Thursday, November 29, 2012


Folks...the Republicans...for the most part...and...the Democrats...for the most part...are part of the same ESTABLISHMENT and their merely parroting cliches and platitudes as they proceed down the same of "red tape, tax and spend"...heading into fiscal oblivion. Indeed...the total of all debt owed by Uncle of around $86 trillion and increasing at the rate of $625 million every 80 minutes of every day of every year.

With spoon and bucket dipping the ocean dry...a suitable metaphor when considering that vast sum and its increasing nature. Not ever could America pay off what is occurring presently in 'federal deficit spending'...yet...the Democrats and Republicans pretend they can increase the misery and burdens on the producers and they will accept this"whip and chain"...and...pull harder the 20th Century "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Fortunately for Americans...there is an alternative. It's called the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) wherein the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. The OUM is achieved by deployment of THE ORB. THE ORB chases away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism and ushers in EDEN...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place devoid of stifling red tape and diktat.


Folks...Uncle Sugar is guaranteeing STUDENT DEBT that has gone well over $500 billion without* any end in sight. The borrowers...if an undergraduate student...can get over $50,000 for the matriculation costs and included therein a stipend for "room and board". The ability to repay is not examined and the number of such loans  made is growing exponentially.

The students don't realize their debt is not discharged in bankruptcy...and...the debt creates an "indentured servant" relationship between the government and the debtor-student. The students discover too late the college picked didn't prepare them for anything...and...they're destined to join the "unemployed" as they seek out some niche for which they were not prepared.

Combine this "debt-burden" with the other incidental costs associated with survival and the "framed photo" isn't too pleasant to imagine.

When college-students cheered Obama's promise of "freebie and favor"...these clapping seals never considered their future. They can't see past their dormitory door or their smoking Hukka.
*The overall debt for students could be over $1 trillion already!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock were "made" losers. Everyone of these politicians lost because they did not preach THE ORB...but...chose to offer the voters "same old, same old, just different bag". According to most political scientists...the Republicans could have defeated all comers...including that simian stationed in the Oval Office...had they preached THE ORB. Had ROMNEY...for instance...preached liberation over subjugation...he'd have put Obama on the defensive and have derailed Obama's MASS MEDIA instantly.
THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill...repeals all laws and rules stifling and hindering American producers.


By passing the Omnibus Repeal Bill(ORB) wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...America will become prosperous once more. By eliminating the "sea anchors" which are slowly dragging America under...EDEN will manifest. By deploying THE ORB...the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism will be eradicated and the otherwise unhampered market ushered into our blessed land.

Yes...the socialists and Eco-fascists hate THE ORB. They know its deployment will delete their JOBS in government and force them to find a "real job". Sure...employers will shy away from employing them because they were in government. As Warren Buffett said, "If they were in federal employment...they're damaged goods and should never be trusted."


"When the accrued expenses of the government's entitlement programs are counted, it becomes clear that to collect enough tax revenue just to avoid going deeper into debt would require over $8 trillion in annual tax collection. This $8 trillion is the total of the average annual accrued liabilities of just the two largest entitlement programs: social security and medicare." (Wall Street Journal A-17; 11-27-12). Presently...the cupboard is bare: 100% of all payroll taxes received for these two programs were spent in the year collected.

Folks...the so-called LOCK BOX TRUST FUND was raided years ago...and...all that's left in the LOCK BOX are non-marketable U.S. Treasury paper. To get funds...the LOCK BOX TRUST FUND must swap these for marketable government bonds and then sell these pieces of paper to get more colored-paper currency to pass out to those entitled recipients. However, CHINA is not buying as it once did and Europe...another potential buyer...has gone belly-up beneath its own entitlement system.

Every social security recipient is a victim of a great Ponzi Scheme. It's finally reached the BERNIE MADOFF point where there almost is not enough coming into the TRUST FUND to cover the "aging baby-boomer" influx. Yes...the TEAM OBAMA promises America it can tax and spend until prosperity arrives for everyone. But...such a promise is a promise to destroy what little vitality remains in America...reducing our blessed land to a "slave-society".


Sandra Fluke...the parasite who wanted taxpayers to buy her condoms and birth control pills...was raised up by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA as a symbol of the NANNY STATE CAGE. Her demand for "freebie and favor" were called enlightened and powerful. Indeed...TIME magazine...a socialist rag...claimed it was about to offer SANDRA FLUKE the 'front page" story because she was such a parasite and symbolic of TEAM OBAMA.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Obama had his 2011 budget rejected by the U.S. Senate 100 to ZERO! Indeed...Obama has not produced a workable budget, ever. Yet...somehow...this south side of Chicago community organizer is supposedly capable of forging a mechanism by which the illusory fiscal cliff can be avoided?

It's obvious Obama prevailed in 2012 because he controlled  the MASS MEDIA...except for the INTERNET...and...that instrument of publication...unfortunately...was not powerful enough.


Senator Ron Johnson asked Obama to assist him in dismantling this 20th Century "red ink" NANNY STATE CAGE and ushering in a prosperous and vibrant America where jobs are plentiful and opportunity as vast as the imagination itself. This "enlightened" Senator entreated Obama to relinquish his MARXISM and adopt "freedom and liberty" as his banner.

Naturally...Obama refused his request because Obama is a dedicated MARXIST ON MISSION bent on reducing America to a herd of whining worms ruled by a powerful MASTER inside a NANNY STATE CAGE.

Ask yourself...if the producer is punished for producing...would not that producer quit,(ATLAS SHRUGGED)? When does that producer realize the tax on her production "too much" reaction...cease effort? When does the producer ask the question: "Why be a slave?"

The NANNY STATE CAGE model has produced a $16(+) trillion national debt. Inside this CAGE are many victims of its grip and grab. Some of the victims are only such because of economic downturn and if they can survive long enough they might resume their parade into the future.

For example...some of the RIDERS aboard the "$3 billion per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE are stuck and can't extricate themselves. They must obey their MASTER...and...for such loyalty probably receive something in return...maybe another 99 weeks of unemployment insurance payments...or...perpetual food stamps.

Others aboard the RIDE paid for their portion during their working years accepting that weekly payroll tax deduction on the promise such taxes went to a LOCK BOX TRUST FUND...prudently administered...and...designed to pay them a stipend upon their retirement. Because they paid for that "money stream"...they would be victimized should it be discovered their LOCK BOX TRUST FUND was not prudently administered but packed with worthless I.O.U. stuff dependent on Uncle Sugar's ability to print money...a seemingly limitless* ability indeed.
* is a commodity and too much leads to glut reducing the value overall of that money. Hence...prices of goods and services rise further hurting the retiree-RIDER whose stipend rarely keeps pace with inflation.


Leading the sheep to slaughter is the Judas goat. It is dispatched into the leads the sheep to their doom. Never do the sheep suspect their leader is taking them to their demise.

Warren Buffett has become the Judas-goat for the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. The proponents of this CAGE have sent Buffett into the MASS MEDIA news show circuit to preach enslavement and fealty to the MASTER of the CAGE. The idea is to sway public opinion(sheep) by demonstrating WARREN BUFFETT wants more "chain and whip". Their argument: if Buffett wants to be enslaved...then...why not you?


Yes...finally...the Chinese have perfected landing jets on aircraft carriers. By using American technology...and...American design and specifications...such feat has been accomplished. Once more...the Chinese are taking their place as an international player.


Folks...when you watch the 'talking heads" on TV...take note of the smiles. When they speak about the RICH...they sneer. When they discuss taking wealth from the RICH...they smile. They laugh at how government will loot storerooms and redistribute the plunder to such needful-recipients as SOLYNDRA. Recall Solyndra,LLC went bankrupt after plowing through $535 million of taxpayer money which had been gifted to them by TEAM OBAMA.

Republicans control the U.S. House of Representatives and hence control the power of the purse. Hence...the Republicans can demand "social spending" be reduced instead of taxes getting raised. Of course...the MASS MEDIA is arrayed against such prudence with most of it calling for more not less "red tape, tax and spend"...more of what is destroying the vitality of our blessed land. Their goal to enslave and impoverish leaving them and their selected rulers with unlimited Neo-feudal power to determine and direct from cradle to grave.

"non-member state"

At the United Nations...the Palestinians will apply for "non-member status"(NMS) in January of 2013. Should the anti-American nations vote in favor of such NMS...then...there will be all-out war between Islam and the Jew.

TEAM OBAMA... a disguised bunch of Jew-haters...doesn't much care one way or the other. If Israel is overrun by the be it.


In the Casey Anthony house was a computer. On that computer was a "computer search" for the phrase "fool-proof suffocation". This piece of evidence was not offered at trial because the State Attorney said he never saw it. Which person in the Anthony household searched such a phrase is not clear...but...that piece of proof could have swayed the jury had such been adduced at the Casey Anthony trial.


A baker for HOSTESS came forward and said she had joined the BAKERS' UNION because her fellow employees were members. She said she supported the BAKERS' STRIKE because she was told HOSTESS would capitulate and give to the bakers what they wanted. Of course...she expected UNION fiscal assistance while on strike and thereafter should HOSTESS not accept the Union's demands and go out of business.

This baker...along with...many other She discovered her UNION was not going to pay for wages while on strike and was not going to pay to her what she lost in wages once HOSTESS went out of business. Yes...she was entitled to 99 weeks of unemployment insurance payments delivered to her by Uncle Sugar...but...that meager sum would not cover her needs. Hence...she was angry that she hadn't received what she desired!

As for HOSTESS INTERNATIONAL...that company's board of directors had given in so many times on so many issues...the business model had become hopelessly anchored in "union stuff". So much entanglement and requirement is there plaguing HOSTESS that not any buyers would wish to purchase HOSTESS "as is". Flowers Bakery...for instance...wants to buy some of the HOSTESS assets...but...leave behind the UNION grip and goo which sunk HOSTESS.


