Saturday, August 31, 2013


Somehow Obama believes America has cruise missiles but Syria does not. Somehow Obama believes he can blow holes in Syria but Syria lacks any way to retaliate. Somehow Obama believes Syria is the site of the final battle between good and evil...and...he wants to be the one to commence nuclear holocaust. What a guy!


Rather than whimpering in fear and dread...Syrian President B. Assad laughed and said, "Obama is a dung-eating monkey....a scumbag scared of its own shadow."


Syrian President B.Assad was contacted by the TELL-IT-ALL-DEPARTMENT and informed Assad was definitely the QUEEN OF SWORDS.


Obama told President Assad he had already chosen to push the "fire button"...and...he was merely waiting for the rubber stamp of Congress. He said he could blow holes in Syria any time and he had already decided to rearrange much of it reducing the Regime's infrastructure to rubble and sending the Syrians back to the stone age.

Folks...we're getting boo-foo'd...tricked...duped...deceived...and...played. TEAM OBAMA needs a war and Syria is the fall guy for the recession which is already in progress even though hidden from view by clever government liars. By making America go back to war...the military-industrial complex can be fed and the NANNY STATE CAGE preserved.


Don't fan...whip the flame of it into a consuming beast...destruction at the door. We're getting played by TEAM OBAMA and complicit Republicans who believe war is better than peace and like its perpetual nature inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...without surcease.


SECRETARY OF STATE, JOHN KERRY shed tears when he described the victims of the poison gas attack in a suburb outside Damascus where a 1000 people were slain. The angel of death had crept from house to house snuffing and John Kerry something about which to posture and shed indignant tears. How dare President Assad gas his own people!

Of course, Syrian President Assad did not do it. The heinous crime was committed by CIA-operatives. TEAM OBAMA needs a war and it needs one now. As one Harvard economist said, "The government numbers each department emits are false. America is drowning in "red tape, tax and spend"...and...without a war...Democrats in 2014 will's on such potential devastation that war attends.

Secretary Kerry gave a good speech...but...he couldn't hide that he knew this entire poison gas accusation was obviously false and TEAM OBAMA its real author. Sure...his tears appeared shed them he reflected on his dead dog, OLD DOG TRAY...a faithful critter from end to end...its loss even now forced tears to play...always on that pal he could depend.


Syrian expert, David Lesch agreed with the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG that Syria is the last place on the planet Obama should attack!


The Republicans had better not support an attack on Syria. Unlike the other camel drivers...the Syrians are capable of attacking America and killing millions of Americans. Obama declared he wasn't about to fire on Syria without Congressional approval which means without Republicans he won't send the Marines or cruise missiles. Hence...the Republicans must not be tricked into another Iraq!


As told by Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) to a group of youngsters assembled to hear a speech on socialism:

Recently...Madison...a 12 year old enthused with preaching enslavement...approached Governor McCrory and said she wanted everyone to vote and she didn't mind if they voted more than once. She pointed out the power of such a thing. Senator Al Franken won a close election with such "voter fraud" as did John F. Kennedy and perhaps many others whose names not as conspicuous. Hence...voters should not be required to have a photo identification to ensure the integrity of the final tally.

Madison...a glib young socialist whose passion guided well by her socialist parents...also said she supported whatever big foot government wished to impose. She promised to kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE might forge.

And...because she's such an outspoken young lady...she's been promoted on MSNBC as the face of the new socialist youth...a person ready to kill in order to impose: "Her tears...your purse!"

After Senator Chuck Schumer delivered that speech on Madison and McCrory...he turned to those shining faces and said, "I want everyone of you to become a good kneel and worship whatever program or policy we in government might impose. You are the sheep and cattle to be cared for and culled as master sees fit. Those of you who don't want to be good'll be identified...singled out...and eliminated. Yes...I represent the NEW ORDER...I am TYRANNY!"

After Schumer finished addressing that captive audience...from the back of the room a question was asked. The person posing it was Lady Elizabeth. She had been granted both permission to attend that otherwise "closed room" and to ask only one question and one follow-up...but...hers would be first taken.

She introduced herself as Lady Elizabeth, leader of the army of liberation. She informed Senator Schumer that his rhetoric was "same old, same old, just different bag" and would lead to misery and privation on a scale never seen. She asked this pig if he were an advocate of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE or would he support the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)?

Naturally...Schumer...alias dung-eating monkey...choked. He had just been confronted and could not react. He was stuck. If he said he liked the CAGE he'd look mean-spirited. On the other hand, if he acknowledged the EDEN-affect found in the OUM...he'd be eviscerating his own socialist template...the very thing he had just tried to sell to these youngsters. Hence...Schumer refused to answer and left the room without taking any questions.


In the Maurice Ogden poem, THE HANGMAN, the reader is left with the proposition the hangman finally runs out of people to slay and hence departs the ghost town for another spot to ply his trade.

When Kim Jong Un...a/k/a dung-eating monkey...murdered Hyon Song Wol...and...not any rebellion was obvious that in North Korea THE HANGMAN is afoot.


Florida Governor, Rick Scott came forward yesterday and finally acknowledged he was in favor dismantling the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE which is stifling and smothering Floridians. Indeed...Governor Scott admitted but for this BLOG he'd probably still be pushing for more government intrusion...wanting higher taxes...more red tape...more crushing burdens to be heaped on Floridians. However, after reading this BLOG he found courage to stand forth and offer liberation over subjugation.

Friday, August 30, 2013


Hyon Song Wol...a North Korean singer with a ticket to appear on "America's Most Talented"...was murdered by a dung-eating monkey named Kim Jong Un. You might recall that he's that 4 foot tall dictator whose passion for cruel and unusual seems to be greater than that of his camel-fornicating father.

Sure...ole Hyon had danced nude in a popular cult video and had told people Kim Jong Un was impotent and smelled as if he'd just eaten dung...but...that should not have caused that dung-eater to soot her and her entire video production team. This monkey needs to be corners and shot as ruthlessly and as mercilessly as he did the beautiful Hyon Song Wol.

Zhenhu Bian

Because free and open trade...unhampered and unyoked...produces the best outcome for all...any rule or law fettering the same is anti-prosperity...and...NANNY STATE CAGE it's called.

Zhenhu Bian was appalled when he discovered vested interests in America were raising the tax on imported catfish thereby destroying China's burgeoning catfish production and causing the price of catfish to rise instead of continuing its plummet as supplies flood America. Because of the power of these influential catfish farmers, this tax will be imposed and the price of domestic-catfish will rise. Yes...this hurts the consumer...a tragedy which could not occur in the OUM since open borders free of tax or hassle are one of its elements.

Sure...American catfish farmers are competing with China's farmers. But the solution is to dismantle the CAGE and open up the market free from the "red tape, tax and spend" of the NANNY STATE CAGE. Remove the burdens which make American production so expensive. Delete the taxes...the regulations...the spank and diaper check of the CAGE...and...catfish farming in America would remain competitive.

 As one Harvard economist said, "The otherwise unhampered market(OUM) is the 21st Century way of doing business and sooner or later nation after nation will jettison the CAGE in favor of the OUM or face rebellion from the enslaved."

5 American war ships off Syria

There are now 5 American war ships off Syria including 3 nuclear subs and 100,000 Marines. They're waiting for Obama to push the "fire" button. And...if...Obama does choose to attack Syria...they plan to devastate as much of Syria's infrastructure and command systems as possible.

What Obama fails to that Syria could retaliate and blow a huge hole in New York City or melt Washington DC into a mount of glistening glass and marble. Indeed...these are Muslims and they believe in "eye-for-eye" retribution. If Obama blows holes in ancient's absolutely sure President Assad will return the assault in-kind.

Folks...we're getting played by Obama and his complicit MASS MEDIA. Because OBAMACARE will be the deciding feature in the 2014 prevail...the Democrats need a war and an attack on the homeland by an avenging horde of Muslims. Hence...the CIA manufactured this poison gas attack and made it appear as if the Regime perpetrated that heinous act.

Before you sign on to this latest Democrat gambit...why not ask "why" did Assad wait until a war with America would be good for TEAM OBAMA? And...why would this Muslim defecate in his own backyard when such a thing would surely cause Obama to react?

Indeed...President Assad told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he had proof the CIA perpetrated the reveal such a thing would instantly identify the mole network which delivered that information and back-up data. President Assad to show good faith...though...confirmed that U.S.border guard Brian Terry and Ambassador Stevens were assassinated on orders given by Obama. He said he'd gladly publish these things if he knew of a sure-fire way to get it to the world.

Naturally...this BLOG'S POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT staffed with former Harvard Scientists agreed to put the entire 3 million pages and videos on GOOGLE. As the cub-reporter told President Assad, "Only GOOGLE gives you ultimate contact power!"

Senator Bill Nelson likes what?

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL.) loves OBAMACARE. He believes enslavement is good for America and likes watching families and businesses struggle beneath the yoke he and his socialist colleagues managed to fashion. What a guy!


Why not take a moment and compare the writings of Howard Zinn with the tomes of Ludwig von Mises or Ayn Rand?'ll find a huge difference. Whereas Rand and von Mises describe liberation over subjugation...Zinn offers a road map in his malicious scribbling to enslavement.


OBAMACARE represents enslavement. Under're forced to kneel and worship this golden calf or face punishment from your master. Only inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with a complicit MASS MEDIA could such enslavement be imposed without rebellion!

Where is the Republican Party outcry? Where are U.S. Rep. Bill Posey and Senator Rubio...two Republicans who claim to be "freedom-fighters"?
Did you know most of Congress...those dung-eating monkeys...have refused to submit to OBAMACARE and are demanding exemption from its GRIP AND GRAB?


