Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goldie Taylor

Goldie Taylor...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...said she liked when big foot government plundered the storeroom of the producer so long as she was one of those in control of its redistribution. As ole Goldie said, "By controlling the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...we control the RIDERS' heart and soul."


What if on Europa life evolved and is so far advanced that its inhabitants regularly travel to/from Earth's oceans where they live as easily as they do on their water moon with its 100 mile thick ICE COVER.
Jupiter's gravitational tug keeps Europa's oceans warm and tropic such that its life forms are aquatic. Such is why there are so many UFO sightings over the oceans!


Americans were told a south side of Chicago community organizer knows best when it comes to health insurance. Indeed...this organizer told a cheering Boston audience comprised of young people and few elderly adults that he knew better than they did about what was best for them and that they must kneel and worship whatever golden calf forged. And to that declaration of supremacy...his audience screamed with approbation.

Maybe you like the freebie and favor embedded in OBAMA-SNARE. Maybe you're getting something you could not otherwise receive in the otherwise regulated insurance market and hence support OBAMA-SNARE. In Kentucky, for example, over 200,000 Americans have signed up for the freebies offered in OBAMA-CARE. These people are to receive free medical care and that satisfies them mightily. So satisfied are they that many have agreed to appear on TV and tell their stories about how dependent and needful they are and will forever be.

Tom Colicchio

Marginal chef, Tom Colicchio has come forward to demand the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies that are causing poverty and hunger in America be deleted. He admitted he was wrong to support socialism and its yoke and choke agenda. As Tom said, "The NANNY STATE CAGE has done well creating dependent cattle and sheep. While doesn't do much for the restaurant business." So much for molecular gastronomy.


MSNBC Ed Schultz warmed America that he had been told by the "pathetic and hungry" that if FOOD STAMPS were cut...they would shoot to kill...burn and loot...and...whatever else required to force producers to give them "freebie and favor". The RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...according to Ed Schultz...will kill in order to get $1.40 per meal given to them in the form of FOOD STAMPS. As Sergeant Schultz said, "Food Stamp recipients want the hand-out and will lick boot to get it." (MATTHEW 6:24).


In the movie, CHRISTMAS STORY...little Ralphie beats up AR VARKUSS after VARDKUSS says, "CRY...yeah CRY...go ahead and cry!"

FOOD STAMPS are to be cut by the Republicans when every $5.00 of FOOD STAMPS creates $9.00 in economic activity. According to FOOD STAMP advocates...if Uncle Sugar were to give out $5 trillion in FOOD STAMPS...$9 trillion would flow in economic growth. Of course...only in Obama-nomics can you get something from nothing so long as it's "shovel-ready".


Inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a President can outright LIE to the American people and have the MASS MEDIA massage the LIE later on when it's obvious to everyone that a LIE was intentionally told.

Take for example, OBAMA-CARE. Obama went around America informing every American that if they had health insurance they could keep it and their doctors never having to fear intrusion by big foot government. His declaration of insulation was FALSEHOOD...but...he told it with aplomb.

As one White House aide candidly admitted, "Obama liked the way people gobbled up that LIE. He enjoyed the avarice and envy his audiences displayed as he paraded freebie and favor before them."


Because the technique was so wasn't taught and the idea was that if not anyone was told about it...the maneuver would be lost and people would never have to fear its use. probably would have been lost forever had not Jack Ma(CEO of Alibaba Group, Ltd.) discovered it while on one of his treks into the the innards of China...places never before explored or investigated.

What is this mysterious but deadly frightening...that...its author never revealed it hoping that with her the maneuver would die? Sure...she etched the entire thing on a cave wall but encrypted the data so that not anyone but a genius could decipher. She counted on the cave being undiscovered for centuries and when discovered not getting deciphered.
She labeled the technique: THE BOO-FOO.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Madison Kimrey

Little Madison Kimrey has come forward as a vocal 12 year old. She wants socialism and Eco-fascism and she likes big foot government. In North Carolina a new voters' right law was installed. Of course...the Democrats hate such requirement of photo I/D since their best gambit was having the dead and gone vote in bloc format.


Karen Finney is a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. She likes OBAMA-SNARE. She likes how it controls from cradle to grave. She sees herself as part of the ruling elite inside this hellish 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


According to TEAM OBAMA and its complicit MASS MEDIA...the 1.5 million Americans who lost their insurance this week had "junk" and deserved a much better plan than what they had and for which they had budgeted. These 1.5 million didn't know better and should be glad that the master of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE knew best.

Maybe some Americans want government in every facet of their  lives and desire it also stomp and chomp if such delivers benefits to them...but...eventually...they'll be consumed* and become part of MAMMON'S grip,(EXODUS 6:24).

Right the midst of these cattle and sheep...there are 1.5 million voters who hate TEAM OBAMA and realized with their cancellation letter they were being forced into government medical care...the same stuff the Nigerians and Egyptians enjoy in their fly-infested hovels and hospitals. And they were angry. Many of them recalled how Obama had said "You can keep your insurance and your doctor"...and...had done so with sincerity and clarity...saying he promised and stood** on his word as if OAK.
*In the story Pinocchio...the toy is led on to a coach bound for CANDY LAND...a place of fun and frolic. There he meets Butch and together they begin to enjoy CANDY LAND. However, as the story goes...ole Butch sprouts ears...tail...hooves...and...poof...turns into a donkey. Alarmed and frightened...ole Pinocchio jumps to freedom and finds safety from the doom he almost suffered.
**In the movie, JERRY McGUIRE, there is a scene where Jerry reminds the father about his word as strong as oak.  In this regard...recall that Obama telephone...promised....Dr. Afridi two things in exchange for the coordinates of Osama bin Laden:(i) $25 million reward payable in any bank selected and (ii) extraction at time execution was performed. When Dr. Afridi asked such two-prong promise be in writing, Obama hissed in serpent tone that it needn't be in writing...that Obama's word was as strong as OAK. When Dr. Afridi was left behind and found himself tried for treason and imprisoned, he reflected on that phrase: "strong as oak".


In Boston...Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...preached enslavement and the ladies stationed behind him on the stage grinned and smiled demonstrating effusive approbation. Here was a tyrant of whom these ladies could be proud. Ironic to think ladies were applauding their own enslavement at the hands of a tribal socialist whose mission to render them destitute,dependent and obedient.


They were picked because they promised to grin and smile if placed directly behind Obama as he delivered his "support-enslavement" speech. He was in Boston to defend OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE. He wanted to have grin and smile behind him as he recited the enslavement OBAMA-SNARE represented.

From where did these people come? How were they picked? Indeed...whoever it was selecting these ladies, they did well. They all smiled and grinned as Obama described "whip and chain" he discussed destruction of liberty replacing the same with "freedom to obey" he promised to stomp and chomp opposition to the shackle.


In Boston...Obama appeared and told a hand-picked audience about OBAMA-SNARE. They clapped and cheered as he described their enslavement. Ironic to were sheep ready to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave. But tyranny always has its well-wishers. Indeed...Hitler found he had the support of over 80% of all Germans during the years before the debacle at Stalingrad.


Obama promised freebie and favor. He declared that people could keep their doctors and insurance coverage and his law would not interfere, harass or hinder. Naturally, Obama was LYING. But when you're a dedicated MARXIST ON MISSION...LIES are merely a package part.

We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. ebbs and floods...but...each time the would-be master succeeds in eliminating some aspect of freedom...that portion is forever gone and never recovered. Why? Because it's fought by the master and anyone benefiting from the intrusion. Such is why the progressive income tax and the inheritance tax are defended so mightily by the socialists. To them...these are primal tool for controlling and directing and to lose them would be to lose their grip on the throat of America.

Marilyn Tavenner

Federal worker bee, Marilyn Tavenner was interrogated by a Republican Congressional Committee. They asked her about the OBAMA-CARE boondoggle and she stone-walled. She denied...she apologized...she wept...indeed...this elegant lady did what one would expect from an underling sent to sword-fall if need there be.

Rep. Mike Pompeo(R.Ks)

U.S.Rep. Mike Pompeo asked Death Angel Sebelius if she were able to sign up for OBAMA-SNARE. Smugly...Sebelius declared she didn't have to lick that boot. She had her own government-provided health insurance paid by the taxpayer and she was quite satisfied. She the American taxpayer was buying her insurance...but...when you're a DEATH ANGEL you really don't care whose money is used to sustain your existence.


Before a Republican-led Congressional panel...HHS Secretary Sebelius appeared to explain the debacle of OBAMA-CARE. The Republicans tried to squeeze information from her...while the complicit Democrats...when their time to interview came around...chose to ask her how proud she was of socialism and its grip on the throat of America.

Several of these smug Democrats gloated openly about how enslaved America was under this law. At one point...Rep. Waxman...himself a rabid socialist and dedicated freedom-hater...laughed at how many people had lost their health insurance due to OBAMA-SNARE.


AL GORE...that charlatan with political an inveterate liar whose penchant for prevarication almost boundless. According to this scumbag...Mother Earth is about to catch fire extinguishing all life forms. Of course, such chicken little stuff is nonsense...but...ole scumbag Al Gore had made a pile of money off it. He and his cronies reap huge profits from this hokum and will continue to receive such wealth so long as their given such public attention.
While Al Gore will never admit he knows it's LIE and MYTH...many real scientists are denouncing him and his brethren as deceivers and confidence-men.


Some time back...a shooter entered a school and shot teachers and students in Newtown,Connecticut. The furor was immediate and the anger palpable. The police around the country were told to shoot first and ask questions later. Indeed...the desire to shot and kill was fanned inside these law enforcement agencies until it bubbled forth in a way few envisioned possible.

