Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Apartheid? Such was what Secretary of State John Kerry chose to label the actions of the Jew in Israel. The outcry was almost instantaneous. "How dare this scumbag frame the Jew in such racist terms!"chided U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY).


White House spokesman, JAY CARNEY was asked about the latest revelation that Obama was directly involved in the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy scandal. You could tell Carney had rehearsed his retort if such questions about Obama's troubles were asked. He was testy and short. He sneered...his lips contorted...and...his eyes grew an obvious shade of brown.

$1.2 billion budget increase

The Internal Revenue Service(IRS) has asked for a $1.2 billion budget increase. Recall these are the people who attacked conservative organizations at the direction of TEAM OBAMA. Indeed...IRS employees who were caught committing wrongful acts were...still...given their "bonus checks". the Neo-feudal state...such tail wagging dog stuff is commonplace and almost expected.

Mr.Peabody & Sherman

Years ago...on TV...there was a comic character show. It featured a dog and a male child: Mr. Peabody...a glib...erudite...British accented...pipe-smoking unassuming lad...wide-eyed...and...prone to saying, "Golly..Mr. Peabody...I never knew!"

Mention is made of this cute TV show since it became a full-length movie that bombed mightily at the box office. Unlike Madagascar and Shrek...two box office hits...PEABODY was a loser. It took $49 million to produce and present earned back a meager $5 million. Unfortunately...most consumers never liked the TV show and those who did were represented in that $5 million.

Why would a production company spend big-money on such a loser? Why take such a risk? The reason is that its owners received bad advice. The company that was hired to determine if there were enough residual interest in that TV show to warrant such an expensive enterprise concluded based on their "population-study" the movie would fetch over $100 million(+). Their research demonstrated that most Americans and Europeans loved the idea of a K-9 and a young boy traveling through time and space meeting people and doing things.

Of course...$40 million(+) of red ink later...however...the production company knows it received bad advice. The company that delivered such bad stuff...was the same crew that was hired to select guards for sensitive naval bases in places such as Roanoke,Virginia. They were the same bunch who carried out Eric the Holder's scheme called "Fast and Furious". And...they were the ones who advised Ambassador Susan Rice to LIE about the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy compound attack.


The executive board of Media Matters...a liberal website...doesn't want their employees to unionize. Imagine preaching the benefits of unionization and doing everything possible to obstruct unionization of've just been inside that board room yesterday.

As one executive board member told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "Our employees are cattle and sheep. They don't deserve union benefits...and...Media Matters can't carry such burdens unionization entails."


At a meeting of the Maryland Department of Health where 1300 agents met to discuss how to harass and hassle restaurant owners...many of them fell ill. They ate food prepared in the way their rules required and it made them experience projectile vomiting and precipitous diarrhea.


Alyssa Drescher...a senior in high school...suffered expulsion when a small pocket knife was discovered in her locker. Another senior was found with a lighter in his locker. He was suspended for 3 days. The difference in outcomes could be traced to the respective positions held by the parents. Mr. Drescher was a telephone line repairman. The other child's mother was a member of the local school board.


Home ownership in America is down to its lowest level since the country has been led by socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters. Why should they be re-elected?(Wall Street Journal A-5;04-30-14).

Bernardo Caprotti

When Bernardo Caprotti was 45 years old...he applied for a building permit to erect a supermarket in Florence, Italy. He chose not to pay the "vig"...the bribes, so to speak...and...hence...his project received the "slow-walk". He just received the "okay" for the construction to commence. But...ole Bernie is now 88 years old and quite unwilling to proceed.

Italy is dead in the water. America is quickly smothering itself in the same "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies rendering it as idiotic as what the Italians are suffering.


Toyota moved to Texas due to the burdensome tax and red tape heaped upon it in California. Toyota decided to cease being a beast of burden for the California socialists.


Finally...the claim of this BLOG that the Benghazi statements following the 09-11-12 embassy compound attack were LIES. It has come to light that Obama directed Susan Rice to LIE. But what news is that? Obama told 300 million Americans they could keep their health insurance if they liked it...a LIE that was told to keep Americans quiet and in the field chewing their cud.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The American Indians in Arkansas told the pale-faces they had best avoid certain areas since they were prone to devastation inflicted by an angry Mother Nature. Stay away from's where she takes out her frustrations was the informal alert given by those "in-the-know" Indians.

However, the pale faces didn't listen. And...on 04-25-11...devastation was visited on those areas. And...on 04-25-14...similar devastation was once again heaped on that area.

Flipping houses in those areas? What a crap shoot!


Donald Sterling was banned for life and must disgorge his professional basketball team(Clippers). The outcry was huge. The MASS MEDIA fanned the racism to get every ounce of value out of the mistake ole Donnie made while talking to someone he thought was a trusted friend and not someone tape-recording him for ill-use.

What is so ironic is that Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion from his clients...Democrat Lois Lerner committed criminal acts to help Obama...and...Democrat Eric the Holder...the so-called U.S. Attorney General...has covered up more criminal acts committed by the U.S.Injustice Department than any predecessor. They haven't been excoriated. They haven't been banned for life. They hurt people. Donald only hurt himself.


Fatah and Hamas have finally joined together to eliminate Israel. This confluence has recently occurred due to the realization on both sides that their dissonance was caused by people who found benefit in their hostility towards one another. Their decision was instantaneously greeted by a Jewish refusal to continue talks with Palestinians on the issue of a separate state. "How dare the Muslim understand how the Jew has kept them divided!" chided Secretary of State John Kerry. As ole John observed, "The Jew is creating apartheid in Israel."


What Obama fails to realize is that Russian President Putin plays chess not checkers. As President Putin has said, "Obama is as textureless as painted cardboard. He's plastic...and...absolutely untrustworthy."


In a FED-EX hub...a shooter appeared and began to inflict mayhem and death. While initial reports are was confirmed he was a Democrat and had worked hard on Obama's 2012 campaign. He said he would kill for Obama and now people sense what he meant.


Lois Lerner has been sanctioned by a Contempt citation issued by Congress. Her lawyers are fighting to keep her out of jail while they scramble to find ways to hinder any further investigation into the scandalous activities of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Recall Lois Lerner and her scumbag cronies at IRS attacked conservative organizations, their purpose to damage the ability of these organizations to influence political outcomes around the country. When they were caught...they immediately took the 5th amendment and refused to reveal their criminal acts.

Because Lois Lerner is a loyal soldier...she'll go down and not take her supervisors and a host of prominent Democrats with her. Unlike Democrat Jon Corzine who threatened to take down the entire edifice if his $2 billion theft of his own clients' money were ever prosecuted...ole Lois has kept quiet. Sure..she could take Obama with her since she has secret emails from that dung-throwing monkey encouraging her effort to attack conservative organizations. But...she won't reveal them. She's a loyal soldier...the kind of Nazi-types that assisted Hitler in his demented conquest.


Malaysian Flight 370 electronic beacon ("ping") has gone silent. The resting place for those 200(+) souls aboard is somewhere in the South Indian Ocean lying at depths well in excess of 20,000 feet. Why that jet did what it did...not anyone can explain. Conjecture-enthusiasts have gone so far as to say the lack of wreckage demonstrates the jet was abducted by an alien mother ship...while others have simply called it a "Devil's Triangle" mystery.

Monday, April 28, 2014


The South Korean ferry was overloaded and its burden proved too much. The ferry sank precipitously...killing several hundred people most of whom were students. The payload of such a craft was exceeded by 300% making the ferry unstable and susceptible of sudden flipping.

How could that ferry get so overloaded? It turns out that due to big foot government stuff...the ferry's owners and those making money off that monopoly were able to endanger crew and patrons ignoring all safety concerns. They felt insulated by big foot government should there be some downside to such transgression. Had it not been for the noise this BLOG has made over this horrific incident...they probably would have escaped condemnation.


Russian President Putin has proven his esteemed ability to protect his national borders. Naturally...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has threatened sanctions and reprisals...but...the Russian Bear understands the monkey and fears not this hurling-proclivity.


Even though New England from Massachusetts to Maine has abundant "close-by" natural gas supplies...the utility prices paid by its residents are the highest in the country. This shortage and hence high price energy could be instantly alleviated by construction of gas pipe lines from the Marcellus Shale area to these would-be distribution hubs.

Why would they be paying such high prices? The barrier to such energy abundance, distribution and pricing can be traced back to big foot government's energy programs and policies. The permitting process for a pipeline is so nasty...few ever make the attempt; and those entrepreneurs who do try find themselves in the shadow world of lobbyists and cronies.

But...why would New England residents accept such a CAGE environment? Why would they not join together and delete the hurdle and hamper aspects of government insisting these scumbags get out of the way and permit those pipelines to be built and built forthwith? Hmmm? Why wouldn't they?

