Monday, September 30, 2013


The Congress passed a "small business relief act" wherein small businesses could use on-line methods to raise money and not be subject to the onerous Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) rules and directives. But...this law has not resulted in what was envisioned. Indeed...the SEC has promulgated rules so silly...not any investor would ever deign to pursue such investment strategy.

As one SEC official said, "We wanted to make sure business and its investors were fully yoked and tethered to the NANNY STATE CAGE."


The MASS MEDIA has said most Americans want BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT and blame the Republicans for the government shutdown. if by magic...a poll arrives confirming that very thing...that most Americans want the "whip and chain" of the NANNY STATE CAGE and will blame the Republicans for trying to remove their shackles. If you believe that one...folks...there's bridge in Brooklyn waiting for your kind of understanding and ownership.


On 09-30-13...Obama appeared at 4:45 PM on national TV to alert America he was making plans to shutdown BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT. While most remained stolid...and...mute...several reporters in the room expressed their joy that finally someone was standing up to this MARXIST ON MISSION and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters.

Yes...these people were quickly ushered from the room by the goon squad Obama had assembled to thwart such exhibition of rejoicing. Indeed...Obama said that if anyone began singing DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD that they were to be muzzled and dragged from the auditorium.


Secretary of State John Kerry described the Free Syrian Army as "good rebels"...people he could trust to respect the Jew and the Christian in an otherwise Muslim land. However, these warriors have been video-taped ripping arms and legs from their victims while still alive. While it's likely Kerry knew such things about his "good rebels"...he had to pick a team and he chose* poorly.
*In the movie, Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail...the German picks the wrong cup and dies horribly. In reaction...the old knight says, "He chose poorly."


Oops there goes another rubber tree plant? Yes...Obama was singing that song as he departed the stage after delivering his 10 minute statement on "why" the American people must preserve his idea of the NANNY STATE CAGE.


If Uncle Sugar is not given leeway to spend'll have to spend less...and...less...and...less...until what is left of this once horrific leviathan is little more than skeletal.

Imagine the federal government limited in its receipts to proceeds from lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffett-like sense what the 21st century federal government will become as more and more Americans realize they don't need this CAGE or its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE with all its attendant enslavement gimmicks...each one designed to ensnare and reduce the self-starter to that of whining worm or parasite.

If BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT isn't given new shoes this time around...and...federal worker bees are sent packing with the proverbial thank you notes and fruit baskets and nothing else...then...America will be on the path to EDEN. This Republican recalcitrance...this Runnymede to speak...will demonstrate that a political party can seize government in America and thwart the advancement of the CAGE.'ll show people they can make a difference and dismantle the CAGE and usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king.

Why must America continue in the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE? Why can't the voters choose liberation over subjugation? Why can't their representatives sense the urge to breathe free and delete this grip and grab...eliminate this yoke and choke agenda...and...deliver America into EDEN?

The answer is they lack a leader marching to "make salt" until now! Yes..Lady Elizabeth and her army of liberation invite everyone to join and assist in dismantling this 20th Century bottleneck to prosperity and end the hegemony* of the ruling elite.

She asks that the voters pick the candidates espousing deployment of THE ORB...the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...if there is a super-majority at every level of government intent on eliminating this CAGE...then...America is guaranteed a 1000 years of peace and prosperity.'s along the lines of Brigadoon with everyone wishing the same thing...but...who that is an American would wish for anything less than liberation over subjugation? Eh, Obama?
*Why is it that Jeb Bush is a politician? It's because he's part of the ruling elite. He will destroy liberty as much as his father and grandfather did.


In order to keep national parks open...volunteers are arriving to take over the chores associated with operating a national park. The toilets will be clean and the trash will be emptied. Yes...campers will have to assume some of the duties park employees did...but...such is the way of the welfare state when its tab isn't paid.

The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA isn't reporting this "call to station" since it would destroy Obama's polemic that but for his NANNY STATE munificence...America would be suffering even more than it is under his tribal socialist policies and programs. To say national parks are open for business would defeat the proposition that only the masters of the CAGE are capable of delivering such amenities to the unwashed masses.


OBAMACARE has been described by almost everyone as a "train wreck". The only advocates of this monstrosity are Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists. They know this law will destroy America and render a socialist miasma in which they will retain power for a 1000 years in all directions. Yes...America will devolve into a 3rd world morass of pressure groups vying for their season in power...but...TEAM OBAMA believes in that misery they'll be able to marshal enough votes each election cycle to remain in control.

10 minutes vs. 21 hours

On 09-30-13...Obama appeared and delivered a TEN MINUTE RECITAL of what a government shutdown would mean to America. It was odd how Obama would only take a few minutes to tell America he was not about to permit escape from the oppression of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...while...Senator Ted Cruz took 21 hours to reveal how escape was possible!


Let's shut down this Leviathan...send the scumbags home! Such is what Americans want and Obama is standing up there alone.


Just one look...that's all it took. Yeah...just one look...that's all it took. Such was the conclusion of Jane Hampton Cook as she examined all the liberty OBAMACARE took.


The Democrats backed by the complicit MASS MEDIA has asked the beleaguered Republicans if they surrender? Taking a line from John Paul Jones...the Republican chorus replied, "We've just begun to fight!"

Can this Republican crew without MASS MEDIA backing overwhelm the entrenched Democrats and liberate America from this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE...TEAM OBAMA knows permits them to retain power and prominence?

According to most pundits...everyone of them a pro-OBAMA scumbag...the Republicans can't afford to be the people labeled "responsible for federal government shutdown" lest they lose the 2014 election...and...give the Democrats a ruling majority once more. On the other hand...if they do succeed in shutting down this Leviathan...people might lose heart in this CAGE and ask if another approach better...a question TEAM OBAMA can't afford people to ask.


Folks...private space travel is moving along well. Yes...Uncle Sugar is not interfering right now since it wants the entrepreneurs to get the thing going. However...once afoot and profitable...Uncle Sugar will enter...and...grab and rip until little left except some pubic utility few would chance use.


It's now only 9 hours and a few minutes before Uncle Sugar shuts down. At that same moment...when Uncle Sugar shuts that instant...though...the DEBT CLOCK...all $17 trillion(+) of it...will not have slowed down at all...not one cent difference. When that happens...and...Americans see that DEBT CLOCK ratcheting away just as fast as it ever did...they'll know they've been fooled again!


Doing something 21st century style...if it were to happen...would more likely than not be done by APPLE, INC. or GOOGLE.

Because of this penchant for the dramatic and offer was presented to these two Titans. For $900 entire state could be bought...everything...everything not already owned by church or government...two things that don't vote. entire state could be bought as one would buy a fiefdom...sending everyone packing except those granted privilege to remain. It would be something which will be done many times in the 21st century as more and more Titans find it's better to control the minions rather than be on the menu.


BOKO HARAM...a Nigerian terrorist organization with tentacles reaching all the way into the Oval Office...recently slaughtered sleeping students in an unguarded dormitory.

Yes...the Nigerian government was warned about this planned attack...but...they were told by the American-CIA to permit such death toll because it would help Obama in America with the budget fight.

And...because Obama is a native-born Kenyan...a man of Africa...the Nigerians permitted the slaughter to occur instead of stopping it.


Iranian President Rouhani has not and will not play checkers. He says it's played only by fools. He noted in passing...though...he suspected Obama was a checkers-player. Of course...Rouhani was referring to that idiotic phone call between himself and Obama wherein Obama reported that Rouhani promised to dismantle Iran's nuclear weapons' program.

Shaun McCutcheon

Shaun McCutcheon tried to give politicians money and discovered there were federal election laws prohibiting him from giving any one candidate more than $2600 with a cap of $48,600($2600 x 18 elections).

Hence...ole Shaun by this law is precluded from assisting the 19th candidate or the 20th one and so forth. By such restriction...his right to free speech has been infringed in violation of the FIRST AMENDMENT.

Because he's struggling against the CAGE...the U.S. Supreme Court...itself packed with freedom-haters...has been asked to stomp him.


Maybe you observed Senator Ted Cruz preaching liberation over subjugation in a 21 hour effort designed to alert America there were people in a place of power who could change America and delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Maybe you know your support might be crucial to any effort to liberate America from the clutches of the would be masters of this oppressive CAGE environment. And...maybe...even though you know as don't really don't know how to put your effort onto the wall of liberty defending your part to the end...Alamo-style.

Expecting something near what has been supposed...permit this BLOG'S political scientists...everyone HARVARD paint what must be shown. Senator Ted Cruz could have led 100 Senators into the promised land...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...and...with the U.S. House of Representatives doing the same...overriding Obama's obvious veto...could have dismantled the entire 20th century CAGE instantly and ushered in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Senator Ted Cruz will march to "make salt". Yes...he is not as open-minded on social issues such as abortion and gay rights as perhaps others...but...if he preaches THE ORB...not any such dissonance would be observed since THE ORB attracts everyone because it liberates and does not subjugate. Indeed...if Ted Cruz preaches THE ORB...always can everyone say, "Ted Cruz stood by me!"


