Sunday, March 30, 2014


Venezuelan strongman, MADURO has recently been claiming he's dogged by some kind of malevolent spirit. Only when he's alone does this thing choose to appear. It touches his neck with cold from splashes shadow where none be near...and...whispers noise of doom...only to him made clear.


Other people's money? O.P.M. for short. It's what politicians use when perpetuating their power or putting more cannon in their forts.

The underlying premise of OBAMA-CARE...that 2000(+) pages of compelling people to pay for those who can't or won't...even if such compulsion stomps on you. Take away OPM...however...and...this socialist miasma instantly implodes. So long as big foot government can compel people,though,to kneel and worship the golden calf...OPM will always be available to forge whatever idol the master chooses best by half.

It might seem to many that the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is perpetual as Pharaohs' reign must have appeared to's not. There will come a day...a day Lady Elizabeth envisions...when access to OPM will be squeezed until whatever is compelled so small as not to make any difference. Until then...though...OPM will always be grabbed and used as power and desire deem righteous.

How come OPM so easily used?

Why can't someone liberate America? Why can't someone form an army of liberation and delete this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? The answer is that to accomplish such a dramatic liberation...the team would need support from all the MASS MEDIA. And...there isn't any way to take control of the complicit MASS MEDIA. Hence...whatever attempt to escape the CAGE...whatever metaphorical Moses scenario's likelihood of success almost nil. The MASS it is right now...would make sure not anyone knew about the effort...and...when it did choose to'd call out nasty names...and...kick with surprising blows.

Yet...escape will happen. Despite the awesome and perpetual nature of this 20th Century CAGE...of which OBAMA-CARE is but a natural outgrowth...there are people who don't fear its might and are standing forth....demanding this CAGE be dismantled....declaring it time to rise up and fight against the whip and chain.

Their declaration: liberation over subjugation. Their banner: the otherwise unhampered market...or OUM...for guarantees liberty and insures not any political aggression and definitely not any forts. It insulates the storeroom from the reach of some would-be master with eliminates the yoke and choke agenda by which bureaucratic creeps bully and rob.

This KEY to CAGE is embodied in the what might be called this new message...this new alternative...and...perhaps...even...a veritable EDEN...whether 1st class or coach. This refreshing invitation has been fashioned by a lady marching with others to make salt. Indeed...Lady Elizabeth* her passionate followers admiringly say...leads an army of liberation...asking everyone along the way...come and join the march to delete the CHAIN...come and help us usher in the OUM...guaranteeing prosperity remains.

Similar to 2000(+) years ago...when John the Baptist informed his patrons they didn't need to spend two shekels to get receive receive it is with Lady Elizabeth. She marches to make salt. Her army of liberation dedicated to deleting and eradicating the CAGE...and...ushering in the OUM...and...therein experiencing EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


While her opposition drops bombs on her team...they...nevertheless...persevere. They know their message once heard brings in more and more members. Why kneel and lick boot with candied tongue? Why not join the march and with the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be "done-sung"?
*She is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. She's the reenactment of Molly Pitcher firing the cannon when her husband fell. She's Dagney. She's Barbara Fritchie holding out Old Glory and defiantly declaring liberty compelling Stonewall Jackson to decree: "Harm one hair on 'yond gray head and you'll die like a dog...march on he said."


Why dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? One good reason is that once gone such scumbags as JOHN KOSKINEN* can't attack people using his position at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) since there won't be any form or format of big foot government such as IRS once the CAGE is deleted.
* In the otherwise unhampered market...these nasty versions of jerk usually are so shunned they're often found among coal-shoveling crews headed for the Asian rim.

Free-spirit: Robin B. Frazier

In Maryland, a city councilwoman refused to stop saying:"Thank you, Jesus." The other four members asked a judge to make her stop saying such offensive things from a public pulpit. According to one of these was unsettling to hear Jesus was present when they were trying to hurt people with more "red tape, tax and spend".


When Russian President Putin finally completes the retaking of Ukraine...we'll hear Obama tell the world he didn't believe his "red line" had been crossed. Fortunately for President Putin...he can take what he wants and never have to fear crossing that proverbial "red line".

Lemieux and Ebony

Ebony magazine's senior editor-Lemieux became angry when someone asked about having a conservative Afro-America speak at a big meeting. How dare anyone want a freedom-fighter among us, she chided.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


John Internal Revenue Service(IRS) a NAZI. He's a freedom-hater and is as nasty as you can imagine any NAZI could be. He'd kill his mother to advance cause. And...he'll snicker and laugh at people's disgust of his intrusion into their lives and then attack with hellish knives.

JOHN KOSKINEN should be required to answer the questions his scurvy crew is asking me and you. Let's hear his answers and take him out on a rail...tar and feather...and...publicly ostracize him.

Force Recon

The Marines have a special troop called "force recon". These men are dispatched to locate the enemy...deliver a massive punch...and...then clean up as need there be. Unfortunately for the Marines...the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan knew exactly where these men would walk and hence planted mines and other explosive devices...all designed to maim and kill. Hence, you can pick which one in the crowd is a former "force recon" soldier because he'll be missing legs and/or arms.

Iraq and Afghanistan were needless wars! Bush and Cheney and anyone else who pushed for those wars need to be raised up for public derision and scorn. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) opined, "They need to have their limbs blown off so they might empathize with these courageous men."

Abby McCloskey

Abby McCloskey...a faux-economist...said Obama didn't have the spine to implement the tyranny embedded in OBAMA-CARE. Abby wanted OBAMA-CARE to have a rule permitting jackboots to bash down doors and shoot people. She liked the idea of making people kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge. Obama was watering down the so-called "individual mandate"...a requirement that the taxpayer-citizen kneel and lick boot with candied tongue!(Wall Stret Journal 03-28-14;A-17)


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is presently engaged in a smear campaign. They're saying nasty things about Russian President Putin...calling him names and claiming he's a tyrant or worse. Even though Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION and with the help of his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists is hurting Americans...the MASS MEDIA would prefer castigating a Russian whose efforts have been to protect his borders from enemy incursions.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Finally...after great effort on the part of this BLOG...there has been a public acknowledgement that man-made global warming is myth and that its proponents charlatans, hucksters and parasites.(Wall Street Journal A-13;03-28-14).

Carroll Quigley

Carroll Quigley read HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises and took from that tome an idea and packaged it as a separate book: THE EVOLUTION OF CIVILIZATION. While she might escape the scrutiny of most book-critics...her effort was unable to get past the ever-watchful monitors of this BLOG.

Iwao Hakamada

Iwao Hakamada was released from a Japanese prison where he had been awaiting a death sentence for over 50 years. The court finally examined the information provided by the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and concluded the prosecution had manufactured the evidence and that an innocent man had been imprisoned.

Mention is made of this success story since in Florida...for instance...there are many such cases where the prosecutor with the assistance of dedicated law enforcement personnel have prosecuted people they knew were innocent. The list of defendants suffering such attack is so long it has become almost meaningless. Ever so often...though...the egregious aspect of a wrongful prosecution might be brought to the public's attention...but...the odds are so low that most go unnoticed.


In Egypt...the government had to raise the minimum monthly wage to $172.00 or face massive work stoppages. Because the economy is socialist...every worker...every producer is tagged and monitored as if beasts of burden. The unions are a way for the worker bees to join together and have some say in which way the ever diminishing pie is sliced.


CEO of the Family Research Council, TONY PERKINS wants to ban gay-marriage. He does not believe two homosexuals should be entitled to the label: "married". Instead of keeping his prejudices to himself...he has made money off other people by playing on their own fears and wants. He is basically a loudmouth-parasite who needs to find that hole from which he came can crawl back into it.


TEAM OBAMA to remain in power must stop well-funded organizations from gaining access to the TV and RADIO since their message would overwhelm their own efforts and conclude in their utter political defeat. Imagine the socialists trying to compete with a message of liberation over subjugation...asking the voters to remain loyal to the masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE lest they lose their freebies and favors and have to work to have what the master has otherwise granted. That kind of "remain enslaved" stuff always loses to the message of liberty...good news about freedom and the prosperity found therein...and...these scumbags know it. Hence...they are doing what they can at the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Elections Commission and the Federal Trade Commission to combine their powers and skills to stifle and stop.

In Turkey...YouTube, Twitter and this BLOG have been banned! It all began when the SPOOF DEPARTMENT of this BLOG prepared a "hacked-audio" claiming it was the secret dialogue of Turks planning a "pretext" so that Turkey could attack Syria. When it was was expected to cause Turks to laugh at how silly it was for Turkey to be enemies with Syria and should open their arms and borders...eliminate the hassle and hinder...and...permit free unhampered trade and commerce.

However...General Hakan Fidan wasn't laughing. He was the dubbed voice. Tara authority on dubbing and hacking...acknowledged it was a good rendition of his frog-croaks, bird whistles and critter-like snorts...the traditional sounds of  a Turk. She agreed with this BLOG that he needed to calm down and accept the humorous aspect...instead of demanding the INTERNET be attacked....these things removed...and...their subsequent entry into Turkey forever banned.(Wall Street Journal 03-28-14;A-1).

Tara McGuinness' allegiance

Tara McGuinness...a Senior White House communication adviser...crowed about the 6 million who enrolled in OBAMA-CARE. She chortled about how easy it was to force people to kneel and worship whatever golden calf their master might forge, (Exodus 32:24). She likened OBAMA-CARE to a metaphorical whip on the back of would-be Tobys. She laughed at how many Americans instantly conceded their name was "Toby" and began to lick boot with proverbial candied tongue.
In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he concedes his name is "Toby".

