Friday, February 28, 2014


The tea party movement had a meeting. The speakers were lackluster. Mark Levin...for example...was somewhat good in his oratory but he did not preach THE ORB.

He offered some ideas but lacked any coherent message of change. While he was asked to preach THE ORB...he said he simply wasn't bold enough to speak about liberation over subjugation. Hence...when he went to the podium to speak...he did not call for the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE to be dismantled although he pointed out that big foot government was the largest employer and consumer in America something the founding fathers would have found abhorrent. He did not call for the entitlement system to be deleted although he said it created dependency and ruined lives.


A Puerto Rican Morman named Raul Labrador defeated the Republican ESTABLISHMENT in Idaho. He offered a fresh message though somewhat peppered with contradiction but that was needed he was told to make the rest of his platform palatable to the unwashed masses. In 2014...fortunately...Raul has removed the "go along to get along" prepared to preach THE ORB.

For example, in 2014...unlike 2012...Raul preaches elimination of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and the ushering in of the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Not any longer does he say "We need the income tax." Nowadays...he says...we must delete the 16th amendment and eliminate the yoke and choke agenda of big foot government...and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found a would-be master with the power to decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


During the Reagan Era...a law was passed requiring a hospital to take all customers despite ability to pay. This law must be repealed when OBAMA-CARE is repealed. It can't be permitted to remain. As for anyone saying repeal means people die outside the ER...those people are the ones who have never donated a penny to the local charity hospital. They take...but...never give. They're the parasite and knee-crooking knaves who would impose their burdens on would-be slaves. That law is anti-American and must be deleted!

Catherine Engelbrecht

At the tea party movement's 5th annual anniversary...Catherine Engelbrecht rose and spoke about liberation over subjugation. However, she didn't preach THE ORB. She merely informed America there was little liberty in America and what little left was about to be gobbled up by the nefarious Internal Revenue Service(IRS). She called on people to contact* this INTERNET INTERFACE.

What Catherine was saying is that once the IRS has silenced such organizations, big foot government with the aid of a complicit MASS MEDIA will be able to replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey" thereby rendering escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE unlikely for a 1000 years in all directions.

With the message she's using...she's correct. On the other hand, if she were to preach THE ORB...she would have drawn an applause of thunder and lightning...instead...of the tepid..."met-too" obligatory clap which lasted but a few seconds as she departed the stage...just another speaker....not a leader....but...a filler in an agenda in an anniversary gathering.
*We will not be silenced dot org.


Huber Matos was duped into believing Castro was for liberation over subjugation. Indeed...he was so duped that he and Fidel rode atop a tank together as they entered Havana. He thought he was in the presence of a compatriot...a fellow-traveler. He never knew Castro was a communist-thug until it was too late to snuff that critter.


TEAM OBAMA represents "unemployment and misery"...and...decades from now...historians will call this period of American history the "dark ages" when socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters controlled the MASS MEDIA and most of government. They will also highlight that in those "dark ages"...there was a BLOG...this BLOG...a beacon of liberation over subjugation...a new message...a message of rebirth...which stood fast and asked everyone to consider another way...a way of freedom...a way called EDEN.


Tesla Motors wants to build a Gigafactory wherein it will produce cheap lithium batteries enabling it to sell 500,000 electric cars per year since cheaper batteries means cheaper cars in price and maintenance. However...what Tesla Motors can't overcome no matter how many batteries it can produce is the lack of distance and dependability of the electric mode of propulsion. Few Americans want a car that might go 40 miles at maybe 50 mph before it abruptly stops. As Senator Chuck Schumer said, "Seeing people pushing Tesla Motor cars home can't be a good selling point."

Because there is a need for a cheap car using cheap technology...this BLOG'S SCIENCE DEPARTMENT went out and built a car that can travel 1000 miles on 1 gallon of gasoline with a top end speed of 150 mph for a total cost of $4800.00 and using off-the-shelf stuff to accomplish the feat. The reason the other cars can't do as well is because they're built to perform more than the function of transporting people. The car developed by this BLOG is specifically tailored to transporting people.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Is your cellphone secure? If you want to have a resounding "yes" when such question this BLOG'S "FIREBRAND" looks like an iPhone in some ways...but...operates as if it were HeadQuarters for the most advanced operation imaginable...all the bells and and and safe...impregnable-made.

In competition for this top spot on the food chain is BOEING BLACK. This cellphone has many portals where other stuff can be attached or plugged must be operated in a pristine environment...a requirement found only above 10,000 feet on planet Earth...rendering this CELLPHONE almost worthless. As Senator Chuck Schumer said, "Boeing Black might as well be two cups with a string between them."


The Republican message in Florida must be one of liberation over subjugation...demanding the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system deleted with all RIDERS paid a one-time victim's payment* in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted. By demanding the yoke and choke agenda be eliminated, the Republican Party would be the veritable "army of liberation"...marching to "make salt". By telling voters their choice is KEY or CAGE...the Republicans would force TEAM OBAMA to admit their intention: to reduce them to cattle and sheep directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps...something most political pundits would agree would not be a winning presentation.
*Indeed...a well-known Psychiatrist verified that the RIDERS are victims in the peculiar sense that they become dependent on the FOOD STAMP for example...or...the 99 weeks of unemployment insurance...or...the newest thing: "don't need to work to get" a rent subsidy or a gasoline allowance or a free cellphone...just have to be pathetic and needy. penalizes a worker bee for earning an income making it better if the OBAMA-CARE recipient not work and remain helpless and dependent on whatever master of the CAGE deems best.


The Japanese have been told by China that they need to back off on territorial limits in the ocean. It's ridiculous to assert such power when the interests of everyone are in safety and security.


The wisest decision any long range planner can make is to avoid setting up any business in New York. It's a trap for the unwary and almost impossible to extricate therefrom once its tentacles have grabbed.


The latest imposition on American food manufacturing is the requirement that labeling be made much more detailed...with more data for the would-be consumer. In reaction to NAZISM in this format...this BLOG has begun to produce a BBQ SAUCE without any labeling other than the name: "YO' MOMMA!" and phone number to order some more. Naturally, that sauce became an instant success with a million cases per day getting sold to customers unwilling to kneel and lick NANNY STATE boot. They trust the culinary skill of the FOOD DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and don't need "no stinking label!".


Senate Bill 1062 was vetoed by Arizona Governor Brewer. When asked why she vetoed the RELIGIOUS FREEDOM LAW...she said her decision was guided primarily by the analysis she gleaned from this BLOG...a compliment received with warm heart. Thank you, Governor for listening. The army of liberation marches to make salt and your contribution to its purpose welcomed.


Angel Vivas used social media* to explain "how" citizens could erect defenses against government security forces if such should be dispatched to quell rebellion. And for that helpful advice...Maduro...the rabid socialist leader of Venezuela...issued a warrant for his arrest labeling him a "terrorist". would be expected...a brigade of heavily armed troops entered Vivas' neighborhood with orders to arrest and kill any opposition.

However, the brigade was met by neighbors asking "why" were they in that area of Caracas when the rebellion was in the village square not there. The commander said he had an arrest warrant for ANGEL VIVAS and they had best stand back and permit him to grab that terrorist lest they...too...become targets of Maduro's ire.

Instead of standing down and permitting the brigade to continue onward to Vivas' house...the neighbors locked arms and defiantly said they were all named VIVAS and the brigade would have to slay them all but they weren't relenting. The commander knew he had to back off. If Maduro were deposed and a new government formed...his actions would be called heinous and he'd surely be prosecuted and hung. He knew his best choice was to depart...and...tell Maduro...that...if Maduro wished to arrest VIVAS that Maduro be brave enough to execute that warrant for him and his brigade...he wasn't about to kill 12,000 neighbors to satisfy the power-lust of Cuba's pro-Consul.
*Angel Vivas said he reads this BLOG every day since it's the only source of inspiration nowadays in Venezuela,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


U.S.Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, (D.Nv) went to the podium and declared those people telling stories about lost doctors and doom because of OBAMA-CARE were lying. "Not anyone has been hurt by the application of OBAMA-CARE and anyone saying different is lying!" snapped this scumbag DEMOCRAT.

Naturally...the few people listening to that drivel and tripe took instant umbrage. People were dying because of OBAMA-CARE and for this jerk to be saying such a thing about their plight was reprehensible. The dissident MASS MEDIA...though...raised this proclamation up for ridicule and it's received much excoriation since. One crippled child dragged himself up the Senate steps and spit on Harry Reid's shoe as he haughtily passed by this crumpled mound of wincing pain and suffering.


Living in Europe on $5.00 per day was a feat almost beyond belief. Yet with tent and boot...such could be achieved. A book was written about how it could be done. And since then many have been written on different countries and what would be required to reside in such a place on $5.00 per day.

For Caracas...the $5.00 would buy a 72 inch wide screen...5 pounds of flour...10 gallons of cooking oil and 3 pounds of pork along with a place to stay with good bed and water that could be ingested without dramatic hazard therein.

In Tibet...the $5.00 buys little more that a spot in which to pitch tent and light camp fire. India...$5.00 buys a year in the Punjab eating crickets and swatting boo-flies.

Mention is made of such things since on social security income of $1370.00 per month...the struggle to make that $1370 stretch very far in America in 2014 is almost daunting. The social security recipient must be careful about even the smallest extravagance. For buy beef instead of beans and pone a choice faced almost 24/7.

Kathy Savitt

Kathy Savitt...a marketing maven...agreed to help YAHOO survive. "Her credentials impeccable...her skill known throughout the world...and...her desire to pull YAHOO from doom's omnivorous maw overwhelming." Such was how she was described by this BLOG when it warned YAHOO to hire Kathy or disappear.