ENSLAVEMENT. Who wants that? The default answer is: "not any American". However, in 2013...the answer would be almost every RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE wishes the master to use "whip and chain" to compel the fools who pull to continue their toil.

Listen to the advocates of OBAMACARE. They claim people who couldn't get marketplace health insurance coverage at a reasonable price before OBAMACARE and get such coverage...their tab* getting picked up by Uncle Sugar. They crow about people getting health insurance at the expense of the producer...saying it's social justice that the ant  provide for the fiddling grasshopper.

*Using this method of enslavement...TEAM OBAMA through OBAMACARE'S intricate subsides...draw the users deeper into dependency until the RIDERS are little more than whining worms...servile supplicants...people willing to worship whatever golden calf their master might forge.


The word "free" has discretely been deleted from Obama's speech about the wonders of OBAMACARE. Indeed...the students at the next college where he delivered the "new" speech...found little to cheer. They'd heard they had a free ride with medical care and now to be told it's not free but actually a "whip and chain" OBAMA plans to use against them and their families...such was not an "applause line".


Forio Online Simulations(FOS) was hired to provide Americans with  a virtual marketplace where they can shop for government freebie and favor including OBAMACARE. They can pick whatever they want and someone else will pay for it. Imagine...without any money...a shopper can load up with government stuff. What these recipients don't realize is that they're getting absorbed into the collective goo...a miasma of socialism.


The JEW knows Iran is a wolf in sheep's clothing and Obama had best understand that aspect when dealing with Iranian President Rouhani. What has disturbed the JEW so much is that Obama is acting as if he were a dung-eating monkey. It might very well be that Obama...because he's become such a critter...will remove whatever hurdle remains to "nuke construction"...thereby...enabling the maniacs in Tehran access to weapons of mass destruction.


Hillary Clinton claims Dee Dee Myers as one of her primal supporters. In times past, Dee Dee would lie and cheat if such would help the Clinton Political Machine(CPM). She was instrumental in insulating Hillary from the sexual trysts of her Bill "blue dress"Clinton, her erstwhile husband and was right there on 09-11-12 when Hillary needed a BIG LIE to cover up her incompetence in Benghazi embassy compound fiasco.

Nowadays, though, Dee Dee Myers has been asking questions. She knows her assistance had much to do with the sorry state of the economy and America's standing and reputation in the world. In order to correct this destruction of America...Dee Dee Myers has joined the army of liberation and marches to "make salt".

She wants to delete as much of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE as possible and knows Hillary will try and obstruct such escape from the grip of the would-be masters. And...because of this's likely...Dee Dee Myers and Hillary are about to part ways...with Hillary leading the "destroy America and impose slavery"crowd...while Dee Dee Myers asks Americans to consider liberation over subjugation inviting them to support the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Folks...the King James version of the Holy Bible has been rewritten. It's pages are packed with what someone believes the actual passages mean. Indeed...significant portions of the New Testament have been materially modified. For instance...MATTHEW 6:24 is an injunction against becoming part of a mob led by some demagogue. The new version deletes MAMMON from the text in ways which seem to give the reader some moral basis to join a mob and loot the storeroom of the producer. In MATTHEW 4:8...Jesus tells Satan to get behind him. In the new version...Jesus says little and what he says lacks much meaning.

Folks...we're in a war on freedom. It's enemies wish to enslave and must delete any portion of the Bible which warns the reader against such would-be masters.


Once you kneel and worship the golden've lost whatever it was that made you free. You're a member of a herd thereafter...accepting misery and privation in exchange for whatever your master deigns to redistribute after plundering the storeroom of the producer,(EXODUS 32:24).


ENSLAVEMENT? In America...TEAM OBAMA mastered the art and succeeded in imposing "whip and chain" in ways few would have imagined possible in an otherwise free land. Indeed...OBAMACARE is the quintessential "shackle from birth" the master of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE environment the power* to stomp and chomp at will.
*Recall that HHS Secretary Sebelius said she didn't care if a child died even though her signature could have saved that child. Off-camera...Sebelius explained that she liked that dying child...but...the common good dictated that Sebelius deny a lung to her and give that lung to someone else. Naturally...a federal judge interceded and saved the child from the doom decreed by "death-angel" Sebelius.


When Obama finally announces the Iranians have a "nuke" and it's a red line he cannot permit these maniacs to'll be too late to impeach this dung-eating monkey and America along with Israel will be faced with a likelihood of nuclear attack.

Sure...people will call Obama worse names than this BLOG has managed to append...but...such recriminations won't alleviate the sheer fear and terror such a "nuke" would generate.

Yes...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA will say he lacked any real way to stop these maniacs from constructing that "Sword of Allah"...and...blame the entire thing on former President Bush and his Republican backers.

And...while Americans are pointing the finger of blame...the Iranians will maneuver their "nuke" into position...and...detonate...taking out Manhattan or Washington DC.


Cry havoc...and...loose the dogs of war! Such was what Antony said in eulogizing Caesar. Nigeria...the dogs of war have attacked a dormitory with sleeping students and slaughtered them. As they were shooting and hacking off noses and ears...these scumbags were heard proclaiming, "Allahu Akbar!"

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Difference between putty and rock? Explanation for difference between RIDERS and those who pull.


Kansas City Chief, Dexter McCluster took a punt reception and returned it for an 89 yard touch down. His effort was spectacular and worthy of great mention!


One doesn't say boo alone...take at least to yell...the groan.

Peter Baker

New York Times contributor and rabid-socialist, Peter Baker has joined the army of liberation. After he examined THE MANIFESTO and discovered the purpose to "make salt"...he acknowledged his world template was wrong and that he needed to embrace the 21st Century format...the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Yes...folks...another would-be master has elected to open his mind and permit another approach become real and nurturing. Why not contemplate EDEN...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "my tears...your purse!"

Sure..Peter Baker could continue to support the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE whose latest excrescence, (i.e.OBAMACARE), has ensnared Americans and will reduce them to sheep and cattle in less than one generation...but...he has...instead...experienced an enlightenment. He's chosen rebirth, (JOHN 1:23) over shackle and torment...wisdom over curse.

March to make salt and slip?

March to make salt? It's a curious phrase,indeed! It smacks of Gandhi's trek portrayed...and...making salt from nature's sea. The British Empire said they'd crush anyone attempting to break their grip...this march to make never should have been became the opening...that failure...that proverbial British cup and slip.
There can be many slips between the cup and lip.


Someone asked who was leading that FIRST BRIGADE and Lars Larson the name back conveyed. He had joined the march to make salt back in Houston...before he broke his leg in San Antone...he bought medical care for the needy...when his boots were all he owned. In Jackson...he stopped Internal Revenue Service from throwing Granny to the Florida...he freed 100,000 people imprisoned because of "urb".


Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion from his clients and he's not in jail. However, a J.P.Morgan employee known as London Whale imprisoned beyond the veil.

How could two thieves not be treated the same? It's because Democrat Jon Corzine has "dirt and fear" all packaged and readied in doomsday format framed....should any growl draw too near.

In contrast...the London Whale lacked such play...wandering in some advance-and-heed like game. He was using insider stuff...getting rich on investor-pain.

Just as Democrat Jon Corzine was caught so was the London Whale...but...unlike Democrat Jon Corzine...into prison he went...empty into air the shell.

Receiving a different way...Democrat Jon Corzine...told would-be bite was to be bitten back...revealed...potential menace assault Democrat Jon Corzine was to themselves invite merciless clearly exquisitely into prose...they'd be fools to choose retaliatory stack...better to leave such stuff reposed.

Senator Tim Kaine(D.Va)

Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia told America that Virginians liked their collar and want to be herded as one would cattle and sheep.

He said the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE was perpetual and never could freedom-fighters such yoke and choke delete.

He said in Virginia...his support derived from the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

He said he merely had to alert them their seat aboard almost gone...he used the complicit MASS MEDIA...manipulating people as one would pawns.

Every time his time rolls around for re-election...he tells the RIDERS if they desert their seat will be up for inspection.


If Syrian President will not that something that would make Obama cry? If he refused to show his shoes...and...pretended chemical weapons that something people might say...why that is what made Obama cry!

But...when...mushroom cloud over Manhattan bend...and...survivors are slowly asking why...can this be that exquisite moment when someone says...hey...I see Obama cry?

How him OBAMACARE...more than stare...but...jack boot bashing door. If the Republicans can't stop its grip...enslavement will become adored.

Can't you hear it now? Well-wishers proclaiming they support Obama's "whip and chain" dare someone stand against master with a mob in pain?


Inside the CAGE..."my tears...your purse" in law and rule engaged. Inside the CAGE...the producer is beast of burden to be made to pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE up steepest grade. Inside the CAGE...the RIDERS are told 24/7 that they must kneel and worship whatever golden calf their master might forge...and...most of them do...they're the mob demanding storeroom disgorged.

