Friday, January 31, 2014

who's to doom?

Who's to doom...when the judge is called before the bar? Perhaps...Eric the Holder should contemplate this obvious tenet of reason before he chooses to attack another innocent person. Right now...this scumbag is chasing Republicans trying to sully them and ruin their political future...something as nasty and evil as anything Obama could conjure.


While many fret over security at the Winter Olympic games in in New York City...some wonder "why" Obama has not taken the time to make sure the Super Bowl is safe and secure from black-widow suicide bombers. Mayor De Blasio...for example...wants everyone entering the stadium to be stripped naked and all body cavities searched with finger and thumb in the same manner his mother did with him until he was 30 years old.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


The mayor of Atlanta claimed he didn't get an appropriate warning about the snow fall that was about to strike his area. He took the Hillary Clinton route and blamed others. How dare someone claim that he...the mayor of the most important city on planet responsible for the deaths and mayhem such winter storm caused!
Recall that Hillary Clinton knew that the Benghazi embassy compound was to be attacked and did little to nothing to defend against such obvious impending assault.

President Xi is right

Chinese President Xi is correct when he says some of his minions need to quiet down and permit him some leeway when it comes to liberating what otherwise might be considered an enslaved people.

Tom Colichhio

Tom Colichhio...a chef...came forward and said Obama needed to plunder storerooms and redistribute as he as he saw fit in his MARXIST WISDOM. Naturally...Tommy is a socialist and knows his clients are boot-licking fools who prefer the taste of boot to fine wine and odd-looking fare. Recall it was Tommy who demonstrated you could lick boot with aplomb and be called inspired because of it.


Saul...persecutor of Jesus-followers...on his way to Damascus...had an enlightening vision. As where Saul entered was PAUL who departed therefrom. Perhaps...along the way in the fight for might have a similar vision and become resolved to fight against the tyranny afoot in America. As it is...TEAM OBAMA is adding chain and whip and few if any are fighting to stop it. How about you?


Someone asked Lady Elizabeth "why" she was attempting to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. She replied that she was divinely inspired. Just as Moses asked God how could he ever challenge Pharaoh...the most powerful man in the did Elizabeth ask "how" could she accomplish this feat...this marvelous feat...this incredible outcome.

Folks..we're in a war on freedom. The master with mob is upon us and the whip and chain every where to be found. In a metaphorical sense...TEAM OBAMA...has decreed the producer will toil to make brick from mud and straw. It's this oppression which Lady Elizabeth intends to eradicate. She says Americans do not have to replace their liberty with "freedom to obey" and if they support her crusade...they'll be liberated from the yoke and choke agenda of their would-be masters.


Because Ms Davis is a socialist and a freedom-hater...she has been called enlightened and wondrous by the complicit MASS MEDIA. They like it when she tells the crowd she'll plunder storerooms for those who support her...that she'll destroy liberty if given the chance...and...that Texas is the kind of place that needs to have a master with whip. What a gal, eh OBAMA?


Why is it that Mitt 'the nit' Romney is still in the news. He was a loser and will continue to be a loser. His milk-toast approach to fighting subjugation was so tepid he lost in 2012 to a MARXIST ON MISSION. Had Romney merely called Obama what he was...Romney might have defeated him. However, Romney couldn't very well say as much since it would have been the pot calling the kettle black.

handle scandal

Vandals took the handle? In investigating Obama's criminal misconduct including his top secret "snuff orders"...someone removed the handle so there isn't any way to grab the scandal.(BOB DYLAN)

Barbara Bosserman

Barbara Bosserman...donated $6500 to CAMPAIGN OBAMA in 2012. Naturally, she was picked to head the U.S.Injustice Department's investigation into the criminal activities of Internal Revenue Service employees since Obama knew she'd do what she could to cover-up his involvement in the "stifle and hinder" which was discovered after the 2012 election.

As U.S.Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) said, "Had it not been for Edward Snowden's revelations about such nefarious activities...most Americans would never have known that IRS was used to attack TEAM OBAMA'S opponents."

Of course...Ted was referring to the former employee of the National Security Agency who turned whistle-blower after he found out he was targeted for termination with extreme prejudice and knew he had to blow the whistle in order to be so prominent that his murder would not go unnoticed. He revealed that Obama personally directed the ghouls and demons at IRS to attack and they did as their master directed.

Bosserman...always the "I follow orders Nazi type"...did as instructed. She looked and ignored. Sure...had it been a Republican Administration her venom would be drooling from her snake-like mouth...but...since it was OBAMA...she took great care to avoid looking anywhere there was sure to be misconduct. What a gal.

U.S.Rep. Grimm(R.NY)

U.S.Rep.Grimm grew angry at the obstreperous bent of a reporter and threatened to throw the jerk off the balcony. Of course...his threat was video-taped since the reporter was trying to get him to manifest anger and frustration. Afterwards, Rep. Grimm apologized sensing he'd been "set-up" but also understanding that he lacked MASS MEDIA support...something he would have enjoyed had he been a Democrat.


The Palestinians are miffed that the Jew is continuing to erect settlements in the West Bank area. Some Muslims have vowed to eliminate those Jews by using bomb and bullet if they won't depart willingly. Naturally...Secretary of State, JOHN KERRY is trying to bully the Jew...trying to force the Jew to kneel and lick Muslim boot. Will the Jew capitulate or will the Jew fight to keep their homeland?

This BLOG supports the Jew and has sent $50 million to them to pay for new barbed wire and land mines. The DEFENSE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG also delivered plans for defending against the Muslim's machinations along with some 'dirt' on JOHN KERRY should he get too pushy.


Free trade helps the consumer since the goods and services so traded usually come at the lowest price possible. Yes...Mexican cars are $20,000 cheaper than American cars even though they're the same car and food is 100% less expensive even though it's the same food. The producers in America can't compete because they're burdened with big foot government "red tape and taxes" making their products more expensive although they're offering essentially the same stuff.

The solution offered by the Democrats is to raise trade barriers to make imports just as expensive as the domestic stuff thereby hurting the consumer particularly the poor and unemployed..two groups that have grown in numbers due to TEAM OBAMA programs and policies. The solution offered by the Republicans is to lower only a few barriers but keep the overall hurdles in place thereby hurting the consumer as much as the Democrats.

In contrast...lady Elizabeth and the army of liberation march to "make salt". They say dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE where the would-be master with mob directs and controls and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market where there can never be found an able-bodied pauper.

As Lady Elizabeth said, "Americans can out-produce and out-compete any other nation and the only thing holding Americans back from prosperity is big foot government's grip and grab. Eliminate the yoke and choke agenda and America will flourish as it never has before." Why not join her and together delete what is keeping Americans from their destiny!


Obama told a crowd in West Mifflin, Pa. that he was going to direct the Treasury Department to allow something called: myRA...a new savings account...wherein a worker bee could put some "after-tax" dollars. Of course, with Uncle Sugar reducing the value of the U.S.dollar until its almost worthless...this so-called saving account will come to symbolize stupidity.

Why put money into an account where the money therein becomes more and more worthless? Sure...Obama will permit these unsuspecting savers to buy worthless Treasury bonds...and...thereby make these savers slaves to government...but...when you're a MARXIST ON want that want people dependent and unable to live without big foot government's help. In that way...those worker bees will be enslaved and have to vote for more not less big foot government lest their paltry savings in that so-called myRA be absolutely a badge of idiocy worn only by the most devoted fools.
* Obama's statements areas false as stairs of sand.


Angie Yu began to catch and freeze Asian Carp. She obtained a loan from government and began her operation in Wickliffe, Kentucky. Within a few weeks of receiving her permit to do business...the Environmental Protection Agency dispatched a goon squad to shut her down. They want the Asian Carp to become the only fish in the rivers even if such a notion against logic and reason. She wanted to fight them...but...the EPA said they'd send people to burn her out if she refused to kneel and lick boot. Because Yu is Chinese...she instantly knelt and licked with candied tongue.


In the corner holding paint brush and wet paint in front of him was Eric the Holder...the so-called U.S. Attorney General. This scumbag had picked a major Obama supporter inside the U.S.Injustice Department to investigate Obama's nefarious attempt to silence dissent using the power of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Yes...there were others who wanted to expose such criminal misconduct...but...they were overlooked in favor of this "good-guy".

As one Republican Senator asked, "How could Eric the Holder have picked that jerk to lead that investigation and believe it would result in anything other than cover-up?" Naturally...when you're running a socialist-fascist can't have dissent...or...give the opposition any way to expose the evil afoot.

In 2014...the Republicans must connect every Democrat-politician with the IRS. Almost every liberty-lover hates the IRS and would not stop a firing squad whose mission to kill them all. As Justin Bieber said when asked, "Line them up...shoot them...then...into a mas grave...put them."


Tom Perkins called the attack on wealth little more than the embodiment of NAZISM. For that comparison he was raised up for ridicule. Of course...Tom was correct and should have stood his ground. However, he backed down.

He couldn't stand forth his own inexorable self but collapsed into a whining worm asking for forgiveness and understanding for his misstatement. As Georgia Governor Nathan Deal said when asked about this fear-response, "Had Tom only mentioned FREEUSFLORIDA.COM...he'd have been able to handle those verbal attacks."


Recently...Obama declared war on the waitresses of America. He said he wanted to impose a higher minimum wage even though it would eliminate 500,000 jobs instantly. His idea was to make these people dependent on big foot government so that he could force them to lick his boot. With the material assistance of the MASS MEDIA...he's telling these victims they can receive from big foot government a monthly payment for rent, food and gasoline while they look for another non-existent job. Of course...he was called wondrous and divinely-led by his minions in the MAS MEDIA even though he's little more than a MARXIST ON MISSION...a/k/a...dung-eating monkey.