Many Harvard scholars concluded...when asked this question...that the people of New England are accustomed to boot licking. They kneel and lick boot for freebie and favor. They lick big foot government to get something otherwise to them unattainable. As one Harvard official opined, " in New England kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge."(Exodus 32:24).


Sacropenia is a medical infirmity characterized by a noticeable wasting away of the skeletal muscles. very old people suffer from this condition. Recently, it was discovered that myostatin...a naturally occurring substance in the aging human body...makes muscles disappear but it's affects can be hindered or arrested using several new drugs. Imagine a 100 year old lady lifting 400 pound bar bells and you'll sense the enormity of such discovery.

Naturally...the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has put as many hurdles and hinders as possible between this discovery and its general commercial application. Their goal is to make sure elderly people don't live longer. One FDA scumbag...speaking on condition of anonymity...admitted their purpose was to kill as many people as possible. He said that most FDA personnel eat "Soylent Green".


The WEATHER DEPARTMENT of this BLOG issued a tornado alert for Arkansas. went unheeded and an 80 mile wide path of destruction was by Mother Nature inflicted. "Had the people of that area merely joined hands and wished that tornado turn away from them...that twister would have gone in the other direction," sniffed former Vice President Albert Gore...a nowadays climate-change guru.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion of his clients money. He has yet to be prosecuted. Maybe...he will escape...though...since he has "dirt" on almost everyone in the U.S.Injustice Department...and...has expressed a primal willingness to "spill his guts" should he be attacked.


Cliven Bundy was overheard telling a small crowd that Afro-Americans were better off as slaves picking cotton than nowadays beholden to big foot government for their shelter, food and transport. Of course...Mr. Bundy is entitled to his idiotic proclamations as would anyone else. Mention was made of this gentleman's fight against Uncle Sugar...but...never were his idiotic racial-views anything but anathema to the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG.


Read the law called OBAMA-CARE and determine for yourself if it's something you would label American or "other".


U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) revealed herself to be a devout socialist and general freedom-hater. She told people their empires were built by others and that whatever they had was given to them by someone else. From her perspective...she was correct. Never did she earn anything. She has never formed or perpetuated a business. She has been in the employ of some form of government her entire adult life. So...from her point of view...she has been "given" what she has...and...looks upon everyone else in that manner: parasitic and slime-like.

Why would anyone ever support her for any political office? The only explanation which makes good sense is that these supporters look upon her as some kind of cash-cow...someone who can give them what others can't otherwise get. Remove her power to pick winners and losers...and...few people would ever...even speak to such a slug.

Why put into the Oval Office another freedom-hater? Of course...TEAM impose the totalitarian state...must have someone leading the Hun-horde. What better person than Elizabeth Warren? She hates liberty...would slice her own mother's throat to advance cause...and...has promised to eliminate what little freedom remains replacing the same with "freedom-to-obey".


Using a matrix to unlock the Bible's secrets...these intrepid researchers discovered OBAMA-CARE was predicted and labeled something to be avoided and denounced,(Revelations 13:4; Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:21).


Most people won't willingly choose CAGE over KEY. And...yet...TEAM OBAMA has perpetuated itself by offering freebie and favor to those would-be KEY-SEEKERS...siphoning off zeal replacing such with fealty and subservience. Why fight against the "whip and chain" is asked by the CAGE'S ruling elite. Why not accept the yoke and choke agenda and be satisfied being the beasts of burden for the common good...and...enslaved to the public weal.


Mischief swift to enter the thoughts of desperate men. And...yet...thrift a blessing if men steal it not.


What goodly outside doth falsehood have...blending well in passion's salve. What balm concealed...answer peeled...tethered cow never left calf.


TEAM OBAMA has directed the MASS MEDIA to assist in disguising its vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters. "The voters mustn't know how evil we are." Senator Chuck Schumer was overheard telling Chris Matthews, MSNBC's master of ceremonies.


Russians...virtually everyone man jack one of President Putin. A scientific poll was taken of such favorable attitude and it was almost palpable the tenor of allegiance expressed. They understood that Russia must not falter but stand forth...a bear among sheep...and...assert hegemony.

What President Putin offers Russia...and...the world...for that another approach. It's called the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

As President Putin pointed out, "The world is ready for a new of liberation over framed as KEY or each soul a way to eliminate the grip and grab of big foot government...and...usher in a veritable EDEN.

Sure...there are many voters who are quite satisfied to remain stationary...accepting the yoke and choke agenda...with gratitude thanking the master for whatever scraps might be thrown from the table. But...most people love freedom and will do what need be done to secure the same not only for themselves but for their heirs. As one grandfather exclaimed, "I'll go down fighting to make sure my heirs breathe free!"

The new model President Putin proposes is simple and easily grasped. It's called the "limited government" system wherein the government relies on lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffet kind of donations for its funding and delivers only essential government services such as: courts, police and limited national defense with some allocation by referendum for airports, harbors and large dams.

By streamlining the government...eliminating its ability to interfere and skew the marketplace...the prosperity enjoyed by all is peculiar as each person is to anyone else. What makes the artist rich...for example...might be so paltry and unappealing to the rancher that such paint and brush are never deployed for profit but instead cattle are marshaled and sold. By eradicating the hinder and hassle of the "red tape, tax and spend" 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE ...President Putin envisions a Russia...and...perhaps...the rest of the planet...with streets of gold...gates adorned with pearls...and...everyone happy with their tomorrows.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Neo-feudalists afoot

At the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency(OCC)...even the limo drivers make $80,000 per year. Indeed...this bunch is paid so much the overall pay scale has become something against which this BLOG stands. The maximum payment to anyone at OCC should not be any more than $1000 per month. This sum while paltry would be sufficient for someone to provide that service.

Sure...those willing to work for that will be in need of sustenance and support...but...government service should be only for those selfless, drooling fools and parasites willing to lick boot for that meager sum. It would also weed out all the Neo-feudalists who see big foot government as a way to carve out some kind of fiefdom for themselves and their heirs, (think Kennedy and Clinton).

Russians in Ukraine?

Secretary of State John Kerry described his endeavor to bring peace to the world as "twitter-diplomacy". While most people around the world didn't know what he meant...many Americans did. They understood that Crimea was absorbed by Russia due to such twitter stuff and Iran was now just a few weeks away from having completed the Sword of Allah...a nuclear-powered doomsday machine...because of such clever statement and skillful negotiation...encapsulated in that label: Twitter Diplomacy.

"a" or "the"

"a" or "thee"?
Messiah framed
another prophet for me

Santo Subito!

Make him a saint, immediately. Such was chanted in Rome recently as Pope Francis designated former Pope John Paul a saint. "Santo Subito!"

Friday, April 25, 2014


The Republican National Committee(NRC) should preach THE ORB and invite every voter to consider dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model and ushering in the 21st Century OTHERWISE UNHAMPERED MARKET(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper....a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears..your purse!"


"What killed him?" asked the bereaved wife. He died in the waiting room of a government medical service agency. His name was on a list of people with maladies "too expensive" to treat or ameliorate. In a top-secret memo...Obama directed big foot government to ignore entreaties from those veterans with "expensive" problems...and...treat only those with colds, mild fevers and cuts.

The decedent was a highly decorated war hero. He had saved his platoon from doom and had been awarded many medals for his outstanding courage. His exploits were the stuff from which legends are made. One captured enemy-combatant...when he saw that hero by him pass...exclaimed, "That dude there must be a man-God. I shot at him at point-blank range...maybe 10 feet away...squeezed off a hundred rounds and not one of them struck anything. I know I didn't miss...couldn't have missed...and...yet he continued to charge our position and capture the whole lot of us!"

No...folks...this hero didn't die on the battlefield. No...he died at the hands of OBAMA...a dung-throwing monkey...without a soul. He was snuffed by big foot government. What is so ironic is that this hero never knew it was Obama...his so-called commander-in-chief...who gave the order that he not receive medical care. And...had it not been for the "pass-key" Edward Snowden* gave the SNOOPING DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...Obama's dastardly refusal to give medical care...still...wouldn't be known.
*Eddie Snowden gave this BLOG a computer "pass-key" enabling this BLOG to monitor and examine any communication. To avoid censor...the concerned person would need to employ 2 cups with a string connecting them. Otherwise...what is use of this pass key...can be examined. Edward Snowden...a patriot and whistle-blower...took "pass-keys" with him when he departed the National Security Agency(NSA). These "pass-keys" are designed to monitor all communications and deliver whatever portion the investigator might wish to reduce to "hard copy".