In the midst of this CAGE...a challenge issued in bright lines conveyed. If...OBAMACARE is so worthwhile...why not open the entire thing to the otherwise unhampered market....permitting everyone else to offer a competing product...and...see which chosen by more people? It's obvious few if any would ever submit to such a yoke and choke contract as embedded in a result of such lack of some rebels are calling it...would be left in the toilet of history as have been many other very bad laws, (think Prohibition).


At Runnymede...King John faced Barons intent on having him agree to more leash...not as much hinder and stifle...more power over those beneath. In exchange the barons promised fealty and support in times of war...promises King John knew well...since those were otherwise hard to afford.

Mention is made of this historical scene in 1215...because that interface then is the same as the one the Republicans face now. Can the U.S. House of Representatives fight against this yoke and choke agenda...shutting down BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT...funding only essential services such as courts and police and national defense...but...little else? Can they compel this "King John"...alias BIG FOOT stop obstructing the escape route from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?


Imagine...a small group of people with the power to shut down the mighty Uncle Sugar...sending federal worker bees home to find a real job...sending entire departments and agencies home so they can be spat upon by their neighbors...and...ending the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Imagine as much and you'll sense the power of the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives to stop the completion of the CAGE and the reducing of most Americans to the level of servile supplicant or worse.

Against this small group seeking liberation over subjugation floods* the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists, and other liberty-haters. One such bunch of would-be masters is the 2013-Democrat Party. The Democrats want to harness the producer as if she or he were some beast of burden...with...their latest effort embodied in OBAMACARE...that government-take-over of the medical service industry.

Yet...liberty is infectious. The enslaved could delete their bondage if enough voters chose to dismantle the CAGE and usher in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM). To prevent such mutual epiphany...however...the MASS MEDIA 24/7 tells people they must obey...kneel and lick as their master directs from cradle to grave. the last few days...Americans have been told by the MASS MEDIA that any refusal to kneel and worship the golden calf was futile since Obama would never sign any law** that eradicated his grip on the throat of America!

*If the Republicans are fighting for liberty and the Democrats for enslavement...why haven't most Americans sided with the freedom-fighters? Unlike the beleaguered Republicans...the Democrats are backed up by the MASS MEDIA whose minions replete with socialist and other freedom -haters. This MASS MEDIA has been selling the wonders of socialism for the last 80 or so years...and...their ram is the Democrat Party...their troops those Americans who have been transformed into menials...people waiting for freebie and favor from their master.
**OBAMACARE...or...OBAMASNARE...whatever it's called it's not affordable health care!


Obama got off the phone with Iranian President Rouhani and told his crew that Rouhani had agreed to cease construction of the Sword of Allah...the Iranian big it could split the world into pieces using the myth of the God-Wad fault.

As one White House aide recounted when asked about it...Obama hung up the red phone...turned to us...and...quietly said, "The rag head and I just spoke. He agreed to cease construction of the Sword of Allah...and...I believe him!"

After listening to this candid description of Obama's interface with the Iranians...the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG issued the following:

Recall Neville Chamberlain waving above his head a piece of paper proclaiming Hitler and he had agreed to peace. Within a sort time of that that gullible dude...Britain was besieged. The Iranians are 12th IMAM adherents and they won't hesitate to deploy and detonate!


Hitler's death camps. Could they have been shut down? When you answer this question....consider OBAMACARE. Most Americans realize it's's command and's anti-freedom...but...they can't seem to get their representatives in Congress to repeal it. What hurdle is preventing Americans? that the same hinder which Hitler used to perpetuate his death camps?


Timmy Titler lost his job. There were others but he had to travel to get there. As he was preparing to go...Uncle Sugar said, "Here's food the plundering you will share."

Timmy Titler put down his pack...went to the government...and...received his shack. They put Timmy in a niche from which he'd not twitch...nor stray too far. He was tied to government's handouts...the government had become his horizon his farthest star.

When it came time to vote for more not less...Timmy was first in line...he was doing his best. He licked master's boot with glee...Timmy it was when he was free.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL)was spotted looking at the bottom of her shoe having just stepped into a enormous pile of dung. She aloud queried of the universe, "What were the odds of that?" Hearing her question...the answer was " saw it...and...still...stepped."


The 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system is protected today by vested interests and politicians whose fiefdoms rely* on creating as many dependent people as possible. The complicit MASS MEDIA has done its part well in flooding the public with platitude and bromide...all designed to reduce Americans to mindless sheep and cattle to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave with NANNY STATE CAGE spank and diaper check.

Opposing this 20th century the army of liberation...its leader Lady Elizabeth goes from town to town inviting everyone to join the crusade to dismantle this CAGE and usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market".

Why not march with her to "make salt"? Why not join her and together EDEN will manifest. this EDEN...the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...and...some would-be master can never impose: "my tears...your purse!"
* The Democrats are masters at using the proverbial "the hungry don't bite feeding hands" to create slaves whose only desire to please their master and receive freebie and favor in return.

Zhang Yimou

The great Chinese movie director/producer, Zhang Yimou agreed to make a movie about the army of liberation. Since HOLLYWOOD snubbed the screen play...this BLOG had to locate someone with a penchant for the wondrous and enlightened. Hence...Mr. Yimou was asked if he would undertake this project. He agreed...and...production has commenced. Be on the look out (BOLO) for the production company should they pick your town or city to visit to use as a backdrop for one the episodes.


Because of the close relationship this BLOG has with Russian President Putin...he interceded into the POTASH dispute and got Vladislav Baumgertner released from prison. Until the matter is fully sorted out, Mr. B. will be at his apartment in Minsk under "house arrest". Recall that Mr. B. chose to dissolve the cartel which controlled 2/3 of the potash produced on this planet. His decision disrupted fiefdoms and glories...and...he was arrested on charges of self-aggrandizement in an attempt to show others they had best go along to get along.


Obama is going around America sticking out his boot and directing Americans lick it. In Maryland...he had an audience with candied tongues shining his boot well. These people clapped and cheered as he described this newest "whip and chain"...enslavement so insidious...only the NAZIS ever came this close to pure control of the unwashed masses.

Maybe Jesus was right. Most people will kneel and worship whatever golden calf their masters might forge. such idol is OBAMACARE. It reduces people to sheep and cattle to be counted and culled as master sees fit. It's designed to remove the person's will power and replace it with "freedom to obey" anti-American and ghoulish.


Indonesia has been flooded with strict Islam advocates. These people don't have any conscience when it comes to eradicating infidels. They use force and terror to keep their brethren in line. Because of their power...Lady Gaga had to cancel her concert in Jakarta due to the potential of violence and death. Not stopping with interdicting GAGA...these Muslims recently told Indonesia that should a scheduled beauty pageant be held...the "stage would burn".

Reacting to this power...the beauty pageant was moved to island off the coast and a place these Muslims call "Sodom". The site of the pageant is the same one the government will use to host a conference on Islam and Enlightenment next month. It's festooned with barbed wire and land mines. There are 10,000 guard towers and radio-controlled drones hovering over every inch with orders to attack those Muslims-with-guns should they choose to invade.

Perhaps...this kind of nasty-Muslim stuff was the same thing the Egyptian Military observed when Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood gained power. If it were this kind of explains "why" the new Regime is slowly arresting this team since these Muslims haven't any qualms against slaughtering millions to accomplish their goal of "PURE ISLAM...and...IT'S SHARIA LAW".

Friday, September 27, 2013


Ron Binz tried to lie his way into a political position and too many knew of his character and refused to assist this scumbag. Many of these opponents...who were disgusted by his exploits while disguised as a public servant...said they could never support a scoundrel such as he. Some went to far as to say he needed to be publicly-outed...and...scorned in such fashion that he couldn't get a job in Vegas as a toilet attendant. As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "Let  this slime slug starve as karma spits on his miserable soul."


Embedded in THE ORB is a one-time victim's payment...a payment made to each RIDER in recognition of the psychic injury of dependency inflicted by Uncle Sugar. As the Bible predicts...if a person accepts kingdoms and glories in exchange for fealty...the soul is lost to Satan,(MATTHEW 6:24; MATTHEW 4:8).

The FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE is really a veritable trip to Candy Land...a place to where Butch and Pinocchio were headed so to speak. Climb aboard and become enslaved as the master drains the humanity leaving only critter stuff...obedient and ready to do whatever master directs.

By paying off every so-called deletes the argument that the producer must be a beast of burden and pull the RIDE. It undermines any argument that somehow the poor and needy are getting ignored or side-stepped as the economy improves because the CAGE has been eradicated and the otherwise unhampered market permitted thereby to manifest. Because each RIDER is given a one-time payment...that RIDER can't thereafter proclaim "my tears...your purse"...and...use government to impose it.

