Sunday, March 31, 2013


Ignatius Loyola...founder of the JESUITS...told his crew they should live with "one foot raised" to symbolize their willingness to find lost sheep. Following this spiritual aphorism...POPE FRANCIS went among the people and washed feet the other day. Those lucky enough to receive that cleansing say they felt as if some spiritual communing had occurred and felt blessed to have been fortunate enough to have received.


Yes...there are areas where the MASTERS of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE hold so much power...they command the herd and its bloc vote. By such manipulation...the MASTER remains in control and insulated from criticism.

Florida has pockets of would-be MASTERS...but...the Republican Party has managed to keep the CAGE environment from becoming too onerous. has suffered mightily along the Treasure Coast as anti-business sentiments became expressed in local rule and law...each one designed to prevent prosperity unless it's managed by some bureaucrat.

Take for example...little 150,000 person Indian River County. Most children graduating from Vero Beach High School...or...Sebastian River High School...lack any real prospect for getting rich. As Vero Beach City Manager proudly said, "We plan to make sure children must depart the county by making sure Vero Beach is a place that lacks any opening for them."

Standing against this Neo-feudal stuff are many Republicans and freedom-loving Democrats whose mutual desire to breathe free has brought them together under the banner of the Army of Liberation before which is carried THE ORB...chasing away by its provisions the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism and offering EDEN thereby.

Yes...Florida is segmented due to distances into several big MASS MEDIA markets and the vermin Hun-horde of socialists...Eco-fascists...and..."other freedom-haters"...they all foster and every form and format...this 20th Century CAGE. For some reason...the MASS MEDIA believes its in its best interest to pander and boot-lick...instead...of joining with freedom-loving Floridians everywhere and crying out for liberation over subjugation.

Hence...Miami...for run by socialists and fascists...they tolerate each other in order to achieve mutual purpose: subjugation of the population...rendering them herd-like...and...willing to worship whatever golden calf forged(Exodus 32:24). Miami...there is a FIRST BRIGADE of this Army of Liberation...and...they cry out for the 20th Century "red tape, tax and spend" template to be deleted and the Otherwise Unhampered Market ushered in thereby.


Folks...the Chinese would be smart to buy up as much of Florida as possible. HONG KONG is too packed...and...another venue necessary. Should Florida dismantle its 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and offer an "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...the Sunshine State would be the richest spot on planet Earth in the early days of the 21st century...and...a place historians will describe as where CHINESE were able to demonstrate why they have always been leaders.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Imagine a 3 wheel bike...peddle or use small electric motor with battery to propel...two on on back...a swivel-chair and buxom babe...reverently called Ms. got a Noogie Woogie Mobile...traveling the streets of Chicago each Summer delivering NOOGIE WOOGIE...a pork sandwich sporting the slogan: 'PORK WITH PUNCH'.

Because the sandwiches are pre-packaged in a restaurant...and...are dispensed from a bicycle with a solar panel delivering "green energy" to that little electric "assistance" motor...the RULE AND LAW of Chicago can't stop this "micro-franchise" from flourishing. One lady spent the $25,000.00 and started her franchise in Chicago. Since she was the FIRST MICRO-FRACHISEE...she got her pick of Chicago. Using BIG DATA that is crunched 24/7 to show where and when for each NWM to be...each FRANCHISEE can sell enough NOOGIE WOOGIE to clear $1000 per day!

Yes...every state has different bicycle rules...but...most simply will ignore so long as safety observed. Hence...combine that bike with a solar panel...especially one made by's likely...most states, counties and cities will permit these 3-wheel bikes to be in the city and servicing hungry patrons with incredible pork sandwiches served by a gal reverently called Ms NUUUU-GETS.

There you are...walking along the street in crowded Chicago...and...up ahead in a parking space pulls in a NWM...and...the loudspeaker begins softly to play the unique song using alluring African drum beat:


You march quickly to the curb and there sits Ms NUU-GETS.

 "May I help you?" asks Ms NUUU-GETS.."One for $3.00...2 for $5.00."

Knowing from rumors that these are the best give her $20.00 and get the BAG OF JOY...a bag containing 8 NOOGIE WOOGIE.

You know that with the "Noogie Woogie app"...wherever you are in can have NOOGIE WOOGIE delivered curbside in less than 15 minutes! If you miss the NWM at the can return to your office...hit that APP and within 15 minutes on your desk will sit as many NOOGIE WOOGIE as requested...delivered as if for that instant you were important and almost god-like.

JOHN 9:11 day...while walking with his apostles...happened upon a blind man. Jesus stopped....bent down...mixed saliva with clay and rubbed it into the blind man's eyes. Immediately, Jesus directed that he wash his eyes in the Pool of Siloam. The man dashed there and washed. When noticed by those people who had been throwing shekels into his beggar's tray all those years...they...approached...ready to beat and chastise. Observing instant-death...said the "now-seeing" man..."No...ask my parents they'll confirm blind since birth."

The Bible says that this angry crowd took the "now-seeing" man to the house of his parents. They asked if his sight were always or just come about. Fearing themselves a potential target for collateral damage...the father and mother proclaimed that "yes...since birth...blind....blind...and....blind!".

The Bible says the crowd satisfied...walked away...not asking anything further. The Bible leaves the reader with the conclusion that the parents...had they been asked...would have explained what they meant by "blind".

Had they been asked...they'd have been informed that little Timmy there since birth has been in trouble...stays in trouble....never can tell the difference between "no-trouble"...and..."gonna-be" that manner...was "BLIND".


Mr. of the co-founders of FACEBOOK...has begun to meddle in politics. He was told to remain on the sidelines until 2016. He was informed that to come out sooner would taint his political-brand. When asked what brand he liked best...Zuckie said he liked MARXISM...mixed with HINDU-god-worship. He called it FACEMOOK...and...knew it was 21st century stuff doubt doubt at all.


Pope Francis washed feet. Those people fortunate enough to have been so blessed have told reporters they experienced something almost divine.


Folks...freedom-fighters are needed in the early days of the 21st century to lead the Army of Liberation. In Florida...there are many such whose courage seems unequaled is U.S. Rep. Bill Posey,(R.FL.). was Bill Posey who joined with this BLOG and predicted Florida seniors would be attacked viciously by OBAMACARE. He has led the fight against OBAMACARE offering liberation over subjugation as the obvious solution to the misery associated with OBAMACARE.

Medicare Advantage plans are well-liked by retirees in Florida. However, with the new OBAMACARE RULES...such plans are to be attacked...penalized...and...driven from the marketplace,(Wall Street Journal A-12;03-30-13).

Rep. Posey wants to pay-off each of the entitlement recipients and then eliminate this "red ink" system. Sure...payment will be in colored-paper money...but...folks...such is all that remains that can be used to pay off each victim of the NANNY STATE CAGE entitlement system.

Instead of victimizing retirees...penalizing...attacking...taking...pushing...Rep. Posey calls for Floridians to rise up against such CAGE tactic...and...demand liberation. Let this YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA be deleted and the otherwise unhampered market permitted to blossom and bloom. As Bill has said many times, "Take the jack-boot from the throat of liberty...and...Florida the land of the fountain of youth."


Little Kim Jong Eun...all 5'1" of him...became angry when Obama refused to call him and discuss basketball. As leader of barbaric North Korea...this little fella thought Obama was snubbing affront he could not accept. Hence...he put his entire Atomic weapon system on alert...issued the obligatory threat to America...and...sat back to await emissaries to discuss peace in the region.

When Dennis Rodman came back from his meeting with the little fella...he told Obama on national TV that Obama needed to pick up the phone and call him. According to Rodman...the midget was very interested in discussing basketball theory and tactic with Obama...a person ole Kim believes knows more about basketball that any American ever born.

What if Dennis Rodman delivered a message to Kim Jong Eun? What if Obama...through Rodman...told the North Korean leader the military-industrial complex needs some noise from his end of the field. The threat will assist the American component in maintaining its funding during the 2013-2014 federal budgeting process.


On a training mission...two Navy Seals collided in mid-air severely injuring one and killing the other. They were using the newest flying suit. Somehow...their guidance system went haywire and sent them into each other instead of flying them side by side.

As MSBNC-Hardball Chris Matthews said, "What has everyone in an uproar is that this guidance-system was built by union people in America. It's likely the system-error was due to the poor quality of construction...and...that defective effort...officials say...can be traced directly to UNION involvement."

Another explanation is that the system was hacked while the Seals were mid-air...another set of computer instructions was sent...instructions prepared as a test-run to determine if such a simple thing could defeat the latest American military idea: RAPID DEPLOYMENT FORCE.

Imagine...10,000 flying suit dudes...mid-air...headed into North they reach the North Korean air space...their suits they think...and...all 10,000 plummet to their death. Imagine as much as that and you'll sense why even Chris Matthews...a loudmouth buffoon...was called upon to find some cover story while the PENTAGON devises another way.


Dennis Rodman...a former basketball super star...decked out with nose ring and all sorts of other adornments...went to North Korea and spoke to its tyrant. Rodman returned to America and told everyone that all Obama had to do was get on the phone and call the lad.

"They had much in common and should confer," opined the triumphant Rodman. He pointed out that the little North Korean tyrant referred reverently to Obama as MARXIST ON MISSION and was pleased to see how far Obama had gotten in his effort to enslave and reduce Americans to herd-like mentality...waiting for MASTER to care MASTER sees fit.

But...somehow...the interface didn't work. Obama didn't call...and...the little North Korean tyrant...all 5'1" of him...became angry. "How dare Obama not call about basketball!" he fumed to his 10,000 gallery of same-dressed...same look...underlings.