Layer after layer of red tape in both China and America have resulted in skewing the marketplace to such an extent it's unlikely investors will be quick to put their money at such risk. The Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)...for example...attacked the BIG FOUR accounting firms claiming they ignored indicators of corruption and fraud afoot in China and as such they must cease doing work for those alleged scoundrels.

Of course...these are the same SEC scumbags who refused to attack Bernie Madoff even though they knew he was running a $70 billion Ponzi Scheme. They couldn't attack this jerk since he had data that could expose them to ridicule..perhaps...even prosecution for malfeasance. But...the BIG FOUR lack such usable data...or...if they have it...they don't wish to reveal their hand right now.

Mullah Omar

Mullah Omar is about to ascend to power in Afghanistan despite Obama's efforts to undermine the Taliban...Omar's to speak. Mullah Omar wants to scrape off any Western influences and make Afghanistan an Islamic State where women are subjugated and men are made to do whatever Mullah Omar deems best. This scumbag envisions himself directing mass slaughter...directing mass graves be dug...and...forcing Afghans to kneel and lick his boot.


Google tried to enter the Chinese mobile phone market investing $12.5 billion and finally selling out at $2.91 billion telling everyone they tried to break into that market but couldn't find the right combination of salesmanship and technology. This LOSS might have crippled lesser companies...but...for was a burp...a blip...a speed-bump.

What is amazing is that Google refused to invest that money in America because it's one of the worst places to put your money nowadays. Too much socialism...too much hatred of liberty...too much grip and grab for most entrepreneurs to risk their investment* capital even if the chances of success in such places as China are remote at best.
*This refusal to invest such sums in America is a harsh indictment of TEAM OBAMA. The Democrats have succeeded in destroying much of what made America a good place to invest. If you put your money into America...for instance...the odds of getting it out are slim to none. Obama's goon they're called by most Chinese...have caused this kind of reluctance.


Obama told an incredulous audience that China was not the best place to invest but that America was. Most knew that statement was as much of a lie as "If you like your health can keep it". Why invest in a place where goon squads launch surprise attacks on business and make it almost impossible to earn a substantial profit. The "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of TEAM OBAMA are stifling...disruptive...and...intended to destroy liberty replacing it with "freedom to obey"...something which is anathema to most Americans.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


As U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) said, "Last night...there wasn't much about which to cheer. In many respects when listening to Obama's vacuous speech...I felt his mind was little more than an unfurnished dome."

President Karzai

Afghan President Karzai met with a member of the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG in Kabul(click here). In that well-publicized meeting...Timmy Titler laid out absolute proof positive that the American CIA was behind almost every recent so-called suicide bombing in that country. Using a "pass-key" given to this BLOG by Edward Snowden...the metadata was given to Karzai in order that he might confront Obama with the information.

Peter Seeger

Peter Seeger...before he died...gave an interview to a cub-reporter from this BLOG. During the interview he admitted he had changed his mind about socialism and his final days...a "free-market" advocate. He said Obama was a menace to liberty and wanted this scumbag to be exposed for what he was: "a dung-eating monkey". God speed Pete.


Because radioactive fallout comes from a nuclear explosion...most people fear such detonation. Indeed...Chernobyl demonstrated the horror should radioactive stuff get loose. Even today there are babies born with hideous defects derived from such poisoning in the womb. So horrific the consequences only maniacs would contemplate using nukes to solve problems.

On the other hand...according to a scientific study commissioned by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...the IRANIANS could attack New York City...for instance...and...the radioactive fallout be confined almost entirely to the United States. The blast would kill millions of Americans but the radiation would stay on our shores...something the Iranians call their "free slap".

Obama doesn't care about this potential danger. He likes to think he was the cause of such destruction since it would frame him forever as a true MARXIST ON MISSION. What a scumbag!


The extreme weather conditions this winter of 2014 were not predicted by the climate change computer models since they were designed to prove "man-made global warming"...something as mythical as Hercules and Zeus. When the models failed* to predict these huge storms and their enormous amounts of snow and ice...things that could not be if their model were correct...they simply declared they needed to retool and rework their software but their paychecks should keep coming from every dupe they have deceived.
*Mike Mann of Penn State University...a charlatan and scumbag...admitted he was LYING about man-made global warming...but...he liked the paycheck and there was not anyone to refute his guessing so he didn't feel bad about fleecing the taxpayer.
"as false as stairs of sand"


In China...Apple,Inc. has a stiff competitor: COOLPAD. It costs less...does more...and...has what most Chinese want. Indeed...a Zhu Chonghong said, "Coolpad gets me where I need to go!"


Talk about 'fair weather friends'...the Winklevoss twins threw Charlie Shrem...their professed best friend forever(BFF)...under the bus. When Charlie was arrested...not once did they offer to pay for his defense even though Charlie was advancing their "bitcoin" empire with every step he took...every dialogue he had...with every dollar he invested in the SILK ROAD.

Sure...they were asked to pay $5 million as a nonrefundable attorney's retainer and had the money to do it...but...they refused. They wouldn't even take Charlie's phone call as he desperately called them from the holding cell in that Atlanta Post Office where he was held by federal marshals on a warrant for his arrest for helping the SILK ROAD remain a viable entity. To hear those two birds tell it...they were never his friend and anyone saying otherwise are off-base.


Because Obama is destroying what little liberty remains in America...he was visited by an alien from Europa...a moon of Jupiter. was a "closed-to-the-public" meeting due to the sensitive nature of the topic. Yet...due to SpyEye software...this BLOG listened in and was able to photograph Obama shaking what appeared to be a humanoid hand.


In response to Obama's so-called State of the Union speech...some Republicans took the suggestion of this BLOG and offered a fresh packed with promise and poignant prose...detailing a new way...a 21st Century alternative.


 Addressing the State of the Union speech...U.S.Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL.) queried, "Many Americans turned off their TVs and went to bed rather than listening to more "shovel-ready" nonsense from a dung-eating monkey. How about you?"


Bitcoin...a virtual world currency...has suffered somewhat lately due to the intrusion of Uncle Sugar. Recall that the U.S.Injustice Department arrested Charlie Shrem for sending $1.0 million to the SILK ROAD to keep it functioning after Obama's goon squad attacked. According to the scumbags at the INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT...Mr. Shrem should not have tried to stop their tyranny but should have knelt and licked their boot. When he refused...he was arrested.

Because this BLOG is offering what the SILK ROAD was imperative to get a big-name helper. And...with some prodding...and...$200 million...ZHU CHANGHONG was hired. Recall that Mr. Zhu was employed by the Chinese government to oversee the $3 trillion(+) sovereign fund and did such a fine job that China is now the most powerful nation on the planet. If the Chinese want something...the have the funds to buy it....something they lacked until the magic of ZHU was unleashed.

The INVESTMENT DEPARTMENT of this BLOG is excited about having ZHU aboard. He will pilot bitcoin into the 21st Century circumventing the grip and grab of the would-be master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. As ZHU said, "I know how to dodge and duck the evil grip of these dung-eating monkeys."


If Obama always had the power to raise the minimum wage on federal contractors from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour...why did he wait until 2014 to do it? Many of his former supporters are asking this question and for good reason. They wanted Obama to eliminate liberty and replace it with "freedom to obey"(think North Korean stuff)...and...were plenty mad when he ignored their demands. Obviously...they're asking: "why now?"


It took 10 people to make one wagon wheel. When the automobile came along...however...wagon wheels were not in demand any longer and all those people lost their jobs. Naturally...many would say...that's progress...while others would want the government to pass a law requiring wagon wheels to be produced no matter what. Last night in the State of the Union speech...Obama declared he would save those "wagon wheel makers" and give them money taken from those making money off progress.

Yes...that approach is silly and socialist in every way...but...when you're a dung-eating monkey...such things are standard fare.


Because of the regulations imposed on banks...most of them are rejecting what otherwise would be good business customers. Those growing marijuana are having to find another way to conduct their banking. Indeed...because of the fascist imposition on banking recently suffered by most banks...these growers...for instance...lack anywhere to put their $500 billion.(Wall Street Journal A-6;01-29-14)

This BLOG has heard their cries and is responding. A new banking system under the direction of this BLOG is about to be launched. The interest rate will be 10% which will attract depositors from Colorado and elsewhere. Even EL TIO...the recently captured drug kingpin in Mexico...offered* his support for the effort.
*Had he had such a facility to conduct his business...he never would have participated in the assassination plot of U.S. border guard, Brian Terry. According to EL TIO...he was paid $100 million by the CIA to kill Brian Terry. Because EL TIO knew the CIA would turn on him...he recorded all dialogues and video-taped all meetings surreptitiously. In one meeting(click here)...the CIA operative said OBAMA had authorized the murder by way of a top-secret "snuff order".


"U.S.Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) knew about children being killed in a panhandle school* for boys and never said anything about it?" asked Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. She has since been linking Bill Nelson to this horror story and wants Floridians to know about his evil. If it weren't for courageous people such as Bondi...Nelson and his scumbag pals would have escaped this condemnation.
*Arthur G.Dozier School for boys in Marianna,Florida was closed in 2011. After the closing of this torture chamber...unmarked mass graves were found. These children were murdered to keep them silent. As Bill Nelson told Debbie Wasserman of his admirers, "I kept quiet because I received campaign donations from the ghouls and demons who ran that hell-hole."