Without the hinder and stifle of the CAGE...America will become so prosperous there won't be found any able-bodied paupers. Imagine not having some government hack or goon doing all they can to thwart and threaten...indeed...imagine a place where the producer never need fear some master declaring "my tears your purse" and then using guns to impose it. Imagine as much and you'll sense EDEN...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king.

Yes...folks...EDEN is just a few votes away! As Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) said , "This "victim provision" attracts all but the most servile of supplicants and enlists them in the army of liberation before which is carried THE ORB...the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE and its "victim-making" RIDE.


One hundred and eighty were challenged by Travis to a line that he drew as the battle grew nigh...whoever crossed over that line was for glory and he that was left had better fly...and...over that line crossed a hundred and seventy nine!(DONOVAN)

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The vermin Hun-horde of socialists and other freedom of 2013...are in control of the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Senate and the Oval Office. With such power, they imposed OBAMACARE...enslavement writ large...and...continue to push such "whip and chain" on the unwashed masses saying to them...your master is giving you freebie and favor in exchange for your worshiping of this golden calf, (Exodus 32:24).

And...even though 3 branches are under the control of the tyrant...and...America is told 24/7 to kneel and worship as directed...the U.S. House of Representatives controls the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. The Republicans can shut down as much of this "yoke and choke agenda" as they see fit and the other branches of government would have to agree to what the HOUSE dictated lest they not get paid!

Even those scumbags on the U.S. Supreme Court wouldn't work for free although they imposed "shackles on the producer" when they sustained OBAMACARE. As for the vermin in the Senate...those Democrats would depart Washington DC forthwith if their umbilical cord were cut by a refusal to fund their salaries. Likewise with the slime slugs working in all those departments and agencies. They'd depart forthwith as soon as they learned they weren't going to get one more dime for their selfless drooling public service.


This BLOG was called the worst BLOG ever by Democrats as they were listing BLOGS they detested. When the editorial board of this BLOG heard as much one of them declared, "Yes...we were charted as almost the worst...with the one outdoing it unable to be identified by all powers of planet Earth."


How long is courage? I'd describe such edge using the Titan known as Wan Long... the 73 year old CEO of Shuanghui International Holdings, Ltd. Recall that Wan Long and Larry Pope(Smithfield CEO) crafted a $4.7 billion purchase enabling Wan Long to become the most influential marketeer in pork!

By such action...this modest entrepreneur succeeded in getting the supply and distribution one of his favorite products would need both to flourish and rewrite the cookbook on sandwiches. As Wan Long said, "The NOOGIE WOOGIE...needed to have an unrestricted supply of I bought Smithfield. I envision a daily sale of 900 million NOOGIE WOOGIES generating profits so vast not any human can imagine.


Talk about difference? When former general Pretreaus arrived on the campus of Columbia University to speak to a classroom full of political science students...he was chased all the way into the classroom by a mob jeering and cat-calling throwing opprobrious epithets as one would hurl dart and spear. From the overall screeches and was gleaned the mob hated him for killing Muslims and pushing Islam back into its toilet while commanding the Armed Forces of America.

On the other hand...what can only be described as the appurtenances of welcome( band, balloon, parade)...Abubakar Shekau...the master-mind behind the Nairobi upscale mall attack last weekend...was greeted with cheers and a key to the city presented by Mayor Bloomberg. He was given condoms by Eliot Spitzer(Love-client #9) and Anthony Weiner(alias Carlos Danger) showed him how to flaunt his masculine aspects on YouTube. All of this pageantry was a prelude as they marched with Mr. Shekau to the political science department's classroom where he was due to deliver a speech on the wonders of Sharia Law and why the infidel must be eliminated.


Because Columbia University in New York City is "open-minded"'s political science department hosted ABUBAKAR SHEKAU...the leader of Al-Shabaab...the terrorist group which took credit for the Nairobi upscale mall attack. Recall a bunch of armed Muslims last weekend quoting the Qu'ran went through a Kenyan mall killing any non-Muslim and saying "Allahu- Akbar!"

Because Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) is "open-minded" he was there to shake Shekau's hand. In reaction to such gesture...Shekau refused to offer his hand using a similar snub as the one Iranian President Rouhani had deployed when Obama extended his hand seeking to have a hand-clasping hand-shake.


The U.S. Senate voted 100-0 on some minor procedural rule the other day. What if they had with that same fervor voted 100-0 to deploy THE ORB and dismantle instantly the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.?Indeed...such a vote would have overridden any veto by Obama...the chief obstructionist of any escape from this CAGE.


Socialism is the community's way of imposing itself on the producer. The leader with mob attacks the producer until the storeroom is as empty as theirs. By such efforts a smaller and smaller portion is obtained since the producers cease and join the plundering vermin Hun-horde. Eventually...poverty sets in and a ruling elite elite kept that way by rule and law.

Because this paradigm has been proven to be essentially the outcome every time socialism is's a wonder that any politician would ever espouse such drivel and tripe. Yet...because the propagating MASS MEDIA is replete with people who are dedicated socialists...these preachers of "whip and chain" are bold and passionate...and...tell their audiences they want to enslave them and the producer redistributing as master sees fit. They say such things using such euphemistic phrases as: "social safety net" and "cultural investment". Never do they...or...their complicit MASS MEDIA cohorts...reveal...however...the underlying tyranny of: "my tears...your purse!"

20 million more?

There are 20 million(+) more Americans on food stamps in 2013 than there were in 2008. The 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is working well. It's processing the RIDERS in record numbers...enslaving them...and...the putting them into the bowels of the OBAMASTAD...quietly seated...receiving freebie and exchange...worshiping whatever golden calf by their masters forge, (MATTHEW 6:24; EXODUS 32:24).


In the movie, MOBY DICK...there's a scene where Ahab asks his crew if they know of Moby Dick. During this interface, Ahab is heard to say, "It's a while whale, I say."

Because of failure to supervise, J.P.Morgan cost its clients $6 billion. And...always ready to pile-on...TEAM OBAMA has exacted another $11 billion in exchange for closing its investigation in the "London Whale".

Thursday, September 26, 2013


If the Republicans were to gain power of all 3 branches of government...they could dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE..and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. They could terminate the "yoke and choke" agenda...and...permit EDEN to manifest. Imagine the consumer and not some bureaucrat as queen or king...or...the producer never having to fear the envy of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...indeed....imagine as're just felt EDEN.


Despite Obama and his complicit MASS MEDIA pushing OBAMACARE...there are many Americans who can't be fooled again. They know this represents so nasty that it could be called anti-American...if...not subversive and treasonous.


There is a website called BREASTCANCERSURVIVORS.COM. It collects money to be used to assist breast-caner victims with their medical care. It's a worthy cause.


The FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Who rides such a thing?  Who buys a seat aboard a RIDE where the master chooses who rides and who pulls?

The Social Security recipients are RIDERS...albeit...not by choice...but...they're aboard this RIDE. Indeed...Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Uncle Sugar...after 10-10-13...will lack the funds to pay social security recipients...and...the medicare-dependent. How could people who were told their money was in a LOCK BOX TRUST FUND ever be subject to the travails of politics?

How politicians got their hands on the LOCK BOX TRUST FUND is beyond this BLOG'S ambit. Suffice it to say that both sides of the aisle did their respective part in merging the lock box trust fund with the general revenue fund thereby tying the TRUST FUND to the vagaries of politics...a linkage which just yesterday gave scumbag Jack Lew the power to threaten the elderly with "non-payment" of what they thought was inviolate and insulated from such power.

Another group of RIDERS are those that would otherwise be assisted by charity but are the wards of the state due to law and rule creating such things.

Another bunch are the free-loaders...the moochers. Indeed...they're typified by people who get into wheel-chairs in order to get to the front of the line at Disney World.
Making better victims

Folks...why must the "on-government-dependent" submit to oppression...oppression in the sense that the master chooses who RIDES and who PULLS. Is the RIDE so the promised kingdoms and glories so what MAMMON can offer so inspiring that the soul purchased thereby?(MATTHEW 4:8; MATTHEW 6:24).

Admittedly...the RIDE offered by TEAM OBAMA to Butch, Pinnochio and all their pals might seem as if CANDYLAND were its destination. a cheering Maryland crowd how enslaved they were and these idiots screamed with adulation. Some cried out that Obama was a man-God...capable of feeding the unwashed masses with the wealth of others...and...destroying liberty for all. One crying child told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that Obama had transformed America so much that it was now known as the "land of the formerly free, and home of the enslaved."


If you wondered how a MARXIST ON MISSION would attempt to sell "whip and chain"...just watch Obama in action. In Maryland...he told a crowd of children...he had prepared a path and a if he were some man-God. These children...a captured audience...clapped every time he mentioned their enslavement. It was pathetic to see children in a public school get marshaled into an auditorium and then subjected to the drool and drivel of a dung-eating monkey.