I'll just do some "BOO"...and...they'll come running to my door....the little tyrant concluded. He'd tell the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA he was targeting America and "others". He would reveal that should North Korea attack such an assault would be his decision...and...his alone. Either Obama called him...or...say good bye to New York City.


Beverly L. Hall has been arrested along with 34 teachers for helping their students cheat. On her arrest...however...ole Beverly offered to rat out OBAMA in exchange for a lesser prison sentence. She said that OBAMA had been similarly to speak...throughout his high school and college career. Had it not been for teachers "helping" Barack...he'd never have been anything more than a shoeshine boy or a runner from a Mexican drug cartel.

7000 patients?

A dentist was told to cease performing dental services after one of his patients was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and the deadly HIV-virus. Because he was using tools which were not properly sterilized...his sloppiness has endangered...perhaps...everyone of his 7000 patrons.

When Dr. Harrington was asked why so "sloppy"...he replied that the Federal Government inspected his tools and his tidiness and had given his effort an A+ grade! He showed the POLICE the certificate of cleanliness he received from OBAMA, himself, after he cleaned Obama's teeth while Obama was in town on a campaign stop.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Yes...the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) wants to delete sulfur...even though sulfur is a natural occurring element. A volcano emits more sulfur in an hour than mankind emits in a 100 years! Yet...the assert its Neo-feudal power has directed refineries to reduce sulfur even more or face closure. The refineries have warned consumers this high-handed feudal stuff will cost TEN CENTS more per gallon!

Because EPA personnel get government cars with government gas and use air conditioned offices and have air conditioned homes in the hottest parts of Summer while most Americans do without...because of all their power and perks...these scumbags want Americans to kneel and lick their boot. If Americans permit the EPA to impose such stupidity...then...Americans deserve the incredible misery and darkness such RULES AND POWER generate!


Dr. Ben Carson is offering himself for President. He will dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. He preaches deployment of THE ORB thereby chasing away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism.


Charter School receives $6,442 per student per year while the public school receives $13,269 for that same student. Based on this BLOG'S examination of both school systems and the results obtained...most Charter School students went to college and became productive members of society. On the other hand...most public school graduates are the first to quit and the last to arrive on time.

The solution is to eliminate the public school system...delete the top-heaving administration...and...streamline the class room for 21st century education.

In the proposed "new public school...there are teachers...a principal...a secretary to push paper...and...nothing else. If a child needs counseling...for example...such is sub-contracted with every psychologist and child therapist on the planet using "real-time" Skype.

In a proposed MEDICAL MIRACLE class...for example...the students are taught how to bio-build organs...and...all other parts of the human anatomy exposing them to this that in 10 years will be a boom-town like atmosphere for all those people who know "how" and "why".

In another class...ROBOT-CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUE AND THEORY is taught. Each student is challenged to construct a BOT FOR BUSINESS. One student in less than 90 days designed...drew...and...then....built a BOT that can serve as a cashier at any grocery store and looks like a person from the waist up...with a flat screen for a face...and...the personality of BEYONCE...a true goddess in flesh.
FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA SAID, "The students from the Charter schools learn more and do better in life while the public school educated students are drug users and NASCAR enthusiasts."


The more reviled and despised...the more public interest there is. Just ask Jesus...he made a science of such fizz and fume. What about him did they hate so much? A question asked with every puff and fuss. When answer sought...wondrous and blessed...wrought.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Obama sent American firepower to South Korea. If the North Koreans make anything more than noise...Obama plans to stomp them Chicago-style. The Stealth Bombers...the 10 battleships...200 aircraft carriers...and...10,000 destroyers and cruisers were also sent to the area to bombard and destroy North Korea should they be so bold as to attack South Korea or Okinawa.


Adam Lanza...the murderer of NEWTOWN...was a Democrat and had corresponded with First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He was a campaign worker for Obama in 2008 and had a signed postcard from Obama, himself. While the MASS MEDIA wants to link this monster to the National Rifle Association(NRA) simply won't admit he was a typical Democrat.


Apocalypse sells...and...sells well. People will listen to the dirty laundry of doom sooner than they will stop and listen to about anything much said. For Japan...until many actually saw the tsunami coming did they actually heed the screams of the terrified as they fled past seeking much higher ground. One survivor recalled that she ignored the screams of terror until she..herself...actually saw that 200 foot wall of water coming down the street at 300 miles per hour. Had it not been for her BOT-JUMP...a survival packet she carried with her for that "what-if" FINAL DESTINATION like moment...had it not been that that DEVICE she'd have been consumed in DOOM.

BOT-JUMP was sold in Japan on that "what-if" basis. Because the BOT-JUMP fits in any purse and weighs less than an was perfect for all occasions...carried for that "what if" moment...that instant when extrication from DOOM a moral to speak.

Over 100,000 BOT-JUMPS were sold before the Tsunami struck. Since then...100 million have been ordered. The factories making the BOT-JUMP are 2 weeks behind on filling orders but they promise they'll have fulfilled all orders prior to the next calamity!'s that for customer service?

Coupeville, Washington state

When the cliff dwellers in Coupeville were warned by the GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG that doom approached...they scoffed and said they'd been told by environmentalists they were safe. They ignored the pie charts and statistical graphs. They laughed at the satellite photos showing a rift running the extent of the cliff. They chortled when they were shown dramatizations of the potential calamity awaiting those who did not heed the warning.

Now...they don't laugh so aren't so proud. Their homes...their belongings and any pets unfortunate enough not to have been released prior to the catastrophe were spotted by helicopter TV camera crews at the bottom of that ravine...crumbled...afire...and...utterly destroyed.

Nowadays...when this BLOG issues a gets immediate attention. Just ask Timmy Titler. He heeded the warning and departed the house situated near that cliff's edge. His Coupeville-neighbors laughed at him. Some asked if he were going to build an ARK for the flood.

Despite Titler's entreaties that they heed the warning...his neighbors insisted on being in their houses just to show Titler how silly he was to have left his house based on a prediction of DOOM issued by some arcane BLOG. Naturally...everyone of those naysayers are crushed in the rubble at the bottom of that 10,000 foot deep chasm.

As one Washington state resident said, "Oh...when will they ever learn...oh...when will they ever learn. Where has Coupeville gone...long time passing...Where has Coupeville gone...long time ago...where has Coupeville gone....gone to bottom everyone...oh...when...will they ever learn...oh...when will they ever learn?


PIPELINES are the least messy and are deemed the safest method to transport BIG OIL. However...OBAMA...a closet Eco-fascist... hates PIPELINES and wants OIL to move as slowly as possible and be as messy as possible. Indeed...every train wreck with oil spill is carried 24/7 on Obama-controlled TV with the snotty talking head telling America that OIL is bad and people must not want OIL. They tell people they will love to live in tents and use camp fire for cooking...that they'll enjoy jerking  their beef and traveling south before the first snows fall.


cars were gone
oxen collared at dawn
you must
be up and ready
when the tribe
moves on.


America's shift to generic drugs has saved consumers more than a $1 trillion over the last decade, but it has taken a heavy toll on the independent pharmacists. Instead of demanding that they be liberated from the burdens of regulatory "hassle and hinder"...they want all middlemen to turn over their arcane pricing data enabling these pharmacists to bargain effectively...perhaps...even getting greater sums in terms of reimbursement from the insurance companies.

Because the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is always looking for people willing to kneel and worship in exchange for kingdoms and glories(MATTHEW 6:24)...the Democrats...that vermin Hun-horde of socialists and other freedom-haters...were all too glad to accommodate and propose a LAW that would stomp the middlemen driving them from Oregon thereby making consumers pay more!

Wall Street Journal (03-28-13 B-1,B-4)

Instead of attacking...these concerned pharmacists should collaborate...pool their funds...and...create an APP. Anyone using that APP gets a special price and all the appurtenances of welcome: Band...balloon...parade.


After reading this BLOG...Carla Hesseltine put in an order with the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT for a BOT...a robot capable of doing everything an employee can do but costs only $1000.00.

Her decision to buy a BOT was precipitated by the new $9.19 minimum wage law. With 15 employees...that increase from $7.25/hr to $9.19/hr would be too much and her JUST CUPCAKES business would instantly be unprofitable.

Because she had 5 children in college...she simply could not afford to be put out of business by BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT. She couldn't bring herself to stand there and watch as BIGFOOT squished her cupcakes and dashed her dreams. Hence...she asked around...and...was directed to contact this BLOG and ask for the BUSINESS-BOT.

Yes...folks...more and more employers are doing what's called: "BOT-THE-BUSINESS". They ask the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT to come and examine their business and needs. Within a fortnight appears a BOT...ready to perform* as requested by that consumer.

Imagine for a $1000 having a driver for a tractor...a dude to mow...trim...edge...or...perform other lawn maintenance feats...or...a cashier with a flat screen for a face...otherwise..looking like a real person. Who cares if instead of legs it has wheels...or...hands with plastic-feeling fingers?

*Due to the interest and massive purchases...BOT-SUPPORT offered...but...every component is self-detecting in the HAL tradition of 2001 Space Odyssey and can be bought on-line from BOT-SUPPORT...a Vietnamese enterprise with tentacles in China. Allow 48 hours for delivery.


Ah...yes...George Bennett...a Palm Beach Post contributor...recently sought. Some might have thought bought...but...after examination...concluded caught.

What would a fool do? This question Bennett asks most...before he delivers love...or...offers cordial toast.

TWO ITALIAN MARINES?'s true. The two Italian Marines accused to killing two fisherman were sent to New Delhi to face trial. Their defense: they were told to blow those two little brown froggy body like dudes from the water and they did.