SpyEye...a computer virus...can be deployed to gather banking information from unsuspecting computer users. Recently, the creator of SpyEye,(A.A.Panin), was arrested and is now getting prosecuted by the U.S.Injustice Department. Just because he created this monster he's being stomped by Uncle Sugar and the Russians are livid about it.

Mention is made of this situation since a SpyEye derivative has been delivering data to this BLOG for the last several years giving its editorial board information about what Obama and his scurvy crew are doing behind the to speak. Because A.A. Panin is a great person deserving of a great defense...this BLOG has dispatched one of its best legal teams to Atlanta to assist where possible. It seems Panin is getting blamed for what people did with his computer program...things he never envisioned...things he could have foreseen had he been as evil as his captors...but...because he's a flower-child he didn't.


Obama...a/k/a...dung-eating monkey...told America he planned to use "shovel-ready" ideas to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. As a south side of Chicago community organizer...he knew how to do it. Sure...he never had to meet a payroll and never had to compete for customers...but...somehow he knows. To that drivel and tripe...there were nervous cheers from his team as they sat there listening to this scumbag spout off nonsense and bromides.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Most Americans will suffer penalty before they kneel and lick boot. How about you?


Yes...big foot government is trying to close down the SILK ROAD. And...for a season...these scumbags and ghouls will prevail. Yet...eventually...people will find a way to circumvent them. This BLOG is the leader of the bitcoin revolution and will continue to buy and sell them in the virtual world of make-believe. Why not come and join the army of liberation and assist in dismantling this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein tyranny is called "justice"...and...evil called good?


According to recent polling data...Americans are ready to be enslaved. They want their future framed and painted by such scumbags as Obama and Pelosi. Are you one of those people willing to kneel and lick boot for big foot government freebie and favor?


Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and North Korea are excellent examples of what not to do. Yet...Obama...a/k/a...dung-eating monkey...believes he can subjugate America...reduce people to cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps...and...achieve prosperity and equality for everyone. Are you ready to kneel and lick his boot...or...are you one of those freedom-lovers ready to join the army of liberation and march to "make salt"?


Charlie Shrem...a bitcoin enthusiast...was arrested for somehow committing a criminal act involving bitcoin. Of course...the charges are false and he'll eventually prevail. However, in the meantime, bitcoin exchanges are in turmoil. These centers of freedom are worried that big foot government is attacking them and not anyone is standing forth to assist and defend one of the last bastions of liberty. If big foot government through its goon squad at the U.S. Injustice Department can shut down this entrepreneur...they can stop anyone for anything. And...this tyranny!

Because this BLOG is the leading bitcoin exchange in the world having taken over the role of SILK ROAD...invitation is given to everyone to come and enjoy the benefits of the virtual world. If you want a Lamborghini...and...don't want Uncle Sugar to know about it...just use the bitcoin and this BLOG'S access point: PLANETARY VIRTUAL CURRENCIES.COM.

Yes...the goon squads are watching. It's their goal to kill liberty and impose "freedom to obey". might be afraid and fear the grip of the goon squad. Shrem was grabbed because he thought he was dealing with honest buyers and sellers. He was...of course...dealing with jerks sent by the U.S. Injustice Department to ensnare him. Instead of watching for such evil...he blithely went about his usual day never knowing he was getting set up by these nasty evil demons.


Obama says America must raise its minimum wage so that Americans might survive and not starve. After over $20 trillion has been spent on the WAR ON POVERTY...Obama says the answer is to use big foot government rules to make more people unemployable...restricting access to the workplace by using this idiotic minimum wage law.

Many will retort that the minimum wage is needed lest worker bees lose whatever they could have had if only their wages were higher. To them one might say, "Well...why stop at $15.00 per hour...why not impose $1000 per hour?" At $1000 per hour...even the lawn dude would be able to own a Bieber Lamborghini. Why stop at $1000 per hour...why not $100,000 per hour and justify the same by declaring the worker bee quite deserving of such government assistance?

When imposing something such as a minimum wage...why stop at any price? Why not say the employer must deliver 100% of all profit to the worker and if there be shortfall then sell the workplace to pay those wages? The answer is that there would not be any workplace for those worker bees to sell. Right now there are pools of unemployable people whose lack of work directly connected to this so-called minimum wage law. What Obama wants to do is increase this pool of desperation since those people might vote for more government...more of what is keeping them destitute.


One college professor lamented that his star-pupil was informed that she had to depart the United States and was not going to be given a chance to remain and produce. How can someone sneak across the border and receive 100% big foot government protection...but...this intelligent-producer denied access?

The answer is that this person would probably never support socialist programs and policies as where those sneaking across the border are looking for that kind of NANNY STATE CAGE benefit and will vote for anyone whose mission-statement to plunder storerooms for redistribution.


Because there was a need for data showing the oceans are heating up...and...there was money to be had for such data...a call went forth to all man-made global warming theorists to get that information as quickly as possible. Within several weeks..."ocean-warming" data was provided. Of course...the measurements were taken in areas where underwater volcanoes were erupting...but...when you're trying to give "falsehood" a better disguise...such drawbacks are overlooked.


After Obama delivers his so-called State of the Union speech...a Republican will stare into a TV camera and deliver a reply. The reply is usually "same old, same old, just different bag" always "ho-hum"...and...packed with expected drivel and tripe. Never does the Republican demand a new way...a fresh beginning...but...instead...offers more of the same tired platitudes and bromides.

Why not offer an filled with promise and prosperity? Why not offer the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market where the individual is protected from the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?'d be risky given the socialist bent of the MASS'd would be so refreshing...that most Americans would instantly know there was another way...a way wherein the producer never need fear envy and avarice finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a way where the individual and not the collective of paramount importance...a way where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


How does a Democrat-politician remain in power? The answer is quite obvious. They succeed because: (i) behind them they have a complicit socialist MASS MEDIA and (ii) they promise more big foot government freebie and favor.

"Vote for me and I'll give you something taken from someone else and in the portions you wish to receive," they tell their excited audiences. Their promised looting and plundering of storerooms of others is offered to buy votes. "Support my destruction of liberty and I'll give you more than you had before," they tell these cheering mobs. Never do they explain such "gifts" come with their own chain and whip since to reveal the "bite" is the last thing a Democrat wants to reveal to the otherwise unsuspecting crowd.

They buy lie?

Obama was told that if he didn't LIE to the American people about OBAMA-CARE...a/k/ wasn't likely to get anywhere let alone become law. "Will the American people buy such a lie?" Obama asked his advisers. Their answer was that with the assistance of the MASS MEDIA...Obama could sell most Americans even the Brooklyn Bridge. "They buy LIE faster than TRUTH!"


In South can find places* called PC BANGS. If you want to smoke, eat and play 24/7...these BANGS offered such accommodations. Sure...they were smoke-filled and library-quiet except for the occasional loud-expressions of loss or frustration as a player's effort were concluded in another loss and re-set procedure...but...they offered respite from an otherwise rigid way of life.

However, the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE does not permit such liberty. And...recently...the public has noticed a decreasing number of BANGS. Why go to a place as rigid and regimented as the outside world? The new laws make smoking illegal. The time a person can play a game is closely monitored lest that gamer become an addict. The food is now lousy and the wonderful service almost nil to none.

The South Koreans look across the mine fields and walls and observe how regimented and pathetic their northern brethren are...never sensing they...too...are headed in that same direction. Why would someone wish to impose their "correct-life" on those who wished to sit in over-stuffed with chop sticks and smoke incessantly? The answer is that these meddlesome knaves want people to live their way or get shot for trying to ignore them.
*BANG is Korean for "room"



According to Edward Snowden...former National Security Agency employee, whistle-blower and pizza delivery guy...the Olympic Games in Sochi were targeted by the American CIA for trouble. He noted that several CIA-employed black-widow bombers were in SOCHI whose mission to kill as many Americans as possible. As Eddie said, "Obama wants lots of blood and mayhem afoot in SOCHI and has directed his goon squads to deliver gore and ghouls."

President Putin's vision

Unlike the dung-eating monkey inhabiting the Oval Office...Russian President Putin has a grand vision for Russia. He wants to put Russians at the top of the food-chain...making them the most powerful and the most prosperous. Naturally...he has enemies who wish for him to fail at this marvelous undertaking. Let us hope he can manage to circumvent their traps and pitfalls and fulfill his destiny. He's the reincarnation of PETER THE GREAT!


Why not one spot where there can exist an otherwise unhampered marketplace...a 21st Century place...a place where the producer need not fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where there isn't bottle-necking red tape and ghoulish bureaucrats whose mission-statement to hassle and hinder would-be entrepreneurs? The answer is simple. If you permit liberation over subjugation...most politicians and their cohorts would be without employment and be labeled "evil and pathetic"...something they wish to avoid.


Most Americans are refusing to kneel and worship the golden calf commonly referred to as OBAMA-CARE. They don't want to become enslaved. They don't want to be controlled from cradle to grave as if cattle and sheep to be directed by bureaucratic creeps. Naturally...some do and these few are pathetic and are the kind who whine and demand others give them what they need...they support compulsion and Democrat-screed.

The young and healthy are refusing to kneel. How dare some scumbag politician compel them to lick boot with candied tongue. Sure..some of them supported Obama in 2012...but...they were deceived by the MASS MEDIA into believing he wanted liberation not more subjugation. When they discovered how they were targets and to be chained and whipped...they quickly changed their minds and often now can be heard to quip, "I'm not about to kneel and worship just because some dung-eating monkey in the Oval Office has so decreed."