Hyon Song Wol...former girlfriend of that dung-eating monkey and leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, was arrested for lewd activity. When the dung-eating monkey was shown a video of his former girlfriend having sex with a real man...the dung-eater became angry and ordered her shot. Immediately, the other dung-eaters grabbed Hyon and shot her.

Sure...Miley Cyrus can be despicable and slut-like...but...Hyon was not permitted to act that way. When she did...that North Korean dung-eating monkey killed her.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


The Germans have a label for people who receive pleasure from watching others in pain. It was coined to describe the MARXISTS. As most Germans will tell you...the socialists like pain, misery and privation and do all they can to perpetuate whatever generates such stuff.


On one of the shells used to deliver Sarin...a deadly gas...was found a fingerprint of a CIA-operative working in Damascus. When President Assad mentioned this obvious proof connecting the CIA to this heinous crime of gassing a Damascus suburb...the American MASS MEDIA ignored it. These Obama-puppets want another war and they want it now!


Juergen Knoblich(J.K.) took some skin tissue...tweaked it...and...caused it to make rudimentary brain cells. According to J.K...within 12 months he'll be able to create an android with enough brain power to fix cars and build rocket ships. Already in reaction to his scientific breakthrough...the religious part of America wants such research terminated and J.K. assassinated.

Jannica Hartikainen

ESPOO, FINLAND. Ever heard of it? Well...if you haven't...don't be ashamed...since it's unlikely anyone but a Finn would know as much. Mention is made on this insignificant speck in the universe because it's where big foot government and liberty confronted each other and always...lost the battle.

As everyone knows...Finns eat more ice cream than any other population. And because of this appetite Ice Cream trucks were a common sight traveling the neighborhoods selling their ice cream to waiting customers many standing for hours waiting for that familiar music and ice creams flavors only available from that truck.

But...big foot government wanted to assert itself once more. Looking around for a defenseless entrepreneurial group...ole big foot decided to put a 20% tax on ice cream effectively deleting any profit margin possible...and...eradicating the ice cream truck.

Jannica Hartikainen(J.H.) was an ice cream truck franchisee residing in ESPOO, FINLAND. He earned enough from the truck to cover the huge expenses associated with his wife and 9 children. Because big foot government deleted his source of income he was without means to pay his house mortgage or feed his invalid wife and children.

Immediately, big foot government arrived and offered him a bed in a government shelter where he'd be fed and tended as a farmer would care for sheep and cattle. He would kneel and worship whatever golden calf his now-master would put before him.

J.H. listened to the government agent dispatched to put him and his now-destitute family into a cattle car and sent to a government housing project to be fed and clothed as one would a refugee. He had been attacked by big foot government and he lost. His income was gone. He would lose his house in a fortnight and his children were crying out of rank hunger. Yes...he'd be enslaved...but...he didn't have any choice. He had to kneel and lick boot, (MATTHEW 4:8).


Howard Zinn was once asked what accomplishment he thought his best. Ole is pals called him...reflected for several seconds and then said, "When I became the poster child for idiocy."

Recall that Zinn acquired that moniker when he said man must kneel and worship whatever golden calf his master might forge. It was Zinn who said the minimum wage must be at least $15.00 per hour and government should dictate that wage even if it's ridiculously anti-liberty. It was Zinn who said Americans must become sheep and cattle easily tended and culled as master sees fit inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Because Howard Zinn's nonsense has been taught religiously in public schools...many Americans believe $15.00 is a great minimum wage and they support such government intrusion into the relationship between employer and employee. More likely than not such raising of the floor wage will happen. If so the DOLLAR MENU at McDonald's and everywhere else will be gone.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


U.S. Rep. Bill Posey,(R.FL) was observed standing in the Indian River with sturdy net dipping out the pollutants into a 5 gallon bucket. And while such effort seems BIG NET's just the beginning. He wants to have millions of Floridians standing knee-deep dipping away cleansing Mother Earth of mankind's debris. Will you not join this august effort?


There is a fish which attaches itself to sharks and once the shark is done feeding...this fish detaches itself...eats leftovers...then...before that shark can escape...the Remora swims back and attaches itself once more to the hide of the shark.

Today...Obama gave a speech that was Remora-like. He was using the Martin Luther King,Jr. ceremonies to advance his socialist agenda. He cried out for more not less grip and grab...more not less yoke and choke...more not less red tape, tax and spend...and...more not less 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with a bigger FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


Some say the best movie was left on the cutting room floor...and...maybe such be true when you want to whisper more. You want to tell your lover things as you mix and play...but...somethings...if said...are things you mustn't say.


Not one speaker during all of the Martin Luther King,Jr. ceremonies demanded the elimination of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. As pointed out by MSNBC Ed Schultz..."Every speaker was a rabid socialist and wanted more not less big foot government."

What was surprising to most observers...however...was how few members of the several audiences applauded when these speakers cried out for more whip...more CAGE...more FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement...more yoke and choke agenda...indeed...more grip and grab by some would-be master.


The thunder-making machine was invented by Bob...but...Bill claimed it as his own. Hence...the phrase..."stealing thunder" was coined.

Obama...took to the stage to give a speech about why people must be content inside his 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He told Americans why they must kneel and worship whatever golden calf he might forge,(Exodus 32:24). And to make sure he stole thunder...he did his speech just before national TV networks ran the Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech: "I have a dream".

Talk about "stealing thunder"... ingratiating himself with Americans...insinuating his MARXIST ON MISSION self into this otherwise remember-when the memory of this assassinated-by-government civil rights leader...Obama postured...he lip-bit...he looked prophetic...he looked rhetorical....he looked as if he were telling America they had best accept his NANNY STATE CAGE spank and diaper check.

Fifty years ago...Martin Luther King,Jr....stood on that same stage...and...spoke about social justice. Because King was a rabid socialist...he wanted government to take from "whitey" King called white America...and redistribute and otherwise give to the Afro-American: shelter, food, clothing and spending money and anything else government could squeeze out of the producer. What a dreamer, eh OBAMA?


Syrian President Assad has issued call for war horses to be mustered to pull cannon and wagon in the expected war with the Great Satan...a/k/a...United States.


According to official CIA documents revealed by Eddie Snowden recently through Glenn Greenwald...the 9-11-01 attack on the World Trade Center was payback for the cruise missiles that blew up those aspirin factories in the Sudan. As everyone recalls...Bill Clinton dispatched cruise missiles to blow up those factories.

What isn't widely known is that the pilots of those 4 attack-jets...two of which struck the World Trade Center...fancied themselves as flying cruise missiles aiming them at America just as they had been aimed at those aspirin factories in the Sudan. As one pilot wrote in his diary before commencing jihad: "but for that attack on those aspirin factories he'd not be associating with this plan to humble America."

Mention is made of the World Trade Center attack since it's more likely than not America will suffer a substantial attack should Syria be assaulted by Obama over an alleged poison gas deployment...use of which Syrian President Assad denies vehemently. As President Assad told Obama, "I'd be foolhardy to use such a thing!"

But...the American CIA would commit such a heinous crime in order to advance the interests of the military-industrial complex. Indeed...with Afghanistan winding down...and...defense contracts on the chopping block...there must be another war...preferably one with a beginning and an end as observed in Libya.

Hence...the drum beat for war is heard. To assist in propagating this enthusiasm for battle...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is fanning the flame since such war would help Obama with his demand for more money in the up-coming budget fight with the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. By having a war in Syria and American personnel dying there...Obama can demand the military-industrial complex along with increasing the breathe and scope of the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system be fed and fed well.

What Clinton refused to acknowledge and what Obama fails to understand on 08-28-13 is that the Muslim lives by the Old Testament "eye-for-eye" and will retaliate in kind. To attack Syria with missiles is to invite retaliatory missile attack.

Indeed...the Syrians might succeed in sinking several of the Destroyers presently lurking in the Mediterranean and would be rightful in such attack since such was in defense of homeland.

Moreover, what if Syria already has positioned poison gas inside America with radio-controlled emission valves/ What if there are Syrian moles throughout America who when the signal is given attack trains, planes and cars? And...worse...what if Obama wants such attacks?


What? What is it, Green Pepper? It's war drums. What do they say, Green Pepper? They say this spot will be attacked and all therein killed. They say Green Pepper had best not be here when the attack begins lest Green Pepper also be killed. Uh...where you going there...Green Pepper?

ATTACKING SYRIA WITH MISSILES? Syria is to be barraged with missiles from America but America is not supposed to fear retaliation "in-kind"? Id' say jihad will become the past-time of resolute Muslims wishing to inflict another grievous injury on the United States...similar to the 9-11-01 World Trade Center tragedy. What if the Syrians release poison gas in America and kill of several million people in New York City, for example? What kind of missile strike would avenge that assault?


This BLOG has become the leader in opposing any war with Syria. As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "That BLOG is trying to stop us from killing Syrians!"


Democrats...such as Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...are wanting another war. Instead of objecting...there are some idiot-Republicans who can't wait for blood to be shed. Senator John "blood and guts" McCain,(R.Az)...for example...wants the Syrian slaughter to be intense and widespread.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Death Angel Sebelius...a/k/a...HHS Secretary...was overheard telling Senator Chuck Schumber, (D.NY) that she agreed with him that little girl should have been permitted to die and not get that new lung.


Obama plucks grass to know where sits the wind. Iran is building a "nuke" capable of destroying the planet in a doomsday scenario akin to what featured in the movie, DR. STRANGELOVE. Instead of attacking Iran...though...Obama is about to dispatch American firepower to squish a Syrian cockroach who supposedly* deployed poison gas where it would do the most damage to his own hegemony.