Andy Lopez by his parents for his birthday was given a toy gun...a replica of an AK-47. He wanted one so he could play with his pals down the block. He was tired of using his finger as a gun barrel and making noises as he pretended to shoot with his FIST/FINGER gun. When he received that gift...he played for hours with his friends down the block from where he lived.

What little 4 foot tall...58 pound Andy Lopez did not know as he left his friend's house after a long day of play was that he was about to be slaughtered by police. As he walked along the sidewalk headed home for supper carrying his toy gun...a police cruiser stopped and its two officers jumped out..their cannon ready...and...called to little Andy to put down the gun or be shot to death.

Andy Lopez did not heard this diktat. He continued on his way headed home for supper. The officers observed a terrorist with an AK-47. Sure he was short and didn't have a rag on his head and didn't mumble "Allahu Akbar"...but...after Newtown...they were told to shoot to kill and they did! They shot the Lopez boy 92 times. They reloaded and fired and reloaded and fired...slicing and dicing that child's body until little there was left to bury.

Instead of excoriating the police...however...the MASS MEDIA came to their instant aid offering excuse and other bromides. As MSNBC HARDBALL Chris Matthews put it, "They were politically correct to have slaughtered that terrorist. How dare a child have a toy gun on a sidewalk after the Newtown massacre! That child deserved what he got and his parents had best not complain since they were reckless to have given their child something he wanted for his birthday."

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Timmy became ill. His family lacked money to save him. His plight was mentioned on a local radio show in Vero Beach, Florida. Within 24 hours Timmy was on a plane to the finest hospital on planet Earth to be cured. Charity is as big as Texas in Vero Beach. How about where you live?


Jodie Foster played in a B-movie called CARNEY. The advertisement for the movie was, "You can't love can't leave them...they're CARNIES!" The movie is about carnies...the green-toothed dudes who run the rides at the carnival...unwashed...unshaven...smelly... body-odor carnies. Hand off the ticket and rush past not really looking at how pathetic the person is kind of Carnie.

Now...recently...James Carney...Obama's fall-guy and spokesman...lived up to the label: CARNIE! He ducked and dodged almost every punch of scorn and then demanded the ticket be paid for the privilege of having been granted a moment to RIDE the RIDE this CARNIE offered. What a guy. What a CARNIE!


It's coming closer to 2014 election time...and...OBAMA is really taking some blows in the MASS MEDIA...most coming from the few outlets which aren't controlled by TEAM OBAMA. According to these few news people...Obama was caught lying. When Obama told America if you like your health insurance you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you won't be directed to change. When Obama promised such things...he was lying!

And...when...this dung-eating monkey was saying such LIES...he was sending back and forth emails envisioning that very destruction and alteration...removing liberty and replacing with "freedom to obey"...the linchpin of tribal socialism.

 According to White House emails...he knew that OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE... would destroy the health insurance system and create a government single-payer system driving out all health insurance companies except the largest and those classified as "too big to fail" would always be infused with money from"other places"to perpetuate the ruse.

When hidden cameras were found in Merkel's bathroom with a direct feed to the Oval was imperative that Obama be shown to the world not to be in the loop...that he didn't know. Sure...Dilma Rousseff chided Obama about the hidden camera she found in her shower stall...but...that admonishment didn't stop this callous voyeur...whose sexual deviancy only surpassed by his ability to show a better side.

It will be quite telling in the years to come when the LIES are finally exposed. Obama did know about the destruction of the existing American health care system and networks and did know about the spying on world leaders.  From White House emails it will also be shown that Obama was instrumental in getting those hidden cameras installed so he could get his jollies as those two unwitting women washed. What a sick scumbag this Obama. But when you're born in Kenya...and...declared in Hawaii...the LIE does not seem too big not to try.


OBAMA-CARE might become so evil...that any Democrat supporting it will be evicted from public office. Already 1.5 million Americans were informed their healthcare insurance was canceled due to the grip of OBAMA-SNARE. In many ways, OBAMACARE will become a necklace of shame.


THE ORB stands for the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Before the army of liberation is carried THE ORB chasing away socialism and Eco-fascism and ushering in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper....indeed...a place where never can some would-be master impose "Our tears...your purse!"

Imagine a country where there is not any federal income tax or inheritance tax and the government's reach is restricted to delivering essential services such as courts, police and national defense. In such a place the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...and...the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some tax or red tape grip and grab. In such a place government is funded by lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffett like gifts and its governance performed as efficiently  and frugally as possible.

In HUMAN ACTION and in ATLAS SHRUGGED...such a place was described. Ludwig von Mises in his tome demonstrated conclusively the otherwise unhampered market produces the greatest good for the greatest number and serves the consumer in the most perfunctory of fashions. Ayn Rand in her epic prophecy foretold of a time when America would be overwhelmed by socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters and be smothered until what little left unworthy of the unworthy the producers depart leaving the blighted hulk for the parasite, servile supplicant and the knee-crooking knave.

It's the polemic of this BLOG that an army of liberation using the ART OF WAR as tactical template can overcome the MASS MEDIA'S grip on the public mind and alert most Americans there is another way...a way that does not demand enslavement...a way where there isn't any producer-funded FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...a way where never can master with mob plunder storerooms for whatever golden calf they might wish to forge.

THE ORB eliminates the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE and ushers in a place where everyone is both a producer and a consumer and peacefully coexist for mutual benefit observing the right to life enjoyed by all. For instance, the borders are open and without government hassle or hinder. The right to an abortion protected. The choice to have a same-sex marriage unfettered. A place where a producer can erect an empire and pass it on to her heirs,(DAGNEY TAGGERT style).


One of the purposes of this BLOG is to fight any form or format of enslavement. It offers refreshment and a new message...a new way...a way to EDEN...a way to liberation over subjugation...and...a way that offers such to everyone...come one...come all.

For example, this BLOG is one of the voices crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...inviting everyone to consider an alternative. Why struggle beneath the burdens of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? can remain inside this CAGE..."take the blue pill* so to speak" can join the army of liberation...Americans marching** to "make salt",(MATTHEW 6:24).
*In the movie, MATRIX...Neal is given a choice between the blue and red pill. Take the blue and wake up tomorrow not any more enlightened. Take the red pill and continue down the rabbit hole.
**In the movie, Gandhi...he marches to "make salt". He destroys government monopoly and liberates India.


Wendell Potter...a rabid socialist and a freedom-hater...came forward to bemoan OBAMA-CARE. He acknowledged that OBAMA-SNARE was terrible and would end up ruining the medical service industry. He went on to admit this BLOG was one of the leaders of the army of liberation whose crusade to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Recall that Obama promised a gullible public that if you like your health insurance OBAMACARE won't disturb that relationship with your insurance company. Naturally, that has turned out to be a false almost 1.5 Americans discovered this week as their insurance companies notified them of cancellation. The grip and grab of OBAMA-SNARE will become ever greater as more and more parts of the medical service industry are gobbled up in this omnivorous maw.


According to the socialists, medicare care is a human right* not some kind of privilege. Applying this concept, anyone can demand medical care and such must be granted instantly. Why? Because it's a right and not a privilege.

Since people can't demand such care be given because it really could never be a so-called "right", the government will exercise that right for them and compel medical service providers to comply and give treatment...good treatment...quality treatment...and...done at the cost specified by the government. Naturally, all that will be provided is mediocre health services and done so impersonally the patients feel as if they're cattle and sheep...tended and culled as their would-be master chooses.
*A "right" is nothing more than a freedom to act within the social context without initiation of force or fraud. The exercise of a right can't impose any burden on anyone else. Hence, the socialist declaration that medical care is a right not a privilege can't be using the concept 'right" in its properly understood way. By exercising a right a citizen can't impose on another citizen the concept, "MY tears...your purse!"


Allentown,Pennsylvania was once a vibrant community...bustling with entrepreneurial fervor. Nowadays...this once thriving area is blighted and suffering the burden of "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of the 20th Century.

Instead of demanding such hinder and hassle be removed...the so-called revivalists want government to intrude even more...take even more...grab even more...stomp even more...claiming such big foot government oppression is what people desire more than life itself. While such an approach is nonsense...and...frightfully foolish...the complicit MASS MEDIA calls it "enlightened...and...wondrous".


Spying on Germany's President, Angela Merkel was directed by Obama. However, when he learned such spying was illegal in Germany and he could be prosecuted...he sent his cronies out to claim he was not in the loop...and...that he didn't know his team was spying on the 3rd most powerful person on the planet. Of course...anyone gullible enough to accept that exonerating statement is also a potential buyer for the Brooklyn Bridge.


Terry McAuliffe is running for governor in Virginia. He's a rabid socialist and freedom-hater and wants to reduce Virginians to peons and peasants...with himself and his ruling elite directing and controlling...replacing liberty with "freedom to obey". Makes a person want to rush out and support the knave, eh?

Monday, October 28, 2013


In Morro Bay, California...Dianna Jackson resides. Her 58 year old cancer-stricken brother by big foot government kept alive. Charity in California...not one dime for dear ole Tim...crippled from birth...she carried the curse...the future for both looked dim. She liked how big foot government plundered storeroom to pay for long as big foot government could grab...her bro would endure.

She voted for every way to loot...supported every stomp...considered herself in the Regime its root...and...cheered when big foot chomped.

Ah...yes...another chapter in the movie, GOOD EARTH.

Putin helped Obama?

President Putin helped Obama by stepping into Syria and taking over the situation. President Putin knew this Chicago community organizer was drowning in stupidity...and...could ignite some kind of 3rd world war.

Jim Demint

Jim Demint asked a member of the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG what was the best course of conduct. He was told to preach THE ORB and demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled. If Demint does as suggested...he'll become a leader for the called liberator.