Because of the economic prowess of China...speculators have been making billions of dollars per day gambling on the yuan continuing to rise against the floundering U.S. dollar. lLtely, though, there has been some rumors the yuan is about to plummet as China regresses and ceases eliminating the bottleneck and stifle which still oppresses and suppresses much of what otherwise would be the greatest economy the planet has ever known!

It's the polemic of this BLOG that China is led by stellar performers who know which side their butter is breaded on. Sure...the Communists are still in power...but...their ideology has been debunked and rebuked so often in so many ways none of the present leadership is committed to its perpetuation. Indeed, President of China's greatest leaders...understands that the yuan must float with markets since it's a commodity. It's value dependent on how much of an otherwise unhampered market reflected therein.


Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan denied it was his voice featured on YouTube wherein he tells his son to hide family wealth from investigators. Who made the YouTube thing isn't known. But it's rumored the CIA did it so Erdogan could use that as a basis for stifling social-media in that backward country.


U.S.Senator Robert Menendez(D.NJ) was visibly angry when told Uganda was off-limits to his sexual appetite. Recall that Menendez was caught with 12 year old Cambodian boys but due to his connection to TEAM OBAMA...his misdeeds were never investigated thoroughly leaving his exploits to wallow in rancorous rumor. However, his territory has been reduced. Not any longer can he travel to Uganda and have his way with young boys without incurring a long prison sentence. And...this reduction in jungle made ole Bobbie angry.


The hryvnia is the currency of Ukraine. It takes 10,000 hryvnia to buy one U.S.dollar...and...that exchange rate is expected to triple to 30,000 of those hryvnias to get one dollar. Imagine working your whole life...saving your hryvnias and then finding them almost worthless instead of as valuable the day you earned them. Imagine as'll sense why rebellion is afoot in Kiev.


The FISCAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG in 2009 decided it was time to create a virtual currency which could be used as easily as one would use cash or peso. Because big foot government was expected to take umbrage and acrimonious offense to such entrenchment on this monopoly...a name was given to the creator(s): SATOSHI NAKAMOTO...and...the virtual currency was dubbed: BITCOIN.

Bitcoin defense?

Kerri Kaley was prosecuted for fraud. She mortgaged her house and was going to use that extracted $500,000 in cash to pay her lawyer. Naturally...the U.S.Injustice Department attacked seizing that $500,000 and thereby preventing Kaley from buying a good defense to combat baseless charges...the signature trait of the Injustice Department.

Kaley had been told to use the equity in her house to buy bitcoin. She then takes those bitcoins to her lawyer.The lawyer for her then takes those bitcoins to the bitcoin exchange operated by this BLOG and exchanges them for $500,000 less the 1% fee charged by this BLOG for that effort in providing an exchange for the transaction insuring thereby both sides receive exactly what they expected less the fees charged for the deal.
Virtual Currency Exchange (VPE)


Governor Jindal says he likes the minimum wage but would not raise it since it would kill jobs. When given the chance to speak out against the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...he backed off. He felt he lacked the support of the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. Why is that?

Julie Tremmel

Julie Tremmel...fired for creative reporting? When she did her hand-stand and her proved to much for her boss. "How dare she do stripper move and still have a job!" this 4'9" tall Napolean-type* snorted and fumed. He told his side-kick to delete her from the roster and never to mention her name again.
*Naturally...this 4'9" tall Napolean-type was a Democrat and supported Obama's push to enslave America.


The tenant owed $4000 and the landlord had dispatched the "pay or go" demand. It looked bleak for the tenants...the landlord had the upper hand. The HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG stepped into the mess...and...offered solution...invitation...issued request.


Ray Kroc went down many times...but...each time he went...he learned something new. And all those people who believed in him and didn't push back hard...became billionaires from McDonald's....many of them...unwitting partners without a clue...they held the winning card...refrained from smothering had greatly proved.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It's not a rock, it's a rock lobster. When surfer dude used food stamps to buy lobster and wine...many people thought him callous. How dare he take advantage of the FOOD STAMP program and buy expensive food instead of beans and pone. In reply...surfer dude said, "'s NANNY STATE CAGE freebie and favor and I'm getting all I can while it's available."


Mt. Gox...a popular bitcoin exchange...was attacked by the American government because it was getting too popular and was about to undermine the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...something Obama wouldn't permit. Whether Mt. Gox is able to recover from that assault isn't known...but...with the financial infusion of $15 million donation from the HELP DEPARTMENT of this's likely it'll survive. At least the signals from Mt. Gox seem promising.

Weibo and Alibaba

Weibo and Alibaba want to break into the social media market. To get a foothold in the political arena, these two internet titans have joined forces with this BLOG! Welcome aboard, gentlemen.

political committee?

A social-welfare group does not have to list donors but a political committee does. Obama is trying to use the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to stifle political freedom by imposing IRS rules designed to achieve such results. As U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) said in a moment of revelation, "If TEAM OBAMA can keep enough players sidelined because they're afraid of having their names CHICK FILET'D so to speak...lambasted...ridiculed...and...boycotted...then...we're sure to defeat the Republicans who will be painted as knaves wanting to impoverish the nation and destroy the world."

Someone recently asked what is the nature of this BLOG. In reply: it's "other"...that spot on a government form where there are 8 lines and a request for explanation....such is where this BLOG found.'s collected almost $23 billion in donations from every place on the planet with most of that reduced to gold bullion and in a Chinese vault...the safest and most trusted place on Earth to keep one's's neither a political action committee nor a social-welfare organization! This storeroom is used to invite MASS MEDIA to deliver advertising time so that the new message can be delivered...a message of liberation over subjugation...a message of prosperity and peaceful co-existence.

Wyden Response

Senator Ron Wyden...a rabid the BLOG about him duping voters and responded with a sharp retort. He said, "While I admit I'm a ruthless MARXIST and am doing what I can to replace liberty with freedom-to-obey...few will ever know it and vote for me because they like getting told they're special and 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE fashion...I'm going to care for them as a farmer would a herd...tending and fitting might be."


U.S. Senator Ron Wyden(D.Ore) is trying to fool voters by pretending to want to change the burdensome tax laws from anti-business to pro-growth...that he's not a MARXIST ON MISSION...a veteran of the vermin advocate of OBAMA-CARE. And...unfortunately...with the adroit assistance of the complicit MASS MEDIA...he might very well pull off that deception.

Because he's such a knee-crooking knave...this BLOG has devoted $39 million to his ouster. Advertising time will be bought wherein he'll be called every name possible...besmirched...and...sullied...using as mud his own knavish ways, statements and indiscreet acts. For example, Ron Wyden was video-taped refusing to give a crippled child something when he passed by where that child sat begging alms. When asked by a cub-reporter about such haughty disregard for the unwashed masses...he laughed and said, "Let her eat cake!"


Medal of Honor winner, Jack Jacobs has come forward to explain "why" the industrial-military complex must be downsized but done in a way that offers a 21st century approach.

He noted the need for boots on the ground can be met easily using robots armed with so much firepower not any enemy would wish to get within a mile of them lest they be bombarded by a million missiles and a billion bullets.

As for Air Force...such can be done with drones...armadas of drones...armed with missiles and bullets capable of bringing down any enemy from the air or decimating any ground forces stupid enough to be caught outside.

With respect to the Navy...a few dozen carriers for drones and the coasts would be secure. There isn't any need for battle groups other than what needed to protect the carriers. Hence, the savings from such downsizing would be enormous.


The Republicans attempted "guns and butter" and the effort resulted in the ascendancy of TEAM OBAMA. Nowadays...the Democrats...fearing defeat at the polls in 2014...are trying to do the same thing. They know they can't gut the military to pay for their entitlement-state without leaving American defenseless to surprise attack, (PEARL HARBOR stuff)...but...they can't deny the RIDERS aboard the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE lest they lose that constituency...a voting bloc they created through skillful use of dependency-creating gimmicks.

Instead of simply deleting the NANNY STATE CAGE and RIDE and ushering in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...and...thereby have ample funds to pay for whatever 21st century military firepower thought required...this dung-eating monkey...occupying the Oval Office...instructed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to trim the industrial-military complex while telling his henchmen operating the American economy to pack the entitlements with as much "freebie and favor" as possible.

Can Obama perform the miracle the Republicans could not accomplish: GUNS AND BUTTER? It's the polemic of this BLOG that the effort will fail and leave America more defenseless than it already is. As Russian President Putin said, "America is defenseless. If Iran...for instance...wants to blow a radioactive hole in Manhattan...there isn't any American defense network designed to contemplate and interdict such attack. Hence...America is defenseless and vulnerable."


In a check point known to the Americans as CHECK POINT CHARLIE...the "said-to-be-defunct" Taliban attacked a convoy of soldiers killing 21 and wounding another 10,000! When Obama was asked about this massacre at a well-guarded check point...particularly a check point so crucial to the security of Afghanistan...this dung-eating monkey replied, "It's a toilet bowl and the quicker we depart...the better the smell."


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has proposed eliminating the 20th Century military template* and installing a new built on technology and capable of putting enough firepower where needed to cheap enough that it can be funded without deficit spending. His proposals were drafted by the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG with the talented help from Mr. Koum and GOOGLE.

*In World War I...for example...the generals were using 19th century big-deal tactics against machine guns...weapons capable of harvesting thousands of souls per minute. At the Battle of the 60 minutes...10,000 British soldiers were needlessly slaughtered. The Generals were unaccustomed to losing when such man-power was thrown against enemy forces and hence they dispatched many thousands more to their doom before conceding their template was quite wrong.


Someone put poisonous meatballs in places where dogs and cats might find them and nibble. The purpose obviously is to kill pets and stray critters. And...this plot has somewhat worked. After veterinarians examined several hundred dogs and cats, it was concluded they all died from poison mixed into meatballs. The alarm went out and pet-owners and police are looking for more meatballs and asking neighbors who could have done such a thing.