While Obama is tethered to this tar baby...pursuing this poison gas fear...Iran will complete its "nuke threat". Once Iran has this "nuke threat"'ll use it. Iran needs more time...though...and Assad has been selected for the tar baby trap.
*Indeed...the last thing beleaguered Assad needed was more global acrimony about his regime. He would obviously be the last person to use such a weapon of mass destruction since it might attract a war-like reaction from America...the very reaction TEAM OBAMA is evincing.


The CIA deployed poison gas in the outskirts of Damascus. The purpose of such dastardly attack seems obvious. Examine the MASS MEDIA today if you can't figure it out. Suddenly...a beleaguered Syrian President Assad...elected to use poison gas and inflict a 1000 deaths just so Americans could witness the carnage.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Every speaker last Saturday at the rally for civil rights in Washington DC demanded more not less government grip and grab...more not less yoke and choke agenda...and...more not less FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlements. Not any of them called for eradication of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE which dooms most minorities to misery and privation. Instead each described how the master would give them exchange they would worship whatever golden calf by their master forged.


 A dog will never defecate in its own yard if avoidable. Chain the critter there and dung piles will be everywhere. But...left to roam and squat where whimsy might offer...a dog will always pick elsewhere.
Mention is made of this obvious aspect of the dog since people sometimes are the same way. They simply won't defecate where they sleep.

Take Syrian President Assad, for instance. He'd never deploy POISON GAS since that would cross the proverbial "red line" and subject him and his team to the onslaught of others whose combined force much greater than his own. Indeed...the last thing Assad would do is use POISON'd be the first thing the American CIA would do when the time was ripe for such calamity to be thrust onto the global stage.


In and around Vero Beach, Florida can be found ditches, canals, lakes, ocean and a lagoon. The lagoon...due to the Army Corp of Engineers...has become a collection area for run-off and for sewage drainage. Because there aren't enough inlets to flush and circulate the waters of the's become a cesspool of sorts.

The best way to accommodate the exceptional canal and sewage spill would be to construct more inlets or have the canals flow into a huge collection pit...a pond the size of Oklahoma required....but...when you're spending other people's money...nothing is too big. However, every marine biologist has said in a joint-letter that they believe the inlets and not enormous lakes are the better way to flush and clean the lagoon, a/k/a THE INDIAN RIVER.

A local informal marine biologist, Bibble Irvin, was asked about the cesspool quality of the lagoon. After brief reflection on the way things were, Bibble replied, "The good Lord gave us this place and it'll be here when we're gone. The inlets that should be here will find a way of appearing naturally. However, we need to put 15 inlets up and down the Treasure Coast and such would flush and cleanse."

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Bobby owned the truck...Andy...load and green...Murray needed that specific stuff...2000 miles away it seemed.
Can you do it?
 I'll pay the load.
Exchange of temper...some explode. it went...100 miles per hour...empowered...not stopping until there.
Sure...government speed-limit much less...but...who was about to be the the Club say...drooled and stared.


Senator Bill Nelson is fearful. He was challenged to a debate on OBAMACARE and he refused. He said he was not about to debate socialism and capitalism since socialism wouldn't stand any chance. He said he would not try and defend whip and chain since socialism is such revealed to be such horror when the topping is removed.

Yes...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is a rabid socialist. He hates liberty. If he is asked about freedom...he refuses to answer since he knows his answer will instantly expose him to 24/7 ridicule. He'll be pilloried and slapped on the Internet. He'll be called a MARXIST ON MISSION and drummed from office! Hence...slime slug Bill as he's called..slithers about...appearing when least expected and saying things least offensive.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) is a rabid socialist and outright freedom-hater. Bill Nelson is the dude who tells the Nuremberg Judges he only gave the orders. Nelson would slit his own mother's throat to advance the cause of socialism. He'd loot storeroom and then deny involvement. As U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer said, "Bill Nelson is a slime slug!"


As Timmy Titler was listening to MSNBC commentator, Chris Hayes he was metaphorically blown off his couch! Hayes said mankind had insured Mother Earth was about to suffer a catastrophe wherein CO2 would increase until Mother Earth heated up and everything died. and glib...opined...that but for mankind...Mother Earth would survive.

When Hayes said such caused some dome activity. CO2 was a trace gas without any real importance except to the plant. Indeed...Mother Earth had gone through several cycles of more carbon dioxide than oxygen...but...these were in reaction to what the Earth itself was doing in terms of moving around and changing the way things happened.

In that dome of storms...Titler recalled that Mother Earth had gone through several "kill-all" scenarios and not once was the industrial revolution involved. Indeed...the last ICE AGE was precipitated by who knows what...some believe they know...but...few...if any...really do. Why...even...Nostradamus couldn't everyone knows...he looked into a bowl of water to find what was about to occur!

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE requires new ways to say "whip and chain". They've discovered that MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING...although preposterous...although ridiculous...if preached by such evil-people as Chris Hayes...that such things...although complete lie...will be accepted as TRUTH. And result in: "blown off the couch!"


Pitching tent towards Sodom, (Genesis 13:12)? Before choosing unrighteous things...why not consider direction?


If you were enslaved...would not liberation over subjugation be the first and last thing considered 24/7? While most Americans will instantly proclaim freedom their primal cause...some will admit they'd submit...performing as master directed...existing as master decreed...never once asking about whip and chain...never once considering liberty?

Yesterday, the speakers at the million man march in Washington DC called for more not less subjugation...more not less government grip and grab...more not less freebie and favor...more not less yoke and choke agenda.

Sure...20% of America's children live in poverty...but...these speakers wouldn't acknowledge such privation was caused by the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. For example...Democrat Corey Booker...Newark, New Jersey Mayor...from that speakers' podium...instead of calling for elimination of this misery-making environment which produces 20% in poverty kind of numbers...Mayor Booker...demanded more not less stomp and chomp...more not less big foot government.

Even though government was generating such misery and privation...nevertheless...Mayor Booker cried out for more chain...more burden...more whip on the backs of the unwitting fools who pull such FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Yes...Mayor Booker knows this 20% figure is probably much higher...and...he also knows big foot government is its cause...but...because he is such a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...he simply can't bring himself to go and cry against Nineveh,(JONAH 1:1-3).


Sexual harassment accuser, Laura Fink said she was satisfied that Democrat Bob Filner agreed to resign as mayor of San Diego. Fink was one of Democrat Bob Filner's biggest critics. He had attacked her in an elevator and forced her to rub his penis. His sweaty hand grabbed her pulsing finger and directed forth.

Because Democrat Bob Filner is a rabid socialist, though, he has been asked to be a MSNBC talking head. Similar to the job Eliot Spitzer was given when ole Eliot was caught having sex with 12 year old Cambodian boys under the alias LOVE CLIENT NUMBER NINE...Democrat Bob Filer will be asked to discuss issues affecting women in the workplace...a topic he has well honed.


American Destroyers are sitting off Syria...waiting for Obama to give the command to attack. Once that order is given...these ships will unleash incredible firepower blowing holes in Damascus and elsewhere. Will Obama give that order?

According to information obtained from the National Security Agency's computer banks using an Eddie Snowden "pass key"'s likely Obama won't issue such an order. He simply can't bring himself to inveigle America in another religious conflict.

Zhang Yimou

Movie producer, Zhang Yimou agreed to make a film about Lady Elizabeth. Her passion for liberation over subjugation has made her a household word in China.


Al Sharpton...a race-baiting Democrat...spoke about the need to hire people. In reaction to that typical his office were sent several people in need of a job. They didn't get past the front door. They were turned away because Al Sharpton wasn't hiring people...he was just mouthing off about the wonders of socialism.

He wasn't about to help anyone. These would-be worker bees were informed that Al Sharpton wants to direct and control others from cradle to grave. Sure...the programs and policies he supports create unemployment and stark instances of privation...but...he wasn't about to admit as much and he sure wasn't about to reduce the number of dependent souls since the hungry never bite the feeding hand. What he would do for them was offer "food stamps"...and..."rent-subsidy"...but...he wasn't put his own purse into the mix. As Al Sharpton says, "My tears...your purse!"

Saturday, August 24, 2013


They let the child speak first. He cried out for big foot government...demanded with "his tears...your purse!" This child glorified the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...added that he and his generation wanted from the would-be master even more. In exchange for worshiping whatever golden calf forged...this little fella said his bunch if it didn't get what was needed would on tomb stones piss and curse.


If you're male...transform in mind to female...fell the difference...and...then...attempt by such knowledge train body and soul to merge with your lover...she'll receive whatever pleasure you choose...try it some confused.


The minimum wage law creates a perpetual institutionalized group which is unemployed or worse, unemployable. The faces in this group grow older but their lives rarely change. To make their plight worse, the federal government has decreed an employer must pay a specific basic wage to any employee. Hence, the employer must assess if that potential worker bee will deliver enough labor to warrant the payment of at least the minimum wage. Such a decision-making process instantly eliminates the marginal or inexperienced workers...and...statistically...that bunch deleted forthwith and left "not-hired" is comprised of the young Afro-Americans, Hispanics and "other".

At the Washington Monument on 08-24-13 speaker after speaker told a well-televised national audience there had to be a minimum wage and there had to be bigger entitlements...more government freebie and favor...and...they were ready to demand "whitey" get to pulling that FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

 Not once did any of them acknowledge the minimum wage creates institutionalized unemployed...people who simply have given up trying to find work and are living off food stamp and residing in the millions of homeless shelters throughout America. As Senator Chuck Shumer said, "A homeless shelter also goes by the name: an OBAMA-IN-EEEE-UM.

The minimum wage and all the other aspects of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can be deleted. But from what was said from that speaker's perch...this hellish CAGE is well protected. Indeed...every speaker preached enslavement and perpetuation of the RIDE even though such RIDE reduces its RIDERS to whining worms, servile supplicants, and parasites.