BAM...BAM...BAM went their 30mm chain cannon...100,000 rounds of depleted uranium blistering forth and into that 10 foot long "oar-only" fishing vessel packed with two little brown froggy body like dudes...with eyes became as big as poached eggs when those two Italian Marines opened fire mistaking them for PIRATES.

Over the sound of cannon...unfortunately...the screams of the two fishermen of India could not be heard. Had they been asked...they would have told this WELL-ARMED CREW that they were out there fishing...and...not offering any threat or posing any kind of danger. The best they had in their small 10 foot fishing boat was a knife to skin fish or pluck errant hook.

Had these two Marines fired on their own...perhaps...they should be sent to New Delhi to stand trial and then be executed. But...these two Marines were puppets. They received orders to fire and they did. Had they refused that order...they would have been put to death-by-hanging after a plenary court-martial. Imagine...two Marines facing the choice of death or death...and...not having any way to avoid decision.

Anyone in the Italian Military had best pay heed to what is happening. These two Marines are being sent to New Delhi to be executed for following orders whose pedigree and chain of command can be obviously traced all the way into the highest reaches of Italian government.

If they throw these two Italian Marines to the's obvious...those whose power that great...can...also...send others to the gallows as easily. To remain silent is to augur arrival of THE HANGMAN, (Maurice Ogden).


How can you tell you're on a beach near Tel Aviv? Listen for the whack of the paddles sending their ball aloft and towards the opponent whose paddle just as capable of returning fire.

Just as OBAMA departed the Holy Land...rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. Of course...not anyone was injured....because the rockets were aimed at desert areas. They were meant to assist the American MASS MEDIA in its propaganda effort to paint Israel as a menace and Palestinians as the "chosen-ones".

As CHRIS MATTHEWS...a MSBNC loudmouth...said, "OBAMA is a man-God and both sides put aside their rockets and played paddle-ball until he departed the Holy Land."

test tube needed

In Cyprus...RUSSIANS are suffering. As everyone knows...the Russians are by far the largest cash depositors with huge savings accounts in the two BIG BANKS located in Cyprus. Many Russians have spent their entire lives planning on a Cyprus retirement home. Unfortunately for these Russians...they're in the cross-fire.

Obama hates PUTIN. Hence...Obama directed that CYPRUS would be the test tube for what the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE refers to as "capital control". Recall that BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT has stepped in to every Cypriot bank account and taken control. Indeed...under CAPITAL CONTROL RULES...not any depositor can access funds without MASTER'S approval. What would otherwise be called THEFT...operates beneath the euphemism: CAPITAL CONTROL.

Many know that the NANNY STATE CAGE is at its end. That painting of an Indian seated on his war horse with sun going down...called "END OF THE TRAIL" a fitting metaphor of the final days of this NANNY STATE CAGE...a model that generates trillion dollar deficits...yet...continues to grow in pomp and power.
Such a CAGE generates more unemployed people...more needy people...more people whose loyalty only as good as the "freebie and favor" promised.


Florida could literally drain the other 49 states of its wealth and talent in less than 60 months by simply eliminating its own 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE "red tape, tax and spend"...and...usher in thereby the 21st Century OTHERWISE UNHAMPERED MARKET(OUM).

You take your APP with you shopping...or...when you're investing. Before you spend BIG BUCKS in a Democrat-controlled with BIG FOOT simply hit the BUY-FLORIDA APP and BAMMMMM! You get instant comparison with colorful pie chart...statistical graphs...educated commentary...and...all the other appurtenances of welcome to the Sunshine State.


Using this incredible BUY-FLORIDA-APP...Bertie and her husband Mort found they were much better off in selling that Northeast anchor and sail to Florida...the proverbial land of land of the newly wed and nearly dead. They found government quite limited and restricted to delivering essential services such as court, police and road-bridge-harbor maintenance and nothing else. They discovered in many Florida research facilities human organs and limbs were printed and attached much as one would 're-hab' a car. they discovered charity so abundant that many charities advertised their amenities to attract patrons. the OUM never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Obama is demanding GUN CONTROL...federal GUN CONTROL...putting Uncle Sugar into your gun cabinet. Many people don't much care since they don't own a weapon. However, those gun-owners know what's afoot. Before tyranny can be imposed...the citizens must be disarmed. a MARXIST ON MISSION...Obama is determined to achieve this first step.
Keep in mind... if you find
Shooter from seat to seat
yours several hence
but coming doom to meet.


In 2013...the NANNY STATE CAGE is grinding people down into servile supplicants willing to kneel and worship any golden calf the MASTER chooses to forge. Take for example the "victim-making"  Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program(SNAP). By last count...taken only a few days back...there are 48.1 million Americans on FOOD STAMPS...the thing SNAP delivers "if" the recipient qualifies. Such qualifications require the be a recipient of government "freebie and favor"...remain as they were when they first began to get those FOOD STAMPS.

FOOD STAMPS are given to those in need of them. "Need" has been broadened* until people with income and savings,nevertheless, can apply for and receive FOOD STAMPS.  As result of such loosening of REQUIREMENTS...the number of recipients on FOOD STAMPS has increased** and is still increasing as more and more people hear about the "freebies and favors"...and...along with 48 million other "needy" Americans...herd on down to the trough for FOOD STAMPS.

*In 2007...FOOD STAMPS cost the taxpayers $30.4 billion. In 2012...the taxpayers spent $74.6 billion.
A producer receiving $11.00 per hour found herself in need of that $380 in FOOD STAMPS. The government was taking out so much in TAXES...she simply could not afford FOOD for herself and 9 children...their father having left for California...said he'd write when he found work...and...hadn't been seen or heard from since. Had the government not taxed her...however...she would have had plenty to pay for FOOD...CAR...SHELTER...CLOTHING...and...TOYS.

** the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the MASTER takes from her what could be the difference between poverty and middle-class life style...and...then...hands her FOOD STAMPS telling her to remain enslaved.
The hungry never bite the feeding hand.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


An anonymous tipster...a "crime-stopper" so to speak...told police that JOELIS JARDINES was growing marijuana in his house. Naturally...not having anything better to do than hassle some pot grower...the police gathered their invasion squad and off they went. Their plan to bash down a door...shoot dog and people...and...earn honor and praise in the community for having killed another witch and wiped out another coven.

To the front door went TROOPER DICK...jacked clothing...adorned with a black mask with eye holes...and...accompanied by FRANKIE*...the K-9 drug-dog whose credentials were impeccable. Frankie alerted to the house. Inside...according to FRANKIE...marijuana was to be found. TROOPER DICK took his door-grenade...deployed and detonated...blowing the front door out of his way. Entering with 50 caliber machine guns and bazookas came TROOPER DICK and the rest of his squad of "witch killers".

JOELIS JARDINES was fast asleep. Never did he suspect that his CASTLE could be attacked by such a goon squad. When JOELIS heard the explosion...he thought his house was getting gobbled up by a sinkhole...something that was quite common in his area of Florida. He grabbed his jeans and T-shirt and headed for the door. He saw forms in the smoke and haze of the grenade blast. Who were these people? Were they rescuers come to save him from sinkhole doom?

Before he finished running such questions through his mind...he was struck in the chest by a 50 caliber bullet...blowing a hole as big as a dinner plate out his back. JOELIS fell dead. His wife screamed but her cries were stopped as another bullet blew her head off.

Of course...FRANKIE was wrong. The house with the pot was next door. TROOPER DICK had misread FRANKIE'S MEMO. Except for aspirin...there were not any illegal drugs in JARDINES' house. Two dead illegal drugs...and...big hassle afoot.

To cover-up such HEINOUS CRIMINAL CONDUCT**...the State Attorney was told to claim the JARDINES were drug-traffikers with ties to Mexican Drug cartels. Immediately...the complicit MASS MEDIA began its drum beat that the POLICE were correct to kill JOELIS and his wife, BERTHA because they had ties to terrorists and to a drug cartel.
* times past...FRANKIE had been used to sniff out drugs enabling the officers to bash every door down in entire city block areas. FRANKIE would be stationed in the middle of the street. He'd whimper and point in all directions...and...with that PROBABLE CAUSE...with that information...the POLICE would bash down a 100 doors...shoot a 100 dogs...kill 100 people...and...if not any drugs found...well...FRANKIE was right...but...the drugs had been moved to some other location prior to invasion of the POLICE...leaving...however...a residual odor ole FRANKIE smelled...supposedly.
**The Supreme Court has heard a similar case and has ruled the POLICE can't use FRANKIE any more as a reason to bash down doors.


In the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...never could a government dictate that the national banks expropriate 40% of deposits from all depositors whose deposit at that bank exceeds $10,000.00. However...inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...such things are possible and indeed to be expected.

Take for example, the disaster unfolding at the BANK OF CYPRESS. Those depositors unable to withdraw their money will suffer a 40% GRAB AND TAKE. Recall...Cypress...a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE system...acording to official experts...has spent too much...has too big of a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system gobbling up every bit of wealth the Cypriot government can squeeze from its buried beneath millions of pages of rules and laws each one designed to advance the CAGE and RIDE while stifling and enslaving all producers.

Why must America travel down the road the Cypriots chose? Why not dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the OUM...a place where never can be found an able-bodied paupers? Why must Americans fear such an attack by government? Yet...if...America continues down this road to serfdom...such attacks will become commonplace and more often than not quite expected.

The 21st Century OUM does not have any need for BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT. Anyone choosing government service will be called upon to work for a little as possible and have employment so long as the work acceptable. By such restriction...the employees will be few and those there are will be volunteers trying to make a difference in efficient and well-delivered governmental service...a government limited to: (a) courts(civil and penal) (b) police to protect and serve and (c) a small national defense force designed around FIREPOWER AND SPEED.

