Thursday, January 31, 2013


For $16 trillion...a person with such vast wealth could buy ENGLAND...GERMANY...ICELAND...all of RUSSIA...virtually all of city block in HONG KONG.

America has run up a $16 trillion tab in federal debt and lacks anything to show for it. And...what's even more disturbing and ghoulish is the fact that Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and "other freedom-haters" are intent on spending a trillion more bucks per year on NANNY STATE CAGE perpetuation.

Why not take that money and buy most of the planet? Sure...Africa is not worth bidding on...and...most of Asia isn't fit for anything more than toilet facilities. India for example is the poster child for filth and squalor. Pakistan is known for its stench and the Afghans for their appetite for camel dung. Hence...most of the planet isn't worth owning. is good to sense just how much $16 trillion would buy because it gives the human mind some idea of what $16 trillion represents nowadays...and...what a trillion more bucks per year might mean.


In England...there is a neolithic site called STONEHENGE. This site is well-known for its incredibly heavy stones that were quarried 200(+) miles from where they were placed in great circles. Indeed...these stones come with capping stones set atop them and are so heavy it would take 100 million people to lift one of them a foot off the ground. Impossibly...though...these cap stones are 25 feet off the ground...making their placement impossible in that day and time. Yet...there they stand after 100,000 years as if put there yesterday.

Mention is made of STONEHENGE since its location and construction defy explanation. Across the planet there are ancient structures which by today's standards would be almost impossible to erect. How they achieved such feats have many explanations including "ancient Astronauts"...and...BIG FOOT.

Imagine people in 2525 looking back at America and examining "how" those people could manage to smother their nation in "unimaginable fiscal red ink" so much "red ink" that the entire federal government imploded and the socialist state dismantled therein. Imagine as much and you might sense the bafflement they'll have when reviewing what Americans did in 2013.


Hadiya Pendleton was slaughtered by a gang member with ties to TEAM OBAMA. The shooter is a well-known thug and a true Democrat. He took life because he wanted to take life and picked Hadiya because she was so accomplished. What a Democrat, eh OBAMA?

Al "not so" Sharpton...a trying to exploit this horrific tragedy by claiming the shooter was a Republican. Of course...Sharpton has always used tragedy suffered by others as his launch site for political discourse...and...poor Hadiya's death was prime time for this nasty hate-monger.


Because Uncle Sugar is not spending as much...those crony capitalists whose existence depends on receiving "other people's money"(OPM) have experienced a downturn in their business. Defense contractors whose WEAPON SYSTEMS are left not purchased will be hardest hit.

Indeed...the people...for instance...who want to build the F-36...a jet said to be better than the still-to-be-built F-35...have threatened to reduce their employee rolls by 98% should Uncle Sugar not give them "OPM".


When Billy was informed by BIG BOY GOVERNMENT that his boat was limited to 100 pounds of COD...yet...he needed 10,000 pounds just to break even...Billy screamed out in anger, "How dare you attempt to impose yourself on my life! We'll proceed to catch all we wish and sell to whom we please!"

As Billy was re-entering the harbor with 35,873 pounds of COD...his boat was approached by a Coast Guard Cutter demanding that Billy stop his boat and permit them to board. Billy told the Coast Guard Captain he was not going to stop and was headed into him there.

The Coast Guard Captain heard this refusal and directed his cannon to obliterate. The first round struck the boat's stern and blew away the transom. The second round struck the pilot house and killed the crewmen inside. Billy stood on the bow defiantly shaking his fist as the 3rd and final round struck the gas tank and blew Billy and his boat to bits.

Yes...the COD were saved and Billy and his 58 person crew sent to Davy Jones...another victory for the U.S. Coast Guard and TEAM OBAMA!

Indeed...inside the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...whatever the MASTER do. If MASTER says lick boot with candied tongue or else die...most Americans will lick until shine of boot observed. Unlike these other American worms and cowards...though...BILLY stood on his deck defiant and unbowed!


There is a $98.6 billion public pension shortfall in Illinois. That means that to pay retired government worker bees...the private sector in Illinois must be ravaged and $98.6 billion(+) grabbed. Of course...private property owners are looking for suckers to buy their problem so that they can depart for Florida...a taxpayers' Mecca and thereby escape this day of reckoning. While there are some fools still afoot...most people won't ever invest in Illinois...not the Illinois that presently is smothered beneath such government burdens.

What need be done? As one disenchanted taxpayer in Chicago said, "Tell these government worker bees they were fools to work for government and they aren't getting paid! Too sad...should not have counted on government for survival!"


Yes...folks...for $200 billion the Air Force can have the F-35 jet. Imagine an F-35 flying around and fighting against Piper cubs and WW II aircraft. Imagine as much and you'll have envisioned "why" such F-35 jet isn't needed...and...probably won't ever be needed. It's already obsolete and should be scrapped saving American taxpayers $200 billion!

The future of warfare is that of ROBOT-WAR. For example...a ROBOT-JET can be built for $10,000 and armed with $10,000 worth of firepower...and...that BOT-JET will do as much defense and offense as any F-35 could muster or dish out! Indeed...a BOT-JET could ram an F-35 and by such collisions impose an attrition rate which would sour any financier of such further nonsense. hear Republicans demanding the F-35 be built and the BOT-JET idea shelved because the BOT-JET program is too cheap and unworthy of the American Air Force.


The 2nd CIVIL WAR in America will have as its rallying cry: liberation over subjugation. The RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE will demand the FOOLS who PULL be whipped harder...more burdens applied...the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA made more imposing and invasive until from cradle to grave citizens directed as peons, serfs and slaves.

Ironic...don't you Afro-American with doubtful Hawaiian birth certificate...was able...with the assistance of freedom-hating enslave America using OBAMACARE as the vehicle for such subjugation? By using the system itself Obama has succeeded in enslaving Americans...enslavement that can't be undone without a CIVIL WAR...a war between the RIDERS and the FOOLS who PULL.

However, unlike the FIRST CIVIL WAR...this SECOND ONE will be bloodless....its battleground the INTERNET and "other" MASS MEDIA. The INTERNET will be packed with "freedom-lovers"...while the traditional MASS MEDIA will cry out for more chain....more whip...more diktat and jackboot.

Once 2014 rolls around and OBAMACARE begins to stomp and chomp...the first battles of this 2nd CIVIL WAR will be observed. Perhaps the first battle will be between a company that refuses to pay the FINE and the government trying to shut that small company down...and...the small blurb about it in the local newspaper...but...whatever the "first fire"'ll quickly become conflagration...and...civil war!

SAN FRAN 49ers?

According to Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma)...over 1/2 of the San Fran 49ers football team are gay...and...practice such homosexuality on and off the field. She said it was imperative for the federal government to regulate football so that such gay pride can shine.


KAM AIR was bidding on a U.S. government contract...competitors with ties to TEAM OBAMA...were also competing for the same bevy of contracts...each one so land just one such contract would fetch a $100 million in profit per month! All of a sudden...KAM AIR is by faceless Obama Administration officials accused of hauling on a weekly basis over 100 tons of heroin and 500 tons of cocaine out of KABUL Airport...the most closely watched...most secure airport on planet Earth.

Not even a spoon can be put aboard an aircraft without 500 officials signing off in the chain of custody. Hence...this accusation was absolutely false...but...designed to hurt the chances of KAM AIR getting even of one of those "hero-making" contracts. Imagine...$100 million just for signing your might sense why cronies embedded in the Obama Administration would attempt to "bid-fix" using this "indirect-method".

Daniel McGroarty

Daniel McGroarty finally relented and presented an article which this BLOG had been begging him to release. As Daniel said, "It finally dawned on me there was a need to speak out"

Indeed...some time back...this BLOG'S editorial staff decided it was necessary to commence enlisting the aid and services of BIG SHOTS in the most important industries inviting them to join the crusade to dismantle the oppressive and hampering 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM).

Daniel was selected because he is the President of the American Resources Policy Network and was rumored to harbor ill-will towards Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists.

According to this BLOG'S sources...McGroarty had gone so far as to proclaim America too tied up with "whip and chain" to be a viable source of minerals no matter how desperate American industry is for such rare earth stuff. He referred to American mining as "yesterday's rice"...and...called America about the last place anyone would ever consider developing a viable mining operation.

Hence...Daniel's desire to breathe free both attracted this BLOG'S attention and caused its effort to enlist his membership in the Army of Liberation.


Article II, Section II, clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution directs the President to seek the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate when appointing people to Executive Branch positions. Recently...Obama appointed 4 people while the U.S. Senate was not in recess...yet...labeled such 4 appointments as "recess appointments"...a falsehood which Obama expected the U.S. Court of Appeals to examine and certify as proper.

Although Obama expected as much...he was disappointed when the Judges determined his effort was illegal and those 4 people unlawfully appointed. Immediately...the Republican Senators demanded those 4 people return the MONEY THEY RECEIVED AS SALARY. Naturally...the Democrats opposed such return of money since that money these 4 unlawfully constituted people received was "other people's money"...the kind of money the Democrats never think need be repaid.


Labor Unions for the most part feel betrayed by Obama. They actually believed this MARXIST ON MISSION and trusted him not to attack them through OBAMACARE. Of course...the UNIONS were to be attacked and stomped should they not bow down and worship this golden calf, (EXODUS 32:24). Sure...these UNIONS were duped into supporting this socialist "whip and chain" but so what? "What difference does it make now?"to quote Hillary Clinton when she was describing her reckless disregard for life and limb.


As the shooter went from train car to train car shooting people...helpless...without guns kind of people...they were screaming "does anyone have a gun?"

Of course...that train was filled with "gun-haters"...and...hence...they were all doomed to die and they did.

Yes...their "gun-hating" had finally come full circle and they were destroyed by a bad-guy with gun...something they thought would never least...not to them...not to their way of life. Wrong!


