower. "DAMN-CHILD!" he exclaimed. "How dare you ask me to save your dare at my door you lay such blame!"

With a simple flick of the finger'd ring...Secret Service agents dashed between. Immediately...the child was grabbed...his drum ripped from his waist and his little feathered hat stomped into dust.


Vladimir Putin has envisioned a strong free-trade relationship between America and Russia. His efforts have been stymied by TEAM OBAMA because of American-UNION fear of Russian superiority.


Within 60 minutes of the moment of revelation of Obama's background...DONALD TRUMP will deliver a certified bank check to any charity of Obama's choosing. What a deal, eh BARACK?

Of course...OBAMA would never reveal his background because it would show him to be a MARXIST ON MISSION....a disqualifying fact...even in 2012.

But...what a wonderful gambit to unleash on OBAMA in the last few weeks leading up to the election. Imagine the campaign-crowds hearing this MARXIST ON MISSION raising up the poor and needy as his benefactors...yet...refusing to deliver $5.0 million to whomever he'll sense what wind has been removed from Obama's speech.


After some's come to light Ambassador J.C. Stevens was raped and the rapists left behind telltale semen. Yes...folks...Stevens was sexually assaulted and then assassinated. He was held down...raped by as many as 100 different men. Then...a plastic bag was placed over his head...and...smoke was introduced into that bag until Stevens was dead.

From information gleaned from top-secret Oval Office emails...for 7 long hours...through RADIO-SATELLITE power...Obama heard Stevens screaming for help...pleading with his captors* to stop raping him.

Sure...Obama could have saved him. But...OBAMA wanted Stevens silenced before Stevens could divulge his ambivalent sexual appetite for Hillary Clinton and camel...a revelation which campaign helper,David Axelrod in one email said would be catastrophic and probably cost Obama the 2012 election.

The resultant Benghazi cover-up...orchestrated by Axelrod and others...has been as the one they deployed to insulate the Oval Office from the assassination of U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY...another would-be whistle-blower.

In this latest effort of duck-and-dodge...the explanation has broadened from a spontaneous riot to something much darker. In this latest revelation...a factoid that was almost deleted by TEAM OBAMA...STEVENS went to a "safe room"...and...was safe...until...they found him...a "hunt-find" which took over 120 minutes to complete.

 Indeed...many political scientists and experts in military logistics have come forward to underscore the conclusion of this BLOG: Stevens was a would-be whistle-blower and was duly silenced to interdict such "election-affecting stuff".

These courageous intellectuals...mostly stationed in Universities around offering such conclusions point to all of the information which demonstrates a Watergate kind of cover-up in progress.

For example...Timmy international-scholar with degrees from everywhere of these great risk to his own reputation for candor...pointed out...that...above the embassy-compound....right above it...hovered PREDATOR DRONES...fully armed with "interdiction-power"...such things as cannon...missile...and....bomb...the same ordinance OBAMA used to kill hundreds of Pakistanis and Afghans over the last 3.9 years. Timmy said not one bullet...bang...or...boom...came from what was over head...leaving Stevens and the other 3 Americans safe room-doomed.

Titler also noted the manner of Stevens' death was a trade-mark of a BLACK OPS TEAM operating out of Yugoslavia...known only as BLACK MAMBA.

Joining in on this increase-in-scrutiny was KRYSTAL BALL. Although reluctantly...she has joined Titler in declaring some things more important than others. As Titler and Ball said, "The most damning of all circumstances which indicated culpability was the 420 minutes which elapsed between the moment the attack on compound began and the moment when the last of the BLACK OPS TEAM departed. During that period of time...Obama heard the entreaties of Stevens...but...refused to order "protective mantle".

Yes...folks...Timmy Titler and others are concluding the STEVENS ASSASSINATION was a "snuff-job". Fortunately for America...Titler...Ball...and...other voters... will know before 11-06-12 if Obama involved as this BLOG has portrayed him from time to time.

