Thursday, February 28, 2013


If there is such fuss about cutting 2.2% from a bloated $3.98 trillion federal government 2013-budget...what might be expected when the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is charted for deletion? Will the MASS MEDIA cry out proclaiming the CAGE is the best way to live...and...liberation over subjugation the worst of all possible worlds? And...will the Republicans in Congress go along to get along and somehow torpedo any attempt to eliminate the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA?


J.C.Penney Department Store is where you go when you lack the big bucks but want to look as if you do. Indeed...a cost-minded Queen Elizabeth...recently demanded her dress be bought at J.C.Penney. Only from that store was she able to get great clothes at a great price!

However, all that changed when ex-CEO of APPLE...a dude named Johnson took over and eliminated the 'special deal'...the emblem which attracted customers as a light draws moths. Within a few months...J.C. Penney profits plummeted and JOHNSON was asking what went wrong.

"How dare consumers be price-conscious!" he screamed when told of the dismal outlook for this 100 year old company. He went on to add in this rant, "The consumers had better know they will pay what I say...or...somewhere else they can go. I'm JOHNSON...and...I...former CEO of APPLE...about their needs...don't care or share!"


Recently...there was a need to have two fools appear on TV and spew socialist venom. After a quick roster count...MSNBC chose Karen Finney and Joshua Green to present 20th century NANNY STATE drivel and tripe.


Christians believe in the divinity of Jesus. They believe he was God walking among mankind...and...died for the sins of all people. The New Testament has been offered for this proposition along with a myriad of others. In one instance...many believe JESUS ascended into heaven in a huge glorious beam of light. And for years...indeed...for centuries now...people have passed on this belief in what has been called the ASCENSION.

What if...JESUS...instead of some ethereal transport-beam assisting his departure...was taken aboard a white-painted helicopter...similar to the one ole retired Benedict XVI took when he left Vatican was by that method which Jesus used to depart? Might it not be just as assumes* helicopters were available in that era?
*Recall that Leonardo DaVinci...ole L.D...drew and scribbled creating devices on paper which did not get built until the 19th and 20th Century...hundreds of years later. Did he come up with all those things by himself...or...was he a repository for all such dreamers and scribblers? For example...DaVinci drew the helicopter which Jesus used to flee Jerusalem...thereby...making it appear that JESUS was accomplishing a divine intervention...something so remarkable as to force all observers to conclude something miraculous had just before their surprised eyes occurred. Along with such ancient things...L.D. added tanks and machine guns along with jets and nuclear bomb designs...just to sweeten the pie should some inquiring mind wish to know what might be.


On 02-28-13AD...POPE Benedict XVI...climbed aboard a "white-painted" helicopter and was taken to Castel Gandolfo. After landing...the just-quit Pontiff was placed into a black limo and in an entourage of 3 black limos went to that well-protected edifice. A place where he'll reside until his final residence has been retro-fitted to accommodate his team of servants and patrons.

Reflecting on the enormity of this transfer of Papal Power..MSNBC Rachel Maddow said, "It's like Jesus ascending into heaven...and...the 3 black limos...while quite racist...probably intended to offer to the world his place as some man-God."

As for the pageantry of  such transfer of Power...OBama opined, "It's a splendid example of how well-run the Catholic Church is nowadays. This departing Pope represents the humility and charity a billion Christians have come to know and respect."


The Supreme Court of the United States(SCOTUS) recently decided they simply could not be so obvious about their utter hatred for liberty and refused to agree with the S.E.C. to extend the statute of limitations any time the government wishes such to occur. In a 9-0 vote...they openly told the U.S. Injustice Department it was too obvious and they did not wish to be impeached for ignorance and stupidity. They told these nasty-federal fools to return to their forge and fashion something not so obvious and absurd.

Gerald P.O'Driscoll,Jr.

After some begging from the FISCAL POLICY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...Gerald I. O'Driscoll,Jr....himself a fiscal policy wonk...wrote about the U.S. Currency troubles. He pointed out in the Wall Street Journal(A-15;02-28-13) that the only time a central bank might perform a market-oriented task would be when the currency of the country has been reduced to script...colored currency*...and...not GOLD...SILVER...or...PLATINUM.

In the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) great contrast to what is afoot in America today...the banks are left to fight and survive on their own. Some offer better interest rates because their team is capable of producing such returns for its customers...while other banks finally dry up and waste away because they lack such talent. A 19th Century banker...for instance...would never have loaned money for something as ridiculous as Solyndra,LLC or for those other Obama-boondoggles. Yet...billions of dollars were given to Solyndra and other losers because the government now controls the currency and not the market.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. We need to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and thereby usher in the OUM...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. Imagine...the proponents of Solyndra,LLC trying to convince a lender in the OUM that it can survive trying to sell $10.00 electricity in a market where it otherwise sells for $1.00. The the OUM...would tell those idiots to get a spoon and bucket and dip the ocean dry since such as likely as their proposal is of success.

As Driscoll noted...he FEDERAL RESERVE is presently pumping trillions of dollars into the American economy. The stock and bond markets reflect this infusion of colored-paper money...but...other markets are getting pounded by such cheapening of the U.S.dollar. For example...people who use banks to save money...they're getting hammered.

As U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "Before Obama...these "blue-haired" savers received on average about 8% interest. After OBAMA...they receive 1.2% interest on their savings. That reduction has literally destroyed millions of retiree nest-eggs."

Indeed...according to Possum-Schumer...TEAM OBAMA'S attack has been relentless. However, the elderly lack any real voice in politics and have suffered quietly as they're systematically stomped and chomped by the NANNY STATE...a place they were told would be their EDEN...a place where they need only put out their hand and the MASTER would fill and make better than before.

Fortunately for the elderly and for any and all other freedom-lovers...the Army of Liberation marches to WASHINGTON all other levels of "make salt"! Why not join the crusade to dismantle this CAGE...and...eliminate the ability of some MASTER to direct and dictate from cradle to grave?

*Since the American economy went to script and off the gold standard...inflation of the currency has much so....that it takes $1600 to buy one ounce of gold...where back in went for $35.00 per ounce. In an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) where hard currency is used...there is not anything near what a script-economy experiences when it comes to inflation. In the OUM...each bank is liable to its customers and only the most shrewd bankers prosper...with the stupid and inept finding their way into some other line of work more often than not.
VALIANTLY DONE dare....nothing to lose...all but gone or shared...stood forth and cried liberation over subjugation...rejoice...let light chase away despair. Recall Barbara Frietchie...whose defiance Stonewall Jackson addressed, "Harm one hair on yond gray head and you'll die like a dog...march on he said!" Yes...folks...old or young...paste or poise...there's a spot for freedom's voice!


The new Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew took a bonus from a "bailed-out" financially insolvent bank. He also received a subsidized $1.4 million mortgage while he worked at New York University where he worked getting federal government money for that institution.

According to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...he's a quintessential Democrat and a typical 20th Century parasite whose future considered by official experts to be quite bright because he's such a parasite. According to Obama...ole Lew has practiced boot-licking with candied tongue until it has become an accomplished skill and powerful talent...something Obama finds attractive .

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Swedish Meatball king, IKEA...was asked to supply meatballs for the Royals. Naturally...the Queen became angered when she learned she had eaten meatballs made of horse instead of quality beef. She became more incensed when she was informed the horse she consumed had been the star in the movie, WAR HORSE. She had eaten a critter whose life had been portrayed by Steven Spielberg as one so nasty...not anyone...let alone a horse...could survive it. Yet...that valiant creature could not avoid the butcher's block.


The currencies of the world are merely commodities...some more valuable than others. For example...few people would want the $100 trillion Zimbabwe note with its colorful African scene on one side and the other side blank since the ink to print costs more than the note's face value. On the other hand...fools invest in the U.S. dollar and ignore the Chinese yuan.

In the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...currencies are not manipulated but are left for entrepreneurs to choose which currency best for their particular circumstances. Their choice is not without peril but their losses are solely their own. If...for example...the producer agreed to be paid off in Zimbabwe script...such terrible loss would be borne solely by that ignorant-producer and not by anyone else.


Has everyone forgotten that even the Democrat-controlled Senate rejected Obama's 2012 budget by a vote of 100 to zero! Not anyone wanted to sign on to a completely MARXIST approach to oppression....not even the socialist-Democrat slime-slugs. Now...the so-called "sequester" has been framed by TEAM OBAMA as disaster-in-the-making when the idea was generated by Obama,himself in 2012.


In 2014...Americans will be able once again to cleanse the TEMPLE...flush out the "YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA" of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in thereby the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where a producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where a lady never need fear abridgment of her unbridled discretion in choosing abortion or full term...and...a place where the borders are only geographic constructs without any limitation or other meaning.

This "sequester"...for a ruse manufactured by the MASTERS of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Somehow...a 2.2% decrease in a $3.986 trillion 2013 federal spend-fest...will be disastrous  and the RIDERS aboard the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE will lose their seat...their lives will be ripped and torn...their bodies the land of pity and woe.
cars were gone...oxen collared at must be up and ready...when the tribe moves on.
Obama wants chain and whip...power to stomp...crush...and...snip. MARXIST ON MISSION his alias no doubt...take from those that have...and...leave them without.


Rush Limbaugh has been sucked into a trap wherein he has been forced to complain about the "sequestration". Instead of taking a completely different approach...RUSH has been compelled to discuss this paltry 2.2% reduction in the federal footprint in terms of "loss to Americans". He can't believe the Republicans would wish to cut defense budgets and other budgets. Indeed...RUSH...wants the government to remain BIG AND BLOATED.

The POLITICAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG contacted RUSH and entreated him to read HUMAN ACTION and ATLAS SHRUGGED before he does another "anti-sequester" radio monologue. While RUSH said he understood the purpose embedded in such's likely he doesn't. We'll see in the next few days "if" ole RUSH edified.