Recall this BLOG warned entrepreneurs to stay away from France...that the so-called promise of less taxes, red tape and other hassle was a false one. Now...we see the French government raising taxes and thereby destroying any profits the "new-comers" might have expected. Indeed...those businesses which ignored the "alert" are angry and feel deceived by French President Francois Hollande...a dude with a socialist smile and rattlesnake hand shake.


When asked what does a death angel look like...the HARVARD SCIENTIST answered, "Google search HHS-Secretary K. Sebelius and take a look at her and you'll get a great impression of "death angel". Recall she tried to doom a little child who was seeking a replacement lung.

Had Sebelius had her way...this child...instead of alive and thriving...would now be dead from her cystic fibrosis. Sebelius did all she could to stop that child from getting that replacement saying she held the power of life and death and she was welding it as she saw fit. How dare anyone try and circumvent her power and her authority. Had it not been for a valiant federal Judge...this child would now be dead...the produce of the death angel.


Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The Affordable Care Act(ACA)...a/k/ getting a BIG PUSH by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA. All of a sudden...OBAMASNARE is a blessing...a wondrous gift from the would-be master of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.

According to this template...most people are in awe at the power of government to give so much to so many. As Chris Matthews,...a MSNBC talking head and rabid socialist...opined, TEAM OBAMA is a benefactor beyond imagination's plume. A goodly-master whose only wish is that the sheep and cattle give burnt offerings and praise for such munificence.

Many times...political scientists have wondered at "how" slavery could have persisted in America for so long. Yes...they examine the 1857 Dred Scott decision by the Supreme Court wherein those august jurists declared a human( Dred Scott) could be treated as chattel. But...never have they distilled the core reason for "how" slavery lasted for as long as it did.

While it's beyond the purpose of this BLOG to elucidate such "causes"'s respectfully submitted that OBAMASNARE resembles enslavement backed up by the jack-boot of Uncle Sugar. It lacks the skin-color's a modern-day "whip and chain" designed to reduce people to the level of whining worms...servile and knee-crooking...ready to worship whatever golden calf their master might forge, (Exodus 32:24;MATTHEW 6:24).


Democrat Mayor Cory Booker... a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...was caught tweeting a stripper.  In the message...Mayor Booker revealed his sexual excitement every time he thought of her pole dancing. Sure...Booker is married...but...he also subscribes to an African tradition of infidelity and deception.


U.S. Senator Tom Coburn(R.Ok)...a defender of the Republican Establishment...said he couldn't eliminate OBAMACARE...this newest enslavement...since he lacked the votes and in the White House stood a defiant MARXIST ON MISSION whose goal to delete liberty and replace the same with "freedom to obey". So...why try? Such was the ESTABLISHMENT'S report on the effort of Senator Ted Cruz to fight against OBAMACARE.

That attitude is anti-American. It's defeatist. It's what you hear from socialists and servile supplicants...not
from a liberator...not from a patriot. Had that been the "default attitude" in the early days of the Revolutionary War...we'd still be a part of the British Empire.

Yes...Senator Ted Cruz should have read from HUMAN ACTION and from ATLAS SHRUGGED instead of reciting GREEN EGGS AND HAM and other similar nonsense as he stood there for over 21 hours on the U.S. Senate floor preaching about the evil embedded in OBAMACARE. Had he called for the dismantling of the entire 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...however...instead of what he actually did and said...his name reverently spoken in every town on this planet by those who yearn to breathe free.


Oracle CEO Larry Ellison celebrated with his hand-picked sailing team as they held the Americas Cup! The Oracle-USA was down 8-1 going into the finale. However, the Kiwi took a few bad waves and the wind was just too whimsical...and...Oracle came back to win defeating an incredulous New Zealand team.

Both yachts resembled each other in virtually every respect but one: PERSONNEL! The American team was packed with Americans...sailors every man-jack one of them...skilled and trained to out-sail anyone...anywhere...any time! Congratulations!


Chinese President Xi Jinping acknowledged during an interview with a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he had read HUMAN ACTION and ATLAS SHRUGGED. He agreed with von Mises and Rand when it came to liberation over subjugation. He mentioned that his efforts were incremental when it came to swaying people to consider this alternative to the "whip and chain" because there were many would-be mandarins keeping with Chinese tradition and the tenets of the Art of War.


How easy to deceive the ignorant? The answer is writ large in the Social Security System still afoot in America. The Social Security compact with the employee was that every payday the employee would have some of her or his income taken and put into a LOCK BOX TRUST FUND...insulated from the travails of political unrest or greed...and...there to be returned once the worker bee retired. The LOCK BOX TRUST FUND was to be prudently administered with the goal to increase the corpus.

However, this LOCK BOX TRUST FUND has become a deception. As that fund grew in became a new source of funds to finance the burgeoning 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Included in that miasma of misery and privation the social security fund was merged.

Hence...on 09-25-13...Treasury Secretary Jack Lew...himself a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...told the Social Security recipients their GOVERNMENT-GIVEN MONEY might be late since the debt ceiling hasn't been raised.

If this announcement were given to worker bees back in...say...1950...few would have continued to accept that deduction from their paycheck and have revolted. How dare you steal my money and use it for things other than increasing the value of my interest in that LOCK BOX TRUST FUND...many would have said valiantly as they fought against gun with stick.

Nowadays...the would-be rebels are too old...too sick...and...unwilling to get up and climb that wall to fight against the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists which besiege what little they have left. The masters of this CAGE have done well. They've created 58 million servile supplicants kneeling and worshiping whatever golden calf by them forged.

Fortunately for America...however...Lady Elizabeth is leading an army of liberation, their goal to "make salt" liberate people from the clutches of this CAGE...eliminate the deception afoot nowadays against the old...and...usher in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied where never can some would-be master deceive worker bees...indeed...a place where the producer never need fear some master with mob imposing some "welfare plan".
OUM was defined and exquisitely described in HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises and heralded in ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

U.S.Military weaponry stolen in Libya.

In order to assist defusing the suspicion that the CIA was behind the Benghazi embassy attack on 09-11-12...there had to be an explanation of how U.S. bullets and missiles were used in that attack. Now...they have a convenient explanation for how those bullets and other things were found in the debris in that embassy compound.


Ho-hum Sarah Palin...that gal from yesterday's garden show...has finally decided to preach THE ORB and get back into the fight for liberation over subjugation. She took the advice of the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...and...came out in support of U.S. Senator ted Cruz's effort to derail OBAMACARE.
THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Deploy THE ORB and the 21st century otherwise unhampered market will instantly manifest. Indeed...with a simple vote America could eliminate the edifice of MAMMON and erect the temples of God, (MATTHEW 6:24).


The U.S. Senate voted 100-0 to address a procedural rule. Prior to that vote...Senator Ted Cruz told America about Green Eggs and Ham and a lot of other stuff for 21 hours non-stop. His basic point was to tell America that in the U.S. Senate stands at least one patriot with an exquisite passion for freedom. At least one thing can be said from such a display of ardor, "Ted Cruz is the dude who has your back in the bar fight!"


Iranian President Rouhani refused to shake the hand of Obama saying that as a Shiite...he wasn't about to sully himself by touching a Kenyan Sunni...referring to the fact that Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii as many have been led to believe through clever cover-up. Unlike those who have accepted the cover-up...Rouhani knows the truth and that truth prevented him from touching Obama's hand.


MSNBC searched for people willing to say something nasty about U.S. Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) and found IRIN CARMON. She's a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. When directed to drool venom...she went forth dripping hate and anger as if she were some maniac out of a horror movie.
Cold and I'm tired...and...I can't stop coughing long enough to tell you all the news. Like to say I'll see you more often but often is a word I seldom use, (JOHN PRINE).


Secretary of State John Kerry...recently invoked the fight against Nazism...when he declared America was at that "Munich  moment" in its decision to attack Syria in retaliation of the use of chemical weapons. Kerry opined that if America did not attack...then others would see such appeasement as weakness and deploy their own weapons of mass destruction. In reaction to this allusion...the MASS MEDIA framed the Kerry reference as enlightened...wondrous...and...packed with pith and point.

Last night...Senator Ted Cruz made reference to this Munich moment as he discussed OBAMACARE and the enslavement such monstrosity represented. Immediately...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...instead of congratulating him as they did Kerry for such labeling...decried such reference and proclaimed Ted Cruz to be insensitive to such emotional triggers as a reference to Nazis and the Holocaust.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. If you doubt won't have long to wait until it's at your own door...bashing and scraping...demanding...and...directing. By TEAM OBAMA'll be too miserable...too poor...too accepting of the yoke...too much sheep and cattle to fight back and will kneel and worship whatever golden calf your would-be master might forge,(MATTHEW 6:24; EXODUS 32:24).
Neville 1940...waved above his head a piece of paper with Adolf Hitler's signature affixed...a piece of paper given to the British Prime Minister in Munich and proclaiming peace.