Yet...while those speakers harangued and spewed platitude...across the way...the entire day stood Lady Elizabeth speaking to anyone who would listen. Because the moment was so good...Lady Elizabeth found a spot where she was permitted to conduct her speech and she did.

From the certified count...she had 549,877 march participants actually focused on her message...more listened to her speech than to any other speaker! According to official sources, the number of people affected by Lady Elizabeth was so impressive...her entire presentation was videoed by opposing forces.

What did Lady Elizabeth preach from her spot? She described EDEN and how everyone could rid themselves of the old and find refreshment in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market,(OUM). Why permit big foot government to stand in your way? Why permit the would-be master take your future and tell it what to say?

She called upon every RIDER to  consider deployment of THE ORB. She explained each RIDERS was paid for the seat and thereafter private charity if in need of cord. Not any longer "your tears, my purse". Not any longer looting storerooms only to have yours plundered when others gain upper hand.

In the OUM...peace and prosperity abound. As Harvard Scientists concluded, "Never in the OUM is an able-bodied pauper found!" Yes...Lady Elizabeth described EDEN...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king.

She said every person there should join the army of liberation and march with her to "make salt". Why must Americans kneel and worship whatever golden calf some would-be master directs be forged? She called upon every-man jack one of them to assist her in deleting the "yoke and choke" agenda of the CAGE and help usher in EDEN. Why not join in opening the gates to EDEN instead of trying to keep everyone penned up in the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?


Whatever deadly gas was used to kill Syrians...such product was delivered by operatives of the CIA. This gassing was directed...orchestrated...and...carried out by CIA personnel. The entire attack has the fingerprints of the CIA all over it! Anyone familiar with American military tactic and CIA manual provisions for such a thing instantly recognized the perpetrator was connected to the American-CIA.


One of the 3 murderers of the Oklahoma jogger tweeted before the murder that he hated "whitey"...and...wanted "whitey" to taste blood. Naturally...Obama immediately went on TV and RADIO and said he would be proud to have Mr. Edwards as a son. Recall Obama framed Trayvon Martin as the son he never had while publicly lamenting Trayvon's death...a death at the hands of a Hispanic male standing his ground. was expanding his would-be family to include this "whitey" hater. What a guy!


Once more...the mysterious death of Princess Diana has precipitated another witness. This lady offered evidence that the American CIA was sent to kill her because she was closing down the land mine industry...something in which some pretty powerful politicians in America were heavily invested.


Tourists are avoiding the Middle East, especially dodging Egypt and Syria...two spots most tourists found fun and fulfilling. Nowadays...unless you find ducking bullets and stepping gingerly through land mine areas delightful...those two places are off your bucket list.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Barack Obama would walk by a house on his way to school. He'd ask for and get breakfast from the old lady whose habit it was to sit on her porch next to the path he took and watch the birds that time of morning. One day...Barack stopped and asked for breakfast. Miss Jenkins replied, "No...Barack...not today."

Barack became livid. How dare this elderly person refuse to kneel and lick his boot. He listened to her tell him "NO" and then...looking around...reached down..and...grabbed horse dung and declared, "If you don't...I'll eat this!"

Miss Jenkins reacted instantly. " God...Barack....please don't eat that! the barn and get "fresh".

After that interface...Obama became an angry MARXIST ON MISSION...someone willing to slit his own mother's throat to advance cause and purpose.


As Obama was preaching enslavement and subjugation...his audience cheered. Those seated behind him screamed with adulation as he described the "whip and chain" he planned for them all. It was incredible to observe college students in 2013 applauding "NANNY STATE spank and diaper check".


Ah...yes...Chinese play "go"...not chess. When dealing with the Chinese always know the board without edge...whatever might happen...framed as wedge.


Yes...if permitted...Mr. Manning will transgender to Ms Chelsea Manning to serve his prison term as desired. Naturally...Patton was channeled by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and asked should this lad be slapped.


When the leadership in control of the speakers' agenda was asked if Lady Elizabeth could speak...they said "no". Never would they permit their million man march be commandeered by a Messiah. They wanted to tell their audience about the wonders and bliss of socialism and Eco-fascism. They wanted their speakers to preach more subjugation...demanding big foot government get bigger shoes.

Instead of having a messianic figure stand forth and offer liberty...they wanted their tell the leaders in WASHINGTON DC...don't cut off the Afro-American from the benefit of the 20th Century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement programs. They wanted "whitety" to see that they can bring forth a great voting bloc and as such they had better not be overlooked at pie-cutting time.

What would make these leaders fear Lady Elizabeth so much they would instantly say "NO!" when asked if she might deliver a 5 minute speech? The answer is simple. They know Lady Elizabeth marches to "make salt"...leading an army of liberation...whose crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in EDEN...replacing the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of the CAGE with the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

As little Al Sharpton said when asked about this topic by a cub-reporter from this BLOG,"To have someone as Lady Elizabeth appearing at a rally for more not less permit her to appear in WASHINGTON DC before America on national television preaching THE ORB...and...calling on Americans...every man-jack one of join her and together "make salt!" such is too much to ponder...and...more than too much to fear. So we said "NO".


Has anyone here seen my old friend Bobby...can you tell me where he's gone...I thought I saw him walking over the hill with Abraham, Martin and John.


Voter identification seems an integral part of conducting a valid election. If a person can vote twice...then...such voter fraud hurts everyone. It undermines the credibility of the election process. Hence...assuring the voter only votes once...there must be in-place a system which asks the would-be voter for her or his identification...and...then...later on...if such voter does commit fraud and votes twice or more times...such voter can be identified and punished. These "over-votes" most states...however...are left alone and not excluded. Yes...the fraudster gets spanked...but...the damage is left alone...undisturbed...and...part of the overall vote for that particular election.

The Democrats don't want voter-identification as a requirement for voting since they have buses lined up to carry these "voters" from town to some more. If they're have identification with them...the odds of success of such nefarious* tactics are diminished to virtual nonsense.

*Listen to the arguments of those opposed to voter-identification and the issue of "voter-fraud" is never addressed. They claim in their argument that the voters will be honest always knowing that their own team has the buses lined up and ready to go. If an election is close...they'll bus in the "deciding factor" so to speak.


President Assad did not authorize and his team did not deploy any poison gas. If some chemical agent were used...such a heinous act was committed by the American CIA which is afoot inside Syria! Indeed...using the "pass key" given to this BLOG by Mr. Edward Snowden...such information was revealed. computer data bases had to be hacked...but...this BLOG wanted to know the truth. It turns out...Obama directed his operatives inside Syria to use deadly gas but make it appear as if Assad's loyalists did it.

For those in need of wound-poke to believe...why not read the article about this obvious CIA connection?(Wall Street Journal(08-23-13;A-8) As this newspaper points out, the CIA struck at night every rag head the time when Americans attack. The towns struck(Zamalka and Ain Tarma)were far away from big population centers, another obvious Americans consideration writ large. The chemical agent used was to appear to be a well-known gassing agent...but...dissipate so quickly as not to be found environmentally or inside the human body, again another typical American thing.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

U.S.Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL)

U.S.Rep. Bill Posey favors liberation over subjugation and leads the fight to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. In many ways he is one of the leaders of the army of liberation its purpose to march to "make salt".


Mother nature isn't conforming to the demands of the man-made global warming crowd. Indeed...the summer of 2013 is the mildest on record. Sure...these climate-change charlatans know it...but...they'll die before admitting their theory is as nutty as banana bread.

Al Gore acknowledged man-made CO2 emissions are virtually negligible when compared to the daily output of volcanoes above and below the oceans of the world. He acknowledged he was a charlatan but a racist one at that! He said he wanted the Afro-Americans to sweat in their homes in the summer because they lack the funds to buy air conditioning. He admitted he liked the idea of a ruling elite with all the amenities and the unwashed masses begging for food and shelter...two things his ideas would surely produce.


Obama whipped America into a racist frenzy and when his effort produced a murder of a white jogger from Australia...he denied he was its cause. It's typical Democrat stuff. Start the fire...throw gasoline...then...swear lack of involvement.

In a sense...Obama did what he was trained to do as a south side of Chicago community organizer. He stirred the Afro-American community and directed them to find and kill "whitey"...a directive of the three hooligans involved in the murder in Oklahoma...took seriously.

And...once...the furor over such merciless murder of "whitey" is in full swing...Obama will step back and offer ways to solve the problem. What a guy!


Erick Salgado stood with 5 other candidates each one seeking to tell the audience why they should be Mayor of New York City. The candidates are all socialists...except Erick Saldago.

It was obvious liberty was not going to be discussed by anyone on that stage. Indeed...Erick Salgado was cut short in his response while answering one question because he mentioned how nasty and idiotic socialism was. While he was telling America that Cuba tried it....North Korea is starving because of it...and...millions of souls have perished trying to stop or impose he was describing the idiocy of socialism...the moderator of the debate intruded and told him not to preach THE ORB!

Erick Salgado almost grabbed the door and opened the CAGE. But...the moderator was ready to stop such attempt. He chided Salgado informing him he mustn't attempt CAGE-ESCAPE...but...tell the crowd he loved the "whip and chain" of big foot government. Sure...Erick tried to breach the barrier to liberty...but...he was scared off with a simple "BOO!"


Obama told America that he could have been Trayvon Martin, the youth who was killed by George Zimmerman as ole George was standing his ground. Obama said he would have been proud to have Trayvon as his son. But...Obama hasn't come forward to say the youths who killed the jogger in Oklahoma could be his sons and he'd be as proud of them as Trayvon. Why not?