Smoke and mirrors is how the federal budgetary system was described recently by an Obama Administration official speaking on condition of anonymity. She pointed out that there were two levels involved in the sequestration due to be imposed on 03-01-13. One level was called "programs, projects and activities"(PPA)...the other...the budgetary accounts(B/A). The BUDGET CONTROL ACT OF 2011 addressed 1200 B/A...but...did not address the huge and growing PPA portion of the overall federal footprint.

Yes...folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. It's well-conducted by the Democrats whose goal to enslave and reduce until Americans are little more than sheep and cattle to be cared these MASTERS of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE see fit. The so-called budget cuts are so insignificant as to be almost negligible in their overall affect.

Instead of eliminating the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century...these budget cuts simply offer cosmetic smooth-over.

For example...Obama increased spending in almost every federal program...project...and...activity by 17% and is complaining about a 5% cut in that 17% overall increase. Such 5% entrenchment is called draconian and misguided with unbridled fear-mongering packed into every syllable of its condemnation. Many listening to such excoriation know what they're observing is the 20th Century NANNY STATE attempting to perpetuate itself.


Smartly dressed...and...puckered for praise...NJ Governor Chris Christie signed into law INTERNET GAMBLING. Recall that because of the noise this BLOG made about such gambling...the U.S. Injustice Department backed off and ceased attempting to prosecute people who were pushing such a 21st Century method of wagering. As Governor Christie said, "If it were for that BLOG'S noise...I'd probably have vetoed "on-line" gambling."


New Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel said he didn't much care if IRAN were successful in constructing their SWORD OF ALLAH...the name the Iranian rag heads appended to their NUKE. Hagel opined that the Iranians would never deploy and detonate such a nuclear weapon. Of espousing such nonsense..ole Chuck avoided discussing the IRANIAN PROMISE to blow up ISRAEL and New York City as soon as they finished constructing their NUKES.

OBAMA has done all he can to assist IRAN in its NUKE-CONSTRUCTION. Sure...on can point to so-called sanctions and trade barriers erected to stop such a nefarious construction project...but...these were intended to provide insulation for the Democrats when New York City disappears in a mushroom cloud.


Some time back...someone decided to TRADE MARK the name "JESUS". Imagine trying to sell JESUS JEANS to Christians and you'll sense the powerful profitability of such label. However, the name JESUS appears in the Holy Bible and where it's found therein the "TM" is not observed appended thereto. Maybe...JESUS...before he was crucified...should have told his 12 apostles they had best TRADE MARK his name with the ROMANS so that the apostles could use it and not get sued.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When people donate their money and/or time to a project...the decision is left to the donor. Imagine deciding to donate $100,000 to a church and the pastor tells you he wants $500,000 and any less will make him angry. Would that donor ante up that additional $400,000? Maybe such might be forthcoming...but...again...the donor was the master of that decision even though the importuning was almost unbearable.

In a free society*...the government is limited to delivering only 3 essential services: (a) national defense, (b) police to protect and serve and (c) courts both to determine civil conflict and impose penal sanction. Such limited government can be easily funded through rents, royalties, lottery proceeds and Warren Buffett-like donations. By keeping the government confined to delivering such limited services, the polity is never oppressed by $3.89 trillion annual federal budgets wherein 43 cents of each dollar spent is borrowed.

*With referendum infrastructure such as roads, harbors and airports might be funded but operated on a fee for use basis with the sums collected used to maintain, repair or augment.


Yes...folks...OBAMA is permitting IRAN to construct their SWORD OF ALLAH...a huge nuclear bomb capable of splitting Mother Earth into 18 separate pieces. Yes...according to Michael Mann...a Penn State climate-change guru...if a nuclear bomb were placed in the GOD-WAD FAULT...and...detonated...the force could very well split Mother Earth into many smaller pieces. He noted that the FAULT is located in IRAN and near the spot where satellites have detected construction of an unusual BOMB.


Ruchir Sharma is an ignorant man whose willingness to remain ignorant is only outdone by his refusal to accept what has been called the "real cure". Because he is a Keynesian fool...his analysis of Chinese debt and investment borders on the absurd. His idea is to impose government diktats until the economy is balanced between investment and debt in a ratio he finds fitting. Such an idea is 20th century goo and paste...and...every economy which has a socialist-fascist grip are limping along barely able to feed and cloth its poor and pathetic.

Because the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG would rather light a candle than curse his darkness...he was contacted and given a copy of HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises and a copy of ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand. Accompanying these two tomes was a direction-sheet which simply said: "READ THOROUGHLY...CALL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS."

Monday, February 25, 2013

U.S. Senator Menendez,(D.NJ)

Senator Menendez was caught having sex with young 11-year old boys in a brothel in the Dominican Republic. It's deplorable for this pedophile to be attacking these children...and...escaping condemnation because he's a Democrat.

If he were a Republican...the MASS MEDIA would be relentless in its Herman Cain-like attack. Recall how horrific the MASS MEDIA was about raising up every allegation of sexual activity on the part of Mr. Herman Cain. And then compare that Cain-onslaught to the "news blackout" Menendez is enjoying.

It's heartbreaking to observe how evil can be condoned by the MASS MEDIA with such lack of conscience. As MSNBC Chris Matthews admitted, "The phrase dirt bag can be applied easily to most of the MASS MEDIA and their Democrat-pals nowadays."


Jeffrey Frank wrote a book, "IKE and DICK". His book is almost worthless as an historical account of the stormy relationship between a war hero and a's rich with intimate depiction of IKE'S way with the homosexual community and Dick's efforts to find a way to do CHECKERS.


Daniel Gross was asked about his assessment of TEAM OBAMA and the threatened "sequester of federal money". After laughing at the "chicken-little" forecast recited by idiot-child-Obama...ole GROSS said there needed to be a 99.999% reduction in the federal footprint. By such a deletion and elimination exercise...America will become prosperous once more.


Homeland Security Napolitano recited how dangerous it was to reduce the federal footprint. She wants more government power not less! Recall she's the one who was caught stealing as a child and was told if she continued to steal and cheat she'd become a well-known politician. She listened...and...has been doing a great job fulfilling that forecast.


The feared "sequestration of 2.2% of the $3.98 trillion annual federal budget" is only 4 days away. Obama portrayed the sequestration as "impacting vital government services"...and...defiantly asserted he won't impose such drastic measures since he likes the NANNY STATE CAGE and wants more power not less! To his way of thinking...spending other people's money is good and he wants to spend as much as he can creating more CAGE...more government "grip and grab".

In reply...the Republicans in Congress have not framed their position as an effort to eliminate the "YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA". Instead...they've become "me-too" in their expressions...folding their tent...and...joining the proponents of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Sure..they wish to massage...temper...modify...but...not delete or discard.

If there were just one politician with the courage to speak out for liberation over subjugation...that person would become the leader of the Army of Liberation and be propelled into the Oval Office by a restive polity. Why not demand the CAGE be eliminated? Why not delete almost 100% of all federal and state agencies and bureaus? These people need to be sent packing with thank you notes...fruit baskets...and...not any pension except those amounts actually by them already invested. Nothing more!


OKAY...the same idiots who predicted  incorrectly for the last 5 years or up as "experts on the economy". Those economists who claim America is descending into a socialist morass of torment and misery...they are ignored...while those "yes-people" who claim America is rebounding are called "wise and informed".


POTENTIAL ENCLAVE PARTICIPANT, Roger Mahony has been identified by First Lady, Michelle Obama as a "young-boy-rapist". Mahony is the second "high-ranking" Catholic priest whose credentials seem suspect because Michelle Obama has called their portfolio wrinkled and horrific.


"Let us bang and clang as bells in a storm...people will hear noise and wonder informed.


The movie,ARGO received top awards last night at the OSCARS...while a much better movie, ZERO DARK THIRTY was flatly ignored. The reason for such skewed selection was that Michelle Obama complained that she was not properly mentioned in ZERO DARK THIRTY.


HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES is probably the biggest news since APPLE offered the iPhone. Unlike any other technology company...HUAWEI has invested in futuristic incredible...some claim these entrepreneurs raided an "ALIEN SCIENCE SHOP". As one official technology-expert said, "There isn't any way such technology came from the human mind!" Confirming such connection to ALIEN TECHNOLOGY is not likely...its CEO...Richard Yu...laughed about it and said his company was offering things not anyone else could even imagine!

The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG contacted CEO Yu and invited him to put this BLOG into Chinese words so that CHINA could share the enlightenment this BLOG generates.


The Wall Street Journal(WSJ) carried an article (02-25-13;C-1) claiming there were good investments to be made in Greece. The writers of this glowing article were contacted and asked "why" they would publish such a LIE. Their mutual reply was they were paid to write and they didn't much care about its FALSEHOOD.
Writers: Stelios Bouras and Philip Pangalos were paid $300.00(U.S.) to write this LIE. Some believe they could have been hired for $10.00 each and WSJ would have received the same LIE. Of course...the extra $290.00 did fetch a few more sentences...but...the LIE was the same.


What the Chinese find profitable in Britain has not been observed. Obviously...the Chinese don't care if the socialists in Britain are engaged in expropriation of property using every trick and ruse possible. Perhaps...the Chinese believe they can "out-think"...and..."out-smart"...the Brits when it comes to socialist "grip and grab". It's likely the Chinese are making a BIG ERROR in putting their money in such a loser as Britain. As one official expert said, "CHINA is about to get hooked and flayed."


Recently...due to an intensive investigation by this BLOG into Cardinal O'Brien's past homosexual activity with 11 year old boys...he's pronounced that he's resigning his official position as a CARDINAL in Britain. While this BLOG'S investigation was undertaken to appease the parents of those "raped-boys" seems the British MASS MEDIA was able to hack our computers and get that data.


Imagine in Hitler's Germany...some industrial dude says I need your protection and with that protection...I can produce what you want. Hitler reacts by raising trade-barriers to keep natural gas in Germany and away from outside buyers. Such was the way the fascists in Germany proceeded. They helped their cronies and destroyed anyone opposing them.