Most of the people asked said it was the work of a DEMOCRAT who happened to be an animal-hater. As one concerned neighbor told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "What better symbol of a DEMOCRAT than a poisonous meatball?"

Justina Pelletier

The parents of Justina Pelletier want their daughter returned to their custody. A Massachusetts family court judge using 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE power ripped that sickly child from them and placed her with a foster family whose mission to make sure the child is fed and sheltered as if they were caring for a stray cat or ailing dog. Naturally...the parents are finding it "rough going" so to speak since they're trying to fight the CAGE...something impregnable to entreaties for mercy.

Due to the urgency of their petition for return of their child...this BLOG dispatched one of its LEGAL TEAMS to the scene to assist. With them are a well-trained cadre of reporters and "dirt-finders"...whose mission to publicize the cruelty of the CAGE and invite everyone to join in this demand that this child be returned forthwith to the arms of her loving, anxious parents.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman

Drug cartel kingpin, Joaquin Guzman was arrested. His body guards led the police to his front door. He surrendered and declared he was innocent of all charges. Naturally, the Mexican government won't have any real proof of criminal misconduct on the part of Guzman. Indeed...the proof will be flimsy and suspect but in Mexico such is considered* the way it's done.

What Guzman needs to do is to alert the world that he can link Obama to the assassination of U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY and to the assassination of Ambassador Stevens. If he were to proclaim as much, then the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG would erect a complete defense for Guzman assuring him of victory since not any Mexican wants to do the bidding of GRINGO.
*The Mexicans said they took their instruction from the U.S. Injustice Department. As one Mexican said, "That Injustice Department is packed with scumbags and reprobates...fine instructors would you not agree?"


The American military-industrial complex in the 2015 budget suffers dramatic cuts. It's as if TEAM OBAMA decided the potential for attack so remote that a downsizing in firepower warranted. While such a forecast probably correct...what if they're wrong and IRAN is preparing to "nuke" New York City? When Manhattan is radioactive rubble and the rest of America shocked and stunned...who will ask "why" was Obama so wrong...and...declare what different he should have done?


The Ukrainians are asking Obama to give them $35 billion to fund their socialist government and pay its goon squads to quell any opposition to this latest "take-over". While this BLOG is against such's likely Obama will dispatch that $35 billion and much more attempting thereby to curry favor with this latest batch of "ruling elite". In Obama's world...he can buy favor with these people by giving them "other people's money"...something these Ukrainian socialists want more than anything the same time...throw some gorilla dust into the face of Russian President Putin.


Mr. Koum...fled the Ukraine because of anti-JEW stuff. Recently...he sold WHATSAPP for $19 billion. Had he stayed in the Ukraine he'd still be ducking slaps and groin-kicks as he made his way to the radio store where he clerked for $5.00 per day. As it is...Mr. Koum is wealthy and can afford to fly to the Ukraine to visit those who stayed behind and thought socialism was better.

Because this BLOG is the only MASS MEDIA outlet which is pro-Israel...Mr. Koum has delivered a $100 million gift. This money will be used to make commercials about liberation over subjugation. It'll fund the YouTube scenes where freedom-fighters defend against the onslaught of TEAM OBAMA...a/k/a...the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters.

Rabbi Blumenthal

Rabbi Blumenthal...a well-known Vassar voice...finally agreed to come forward and support Israel and oppose the demand for boycott and divestment actions. This BLOG demanded she come forward and support the JEW. And...after much coaxing by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...ole Bloomie...finally opened her eloquence and declared, "I'm a Zionist!"


When this BLOG began its opposition to socialized medicine(think OBAMA-CARE) was forecast that the cruelty of the law would be framed in the deaths it caused. As one would expect in this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...this prediction was called far-fetched and silly. Of course...sadly to report...people are dying or are doomed to die more quickly due to this LAW!

Take for an anecdotal instance the plight* of Mrs. Blackwood. She was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer and her treatments cost $14,000 per month. She had great health insurance and was receiving her cancer therapy on schedule and the results were good to remarkable since her disease is terminal and most people with that malady and her age would have died 5 years ago. But with her medical care, she was persevering and prospering as much as could ever be expected.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Blackwood, however, she didn't read OBAMA-CARE closely enough. Had she bothered to examine the entire thing, she'd have noticed her health insurance coverage was doomed and her coverage denied with little choice but apply for big foot government assistance...something she feared since she had witnessed the horrors in Veteran Hospitals.

Indeed...Mrs. Blackwood was notified that her health insurance coverage was canceled due to OBAMA-CARE. She was informed that she had to apply for OBAMA-CARE coverage because her plan she'd had for 20 years was illegal.

So far...Mrs. Blackwood has been unable to find any insurance carrier willing to assume that $14,000(+) per month tab. Sure, the law says the insurance company must accept all customers regardless of preconditions...but...Mrs. Blackwood could not find such a willing insurance company. The one she did select told her right as she was preparing for yet another surgery that her OBAMA-CARE PLAN did not and would not cover the $14,000 Sandostatin treatment...a treatment the pending surgery assumed would be forthcoming.

While this BLOG never likes to say "I TOLD YOU AS MUCH!"...Mrs. Blackwood would have done herself a great favor by joining the army of liberation when it passed through Virginia in 2010. Had she not supported socialized medicine believing she would get a "free lunch" so to speak...and...had joined the march to make salt she'd still have her Blue Cross health plan and not having to write her will and tell her family her last thoughts.
*Mrs. Blackwood was a voice to be heard when OBAMA-CARE was mentioned. She said it was socialized medicine...but..she was promised good care and such a governmental promise was good enough for her. She said she didn't agree with this BLOG and called it a fear-monger. How dare a BLOG question big foot government she said as she assessed the wonders of this new law...this cure-all law...this government health law.


National Security adviser, Susan Rice appeared on TV and denied she lied about the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy compound scandal where Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were murdered. What can be said for certain is that Susan Rice did not lose a "loved one" in that attack. She speaks about that embassy assault as if she were describing the color of her car or the type of roof on her house.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Russian President Putin is one of the world's greatest chess players. As one admiring American said, "President Putin is the reincarnation of Peter the Great and then some!"

Even...Obama....conceded the other referring to President Putin...that "as a tactician there isn't anyone more capable. His knowledge of the ART OF WAR impeccable and his skill in its application grand master stuff."

Mention is made of  President Putin's prowess since Russia has an interest in making sure the Ukraine is trade-friendly.'s the manner in which he will handle this rioting and its resultant political sorting that will show the world what great leaders do in the early days of the 21st century.

How will the Ukraine unravel its Gordian knot of rule and law which has created this snarl and bottleneck between liberation and subjugation? It's the polemic of this BLOG that the Ukrainians are cattle and sheep who like getting directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. They don't wish to delete the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...indeed...they clamor for more. Their cry is for a bigger share of the redistribution pie. They support master with mob bashing down rich people's doors.


Arizona has passed a law that says a business can't choose to whom it will offer its services. Because every business must get a license to conduct was determined that every business had to conform to specific guidelines including the bar against picking customers. It's the polemic of this BLOG that such a law is not needed and that the otherwise unhampered market always sorts out such things.

Recall that a bakery refused to bake the wedding cake for a gay-couple because that baker concluded such an abomination and against the tenets of the Bible. And...another business refused to sell flowers to a gay-couple for that very same reason. Somehow, these business owners thought they could draw lines and continue their profitability. They were wrong. These two businesses have since lost 98% of their customers because most people don't wish to do business with bigots and pedants.

Hence, the law is unneeded and the Governor of Arizona must veto it. If a person wishes to limit their income stream...then..they have every right to do it. On the other hand, the downside to such "line-drawing" is that the profitability is undermined so much that whatever business relied on such nonsense evaporated.


Because Obama needed to tell the Syrians and the Ukrainians about his next "red line"...he contacted the South African Sign Dude...the same one who performed sign-language at Mandela's funeral. Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he was sure to get his point across much better.

U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL)

U.S.Rep.Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) was overheard making a snide racist remark about Obama and fried chicken. When challenged by a cub-reporter from this BLOG about that off-colored joke...Schultz glared and replied, "Obama is a dung-eating monkey...and...for that I should have lied?"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Reince Priebus

Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he would preach THE ORB...and...demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled.

"With that message we can take the U.S. Senate and retain control of the U.S. House. With that message we can demand liberation over subjugation...and...that dung-eating monkey in the Oval Office would have to go along or face impeachment." Reince casually told the reporter.


Of course...the MASS MEDIA is a mix of socialist, Eco-fascist and other freedom-haters...with a dash of liberty peppered throughout to give a semblance of what America once was.

As for the power and prowess of this 2014 MASS MEDIA...they're dedicated to destroying any army of liberation and its leadership. Any politician preaching THE ORB will be attacked mercilessly. There can't be a candidate demanding the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...that kind of declaration would cause the MASS MEDIA to train its guns and blast away.

 The MASS MEDIA can be likened to cannon. TEAM OBAMA  in 2008 and 2012 used the MASS MEDIA as if it were a regiment of cannon. It was because of the power of the MASS MEDIA that the Republicans ended up with Mitt 'the nit' Romney...a tepid "me-too" socialist without any passion for liberation over subjugation....and...was an "obvious" loser. He prevailed and won the Republican nomination because the MASS MEDIA pushed him. They knew 'the nit' was a loser and could never defeat a MARXIST ON MISSION such as Obama.'s the polemic of this BLOG that a message of liberation would be so overwhelming in 2014 that even if the MASS MEDIA fired for days in some weird siege...they'd only cause more voters to choose KEY over CAGE...and...march to "make salt". Every time...for example...MSNBC Ed Schultz berated a patriot...another voter would change sides. Every time...Senator Chuck Schumer told a crowd he wanted to enslave them...voters would support eliminating the yoke and choke agenda pushed by TEAM OBAMA mightily.