WHAT OBAMA DIDN'T KNOW?'re told by the complicit MASS MEDIA that Obama didn't know that the National Security Agency and the CIA were spying on world leaders. White House aides are claiming Obama never watched Dilma Rousseff or Angela Merkel as they dried their naked selves in their otherwise private bathrooms.


The Iraqis have labeled what people do when a bomb goes off in Baghdad. They call it the BAGHDAD BOOGIE. The steps are quite easy to learn. You merely scream...shriek...and...dash about looking for a place to hide. Because so many bombs are going off in Iraq...this dance has become quite common.


Andy Lopez was walking along carrying his gun. Andy was 4 feet tall and weighed 57 pounds. He was a joyful child...gregarious...and...friendly. And...while walking along the sidewalk after having played hard with his pal down the block...Andy was met with a stern LOUDLY SPOKEN DIRECTIVE: Sir, put down the gun!

Andy Lopez was deaf and didn't hear what was said. He continued on his way closing distance on a police car that had stopped...its 2 officers had exited...and...had deployed their cannon...each aiming between the eyes of the little Lopez boy. Take another step and we'll open fire the child was told as he closed distance.

The police opened fire...blowing the head off the little Lopez boy. He was a terrorist...maybe another rogue shooter...and...they were not going to take any chances. So...BLAM...BLAM...BLAM. The coroner counted 92 bullet holes. There almost wasn't enough left to bury as the bullets chopped and diced the little body of the Lopez boy.

The child's toy did somewhat resemble a real AK-47. The MASS MEDIA immediately excused the police. According to MSNBC HARDBALL Chris Matthews, "They didn't know and could not take any chances."
Indeed...even their supervisor offered, "They recalled the several massacres and public shootings that gun-toting hooligans had perpetrated in the last few years. They weren't going to permit another murder or shooting. Hence...they blew the little Lopez boy apart."


What if the OBAMA-CARE snafu at its website were intentional? It would be a clever way to induce people to become ensnared in that labyrinth of grip and grab...that system wherein the person is reduced to a number and granted whatever freebie or favor the would-be master would choose.

Notice the MASS MEDIA is publicizing this so-called healthcare website gum-work and then presenting millions of people saying they're angry the website is not up and running so it can be used to enslave and destroy. According to the MASS MEDIA...Americans want the website and wish it were already draining America of what little liberty remained.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Every day big foot government is stomping and chomping...picking winners and losers...assisting cronies...and...destroying all opposition. OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE is merely the most recent outgrowth of this leviathan but one of its most pernicious. With NANNY STATE spank and diaper check...Americans will be directed from cradle to grave inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place* where liberty replaced with freedom to obey.

It's likely the established MASS MEDIA can't reach the younger Americans very well and hence might not be able to pressure and otherwise influence them to kneel and worship this latest edition of the golden calf,(Exodus 32:24). The snafu on the website roll-out probably wasn't widely known in that segment of America. As for most of the younger generation...they know when someone's pissing** down their back and telling them it's raining.
*Why not check out North Korea to see a good example of the "freedom-to-obey" template. In that collective goo...there is a MASTER and the rest are peons awaiting the directive or favor of the "blessed leader".
**In the movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales...this understanding of the BOO-FOO was mentioned.


According to the "damage-control" personnel inside the White House...Obama...although a micro-manager...wasn't in the loop for 60 months and only recently was informed that secret CIA cameras were hidden in the bathrooms of Dilma Rousseff and Angela Merkel. Now...if you believe that one...there is a bridge in Brooklyn looking for a buyer.


We do
They don't
Who said
can won't

Jessie Jane Duff

Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff...a Marine...came forward to denounce Obama as a MARXIST ON MISSION. "Why should I fight for enslavement?"Sgt.Duff replied when asked about her opposition to Obama's attack on what little liberty that remains in America. She said she didn't join the Marines to impose socialism and was angry that America had chosen such a scumbag as President.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Amelia Graves would be the best city council member Vero Beach has ever had. She knows what is best for Vero and wishes to implement her ideas. However, recently in 32963...several malicious scribblers have been busy besmirching her.

Folks...anyone should be able to apply for that elected position. Sometimes...Vero Beach gets lucky and a great person comes aboard the Council to guide and make things better for its residents. It's such a time with Amelia Graves. Instead of listening to slander and other calumny...why not call Amelia and ask her about what she plans to do? You'll be happy you did and such will be much impetus for you to choose her on November 05,2013.

U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy(R.Ga)

Rep. Trey Gowdy came forward and said he wanted to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...due to MASS MEDIA obstruction...this goal was beyond reach. To liberate would require control of the MASS MEDIA and that was simply not possible. Hence...America was headed into the toilet and there was not much he was going to be able to do to stop it.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL)...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...said this BLOG was wrong. According to this scumbag...most Americans want to be enslaved and directed from cradle to grave. Americans want to be burdened with hassle and hinder so long as it inures to the benefit of the hive.

2012 election outcomes

Because the Republican Party offered "wishy-washy" socialists...they lost to TEAM OBAMA since TEAM OBAMA offered more not less freebie and favor. The 2012 Republican Party said we will socialize as much as the Democrats but do it more efficiently. Hence...they lost mightily.


Jeff Zients...a troubleshooter for TEAM OBAMA...was called to correct the website for OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE. He promised to have the computers up and running so that enslavement might continue.

Jimmy Breslin

Jimmy Breslin...a well-known investigative reporter...told this BLOG that he had spoken with Obama and that this BLOG was correct. Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION and envisions America suffering beneath mountains of "red tape, tax and spend" policies and programs. He said he wished he were younger so he could fight his dung-eating monkey...but...his infirmities and age kept him from the battle.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


A lady lost her government job because she went public and told Mr. Hannity(FOX NEWS) that OBAMA-CARE was nonsense and amounted to rank enslavement. This whistle-blower lost her job attempting to give transparency to the Obama administration. So far...Obama has refused to offer her another job or to assist her with her rent or car payment. Indeed...Obama...when issuing this "firing order" said, "This whistle-blower needs to be shunned!"

Unlike the socialists who will never spend their own money...Mr. Hannity has offered to pay her lost salary and to find her another job. When Obama was informed of such assistance he chortled and smirked. "How dare anyone give this whistle-blower anything!" he snorted in tribal socialist fashion.

why fix it?

Why fix the HEALTHCARE.GOV website? Why not let is disappear with all the other government boondoggles? America is a freedom-loving country and as more and more Americans realize the evil embedded in OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE...they're concluding the Democrats must be evicted and this horrific enslavement ended.

Friday, October 25, 2013

gift from master?

OBAMA-SNARE offers some people a freebie or favor in exchange for their fealty and obedience. Yes...the MASS MEDIA is pushing OBAMA-SNARE since they want enslavement. Somehow these jackals and scumbags in the MASS MEDIA believe they'll profit from such tribal socialism.


An OBAMA-CARE success story? If you have one send it into this BLOG. Some Americans have received something for nothing and are happy. They rejoice that someone was forced to pay for them. They don't care that they're now enslaved and must kneel and worship whatever golden calf their master might forge.


Because of the manner in which Obama directed the American military to depart IRAQ has left a power vacuum which has been filled with war lords and clerics each one with a band of followers ready to kill the opposition. Shiite and Sunni are at each other's throat...each one claiming to be the TRUE FAITH...and...willing to slaughter to impose it.


According to the contractors whose product has been on display at say their respective portions were properly done...but..when...the entire thing was put broke down. Recall that this website has been variously described as boondoggle...tar pit...and...other similar opprobrious epithets by both Republicans and Democrats.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


CARDINALS AND RED SOXS in the World Series. Who will win? While it is not good to predict...the gamblers are claiming Cardinals might have the edge. According to Timmy Titler...a notorious bookie and confidence-man...Obama called them before the first game and told them he was going to give them a waiver on their healthcare payment until 2015.


Barack Hussein Obama was actually born in Kenya. He was taken to Hawaii and there his birth was declared. Most people would assume he was born in Hawaii...and...that deception has been carried out with almost flawless perfection.

However, Donald Trump...a suspicious dude by nature...spoke to the people who watched the birth. Trump was shown the sacred BUG-DOO TREE where little Barack's foot print with acid was etched into its hull. Trump had the foot print examined and it was surely Obama's right foot print. It was absolute proof that Obama was born in tribal Kenya.

Because the MASS MEDIA is controlled by TEAM OBAMA such information was stifled and never permitted to be published on TV or RADIO. If it weren't for this BLOG...not anyone would know they can travel to that site and examine that BUG-DOO TREE and confirm what Trump knows but has been told not to say!


The outlook wasn't bright for the Mudville nine that day...the score stood 4 to 2 with but an inning left to play. And...when Murray died at second and Tipper did the same...a quiet pall fell over the patrons of the game. So it was when ole Casey strode to the plate.

Mention is made of CASEY AT BAT since it would appear Obama has somehow managed to put himself into the thick of the OBAMA-SNARE entanglement wherein Americans are expected to sign up and buy health insurance. Sure...they don't need it...can't really find room in budget for it...and...don't like the idea that somehow payment is for the common good of the hive...yet..somehow...these servile Americans will kneel and worship that golden calf...a veritable idol...forged by Pelosi,Obama and Reid.


It's obvious the MASS MEDIA wants TEAM OBAMA to enslave America. If it were different...they'd be calling Obama things such as "dung-eating" monkey and "Marxist on Mission".


As few as they are...there are some Americans who believe OBAMA-SNARE will fetch them a benefit greater than anything they must give up to receive such a thing. If freedom must be surrendered in exchange for another "shovel-ready" be it. To these Americans...there isn't anything wrong in kneeling and worshiping whatever golden calf some would-be master might forge. These are the ones who readily say, "My name is TOBY."
In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is TOBY.