In 2013...DOW CHEMICAL CEO...a dude by the name of Andrew Liveris...wants fascist rules imposed. What a guy!

Andrew Liveris is the kind of person who can't compete and wants someone to cheat with him so he can prevail. He's a slime slug and needs to find his hole and climb back into it! Americans don't need government rule-based trade imposed...but...need for the government and its neo-Nazi pals to step back. How about it...Andy...are you that afraid of competition?

"1 Democracy Street"?

Gerard Depardieu...has a new address in Moscow:1 Democracy Street. Recall this French actor left France due to the socialist taxation and went to Moscow where taxes are low and acceptable.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Employer after employer told Timmy Titler they simply could not hire him since OBAMACARE had become law. They were not going to be put out of business by hiring people such as Timmy. He was informed to find a government job since that was the ONLY place capable of hiring.


A socialist does not look at groups and herds. Hence...the new minimum wage of $9.00 per hour from$7.25 per hour is said by such vermin to be good because it helps some people and hurts others. It's this benefit bestowed which gives the socialist the power to kill and maim in the name of "goodness".


Instead of continuing down this road to serfdom...into a neo-feudalist society...why not change course and demand liberation over subjugation? The approach of which I speak is called the 21st Century "unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where a producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.


TEAM OBAMA represents the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "1.2 billion per hour" red ink FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. As Obama said, "People will worship whatever golden calf I direct they forge,(EXODUS 32:24)." Are you kneeling and licking Obama's boot?

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. What little liberty remains will be replaced with "freedom to obey". Indeed...the OBAMACARE'S so-called mandate is such a directive to lick with candied tongue. Are you so much infected with envy of others that you would join this EVIL PLAN to destroy freedom?

Friday, February 22, 2013


U.S.Rep. Bridenstine(R.Ok) has demanded Speaker Boehner not to cave to the Obama gambit. Obama has threatened to trim the federal government if the sequester is used. Such is the beginning of the end of the NANNY STATE CAGE. People simply don't want bigger government...and...this sequester is the fist step towards eliminating this 20th Century "red ink" morass.


Because of the power of this of its reporters was permitted a 3 minute interview with OBAMA. He was asked "why" he used the alias: MARXIST ON MISSION. He laughed and said he was a Marxist and liked his mission to destroy liberty replacing it with "freedom to obey".


Ethanol is nonsense. On the other hand...if you're making money off the Ethanol Law...your interest in its perpetuation is almost assured. Indeed...the MASTER can make you kneel and lick boot if by such worship you receive something special...beneficial...and...what can't otherwise be obtained.

Ethanol can't exist in a marketplace where OIL is KING! The cost of food has almost doubled due to these silly ethanol laws...laws...unfortunately...authored...for the most Republicans In Name Only(RINO).

When THE ORB is deployed...such "favoring-laws" as ETHANOL MANDATES shall be some of the 1st 20th century NANNY STATE STUFF eradicated!


While the MASS MEDIA never highlighted the political party to which cop-killer-Dorner belonged...most of the people who knew him know he was a Democrat. Indeed...U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi hired him once to make her life better in her bedroom. Afterwards...she noted how much of a Democrat he could be.

Everyone knows about Richard Nixon and his sexual incompleteness with his wife, Patricia. In fact...Dick Nixon watched the movie, DEEP THROAT over 100 times trying to get it down pat. Moreover...Baltimore Colt, Bubba Smith was asked by Nixon about how to become better in bed. Ole Bubba said to Dick: OKAY...first...turn out the lights...completely dark...then...approach the 4-poster bed...take your penis and whack it hard 3 times on the post and then you'll be ready. Because Nixon trusted Bubba's knowledge...Nixon...that same Pat...his wife...lay in bed...he turned out the the total darkness...he whacked his penis 3 times on the bed post. Immediately...he heard Pat ask, "DAT YOU BUBBA?"


BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...WENT THE TROLLEY...BANG...BANG...BANG...WENT THE BELL. Yes...folks...such was said by Vice President Joe Biden when asked about the 03-01-13 sequestration of $85 billion of a $3.93 trillion 2013 budget. To him...devastation was about to befall America!


When the detective was asked about how he went about catching addicts...he laughed and said, "By offering whatever they need. When they come to buy...I grab and imprison. I make criminals out of otherwise innocent people whose only crime: they like to get high."

Yes...this detective is paid to destroy lives...not protect people. Sure...some idiot might say that by entrapping addicts the overall problem of addiction can be solved...but...most people are enlightened enough to know a witch-burner when one appears.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Maurice Taylor...CEO of Titan International, Inc...sent a letter to the French Industry Minister,Arnaud Montebourg explaining "why" TITAN wouldn't be bidding on a "failed tire factory" in France. According to Taylor...he simply refused to be that stupid and involve his company in the "filth and waste" so emblematic of France nowadays. Taylor didn't hold back anything when he described how nasty and lazy the French people had become.

Montebourg reacted to such candid assessment by saying Taylor represented a minor tire company in a sea of bigger fish and France simply didn't need someone such as Taylor operating there. Sure...French workers are so lazy and mentally-challenged they can't do much more than sweep floors and clean toilets...but...they take up space and demand recognition of their presence.

RICK SCOTT: traitor to liberty

Governor Rick Scott(R.FL) has mentioned he'll accept OBAMACARE in Florida. Yes...the "ballem" head will capitulate...kneel...and...worship this golden calf, (Exodus 32:24). What a guy!

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. It seemed Rick Scott understood this battleground and was prepared to fight for liberation over subjugation. But...he's turned out to be a "disguised socialist"...deserving of derision and public scorn. How dare he offer up Florida for sacrifice!


Because of the success of the movie, WAR HORSE...Europeans began to demand horse on their menu and platter. Indeed...the Queen of England ate the horse which was used to make the movie, WAR HORSE. The French...always a filthy bunch...chowed down on horse saying its taste as palatable as that of cow or pig. One Frenchie smiled as she consumed her horse burger and said, "We...French will eat bug...dirt...or...anything else the government directs we eat. We're unable to choose for ourselves since we're French and are ignorant and idiotic."


In the Book of Revelations...the MARK OF THE BEAST is mentioned. In Congress...right now...there is a movement afoot to put the MARK OF THE BEAST on each person. Imagine such horror and you've just sensed what Senator Marco Rubio is proposing. Why would Rubio...himself the son of an immigrant...propose to impose the MARK OF THE BEAST?

Folks...we need to delete and eliminate until the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is dismantled...not...continue to make the CAGE more oppressive. Why RUBIO is going in the direction of more oppression is not well-understood by those Floridians who have supported this dude. Some have concluded RUBIO was never a "freedom-fighter"...but...a disguised MARXIST...ready to reveal his EVIL HEART when the chance came to oppress and impose.

RUBIO should be calling for "open borders" of hassle and hinder...not wishing to add more layers of oppression in the workplace!


Folks..the city of Vero Beach has a shortfall of $100,000 for the POLICE PENSION FUND. It's time to eliminate 98% of all police and city workers...starting with that jerk masquerading as the city manager...and...delete thereby any obligation to pay.

These people should have known they were never going to get that HUGE PENSION if voters finally concluded the PENSION needed to be ignored. If the pension-recipients wish such pension...let them sue for it. The city can file bankruptcy and beat those claimants out of their pension. It's the way things are and the police and other city retirees need to suck it up and forget such an obligation was ever owed to them!

It's time to eliminate the anchors...and...delete the police and city worker roster until there are only a few...and...these few paid the minimum wage and nothing more. There are a host of people who will do such menial...simplistic jobs. As the city manager admitted, "Indeed...trained monkeys...for example...could perform such tasks as well as that city manager, most of the police and other city workers."

In a candid moment reflecting on this shortfall...City Council member "Dick" Winger said, "Let's eliminate their jobs and their pensions! It's time to delete and get rid of such obligations! These former workers...including that jerk for a city manager...can find good jobs mowing yards or cleaning toilets."

3:00 A.M.? the 2008 election cycle...Hillary Clinton and Obama competed with each other for the Democratic nomination. One political commercial asked if Hillary had the sand to address a 3:00 a.m. emergency.After the Benghazi embassy deaths...however...that commercial should be shown to America asking: "Where was OBAMA when that emergency was unfolding?"


Imagine your ear gets cut off. You go to a clinic...and...they print you a new ear...exactly like the one you lost. Imagine as've just observed the future afoot. At Cornell...such a printing-effort is afoot.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Last year...Obama demanded a "sequester" approach and the Congress obliged promulgating the BUDGET CONTROL ACT which automatically cut spending...both domestic and military. Now that the sequester is about to occur...Obama is saying such minuscule reduction will destroy the tepid economic recovery America is enjoying in 2013. Somehow...a 2% reduction in federal government spending will quake the $3.78 trillion budget and kill off prosperity. 2012...OBAMA wanted such a thing to occur in 2013. Maybe he already had the Armageddon script written for his 2013 diatribe which he delivered on 02-19-13.


FOLKS...freedom is slowly evaporating. The U.S. Supreme Court has just ruled that a K-9 sniff is enough to give probable cause to tear your vehicle apart. Yes...not any drugs were found...but...who cares? Try suing a Sheriff for that heinous's almost impossible.
42 U.S. C.1983 protects a citizen from such LYING-COPS.  If you believe such stuff...I've a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.


Naturally...when a lady is raped...the last thing she would have used to prevent such attack is a whistle. Perhaps...a gun or knife...but...a whistle? Yet...OBAMA and Joe Salazar...two idiot-Democrats...said rape is preventable by merely using a whistle. While any sensible person would say such "whistle-protection"is nonsense...because Obama and jerk-wad Joe Salazar said as's called wondrous and insightful.


Rep. Bill Posey opened an office in Vero Beach, Florida yesterday. It will be staffed by volunteers whose mission to push the Republican agenda locally...publicizing the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the real alternative to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


Yesterday...Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...recited a laundry list of jobs which will be affected by the "sequester". Never did Obama...though...declare he would reduce the size of his NANNY STATE CAGE. a MARXIST...he wants more power...power grip and grab...more yoke and choke...and...he'll LIE and CHEAT to achieve such result.


The Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA) hacked American computers and did it in such a way that people are blaming the Chinese. Of course...the Chinese are bewildered by the accusations since they were as surprised as those hacked that they were getting blamed. How dare the CIA do such things and do it in such fashion that others would be accused!


Pistorius used a cricket-bat to beat down the door of the locked bathroom after he concluded the person behind that door was his girlfriend and not an intruder. Sure...he'd already shot through the door several times blowing big holes in Reeva Steenkamp and killing her instantly. He said he thought she was asleep in their queen-size bed...and...thought the person locked in that bathroom was an intruder bent on doing him harm.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The parents of the students at Columbia who were subjected to a striptease act...(lewd and lascivious criminal conduct) their lecturer have dispatched a letter to Columbia's Board of Trustees demanding this insane dude be ejected instantly.

As reported by MSNBC Chris Matthews...when this esteemed university socialist-lecturer began to masturbate and sing about how great Obama was as a MARXIST ON MISSION...almost the entire audience got up and left. Those students who remained stripped and followed along tit-for-tat since they were brainwashed to love OBAMA.


While few Americans know about the DEBT CLOCK...those people who do...know the so-called sequester of $85 billion on 03-01-13 won't slow that DEBT CLOCK in any way noticeable. The speed of the spending represented on that DEBT CLOCK is to vast for any human mind to conjure.

As one HARVARD SCIENTIST said, "$16 trillion(+) cannot be grasped by the human mind. It's too vast...and...anyone claiming complete and usefully spoken grasp is just trying to please...impress...or...deceive."

Yet...Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...stood in front of a national TV camera and recited the travail America would face should that $85 billion not get spent. He spoke with a solemn visage. His eyes framed with fear. His mouth oped command and power...and...he cried out for more grip and grab...more YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA. He wanted more not less "red tape, tax and spend"...the stuff which is drowning America...he wanted more not less...and...he wasn't going to be denied!


Imagine...on observed a dude eating a baby manatee calf...slaughtering it...frying it as if bacon...and...chowing down. Would you snitch on that person and demand the government attack that person?

Well...such an event happened and a snitch felt it her civic duty to report the event. However...instead of killing and eating...the offender and his two children were photographed petting the small calf while it swam in the waist deep water in the small otherwise deserted part of the St. Lucie River. The father of these two children posted the photo on FACEBOOK and within a fortnight was arrested for endangering the little critter.

Yes...some Assistant State Attorney(ASA) for the 19th Judicial Circuit dispatched a deputy to arrest this CRIMINAL! How dare someone violate a LAW not anyone knew about...or...cared about! How dare someone do such a thing to such an affable critter as this baby manatee!

Yes...folks...there are such "pedants" packing the government job roster nowadays. And while that ardent ASA might not believe such ridiculous prosecution will injure their overall's likely it will. Imagine trying to sell your services to the public after you depart the 19th Judicial State Attorney Office and people ask, "Hey aren't you that idiot WHO prosecuted that father of two for petting nature's zoo?"
On the MALL in Washington DC there were interviews of Obama-loving demonstrators who said they would blow up the pipeline. Of course...because such statements were made by environmentalists...such were not actionable. However...say aloud that you will shoot anyone trying to blow up that Keystone XL Pipeline...and...the U.S. Injustice Department will indict you for "hate crime". Imagine how sick our government has become that such things are so upside down. Indeed...there needs to be a general cleansing of the U.S. Injustice Department starting with Eric the Holder and working from floor to floor evicting the vermin...directing them to clean out their desks and be gone...the whole filthy jerk-wad bunch gone!


Reeva Steenkamp was accidentally shot by the so-called "blade runner"...a dude without legs. According to this alleged murderer...he awakened and went out onto the balcony. When he returned...he thought his girlfriend was in bed...and...the person in the bathroom with the door locked was an intruder. He screamed for the intruder to come out of the bathroom.

When the intruder refused to exit...the blade-runner went to his bed...and...from beneath his pillow he pulled his 9mm Glock...racked a round...and...fired 3 times through the locked door.

It was only after he had fired 3 times that he chose to look at the spot where his girlfriend was asleep and had apparently slept through his screaming and shooting 3 times with his 9mm Glock. He saw she was not in bed. He immediately concluded the intruder was not an intruder...but...his girlfriend refusing to exit the bathroom and refusing to eliminate his confusion about the identity of the person in that locked bathroom.

Such a story was told by the blade-runner recently in a courtroom where he's been charged with murder. While the story is was told with solemnity and emotion. In some spots...the alleged shooter cried and said he never knew that person behind the locked door was his girlfriend. Sure...he never poked her as she slept beside him in that queen-size bed...and...directed: "Hey...get under the bed...I think we have an intruder...and...I need to rack a round and investigate. Stay hidden until I return. It appears the intruder is in the locked bathroom."

Unfortunately for the blade-runner he refused the Hillary Clinton writing-corp even though their abilities were offered. Recall these scribblers were able to insulate Hillary Clinton from accusations of recklessness and incompetence when it came to her complicity in the assassination of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. These writers skillfully painted a picture of a lady smothered under a million emails per minute and without any way to protect her Embassy personnel. Indeed...when Hillary Clinton was grilled by Congress about Benghazi...she stood forth and repeated what her writers had written and escaped condemnation with aplomb.


OBAMA is traveling around America saying he wants more not less power. He has called on Americans to support his MARXIST MISSION. Sure...he controls the MASS MEDIA...but...does he control you?


The United States won't have the money to put a carrier-task force in the Persian Gulf. Such assessment was delivered by Obama in his speech wherein he demanded more TAXES...MORE POWER...MORE GRIP AND GRAB. Never did Obama...though...offer to shrink the NANNY STATE CAGE...reduce the CAGE in its federal employees by the millions sending them home with thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their selfless, drooling public service. No...he wants more government in your life...more government in your bedroom...and...his hand in your pocketbook 24/7.


Christensen, Flier and Vijayaraghavan are three Harvard employees whose idea for eradicating "bad economics" is to apply more "bad economics". Instead of demanding eradication of all "red tape, tax and spend" and permit the medical service delivery industry to operate in an unhampered market context...these three dung-birds want more government...more stomp and chomp...but...done their way.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Calamity? was just after dark when the truck started down the hill that led into Scranton, Pennsylvania carrying 30 thousand pounds of bananas. The driver never saw the sign that said for him to shift his truck into "low-gear". When he discovered his speed and plight he cried out the name of the only man that could have him now.


Silver Star winner, Hyman Markel died in World War II. Years later...his medals were found and given to his daughter, Hyla Merin. From research about her father...she discovered that Hyman Markel was killed saving his platoon from certain death. According to official accounts of the event...Hyman Markel...while his men were pinned down by machine gun fire...attacked the enemy killing them and suffering a mortal wound while so doing.


Unlike RUSH LIMBAUGH...this BLOG preaches "THE ORB". Indeed...before the Army of appendage of this carried THE ORB chasing away socialism and Eco-fascism. While RUSH preaches "the 20th Century arguments"...this BLOG offers the 21st Century approach: THE OTHERWISE UNHAMPERED MARKET(OUM).


OKAY...let's take a shower. And into the shower two naked bodies stepped. And while in that shower...into the hotel room an accomplice crept. Through pocket and billfold...and...into each sock and shoe...until...all was found...then from that shower stepped the mad of sound. My money and Rolex gone! The door not locked...are you some pawn? "No!" cried the naked know whomever it was...came through the unlocked door...stupid stupid does. You came into the shower the door your fault...I was here to party...not guard your vault!


As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to every freedom-loving American to muster to the voting booth in 2014 and vote Republican...if...that Republican preaches THE ORB! If that Republican preaches liberation over subjugation...such politician would be worth supporting.

Yes...the MASS MEDIA has successfully attached and otherwise attributed stupid positions to the Republican label...positions such as "anti-abortion"...and..."closed-borders"...positions which are antithetical to liberty. Their goal is quite obvious: to reduce the Republican Party to a fringe group whose mission to impose their morals and fear on others no matter what!

For instance...the vociferous pro-life authors of the so-called Republican platform...want to impose their way on ladies choosing abortion. And as for immigration...instead of calling for open and unrestricted borders...the Republicans wish to imitate Stalin and erect an IRON CURTAIN!

On the other hand...if a Republican were to come forward...and...proclaim that she leads the Army of Liberation...their crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...eliminate the "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...that Republican would instantly become a national political powerhouse!

Imagine someone offering EDEN and that such paradise only "one vote" away. Imagine further...every RIDER receiving a "one-time" victim's payment in recognition of the LIES AND DECEPTION inflicted on them by Uncle Sugar. Imagine an otherwise unhampered market forthwith manifesting upon deployment of THE otherwise unhampered market(OUM) where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where a lady can choose her future...and...where an immigrant can come and find opportunity.

Imagine as much and you've just been in EDEN. Yes...folks...EDEN is only one vote away...if you were to choose by such vote someone crying out for liberation over subjugation. Why choose the one whose motto: "my tears...your purse"...when...the other choice proclaims liberation over chain and whip in all forms and formats and promises to pay off each RIDER in recognition of the evil perpetrated by the socialists and fascists on both sides of the aisle over the years?

The "new way" walks among us already. Her name is Lady Elizabeth and she is forming her "what-if" team and has invited her pals from all over Florida to join her and her crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Against her march to "make salt" stands THE ESTABLISHMENT on both sides of the ledger. Yet...even to them...she calls for their support...inviting examine and choose: CAGE or KEY.