If the Republicans preach THE ORB*...and...demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...they'll defeat TEAM OBAMA. On the other hand...if the Republican message is some mixed-bag of buck and puck...they'll lose again. The voters will choose KEY...but...only if they're guaranteed "real liberty"...and...not some re-fried Republican "fix-it" program.
*THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Friday, February 21, 2014


When Ted Nugent said nasty things about Obama...the MASS MEDIA reacted as if acid thrown in their face. How dare he call Obama a MARXIST ON MISSION...a dung-eating monkey taking up Oval Office space! Recall that Ted Nugent made some remarks about Obama's character. Off-camera...this popular singer said....Obama was a want-wit plucking grass to know where sits the wind.. Nugent also went on to discuss OBAMA'S lying about OBAMA-CARE labeling Obama: "if you like it you can keep it lying two-face".


Heroin was found in a faculty bathroom. Somehow...a heroin user must have left that precious stuff. If you buy that're one of those in line to buy a bridge. It was planted to attack the Teacher's Union and to draw that Union into more disfavor. In many smells like "pay-back" by someone with a bigger agenda. Bill de Blasio is a jerk in many ways...but...he doesn't deserve these kinds of  "set-ups" by those who hate him so much they'll smack heroin in a teacher's bathroom.


In Las Vegas...a bet can be had on about anything. Recently...the odds have gone to 1000 to 1 that the little fella in North Korea is about to get ousted. He is killing too many people in a Stalin-like purge and too many know they're next and if they don't join and fight back soon...there will be too few of them to stop the completion of the power-purge the little fella is conducting in 2014.


On stage sat 3 Democrats who said socialism was good. They supported every program and policy and promised more for the "hood". But at question/answer the microphone went a crippled child. He asked them about it was costing more to the rank and file.

They looked at each other. They snickered. They chortled. How dare someone ask YERTLE about the throne! That turtle down below has best keep his thought to his own. The question wasn't answered. The person who asked about OBAMA-CARE was told by a goon squad to sit back down. He had caused enough trouble...he was to sit there and not make another sound.


Low-information voters...fool multitude...choose by view learning no more than fond eye doth teach. In contrast...those who choose by more than view...chance as fair...and...choose as true.

So began the saga of Lady Elizabeth...and...her march to make salt. Join her on that path of liberation over subjugation...have EDEN...and...your own future exalt.

As she passed virtually through every town...the crowds grew greater...her message of freedom in every heartbeat found.

Against her mission...were those who said THE ESTABLISHMENT can't be gone. It's as lasting as a Stone Hinge predicted dawn.


Lady Elizabeth's message was better than her competitors. She offered liberation over subjugation. And invited everyone to join the army of liberation and march with her to "make salt". Why must America languish in a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Why must Americans be directed from cradle to grave? Why kneel and worship the golden calf? Why not support the dismantling of the CAGE? Break the hold of the would-be master...remove socialist laws from America's page.


TEAM OBAMA attacked the mass media? Yes...and...only a few spoke up about infringement on freedom of the press. Had it not been for the valiant voice of this BLOG opposing this so-called "voluntary reporting"...many of the more prominent MASS MEDIA outlets were already making ways to "go along". Indeed... Valerie Jarrett said if it had not been for "freeusflorida"...Obama would have muzzled the dissident press by now.


Is there a "perfect bud"? Has someone grown such a thing? And...if someone has...was seed saved?


U.S.Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) lacks a message. He has antics and tactics...but...not a message. To correct this "hole"...Lady Elizabeth met with him and offered THE ORB. At first Cruz sniffed and poked as if a cat inspecting a potential feast. Then...he devoured it! Here was a message of difference and determination. With it he could lead America offering liberation over subjugation.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Why must Japan want power in the East China Sea? Who cares? Eventually, the Chinese will understand it's better security if the feat shared between trading partners.'s obvious the Chinese will achieve their goal of security for that area so that piracy and all the other knavery can be stymied. But will eventually realize it far better to share the task with a broader team with similar purpose.


Governor Scott Walker was using email to advance his purpose and political goals and somehow that use has angered Democrats and their complicit MASS MEDIA talking heads. For instance...MSNBC Ed Schultz...the ole bloated want-wit himself...drooled venom. He seemed so angry. Many people are commenting on "how mad" he seemed over Scott Walker's venial use of email and how lackluster and nonchalant he was when Hillary Clinton was found connected to the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy compound scandal. The difference was striking. Others went further about the difference in tratment at his thug-like hands. They said that his reporting of the $2 billion theft committed by Democrat Jon Corzine was timid and faint when compared to the way he has attacked Scott Walker and Chris Christie, for that matter.


The United Auto Workers got defeated. They had everything except "enough votes" wasn't likely the choice would change any time soon. The voters at the VW factory knew they had best shun the goon squads of the Union. The worker bees saw the UAW as some interloper...someone who would ruin their business in order to satisfy some other goal and purpose. Hence...the Union* was defeated.
*Except where dues are compelled, the Union is losing its punch and its membership. The Tennessee rebuke was just a symptom of this desire to be free from the hooligan grip of national unionism. Indeed...the only union which will be left standing in a few years will be those connected to public employee union, (SEIU).


If the Republican candidate preaches THE ORB...that politician would prevail in a landslide victory against Hillary Clinton or anyone else whose mission to continue into the toilet bowl of socialism and Eco-fascism. If the Republican opposition, though, offers some ESTABLISHMENT "same old, same old, just different bag"...then...whomever the Democrats offer...that person...including distasteful and wretched as that choice would be...that socialist/Marxist candidate would win.

The only message that can defeat the socialist is the message of liberation over subjugation. Hence, the Republican must demand elimination of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and the ushering in of the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. That message can overwhelm the Democrat since it leaves the Democrat having to tell the crowd about the benefits of enslavement...a topic few Americans wish to discuss.


Felix Rohatyn and Rodney Slater are two people* who could have been templates for some of the characters in that epic tome, ATLAS SHRUGGED. The don't see anything wrong with entering into a partnership with big foot government. They don't see it to be wrong since they're guaranteed a contract and steady payment streams. Sure...they're tethered...but...well-paid to keep quiet and produce as big foot government directs.

Somehow...these two dudes believe people can "partner" with government and come out any different than any other company which tried as much, (think Fannie and Freddie in the real world and the several businesses Ayn Rand described in SHRUGGED).

They're wrong to suggest such partnership is anything other than fascism...wherein the government directs and controls and the owners of the means of production comply. The government as a 49% these two dudes say is a good model for infrastructure repair and replacement effort...would already have a death grip on the company and whatever done...performed with government goal and purpose.

Hence...even though the widget...for example...were  found to be something this partnership arrangement...the 51% private side would not wish to cease production since partner-government could warehouse such glutted supply. In Russia...where this partnership idiocy was well-implemented...there were huge warehouses packed with hats not anyone wished to wear and shoes few wanted to own.

Lady Elizabeth says the way to address the problem of decaying to remove the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE as bottleneck. Remove the yoke and choke agenda that stifles and hinders...and...usher in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM). Instead of creating these so-called partnerships...Lady Elizabeth says remove all trade barriers...eliminate the taxes...remove the grip and grab of bureaucratic creeps...and...prosperity will will seem as if EDEN appeared.

*To them...fascism is doable. Government dictating what the partner will do not so much imposition to render the overall enterprise red-ink stuff, (think Solyndra,LLC). painted in ATLAS SHRUGGED...those parasites...those "winners"...they are consumed in the collective goo...their product not any longer theirs...their effort swept away as if it never existed.


When this BLOG offered to build a bigger bridge so that politicians could not close lanes and cause traffic's offer was ignored. As Mr. Wildstein said in his "turn-down" letter, "The bridge is ours!"


Secretary of State John Kerry...a moose-faced want-wit...told an audience in Indonesia that man-made global warming was real and that Mother Earth was about into flames stop such calamity...he wanted them to worship a golden designed to save them from the scorching heavens. Support the newest format of whip and chain...and...I'll promise fertile harvest and plentiful rain.

A cub-reporter from this BLOG cornered moose-face and was able to get an impromptu interview. Kerry admitted he didn't any more believe a man with spoon and bucket could dip the ocean dry than mankind could ever change anything long term** Mother Nature decreed. He admitted he was using "consensus-science" and knew* it was completely wrong...but...his team controlled the MASS his LIE would be called TRUTH and there was little even this BLOG could do about it.

The cub-reporter then recited LIE...clearly done and Kerry's shun...overwhelmed by what was boldly asked and pried. "The computer models are wrong and have been wrong predicting nonsense and having to be retooled each time error manifests?" the intrepid reporter asked. "And...the models show a trend upwards only because anything else would make the "greenhouse gas" ruse without value and any laws based thereon idiotic, correct?"

Kerry was cornered. He could not deny the computer models were wrong and were used to generate money and power. But to admit he and TEAM OBAMA were liars and pathetic charlatans...particularly to a bunch of monkeys in moose-face described the natives in his audience...that would be political disaster...something he wasn't about to author.

*He was sent to present a POLICE STATE MESSAGE and the man-made warming stuff was just another explanation for "why" the locals will not have their light bulb or wide screen TV.

**A factoid is a small fact that if it is changes the entire comet and spectacular plum.


Lady Elizabeth is traveling through...and...invites everyone to come and renew...find rebirth...liberation over subjugation...quintessence of earth.

THE ORB is what she offers...come and let's this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE escape...dismantle its this and that...why must whip and chain frame our fate...or...suffer tyranny's raised forth rats?