When prices fall...consumers benefit. As the prices continue to fall...the consumers are even more benefited. However, at some point...goods and services won't be offered because the price has gone so low that the producers can't afford to produce what was once a product fetching a hefty price per unit sold. For example, a car-maker would cease making cars if the cost of production exceeded any profit for the same.

The otherwise unhampered market(OUM) is constantly adjusted in terms of supply and demand benefiting the consumer in every instance. The price of goods and services fluctuates as production comes and goes with every change in the overall mix of producers and consumers. It is only when big foot government interferes and skews some aspect of this OUM is there some kind of macro-economic damage inflicted. Left alone...the OUM self-corrects and always does so in ways advantageous to the consumer.

Mention is made of the OUM since the wizards of big foot government think they can inflate the money supply...cause prices to rise in reaction thereto...and...somehow benefit the consumer. How do higher prices benefit the consumer, eh Obama?

Thursday, April 24, 2014


For anyone still saying Obama isn't a dung-throwing monkey...why not take a moment and inspect the critter you seem ready to defend? For example, as far as his foreign policy and his acumen in world affairs...he plays checkers while other global leaders play chess around him. He has a chance...for instance...of opening America up(#1 economy) to free trade with China(#2 economy)...and...he's dragging his simian to speak. As for domestic issues...if it weren't for the complicit MASS MEDIA and "fudged" government numbers and statistics...most Americans would have already signed an IMPEACHMENT PETITION demanding this treasonous MARXIST ON MISSION be ousted from the Oval Office.

Lanhee Chen

Another freedom-fighter has joined the army of liberation. Lanhee J. Chen decided it was time to march to make salt. With his assistance...the yoke and choke agenda of TEAM OBAMA can be eradicated and the otherwise unhampered market permitted to manifest. Thank you, Chen!


Cliven Bundy...a Nevada cattleman and patriot...found himself confronting the most powerful government on planet Earth: Uncle Sugar. He sat upon his horse...wearing his 100 gallon Stetson and posing an American flag upon a stick. Before him stood well-armed big foot government dudes...a veritable goon squad...all packed with firepower and simply waiting for someone to direct them to open fire so that they could slaughter him and that gorgeous steed upon which he enthroned himself.

The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA commenced to label this defiant rancher...appending harsh, opprobrious epithets. Bill Maher...for instance...a TV-slime slug ...took time out to say something snide and demeaning. Jon Stewart...another scumbag with socialist tendencies...looked into the camera and called Bundy an off-colored name...likening him to something akin to a mad dog. Few...if any...talking heads in the MASS MEDIA sided with Bundy. "Why support any attempt at CAGE escape?" asked MSNBC-Hardballer-Chris Matthews as he chided Bundy for proclaiming liberation over subjugation.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


In Colorado...a small private banking firm has appeared. It promises vault security...investment routes as lucrative as anything imaginable...and...bitcoin insulation from any unwanted intrusion. The banking outfit is a subsidiary of this BLOG. It's called: THE BIG-SHOT BANK...the bank people use when they wish others to think of them as "big-shots".

John Betts along with a consortium cobbled together by the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG have commenced an effort to save the bitcoin exchange: MT GOX. It's hoped that readers will join with this contingent of the army of liberation and salvage this computer-generated medium of exchange.


Moelis went from zero revenue to $400 million by offering businesses and governments ways to make big bucks safely. The paradigm Moelis uses was borrowed from this BLOG'S "good idea" department without any strings attached. Recently, Moelis...bored with their bottom-line...asked this BLOG to give them another way to generate 21st Century mega-profits...a way that would be...once again...cutting edge kind of fun.


In the play, Merchant of Venice...there's a scene wherein Shylock is asked to be merciful and he refuses to be such insisting on revenge instead. Shylock asks the young Judge "why" must he be merciful when he hasn't done anything wrong. Gentle Portia...disguised as Balthazar...tells him about leniency and entreats him to consider mercy instead of retribution frothing with hate and demented anger.

Mention is made of this scene since recently Obama found wisdom in this BLOG and commenced to unwind the tyranny of the "witch-laws" by commuting the sentences of any federal prisoner behind bars due to a drug conviction. Only those prisoners with a violent felony on their "rap" sheet would not be eligible for release. Hence...thousands of people are getting released and the joy is almost palpable as families reunite...some after decades of separation.

Take Stephanie George, for instance. Her boyfriend asked her to hide his 300 kilos of cocaine along with his 50 caliber machine gun and atomic-rocket launcher. She did as requested and provided warehousing for over a year when her house was searched by a federal goon squad acting on a "tip". She was a single mother with 3 children. She lacked any prior criminal record and told the goon squad she was merely keeping the stuff for her boyfriend.

Naturally...because of the "witch-laws"...Stephanie George was burned metaphorically at the stake. She was sentenced to "life in prison". Her life was taken away and she was put into a CAGE where she was counted 18 times a day...treated as one would handle a kennel-pet...and...reduced* to little more than a number inside a 7 x 8 foot prison-cell.
*A life she suffered for almost two decades before Obama heard the cry of a voice in the wilderness entreating him to show bestow mercy...and...begin to release these poor souls from bondage and doom. Thank you, Obama.


First Lady Michelle Obama was invited to speak at a graduation ceremony. Her speech was "same old, same old, just different bag"...except...she added a socialist tenor to it. She called upon the graduating class to become government masters directing the cattle and sheep from cradle to grave. She exhorted them to perpetuate the subsidized welfare state and assist her in reducing even more Americans to abject dependency. To her...America was a Neo-feudal environment wherein she and them together can subjugate and oppress. What a speech. What a gal, eh Barack?


Ah...yes...President Putin delivered the Crimea to TEAM OBAMA so that they might have something to discuss in the 2014 campaign season avoiding thereby any focus on OBAMA-CARE...their Achilles heel so to speak. Could President Putin be so instrumental in American politics?

Most influential?

Jay Fielden...pointed out that BEYONCE...the entertainer...could be called one of the most influential people on planet Earth. Jay Fielden and his team had canvassed the world assessing who and what was the most influential on the planet in 2014. They examined who was doing the most to be the most...and...revealed the names and organizations discovered to be as such.

He declared...along the way in his recital of 50 such people and organizations...this BLOG was considered the most influential political tome in 2014. The number of patrons visiting "" according to this "public analyst" was so vast it couldn't be measured by any known quantum and hence obviously had to be labeled: influential.


A new website has been launched. It's called THE UPSHOT. It's a New York Times enterprise. It will promote socialism and Eco-fascism and its promoters say it will give Americans a reason to support enslavement and loss of liberty. Mr. of the promoters...promised his audience he'd do all he could to impose "whip and chain" on America and knew they wanted to hear how.


Meb American...won the 2014 Boston Marathon. Most of the MASS MEDIA couldn't pronounce the name and simply labeled him: JOHN DOE.


Content and satisfied. Such were the words describing most of the colonists prior and well-after 1776. King George was months away by ship and his managers in America were confined to small areas and strictly governed by English Common Law. Indeed...local laws were as burdensome and applied as done in England: "based on who you were not what you'd done."

Nowadays...freedom-fighters once more find themselves in a sea of  "content and satisfied" souls. To succeed...they must enlist a majority of these "I'm okay, you're okay" types...and...invite them to march to make salt and liberate America from the grip and grab of big foot government. Their message must be one which tells every American that they should support this effort to eradicate the yoke and choke agenda.

However...mankind yearns to breathe free. Even the most satisfied wish for "greener grass"...hope for better tomorrows...and...hate having their future painted by would-be masters. To enlist that desire...the message must be liberation over subjugation. With that proclamation...most Americans will realize they must join the army of liberation and dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...deleting the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE and ushering in thereby the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

As was noticeable prior to 1776...nowadays...though...complacency...ignorance...and...a large dash of propaganda has reduced most of America to that of cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. They've been led to believe the CAGE is perpetual and they must accept the chain and whip. The MASS MEDIA 24/7 delivers that declaration...directing people to kneel and the master's boot lick.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The army of liberation is's mission to make salt...its purpose to dismantle the CAGE and usher in the OUM. Similar in fervor to that of those freedom-fighters of 1776...this 21st century team offers everyone the OUM...a place where never can some demagogue decree: "Our tears...your purse!" Are you so "content and satisfied" that you won't consider KEY over CAGE?

Monday, April 21, 2014


Into the microphone of the microwave radio...a desperate voice asked, "Anyone out there?" Listening...wondering...hoping...and...receiving back...noise...noise...and...of course...more noise...but...nevertheless...always undaunted still asking, "Anyone out there?"


Tomorrow is as much a mystery as today was yesterday...and...yet...soothsayers...using all sorts of mediums including computers...claim they know what is behind door to speak. They purport to know what will happen...even though such proclamation at best a well-disguised guess.