Why are they so opposed to such a might readily wonder. Because Lady Elizabeth represents a "new way"...the 21st Century way...a way that does not envision vast oceans of "red ink" in the operation of essential government services...but...a way which funds government through rent, royalty and lottery proceeds...and...never funds itself using a progressive income tax or an inheritance tax. She calls on the government to pay off each RIDER and then terminate any and all entitlement programs and eradicate all entitlement policies. She demands an end to the Federal Reserve's interference with the overall economy and a liberation of the U.S. currency from the machinations of the Democrats and some Republicans In Name Only, (RINO). She wants open...unrestricted borders. She says stop trying to massage or modify ROE v. WADE. every way possible...she proclaims: America is the land of the free and definitely the home of the brave!


Folks...government as practiced nowadays by TEAM OBAMA has become a tyranny in many ways. Can you imagine George Bush telling America he can kill Americans without due process? The socialist-MASS MEDIA would have beaten BUSH-CHENEY mercilessly for such stuff. Yet...when Obama admitted he was killing American citizens inside and outside of the continental United States using "snuff-orders"...that same MASS MEDIA called such admissions "wondrous and blessed".


TIGER WOODS and his 5 model-quality ladies...were ushered into the President's private complex at a golf-club in Florida. As secret-service agent, Timmy Titler said, "The night started early. The wine and drugs flowed freely. Here was a "party-horse" President. Sure...Michelle was out shopping looking for something better to wear in the White House...but we were ready to keep her from entering that "party" until it was quite over."


Nia-Malika Henderson...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...came forward to gripe about Obama meeting with Tiger Woods in Florida for golf. As Ms. Henderson noted, "OBAMA is a MARXIST ON MISSION...and...instead of playing golf...he should be trying to destroy what little liberty remains in America!"

Hagle confirmed?

Chuck Hagel...Obama's proposed Secretary of Defense...will be confirmed. Yes...he's a is Obama...hence they're fellow travelers.


Amazing to hear the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA describe the WASHINGTON MALL environmentalist-rally as "attended by tens of thousands"...when...the actual head count was 873! When asked "why" the MASS MEDIA would LIE about such a figure...Obama said, "I needed that LIE and they delivered mightily!"

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The environmentalists want people walking...bicycling...or...riding disease-filled buses. Of course...these environmentalists will ride in air-conditioned cars and sleep in air-conditioned bedrooms while the rest of America sweats and worries about their health and comfort.

Mike Brune...the President of the Sierra a hypocrite. He wears clothing made by coal-burning industry. He drinks from cups made by  coal-burning manufacturers. He sleeps in an air-conditioned house and drives an air-conditioned car. He's the sort of dude who says one thing and does another. Some might even call him a good Democrat because of "how" two-faced he is.


Historians have concluded the American Indian was thrown off tribal land by colonists. Because the Indians did not have private property rights...they did not have any way to fight the land-grabbing colonists. Moreover...the American Indian lacked immunity against the diseases of Europe such as small pox and syphilis. Entire villages were wiped out by the flu and common cold leaving the immune colonists to take over.


Winner of the POLE POSITION at the Daytona 500...Danica Patrick has finally made it from rookie to pro! She's a remarkable driver and capable of winning the Daytona 500. She's bold and daring. She will stick her nose into any fight and fight until she can't any longer fight. What a gal!


GLENN NOCERA...a New York entrepreneur...came forward to speak out against upon Americans to fight TEAM OBAMA and their template of chain and sorrow. Sure...he's a lone voice in a sea of ignorance...but...this BLOG has raised him up for the world to hear!


Free and open borders without incident or hindrance. Trade moves unrestricted across such borders offering to everyone economic wonder and bliss. By adding "red tape and other restriction" trade is hindered and people suffer. Why impose such suffering and hurdles to prosperity?


Free and open borders without incident or hindrance are one of the provisions of THE ORB and a necessary-element of the otherwise unhampered market(OUM). Any Republican preaching THE ORB shall prevail while those Republicans in name only (RINO) who are too shy or timid to demand liberation over subjugation will be defeated by Democrats whose mission to destroy what little liberty left.


Last year...the federal government decided that in March of 2013...there would be a "cut-in-spending" labeled "sequestering of funds". Now that March madness is almost here...both the Republicans and the Democrats want more not less spending. Of course...Obama played golf in Florida all weekend...and...was not available for political comment.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The more government grabs...the less liberty people have. Naturally...Obama wants more power in order to compel people to kneel and worship whatever golden calf he chooses to forge. As he said when asked about this matter, "I'm a MARXIST ON MISSION...and...I want America enslaved...not...liberated!"



Those people who want to take away your guns...they need to be taught a lesson in "self-defense". To edify them...they should be put on a train with a shooter going from train car to train car shooting people. It is obvious those anti-gun folks would be crying for someone to come and save them before the shooter arrived.

Keep in mind... some years ago...thugs were on a subway causing trouble and were all shot by a dude with a gun. He was called Bernie G. and he saved people that day with his gun. Sure...Bernie was arrested for murder...but...the jury acquitted him. Indeed...Bernie became a hero and began voicing his opinion about the New York City anti-gun law and demanding any anti-gun-politician be identified...removed from office...and...placed on a train with a shooter whose instructions to go from car to car shooting anti-gun politicians.


Anita Moorjani...consumed by cancer and in a she went to heaven and observed paradise. She claims there is another realm of consciousness where complete love and understanding are everywhere. When she awakened from her coma...within weeks...the cancer disappeared.


Yes...unlike most sheep and cattle...Sarah Palin has chosen to stand up and cry out for liberation over subjugation. Sure...her cry for liberty is not publicized by the MASS MEDIA since it is dedicated to promoting enslavement not freedom...but...this BLOG has promoted her and such assistance has kept her career in politics viable!


U.S. Rep.Ken Cuccinelli finally agreed to come forward and speak out against TEAM OBAMA'S tyranny. According to ole Ken...because the Democrats control the MASS MEDIA...Obama could kill with impunity and people would applaud his evil.


As issued "snuff-orders" to silence U.S.border guard Brian Terry and Ambassador Stevens. Recall that those "snuff-orders" were discovered by this BLOG through its HACKING DEPARTMENT and publicized. While many readers scoffed at such incredible revelation...these same readers this BLOG to be "cutting edge" and should be read every day!


Donald Trump has come forward to say bad things about the merger between two big airline companies. While Trump is a good business man...his nasty statements about the merger are nonsensical and misguided. So long as Trump's opinion remains "opinion"...and...little else...though...people will ignore him as they do a pile of dog turd. You step over that's's ignored.


Mindy McCready committed suicide on her front porch...the same porch where her boyfriend had committed suicide last month. She was attacked by the MASS MEDIA because she spoke out against the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. She demanded that the CAGE be dismantled and liberty once more be found in America. Her frustration with the CAGE became insurmountable and she decided to terminate herself with extreme prejudice. She'll be missed. God speed, Mindy.


When a government stops paying entitlements...those recipients...whose entitlement receipt is such cut "austere".

"How dare the government not use other people's money to pay for their needs and wants!" They spew venom demanding other people's money be given to them...even if such money must be plundered from storerooms....they want their entitlement and how dare those other people refuse their demand!If the government must kill and loot to get that money...then...go do quick about it! The need for that money is "now"...not..."later".

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse appeared on the WASHINGTON MALL and demanded liberty be dashed and tyranny imposed. The crowd screamed and cheered. Here was a real jerk ready to destroy liberty and they loved him for it.

Who were these people in this crowd? Well...they were your neighbors whose desire that you be reduced to sheep and cattle with them as your MASTER. Makes you want to join them, eh?

Bill McKibben hates freedom

When Billy McKibben was in grade-school he was beaten almost every day by a dude who hated his socialist ideas. Even when little Billy was silent...he was still beaten because he was thinking socialist thoughts.

When Bill grew to manhood...he sought out this fear-maker and caught him in a bathroom in Grand Central Station. However...before Bill could strike a retaliatory blow...that other dude kicked him in the groin and shoved his head into a packed-toilet: "Take that you puke-bastard!"


On the WASHINGTON MALL...there was a CLIMATE CHANGE rally. There were several hundred people in attendance. They were bundled up in warm store-bought clothing...made with industrial tools...powered by coal and natural gas...the two things the environmentalists hate most. According to these hypocrites...people must throw away tool and clothing and live as the primitive Indians lived...eating bug...grubbing root...and...hoping that noise in the woods wasn't coming for them.

Communist Van Jones and idiot-child Lennox Yearwood both appeared at this so-called CLIMATE CHANGE rally and demanded mankind do away with liberty and impose strict control from cradle to grave with them in the role of the MASTER of this NANNY STATE CAGE. They drooled with venom of hate and expressed the joy of tyranny. How dare Americans yearn to breathe free! They deserve the chain and whip...and...compelled to kneel and worship this golden calf.


Canadian Indian Jackie Thomas came to the Washington DC MALL to speak about the environment and to cry out against any kind of development. She wanted people to live in make-shift tee pees and using camp fires to keep warm and to be used to cook the bug and root derived from Mother Earth. Ah...yes...her menu for life that of travail and hardship...the things Indians like most. How about you?


School superintendent Fran Adams was come under political fire for her effort to make the Indian River County school system better. As is usually the case...the person who wishes to make the teaching effort more worthwhile and productive...that "change-artist" is opposed by the entrenched and cemented.

The voters of Indian River County have been blessed to have Fran Adams and they should turn out and offer her their cheers and support for a job-well-done.


Sarah Palin was trashed by the liberal press attempting thereby to ruin her political chances to prevail should she run for President. While they spent hours and millions saying as much bad stuff as possible...they never really dented her armor or scratched her polish!

Senator Rand Paul, (R.KY)

U.S. Senator Rand Paul is running for President. As he said, "It's time for a libertarian narrative calling on all Americans to support liberation over subjugation." As the POLITICAL AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG noted, "If Senator Paul preaches THE ORB...he'll defeat the socialist-Democrat and all Republicans In Name Only(RINO)."


Yes...folks...Obama demanded fighter jets be scrambled and dispatched to the air space above Obama's golf game because Obama spotted a Piper Cub slowly circling the fairway. It was obvious someone was photographing or video-taping was...just as obvious...Obama wanted to keep prying eyes and inquiring minds away from his putter.