Folks...the Obama-controlled CIA is busy trying to foment unrest and mayhem along the Syrian-Israeli border. The purpose is to stir up violence to take the American mind off the abysmal economic malaise afoot in America. The Democrats are the cause of our Economic downturn and they are keeping America in this "socialist-grip".
Keep in mind...BUSH was able to hurt the American economy through the complicit assistance of the Democrats. However, the Democrats escaped blame due to their control of the MASS MEDIA.


Developer Rod Lockwood is trying to develop and improve real estate in Detroit. He is receiving little support from local government officials since he's not an Afro-American. As one official said, "Detroit is the city for Afro-Americans to come and prosper." Of course...anyone wishing to examine Detroit would conclude Detroit is a toilet bowl...filthy...disgusting...and...unwanted.


A child wrote a short story about her father's efforts in the Iraq War. She mentioned his exploits and that he was protected by the hand of God. The child was directed to go to the front office where this child was attacked verbally for using the word GOD. How dare this 9 year old speak of GOD!

Naturally...this child is now "home-schooled"...and...that public school board is getting sued. The teacher has been identified as a Muslim IMAM disguised as a public school teacher whose mission to teach small children to be slaves..and...servile supplicants.


In a public school...the entire pledge of allegiance was recited in Arabic. Instead of one nation under was one nation under Allah. Yes...folks...public school is where socialism...Eco-fascism...and...a general hatred of liberty is taught zealously.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Senator Menendez(D.NJ)

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez was caught having sex with 13 year old boys in the Dominican Republic. Many people are disgusted at the YouTube video of ole Bobby with those 13 year old male children. He was slapping one as he was sexually abusing another. What a guy! A real Democrat, eh Bobby?


From an official survey conducted by this was determined that 48% of all adult households have at least one "at home" child whose age is over 30 years. There are multiple reasons for such statistics. But...because America has slipped into socialism...Eco-fascism...cronyism...and...Unionism...most people under the age of 35 years probably won't have access to capital to fund their dreams. Hence...these people gravitate home since at least there such small portion of safe harbor still available.


A socialist will tell you the first step in imposing socialism is to eliminate "unfettered" access to capital. By such deletion...the socialist government insures that anyone wishing to be a producer must be granted permission by the government. Such permission slip embeds the socialist government in every business decision...reducing the producer to zombie status...existing and disappearing when government subsidy granted and departing when such umbilical cord cut.

DODD-FRANK LAW was designed to kill access to capital making the government the BIG BOY when the issue is "from where shall we get such capital to do such things as we wish to do?"


National Ice Council President Chris Crane expressed anger when he discussed TEAM OBAMA'S refusal to stomp and chomp illegal immigrants. Indeed...he was incensed when he heard Obama wanted to open the borders permitting anyone wishing to breathe free to come and prosper. For example...Crane wanted to round up these 'em...and...then...take them to burial sites and massacre them. He dripped in venom as he described his need to step into such a pool of blood and tears.

Folks...CHRIS CRANE and his slime-slug crew need to crawl back into whatever hole from whence they came. People such as they need to find real jobs and stop tormenting people whose wish only to be left alone so that they might feed themselves and their loved ones.

We need to have open borders...without incident kind of borders...places to cross to and from without permit or paper. In an open and free otherwise unhampered to speak...such borders are required.

Sure...there would not be any need for the likes of nasty CHRIS CRANE...or... any need for 2.6 million border guards most of whom hate themselves and their Flag. No...not any need...none at all! Maybe such is "why" Chris Crane wishes to massacre people so that he can taste blood at least once before he's sent packing as "non-essential".


How can a person accept payment from Uncle Sugar for performing a job the U.S. Court of Appeals says was not properly constituted? Would not that recipient be morally obliged to return that salary because it was received when such should not have been paid?

The 3 appointees to the National Labor Relations Board have been informed they were not properly appointed and even though they are serving as NLRB members...they're doing so unlawfully.

If Obama can appoint people them for their unlawful conduct...then...the stage has been set for rampant tyranny and concomitant corruption.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If you missed the 60 MINUTE segment wherein Obama and Hillary Clinton were jointly need to YouTube it and watch how Hillary and Obama look at each other. It's obvious there is a romantic relationship afoot. The romance they have shared was palpable and plainly etched into that tired visage of Hag-Hillary...and...the empty-stare of Bud-lite Barack.

Recall that Ambassador Stevens in August of 2012 threatened to reveal something incredibly damaging to Obama and Hillary Clinton but was assassinated before he could emit such election-changing information. Sure...that beleaguered Ambassador screamed for help from his "safe-room" for 7 hours...demanding the armed Predator Drones unleash their firepower and save him...but...he had been charted for termination with extreme prejudice...and...not any help would be coming his way!

After observing the powerful romantic link between Bud-lite Barack and's obvious Stevens was snuffed before he could reveal what he knew about this remarkable sexual connection.


Yes...BUSH was lured into signing an ENERGY BILL in 2007 which put the Environmental Protection Agency into the energy-production business. Of course...the EPA...packed with burgeoning would-be MASTERS immediately began to give MONEY to their pals in BIO-FUEL PRODUCTION even though there was not any market for the junk produced.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. You won't notice the affects of this WAR until you pay over $3.00 per gallon for gasoline when but for government interference that price would be about SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS PER GALLON!


Australians ignored the RAIN FORECAST issued by this BLOG several weeks ago. These Aussies could not believe RAIN could be predicted so accurately and chose to ignore the FLOOD WARNINGS. However, the RAIN did arrive as forecast and has flooded large areas...destroying the homes and businesses of those who refused to take heed* of such a FLOOD WARNING.
* This BLOG also issued a similar FLOOD WARNING 7 days before Hurricane Sandy struck New York and New Jersey. Again...this BLOG'S warning was ignored.


Instead of complimenting President Vladimir Putin for his good work in government...Garry Kasparov has chosen to besmirch and demean. Many believe ole Garry is angry because his small voice was overlooked and otherwise ignored. Kasparov wants socialism and Eco-fascism...and...PUTIN has said "no" to both idiotic ideas! PUTIN envisions a RUSSIA booming in an otherwise unhampered market setting...a place devoid of "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies Kasparov seems to find "wondrous and needful".

Monday, January 28, 2013


When asked if Obamacare were evil...Sebelius said, "Boo-too."


In Australia there are "long-hauls"...straight roads stretching 2000 miles...and...over which run trucks 24/7 hauling huge cargoes from spot to spot. Because of the nature of this effort and the level of 2013 technology...the DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT of this BLOG contacted DONGFENG MOTORS GROUP and invited them to assist in offering to Australia "driver-less" technology all packed into incredible trucks capable of getting 200 miles per gallon of diesel.

Imagine hauling 100,000 pounds and getting 200 miles per gallon and the entire load traveling at 300 miles per hour. Imagine as much and you'll sense the power of DONGFENG MOTOR GROUP! don't need a driver to drive a truck across most of Australia...and...the day has come for CHINA to demonstrate a better way to accomplish such feats. Shiyan, of this BLOG'S representatives met with an impressive Chinese delegation of prominent officials each one dressed in military uniform and looking as grim as possible. After some warm-up tunes from the bag pipe played by SHAWN THE SCOT...a newcomer to the BLOG...however...the Chinese changed their temper and accepted our offer of assistance in getting "driver-less" trucks into Australia!

This BLOG proposed to deliver $1 billion in U.S. paper currency to DONGFENG MOTOR GROUP if they would join forces and put those "envisioned" trucks on those "long-haul" Australian roadways so that lives could be saved and good hauled to market more cheaply.

Will the offer be accepted? As Secretary of Treasury Timmy Geithner said when such question to him posed, "You only know when the money delivered and things are done in response thereto!"

Ah...yes...Tim...well-framed...and...equally shrewd.


According to the Wall Street Journal,(A-8;01-28-13)...a bearded, blond militant who spoke unaccented English assisted Mr. Bencheneb during the attack, three plant employees said. Mr. Bencheneb...according to these survivors...boasted about the man's Canadian origin to a group of Algerian workers, one of the employees said. "Look at this man and how Islam has reached Canada. But you in Algeria are not supporting us."

Folks...this so-called Canadian was a CIA operative and some of the men assisting ole Bench-mark and his cronies were part of a special black ops bunch running under the label: BLACK COBRA. They joined with the locals to kill several people they were sent to assassinate. The cover...that of a terrorist the same one which recently was used successfully in Benghazi and along the Mexican Benghazi Ambassador Stevens was Mexico...U.S. border guard was murdered.

The information given to these employees was intended to be consumed by the MASS MEDIA in America. It was obvious CIA misinformation. Instead...however...of putting people off the real path...the truth is shining through.


Scout Troop 242...wondered into a canyon...rope...pick...and...glue. They camped beneath a cliff with ancient etchings top and down...some were animals...but...other forms...though...inscrutable and packed with confound.

About midnight...silence in that canyon became profound...radios didn't work...cellphone contact lost 12 miles back...even bugs into stealth mode ground.

Scout Troop Leader Billy Glenn Johnson...a powerful Penn State linebacker during the Jerry Sandusky years...sat quietly keeping guard as his team slept. As he sat on the cold rocky floor on a blow-up cushion...he thought he heard ole Joe Paterno's voice down the canyon. Smoldering embers of the last fire...its smoke a faint trail into the air...and...the moon light around the camp site offered shadow and pomp into vastness stared.

Instead of telling anyone he was going to get up...fetch the only flashlight...and...investigate who was saying such observe whose voice it was he heard so distinctly since he knew ole Joe was pushing daisies and experiencing "dateless night" of telling any of these otherwise asleep scouts about what he was about to do...he got up...and...began to follow that voice down the canyon towards a precipice which due to the terrain and moon-light was absolutely invisible until the victim plummeting forth to doom a mile below.

The scouts heard BILLY GLENN JOHNSON scream for help. He had fallen but had somehow been swept into a cave 1/2 the way down the cliff...a cave that was hidden from view by its location midst shadow and terror...until then...its existence not anyone had a clue.