This who wish to continue the American-version of the 20th Century CAGE...they contemplate such 40% GRAB AND TAKE when such needed to perpetuate. Instead of dismantling this CAGE and eliminating its "red ink" RIDE...the advocates of the CAGE demand more not less "red tape, tax and spend"...and...never do they express any want for liberation over subjugation.

Those wanting the OUM...they seek not to GRAB AND TAKE but to find ways to delete and insulate. The advocates for the OUM...they want the government out of the way so they can produce and feed their families as they see from the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the NANNY STATE.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Bob and his baby's momma, Martha were arguing about why she did not wish to interface and have dialogue with him. He didn't like the cold-shoulder approach. The windows were open to their small 750 square foot home...and...on the sidewalk stood a nosy-neighbor listening to the ranting and cursing. Of course...being a nosy neighbor...911 was called and two deputies arrived. As they were approaching and getting out of their cars...Martha said to Bob, "Now are you come the cops. Somebody must have heard your cussing."

Quickly...there was knock on the front door. Bob opened the door and the deputy invited Bob and Martha outside to answer questions about who was doing what to whom and why. Martha and Bob were separated by direction and they complied. Neither Bob nor Martha were free to ignore such directives...but...they did not know as much since the deputies did not tell them that to refuse any command upon interface could be met with the use of deadly force including death by bullet.

Martha told the deputy assigned to her that there was not any physical violence and they were exchanging cuss words as they usually do albeit perhaps more loudly expressed than in times past...but...typical to them and their relationship. This information was underscored by Bob as he conferred with his deputy. His deputy was 6'9" tall and weighed 375 pounds and bench-pressed 800 lbs and was known to his fellow-officers as GORILLA. His fist could punch through walls...and...his kick crush steel barrels.

After telling the deputies not any criminal act was afoot...Bob told GORILLA he was going back inside his house and the deputies needed to depart. GORILLA directed Bob not to re-enter the house. Naturally...Bob ignored the GORILLA and entered his home. The door was hung on the left side door facing if one were standing in the door facing out.

As Bob entered and attempted to close the door...with his back and neck exposed at that moment to the door's edge should it be blasted open...Deputy GORILLA dashed forward...kicked that door open...which made that door's edge strike OB'S neck sending incredible pain down his arm. He reached for his neck to grab he was reaching for his neck...he was grabbed by the GORILLA. His head was rammed into the drywall in a pivoting motion driving Bob's neck and spine in a crushing action splintering the "rebuilt" spine.

Yes...folks...Bob was an Iraqi war vet. He had been blown up and had been pieced back together with his upper spine and neck little more than metal and cadaver parts. When GORILLA slammed that door's edge into Bob's spine...that door's edge acted much like a KNIFE slicing into the neck and causing significant micro-fractures. When GORILLA grabbed Bob in a head-lock and rammed his head into the drywall...that ramming smashed the spinal processes damaging nerve and other structures.

Immediately, Bob crumpled into pain..screaming with agony. GORILLA  grabbed him...threw his limp body onto his stomach and cuffed him. Bob screamed in horror as the pain shot through his body...his nerves getting bashed and scraped by jagged things.

Later on...Bob received the written report of GORILLA. According to GORILLA...Bob cussed him and went back into the house in defiance of an order not to re-enter. As the Gorilla entered...Bob pulled back his fist as if to cock a punch and that is when Gorilla unleashed a "take-down maneuver" such was occurring Bob accidentally struck the wall.

Bob was eventually charged by the Assistant State Attorney(ASA)...based on that report...with OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and ASSAULT ON A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. Of course...the ASA was dispatched to perform "cover-up" since the deputy had violated the CASTLE DOCTRINE.

The deputy lacked any permission to enter that house. He entered not under authority as a law enforcement officer but as a so entering with force...could be Florida Law...classified as...a "home invader"...a person committing thereby HOME INVASION...a 1st degree felony punishable by punishable...since Bob was injured when GORILLA invaded his house crashing through a closing door.

Indeed...the 4th amendment of the United States requires an officer to have a search warrant or an arrest warrant before entering a house over the objection of its owner. Yes...there are exceptions. Hot pursuit of a fleeing felon...exigent circumstances necessitating entry to preserve evidence...or...warrantless-entry to perform some community-care taking service, (Granny fell and can't get up).

However, none of these exceptions pertained to what Bob and Martha experienced. The entry was unlawful and the damages suffered extreme. Before GORILLA attacked...Martha had a fairly active husband whose life while not pain-free was better than it had ever been. The neck surgery had given him comfort where before pain was his bed partner. After that interface, though, Bob was constantly in pain. His neck hurt...his back hurt...and...his sex life was gone.

The local Sheriff said he didn't care. It was not he that was in he didn't care. He was a Sheriff...prideful...powerful...insulated...and...he didn't care. Sure...GORILLA had hurt others...but...the Sheriff didn't care. Yes...many other people with similar stories of unlawful beatings came forward...but...still...the Sheriff remained aloof...he didn't care!

Maybe you want to live in a town with  a GORILLA with a master who doesn't care. But...sooner or later...ole GORILLA is gonna get caught on YouTube doing his thing. At that time...the Sheriff will go down the toilet along with the meantime...Indian River County residents had best be careful not to anger GORILLA!


FOLKS...OBAMA'S recklessness is about to permit IRAN to have a nuclear weapon. Imagine that Council of Twelve with the power to shoot a rocket and explode over New York City a small atomic warhead. BOOM. There goes New York City and with the electromagnetic pulse such BOOM would generate knock out all computers east of the Mississippi...frying hard drives...blowing circuits...and...literally wiping out the INTERNET...crippling instantly almost all commercial traffic and rendering entire populations without food, water or power!

The MASS MEDIA is making light of this prospect. Some of the pro-Obama talking heads are telling America that IRAN would never use their NUKE. Sure...they've been trying for 20 years to build one...but...once they possess their SWORD OF ALLAH...the story-line goes...they'll not use it...they'll not deploy and detonate...but...use it as a bargaining chip much in the same way the Russians used their fear card over the years until Chernobyl demonstrated to them and to the entire planet that "nukes" can't used...not ever!

And...OBAMA...this MARXIST ON permitting these Iranian maniacs to acquire what they call their SWORD OF ALLAH...thinking...they would never be that crazy...and...explode such a thing...not any where...not any time. But...he's wrong. The Council of Twelve are not rational...but...demented. They believe in and want more than anything else what is called the 12th IMAM SCENARIO. They firmly believe that if they can wash the land in infidel blood...through the carnage will stride the 12th IMAM.


In the Great Depression..."price stabilization" programs were imposed. One such program established the RAISIN ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE. Its job control the raisin supply. The committee acted...and...still acts...somewhat like a MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL setting raisin prices and recommending through marketing orders how many tons of raisins must be sold to the federal government at a steep discount. According to this fascist format...its marketing orders were and still are enforced by the Department of Agriculture.

Such is merely a glimpse of what  life is like inside what this BLOG calls the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Recently...Marvin and his wife, Laura Horne...both of them avid raisin enthusiasts...decided to grow and sell magical raisins...raisins grown with the warmth and love only the Hornes knew how to infuse into their product. Applying typical American zeal...they used the INTERNET and their a few years...had a dedicated clientele and an income matching consumer-satisfaction therewith.

But...Marv and Laurie never heard about the RAISIN BARONS...a neo-feudal-fascist organization backed up with the punch of Uncle Sugar. Hence...they did not know that they were to deliver 40% of their gross product to the RAISIN BARONS and receive payment less than the cost of production. After a few years...a competitor paying the "tribute"...heard HORNE RAISINS were preferred. Following the trail...this competitor discovered Hornes were ignoring payment of tribute. To make the sure everyone dies equally hard...this competitor ratted Hornes out.

With this "TIP"...the Department of Agriculture descended on the home of Hornes. The S.W.A.T. teams were deployed with snipers covering every angle with orders to shoot to kill...similar to the same orders the snipers received years ago up on Ruby Ridge. With 15 Federal Marshals...each one trying to out-do Tommy Lee Jones...side-by-side...the lead agent slammed his fist on the front door and screamed for MARVIN HORNE to come forward.

Marvin was in the kitchen making this millionth batch of OLE MARV'S RAISIN WINE and came to the door wiping his hands with a red-stained towel. 

"May I help you gentlemen?" Marv asked.

The agent...with blue ball cap and black-reflective sun if some Titan...removed a warrant from his tightly-fitted jacket and handed it to MARVIN HORNE. The warrant was a CEASE AND DESIST ORDER wherein it directed the Hornes to hand over $483,843...the value of the raisin tribute Hornes had neglected to pay along with a $202,600 fine for being so forgetful. The order went on to say that the officer with warrant was authorized to remove the tribute due to this year and if  such demand for tribute met by refusal to deliver...then...upon such refusal...the officer was authorized to close down the entire grow-operation.

Will MARVIN AND LAURA HORNE prevail before the Supreme Court of the United Stated...or...will they be made to pay that huge fine and give 40% of their precious product to the MASTER inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Will neo-feudalism remain untouched and cemented further into the fabric of the American way of life?

Inside the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...raisin growers can sell and buy as they please. Some do better than others and many eventually fail since persistence is a virtue few can generate wholeheartedly all of the time. But never would some government entity be able...inside the issue diktats and exact tribute as if some Baron in Dark Age Europe.


It's obvious consenting adults should be entitled to do as they please so long as their activities don't harm others. The government needs to keep its busy-nose out of it. Hence, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) should say the state can't abridge this right of association and can't pass laws which treat those unions unequally.


Mortimer a Wall Street Journal op-ed article pointed out that the so-called OBAMA ECONOMIC RECOVERY(OER) was myth created by MASS MEDIA hype. The so-called 7.7% unemployment rate...a figure generated by the Department of Labor...if...everyone included...for instance...would be over 15%...a 100% greater than TEAM OBAMA wishes to reveal.