"Memory holds welcomed seat in this distracted globe." So said U.S. Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL) when asked what he planned to do about TEAM OBAMA'S attack on what little liberty remains in America. It seems Bill Posey is ready to attack and defeat them using "liberation over subjugation" as his banner and battle cry. As one intrepid freedom-fighter said when asked to describe Bill Posey, "He out-braves the heart most daring on earth."


Timmy Titler went from employer to employer asking for a job. Every time he was turned down...the employer offered the same explanation:GOVERNMENT MINIMUM WAGE LAW. Yes...Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists had finally succeeded in erecting a great barrier preventing thereby the young from getting a job!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


SONJA she detested Obama...and...thought him a simian in the Oval Office. As SONJA SOHN said, "Obama opes and apes fairly well...but...he's as evil as any tyrant in mankind's sordid history."


The socialist MASS MEDIA is pushing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie because Christie is without any ideological underpinnings. According to Democrat Jon Corzine when asked about Christie, "He'll sell out anyone if he gains political advantage. I should know...I taught him when to hold 'em...when to fold'em...when to walk away...and...when to run."


Folks...President Vladimir Putin agreed that he'd be much more discussed by historians should he buy the Chicago Bears and chart their way to victory in the Super Bowl. While there isn't a leader on planet Earth capable of such a feat some might say...this BLOG'S PREDICTION DEPARTMENT says Putin will  " Bears...get up and go!"

okay needed a way

"OKAY needed a went and cut and smoothed...when OKAY passed by...heard a sigh...and...knew...night would be day." As Natasha was writing those words...a BOOM blew out...light and sound and shout.
*Russian Meteor.


After much begging...Obama's travel agent booked this potentate and his entourage in swanky Plam Beach, Florida. Yes...he was served NOOGIE WOOGIES(tm) and enjoyed fish broiled and then lightly brushed with a special sauce reserved for the Royals should they vacation along the Treasure Coast. When Obama was informed the NOGGIE WOOGIE was "pork with punch"...he laughed. He enjoyed the lyrics:

U.S. Rep. Gallego

U.S. Rep. Gallego wants more border guards. He will deploy them to stop freedom-seekers. He will use them to kill people trying to sneak into America...trying to find and earn a good wage. To hear him tell it...ole bloodthirsty Gallego wants more wall...more wire...more land mines...more drones with killer instinct...until the entire Mexican border festooned with threat and imminent-danger. Yeah...sounds like a Republican In Name Only, (RINO).

If Gallego wished to be something other than "same old, same old...just different bag"...and...become a leader of liberation and stomp out subjugation...then...he must advocate free and open borders...not any restriction, hindrance or other red tape. Should he cry out for such dismantling of the NANNY STATE CAGE...the entire world would flock to America and Americans would become the richest people on Earth.

If Gallego were to demand the U.S. House of Representatives deploy THE ORB...he'd instantly become the leader of the entire FREE WORLD! Imagine calling for the 20th Century CAGE to be dismantled and the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) ushered in. Imagine Gallego...surprising everyone...even his own inner standing forth on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and demanding liberation over subjugation...demanding THE ORB be deployed...and...promising everyone EDEN nearby.

Ah...yes...if...Gallego were really someone whose mission to liberate and delete until the CAGE gone and the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement "make-another-victim" system eradicated...then...his name would be etched in some mountain so that every school age child would know that liberation is as close as voice and nerve.

*One of the provisions of THE ORB addresses every RIDER. Indeed...every RIDER is paid off in a one-time victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury the MASTER intentionally inflicted in order to reduce them to whining worms and parasites. A 76 year old lady...per THE ORB...would receive $374,982 in a one time payment in unrestricted funds. However, her entitlement umbilical cord would thereupon disappear.


Obama recently demonstrated his stupidity when he demanded a higher minimum wage(M/W) be imposed. He simply doesn't understand the mechanics of an otherwise unhampered market and hence does not recognize the harm such a "minimum wage" causes. As U.S. Senator Rubio explained, "The minimum wage creates institutionalized unemployment and significant barriers to wealth creation."


Because a new dance step was needed...the DANCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG invented the "HARLEM SHAKE". It's an easily-learned dance and contains moves which even deceased-entertainer Michael Jackson would have adopted and deployed. Michael loved unusual movement and incorporated many incredible moves in his dance routines.


Ironic...don't you think....such a big difference between an otherwise unhampered market and the "directed-by-Obama" system is not easily spotted?

Perhaps the explanation for such lack of observation is the power of the MASS MEDIA to obscure and hide the evil underlying Obama's beliefs and actions.


Drug-resistant tuberculosis(DRTB) is rampant in India. Many epidemic specialists have concluded India's disaster was caused by socialized medicine. Only government programs and government-doctors are found in India. Private-industry in medical service delivery is almost non-existent. Hence...people are treated as if they were sheep and cattle. "If the herd can be what if the individuals are sacrificed."stated Dr. Alpa Dalal...a chest doctor working for India's government.

In America...DRTB has not taken root. Sure...there are a few cases...but...these are identified and those DRTB sufferers are quarantined and separated lest they transfer that "walking death" to someone else. According to a very unhappy U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer...a socialist and freedom-hater, "Had America been subjected to OBAMACARE as contemplated...millions of Americans would now be dying from exposure to DRTB due to socialized medical care!"


Google has been trying to accommodate the Chinese Communist government but it continues to anger Chinese officials because Chinese can Google-Search and find TRUTH. Even when the Chi-coms want the people to believe the world is flat...Goggle-Search can demonstrate its falsehood.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Attend "fool-moon" a reporter from this BLOG said as she began her interview with bloated New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Instantly...Christie sneered...his drool pronounced...his jowls he refrained from firing back some ugly retort. The reporter pressed on with, "Governor...why are you opposed to liberation over subjugation? A gentleman of such width would seem to have ample girth and grip."

Governor Christie knew he'd been cornered by a would-be BARD...ready to unhinge...and...hungry to eat air on promise of supply. Yes...admitted Christie...he hated liberty and would choose subjugation if given the chance to burden and direct.

Revealing his bent for enslavement...Christie said he wanted INTERNET TAXATION...taxing internet sellers and buyers. Instead of demanding the "red tape and tax" be removed from the brick and mortar businesses...he wants to tax the INTERNET...killing off...thereby...internet-business after internet-business as Christie and his henchmen travel electronically here and there stomping and chomping...imprisoning...frightening...scaring...and...doing all those things to take and tax...things Christie revealed to this reporter he had always wished he could do ever since he was that silly-little round-faced kid whose fear of clowns made him the brunt of cruel grade-school jokes in bathrooms without lights.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is not a champion of liberty but an ESTABLISHMENT DUDE. He's what's called a Republican In Name Only...a RINO. Looks like....seems like...might even say he is...but he is not an advocate of the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) but a proponent of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.

When given the chance to decry the 'red tape and tax' burden borne by the "brick and mortar" businesses...this RINO demanded the INTERNET be attacked and burdened so that all are equally yoked. Instead of demanding liberation over subjugation...this bloated bug-wit called for more "NANNY STATE" GRIP AND GRAB.


Constantine observed a heavenly manifestation and said it was a sign from God that his victory imminent. order to demonstrate the power of this BLOG...a heavenly manifestation was predicted by its UNIVERSE DEPARTMENT. Yes...the meteor which streaked across Russia and blew up with the force of an atomic bomb...such was precisely Harvard Scientists verified and certified as having been exactly predicted and accurately described beforehand.

Mention is made of this power to forecast...since it was this BLOG October of 2008...predicted the Federal Debt clock would pass $16 trillion in 2012. Most economists back then openly scoffed at such prediction claiming not anyone could be so accurate. Nowadays...they read this BLOG before they write whatever their mind finds left unsaid.


While it remained untouched since 1238...when it was first hung by Timmy Titler outside his unique cookie store...yesterday...after all these centuries...sometime during the early morning hours...the area surrounded in a dense...impenetrable fog...a gold-plated 50 pound sign shaped like a huge cookie was stolen.

In reaction to such an affront to public pride...the entire city of Hannover, Germany has gone on the alert searching everywhere for this SIGN. Frans Ethiopia dressed in drag...was asked by a reporter from this BLOG about his suspicions. Grabbing his head with both hands freaking out just thinking about it...Frans screamed, "It's the work of the Banchee...the witch of Dragos...little else could achieve such evil and do so with aplomb."


Carnival Cruise Lines delivers the best trip and if something goes wrong...each traveler assumes the worst might occur. To claim after a return to shore that the ship's owners are liable for the typhoid and rabies which decimated the ship's crew and complement of sour grapes...and...not anyone would entertain seriously a claim that somehow the ship's owner could have reasonably foreseen those rabbits in the ship's magic show would become rabid and attack viciously...or...that some lady named Mary would find her way into the cooking area as cook.


"DOJI" is Japanese for "at same time as". Hence when describing the sexual interface between Hillary Clinton and the camel in that Benghazi sex-tent...Ambassador Stevens would simply smile and whisper softly, "DOJI".


Yesterday...when asked about Gina McCarthy...Obama said he liked her because she was as evil as he and hated freedom in ways he couldn't imagine...making her the primal choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency,(EPA).

Yes...folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The banal and demented are attracted to "power-grabbing" government and McCarthy has been drawn to this spot in the same way flies crawl on turd.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


A legless dude who competed in the 2012 Olympics has been accused of shooting his girl friend. Of course...his accusers are called "truth-tellers"...even though...legless dude was 100 miles away from the apartment where the corpse was found. Sure...legless dude was too far away to have been the shooter...but...when you're trying to sell NEWSPAPERS...who really cares.

LaPierre's point

National Rifle Association(NRA) CEO, Mr. LaPierre has come forward to oppose Obama's attempt to disarm Americans and set the stage for tyranny. Obama knows there will be civil war in 2015 as OBAMACARE bites into America and destroys what little liberty remains replacing the same with "freedom to obey".
In any dictatorship...the MASTER of the CAGE removes the ability of the enslaved to fight back by taking away the weapons leaving the citizenry defenseless to the whim of the tyrant.