Gene Hackman tells the crowd they're going the wrong way in the movie, Poseidon Adventure. They tell him safety and security are their way and not the other. Hackman makes every effort to reveal their idiocy and why they're doomed if they don't listen...but...eventually...he departs and struggles through the last portion of the movie to save himself and those who believed in him. As for the "doomed"...they continue deeper into the bowels of the ship and die.

Mention is made of this movie's poignant scene since America is being led deeper into the bowels of tribal socialism wherein doom awaits. Yes...if want to live as those wretches live in tribal all means...follow that* dung-eating monkey. He's ready, willing and able to lead you deeper into the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
*A majority of Americans refer to Obama as a dung-eating monkey

Monday, January 27, 2014


Sitting on a na-na...beating on a ta-ta...when...suddenly...plummet and resultant bang occurred. Karl Slym...for some unknown reason...went from his hotel the balcony...and...fell to his death. Some might claim he was drinking and lost his balance as he chugged Jaggerbombs while standing on the balcony's protective railing 50 stories above the ground. Others have claimed...just as convincingly...that this CEO of TATA MOTORS was assassinated to avoid a messy corporate take-over.


The Russian Bear framed by social media? Recently, a 40% share of the social media giant,VKONTAKTE, was sold to ALISHER USMANOV...a lover of fine wine and loose women. Recall it was Alisher who asked Vladimir Putin to release PUSSY RIOT from their imprisonment declaring he'd personally see to it they didn't enter any more churches and show off their more interesting aspect.


Obama...a/k/a...dung-eating monkey...said he would take wealth from the producer and redistribute to the non-producer in portions he thought fitting. He said as a MARXIST ON MISSION he wanted to impose his way on every American and those refusing he wanted to use goon squads* to stomp.
*Lois Lerner...scumbag at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...was a leader of such a goon squad...a collection of ghouls whose desire to feed on human flesh only excelled by their desire to serve their ignoble master-OBAMA.


In the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...unlike the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...there can never be found an able-bodied paupers. Inside the Obama acknowledged..."red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies create inequality and disparity of income and big foot government the power to pick winners and losers...stomping those identified as "unworthy"...and...flooding those deemed beneficial with whatever capital required to perpetuate such effort.

Ludwig von his tome...HUMAN ACTION...discussed inequality pointing out that inequality is inherent in the human form...some smarter...some wiser...some faster...some weaker and more foolish...and...not any way to sort and glean if by such action equality the goal. What results from such "leveling" exercise is a feudal society where there are peons and ruling elites with little in between.

Mickey Kaus

Mickey Kaus is a contributing fool writing for the DAILY CALLER. His idea is to take from Tom and give to Tim as Mickey sees fit. Naturally...this meddlesome...officious knee-crooking knave...wants his way imposed. How dare people have more than Mickey believes they should possess!(Wall Street Journal A-13;01-27-14).

Interested in Mickey's foolhardiness...the editorial board of this BLOG  dispatched an emissary to approach this want-wit and invite him to entertain more than his so far performed "dumb-show" might frame. He was shown another way...a 21st Century template...a to speak...wherein people are not hampered by big foot government "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies but left alone to pursue whatever their future they might wish.

Mickey responded as one would expect a tribal socialist to react. He resented the intrusion into his darkness. He liked contemplating how he'd force people to kneel and worship whatever golden calf he and his brethren might forge. As Mickey told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "I hate liberty and want everyone enslaved with myself and my similarly-bent compatriots directing from cradle to grave. Only then can America be safe and from want and in the sense that we'll take care of them as we see the same way a farmer herds and culls."


There is a disease affecting 1 in 30,000 children and bears the label: DRAVET SYNDROME. The only substance which has any ameliorative effect is marijuana. Naturally...the parents are flocking to Colorado to save their children.

Instantly...the Federal Food and Drug Administration(FDA) sprang into action sending goon squads to kill any parent and child seeking such relief. "How dare they want to be saved by using an illegal substance!" snorted the FDA. Of course...inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE such drivel and hate is typical and expected from these ghouls and demons.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Exodus from New York

New York state is offering businesses TEN YEARS of "no tax" if they'll move to the Empire State. Few are that stupid to be suckered like that...but...some companies are falling for the trick. They'll discover that they were Senator Schumer(D NY) said, "It'll be too late...we'll have them by the balls!"


If you worked and part of your income was taken by big foot government on the promise such "social security and medicare" taxes would be put into a lock-box trust fund administered by prudent're probably miffed when you discovered the LOCK-BOX was mythical...and...the so-called TRUST FUND packed with worthless I.O.U. stuff.

Yes...folks...there isn't any LOCK-BOX...but...only a promise by Uncle Sugar to pay your social security and medicare with more worthless script...federal reserve notes...paper which diminishes in value by the nano-second,(think DEBT CLOCK). As everyone knows the U.S.dollar went from "backed-by-gold" to backed by nothing except whatever some politician says it's worth which nowadays is about FIFTEEN CENTS. Hence...whatever money big foot government took long ago from you isn't worth that much now although the socialists will NEVER admit their theft!

Mention is made of this THEFT and DECEPTION since such scumbags as U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D NY) are proclaiming the benefits and wonders of big foot government saying such things as: people need government lest they starve and die.

When this louse was asked about the THEFT through inflation of the money supply and the outright deception such embodies...he laughed. According to reducing the standard of living of these now "fixed-income" retirees...TEAM OBAMA has full control over them and these "made-needy" will lick boot to get their freebie and favor from him and the rest of these tribal socialists.


Former governor Huckabee told an audience he wanted to remove the right of a lady to an abortion...attack gays...and...close the that nonsense...he received applause. It was weird to hear this jerk telling people things that were nonsense. It was as if he were sent there to ruin the Republican message in 2014 filling it with stupidity and rancor.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. We need to fight against the 20th NANNY STATE CAGE...not augment and perpetuate it with this idiocy espoused by Huckabee. Why did he not preach liberation over subjugation? Why did he not demand the CAGE be dismantled? The answers might be that Huckabee is a 5th column type...a Judas goat...a false-flag kind of knave.

Lady contrast to this former governor...calls for this CAGE to be dismantled. She says eliminate any rule or law which creates or perpetuates this CAGE. She says Americans need to be freed from the yoke and choke agenda of tribal socialism...a nefarious template imposed by would-be masters seeking to overwhelm and defeat any opposition using "red tape, tax and spend" policies and programs designed to enfeeble the entrepreneurial spirit which is so much a part of the overall American psyche.

Naturally...Lady Elizabeth was not invited to speak at the winter meeting of the Republican National Committee(RNC) because her views are different that Huckabees. Somehow...the RNC believes it must preach some kind of skewed message about liberty that isn't really liberty but something almost akin to what Obama and his scurvy crew are in the process of imposing.

U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...for instance...ever the tribal socialist...said he wanted to use the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) and its notorious goon squads to disable and harass any organization formed to fight enslavement. His vision is one of a feudal society where he and his scumbag cohorts direct and control from cradle to grave. He believes people will lick his boot in exchange for government freebie and favor.


Lady Elizabeth turned to the audience when it was her turn to speak and told the crowd she wasn't there to subjugate but to liberate...not to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but to delete it...not to continue this devolution into the toilet of tribal rise up and fight against enslavement. Will you not join her and the army of liberation which marches to "make salt".

Will you kneel?

U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer, (NY D) laughed when asked if he thought Americans would kneel and lick Obama's boot for freebie and favor. "Of course they will!" he proclaimed snorting and sniveling in typical Schumer fashion. Recall it was Schumer who said he'd use the Internal Revenue Service to attack any opponent of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


Most Americans...if given the choice...won't kneel and lick boot. Sure...some will in exchange for government freebie and favor...but...most people won't. They have a well-formed respect for themselves and their freedom and refuse to worship the golden calf,(EXODUS 32:24). How about you?


Federal law required hospitals to take anyone seeking assistance, and created the "free-loader" problem. Until this law was passed...someone without money had to find a non-profit hospital or charity to assist...but...the general public was not suffering from such a burden. This law began to compel medical services be rendered without exception and it created huge fiscal drags on many hospitals and its medical service employees.

Instead of deleting that law...Obama came along and said let's exacerbate this problem by compelling everyone to have health insurance to eliminate the "free-loaders"(think OBAMA-CARE). Naturally...his solution was MARXIST and has resulted in an even more skewed situation. Now...people can get health insurance for free because Obama is forcing those who can pay to pay for those who can't. But only this time around...Obama is using the gun* to compel performance.
*Government compulsion is done with a gun. Maybe it's a hidden threat in OBAMA-CARE but it's nevertheless there.


Trevor Burrus...a rabid fascist and freedom-hater...told an audience he wanted Americans to kneel and worship the golden calf,(OBAMA-CARE), and he didn't care if big foot government had to force people to comply. Burrus is a well-known NAZI-lover and in his bedroom hangs a picture of Hitler.


Why is it that the shooters always pick malls in places with strict gun-control laws? Maybe the shooter knows there won't be any guns except his and he'll be able to kill with impunity until some cop arrives with his gun.

Never in Texas or Florida would a mall-murder occur. The jerk would enter and get blown away by every shopper since almost every shopper is armed and ready for such an event. Too bad in the Columbia Mall in Maryland there were not such armed people. The shooter went about shooting unarmed sheep since Maryland is one of those idiotic "gun-control" states.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Are you a freedom-fighter? Or are you willing to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue? Many Americans answer that last question in the affirmative since they've exchanged lowly curtsies and base spaniel fawning for freebie and favor from the master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


As more and more American investors realize Obama is a dung-eating monkey and is hurting America with his tribal socialist machinations...they're fleeing the stock market in droves. Stock prices are plummeting precipitously as these people consider the future if Obama's desire to eliminate liberty comes to fruition.