When you're pulling your pistol from the holster in a "quick-draw" event...the shooter must avoid shooting off her toe. More often than not...a casual observer knows who was in such an event because the participants are limping due to missing toes. Maybe this explanation covers "why" the Republicans in Congress are limping.


After hurricane Sandy destroyed Donna Vanzant's boat dock and her equipment...Obama a photo-op...hugged ole Donna...and...promised her help from Uncle Sugar. Donna Vanzant...a loyal Democrat and freedom-hater...soaked up that promise of government aid. She liked the idea of receiving the "unearned". She was from New York and a Democrat so she expected to receive the "unearned". She expected Obama to rip wealth away from others and give it to her as he had promised.

Of course...OBAMA never intended to assist Donna Vanzant. He needed her and that photo-op to push socialism...taking from others and giving such stuff to her. She...of course...performed as required by the socialists. In that photo-op she seemed both needful...yet...assured. Yes...she was hugged by Obama without knowing her status was merely that of a trained seal for photo-op.

Nowadays...Donna Vanzant is angry. Yes...Obama had told his FEMA director in her presence to assist her. far...a month later...FEMA has not returned her phone calls and has been avoiding giving her other people's money(OPM). Sure...she wanted OPM...and...does not care whose life is made worse off by that government "taking". All she cares about is receiving "unearned money" so her business can be repaired. She does not care how many people are hurt by government taxation so long as she gets her share of the loot.

FISCAL CLIFF ILLUSION're getting boo-foo'd by the ESTABLISHMENT. Both the Republican arm and the Democrat arm of this ESTABLISHMENT are telling America there must be more "red tape, tax and spend"...that what such has done so far to destroy the vitality of America is not enough and more "destructo" must be applied so that was is left of America is a herd of sheep...a ruling enslaved bunch of producers.

The solution is simple but dramatic. Let us dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE off every victim of this FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...return to an otherwise unhampered market economy free of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the so-called ESTABLISHMENT. If we don't delete and eliminate...this GOVERNMENT FOOTPRINT and GRIP will continue to grow as more and more government power is imposed at every level of life!


Obama was asked "why" he liked the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system and replied it was the only way he knew to enslave people quickly and completely reducing them to sheep and cattle to be cared for, counted and culled as he saw fit.


When the stupidity obvious...does anyone...ever...hold back when such observed? More often than not...the error is pointed out...not only quickly by the observer...but...the one who was about to commit the stupid act is chided and upbraided for such ignorance...such lack of aplomb.

If a child says the answer is "5" when 2+2 is posed...the child is quickly informed the answer is not "5" but "4". Naturally...if the person claiming "5" is...say...U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, however, then the listener finds enlightenment in that display of rank stupidity because the person uttering such nonsense is Nancy Pelosi...a highly respected Democrat and a freedom-hater.

According to ole Nancy...the government can rip away $1.00 from the producer...hand it out to the such action create an additional 87 cents of economic activity. How such is derived is explained using computer models which are programmed to produce such nonsense!

Mention is made of such things because Pelosi and her vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists believe that by spending money taken from other people America overall will become richer...more prosperous...more dynamic. In truth...what they propose is enslavement and privation for everyone except the "ruling elite"....of which Nancy Pelosi is an exquisite example.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Because of OBAMACARE...every American is now burdened with a tax that carries with it penalties if unpaid. The number of refusals will be monumental as more and more Americans will refuse to crawl and instead stand tall and join this crusade to dismantle this 20th century  NANNY STATE CAGE. Yes...there are millions of Americans quite content to sit back and permit others to provide for them...and...will vote for any politician promising "more not less" freebie and favor.


Keynesian economists using Keynesian computer models can demonstrate that 2+2 can equal 5 or 6 depending on "how much" spending the government does. If the government spends $1.00...that $1.00 spent by the government turns into $3.00 of economic activity. While such things are nonsense...yet...the Keynesian pronounces such bunk with haughtiness as if everyone should "know" that 2+2 to a Keynesian economist can be any number desired and is not bound by concrete requirement that 2+2=4 and nothing else!

Mention is made of such silliness since the FRENCH are controlled by the Keynesian types. The spending in France has been incredible...but...the robust economy such spending should create has not manifested. The French producers have chosen not to pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system which has plagued France since post-WWII recovery commenced. Hence...France is becoming a 3rd world country packed with needy and impoverished Frenchies...quite incapable of caring for themselves and in need of NANNY STATE guidance, spank and diaper check.


U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham,(R.SC) has said he'll raise taxes provided the Democrats cut spending. Of course...the only thing that will happen is more taxes will be collected...spending will continue unabated and America will continue down the tubes into utter torment and privation...the two primal things for which socialism and Eco-fascism are known.


Ehud Barak...Israeli Defense Minister...resigned because he could not stop the rocket barrage from GAZA. He was caught by surprise when those 1500 rockets rained down on Tel Aviv and elsewhere. According to Barak he quit since he simply could not get enough support for an invasion of Gaza.


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA won't tell Americans the truth about socialism and Eco-fascism since to do so would be to indict Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists something forbidden nowadays. But for this BLOG...few Americans would have any way to sort out the trouble TEAM OBAMA is heaping on everyone!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Could Netanyahu be so dumb as to believe Hamas is not the puppet of Iran? It was not the Palestinians bombarding Tel Aviv,et al...but  the Iranians. According to the ART OF WAR...Sun Tzu says the enemy's weakness best found by forcing defenses deployed.

What the Jew didn't realize was that American politics was better understood by President Morsi and his pals in the Muslim outfit whose primal cliche is "Send the Jew back into Sinai!" Morsi knew the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA would seize upon anything which could be used to make TEAM OBAMA...particularly Hillary Clinton...a recovering victim of the infamous Benghazi-bus-throw...look good to the American people.

When the Hamas barrage began...only Netanyahu knew Iran was behind it. He attempted to speak to Obama before 11-06-12 about the danger afoot in Gaza...but...was promptly ignored. late November of 2012...Tel Aviv had been subjected to 1500 rocket assaults...a few of which succeeded in piercing the IRON DOME and blowing holes in roads...schools...and..."other".

When Natenyahu warned both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Susan Rice that the Benghazi ambassador was going to be slaughtered on 09-11-12...again...his entreaties were ignored. Of course...we know Ambassador Stevens screamed for help for 7 long hours hunkered down in a so-called "safe-room"before his would-be slayers finally achieved their goal.


Hillary Clinton was duped into coming to Egypt and then further duped into exclaiming how wondrous and great President Morsi was to broker the peace-deal between the Jew and Palestinian. Never did it occur to Obama or stooge-Clinton that a grand game of chess and such positive MASS MEDIA support by the Americans was needed.

The rockets into Israel were from Iran and fired by Iranian puppets operating under the guise of HAMAS. The Muslim Brotherhood is closely aligned with IRAN. President Morsi is a leader of the Muslim was obvious to everyone IRAN was behind the entire "rocket barrage" on Israel. The attack was so great that the Jew sought help from America and America replied by praising Iranian functionary!

Now...Morsi has claimed almost dictatorial power in Egypt. He has offered to assist Hamas in re-upping its missile inventory to replace those used in the last barrage on the Jew. Morsi has come to conclude an agreement with Jordan and Lebanon to replace neutral when the Palestinians actually begin their 5 million person march into Israel. This massive mob will overrun the Jew and render any defense useless. Once the 5 million Muslims are inside Israel...they'll refuse to depart...each one claiming what little patch of land on which they stand.


When asked "why" are you not hiring? The producer said she was not inclined to be Santa Claus. She recited the hassle associated with hiring...employing...and...firing people concluding therein she would do without employees using mechanization and technology as replacements.

The red tape and tax associated with employees had become too much for this otherwise intrepid producer. Her products were a BBQ sauce and a sandwich designed as a marketing platform for the sauce. Her customers lined up on Friday to get their NOOGIE WOOGIE...pork with punch...and...ordered her sauce on-line when they wanted the finest product to adorn their culinary fare.


Gasoline costs more due to government regulation and taxes. Remove the red tape and taxes...and...gasoline would cost about a half a buck per gallon! Of course...such a reduction in the cost of energy would ruin the GREEN ENERGY BOONDOGGLES presently afoot rendering these "green energy producers" absolutely "never marketable".


Imagine in the ENERGY INDUSTRY there are 6000 new rules applied to OIL,GAS and COAL with the purpose of destroying their private sector producers leaving only those producers controlled by the MASTER of this hellish 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein the MASTER will determine the how,what, when and where the energy you use. Makes you want to support its Democrat-architects,eh?


The public school teacher was directed to inculcate socialist ideals in the children. The idea of MARXISM was to be preached 24/7 to the children hoping thereby most of them would never be anything more than sheep and cattle to be cared for,counted and culled as MASTER sees fit. The idea was to tell the children they need only ask their MASTER inside the NANNY STATE CAGE for sustenance and the MASTER would provide in exchange for fealty and boot-licking. The children were to be taught to worship whatever golden calf the socialists deemed appropriate...and...for such loyalty they would be directed from cradle to grave with spank and diaper check.


In World War II...the Americans would travel about the Pacific making beach heads...fighting their way inland...and...then...securing such island for American troops and air ports...the goal to get so close to Japan it could be bombed effectively from the air.

In 2012...the freedom-lovers of America have a small beach head. It's called the Republican hold on the U.S. House of Representatives. They hold the power of the purse and can demand tyranny be dismantled...the CAGE deleted...and...the 20th century YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA finally eliminated.

Naturally...they don't control the MASS MEDIA. Hence...they're suffering barrages from the socialist-MASS MEDIA calling the U.S. House Republicans "mean-spirited"...with..."hard-hearts" whose goal to starve Granny and deprive little Billy of his new teeth. Instead of standing forth in favor of the unwitting FOOLS who PULL this FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement's feared the Republicans will be flushed from their beach head and driven back into the sea of enslavement.