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hit the re-set button and eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE including its yoke and choke healthcare agenda. Such was the proposal of Lady Elizabeth when asked at a YouTube town hall meeting about the CAGE and her proverbial march to make salt. Why must the fools who pull suffer beneath the crushing burden of the NANNY STATE'S "free lunch and wagon ride" entitlement system? Her proposal: dismantle the CAGE...eliminate any rule or law creating or perpetuating the CAGE and its victim-making ride.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Twelve Nautical miles off the coast of California is anchored a barge that is 100,000  feet long...500,000 wide and 100 feet deep. It is a floating island. It's held together with space-age stuff...stuff that keeps getting checked and rechecked and repaired by cam-bots dedicated to that task. There is a jet landing strip that is separate and has ferry service 24/7 to/from this this BLOG dubbed "EDEN". It has as much electricity as would be required...the same drawn from the ocean itself using proprietary gizmos. And...if a storm should happen by...a protective dome made from something derived from a plant in the Amazon is instantly deployed. The dome and island were tested and such structure could withstand 500 mile per hour winds and 1000 foot waves...a combination probably not to be experienced.

Someone might ask, "Why call that EDEN?" Because it will be outside the grip and grab of Uncle Sugar. People from all over the world can come and make money without worrying about some tax or red tape hassle. The property is leased on any basis the market will support...and...its governance a small police force empowered to protect against the initiation of force in the Socio-economic context: arson, theft, fraud, burglary, rape, mayhem and murder.


Robert M. Gates published an article in the Wall Street Journal(03-26-14;A-15) wherein he criticized Russian Vladimir Putin for being too powerful and too aggressive when it comes to protecting Russian national security. Gates' preference: for the world to join together and push this bully off the block and into a corner.

Ironically...Gates stands almost alone in that snarling proposal. This BLOG support Russian President Putin. He is the reincarnation of Peter the Great. His efforts should be lauded...his vision considered instructive...and...his passion infectious.

Most Americans know that Gates represents the ESTABLISHMENT...a/k/' man. They know President Putin is one of the great leaders of the early days of the 21st century...and...they know that if the jackboot can crush President Putin and his vision of can snuff outcome most Americans would never permit.

If the New World Order can snuff President Putin...then...the stage is set for unbridled tyranny as more and more governments discover they can extort from each other whatever desired merely by getting enough votes to override any objection to the contrary.

CRYSTAL BALL DEPARTMENT: Some day...maybe...some Blue helmet team will arrive in Manhattan to seize control of the business district because some international governing body voted to grab it before it went rogue as London did only a few weeks before.


After a decade or more of fussing in Afghanistan...and...having lost men and material...the Taliban is so powerful it can attack a ballot box station with impunity. Insurgents stormed an election commission office in Kabul on 03-25-14, killing five people less than two weeks before the 04-05-14 elections to pick a successor to President Karzai. The attack was carried out with precision. The machine gun fire well-placed for maximum infliction of casualties. It had all the fingerprint of Taliban and indeed they later took credit for such a daring assault on what TEAM OBAMA had promised was impregnable.


President Putin was reading over some documents when into the room stepped General Irokenuff and requested instant dialogue. Vladimir stopped what he was doing and summoned the General forward. He approached and informed him that Obama warned that NATO stood ready to attack if provoked. President Putin chuckled to himself and smiled slightly in Russian fashion and replied, "Ole red line himself, eh?"


Big foot government in Massachusetts asserted its ugly grip when a complicit Juvenile Court Judge awarded Justina Pelletier to the State severing parental ties of her natural parents. Justina Pelletier is now another ward of the State...the NANNY STATE...wherein she'll receive whatever big foot government chooses best...and...she'll die horribly as her little body succumbs to whatever disease was upon her when her parents were told they were not to be her parents any longer.


Bad luck or it what you will...but...when the car stopped and a deadline was approaching...UBER was the only thing left. Panic drove the finger to that app...and...within 3 minutes UBER arrived. It was a vehicle driven by a beautiful lady whose mission to assist the beleaguered and anyone else to get from point A to point B.

Of course...if it hadn't been for the persistence of this BLOG...UBER would never have been there to provide what the cab companies were unable to give on such short notice. Opposing UBER and this BLOG were petty officials who were reluctant to permit competition when the cab companies paid hefty annual fees to retain their medallion.

"How do we tax and hassle UBER when we can't discover who they are?" worried a disgruntled politician whose campaign funds depended on the "protection" given in exchange. "We want to control and direct so that the campaign donations keep flowing...and...UBER is making that interface more unlikely."


The Army Corp of Engineers "green-lighted" the removal of a mountain top so that the coal beneath could be safely extracted. But...before that first dynamite blast was heard...the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) issued the "red-light" preventing the billion dollar investment from proceeding. The company surprised by this dramatic switch have asked this BLOG to dispatch its heralded LEGAL TEAM to Washington D.C. to speak to the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate and tell them Eco-fascism is anti-American and they need to direct EPA to back off.


The Crimea is better off having the Russian flag flying over its capital. According to high level Obama Administration sources...they're almost unified in their decision to leave Ukraine. Obama knew he couldn't stop that chose his default-position: "throw dung".


What's the biggest threat to America? While some might disagree...most would say "socialism and Eco-fascism". How about you?

how done

Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil are going down the socialist toilet once more. There is great profit to be made from their distress. Recognizing a need for assistance...this BLOG has created a virtual currency exchange whereby the beleaguered of that area can use whatever stuff they have which still can be called "money" and with that "stuff" buy a virtual currency and have it stored* in this BLOG'S vault which is buried with the ICBMs in an undisclosed place.
*Planetary Virtual

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Fair weather pals...not best friends forever stuff. Such was the way President Putin described Pussy Riot's rejection of his invitation to play a "naked-concert" for the departing Ukrainian soldiers. Somehow President Putin felt Pussy Riot required such an audience since the last 4 gigs...the house was almost empty except for the wino at the bar and the loud-mouth in the corner.


Absolute access to BIG DATA...META DATA...ALL THE DATA ever produced on planet Earth kind of data...facts...factors...factoids...and...anything else ever imagined or considered. And...not anyone...using all that stuff...could pick the final four or the winner of the national basketball title.

But of course...they want you to believe they can predict man-made global warming, though, using computer models which have never been correct and have been so far wrong in predictive accuracy...the protagonists had to put bags over their heads as they relayed conclusions based on such computer paradigms.


Government Motors knew about defects in their cars but refused to reveal the matter and pay for the recall. Why should they? They were Government appendage of big foot government...and...they could mistreat and deceive as much as they wished. They were Government Motors, after all!

Mention is made of this nasty situation since recently the scumbags at the U.S.Injustice Department extorted $1.2 billion from Toyota based on claims Toyota did not tell consumers about a sticky gas pedal problem...a problem never recreated in any controlled-lab setting leading every researcher to conclude the "accusation" was false. Yet...Toyota paid* the "vig" in order to continue doing business in America.
*It's called a "shake-down"...a false claim is pushed and payment makes it go away.


Can big foot government...inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...force an American to kneel and lick boot? The owners of the Hobby Lobby...a small business in America...declared they weren't about to worship the golden calf,(EXODUS 32:24). Naturally...the MASS MEDIA is in favor of stomping out liberty and replacing such with freedom-to-obey. They believe America must be enslaved in order that they...themselves...might be happier...and...have their jobs secured by the favor of their master. against Hobby Lobby is the complicit MASS MEDIA that they're running 24/7 hate-ads disguised as news wherein they demean and denounce the Green family for refusing to accept yoke and bondage.

President Putin's next move

Russian President Putin is more likely than not the reincarnation of Peter the Great. He's the most dynamic and eloquent leader on planet Earth in these early days of the 21st Century. Naturally...envious leaders with lesser skills and talents want to attack him. How dare he be so awesome. How dare he attempt to make Russia an economic powerhouse. How dare he remove the impediments which keep his nation impoverished.

If President Putin removes any and all hinder and hassle erected to stifle and stymie business...if he removes the fetters which bind and retard...if he deletes the many departments and agencies...if he liberates Russia from that peculiar death grip of socialist enslavement...then...he'll be able to drain most of the world of its wealth as it flees from those other "world leaders" and into the EDEN President Putin offers.

Monday, March 24, 2014


While the U.S.Injustice Department has coerced $1.2 billion from Toyota...there are many Americans who are on the side of Toyota. Somehow...Toyota did not support TEAM OBAMA as much as had been expected. Hence...a goon squad...a pack of scumbags was dispatched from the Injustice Department to attack Toyota. It's not American. It smacks of some kind of petty 3rd world dictatorship. But with TEAM OBAMA led by a dung-throwing's about what many might expect.(Wall Street Journal A-15;03-24-14).


Big data...collected from every spot's like a dandelion in the pluck of Nature's wind...full of passion...and...unimaginable sounds.


The sea was slick...not a drip of wind to ripple even a moment...the sub was running on its diesels and charging batteries. The lookouts were posted...two high...two low...and...the captain standing in the middle with binoculars watching for anything suspicious.

It was mid-morning...and...the sky was crystal blue...the sun was shining brightly...not any clouds to hide its rays...or...assist the lookouts as they scanned the horizon and the skies. Suddenly....the deck erupted with bullets...and...cannon a Japanese Zero strafed and boomed away. Several 20mm cannon rounds struck the two top lookouts blowing them to bits while the machine guns seriously injured one of the lower lookouts and cut the other in half. The captain suffered a round in the belly and one to his side almost slicing him into pieces. But he held together. He cried out to dive the boat...emergency dive...and...he helped the only lookout left alive into the hatch.

But the Zero was coming around for a bombing run and there wasn't time for both to get down into the sub...close the hatch...and...dive to safety.

Captain Gilmore...closed the he did...he declared, "TAKE HER DOWN!" The sub was able to avert disaster and when it surfaced to look for the captain...not a trace of him was found. Sailor rest your oar.


The deck blistered...steel buckled as cannon rounds raked and bashed...there wasn't time to save them was moments and safety embedded in such dash. Captain Gilmore said, "take her down"...and...closed the hatch saving the only one but him left alive...and...the sub did as commanded and performed an emergency dive. In the history of Naval gallantry...Captain Gilmore still holds fast...he was what had to be...sailor rest your oar...the horizon vast.