Unfortunately...Mort is stuck inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE template and his ideas for curing this so-called 2.5% economic growth rate is to add more layers of what is stifling and smothering.

Never in that lengthy op-ed piece did ole Mort...though...wonder about eliminating the entire CAGE template and ushering in the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...and...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Mort could not contemplate liberation over subjugation as a cure to this malaise and misery so much afoot in America nowadays...because he's inextricably attached and otherwise locked into the 20th Century mindset...a default position wherein government is the solution to every problem.

Had Mort called for this NANNY STATE CAGE to be dismantled...that the "red tape, tax and spend" policies and programs of the CAGE deleted...and...America freed from the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of this CAGE...he'd have become one of the leaders of the Army of Liberation. As it is...he's just another ESTABLISHMENT dude calling for "same old, same old, just different bag."

Monday, March 25, 2013


Russian tycoon Berezovsky was found dead in his locked bathroom in his residence outside of London. He had 10,000 armed guards but none could have expected Columbiana to be afoot. Yes...the assassin known only as COLUMBIANA murdered this Russian and made it appear to be suicide. She was paid by the CIA to perform this feat since TEAM OBAMA wants to put pressure on President PUTIN and make him help destroy al-Assad in Syria.

This PLOT was relayed to this BLOG by its pet-eye-ball stationed in the highest levels of the Obama administration. According to this pet eye-ball...OBAMA needed something to sully PUTIN. He was told that some Russian big shot was living outside of LONDON and would be an excellent target since PUTIN and this big mouth had exchanged words over which vodka best...or...something just as was known to most Russians to have been loud and packed with cursing.

"What better dude to murder and then blame it on PUTIN than this jerk? Then...using the American MASS MEDIA...a bunch all too willing to do the bidding of  their MASTER...have unison...claim PUTIN obviously killed him. Obama saw wisdom in such a plot of "murder-blame" and issued the "snuff order".


"DON'T CRY FOR ME, ARGENTINA." Such was sung quite well by Madona. Recently...the song was sung again by the owners of anti-government MASS MEDIA because they were about to lose their income due to government "rule and law"...imposed to destroy them as quickly as possible. The ruling elite in that socialist regime can't have anti-YOKE AND CHOKE types telling Argentinians why they're miserable once more.

Hence...every way income can be dried up has been done...making publication almost too risky a venture to perform and deliver. In a few months...the ruling class won't have any worries from a vexatious MASS MEDIA.
*Officially...Argentina has an inflation rate of 25% per year. Such means that every year...that Argentinian money becomes worth 25% less than the year before. As one Argentina Economist said, "Soon our money won't be any better than what people use when they play the famous board-game:MONOPOLY."


Because of the popularity of this BLOG...a full-length film is about to be produced wherein Sandusky talks about Paterno and the homosexuality that was rampant at PENN STATE for years. As Sandusky will tell America, "PENN STATE football players were ravaged by him every Friday night to prepare them for the gridiron. While Pappa Joe watched films...ole Jerry would make his rounds through the dorm having his way with those so-called football players.


Yes...folks...advertisers are choosing not to advertise on general TV since those stations, CBS,NBC, ABC,CNN and MSNBC have become propaganda tools for TEAM OBAMA. They champion socialism and Eco-fascism...and...eschew anything that smacks of liberation over subjugation. What they failed to realize was that when people look closely at socialism...or...Eco-fascism...they discover a visceral repugnance for it and shy away instinctively.


In Washington State...any new insurance company wishing to do business in the state will be required to offer ABORTION INSURANCE as part of its "goody-package". The idea is to compel any competitor to provide the same package of benefits every in-state insurance provider by law must offer. Instead of deleting any requirements and offering the state to anyone willing to gamble with such things...Washington State is proceeding further into neo-feudalism...a venture they will regret in a few years hence.


Ah...yes...more anecdotal evidence that there are fascists aspects when one examines the overall form and format of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. In this example...the patrons of the CAGE opine there is a need for an expansion of MEDICAID since by such expansion to include another 50 million people that the hospitals will receive more money and become profitable instead of slowly becoming warehouses for drug-resistant disease.

According to Louise Radnofsky...herself a rabid socialist..."Hospitals pushed hard for the expansion of Medicaid on the theory that by creating more dependent people on Medicaid that there would be fewer unpaid bills."

By forcing everyone to pay for MEDICAID...the theory goes...the medical service industry might continue to thrive and offer quality service at a reasonable price...a price set by government...for services sanctioned by government...and...done or delivered...only...when permitted by MASTER-government. While such hospital might believe it will be profitable by having more people to pay for medical care of the needy as such is from time to time defined to has never...ever...occurred. The hospital eventually ends up a dinosaur delivering mediocre ways almost British in nature...i.e., in the most filthy,despicable fashion possible.


Imagine you can get heart parts to order...have them good for another hundred or so years. Imagine as much and you'll sense what will be available as soon as the Chinese get their hands on that technology. one official expert opined, "While Americans enterprise is world-class...the Chinese will rule the nano-world."


In the Wall Street Journal(03-25-13;C-6)...the risk manager for Plexus Cotton,Ltd....a cotton trade house...when asked about cotton farmer planting-production-profit ratios said, "Farmers were probably disgusted with cotton prices when they got that survey". Of course...he was referring to the government's compilation and publication of such data in survey format each year.

After reading this article...this BLOG'S APP-DEPARTMENT decided to create an APP for cotton-farmers. The APP collects all "big data" on everything made of vast as that is...crunches such vastness into framed articulation and offers to the user information as timely as that last seed planted...that last cotton ball picked...that last bale handled with care.

Imagine a cotton farmer knowing exactly where he can sell his product...the time he can sell it for the best price...the manner in which such product can be delivered...and...every other question answered using "BIG DATA" supplied by GOOGLE...a company everyone knows is using "alien technology" to advance the common good.


LEAST PRICE AND BEST TASTING FOR THE PRICE PAID. Such was what Queen Elizabeth II said when preferring her BBQ sauce condiment. Of course...such a thing almost impossible to find since when someone hears it's for the QUEEN OF ENGLAND...the price soars and the quality suffers in accord therewith. While one could think the best for the Queen...such is not the case since most of her cooks are closet Northern Irish scum.


For many potential social security recipients...the phrase "unfunded entitlement" has much meaning. They know its a euphemistic way of saying there is little likelihood of complete-payment on such promise. Sure...they'll get something...but...much less than they were led to believe would be their portion of the pie.

Instead of Americans waiting for the U.S. Dollar to be little more than the value of a napkin*...voters must rise up...join together...and...put into power those politicians willing to dismantle this FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...liberate the 43 million on welfare...set free the 49 million on FOOD off once and for all the 124 million retirees whose monthly government stipend about all that's left of what was once their proud lives.
* In the Beverly Hill Billies...there was an episode where Wally Cox played the part of the Prince of Glotnia...and...he had $100 billion Glotnees...their national currency. Banker Milburn Drysdale hears $100 billion and courts this Prince until he discovers the GLOTNEE is worthless unless there is a world wide paper shortage.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt rightly called welfare a "subtle destroyer of the American spirit". He understood the terrible injury inflicted to the psychic of the RIDER as the RIDER slowly is reduced...digested...consumed...until what's left a whining worm incapable of anything other than kneeling and worshiping whatever golden calf the MASTER forged,(EXODUS 32:24).

Because a Democrat conceded the dramatic damage the RIDE inflicts on the seemed logical that the voters would choose to demand such "injury-inflicting" RIDE be eradicated as contrary to the common good...if...given the choice...a choice between CAGE or KEY...between enslavement and liberation.

Mention is made of this PSYCHIC INJURY PHENOMENON because both sides of the aisle are wanting to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system is adroitly used to create dependency soaked in abject drool. Against these "same old, same old" types on both sides of the aisle stand a huge group of voters...each as different as the other...and...yet conjoined at the hip when the topic is liberation over subjugation. They travel under many labels and yet are all members of the ARMY OF LIBERATION.

And as almost everyone knows...Lady Elizabeth and many others lead this ARMY OF LIBERATION. They invite every "injured-RIDER" to join the ARMY and receive a one-time victim's payment in recognition of that horrific "dependency-injury" cleverly inflicted by a would-be MASTER. The RIDERS are told they can avoid getting threatened by a would-be master with "cut-off" once THE ORB is deployed.

In a phrase...before this ARMY is carried THE ORB...and...the promise of EDEN. From town to town they travel inviting everyone to join them on their march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". Every RIDER is told that they can receive balm for that nasty psychic injury ole Uncle Sugar meted out. But to get solace...they must vote for liberation over subjugation...and...insist their representatives at all levels of government dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE and its RIDE in all forms and formats.

Some might wonder what would be so attractive about such an ARMY carrying before it THE ORB. Imagine...a 78 year old lady. When THE ORB is deployed, she'll receive a $374,870.00 payment in exchange for a full and complete release of liability for the psychic injury inflicted. Never again would ole Granny need fear Obama threatening to "cut-her-off". Her life would be her own and any requirements to sustain ole Granny the burden of her family or charity but never again as a general call on the public coffer.

Indeed...what attracts ole Granny and almost every other RIDER is that the Army's MANIFESTO OF LIBERATION...for instance...calls for the government to be insulated from the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)* such that not any politician can pick winners and losers. Indeed...because the MANIFESTO eliminates and deletes all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...everyone is attracted to the EDEN it portends.
Never in the OUM can some would-be MASTER impose the "my tears...your purse" diktats.
*Ayn Rand in her tome, ATLAS SHRUGGED...outlined this 21st Century OUM.