Obama told America there was not anyone more upset about OBAMA-SNARE than he was. In a moment of English excellence...this dung-eating monkey said, "There isn't anyone madder than me about the OBAMA-CARE website." (Folks...the proper pronoun is "I" not "me").


Caterpillar,Inc. is cutting back and sending workers home. Unlike big foot government...the private sector must trim costs and overhead in "bad times". As Doug Oberhelman said, "Obama is a dung-eating monkey and his team has almost destroyed America and our great company."


Solyndra,LLC grabbed several hundred million dollars from TEAM OBAMA and then proceeded to go bankrupt. Because it was an Obama crony...not any investigation was ever mustered by the U.S. Injustice Department. Mention is made of this boondoggle...because the OBAMA-SNARE website has cost $600 million so far and still not any workable website available. As one Obama Administration official said, "We really didn't care since we were spending other people's money."


Imagine you just signed up for discover your medical data is now available to any government heck and scumbag. Imagine as much and you'll sense why the political-support for OBAMA-SNARE is evaporating. one voter said, "Any politician supporting that boondoggle should be evicted!"

be a good laddy

In'll hear the Royals tell their underlings, "Be a good laddy and fetch me my tea." In America...the same thing is done. But some Americans...when directing a task...can be heard saying, "Boy...fetch that wood and nail."


Instead of trying to enslave America using such things as OBAMA-SNARE...why not dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market...a place where there is always quality healthcare for everyone because there isn't any government "red tape and tax" programs and policies to skew and distort the marketplace.


Once she was a child...a beautiful child...a child of clay.Shaped and molded out of earth, they used to say, "Tell me who's to blame for this child of clay." Such seems appropriate as the architects of the OBAMA-SNARE website declared they were not to blame for the HEALTHCARE.GOV fiasco...someone else...that amorphous someone else...was to blame for the $600 million website boondoggle.


U.S.Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr....a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...told Americans they need not fear enslavement. They should kneel and worship the golden calf as directed by such scumbags as himself. He said Americans like to tell their master* their name is "Toby".
* In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is "Toby".


Had the BUSH ADMINISTRATION been involved in the OBAMA-SNARE boondoggle which has become obvious to most Americans...the MASS MEDIA would have been merciless in their excoriation and diatribe. However, it's a Democrat train wreck and their telling Americans it's not that bad and they should kneel and worship this golden calf not demand its destruction.

In contrast...the OBAMA administration hasn't been attacked even though OBAMA-CARE...a/k/ a disaster. It causes businesses to close down and doctors to quit. Sure...some hospitals will profit from OBAMA-SNARE...but...most Americans will suffer mightily. Yet...the MASS MEDIA is now saying it took polls and the polling data demonstrate Americans want more not less government "red tape and tax" and love the "whip and chain" of OBAMA-SNARE.


Democrats in Congress...led by U.S.Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) and U.S. Rep.Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL)...demanded the widow of a deceased senator receive $174,000.00 in "death benefits". These same two scumbags refused to give "death benefits"($100,000) to the families of veterans and were instrumental in having their dead bodies transported by commercial aircraft and off-loaded with a fork-lift.


Drug-resistant Tuberculosis(TB) has spread into almost every country making it a public-health crisis. The disease is mostly spread from human to human through the air. infected person on an airplane...for sure to transmit the disease to almost everyone on that plane. Those infected depart the airport and spread it among the local population.

TB is a particularly horrific way to die. You drown in your own juices as your lungs fill with crud and can't function. The victim snaps and spits blood writhing and squirming in terror trying to gasp for what little oxygen those infected lungs can mange to deliver.(Wall Street Journal A-13;10-24-13).

According to HHS Secretary Sebelius...TB has spread in America because of OBAMA-CARE. In an unusually candid explanation, Sebelius* connected the Democrat health-plan to this nasty disease and its spread. The health services which would have addressed that situation aren't because government has killed off any desire to produce since that production will be taxed and stomped mightily under OBAMA-CARE.
*Death Angel Sebelius stepped forward to reveal this horror. She smiled and gloated over how many Americans would die because of OBAMA-SNARE.

Chen Yongzhou

An investigative reporter for a Chinese newspaper was detained by Chinese "thought-police" because he questioned local corruption in Changsha...a city of many officials with big titles and huge estates. President Xi needs to examine this conflict and sort it out quickly since Chinese are beginning to compare their niche with that of others in other places and are becoming dissatisfied with the status quo.


In Saudi Arabia...most Arabs use camel dung to spice their tea and as a substitute for butter. While to many outsiders such a thing repulses and that backward's commonplace and well-used. To top it all off...these Muslims don't permit their women to drive. They can walk or ride a bike...but...aren't permitted to drive a car. As one Muslim man said, "We Muslims like camel dung and our wives without a car."


When the federal government shut down for 16 days...the Labor Department didn't process migrant-labor visas creating a big production problem for farmers who count on that cheap labor coming into their area to assist in farm production. Instead of demanding the borders be opened with the hassle and hinder eliminated...the farmers are begging big foot government to hear their cries and "fast-track" such visas applications.

Because open borders are the cure for any labor shortage...such must be demanded by every American! As it is right now...big foot government has created a bottle-neck which will hurt farmers. Naturally...the Democrats like that kind of injury since it demonstrates how powerful they are.


Any Democrat or Republican politician defending OBAMA-CARE must be evicted! These are socialists and must be defeated in 2014. Because of the power of this Florida...for example...many Democrats know they'll lose in 2014 if they support perpetuation of OBAMA-SNARE. Hence...supported by a complicit MASS MEDIA...they'll LIE and tell their constituents they want to modify the grip and grab....making it more palatable...more acceptable...less onerous...less of a stomp and chomp on American business. Some voters will accept this apology and support the vermin Hun-horde even though the consequences will be enslavement.


Obama's insatiable sexual appetite seems to have blossomed into a full-blown voyeur-scandal. Apparently, Obama had the CIA put a secret camera into the bathroom of Germany's President Angela Merkel. The camera was wired to send its information directly to Obama's laptop! One White House aide said Obama enjoyed watching a naked Merkel towel-dry herself.


Recall how Obama preached about the wonders and blessings embedded in the stimulus package...the $876 billion infusion of cash into the sclerotic economy. He was going to give cash to "shovel-ready" projects to revive the moribund economy. Later on...Obama chortled about the "shovel-ready" stuff dismissing his previous LIES with a small laugh.

Now...we have OBAMA-SNARE. So far the $600 million computer website* isn't shovel-ready either. On the other hand...if the Republicans get  their way...a shovel could be used to bury this boondoggle...eliminating its pernicious grip and grab on 1/6th of the American way of life!
*Instead of repairing the "whip and chain"...Americans should demand that shovel to which Obama referred should be used to bury this monster...this so-called OBAMA-CARE.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mr. WU

In China...Mr. WU fights for liberation over subjugation. He simply doesn't wish to kneel and lick absurd pomp with candied tongue. He knows its' time for China to dismantle its own NANNY STATE CAGE and permit China to become the greatest place on Earth!


HHS Secretary Sebelius admitted her department was simply not ready to handle the huge number of shoppers...each one seeking to become enslaved. Of course, the real number of real shoppers willing to spend their own money and not receive subsidy was less than 2000! The problem was not a deluge of shoppers but the $500 million boondoggle called Uncle Sugar's healthcare website.


The United States has become the leader in oil and natural gas production. The science of retrieval is progressing so fast that America will remain the leader for the next 1000 years. The only bunch intellectually capable of outdoing America would be Russia or China...and...these two nations are struggling with socialism in one form or another.

young and stupid

In a rare unguarded moment...Obama called the 27 to 35 age group the "young and stupid". He was confident these ignorant people would buy OBAMA-CARE insurance whether they needed it or not. In this candid mention...Obama laughed about how they would never know how enslaved they are until too late to rebel.


French President Hollande told White House officials in an irate phone call that he had found the hidden camera in his bathroom and he didn't appreciate Obama's desire to watch. Recall that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff discovered a similar secret camera in her bathroom and traced the link all the way into Obama's Oval Office.

Why Obama wants to satisfy his sexual needs in this way hasn't been revealed. But one administration official said it could well be an outward sign that he was born in Kenya not Hawaii. As this official pointed like to watch naked men and women in the bathroom. What a guy, eh OBAMA?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Governor Steve Bashear(D.KY)

Kentucky's governor, Steve Bashear told America that he loved OBAMACARE and thought it represented a transformation reducing Americans to slaves and parasites...both easily managed inside the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. The slaves...tasked to produce wealth...the parasites...directed to slither and overwhelm by vote.

Perhaps this socialist is right. Maybe America has been flushed into tribal socialism...that toilet so proudly displayed in almost ever country on Earth. Maybe the MASS MEDIA can marshal sufficient voters to keep the would-be masters in power for another season. But...eventually...Americans will change their mind and refuse to kneel and worship the golden calf. When that day comes...the CAGE will be dismantled.


Barbara Buono and Chris Christie are in a heated contest for the Governor's job. She's a socialist and wants more not less government grip and grab. She wants more yoke and choke and says her brand of power will guarantee New Jersey resident a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot. She'll plunder and loot...stomp and chomp...beneath her jack boot.


To Kabul Phyllis Chesler went. Her husband with rag on head and camel bent. First 5 months of her marriage she spent in a room with 30 other gals. They taught her how to kneel...and...what to do to avoid his pals. After several months, this psychology teacher by trade told MAAK-MOOOD she was not about to feel his blade. Before he could grab his knife and throat-slice...she darted to her car and drove away.