In those early days of the 21st Century...freedom-fighters were few...their army of liberation...barefooted...impoverished...and...ignored by the MASS MEDIA. The odds of such a paltry bunch being able to overcome the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE were nil. And...yet...they marched to make salt despite whatever was placed before them as hurdle and hinder.

Yes...against them stand the mighty edifice of CAGE and its plethora of would-be masters...each arrayed with power and pomp...yet...onward they march. Sure...they're labeled as "silly".

"Why try and shrug the yoke?" a question asked by chortling MASS MEDIA talking they demean those trying to fight against big foot government and its limitless power to stomp and chomp.

"How dare anyone try and oppose the grip and grab of the would-be master with mob!" one MASS MEDIA official chided when asked about the army of liberation. This MASS MEDIA spokesman went on to describe the army of liberation as an organization losing steam and fiscal support. "They'll eventually kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master forges."

Perhaps...this MASS MEDIA soothsayer is correct and the effort to delete the CAGE and its RIDE is futile and won't ever bear fruit. Maybe Americans are doomed to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. And the march of the army of liberation become ineffective since the CAGE has too many proponents and control of 99.99% of the MASS MEDIA.

So...what...if anything...then...would cause or motivate 173,456,788 Americans to sign the petition for liberation over subjugation...demanding thereby the CAGE be dismantled...the would-be masters sent home with thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their drooling, selfless public service...and...EDEN ushered in?

In answering such's likely the message of liberty always overwhelms another "canned" speech about the next "big foot government program, fix, or policy. Instead of same old, same old, just different bag...the good news in the message of that:

 It's time to dismantle the CAGE...delete the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...and...usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree" "Our tears...your purse!"


Richard Branson was told not to invest in hotels since they're too problematic and fraught with union-troubles. Of course...Branson ignored good counsel and embarked on a hefty buying spree hoping to get good locations for his hotels. In Chicago...for instance...the bank building...while a great location...its renovation bogged down with a completion date as a 4-star hotel scheduled for 2028...a full year after Mother Earth gets struck by that 10 mile wide asteroid.


Two trillion bucks later and the WAR ON POVERTY isn't any where near won. Poverty pockets are everywhere and TEAM OBAMA is getting blamed.

In Florida...U.S.Senator Bill Nelson...for a prime example of TEAM OBAMA' S quantum of brotherly love...was asked to give some of his immense wealth to assist the poor. Naturally...being a devoted socialist...he refused since he always spends and gives away other people's money...never...ever his own!

U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) a similar callous act of disregard...walked right past a crippled child asking for alms to help her get to college. When asked to give...Schultz strutted by ignoring the cries for assistance. Schultz later told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that she wanted to loot storerooms for that crippled kid but never was she going to give some of her own money. No...not ever!


In California...SPACE X is fighting to insulate itself from the grip of taxation. If California is able to levy the kind and amount of tax it wishes...SPACE X will be destroyed. Of course...the tax-more bunch wants to kill off all producers leaving only big foot government and a huge number of underlings willing to lick boot for freebie or favor. Will Elon Musk succeed in insulating his novel enterprise.


Billionaire Tom Steyer doesn't want fossil fuel in America. He prefers watching people ride bus, bike or walk. Of course...he sees himself speeding by these underlings in his Rolls Royce sneering at them from the heights of haughtiness. He's a Neo-feudalist. He foresees a day when only the ruling elite have vehicles and everyone else reduced to herd status to be directed by his team of bureaucratic creeps.
Keystone XL Pipeline has been delayed by politicians who are beholden to Steyer.


On federal land...out west...there has been a rash of cattle killings. The ranchers found their cattle mutilated...cut if sliced by a laser beam. The mystery remained as such until Edward Snowden...a former National Security Agency(NSA) employee...revealed the federal government was doing it. Thank you, Edward!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


When asked who would be the Super Bowl champions for 2014...someone piped up and declared: PHILADELPHIA EAGLES. As far-fetched and improbable as that might seem on's likely should RUDY show up in that locker room.
In the movie, RUDY...the almost impossible was accomplished.

Friday, April 18, 2014


MERS was first identified as a deadly pathogen several years ago in Saudi Arabia. According to the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and hacked top-secret National Security Agency was a bio-engineered bug that had escaped its deep-desert lab and was now reeking havoc in that rag-head country...killing every person who was unfortunate enough to have contracted the disease.

The cure for MERS is already in the possession of the CIA. These scumbags believe that when MERS comes knocking on their door...their "lamb's blood" will direct the Angel of Death elsewhere. Maybe their assumption will be correct and with that "cure" they'll survive the plague. But...if the bug has's likely it has...that CIA stuff won't cure anything and the entire population of the planet will be gone...including all those wizards at the CIA who directed such a bug be built..

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez died. He was a well-known writer from Columbia, South America. In his final moments...he asked for a piece of paper and a pen. He was given what he requested and he wrote the following:

"Liberation over subjugation. The 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can be dismantled. The torch I pass now to the freedom-fighters to go forth with my zeal...with my heaven-sent blessing...and...eradicate the yoke and choke agenda...delete the grip and grab of the would-be master...and...usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper." God speed, Gabe.


Would Abubakar Shekau...putative leader of Boko Harem...a murderous bunch of cutthroats and scoundrels...ever permit his face to be published in the social media...or...any where else for that matter? He'd be a fool to permit such publication. As the leader of that organization...the last thing that dude would want is for the world to have the ability to identify him wherever he chose to go. Imagine him trying to navigate London and everyone he encounters says..." you not that terrorist, ABUBAKAR SHEKAU...I'd recognize your face anywhere!"

President Putin and Edward Snowden

Russian President Putin appeared on Russian TV to answer questions from the audience. Edward a surprise cameo shot...posed a question about the collection of data by Russian Security systems. President Putin informed the Russian people that they were secure and safe and that their private matters were their private matters and not of any concern to the government. President Putin...then...took the occasion to chide Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...for using the American National Security Agency(NSA) as a goon squad to collect intimate information about enemies and then use that data to hurt and damage.


States which don't permit citizens to carry concealed firearms have been designated "kill zones" by the Homeland Security Agency(HSA). Ft. Hood is an example of what occurs in a "kill zone" area where concealed weapons are not permitted.

Recently...a deranged trooper...a dude sporting the handle "Lopez"...bought* some firepower from the local gun store...went to Ft. Hood...went to an area therein where there weren't any concealed firearms and commenced to murder as many as he could.

In Newtown...another HSA designated "kill zone"...the shooter knew there weren't any concealed firearms. He knew he could enter the building and shoot teachers and students with impunity. Had there been concealed firearms in that building, however, that shooter would have been slain long before he was able to get off that first shot. Unfortunately, there weren't any sure firearms on campus and the death toll was horrific.

Folks...the 2nd amendment was designed to give each citizen the ability to defend. The right to carry a gun must not be infringed. Because of how it has been infringed, though, the tragedies continue to pile up...the graves continue to be dug...and...the next occasion of horror always afoot.
*The gun store Lopez used to acquire his weapons of mass destruction happened to have sold firepower to other deranged shooters....who chose Ft. Hood as "ground zero" for their assault.


Jonathan Lynn...CEO of the IPCC-climate change crew...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he could make a computer render any answer he wanted including 2+2=5. The cub-reporter said that kind of callous disregard for truth was quite Orwellian and dangerous. Ole Jon chortled and added wryly, "But very lucrative. If it weren't for the myth of climate change and how mankind can affect Mother Nature...I'd be flipping hamburgers and waiting tables at night."


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...stood at the podium and told America that OBAMA-CARE was here to stay. He had successfully enslaved America and the opposition had best accept the yoke. The complicit MASS MEDIA instantly labeled such in-your-face proclamation that from a man-God...a deity of sorts...and...American should take heed...kneel...and...lick boot with candied tongue.


If the Israelis aren't quite careful...their little nation will be swallowed by the omnivorous maw of Islam. The Palestinians are but pawns in this overall confrontation between Islam and "other"...a conflict which feeds on the blood and carnage such animosity tends to generate. Yes...the West Bank seems to be a great place to establish a state of would be land-locked and almost without life-sustaining water...two things which would doom even the most vibrant band of zealots. Hence...if the Israelis were to grant statehood recognition to the West would be a foregone conclusion that the JEW was once more destined to wander Sinai.


Per Bylund...a Swede with a message...told Americans they were making a huge mistake in socializing the medical service industry....pointing out how horrific the Swedish model of such centralized control had become. He told his audience about what Swedes must suffer should they wish to have medical care and how Swedes are buying private health insurance so that they might circumvent those government doctors and care-centers and receive top shelf care from private physicians and their small hospitals.