Lady Elizabeth was asked about the minimum wage law. She said such a law hurts people and must be removed. Why didn't she support such a rule that compels an employer to pay a floor price for labor?

To impose such a barrier creates a divide: those who can produce enough to warrant such a floor price payment and those who for whatever reason can't produce in accord with the employer's expectations. Instead of everyone having a chance to market their wares...this law creates an institutionalized underclass...those who simply can't do what need be done to warrant receiving that "minimum wage".

Lady Elizabeth noted how bizarre that the Democrat would demand a higher minimum wage. How does hurting people with this law make America a better place? Instead of removing the CAGE...and...ushering in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the minimum wage and its serial increases hurt people...preventing them from earning what meager sustenance possible. And...because they are not allowed to work and the employers not permitted to hire...these unemployable-people languish and become "needful and pathetic"...a condition the Democrat then exploits by promising "freebie and favor" in exchange for their political support.


Russian President Putin was correct when he told Obama to keep his busy-nose out of the Ukraine. Bluntly put but direct in meaning, President Putin told Obama the 2014 election cycle was open-season should Obama interfere in Kiev. And...because Obama knows his team's power is much in doubt...he knew he couldn't bluff President Putin and had to remain quiet.


The Olympic Games are almost Maidan Square...there's blood in the snow. Those killed were slain by CIA-operatives. The bullets and guns were CIA-made. The link with the CIA hence obvious. Indeed...Edward Snowden...former employee of the National Security Agency(NSA)...gave the Ukrainian authorities investigating the most recent slayings data demonstrating that the bullets and guns were definitely CIA-produced!

Asked to assist in the investigation...Russian President Putin...using his own Eddie Snowden verification software...confirmed CIA involvement and warned Obama to stay on the sidelines. It was bluntly put this way: "You bite...we bite back!"


Ukraine's Olympic Team has tied black ribbons onto their flag. What symbolism represented? When 3 American the 1960s...stood there and raised their fist as the Star Spangled Banner was played...they were condemned by the American MASS  MEDIA. How dare they exploit the occasion to reveal their frustration.


The Egyptians worshiped the cat for 5000 years. Why? some ancient alien theorists believe...aliens took the format of the cat and the Egyptians knew it. Puzzled by this question...there came an occasion when a test could be carried out with perfect circumstances to assist.

There came an occasion when the theorists son was taken by him to a piano lesson. It was the 1st time the theorist had been there and the petite piano teacher directed him to sit on a couch where already were to animals asleep...a huge cat and a small dog. When the theorist sat down...the animals didn't pay attention but continued their deep slumber.

The theorist sat quietly...adjusting a little bit from time to time as he sat there listening to the piano teacher and his son play and interact. After a few minutes...the piano teacher applied her full attention in such fashion that there was not any way she could see the theorist conduct a test.

With the flick of a made a dull thud the thump struck the top of the cat's head. It had the impact of a 9 lb hammer...briefly struck...heavily felt. It was lightning fast...with the theorist never moving any part of his body except the arm and wrist and of course that "cracking" finger thump.

Instantly...the theorist pretended he had always been in that comfort position and had always had his hands in his lap and his attention devoted to the son and teach interface. He didn't pay any attention to the cat who had lifted its head and studied the theorist...staring...watching for any movement indicating that the thump came from the human seated quietly adjacent to that now angry cat.

The dog sensing something wasn't right lifted its head to inquire. When that dog lifted its head...and...looked at that cat with a "what's up?" on its face...the cat sprang onto that dog with 4 paws and claws...fangs...slashing...slapping...and...that dog surprised took the first volley and then darted screaming and yelping from the room as its little paws clawed the hard wood well-polished floor trying to get traction and the cat having a bit better luck with it was gaining on that pooch as both flew from the room.

The piano teacher, Miss Jackie uttered a startled "WHAT!" The theorist pretended to be just as surprised and startled. What happened was her first words to the theorist. He returned the bafflement and excitement in kind inviting her to speculate. She openly conceded she lacked any explanation since they were such good friends and never had such an exchange been witnessed. The theorist opined that the music might have caused the critic in the cat to express itself in ways still yet unknown.

Later on...the theorist wrote an article about proof positive that the cat was indeed a mere format for aliens who use them to "hang-out" on planet Earth.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Listen to the Jew. You'll hear righteously declared, "NEVER AGAIN!" Of course, they refer to the Holocaust when such is expressed. Indeed...the Jew will defend Israel since the Promised Land is their home and their to speak. Lose that place...and...they are once again doomed to the Diaspora. North Korea...the prison camps are torturing and slaughtering thousands per month...and...yet...there isn't any outcry. When Franklin D. Roosevelt heard of the death camps...for instance...he said he didn't wish that to be publicized. Is there such indifference today as there was in the time of FDR?

Why isn't the Jew demanding North Korea stop its death camps? Why isn't there an outcry? Why is the same indifference and silence that the Jew beheld in the once more commonplace? What keeps the world from demanding this hooligan to removed...its police-state system dismantled...and...the North Koreans freed from bondage?

Folks...we're in a war on freedom. North Korea is just an extreme example of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE template. But...tyranny such as afoot in North Korea isn't getting examined just as the Nazi death camps while their existence known was not discussed publicly in the 1930s.

What's so ironic is that...the Jew isn't crying out to assist those beleaguered North Koreans...just as few non-Jews said much in the 1930s about the plight of the German Jew. The Jew should be screaming to open up those prison camps and permit inspection. By demanding as much...the Jew would be making sure when the time rolled around for some despot to attack the Jew...there would be liberated North Koreans coming to the aid of the Jew.


Pussy Riot...girls without dignity or talent...went to SOCHI to cause trouble. One PUSSY RIOT gal held up a poster demanding "gay-rights"...and...was immediately cornered by a 1000 undercover agents...each one 6'6" hair...and...a gentle grip for such a celebrity. They surrounded her...and...cajoled her to follow them back to where she could deliver PUSSY RIOT...something she had threatened to do if there were enough of them with that kind of appetite.


Kathleen Willey... lady with a story about Bill Clinton...has come forward to speak out against Hillary Clinton. When Kathleen Willey told the world how Bill Clinton had attacked her one night over a decade ago...people scoffed. Drag a $100 bill through a trailer park and you'd catch Willey..many chortled as they belittled her claim. Yet...once the stain was found on Monica's blue dress...Clinton had to confess. He had to say he was attacking women...and...his confessions supported Willey's story.

The relevance of that she claimed that it was Hillary Clinton who did the most to stifle her derail her glory...and...she was prepared to discuss what Hillary did. Obviously, Willey is angry that she never was able to tap ole Bill for some kind of rank...she is envious that Hillary remained with him...and...has laughed all the way to the bank.


In North Korea there is a caste system. It's called songbum. It's enforced with the death penalty. if you're in one niche...your entire family remains in that niche forever. Socialism creates this kind of extreme structuring. Just examine America and observe how powerful the politicians.


Why not one place where the otherwise unhampered market were permitted to flourish with substantial guarantees of non-interference? The reason is because people would observe the incredible wealth getting made there and demand their area be liberated from subjugation...something the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can't permit.

Obama's anger quotient

Measuring anger is difficult...but...Obama seemed displeased that big corporation officials would declare Obama's efforts anti-growth...anti-liberty...and...definitely what one might expect from a dung-eating monkey.


Where did the worker go? Such was the question the entrepreneur asked. She had a need to make 1000 NOOGIE WOOGIES...needed them made by noon...and...wanted to know where her workers had gone...where were they she asked into that empty room. After reflecting on the question...she concluded the new minimum wage was keeping them at home...she could only pay $5.00 per hour...had been paying every Friday as total receipts were added and expenses paid therefrom...but...with that new minimum wage...she couldn't afford to make the product and sell it at a price people were willing to pay. When it was $5.00 per hour...she was in business to stay.

Immediately she called Timmy Titler...a wizard of machines. He examined the product and packaging needs...saw where robots could pack the pork....a bot to add bottle and cork. Those 10 worker bees...had lost their sandwich-making jobs. They had to find someone willing to pay $10.10 per hour...something very few employers could risk on "untried-help". Before the minimum wage...they had income...they had jobs...they had a way to work on getting those 1000 per day to 10,000 per day...with every chance a way to push the product and company to greater heights...and...hence making their wages even greater!

Mention is made of this concept of the minimum wage since there are people inside the Obama administration who look at the minimum wage as hurting some and helping others with the collective goo...the so-called public...somehow faring best since more are helped by the increase than suffering institutionalized joblessness...unemployment created and perpetuated by the operation of the minimum wage law.

If you wish to support must never discuss the individual and how the law impacts each person but to examine the matter in a collective sense adding up losers and winners and if the winners are greater in numbers then the law is deemed good. Somehow, by raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour more people are helped than hurt. By government imposing a greater burden instantly on small businesses with such an increase, it's claimed by the would-be masters of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE that more people will be helped than hurt. Not that the law won't hurt people but that those hurt don't have as big a political voice as those helped.

Somehow, this faceless aggregate of workers overall is made better off by imposing on their respective employers a minimum wage. Sure...the NOOGIE WOOGIE employees were now out of work...but...they could apply for food stamps...shelter gasoline and cellphone. Somehow, the jobless-people prevented from employment by this floor price( minimum wage) are to be cared for and tended as one would a herd. Such is what TEAM OBAMA offers with this proposal to raise the minimum wage.
never admitting their wretchedness caused by that very law.


Leopaldo Lopez turned himself in to the Venezuelan National Police. He had been indicted and had a warrant for his arrest issued. With a crowd of 598,723 people standing beside him...he appeared...and...was quickly grabbed by the Police...put into an armor car and taken to a prison outside of Caracas where he will await trial for murder and mayhem.