TEAM OBAMA...its complicit MASS MEDIA...and...a host of Republicans-in-name-only(RINOS)...have combined to denounce Senator Ted Cruz as he fights for liberation over subjugation. He cries out against the "yoke and choke" agenda. In many ways...Ted Cruz cries against Nineveh (BOOK OF JONA 1:2).


To those jerks trying to stop children from escaping sub-par public schools...why not take your children and put them in the same school from which these other children are attempting flight? Surely...your passion for social justice could not be so insulated.


What if Iran were to build a doomsday device and detonate the thing? It would surprise the Jew and Obama...but...few others would be disturbed by the expected.


Iranian President Rouhani refused to meet Obama. He even refused to shake his hand. He did all he could to snub Obama and thereby alert the world of Iranian displeasure. Off-camera...this rag head said he didn't want the chess-playing world to see him stoop to meet a dude whose passion that of checkers.


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) is fighting against OBAMACARE. Metaphorically...Ted Cruz is fighting at the Alamo. His reinforcements won't come...the opposing force overwhelming...and...those beside him as determined as he to die for liberty.

Yet...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is doing all it can to belittle this effort. How dare this patriot cry out for liberation over subjugation. Does he not know we're invincible and can stomp out anything we wish?

Hence....they're making nasty jokes about him. In contrast the MASS MEDIA praises "Blue Dress" Clinton and Obama...a/k/a...MARXIST ON MISSION...calling them wondrous and enlightened while they label Ted Cruz a dupe and clown. might very well be that Ted Cruz knows his efforts won't be ignored but championed as much as what those valiant few at the Alamo received in recognition of their fight against tyranny.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The Democrats have directed that the army of liberation not be permitted anywhere near the U.S. Senate. Majority Leader, Harry Reid issued this secret directive yesterday when he was informed Lady Elizabeth and 200 million voters were nearing the outskirts of Washington DC. In keeping with the villain he is...Reid directed SEAL TEAM #6 to deploy along the route and shoot leaders as they were spotted. the Alamo stands Ted Cruz! Where are the reinforcements? How dare Fox News feature so-called prominent Republicans sniffing about the absurdity of fighting for liberation over subjugation.

How dare Senator Ted Cruz stand against the power of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its oppressive OBAMASNARE...a/k/a...Affordable Care Act,(ACA). How dare this one voice cry out to the HANGMAN: "Stop!"(Maurice Ogden's THE HANGMAN)


According to Robert Reich...a government hack and rabid socialist...the reason people are miserable is they lack money to spend. If they had money, they'd be happy and the Republicans must loosen the purse so Obama can spend America into prosperity.

Consumer-spending...according to this knee-crooking knave...creates jobs. When asked if producers and the obvious division of labor embedded therein were not the root of jobs...he chortled. When did any factory ever produce a job? It was the consumer who bought the widget...that is the real producer of that job and hence the "between-guy" must be crushed so that only government stands between the consumer and the money they would wish to spend.

Maybe you can follow his logic, but, it escaped even HARVARD SCIENTISTS. They reported Robert Reich was just emitting collective goo offering the slop to me and you.


Have you ever wondered about what was said and done to cause the camp to forge a golden calf,(EXODUS 32:24)? Well...if you have...or...even...if you have can catch a glimpse of a re-enactment.

Obama and "Blue-dress" Clinton sat on a stage and told a hand-picked audience about the wonders of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and its excrescence: OBAMASNARE.


Morgellon's disease is not a disease but a man-made infection. The cause was manufactured in space. Some of it made it back to Earth and it's taking root and flourishing. As more and more people contract this exotic infection...the terror of what it might very well represent will explode.


When Prem Watsa found out this BLOG was vying for BLACKBERRY...he called one of the team and asked if a big donation would send this BLOG sniffing elsewhere. The answer came quickly...and...Prem Watsa...that maven of industry...just donated $35,870,000.00 to this BLOG to fund the "rejuvenation project" presently afoot in this BLOG'S SCIENCE DEPARTMENT.


On a stage...appearing together were Bill Clinton and Obama. They were casually seated almost facing one another and Clinton couldn't say enough about the wonders of tribal socialism. He fired off statistic after statistic saying but for the enlightenment of Obama America would be groping in the darkness and misery of liberty and free markets. Sure...there were more people dependent on government than ever before...but...such people want to be told what to do...led from cradle to grave...and...accept whatever golden calf their masters might forge.

The audience these two scumbags addressed were hand-picked. If you were what's called a cheering smile...or...a loud were instantly permitted to find a seat. If you licked someone's boot you were spotted and asked to join the crowd. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) summed up, "That audience was crawling with whining worms and knee-crooking knaves."


Once Americans discover they're perceived as sheep and cattle to be directed from cradle to's likely many will rebel and insist on liberation not more subjugation.


"Pluck suckling cub from she-bear" apt description should Uncle Sugar's freebies and favors be eradicated. Indeed...there are so many umbilical cords...any reduction in Uncle Sugar's spending will injure some constituency....starve some vested interest...and...generally reduce the amount people expect from their government's coffers. And...all of that could very well combine into Greek-like riots in the socialist-cities of America as the "made-needy-by-government" scream and hoot for more not less whip and chain.


Florida Governor, Rick Scott is seeking re-election. When he destroyed the arcade business...he lost 98,763 votes. When he destroyed the trucking business...he lost another 109,234 votes. If he continues in his present haste to be a socialist and freedom-hater...he's surely going to lose to some dim-witted Democrat.


How effective is this BLOG? Well...a recent poll showed 60% of all Americans believe the federal government is too powerful and most of what charades as federal government services....needs to be sent back to the states or deleted altogether.


In an upscale mall in Nairobi, Kenya...a cadre of Al-Shabaab...a terrorist organization with connections to the American-CIA...attacked and killed non-Muslims and continued with the massacre until stopped by police. One of these jerks was a lady sporting the moniker: WHITE WIDOW. According to witnesses...she shot children and women as she quoted the Qu'ran. One witness saw an OBAMA pin on her lapel and wondered about the obvious connection.


Susan Ferrechio acknowledged recently that this BLOG is a leader in the fight to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. She further admitted but for the influence of this BLOG...U.S. Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) would never have the courage to oppose enslavement.


Syria's chemical weapons stockpile could be called the proverbial tar-baby. Once Obama got his paw stuck...he used his other paw to pull away the first only to find both quite stuck. Not minding such predicament...he took one foot and used it as lever to pull...but...that too became part of the goo...with...extrication something to mull. Hence...the other foot went too with the rest of the crew was caught...and...tangled...of course.

What is interesting to consider is who...near that tar-baby...put out that sign: "don't touch". It's the conclusion of this BLOG the only one clever enough to lure Obama into such a compromising posture would be French President Francois Hollande...another socialist and one whose own political future tied to the outcome in Syria.
Joel Harris: Br'r rabbit and Br'r fox.


Most...if not all...members of the United Nations who sat and listened to Obama's bromide and platitude packed* speech...knew Obama was behind that poison gas attack in the Ghouta district of Damascus on 08-21-13. They didn't let on they knew...however...since to reveal as much would give away their power over America and his dung-eating monkey presently stationed in the Oval Office.
*One Harvard professor described the speech as flat and texturelss as a piece of painted cardboard.


Peggy Eddington-Smith was given a letter her father had written before he was killed in war. The letter had been found during an attic cleaning and its finder made sure Peggy received it. In that letter...her dad reviewed what he wanted for his daughter and pondered on what might be. What is for all of us comforting is her Dad awaits her in eternity.


Obama delivered a canned-speech to the United Nations...boring...and...platitude-packed.


VORKIN THE VIKING...a YouTube sensation...has finally gone viral! Everyone wants to feel the passion and power that short movie delivers. As Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL)...a rabid fan of this film...said, "Vorkin the Viking opens the mind to the possibility of accomplishment."(click here)


"Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck!"declared Syrian President Al-Assad when asked if he feared Obama's ire.


"Playback" starring Christian Slater earned $264 at the box-office in 2012. received $23.7 billion in preview advertising. Nevertheless...not anyone wished to see a movie which glorified Obama and tribal socialism. "Why watch dung shimmer in summer heat?" asked Joan Rivers a biting critic of Obama and one whose conclusion went far to discourage patronage.


There they sat...the riders in their respective seats...asking the question, "Who shall pull?" If none offered...then lots would be drawn...but...some were going to pull while the others sat back and received.

How has America come to this kind of push and shove? How have the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE masters achieved such power over the unwashed masses?

While pundits will clash over the's likely as simple as Americans were taught in public schools where socialist teachers told them they were sheep and cattle to be directed from cradle to grave. And...because they've been reduced to this menial status...they can be directed as one would a herd...counted and culled as master sees fit.

Yet...defiantly...this BLOG along with an army of liberation marches to "make salt" dismantle this CAGE...eliminate its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...and...usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. EDEN...where never can some would-be master decree, "my tears...your purse".

Blackberry's Black Eye

The author of this blog and I were discussing his recent post at Free Us Florida! regarding the Prem Watsa offer to RIM/Blackberry and the author's counter-offer to shareholders:  $9.01 per share, which tops Watsa's offer by a penny per share.