What will assist the voters in finding such recklessness and intentional wrong-doing is the stupidity quotient afoot among Obama-cronies. Instead of hiring "new blood"...for instance...TEAM OBAMA went back to the same expert cover-up people they used when BRIAN TERRY'S murder got messy. Instead of using something novel...and...complex...these clowns fashioned an explanation as silly as they one they erected to explain :"why" TERRY died.

Recall that several Democrats came forward in a closed-door session of Congress and confessed. According to them...FAST AND FURIOUS was removed from its shelf-position and unleashed as the explanation for "why" BRIAN TERRY was slain.It was done because there had to be an "insulating" explanation for evidence of conspiracy otherwise leading all the way into the Oval Office.

As history paints...evidence of complicity left at the scene of the assassination of U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY...led directly into the Oval Office. Hence...a cover-up was required...and...FAST AND FURIOUS was issued for public consumption** once TERRY was snuffed. As Americans know...the explanation crafted to fit all fact and factor surrounding the death of BRIAN TERRY was preposterous and few believed it.

As David Axelrod conceded when pressed by a reporter from this BLOG yesterday, "FAST AND FURIOUS was a canned explanation unleashed to counter the noise being made by BLOG declared BRIAN TERRY'S death: an obvious "snuff-job".

Now...on the eve of the election...Axelrod and other Obama-apologists are scared the voters will stop and look...once more...but...this time...looking not at BRIAN TERRY'S murder...but...looking at the reasons for "why" Stevens was assassinated while Obama watched. As Axelrod said, "Titler and Ball and probably others...won't stop until too many voters know and make us show."

To push the curious voter away from looking into that window...however...Axelrod's "cover-bunch" created a scenario which could work if the MASS MEDIA were to assist...and...what actually did occur were deleted.

Assured both conditions had been met...the scenario presented by TEAM OBAMA...beginning with Ambassador Susan Rice...was that an offensive video of the Prophet Mohammad had stirred a MOB to violence and these angry rag-heads attacked the Benghazi compound in a spontaneous that mayhem an Ambassador and 3 other Americans were slain.

What was to be a simple COVER-UP...and...MASS MEDIA getting an examination by voters. Unlike in times past...unfortunately for OBAMA...there is a WATCHDOG crew...a team of curious minds so to speak. They don't want to have to wait until after an election to direct a President to depart forthwith. Indeed...KRYSTAL BALL...a former Obama apologist...had tears in her eyes as she listened to Stevens screaming as he was raped...all the while Ball knowing both Obama had been listening while Stevens was tortured then slain...yet...refused to erect protective mantle.

As BALL and TITLER both said...after hearing Axelrod's latest canned brief..."We want to know right now if Obama and his team were involved in the snuff-job of STEVENS...and...BRIAN TERRY."

Ball went on to state that she was watching Obama and his cronies for any glimpse of culpable knowledge. DEBATE #2...cornered a seated Obama and asked him what he knew and when he knew it. In that cornered cage moment...Obama revealed his complicity by coldly and sternly responding: "Please proceed Governor!"

Recall that America has already suffered an "elect-then-evict" scenario when Tricky-Dick Nixon was elected and then drummed from the Oval office because he was caught discussing a "cover-up" of a break-in at the Watergate Hotel. It's this kind of post-election recall effort which this BLOG...along with Titler and Ball...are attempting to avoid by alerting voters now that TEAM OBAMA is culpable and conspiring to hide two assassinations.

*Raping your enemy...while horrific to most a Muslim tradition first made popular by the Prophet Mohammad who was notorious for his ambivalent-appetite for young 12 year old boys and female camels. According to "just-discovered" missing chapters of the Qu'ran...the prophet would do as many as 1000 male enemies per off his appetite with several lusty camels.
** BRIAN TERRY was assassinated. The shooter left behind evidence which...if examined...would indict everyone in that chain of command including the simian in the Oval Office.


Obama betrayed Dr. Afridi in Pakistan...and...J.C. Stevens in Benghazi. He lacked any compunction against such betrayal. He left Dr. Afridi behind when SEAL TEAM #6 departed the area after slaying Osama bin Laden; and he ignored the screams and pleas for protection from Ambassador Stevens...refusing to supply defensive measures even though such would have saved Stevens and the 3 other Americans.