"Mr. Raj?"
Yes...Ms Jenkins
There is a Steven Fortuna on line 3.
Thank you, Ms Jenkins
Hello...can I help you?
Yes...I'm Steven outfit S2 Capital,LLC is looking for help and GALLEON GROUP was recommended...hence...I'm calling you.
Mr. Raj Rajaratnam listened to the sales pitch and was flattered that in a town of "dog-eat-dog" someone had seen fit to direct this gentleman to his doorstep.
Well...what can I do for you, Mr. Steve Fortuna?
Immediately...Steve Fortuna read from a prepared script* that federal agents had prepared. He informed Mr. R that Fortuna's company had done very well using "insider tips"...and...he needed someone to assist his effort since those prior helpers had all gotten so rich they didn't wish to play any more.
Mr. R. was impressed by the candor and frankness of this self-authored Titan whose needs seemed venial and worthy of at least some of his India-oriented curiosity.
As everyone knows...Mr. R was kissed by JUDAS. Steven Fortuna played** that part well and entrapped many stockbrokers and investment bankers. In many to speak...did Fortuna deliver his doom-like kiss.
*While these federal idiots were chasing these "small-ball" hitters...Bernie Madoff right under their very noses was stealing $78 billion! Even though these bastards were told about Madoff they did not stop their silly attack on Mr. Raj ,et al. As one of these jerks said when asked, "Why chase a real thief when "basically-honest" people can be stomped?"
**The stain of CAIN is on Steve Fortuna. Wherever he goes...people will point and stare...saying...there goes JUDAS...betrayer of friend and evil incarnate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Whose own hard dealing teaches to suspect the thoughts of others. Such was a fitting way to describe Obama's speech last night. Obama told Americans he hates liberty and wishes to replace such with "freedom to obey".


U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) delivered the Republican Party reply to Obama's State of the Union speech. Whereas Obama demanded more "red tape, tax and spend"...RUBIO offered a lesser "grip and grab"...but...not any cessation or deletion of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE!

Rubio could have demanded the CAGE be dismantled...the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system ended...and...the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) thereby ushered in delivering prosperity to every American...but...RUBIO...instead of becoming a leader of the Army of Liberation...listened to his political advisers...the same idiots who pushed Mitt "the nit" Romney...and promised Americans more "wishy-washy"..."me-too" stuff...boring...mundane..."me-too" stuff..


Einstein said a person can't ever achieve a velocity greater than 186,000 miles per second because the energy required would be that of the entire universe, (E=MC2).

Naturally...Albert was wrong. Light speed is a beginning point when one discusses warp speed. As everyone knows...warp velocity is achieved by using worm-hole creating technology of the ancient Egyptians to travel* without ever moving.
*In the movie, DUNE...huge nasty-looking mutated people that became worm-like spewed stuff from their mouth and would drag the fabric of space together....and...thereby traveling without ever moving!


In the State of the Union speech...Obama emphatically demanded there be a GUN LAW. He wanted only the MASTER of his 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE to have guns. Using ole Gabby Gifford as his poster-child for GUN GRAB, Obama cried out, "They deserve a vote!"

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM...and...disarming the citizens is the 1st step to tyranny. In every country where tyrants stalk...the general population is disarmed and left with stick and rock to combat tank and jet.


Senator Chris Murphy declared there had to be a federal law banning bullet-clips which hold 30 rounds. According to this idiot...had the mass murderers not had 30-round clips...more people would still be alive. While...such assertion is a disguised judgment of value...nevertheless...ole Chris presented it as "fact"...something Democrats are wont to do more often than not. He went so far in underscoring his position as to say ONLY COPS should have guns.

To cure Chris of his idiocy...he need only be put on a train where a shooter is going car to car shooting unarmed people. During those moments before Chris is's likely he'll be asking, "OKAY...who has a gun?"


Billy turned away dejected having been informed for the 10th time from the 10th employer that he was not employable at $9.00 per hour...the new OBAMA-minimum wage. As Billy walked away...he was approached by an official of TEAM OBAMA who offered Billy a government job snitching on people.


Along the southern coast of California...sea lion pups are coming ashore...left behind by the mother sea lion. Why so many are stranded has puzzled most people. However...Penn State climatologist Mike Mann has come forward to claim greenhouse gas emissions from car mufflers and people are the direct-cause...the to speak...and...ole Mike Mann...ever the charlatan and clown...wanted to be the first jerk to connect such dots.
Recall it was Mike Mann who strong rumor...implicated along with Jerry Sandusky in sexual crimes against young male children. Mike liked them between 10 and 13 years of age...while Jerry preferred the 15 to 17 year olds.


Obama in his so-called State of the Union speech called upon Congress to create even more institutionalized unemployment by raising once more the minimum wage. It was obvious Obama is ignorant of the nasty consequences flowing from a rise in that minimum wage. Employers simply won't hire the marginal worker since such worker can't produce $9.00 per hour of marketable labor...particularly in 2013 when government has all but destroyed liberty replacing the same with "freedom to obey".

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


In a cabin on Big Bear mountain...Chris Dorner has been discovered. A gunfight has already occurred...and...two officers were shot trying to rush the cabin door. Dorner unloaded an AR-15 with a 1000 round Bowl clip into those officers blowing off their legs and arms almost instantly.

At last count...Dorner had enough ammo and food to last a year or more. Because Dorner needs to be killed...snipers using the RUBY RIDGE template have taken up positions to shoot Dorner or anyone who steps out onto that porch. Indeed...Bill Clinton said the most effective shot would be one through the head.


To the ancient Egyptians 5000 years ago...there were only 3 seasons: flood...planting...harvest. To them...these 3 events were of primal importance and little else mattered. America..."red" are the three seasons and little else matters. Indeed...tonight...Obama will tell America that he intends to enslave and impose until the NANNY STATE CAGE controls every heart and mind.


Some time back...Obama was seated on a stage with some of his cronies...where...he was asked about the actual lack of any "shovel-ready" projects.

A cornered Obama listened to the question. After a moment of practiced-pause...Obama laughed...and...said...there were not any such "shovel-ready" projects...but...he had spent taxpayer money on other worthwhile things...things such as Solyndra and Fisker Motors to mention a few of the boondoggles inflicted on America. Ah...laugh...clown...laugh!


Surprised is the word when someone told Obama the North Koreans spice their soup with bat dung scooped from the floor of the many caves situated around that part of the world.

Intrigued...Obama demanded such spice be used at the next State Dinner. While few of the attendees at that next State Dinner knew what the condiment was...they all plentifully scattered it on their potato and steak combo. It was only later when informed by Obama that they'd consumed what the North Koreans call "spice" that many of them grabbed the "puke bag" and vomited mightily.


According to travel-agent Hillary Clinton, "Stay away from Brazil. It's a filthy place with nasty people most of whom are treacherous and evil-minded."


It took some time for it to happen...but...socialism has claimed another victim: VENEZUELA. Sure...the Venezuelan government receives $300 billion in oil-revenues...but...its people are starving and the bolivar...the colorful fish-and-bird adorned paper currency...almost worthless.

Yes...folks...unlike the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model practiced so well in Venezuela...the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) generates prosperity and achievement. Recognizing this difference between the CAGE and liberty...the unwashed masses of Venezuela are marching in the streets beating empty pans. Their demonstration has been pejoratively labeled "cacerolazos" by the Chavez regime.

 Socialism destroys liberty and imposes a neo-feudal society with a ruling elite...a small attendant class...and...the unwashed masses to be cared the MASTER sees fit. Unfortunately...starvation and privation follow such neo-feudal aspect and it has appeared in Venezuela as it has every where else socialism is imposed.

For $2 billion what do we get?

When the MILITARY HARDWARE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG was asked what the price would be for the delivery of a drone armada capable of conquering any foe in any land...the Pentagon was told: "$2 billion". Because of the power such an armada represented and its price seemed highly likely this BLOG would win the contract.

Unfortunately...competing for that $2 billion was a crony outfit which promised a computer system capable of achieving what this BLOG offered. While this BLOG'S team called their program "drone armada"...the competitor called theirs "EXPEDITIONARY COMBAT SUPPORT SYSTEM". Quite naturally the Pentagon chose the more flowery name and told this BLOG not to let the door hit on the way out.

We all Systems Corporation(CSC) was a large Obama campaign contributor while this BLOG led the fight to dethrone OBAMA calling him a MARXIST ON MISSION and other suitable sobriquets. When the Pentagon was given a choice between these two competitors*...CSC was picked.
*CSC has been accused of fraud and outright theft of $2 billion of taxpayer money. The so-called combat system never materialized and the Air Force claims CSC never intended to produce what on-paper they had promised.

In contrast...for $2 billion...this BLOG offered 100 million drones...each capable of both initiating an attack or delivering area denial. In one test run...for area of 1000 square miles in the Sahara was subjected to this drone armada. Anything which moved in that 100 mile by 10 mile square was not only identified but also targeted for potential destruction. Had the drones been engaged...for example...that camel would have been attacked and stung to death by these nasty drones designed to look like bees.


Myanmar government officials recently became alarmed at the incredible popularity of this BLOG in that toilet-bowl of a country."How dare the people of Myanmar want to dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE!" grumbled President Thein Sein. As far as he could see...chain and whip is all that be! To him...anyone on the INTERNET speaking about liberation over subjugation was seditious and deserving of death.


A billionth of a gram of ractopamine is sufficient to disqualify such infected beef,poultry and pork from the Russian stream of commerce. As everyone knows...this chemical is put into livestock feed to produce leaner not harmful to humans. Sure...if ractopamine is fed to rats in bucketfuls...those rats die eventually from such dosing...but...a billionth of a gram is so small it could not kill a rat let alone a human.