Shultz, Becker,Boskin,Cogan,Meltzer and an article in the Wall Street Journal(03-25-13;A-17). Their intention? As J. Boksin said when asked why write it, "To offer some ideas in how to perpetuate the NANNY STATE CAGE and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. When asked why not offer a completely different template...perhaps a 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...Boskin's face became demonic...his lips dripped venom...and...his eyes squinted as if someone had just checked his prostate.

Overhearing Boskin's angry expressions...George P. Shultz stepped up into the interview circle and injected that the NANNY STATE CAGE had paid him big bucks to push and promote...and...he wasn't about to suggest the OUM since his days as a parasite would be over...a future he simply did not wish to contemplate.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The NANNY STATE conducting such a war..sent these troops...every man jack one of them an important wonk or wag to come forward and say the alternative should be a little less YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...but...its structure should be left intact.

Had these dudes offered the OUM as an alternative...that article would have been memorable. As it is...their writing is just another way of saying "same old, same old, just different bag".


Yes...for $9.99...from this can buy an APP that once installed will whistle when you're within an area under which sits a sinkhole. Had that lad had such an APP a few weeks back he'd never have entered his bedroom and climbed into bed. That APP would have been issuing its distinctive warning of imminent peril notifying this otherwise doomed person to run for his life. As it was...there was not any warning...and...Mother Earth opened up...and...down into an almost bottomless pit of doom went bedroom and surprised dude.

CLIMATE CHANGE?'s official. There is climate change and it is directly caused by mankind. The official notice came from 1000 scientists who agreed that if they were to continue to get paid for such nonsense...they needed to have a JOINT STATEMENT...packed with fear and doom...and...calling on mankind to pay them to find ways to stop Mother Nature from doing what Mother Nature would otherwise do.

One team said it could take thread...steel thread and sew the mid-Atlantic rift together preventing any more climate change from that aspect of the planet. Another equally bright and dedicated science-team...this one from Harvard...not to be outdone...said it had developed a CORKING PROCESS (price tag: $500 billion) whereby mankind can simply put a cork in a volcano and prevent it from bubbling forth. Again...preventing something that might change weather.

Yes...when there is money...the charlatans have an imagination to match.Never will there be a dearth in doomsayers. If the price is right...such utterances will always be forthcoming...some more silly than others...but...all couched in phrases and terms meant to cause fear and anxiety.


Yes...a small college in Florida sporting the name: FLORIDA GULF COAST(FGC) doing quite well in the 2013 college-basketball March tournament. They have blown many teams off the floor using a mixture of street-ball and clever maneuvering. Their coach observed the weaknesses in the opposing college basketball teams using a "big data" computing APP designed by this BLOG for his use. His genius was that instead of throwing this APP to the side...he examined and deployed.

Before each game...the FGC coach simply applies the SPECIAL-PLAY APP...and...from its computing software a complete plan is produced. If the FGC team follows that template...they always WIN! For example...has anyone ever wondered "why" FGC moves the ball one way against OPPONENT A...and...differently when confronting OPPONENT-B?


Gonzaga forget that to prevail in must outscore the opposing team. Sure...they had fancy ball handling...fancy maneuvers...fancy uniforms and shoes...and...a fancy coach. But...they lacked the ability to outscore the opposition. As one critic said, "When asked what word to use to describe this loss...I'd say FANCY."


In NASCAR...rarely is their an "on-camera" fist fight between two drivers. Yet...ever so often America is treated to such angry outbursts. Take for example the fight between Stewart and Lagano recently. The TV cameras were rolling...and...Lagano and Stewart accommodated with several slaps and opprobrious epithets thrown back and forth in traditional NASCAR fashion.


INTERNET CAFES must not be attacked! Yet...the Republican Party of Florida is supporting such an assault!It turns the stomach to think these people want to impose their morality on others! As one anti-CAFE lady said, "How dare these people go to such places and gamble their money. It's a sin and I want it stopped!"

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. And while the Republicans in the Florida Legislature think the public wants more "chain and whip"...they're wrong. Take for example, Joe Negron. He'll be driven from office if he supports this anti-CAFE LAW. He promised liberation over subjugation and to betray such a promise will be enough to get him evicted.


Why must the state stick its nose into the private affairs of consenting adults? Everyone needs to take their buys-noses and stick them elsewhere. It's not anyone's business but that of those involved. However..."meddlesome" seems to have plenty of willing poster children, though.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

EASTER...the word...EASTER?

Yes...public school teachers can't mention the word: EASTER. Obama told Arne Duncan, his Secretary of Education, never shall a child utter the word: EASTER! Of course...because Obama is a closet Muslim...his diktat was imposed mercilessly.

Following this imposed "can't say"...the public schools informed their students never to speak such things. One defiant child...however...mentioned the word to another child whispering it in her ear. The teacher observed this transgression and pounced with fang and claw ripping this offending child from her seat...lifting her into mid-air and throwing her across the room face-first into the chalkboard...her little teeth blown from their sockets by the throw and cram.

"How dare you speak that word!"screamed the enraged teacher. Not to be held back...this jack-booted thug went to where that offender was crumpled...picked her up...and...threw her across the room again over the heads of fearful students each one promising themselves never ever to utter such a terrible word....especially in their public school.


Secretary of State, JOHN KERRY returned from Iraq and told America there needed to be 100,000 troops in every village and town. He said Iraq required about $10 trillion in improvements and he wanted Americans to know where their money was going to be spent. As Kerry said, "I want to be transparent about TEAM OBAMA'S rank stupidity."


In the movie, JAWS...Quinn asks Hooper, "What you some kind of astronaut?" Quinn was referring to a shark cage and equipment. Quinn then tells Hooper: "Shark cage,eh? You go into the water...the shark is in the water...our shark." Hooper looks sheepishly at Quinn and nods. Quinn walks away singing a song of doom.

Recently...because people are curious...they climbed into a shark cage and were prepared while therein to observe great white sharks. What they did not know...indeed...what nobody knew...was that the great whites had become angry about these people disturbing them...tour boat after tour boat...people watching them through wire finally got too much and the sharks decided to do something about it.

On can see these 25 foot long critters bashing...bending...and...biting...and...people climbing from that shark cage as fast as possible screaming in utter horror! The boat owner was heard to exclaim, "Oops!" He knew he was pushing the envelop when he sent a 5th tour boat into what should have been a quiet area of the reef...a place where the great whites went to relax and recreate in shark-like manner.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


In every Tarzan movie ever made...Tarzan uses the word"HUNG-GA-WA" when directing elephants to assist or carry. It seemed to be some kind of all-purpose word when interfacing with Mother Nature. Mention is made of this magical utterance since Al Gore when discussing how he can cure man-made global warming merely said, "HUNG-GA-WA!"


Jodi Arias...the gal who shot her boyfriend with a gun she can't recall and stabbed him 23 times in ways she simply doesn't remember...and...the 2013 federal budget process have much in common. They both are preposterous...and...yet...somehow impossibly-credible.


Where are the freedom-fighters? Who is pushing this INTERNET CAFE LAW? If it's the pedants who want people to live their way...the Bertha-better-than-you types...then...Florida is doomed to retreat deeper into the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Where is the opposition to chain? Where is the Moses? Where is the Joan of Arc?


Folks...Florida is about to eliminate computer-oriented commerce. Imagine trying to make a deal online and someone calls the cops. You were gambling on price going up or down...or...something else which required a modicum of chance in determining outcome...and...ran afoul of this idiotic law that is almost through the Florida Senate.

Where are our defenders of freedom in the Florida Republican Party? When did the Republican Party become proponents of the oppressive NANNY STATE CAGE?'s to stop online gambling. What possible interest could anyone have in someone else's propensity to wager? Indeed...Florida will step back into the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE by such imposition of a misplaced morality.


While traveling through the "Holy Land"...Obama told the Jew and the Muslim they needed to learn to get along each other's religion alone. Because Obama is not a scholar on the issues facing the Jew or Muslim...his call for "togetherness" was foolish and most Muslims as well as Jews went about their business ignoring such tripe and drivel.

The only way to achieve "true peace" is to eliminate any way the government...either when the Muslim or the Jew is in the majority...can expropriate wealth in any form or format. Confine the government to delivering ONLY its three* essential services and there would not be any reason to slaughter each other. Imagine the government funded by rents, royalties,lottery proceeds and Warren-Buffett like donations and you'll sense "why" such a government would be a servant of both Muslim and Jew.

The 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) the solution. It's a place free of BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where never need the producer fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where there is not any way for Muslim or Jew to direct and control from cradle to grave in 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE fashion.

Yes...some naysayers might rejoin with the obvious clarification that even this solution won't address the problem since the Muslim...faithfully following the Qu'ran...must slaughter the infidel...mercilessly...ruthlessly...and...done until not any more infidels exist. the Muslim...happiness is exploding in a mosque killing al-Bouti...or...detonating in a bus filled with Jewish crippled-children.

Even if the JEW wishes to conduct affairs in an OUM environment...the Muslim won't permit such liberty. To the Muslim...every moment is controlled by some MASTER inside the Muslim CAGE. Indeed...Muslim-women are treated...for property...beaten...shoved...and...brutalized almost their entire lives...and...Muslim men are told to kneel and lick Mullah-boot with candied tongue.

On the other hand...the Muslim never kills his banker or baker no matter what some Imam or Mullah says the Qu'ran directs. Sure...they'll slaughter elsewhere...but...never do they murder the ones supplying them with their needs and wants. Even the Muslim does not bite the feeding hand. Hence...the Jew...whose efforts are as exemplary as those of his Muslim the OUM...never need fear Jihad.