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is praising the NANNY STATE CAGE. According to these's good to work for be their slave. America becomes more and more impoverished due to the NANNY STATE CAGE programs and policies...the need for even more government this and that will be preached 24/7 asking Americans to kneel and worship another golden calf.


LARRY HAGMAN finally asked Genie to take him to a better place. God speed, Larry.


Yesterday...the Florida Gators defeated Florida State Seminoles. From the looks of the Gators...they might be able beat such teams as Alabama and the Blind Sisters of the Poor.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


After comparing the visage of David Mamet and Egyptian President was concluded each could be the alibi for the other. If someone says David Mamet did this or that...ole Mamet could claim, "No...'twas not was Morsi!"


Trading in securities and all commodities is handled in millionths of a second. Hence 12.94 is considered a fast transmission. But...there is another innovator that has shaved that time between here and there from 12.94 to 8.5. Hence...anyone using the 8.5 will receive their stuff faster and hence they will have that much more advantage. Subscribers to this 8.5 vehicle will pay $500,000 per year for that "power".

Argentina is a great place to sell such technology because Argentina has daily inflation of around 1.3%. Every day...things get 1.3% more expensive....things cost 1.3% more per day...making Argentina a place where the quicker you know where the drain pipe is the quicker you can avoid its grasp.

Friday, November 23, 2012


The Republican National Committee,(RNC) was packed with Romney-people...and...because the RNC is filled with such "wishy-washy" types...the Republican Party will continue to produce tepid souls fearful of anything new and more comfortable with status quo "same old, same old, just different bag".

The Army of Liberation has begun to invite RNC activists to join the crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate its "red ink" RIDE. They are shown THE ORB and are enlightened thereby. Few reject THE ORB once they understand by its deployment EDEN manifests.


Senator Saxby Chambliss has revealed himself as a BIG BOX GOVERNMENT politician whose power might depend on how much the NANNY STATE CAGE-controlled MASS MEDIA finds him useful. Right now ole Saxby is engaged in betraying liberty and assisting in imposing "freedom to obey"...and for that turncoat-stuff...he's been called wondrous...foresighted...a man of the people...and...other laudatory labels each intended to frame Saxby as a traitor...but...a traitor for a good cause: the common good!

Anyone kneeling and licking the boot of the MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can receive such praise...such public adulation. Had they stood forth and proclaimed liberation over subjugation the MASS MEDIA would have attacked them 24/7 mercilessly as "haters of chain and whip"...a nasty-name indeed.


The POLITICAL WING of the Army of Liberation identified Senator Saxby Chambliss as a freedom-hater...a dude willing to betray what little liberty Americans enjoy in exchange for another season in power. While most Republican Party stalwarts claimed this label wrongful...since Chambliss has revealed himself...they've offered their retraction and their support for the Army of Liberation...inviting other "outings" so to speak.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. OBAMACARE was an assault so nasty...few really believe it's happened. The insidious part about that its omnivorous TAX begins in 2014...a tax so onerous it will grind American industry until it falters and fails.


SAXBY CHAMBLISS...will be called a great man by those people he helped. By his much-heralded declaration that he would support TAX tax income tax increases...this Senator was proclaiming his allegiance to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. And those people advocating such CAGE are now crowing that a tax-fighter has now become a tax-increase-maniac...a critter they control.

Senator Saxby Chambliss?

Betrayal by Senator Saxby Chambliss has finally arrived. He claimed he was prepared to increase taxes if only some spending cuts were somehow forthcoming. He was prepared to betray the FOOLS who PULL the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Increase their burdens...remove their future...and...replace what little liberty remained with "freedom to obey".

While the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is calling Senator Chambliss a "great man" because he's helping them enslave...he's really a traitor to liberty and the lap-dog of the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and "other freedom-haters". Senator Chambliss doesn't care that the estate tax is a menace to every American's future. He doesn't care that the progressive income tax is a primal aspect of MARXISM. He doesn't care the federal footprint has grown and continues to grow. He cares about his own perch of power and what will cement his prominence. What a guy, eh, Saxby?

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Saxby Chambliss is the one of the many traitors the Army of Liberation will flush into the open for everyone to observe and know. When he said he was prepared to increase increase the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...he was telling the fools who pull their chain just become heavier.

What could Saxby Chambliss say to America that would be different? He could proclaim liberation over subjugation...demand THE ORB be deployed...and...this "red ink" 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...its RIDERS paid off for the "dependency-injury" thereby inflicted...and...the otherwise unhampered market ushered into existence...permitting EDEN to manifest therein.


The U.S. Postal Service lost $16 billion in 2011 and will lose $18 billion in 2012. The reason for this "red ink" is simple: too much going out and not enough coming in. The unfunded portion of retired postal workers PENSIONS is staggering and without precedent.

If you add to this "gone-postal figure" the unfunded pension plans for all government workers in every level of government...the amount owed is greater than the sum of all the wealth in all improvements thereto...all combined don't fund that "overall obligation".

This "unfunded aspect" represents a calamity in the making. The taxpayers are dwindling in number and those remaining have acquired their wealth by buying at the foreclosure the forfeiture sales...and...from other. Because of this growing government siphoning...a Neo-feudalistic environment will continue to grow. There will be tenant-farmers whose land owned by huge corporations whose existence determined by how well that company licks the boot of MASTER inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


In the movie, Beneath the planet of the apes...there is a scene where the apes and monkeys are kept from the entrance to the Humanoid city by a clever use of illusion.

Folks...the fiscal cliff is such an illusion raised by the ESTABLISHMENT to generate support from more YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA stuff.

The amount of taxes needed to cover the enormous federal budget...for so great not any combination of industries could carry such burden. Yes...Uncle Sugar has been borrowing the portion of overall federal spending not any combination of taxpayers could regularly fund. Hence the "budget deficit" was borne...a shortfall between receipts and "outlays". This shortfall is now running over a trillion bucks per year without any cessation in sight.

The producers...the fools who pull this wagon...many of them have quit.They bought into the illusion there is a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...vast...and...well-funded with other people's money. To their credit in forming such conclusion they can point to some fairly decent entitlements! How long such RIDE can last they don't care to know so long as they were aboard and receiving until that final moment...a moment well-depicted in the movie, Titanic in that scene where Jack tells hold her breath...that instant had finally come.

They can get 99 weeks of stamps...their rent and lights clothing and transport...and...any income they manage to generate used for "entertainment and other".Indeed...why work when Uncle Sugar pays so well to sit back...go fishing...maybe bowl a few frames...and...wait for that phone to ring with that "good-high-paying" job TEAM OBAMA promised before 11-06-12?


TEAM OBAMA along with its complicit MASS MEDIA and Public Education Team(PET) have proposed a new template...a new model. As where the old one was based on self-interest and peaceful co-existence...the new one...the one pushed by Obama is based on the MARXIST CONCEPT "from each according to their each according to their need." The new motto for this NEW ORDER: "Their tears...your purse!"


After some coaxing to admit they were warned by the INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...Hewlett-Packard Co. announced it had been duped into believing AUTONOMY...a company...was worth $11 billion.

Indeed...H-P admitted this BLOG had attempted to alert them that AUTONOMY was $8.8 billion too much...and...that misrepresentations were afoot and designed to lure and ensnare. As CEO Meg Whitman said to a reporter from this BLOG,  "Had H-P only looked into what your BLOG was saying about AUTONOMY...had miserable self simply examined your figures and ran down your stories about the lies and tales embedded in AUTONOMY...H-P would be $8.8 billion better off!"

To Meg Whitman...we thank her for reference to this BLOG...admitting therein that this BLOG offered provide a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...reaching out to refresh and replenish...offering alternative where only edge observed.
(Wall Street Journal A-1;11-21-12).

In the case of H-P...those associated with AUTONOMY were also associated with this BLOG. Hence...critical insider data was fed to Meg Whitman through this BLOG detailing the LIE and DECEPTION afoot. The goal was to give Meg Whitman a way to extricate H-P from any dealings with AUTONOMY. Her reasons she could keep to herself as by this BLOG such was requested they relying on them...she could avoid the pitfall prepared by AUTONOMY.

Of course...because the MASS MEDIA hates this BLOG...and...because OBAMA has directed not anyone ever mention this BLOG on TV or RADIO...Meg Whitman felt the information offered by this BLOG unworthy of her inspection and concomitant assessment. As she said, "Who are these people who pretend to know AUTONOMY is perpetrating a FRAUD?"

Yes...since the $8.8 billion LIE finally surfaced and surfaced where and how by this BLOG predicted...Meg Whitman has been in conference with the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG receiving advice on her next step.


Madonna was asked by Cristina Kirchner to come to Argentina...stand on that balcony and sing, "Don't cry for me, Argentina!" Of course...Madonna agreed because Madonna is a devout MARXIST. Indeed...Madonna...practicing her MARXISM...lacked even enough money to get to that spot to sing that song because she'd given away all her money to the poor and wretched. She had to beg Cristina for the to/from ticket plus cab-fare.

Hence...on 12-21-12....on that balcony...before thousands of tear-filled Argentinians...Madonna will warble "DON'T CRY FOR ME, ARGENTINA!" Naturally her song is scheduled for 6:14 PM Eastern Standard Time that moment...according to the MAYAN CALENDAR and by-this-BLOG deciphered MAYAN INSCRIPTIONS...that is the moment* when planet Earth will be struck by a solar flare so massive it will fry everyone and everything instantly.
*(Nicholas actor...says he knows such things and passed that information on to the editorial staff of this BLOG encrypted on the back of an old wooden door!)


What fool buys Twinkie? Well...certainly those in control of the UNIONS won't. They're parasites and parasites never consume each other for very long without difference becoming return fire.

The fool buying Twinkie must understand what such a product represents and when such universe explored...never would anyone buy it.