To save ole Billy Glenn would require a little over a half mile of time on such silly things need they spend. Deploying pick and glue...with some luck and rope...spelled Billy Glenn rescue. They piled together some bamboo where none should grow...they hammered and sawed til an AIRCRAFT showed.

Using remote control...they landed that craft and invited Billy Glenn to climb aboard and into oblivion stroll. Knowing escape by wing risky...dangerous...but...only game around...Billy Glenn climbed on in...and...launched where legend found.

He landed safely on the floor a mile or so below...used smoke signal to alert his crew...he was safe...another great Scout Troop 242 rescue! great YouTube show.

After inspecting the acoustics of that discover how that Joe Paterno voice could have been heard...Scout Troop 242 discovered that canyon operated as a gigantic collector of trivia from around the that moment...someone in France was reviewing how well Coach Jerry Sandusky did on those Penn State linebackers in pre-game rendezvous.


Ah...yes...Scout Troop 242. I heard what happened...but...I wonder how true. Did they actually do what legend frames completed and done? And...if they did what manner were if holding Earth and biting Sun?


Remove the NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate its "red ink' FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...permit the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) to prevail...and...America would blossom and bloom once from the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th century would-be MASTERS.

The Republican Party must adopt the OUM as its poster child...demanding thereby liberation over subjugation...identifying therein the would-be MASTERS and asking the voters to evict such power-mongers and otherwise assist in dismantling this oppressive CAGE and "victim-making" RIDE.

An attractive example of the OUM is that there not be any hinder or hassle at the borders...that these borders be merely geographical notations on a map without any political or economic meaning. The OUM presupposes a free flow of capital and from any from the grip and grab of some MASTER inside a NANNY STATE CAGE where everyone fears the knock on the door. Indeed...the U.S. dollar in the OUM would become the ONLY CURRENCY people would want to good as gold!

Yes...inside the OUM...the federal government is restricted to its essential functions as prescribed by the pre-1900 U.S. Constitution. It's income derived from rents,royalties and lottery proceeds. Its employees paid the least.


(Its judges...for instance...picked for skill and intellect...yet...paid not any more than $10,000.00 per day! If the judge wants that jerk the door! The judgeship...for the OUM...will be...more often than not...offered as a chance to do justice and be merciful.)


This intrepid BLOG is the ONLY POLITICAL VOICE preaching liberation over subjugation! Even RUSH LIMBAUGH...that over-puffed snort and sniff...wants to impose CLOSED BORDERS with people examining and determining who is and who is not fit to enter. To him...he likes the stomp and chomp of the 20th Century CAGE since his protestation against such menace has enabled him to generate great wealth. Rid America of the menace and you eliminate the "market" which has theretofore sustained ole RUSH-BO.


OBAMA told the Afghans not to fear Taliban. He assured them they were...and...would continue to from reprisal once Americans departed. Naturally...most of them bought that LIE and they have been targeted recently for termination with extreme prejudice. Indeed...last week...23 officials were assassinated.

Most of them received a bullet behind the left ear...but...some were blown to bits with car bombs. One poor wretch had his legs cut off when the roadside bomb exploded taking out the entire wedding party and the 1200 goats in the parade.

In KUNDUZ...a central Afghan city...police were lured into an ambush and slain without mercy. Their comrades who survived refused to leave the police compound and insisted they have 24/7 tank and missile coverage. Naturally...such protection departs with America...and...these idiot Afghans should have known not to believe anything OBAMA said.


Among the terrorists who assaulted and killed Algerian oil field workers was a blonde-haired Canadian mercenary known to his team as "BIG BOY" such name coming from his 6 foot 10 inch frame and jutting jaw. Because of his size...and...harsh facial features...this terrorist seemed distinctive and capable of getting Google-searched.

Following up on this assumption...a Google-search was conducted by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...and...some incredible results by it obtained. Turns out that this so-called KA-NOOK is not a Canadian-mercenary at all...but...a high level CIA operative working in Algeria and Mali!

He was born in Detroit and given the moniker "JAMES LEWIS"...a kid with two first names...trained in China as a NINJA from the age of 8 years...what he did for play and games. His biological-father a HARVARD sociologist...his mother a rabid freedom-hater. They donated sperm and egg to the CIA so that this TERRORIST could be born and bred to KILL when DIRECTED and perform as told.

Sure...there are other hooligans competing for "legend status"...and...JAMES LEWIS is just one such dude. In Africa there are many stages to demonstrate prowess and how cruel and crude. But...eventually...the connection between the Algerian massacre and the Benghazi embassy compound Ambassador assassination will bubble forth. When it surely will....the CIA...directed by OBAMA...will be found in every material and significant loop associated therewith!


PHARAOH...ancient man-God...was thought to have been displaced by Democracy such that in modern-day Egypt...anyone proclaiming to be the reincarnation of PHARAOH...such clown would be laughed from office by the electorate. gain such prominence...that would-be POWER-MONGER would have to perform God-like feats...feats which could be heralded by a complicit MASS MEDIA as feats only performed by a GOD.

If such were done...and...done credibly...maybe having Steven Spielberg apply his gift and skill...then Egyptian President MORSI could proclaim himself such a man-God and direct mud and straw be made into brick once more!


The eastern-most terminus of the ancient Eurasian SILK ROAD is called Xi'an. Recently...that city has begun to grow as more and more entrepreneurs find ways to prosper in spite of government "red tape and tax".

Such is the conclusion of HARVARD SCIENTISTS who studied this economic growth in an area that until recently was considered backward and devoid of any kind of economic potential. In agreement with this assessment was CHEN HUI...the deputy director-general of the Xi'an High Tech Industries Development Zone administrative committee. He noted "red tape and tax" will retard and hinder but such had to be imposed lest he find himself unemployed. "Either I hassle and annoy...or...else...the COMMUNISTS will find another puppet to perform such evil."


"What's so funny?"asked a freedom-hater as he discussed the Hurricane Sandy victims' fund. "I'm trying to frame this matter in terms most people can're laughing at my effort. Why?"

When such was asked...the laughing listener replied, "Because you're speaking as if you have the power to loot my storeroom and redistribute to the Sandy victims as you see fit. My doors are closed to such theft and while I might offer something to assist it won't be compelled. Not by you...not by anybody."

When that defiance was heard...the freedom-hater chortled. "You can't stop me. If I wish...I'll bash down your door...loot as much as I wish...and...redistribute the plunder to those people whom I find in need!"


Quoth the raven, "Never more." Ah...yes...the Super Bowl...and...the Ravens v. the San Fran 49ers. Shall the Ravens defeat the San Fran bunch? The wagers and forecasts seem to put the 49ers on top by a field goal. What's your prediction?

Algerian protection?

Okay...after those people were killed in Algeria...what would make anyone return to that area to work? After some contemplating this aspect...a complete protection envelop was offered to every such installation and compound. Imagine...above the area hovers things so deadly not anyone would ever contemplate insurgency or outright assault.

Had there been...for instance...hovering above that Algerian compound...a FLEET OF SOARING EAGLES...the trade name for this BLOG'S "hardened defense system"...that entire MUSLIM ATTACK FORCE... all signatories in blood...they would have been instantly dispatched...martyred.


To offend and to judge are distinct offices and of an opposed nature.


The Press Journal...front-page...informed Indian River County, Florida that OBAMACARE was coming to their neighborhood and they had best be ready to bring forth their gold so that Obama's golden calf might be forged, (EXODUS 32:24). This Newspaper supports enslavement as do most of the local mass media talking heads...and...hence...this front-page article seemed to be telling people to kneel and lick boot.

In the movie, CASABLANCA...there is a scene where the NAZIS travel about Paris with loudspeakers telling Parisians how they must act when HITLER'S TEAM marches into town. And...when I read that front-page article in that "pro-enslavement" mullet-wrapper reminded me of that scene.

FOLKS..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Our federal and state representatives and senators have all but capitulated and conceded the point and are willing to be the first to lick Obama's boot. In many respects...they're playing the part of the "go-along-to-get-along" crowd which flooded the streets of Paris to greet Hitler's Panzers.

Imagine whatever you own...whatever you earn...whatever you might fashion as future...all of it monitored and perpetually-attachable...available should the MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE decide it's your turn! Imagine as much and you'll sense the evil in that pro-enslavement front-page article!

The ARMY OF LIBERATION stands behind that cheering crowd and offers them and to everyone else an alternative...another which does not include "red tape, tax and spend" program or that offers to every American an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where everyone finds their own future by their own means...indeed...a place where never can it be compelled: "their tears...your purse".

Unfortunately...the MASS MEDIA is controlled by TEAM OBAMA and those who edit the Press Journal...all of whom are dedicated to eliminating liberty and replacing it with "freedom to obey".

If it were not for the INTERNET...a medium still largely without monitor or control...this BLOG and the ARMY OF LIBERATION it spawned would never have been able to become the political force both now enjoy. In one a ball field rally...for example...the ARMY OF LIBERATION'S ranks swelled to over 100 million! What was attracting so many was the promise of EDEN!


BLAKE ZEFF...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...came forward and admitted he loved Obama because Obama would replace liberty with "freedom to obey". Blake envisioned in such a NANNY STATE CAGE environment he would prosper since he was skilled in the art of boot-licking and pandering to those in positions of power...stepping stones to his own to speak.

Because BLAKE ZEFF is such a freedom-hater...he's receiving extensive TV and RADIO coverage. The talking heads are praising Zeff for his zealous statements of servitude to the MASTER of this 20th century CAGE.

Due to his recent notoriety...a reporter from this BLOG was dispatched to interview what would prompt someone to lick boot with candied tongue...or...believe "freedom to obey" could ever fetch anything but a regimented society packed with travail and tribulation.