To the extent that China eliminates its "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies and permits an otherwise unhampered market to will grow and prosper providing for its 1.34 billion souls an EDEN-like environment...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

President Xi knows such things but also understands that the CHINESE BUREAUCRACIES are so'd be an improbable feat to eradicate every aspect of their grip and grab...their yoke and choke...their hegemony. Yet...because he's a GOLDEN DRAGON...a great leader...he can and will do what need be done.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


In Nevada...cattlemen are fighting for economic survival. Their nemesis...big foot government. One cattleman embroiled in this confrontation was threatened by an armed government goon squad...ready to kill if so ordered. Around America the price of beef has gone from $2.34 per pound to $5.68 per pound making it a product most consumers simply can't afford.

The lack of consumers due to price increases has rippled back into the farming effort to the extent that fewer cattle and ranches will be seen in the years to come. For now...though...those ranchers still in the business are trying* to feed their cattle as cheaply as possible thereby enabling them to sell at a lower price to keep the public eating beef. their way stands big foot government...ready to stomp and chomp.
*Where is U.S. Senator Harry Reid on the subject? He favors the "stomp" and wants to control all beef production. He's a nasty dude and the good folks of Nevada should never have re-elected him.


In act of supreme desecration was inflicted. A black helicopter without any identifying markings...appeared above the most sacred site and dumped 10,000 pounds of pig innards and then departed as abruptly as it had from out of the high noon sun appeared. Naturally...this was an affront to Islam and its perpetrators had to pay with their lives...only not anyone knew who to target.

Not anyone wished to take responsibility for the assault on Islam. The Taliban put out a $100 million reward for any information leading to the arrest of the culprits. Indeed...using tracking technology made famous in the search for Malaysian Flight 370...CNN and NBC have been tracking possible sighting of the "black helicopter" speculating that it had to have landed somewhere...somehow..."

According to the information this BLOG received using an Edward Snowden "pass key"...the American CIA was instrumental in delivering that payload of pig stuff. Indeed...Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) confirmed that the Muslims were pretty angry and would not stop until someone was grabbed and the attack pinned on them citing as a similar example of how to resolve the matter the recent arrest of a nit-witted Mexican* to stand trial for the assassination of U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY.
*Brian Terry was assassinated because he discovered Obama was using black ops personnel along the Mexican border to foment mayhem and unrest. Within 72 hours of the last meeting Terry had with his supervisor, he was dead. The gun that killed him was traced all the way into the Oval Office!


Government Motors...f/k/a General Motors...made sure that any claims for bad switches prior to 07-01-09 were barred. How callous.

According to official sources investigating this horror story...Obama knew people had been killed because Government Motors refused to tell people about the hidden danger in GM cars. Yet...he remained silent. As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) admitted about Obama's culpability, "He could have saved many of those people...but...he chose to remain silent!"


The owners of Aereo came up with a clever idea. Why not build a smart capable of accessing the "cloud" capable of linking the user to the Internet and "beyond"? Naturally...such a thing would essentially bypass the major broadcasters and cable companies. The threat of getting shoved aside was so immediate that ABC sued Aereo claiming Aereo was not permitted to re-transmit the signal emitted by ABC's transmission.  While it's still undecided, it's likely ABC might prevail dooming Americans to antiquated systems for another 100 years. Imagine the world using pencils while we chisel words with crude'll sense the damage ABC could do if it prevails.


Obama was overheard describing the American people as gullible...willing to eat any bovine sandwich so long as they're told it's good for them.



OBAMA chortled at how easily Americans knelt and worshiped his golden calf: OBAMA-CARE citing 7.5 million Americans signed up for OBAMA-CARE and of that patronage...38% were under the age of 33 years.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Instead of eliminating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...TEAM OBAMA has doubled down with such things  as OBAMA-CARE enslaving the entire population and reducing much or most of it to that of cattle and sheep easily directed by bureaucratic creeps. way of some arcane government calculation...38% of all those signing up for OBAMA-CARE...every 3rd person...was willing to donate their huge annual premium payment obligation knowing it was extremely unlikely they would ever access that OBAMA-CARE-health insurance they purchased...yet...did it to help big foot government cover those Americans who didn't have insurance to cover their this or that.

While it's almost unthinkable...there are many Americans who don't see anything wrong with OBAMA-CARE. They like the idea of big foot government forcing people to pay for others imagining themselves as one of those recipients benefited by such compulsory payment. These people* cheer the tyrant so long as the benefit forthcoming.
*Such is "why" Hitler was able to remain in power for so long. He gave most of the German people something they lacked.


Taxed Enough Already(T.E.A.) Party. It came about because taxpayers...frustrated and angry...joined together to make a difference. They decided to evict the socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters and install politicians dedicated to eradicating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They knew they'd be opposed by THE ESTABLISHMENT on both sides of the aisle...and...attacked by its complicit MASS MEDIA...yet...they proceeded...undaunted...and...ready,willing and able to fight when such needed to be done. How about you?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Because OBAMA-CARE is such a disaster...TEAM OBAMA has to short-circuit the traditional way of measuring if a law is working or not. It's called "cooking the books"...and...TEAM OBAMA is quite busy doing that very thing. (Wall Street Journal 4-`6-14).


Russian President Putin knows he must secure his borders and the eastern Ukraine region is vital to his long term plans for Crimea. Strategically...the Russians have infiltrated the secret services of all intelligence gathering agencies and as such President Putin knows what Obama or any other world leader is going to do before anyone else does.

Mary Landrieu

Senator Mary Landrieu(D.La) is a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. She voted for OBAMA-CARE. Her chances for re-election are slim to none. People know how evil and deceptive this hag can be and has been. They're tired of her lying to them about what she has done to hurt them so much.


When Haiti was struck with calamity...the United Nations sent troops from Nepal to assist in keeping the peace and making sure people weren't shooting each other over scarce food and water. Naturally...these troops were infected with cholera and their dung had to be specially treated. And...of course...the U.N. being what it is...such special treatment was not done. Hence...the Haitians had their drinking water contaminated with deadly cholera organisms and they began to die by the thousands as the epidemic grew and grew.

The U.N had agreed to pay for personal injuries and wrongful death if such were committed by its troops while in Haiti.  However, at the time that agreement was made...the U.N didn't know its troops from Nepal were infected with such a deadly disease. And...the U.N...being what it is...they have refused to honor that agreement and pay those harmed or the families of those killed.

A U.N spokesman said that the U.N would never pay $900 trillion for those hurt or killed. Sure...their troops used the upstream river as their toilet...and...the U.N should have tested those troops prior to stationing them in Haiti...but...the entire island and all its people aren't worth over a billion bucks.

Mark Pryor

In Arkansas...the voters have a chance to delete another socialist from Congress. Senator Mark Pryor is standing for re-election. His opponent is Tom Cotton...a man with a message of liberation over subjugation. The voters of Arkansas will be asked to choose between CAGE(Pryor) or KEY(Cotton).

Naturally...Pryor has the help of  TEAM OBAMA...and...its complicit MASS MEDIA. While Cotton must pay for every second of public TV and radio mention...Pryor receives his for free 24/7 from every MASS MEDIA outlet possible. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) in a top-secret encrypted email to Obama declared, "Pryor must be re-elected lest the NANNY STATE be dismantled. Pryor voted for enslavement as I did and we must stick together as dedicated socialists and freedom-haters."

Jeanne Shaheen:socialist

New Hampshire must evict Jeanne Shaheen in 2014 and send her back to whatever hole from whence she came. She's a dedicated socialist. She'd slice her own mother's throat to advance the cause of tyranny. She voted for OBAMA-CARE...that hellish law that enslaves and reduces people to cattle and sheep...controlled and directed by bureaucratic creeps. Shaheen likes the idea of telling you what to do. She's a Neo-feudalist and must be evicted and publicly shunned as "scum and slime".


The army of liberation passed through town last night marching to "make salt". Almost the entire town joined this virtual effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Merely by signing the on-line petition...each citizen has a chance to delete and eliminate the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE and permit thereby EDEN to manifest.

Jonathan House: fool

Inflation is "theft". When the government inflates the money with any commodity...the value deceases as its abundance manifests. The savers...the fixed-income people...and...those earning a low wage in a low-wage job...these are its victims. Their lifestyle becomes more and more tenuous as prices advance.

Jonathan House...a writer for the Wall Street Journal...doesn't see inflation as theft. He likes the fact that these people suffer. He relishes the grimace on their faces as they find their income can't keep pace with price increases...increases House believes are good for America.