The Democrat candidates for Mayor of New York City all called for socialism except Erik Delgado. He said there had to be liberation over subjugation. He pointed out that in a 3 block area 24 businesses had closed. They couldn't pay the taxes, fines and keep up with all the red tape...and...hence went to Florida to make their fortune.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


A police state tactic is to arrest the opposition's leadership...hold a kangaroo trial...and...then...eliminate and delete. Such is afoot in Egypt wherein General Sisi is slowly stomping opposition into submission Pharaoh-style. As Yule Brenner said in the movie, TEN COMMANDMENTS..."as it is shall it be done!"


Bored? Yeah. am I. What can we do to alleviate this boredom? As the 3 teenagers were discussing this quandary...they spotted a jogger. Within moments of that sighting...the jogger lay dead and the 3 youths accused of his murder.

When asked why they'd slain a stranger....they replied, " We were bored." But...then...adding to their explanation...the two Afro-American youths snorted that they not only were bored but also wanted to do what Obama said young black Americans need to do: make their mark! They just figured if Obama could assassinate U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador was okay for them to shoot as they did.


The fiscal meltdown was engineered so that it would collapse just before the 2008 election thereby propelling Obama into the Oval Office. The stratagem was called: AN IMPLODING BOZO or an I.B.D. and Senator Chuck Schumer detonated the IBD so that his team would win.


G.Greenwald's lover, Miranda was detained by the British and during that 9 hours of questioning never once did they ask Miranda about Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee who both purloined a quadrillion super-top secret documents....each one an indictment of TEAM OBAMA...and...had escape with such "dynamite" finding asylum in Russia under the protection of President Putin.

As everyone on FACEBOOK knows...Miranda and Greenwald were Snowden's quiet conduit using them to publish embarrassing data about TEAM OBAMA. Greenwald was so livid about the British detention and their search of Miranda's stuff...examining the videos of his own sexual activity...videos which Miranda had kept on his iPhone...for instance...that "Greenie" he's called by his closest pals...threatened to reveal "why" U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens were assassinated by TEAM OBAMA.

That threat was so real that Obama personally went on TV and delivered a speech wherein code words were planted. By using a specific cipher...the encryption could be translated and such was done by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. Indeed...Obama...using this ancient method of overt communication...informed Greenwald that the British had not searched those things and such were not entrenched in any fashion. Hence...please do not reveal the reasons these two Americans were killed.

Will that hidden entreaty be accepted by Greenie? Many political scientists believe Greenie won't reveal anything since revelation will give frame and edge...something any would-be snitch always avoids since such diminishes the power otherwise present in the unknown. What Greenie will warn Obama that any more attacks on Miranda, himself or Snowden might very well fetch him a ride to the gallows.

* MASS MEDIA has been putting out this propaganda buy-line: Obama never knew the British were about to conduct such detention of Miranda despite information to the contrary...and...did all he could to effectuate release of Miranda and the return of his property.


When Dr. Phil was asked to tweet about alcohol and sex...he thought he's been asked to comment on Hillary Clinton's sexual appetite. Dr. Phil knew about Clinton's preference for camels while drunk and tweeted the same. The uproar was instantaneous. As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) indignantly snorted, "How dare Dr. Phil reveal a closely-kept secret about Hillary's need to have the warmth and love of camels!"

Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx)

Senator Ted Cruz is preaching portions of THE ORB and has received standing ovations when such is done. One former Democrat said he changed to Republican so that she could support Ted Cruz and his crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Why don't you consider marching with the army of liberation to WASHINGTON DC and elsewhere to "make salt"?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


After examining the ladies Mayor Filner groped and sexually's likely the rumors that Filner also had his way with Hillary Clinton are true. While his other conquests are just people...his tryst with Hillary and that camel has become the center of public scrutiny. How did he and Hillary do the camel in that small bedroom many are asking as they delve into the dirty parts of that sexual encounter.

As anyone can observe...after Hillary and Filner satisfied each other and that incorrigible camel's appetite for the unusual...they assured each other their secret was safe. What they didn't know was that the entire affair was on YouTube with over a million views in the 1st minute!


Instead of permitting pot growers to make their own market and hence their own brands and potency standards...government is already demanding that there be strict codes and standards with all sorts of red tape and hassle attached to each intrusion or burden contemplated. In reaction to such stomp and chomp...many pot growers are identifying these politicians and inviting their respective constituencies to recall them as "unwanted and dangerous".
*Mayor Filner...a lecherous jerk, well-known groper and highly respected leading the charge to smother pot-product with so much red tape that it will amount to eradication.


Mr. Badie...putative leader of the Muslim Brotherhood...was arrested yesterday by General Sisi on charges of sedition and murder. Apparently, Mr. Badie will be the fall-guy for the execution of 25 police conscripts recently discovered near Rafah.

"It's likely he gave the orders," opined General Sisi in an interview with a cub-reporter from this BLOG stationed in Cairo. According to General Sisi...Mr. Badie was angry about the 35 prisoners who were asphyxiated by police inside a truck...chained together...screaming for oxygen...while the police stood outside listening and laughing to their cries for mercy.

As laid out by General Sisi...Badie was so angry...that he directed his team to take out two bus loads of police conscripts. Based on official records...those 25 conscripts were related to the police who murdered those 35* prisoners.

In many ways...what went down was eye-for-an-eye agitprop...Old Testament accord with the Qu'ran and Sharia Law.

Hence...General Sisi errs mightily in attacking Mr. Badie over this reprisal. Sure...Badie's boys did their work as mercilessly as what those police did when they gassed those 35 prisoners inside that police was consistent with the teachings of THE PROPHET.

*All of whom were Muslim Brotherhood members and outspoken defenders of deposed President Morsi.

NIDAL'S "jihad duty"

Col. Nidal told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he killed those people because it was his "jihad duty". Sure...they were unarmed...but...such circumstance merely gave his deed greater meaning. He was shooting defenseless soldiers surprised by his anger and bullets...many shot as they fled his wrath. As Nidal said, "He read the Qu'ran and became a ghoul...a demonic presence...willing to commit heinous crimes in the name of Allah."

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. While Nidal might seem demented to most every Muslim country his name is spoken with reverence. He's raised up as a mighty jihadist whose mission to inflict as much damage as possible. While such evil is not uncommon in this 2013 world...most Americans believed it simply could never happen here...let alone a massacre on a military base. What they didn't realize was that the concept of "jihad duty" encompasses any act of evil imaginable...unbounded by any moral imperative otherwise considered.


Snowden, Miranda and Greenwald sound like some kind of law firm...but...they're the team which is exposing the evil and criminal misconduct of the National Security Agency,(NSA). Recently the British detained Miranda and grilled him for 9 hours. They asked him about the sexual appetite of Hillary Clinton for camels and the intrusion by Weiner into the privacy of Ms. Leathers and others...but...never did they ask him about Snowden or Greenwald...his two co-conspirators.


Three lower-level employees of the State Department have been fired due to their inability to hide from the Benghazi embassy scandal. Hillary Clinton needed people to take the heat and she chose these 3 employees. What a gal!

Knowing that Hillary and Obama had collaborated in the Benghazi debacle...Secretary of State John Kerry contacted these three loyalists and informed them they could return to work...that their complicity in the tragedy not enough for "discharge".


Are you aware that OBAMACARE is evil and represents enslavement...or...are you one who plucks grass to know where sits the wind?


More often than not your opponent is as prudent and as skilled. Every aspect of battle sifted and scanned as exquisitely as your own has been. Hence...what gives advantage....what assures victory...when the other has foreseen all that could be done?

It's the polemic of this BLOG that America has been transformed into a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein unwitting fools pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...its riders bidding MASTER to whip harder...compel more. Concomitantly, it's the goal of this BLOG to offer another way...a way wherein each person is not the government's beast of burden or servile supplicant but their own person pursuing rational self-interest.

The crusade of this BLOG is to dismantle this CAGE...and usher in EDEN...the otherwise unhampered market...a place where peace and prosperity are primal and everyone has the chance to be whatever possible. Instead of some government barrier to your the otherwise unhampered market...a person does as she or he sees fit in ways which don't harm others.

Indeed...the purpose of this BLOG is to identify the obstructions to EDEN and invite every voter to join the army of liberation and together delete this CAGE environment and enjoy the bounty of liberty. Imagine the product of your labor your own and not that of some would-be master directing and controlling from cradle to grave. Imagine as much and you've sensed EDEN at hand.

Arrayed against this march to "make salt"...are formidable forces whose goal to stop any attempt to fight against the CAGE. Yes...backed by the MASS MEDIA...such ruling elite control your life and in a few more years will begin to instruct you in ways reminiscent of enslavement in times past. It's their overarching belief...however...that you'll kneel and worship whatever golden calf they forge instead of refusing to accept such whip and chain.

Will you kneel and lick master's boot? Or...will you stand and vote for what liberty remains demanding that the CAGE be gone?


Would you stand and fight should enslavement your foe? Would you die defending liberty against chain and woe? In that moment...flee or fight...which would you?

Monday, August 19, 2013


Inside the otherwise unhampered market...EDEN found. Ask anyone about such a place and listen to the sounds. They say if only EDEN were possible...why they'd support anyone offering such bliss. They say they'd march with that leader hit or miss. Enter Lady Elizabeth!

Join the army of with us to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE the crusade to delete the yoke and choke agenda...against the enemy of liberty engage.


Governor Chris Christie(R.NJ) was put onto the national stage by Hurricane Sandy. He walked with Obama through the devastation and was heard demanding New Jersey get its fair share of any government "rebuild" money. His only caveat or proviso was that any government money not come with the usual union employment requirement...a requirement which always makes the project "over-budget"...and...never "on time" completed.

Chris Christie mentioned that he was a member of the army of liberation but was pragmatic enough to know what not to say or do. As he said...TEAM OBAMA controls the MASS MEDIA...and...any Republican with Presidential aspirations must realize this power and know how to sail in such shoal and hazard.