Obama...however...could not preach the 21st century "OUM" since he's a dedicated MARXIST ON MISSION. To him...enslavement is "good and blessed". He would prefer the 'whip and chain'...and...the NANNY STATE CAGE wherein such imposed.Hence...his speech was ignored and thought to be packed with foolhardiness. Indeed...Israeli Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahau... called Obama's proposals as flat and textureless as a painted piece of cardboard.

*The 3 necessary services are: (i) courts, both penal and civil, (ii) police to serve and protect and (iii) a small national defense force dedicated to reaction and not protraction.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Yes...many speculated where the Euro-zone would unravel first. Many thought Spain or France would cause the bank-run. It was this BLOG which pointed out that CYPRUS and not GREECE was the most likely spot where the Euro-zone would begin to unwind and separate into "warring" factions each one trying to out-sail the others through erection of economic barrier and massive tax increases.

CYPRUS began to fight the grip of the MASTER of their NANNY STATE CAGE when it was decided that to pay for the socialist ways of others...every Cypriot with a bank account would suffer instant loss of 30%. Imagine Granny with her life savings drained by some faceless bureaucrat claiming such power. Imagine as much and you'll sense "why" ole Granny and everyone else on Cyprus agreed that such confiscation...while good for everyone else inside the Euro-zone...wasn't good for Cyprus and hence such entrenchment would not be done.

As one Cypriot scholar said when asked by a reporter from this BLOG "why" fight the MASTER, "We must remain steadfast to protect Cyprus from looters." According to this lady...Cyprus was okay with receiving the wealth of others expropriated and given to them. However, when it came time to drain their coffers so that BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT might continue onward...Cypriots became unwilling to be reduced to slaves.

Another Cypriot...using the code name Timmy Titler...overheard the park-setting interview...and...spontaneously injected that he never liked terms drafted by plotted mind. While many might not understand what Titler meant...they sure knew it had to do with their money by others spent.


Palm Beach Post contributor GEORGE BENNETT was asked about OBAMACARE. He admitted that OBAMACARE was a disaster and wished he'd never supported it." Whining in typical Bennett fashion...he complained about the cost of his health insurance skyrocketing...saying that had he but known how treacherous and evil OBAMACARE really was...he'd never have called it: "wondrous and blessed".


Because Timmy Titler wanted to be near Mother Nature...he plucked suckling cub from she-bear. He was utterly caught by surprise with fang and claw. As a sage once said, "When curious of danger...take pen and draw."


Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad...a Sunni employing an ARMY OF ROBOTS...drones flying around shooting people on the ground. He controls almost all of Syrian territory using these drones armed with 30mm cannon and 100,000 rounds each.


Ah...yes...payment to be made in BOO-COIN...that electronic format for currency...special bit-coins...these avoid scrutiny by prying government would-be looters. Yes...the U.S.Treasury wants its share of BOO-COIN and its head honcho Jack Lew has vowed to shoot anyone defying his grip and grab. But how do you shoot an electronic THING* which exists only in cyberspace?
*Supplying the ripe wants of the human mind

President Xi's quest

In Beijing...President Xi signed an agreement granting a FREE ZONE to the BEIJING GEHUA CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP...a conglomerate owned by the Beijing municipal government. In this FREEPORT...there will be warehouses...cultural centers...manufacturers of fine gifts and art...and...other things too many to list. Inside this "golden zone"...any goods and services transferred will not suffer taxation. As one "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) specialist declared, "In the OUM...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper.

For Americans to access this market is still about 6 months away from being fully available. This BLOG is creating a electronic bridge enabling any American to access such FREEPORT and transfer and convey goods and services therein.  The Americans will use BOO-COINS...special electronic coinage created by this BLOG and kept as a vital trade secret whose value to-date is over $800 billion!

For example...suppose you want an expensive ROLLS ROYCE. However, you wish to avoid all the taxes in every jurisdiction capable of conjuring a tax on such finery. You can go to the FREEPORT outside Beijing...a few miles from the Beijing for the ROLLS of your for it in BOO-COIN...and...collect it in Palm Beach, Florida at that Rolls Royce dealership located there should you be a Floridian.

President Xi by this one opening...this one OUM...can drain a trillion dollars per year from American consumers seeking the deal of the century.

President Xi will be called one of the greatest leaders of the early years of the 21st Century. He'll be framed in the same context as all the other ancient leaders of that blessed land! He understands the OUM is the way to prosperity for everyone. By establishing this FREEPORT...he will demonstrate to all of his naysayers the providential aspect inherent in such an approach to liberty.


Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew has decreed the to the MONEY-LAUNDERING RULES. Any transfer over $10,000.00 must be reported to Internal Revenue Service( the infamous I.R.S.). What began as a silly idea has become a substitute money and Uncle Sugar wants to tap that vast stream of commerce.

Of to impose such a siphon has not been cobbled together as of yet. However, every big commercial WEBSITE had best report any money transfer over $10,000.00 just to be safe. The law requires reporting accurately to the to/from and the amount. Such reporting requirement lacks the software or "app" that would make such report instantly to a central data base that then as the account reaches $10,000 an email to the IRS is automatically dispatched.

In the meantime...every INTERNET USER needs to go to the voting booth and eliminate from power any politician in favor of such intrusion. This mass-eviction must occur lest the INTERNET become besieged by would-be MASTERS. Indeed...the MASTER has enlisted the vocal support to the "enslaved brick-and-mortars" as part of its ARMY OF SUBJUGATION. a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to everyone to consider the enslavement and what chain envisioned. Why permit the MASTER* to grab more? Why not eliminate the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA that permits such parasitic-carrion as JACK LEW to declare and impose as if some man-God?
*The MASTER of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE directs and controls with spank and diaper check.


After you hit "delete"...and...commence again...changing...making better...from beginning to end.

Why not delete when trouble seems packed and pumped? It's better to rewrite better times...gain the hill...avoid the slump.

When the mountain won't come to Mohammad...Mohammad must go to the mountain. Ah...yes...motto of the bomber...death's bloody fountain.

Scholar Bouti was in prayer...praying for love and peace...behind him crept his slayer...a bomber...a wolf in fleece.

BOOM went the bomber...doom touched flesh and more...the mosque disappeared into rubble and smoke...gone its 10,000 lb doors.

God speed al-Bouti...senior Sunni cleric and supporter of al-Assad...had you remained out of the'd not sod.


Yes...Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama on YouTube danced. They got 15.3 million hits in one day. Naturally...NBC...always thinking about what attracts...has offered Fallon Jay Leno's heralded spot...telling Leno that he must go since he has lost the interest of the American viewing audience.

Disbelieving that it was Fallon's talent that had generated such "hits"...Leno had Michelle Obama dance with BOZO-the trained ape. Naturally...BOZO was dressed in a black tux and wore a diamond studded Rolex. The YouTube hits were almost 300 million in the 1st few minutes of its publication. Armed with such data...LENO approached the NBC BRASS and showed them how little they knew about what makes people turn to some TV show and watch.

American Idol judges...wishing to get in on this TROUBLE...when asked about the Michelle-BOZO dance routine...said they would have dispatched that dancing duo onto Hollywood recognizing that such merging of skill and unique dance step would definitely provide the viewing public with an exquisite display of dexterity and charm.

Sheik Mohammad Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti too?

The most senior Sunni cleric in Syria and a staunch supporter of President Bashar al-Assad was killed in an explosion in Damascus on Thursday. The attack carried out by a suicide bomber, targeted a mosque in the heart of the capital during the busy evening hours and killed at least 42 people and injured 84. Scholar Bouti was holding prayer services when his body was destroyed with 100 lbs of C-4.

Shiite and Sunni are always killing each other in the name of Allah. They slaughter each other's children and women just to let the other side know they're marked for termination with extreme prejudice. As these bombers from both sides detonate their payloads...they always scream: "Allah Akbar!"(God is great!)


Why would Congress deploy THE ORB? It would do it as an act of self-preservation. As Janet Hook...a Wall Street Journal contributor...noted,"After months of careening from showdown to nail-biting showdown, Congress moved Thursday with remarkably little fuss to pass a major funding bill to keep the government open through September, 2013."

Senator Barbara Mikulski(D.Md) underscored Hook's point, "We did not want ultimatum politics." Echoing this ability to come together and get something done, U.S.House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers(R.Ky) said, "We have proved that when we set our mind to it, we can get complicated, hard things done."

The omnibus repeal bill(ORB) cites all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its billion-buck-per-hour red ink FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. THE ORB provides a one-time victim's payment to all RIDERS in exchange for a general release of liability for the psychic injury inflicted by Uncle Sugar...(i.e.psychological damage which reduces an otherwise self-reliant and productive person to that of a whining worm ready to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue in exchange for MASTER'S freebie and favor.)

Folks...we're in the 21st Century. Why are we permitting Congress to continue this charade? Uncle Sugar is spending annually sums so vast not any human mind can grasp its enormity. Why not deploy THE ORB and terminate this CAGE approach? Why not delete the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA?



Albrecht Durer offered to the world his interpretation of contrition. He called his effort: PRAYING HANDS. This iconic symbol appears nowadays on towels, bowls, shirts, placards and on the INTERNET among most websites.

Mention is made of this famous frame since Congress could use a good lathering of  chastisement and resultant contrition for its profligate ways. Indeed...if Congress were to deploy THE ORB...America would instantly blossom and bloom with prosperity and economic advancement for almost every able-bodied soul.


When it occurs...and...the again...driven into Sinai...perhaps...they might refer to Obama's stratagem for peace with hate and anger...seething and bubbling forth...uncontrollably. Imagine the Jew who knew too. What are they to think about how stupid they were to believe Obama had their best interests at heart?