ThyssenKrupp,AG was confronted by the Swedes over the nuclear sub ThyssenKrup had built. The Swedes wanted teak throughout and the ever-mindful Germans ignored and installed Stainless Steel. How is someone going to bear up looking at stainless steel all day? asked a Swedish captain whose latest exploits were carried by local news blogs as a pirate of sorts...ready to torpedo about anything that floats if orders be given.

The confrontation began when the gay-architect and the Russian consort met in Istanbul in a hotel room with glass ceilings and made FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, part two. Naturally, the Swedes weren't about to pay for metal when they ordered soft-teak and brass railings throughout. Hence...the disturbance between the German sub-builder and the Swedish insistent bunch if ever there were one. And...all caused by a tryst in a place few could imagine possible.(Wall Street Journal B-3;03-24-14).


A naked dude walked up to three high school dropouts in the park. One of them said to the naked dude, "Wash day...nothing to wear." To this snide comment...naked dude said to the one of the three that was his size, "Give me your clothes!" The snide-comment kid pulled a knife...angrily said "Fuck-you" and stabbed. The naked dude without flinching...grabbed the knife kid by the throat and with the other hand plucked out his heart. He threw the corpse down and said, "Give me you clothes!" The naked dude got clothes and three were left behind maimed or dead.

Mention is made of this scene out of TERMINATOR since it would appear quite congruous if one were to examine Russian President Putin's interaction with Obama and his motley crew over the issue of Crimea. Obviously, President Putin got what he wanted. But the outcome was already a given when one compares Vladimir Putin to Obama...ever that dung-throwing monkey. President Putin knew what had to be done and did it in a way reminiscent of Peter the Great! As for Obama...Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) summed it up when he said, " He reacted as one would expect from a dung-throwing monkey!"


If an investor wished to make a substantial profit, investment in YOTA DEVICES might prove a wise choice. Recall that the smartphones produced by YOTA were so well built they could withstand more punishment than any other model in its category. Indeed...North Koreans escaping the clutches of would-be masters have found them to be capable of making contact even in the worst of conditions...something iPhone can't claim!


What if Russian President Putin were to open Russia to everyone...come one...come for taxes...only big lottery for government funding and government lives within its means providing essential services and nothing else. You want build plant. No government's yours...I protect with police and good boot kicking.


Hobby Lobby Stores,Inc. began existence as a business in a garage dodging the code enforcement goon squads whose mission to remove unlicensed...not-permitted...businesses...running them to speak. However, because the Green family was so astute at finding ways to encourage patronage...the company grew until its stores were everywhere...its customers always the most satisfied.

However...the idyllic quality of the Greens' life changed when OBAMA-CARE was imposed. Indeed...recently...the Greens have become embroiled in a confrontation with HHS Secretary Sebelius...a/k/a...DEATH ANGEL. Because the Greens are Americans and asserting a fundamental right...Sebelius needed to crush destroy ruin their lives...damage their reputation...and..otherwise terminate with extreme prejudice...a desire quite in keeping with her moniker.

Because the Greens are against abortion and such things...they refused to pay the FINE and refused to kneel and worship the golden calf, (EXODUS 323:24). The Greens refused to offer contraception to their employees. If the government wanted to give such things, then it would be done without any payment by the Greens to assist therein. Such defiance attracted Sebelius whose mission to CRUSH AND DESTROY...the mission of despots...the mission of DEATH ANGEL SEBELIUS.

The complicit MASS MEDIA wants Sebelius to prevail. If big foot government can stomp and crush the Greens...then...there isn't any American safe from the grip and grab of unbridled power...a goal Sebelius finds so wondrous it causes her venom to drool from her thin-pursed lizard-like lips 'til it puddles in her nape.


Years ago...the Russian President gave Crimea to Ukraine. Recently, Russia retook Crimea following a 96% "favorable" referendum and supportive vote by voters in that affected area.

Can it be said that Obama...with the stroke of his pen...dispatched the control over the internet to international that fashion...delivered America's to speak...into the hands of despots, authoritarians and other freedom-haters? If this dung-throwing monkey did such a dastardly seems he of the free and home of the brave...was betrayed!

What might Americans think when some jerk in France or North Korea demands that any disparaging BLOG or commentary or other unwanted stuff be removed and the Federal Communications Commission...the Federal Trade Commission...the HOMELAND SECURITY GOON SQUAD...and...whatever other firepower and "boot stomp" sent to SILENCE...SHUT DOWN...or...SHUT OFF?

Will they finally conclude Obama betrayed America? Will they find even the mention of his name the cause for uncontrolled projectile vomiting?


Obama candidly admitted he didn't know President Putin was going to absorb Crimea. He didn't see it coming. If he didn't see that FREIGHT TRAIN...what else has he missed? Perhaps...the Iranians are father long in the construction of their nuclear Sword of Allah...a doomsday weapon...that this dung-throwing monkey even suspects. A probability with disastrous consequences should those maniacs in Tehran decide to implement the 12th Imam scenario...and...reduce the planet to blood and ashes.


Obama is trying to destroy the INTERNET making it little more than another appendage of big foot government. Instead of protecting the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers(Icann)...and...making sure root-zone management is secure and functional...this dung-throwing monkey wants to give control to some big foot international government organization. Such transfer would enable any despot...including an American silence opposition on the INTERNET...and...otherwise commandeer or dictate its content.

U.S.Rep. Debbie Wassereman Schultz,(D.FL) and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) have both eloquently said they like the idea of government directing and controlling all content on the internet. To them...they'd like to see Obama have a "plug-pull" power so that only pro-socialist propaganda could be transmitted.

Pelletier's hassle

The Pelletier family has been tormented by the Massachusetts' Department of Families and Children(DCF). Their daughter was taken by DCF and hasn't been returned. The daughter is suffering a rare disease and DCF is permitting the child to suffer. As anyone knows...big foot government is merciless and definitely ruthless. Will the Pelletier family prevail or will their daughter die from DCF interference?

Catalonia's dream

In Spain...Catalonia is packed with people who want to secede from Spain citing the socialist-bent of Spain as the primal reason to separate. The worker bees in Catalonia are tired of having their "honey" taken by big foot government and redistributed.


Unlikely as it might have France...the voters are rejecting socialism. They have come to realize their future is better if painted by each Frenchie instead of having some big foot government hack directing and controlling from cradle to grave.


Ironic to think Obama is pushing Americans to kneel and lick boot. To accept the yoke and be enslaved seems so anti-American...yet...the complicit MASS MEDIA is telling people it's "okay" to submit to the stomp of big foot government. Are you willing to become "Toby"?
In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he concedes his name is TOBY.


Finally...for the families and friends of the 239 souls aboard Malaysian Flight 370...the wait is over. The wreckage of that jet has been found.


In the Wall Street Journal(03-24-14;A-4) there is an article about people signing up for OBAMA-CARE because they're afraid of big foot government imposing penalties for failure to kneel and worship this golden calf,(EXODUS 32:24). Perhaps...this BLOG was correct in describing those who lick boot as "Toby".
In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he concedes is name is "Toby".

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus said the Republican Party is the champion comprehensive immigration reform. He didn't go father as he was directed by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and declare America free from the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


TEAM OBAMA was offered an alternative: "the otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) as a replacement for OBAMA-CARE. Along with this part of the overall presentation was a proclamation that the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE was at its end...and...EDEN about to manifest as the "grip and grab" of the would-be master is eradicated and liberation over subjugation declared.

Sure...TEAM OBAMA rejected such an offer since if adopted their power to direct from cradle to grave would be gone...their ruling elite status eliminated...and...their future something they would have to construct themselves without using "other people's money".


Boudica became the leader of an army of well over 100,000 warriors...equipped with sword, bow and lance. They were able to destroy most of the Roman Cohorts dispatched to eliminate them. However, she wasn't a tactician and didn't understand the use of terrain to advance one's position. Hence...she and her team were eventually lured into an area where the Roman legions were able to use their weapons to their fullest advantage and Boudica's crew was devastated.

Mention is made of this scenario since in America...there is an army of liberation marching to "make salt" dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...ushering in liberation over subjugation and restoring the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. They march to every level of government, their mission to eradicate the "yoke and choke" agenda of the CAGE and bring EDEN to America. Will you join?

Saturday, March 22, 2014


"Could" never has room for "can't".


The "green political" party never told the Germans that subsidizing "green energy" would raise their respective utility bills by 149% on average. The Greens knew it would cause such misery but refused to reveal that "downside" since such revelation would have caused most people to tell them to find their hole and crawl back in. Because of such knowing deception and its resultant burdens...most Germans are singling out "greenies"...kicking...and...otherwise physically chastising them in biblical terms.


In Baccarat...the Chinese excel. Unlike any other casino game...Baccarat requires the most skill and patience. The odds are virtually 50-50 but the outcomes can't be known beforehand. Sure...the shoe might hold a run of 14 or more in favor of player or bank...but...more often than not...the runs of 4 to 7 are common and must be assessed in terms of "trend expectation".

Mention is made of this unique ability of the Chinese to play this incredible game since in China...right now...there is a veritable "shoe"...and...those at the table are wagering whether the Chinese Central Bank is going to strengthen or weaken the yuan. To guess wrong might cost a loss of several million U.S.dollars. Thus...the gamblers never lose their concentration listening...watching...waiting...for that sign of "trend" and then jump aboard..."all in!"


Huck asked Jim about the future. Jim grabbed the fur-ball...set it on the table...added the surrounding candles and then slowly asked fur-ball that question. Jim listened as did Huck.

A few moments went by when Huck injected, "I didn't hear anything."

To which Jim replied, " saw great and wondrous things before us and didn't want to spoil it for us."