Marijuana has many names. One such moniker is "urb". When you ask, "Hey got some urb?" that question is asking if the other person is in possession of marijuana...that gateway drug...that thing that leads to heroin addiction...that green leafy matter the police hate and will kill to keep off the streets...that stuff which causes people to laugh and vote Republican!


In 1973...the American government chose to stop exporting oil. This was a fascist-imposition and for years caused gasoline prices and natural gas prices to soar hurting Americans in their pocketbooks. With the advent of "fracking"...oil and natural gas are in such abundance that the 1973 law is once more working its evil. This time...these new sources haven't a dynamic market and the rewards for such "fracking" effort are diminishing readily as any "real" economist would have predicted.

As Obama said, "I want gasoline to be $5.00 per gallon and only the wealthiest among us to have the ability to pay for such an extravagance." Of course...this dung-eating monkey included himself in this group of "rich and deserving" since as a native Kenyan with a false Hawaiian birth certificate he is wont to demand such special consideration.


One way to assist TEAM OBAMA would be for complicit prosecutors to file trumped-up charges on potential Republican candidates. Hence...former governor Bob McDonnell and Governor Chris Christie are receiving such attacks. It's so obvious what is afoot that it's surprising not any MASS MEDIA talking head hasn't mentioned it.

Sure...RUSH LIMBAUGH...after reading this BLOG...decided to mention it...but...overall...not any MASS MEDIA people are critiquing this wrongful activity. They know OBAMA-CARE and all the other crummy big foot government "stomp and chomp" that Obama and his scumbag crew have unleashed has hurt and will continue to hurt people...but...they don't much care. As knee-crooking knaves given to lowly curtsies and base spaniel fawning...such drawbacks are ignored.


Federal Judge Denise Cote recently revealed how envious she was of APPLE, INC. She openly declared her hostility towards that company and said how dare they have so much money! She wants to destroy APPLE, INC because some of the board of directors of that august enterprise said they didn't like tribal socialism and would do what they could to stop its further imposition.


Environmentalists brag about wind farms and claim they're wondrous and good for Mother Earth. However, according to bird-watchers and scientists...these wind farms are causing bird-deaths in such vast numbers that the American eagle and other rare birds are about to become extinct.

When asked about this peril...Obama chortled and said, "I get as much satisfaction looking at a computer-generated photo of an eagle as I do watching one in the wild flying through the sky. As far as I'm concerned...if every bird were killed due to wind farms...I'd be about you?"


Obama said he would decide if the $100 billion Keystone XL Pipeline was in the "national interest". He said the national interest is served only if the pipeline didn't exacerbate carbon pollution. Naturally...carbon pollution is an obvious myth but when you need to stop use whatever is available to support your idiocy.

When asked how much carbon pollution Mt. Sinabung was emitting per second...Obama asked what was meant by such a question. He was informed that in North Sumatra a volcano was emitting a hundred billion tons of CO2 per second and that was endangering all life on planet Earth rendering the world uninhabitable in less than a fortnight. He was asked if it weren't in the national interest to stop that eruption right away. He replied he had asked Al Gore for a CORK capable of carrying out that mission statement and Gore was in the process of fashioning such a "stopper" and was only $2 trillion of "government-grants" away from completion!

Ask does a south side of Chicago community organizer have the power to deprive Americans of this Keystone XL Pipeline? Your forthcoming answer might be grounded in the conclusion that it's because a majority of Americans have permitted themselves to be reduced to cattle and sheep to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. Hence...they don't mind some dung-eating monkey in the Oval Office causing their gasoline prices to be higher and their quality of life lower.

Pushing Hillary Clinton

The MASS MEDIA...for the most supporting Hillary Clinton. They want tribal socialism to continue and Hillary is just the sort of person to accomplish such a demonic feat. She is as evil as Obama and will cut out any heart which opposes her. As one administration official said, "She's vicious and cruel and hence well suited to destroy what little liberty remain in America replacing the same with "freedom to obey."


The Nazis regimented Germany. If you failed to conform, you disappeared. In America...Obama...a/k/a...dung-eating monkey...and...his scurvy crew of demons and ghouls...are imposing similar strictures on Americans and watching to see how many kneel and lick their boot with candied tongue.

Maybe some will succumb and lick looking for freebie and favor in exchange for their lowly curtsies and base spaniel fawning...but...most Americans aren't knee-crooking knaves and are looking for politicians preaching liberation over subjugation. How about you?

Thursday, January 23, 2014


The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal(WSJ) wants American troops to be permanently stationed in Afghanistan. To those scumbags at WSJ who want this “garrisoning of troops”…this BLOG’S own editorial board says, “If you wish such a thing…you go…and…leave our soldiers out of harm’s way!”

U.S. Rep. Janet DeLauro(D.Conn)
Recently, Janet De Lauro said the best way to lift people out of poverty is to give them a job with a decent wage. She proposed making a government work force of 30 million…dressing them in brown shirts…and…having them march in goose-step fashion in a candle-light ceremony where books are burned and liberty denounced. These government “brown shirts” would go about imposing government rules…making life for most American unbearable.
Never does this rabid socialist jerk…however…say that taxes and government “hinder and hassle” must be deleted even though these things would remove the taint of poverty from almost 98.7% of all “now-poor” people. According to official government experts…if taxes were removed from the equation…most American workers would experience a boon to their income. Naturally…being a freedom-hater…De Lauro won't ever support such liberation over subjugation.

Justin Bieber…a Canadian child singing star…was stopped for a traffic infraction. He had been shadowed for days by police who had told their pals they were going to “get” that Canadian and make his life miserable. And…as America has discovered…Beiber was arrested for DUI and DRUGS and had to post bail in the amount of $2500.
Naturally, this arrest followed the house-party incident where police invaded Bieber’s house and found 900 pounds of cocaine and 1000 kilos of high grade heroin. Bieber denied knowledge of these illegal drugs…but...admitted his friends liked to party hard and such drugs enabled such extravagance.

The editorial board of this BLOG has offered to dispatch its LEGAL TEAM to assist Bieber. Sure…Bieb can afford his own lawyer…but…that lawyer won’t have the skill and talent that our legal team possesses. We hope Bieb takes our offer so that we can defend him as he needs to be defended! 


Because Obama came forward and said he wasn't against marijuana...this BLOG wishes to commend him for his open-mindedness. By making this statement...Obama has made the deletion of anti-pot laws almost likely. Thank you!


In Germany...death camp guards at Nuremberg said they merely followed orders and should not be held accountable for the 6 million(+) deaths at their hands. Naturally...many Americans found that excuse to be without much substance in as much as they know people must not obey bad laws...even if that refusal costs them their own lives as was the case in Nazi Germany.

Mention is made of this concept 2014...its citizens are burdened with a vast array of "bad laws"...laws that are designed to enslave and ensnare. Yes...many Americans sense there is something wrong with many of those laws as did the Germans in the 1930s and 1940s...but...they don't know how to organize to dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE these laws and rules have created. They're just as perplexed and confounded as some Germans were in that time of ghouls and demons.

Folks...why not consider an alternative? Unlike the Germans...Americans can't be herded as if cattle and sheep. They...for the most part...refuse to be directed and controlled by bureaucratic creeps and will stand forth and declare their "independence". Are you one of those "freedom-fighters"...or...are you on some wall watching for anyone trying to escape?


If you don't want to smoke pot...then...don't. On the other hand....if you observe someone sitting on a park bench smoking some pot and laughing at the antics of the squirrels...why not merely pass that person by without comment instead of calling some scumbag cop to come and hassle that otherwise peaceful and "at peace" person? Answer that question and you'll sense just how much the government has been able to transform you from an ordinary citizen into a ghoulish busy-nose.


Ah...yes...witch-burning. The anti-drug laws are a metaphorical form of that ancient tradition. Those who wish to impose their views on others seize those unwilling to kneel and lick boot...and...put them into prison for lengthy sentences. As one callous prosecutor said, "I want to burn witches and these anti-dug laws grant me such power. I'm delighted to throw that torch and listen to screams and smell the odor of burning flesh."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jonathon Ferrell murdered

A scumbag cop shot 12 times and struck Jonathon Ferrell 10 times. Ferrell had his hands up and was wearing tight shirt and pants. He was totally unarmed and such lack of weapon was obvious. However, this scumbag cop shot him without cause. However, the cop was told he did the right thing. How dare Ferrell be walking towards a cop with gun drawn unless Ferrell meant to harm the cop.

Later they discovered Ferrell had been in a car accident and was knocking on a door to ask those inside to contact the police. The house occupant fearing for her life called the police and told them an intruder was knocking on her door and she wanted them to come and stop such knocking. The cop arrived ready to murder that intruder and he succeeded.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. That scumbag cop knew he could kill that Afro-American with impunity. After being exonerated for this murder...this cop said, "I shot because Ferrell was "BWW" while walking.


The biosphere consumes oxygen and carbon dioxide in a manner not yet well-understood by modern science. For example...the clowns on the U.S. Supreme Court found CO2 to be a dangerous gas. According to them...the exhalation of CO2 by human beings and other critters is dangerous. How dare humans and cows endanger the planet by breathing!

Sure...plant life eats CO2 and emits oxygen...but...that simple fact has been quite overlooked since to add that into any climate-change equation renders the calculation ridiculous. Not anyone can quantify the plant-life in existence. There is not any way to say how much plant life exists since the oceans are packed with plant-life of all sorts and much and so vast it is impossible to know the total amount of CO2 getting eaten by the plants.