Not anyone? No...not anyone...not anyone...except perhaps a fool...and...even then...that fool would have to have raised foolishness from stupidity to a bloody science.

Examine the problem. There are 5000 sites where Twinkies can be shelved and sold. Those products must be changed out to maintain freshness and preserve the assurance of quality. The routes set up have been umbilical cords for the mother ship. When the company was operating at "full throttle"...Americans were receiving quality products which met the eager appetite of child and adult alike. Those baking,driving and stocking were making a salary and were insuring the mother ship was always deemed the source of wonder bread...HoHo...and...Twinkie!

However, in many states where HOSTESS operated...UNION RULE applied. It was in those areas that HOSTESS received that final broadside...80 cannon blowing holes...80 different union ways...each one...bashing...booming enfold. Hostess bakers wouldn't dare the mother ship refuse...when for its wealth the bakers sent?

Imagine you buy Twinkie and then you try and market the thing in a different way...the odds of turning profit almost the fool...who can say?


Pizza maker-Pappa Johns...made a public announcement. The owner of that pizza-maker said he was wrong to criticize BIG BOX GOVERNMENT. He declared his love of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and begged public forgiveness for his mistaken belief that freedom was better than enslavement. He stood ready to work 24/7 for the hive...toiling all winter...bringing the needy blankets and dinner...a real noble peace prize winner...yeah...he was changing his approach.

Naturally...he never considered the drop in his sales was due to poor quality pizza...bad tasting pizza...heartburn because of low quality kind of pizza. No...he blamed the drop in sales on his allegiance to the wrong things. Had he only screamed in favor of enslavement sooner...his sales would be sky-rocketing.

There are many such business people today whose goal to serve their fellow man and deny themselves profit in such measure their business perpetually little more than a marginal enterprise. For Pappa serve the poor and pathetic better...the ingredients were cheapened...cheese of lesser quality used...the tomato paste packed with acid...the pepperoni something even an American Indian couldn't eat.

The purpose was to reduce the price of the pizza so anyone could afford it...even those pretending to be poor. To insure sales...Pappa Johns offered pizza for FOOD STAMPS thereby assuring each pizza-maker a steady flow of money from Uncle Sugar. But...even then...the users of FOOD STAMPS could not be attracted into those Pappa Johns pizza-spots...and...even fewer ordered Pappa Johns pizza. Even if they had food stamps they refused to order that pizza. One food stamp holder said that Pappa Johns pizza was so bad even the monkey at the zoo threw it back.


IN FLORIDA...BEHIND THE HOUSE...BURIED FORTY FEET DOWN...STOOD A MONUMENT. Yes...folks..behind the house was buried an ancient temple complex. It resembled Stonehenge in many respects including upright rocks specifically situated into a circle. Each rock weighed 500 million pounds...and...had come from the cliffs in Wales. How these rocks were transported 300,000 years ago from Wales to a coastal swamp of Florida remains a mystery.

After some speculation...a decision was made to uncover it and examine this incredible edifice absolutely impossible to have been constructed 300,000 years ago. Even using modern day technology...those rocks could hardly be transported from Wales to Florida and erected as they stand 40 feet below buried in beach-like sand.

Across the street...about 400 feet away...a science-DIG was done and therein found...about 40 feet down...Vero Man...a skeleton of a person who lived 300,000 years ago...about the same time as that monument was erected. In the hand of Vero Man was an odd crystal. The diggers found it embedded in an amulet...a gold chain attached making the entire ornament something one would wear around the neck.

Mention is made of this amulet since it can be used to move those stones buried in my back yard. The people who discovered the amulet don't know how to use it and it will remain simply an artifact found in a DIG site in Vero Beach, Florida physically located near the hand of Vero Man.


HOSTESS could not come to an agreement with the BAKERS UNION...and...hence...Hostess International...the maker of HoHo and Twinkie will be gone...sold off to awaiting sharks...people whose game does not include union hassle or government siphon. The tape...and...taxes...combined to strangle this billion dollar a year company...stifling...suffocating...throttling...and...finally destroying. The new owners won't accept any such "string or goo".


U.S.Rep.Jesse Jackson,Jr. resigned from Congress because of his deteriorating health and the criminal investigation under way for his misuse of campaign money. He bought an expensive watch with campaign money...something not permitted.

Jackson...however...has bargaining chips...chips ole "Blago" lacked. For example...Jackson could implicate OBAMA in the "pay and play" conspiracy which put BLAGO into prison. Recall Blago was selling Obama's political perch to the highest bidder but was exposed and imprisoned for such wrong-doing. clever testimony...could put Obama in the middle of all that criminal activity.Hence Jackson has a bargaining chip Blago didn't have.


Robert Ryan found his daddy's shovel...and...the movie ended with him digging one more hole looking for his grand-daddy's gold. Mention is made of this last scene and offered as a metaphorical portrayal of the so-called FISCAL CLIFF.


Somehow this BLOG must begin to achieve control over the MASS MEDIA.'ll be a daunting task and an improbable feat. But...the message of liberation over subjugation is the most powerful and promising of all human utterance and endeavor.'s this primal core which will deliver this message to every American...producer and rider alike.

Sure...the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE are many...but...most would exchange their spot inside that "red ink" monster for a breath of fresh air. The fear which prevents comes from illusions created by these wizards and demons operating as the MASS MEDIA.


OBAMA was observed at a FOOD BANK handing out food. He had a big smile on his face as he served people whose lives he had done so much to reduce to wretchedness. were his victims accepting food from their MASTER. Oh...he looked so regal as he passed out food...bought with other people's money...handing such plunder to the "needy-people" he did so much to make.

Perhaps you don't sense the irony and horror in that scene. But...if you unhinge your perspective for a mere might well find yourself as I did....stunned that any American would accept anything from that MARXIST ON MISSION!


To every every person on the planet...this BLOG wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Thanking each other for another year of bounty and bliss...such is the day...something never as missed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


You stick your hand into my pocket and I'll stick mine into yours. We'll pretend we're getting richer and finding out OBAMA-CARE cures.


In one scene of Jerry McGuire...Tom Cruise is told by the father of an athlete paper not needed...that his word as strong as oak. In a later scene...Tom asks the father about that "oak-strong" promptly informed "why" such did not any more apply.

When Dr. Afridi was promised extraction along with $25 million as reward money...should he deliver Osama bin Laden...Dr. Afridi asked about "paper and promise therein" only to be informed that Obama's word was "strong as oak"and there would not be any such paper trail. If he wished such double plus extraction...he had to provide usable coordinates. Of course...Dr. Afridi believed* the promise of Obama because Obama's word as strong as oak.

When Ambassador Stevens demanded the Benghazi embassy compound receive "defense-beef-up" and was informed such would be done before 09-11-12...a date expected by Stevens to be a nasty time of it...Stevens asked if such assurances could be in writing...and...performed long before 09-11-12.

Stevens was personally informed face-to-face by Obama that Obama would personally guarantee that should there be any attack...the Predator Drones hovering above the embassy wold be unleashed. All he had to do was retire into the "safe-room"...give the signal...and...everyone in a 1000 yard radius thereof would be instantly vaporized...delivering him safely thereby. Obama then ended** the dialogue with: "MY WORD IS AS STRONG AS OAK."
*Dr. Afridi stood on his roof top and watched as SEAL TEAM #6 departed the area only 10 feet above his head. They waved to him...smiled...and...giggled at how funny Dr. Afridi looked at that moment. They had been told to betray Dr. Afridi and they did as they were ordered.
**Recordings indicate Stevens screamed for help for 7 hours. He was in the safe-room. He cried out for that unleash the Drone's firepower. He continued to ask Obama about that "oak-strong' stuff!

tempered tremble

People watched Andrea Mitchell tremble as she looked upon Obama whose podium only 10 feet from her seat. Her admiration and fealty fairly bubbled from her gaunt frame and sunken yellowing eyes...her bulb-like nose flickering red from a cold with sniffles bout.

After everyone had left...Andrea was invited to speak to a reporter from this BLOG. She attempted to refuse but the accompanying cadre began to ask her about her preference for reporters not bound to wheel chairs due to war injury. Instantly she saw trap...relented...and...agreed to a short interview.

She agreed with the reporter that Obama was obviously involved in several cover-ups the two most important being the death of U.S. border guard Brian Terry and the death of Ambassador Stevens on 09-11-12. While she didn't much care about Terry...she was angered by Stevens' betrayal.

She recounted how she vomited when she heard the audio of Stevens screaming for help(Click here). Those screams were her an indictment of obvious reason for cover-up. As Andrea Mitchell said, "Si monumentum requere circumspice" (If you seek his monument...look around). Of course...Mitchell was telling the reporter the evidence Obama was involved in "snuffing" Stevens was obvious. The LIE told by Susan Rice...the bus-throw of Hillary...the Petraeus scandal...the screams of Stevens(Click here) all led to one conclusion: OBAMA SNUFFED STEVENS!


Hillary Clinton was taken up to an exceedingly high mountain and shown the kingdoms and glories of the world and was promised as much if she would only kneel and lick boot,(MATTHEW 4:8). Instead of telling such demon to get behind her...she accepted...knelt...and...with candied tongue shined and polished.

In return for her decision...there came much "public praise" today. She flew to Cairo...and...magically...a cease-fire between the Muslim and Jew ensued. She was called the great peace-broker with President Morsy the "sponsor"of the cease-fire. In this agreement...hammered out by Hillary...the Jew promises not to assassinate any more of the Hamas leadership...and...the Jew promises not to interdict legitimate trade. The return...receives "peace for a season" least until Hamas has re-upped on Iranian rockets.

Netanyahu had to accept this peace-deal. To his credit...he did not surrender any territory since the IRON DOME had prevented HAMAS from laying waste to big portions of the Jewish State. The borders of Israel remain intact and secure. At least until HAMAS can re-up its inventory of rockets...the Jew needn't fear surprise attack. For such a temporary-peace...Hillary is called "wondrous and inspired".