Former Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele came on MSBNC and predicted Obama would defeat ROMNEY-RYAN. According to this former Republican...they will lose because they're not telling America they will enslave and whip the producers. If they would just promise to take from the worker bee and redistribute that expropriated honey...they'd capture the heart and minds of Americans...particularly the whining worms, servile supplicants and parasites.


Yes....folks...this BLOG has predicted a Republican victory as big as what went down in 2010. This time around...though...the voters went ahead and cleaned out the rest of the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists along with its leader.


The day after the election...both the pro-Obama POLLSTERS and the complicit MASS MEDIA will be saying ROMNEY-RYAN fooled people and such is "why" they defeated TEAM OBAMA in a massive landslide. Never will they admit they were in Obama's pocket. They'll never say they were wrong about Obama's chances for re-election leaving the explanation for others to frame.


Emails from Benghazi have been revealed. These emails reveal Ambassador Stevens was begging for protection and his cries for help were ignored. By whom were they ignored is now the pivotal question. Yes...Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confessed her portion of the overall blame...but...OBAMA has refused to accept his responsibility for what went down at the embassy compound on 9-11-12.

The emails also exposed TEAM OBAMA'S determination to deceive America instead of admitting reckless incompetence was the cause of the death of that Ambassador and 3 other Americans.

To offend and to judge are distinct offices and of opposed nature. Should Obama come forward and accept his part of the blame as many Catholic priests are expecting? Obviously...Obama is a coward and won't step forth.


Congress issued a sequestration rule wherein money would not be spent but withheld in order to reduce the annual deficit. In DEBATE #3...Obama told voters he wouldn't cut any spending but would increase government payments. He wouldn't stop growing government or reduce its power.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. If Obama has his way about it...liberty will finally be replaced with "freedom to obey". We're almost there already having suffering 50 years of inane anti-DRUG laws...and...other NANNY STATE CAGE stuff designed to compel Americans to obey their MASTER inside this horrific CAGE environment.

Obama was heard to comment about his plan to destroy what little liberty remained. He wouldn't stop his horrific "red tape, tax and spend"...not one bit...but...planned to increase his grip on the throat of America until he could strangle anyone he pleased.


Obama went around America having fun claiming Mitt Romney had forgotten what he'd said yesterday and was experiencing ROMNESIA. The crowd laughed but were also disturbed by Obama's obvious lack of competence in foreign affairs.

They recalled the death of Ambassador Stevens and the serial DECEPTION surrounding his misfortune. Indeed...voters have just learned from this BLOG that Oval Office emails clearly demonstrated Obama knew the attack on the Benghazi embassy would occur...but...directed his military not to "beef-up" protection.

comparing pamphlets

Obama unveiled a pamphlet...20 pages worth of pamphlet...wherein he discusses "how" to make America prosperous once more. Beside him at the podium was the 2500 page OBAMACARE LAW which few understood and even less thought capable of producing prosperity. Instead of lifting the 2500 page LAW and telling his audience they were now enslaved...he help high the 20 page pamphlet...and...crowed that in those few pages lurked wealth beyond imagination!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Okay...Obama is touting a 20 page pamphlet wherein he claims to have written the next 48 months of American history. He held that small-blue pamphlet above his head and a crowd of clapping seals cheered as if they'd been shown treasure. He crowed that in that 20 pages was prosperity beyond comprehension and the audience of morons screamed with adulation.

In the movie, TREASURE ISLAND with Wallace one scene Long John is confronted by his own team about the possession of the treasure map. At one point...they say, "AYE...John...but they've got the map!" When such is said...Long John produces the map and throws it into the midst of his crew. They immediately grab and begin examining it. Long John turns to young Jim Hawkins and tells him, "Let's step outside...the stupidity in here is stifling."