The computer models are just models which rely on basic assumptions which are flawed. But...if you're trying to keep your job or keep some government can't hardly say you're a charlatan and your conclusions not anything other than bald-faced guessing.

Those simple Simons who believe this drivel about the danger of CO2 are also willing to buy bridges and chase ghosts through haunted mansions. When you tell these idiots the computer models are flawed...they reply, "If it's from a must be correct."


A narrow-minded person is usually called a "pedant". Recently...the Wall Street Journal editorial board authored an anti-marijuana article(01-22-14;A-18). These pedants want to impose their views on everyone else. Typical fare for TEAM OBAMA...but...for such nasty stuff to be coming from the WSJ seems wildly inappropriate for a publication which preaches for the most part liberation over subjugation.


If you're on a fixed income...the last thing you want is to find the price of what you want or need to be rising because the government is pumping more worthless script into the overall economy(think QE3). Yet...TEAM OBAMA claims that by inflating the money supply and reducing the value of the U.S. dollar...the economy will be better. Naturally...those scumbags in support of making prices rise through inflating the money supply are not on fixed incomes and really don't care that their ideas are harming "fixed-income" Americans!


Former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife were indicted for receiving gifts from STAR SCIENTIFIC in violation of federal law even though quite legal under Virginia law. Mention is made of this Obama-directed attack since McDonnell was a likely Republican candidate in 2016. By eliminating potential rivals...TEAM OBAMA believes it can reduce its chances of losing power in 2014 and 2016.

Indeed...employees at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...committed egregious criminal acts but were only found to be suffering from "gross mismanagement" according to the report from the Obama-controlled U.S. Injustice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI). Sure...McDonnell might have run afoul of some arcane federal law about which few legal scholars know...but...what IRS employees did was so anti-American...everyone involved including that dung eating monkey in the Oval Office should have been arrested and prosecuted!
TEAM OBAMA has now attacked Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell. As Florida Governor Rick Scott said, "It's likely anyone deemed a potential threat is getting attacked by these jackals!"

CONNECTION secret data has surfaced that Obama has definite connections to organized crime! The link has been confirmed by such potable notables as Attorney General Eric the Holder. Off-camera this jerk was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG if he knew of such a connection and Eric said he did.


TEAM OBAMA knew it had to seize control of the American banking system in order to impose tribal socialism. It couldn't have banks lending to risky business ventures since that kind of lending is almost impossible to control and direct. Hence...until Americans decide to jettison this enslavement...America will become more and more socialist and its people more and more impoverished. Imagine having to ask Obama if he will permit a bank to loan money for this or that and you've just sensed the evil afoot.

How could a south side of Chicago community organizer know much about anything that would grant to this dung-eating monkey such control and power over the fiscal workings of American business? Some supportive-pundits answer that question by saying Obama is good because he is removing liberty and replacing it with "freedom to obey". They foresee an America where permission must be asked for almost everything a business person might do removing any dynamic aspect from the equation.

Russia tried that approach and almost ruined the economic power of that ancient land. China is still trying to hold on to socialism but is finding continued application of the "whip and chain" fetching little in the way of prosperity although the power of government thereby enhanced mightily. It's likely, though, the Chinese will eventually observe their did the Russians...and delete any rule or law which perpetuates or creates the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


Put an idiot in charge and grant that idiot power to impose idiotic things on people and you have almost recreated TEAM OBAMA...a scurvy crew led by an idiot sporting the moniker: dung-eating monkey.


After Moses liberated his people from Egyptian bondage...they wandered through the desert for 40 years. At one point...Moses departed the camp to speak to God atop a well-known mountain. When Moses returned to camp...however...he found division and idol worship. Aaron explained that after Moses left...there came a great demand for a golden idol which could embody something other than mere ornamental format, (EXODUS 32:24).

Mention is made of this idol worship since America seems to have become obsessed with a metaphorical golden calf called OBAMA-CARE. Even though this LAW is anti-freedom and demonic is almost every aspect...nevertheless...Obama and his scurvy crew of tribal socialist have succeeded in convincing a third of the "camp" to join with them and impose such idolatry.

Will Americans* succumb and become cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps? Obama believes with the material assistance of the complicit MASS MEDIA he can enslave America reducing proud Americans to sniveling knee-crooking knaves willing to lick boot with candied tongue and worship this newest form of the GOLDEN CALF!
*Lawrence Poneman is one of those scumbags that is pushing OBAMA-CARE. He's a freedom-hater and believes he can advance his power power and position by supporting this GOLDEN CALF.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fethullah Gulen

Fethullah Gulen...a Turkish Imam residing in Pennsylvania was called on Turkey's President to step down if he can't continue to remove the "hassle and hinder" so much oppressing Turkey nowadays. Mention is made of this Imam since he has refused bodyguards and other defenses even though he's been warned of imminent assassination. When asked by a cub-reporter why not go to Turkey and preach his ideas...Mr. Gulen replied, "I'm afraid that if I were in Turkey...I'd be singled out and terminated with extreme prejudice."


Obama demonstrated the power of the LIE when he told Americans they could keep their health insurance and doctors even though OBAMA-CARE said otherwise. While many Americans have changed their minds about this liar...some still persist in supporting this dung-eating monkey, no matter what. However, those Democrat politicians who joined in to his DECEIT might find the voters quite unwilling to choose them the next time around.


The Seattle Sea Hawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers in a spectacular game where the final play determined the outcome. The receiver...a dude named Crabtree was dispatched into the end zone to catch the winning pass. The defender, RICHARD SHERMAN, knew they were coming and prepared himself for the finale. Naturally...SHERMAN stopped the pass and the Sea Hawks won. Congratulations to the Sea Hawks.
PREDICTION: Denver Broncos defeat Sea Hawks in Super Bowl.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

So far 2.2 million Tobys

So far 2.2 million people have enrolled in OBAMA-CARE. They've admitted*their name is "Toby". They have knelt and worshiped the golden calf, (EXODUS 32:24). They've become the minions of Mammon, (MATTHEW 6:24). Most of them have sought and received some form of SUBSIDY...some form of benefit that was to them a freebie...a favor of their new master. In exchange they've sold their soul and their liberty.

Sure...medical services are free to them...but...what they don't realize is that the only doctors who will treat them are government-doctors from such places as India and Nigeria...doctors whose utterances are so foreign that few patients know what was said even though spoken in flawless English due to the pronunciation aspect.
* In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is "Toby".

eliminate the cage!

Alemtuzumab is used to treat leukemia. It also stops the degeneration of the body caused by multiple sclerosis(MS). However, the Federal Food and Drug Administration(FDA) won't permit MS patients to receive this incredible ameliorative!

Friday, January 17, 2014


It's time to remove the laws that criminalize possession and sale of marijuana. Most Floridians have concluded it's time to get rid of most of the law enforcement personnel retained to fight this idiotic "war on drugs"...a war that has resulted in ruining more lives than any toke could ever have caused.

As U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) said, "Only jerks and scumbags oppose the legalization of pot."


It's obvious to almost every Floridian that only jerks and scumbags are against legalization of marijuana. These advocates of witch-burning want their way imposed. They don't care how many young people these anti-drug laws hurt. They don't care such laws have eroded civil rights to the point where the police nowadays bash in doors and shoot people* with impunity.

*More children have been killed by police than ever were killed in any school massacre!


What happens once IRAN has the "nuke"? It's obvious all those international sanctions will disappear lest some rag headed maniac take umbrage with such recalcitrance and elect to advance the timetable for the coming of the 12th IMAM...a scenario in which this semi-God appears on Earth wading through blood and torment evicting infidels and certifying believers.

Imagine Obama claiming another silly "red line" and IRAN crossing it with both aplomb and complete disregard for whatever threat Obama might conjure. Imagine as much and you'll sense what Obama is permitting to happen. Why else would Obama want maniacs to have their hands on an operational "nuke" if not somehow he believes such a threat would permit his tribal socialist enslavement of America to continue unabated?


When making the list of scumbags to be publicly shunned and spat upon...Preet Bharara must be somewhere near the top. He's a lawyer that was hired by Uncle Sugar to push the tribal socialist state. Because he's such a scumbag and creep...he was perfect for that position. Mention is made of this slime slug since he's attacked the SILK ROAD and grabbed 29,655 bitcoins.

Some day...there will be such a list and this worm will surely be on it.  Imagine that louse walking down the street and people spit on him...slap him...kick whatever else needed to tell this evil person he's
unwanted and needs to go to North Korea where he'll find himself quickly accepted as one of them. Imagine as much and you'll sense the future this jerk has once he's left government employment and is susceptible of surprise attack!


We're in the midst of World War Three. Many might say untrue until they're metaphorically blown to bits by some tribal socialist law or rule which ruins their future. At that time...they'll look around for someone to insulate them from such enslavement. 

What will be found are two camps: (i) tribal socialists and (ii) army of liberation. The former wishes to destroy liberty and replace the same with "freedom to obey"...while the latter promises to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


On 09-11-12...Hillary Clinton* was informed the embassy in Benghazi was under attack. She knew the assault was ordered by Obama to "snuff" Ambassador Stevens before he could reveal "election-outcome" changing information. Because she's a team-player...she made sure she was insulated from any recriminations for her inaction...but...also made equally sure that Ambassador Stevens wouldn't survive the battle.