Equal protection and equal application. These two ideas have become significant. Obama granted waivers insulating those benefited from the grip and grab of OBAMA-SNARE alleviating those otherwise burdened from having to pay fines until 2015. Individuals received no such reprieve and are on the hook for some big buck...bucks they simply can't afford to surrender to the omnivorous maw of TEAM OBAMA.

Hence, the question: "Who would sign up for OBAMA-SNARE?" The answer is simple. Only those Americans who believe they'll get more than they give Those people who need but could not get health insurance and can't pay for any such insurance, those 100% subsidy people will be the largest portion of the overall pool of OBAMA-SNARED people. Yes...there will be that loyal few who march into the fields with shovel and hoe singing united-worker songs as they toil all day for the common good of the hive. But...some Americans...those without 100% subsidy...will conclude OBAMA-SNARE is rank enslavement and rebel.


From Florida's Franklin Correctional two lifers, Walker and Jenkins, escaped using phony documents. While conjecture rampant, there has been a break in the question: "who assisted?" When asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG about his involvement...Judge Thomas McGrady said the culprit was "Edward Snowden".

According to this august jurist...whose name appeared on the release papers...Eddie Snowden...had put onto the Internet what the national security agency calls "pass-keys" that can create any document required for whatever purpose. Walker and Jenkins using their knowledge of computer encryption worked on the feat until the proper papers reached the proper people and they were duly released.

As Eddie Snowden told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "When I promised to demonstrate my incredible power...I had such "oops-stuff" in mind."


SolarCity...connected to TEAM OBAMA...has consistently posted "red ink" results and still they receive big foot government money. A similar business with the same plan for profit sought Obama's imprimatur but was rebuffed. They were informed they were Republican-leaning and not "green-enough". Inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...crony capitalists with the right connections can become billionaires absorbing other people's money through their political pals.

Monday, October 21, 2013


With a grant from the PALMER FOUNDATION...this BLOG'S SCIENCE DEPARTMENT investigated the killer whale looking for anything remotely similar to what could be called intelligence. After much study and arduous on-site was concluded these creatures in their environment are as bright as we are in ours. They don't need to know how to build a rocket although they understand the idea when it's put into whale-format.

Hence the question...should Sea World keep some killer whales around for people to examine as they parade through the tourist attraction? Many killer whale experts say the whale must be given the choice. If the whale chooses to remain, then so be it. On the other hand...if the whale chooses to flee captivity...then...that choice must be respected.

Makes sense. do you ask ole Willy about such choice? You pay this BLOG another $90 million for the "connection".


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...was asked why he preferred the CAGE approach for medical service delivery instead opening that market until unhampered and eliminate the "yoke and choke" agenda. Senator Nelson replied that he was a loyal Democrat and as such he championed the CAGE and its attack on liberty. He liked the idea that big foot government could compel Americans to kneel and worship the golden calf, (EXODUS 32:24).

Unlike the 20th century the 21st century otherwise unhampered marketplace(OUM)...there isn't any way for Bob to force Tom to buy the horse or plow the field.  Neither Bob nor Tom can force the other to do what isn't otherwise wished. Such insulation is merely a reflection of the socio-economic context created in the OUM with a magical outcome. Because Bob and Tom want more than they're giving up, when the transfer occurs the only thing which can be definitely said is that both received more than they gave up or else the conveyance of horse would not have occurred or would the field have been plowed.

Hence, why not open the marketplace and delete the NANNY STATE CAGE? If OBAMA-SNARE is so good...let it compete with other proposals and see if anyone would choose to become enslaved.

Why not have a free grip and dip and crony assistance...just an OUM? Indeed...such a place would provide all the medical service wanted at the most affordable price possible. In such a place people would shun OBAMA-SNARE...preferring the cheaper private stuff tailored to their specific needs...and...the cheaper stuff would be competitive since they wouldn't be burdened by the "red tape" of the CAGE.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The would-be masters and their minions control almost all of the MASS MEDIA and most of corporate America. Indeed...the U.S. Chamber of one time the voice of liberty is nowadays little more than a nest of cronies willing to destroy liberty in exchange for* land and title. As Senator Nelson candidly admitted, "If it weren't for such patriots as the KOCH BROTHERS...and...that FREEUSFLORIDA.COM BLOG most of America would be handing in their gold for idol."
*In the movie, BRAVEHEART, land and title were used by Long Shanks to enslave and control.


STUPID then SORRY...somehow...conjoined...saddle and spur...track and train...and...shovel-ready stirred.


While the Higgs' Boson is thought to be the fundamental element with mass...the building block for all's the polemic of this BLOG'S SCIENCE DEPARTMENT that mass is infinitely small such that inside the HIGGS' BOSON there are yet smaller pieces...smaller on into infinity. measure at some point is to obstruct or alter...rendering any measurement of the "smallest" beyond the reach of modern science.

Because the Higgs' Boson might be something else...and...due to measurement distortion...very well probably is something else but has been misidentified in order to keep the public funds flowing...private grants and subsidy should be the only trough from which these guessers can draw.

If they're correct, their investors will reap mightily. On the other hand...if they're just guessing and discovered to be just guessing...they can be identified as charlatans and driven from public sight by ridicule and ignominy. As it is presently, these so-called scientists are claiming they found the smallest particle with mass...the building block of creation...the stuff from which everything prove it...they showed guess dressed as fact.

Ah...yes...the discouraging word

"...and never is heard...a discouraging word...and...the skies are not cloudy all day." Ah...those old songs about yesteryear. In that song the author tells the listener that out on the range...where the deer and the antelope can reside and fairly well have paradise. It's so good...that seldom...if ever...a discouraging word uttered or heard.

On the other hand...introduce OBAMA-SNARE into that bucolic scene and the song seems to tremble with pitfall and worry. As HHS Secretary Sebelius opined, "OBAMACARE ensnares...entangles...and...reduces people to servile supplicants ready to worship whatever golden calf their master might forge, (Exodus 32:24)." Imagine singing about the door on the home getting bashed down by Internal Revenue Service goon squads out to glean the field for any wealth hidden or missed. Imagine as much and you'll find discouraging word best accepted as dire warning about things yet to come.


Death Angel Sebelius has been blamed for the OBAMA-SNARL...that tangle of "shovel-ready" software that was supposedly ready and intended to be ready to handle...on October 01,2013...the anticipated 300 million requests for health insurance...everyone of these "customers/shoppers" with shovel on shoulder singing worker songs as they happily march into the fields to work for the common good of the hive.

Unfortunately, to the dismay of the far...the only people attempting to "sign-up" for OBAMA-CARE are those with 100% taxpayer-subsidy. In other words...the ants stayed home and the grasshoppers seeing a great chance for freebie and favor...stepped up to the "pay-window". As one HHS official said, "Sebelius intentionally bottle-necked the system* so that people would crowd into the theater so to speak and would wait for as long as it took to watch the movie."
*Golden minds do not stoop to shows of dross.


The people...who have received funds to study and research man-made global warming...know it's hoax and pseudo-science...but...when it's that profitable...and...there are so many willing to sign on to the hokum...why not profit? Hence...sheer guess was elevated with accuracy and precision to the stature of "accepted fact"...and..."consensus-created" platitude.

Michael Mann...a charlatan-climatologist at Penn State...acknowledged...for instance...that...he had profited mightily off the myth but he wasn't about to admit such things on TV lest he lose his grant or be evicted from his professorial-niche.


Instead of trying to make OBAMA-CARE work...something quite improbable at best...why not delete the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Why not pay off every RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE in recognition of the psychic injury such RIDE inflicted...and...usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some income tax or an inheritance tax...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master impose: "Our tears...your purse!"
Find out fed
So asked said
Barren dread
Why cloaked shed.


Hillary Clinton made her 1st public speech since resigning as Secretary of State. Afterwards, she was approached by a cub-reporter from this BLOG. Naturally, Clinton's goon squad stepped forward to insulate Hillary from any interface. Undaunted by such deployed muscle with sun-glasses...the cub-reporter drew closer until she was 6 feet from Hillary. With cameras rolling...this intrepid reporter fired out, "Mrs. Clinton can you tell us if you're about to reveal* what you knew about the assassination of Ambassador Stevens?"
*The fool multitude choose by show never learning more than fond eye doth teach. On the other hand, those who choose by more than view chance as fair and choose as true.


CLEMSON UNIVERSITY gave its football squad fireworks, bus ride to stadium...and...riotous entry...pageantry and band...balloons...buxom ladies in short skirts. As one fan said, "Those Tigers had it call!" In contrast...the Seminoles...led by "Rudy"...entered through the rear...and...quietly proceeded to their locker room. In the end...handily...the Tigers were stomped by the Seminoles. Somehow...all that bangle and bell was really portending alarm when in defeat they fell.


Today...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA framed Obama at a podium with a lady stationed on one side and a bearded dude on the other side such that...from a frontal clearly saw these two people standing there. How these two people were selected was a question in need of an answer. Hence...a cub-reporter from this BLOG was dispatched to investigate.

The bearded dude...his stone-like visage etched in humility...was there because he was helped by OBAMA-CARE as was the other person. She, too, had been assisted by OBAMA-CARE. Both had received taxpayer subsidies...their umbilical cords displayed with pride. They were there to tell America that they,too, could get "freebie and favor"...and...all they had to do was kneel and worship OBAMA-CARE...the latest format of the Golden Calf, (Exodus 32:24;MATTHEW 6:24).

Because these two people had received so much and licked boot so well...they were picked to frame stand at his when told...frown when told...and...appear to be bubbling with gratitude to the master of their 20th Century* NANNY STATE CAGE.