While such a polemic would be suitable for a Republican trying to exist inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE doesn't have the punch needed to overcome the "red tape, tax and spend" program and policy which TEAM HILLARY or something akin thereto will offer the 2016 voter. Instead of promising to dismantle this oppressive CAGE...Christie appears to be declaring his allegiance to such "yoke and choke" agenda and not someone advocating its deletion.

It would be an incredible thing if Senator Rand Paul, for example, told the same crowd that had just heard more "me-too" and "same old, same old, just different bag" from windbag Christie that unlike Christie...Senator Rand Paul would eradicate the "grip and grab" of big foot government and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. The audience would roar to life as each soul discovered rebirth and renewal from such promised liberation over subjugation.


VIDOCQ SOCIETY is an 82-member crime-solving outfit. They take on the most daunting crimes looking for purpose and perpetrator solving everyone of them. Because of their prowess...this BLOG contacted them and invited their inspection of the data collected on the circumstances surrounding the deaths of U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens. The conclusion of this august body was that they were killed by Obama using his "snuff-order" powers.


In a socialist world...the producer is a beast of burden whose unwitting foolishness lasts as long as the back is strong. As Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...said the other day, "The better course of action in a socialist society is to take as much as given and demand more in exchange for political support. In this fashion...the citizen receives as much as the master is willing to grant and the master receives more sheep and cattle to tend from cradle to grave."


Senator Rand Paul can prevail in 2016 over Hillary Clinton if he preaches THE ORB and offers to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE ole Hillary "what difference does it make" Clinton advocates and supports in ever way possible.


Fifty years ago...on August 28th...Martin Luther King participated in a million-man march. Sure...the count was only 1100...but...the MASS MEDIA...out of respect for his ideas...puffed the numbers after Martin was assassinated.


Could a million card-carrying Muslims appear in Washington DC to protest whatever?  The answer is "yes". While many might doubt the number or zeal among that bunch to travel and appear at some symbolic protest...there are many who plan on attending to observe that crowd dance and sing Sharia-style. As one pup-tent clad lady said, "We Muslim women aren't about to permit our Muslim men out of our sight!"


M.I.T. economics professor Jonathan Gruber recently demonstrated "why" his colleagues have been trying to evict him as "too stupid to tolerate". Unlike most Americans who have concluded OBAMACARE represents enslavement and little else...ole Gruber has declared such nonsense inspired and wondrous. Sure...Gruber has never started or operated a business...but...when you're an idiot protected by the can say or support about anything you wish.


In ear shot of a cub-reporter from this BLOG...Vice President Joe Biden asked an aide where they were...only to be informed he was still inside the Oval Office.

While most of the leadership of the Democrat Party have already chosen HILLARY "what difference does it make" CLINTON as their champion in 2016...Vice President Joe Biden wants to alert the world he...too...might want that berth. Hence...he told this BLOG that he is as much a socialist and Eco-fascist as Clinton and would ruin America just as mightily as she. What a guy!

Sergei Magnitsky Act

America passed a law that gives the federal government the power to grab bank accounts owned by Russians whom the federal government officials say are infringing on human rights. As one critical Russian said, "It's the pot calling the kettle black."


In the Sinai Peninsula area...25 Egyptian police were found shot to death, execution style. Autopsy reports have linked the Obama-directed CIA to these deaths. As one CIA operative admitted when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG "why" kill them, "Obama directed us to kill as many police as possible so that turmoil would continue."


Hillary Clinton sent some photos via Internet to Anthony Weiner asking him if her naked body excited him. Weiner replied with photos of his erect-penis. Of course...Bill Clinton didn't know about the "sexting" since he was in another room with a gal in a tight blue dress...something ole "Bill-the cad" can't resist.


Ah...yes...RICE production. In Venezuela...before socialism was imposed...that country was an exporter of RICE. imports RICE since socialism has destroyed RICE production. As with any socialist state...most of the people are reduced to beggars...while a ruling elite keeps things that way.

As idiot-Maduro...Venezuela's newest tyrant...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "It's good to have dependent-people since the hungry won't bite the feeding matter how brutal or evil such hand might be."


Recently...T.J.Rodgers...CEO of Cypress Semiconductor...joined the army of liberation. He found the crusade to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE compelling. As T.J.Rodgers told Lady Elizabeth in their meeting, "TEAM OBAMA is a nasty mix of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters and if Americans don't join together to fight the "whip and chain"...such will surely enslave and reduce America to a 3rd world situation fraught with privation and misery."

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Yes...if you examine the life and times of the ancient Pharaohs of'll sense the direction in which General Sisi and company are headed. What must be disturbing to Tel Aviv is that inside the "new" there isn't any room for the JEW.


Why is Hillary Clinton raising the "racial discrimination" issue? Perhaps, she's been informed she needs to take the focus off her incompetence in the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy debacle.


Even though Hillary Clinton will promise more not less government freebie and favor....tell everyone they'll get more government help...if such possible...and...generally offer to enslave until the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE completed...she won't win. Voters aren't that stupid...and...hopefully...won't be that stupid come November of 2016.


Ah...yes...that shadow moved. It was just tree and sun light but then again something else it could have been.


A Duck Dynasty member was informed he couldn't come into a New York motel. When later asked "why" the refusal...the management said they thought he was just another homeless dude in need of a barber and bath. After the mistake was revealed...the Motel offered Mr. Robertson their best room and bed. Naturally...Duck Dynasty accepted graciously.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Not long to live? Indeed...180 lives...surrounded by 4000(+) souls wishing to extinguish the same...such was afoot at the Alamo. a voice of one crying in the wilderness....beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to entreat...yes...beg...that you consider an alternative.

Friday, August 16, 2013


MSNBC Chris Hayes is observed laughing as mention is made of the death of Benghazi Ambassador Chris Stevens. Why?

Does he know what actually occurred? Does he know that Ambassador Chris Stevens was going to reveal that Hillary Clinton preferred sex with camel than with Bill?


Jerry Sandusky was having sex with Mike Mann? When Jerry was arrested and convicted of annul sex with Penn State football players...numbering in the thousands...he said Mike Mann had instructed him. Jerry said that Mike Mann...a Penn State "hockey stick" artist...had made him sexually attack football players.

In a private moment...Jerry Sandusky said, "Had it not been for the LIES told by Mike Mann...a Penn State employee...he'd not have had annul sex with 10,000 football players. Indeed...many former sexual victims recalled Sandusky mentioning Mike Mann's name when the intercourse was committed.

Convicted sexual deviant Jerry Sandusky told a cub-reporter of this BLOG said that Mike Mann told him he was saving the planet.


Man-made global warming is mythology but lucrative. If you're chicken get paid. If you're a're framed in opprobrious epithet and calumny.

Maybe you haven't noticed...but...natural forces...sun and earth-related stuff...cause climate change. A sun spot...or...some volcanic or tectonic activity...such results in weather change. Of course, the  MASS MEDIA employs scumbags to preach man-made global warming. These so-called scientists know the real source of oddities...but....can't say as much lest they lose their funding. So they preach whatever LIE is selling and hope not anyone notices the deception.


U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz...a typical Democrat...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that she had done 8 hours non-stop with Mayor Filner. Whatever this lady meant isn't known...but...Peggy Shannon told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that it meant she wasn't  exactly "chillin' at the Holiday Inn!"


Angry over the affection shown to Peggy Shannon...Senator Barbara Boxer...a typical Democrat politician...called Mayor Filner...a fellow scumbag Democrat...and said she could go 8 hours non-stop. Filner laughed and said Boxer was too old for his talent and preferred Peggy Shannon.

broom stick?

The rodeo clown sitting on a broom stick wearing an Obama mask was called "racist" and fired. He was fired from his job as a rodeo clown and fired from his job as janitor and fired from his job as Sheriff and fired from his job as plumber and fired from his job as night watchman. Yes...he was fired from all his jobs and his 18 children are starving. But...Obama was vindicated. As Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY) said, "Obama is a real scumbag and can't take a joke!"

Most Democrat politicians...such idiots as Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) the fact that a rodeo clown was stomped for making fun of Obama. How dare he poke fun of a dung-eating monkey such as Obama.


A perfect pork sandwich is called a "NOOGIE WOOGIE". Ask anyone knowledgeable about pork sandwiches and they'll label the NOOGIE WOOGIE the symbol of perfection.
In the movie, THE BUTLER...Oprah lunch...ate NOOGIE WOOGIE almost every day!


Have you seen the plaintiffs in the "Filner touched me"Scandal? His choice in women is lacking. He fondled what Senator Chuck Schumer...a typical Democrat scumbag, himself...called "cows and pigs".

Indeed...Senator Schumer sided with Mayor Filner...a fellow scumbag Democrat. As Democrat-Schumer put it, "This San Diego mayor made the mistake of fondling and groping cows and pigs instead of ladies of the night."


Perhaps you aren't an historian and lack a working knowledge of Egypt. Indeed...because most readers lack such information...the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG undertook to prepare a tutorial for those interested in what's afoot nowadays in the land of the Pharaohs.

It can be reduced to a simple expose' wherein the conflict is dissected and revealed in graphic format. have interest in perpetuating what is and those discordant desires preferring new and exotic. It's this tension which has translated into outright confrontation....nose-to-nose violence where rock and bullet trade advantage.


A directive from a tyrant can be called a "diktat". Recently, two businesses were informed they could not merge. Yes...the merger was prudent and would result in a stronger overall business wherein both profited mightily. Yet...because of a "diktat"...these two businesses were stymied. While you might conclude that this situation was something from North Korea or'd be wrong. It's what two airlines encountered in America.

Folks...we need to eradicate this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where businesses can merge and evaporate as consumers dictate and not as some big foot government might decree!