After speaking to ZEFF for over 3 was concluded that ZEFF was an "ignorant" collectivist and a person who thought his better course to support tyranny and hope he and his heirs prosper therein. To ZEFF...he would remain silent* and permit the MASTER to stomp and chomp others so long as such supportive silence fetched ole ZEFF and company a greater benefit.
*THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden


After reviewing the fire exits and the number of people in a Sao Paulo nightclub...the band sporting the name "GURIZADA FANDANGUEIRA" was directed by the FIRE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to forego their "fire" display...a portrayal of death by fire done to the rhythm of bass guitar and drum. Naturally...that band was ignorant of the danger and proceeded to light road flares. Of course...a fire broke out and killed 232 people.


Obama knows Hillary knows that Obama issued a "snuff-order" to silence Ambassador Stevens before he could hurt Obama's re-election chances by revealing "damaging information about Obama's connection to anti-Jew organizations!" Hence...Obama has been going on TV to praise Hillary and to call her God-like...and...enlightened. He knows to say otherwise might loosen her lips and offer her a reason to reveal what evil lurks in Obama's heart.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Did you know water costs more than beer in Czechoslovakia? Beer is the staple drink and one that is ubiquitous. Indeed...even if you lacked map and'd know when you crossed the border because the quality of beer becomes noteworthy.

The greatest beer brewers on planet Earth in 2013 are Czech brewers! They have special yeast and other magical things they put into their beer making it the beer Queen Elizabeth II insists on sipping as she tries on her new dresses each week. It's the beer Obama passed around at his Inaugural Ball last week.

And to think there is a minister of alcohol...some government jerk...and...he wants to force people to drink water and not beer. He wants to tax beer and not water. he wants to make people lick his boot...kneel and worship his golden calf. Of course...the Czechs...still remembering the IRON CURTAIN and its RED TAPE JERKS...they told this dude to quiet down or he'd meet "dateless night".

Unlike the brave and bold New York City...Mayor Bloomberg stuck out his boot and New York City dwellers lined up for 20 miles to get the chance to lick with candied tongue. One lady said she quit teaching at Harvard Law School just to get the chance to crawl as if a worm and lick this MASTER'S boot,(MATTHEW 4:8). When Bloomberg...for example...said he was going to perform diaper check...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) demanded he be first in line!


Have you noticed the use of the phrase "liberal social issues"? Moreover, when such phrase heard do you consider gay-marriage, immigration and abortion as embedded therein? If've been exposed mightily to the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA propaganda formidable a machine and as powerful as anything Joseph Geobbles...the Nazi propaganda minister...could have imagined.

Due to skillful maneuvering...this propaganda machine has been able to mold the National Republican Committee(NRC) into a bunch whose mission to erect an IRON CURTAIN across the borders...compel women to give birth...and...put every homosexual on notice the closet their domain.

The Republican Party has adopted several contrary positions to these "liberal social" issues making the overall Party less palatable to those voters who believe such things should be left alone. It's this dissonance which the Democrats are cleverly using to keep the Republican Party from gaining enough power to overcome the Democrat's 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Because this template has been identified by this BLOG and others...corrective measures are afoot to protect and preserve what little liberty remains...and...muster an ARMY OF LIBERATION before which is carried THE ORB...whose crusade to dismantle this CAGE...and...march on WASHINGTON DC to "make salt".

SOMEONE ASKED: "Why join this crusade? What makes this one unique and worthy of passion and utmost zeal?"

To each such inquiring mind permit a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28) declare liberation over subjugation afoot. can remain all wrapped up in a trap of your very own chain of could take a moment and consider another alternative...something akin to EDEN...a place where the consumer and not the bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where each person as if in a mirror finds their own soul.

THE ORB when deployed dismantles the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminates Neo-feudalism..alias crony capitalism...and ushers in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place free of red tape and tax...a place where the government can't pick winners and losers...a place where labor is unfettered and can pass to and from without incident or inquiry...a place where the busy-nose crowd is prevented from imposing their collectivist-will on those ladies whose contrary-choice termination not full term...and...a place where the entrepreneur does not have to fear the knock on her door.

Yes...everyone can join the ARMY OF LIBERATION. Everyone can join since whatever your foibles...whatever your predilection...whatever your bent...such is yours and your exercise thereof saved or spent.

Sure...abortion is every lady's right and hers alone to choose. Anyone else is a busy-nose whose opinion better left stomped and bruised.

As for migrant labor...if you wish to come and produce then step forth and commence your trade...such the ARMY OF LIBERATION...wonders until dateless night knows spade.

When the A.O.L. is victorious and it will be...the government worker bees by the millions will be instantly unemployed. They should be given only thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their drooling and selfless public service and nothing else. Whatever pension they have accrued also given but not any more available they will be told.

When the OUM is implemented...these federal worker bees will get a job. Sure...most of these highly skilled and well-paid federal worker bees will be hired in the hotel laundry industry or find scholarship in lawn maintenance or know some plumbers in need of ditches dug...but...employed and absorbed in and by the OUM surely will occur.


There is a rumor afoot that U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) has been caught stealing and has been branded by many Florida voters as a thief. She and her vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists have done as much as they can to plunder storerooms and redistribute as they see fit. She fancies herself and her team as the MASTER of this hellish and oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. To her...your property belongs to the MASTER and whatever she decides fitting for you to retain is left to her unbridled and God-like discretion. In many ways her approach to your stuff is: "My tears...your purse!"

Saturday, January 26, 2013


In GHOSTBUSTERS...there is a scene where the SPIRITUAL ENERGY piling up in New York City not only is measured by the intrepid ghostbusters...but its size metaphorically considered as well. And if one were to measure such energy-build-up in terms of a'd be 35 feet long and weigh 600 pounds. As for such assessment: "That's one big Twinkie!"

Nowadays...we have an ocean of "red ink" building up that is going to be $20 trillion in depth...a depth so enormous not any human mind can imagine such sum of money. For example...for $20 trillion you could buy Europe and 1/2 of Russia. You could buy Iceland and China for $20 trillion and have enough left over to build tour boats to take tourists around your new empire. Why with $20 trillion you could erect entire colonies on MARS and the MOON and afford rocket ships capable of "virtual light speed".

But...this $20 trillion has been spent on the NANNY STATE CAGE...forming and formulating it until not anyone is able to breathe without the direction from the MASTER, (MATTHEW 6:24).

Somehow "freedom to obey" is the new default position for's pathetic in terms of what you could liken to that metaphor about a Twinkie. In terms of a Twinkie...the NATIONAL DEBT would be a Twinkie 5 million miles long and weigh as much as the MOON! WOW...that a big Twinkie!


Because of brokers won't be paid from both sides of the ledger making their profits so small as not to warrant further activity. As one Mortgage broker told this BLOG, "Why spend arduous hours and finding in the end the profit so small the rent remains unpaid and the college tuition wanting?"

Many mortgage brokers will refuse to kneel and lick such boot and leave the marketplace...leaving many marginal borrowers without any recourse except to apply for government dole or government-backed which put the government into the borrower's pocket as all-powerful partner.

Folks...why must America become another Zimbabwe? Why must America be shoved into a tribal model of socialist dimension and autocratic import? And...yet...not any entrepreneurs cry out against DODD-FRANK...and...if such voices are crying out...why have they not been heard?

An ARMY OF LIBERATION is forming. In 1774...another kind of militia was forming. It had guns...powder and ball...wrapped in buckskin and standing tall. Yes..they called themselves the KENT COUNTY MILITIA...a bunch of dudes who signed a contract for mutual defense should the KING attack any of them. But when summoned...each mustered to the village square ready to fight and die thread bare.

In that time and space...KING GEORGE was stomping and chomping as he saw fit and many a man knew home and hearth might require steadfast defense and what better way than to have neighbor side by side fighting to defend and protect. Hence the militia was formed and formulated to defend if  and when danger or imminent attack approached.

Nowadays...a metaphorical war for liberty in need of militia effort is afoot. This time around...the modern- day NANNY STATE CAGE has become KING GEORGE. Among their targets are the mortgage people whose time has come to be stomped and chomped.

Because the MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE controls the traditional MASS MEDIA outlets...however...the plight of the mortgage broker...their loss of profit...their demise...such will continue to remain unmentioned by such outlets and their talking heads. By remaining without mention...the odds of this bunch getting overcome are almost assured.

The modern-day KING GEORGE...alias TEAM OBAMA...will have succeeded in eliminating another group of entrepreneurs...leaving only those under the MASTER'S control. And...all of this done because there is not any "militia-like" agreement protecting not only the mortgage brokers but all other freedom-lovers. By keeping each group Balkanized...and...separated*'s likely the MASTER will continue to perpetuate the NANNY STATE CAGE.

*To punch Bob-the-broker should be a slap to the face of every liberty-lover and the cause for a CRUSADE to defend and to eliminate the CAGE should be forthcoming with zeal and the blessings of God.

Hasbro stomped

Hasbro...a well-known toy-maker...has mentioned it will trim 500 jobs from its "red ink" payroll. According to Hasbro officials...the "trim and tuck" was due to the advent of OBAMACARE. Hasbro reported it simply would relocate its entire manufacturing base to CHINA to avoid the grip and grab of socialist-OBAMACARE!

Yes...folks...OBAMACARE will destroy America and replace it with a country wherein "freedom to obey" the only ballgame in town. The Democrats need to be evicted and their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE..the thing they want most...eradicated!


North Korea is trying to develop and deploy a nuclear weapon so small it can be carried by a Predator Drone. Imagine...a 100,000 airborne drones attacking California and dropping small nuclear bombs...the size of a grenade...capable of destroying a 5 mile square area...and...leaving that "bombed" area poisoned for a 100,000 years with deadly plutonium radiation.

Imagine as much and you'll sense the DANGER North Korea presents to America. Yet Obama...a rabid MARXIST ON MISSION...does not care about such threat since North Korean leaders think the same way he does: "DESTROY AND RULE!"