They told the cub-reporter that they had received so much from TEAM OBAMA that they wanted to show how happy they were. They agreed that the things they were given by big foot government were funded by wealth from storerooms plundered for such purpose...but...they didn't care. It wasn't their storeroom and they needed what big foot government was giving. Such declarations of fealty enabled them to be selected as the "frame for Obama".
There's 52...this time.
Second time counting cards? It's the polemic of this BLOG that eventually: (i) the only people who will be receiving OBAMA-CARE are those who received such so-called health insurance through 100% government-subsidy...and...(ii) there will be a growing discontent with the grip and grab of this hellish law until the march to "make salt"...a flood...its burgeoning goal to dismantle this 20th Century yoke and choke agenda and usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
*...a CAGE wherein big foot government directs from cradle to grave using spank and diaper check against its opposition.


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Pope didn't meet even though in Rome for that specific purpose. Apparently, as the Jew was headed up the stairs to meet with Pope Francis...he told an off-color joke about Jesuits and their penchant for transgender. While in Tel Aviv it always brought those august was taken as boiling oil dumped from rampart.


Despite the protestations of the man-made global warming bunch...Mother Nature is cooling off. Despite emission of greenhouse gases in tonnage so vast the human mind can't grasp it...Mother Earth is cooling off. In the last 15 years...instead of the Earth getting hotter in proportion to the CO2 from mankind's effort to survive...the Earth has cooled not grown hotter as the computer-models predicted. Such failure by natural forces to comply with political expectations and desires has angered Obama and his fellow Eco-fascists. How about you?


Obama appeared on national TV to explain the OBAMA-SNARE debacle. He refused to concede socialized medicine was silly. He said Americans wanted enslavement and OBAMA-SNARE is delivering the yoke and choke they expected.

Why would anyone "sing-up" for OBAMA-SNARE? The answer is that only those seeking a 100% taxpayer subsidy are signing up. Those Americans who will be required to pay for their OBAMA-CARE...they'll avoid "sign-up" as long as possible. Many of them will rebel and join the army of liberation whose crusade to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


OBAMA-SNARE isn't afoot in Florida. Its Republican government has succeeded in keeping Florida insulated from this debacle. And...because Florida is not participating...the employer penalty does not apply and Floridians can't get the big foot government subsidy.


Neera Tanden...a rabid socialist...acknowledged the power of this BLOG has grown and is underpinning most of the activities of the Congressional Republicans.


Hillary Clinton appeared at a campaign rally in Virginia to speak on behalf of Terry McAuliff...a rabid socialist who is bent on destroying what little liberty remains. She mentioned in her speech a curious phrase: "evidence free zone". This phrase coming from one of the architects of the Benghazi embassy debacle was amusing.


Some people become so connected to their government payment, freebie or favor...that they simply can't let go. They're what Shaka Zulu described as the "trapped-monkey". Recall in the movie, SHAKA ZULU...Shaka tells his British pal that the monkey is trapped by using a gourd...a hole too small for the monkey to retract its hand if its hand is clutching the fruit prize stationed therein. The monkey will never release the fruit prize and extract its hand but will attempt extraction to exhaustion. The trapper merely comes by and puts the tired monkey into his collection sack.

TEAM OBAMA has spent 5 years(+) reducing self-starters* to dependent, trapped monkeys. The MASS MEDIA parades such monkeys in front of TV cameras directing they whine and beg for more not less government grip and grab...more not less yoke and choke...more not less stomp and chomp. Are you that connected?
*FOOD STAMP recipients are just the latest addition to this growing pool of trapped monkeys.


The largest concentration of stink bugs anywhere in the world is in Washington DC. University of Maryland entomologist, Cerruti Hooks pointed out this infestation is biblical in its proportion and meaning. Imagine the stink bug could be anywhere and it chose the site of big foot government...a government bent on enslaving America imposing thereby "freedom to obey".(Wall Street Journal A-1;10-21-13)


Even the plastic world is rebelling. Ole GORILLA OF THE MIST came forward to support the effort to stop the advance of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Will you not join this growing army of liberation...a crusade marching to "make salt".


The medical service industry is under attack by TEAM OBAMA. They want the entire industry under their direction and control. The same screwballs who launched the OBAMA-SNARE computer debacle will decide what drug you receive and how long you will live. Makes you want to support them ,eh?

Sunday, October 20, 2013


What choice would most Americans make if their selection were "CAGE" or "KEY"? Almost 100% would choose KEY so long as they didn't lose their place aboard the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE'S FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...a RIDE guaranteed as an entitlement so long as the RIDER complies and does as master dictates.

The army of liberation marches to "make salt". Its crusade to dismantle this CAGE and eliminate its RIDE paying off each RIDER with a one-time victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the injury which reduces the RIDER to that of a whining worm.


Georgia Bull Dogs were stomped by Vanderbilt. The former relied on name and prior bang...the latter...never from victory wilt.

where from?

Two Florida convicts used a prison computer to hack into the Florida Department of Corrections(DOC) data base and directed Franklin Correctional to release them even though both of these convicted murderers had received life in prison without possibility of parole. Naturally...many Floridians asked "how" such incompetence was possible at all levels of D.O.C. The answer was not that the people at DOC were incompetent but that the system has been so bureaucratized few can possibly know what's real or false.


Who are these Americans who have chosen to sign up for OBAMA-CARE? According to the latest propaganda...the numbers are staggering. Millions of Americans are flocking to OBAMA-SNARE wanting to buy very expensive health insurance...avoiding thereby the pillory-penalty to be exacted by the jack boots at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS).'s the polemic of this BLOG that the only people who will ever...long-term...kneel and worship this golden calf are those Americans receiving a 100% subsidy compliments of the Americans taxpayers. And it's these recipients...these supplicants and parasites...that will cry out for more not less subsidy...more not less benefits...more not less infusion of money to support their needs...and...that their name* is "TOBY".
* In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he screams, "My name is Toby!"


Where were you went we needed ya...where were you when we wanted ya...where were you when we needed ya...gone....gone...gone. Mention is made of this song's lyrics since many Congressional Republicans might be asking that question in 2014. The MASS MEDIA is already pounding the freedom-fighting contingent of the Republican Party...lobbing in 18 inch cannon shells...blowing 20 foot deep holes 4 blocks wide...and...then...asking the American voter if they want more or less big foot government as if there were some choice.

We can dismantle this 20th Century  "red ink" NANNY STATE CAGE with RIDE model. The valiant Congressional Republicans demonstrated the power of the purse. As expected...reacting to this partial government shut-down...Obama...a/k/a...dung eating monkey...however...sent home all the federal worker bees that somehow might be benefiting some part of the public**...and...closing all monuments and parks to hamper and annoy* as many as possible.

*Obama gave the order to barricade the World War II monument because he thought Americans had already been reduced to cattle and sheep. As one White House aide said, "Obama picked the ones to which the complicit MASS MEDIA had script and sound-bite to highlight." Unfortunately for Obama...the vets didn't kneel...but...stood up...and...retook their memorial from the sinister clutches of TEAM OBAMA.
**The hidden premise in Obama's argument about the need for tribal socialism is that but for Uncle Sugar's power...Americans are worse off and must support the NANNY STATE CAGE if they want a zoo and park in which to recreate...or...if they're dependent on food subsidy...or...other freebie and favor from the master of their CAGE....a CAGE wherein the master uses spank and diaper check as some of its tools of compliance insuring they're "free to obey".


Deter a population from rebellion. The Romans did it best. They crucified anyone whose dissent to them laid rest. Jesus is just a publicized example of the cruelty such meant to mean...he spoke about peace and love...but chased from Temple masters' machines,(MARK 11:15).

In America...the attack-hounds are the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...they defame and decry whomever might challenge the hegemony of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Recently...U.S.Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) attempted to offer KEY over CAGE...liberation over subjugation...and...yet...according to the MASS MEDIA he might as well be offering "Green eggs n' ham." They've bombarded his ranks and bunker 24/7 since he dared to stand up and cry out that he wasn't about to kneel and worship the golden calf TEAM OBAMA had forged,(EXODUS 32:24; MATTHEW 6:24).

The MASS MEDIA doesn't pass the day without taking a shot at Senator Ted Cruz. They have crafted a variety of epithets to sully and belittle. For example, they describe him as a Cruz-missile...that he was on Cruz-control...and...that he was Crew-A-ZEE. AS Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) confided, "We use the MASS MEDIA to crucify the opposition and we do it as well as any Roman Legion ever did."

And...while many low-information" voters will never look beneath this calumny to examine exactly what Cruz was framing as another way...many will. Just as the message of Jesus was good news and hence something worthy of will the general import of what Senator Cruz might have been intending. Sure...his message wasn't a pure preaching of THE ORB...but...he did ask Americans to consider a choice of "KEY" or "CAGE". And in this regard might be worthy of mention by other patriots as they brave the wood and nail of the complicit MASS MEDIA.

Senator John McCain...a rabid detractor of Cruz...playing the attendant role of Caiaphus...admitted to a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "Anyone listening to his oratory would conclude he was asking America to consider dismantling at least a portion of the overall CAGE...something we simply can't permit. He's too much and must be way...or...another...but stop him...we must!"




Would they go over*great sleeping bear? Well...they fought for liberty for 16 days...and...then gate of Alamo swung open...and...out they marched. They had defied the master with mob...but...the master's MASS MEDIA proved too much blasting them 24/7 with incessant nasty diatribe and carpeting bombing with opprobrious epithet and calumny. So...yes...they would go over great sleeping bear!

Folks...the Republicans have the edge for retain such power to stop the NANNY STATE CAGE from growing and grabbing more until only freedom to obey remains...they must receive reinforcements from the unwashed masses...patriot and RIDER alike...all with a common interest in stopping tribal socialism before it embeds itself irrevocably in the culture of America reducing this once blessed land to the "whip and chain" of master with mob and complicit MASS MEDIA.