Mention is made of these facts and factors because the U.S. Senate Report never mentioned Hillary Clinton or Obama in its 2000(+) pages. Indeed...the entire report was carefully written to exclude the obvious assassination of Stevens to silence him before he could tell America what a scumbag Obama really was. the appendix there is a statement that Hillary was Secretary of State and Obama was President when this mess happened...but...never does that Democrat-paper mention them in any opprobrious context.
*Stevens screamed into a live-feed SKYPE for 7 hours demanding protection from the "armed" drones hovering above the Benghazi embassy compound. Naturally...the report said there weren't any armed drones in the area...a LIE...but...who really cares at this Hillary famously remarked, "What difference does it make now!"

Thursday, January 16, 2014


A Democrat-led U.S. Senate issued a report on the Benghazi scandal. The report exonerated everyone and said little could have been done to save Ambassador Stevens and those 3 other Americans on 09-11-12. Some Americans will believe this nonsense...but...most Americans know this report is a cover-up.  One highly respected national poll has 87% of Americans declaring that Obama was reckless as was Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta.They were responsible and yet these 3 scumbags escaped the grip of scandal compliments of the Democrat-led Senate and its complicit MASS MEDIA.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


If America opened its borders to of hassle and hinder...prosperity would bubble forth. However, the Democrats want to stop "free trade" and have only the "trade and commerce" they find appealing or worthwhile. It's likely these Democrats are under pressure from crony-constituents whose interests protected by some "trade-restriction"...a protection...if removed...would mean possible business loss if not destruction. Hence...they pay the Democrats to keep those gates closed.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. If the Democrats can control the quality and quantity of commerce...they control America...something they drool over when discussed.

To counter these "Neo-feudalists"...the Republicans must demand liberation over subjugation. Open the the markets...and...permit the consumer to pick and choose. If American goods and services are competitive...they'll prevail in this new 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM). Indeed...once the OUM is implemented...the producers never need thereafter fear some would-be master plundering the storeroom...or...imposing "our tears...your purse" program and policy at gun-point.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Certainly compelling people to kneel and worship the golden calf can't be a symbol of righteousness. Yet the Democrats are demanding the voters support such an idol as OBAMA-CARE even though demonic.


Right now...the world can enter Iran and stop the construction of the Sword of Allah...a "nuke" capable of rendering planet Earth uninhabitable for a billion years in all directions. But Obama and John Kerry are doing things which are expediting this horror not stopping its fruition! They seem to desire such an approach. Why stop maniacs from destroying the Earth seems to be a good question, eh Obama?


The difference between the coverage Hillary received when she permitted one of her Ambassadors to be slaughtered on 09-11-12 and the MASS MEDIA attack on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is striking. Yes...the 5-day bridge closure caused inconvenience...but...Hillary's recklessness resulted in 4 brave Americans getting murdered.


Obama was having trouble having sex with Michelle. He asked Bubba...the Washington Redskin...what to do. Bubba listened intently to Obama's woes. In reply he offered solution. What you turn off the lights...and...when completely do it. Obama listened. He learned. The next night he followed instructions. He turned off the lights in his bedroom putting Michelle in complete darkness. He then went and struck his penis on the side of the bed 3 times as hard as he could. When he completed that last blast...he heard Michelle whisper, "Dat you...Bubba?"


The Muslims call Obama's newest Secretary of State: THE IDIOT. Of course...they're referring to JOHN KERRY. As one Iranian mullah opined, "We are about to construct the Sword of Allah...a nuclear weapon so powerful that when it's'll blow Mother Earth into a billion pieces to drift in space forever as something that was but never will be again."


David Chen...a New York Times news-hound...smelled story when he observed how Obama ducked the 09-11-12 Benghazi scandal. Recall that on 09-11-12...Ambassador Stevens was murdered by OMEGA...the black ops team assigned to assassinate the Ambassador before he could reveal "election-changing" information about Obama.

David Chen has been given actual photos of Obama getting delivered as a baby in a Kenyan village! Naturally...Chen...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...won't reveal such things because he likes the way Obama has gone about destroying liberty and replacing the same with "freedom to obey".


In the days of sail...the ship which has the wind in its favor always prevailed in any encounter. Such advantage was called" "the wind gauge". If you had that aspect of the overall encounter...your chances of sinking the other ship were almost 100%.

Let us apply such metaphor to the present 2014 economy. It's flawed...and...fraught with excessive "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies.'s obvious to almost everyone that there is a change afoot. It's likened to a complexion change. The American voter knows the tribal socialists are intent on making America a miasma of misery and strife where they are the masters and everyone else must wait for their master to decide what's best.

Snotty and haughty

Snotty and hauteur...two qualities Governor Chris Christie seems well able to demonstrate. But to claim those two obvious attributes demonstrate culpability seems to throw the ball too far.


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) came forward to say he wants the federal government to send troops to Colorado and kill anyone smoking pot. Sure...he's imposing his opinion at the point of a gun...but...he eats green eggs and ham...and...that insulates him from any, Sam I am?


Alan Blinder is a stain on Princeton where he slithers around claiming to teach others about the wonders and benefits of tribal socialism. He's as close to raw idiocy as one can find in the academic circles nowadays. His idea of helping the "poor and pathetic" is for big foot government to take from the producers and redistribute as Alan Blinder and his minions see fit. Only when done his way will America be a place of which Alan Blinder can be proud.

In order to light his candle rather than curse his darkness...suffice it to say...that in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...there never can be found an able-bodied pauper. While in the tribal socialist environment envisioned by scumbag-Blinder there are millions of impoverished the OUM...there simply aren't any poor-people!

The solution is not adding more and more layers of diktat but removal of  "stifle and stomp"program and policy from the Socio-economic context. The more the government removes its grip the more prosperity floods forth. It's this truism which rudely rankles Blinder. He hates reality and wants to live in his illusion of NANNY STATE CAGE wherein the likes of him and his ilk hold complete power.(Wall Street Journal 01-14-14;A-15).


James Comey was given the job of Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) because he could look the other way when told to ignore. Hence...this crony-jerk declared the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) employees hadn't committed any criminal acts...but...were just poorly managed. Indeed...had there been better direction...these employees would never have attacked the tea party crowd as viciously as they did. But there wasn't any criminal misconduct at the IRS.

This cover-up was orchestrated by Obama. Comey was hand-picked for his goose-stepping loyalty. Unlike ROBERT GATES...a "tell-all" former Obama-helper...Comey was selected because he would kill his own mother to advance whatever cause his master has in mind.

In the years to's likely some Republican will direct IRS to attack some Democrat crowd. When that's revealed to have occurred...the treatment of those culprits will be different. They'll be hounded and hassled forever by a merciless MASS MEDIA. How dare these scoundrels use government agencies to advance their cause or creed!


Folks...another "white-wash" has occurred. The so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) said it was not going to pursue the criminal misconduct afoot at IRS. Because IRS is government...those IRS employees can do whatever they please. The cover-up stinks. It smacks of big foot government stomp and chomp. It's obviously the product of this NANNY STATE CAGE in which we find ourselves nowadays.

It's time to clean house! We need to fire the entire FBI employee pool along with its administrators. Then disband the IRS marking each of those employees somehow so people could spot and then shun them. Yes...we need to clean out this nest of scumbags!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Because socialism and Eco-fascism have stifled the American economy...there is a growing number of unemployed people. Sure...the government statistics say otherwise...but...when your job depends on "glowing figures"...a LIE can be useful. Indeed...many of the numbers the government has offered lately are suspect.


Accenture Federal Arlington, Virginia based subsidiary of Accenture...obtained a 12-month contract to assist in getting big foot government's healthcare website up and running. Competing against this Obama-crony was TIMMY TITLER...a young man with a penchant for solving what to others seems without solution.

Timmy Titler grew up without arms...had only one eye and was deaf in both ears. Yet...he was an accomplished painter...and...a computer genius. He knew exactly what was wrong with the website and how to fix it. He offered to perform the "fix-it" for $236 million...1/3 the price Accenture was charging. Yet...because Accenture has connections which Titler obviously lacked...Accenture got the deal.


Evansville,Indiana Mayor Lloyd Winnecke became angry when he had to wait at a stop sign as by him passed 3,321,988 VIP scooters in a 90 mile line. They were traveling as fast as they could go: 25 mph and each one was driven by a well-skilled scooter enthusiast everyone of them marshaled from the surrounding towns to parade through Evansville in a mass demonstration of solidarity.

They'd been brought to Evansville by Lady Elizabeth who wished to show the mayor that his desire to make the scooter illegal was not supported. Recall that this mayor went on local TV and whined about how dangerous it was to the elderly to have so many scooters buzzing around the streets. Sure...he hated bicyclists and skate-boarders...but...the scooter was the one thing which made him scream and demand blood.


This BLOG wishes to announce that PUSSY RIOT has joined the army of liberation. They want to dismantle the entire 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...everywhere! RIOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jon Corzine presided over a $2 billion theft of his customers' money. He was never prosecuted for the misdeed. He was left alone because he had "dirt" on too many Democrats. Bite ole Jon...and...he might bite back...his would-be attackers were told.

Unfortunately for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie...he lacks any "dirt" to throw. Hence...he must suffer every assault any wannabe might conduct. Indeed...opportunistic talking heads and crony-commentators are taking their turn looking into the camera and with puzzling visage ponder aloud what Christie might have known but isn't as yet admitting when it comes to that 5-day George Washington Bridge(GWB) mess. There seems to be a contest of sorts pitting these wizards against each other looking for the best portrayal of "doubting Thomas".

Mention is made of these two situations...the Corzine scandal and the "bridge-mess"...because the difference in treatment is so obvious it smacks of reckless bias and disregard for truth. Why ask about what Christie knew or says he didn't know and not impose the same degree* of interrogation on the likes of many of his victims call him nowadays?
*Jon Corzine actually hurt people. He was a thief and deserves to be punished for his transgressions. On the other hand...the GWB was always getting shut down for one thing or another and it was not that hard to encourage Wildstein...a Chris Christie stalwart at the Port issue the "directive for bridge-lane shutdown". Sure...a few zillion Americans were inconvenienced a few days or so...but...never was anyone the victim of a $2 billion theft cleverly carried out by a thief as well connected as Jon Corzine.