Yes...since Steve Jobs died...APPLE has been running on "auto-pilot". APPLE lacks the innovative talent and skill required to keep pace with the cellphone industry. SAMSUNG...for example...examined the iPhone and determined it lacked the kind of things people expected. Instead of turning a deaf ear to such need...the default position of APPLE...SAMSUNG listened and developed the GALAXY S III.
Exxon overtook APPLE as the most valuable corporate stock. APPLE lost $245 billion in stock value in one week!


Obama was informed people would die if OBAMACARE were imposed. Of course...Obama...chortled and snorted, "It would be a good thing if sick people died quickly!"

Nowadays...medical device makers are passing along the 2.3% OBAMACARE tax on medical devices to customers whose pocketbooks can't afford this increase. As reported widely on TV...because Tommy could not afford that 2.3% increase in the costs of his medical device he succumbed to a fever and died. When Obama was informed of his death...he laughed and said it was one less person about which to worry. What a guy!


While walking in San Francisco...Travis Kalanick wondered "why" there were not "limos" to carry people around. If he were to create an "app"...and...when such engaged...a RIDE would appear in less than 5 minutes and be at the disposal of the customer for as long as that customer required transport...if he were to create such a service...would it be profitable?

Travis Kalanick...never one to fear the unknown...began to buy cars for the venture. He contacted existing companies and offered his "add-on" service. In a matter of months...the profits began to accrue until last year Jeff Bezos...the CEO of 10% of UBER for $37 million.

Of course...because Travis Kalanick had not sought the permission from the local bureaucrats...UBER became the target of multiple corruption probes. When these government-thugs couldn't uncover some illegality...they issued a "cease and desist" order trying to frighten UBER'S owners. Naturally...Travis contacted this BLOG and asked for help.

Instantly...this BLOG'S legal department flew to San Francisco and met with these screaming-government jerks. For 5 days these meetings continued only ending when this BLOG'S team had made the agreement UBER needed: "leave 'em alone!"


The chiding and admonishing of Hillary Clinton for her reckless disregard of life and limb in Benghazi didn't go as well as the Republicans had promised. Sure...some questions were asked but none were able to squeeze answers from Clever-Clinton.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Senator Diane Feinstein(D.Ca) stood at a podium and informed America she was taking away the guns leaving only the police with guns. She said if someone were killed because they lacked a gun...she was sorry and wanted to apologize in advance...but to save one life she was prepared to sacrifice you and the entire human race.

Sure...bad guys always get guns and good guys wish they had a gun when the time comes to defend home and hearth from intrusion...whether it be from thug or thug-government...but...the MASTER of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wants to disarm so that the only power in town is the MASTER and its minions of Mammon, (MATTHEW 6:24).

You will not be able to have a bazooka...or...a 30mm cannon...or...a 155mm howitzer. No...those things will be forbidden. Imagine trying to hunt turkey without that rocket propelled grenade?


NJ governor, Chris Christie took time to get on TV and promise MONEY TO STORM VICTIMS. He promised...he fumed...a snarled...and...represented to Hurricane Sandy victims that he would not rest until every house and home had been restored. Of course...Christie is a pig and didn't mean any of it.

While New Jersey residents live in tents...Christie has heat and running water. While New Jersey residents cook on camp fires...Christie eats at the best restaurants and drives the finest cars! In many ways Christie represents the new politician...a Neo-feudal scumbag willing to spend other people's money but not his own. Why has he not offered his bed and ride to the needy? He's so ready to spend mine and yours...why not his? Eh, Christie?


A growing body of empirical evidence points to increasing dependency on state largess, (WALL STREET JOURNAL A-13;01-25-13). The proof documents a disturbing change in society such that there are more RIDERS aboard the "billion buck per hour red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system than ever before...and...the number of unwitting FOOLS who PULL dwindling steadily...many simply quitting and climbing aboard the RIDE.

1. In 1960 government transfer payments (GTP) were 6% of total personal income. Now it's 18% of total income and amount to $2.3 trillion annually.  Indeed...2/3 of government spending is dedicated to GTP. Since those GTP must be paid by borrowing or taxing...that burden amounts to $7,400 per person.Every day you awaken...Uncle Sugar is taxing and borrowing to pay $2.3 trillion to entitlement-recipients and laying a bill on your doorstep for $7400!
2.Nearly 50% of all U.S. households receive some kind of GTP. Many of these recipients claim to be disabled and can't work. This disturbing number has risen to where 1 in 17 workers is on disability(up from 8.8 million to 12.4 million).
3. If all GTP BURDEN were would require an infusion of $82.639 trillion to satisfy all promises which have been made to the RIDERS.

OBAMA knew he was going to defeat Romney since TEAM OBAMA knew it had so many supplicants and parasites on the hook...they had to prevail. RIDERS never bite the feeding hand. Hence...inner city voters were mobilized to bloc vote for Democrats since Democrats will continue to bloat government and entrench liberty and wealth until America is as pathetic as Zimbabwe.


After the MASTER with MOB finished looting the storeroom...there was little left from which the producer could fund continued production. As more and more storerooms were plundered...the social justice team found they had to attack each other lest they find themselves on the receiving end of an assault on their own stuff...something they never imagined possible.


Hurricane Sandy victims are demanding "more not less" money from other people to pay for their losses. They want other people to cover their expenses. They've been told they're entitled to demand the wealth of others be taken and redistributed to them. By their MASTER...they've been directed to cry for more freebie and favor and they'll eventually receive. Yes...typical New York City scumbag beggars, eh Bloomberg?

Thursday, January 24, 2013


BEYONCE...she did not sing in real time the STAR SPANGLED BANNER. No...she pre-recorded her rendition and then pretended to sing it. Her pretending was very good and most people would never have known the difference had it not been for this BLOG'S investigative power and prowess.


GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS? Can't gripe about the government handouts. Freebie and favor are taken and not any griping is heard. In the tent cities that are located all around New York's seaboard the tent-people are quietly disgusted and definitely perturbed about how they have been treated.

One elderly lady said she was angry about having to use a bucket for her toilet and a tin cup for a soup bowl. She said her son deserved a new car and her daughter a new home. She wanted to know where her dog was and when her cat would be returned.

Another tent-dweller said he wanted Uncle Sugar to give him else his imagination could conjure. He was a victim of Hurricane Sandy and he deserved as much as he wanted when he wanted...and...the rest of America had best begin giving it to him!

Naturally...politicians cry as loudly as the tent dwellers demanding people open their hearts and pocket books and pay UNION WAGES and UNION RATES to rebuild* New York and New Jersey.
And...because UNION LABOR is involved...the tents will remain a work in progress for many years to come.
*The stories about non-union contractors never receiving any FEMA CONTRACTS are plentiful.


Yes...according to the inflation wizards...the U.S. quarter will replace the U.S. one cent piece. Because the U.S.dollar fetches 1/1600th of an ounce in January of 2013...a speck so small it can't be seen with the unaided eye...this new approach has been dubbed the OBAMA-PENNY.

For example...the U.S. worth about 13 cents in 1950 money. Imagine the THEFT both sides of the aisle have perpetrated on the American people. If you saved your money...Uncle Sugar has been siphoning off its "purchasing power" slowly and ever so intentionally!

Sure...both sides of  the aisle...they both knew they couldn't bash down storeroom doors...too obvious. So these bastards began to print money....quadrillion dollars or more...script...colored-paper...almost worthless nowadays kind of paper...reducing the U.S. dollar to almost Zimbabwe status. are being told the U.S. penny will be gone and the U.S. quarter will be the new "smallest coin" in circulation.'ll be called the Obama-penny. As Obama promised...he is taking America into the horror of Zimbabwe...and...why not? He's a tribal socialist and such misery is standard fare for such evil as his heart holds.


Hillary Clinton emphatically told Senator Johnson "What difference does it make now who attacked the Benghazi embassy compound?" answer that makes a world of difference to America since 4 Americans were put into harm's way and were ignored when they screamed for that hovered over the compound in the form of formidable Predator Drones...fully armed...packed with 100,000 rounds of 30mm cannon shells...400 Hellfire missiles...and...frag grenades capable of killing a million people in the blink of an eye...all hovering above that embassy compound and yet not deployed.

So...yes...Hillary there is a BIG DIFFERENCE and one you never that demonstrates you were part of the "snuff-order" process wherein Ambassador Stevens was assassinated to prevent him from revealing "re-election affecting" data.


Folks...Hillary Clinton lied to the U.S. Senate. When asked if she were monitoring the Benghazi embassy attack in almost  "real time"...Clinton swallowed her cud and said "no...there was not any such monitoring in almost real time...and...anyone saying different is lying." One of her, apparently...admitted they were watching Stevens in his safe room scream* for help.
*This underling...a lady of great a matter-of-fact tone of voice...admitted Clinton was at her side and Clinton had her hand to her mouth in horror as they watched Stevens get choked to death by an assassination squad using the MURVIN-CHOKE TECHNIQUE...a technique perfected by SEAL TEAM #6 in 2011 as they prepared to snuff Osama bin Laden.


The new Republican Party must carry before it THE ORB. If it should offer liberation over subjugation...the Democrats...this vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and "other freedom-haters" will be mightily swept away in 2014 and in 2016. Should the Republican Party cry out for liberty....demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...and...offer to delete the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement will defeat the Democrats in almost every venue where this message of freedom is juxtaposed with the Democrat's message of misery and torment spread about equally.


Patricia Murphy...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...admitted she detested Hillary Clinton because she treated her husband so badly. According to Patricia Murphy...Hillary would slap Bill's face every time she caught him cheating on her. "How dare Hillary treat him that way!" snorted Pat Murphy...alias Citizen Jane.


If a Russian wants to hear someone speak but someone is interfering with that effort...the Russian will scream out, "PUST GOVORYAT!" Which roughly translated means, "let them talk".

UNION MEMBERSHIP? elsewhere...UNION MEMBERSHIP is dwindling. Most people simply can't find any benefit in paying union dues and listening to their union leaders describe how much they love socialism. Why support people whose mission to destroy the prosperity and replace with misery and torment.