Umbrage is taken with such a cavalier support for the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where the master can inflate the currency and cause extreme suffering. House should have excoriated big foot government for its merciless inflating of the currency instead of commending the Federal Reserve for its ability to flood America with vast quantities of currency.

Only pseudo-economists and their erstwhile newspaper pals say "moderate inflation is a sign of healthy demand that encourages businesses to boost hiring and investment". When prices rise...consumers go elsewhere. They shop for the bargain and those businesses that believe they can raise prices as they deem fitting...they're yesterday's rice....they're the ones with "out of business" signs posted where once stood their over-priced merchandise.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. This war requires propagandists to write foolish stuff such as what HOUSE seems willing to scribble in the Wall Street Journal(A-2;04-16-14). Therein House tells the readers it's good to inflate the money supply and hurt people. He supports anything which seems to advance some big foot government program or policy.

Jack Ma: Titan

In a small apartment...a lad worked 24/7 to construct a paradigm for on-line selling. He fished around for a name for his new approach to marketing. in 1999...he asked one of the editors of this BLOG whom he knew quite well and was given a name he found suitable: ALIBABA.COM.

Nowadays is a giant e-commerce business and Jack Ma has made an offer to buy Indian River County, Florida...every bit of it...every house...every road...everything sold to Jack Ma. The offer is for $500 billion(U.S.currency). Naturally...every owner in the county...every politician...every interested person...they all know they'll be millionaires and Jack Ma will be the first person to buy an entire county in Florida.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Now...the scare tactics. Because marijuana is about to be legalized throughout the USA...the "witch-burners" are offering studies to show marijuana is "harmful". Yes...these people are scumbags and jerks...but...what would you expect from the anti-pot coalition. The anti-pot people are ghouls and parasites. They're the slime slugs of the world. Let's tell them to go lick dog turd somewhere else.


The widow of the Boston Bomber said she was shunned by Boston's so-called "high society". How dare they shun her. She didn't know her husband was building a bomb. Sure...she saw a pressure cooker and black powder...but...never did she connect the dots and conclude her husband was about to kill people. And...if..she had concluded doom was afoot...what could she have done but snitch...something not any "good wife" would do. Instead of being shunned...she should be raised up as a "stand-by-your-man" kind of gal!


In Nevada...Cliven Bundy cried, "Who climbs with me?" With that*...189,334 protesters joined him and together they demanded the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be eliminated. Naturally...big foot government reacted and its goon squads were unleashed. They beat and bit...they used K-9 to tear flesh...their batons to crack skulls. They slammed and kicked until the crowd had been thoroughly dispersed.
*In Poland...during the days of Communism...Lex Walsea was told to climb the fence meant death. Unafraid...Lex Walsea approached the fence. He heard the machine guns cocked...yet toward the fence he strode. He grabbed the forbidden fence and commenced to climb. He looked at the 300,000(+) sheep and cattle gathered there to see what courage might there be in such an effort...and...asked, "WHO CLIMBS WITH ME?"  And with that...the Iron Curtain eventually fell. Indeed...everyone climbed with Lex Walsea, except those embedded inside the CAGE.


Secretary of State John Kerry appeared distressed and consumed by something almost to distraction. What was bothering this simple-Simon? After some examination it was determined that ole JOHN was suffering from Carpathian Kitten Loss. (GHOSTBUSTERS, part II)


In France...most Frenchies want "diaper check" by big foot government. Of course...TEAM OBAMA likes this kind of relationship evinced in France between the government and its citizens. Indeed...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed his goon squads to implement "diaper check" in business...and....everywhere else.


YES...YOU ARE ENSLAVED. If you're in need of a wound-poke*...why not imagine you refused to pay this or that tax...or...didn't get the prescribed permit prior to conducting business?
*Doubting Thomas demanded a wound-poke and Jesus offered his side for inspection.

OCEAN DRIVE: Episode two

The beach head was tenuous. However, the lads made it to the wire. Now they needed to scale those cliffs...silence those machine guns and thereby the bluffs above that dismal beach below.

It was reported there was a complete sell-out of the NOOGIE WOOGIE and the MO-GEE...two items 2-GO sells. By such patronage it was concluded...the lads had made it to the wire...and...were preparing to assault the heights.


Meaningless. Such is the conclusion crafted to frame the effort of this BLOG to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. How can a little-known voice overcome the tsunami of socialism that has drowned America?

Folks...2000(+) years ago...John the Baptist went into the desert...and...preached a new message. He used mere water from a pool of God...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28;JOHN 1:23)...and...yet...his approach was so drew crowds. the time the scouts of Caiaphus arrived to inquire...the prayer line stretched 1/2 the way across Judea.

The march to make salt* might seem meaningless to those who have given up the struggle to be free and have resigned themselves to be content in their niche inside the CAGE...but...just as it was 2000 years ago...there are a host of people who want rebirth...who desire to breathe free.
*Gandhi marched to the sea...made salt...and...destroyed the grip of government on its people.


In Canada...900 taxpayers had their data taken by the web-bug: HEARTBLEED. Naturally...the National Security Agency(NSA) was blamed. Using information provided by Edward Snowden...that patriot and whistle-blower...the Canadian Authorities confirmed HEARTBLEED was the culprit. However, these same officials refused to reveal anything more including "where" that data went! And...the NSA isn't saying a word about it.(Wall Street Journal B-6;04-15-14)


How do you say "sell now" in less than 147 characters and the observer understand import and imperative? Such was asked by Donald Trump recently as he sold Twitter at a definite loss. He didn't wish to watch the stock plummet until it was only good for bird cage duty. How about you?


Berwick Theater was doomed. Its new owner lacked the $60,000 to add "digital stuff". Yes...she would have had the money had not the ESTATE TAX drained her family's coffers. The Internal Revenue Service was merciless. They demanded their plunder or else the theater would be closed and the family's business completely ruined. After this omnivorous maw was done...the heir to the theater lacked enough to get 'digital stuff"...and...not be from the entertainment business run.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. This dismal story is repeated constantly everywhere in America as the aging owners die and their heirs left to fight against the tyranny of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE whose mission to reduce people to cattle and sheep to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.

In this Pennsylvania and other states...independent theaters are losing ground because they simply lack the capital to change as entertainment goes digital. Most of these theaters have similar stories of "grip and grab" by big foot government. Their owners when they died suffered egregious assault by the goon squad looking for the ESTATE TAX. The theaters were threatened and whatever cash could be summoned was gobbled up leaving mostly underfunded enterprises incapable of adapting as technology changed. Ouch!

111 days?

To pay the takes 111 days of toil. Why must Americans be so burdened? Let's dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE removing thereby the impediments to prosperity.


U.S. Senator Rand Paul,(R. Ky) spoke recently at a New Hampshire conference. He mentioned his platform including telling his rapt audience that immigration should reflect "open borders"and the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE must be dismantled. To such prospect of liberation over subjugation...the crowd cheered so loudly it was heard 100 miles away!


What better way to learn what can cripple America strategically than to attack a grid and watch who says what and how such a grid assault is handled. What an enemy would have learned recently is that the American power grid is fragile and because of big foot government making everything dependent on everything little BANG...and...the BOOM can be felt from the Pacific to the Atlantic...causing the American economy to come to a grinding halt.

Imagine the Iranians listened to what was publicly said about the recent grid attack...and...began to draw plans for conquest using this "free data". Imagine as much and you've just sensed how stupid TEAM OBAMA has been to reveal "where" an attack could harm America the most.

Indian River County depressed

In Florida...the GREAT RECESSION hasn't ended. Sure...Governor Scott has done what he can to get Florida "going again"...but...there is too much "red tape, tax and spend" for that to occur. make matters worse...scumbag Charlie Crist...that socialist turncoat two-faced jerk...wants to make Florida into another New York...packed with goon squads and freedom-haters.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spencer Jakab

If Blackstone and Talley have made stupidity a virtue...Spencer Jakab has made it a bloody science. According to this idiot...prices need to rise in order for the economy to prosper. He's an idiot to say such a thing to a saver or someone on a fixed income. Indeed...inflation is theft and to say this kind of theft is good is to raise evil to the station of golden calf,(EXODUS 32:24).

In India...for example...socialism is financed by inflation. The rupee is constantly getting inflated as the socialists print more and more colorful paper to pay for all the social services and what not the NANNY STATE conjures to keep its people pathetic, impoverished and thus easily controlled.


Nairobi, Kenya...plagued by socialism...Eco-fascism...and...any other kind of "ism" that reduces its people to that of cattle...has recently received something from the "free-market" least free until the government finds a way to attack and drain it of it vitality and profit-potential. Residents of Nairobi can climb aboard buses called "matatu" and as they ride along they can "Wi Fi" for free.