Farther along than a moment ago...further into or slow. Ask cause and outward glow...ponder edge and flow. But...then again...who would know?
Ah...Brutus who cried to the crowd, "Hear me for my cause and silence that you may hear."


Out of the has-been crowd stepped SARAH PALIN. She is finally speaking about liberation over subjugation finding in such message the power to stomp out any socialist opposition. Indeed...when KEY vs. CAGE is offered...the voters always choose KEY.


When Jesus began his ministry...he dressed in the robes of a teacher...something reserved for people who had been duly credentialed by the ruling elite. "How dare this carpenter pretend to be certified and legitimate!" snorted the Pharisees. Perhaps, Jesus could have escaped their acrimony had he avoided making noise in the Temple, (MARK 11:15). Fearlessly, though, Jesus persisted in his message and ultimately was crucified because of it.

Despite vilification by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...U.S.Senator Ted Cruz is preaching liberation over subjugation...demanding the eradication of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...inviting Americans to consider a fresh message...a message of prosperity and liberty...a message wherein the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a message wherein the would-be masters are prevented from imposing "Our tears...your purse!"

As proven many times in the past...politicians preaching escape from the CAGE always wins when the opposition tells the voters...if re-elected...they'll impose more grip and grab...extend the yoke and choke agenda and reduce Americans to cattle and sheep to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave by merciless bureaucratic creeps.

Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Because of the power of a message...Rajiv Chandrasekaran...a rabid socialist...acknowledged this BLOG was a primal influential cause of the recent recalcitrance of the Congressional Republicans to kneel and worship the golden calf. He was visibly shaking as he spewed venom about how this BLOG was leading the march to "make salt". How dare a small bunch of patriots challenge the might of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE!


In Africa there is a horrific disease called RIVER BLINDNESS. It's caused by a worm that is injected into a person by the BLACK FLY. The fly lands on the victim...and...punctures the skin with a sharp snot and as it feeds on blood...the larvae of the worm also get injected. Once inside...these things multiply until the victim is scratching the skin until it bleeds and is blind since the worms love to live inside the eye.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


The Congressional Republicans might be conducting a maneuver outlined in the Art of War. Because the MASS MEDIA is opposed to any attempted escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE, they've mercilessly bombarded these intrepid few...and...these valiant patriots have suffered mightily according to polls taken in areas where their carpet bombing was done.

What if the Republicans...however...know that the war of attrition helps them. Every time they muster to the wall to fight against tyranny...more and more Americans are taking notice. As more and more Americans realize they can escape the grip and grab of the CAGE...the more support these Congressional Republicans will have the 2nd time around...and...the third...fourth...and so on...each time asking America to assist in dismantling the CAGE and eliminating its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...invitation is made to consider another route. It's called the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!" Why not join the army of liberation and let us dismantle this CAGE...eliminate the power of the master to direct a golden calf be forged...and...enjoy EDEN?


In the finale of MATRIX, The Revolution...Smith asks Anderson, "Is it over?" Neil nods. Perhaps, the furloughed federal worker bees are asking such a question while the taxpayers wonder if ZION ever really was.


James Rosen called out CARNEY...Obama's spokesman. "How dare you cover-up the Benghazi debacle!"Rosen chided. To which...ole CARNEY...every the circus barker...retorted, "You're part of FOX NEWS and I don't feel like revealing the truth to you."


In emperor's boat would travel along the rivers throwing away food they didn't quite eat. The areas in which such "garbage" was thrown was inhabited by starving people whose situation was caused by the emperor's tax and spend policies and programs. Naturally...these skeletons observed such opulence and anger rushed into their hearts and minds. Eventually, they deposed this emperor for his extravagance.

Mention is made of this event since it seems as America...Americans have permitted their own big foot government to become extravagant...appointed in opulence...and...capable to throwing away as much as wished. Similar to what the peasants did in China...American voters must evict TEAM OBAMA!

Friday, October 18, 2013


The look on it tears at home...and...for a story...into lost kitten syndrome.


Democrat strategist, Chuck Rocha gloated over the Republican surrender. He knew they had to kneel and lick boot because TEAM OBAMA controlled the MASS MEDIA. Instead of preaching the benefit of liberation over subjugation...the spin of the MASS MEDIA was anti-Republican with corresponding-contrived polls...asserting thereby that more Americans wanted the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE than didn't. The bombardment by the MASS MEDIA proved too much and the Republicans opened gate of Alamo and scurried flags....eyes toward the ground.

It's likely Chuck Rocha is revealing a commonly held view by TEAM OBAMA. They believe Americans want to be reduced to cattle and sheep and be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. They know by using the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE they can sap the self-start of the individual transforming that person into a servile supplicant ready to lick absurd pomp with candied tongue. And...they know that by calling the Republicans "greedy and evil"...they can lure voters to support the CAGE...even though such vote gurarantees their own continued enslavement.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

hateful Alan Grayson

U.S.Rep. Alan Grayson...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...called the Congressional Republicans clown-like for their attempt to loosen the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. How dare they attempt to escape the yoke and choke agenda! As Grayson was snorting and spewing his venom he looked like the Grinch who stole Christmas. Evil...mean...and...ready to stomp the producers and loot their storerooms.

$100,000 Orchid?

In North Korea it's unlawful for anyone to own an orchid unless a permission slip obtained before possession is taken. Each orchid's owner entered into a data base so that bureaucrats can come around and inspect the orchid and its surroundings. North own an orchid is a great privilege and only the most ardent are chosen for the honor. One North Korean...speaking on condition of anonymity...when asked to compare the tyranny in which he found himself and America...replied that he felt the rules for marijuana set out in Washington State were just as stupid and onerous.


Nancy Giles stood for style and wanted chain polished...shackle made shiny and fresh. Nancy Giles stood for style...and...her whip licked back in bloody mesh. We'll force people to give and if they don't stomp until they do...she would crush anyone trying to prevent such goo.


The universe is expanding and the expansion is increasing in speed. This recently-discovered expansion contradicted every cosmological theorem addressing the role of gravity. Hence...the scientists declared there had to be some kind of invisible force causing this expansion.

The culprit they named: DARK ENERGY...invisible...ineffable...inexplicable...dark energy. As one scientist said, "We tried every way possible to link dark energy to pollution making it something from which we could generate grants and perpetuate our's too invisible to quantify or qualify."


When the CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG learned that General Electric was about to construct a huge water evaporator...20 feet tall and 20 feet big it couldn't by roadway be moved...G.E. engineers were contacted and the problem graphically presented. Simply you can't build something you can't move to where it has to go. You must component-part the monster or construct-on-site. Naturally...because G.E. is almost totally run by idiots with government-clearance...they ignored the advice,(WALL STREET JOURNAL B-1;10-17-13).

They built something they can't move. Even the great Russian helicopters and other mass air-haulers couldn't budge this 322 ton behemoth. It's too big to transport over any roadway in existence. only has to be hauled 100 miles...but...the state of Idaho has received an injunction preventing G.E. from transporting it over the only roadway because the little snort-frog and the yellow-dink might get crushed. The potential loss for such too much to risk.


The U.S.Injustice Department is prosecuting the employees it says helped Bernie Madoff cheat people and create a $78 billion Ponzi scheme. Naturally...these employees claim they were as duped as the people Madoff cheated.

Mention is made of this Madoff ripple affect since in the Obama administration there have been several debacles where lives were lost and who was in on the decision-making as much a question as the one posed by the prosecution in the Madoff matter. Why hasn't there be the same outcry that was heard when the victims of Madoff screamed about their losses?

HOW MANY CRIED "my name is Toby"?

OKAY...with respect to OBAMA-CARE...a/k/ many Americans submitted and admitted their name was "Toby"? So far the count in Delaware is one and everywhere else its 36,999. Recall in the movie, ROOTS...Lorene Green beat Kunta Ken-Tay until the hero acknowledged his name was TOBY.

9.8 million and 36,800

OBAMA-CARE had 9.8 million unique visits to its government-insurance website with only 36,800 enrolling. Of those 36,800...all but 3 were given 100% subsidy and granted access to all medical care and service wherever provided. In other words, the taxpayers went on the hook for whatever medical costs these 36,797 (36,800 less 3=36,797 on taxpayer subsidy) incur.

In labeling this as OBAMA-CARE...some are beginning to call it OBAMA-SNARE...since it grabs the producers and drains also enslaves subsidized patients since they are now connected to big foot government...their lives in the hands of bureaucrats who can decide if such medical treatment worth the expense.


SoftBank and Alibaba together have taken an idea and turned it into a $100 billion(+) business empire. Their efforts powered by Jack Ma...his innovations...ingenious...dynamic...and...exquisitely in tune with what people want. As many might conclude*...when you see a winner...copy what they're'll probably end up with 1/2 of their pie.
*SoftBank? Hard food for Midas.


Apple,Inc. discovered its projected sales of the iPhone 5C were way off and they informed their assemblers to cease production. While the upscale iPhone 5S is selling as fast as they can be produced...the 5C...the lower-scale hardly moving and the inventories of 5C are so vast few people believe they'll ever be sold.

According to Keynesian Economic theory this 5S and 5C difference defies their theorems and hence must be some kind of error has occurred. "How dare people want the better model when the cheaper one gives them almost as much stuff. Why if I had the power...I'd make people buy the 5C and only the ruling elite would have the 5S,"snorted Obama when he was informed of the difference.