We mused that Blackberry's downfall was due not merely to its failure to adapt to market changes -- I mentioned that in 2011 RIM/Blackberry did a really unpopular thing and shared with the UK government information about phone owner whereabouts during the riots (See The Guardian article.)

Their actions came about at the time I was considering purchasing a Blackberry to replace a smartphone that I was not happy with.  I was going to buy one of each for my family, but when I read the news of how RIM helped the government to spy on its users, they lost sight of my two grand.

-- Loudmouth Rep


Beleaguered BLACKBERRY was approached by Prem Watsa...a company-make-over maven. He offered $4.7 billion for this Canadian company that didn't adapt as the market changed leaving that smartphone in warehouses unsold and definitely unwanted. While Apple, Inc. sold 9 million iPhones in its 3-day introduction...last week..for example...BLACKBERRY using Italian clown and German Umpa-band couldn't give theirs away.

Because this BLOG is always looking for bargains to increase its asset/debt balance sheet...and...finding
something worthwhile in BLACKBERRY...the PURCHASE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has offered each shareholder $9.01 per share.'s only a penny more than Prem Watsa is willing to pay...but...BLACKBERRY isn't worth any least...not as its presently structured.


Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion from his customers and is not in prison. Democrat Lois Lerner committed criminal acts while working at the Internal Revenue Service to assist TEAM OBAMA prevail in 2012 and she is not in prison either. What could it be these two scumbags have in common insulating them from penalty for their egregious conduct?

It's "dirty laundry". These two Democrats have a way to reveal dirty laundry and destroy hundreds of political fiefdoms. Yes...once done...they'd lack any way to avert their own prosecution...but...they would take with them into infamy a host of other Democrats. This potential ripple insulated these two miscreants from public ire and penalty.

In contrast...FBI whistle-blower, Donald Sachtleben refused to reveal his dirt on his superiors and others. Hence he received a 3.5 year federal prison sentence. Recall he was the one who revealed the so-called underwear bombers were part of a CIA operation and Obama had used Black Ops to deliver "attention-grabbing" headlines to divert attention of the public away from what would otherwise be important.

Donald Sachtleben

On Christmas Day in 2009 over Detroit a dude with a faulty-underwear bomb attempted to detonate it killing all aboard the jet.  This news was used to hide the passage of OBAMACARE.  In 2012 another underwear bomber was dispatched.  But this one was really a CIA-operative whose mission was to be a "mole"... sink deep into an organization... discovering its tentacles... and... then... somehow vanishing.

This difference wasn't any difference at all.  It was this deception which prompted Donald FBI worker whistle-blow. As a whistle-blower and fearful of his fellow workers...he contacted the Associated Press and told them both underwear bombers were part of a Blacks Ops undertaking orchestrated by Obama. He said the proof was in the second bomber's identity.  Trace that identity and you'll go all the way into the Oval Office with that thread.

As the Wall Street Journal confirmed, "The 2012 underwear bomb sought to improve on a failed Christmas Day 2009 underwear bombing attempt on a Detroit-bound airliner, said counter-terrorism officials. After the initial AP report about the new bomb, subsequent articles revealed the would-be bomber actually was a mole working on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency and other foreign intelligence agencies."

Mention is made of such snitching since ole Donald has received 3.5 years in federal prison for this revelation. How dare he try and connect Obama to anything such as "public attention deflection" exercises!

What's interesting is that Donald wasn't willing to reveal the real dirt inside the FBI. In contrast...Lois Lerner...the FBI witch who stomped Tea Party applications to assist Team Obama in retiring with balloon, parade and band. She'll even  receive her pension and her free health care and other freebies and perks because to attack her would be to be bitten back! As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)said admiring her moxey, "She has dirt on Obama and everyone else. Bite her and she'll bite back!"

The Wall Street Journal(A-2;09-24-13) mentioned as much reluctantly but felt compelled lest this BLOG become the "must read" and not their rag.


Before you're overcome and reduced to the level of a servile supplicant willing to worship whatever golden calf some master might forge...why not stand and fight? In Congress...there are Republicans who have answered that question and are observed on the wall fighting against the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters.

They're attempting to hold until reinforcements arrive. Won't you join them? This BLOG in Davy Crockett-like fashion is side by side with these valiant freedom-fighters. Why not join this army of liberation? Why not march to "make salt"?

Contact your Representative or Senator and inform them they're to fight for liberation over subjugation and support deployment of THE ORB! If most voters choose to stand and fight...this tribal socialism which is consuming our blessed land will be vanquished once and for all.

Imagine an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master impose "my tears...your purse" program or policy. Imagine as much and it might compel you to demand liberty not "whip and chain"...demand the grip and grab of the master be deleted...and...all other producer enslavement gone.'s 09-23-13...and...the honored dead of the Alamo are stories heard and little more. Yet...whatever put those 180 men on those walls opposing an obviously overwhelming force...that "whatever" is flooding Congress as more and more of them realize they can dismantle this 20th Century CAGE...eliminate its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system and usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where the borders are merely geographical constructs on road of hassle or hinder...a place where a lady can choose full term or abort as she sees fit...and...a place where never need a producer fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors(EXODUS 20:17) finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.
THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" entitlement system. Under the guidance of TEAM stamps...for example...are now used by 48,946,992 Americans. As Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) said, "By using food stamps...the Democrats have been able to reduce almost 49 million Americans to the level of whining worms. I merely extend my boot and their candied tongues shine brightly."


"They should have fled." was the conclusion Obama expressed when asked about the defense of the Alamo.


When Obama was informed his "red line" speech was meaningless and a few warships being put off Syria was little more than window dressing...he became livid and demanded someone pull his chestnuts from the to speak.

One of his erstwhile aides suggested he call upon Russian President Putin to assist in this heavy lift. As this aide explained, "President Putin is perhaps the greatest leader of the early days of this 21st century and I'm sure he'd enjoy defusing this powder keg you seem to have managed to place and almost ignite."


In the finale the last installment of the movie,Matrix...Smith and Neal are having their last fist fight. Smith asks him, "Why Mr. Anderson...why do you persist?" To which Neal replies, "Because I choose to!"

Perhaps such defiance...such afoot in America as voters refuse to kneel and worship whatever golden calf their would-be masters might forge. Maybe...they've concluded it's better to stand and fight than to languish in misery waiting for some freebie or favor the masters of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE might bestow.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The greater of $95.00 or 1% of income

The newest shackle* upon the necks of Americans is the OBAMACARE TAX. It creates a lien on everything owned or will ever be owned and reduces each American to that of an indentured servant. Oh...sure...if you're poor and pathetic the government will buy your health insurance for you but you must urinate in a cup and ask how high when your master says jump. What an exchange, he folks?
* This formula will generate on a $100,000 income a $1000 penalty with the same to rise every year creating an anchor from which most Americans will never escape...reducing them to "step and fetch it" menials ready to lick boot to curry master's freebie and favor.


In comedy there is a form of humor called the "one liner". For example...I had a dream last night...I dreamed I was walking down memory lane and was surprised to find my wife working it.

In politics...Obama has refined a new format. It's called the "red liner". For instance...Obama will shut down the entire 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE if anyone tries and delete his signature achievement: OBAMACARE. Indeed...Obama went so far as to swear a great oath and underpin the same with a "red liner".


How to do...came unglued.


When our Sun goes Red then...Earthlings had best be on their way to some place else. It's recommended that Europa will be a great place to settle down beneath the ice. Yes...eventually such too would be consumed but at least the human race would have a 90 million year respite...long enough to construct the star ships needed to get to the next possible spot.


Jupiter's moon, Europa...a moon made famous in the movie, 2001 Space Odyssey...has an ice sheet with an ocean beneath. Because of Jupiter's gravitational pull and push...the bottom of that ocean looks much like what can be found around the Pacific rim of fire here on Earth.

And...Europa is older than planet Earth...much older, indeed. So could very well be packed with intelligent life with Earth as somewhat of a curiosity to be watched...and...perhaps...even visited from time to time as ancient alien theorists believe.

We can find out easily enough by sending a probe to Europa...have it burrow into that ocean through that 2000 miles of ice...through a barrier as hard as titanium-steel...and...then...set about looking around. If there is intelligent life...they'll view this investigative effort to be outright attack and retaliate with whatever disaster they seem to believe we just visited on them.

Then we'll know for sure. As Senator Chuck Schumer said when asked about this possibility, "Michael Rennie was ill, the day the Earth stood still...but...he told us where we stand..."

Obama plays checkers?

Tic-tac-toe...Obama asked President Putin to him that new move show. When Obama wanted egg hunt and pecker...President Putin delivered the glow...and...said he simply didn't play checkers.