John Kerry

Vietnam vet, John Kerry has been nominated to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. As for his qualifications for such a government office...recall Kerry claimed he was a commander on a Swift Boat and faced great danger. In that story he was able to save his entire battalion of 3000 men from doom by using a tooth pick and a piece of copper wire.


As Stalin said, "To enslave...the people must first be disarmed so that only the MASTER has such power."


When you choose your you consider if Paris Hilton or Barack Obama would choose such items? Those people whose preferences are selected by others might find themselves locked into a "waiting game"...waiting for their MASTER to choose for them.


Thailand's king...a bald-headed dude named Bhumibol Adulyadej...has acknowledged he's a scumbag and deserving of a swift kick of chastisement! This parasite...this jerk...this lousy form of protoplasm is protected from excoriation and derision by a law forbidding such diatribe. He needs to go get a job and stop pretending he's a man-God!


The American military has changed its mind and will put women into the front line to fight against the enemies of our blessed land. How many ladies will wish to join such "bang-bang-shoot-em-up" isn't's likely there will be some "Calamity Jane" types.


The RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE were...and...are...told by TEAM OBAMA they had best not bite the feeding hand...but...lick with candied tongue the MASTER'S boot for "more not less" freebie and favor. Knowing what side their butter is breaded on...most RIDERS lick with passion.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yes...folks...Chris Burnett heard about a lady whose diabetes and leaky-roof house had combined to reduce her life to a lousy state of affairs. Within hours of hearing about this misfortune...CHRIS and his team from DEAN MITCHELL RESTORATION were "on-scene" and assisting! In less than 5 days...all repairs were done...and...the lady was spared another night of breathing black mold. God bless, the boys!

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey fights for liberty

Yes...folks...U.S. Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL) is a freedom-fighter. He lacks local MASS MEDIA support but has the favor of a majority of voters whose belief in liberty as strong as his.


Yes...folks...what everyone was waiting to hear. Clinton finally appeared before Congress to discuss what happened on 09-11-12 in Benghazi. It was pathetic to watch Democrats kneel and lick Clinton's boot instead of interrogating her on her reckless disregard for life and limb in Benghazi.

But for a few darts thrown by several intrepid Republicans...the questioning was "softball and peanuts". To hear Clinton tell it...she was always in the command loop but not at any time did she suspect Benghazi was a target...particularly on 9-11-12. To her way of was just another day...and...not a day when Muslims might attack somewhere and assault whatever target for maximum body count. No...just another day in paradise.

Whitewash all you wish...but...eventually...the truth will bubble forth that Ambassador Stevens was snuffed by Obama to prevent Stevens from revealing politically-damaging sexual relationships inside TEAM OBAMA.


Pedophile Jerry Sandusky and charlatan Mike Mann, a Penn State scumbag professor, were notorious for their homosexual trysts in the local Holiday Inn. Indeed...according to rumors around the University...Mike and Jerry co-wrote the song "CHILLIN' AT THE HOLIDAY INN".


Some time ago...out-of-work scientists looked around for a way to make money. They concluded if they all signed on to a silly myth and then proclaim it less than myth and packed instead with reality...and...looked fearful when discussing such things...they had a damn good chance of making some big bucks particularly if they aligned themselves with power-mongers...those seeking power using myth and fear as their staples of trade. THUS was born the myth of man-made global warming...a myth centered around the notion of "greenhouse gases".

The pompous and arrogant Albert Gore made a $100 million off this boondoggle. Penn State charlatan Mike Mann has also sucked the blood from this cash-cow until his belly bloated and his eyes wild with fear.


U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan excoriated Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about her recklessness. "How dare she say what difference does that Benghazi embassy attack and those 4 deaths make nowadays!" Duncan was incensed with her indifference to that catastrophe and her reducing its significance to some talking point on a Sunday Show.

According to official sources inside the State Department...CLINTON was surprised Obama had issued a "snuff-order" for Ambassador Stevens since it was Clinton's opinion his last-minute revelations about Petraeus and Broadwell would not sink Obama's re-election vote. Her vote was not to assassinate him but leave him alone. Naturally...Obama couldn't take that chance...and...Stevens and those nearby were slaughtered.


Florida state senator JOE NEGRON needs to be fired. He's a confirmed socialist and a rabid freedom-hater.

How dare he attempt to impose  OBAMACARE on Floridians!

Floridians are freedom-lovers not boot-lickers like ole JOE NEGRON.

JOE NEGRON needs to be sent packing into whatever hole from which he crawled.

He's a scum-bag deserving of derision and perfunctory scorn.


A troy ounce of GOLD costs $1600. While many might not consider what such means...many do and are buying as much GOLD as they can afford. Imagine a 1/1600th of an ounce of gold and that is the amount of gold the U.S. dollar can buy. That speck of gold is so small it can't be seen with the unaided eye. 1935...GOLD was $35.00 per ounce! Since then...the U.S. dollar has been drained of its value until that $35.00 won't buy enough gold to pack a pinhead!

GRAND THEFT on a vast scale has occurred and perpetrated by both sides of aisle. But...nowadays...the federal deficit annually ticks away at $1 trillion(+) siphoning off what little value the U.S. dollar still has in the global economy or at home. In many ways we're headed for the "Zimbabwe-Zip"...that time in a nation's life where currency is printed only on one side since the ink costs more than the $100 trillion represented on the "printed side".


How can a person add 2+2 and get 5? Only in Orwellian sagas is an answer of "5" routine and proper. Yet...the Bank of Japan believes it can issue paper money by the tons and by such issuance help deliver Japan out of its fiscal stagnation.

mass media complicity

The political director of CBS told Obama to attack the GOP...and..."go for the throat". Such complicity between the MASS MEDIA and TEAM OBAMA has long been suspected. has only been recently these scoundrels have finally found it safe to throw off any disguise and openly support Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION.


Yes...a robot seated in a booth hands out NOOGIE WOOGIES in exchange for $2.50 each. The entire booth costs $ compliant with all city, county, state and federal law and rule...and...generates $500 per week minimum profit if: (a)the area where such is located has a foot traffic number between 100 and 1.0 million per hour, and (b) the operator keeps the booth packed with fresh NOOGIE* WOOGIES.
*Because the NOOGIE WOOGIE has a shelf-life of 3 days if kept on the counter and "indefinite" when kept in a 40 degree chill room until warmed up gently by a microwave oven...this 4 inch pork sandwich and its delicious sauce have become a well-known OUTLET in many cities of America!


Hillary Clinton's nom-de-guerre is MALLEUS MALEFIC "witch's hammer". After observing ole Hillary testify about her recklessness and lack of occurred to Senator Rand Paul that he was witnessing a blow from the "witch's hammer".


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was praised by her Senate Democrat colleagues for her effort to put a cooking-stove into every hut of Africa. Such praise was offered while Hillary was testifying about her reckless disregard for the potential danger in Benghazi...a danger about which she had been serially warned.


Hillary Clinton finally testified. She absolved herself of any claim of recklessness and labeled her efforts laudable and significant. Of course...the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate gladly accepted this explanation since it was a whitewash of what really went down in Benghazi at that embassy compound on 09-11-12.

To hear her tell it...she wasn't able to protect the 4 Americans in Benghazi and she was completely caught by surprise when that compound was attacked. Never did she discuss the cries for help which went on for 7 hours from that "safe-room" inside that embassy compound.

Yes...armed Predator Drones hovered above that "safe-room" and could have been directed to save those people...but...such order was never given. WHY? Such a question won't get answered by Hillary Clinton because that "attack" was designed to eliminate Ambassador Stevens before he could reveal "election-outcome-changing" data.


Naturally...Japan is plagued by socialist and fascist government grip and grab. If you don't believe such YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA is causing economic-stagnation in Japan...try and open a business there. You will find the red tape so vast...and...the government people so'll quit and depart Japan saying that place is DEAD and ZOMBIE-like.

Of America such "anti-freedom" laws and rules are bubbling forth faster and faster closing down market after market and replacing them with "zombie-like" businesses...offering "same old... same old...just different bag."


Americans won't knowingly eat camel dung whereas an Afghan will chow down consuming the entire pile. Unlike the American...the typical Afghan has an affinity for such stuff and will eat the entire pile if offered. Because Americans can't fathom such traditional eating and living habits...they need to depart and leave those Afghans alone so that they might continue to live in such their toilet bowl.

The BUSH-CHENEY TEMPLATE of an organized threat to America was incorrect a decade ago and still remains incorrect. The Afghans are a primitive people with disgusting habits and life styles...and...the  American military needs to depart that toilet bowl forthwith.


When Uncle Sugar...using OBAMACARE...decided to penalize the local hospital for the number of "re-admits" the same having occurred within 30 days of departure...the town rose up and began to muster to fight this imposed penalty claiming any government agent would be spotted...beaten...and...driven off. The LAW was wrongful and the town was refusing to kneel and lick boot. How about your town?


Yes...Michelle Cottle has come forward to describe Michelle Obama's dress selection as stupid and gross. Because Ms. Cottle has never designed a dress...her opinion was immediately raised up as being enlightened and qualified by Rachel Maddow...another lady whose hatred and envy for Obama's wife almost palpable.


Jamal Simmons...a rabid socialist and ...admitted he detested Obama and thought him evil and demented. When asked "why" publicly support that jerk...Jamal said he had to pretend in order to keep his job. Sure...he was kneeling and licking retain employment...ole Jamal's candied tongue was shining boot well.


Because socialism and Eco-fascism are pushed by the Obama-controlled MASS was obvious PHIL MICKELSON...the 40-golf-event-winner...would be publicly chastised for describing taxes as NANNY STATE CAGE stuff. It was equally likely the SOCIALIST-INTERNET TEAMS....would be directed to excoriate and admonish ole PHIL for questioning the CRUSHING GRIP of the NANNY STATE CAGE.

Because PHIL represents many manufacturers...he didn't need to embroil himself in some public debate over the misery and horror of socialism. By removing himself from that debate about "CAGE or KEY"...he hoped to insulate himself and his income stream from opprobrious epithets and acrimonious aspersions.