Perhaps, Obama...ever a dung-throwing monkey...might consult fur-ball about what Russian President Putin will do in that part of the world. He might learn more than what he's been getting from his so-called advisers.

5 million(+) Tobys

In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he concedes his name is "Toby".

Recently...TEAM OBAMA and its complicit MASS MEDIA have been touting the enrollment numbers for OBAMA-CARE. They proclaimed 5 million have signed up. Of those many actually fully paying for it and not receiving subsidy from Uncle Sugar isn't known or probably knowable.

Could it not be said that those seeking the freebie and favor of the master are in a way "Toby"?


A dog had a bone and was headed to that shaded area to relax and gnaw. As the dog crossed the foot bridge...he noticed a dog staring up at him with a bigger bone. The dog not satisfied with what he had barked. The bone in his mouth plummeted into the depths below.

Friday, March 21, 2014


An Arizona news lady told this BLOG that she was told to submit her questions to the White House and they would tell her which question she could ask at the news conference and the expected answer she would receive. She went on to say that everyone was required to submit to such "gleaning"...something she had heard but really didn't know to be true.

The reaction was explosive. RUSH LIMBAUGH told his diminishing audience this news lady unwittingly revealed the propaganda machinery afoot in Obama's White House. This BLOG ignored the faux pax...but...the White House was miffed. She was slapped hard and forced to admit she erred. She was told her next assignment would be in Kabul or covering Malaysian jet location rumors if she didn't retract what she'd said and admit she was a lousy news person.


Folks...the biosphere eats carbon. Plants...for CO2 and emit Oxygen. The more CO2 in the air...the more the plants eat...the more bountiful the the end...equilibrium is reached once more. Such is "why" volcanoes don't cause Mother Earth into flames to burst. While the so-called man-made global warming bunch won't admit it...a volcano emits more CO2 in one eruption than mankind has emitted since the beginning of the Industrial Age. To acknowledge such a thing would mean their persistence foolhardy...their resolve undermined.

Gorilla dust

Before two gorillas fight...they growl and throw dust. Such is how Obama's reaction to the annexation of the Crimea was described by U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY). U.S.Rep. Steve Israel,(D.NY) agreed labeling Obama little more than a dung-throwing monkey. While both are loyal members of TEAM OBAMA...they were told they needed to distance themselves from Obama or face defeat at the ballot box.


Malaysian Flight 370 vanished along with 239 souls. The list of the lost is as dramatic as it is tragic. And the cargo hold was packed with an inventory of stuff some of which might have been a source of jet-destruction.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

St. Patty's Day fade

In New York City...the organizers of the St. Patty's Day Parade refused to permit any rainbow groups to participate. While they had the right to exclude whomever they pleased, their refusal tainted what otherwise could have been a grand occasion. It's the hope of this BLOG that people would put their personal preferences aside and permit people to live without suffering someone's "stone and slap".


Americans are peace-loving people and hate war. Bush and Cheney and their bunch put America into two needless wars...fighting in toilet bowls in order to preserve and perpetuate the military-industrial complex. The 09-11-01 attack on the World Trade Center was needed in order to have something so horrific it would propel America into demanding war be waged on those terrorists and their harboring nations: Afghanistan and Iraq.

We've been embroiled in conflict ever since. Now...a Boeing 777 has been hijacked so that it might be used to attack an American aircraft carrier or Manhattan. Unlike smaller jets...the 777 was picked because it can hold enough fuel and explosives to be about as powerful as the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Whoever has that jet plans to use it as an exotic cruise missile destined for some newsworthy spot...a place people will discuss for centuries to come.

The only organization capable of carrying out this kind of hijacking is the American CIA. It's very likely the CIA or one of its black ops teams was involved in this jet's vanishing. Bolstering such surmise are the emails coming into and out of the Oval Office over the last 11 days. According to the EAVESDROPPING DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...the CIA will use that jet to attack Moscow!


At "2-GO"...the take-out place along Ocean luxurious Vero Beach...patrons are treated to exquisitely prepared pork...chicken...or...sausage sandwiches accompanied...upon mixture of flavors even the greatest chefs can't which can have added: "FONES"...that 3.24 ounces of Noogie-Woogie Pork.


Before you can open a must get a business license. Without such proceeds until it's "red flagged" and the owner prohibited from further commerce until the license is procured. Such is a nasty hurdle and one that keeps many would-be entrepreneurs in their garage with the door pulled down.


Because there isn't any way to predict where the next crop circle will's unlikely anyone will ever get its source on video. If it's done by artists, pranksters, or just fools with too much time at night...then...these things while entertaining are worthless in terms of evidence of alien contact of the 2nd kind: "evidence of existence". On the other hand...if the symbols and designs so exquisitely in wheat fields etched are some form of's incumbent on us to write back.


 Could the Boeing 777 be flown remotely? Could that Malaysian Flight 370 have been commandeered? What if the pilot and co-pilot didn't discover the intrusion and loss of control until after the co-pilot said, "All right. Good night"?  Could Flight 370 have been attacked using "fly-by-wire" technology in such a fashion that the resourceful pilot never figured out what was afoot until it was too late? Maybe...the hacker gave false signs knowing the pilot would try and fix the "problem" and thereby unwittingly assist in the overall outcome: JET GONE.

If the jet is found 1,460(+) miles from Australia...its debris field finally located...then...this "fly-by-wire" scenario could be very real. Imagine the next 9-11 kind of attack done using such technology. The pilot and co-pilot would be unable to defeat the "override" since the intrusion would be so sudden...even the best pilots such as the ones who manned Flight 370 won't sort it out quickly enough to avoid doom.


An investor with some extra money might consider the stock split pending for Tencent Holdings,Ltd. it's going to be a 1 to 5 split. A person with one share will thereafter have 5 shares. It's forecast that Tencent and Alibaba will compete for pie until both their shares are excelling!


The Muslims in Central African Republic want their own spot. The want to secede and create an Islamic Republic where only Muslims reside. Naturally...these Muslims are Shiites and want only Shiite Muslims to be residents therein. As one proponent said, "We will kill anyone who is not a Shiite. We will have an Islamic State with Sharia Law. Allahu Akbar!"


The maniacs in Tehran are almost done constructing their SWORD OF ALLAH...a nuclear device capable of destroying the planet. According to official Iranian sources...their intention is to detonate since it's better to destroy the world than permit infidels to live. Their idea isn't well-considered since once life has vanished who will give praises to those 14 virgins and that vat of wine?


TangoMe,Inc. and Alibaba have joined forces. While that means little to most those who make their living off the's fabulous news. To investors riding the tsunami called's "gold again"! This BLOG supports Alibaba and has referred to Jack Ma as a GOLDEN DRAGON.


Lee Farkas and Steven Metro were attacked by big foot government for their alleged fraud and theft. Because these two men didn't have any "dirt" on TEAM OBAMA...they were easy targets. Mention is made of these two scoundrels since their criminal acts weren't any different than those committed by Democrat Jon Corzine. However...ole Jon has "dirt" and if he's bitten...he can bite back. Hence...he won't be prosecuted.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Indian

 With respect to most Indian tribes in America when the warrior died...his possessions were divided among the other warriors. Such socialistic-expropriation prevented the Indian from ever creating enough capital to build anything better than a tee-pee or own much more than a horse and lance. Everyone was pathetic and impoverished but none wanted anyone else to have any more than they. Envy was commonplace and looting storerooms always afoot.

But...because the Indian lived so miserably...he was called wondrous by modern-day environmentalists. To them...tent with camp fire that to which Americans must return...embracing the world untouched by human hand...taking only what Mother Nature might give...and...never entrenching the planet to make things "materially" better.

Indeed...Randi Spivak...a socialist and freedom-hater of the 1st the Wall Street Journal proclaimed, "It's precisely due to the sort of unbridled habitat destruction that has led to the demise of birds and other critters and brought us to a human-caused extinction crisis. Scientists say we're losing life sustaining biodiversity at thousands of times historic rates which will be worsened by green-house gas induced climate change."

It's likely those malnourished Plains Indians were respectful of their habitat letting birds and other critters have as much as they.'s likely they didn't slaughter or ruin so much that they starved from want of food and fiber. Yes...their numbers were determined by Mother Nature's bounty or lack thereof since they lacked farming equipment or any other kind of industrial-age mechanisms which could extricate them from her merciless grip. It's also probable the likes of Randi Spivak were around telling these poor souls they should be glad they don't have stuff.


If the slave receives $20.00 or more in "utility subsidy"...then...that slave's entitled to more food stamps. The program is labeled: "heat and eat". Naturally...recipients are glad to get such freebie and favor. They know they never bite the hand that feeds them. Hence..."heat and eat" compels them to support and vote for those politicians whose mission to keep them desperate and pathetic.

Icann or ITU

The United Nations wants to grab control of the internet...forever destroying its burgeoning and dynamic nature. The police states don't want freedom of speech and an unfettered mode of transmission. To them...knowledge is a threat and their best game is to keep their respective populations insulated from any liberation over subjugation concepts since such could generate rebellion!

Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...declared that Uncle Sugar would not any longer host Internet for Assigned names and numbers(Icann). By such's likely the scumbags at the United Nations will put the International Telecommunications Union(ITU) in control thereby endangering the freedom of the internet.

Imagine the "little fella" in North Korea colluding with...say...Iran...and they stop their people from accessing the internet to read about how terrible the plight of the people. Or...say...France doesn't like this BLOG revealing the evils of socialism. Those birds could close down access to this BLOG preventing Frenchie from knowing about their toilet bowl.


Checkers and Chess...two games...the former can be played without any skill...the latter...a test of talent and knowledge. Obama plays checkers while Russian President Putin is a grand master chess champion. Is there any wonder "why" President Putin has so far out-sailed Obama...that ever dung-throwing monkey?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


At the South Pole...a radio telescope detected gravity waves...stuff left over from the so-called BIG BANG...that moment when a pinpoint smaller than an small not anyone knows...held a board meeting and it was decided that it was time to expand...that boredom had been fully examined and more was needed. Hence: BIG BANG...something from almost nothing...the known universe somehow made from that spot.