Investors are fleeing Argentina. They know they have bulls eyes tattooed on their backs with Kirchner's itchy trigger-finger pressing the "attack button". Because this BLOG always offers life-line and safety vest...these 12,347 investors were given the chance to escape using bitcoin technology. They were directed to PLANETARY VIRTUAL CURRENCIES.COM (PVC) and have been exchanging their U.S.currency for Bitcoin with that exchange. They discovered as millions of other investors have discovered...the only way out of the CAGE is through Bitcoin!

Naturally...Kirchner...a tribal socialist...drools when she hears about "not-yet-plundered" storerooms and there seems to be a race between her omnivorous maw and those beleaguered investors who thought she was an honorable leader. If it weren't for PVC and its courageous offer of a bitcoin-escape route her grip and grab would surely have been extremely costly!


In West Virginia there is a storage tank with chemicals stored therein. That tank was performing as contemplated until it was sabotaged. From an inspection conducted by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this was determined that there was a ONE INCH HOLE drilled into that tank! From satellite photos taken of that was determined that a black ops team from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) was dispatched to sabotage that tank and cause a water-poisoning problem for 8 counties including the Capitol.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Mighty stands he...above the crest...above the sun...above whatever be. At his side strides his wondrous as his own merit frames...they have done what they wish...and...find solace in winning future's game.


Love and bubbles forth...the other wrapped around warmest course and granted chase.

$21 trillion later and?

War on Poverty? It's a never ending war and one Obama says he'll win conceding...however...that $21 trillion had already been unwisely spent on that confrontation noting there are as many poor and pathetic Americans in 2014 as there were when President Johnson announced this all out attack on lack of stuff in 1964. Johnson's idea of victory was: a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. He wanted everyone with a billion bucks in the bank and a house with so many rooms intercoms used to say "pass the butter".

Obama says that he knows how to spend another $21 trillion and this time get results. He says big foot government should spend money...lots of money...on whatever seems good and promising when such spending done. While Obama has made this "new" promise of wise-expenditure with a "straight face"'s the same visage he sported when he lied to America and said, "If you like your health insurance, you can keep it". everyone now knows...that $878 billion in 2009 was supposed to be but never was spent on "shovel-ready" projects...rebuilding infrastructure...repairing bridges...dredging ports...and...updating the air port systems. That money went to making sure Obama would prevail in 2012. It was spent on pro-Obama groups and making sure Obama's message of tribal socialism was always greeted by hand-picked crowds whose script to cheer and applaud the promise of enslavement. 2014...with his time running out...Obama...a/k/a...dung-eating monkey...(an appellation affectionately appended by Robert "duty" Gates to describe Obama)...wants to spend another $21 trillion on the things for which that $878 billion though earmarked never bought. He wants to build bridges...renew airports...and...make sure AmTrac runs on time and get to its destination without killing most of its patrons. He wants to fund research into how fast shrimp run and how good a solar panel* can be if made by Solyndra, LLC. Yes...folks...with an additional $21 trillion ole Yertle the Turtle promises to be higher than the sun, itself!

* Ever the dung-eating monkey...Obama pointed out that Solyndra,LLC was a good example of how government can fund boondoggles and overlook better to accommodate crony and crooner.


Ah...yes...if it weren't Al Qaeda operatives who attacked the Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12...then what name shall one put to such misdeed? From metadata delivered by Mr. Edward Snowden...a former National Security Agency(NSA) has been confirmed that a black ops team sporting the title: OMEGA was instrumental in carrying out that assault and the resultant death of Ambassador Stevens and those 3 other Americans.


In China...banking is so many hands and to speak...a 'shadow-loan' system grew up and might very well be the largest lender in China if some way there were to count them. President Xi understands that the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...the real core of production in China in early 2014...relies on this "shadow-loan" system and flourishes because it lacks the "red tape, grab and grip"of big foot government. Hence...President Xi directed his minions to ignore them and permit their activities since to stomp them would be to undermine China's burgeoning prosperity.

Mention is made of this phenomenon since in Colorado the pot-sellers have just received a mountain of U.S. currency and the banks won't accept the deposit since they're regulated by federal law and federal law designates such money as "drug-money"...and...the banks are prohibited from receiving the funds. Hence...similar to what has occurred in China...there is a need for some kind of "shadow banking" system.

To accommodate this need...this BLOG in conjunction with Planetary Virtual Currencies.Com(PVC) has opened exchanges. The PVC exchange receives and vaults all cash to be administered in accord with the wishes of its depositor. The exchange also offers bitcoin and a host of other "crypto-currencies"...each one backed by gold and platinum...should the pot-seller...for instance...want to buy an island in the South Pacific.

"O're the mountains of the moon...into the valley of the shadow...ride boldly ride the shade replied...if you seek for El Dorado.


How does one avoid collision? More often than not...if not too late...simply change direction.


TEAM OBAMA knows its grip on the throat of liberty might be lost if Hillary Clinton is not the winner in the 2016 Presidential election. To insure such an outcome...the complicit MASS MEDIA must sully and besmirch any potential Republican rival. The recent mass media 24/7 attack on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is just an example of this all out effort to keep the field clear for Hillary's ascension to the throne.


Why not establish one spot which lacks the grip and grab of government? Why not establish a 10 mile square where those producers laboring therein are not taxed or hindered by any rule or law which in any way hampers their effort?

Inside that 10 mile square...the wealth would be so vast not anyone can imagine it. Yes...there would be courts...civil ones to handle contract and tort...and...penal ones to handle the criminal aspect, if any were to arise. In this 10 mile square...there wouldn't be any of the yoke and choke agenda so much a part of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE which surrounds this island of liberation over subjugation. Hence...people therein go about producing goods and services without fear of some government busy-nose.

In America this 10 mile square while at first unique would not last very long...since...competitors would flood the country demanding they be granted such a "prosperity zone". How dare our state not give what Florida gave its residents...will be something heard everywhere. Why must we suffer the burdens of the CAGE when in that 10 mile square there is so much wealth to be obtained?

The CAGE perpetuates itself by increasing the number of dependent-people. The more dependent the voter on the freebie and favor of government...the more likely that voter will support the CAGE-CREW...the "ruling elite" which grants such gifts and titles in exchange for fealty and sheep-like acceptance. Indeed...listen to any member of TEAM OBAMA and you'll hear them say we need to loot the storeroom of the rich redistributing plunder as we see fit.

Recently...Lady Elizabeth has become the leader of an army of liberation before which is carried THE ORB. She says why have a 10 mile square of liberty when we can have an entire nation packed with freedom? Will you not join her and let us make the entire place a prosperity zone?

Saturday, January 11, 2014


What if you were sinking in quicksand? What might you do? Scream for Help? Perhaps look for a rope, stick or vine. And...curse the fact you were told not to go into the jungle if drunk on wine.


In the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a lady can get an abortion and a Mexican can come and go as she sees fit. There isn't any immigration hassle or issue about abortion in the OUM. It's pretty much live and let live in the OUM. Everyone tries to go about their own business and not stick their busy-noses into the affairs of others. And because of such orderly Soci-economic relationships...everyone seems to prosper mightily such that unlike inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE where unemployment and poverty are the OUM...there can never be found an able-bodied pauper.

In America...nowadays...illegal immigrants sneak across the borders and drain the social welfare system. As Obama said, "The Hispanics are parasites. They come to America to eat our bread, drink our wine and grab everything they can." Naturally...Obama likes them since they vote for more not less freebie and favor. They know to support TEAM OBAMA is to support their access to whatever entitlement Uncle Sugar has conjured for them to use. Hence...they bloc vote for the Democrat hoping their meal will continue as a feast.

In the OUM...there isn't any "social safety net" which is offered by any governmental body. the OUM...there is an abundance of charitable organizations...many of whom advertise for patrons since they have huge storerooms but without anyone to whom they can give such munificence. the OUM there never can be found an able-bodied pauper making the pool of potential charity-recipients quite small.

Mention is made of the OUM because the OUM presupposes open borders so that labor might come and go as markets flex up and down. In the OUM...immigration is not even a consideration for a worker bee since she or he travels to where the best can be obtained and is never hassled by some border guard trying to be nosy.

But those crossing the an OUM...can't somehow access some government fund dedicated to their needs and wants because there isn't anything like that possible. Yes...the charities abound in the OUM each one vying for patrons and inviting the destitute to come and seek their succor..but...there isn't any government agency or department whose funding derived from looting the storerooms of reluctant producers.

As for "abortion" the OUM...everyone needs to mind their own business. Whatever choice a lady makes with respect to her own body is her choice and must be insulated from the opinion of others...even those opinions whose source some magical incantation or conjuring disguised as Christian belief.

Nowadays...the Democrats have been successful in pushing the anti-abortion issue from their cohorts disguised as Republicans. Even Rush Limbaugh fell for it and is anti-abortion...proclaiming he wants to have the power to dictate if a lady receives an abortion. Instead of saying whatever choice the would-be mother makes is hers and hers alone and everyone else needs to keep their buys-nose out of it. Rush opes nonsense about chicken and egg and knowing obviously which came first.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...invitation is made to join the army of liberation and march with us to "make salt". Let us together dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a place where never can some would-be master direct who will live and who will die...or...who can come to American and give it a try.