Yes...PHIL MICKELSON...instead of standing up and crying out for liberation over subjugation...he has been forced to kneel and lick worship whatever golden calf his MASTER believes better or best. In many ways...he represents the fool in the Maurice Ogden poem: "THE HANGMAN".

                                                                    THE HANGMAN

Stanza 1

Into our town the Hangman came, smelling of gold and blood and flame. And he paced our bricks with a diffident air. And built his frame on the courthouse square.
The scaffold stood by the courthouse side, only as wide as the door was wide; a frame as tall, or little more, than the capping sill of the courthouse door.
And we wondered, whenever we had the time, who the criminal, what the crime, that Hangman judged with the yellow twist of knotted hemp in his busy fist.
And innocent though we were, with dread we passed those eyes of buckshot lead; till one cried: "Hangman, who is he for whom you raise the gallows-tree."
Then a twinkle grew in the buckshot eye, and he gave us a riddle instead of reply: "He who serves me best," said he, "Shall earn the rope on the gallows-tree."
And he stepped down, and laid his hand on a man who came from another land and we breathed again, for another's grief at the Hangman's hand was our relief.
And the gallows-frame on the courthouse lawn by tomorrow's sun would be struck and gone. So we gave him way, and no one spoke, out of respect for his hangman's cloak.

Stanza 2

The next day's sun looked mildly down on roof and street in our quiet town and, stark and black in the morning air, the gallows-tree on the courthouse square.
And the Hangman stood at his usual stand with the yellow hemp in his busy hand; with his buckshot eye and his jaw like a pike and his air so knowing and businesslike.
And we cried: "Hangman, have you not done, yesterday, with the alien one?" Then we fell silent, and stood amazed: "Oh, not for him was the gallows raised."
He laughed a laugh as he looked at us: "Did you think I'd gone to all this fuss to hang one man? That's a thing I do to stretch the rope when the rope is new."
Then one cried, "Murderer!" One cried, "Shame!" And into our midst the Hangman came to that man's place. "Do you hold," said he, "With him that was meant for the gallows-tree?"
And he laid his hand on that one's arm, and we shrank back in quick alarm, and we gave him way, and no one spoke out of fear of his hangman's cloak.
That night we saw with dread surprise the Hangman's scaffold had grown in size. Fed by the blood beneath the chute the gallows-tree had taken root;
Now as wide, or a little more, than the steps that led to the courthouse door, as tall as the writing, or nearly as tall, halfway up on the courthouse wall.

Stanza 3

The third he took — we had all heard tell — was a usurer and infidel, And: "What," said the Hangman, "have you to do with the gallows-bound, and he a Jew?"
And we cried out: "Is this one he who has served you well and faithfully?" The Hangman smiled: "It's a clever scheme to try the strength of the gallows-beam."
The fourth man's dark, accusing song had scratched out comfort hard and long; and "What concern," he gave us back, "Have you for the doomed - the doomed and black?"
The fifth.The sixth. And we cried again: "Hangman, Hangman, is this the man?" "It's a trick," he said, "that we hangmen know for easing the trap when the trap springs slow."
And so we ceased, and asked no more, as the Hangman tallied his bloody score; and sun by sun, and night by night, the gallows grew to monstrous height.
The wings of the scaffold opened wide till they covered the square from side to side; and the monster cross-beam, looking down, cast its shadow across the town.

Stanza 4

Then through the town the Hangman came and called in the empty streets my name - and I looked at the gallows soaring tall and thought: "There is no one left at all for hanging, and so he calls to me to help pull down the gallows-tree." And I went out with right good hope to the Hangman's tree and the Hangman's rope.
He smiled at me as I came down to the courthouse square through the silent town, and supple and stretched in his busy hand was the yellow twist of the hempen strand.
And he whistled his tune as he tried the trap and it sprang down with a ready snap— and then with a smile of awful command he laid his hand upon my hand.
"You tricked me, Hangman!" I shouted then. "That your scaffold was built for other men. And I no henchman of yours," I cried, "You lied to me, Hangman, foully lied!"
Then a twinkle grew in his buckshot eye: "Lied to you? Tricked you?" he said, "Not I. For I answered straight and I told you true: The scaffold was raised for none but you.
"For who has served me more faithfully than you with your coward's hope?" said he, "And where are the others that might have stood side by your side in the common good?"
"Dead," I whispered; and amiably "Murdered," the Hangman corrected me; "First the alien, then the Jew... I did no more than you let me do."
Beneath the beam that blocked the sky, none had stood so alone as I - and the Hangman strapped me, and no voice there cried "Stay" for me in the empty square.

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When the sun fires out its flares...mother Earth heats up. When the sun's solar activity subsides...mother Earth cools down. Indeed...such facts are known but they undermine the MYTH of man-made global warming and hence are labeled as "of little importance". As one well-paid myth-purveyor said, "If we admit man does not affect anything...we would not have jobs...our houses would be foreclosed...and...our children thrown from college!"


An extension of the DEBT CEILING for 90 days does not fetch any solution but does buy some time for Speaker John Boehner(R.Oh) and company to fashion some kind of work-out from beneath this crushing federal debt burden...a burden which increases at the rate of a billion bucks per hour! Naturally...TEAM OBAMA doesn't wish to stop spending and wants to increase taxes and oppression in order to gain even more power over people.


U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...wants all guns taken from people leaving only the POLICE with GUNS. Because he's a Democrat from California his drivel has been raised to the heights of brilliance by the complicit MASS MEDIA. In order to test his resolve, though, it might be useful to put ole Mike on a train with a gunman walking from car to car shooting the riders. At that time...someone might ask ole Mike if he wanted a GUN. Eh...Mike?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Many Americans listened to what Obama declared in his inaugural speech and became fearful that he planned on looting their storeroom too. Motivated by such concern...they asked what organization could they join whose mission to defeat such intrusion...whose crusade to eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and whose guiding star the belief...that...liberation over subjugation fetches EDEN?

Folks...the ARMY OF LIBERATION awaits your membership. Why not join other freedom-lovers and together defeat what Obama has planned? In every every county...FIRST BRIGADES are forming...teams designed to get the vote out when election times rolls around...and...install politicians dedicated to dismantling this CAGE and deleting its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system the Rev. Al "not so" Sharpton calls the "promised land".


Obama promised to bash down doors...loot storerooms...and...redistribute the plunder as he saw fit. To that socialist declaration...the crowd cheered wildly. Here was a "real" MASTER OF THE CAGE... demented dude whom people could count on to deliver wealth to them so that they might themselves enjoy the "good life".


When Boeing moved part of its operation to South was doomed to suffer sabotage. The UNIONS thugs who attacked Boeing are long gone and won't be found. Fortunately...the sabotage will be discovered and corrected. Protecting against such evil, though, simply isn't possible.


If the federal government can't borrow money...then...those awaiting to be given such borrowed money...will not receive and will suffer from such lack of receipt. Of course...these supplicants knew they were to receive "red ink" money...borrowed from someone else...and...that...there was always a chance the payment would not be made should borrowing not occur. Hence...these potential recipients will accept this shortfall since such misfortune was always possible.

While the above analysis seems suitable when assessing the DEBT CEILING doesn't address the greater tragedy afoot. It does not frame the incredible theft which has occurred and the measures taken to hide it from the victims. Yes...I'm speaking of Social Security and Medicare...the LOCK BOX TRUST FUNDS...TRUST FUNDS designed to address its patrons needs in retirement by prudently administering the TRUST FUND so that it contain gold and platinum...the best hedge against inflation and government over-reach.

As everyone now knows...those LOCK BOX TRUST FUNDS are not filled with $1659 per ounce GOLD...tons of it. No...those LOCK BOX TRUST FUND were raided time and again by both sides of the aisle until all that remains in them little more than worthless paper...I.O.U.stuff...stuff to be guessed it...repaid in more colored-paper script bearing well-known faces.

Instead of the TRUST FUND operating independently...insulated from "red ink" government activities...they have been reduced to general fund supplicants along with everyone else whose needs are to be met by Uncle Sugar and not by their own effort. herein lies the THEFT. These social security recipients were promised their precious payroll tax money was being put into a LOCK BOX TRUST FUND where prudent administrators bought gold and platinum thereby insuring a mountain of wealth to be enjoyed by all who assisted in its erection.

Nowadays...the younger worker bees are being told they must continue to contribute to this MYTHICAL LOCK BOX TRUST FUND even though such is a BIG LIE and a BIGGER THEFT. They're informed that to refuse to contribute will doom those already suffering as victims of this falsehood. Don't pay and someone's Granny in that government-provided house won't be able to stay. Don't pay and Granny won't get her monthly government stipend conveyed.

Here we have the typical "bait and switch" with an interesting and clever dip and twist. The young worker bees...unlike the retired worker bees...won't be able to claim they were duped. They'll be told they knew it was "general fund only" and not any other way...that they knew the LOCK BOX TRUST FUND was mythical and merely used to fool the foolhardy. They'll be told their "retirement money" strictly tied to the power of their MASTER to squeeze it from producers...and...that...these supplicants had best support such "squeezing" lest they starve.

BIGFOOT GOVERNMENT his inaugural speech...described "big foot government"....stomping dissent and compelling worship of whatever golden calf TEAM OBAMA chooses to erect. To that declaration of enslavement...the crowd cheered wildly. How about you?

BUCKET AND SPOON global warming. That MYTH was once more raised up by OBAMA as the cause of natural disasters. To stop Mother Nature from rampaging...he proposed to issue to every America a spoon and bucket along with the diktat to go to the ocean and dip it dry! By reducing the ocean's level...planet Earth would be saved. Obama recited the huge number of scientists who had signed on to that solution as "real cure".