The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG examined the claim of "gravity waves found" and its faux-data and concluded these investigators had mistaken galactic contamination for primordial gravity waves. It was obvious these so-called scientists observed what they wished to observe or say they observed in order to keep their government and university grants coming. Report that there wasn't any such thing would mean their days as "free-loaders" would be over and they'd have to get real jobs...something these charlatans probably wouldn't find.

Folks...before you buy into the BIG BANG THEORY...why not consider what these jerks are saying happened. As you do...add specific physical factors: (i) the greater the mass...the greater the gravity of that mass. Black Holes offer an excellent example of this concept and phenomenon, (ii) The greater the gravity...the more time elation observed. At the center of the black hole...for example...time is meaningless. There isn't any day or night or tomorrow...but...only that moment...and...that moment never changes. It can't since it's frozen in time so to speak.


Inside the Pentagon...a conference was held yesterday wherein there was a "what if" discussion about a WAR WITH RUSSIA. Not any of those erstwhile generals thought America could defeat the Russian Bear. The outcome would be devastation and rubble. As one general put it, "There I'd stand...looking what once was a city..."

between two ferns

After Russian President Putin saw Obama and that so-called comedian playfully discussing enslavement(think OBAMA-CARE)...he knew he could take Crimea and any other portion of the planet he thought in Russia's best interests. The Russian President was overheard chuckling about how much Obama reminded him of a dung-throwing monkey.


Brown-Forman...maker of JACK DANIELS...coaxed the Tennessee legislature to pass a law designating "Tennessee Whiskey" as what was produced by them. The law's specifications on what can be called "Tennessee Whiskey" are so specific it was like the Legislature wrote the law to exclude all other whiskey-makers who use different methods for production. Such "winner-picking" is fascism and anti-American!


Several blueberry farmers were attacked by big foot government. Their blueberries were labeled "hot goods" and their $12 million crop thereby removed from the market. They had to pay the "vig" or lose their crop and perhaps their farms due to such "surprise-loss". It was typical regulatory overreach...and...something so antithetical to the American Way it caught the attention of this BLOG.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. This Labor Department's assault was designed to scare farmers into kneeling and licking boot. salvage their crop and income stream...the farmers capitulated and paid the ransom. Their crops had been held hostage by the scumbags at the Department of Labor. They discovered how enslaved they were. How about you?

1/2 baked Thunderball

Ian Fleming wrote a story about a jet which is hijacked by SPECTRE and its atom bombs removed. But for the exploits of James Bond, the likelihood of Miami getting "nuked" was quite probable. Later...a movie was made depicting this hijacking and the threat to Miami starring Sean Connery as "Bond...James Bond".

Mention is made of this novel and movie since Malaysian Flight 370 has as mysteriously disappeared. While there weren't any "nukes" far as is known...the Boeing 777 is big enough and can fly far enough to be a "terror" weapon in the hands of maniacs bent on destroying some building or sinking an aircraft carrier.

Russians not worried

Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...threatened to impose sanctions on Russians and Ukrainians. Of course...Russian President Putin shrugged off such meaningless gestures and silly utterances. Unlike Obama...President Putin understands what must be done to protect and secure Russian borders from idiocy.


Vice President Joe Biden was dispatched to Poland. His mission to promise Poland there were "red lines" which Russia mustn't cross. Naturally...the Poles weren't impressed when Biden exited the official jet and told everyone that it was great to be in New York.


Government Motors...formerly General Motors(GM)...was slow to recall defective cars. Because the company not any longer needs consumer-satisfaction because it's Government Motors...recalling defective products was not on the agenda. As CEO Mary Barra said, "We here at Government Motors really don't need to know how consumers feel about GM. They take what we give them and accept it because we're big foot government!"


Futility. Why make the effort to preach "good news"? While the answer isn't completed...most of the reason...much of its purpose has come forward. It's because when finale would be a wasted life had not as much been done as possible. Perhaps that is why John the Baptist stood in a pool of God "beyond Jordan"...and...offered an alternative to anyone seeking rebirth.

Monday, March 17, 2014


In the movie, TREASURE ISLAND with Wallace Berry and Jackie Cooper...there's a scene wherein the pirates arrive at the treasure site only to find Hawkins and his team had been there already. One of them upon observing such loss angrily cries out, "We've been out-sailed!"

Recently...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was informed that Crimea had voted almost 100% to join the Russian empire. When he heard the results...Obama declared that he'd not recognize the referendum and would kill anyone who did. To such "red line" stuff...President Putin chuckled and said it was expected that such dung-throwing would occur.


Russian President Putin knows Obama isn't bellicose and nasty. He knew he could take Crimea and not fear Obama...ever that dung-throwing monkey.


TEAM OBAMA discovered in an election in Florida between Jolly...the Republican no-name...and...Alex Sink...a household word in every Democrat's home...that OBAMA-CARE was definitely a game-changer. Jolly's campaign ads connected Sink to that evil law and it worked. People were moved to get up...go to the ballot box...and...register their disenchantment with socialism.

In every contest throughout this nation...TEAM OBAMA will be raised up as the party of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system designed to reduce self-starters to that of whining worms...cattle and sheep awaiting freebie and favor from bureaucratic creeps. When Jolly did as much...the voters chose him over socialist-Sink.

John Dingle

John Dingle is about to retire. After he's gone...people will sigh great relief since he represented socialism and despotism. It's likely he'll not be able to walk on the streets without receiving public excoriation and perhaps an occasional spit-event where someone couldn't help but clear their throat on that scumbag.


Because of its unique business model...ALIBABA is a great stock-buy. Investors should compare it to other competing investments. They'll instantly discover the risks low and the chance of huge profit high. Buy on rumor...sell on news.


The vote to join Russia was overwhelming. The vote was almost 100% in favor of becoming a part of the Russian empire. The voters knew their best chance at prosperity was to jettison the socialist model which is suffocating Ukraine.


Iran has completed constructing its "drone armada" and is about to deploy the same. As one Iranian official boasted, "This million drone armada will be sufficient to conquer America...a/k/a...the GREAT SATAN." Imagine a foot long drone equipped with a heat-detector and capable of firing a poison-tipped* dart.

When asked about this 21st Century assault weapon...Obama snickered. "How can the Iranians have such a weapon system and I not know about it."
*This envenomed projectile can penetrate 4 inches of titanium-steel and has a range of 1000 yards in all directions. The drone senses the human-target and fires the dart as it hovers overhead or sits on the ground hidden by its unique-camouflage.


Syrian President Assad has finally defeated the rebels and regained control of the border towns. Working with Lebanon's Army...the rebels have been cornered and face annihilation. Of course...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has promised the rebels arms and ammo...a promise most rebels know is as false as most of the other drivel this monkey emits.

Nevada Police Theft

Around Las Vegas...the cops stop Afro-Americans and Latinos and grab their money. The cops claim the funds are illegal drug money and such provides a basis for the seizures(think robberies). Naturally...there has been a cry from those robbed. always...the Nevada prosecutors...who work closely with the scumbag police...say the robberies are lawful since the mere claim of "drug money" is all that's required.


General Mashhadani...a Sunni general...has joined al Qaeda. He gets a $1000 per month plus all the virgins and wine he can consume.


The Jew would imperil Israel should its leadership grant a separate state to the Palestinians. Naturally...Obama is pushing for the Jew to kneel and lick proverbial boot. Whether or not the Jew folds tent and gives in to Obama's pressure is an issue this BLOG has long discussed. The Jew mustn't relinquish the land to the Palestinians lest the entire state of Israel become embroiled in the FINAL SOLUTION: elimination of the European Jew from Palestine.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Buried in a mountain...1 mile beneath the surface is a vault wherein bitcoin is stored. It can't be breached without embarking on a great great not anyone would ever commit such resources. In some ways it's more than 3000 miles from Graceland.

David Wessel

David authority on the federal budget...opined it would be very easy for THE ORB* to be deployed. The printing press can pay off all RIDERS...and...the budget could be fashioned to fund only essential government services with all others left unfunded and its employees and big shots sent home with thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their selfless drooling public service.

Indeed...David Wessel agreed it was quite easy to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Mr. Wessel joined the army of liberation and marches to make salt. He is an advocate of the OUM. He wants to delete the grip and grab of the would-be master. To him...this CAGE is anathema to liberty it must be eliminated. Welcome aboard, David.
*THE ORB: The omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE and its worm-making FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler upbraided Piers Morgan on national TV. Piers never saw it coming and didn't know if he should return fire. He chose to call her mundane and pathetically boring...a yawn-kind of sniffing twit. Naturally...they were both right.

Galifianakis and Green hams and eggs

Zach Galifianakis interviewed Obama...ever that dung-throwing monkey. It wasn't funny. It was pathetic. Sure...Obama meant to draw young adults into kneeling and licking his boot through the adroit use of humor. But...a dung-throwing monkey is rarely...if ever...funny. Indeed...the patrons usually stay out of range when near such a critter.


Former National Security Agency(NSA) employee, patriot and pizza delivery dude, EDWARD SNOWDEN...when he departed NSA...took with him so-called "pass keys"...things which permit the user to monitor all communications. As NSA officials will admit...the only communication free from eavesdropping is the ole two cups with a string connecting them. Anything else can be examined.

Because Russian President Putin has those "pass-keys" as does this BLOG...he knows what Obama is about to do and what must be done to counter-act that move or decision. Hence...President Putin knows what Obama...ever that dung-throwing monkey...has planned.