Martin Kady knew too? Such is what the word on the street offers as exquisite clue. Kady knew Stevens well. They'd been video-taped cavorting in Georgetown bars. And...Kady was livid when he heard Obama had left his lover to die...accepting such evil...too-hard turd.


Zach Karabell...President of RIVER TWICE RESEARCH...came forward to express his anger about how Obama handled the Ambassador Stevens matter. According to Zach...had Stevens been saved instead of ignored the American economy would not be falling into recession. As Zach sees it...Stevens was sacrificed when the RUNES...if properly read...said Stevens had to be saved not left to die.


Egyptian President Morsy contacted Hamas and directed the rocket barrage cease. Morsy asked for such things because Hillary Clinton arrived...told ole Morsy she'd reveal sex tapes of Morsy and his camel.

"Intercede and get those simians to stop firing those rockets...or...else...the world will observe your appetite in that tent." (Hillary threatened in her hacked email.)


ROMNEY fashioned a 5-point speech wherein he recited 5 ways to get 12 million jobs in America quickly. Most people listened...heard standard Republican dogma...and...decided to stay with TEAM OBAMA. The "wishy-washy...met-too" approach was not enough to overcome the "gift-giving" of TEAM OBAMA.

Had ROMNEY preached THE ORB...demanding the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...Uncle Sugar's grip and grab deleted...and...the American producer liberated from subjugation...he would have defeated the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and "other freedom-haters" handily!


Kevin Clash...Sesame Street Elmo creator and actor...was fired because a 2nd sexually-molested child came forward and accused him and Sesame Street. Indeed...the lawyer for this accuser says "but for Sesame Street...this pedophile would never have had access to as many young males as he did."  This lawyer is filing a lawsuit against Sesame Street for a $100 million! Sesame Street knew Elmo was a preparatory figure used to reduce otherwise heterosexual young males to homosexual jackals similar to Elmo! This aggressive trial lawyer said any jury would credit his client and blow the doors off Elmo!


FISCAL CLIFF: Government contractors won't be paid...their employees laid off. The paper won't be delivered...the computers won't get fixed...and...the jobless numbers will increase dramatically requiring 99 weeks of unemployment insurance and food stamps be paid and those services or goods otherwise delivered done without.

Somehow...America would be worse off if such goods and services were not delivered. not funding the omnivorous maw of Uncle Sugar America will suffer mightily.

But...upon closer examination...the only suffering would be in the ranks of the government employees and its contractors and as far as most Americans are concerned federal employees should be discharged by the millions until those few left are performing only essential government tasks and nothing more; and their crony-capitalist pals without any official way to siphon the wealth of America!

Folks...let us delete this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. There is a chance to terminate with extreme prejudice this CAGE and delete its "victim-creating" entitlement system.

Our opposition controls almost all of the MASS MEDIA...and that propaganda machinery 24/7 pumps forth the message of enslavement...telling people by enslaving others...they themselves will be better off.

As for government employees and their crony capitalist pals...they like more taxes...more spending....and...more red tape...particularly the red tape which insures their existence and insulates them from competition.


Stephanie Gosk came forward and said she hated Obama because he left 4 men behind in Benghazi to die. She included herself as a personal friend of Ambassador Stevens pointing out that she had often spent time with him in Georgetown listening to Mad Mother Moose...a band of aging hippies.

She was angered when she heard Obama knew Stevens and the others were in peril and didn't do anything to assist. In that regard...she mentioned the Osama bin laden photo-op where Obama was presented in the "situation room" watching a TV show about bin Laden's "snuffing". But...when Stevens was in peril...Obama was not any where near that same important 'situation room'! Ole Stephanie found that lack of concern despicable.


Because the ARMY OF LIBERATION carries before it THE has the largest tent and the most members of any pro-liberation organization afoot. It's mission to march on WASHINGTON DC and "make salt" dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...deliver liberation over subjugation to every American. Yes...the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement every deployment of  THE ORB...will be swept away...but...every RIDER will be paid a "victim's settlement payment" paid to each RIDER in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the RIDE.

Imagine the federal government dismantled until what remains delivers only essential government services such as courts and national defense...functioning on receipts derived solely from lottery, rents,royalties and Warren Buffett-like donations....with...every dependent-person paid off...and...every would-be parasite forced to find its host elsewhere since the taxpayer by deployment of THE ORB placed off-limits.

What fragmented the Tea party movement was that it was watered down by "fakes in every variety possible". Some Tea Party groups wanted to remove the right to an abortion...while others wanted to erect bigger walls along the Mexican border. Both ideas were anathema to liberty and were obviously intended to thwart and derail the "real thing"...the real movement for liberation over subjugation...a movement which demands the borders open...the right to choose unbridled...and...the otherwise unhampered market permitted to manifest delivering EDEN therein.

We're in the 21st Century and somehow struggling with the grip of the 20th century...a tight grip...yes...but...a grip nevertheless...and...therefor something capable of being broken! The Tea Party movement attempted to frame this grip...this YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA. It got side-tracked into banal discussions concerning a right to choose or the right to work...two issues not worthy of that kind of focus. It was the skill of the MASS MEDIA that made people believe those "odd-Tea party" outfits were standardized...and...not identified for what they actually were: Disguised groups whose mission to proclaim anti-liberty things pretending at the time to be pro-liberty thereby repulsing on-lookers.

Sure...the MASS MEDIA is aligned with those Neo-feudalists who envision themselves the new ruling elite and as such its talking heads are proclaiming Americans want more enslavement not less...more government lucre not less.


An unattended package...suspicious...and...if...observed on a Tel Aviv bus...sufficient cause for everyone to disembark forthwith. Such caution must be taken nowadays since the Palestinians are making noise once more at the United Nations demanding recognition of the Palestinian State wherever such might have its borders determined.

The Palestinians...puppets for IRAN...discovered their 1000 rocket barrage was stopped by the IRON DOME. An assessment was made by Hamas that further barrage was simply a wasting of assets...and...prudence required cessation. As a replacement...though...Hamas elected the "unattended package" gambit...detonating it aboard a bus injuring several passengers unable to depart before the BOOM.

The Jew must be aware of these gambits...and...understand the Art of War as written by the venerable Sun Tzu. The Palestinians are playing a complex game of power...their goal to send the Jew back into Sinai! The Jew must duck and dodge every gambit lest the Muslim prevail and their goal achieved. If such defense requires protracted be it. As Ambassador Michael Oren said, "Defense of homeland is one of the few philosophical reasons for war...but...possible-diplomacy always the better path."


HAMAS has available a rocket that flies over an area and drops a 100 mini-bombs...each one capable of killing anything within a 1000 foot radius. HAMAS said they will unleash these demons should Netanyahu not capitulate and permit a separate PALESTINIAN STATE. While that threat was a good one...say 24 months ago...such a threat lacks punch on 11-20-12. The Israeli Defense System...called the IRON DOME...would certainly defeat such rockets before they ever released their deadly loads.


In Breezy Point...the building department went around sticking RED TAGS on almost every door. The anger this generated was palpable. There were people struggling to rebuild or remove and their efforts were instantly interrupted by the RED TAG.

When asked "why" upset so many people...the building department said they did it in order to assist them later when attacking each land owner. They needed that done so they could begin their assault on what little liberty those people had left!


After much entreaty from this BLOG...Besty McCaughey agreed to stand up and speak out against OBAMACARE. By her side stands Lady Elizabeth...the leader of the ARMY OF LIBERATION.


When flying around the holidays avoid LAX! The SEIU...the public service union...has called for a Thanksgiving strike at LAX interrupting the travel of 1.8 million passengers. Their goal: MAKE A POINT!


Chrysler had to produce an electric car if it wished to sell its products in California. Naturally...Chrysler complied since that company is a government-enterprise...with government much as it needs to operate. Sure...that electric car is too expensive and too fraught with technical trouble to be marketable. Hence...a deal was struck whereby the state government of California would buy 100,000 of them per year and warehouse them...just in case man-made global warming ever does come about.


U.S. Rep. Bill Posey stood up and preached THE ORB. Posey called for the entire NANNY STATE CAGE to be dismantled. He pointed to the fiscal cliff as a symbol of this CAGE and begged his colleagues let us turn the page. Let us rid ourselves of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA so much embedded in that fiscal cliff illusion.


HAMAS has many ways to negotiate with the Jew. The GAZA rocket stratagem...for example...fetched Netanyahu to the peace-making table where he was offered a "take it or leave it" proposition: Grant Palestine Statehood and the Jew depart the area forthwith!" When the Jew was repulsed by such demand...another Hamas tactic was unleashed in Tel Aviv: BUS BOMB BOOM.


The Mafia will kill the "hit-squad" in order to insure insulation from accusation. In Benghazi...the SECURITY CHIEF was assassinated last night by an unknown gunman. can believe what you wish...but...something "smells" when examination is made of what Obama knew and when did he know it when it comes to the circumstances surrounding the death of Ambassador Stevens. Maybe you don't believe Obama could...or...would...send out people to "snuff" other people...but...the circumstances...the actions and lack of actions...the personalities involved in the obvious decision-making loop...these all combine into a horrific finger pointing directly at the Oval Office as source of a "snuff-order".


Folks...the federal government can print much money as it needs...and...flood the country with colored-paper script...buckets of it...and...still...the economy will come to a proverbial stop. Yes...small pockets of production will remain...but...large portions of American productivity will cease. Why work? Why produce?

In the 2012 campaign...TEAM OBAMA promised freebie and favor in exchange for brand loyalty. Now that they have prevailed using this "Santa Klaus" approach...they must fulfill such promise by looting storerooms and passing out the plunder in portions the MASTER deems best. What can't be obtained through taxes will be funded by simply printing money...buckets and bucket of the stuff.