So far...the socialists have not found a way to attack and drain this system of its profitability although they have highly skilled teams from the Obama administration working around the clock to craft language that can be used to stifle and destroy the matatu. Until that moment of control arrives, however, this link to the Internet will continue to avoid government monitor and sensor...something big foot government detests more than direct physical confrontation itself.

A high ranking Obama Administration official...speaking on condition of strict anonymity...confirmed that the Kenyan government had both asked for assistance drafting a law to stifle and destroy freedom on the Internet and had found willing helpers inside the Obama administration. According to this knowledgeable source...Obama himself told his goon squad to eliminate the "matatu"!


Armageddon...the big finale...the end of destruction and mayhem...such predicted by every religion ever conceived by humanity. Every sect has its own* day of judgment...a day of atonement...a moment when future and past intersect one last time. They all describe the 'end times' when man is reduced to animal in jungle...avoiding and imposing as circumstance might urge.

In the Bible...for example...the big battle occurs when people from various places meet and fight instead of negotiating an acceptable solution and outcome. It's a battle between big foot government and those refusing to kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge.

It's described in terms so vacuous...however...that its participants have been identified many times since the Bible's 'end times' prophecy was written and the final battle has been as often predicted only not to come about.

Mention is made of this lack of fulfillment since recently Russia has been found to be moving in directions predicted in the Book of Revelations. If Russia and China meet and fight with America and Israel...the outcome could be total devastation to the planet should "nukes" be used...something the Bible says will be done.
*When asked about the big finale...Andy Warhol said, "Indeed...survivors might be standing pretty in what once was a city...look around...find red balloons...and...let them go."


The Pope broke format and did "selfie" photos with the people in the crowd. Almost as if a scene out of the movie THE FISHERMAN starring Anthony Quinn...Pope Francis got out of his bullet-proof car...and...participated with the public. And as he was doing such things...he asked people to be good to each other...and...treat each other with respect and brotherly kindness.

What more could any spiritual leader say to capture the benefits underlying the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) than to tell the world he likes to meet people and permit them to be photographed with him? Only in the OUM is charity raised's mission held as a moral imperative.


Heil Hitler? Such was something the shooter said as he was led away in handcuffs. He had just shot a Jew and several Christians. According to official White House sources...this culprit was a member of TEAM OBAMA-2014...a shock-troop organization whose mission to foment trouble so that Democrat-politicians could demand imposition of a police state similar to that found in such places as North Korea.


Donald Trump took time at the podium to berate Jeb Bush. Trump wants there to be more not less hinder and hassle when it comes to immigration. Instead of demanding the borders be open and without bottleneck...Trump would prefer a Great Wall of China kind of barrier...the American military stationed every 100 feet...each charged with shoot and ask questions later.

Jeb Bush...on the other hand...wants to tag each entrant reducing these people to the status of beasts of be taxed...and...when they can't perform...delete them by sending them back from whence they came. He calls this kind of "bait and switch" tactic: "big foot government love".

Folks...why must our borders be anything more than geographical constructs? In an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) borders are a necessity the and labor must be able to move to where the big buck can be made without hinder or hassle from some bureaucratic creep whose mission statement to keep back anyone but those by big foot government permitted to enter and work.

Neither Jeb Bush nor Donald Trump are offering such open borders. Hence...they're not supporting liberation over subjugation and their message will fail. Indeed...most voters are tired of the wishy-washy Mitt 'the nit' Romney types...all things to any audience...but...lacking in courage to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein the worker bees are from cradle to grave directed by bureaucratic knaves.

These two would-be Presidents are "same old, same old, just different bag"...and...if elected would perpetuate the CAGE.

Oh...sure...they'd trim here and there...deleting the most egregious aspects of the CAGE environment...but...they'd keep in place most of the rules and laws which have combined to create a place where the would-be master can decree: "Our tears...your purse." And...from what both have said...their idea of border-control is anathema to liberty and smacks of authoritarianism.


"Vuma" in Swahili means: "blowing strong and fast". Many people in America have referred to OBAMA-CARE as "vuma-snare"...referring to the evil aspect of this idiotic law.


Socialism fails because it's based on a faulty premise: from each according to each according to need...with big foot government deciding what's best for all.

A government operating on this idea always becomes tyrannical. As the population becomes increasingly angry at the "attack on what little freedom remains" the government reacts by dispatching troops to quell the riot and disperse the throng of protesters. Hence...tyranny!

Tyranny is inevitable since socialists never support any effort to escape their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...they control the MASS MEDIA and hence have so far staved off any assault on their hegemony. The MASS MEDIA 24/7 tries to advance the cause of the CAGE. It tells people to kneel and lick big foot government boot and in exchange receive freebie and favor from their MASTER.

Soda Water

Eventually...people stop and conclude the socialist model is anathema to prosperity...that to be wealthy they must eliminate the hurdle and hassle government has imposed to prevent that very thing.

About Alamo Nevada...cattlemen might be fighting against big foot government...but...the rest of America hasn't much heard about this latest metaphorical ALAMO! The idea behind the MASS MEDIA'S latest effort to insulate socialism from the anger of America is to ignore it and give big foot government the chance stomp this latest manifestation of "CAGE ESCAPE".


OBAMA-CARE...that evil law...that hurt another person. Susan Caspersen was informed as she lay in her hospital bed recovering from an emergency appendectomy that her medical bill was not any longer covered by her employer's health insurance plan. SUDEXO, USA told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that due to the application of OBAMA-CARE, its employees were getting slammed. The company could not help its employees since the law called for the employer to stomp and chomp or lose it's license.

Naturally...Susan has concluded TEAM OBAMA is anti-American...and...must be evicted from power. How many people have been or will be hurt has been estimated by official sources. According to these experts...173,479,432 people will suffer in 2014 due to this nasty law! The complicit MASS MEDIA will do and is doing all it can to hide such destruction and horror...but...eventually...enough voters will have been attacked and hurt...that any politician proclaiming allegiance to OBAMA-CARE will be ousted from power!

Ukraine goes Russian

Ukraine is getting absorbed by Russia. Naturally...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...hasn't done much to stop this take-over. It's likely Obama has concluded that Russian President Putin is better situated to handle the matter and hence Obama won't interfere. This decision to remain on the sidelines is the smartest thing Obama has done recently.

Blackstone and Talley

Brian Blackstone and Ian Talley are two idiots looking for somewhere to practice their idiocy. These two worms believe that when prices on consumer products drop...that there is something wrong. What that something is they can't explain and with their limited intellect couldn't know anyway.

To assist them in their darkness...the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG directed them to read HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises. In that tome...von Mises explains that in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the consumer determines what is and is not "high priced"...not some government hack. In the OUM...government delivers only essential services(courts,police, national defense) with everything else produced, if at all, by the marketplace.

In the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place these two jerks find appealing...big foot government interferes with the OUM...directing and controlling...and...delivering misery and poverty to everyone, except those "connected to the "would-be master".

Sunday, April 13, 2014


ANOTHER DAY? Yes...another day done. Surviving on Ocean Drive kind of fun. Meet people from all over the 2-GO all want to be's where celebrities convene when they're visiting JOHN'S ISLAND...MOORINGS...or...those neat places in between.


In the latest move by Russian President's been reported that he has found a way to short-circuit the detonation of what Iranian maniacs call their Sword of Allah. When they go to push their "red button" and destroy the world making way thereby for the coming of the 12th IMAM...there won't be any BOOM...there won't be any devastation...there won't be eradication of mankind so that the 12th IMAM might then appear.

Oh...sure...they'll cry out to Allah to show them a way to destroy humanity so that the Muslim idea of salvation might finally manifest...but...the short-circuit Putin has injected into their system is designed to hide yet continue its mission. As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) confided, "President Putin has a way to stop those maniacs and I trust he would."


Liberation over subjugation. This message trumps all others. To prevail in 2014...the Republicans must forge a new which employs this concept and calls for the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and the eradication of its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. By offering KEY over CAGE...the Republicans can defeat TEAM OBAMA...that notorious vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters.

This message of liberty would cause any audience to stand and applaud. Why boo the speaker whose mission statement that of freedom...that of eliminating the grip and grab of big foot government...that of deleting the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE? Indeed...the Democrat would be left trying to tell the audience that enslavement is good for them...that they should kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge...and...that they must fear freedom not embrace it.


When someone asked if "2-GO" would succeed...the reply as quick as it was affirmative. Why not come to 2-GO and enjoy the ambiance and goodness?