A few miles outside of Roswell, New Mexico dead aliens were found. Naturally, a cover-up ensued...a cover-up which was perfect until recently when EDDIE SNOWDEN escaped from the National Security Agency(NSA) with confirmatory data. It was so persuasive and credible President Putin gave Snowden asylum.


When you finally decide to fight tyranny...will you be concerned that your neighbors don't stand with you but want more not less whip and chain applied? Recall that those who died at the Alamo didn't much care who left or show stayed...they were there to fight for liberty...even if it would be their final days.

2776 times?

In the most recent 21 month audit of the National Security Agency(NSA) it was discovered the NSA had violated federal law 2776 times. Naturally....because these scumbags are federal employees they can transgress any way they see fit and the MASS MEDIA will support them. Keep in mind Hitler's death camps were kept going because the German MASS MEDIA advocated extermination and the raising up of the "master-race".

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Vero Beach City government is trimming sail. It has eliminated 10 employees and only has 113 more to go before this "cutting process" ends. As Mr. Fletcher said, "I'm going to eliminate as much government spending as possible!"


Obama told Egyptian General Sisi that America would not be joining any coalition where this new regime is a would-be participant. Sure...Israel and Egypt are aligned but Obama found it disconcerting that General Sisi would kill people in order to retain power and wasn't about to be observed conducting war games with him.


Egyptian General Sisi has been clearing the streets of protesters. In Cairo, for example, 276 people were shot to death because they chose to throw rock. As General Sisi said, "I'll protect this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE even if the people want liberation over subjugation."

What is interesting about this latest act of suppression is that in America the MASS MEDIA would support such tyranny as is presently afoot inside Egypt. Indeed...instead of excoriating TEAM OBAMA for entrenchment of has called such erosion wondrous and enlightened. Instead of labeling OBAMACARE little more than a modern-day version of the golden calf scenario...for instance...virtually all of the MASS MEDIA has supported it.

In order to retake America there must be a new message...a message which calls for liberation over subjugation...a message calling for rebirth...renewal...and...refreshment.

Indeed...why not take a moment and consider something different? Imagine...for example...a place wherein the otherwise unhampered market found...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where envy isn't permitted to find its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. Imagine as much and you've just been in EDEN.

Some might scoff at this comparison and declare America would never support tyranny even if the MASS MEDIA is oddly silent about what TEAM OBAMA has doing. To them...eventually...the scoundrels are identified...their evil expunged...and...America returned to its default position: LIBERTY OR DEATH!

Such belief in freedom is great. However, the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG in response to such credulity would say, "TRUST IN ALLAH...BUT...TIE YOUR CAMEL."


Recently...a rodeo clown was given an award for bravery. He saved a beleaguered rider from a bull known only as "BORN SNAPPIN!" But for the saving assistance of the clown...the rider was doomed. When the rider was safe and bull gone away...the 100,000 person audience screamed with adulation. THANK YOU they cried!

The clown removed his OBAMA MASK and smiled. As he triumphantly left the arena that evening, though, he was accosted by an OBAMA GOON SQUAD. They asked him for his identification papers and wondered "why" he would ever make fun of Obama. The clown was surprised by the interest in a silly mask when he had just risked life and limb to save COWBOY TIMMY-JOHN JENKINS HOLLOWAY.

When the clown arrived at work the next day he discovered another person working there and that he had been fired that morning at daybreak. When the clown went to buy groceries at his local super market...a place where he'd shopped for 45 years...the manager said he wasn't welcome. Likewise, his barber since childhood said not did the local massage parlor ladies. Indeed...the clown was unwanted everywhere he went. According to Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY)...he'd crossed the proverbial line when he wore the mask of a dung-eating monkey.


When describing foolishness...many critics are using the French as the model. Not many entrepreneurs choose France since it's socialist and backward. As one British investor said, "France is a toilet bowl useful for little else."


Unlike skeptical Americans...the Europeans willingly eat bovine excrement sandwiches served to them by their leaders. The latest fare is the proposition that Europe's economy has stopped shrinking and the recession is over. Somehow...socialist program and policy has cured the doldrums and people are wild with economic zeal.


Ah...yes...the curse of the mummy is afoot in Egypt. When Pharaoh's tomb was was the beginning of the end!


BONO of U-2 recently was informed his wealth would be taken at his death and redistributed as the master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE saw fit. He was stunned to learn he had supported such nonsense in times past. He said he wanted to dismantle this CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can master with mob plunder the storeroom of others.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Evan Guo, CEO of Zhaupia,Ltd. proudly told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he had 2.5 million job openings across China and not many applicants. He was perplexed by the volume of "help wanted"signs...and...the paucity of interest therein. What is keeping people away he whispered...expressing his chagrin with the number of lucrative job openings and little interest therein.

In reply...this reporter said, "It's because China isn't free...what future you might believe you make...might be little more than shook and shake. Tomorrow's master with mob might erase whatever wall or door you staked. On the other hand, if it were a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market template...China would prosper a thousand years* in all directions and those 2.5 million jobs would have already been filled a million times over."

* Forecast: By August of 2017...though...President Xi Jinping will have realized the OUM is the best way for China to become the biggest and best.


The consumer buys the lowest priced shrimp and doesn't much care from what part of the globe such might come. Hence...the consumer rewards the lowest priced seller but might choose to pay more should the sizzle be more attractive than the steak. Perhaps that is why there is good wine and then "other"...or...why JUMBO means different when it comes to shrimp. Whatever the reason, the lowest price is usually chosen by most consumers with the more expensive brand ignored.

Because of the paternal nature of  the leaders of the Vietnamese government...they wanted to give Americans lower priced shrimp. Hence...they taxed and beat their own producers so that shrimp were cheap in America. So cheap were Vietnamese delicious...not even New Orleans could compete.

Reacting to this consumer preference for cheaper shrimp, Louisiana shrimp producers demanded a tariff be imposed making Vietnamese shrimp as expensive as the shrimp produced in America.

In a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...such largess by another nation would be welcomed...and...labeled "friendship-making". But...inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a tariff is erected hurting the consumer and infringing on the consumer's right to choose.

Yes...vested interests are protected from extinction by tariff but such protective mantle erodes and undermines until the protected are themselves wards of the CAGE...pampered...coddled...from cradle to grave.


Mansion with 20,000 acres in the middle of New York State was recently offered for sale. The highest bid was $15,000.00 and that offer was only good for 48 hours. Unfortunately, the pool of idiots had dwindled and few were left who would consider such trap anything but a fool's better position.


NOOGIE WOOGIE...the newest name in pork sandwich...has offered to buy 425 Wendy's stores which Wendy's Co. has said it's selling in September of 2013. While the offer is so generous it's likely to be accepted...there is some competition for this treasure trove. the bidding for these restaurants is Junior Bridgeman, an NBA player, whose agent said he was prepared to pay $100,000 for the lot of them...a bid much greater than what NOOGIE WOOGIE framed.

The days of the brick and mortar are over. NOOGIE WOOGIE was going to use those 425 stores as fortifications from which the NOOGIE MOBILES* would be launched to travel the circuit offering NOOGIE WOOGIE to the hungry. Many customers find themselves compelled to stop and ask the well-endowed Nuu-Gett with the low-cut t-shirt emblazoned with golden insignia just what is NOOGIE WOOGIE.
*Recall that the NOOGIE WOOGIE is sold from NOOGIE MOBILES that travel about large urban centers offering at curbside a wondrous meal known as the NOOGIE WOOGIE...pork with punch! The operator of this 3-wheeled bicycle with surrey top and big box attached front and rear pivots her well-padded she stations her bike parallel to the sidewalk...deploys her table...affixes the top for shade and turns on the LIVE-STREAM VIDEO wherein this she's so fondly labeled...impov's...while she serves her customers...all of whom know "one for three...two for five".

In Chicago...for example...a Nuu-Gett was able to make $1000 per day...and...entertain on the weekends at the local comedy club where she hoped to be discovered and asked to be in a Twilight sequel.


In Hong Kong there is a non-bank lender sporting the same: YES LADY FINANCE COMPANY. It offers to loan money should the would-be debtor have a valuable purse for collateral. While it might seem preposterous to the Chinese it's a great way to get some instant cash for a few days and then retrieve the item before time has elapsed for repayment.

This company...and...millions like it...are the product of government restriction. Because bankers...for example...are required to have so much data before a loan is issued, most would-be borrowers prefer to use their purse as collateral...get the a few days...retrieve the purse. A Hermes Birkin bag...for instance...fetched $20,600(US) and was retrieved 14 days later by full repayment no questions reports to be filled red tape to grip and grab of big foot government to avoid!

In America with OBAMA-SCARE all its pernicious forms and's likely Americans will generate unusual business models similar to what bubbles and brews in China.

Take for example OBAMACARE. This 2500 page abomination will enslave and destroy so much of America that business will be conducted in as unusual a way as that found in Hong Kong.

It's likely in reaction to the whip and chain of OBAMACARE there will be small pools of people gathered together with a boutique doctor team in a private hospital setting wherein rejuvenation practiced using designer computer and latest scientific breakthrough.

Imagine needing a new liver and within a fortnight a new one is created and installed as easily as changing a tire...or...needing your lung replaced and getting the same in about 5 days...imagine as much and you'll understand what OBAMACARE will insure most people won't ever have. Sure...those with an expensive purse can get a new heart or kidney...but...under OBAMACARE...most people will be determined* "unworthy" and left to rot away.
*Recall that HHS Sebelius when asked about the little girl in need of a replacement lung was heard to say, "Let her's not my job to save her!"


Elon Musk...a billionaire...wants to construct a HYPERLOOP on the median between the highways. This tube system would send capsules around the loop at 800 miles per hour making a trip from one end of California to the other so short most will make the trip once just to say they did.