Folks...what little remains of liberty is getting discussed as if a game of marbles were played and the producers lost. Imagine you're income reduced so that Obama can spend your money on Solyndra...or...whatever other boondoggle'll sense the "whip and chain" about to be affixed.

How can you stand by and permit such "chain and whip"? If you're a RIDER and believe your seat safe should you support such YOKE AND CHOKE're wrong. Simply examine Greece or Spain and you'll discover how much socialism takes from your soul. By supporting the power of government to stomp and chomp the producer...the RIDERS assured never will such prosperity be theirs...and...what they have from their MASTER received in portions MASTER deems better or best.


Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) has been approached by TEAM OBAMA to participate in a betrayal of Florida. Of course...Nelson... a rabid freedom-hater...immediately agreed to help any way he could!


China's new leadership has a vision for China which is packed with prosperity for all Chinese. However, they face a daunting task since Neo-feudalism has China in its merciless grip. They know government stifles and saps...rendering whatever it touches sclerotic and weak. Unfortunately for the new leadership...China is overflowing with government employees...government-run businesses...and...government red tape so complex....few...if any...really know what law or rule applies.

Unlike America, though, in China...the leadership can change course instantly. The entire NANNY STATE CAGE model can be deleted instantly by them should they deem such deletion prudent and providential. Indeed...most of the Chinese leadership are not only students of Ludwig von Mises...but also...have read and thoroughly digested HUMAN ACTION. They know that 2+2=4 and not "5"...something the American Keynesian-MASTERS have not as yet grasped.

To the extent the Chinese provide an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) that extent they'll experience incredible prosperity. Unlike the "blind leaders" of the past...the new leaders in China know about HONG KONG and "why" HONG KONG prospers while much of China starves. They also understand "how" to create a viable-government model which augments the OUM and such model is their goal!


A Jew is complimented when said to be prudent. A Jew finds error anathema and avoids mistakes by assessment before action taken. Such has been the history of Israeli politics when it comes to handling the Palestinian question ever since the Jew unhinged the Muslim in 1948 and dispatched the whole lot of them into refugee camps...many of which have coalesced in GAZA.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Walmart is under attack by a UNION. This BLOG has come forth in support of management! The worker bees on strike are wrong since they promised to work and never revealed their reluctance to work on Black Friday prior to their employment!


Obama has mentioned Susan Rice as a replacement for Hillary Clinton. Because Rice had been the Administration's spokes-lady on the death of Ambassador Stevens...the Republicans say they can't agree to accommodate Obama's selection. Even Senator Lindsey Graham(R.S.C.) said he could not accept Rice because she was too much a company "yes-man" willing to tell any LIE. To him...she was a shrewd liar capable of spinning any yarn required by her employer.

This BLOG has decided to support SUSAN RICE. She is the kind of loyal foot soldier rarely observed in the government ranks. She'll serve Obama well deceiving and perpetrating whatever required. The Republicans should permit her access to the Secretary of State position and then invite her to reveal what she  knew and when she knew it the first time she must speak to them about whatever pressing matter seems important at that moment in time and space.


The so-called United States is slowly dividing into two major camps. On one side stand the producers...the unwitting fools who pull the 20th Century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE. Opposing this fevered bunch are the RIDERS...each loudly claiming righteous entitlement to seat.

The producers...however beleaguered...have a beach to speak. They control the U.S. House of Representatives and hence the purse. Without the Republican imprimatur...the federal government can't spend and it shuts down....the EPA shuts down...the FDA shuts down...the DEA shuts down...the Dept of Labor shuts down...the Dept of Education shuts down...and...on it goes...the GN-DN* stuff disappears.

Hence...the freedom-lovers...still...have a chance to preserve what little liberty remains in America in late 2012.The federal siphon can be and must be stopped. The "red tape, tax and spend" of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE must be ceased...and...the otherwise unhampered market permitted to manifest.

The Republicans in the House have the power to force Obama to trim and delete until the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA eliminated...and...freedom permitted afoot. By refusing to fund this or that...the Republicans could prevent much of the grip and grab envisioned by the Democrats. The Republicans could produce a template dismantling therein the entire NANNY STATE CAGE along with its "dependency-creating" RIDE.

Of course...the Republicans don't control the MASS MEDIA. They lack any MASS MEDIA allies and their beach head will be called "nasty and callous". The wretched and pathetic will be paraded across the stage. Granny will discuss her cliff-fall. Little Billy will show the teeth he wants to have...and...Laqueesha will describe the University she attends on other people's money granted to her by her MASTER inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

*GN-DN was found labeled on pipes in the star ship Enterprise in the Star trek series.The GN stands for "goes nowhere"...the DN stands for "does nothing".


U.S. Rep. Allen West lost to Democrat Patrick Murphy. The margin of loss was close but a loss, nevertheless. It's interesting to note that ole Bill Posey still holds his spot...but...West does not. The difference between winner and loser is BILL POSEY preached THE ORB...while WEST ignored such advice and packed his speeches...instead...with "wishy-washy" and "me-too".

Unlike West...wild Bill Posey took the advice of this BLOG'S editorial staff and preached THE ORB. Every time he spoke of THE ORB it brought people to their feet cheering liberation over subjugation. In one such wondrous meeting...for example...Bill Posey offered the alternative...the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. He decried socialism and Eco-fascism...and...called Obama a nasty viper dripping the venom of enslavement and to such frame and paint the audience rushed to their feet and screamed their adulation.

Hillary Clinton in Jerusalem

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Netanyahu in Cairo with the newest edition of Pharoh...brokering a peace-deal.

This BLOG issues the following alert to the Jew: The Jew must be careful. The gates easily overtaken if not well-guarded and adequately defended when need there be for such effort to be unleashed. America will betray the Jew when allegiance needed most.


RUSH represents the last remnants of the 20th century struggling against other remnants of the 20th century. He prefers the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE because inside he's a big noise. As RUSH candidly admitted, "In the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...that EDEN which manifests when the OUM UTTERANCES would be passe...yesterday's marketable as the sand at the ocean's edge."

In 2012...the Republican Party lost because it was not the party of liberation over subjugation...but...some 20th Century bundle of nonsense such as anti-abortion and anti-immigrant. To the extent the Republican politician offered liberty instead of more YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...that candidate prevailed...even in heavily Democrat-districts. To the extent they did not...they lost. For 2012...Todd Akin lost to Marxist McCaskill because of his anti-abortion stance.

Sharon 2010...lost to SOCIALIST-Harry Reid because of her position on immigration. Instead of simply demanding all barrier and hinder be removed and there be free flow of capital and labor...unhampered...unfettered...across the borders...ANGLE wanted bigger walls...more guns...more boots...more government power applied at the border. POLICE STATES have such things...but...ANGLE never thought into such deeper levels as that.


To the White House was called a "group of business people" their purpose to discuss policy and program hoping thereby to form a consensus to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. When such was told in the Wall Street Journal(R-1;11-19-12) occurred to me that ATLAS SHRUGGED,part two, was afoot. Crony-capitalists called into headquarters to be directed as if peons and miscreants.

Not anywhere is there a cry for liberation over subjugation. The public forum is strangely quiet. TEAM OBAMA...that coalition of socialists, Eco-fascists and "other freedom-haters" prevailed with the adroit assistance of the MASS MEDIA. And...the MASS MEDIA is making it a point not to publish the expressions of liberty bubbling forth from every city, village and farm. The intent is to offer an appearance of acceptance* of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...the tyranny of the the general public.
*In post-WWII studies of German was found that only 3 out of every 10 Germans actually supported Hitler and that of that 30%...only 3% actually supported the "final solution".


The Jew errs mightily to grant land to the Muslim! The goal of Islam is to rid the Earth of Jew. Send the Jew back into Sinai! Send the Jew back into its hole with scorpion and snake. Yes...the Jew improvidently errs to permit accept Muslim "take".

Jordan is at peace with the Jew. But Syria has expressed hatred as has Lebanon and Gaza. It would be strategic if Jordan were to join Iran and Hamas and attack Israel in a surprise assault using tank, bomb and boom.


The concept of "the unearned" is quite interesting when it's placed inside of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model. Inside such place...the concept would imply two one...the person the other...the person awaits to receive what has been removed from that producer by the MASTER of this CAGE. Indeed...the producer and the recipient are engaged in a struggle with the MASTER in between orchestrating the animosity and retaining power thereby.

Most Americans won't accept the "unearned" since it creates a relationship of MASTER and SERVANT,(MATTHEW 4:8). The MASTER chooses what the SERVANT will receive and the SERVANT accepts because it was freely granted. Once taken, though, the recipient is forever beholden* to that that MASTER...kneeling and worshiping whatever golden calf chosen.

Hence...every entitlement program to the public as something the recipient has earned...some by virtue of having paid into the system as is the instance with social security and medicare...and...some by virtue of their wretchedness.

Never has any Democrat called an entitlement "the unearned" since to append such label would eviscerate any politically attractive feature thereof.

FOOD STAMPS...for example...are not labeled "the unearned" since every recipient was probably a worker bee at some time in their lives and paid taxes when they did.Yet...FOOD STAMPS nowadays are used by the Democrats to compel brand-loyalty. In 2012...for instance...ROMNEY noticed the number of voters Obama attracted were those receiving such "freebie and favor". (As pointed out by the Election Commission...TEAM OBAMA sent voter registration and ballots with every food stamp and medicaid card in the months leading up to the 2012 election.)

Medicaid is another which is available only when you're income and asset to debt ratio qualifies your pathetic self for public assistance with health care. Unfortunately...few doctors will accept medicaid and hence the medicaid-patients are sent to the clinics where the doctors speak English in Pakistani format and dirty needles always a threat. Yet...because it was free...most medicaid recipients accept lower quality...and...are by the Democrats 24/7 told: "never bite the feeding hand!"
*While not artfully said, Romney was discussing this feature of TEAM OBAMA'S re-election strategy when he pointed out that Obama promised freebie and favor and then turned out that recipient-vote in bloc-format.