Every dialogue with his military advisers...every interface with moose-faced John Kerry...every proposal is monitored by President Putin. Such is obviously "why" Obama hasn't attacked or commenced some kind of reprisal for the taking of the Crimea. He knows the Russians will be where they need to be to defeat any aggression. Hence...Edward Snowden put Obama on the sidelines and made him appear weak and timid.

Sharyl Atkisson quit

Sharyl Atkisson quit when she was stopped from saying Obama was a MARXIST ON MISSION. She felt her editorial freedom was restricted and she reacted by resigning her esteemed position as a big shot at CBS. She's since joined this BLOG. Welcome aboard, Sharyl.

Immigration issue

In the 21st Century OTHERWISE UNHAMPERED MARKET(OUM)...there isn't any immigration issue. People travel to/from and the borders are little more than geographical constructs. Labor and capital can move back and forth free of the hinder and hassle of big foot government scumbags. Such is the way a free society operates.


Russian President Putin with Crimea under his control now has a tactical advantage when it comes to military strategy.


Russian President Putin acquired Crimea without a shot fired. His diplomacy...his skill...his abilities...demonstrate he's the reincarnation of Peter the Great!


Many freedom-fighters have become discouraged by the failure of the national Republican party to present a message of liberation over subjugation. It's obvious the Republicans don't control the MASS MEDIA and hence must be as wishy-washy as possible to avoid getting attacked by it. Thus...the Republican candidate never tells the audience about freedom and the evils of socialism.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham...a talented actress...came forward and stunned the New York City news stations when she said she was a member of the army of liberation. She said she was asking girls to join her march* to make salt. How about you?
*Gandhi marched to the sea and made salt thereby destroying the grip of the British on India. In America...people are marching to make salt and dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

TEAM OBAMA: enslavement

In Florida...David Jolly defeated Alex Sink because he painted Sink as a socialist scumbag. Most voters believed she definitely was in favor of subjugation over liberation and didn't wish any more "whip and chain".


A Boeing 777 makes an excellent bomber. It's range and its payload capacity would enable any terrorist organization to pack it with C-4 explosives...and...blow a hole in Manhattan...something more wanted than a communication from the Prophet, himself.

4.2 million Toby-like people

According to TEAM OBAMA...4.2 million people have admitted* their name is "Toby"...and...are ready to kneel and lick boot for master's favor. How did these people become so wretched and pathetic they'd exchange liberty for enslavement? It's likely they were made that way by skillful big foot government freebie and favor...offered to lure and seduce...and...turn them into whining worms waiting for their master to grant them their future. Such is the gift of OBAMA-CARE.
*In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is: TOBY.


Flight 370 from Malaysia to China vanished. Not any trace has been found. The last transmission from the pilot said, "Alright, good night." What that meant not anyone can say for sure. What is certain is that the plane hasn't left any sign of where it might be. There were 239 souls aboard that aircraft and their loved ones are anxious and quite worried.

Friday, March 14, 2014


If spare cash is XAPO and wealth be found.


In and controlled. Such connection with the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE into base lead turned gold.


Scott Brown need not pluck grass to know where sits the wind. He knows he must preach THE ORB...or...face another defend....unsettling trend. Will he say what need be said? Or...will he follow PARTY LINE...and...say what he's been told on such stuff people are fed.


Scott New Hampshire town...discovered socialist Shaneen...and...decided to bring her down. New Hampshire seemed ripe for a political fight...Scott Brown cam to town...ready to set things right.


U.S.Senator Ed Markey(D.Ma) denied he knew Ackman held a short position on HERBALIFE when Markey directed the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) to attack. When the stock fell 27% due to the FTC...Ackman made $3,287,7644.00. Naturally...Markey was asked about his involvement and he denied he knew anything about what his underlings did or knew. He denied he intentionally attacked in order to benefit his pal.

Of course...the Democrat-controlled MASS MEDIA won't ever speak out about this fascist interaction where big foot government assists cronies to make big bucks at the expense of whomever they've targeted. In this instance, Herbalife never had a chance. Once Ackman grabbed a "short position"...Herbalife was bound to be attacked so that Ackman could reap big profits.

Only inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE could such scoundrels as Ackman and Markey attack and reap big benefits. In the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...this kind of corruption can't exist. The reach of government in the OUM is limited and Markey's ability to attack wouldn't have been there.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and poverty would also disappear. the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) never can be found an able-bodied pauper. In the OUM...never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!" And...never need a producer fear her neighbors' envy finding its way into some progressive income tax, an inheritance tax. or worse.

This message of liberation over subjugation is simple. It does not call upon any group to be enslaved. It does not impose someone's idea of morality on everyone else. It delivers the pathway to prosperity as each sees that to be. It deletes and dismantles the grip and grab of the CAGE and offers to everyone freedom to choose and to act within the Socio-economic context for one's rational self-interest, (JOHN GALT'S SPEECH in Atlas Shrugged).

When you hear a socialist such as scumbag Pelosi speak about "hungry children"...know that she loves that aspect of the CAGE. Her socialist "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies create a perpetual "underclass"...pathetic souls whose future painted by the likes of that nasty-witch. If you ask her to remove the hurdle and hassle which prevents most of the unemployed from getting jobs...she refuses since to remove such wall would be to open the CAGE...something she is loathe to do.

U.S.Rep. Pelosi(D. Ca) and other people's money

U.S.Rep. Pelosi(D.Ca) said Republicans want children to go hungry. The reaction from Republicans was instantaneous and cogent. Rep. Cantor(R.Va) informed this BLOG that Pelosi is the least charitable lady in Congress. Recently...she was video-taped passing a crippled child who asked her for money. She snorted and fumed as she regally walked by that crutch-holding soul. "How dare this whelp ask a socialist for that socialist's own money!"


An avid reader of this BLOG asked "why" fight against enslavement in America? Why not kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge? In answering such questions...this BLOG has taken a stand for liberation over subjugation. answering "why" THE ORB is preached. Dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE its mantra...usher in the otherwise unhampered market its refrain.-


Andreas Bachmann was arrested for assisting taxpayers in hiding their assets from the grip of Uncle Sugar. Instead of stonewalling...ole Andreas gave up his pals...ratting them out...and...exchanging data for his own benefit. He agreed to tell what he knew if granted a lesser prison sentence and then sang like a canary. Before captured...most people would have called Bachmann a "stand-up" guy...the kind of person in whom complete trust might be reposed. Nowadays...he's JUDAS ASCARIOT!(Wall Street Journal C-1;03-13-14)


A tax cut is called a government expenditure since that portion represented by the tax cut isn't any longer capable of getting spent. Hence, all wealth belongs to the government and any reprieve from total expropriation is because big foot government hasn't found a way yet to grab it.


Scrape the veneer and you'll find scumbag beneath Charlie Crist's comportment.


David Jolly defeated Alex Sink in Florida. The Democratic Party pumped millions of dollars into Sink's campaign hoping Sink's message of socialism and enslavement would resonate with Floridians. They were wrong. Sure...they were able to get many Floridians to agree with "whip and chain"...but...the majority didn't and showed as much by voting for the JOLLY-ROGER!


After World War II...a squadron of planes...Flight 19...set out from Miami on a typical training exercise which was designed to go out into the Atlantic the Bahamas and return to base. Everyone knows the story of Flight 19. The leader became disoriented. His compass was not working. The other pilots were also dramatically confused and unable to get their bearings. The result was the total loss of Flight 19...a tragedy without a trace.'s been discovered that Flight 370 with 239 souls aboard flew for hours before disappearing from radar and the world. The Boeing 777 departed Malaysia on March 06,2014 headed for China and disappeared. From data now collated, the jet flew for hours before all radio transmission ceased in a direction none can guess. What is so striking about Flt 370 is the lack of any debris field or distress call. It's as if the jet vanished for reasons left to conjurers to fashion.


Alan Blinder is a pseudo-economist and hence is employed at Princeton University. On occasion, the Wall Street Journal will carry some of Blinder's rant and screed. For example, his WSJ scribbling...favors ever greater tax increases slowly thereby killing off any incentive to innovate, produce or create. His theory is that by taking away wealth and redistributing such as the master sees fit, the ruling elite can remain in power perpetually.

Recall that Alan Blinder was one of those so-called "seers" who forecast that the Soviet Union would be around long after America,(think Rome) had crumbled into chaos and poverty. He wrote articles explaining why socialism was so much better than capitalism...that it was best that people were cattle and sheep and directed by bureaucratic creeps. He saw great compassion in enslavement and cradle-to-grave diktat and moral imperative. Indeed...even as the IRON CURTAIN was getting torn down...he demanded the people behind that WALL stop fighting their masters and return to their CAGES.


If there weren't enough "hinder and hassle" already imposed on OBAMA wants to increase "overtime" pay to include more employees. reaction to this newest intrusion...most employers announced they were cutting employees' working hours so avoid this additional fiscal burden. As one entrepreneur said, "Big foot government is run by people on huge salaries and they don't care what burdens are imposed on others."


HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finally admitted OBAMA-CARE was a disaster and was going to cost so much few could ever afford it unless they accepted big foot government subsidies thereby reducing such recipients to slaves waiting for master to give freebie and favor. She laughed at the thought of people kneeling to lick her boot saying such a thing was good for America and she wanted her shoes shined with candied tongues.


Obama told Ukraine's new Prime Minister Arsenli Yatsenyuk he was "shovel-ready" to repel Russia from its takeover of Crimea. Of course...Yatsenyuk wasn't impressed with that statement and wondered if it were similar to the "red line" stuff Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...had proclaimed when Syria was his target.


Whether the judge is a circuit or county judge...the salary should not be more than $3000 per month. If the lawyer wants more to do that thankless job...then...that lawyer needs to find another niche. The work is simple and doesn't require much more than sitting there looking interested. What's so hard about that? Floridians are getting snookered by those who want judges' pay to be more not less.