Opposing ELON MUSK...however...are every envious snip and snap embedded in the Golden State. How dare this big shot want to assist people in getting from point A to point B in as expeditious a fashion as possible. Indeed...these "masters of the universe"...want people to use bike, bus or shoe...with only the ruling elite having motorized-transport approved.

Can ELON MUSK achieve his dream? If this weren't a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE in which we find ourselves presently...the answer would be "yes". However...inside this CAGE...ELON MUSK might as well spend his time sending robots to the moon and Mars as to attempt the HYPERLOOP.


Italy...a socialist paradise...has experienced an increase in the number of Italians living below the so-called poverty line. Indeed...the more socialist program and policy imposed...the greater the gap between rich and poor with the pool of the poor growing by 14% in only the last 24 months!(Wall Street Journal B-8;08-14-13).

What is baffling is that the Italians know socialism is stomping and chomping...but...they're resigned to kneel and lick their master's boot. Perhaps such fealty derived from generations of Italians licking someone's boot....that the heir of the fool begets more foolhardiness might very well describe the plight of the Italian and go far to explain "why" they accept such diktat from cradle to grave.


The Ohio River is massive and removing 4.3 million gallons per day wouldn't do any harm to the environment. The water would be pumped across land to water-starved areas where found rich deposits of oil and gas bearing shale. Because hydraulic fracturing or fracking requires huge amounts of water...such a water source would be quite lucrative to those able to pipe such water to those spots 80 miles away.

Antero Resources, Inc. has backing from Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner...two New York big shots...and...with such political clout this company envisions constructing an 80 mile 22 inch pipe putting water where needed most. Standing against this water pipe is Janet Keating*...a so-called ecologist...whose claim to fame is that she saved a rabbit from getting run over on the I-95 and has a t-shirt autographed by Obama.

Could Antero achieve its goal? It's likely it won't get off the launch pad since Keating is best friends with Michelle Obama and pointed out that she and Michelle had the same purse and liked the same toys in bed. Ms. Keating...when asked about her opposition...exclaimed, "It'll never happen. We don't want the Ohio River drained!"
*The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition does not want oil and gas prices to plummet since that would increase the use of fossil fuel...something they despise. Indeed...Janet Keating told a cub reporter from this BLOG that she liked the American Indian way of life and would see to it that Americans once again used Tee Pee and camp fire...the women grubbing root and bark while the men hunting elk and rat.


Bandy the rodeo clown put on a mask...drew laugh and frown. How dare he have a mask of Obama...some fumed and smacked...while others said good humor in that funny mask packed. Because Bandy chose Missouri to caricature that dung-eating monkey in the Oval Office...however...his days as a clown were over.

Sure...he called Paula Deen to commiserate over their mutual misfortune...hers having been so out-of-touch that she didn't know NIGGER can't be said by anyone that ain't black...while his not knowing anyone cared about that dung-eating monkey in the first place. He said he chose that Obama mask since most Americans liked eating bovine excrement sandwiches...and...would find pleasure in knowing he had a plate full ready to be served.


Every rodeo clown has been warned not to make fun of Obama.  According to an official government-issued notice: " you poke fun at that dung-eating will...lose your clown-job and suffer a black listing from all future rodeos."


Carl Icahn grabbed a stake valued at more than $1.5 billion in Apple,Inc. As most market analysts know...Icahn and the EQUITY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG were in head-to-head competition to see which outfit could buy the most APPLE. Obviously...ole Carl was more dedicated to that aspect of EDEN.


Oprah went to a Swiss purse shop and was told she could not buy a $38,000 purse. Confronted with such denial...Oprah stormed from the store and began a big publicity campaign of chastisement. Within 48 hours, the elderly female employee...who had offended Oprah...was fired...and...the store's owner offering to give Oprah a purse in exchange for cessation of "hell-to-pay".

The employee was never interviewed by the MASS MEDIA. However, she was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG what went down. She said that Oprah entered the store singing an old Negro spiritual and it had frightened her. She thought Oprah was making fun of her lack of arms and having only one eye and ear. bales of tears...this hapless former employee whispered...when Oprah asked to see a purse this employee obviously could not reach and was laughing at her attempt...the employee became expressively perturbed. She said she told Oprah it was wrong to mock infirmity and she was not about to take the rest of the afternoon trying to position that ladder so she could inch her way to that shelf and retrieve.

Oprah listened to this refusal and scoffed. How dare this peasant say such things. She was Oprah Winfrey and she wanted that employee to get that ladder...inch up to that shelf...get that purse...bring it down...hand it to Oprah with her claw-like foot which extended from a cut-off sneaker...and...await Oprah's decision on whether or not to buy it.

In a private email to Michelle Obama...whose own curiosity about the confrontation had become widely discussed on TV and RADIO...Oprah said, "I wasn't about to be treated that way!"


Because the merger of American Airlines and US Airways has been blocked by TEAM OBAMA...this BLOG has decided to buy both of these airlines for ONE U.S. DOLLAR! Preposterous you say? Well...according to Michelle Obama...the U.S. DOLLAR can buy anything and this BLOG is about to test her affirmation.


Obama in a speech recently said the people who don't want to fund OBAMACARE  are the same people who don't care about the 30 million uninsured Americans. The point is offered as a crowd-pleasing utterance and an applause-line.

While many people really don't care what this dung-eating monkey said...the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG bristled and fumed. How dare this flop-eared scumbag lay claim to everyone's storeroom for his demented purpose! Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "When it comes to a MARXIST ON MISSION...such as's his tears...your purse!"

We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM! TEAM OBAMA envisions vast portions of America riddled with misery and privation...on food stamps and licking master's boot for freebie and favor. Imagine 30 million more Americans dependent on some politician's favor and you'll sense how evil Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists really are.


The hatred for Hillary Clinton dripped from the script Kathleen Parker wrote when asked to describe Clinton in a 1000 words or less. It was as if Ms. Parker knew all the dirt in Clinton's closet including the reason "why" Ambassador Stevens was slain in Benghazi on 09-11-12. According to Parker...for example...Obama didn't want to issue the snuff order but Hillary insisted that Stevens be assassinated before he could reveal her sexual bent for camel.


After hearing about tornado destruction, Dyllon Orthman went to his neighbors and asked them if he could mow their lawn for donations for tornado victims. He raised $6000. He sent that money to that devastated town and the local government thereby bought cars and coffee for themselves. What little 11 year old Dyllon didn't know was that he was inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein the would-be master determines what its citizens enjoy or suffer.


A rodeo clown wore a mask of Obama while assisting bull riders. The crowd found it hilarious. Unfortunately for the clown...Obama is a tyrant and directed the U.S. Injustice Department indict this man for threatening the President. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said when asked about this dung-eating money, "Obama is an inveterate scumbag!"


Senator Mary Landrieu...a typical Democrat politician...was caught taking a bribe from people connected to an oil refinery in her district in Louisiana. Apparently, ALON USA ENERGY REFINERY found it easier to bribe this typical Democrat than to pay the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) refinery fee...a fee which causes Americans to pay 300% more for energy than they would otherwise pay!

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. This bribery is not unusual but quite common in this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE environment in which America finds itself. Senator Landrieu is only doing what is usually found done in such a Neo-feudal context. She is picking winners and losers and receiving fiscal support for her effort from those most benefited. What a gal!


Mexico is offering investors a chance to obtain an interest in oil and gas production. Of course...only an idiot would ever trust the Mexican government. most Mexicans will tell you...if  President Nieto's lips are moving...he's lying!


HHS Sebelius said she didn't care if the child died. Yes...death angel-Sebelius was caught saying such things about a child with a deadly lung disease whose life could be saved if she received a lung...something Sebelius opposed. Sebelius wanted the child's death as a trophy of her socialist bent. Fortunately...most Americans found Sebelius' position evil even though Obama called her "wondrous and enlightened".


When someone asked how to define "perspective"...former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner said, "Smell shit before hit!"


In America...the MASS MEDIA is advocating enslavement. It pushes supports the Environmental Protection Agency's never questions TEAM OBAMA'S motives.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Donald Trump was served a NOOGIE WOOGIE and was so impressed he invited its maker to appear on his show: THE APPRENTICE. The maker cordially accepted the invitation but wanted to know if DONALD was really as impartial as he seemed on screen. Of course...THEE DONALD said he was and the maker believed him most of all.


Because Blackberry would not follow the advice of the MARKETING DEPARTMENT of this is likely to be sold as scrap with only its best parts fetching any where near what a fair market price would be had it only listened!


Grameen Bank in troubled-India makes micro-loans and has been able to generate massive profits. Its founder, Muhammad Yunus recently has been accused of siphoning off $100 million in bonuses he did not deserve. The accusers are the envious and disgruntled. How dare a little guy ever try to get above and beyond the niche the socialists would otherwise have that person occupy!

Now...the Mexicans are offering suckers a chance to "partner" with the Mexican government claiming they wish to pattern their relationship on the template Grameen Bank has with India. The partner would put up the money...produce the oil and gas...and...get part of the profits derived from such production. Of course...the sucker aspect is any time...the Mexican government could change course and any contract to the contrary abrogated or largely ignored.

Yunus Muhammad never thought his little bank would ever be so lucrative. However, in the last several years it has generated incredible returns and Yunus took his share of the profit since he was the one who created the income in the first place. For such taking, though, the socialists instantly condemned him. How dare he control the product of his labor. He's as much a slave as any other citizen of India and must only receive what the master decrees.

Sure...Mexican President Enrique P. Nieto might very well be a trust-worthy partner...but...the next President might be a scoundrel. The so-called private partners would be stuck like chuck with whomever the mob chose to lead Mexico back to its glories whatever that could possibly mean in a land of traditional privation and squalor.