Monday, January 21, 2013


Lady Elizabeth informed the world: "power brokers beware!" With that admonition...Lady Elizabeth commenced her CRUSADE to liberate America from the clutches of the POWER-MONGERS...those people at all levels of government whose idea is that they are GIANTS and everyone else "ants" to be stomped when needed.


As the crowd stood silent...someone yelled out, "WHO SPEAKS FOR LIBERTY?" Instantly...Lady Elizabeth spoke forth, "I do!"

The people parted as Lady Elizabeth and her entourage proceeded to approach the stage. She took the microphone and began her speech. She discussed liberty and subjugation. She said Americans could dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate its billion dollar per hour "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

She described prosperity in terms of EDEN...and...pointed out the barrier to EDEN was the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model...the one championed by TEAM OBAMA and...unfortunately...many Republican autocrats.

She called for Americans to get "on-line" and JOIN the Army of Liberation. She directed each American to get with their neighbors and form brigades designed to eliminate any "grip and grab" of government. Sure...some counties...some cities...some states...would refuse to throw off the chains of enslavement...but...many more would. Indeed...Florida was packed with "freedom-lovers"...people who hated government "spank and diaper check"...and...who wished Florida to be the state of liberty not a state of enslavement and diktat!


Obama delivered a speech at his inauguration packed with socialist imagery and Eco-fascist snort.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


"Go wash your eyes in the pool of Siloam" (JOHN 9:11).

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to everyone of you to go and wash your eyes in the pool of Siloam!

Recall that Jesus happened upon a blind guy. Jesus spat onto mud and into the eyes such went. Reacting to this affront...the blind guy mustered forth. Jesus admonished him to go and wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam...a public pool...a place where those from whom this "blind guy" had been taking alms...would surely be.

The Bible recounts how the dude went straight away and washed his eyes and was confronted instantly as Jesus had envisioned. To avoid getting beaten for his trickery...he proclaimed divinity had intervened. Not wishing to be conned again the crowd took the man to the home of his parents and asked about the congenital lack of sight. The parents knew to say otherwise meant they...too...would become embroiled in what appeared to be mob-justice.

Every one of us can be Jesus directing the "blind" to wash their eyes and enlightenment find where before little more than pretense and potential shame. Indeed...many might wish to tell those eyes in that mirror time has come to change thy ways or suffer dateless night...where connection only what one gave heirs to save...where corporeal became delight.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. This WAR is bloodless. The goal is to perpetuate power and to secure such power by any means.

Lives slowly into label and frame...niche-like...cementing and confining your future game.


OBAMA has declared America now a land of serf and ruling elite...socialist...Eco-fascist...and...the rest beneath their jackbooted feet.


Around 5000 BC...Egyptians worshiped their leader as a man-God. To look upon his visage would render the observer instantly blind. such deity...his word was law...ultimate...mighty...and...without appeal.

In'd conclude such folly would never infect America.'d be wrong. Yes...folks...158,329,749 Americans believe Obama is the reincarnation of JESUS CHRIST...a Second Coming so to speak. Indeed...the Rev. Al "not so" Sharpton referred to OBAMA as "Jesus Christ Incarnate!"

Perhaps...OBAMA is a man-God. If one defines such frame as power to direct and control the future of others...then...OBAMA wears this ethereal crown mightily.

If one were to ask the purpose behind as well as what kind of people foster such belief...the answer manifests in the strong over the weak. A group basing its power on such things would work 24/7 to perpetuate any underlying belief-system...teaching it from cradle to grave...stomping and chomping dissent...rendering the unwashed masses sheep, cattle and slave.

In many ways...America is the CAMP OF MOSES before Moses returned.Golden idol worshiped...enslavement what children learn.


NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE refers to OBAMA as a man-God...a deity in human form. While many people believe OBAMA is the reincarnation of JESUS CHRIST...many more believe he represents EVIL AND ENSLAVEMENT. What's your opinion?


The ancient Egyptians etched images in granite and painted many tombs. However, the great Pyramid is devoid of such things. Was this pyramid a tomb or something else?


Neera Tanden...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...has called upon CONGRESS to stomp liberty and replace with "freedom to obey". Because she's such a zealot for enslavement...she's been raised up by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA as a "voice to be heard". Her nom-de-guerre? "NEERA NEVER".


The U.S. House of Representatives extended the DEBT CEILING for 90 days giving the GOP some breathing room to make some decisions about reducing the federal government footprint. This BLOG has been in contact with Speaker Boehner entreating him to deploy THE ORB and dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...not just patch and stitch his CAGE and "red in" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Speaker John so many words...said, "RUN-BOYS-RUN!" He was telling his Republican Party Congressional members to kneel and lick MASTER'S boot,(MATTHEW 4:8).

Folks...the Republican Party must stand forth and demand liberation over subjugation...cry out for KEY over CAGE...and...finally demand this "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system be eliminated.

We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The producer has been shackled by the NANNY STATE CAGE to pull this "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...without question...without dissent...without scrutiny of the whip which lays bare the back. I see. RUN-BOY-RUN!


Andros Island located in the Bahamas is a wondrous place worthy of a visit. On Andros island...for example...special herbs grow...herbs with medicinal aspect. One berry found only on that Island offers anti-cancer relief. If you have lung can eradicate it and keep it away by eating this particular berry.


In New Jersey...only UNION LABOR will be hired to remove and replace damaged stuff devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Imagine...a non-union contractor offering to rebuild something for $100,000 and the UNION OFFER at $500,000...and...the UNION OFFER the one accepted. Imagine as much and you'll sense what is afoot on the Jersey.Shore.


Oprah offered LANCE ARMSTRONG a forum to confess his "doping for competition"...something LANCE ARMSTRONG theretofore vehemently denied. Indeed...anyone accusing him of "doping" was immediately identified and publicly humiliated. LANCE said he hated* himself for having attacked those people when they were revealing truthful things.
* LANCE refused to cry in the interview and that lack of tears might very well undo any pro-ARMSTRONG sentiment. As Jimmy Swaggart said, "Had he just shed tears...he'd have pulled off that 'confessional'.


The men of a loosely organized tribe called the TUAREG were hired by Gadhafi as body guards. When Gadhafi fell from power in Libya...the Tuareg fled and re-positioned themselves in MALI...a country where people were oppressed by a military-like government. When they left Libya they took with them a huge arsenal of weapons and armored vehicles making their presence in MALI formidable.

Because these MILITANTS saw they could seize power....they began a civil war. But for the recent intervention of the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION...these freedom fighters led by Belmokhtar would have succeeded. In many ways what is afoot in MALI is a real-life portrayal of the plot in the movie, DOGS OF WAR.


The Chinese are offering Mexico a chance to connect with Chinese markets through what has been called THE DRAGON MART. Because Mexico is packed with stupid government officials...this opportunity might be squandered.


Mokhtar Belmokhtar was minding his own business in Afghanistan when Americans arrived and bashed down his door. When these nasty Americans departed...Mokhtar vowed revenge for such insult. Ever since that affront to his dignity...this one-eyed jihadist has been killing Americans. As he said when asked, "I've notched my AK-47 over 2000 times!"


Dear Abby...dear Abby...well...I never thought...that me and my girlfriend would ever get caught. We were sitting in the back seat...just shooting the breeze with her hair up in curlers and pants to her knees. SIGNED JUST MARRIED.

JUST MARRIED...JUST have no are what you are and you ain't what you ain't. SO listen up buster and listen up good...stop wishing for bad luck...and...knocking on wood. SIGNED DEAR ABBY. God speed, Pauline Phillips...your humor and insight were always gratefully welcomed.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


BOEING 787 Dreamliner has been "red tagged" by the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA). The electrical aspect of that plane has been called into question. As one UNION thug said, "We really stuck it to didn't we?"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A walkie-talkie was a device where two people communicated. The device was about a foot long and used microwave technology. One dude on...say..IWO JIMA...could tell another Marine to watch out for this or that.

In the Civil War...had Lee a set of walkie talkies...he'd have won the war! Imagine telling PICKETT to hold off that charge at Gettysburg. Imagine LEE using that device to assess his cannons' effect prior to that charge?



"Yes...I'm begging for help!" So admitted the mother who asked people to assist her ailing child. 

In the movie, Dr. Shivago...a lady throws her frozen-dead child on to a passing train.


Ah...yes...SMOKIN' ANGELS CLUB. One of its CHAPTERS received a visit from a young NAZI type...ready to do the bidding of MAMMON, (MATTHEW 6:24). This agent bragged about how $1.00 spent by Uncle Sugar was fetching $40.00 in profit. This zealot gave a Smoki' Agngels' club a tax bill for $33,000. Pay it or die!

Yes...folks...SMOKIN' ANGELS' CLUB was attacked. Historically 3 out of every 10 smokers quit when they JOIN a "Smokin' Angel's Club".

This NAZI agent didn't care. He wanted the CLUB to pay MAMMON a $10.00 per carton TAX so that this MONEY could be used by U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) to feather his own bed. Hmmmm.....Schumer serving Mammon?


When nano-bot was mentioned and a forecast added about how long it'd take to design and program such a critter...the editorial staff of this BLOG became incensed.The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG was directed to examine and protect.

After a few was determined the best way to save the lady with GLEO-BLASTOMA was to use the PROTON CANNON. What needed to be done was determine the gradient...the difference between "cancer cell"...and...ordinary brain cell...mark the terrain...set boundaries...and...then...commence cannonade...bombarding those GLEO-BLASTOMA cells...only those offending different cells bombarded...cells with a difference..cells somehow different...even if that difference so small as to be atomic in ambit...such subjected to a barrage from the PROTON CANNON.

The protons from the cannon were themselves programmed to seek out...find...and...then...only there...attack...blowing away...only the GLEO-BLASTOMA cells...only those cells...blowing them into oblivion and saving my niece!

YES...some call this sci-fi...but...when your niece is at do what can be done to do what can be done! Please join this BLOG'S effort to save the life of MICHELLE! I beg you since your own child or niece might very well be the next victim. Please JOIN this effort to create an intelligent proton cannon.