Recall that Maduro...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...issued so many decrees that most businesses simply shut down. There was not any way...for instance...for a profit to be made when to sell for a price above cost meant a long prison term for "price gouging". Hence...stores were bare...and...consumers were angry...and...Maduro needed his own "fall-guy". What better way to explain the misery and darkness than to say Lopez caused it?

Maduro and his henchmen know the culprits behind those felonies...and...the reckless street violence were CIA-directed and Lopez was their "fall-guy"...a dupe...a want-wit...a person who could be led around and put into compromising positions and clever CIA manipulation...made to appear to be orchestrating the mob and its misdeeds.

But instead of revealing the CIA connection...Maduro decided to use that same "fal-guy" for his own purposes. Maduro needed someone to blame for the pathetic nature of Venezuela since socialism took root...its strangle-vines everywhere...and...what better person than some loudmouth claiming he knows how to stop Neo-feudalism and usher in the 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper?


Blackwater...a security contractor...was involved somehow in the West Virginia chemical spill. Peg Brickley...a reporter for the Wall Street Journal...revealed that Blackwater had some kind of equity interest in FREEDOM INDUSTRIES,INC...the owner of the chemical tank that spilled some kind of "harmful-to-human" stuff into the river causing 300,000(+) people to be without drinking water. As Peg put it, "Those people became acquainted with how the Russians live in such places as SOCHI."

What if that spill were deliberate? What if that spill were caused by people with an agenda and that spill was part of some greater plot? What if the environmentalists wanted a tragedy to unfold and cause people to fear fear coal and its supporting companies? What better way than to puncture a tank with a containment wall unsuited to contain what the puncture would produce? If a saboteur wanted to attack and cause such mayhem and fright...that tank was prime picking!

Recently, an attack on the power-grid was attack carried out by a para-military bunch sent to perform* that feat. Mention is made of this power-grid event since the chemical spill was due to a "suspect" rupture in a tank which had performed that task of containment with aplomb until just over a month after the property was sold to Cliff Forrest for $15 million. As if that tank had waited to deliver into the public water supply that "harmful-to-human" stuff until after the 3 prior owners had escaped

Folks..we're in a war on freedom. And...before you dismiss this possible explanation for that tank rupturing...why not wait and observe? There are several teams in that area examining that tank's rupture point. Even the INSPECTION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has a science-team there on-site and the conclusion so far is that the rupture seems to be "man-made"...but...disguised** quite well.  y."
*And it was done in such a manner that it delivered whatever was needed to advance whatever political theme TEAM OBAMA needed. Indeed...the complicit MASS MEDIA...somehow coincidentally framed the chemical spill in such terms most people thought a million people had been poisoned.
** The BLOG dispatched a team to investigate. The leader of the team was a well-known scientist, Timmy Titler. After examining the rupture site...his team verified it was sabotage. As Timmy Titler said, "The telltale signs of saboteur-handiwork dripped from every aspect to the overall calamity."


Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebee...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...revealed how the CAGE works. He said Arkansas couldn't stop taking from the producer and redistributing as master sees fit since 100,000 more people grabbing the master's fare...had signed on to the "FREEBIE INSURANCE PLAN" scuttle that "private option" program would be to create a $90 million hole in the state's budget. Because people were already receiving the redistributed funds in the way big foot government was imperative the "whip and chain" not be removed. As Beebee told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "When you want enslavement...never remove the chain."

While Arkansas lacks people willing to stand up and say that fascist programs such as the "private option" must be deleted along with the rest of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. It's time for such a voice be heard...such a chorus formed. Yet...the only news from Arkansas is they have accepted Neo-feudalism...they've knelt and licked boot...and...the producers had better see the future and depart that toilet bowl...leave the place...pull up roots.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hon Hai has agreed to wire every courthouse in Florida with fiber optics designed to deliver instant connection between client, lawyer and judge for all motion and docket call calendars and case management sessions. The lawyer and client can use COURT-BOT(tm) finding themselves in a virtual courtroom with exact specifications since its SKYPE LINKED. The exhibits can be instantly delivered email fashion. The clerk can admit the items and instantly the software puts them in photo format for examination by either side prior to their admission. The items can then be virtually shown to the witness via SKYPE and the Judge can look on the entire affair on his monitor as the drama unfolds.


Why attack a website that collects money and then gives it out to entrepreneurs with a good idea...but...who lack capital to get it get it to speak? Well...the assault is done by big foot government. Yes...folks...the National Security Agency is one of the biggest offenders of data-theft. They hide their attacks very well leaving only a trail of teenage hackers who were coincidentally doing something similar. In the CIA's called a "scrape-off". can believe Uncle Sugar isn't doing such nefarious things. But then again you probably believed Obama when he said you could keep your health insurance and your doctor. Or maybe that LIE opened your mind to the probability that these attacks...including the KICK-STARTER ATTACK...are orchestrated very cleverly by the NSA. When Eddie Snowden discovered these attacks and threatened to reveal them...NSA went even deeper trying to get below and away from the omnivorous maw of Eddie Snowden's stolen "pass-keys"...programs designed to pierce any veil and observe what is to/from.

According to high level administration sources...speaking on condition of was reported that the assault on KICK-STARTER was a "test" of this new level of firewall designed to stop Eddie's "pass-keys" from operating. This pet eyeball went on to reveal that Obama thought it funny that entrepreneurs were fearful. He told Valerie Jarrett that he liked causing gave him such a sense of mission as a MARXIST. Ah...yes...the ole kick-starter, himself.


The infrastructure for bitcoin or for any other crypto-currency must exist with the technology available. As the quart crystal approach takes off...the ability to keep big foot government or any other busy-nose away from the storeroom will become so commonplace that bitcoin will once again be cutting edge's owners anonymous...transactions therewith completely encrypted and unavailable to monitor...and...most of all...a way to store value and not have to fear attack from would-be masters seeking tribute.

Because Antonis Polemitis, CEO of LEDRA CAPITAL,LLC, wants to get involved in this newest way to keep the vermin Hun-horde from plundering the storeroom...he contacted the VIRTUAL CURRENCY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and placed an order for $20 billion in bitcoin having heard Russian President Putin was opening Russia to every form of business...and...the more enigmatic...the more esoteric...the more strange and 21st century-like...the more welcomed!

And...Antoinis wanted to be one of the be in that bunch written about in the 23rd century history books when the early days of the 21st Century are discussed in incidental detail...including how this BLOG worked with LEDRA CAPITAL to make it the finance company that backed lunar mining efforts...and...was the first company to have 100 tons of gold delivered to Earth by Virgin Space-Travel,(VST).


Atop Mt. a vault...packed with gold, platinum and dreams...mixed as one might wish...or so for the moment seems.


Bitcoin enthusiast, Meyer Malka told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that bitcoin was not dead but transforming as each big foot government goon squad took its was becoming armored against it. Eventually...bitcoin will be impregnable. It's owners anonymous...each transaction so encrypted not any NANNY STATE CAGE eyeball can spot...detect...or...interfere with...and...its existence as ephemeral as the pulling of a plug.

Yes...bitcoin insulates the owner from the CAGE'S grip and grab. It's a natural outgrowth of the oppression afoot in America and elsewhere. Indeed, Americans have federal reserve notes...pieces of worthless or as valuable as people are willing to believe...and...somehow bitcoin is different?

Remove the CAGE...and...the bitcoin would evaporate as quickly as it arrived....since gold and platinum are preferred repositories for wealth and not an impression in some THUMB-DRIVE.

Monday, February 17, 2014


MSNBC is 24/7 with the story about Governor Christie and the bridge closing. One talking head is showing America the text messages between Wildstein and other Christie henchmen addressing the bridge closing.

The venom and fervor of the MASS MEDIA over this story is so different than how the same bunch handled the Benghazi embassy scandal...a scandal where 4 Americans died...or...the $2 billion theft of client funds by Democrat Jon Corzine. These two stories and a dozen more just as nasty deserved meticulous examination...fine-tooth comb investigation...but...they received little to none. The difference demonstrates that TEAM OBAMA and the other freedom-haters control most of the MASS MEDIA!


"Cover Oregon" a $160 million Boondoggle. Where did the money go? Oh...sure...there were clever commercials...a guitar dude playing about the wonders of licking boot...people saying they loved being slaves...but not one person has signed up for OBAMA-CARE in Oregon's root.


The power of a new message is demonstrated by the street riots of Caracas. This BLOG delivered the message of liberation over subjugation and it was so overwhelming that people took to the streets demanding the grip of Satanic socialism be gone. Naturally...Maduro...a ghoul and reprobate....dispatched water cannon and rubber bullet to drive these freedom-fighters from the streets...declaring marshal law and shooting anyone in violation of curfew. Ah...the workers' paradise.


As the tyrant marched through the street...everyone was quiet. To dissent in any outward fashion meant instant doom if spotted and snitches were everywhere seeking to curry favor with the master of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Such was the description of North Korea by a dissident who died from hypothermia having been left in sub-zero temperature without any clothes.


While this BLOG has touted Russian President Putin as a great leader and perhaps even the reincarnation of PETER THE GREAT...the rest of the MASS MEDIA has taken a decidedly opposite view. They can't stand it that there could be a leader capable of distinguishing himself and his country as once more a great power and a wondrous place to live and produce...a place free from the red tape, tax and spend of socialist program and policy...a place where an entrepreneur can find as much opportunity as imagined without the hassle and hinder of some bureau chief or snotty agent.


Miranda Barbour is a member of a cult and a confessed serial-killer. She showed police 22 graves and said there were several mass graves in Utah and Wyoming...two states she found good and wholesome. In her confession she noted that she and her crew were used several times by Obama to take out people along the Mexican border including a U.S. border guard named: BRIAN TERRY.