Ah...yes...THE SERPENT MOUND. This ancient dirt-formed serpent was obviously designed by aliens from the Serpent galaxy. At the mouth of the snake was a circular-in-shaped circle of dirt. Inside this circle was a solid 100 foot-tall quartz obelisk designed to generate power so vast as to be measured in trillions of watts! Naturally the evidence for such claim is as little as that for man-made global're trying to frighten or entertain...who really cares?

Lululemon see-through the GYM...those ladies wearing Lululemon exercise pants were naked to any observer. Embarrassed ladies and guys returned the pants saying their surprise and humiliation were indescribable. Even Beyonce returned her stuff saying she was mortified that she showed it all when she didn't know it.


Al accomplished actor...agreed to portray PHIL SPECTOR in a Hollywood version of what occurred that horrific night at Spector's mansion when his female guest for the evening suffered a mortal wound as the bullet passed through her mouth blowing the back of her head off. The evidence presented in court was enough to convict ole PHIL of MURDER and Pacino's portrayal of Spector seems hunted and odd.


When historians review the 8 years OBAMA controlled America...their collective conclusion will be a phrase: FOOD STAMPS. That phrase will encapsulate the misery and horror of socialism as it was imposed on America reducing most Americans to pathetic whining worms willing to lick boot with candied tongue for MASTER'S favor and freebie.


As a MARXIST ON was expected that OBAMA would deliver a great disaster to America and he and his vermin Hun-horde of Democrat-socialists have succeeded in that endeavor. On the front page of the Wall Street Journal(A-1;03-22-13)...the story was about the calamity approaching should OBAMACARE be fully imposed. Fiscal catastrophe is how many small businesses are labeling OBAMACARE.

FOLKS...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. When Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists crammed OBAMACARE down America's throat...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA told people OBAMACARE was 'good and righteous' and any denigration of that idea misplaced and misguided. Now that enslavement is approaching...those who cried against its "chain and whip" are being vindicated.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Folks...5 patients with deadly cancer are free of the disease...some as quickly as a fortnight. The cure is simple. Their immune system has cells. Scientists took a sample of that cancer...engineered the immune-cell to attack that cancer...put that immune-cell(T-cell) back in the body...and...the immune system eliminated the cancer...whatever cancer it was gone. most oncologists will tell you...only such an approach is effective.

More and more newspaper articles are confirming what this BLOG has been saying. American medical science is beyond imagination. By using clever manipulation of the T-cell...for example...cancer can be eradicated as soon as its spotted. Equally stunning are the advances in organ duplication. Indeed...American medical science can construct an ear by "printing it".

When OBAMACARE finally begins to eliminate medical science wherever's likely the advances will be done places where OBAMACARE can't reach and delete. Keep in mind...OBAMACARE is basically a "death panel". People will be metaphorically put into a line. Those who are directed to the right enter work camps...those to the left...are sent to the gas chambers.


Obama departs Israel after asking Israelis to open their borders to Palestinians and permit Palestine to exist rendering Israel almost cut in half should the proposed borders for this new Palestinian State be imposed. As soon as Obama departs...Palestinians fire rockets into Israel. Such reaction by the Palestinians to Obama's trip seems incongruous with the MASS MEDIA"S spin that Obama placated and soothed all interests by his mere presence in the "Holy Land".

Jesus had followers

Jesus traveled about Judea with a troop of followers, the 12 apostles. While there were others from time to time...these 12 were steady-eddy...always around...and...always there. Well...up and until Jesus was arrested...they were steady-eddy. Indeed...Peter...denied Jesus thrice before the cock crowed twice.

This BLOG has membership of almost 300 million worldwide. The message of liberation over subjugation rings well in such places as China...Russia...and...the United States. While its tenets are simple and easily understood...the benefits derived from such liberty are limitless. In every country that has thrown off the "stifle and hassle" of socialism...its population has prospered mightily. The less"red tape, tax and spend" the more prosperous the people.


A car chase occurred. The deputy chasing the car lost sight of it. The chased-car was eventually discovered parked behind a house. Another deputy upon hearing where the chased-car was parked...went to the street to the immediate south to look for the driver. The chasing-deputy never was able to determine who was driving. The chasing-deputy never was able to determine if the driver were male or

This other deputy as he was slowly driving down that street to the south...he observed two black males in a yard of a house. The deputy stopped...exited his vehicle...and...stood with the driver's door open and him in the "V" such provided. By standing in the "V"...this deputy was able to examine...but...also have access immediately to his firepower inside his car should such be needed.

As the deputy was exiting his patrol of the two black males approached the deputy. The deputy immediately accused that approaching black male of "running from the northerly street. As this deputy was interfacing with this black male...the other one...shirtless...nervous...and...breathing heavily...began to walk off.

The deputy said when he observed such "walk-off"...said, "Sir...excuse me...sir...excuse me...I need to see your iden...and before the deputy could UTTER FULLY that entire word of "identification"...or..."identification card"...this shirtless person ran off and disappeared into the woods to the immediate south of where that "almost-inquiring" deputy's car was parked.

Because the shirtless person ran off before the deputy could utter the ENTIRE COMMAND...the deputy lacked any basis to arrest for "obstruction of officer investigation". There was not any connection between that shirtless person and that chased car.

Yet when this shirtless person was later found he was arrested for resisting arrest without violence(FS843.02). Under Florida Law...a person can be arrested for "obstruction" if at the time of the "run-off"...the person to be asked questions has some connection to criminal activity...a connection that lawfully support an arrest.

In this instance..there was not any information as to who was driving that CHASED-CAR. Hence...the deputy on that south street lacked any information as well. His hunch about the shirtless person being connected somehow to that CHASED-CAR was insufficient to support any arrest for anything!

Will a jury of his peers find this shirtless dude guilty? Will Bennett receive justice?


Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew went into a Chinese restaurant in Beijing and spent only 109 Yuan($17.50). While Chinese "ruling elite" never eat at such "low-brow" places...Lew did. This difference in style surprised his hosts who had planned on feeding him and his entourage with OPULENT FOOD.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Brigadoon appeared for a day every 100 years. So long as everyone remained in Brigadoon...then...the town would continue through time appearing only once every 100 years.

Infatuated with that story...WU RENBAO issued a rule: anyone who departs Huaxi loses any claim to the fabulous riches such a place enjoys.

Of the 2600 original residents in HUAXI...1600 remain steadfast deriving each day huge profits from the township-corporation...located 40 miles outside of SHANGHAI.

On 03-20-13...for instance...those 1600 had access to an annual income of over $9 billion! HUAXI...the model of the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) has been deployed inside a country where freedom isn't guaranteed.

Yes...the mandarin who control the area had to be clever. For example...WU had to use communist labels to avoid he called everything "collectively owned" knowing that by so doing...he could operate the OUM without communist-envy bubbling kind of stuff avoided.


Yes...Obama did not call Israel by its name but referred to it as the "Holy Land". He told the JEW that Uncle Sugar would protect them from IRAN. Of course...the JEW knew such was not true. They knew Obama was a "closet-Muslim" and hated the JEW.

Watch the MASS MEDIA in the next few months and you'll observe them trying to play-down the IRANIAN "nuke-threat". But...the Iranian Council of Twelve has vowed to "nuke" New York City and "other" as soon as the Sword of Allah is constructed. Netanyahou...last the United Nations...told the world that when IRAN gets that nuclear will deploy and detonate. the next few months...the MASS MEDIA will begin to tell everyone that the IRANIAN "nuke-threat" is not much to consider and Americans needn't be worried. The purpose of this "don't happy"...approach to IRANIAN EVIL is to absolve and otherwise insulate OBAMA from the accusation of recklessness and treason "when" New York City disappears beneath a mushroom cloud.


On the anniversary of the Iraq war...bombs exploded in Baghdad killing hundreds. Qeada was charged with the heinous misdeed. Qeada has become the whipping-boy for all horrors.


Biological warfare is afoot. In Saudi Arabia...a SARS-like virus has killed 9 of the 15 people known so far to be infected. Some of those infected had visited farms with sick-goats. Did they become infected with that death-dealing wee-beastie at the farm or were they targeted for an experiment in biological warfare? This question is posed since this virus appears to have been engineered. The protein-combo is so unusual and the virus so had to be developed by scientists and not Mother Nature.


The worst thing which could happen in a Marine training exercise occurred. A Mortar shell exploded as it was being loaded. BOOM!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


ROMNEY...appeared at CPAC...and...spoke about "why" he lost. Never did he admit, though, that he offered stale and tepid 20th century ideas. He said he lost because he didn't offer enough "freebie and favor". "Had I but offered everyone something...I'd have defeated that community-organizer from the south side of Chicago."

FOLKS...Romney was defeated because he offered "same old, same old, just different bag." The voters simply stayed home. There was not any real differences between the candidates and what differences there were demonstrated TEAM OBAMA was the better choice for voters looking for "freebie and favor".

In the straw-poll taken at CPAC...Senator Rand Paul received the most votes and is considered the front-runner as the Republican choice for 2016-President. Yes...Senator Rubio came in second in this straw-pull vote...but...comparing PAUL and RUBIO...PAUL is the more powerful politically.

Unlike ROMNEY...and RUBIO...PAUL calls for the NANNY STATE CAGE to be deleted...its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE eliminated. Such a difference has every voter talking about EDEN and "how" America can achieve such paradise by dismantling the CAGE and doing away with its "victim-making" RIDE.

Sure...Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) could achieve "leader-status" if he were to preach THE ORB. As SARAH PALIN said of RUBIO, "If he were to proclaim liberation over subjugation...he'd instantly become the putative leader of the free-world. But...he has chosen the "me-too" route and has left the proclamation-making to PAUL and myself."