The leaders of a terror organization were sitting around asking each other how to attack America. As they were discussing possible targets in walked one of their numbers with a Wall Street Journal(A-1;03-13-14) and pointed to the front page. We need only knock out 9 power station units and we could blackout the Great Satan for a fortnight...plenty of time to dispatch the drones and blow up New York City leaving gaping holes and smoldering rubble. After receiving the idea...the leaders laughed and began to plot their assault.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Glenn Ford was released after spending 26 years on Death Row for a murder he did not commit. Why he was convicted can't be explained without adding the prosecutor knew he was innocent but chose to prosecute this Afro-American because a Jewish businessman was slain. While his travail is almost too nasty to's also just as unpleasant to look at the prosecutor and know that jerk put an innocent man on death row.

Mention is made of this travesty of justice since its occurrence is not seldom but commonplace. Glenn Ford was prosecuted by a zealot and was convicted by an all-white jury. The evidence was skewed so that it appeared as if Glenn Ford were the perpetrator even though it was obvious to anyone with "all of the facts" that Mr. Ford wasn't involved.

NEW TAX: Section 1141

If you are a trust-fund heir to a sizable estate...there is a surcharge of 3.8% on your wealth per year. Section 1141 transfers the key to the storeroom to big foot the likes of Chuck Schumer(D.NY) or Senator Robert Menendez can use that wealth as they see fit. It's socialism in its worst form and it must be deleted.


The Russian absorption of Crimea couldn't be prevented. While some Republicans call Obama "weak" because he didn't try and stop such take-over...this BLOG congratulates Obama for his prudence. It seems he read this BLOG and knew what President Putin was doing was in the best interests of all concerned.

Mayor de Blasio hates charter schools

NYC Mayor de Blasio hates charter schools because they represent liberation over subjugation...a symbol which this freedom-hater can't abide.

Harlem fire

Someone smelled gas. Within a few minutes...a conflagration consumed buildings as the area exploded in flame and boom.


The Antikythera mechanism was found by accident by a diver off an island near Greece. The device was designed to deliver information. The knowledge embodied in it was so was unlikely to have been built during any age known to historians or anthropologists.

The math and precision packed into it are almost beyond the ken of most modern day mathematicians, astronomers or mechanic engineers...their talents all embodied and combined in that one device. To assemble such a thing would have required an Internet-kind of collaboration(think Google Search) person, (think Edison or Archimedes)...or...a team...dedicated to construction of an instrument good only for deep-ocean navigation.

Mention is made of this device since its existence can't be explained. There must have been a civilization wherein such devices were as common as butter knives or pulleys. Its existence lost but for this one device that was found by a diver seeking something else. It took the advent of the x-ray machine some 50 years later to see inside that bulk of coral and locate the inner gears and cogs each designed to perform specific functions given data input.

Perhaps...eons hence...some critter will happen upon a computer's hard drive and find this BLOG all packed and ready to read. Will it baffle as much as the Antikythera device confounds us?

Zhou Xiaochun

China's banking chief, Zhou Xiaochun informed a cub reporter from this BLOG that he had decided to permit interest rates to be determined by the "open market" free of government skew and hinder. He said he finally understood what this BLOG meant by the term: "otherwise unhampered market" and had come to believe it was a place where never could be found an able-bodied pauper.

Masayoshi Son

Masayoshi Son...CEO of Sprint...was assisted recently by the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG clearing the way for Mr. Son to buy T-Mobile and thereby compete for turf in America. Because Uncle Sugar has made promises to would-be competitors to keep a "closed-shop"...however...the likelihood of receiving permission to purchase T-Mobile is little to none.

In's fascism writ large. it once was big foot government the ability to pick winners and losers and keep the winners subjugated by the potential threat of removing the protective umbrella of  "red tape and taxes".

Even with Crony-capitalism so entrenched in the United States...Mr. Son assumed Americans would not permit themselves to be herded as cattle and sheep to be directed by bureaucratic creeps...and...that the consumers would cry out for liberation over subjugation and demand Mr. Son be permitted to buy T-Mobile thereby giving them better services at lower prices.

Whether Mr. Son has guessed right remains to be revealed. From the way TEAM OBAMA operates, though, it's a heads on favorite that he'll get what he wants if he supports or supported the right political party. If...on the other hand...Mr. Son is thought to be a Republican-leaning business person...then...the permission slip from Uncle Sugar won't be forthcoming.


Flight 370 disappeared without leaving a trace. Its disappearance was all the more confounding because the Boeing 777 has 15 different radio transmitters relating data 24/7 to Boeing Headquarters where function continuously monitored. While officials claim there isn't any trace of the missing jet...this BLOG has discovered* signals emitted from that plane as recently as 20 minutes ago.
*This BLOG used its "Eddie Snowden passkey" to access satellite and ground receivers of every type. The signals come from the lunar surface. Somehow...that jet was deposited on the Moon. The "why" and "how" are currently debated by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG since little stranger has occurred in the last 2000 years or so.


Tesla Motors, Inc. was denied access to New Jersey markets because New Jersey won't permit Tesla to sell directly to the consumer through its own storefronts. In New Jersey...only those sellers possessing a license can sell cars and Tesla didn't have such a relationship with any franchisees. Hence...Tesla was directed to cease selling its electric car in that state.

This rule change in New Jersey was a payback for political support the car dealers gave Christie in the 2012 election cycle. Sure...Tesla was New Jersey such treatment should have been expected. Indeed...most New Jersey businesses exist because of government protection and they like fascism so much they supported this rule change against what they concluded was an interloper.


The focus of the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA can be framed as a definite indicator of what's afoot inside the Oval Office. For example...the alleged poison-gas attack in Syria was said to be the work of President Assad even though all indications were that the CIA had engineered that horrific crime against humanity. The MASS MEDIA never considered the CIA as a player in that criminal act since it was not part of their Obama-written script.

Mention is made of this Syrian debacle since in Afghanistan...a similar crime against humanity occurred. Once again CIA directed from start to finish. The proof is obvious to anyone wishing to examine what TEAM OBAMA has done. Take for example that the 14-square mile camp where the mass murder occurred was surrounded by Iraqi security camps with sophisticated surveillance permitting the Security squads ample warning of any approaching threat. Consider as well that the 120 man assault team rounded up 52 people...each one a pre-selected Mujahedeen-e Khalq* members...and...shot them in the head with their hands behind them tied...all done in typical CIA fashion.

Perhaps the mass grave of those Camp Ashraf residents means little. Yet as many people died at Ashraf as did in that poison gas attack in that Damascus suburb. Yet...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA has ignored this horror and won't connect the obvious dots which link the CIA to it. Sure...they cry about Syria...but...won't say anything about Ashraf. Why?
*MEK are anti-Tehran people. They want to overthrow the maniacs in Tehran and install a pro-American government. The Council of Twelve required certain members of the MEK to be terminated with extreme prejudice as part of the overall bargain to cease development of the Sword of Allah...a doomsday weapon designed to extinguish all life on planet Earth.


Democrat Alex Sinks lost to a Florida-Republican. Due to the persistent attack this BLOG conducted against TEAM OBAMA...the Republican prevailed. The Republican framed OBAMA-CARE as rank socialism...and...totally anti-American...while Democrat Alex Sinks told her crowds they needed to be enslaved from cradle to grave. Fortunately, Floridians understood the menace and chose KEY over 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


Nils Horner was directed by his Swedish Radio boss to go to Kabul and cover the 04-05-14 Presidential elections. Nils asked for firepower but was informed that Swedes don't carry guns or grenades...and...Afghans knew such things making him safe from precipitous assault. With such assurances...Nils went to Kabul and was in the highest-security area watching a funeral when he was approached by two rag heads who closed distance and shot him several times in the head using CIA-made guns.

Because it was such a high-security area...surveillance videos showed the two men approaching from different directions. When these two jackals got within arm's length of Horner...they pulled their guns and fired. Horner never saw it coming...and...never knew he was under attack until those bullets struck his brain and blew him apart.

Why Horner was murdered by the CIA isn't yet known. Using "Eddie Snowden passkeys"...however...this BLOG will uncover "why" the CIA snuffed him in such fashion. It's likely Horner was too close to something the CIA didn't want the world to know. Maybe he stumbled on the fact that the TALIBAN is a CIA-appendage as is Al Qaeda and was about to report such data when he was summarily executed. Whatever the'll be discovered!(Wall Street Journal A-14;03-12-14)

Thorbjorn Jagland

Human-rights investigator, Thorbjorn Jagland...declared he didn't find substantial proof that Russians inside Ukraine were in any danger of persecution. Naturally...ole he's called by his pals...couldn't conclude otherwise because such would support Russian President Putin's declaration to the contrary. This former Norwegian Prime Minister couldn't very well support the Russians in Crimea lest he be shunned by his brethren...the people who pay his salary.


Protect lies with bigger lies. Such was the motto of the Nazi Party. Such has been adopted by TEAM OBAMA. Take for instance the spoof in which Obama and Zach Galiflanakis pretended to be discussing "why" people weren't enrolling in OBAMA-CARE. Afterward..."federal officials said 19,000 people signed up due to that presentation." Of course...those 19,000 were "bot-writes"...mythical people used by these so-called federal officials when a "number" is important.(Wall Street Journal 03-12-14;A-6)

Brig.Gen Jeffrey Sinclair?

Although married...Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair...while in the deserts of Afghanistan...had an affair with a Captain whose lust equaled his. They loved in the sand...they loved in the stream...on mountain tops...about any place they could sit or stand...they touched and steamed.

But...Captain...a Democrat...became jealous when Jeffrey went back to his wife...someone who didn't know...someone who'd be hurt with anger rife,(think Anna Karenina).

With hate and jealousy bubbling forth...she filed a complaint claiming ole Jeffrey had forced her to give him oral sex while stationed in a combat zone where 1000 of their team died. According to this young captain...Jeff stopped firing the 50 cal. and directed her to unzip his pants...remove the him. Naturally...the captain complied since it was an order and they were in a fire-fight with 20,000 rag heads trying to kill them in Custer's Last Stand fashion.