Recently, the Wall Street Journal mentioned a robot army which was organized as a termite colony capable of erecting 42 foot high pyramids. While the Lunar Mining Company has an army of them already exploring the lunar surface...there was not any way to keep the technology a secret. The only advantage is that LMC is already there and looking for 3 things: (i) gold, (ii) platinum and (iii) tritium. The find-bots as they're called have only one mission: find and signal: "HERE!"


Al Sharpton makes his money of "race-baiting". He made money when Trayvon Martin was killed. He made money most recently off the Jordan Davis murder. He's a death merchant. He drools venom and preaches racial hatred. Yet...he's quiet about how big foot government has erected almost impenetrable barriers so that young blacks can't ever succeed! Two faced? You betcha!


Daniel refused to eat and drink things forbidden by his Law. He refused to bow to an idol even though refusal meant death. He refused because he would not submit to tyranny. And...what made him noteworthy...what made him someone to be recognized and noticed...what made him second only to the King of Persia? It was his conviction that liberation over subjugation was paramount and worth defending even in face of abject fear from all others...others who would but couldn't out of dread.

Mention is made of Daniel...since in 2014...there is another Daniel. Her name is Lady Elizabeth and she has a new message. It calls on the voters to rise up and dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in EDEN...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "our tears...your purse!" She offers respite from the grip and grab of big foot government...and...succor to the poor and needy. As one supporter said, "Lady Elizabeth reminds me of Joan of Arc."

In many ways...Lady Elizabeth is...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...and...offering rebirth and liberty...a way to escape the yoke and choke agenda of the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.'s this message of liberty which has grabbed the attention of the national mass media. Even Oprah Winfrey has heard of her and wishes she could be as courageous. Indeed...Oprah agreed that TEAM OBAMA had replaced liberty with "freedom-to-obey"...a nasty socialist tenet and one she, herself, found abhorrent. She liked Lady Elizabeth's promise to deploy THE ORB and chase away the misery and darkness of subjugation...the primal commodity sold by Obama...a/k/a...MARXIST ON MISSION.

Her message invites voters to eliminate the Neo-feudalism so much in flood in America...and...usher in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never need a producer fear envy and avarice finding its way into some income tax or an inheritance tax...indeed...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. And...because this message is so powerful...she's noticed and raised up as the new leader of America.


How much CO2 does the biosphere consume? Unknown and probably unknowable since the biosphere is dynamic and grows and dies in ways totally beyond measure or measurement. Because it's basically gives the charlatan a great panoply of ways to dupe and ensnare the easily beguiled and hopelessly fooled. For example...if the oceans must be warming to bolster the "tale"...then...atop underwater volcanoes measurements are taken. If ice must be receding...then...the Himalayas are said to be the poster child for it when the opposite was true.


John the Baptist proclaimed there wasn't any need for a two shekel blessing and that each person could commune with God and dispense with the Temple tax. By the time Caiaphus dispatched his scouts...the prayer line stretched 1/2 the way across Judea(JOHN 1:23).

Mention is made of this interface with John and the scouts since John was entrenching the general coffers of the Temple and the revenue loss had become noticeable. How could a new message have such power? What was there in that message that was so fire-like? And...what could be done to stop such undermining of THE ESTABLISHMENT?

Nowadays...Lady Elizabeth marches with her army of liberation before whom is carried THE ORB. From town to town she goes inviting everyone to join her march to "make salt" and together eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

She preaches liberation over subjugation from an electronic pool of God metaphorically  beyond Jordan, (JOHN 1:28) inviting everyone to support her effort to dismantle the yoke and choke such eradication...assure those Americans to be born that enslavement was stopped in 2014!

Why must Americans be burdened with big foot government? Why must Americans find their general coffers not stuffed with gold but with worthless federal reserve notes? Why must Americans be saddled with a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system that has cost $20 trillion so far and is expected to cost another $20 trillion by the end of the decade? Hmmm...why?


Walking through swamp? Big question would be...caution...or...the place gator-free? Quick sand another pitfall...looked like ground...disappeared...that last whimpered sound. One intrepid fool...was looking at map as he stepped into cobra sting...another fell to his doom...overlooking almost everything. say "gator-free, eh?

LOCAL MILITIA might the army of liberation so powerful? The answer is the local militias turn out to support the campaign to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE as this virtual army passes through. They provide the sustenance...the well-wishing such troops need as they fight their way into WASHINGTON D.C. to eliminate the yoke and choke agenda and deliver America from the grip of tyranny.

In one small town...Lady Elizabeth spoke to a crowd of 543 people. She told them of liberation over subjugation and invited them to join with her and march to "make salt" delete the CAGE...eliminate any form or format of enslavement...and...reduce big foot government to a size fitting for a 21st century administration of technocrats... whose mission statement: protect and serve. She asked them to consider EDEN...and...a place where never could be found an able-bodied paupers.


It's obvious the Chinese are entitled to as much of the South China Sea as they wish. The Philippines would do well to accept this hegemony. Indeed...the protection afforded by this enlargement of control is well-known and quite valuable. If anything...they should be thanking China for this gift!


In 1776...Americans stood against tyranny. While there are many ways to interpret their motives...the fact is that the idea was to eradicate feudalism and establish a democratic form of government and a free marketplace. And...for many years...most areas were free of the grip and grab of some would-be master. However, by the 20th century, the NANNY STATE CAGE was already getting its first girders and facade and by 2014...America is smothered in "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies designed to enslave and destroy any opposition.

It's time to invite voters to join the march to "make salt" and evict the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists at all levels of government. By giving the voters a way to escape the yoke and choke agenda of this CAGE...the army of liberation draws its membership from everywhere.


The biosphere of Mother Earth lacks frame and measured aspect. Guessing about its embodiment done and fact but at the bottom of the pyramid is guess. Hence...scientists claim they know what makes the world heat up and cool down...and...declare as much as fact when it's little more than another guess dressed in clothing well-paid for by grants and "other".

Instead of  foolhardily accepting the "man-made global warming" myth...why not ask yourself several basic questions: (i) Does 2+ 2 = 4 (ii) Even if one were to wish it...could 2+2 ever equal anything but 4?(iii) Does a plant eat CO2 and return O2 as by-product, (iv) Does not the biological protoplasm eat O2 and emit CO2? (v) Does the sun heat or cool planet Earth (vi) Does the atmosphere include CO2 as a trace gas and in such trace amounts as to be almost without measure and definitely without consequence given (iii) above?

Folks...climate change is as natural as a volcano blowing its lid and emitting particulate matter and gas in portions unknowable with any degree of precision. Yes...long term climate change is natural and not alterable by mankind. Sure...if enough "nukes" were detonated...there might be a nuclear winter for a fortnight...but...mother nature would sort it out.. Humans might be gone due to radiation poisoning...but...what could survive would and would flourish even if man were erased by his own hand. But to say man can cork a volcano...or siphon the fury of a hurricane is to claim fiction over fact and hold the same as cemented-belief.


Power-up! Such the command when a jet must fly...not fall. And likewise said when the army of liberation canvasses the squares and malls. Sign the petition for liberation over subjugation...join the march to "make salt". Invitation made to everyone...since everyone's named JOHN GALT.


Secretary of State John Kerry said climate change was as much a threat to the planet as terrorism. While a few people cheered such an attitude...most were surprised he'd say such nonsense. Indeed...Mother Nature didn't destroy the World Trade Center on 09-11-10...terrorists did.

As for climate change...this occurrence is something caused by natural forces and mankind has little to nothing to do with it. Sure...there are "paid-scientists" who claim man is making the Earth warmer...but...when asked to demonstrate how such could ever occur...they respond with computer models and pie charts based on assumption and hand-picked* data.
* To prove the oceans were warming up...measurements of ambient ocean temperatures were taken over underwater volcanoes. To prove the air was packed with CO2...these "paid-to-find" scumbags went to factories and stood above the smoke stacks and took measurements never telling anyone how such measurements were taken since to reveal as much would undermine their mission and cause their benefactors to cease payment.


In Philadelphia...a cult was uncovered which practiced ritual killings. According to officials...23 dismembered bodies were found in a shallow grave behind the cult's clubhouse. When member said she liked the blood and screams of horror. She also admitted she was a Democrat and loved Obama. She said she killed people to demonstrate how much of a loyal socialist she was.

"12 years a slave"

While the movie, "12 years a slave" is receiving accolades and's theme can be found in almost every socialist rule or law afoot in America and elsewhere. And...because this topic is so popular...this BLOG has been demanding that America find its traditional spirit and eliminate its 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


The Indian River Lagoon stretching out miles along the Treasure Coast of Florida has suffered from government activities. Instead of putting in more inlets...and...thereby refreshing the lagoon every time the tides change...government has been eliminating them creating a cesspool affect. Rather than blaming the Army Corp of Engineers, though, the farmers have been attacked. Somehow...farming is the cause of the stink and decay and not big foot government. Typical socialist drivel and tripe but effective if an opposing voice is not heard!


Why not dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? What benefit so derived that voters would continue to support its "hassle and hinder"?


Lady Elizabeth contacted Sarah Palin and invited her to join the army of liberation and march with her to "make salt". Why must America be smothered in "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Why not dismantle this CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)?


Single-mom Wendy Davis is running for Texas Governorship as a Democrat. She has promised Texans that she'll impose socialism and guarantees poverty and misery will manifest. Here was a lady who was going to eliminate liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey"...something Texans had been wanting for a long time. She said she'd tax and spend until Texas was bubbling with smothering mounds of red tape and hassle.


Because the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG represents most of the veterans in was they who received the call to assist a vet who had suffered blindness in combat. He had been an iron chef in New York City. But had quit and gone to fight terrorists when the World Trade Center was destroyed on 09-11-01. Pat Tillman of the St. Louis Cardinals also quit his job playing football and went to do the same thing.