Because the Russian meat market is so huge...American farmers are producing livestock that is guaranteed not to contain that hellish chemical. Of took the LEGAL DEPARTMENT from this BLOG to open the Russian market once more...but... as ole Vlad Putin...the amazing Russian President...said, "You want to play with the big need to know what's required!"


Recently...Queen Elizabeth ate what she thought was "grade-AAA" beef...beef derived from exquisite farming technique and served on a plate of gold.

Imagine her shock and utter surprise when she was informed she ate the WAR HORSE...a critter that was featured in a Steven Spielberg movie about a horse which survived World War I having been used by both the British and the Germans to pull cannon and wagon filled with the dead and dying. After the movie was completed...however...there was not any more need for that was slaughtered and served to the Queen.


Former Republican Party boss, Jimmy Greer has chosen to plead guilty to theft and money-laundering. Instead of fighting in court and revealing nasty aspects about Florida politics on both sides of the aisle...Greer chose to fall on his own sword.

What isn't much discussed is how close Greer was to bringing down Democrat Senator Bill Nelson and Democrat U.S.Rep. Debbie W. Schultz. According to official sources close to Nelson and Schultz...Greer could have destroyed both of their careers. He had information about their criminal activities...but...chose not to flutter such dirty laundry. What a guy!


Asked to describe the contemplated State of the Union speech...MSNBC Chris Matthews replied, "It'll be a great example of greenhouse gas emissions."

OBAMA-PHONE? another name for the Obama-phone...a free cellphone...given to people if they kneel and lick Obama's boot. While some sporting types might wager that very few Americans would kneel and lick...they'd lose mightily since out of the 6,987,637 oPhones...41.6% thereof are not eligible if the "need test" were applied. They got those phones by faking their "need"...and...are prepared to lie and cheat to keep such "freebie".


Yes...a blockbuster diabetes prevention and treatment drug has been refused entry into the American medical market insuring that 100,000 insulin-dependent patients will die...predicted Novo Nordisk's CEO Lars Rebien Sorensen.

How dare the jerks at the Food and Drug Administration kill so many. If those bastards were Syrian we'd be calling them MASS MURDERERS! But because they're Obama cronies...their complicity in such massacre is called "good and honorable".

One of these FDA vermin was interviewed off-camera about this refusal to permit this new drug sporting the name TRESIBA to be sold. After some coaxing...though...this government worker bee admitted that he didn't much care how many insulin-dependent patients died so long as the FDA by such deaths was made more powerful....more feared...and...more in control of people's destinies.


Transfer pricing permits multi-national companies to shift profits from place to place to avoid taxation. Naturally...because socialist governments want their grip on the throat of everyone...they're quite alert to such transfer pricing.

In India...for example...the toilet bowl of socialism as it's been fragrantly labeled by Michelle Obama...the government has millions of tax agents walking around the countryside looking for examples of "transfer pricing". Each time such EVIL located...that "finding" agent is given a COW to worship. Likewise in Brazil...another scum bucket country...transfer pricing is called treason and anyone caught committing such atrocity shot-on-sight.


Commerce Under Secretary of International Trade Francisco Sanchez came forward and imposed significant trade barriers to tomatoes coming across the Mexican border into Texas and Florida...two major tomato growing states...states with farms burdened with so much "red tape and tax"...profit margins are almost negligible.

To assist these beleaguered American farmers...Sanchez imposed huge taxes on the Mexican varieties making them almost beyond the reach of most consumers. Imagine a TEN CENT tomato costing $1.25 and you'll sense the destruction Sanchez will inflict in Mexico where 350,000 labor to produce that crop each year.

Instead of demanding the 'red tape and tax' burden be lifted so that the American farmer can compete effectively with the Mexican counterpart...the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE solution is to add more taxes...more red tape...more bottleneck.

In a similar situation...liquid natural gas(LNG) has suffered a bottleneck. Indeed...TEAM OBAMA has refused to issue LNG export permits granting only one and that one to a political crony and campaign financier, CHENIERE ENERGY. According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...this bottleneck is causing unemployment to skyrocket...and...LNG prices to remain stubbornly high.


Combat Outpost Keating in Kamdesh District, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan came under intense barrage in a surprise attack by Taliban. Instead of putting the Outpost where this BLOG'S MILITARY DEPARTMENT described as preferred...the top brass ignored this "priority dispatch" and put that so-called Outpost in the bottom of a valley surrounded on 3 sides by mountains peppered with caves and tunnels. As Medal of Honor winner, Clinton Romesha* pointed out, "The top brass sent us there to die and we almost did!"
*Romesha expressed his admiration for the time and concern evinced by the MILITARY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. He acknowledged that had top brass followed the directives of that DEPARTMENT and placed that Outpost where it was best...he'd not have won the Medal of Honor and 2000 young Americans would still be alive.

$2 billion boondoggle

How can you with impunity steal $2 billion? While many might ponder the schemes of  Democrat Jon Corzine or Democrat Bernie answering that question...there is another approach which is so easy and so safe that anyone applying the same template can drain $2 billion...and...laugh all the way to the bank.

The METHOD is called "THE EXPEDITIONARY COMBAT SUPPORT SYSTEM"(TECSS). By applying this system...the thief can achieve success.

For those readers unfamiliar with TECSS...suffice it to say...the Air Force set out to reduce all aspects thereof to a single operating computer system and labeled the mission:TECSS. A company called Computer Science Corporation(CSC) was granted the exclusive contract to amalgamate...collate...and...compress until only a single system remained.

Of course...84 months and $2 billion later...the Air Force scrapped the project and left the area without explanation. Senator John McCain,(R. Az) when asked about this abrupt cessation laughed and said, "The Air Force was raped and raped some more...but they won't admit what should have been behind closed doors."


In describing Obama's proposed State of the Union speech....Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said, "Moses parted the RED SEA...and...Obama spoke into existence 5 million jobs."


Ole Pope Benedict XVI resigned and a bolt of lightning struck the Basilica. The BOLT was captured on video and is a remarkable demonstration of the relationship between this retiring elderly gentleman and the universe.


Yes...folks...the manhunt for Chris Dorner has gone international. In the Sahara...human tracks were found through satellite detection. Because Dorner walks with a pronounced limp...his tracks are distinct and capable of instant identification. Hence...finding and killing Dorner will be easily accomplished. Recall how easy it was to find and slay Osama bin Laden.

Monday, February 11, 2013


According to the OBAMACARE TEMPLATE...states will throw their citizens into a general pool and everyone will be required to pay into this pool and from such pool will medical service payments be made. Naturally...not anyone will contribute voluntarily and all will be compelled one way or the other to pay. The upshot will be "civil war"...the "needy" vs."the not that needy".


A worldwide manhunt is afoot for Christopher Dorner. Yes...folks...Uncle Sugar has joined the L.A. Police Department in its manhunt for this accused cop-killer. The U.S. Injustice Department and the L.A. PD...fellow-travelers somewhat...have joined forces to create a web of detection...designed to catch and kill ole Chris Dorner before he can reach a radio or TV station and deliver his DATA.

In the movie, CHINA SYNDROME...the GOVERNMENT succeeds in silencing a dude whose only purpose to alert the public that the nuclear power plant he once operated had a crack in its core...consequently would melt down...blow up...and...kill everyone in a 1000 miles of ground zero.

Like that intrepid nuclear power plant operator...Dorner uncovered the entire plot to kill Americans. Recall it was this BLOG which first mentioned the obvious link between the Oval Office and unexplained murders occurring around the world. Recall that it was this BLOG which asked people to look before laughing.

Indeed...the MASS MEDIA called this BLOG'S portrayal of  "snuff-orders" as skewed and awkward. As one Team-Obama official snorted when asked about the power of this BLOG: "How dare anyone assert Obama issued "snuff orders" to murder Americans!"

Yet...Chris Dorner took up this BLOG'S mantra and looked into the matter. He used this BLOG'S hacking software and uncovered what OBAMA had done. He confirmed OBAMA had issued orders to murder U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens.

Dorner was so disillusioned! He had fancied OBAMA some kind of man-God...a MARXIST ON MISSION...a man who would steal for him...a dude who would plunder and stomp for him. And here OBAMA was killing people who could hurt his political chances of success.

Imagine how angry DORNER was when DORNER discovered that OBAMA was a miserable slime slug and deserved to be squished as one would smash an offending ant.

When Dorner told his fellow-officers about his discovery...and...that Dorner intended to make things right by snuffing OBAMA...he became a LIABILITY. When those 3 cops came to his apartment to kill him on orders from OBAMA...Dorner shot back...and...was skilled enough to dispatch those 3 carrion crows.


When this BLOG offered to TEAM OBAMA a dramatic template for KILLER DRONE USAGE...never did anyone at the NATIONAL SECURITY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG envision Obama using the DRONES to kill people he just didn't like. But...after he slaughtered several Pakistani was obvious...Obama was using the Predator Drones to achieve state policy by other means.


Yes...Chris Dorner wrote a diary and sent the same into the Google Cloud. And as any cloud-diver will report...inside that many much data...all verified and confirmed kind of data...depicting and revealing the plans and plots behind the assassinations of  both U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens.

Somehow...Dorner...using L.A. Police Department software...hacked the Oval Office computer network and discovered "why" Terry and Stevens were terminated with extreme prejudice.

In the case of  the border guard Brian Terry...ole Brian had stumbled upon a BLACK OPS team operating along the Mexican border fomenting mayhem and unrest and performing their hellish feats at the behest of Obama. When Terry reported his conclusions and backup data to his supervisor...he was marked for deletion.

With respect to Stevens in Benghazi...he was snuffed because he was going to detonate some political dynamite and ruin Obama's chances for re-election. Stevens had proof that Hillary Clinton had a serious sexual relationship with Obama and a camel...and...she wasn't too particular about which one she took first.

Sure...they might snuff Dorner. A "shoot-to-kill" order has been unofficially issued. But...before his last breath taken...what he found out about OBAMA will become common knowledge and a mutual reason for Americans to demand arrested and prosecuted for those murders and orgy-like indiscretions with that camel and Clinton.