Senator KELLY AYOTTE has come forward labeling as "reckless incompetence" Obama's reaction to the Benghazi embassy compound attack. She was visibly shaken by the tape recording of the screams of Ambassador Stevens as he sat in that so-called "safe-room"...begging for deliverance...demanding help which would never come...and...accusing Obama of betrayal!

Senator Ayotte mentioned she was in possession of data reflecting what Ambassador Stevens meant by "betrayal". She seemed troubled with such info because it clearly demonstrated how callous and demented Obama had become.

According to Ayotte...Stevens had threatened to reveal information about CIA Director Petraeus which would destroy Obama's chances for re-election. He revealed his intention to undermine Obama if Obama did not give him a better post or position before 11-06-12.

What unsettled Ayotte so much was the manner in which Obama handled that threat of exposure. In that reaction to that extortionate request...Obama did two things. He promised Stevens such a "better position and salary" and issued a "snuff-order" to silence such a jackal. If he can snuff Stevens...he certainly can kill Ayotte or anyone else he desires to "snuff".


Governor Rick Scott has mentioned Florida won't participate in OBAMACARE. Florida won't set up state-run health insurance exchanges and won't expend its Medicaid program. The costs of such a monstrosity are far too great and Florida far too fragile economically to suffer such burdensome imposition of federal diktat.


When watching Obama...many pugilists say his best punch is probably the "upper-cut"...a fist up under the chin kind of blow. If delivered properly...the blow will render its target unconscious. Such a blow has been called the "malleus malefic" or  the witch's hammer!


SANTITA Obama supporter...and...rabid freedom-hater...declared she switched her allegiance to the Republican Party banner ever since she discovered Obama had ignored the screams for help from Ambassador Stevens. "He left a man behind!"declared an angry Santita Jackson as she discussed her decision to change political parties. According to Jackson to leave a man behind was anti-American and something her soul couldn't countenance.


Egypt's head honcho mentioned Israeli aggression in GAZA would cease because a peace initiative was afoot between the Palestinians and the Jews. Naturally...Netanyahu agreed with such assessment provided Hamas ceased firing those rockets into Israel.

Maybe the Jew lacks a knowledge of chess and is ignorant of what gambit played.'s becoming obvious to many political scientists the Jew has been betrayed by TEAM OBAMA in ways unsettling and disturbing to most Jews...many of whom held their nose and supported Obama in 2008 and 2012. Imagine Hamas seated a few blocks away from your child's school with a plan to blow up the classroom. Imagine as much and you'll sense the fear the Jew has of the insidious Palestinian.


Erik Nordstrom told Congress he had begged for a defensive perimeter be constructed to protect the Benghazi embassy compound. He told them he entreated TEAM OBAMA to "beef-up" military defense works around that embassy. He revealed his requests were ignored. He explained how Obama had chortled when Nordstrom mentioned Ambassador Stevens was fearful of an embassy attack which could not be repelled.


Moses left camp to speak with GOD. When he returned...he discovered the camp worshiping the golden calf.

Folks...America is similar to that camp. If the founding fathers were to return to America...they'd find most Americans worshiping whatever golden calf the government directed. How horrible to think Americans are in the grip of Satan...and...want more not less NANNY STATE CAGE.


Folks...the pool of the unemployed is growing. As more and more employers discover they can get by with less people...that pool of the jobless will grow and grow some more. Against hiring are such things as the Democrat-sponsored minimum wage law...the Lilly Ledbetter Law...and...of course...the scourge of employers, OBAMACARE. These 3 laws operate to discourage employers to hire.


Because of the cost to the State's treasury...most states in the southeastern portion of America have expressed their discontent with OBAMACARE and won't participate in setting up health insurance exchanges. These exchanges were to be a virtual marketplace where shoppers could compare and choose which insurance plan best for them...but choose they must...or...face a grave penalty...a punishment so nasty few can imagine its application any other way but through its tyrannical imposition.

As this BLOG has serially mentioned...OBAMACARE is an EVIL LAW designed and imposed by EVIL PEOPLE whose mission to stomp and chomp any opposition to tyranny.


OBAMACARE directs employers to buy health insurance. HOBBY LOBBY has refused and won't participate. Yes...they'll be attacked by those newly-hired 16,000 Internal Revenue Service goons...but...these Hobby Lobby owners say they'll close their doors before they kneel and worship such a golden calf,(Exodus 32:24). Naturally, the 38 employees will lose their jobs...but...OBAMACARE is the law and how much economic-destruction wrought isn't of any concern to the would-be MASTERS OF OBAMACARE!

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Because TEAM OBAMA controls the MASS MEDIA they defeated a tepid 2012-Republican opponent whose ideas were as staid as the Democrats and hence unworthy of support by a majority of Americans.


Grover Norquist was successful in creating something every Republican wants: a way to achieve lower taxes...less spending...less government in their private lives. Of course...Norquist is lambasted by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA since he represents a hurdle to tyranny.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Stop the blockade of Gaza and the rockets will stop. This exchange of promises seems beneficial to both sides. However, the Jew knows Gaza will become a stockpile of weapons if the blockade is removed. The 50 mile radius rockets will become old news as bigger stuff is brought ashore for the next round of negotiations.

The Jew is not stupid. The Jew knows GAZA is a pawn of the Iranians. Hamas to the Iranians a bunch of puppets...whose death they don't weigh in their consideration of power-play.

The Jew must re-occupy GAZA in order to prevent the firing of rockets. the alternative...put drones over GAZA and link them to INSTANT REACTIVE MISSILE STATIONS. As soon as a rocket departs GAZA a reactive rocket comes into that very site where that GAZA rocket was located a few moments before. The reaction time is less than 90 seconds. Hence...the GAZA rocket squads must shoot and scoot leaving the by-standers to suffer reactive Jew-missile strikes.


A Chicago Tribune columnist stood forth and said he doubted Obama's competence after he heard Ambassador Stevens was allowed to die when his salvation awaited the orders from OBAMA! Clarence Page said he chose ROMNEY-RYAN after he concluded Obama had refused to issue the "save-order" because Obama had issued a "snuff order" to silence Stevens before Stevens could reveal the connection between Petraeus and Paula Broadwell...a revelation which would surely have sunk Obama's chances for re-election.


Speaker John Boehner picked Paul Ryan...Romney's running assist in the "fiscal cliff" negotiations. This maneuver is clever and pits Ryan and Obama in a way where Ryan could preach THE ORB and force Obama to reveal himself as a MARXIST ON MISSION. Ryan could be a spokesman for liberation over subjugation...demanding taxes be reduced for everyone still paying them...and...spending be cut forthwith with the least needed departments, agencies, bureaus and outlets deleted.


As customary...Obama was asked to write an introduction to be read as he entered the room to meet with the head honcho of Burma. Obama obliged and as he entered the room...Vig-nag-go...the Royal announcer loudly said, "MY KING...I PRESENT OBAMA...scourge of the Carpathians...sacker of cities...and...lover of pleasure and utmost desire".


District Attorney of Weld County, Colorado said he wasn't about to dismiss marijuana charges against pot users even though come January 01, ounce of "urb" for people over 21 years of age is legal! Ole KEN BUCK...known as schmuck...said he was full-speed ahead. Ole Ken Buck...what a schmuck...he'd prosecute...burn a witch until he could not do it any more. What a schmuck!


How does a BLOG become popular? It's achieved by providing the best analysis and the better message. It's because the BLOG is as good as some...better than most...and...unabashedly discusses with candor and creed.


Folks...Lady Elizabeth is the leader of the ARMY OF LIBERATION. Before her is carried THE ORB chasing away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. The Army's lead...a ragged bunch indeed...but...liberation over subjugation...their banner...their creed.

Opposed to this ARMY OF LIBERATION are many powerful people. They know THE ORB dismantles the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and with it their source of income...perhaps...their position and status as well. They would rather many people suffer beneath the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the CAGE so that they might enjoy their perch of power.


How Obama bought the 2012 election will be discussed for years to come. Romney took his 1/2 baked stab at answering that question only to find it rejected by such great speakers of freedom as Bobby "me-too" Jindal. Romney said Obama gifted much and then demanded the hungry not bite the feeding hand. Such assessment seemed offensive to Bobby "me-too" Jindal.

There will be hundreds of papers and books written about the 2012 Republican Party debacle.Yet...the one most accurate will be the TOME offered by this BLOG. Therein it will be proven that the "deciding-vote" number was less than 500,000 voters stretching across America and centered mostly in cities. It'll also be proven the $878 billion 2009 stimulus package was principally designed to fetch this "enough-vote" when the time came in 2012 for such to be called upon to turn out and be counted.


The American economy began to contract and become less dynamic about the same time the Democrats took power in 2009. At that time...the Democrats could have addressed the terrible tax burden borne by America...trimmed those taxes...and...cut spending reducing the federal debt and avoiding any deficit-spending. Sure...major portions of the federal government would have been instantly deleted...but...such government departments and agencies were not any longer needed.


Stationed inside the White House is a pet-eyeball for this BLOG. Obama's every utterance and jotting is examined...and...then...transmitted to the SPY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG for instant analysis. After perusal and assessment of threat to liberty...the data is either shredded or published.

For example...when U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY was assassinated within 72 hours of his last transmission about Black Ops teams operating along the Mexican was obvious the Oval Office was involved. When Ambassador Stevens was left to was equally plain to see the Oval Office was involved. Supporting information underpinning such suspicion was published on this BLOG in order to demonstrate its power and prominence.

Can the SPY continue to reveal what is afoot? Already the search for this pet eyeball has begun. Even David Axelrod has been asked to take a LIE DETECTOR TEST. As Obama said when asked why Axelrod was getting examined, "Everyone and anyone suspected!"