Would Romney have been so incompetent he would have suffered the loss of an ambassador...particularly one who was screaming for protection in the days leading up to his assassination? Most voters will choose Romney because of this difference.


Folks...if you merely turned off the sound and watched the visage of Romney and DEBATE #3...their facial expressions...their was available to view...powerful and determined is how ROMNEY appeared. Obama seemed as if he were inside a CAGE...pacing back and forth...worried about book and page.


After DEBATE #3...focus groups were asked to vote. Romney was declared the winner overall. His vision of America's future lacked as much YOKE AND CHOKE as Obama wanted...hence...Romney's portrayal more attractive and alluring.


ROMNEY said America needed more and better weapons. In Debate #3...Obama refused to go that far but conceded he would slaughter any American in any embassy with his reckless incompetence any time he wished.


Folks...the Obama-controlled MASS not hiding its BIAS any longer. They were pro-Obama and this morning they're demonstrating how far into TEAM OBAMA'S corner they are. According to these talking heads and writers...OBAMA prevailed last night in DEBATE #3. Sure...Romney kicked and screamed...but...never did he deliver a knock-out blow. saw DEBATE #3. If you saw ROMNEY slapping OBAMA and Obama returning fire. But...not anyone could have observed weakness on the part of ROMNEY. Sure...ROMNEY agreed with most of Obama's foreign policy effort...but...identified several areas of concern in ways which made Americans think TEAM OBAMA unable to protect adequately against terrorist assault, (Google-search Benghazi compound attack on 9-11-12).


Obama was raised in a home where the people acting as his parents were "freedom-haters". They taught Obama to hate liberty and instilled in his Kenyan tribal mind hatred for anyone seeking liberation over subjugation. Because of his upbringing...Obama is a JEW HATER and such is "why" 2009...Obama skipped over Israel when he conducted his APOLOGY TOUR.


In debate #3...ROMNEY slapped OBAMA for his 2009-APOLOGY TOUR...a trip through the Middle East wherein OBAMA apologized to the Muslims for American greatness. Romney noted that the JEWS were angered at the snub and "skip-over" of Israel when Obama went through the area.


Before Debate#3 began...the New York Times(NYT) was already printing its cover story that OBAMA defeated ROMNEY. Because the NYT is  a socialist rag worthy of wrapping fish and little more...their lead story was expected to be a drooling-worship session.


In Debate LYNN Florida...Romney was shrewd and performed a "me-too" gambit...claiming to want as much as Obama desired internationally...but...done with more skill and wisdom.
 It caught Obama by surprise since he thought ROMNEY was going to present himself as some kind of contrary war hawk looking for fights around the world.

However...the OBAMA-controlled MASS claiming OBAMA won. As predicted...DEBATE #3 was to be an OBAMA VICTORY according to the template set out by TEAM OBAMA. And in accord with such script...the talking heads are crowing that Obama defeated Romney last night. The national audience agreed for the most part...however...that ROMNEY defeated OBAMA last night for sure.

ROMNEY was careful not to impugn the honor of the military and agreed with Obama that Obama had been reckless and incompetent when it came to protecting the embassy in Benghazi. Unlike Obama...Romney said he would have beefed up defenses at of all embassies in the weeks leading up to 9-11-12 expecting an attack even if one didn't occur. By failing to provide such defensive aspect...Obama had invited what actually went down in Benghazi.


Obama told America he was informed Stevens was slain during a spontaneous riot. Later on...Obama admitted his stooges had LIED to America in order to cover up his own reckless incompetence in conducting foreign policy. His admission seemed warranted and positive in character and content...something quite unexpected by every talking head except the editorial staff of this BLOG. All of them concluded unanimously that Obama would come clean with America...delivering a "Check's speech" kind of monologue in DEBATE #3.

ROMNEY must be wary of this tactic. He must frame the 9-11-12 attack as something against which Obama should have been on guard. He had troops...guns...Predator Drones...and...the might of the American military which could have been stationed in Benghazi making sure there was not any such attack on a compound that had a 40 foot "warning" hole it its wall due to a previous June assault.