Obama told America that the show-down didn't produce a winner...both Democrats and Republicans were losers. In a sense...Obama was quite correct in his conclusion. a whole...lost since the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE has remained essentially intact...yes...drowning in "red ink" but...when you own* the printing press...there isn't any limit to what can be printed.

The army of liberation marches to "make salt". While the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT was able to push Congressional freedom-fighters to the back of the bus last hasn't stopped the army of liberation before which is carried THE ORB chasing away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. In every town and city in America this army is growing...its members demanding this CAGE be dismantled...its "red ink" victim-making FREE LUNCH AND RIDE eliminated.

Unlike other places...Americans can use their vote to change things. It's this choice that the army asks would-be members to consider as it marches through time and space on its way metaphorically to "make salt"...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM). Why not join us and assist in eradicating the yoke and choke agenda...and...liberating the otherwise subjugated?

Opposing this liberation over subjugation effort stand the master and its minions...among whom are the talking heads of the MASS MEDIA...each one drooling platitude and bromide...and...demanding the CAGE be made inescapable, (MATTHEW 6:24). They tell America the RIDE is a blessing and they need to support the "whip and chain" imposed on the unwitting FOOLS WHO PULL. They threaten the RIDERS with "loss of seat" should they not turn-out and vote for more not less CAGE and RIDE, ( MATTHEW 4:8).

To counter this obvious pressure on the RIDERS to kneel and worship the master of the CAGE...the army of liberation offers each RIDER a "one-time" payment in exchange for a general and complete release of liability on any claim of dependency. By paying off each victim...the attraction of the RIDE is eliminated and the would-be master loses the grip on heart and mind. more and more people including business leaders see there is another alternative...a fresh way...a way to great prosperity...the power of the army of liberation will grow. Already the war chest has $358 million but the goal is $800 million. With that MONEY...the CAGE can be attacked through the MASS MEDIA and done in such fashion as to make people demand their legislators deploy THE ORB and dismantle the CAGE and permit EDEN to manifest.
*Examine Zimbabwe...a place with an active socialist printing press. It's so bad that their $100 trillion dollar note won't buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.


Former Florida governor, Jeb Bush appeared on MSNBC to tell America he wanted more not less government grip and grab. He supported the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and wished the Republicans hadn't attempted to offer a KEY. "How dare they attempt escape!" this disguised socialist snorted and steamed.


Escaping the grip of the master isn't possible. Such is the message of the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA now that the Republican freedom-fighters have been dispatched from their position of power. The American people are not going to be offered "CAGE" or "KEY"...but...only more CAGE...more yoke and choke agenda...more stomp and chomp...not less!

Americans are getting shoved into the bowels of the OBAMASTAD...a metaphorical slave ship. Sure...many Americans are singing and cheering as they're led into its bowels. They believe their master will give them more not less freebie and favor in exchange for their obedience and loyalty.

 And...maybe...for a season such might be granted and given...but...eventually...the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE will turn sinister as the wealth of America becomes so little there isn't sufficient loot to be redistributed. At that point...America will simply become another Zimbabwe...printing $100 trillion dollar notes so that people can buy bread and clothing.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Lonegan or Booker? New Jersey had to choose. The former wanted to "liberate"...while the latter promised more "subjugate". Whom will these voters choose?

The MASS MEDIA has been pushing Booker and such support should fetch ole Booker a victory. He preaches tribal socialism and wants to remove what little liberty remains and replace it with "freedom to obey". Does not such expressed desire just make you want to hoot and cheer for Booker?


While the angels all pallid and wan...uprising...unveiling...affirm...that the play is the tragedy "man"...and...its hero...the conqueror worm.

Maybe the Republicans have a's likely the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA already have prepared caustic sound-bites should such be tried. Yes...the Republicans lacked MASS MEDIA cannon. And as the Inspector* said when asked what would happen, "What always happens when people with stick and rock come up against the gun."
*In the movie, "V" for Vendetta...there is a scene wherein the protagonist discusses tyranny in its ultimate format.


What idiot attempts to pluck suckling cub from she-bear?


The Republicans caved and raised their surrender flag. Democrats gloated as they enjoyed their budget now bloated was going to remain dressed in drag.


Hadley Heath received a wreath...her health insurance plan was gone...didn't comply with OBAMA-CARE that letter explicitly drawn. Her insurance company said it wasn't about to get fined... tortured...and...described as nasty and bad...yes...she'd been with that company for 15 years...the separation made them sad. But they wanted to be kneel and worship as Obama decreed...hence Hadley Heath had to go somewhere else...departing from them...leaving them in peace.


How would an army of liberation contact people to invite them to join the march to "make salt"? Internet is the only way available. However, the publication of that invitation is only as good as those people who go to that website and sign up. How do you get people to go to that website and remain long enough to sign up and even donate something to the coffers to finance the fund the crusade to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system? How?

Answering that question hasn't been easy. The MASS MEDIA is dedicated to pushing the tribal socialist state model and any contrary movement...any effort to liberate...such purpose is met with equal vigor...telling America that these freedom-fighters are intent on deleting their seat aboard the RIDE and they had best muster at the polls to defend the NANNY STATE CAGE lest they lose the RIDE and their master-determined future.

Senator Ted Cruz blues

U.S.Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) sang the blues as he capitulated to the demands of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Had every Republican Senator remained conjoined at the hip and fought with him against the CAGE and its would-be masters...the outcome would have been much different.

Enjoying this victory...TEAM OBAMA and its complicit MASS MEDIA are crowing...telling America those non-essential federal workers on furlough will be returning to their jobs...and...the CAGE will become perpetual with them as its enslaved unwashed masses.

According to the MASS MEDIA...even the taxpayers are rejoicing that big foot government hasn't been advancing gobbling up what little liberty remains replacing it with "freedom to obey". As MSNBC Ed Schultz said, "The producers are ecstatic that they'll be deemed the unwitting FOOLS WHO PULL the 20th century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON entitlement system designed to create and perpetuate abject dependency."


THE CHARGE: insider-trading. OUTCOME: not guilty. Mr. Cuban used the defense supplied by the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and it proved to be as powerful as promised. We are joyful of his vindication and hope other media outlets will join in congratulating him on his fine victory and a proving once and for all that his wealth was not based on mischievous activity.

We do
They don't
You can
If won't


In Vero Beach, Florida...Amelia Graves is running for its city council. She's a wonderful person and would be a great city council member. Apparently many other groups are realizing what this BLOG has been saying: AMELIA GRAVES would be a significant addition to this august city council.

Senator Amy Klobucher(D.MN)

Senator Amy Klobucher...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...admitted the Republicans...including Marco Rubio(R.FL) in the U.S.Senate wanted to look like they were freedom-fighters to appease their conservative base and then at the last moment capitulate...fold their tent...and...declare surrender to the power of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE acknowledging there isn't any way to oppose the yoke and choke agenda of the would-be master.


On 10-16-13...gate of Alamo...metaphorically flung open...and...out marched the heretofore defiant Republicans...their colors struck...their drummers silent...their eyes toward the ground. Instead of remaining steadfast...they capitulated. Their desire somehow subsumed and drained of purpose by the constant bombardment from the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA.

Why did these intrepid few finally kneel and lick boot? The Republicans never had TV or RADIO space...shelf-space so to speak...hence...their narrative was never fully presented. Yes...they'd be granted a short sound-bite moment...but...never enough time to present their vision of EDEN...a place wherein the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market flourishes...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...and...a place where never can some would-be master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Perhaps...America will continue into the toilet of tribal socialism with the so-called Republicans feigning defiance only to bow and declare surrender. Maybe...the INTERNET might be a vehicle which can be used to circumvent this MASS MEDIA bottleneck which everyone knows favors the CAGE. Indeed...every freedom-fighter should have a GOOGLE BLOG wherein she or he recites their daily vigil and exploits in fighting against the grip and grab of this CAGE.

Senator Barbara Mikulski(D.MD)

Senator Barbara Mikulski...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater*...said her dream of a tribal socialist state was almost here. If the Republicans could be driven to support this transformation...her paradise would become a reality. There would be the ruling elite of which she would be one of its leaders. There would be a "shackled producer pool" from which she would grab whatever wealth she wished to fund her programs and policies. And of course there would be the servile supplicants and parasites all ready to do her bidding in exchange for freebie and favor.
*Before your eject what has been written...why not examine feudalism and its tenets? You'll instantly observe the connection between what ole Dame-Barbara envisions as paradise and the feudalism of the Middle Ages(height of feudalism) in Europe.


Yesterday...according to this BLOG'S pet eye-ball stationed inside the Oval Office...Obama arose from his chair and said, "Call Morgan Freeman and put him on every TV and RADIO station and outlet...have him say that I am a man-God and Americans must kneel and worship whatever golden calf I forge!"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Timmy Titler wanted to borrow money for his business. He went to the bank and they told him he needed to prove to them that he was compliant with OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE. Naturally...Timmy had never experienced such grip from the master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...he was stunned. OBAMA-SNARE was now directing the bank and his potential to grow.

To whom could he turn to cry out for liberation over subjugation? Well...the only people in government trying to dismantle this CAGE...and...hence...assist him...were a small contingent of freedom-fighters inside the U.S.House of Representatives. Yes...these intrepid few were getting bombarded 24/7 by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...calling them nasty names and appending opprobrious epithet...yet...they stayed the course.

From such gallantry...Timmy Titler knew he had friends in high places who understood the evil embedded in OBAMA-SNARE and the rest of the onerous CAGE. Equal in boldness...Timmy knew these people were not going to kneel and worship TEAM OBAMA'S gold calf any longer,(EXODUS 32:24;MATTHEW 6:24). He knew they would demand a new way...a fresh way...a way to EDEN...a way wherein he never had to fear some would-be master decree: "our tears...your purse!"