In the movie, Ghostbusters...there is a scene where the question is asked, "Where do these stairs go?" To which Bill Murray replies, "They go up!"

U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca)...promised America that tax rates were to be increased so that the NANNY STATE CAGE might become even more onerous and nasty. What a gal!


The Jew lately has been terrorized by the sound of rockets slamming into their buildings...blowing up schools and bus stops. In retaliation...the Jew has returned fire blowing up similar things in Gaza City. Some people call this kind of confrontation a "BOOM...BOOM...BOOM" stratagem. How about you?


TEAM OBAMA since the 2012 election victory has become the vermin Hun-horde of socialists...Eco-fascists...and..."other freedom-haters". Yes...their putative national leader is OBAMA. But in the U.S. House of Representatives...the horde is led by Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz...whose joint proclamation focused on more not less enslavement. In the U.S. Senate Harry Reid and Chuck "u" Schumer lead the anti-liberty team demanding America kneel and lick their boot, (MATTHEW 4:8).

To retain their power, though, the vermin Hun-horde must continue to be the great gift-givers...handing out freebie and favor in exchange for loyalty at the voting booth. Imagine you're drawn into dependency losing your work skills as you sit around on food stamps and jobless-security-payments...a new classification for the institutionalized unemployed.


When Dillinger was arrested...he put his arm around a federal law enforcement officer, Melvin Purvis. That photo of a criminal using law enforcement as an arm rest proved too much and Purvis was never promoted any further because of that photo.

The other day...John Boehner was patted on his back by Obama. That back-pat was reminiscent of that Dillinger photo.


A pro-government talking head reviewing the HOSTESS INTERNATIONAL bankruptcy turned to the camera and speculated there was some company somewhere which would buy out the entire HOSTESS OPERATION. She was claiming there was someone stupid enough with enough money to commit an action of reckless incompetence by buying that "loser".

Folks...HOSTESS became ensnared in UNION rule and relentless grip. Eventually...HOSTESS went broke trying to comply with UNION this or that. When the BAKER'S UNION refused to bake...that was the final burden HOSTESS could not closed its doors throwing 18,500 employees into JOBLESS STATUS.

Somehow...this talking head believed there was someone willing to buy that "hassle" get involved in the nonsense that became the symbol of HOSTESS. For example...a truck loaded with bread had a driver and an off-loader and a person stationed inside to re-shelf the product. Whereas one person could manage that entire feat...three people were by UNION required. Imagine that silliness expanded into every nook and cranny of the HOSTESS business model and you can sense why the sagacious would avoid buying such a "hassle-packed" company.


Unlike the Jew whose missile inventory can be replenished...the GAZA rocket teams have limited inventory which takes many months to restock. Hence...angrily-fired Muslim rockets will soon cease since the need to retain a significant number of them will be determined prudent. Yes...anger over Jabari's assassination will have to be packed away from another day...or...avenged in other ways.


In Cambodia...Obama...accompanied by Hillary Clinton...asked a monk for prayer. Clinton chortled...the monk giggled...but...Obama seemed serious about the need for divine intervention. He was facing a recalcitrant unruly Senate...and...a huge federal deficit growing in ways too vast for any human mind to frame.

Beth Reinhard

Beth Reinhard revealed she hated OBAMA because he left men behind in Benghazi and in Pakistan. Of course...she was referring to Ambassador Stevens and Dr. Afridi, respectively. She found it reprehensible that Obama ignored 7 hours of screams for help from Stevens as he sat in his so-called Benghazi "safe-room" waiting for help that would never come. Likewise disturbing to her was the way Obama tricked Dr. Afridi into believing both that he'd be paid $25 million reward money and that he'd be extracted from Pakistan once Osama bin Laden was executed.

Beth Reinhard...a writer for NATIONAL...said her hate was deep and abiding. She could not get out of her mind those screams for help which were put on the INTERNET so that anyone wishing to hear the sound of betrayal could listen as Ambassador Stevens begs for help. Equally indelible were the cries of Dr. Afridi as he stood on that roof top watching SEAL TEAM #6 depart by stealth helicopters and travel 10 feet above his head...refusing to stop and pick him up.

Perhaps you know ole Beth and know she's a freedom-hater...and...a lover of the chain and whip approach to governance. But...her opinion of OBAMA has changed since she made such assessment of his evil bent. How about you?


U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) went to Iowa and delivered a statement about liberation over subjugation. He asked every American to consider the choice between freedom and "freedom to obey"...the former the staple of the otherwise unhampered market...the latter...the symbol of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.*
*CAGE MODEL with its "dependency-creating" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...a sheep-making thing evil in every respect and the kind of thing framed as reprehensible by Jesus in MATTHEW 4:8.


Gauging BLOG POWER? If a BLOG...for example...describes and reveals what others cannot conclude...such BLOG is formidable.

Take for example, this BLOG'S framing of the Ambassador Stevens' debacle as something having to do with an election-changing sex scandal. Some of this BLOG'S most vocal critics thought that entire BLOG series silly and not based on anything important.

To them...Stevens was not killed due to reckless incompetence or worse but was slain by a mob incited to violence by an offensive video. How dare a BLOG offer another filled with sex and with election-changing power bubbling from every vent! Even though this BLOG'S instincts were correct...this otherwise undaunted BLOG was belittled and besmirched as a "scandal-sheet".


 A train struck a long-bed trailer seated atop of which were wounded war veterans stationed there as part of a FLOAT for a parade. Because they were wounded...these veterans had to sit and watch that train collide with their long-bed trailer killing most of them instantly. Sure...they wanted to jump out of the way...but...they were stuck aboard that long-bed trailer and could not extricate themselves in time.

The driver of the truck which was pulling that long-bed trailer said he never heard the train alarm...never saw the train crossing lights...never heard the train coming...and...was surprised by the collision.


The Jew can't stop a wall of Muslims walking into Israel and squatting. From Syria...Gaza...and...Lebanon...from such places shall this mass of humanity come. The rockets from Gaza are merely a prelude to this massive human invasion of the Jew's borders. Imagine Israeli tanks not capable of moving since they are surrounded by millions of Muslims. The Jews inside the tanks simply depart the vehicle leaving it to the Muslim horde to dismantle and use for plows and shovels.


Folks...due to government grip and grab...HOSTESS INTERNATIONAL...the maker of the Twinkie and HoHo...has succumbed and is gone...putting 18,500 employees out of work. The UNIONS along with government red tape and tax which combined to destroy HOSTESS...however...will never be framed as culprits since such control the MASS MEDIA.


Gaza City has many rockets and a HAMAS motto of "shoot and scoot". The Jew can determine the source of a rocket within seconds giving the Jew a target for reactive artillery fire. The Muslim rocket teams must shoot and scoot lest they be blown to bits seconds after their rockets are fired.

The Jew might not have any alternative but to invade GAZA and go door-to-door locating rockets and their respective fire-station teams. Even then...the Jew would have to remain stationed in GAZA on every block of GAZA watching for another rocket team. Such a stationing of troops in GAZA would only mean a war of attrition as Muslim commando groups took out Jew and Jew in reaction took out Muslim.


ROMNEY flushed the field of all "me-too" artists leaving only the most dedicated to cause types remaining. It will be the mission of this BLOG over the next year to assist these remaining zealots in informing America of the evil embedded in perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. did Thomas Paine's Common will be instructive and inciting the content of this BLOG'S serial persistent message of liberation over subjugation.


An ARMY OF LIBERATION has formed. It has many people in its tent...but...all are organized around one idea: liberation over subjugation. Their manifesto is simple. The America they desire free of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. For instance...they assure every lady the right to an abortion. They demand free and open borders and otherwise unhampered markets in every way imaginable.

Yes...arrayed against this ARMY OF LIBERATION is the entire mass of advocates of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. These preachers of power and privation claim they speak for the downtrodden...people who are kept there by those would-be masters. However, these dependent sheep and cattle remain as such because the would-be MASTERS also control virtually all of the MASS MEDIA.

To overcome this MASS MEDIA prominence...the ARMY OF LIBERATION will undertake to invite every group possible to join. Sure...many would-be MASTER types will hate this invitation exercise and besmirch it 24/7 through the minions of Mammon in the MASS MEDIA, (MATHEW 6:24). Yet...enough Americans will hear the good news and join the crusade to dismantle the CAGE and delete its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


Justin Bieber won the coveted annual top music award. He was considered the entertainer of the year of 2012. Partly because he supported Obama was his victory assured.

What Bieber does not realize is that Obama is a dedicated Marxist and secretly despises what Bieber represents. In North Korea, for example, a place Obama finds wondrous and blissful, Bieber would never have been able to accomplish what he has done in a free society. In North's standing in society is determined by how close you are to the MASTER of the CAGE...a position Obama oft envisions himself as possessing in America.


What if on YouTube there were a show called NEWS ROOM? Would you watch such a show? What kind of news would you wish to view? What news would attract your attention from an otherwise busy day?

Such questions are imponderable since everyone has different interests. News on surfing might attract surfers...but...few others. about Jews and Muslims fighting over another patch of sand and rock has a very limited audience.

As you can see...a NEWS ROOM would have to have so many people putting into the mix their interests and viewpoints that sorting in order to present would be a task few could manage well. Hence: MEDIOCRE  NEWS ROOM AND A DEFINITE LOSER.

However...truth and justice are considered important to most such concepts would be attractive to everyone...particularly if that news room* were dedicated to dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE affront to 21st Century liberty in every regard possible.
*In Britain...the height of tunnels and clearances for trucks is mentioned in terms of "head room". Hence "Max. head room"...means every truck can enter without hitting the top of whatever might otherwise serve as an obstacle. Some years ago...there was a cartoon character whose moniker was: "MAX HEAD ROOM".