Hillary Clinton listened to 7 hours of cries for help from a so-called safe room inside the beleaguered Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12. She had been warned about the potential for an attack on that compound since several earlier attempts had been thwarted but had come close to ending in ultimate tragedy. To her credit...she had deployed 1000 drones to hover over that area...drones with enough firepower to reduce 50 square blocks of Benghazi into a smoldering haze of rubble and gore with only that safe room unscathed.

Hence...the obvious question? Why not unleash that firepower and save Ambassador Stevens? The answer is simple. The first rule of Black never eat your own. The drones couldn't be deployed since the targets would be Obama's own directed-cadre.


"If you seek his monument...look around." Such is what Obama wants history to say when students ask about the socialist miasma that paints their dark and day.


How can Obama withstand the demand of the Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives that he accept the loss of OBAMACARE in exchange for the funding of the rest of his NANNY STATE CAGE? Would Obama refuse and shut down his tribal socialism just when it's about to kick into full grip and grab...stomping and chomping dissent and rendering most of America servile supplicants willing to worship whatever golden calf their master might forge, (Exodus 32:24)?

Recall the Barons at Runnymede forced King John to grant them more privileges than before...but...little else was gained. Yet...that interface is offered as a way for people to challenge entrenched authority and gain liberation where before subjugation.

Making Obama's recalcitrance more powerful is the MASS MEDIA'S coordinated assault on this effort to liberate. Just as the Barons didn't fair too well in the local press in 1215 so are the Republicans receiving "in-coming" in measure quite troubling. Indeed...the Republicans are bombarded daily by an Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...making this stand* almost Alamo-like.

* these binoculars and see for yourself. There they are...the beleaguered few...waiting for reinforcements...and...finding only this Davy Crockett-like BLOG there assisting as best as can be done.

Bo Xilai

"Bo must go!" edict hidden in'll languish in prison...burdened with a conviction about how vile.

As U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) opined, "I'd say compared to what Democrat Jon Corzine stole...another inveterate thief...ole Xilai didn't take that much or hurt that many.


Some politicians must say and do whatever the majority of the voters want. If they don't...they're replaced by those candidates who promise unquestioning loyalty. But how does a politician know when she or he is leading the majority in the direction desired? Is this area a spot where expert pollsters can offer insight? There are statisticians who say the error involved in well-designed polls so low as to be negligible.

Hence, U.S.Rep. Peter King(R.NY) can't declare he's for eliminating the NANNY STATE since most of the voters in his area have their umbilical cord tied directly thereto.


Pluck grass to know where sits the wind. Such was the assessment of the Republican effort to repeal OBAMACARE. They know Americans* are beginning to realize OBAMACARE is rank enslavement and must never be implemented. For the most part...a majority of Americans are so angry they've asked their representatives to eliminate this anti-American law and usher in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM).

Opposing this deletion of "grip and grab" in favor of the 21st century TEAM OBAMA and its complicit MASS MEDIA. They want OBAMACARE to remain intact because it represents enslavement and subjugation in ways never known on planet Earth. With OBAMACARE...those in power can decide when people laugh...when they cry...when they live...and....when they die. Hence...they'll do all they can to impose this "yoke and choke" agenda on America and stomp any dissent thereto.
*In insurance could be obtained for around $108 per month. After 10-01-13...that same policy...however...will cost $237 per month...making it a bigger burden for that family of 4 whose tight budget will be exploded with such an increase imposed on them by their master inside this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


At a funeral...Obama took the occasion to mention a need to eliminate guns from America...leaving the entire
nation as helpless as those shoppers found themselves in Nairobi when Al-Shabaab entered with machine guns and grenades and began a now-well-publicized massacre. The mourners were shocked...many outraged...and...most wanted to know how that dung-eating monkey ever got close to the microphone.

David Satter

Attempting to sully Russian President Putin...David Satter scribbled his malicious notions on A-17 of the Wall Street Journal(09-23-13). And...while some Americans might accept such diatribe...many others suspect ole Satter has a hidden agenda and was assigned to besmirch what the rest of the world believes is a great leader and someone who can be trusted to stomp out privation and misery.


Because Russian President Putin has become almost larger than life...everywhere people are adopting what has become labeled as "Putinismo!" They insist on truth instead of lie. They demand the best product and won't tolerate "why". And...they'll fight to the death for liberty and oppose anyone seeking less.

"discharge petition"

There is a way to get THE ORB through the U.S.House of Representatives avoiding that minority opposed to any liberation of America from the clutches of its would-be masters inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. It's called the "discharge petition". If the advocates of liberty succeeded in getting a majority of the House members to sign it, then the legislation is deemed passed by the House.

In the U.S. Senate, the approach must be different since a few Senators can obstruct for so long any momentum disappears and the Bill languishes and is eventually thrown into the "what-if" pile of history.

It requires massive demonstrations in that obstructionist's district "back-home". Even that Senator's erstwhile supporters must be publicly observed deserting him or her and in their departure speech chide that recalcitrant for wishing to perpetuate a CAGE and not wanting their constituents to prosper and feel the wonder of EDEN...a/k/a....the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. would require an incredible MASS MEDIA campaign since the "default position" of most Americans is: "I have accepted the whip and chain and I will doom myself and loved ones to this miasma instead of giving them "Eden".

This lack of will is built from cradle to grave by the master of the CAGE through its public school system and its controlled-MASS MEDIA. As U.S.Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) opined, "People are told it's bad to prosper and good to receive whatever master gives or permits. By such things...government can stomp and chomp as it pleases us to do from time to time." can be done. Even though Bill Nelson and the rest of the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and "other" freedom-haters are doing all they can to stifle such can be done. And even though these scumbags want Floridians and the rest of America to grovel at their feet adopting the posture of knee-crooking knaves....nevertheless...liberation over subjugation can be achieved.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to every American to consider an alternative. It's called the OUM...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where never can some would-be master impose: "my tears...your purse"...indeed...a place where the producer never need fear the envy of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where the borders are open and without incident or hinder...a place where a lady can receive an abortion or proceed full term as she desires...and...a place where never can a master with mob plunder storeroom and redistribute in accord with "need".

Folks...don't you think it's about time we begin to fashion that "discharge petition"? Why not join the army of liberation and let us together "make salt".
THE ORB is "the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its victim-making entitlement system."

Sunday, September 22, 2013


As most people know...Obama is prone to red line drawing and then daring someone to step across. Indeed...last night...Obama drew another red line. This one was issued in a speech. It concerned OBAMACARE. He said he'd shut down the entire federal government to preserve this "whip and chain".

To that declaration of enslavement...the audience*...instead of hiss and jeer...clapped and cheered. Here was a MARXIST ON MISSION whose purpose to eliminate liberty wherever possible and replace the same with "freedom to obey". Here was a dude who'd slit his own mother's throat to advance cause. was a tribal socialist...someone able to loot storeroom and redistribute plunder in ways causing even more applause.

Someone in that crowd, though, shouted was this "red line" shovel-ready...or...was Obama...sometime hence going to chortle and snicker about it...saying...he was mistaken to call that "red line" such a thing. Obama attempted to ignore Ahab's landed deep and stuck fast. His visage changed after such question posed. It was as if this person had found a way to tell everyone about this Emperor's new clothes.
*Somehow...that idea thrilled his NAACP crowd


Folks...before you get fooled again...just ask yourself who gains from the myth of man-made global warming. When you consider the vested interests in such answer the question easily. Indeed...Mother Earth absorbs CO2...emits CO2...and...never could mankind ever materially change such natural dynamics.

The entire BIOMASS of the planet isn't quantifiable but can only be approximated with stone-age accuracy making any computer models only as good as their purpose intended. If CO2 must be dangerous to make the myth viable...then...a computer model is created to support it.'s not any better than're trying to push a LIE...the last thing you want around is the stain of TRUTH. Indeed...Penn State's mythologist, Michael Mann, admitted man-made global warming was myth...but...a damn good that had made him lots of money.


As unlikely as it might sound...300 children...entered the New York home of Mr. Holloway and trashed the place. As the house was getting torn apart...the burglars tweeted about it...sending photos of their destruction.

Someone who knew Mr. Holloway spotted the stuff on FACEBOOK and contacted Holloway to ask if that were not his New York house. Holloway was stunned when he saw the FACEBOOK and the videos of children smashing...spray painting...and...bashing his house to pieces.

So far...only one child and his parent have returned to the scene to help clean up and repair damage done. Some parents of these mischievous children have threatened Holloway with a defamation suit if he persists in showing America the faces of the children who participated in the trashing of his house.

From an observer's perspective...this despicable display of parenting in New York...explains "why" such scumbags as Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer could believe they had any political future once they were caught.


Because of the importance of this Pope to liberation over emissary was dispatched to the Vatican for a meeting. In a 30 minute interface...Lady Elizabeth and Pope Francis...discussed gay rights and abortion. She said his strongest approach would be to tell the planet he isn't much concerned about such things and people had best keep their opinion about such things to themselves and stop trying to disrupt the lives of others with such bigotry. He agreed.