The trial of this man was stopped, though, when somehow emails from the prosecutor to Michelle Obama were uncovered by this BLOG and delivered to Sinclair's lawyers. Michelle Obama directed the prosecutor not to accept Sinclair's offered-plea to a lesser included offense without any sexual aspect. She wanted a trial and she wanted publicity that was pro-Democrat to flow from it.

President Xi knows best!

Chinese President Xi directed the banks to open interest rates and banking practices to the unhampered marketplace. By so doing...Chinese banking in a fortnight will become the principal banking capital of the world. Whereas...Obama...ever the dung-throwing putting more and more hassle and hinder into banking in America...President Xi is going in the opposite direction knowing freedom always trumps enslavement.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Lois Lerner...a former employee at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...was caught because she couldn't erase her emails. The HACKING DEPARTMENT of this BLOG already had her entire email inventory and had she deleted any...her effort would have proved fruitless since the entire email data base can be accessed through this BLOG.

People were wondering what information Obama had when he stone-walled and said there wasn't a smidgen of evidence of misdeeds at the IRS. If it weren't for the hacking effort of this BLOG it's likely there wouldn't have been a so-called smidgen of proof left to consider. However, because the data base was seized by this BLOG...every nasty thing Lerner did can be examined by anyone wishing to know how evil big foot government has become.

Chile's error

The country of Chile almost escaped the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...recently it's been grabbed and getting choked by the same scurvy crew of socialists and other freedom-haters. How could Chileans permit such a thing?


In 2009...a crippled person...neck injury left him without anything below the neck...came forward on this BLOG and predicted in 2014...the Crimea would return to Russia's bosom. Because this person was given the gift of "sight"...the words were heeded and wheat futures hedged to account for what would occur.

Not anyone outside of the BLOG believed in the prediction's accuracy. We now see...however...that Timmy Titler's forecast was correct and this BLOG'S bet on its precision fetched a handsome $123 million profit in a fortnight. Indeed...critics of this BLOG called such ability "humbug"...and...refused to credit its revelation. With Crimea about to secede...though...Titler's vision has been verified and vindicated...all to the great benefit of this BLOG. Thank you, Timmy!
Ukraine delivers great quantities of wheat unless hampered by rebellion and other "trade-retarding" stuff.


The SNOOPING DEPARTMENT of this BLOG used Eddie Snowden "pass-key" and examined U.S. Senate stuff...taking what seemed important should "dirt" need be revealed. In order to hide the snooping...the "scrape-off" mode was used and the CIA became the fall-guy. Such is "why" Brennen...former head of the CIA during that period when snooping was done...can't explain "how" or "why" the CIA would want to know about the misdeeds of Democrat-Senators.


The Florida Republican Party lacks a message which invites everyone to support its platform. Realizing the need for such a package...the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG presented THE ORB and entreated the Party's masters and commanders therein to consider such alternative. They were told that deployment of THE ORB would instantly generate incredible job growth and opportunity for everyone. Why continue crawling along  economically when America could be booming?

Lady Elizabeth whose army of liberation carries before it THE ORB has been asked to speak around Florida delivering this new message...a message of liberation over subjugation...removing the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...ushering in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Turkey's leader is angry that a BLOG stationed in America can have such a readership inside his country. While most anti-Erdogan blogs and other social-media in Turkey have been silenced...this BLOG has ventured onward revealing to everyone how nasty and evil-bent this dude has become.

CLIMATE CHANGE; natural and on-going

What makes planet Earth heat up or cool down isn't completely understood leaving much room for guess and computer models producing whatever outcome its software-makers dictate. The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG studied the present-day models and predictions based thereon and discovered they're flawed and designed to generate whatever needed to support the tyranny envisioned by the "greenies"...those romantics demanding tent and camp fire be the way of life for all Americans.

There isn't any way to measure something as changing and as vast as Earth's biomass and "other". Yes...Earth goes through climate changes as the complex set of variable combine and say that mankind has changed or can change the climate is to vouch for the declaration that with spoon and bucket one can dip the ocean dry.


Those who win write the history of the scene. Let it be said for Fidel that he made sure his treachery, murders, and transgressions against humanity were erased. The witnesses eliminated. Hence...FIDEL can't be shown as he really was...not anyone left to say otherwise. And...that would be the end of it...had there not been someone who did take photos...documenting every mass murder...every torture...every despicable deed committed by this evil-jerk and dispatched them to this BLOG for publication!

Chinese shadow

Shadow-banking in China is growing leaps and bounds because it lacks government "hassle and hinder"...the stuff which clogs and skews. Naturally...President Xi is getting pressure from the Neo-feudalists to attack that burgeoning industry and compel its patrons instead to use big foot government banks with all the red tape and goo such represents and involves. Will President Xi remain steadfast and permit shadow-banking to continue unhampered by the omnivorous maw of power?


Some time back...sensing that big foot government was becoming too intrusive...this BLOG created "dark pools"...exchanges wherein buyers and sellers don't know each other...the trades done anonymously and the funds transmitted in accord therewith less the 1% commission for this BLOG and its cohorts. So successful have been these "dark pools" that they are the source of 36% of all U.S. traded securities,(Wall Street Journal 03-11-14;C-2).

The Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) is livid that it can't control or pierce the veil erected to protect the dark pools from such busy-noses. Mary Jo White...head honcho at SEC...proclaimed that the "dark pools" represented liberty and she would stomp it to death in Nazi-like fashion: "We'll find who is behind the "dark pools" and attack...destroying liberty and imposing "freedom to obey"...the new approach to life in America...Obama-style!"

HILLARY: too bossy

Hillary Clinton has been characterized as "too bossy"...too mean and vicious she was likened to a venomous serpent slithering about lurking in wait of her next victim. Naturally...that description came from one of few admirers and not from her erstwhile husband, Bill "blue dress" Clinton.

Karpeles and MacCaleb

Mt. Gox has two identified owners: Karpeles and MacCaleb. They filed for Chapter 15 seeking U.S. bankruptcy protection. Their idea was to keep American creditors away from their $200 million bank funds* by using the safety features of Chapter 15. Karpeles tool $100 million out of Mt. Gox just a few hours before Mt. Gox closed its gates...blew up bridges...and...torched the data base.
*Department of Homeland Security attacked Mt. Gox grabbing $123 million in an attempt to hurt people and anger creditors. The knaves conducting this assault are the same kind of scumbags the Nazis used to make the Jew's life miserable.

Tencent and Taobao

In person-to-person on-line trading, Alibaba's Taobao is the leader. However, Tencent is trying to unseat this giant. It strategy is to give the consumer more space. For instance...Tencent will offer "free brothel" experiences for online voyeurs...something Alibaba refused to do. "We will take 90% of the marketplace in such places as North Korea and Venezuela,"sniffed a TENCENT official.


So improbable to lose a jet without any trace...that when another jet disappeared 4 months later in that same area...without any trace ever found of either one...people began to suspect there was something in that area which was capable of swallowing jets at 35,000 feet without leaving any trace.

Of course...Al Gore...smelling another chance at chicanery...came forward to accuse man-made global warming as the perpetrator. He showed University-designed computer models demonstrating "how" and "why" the jets were consumed by an angry Mother Nature. He cited Michael Mann...another his professor-who-knows example saying ole Mike had predicted jet #2 getting taken using adeptly crafted taxpayer-funded computer models.


Tatars are Sunni Muslim and hence want to kill infidels. Of course...there are not enough Tatars to accomplish this feat so they just discuss the issue in their Mosques and plot ways to succeed in such mass slaughter. Russian President Putin knows their game-plan and has taken steps to monitor them so that if they do attack...they can be instantly eliminated.


OBAMA-CARE was called wondrous by U.S.Rep. Chris van Hollen(D.MD). He said enslavement was good for America and he wanted everyone to kneel and worship this golden calf,(EXODUS 32:24). Unfortunately for scumbag van Hollen...Maryland's big foot government healthcare plan is faltering and quickly becoming the "bad joke".


What if the pilot of the Flight 370 committed suicide by flying his jet into a jungle or ocean in a manner not leaving any debris?


Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a top-secret brothel in Cambodia. Senator Robert Menendez and Senator Chuck Schumer...recently...were video-taped in that disgusting place having sex with 12 year old Cambodian boys. Because they're socialists and hate liberty...the American MASS MEDIA won't carry the story or "out" these two scoundrels.


Marilyn Tavenner...head honcho at Medicare...wanted to destroy Medicare Part D by imposing price controls. She wanted to hurt people since she's a ghoul working for that disgusting dung-throwing monkey stationed in the Oval Office. Fortunately...this BLOG stopped her. It's HACKING DEPARTMENT...using Edward Snowden "pass key" software*...hacked into Marilyn's emails and discovered her nasty bent for hurting people.
*Edward Snowden...former National Security Agency(NSA) employee, patriot and whistle-blower...gave this BLOG a "pass-key" so that it could monitor all government communications. The only way to escape monitoring would be to use 2 cups with a string between them!


Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared. Some believe the jet was abducted by aliens. This kind of contact is called the "4th kind"...with "sighting" as contact of the 1st kind. "Evidence left" is contact of the 2nd kind....and..."actual interface" as contact of the 3rd kind.


In North Korea...the vote was 100% in favor of their leader. Of course, there wasn't any opponent. When asked who would support such a scumbag...the North Korean official replied, "The walking dead."

Monday, March 10, 2014


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is attacking Governor Chris Christie(R.NJ) asking questions and answering them in a pejorative sense. What is so striking about this MASS MEDIA attention is "how" they are attacking Christie and not examining the misdeeds of Democrat Jon Corzine(think $2 billion theft) and Democrat Hillary Clinton(think Benghazi scandal).