When the vet was met...he was sitting in a small apartment without a he thought. While there speaking to this vet...the lawyer from this BLOG was eating a small sandwich and dipping it into a sauce...both provided by this blind man. To the exclamation that the fare was incredibly good and had a unique taste...the vet sighed. "'s wondrous...but...I'm blind...what am I going to do?"

The lawyer instantly rejoined, "You be the maker...I'll be your feet...and...every bottle...a footprint!" So began the BBQ sauce enterprise designed to sell bottles of sauce and return the proceeds to this disabled patriot. It was called: Yo momma's blind man BBQ sauce. So far...100,000 cases have been sold and another 100 million are waiting for delivery.


Witch burner? Ever heard the phrase? If you were back in the heard it quite often as people bragged that they were witch burners. These people would cheer the witch's screams of horror as the flames licked her limbs and fried her mind.

Nowadays...people who are against marijuana are modern-day witch-burners. They want to impose their way of life...their gray...simple Simon way of life on those who wish to use marijuana. These pedants want to impose their idea of how to live on everyone else and are ready to strike at anyone smoking the "devil's weed".

Fortunately...there are enough people smoking the "urb" that these witch-burners lack any real political power. Sure...for a 100 years they reigned and hurt people with laws and rules designed to imprison and discourage...but...that has changed. Most Americans know these people...and...when they hear them belch their nasty-bent...they're quickly told to shut their mouth or face a crude groin-kick or face-slap...their choice should they continue to demand witches be burned.


Folks...for several dollars you can attempt to win the $400,000,000.00(+) lottery.'s not easy picking that winning series of numbers...but...when the prize is so great...why not give it a try? This BLOG has been saying all along that a national government...small in size and delivering only essential services could be funded by such lotteries. And...coupled with rents, royalties and Warren Buffett kind of gifts could generate enough funds to pay salaries and overhead.

Yes...big foot government would be what? Look around you and the misery and poverty you observe is directly due to the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Remove the CAGE...delete its oppressive yoke and choke agenda and America would blossom and bloom. an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) there can never be found an able-bodied pauper.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


The Democrats will put Hillary into the 2016 position to be elected President. Its complicit MASS MEDIA will tell America that Hillary has been vetted and can lead America. Indeed...all the scandal and question surrounding her will be called petty and small-minded...asking Americans to overlook such things and elect the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT. If the Republicans offer a ROMNEY-ESQUE kind of candidate...a willow-in-wind kind of personality(think Jeb Bush)...then...Hillary will prevail and America will continue down its path into a toilet bowl of socialism and Eco-fascists misery.


Recall HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius did what she could to stop a young girl from getting a new lung and had it not been for the courage of a federal judge to defy this "DEATH PANEL DETERMINATION"...this little girl would have died. As it is she's healthy and is competing for a final spot on American Idol. Yes...folks...Sebelius wanted her to die but a federal Judge asked "why".


Obama should be praised not chided for refusing to impose great portions of OBAMA-CARE on America. On the other hand...he should be asked to assist in eradicating it and all the other stuff that creates or perpetuates the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. When he refuses to help dismantle the it, though, you'll know his refusal to impose OBAMA-CARE was intended to assist Democrats in the 2014 election cycle and not meant as any change in his mission statement,to-wit: MARXIST ON MISSION.


Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion of his clients' money...and...not anywhere in the MASS MEDIA is that story told or followed. Yet...the tangential involvement that Republican Chris Christie might have had in a bridge-closing and resultant traffic snarl is covered 24/7 by relentless MASS MEDIA talking heads demanding that he step down as New Jersey's Governor. Why the difference?

Is one misdeed more news worthy? Will one topic instead of the other draw more attention and hence sell more newspapers or TV media ad time? It's obvious someone has concluded as much since Democrat Jon Corzine's nefarious activity has escaped attention while Christie's "perhaps knowledge" of a bridge closing as a political "pay-back" has been examined as one would a crop circle in the Washington Monument lawn.

The difference in focus and treatment might be more than mere "profits". It might be an excrescence...a natural outgrowth of a much deeper confrontation afoot inside the Republican NATIONAL PARTY. What if there were insiders...5th column types...dispatched to place pitfall and then invite fatal step? What if such cadres were sent into Christie's camp there to do what need be done when need there be to do? What if Christie...the bloated want-wit he seemed to be...trusted...relied...and...then caught where denial not given a corner to choose?

Somehow, a decision seems to have been made. It was made to elevate Jeb Bush to national prominence...and...jettison Christie. Perhaps...Christie refused to agree to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...ole JEB...always the compromising willow-in-the-wind...probably did. (DANIEL Chapters 3-6).

Jeb probably told THE ESTABLISHMENT he'd continue to enhance big foot government...perpetuating and adding from time to time to make more onerous...more treacherous...the the Republican tradition of idiocy. Jeb told them he'd keep borders troubled with red tape and bureaucratic hassle...that he'd keep trade barriers high to help dependent-businesses...that he'd keep taxes high and government power growing ever more invasive...he promised to be as socialist and as Eco-fascist as need there be...the goal for him to reduce Americans to cattle and sheep...."freedom-to-obey" instead of liberty.

In contrast, Christie...stood on his convictions as did Daniel. Christie told THE ESTABLISHMENT he intended to delete and eliminate until the entire power structure was dismantled and America at long last liberated from the yoke and choke agenda and its would be masters of the 20th Century.

As did Daniel...Christie refused to eat what had just before been offered to an idol for blessing. He refused to kneel to an idol even if refusal meant political-death. Daniel stood for conviction...his convictions...and...Christie in similar bent...wasn't about to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue...something contrast...agreed to do with aplomb.

What Governor Chris Christie needs to do is present a simple message: "liberation over subjugation!" He needs to rise up and proclaim the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can and must surely be dismantled permitting EDEN to manifest.

By such message he would instantly put every voter on one side or the other. If you support want liberty...and...the removal of all the hassle and hinder so much a part of this 20th Century CAGE template.

If you don't support Christie you're for more red tape, tax and spend programs and policies...with misery at every every end. Imagine a federal government so small that it can be funded by national lotteries, rents and royalties and you'll sense what Christie envisions in such a message of freedom over whip and chain.

To the world...not just to Americans...Christie might ask a simple question: "Why should there be such masters and such a CAGE?" He might invite the crowd to consider an ponder another way.

He might describe the march to make salt as deployment of THE ORB...ushering in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market by deleting the hassle, hamper and stomp so much a part of the 20th Century's CAGE like chomp. To such declaration of liberation...his crowds would grow and his campaign become so awesome...that it would compel every politician to agree that liberty is far better than chain and that the CAGE must be eliminated and freedom permitted to flourish.

If he...though...for some reason...and...many reasons there are or will be said to be on his back huddled with bags of fear...if he...does not preach THE ORB...he'll be left as would Daniel have gone unnoticed had he eaten and drank stuff offered first to an idol for blessing. If Christie merely mouths the bromides and platitudes of THE ESTABLISHMENT...basically rehashed ROMNEY-DRIVEL...he'll be just another "same old, same old, just different bag"...and...lose that spark that could have propelled him into the Oval Office.


Before Ecuador...Americans had few places they could go and explore. There was not a secure and safe place to stay...the water and food while pretty was tainted in ways outsiders could not consume and not find themselves for hours on some toilet finding displeasure at both ends...and...maybe gut-wrenching doom.'s a place in that South American's in the mountains...away from the coast...the typical 3rd world nasty spot. The Germans built an airport as grand a landing pad as ever conceived...they equipped the tower with the latest gizmos so never is there collision or misdeed. Safe almost everything.

Yes...there is a list which is given to you with photos of bugs, spiders, frogs and snakes that if seen are to be avoided...or...if...touched or bitten...where the nearest anti-venom might be found. Other than that...the trip is pleasant...inexpensive...and...the fun unbounded. As one visitor said, "I can't imagine EDEN any other way than this spot right here. The climate is invigorating...the air crisp and clean...the natives and others great pals and neighbors...and...the excitement never ending."

Saturday, February 15, 2014


On the coast of Ecuador...kidnapping is if not for sale. However, a different way of life is found the Inca territory. There...the producer never need fear envy finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...or...some despot proclaiming "Our tears...your purse!" People needn't fear the brigand whether dressed as knave or wearing some official ministry's insignia with their dagger and spears.

How could an investor have a pick of what was there to be sold...but...never have to be there...yet...anything the investor wished to see or know just a click away...the entire portfolio? What if there were carry THE ORB about...the investor could discover how safe...what long his wits might endure...for a fee...trusted scout?

Maybe...Chipper..the name the hotel Americans gave to the little crippled Inca boy missing both legs, an arm, an eye,both ears..never had a toy....but...with the assistance of his NOOGIE MOBILE...outfitted for the lad by the team that decided to demonstrate how something could be done...cheaply and have while doing it...a bunch of fun...with such transport...Chipper could sell NOOGIE WOOGIE throughout the city...a pork sandwich with some punch...and...also have this 2nd job...carrying around THE ORB...wherever wished or throbbed...just telling the THE ORB what was best for lunch.
These reconn bots have the generic name THE ORB. It's a BALL...a good little...BALL with handle and stick like shit-to-blanket zigzag...indestructible almost...tell everything wall to wall...kind of BALL. Power source is solar and mountains of Ecuador are sunny most always and the battery lasts 1000 hours on as little as 5 minutes of the sun's energy stuff. It's been said THE ORB has been assaulted by cannon, bullet and well-placed edge...never has it been pierced successfully pledged. And why attack what can with a towel be blinded for as long as towel might be placed...but...when the towel comes off and THE ORB can reports back about pitfall and areas of grace.