Illegal smile

And...if you see me tonight...with that billy-goat don't cost very much and it lasts a long while...won't you please tell the MAN...I didn't kill'm just trying to have me some fun. LET'S GET THAT SMILE IN FLORIDA! Support legalization of marijuana.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Omaha beach. In World War II...the Allies made an epic landing along the Normandy coast trying to begin a second front against Nazi Germany. One such landing spot was Omaha beach. Mention is made of this historical beach site since in many ways metaphorically the undertaking occurring at "2-GO" 3101 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach, Florida(772-257-5694) is a beach head. Can it be held or will the team be driven back into the sea?

"2-GO". Ah...yes...a modern day metaphor of a beach head...a landing site...a place where people fought to survive. The idea was to open and offer to the dining public a quick meal that was IRON CHEF quality.'s expensive...but....the idea was to offer the best and leave payment to those able to buy.

Can this effort succeed? Or...will the team be driven back...driven away from shore...away from paradise...and back into the miasma?


TEAM OBAMA...that vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters...has a 2014 political message for voters: KNEEL AND WORSHIP THE GOLDEN CALF.(Exodus 32:24). Their message presupposes the would-be voters are minions of Mammon...and...that there are enough of them looking for a handout that a message of freebie and favor will generate a winning combination.

To assist them in perpetuating this Neo-feudal environment...their cohorts in the MASS MEDIA are doing all they can to belittle anyone trying to fight against the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where the master can decree: "Our tears...your purse!" The attack on freedom-fighters is almost 24/7 with this bunch of MASS MEDIA slime slugs. Anyone demanding liberation over subjugation is called "silly"..and..."out of touch"...while anyone proclaiming the righteousness of the CAGE'S yoke and choke agenda: "bright and forthright".

Friday, April 11, 2014


In Nevada...a stand-off of sorts is unfolding. On one side are the cattlemen...on the other stand the minions of big foot government...omnipotent...unrelenting...merciless big foot government.

In the latest battle-episode...government helicopters were discovered harassing cattle...driving them until they fell in exhaustion and died. Also revealed were the "disposal trucks" which accompanied the copters. Their mission to eliminate any evidence of the slaughter big foot government was conducting. Indeed...the jackboots involved in the most recent encounter were masked...used taser, club and K-9...and...were told their actions were insulated from condemnation and they could unleash their fury as the situation dictated.

The jackboots advanced on the unarmed protesters. The K-9 was released. It ran into the crowd biting a little girl on her face disfiguring her for life. One jackboot took his club and struck a mother holding her 3 month old infant knocking her senseless. As the mother fell her baby fell too striking its little head and severely injuring it. It was mayhem as the jackboots went into the crowd striking heads with clubs. One man died almost instantly from a heart attack when he was struck by 8 billion volts of Taser-delivered electricity.

As the minions of Mammon beat and bashed...nearby that scene of terror...were loudspeakers. And from those woofers* was heard the song: WON'T BACK DOWN.
*The POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG dispatched a team of observers who video-taped the event and also added that song for some "ear-candy".

Colbert and Letterman

David Letterman knew his time as a TV talk show host was done. He was unknown to most people and those who did know him were dead or senile. He was approached by his station's owners and asked to step down. When asked about the replacement...his bosses simply said it would be another loser but a cheaper version. Before they could reveal the name Letterman said, "Oh...Stephen Colbert, eh?"


Recently..."HEARTBLEED" encryption bug...was found in many places. While it can be eradicated once's discovery requires adroit effort and a level of computer engineering skill found only at such places M.I.T. and...of course...the HACKING DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. Mention is made of this "bug" since it has been blamed for the travails suffered by the pioneers atop Mt. Gox.


Clive Bundy...a Nevada cattleman...was attacked by big foot government. How dare he graze his cattle on government land! The losses suffered so far by Mr. Bundy are extraordinary. Sure...big foot government owns that land but it has traditionally been used as grazing land for cattle.

That understanding and relationship changed recently...however...when First Lady Michelle Obama said she wanted less cattle in America. Her desire was instantly translated into agents in charge of care-taking that wilderness identifying and slaughtering trespassing cattle by the thousands! Mr. Bundy...for an extreme instance...lost 56,782 head of prize-winning cattle and was informed he wasn't going to be compensated for his loss of $125 million!


Recently...investors bought bonds issued by the socialist government of Puerto Rico. They ignored the warning and alert issued by this BLOG about such risk. While it might very well be that a "told you so" might be in the near future for these intrepid's the sincere wish of this BLOG that these investors fair well but the odds are quite against any satisfactory outcome.


U.S.Rep.Gohmert and U.S. Attorney General Eric the Holder confronted each other in a Congressional hearing. Gohmert reviewed how indifferent Holder was to the threat of contempt of Congress while Holder fired back that he took that threat quite seriously but was unconcerned. As he explained to a cub-reporter from this BLOG after the imbroglio...his U.S.Injustice Department was proficient in "stone-walling" and he was hence unafraid of any "prying" effort on the part of Republican House members.


In order to make its borders more secure, Russian President Putin has begun to absorb Eastern Ukraine. Naturally...this move was expected and even advised by the POLITICAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. As has been said many times in this BLOG...Obama plays checkers...President Putin plays chess.


If a citizen were to leak information about a big corporate this or that...that person would be censored. Yet...TEAM OBAMA recently did that very thing by leaking data about how terrible their socialist government had become sending the stock market plummeting to levels not seen since 2011.


Kathleen Sebelius...known to most Americans as "death angel"...has resigned as HHS Secretary. Recall she's the one who tried to stop a little girl from getting a new lung and was instrumental in denying medical care to countless others. As she confided to a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "I will change my name and go into hiding. I don't want to be kicked and spat upon."

Thursday, April 10, 2014


The Internal Revenue Service(IRS) was by Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed to stifle the fossil fuel energy production markets. companies are finding their applications for master limited partnerships(MLP) are getting "slow-walked". According to energy officials...such hassle will definitely hurt the American people...but...will make wind and solar more profitable...a primal Obama-goal.


Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared. Recently, from the Indian Ocean a "ping" was detected. It's source probably from some device aboard that "missing" jet.  Mention is made of this possible locating "ping" since U.S. Treasury officials reported they detected "ping" from BITCOIN.
U.S.Treasury did all it could to kill bitcoin since it represented a way to escape the grip of the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. To hear "ping" from bitcoin would definitely mean the NAZIS haven't been successful in destroying that effort to escape the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE.


If the computer predicts the world will explode tomorrow...would anyone believe it? It's obviously false and few would. Yet...some people believe that computers can predict what Mother Nature will do when it comes to predicting weather-related calamities and climate change. Why?

When computers said the world would become a giant snowball in the 1960s...people became alarmed and quite worried. But...that calamity didn't come about. So...the computer software was changed to deliver different results which could be more lucrative for its proponents. Hence...the myth of man-made global warming was forged.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was attacked and almost killed by Shariah Law advocates. She had dared to speak out about the horrible way women are treated in return for her courage...she was attacked. Recently Brandeis University offered her an honorary degree but then pulled back the offer due to Muslim disgust with such recognition of her effort to fight back against the nasty way women are generally treat in that toilet bowl of a country. "How dare that University attempt to raise up the plight of women in the Muslim world!" proclaimed Ma-mook official jerk with credentials.


In a high school...a student went down a crowded hall stabbing as he went. Eventually...he was captured. When asked 'why"...he candidly declared himself a MARXIST ON MISSION...cut from the same cloth as Obama. Naturally...the MASS MEDIA didn't want to let that one out.


The JEW will be sold-out by the Americans. Such was the prediction by the soothsayer when Netanyahu asked her. Don't trust Secretary of State John Kerry or Obama, he was warned. Hopefully...the Jew will understand Israel could be wiped out if the directives of Obama and Kerry are pursued.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It's budget time again in Congress. It's once more an opportunity for Americans to hear from freedom-fighters...people wanting to delete the yoke and choke agenda of TEAM OBAMA. In this regard, the Republicans must begin to offer another message...a message of liberation over subjugation inviting thereby even those already dependent on big foot government to join the march to make salt...this effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

And because this eradication is best for America...against such a platform of freedom...the socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters won't prevail. Indeed...even their complicit MASS MEDIA will find it hard to criticize an effort to escape the grip and grab of the CAGE.

The passion of liberty always trumps any call for more whip and chain. Given the choice between CAGE or KEY...Americans choose KEY every time!

Such conclusions about slavery and freedom support the Republican Budget cuts which are designed to eliminate the CAGE as quickly as possible.


President Putin prevailed in Crimea because he knew what had to be done to assure national security. On the other hand...Obama capitulated and accepted this Crimean solution because America wasn't prepared to attack. Sure...he was advised to unleash American firepower...but...he chose not to react in that manner. According to Administration officials...Obama had read this BLOG and finally understood what "tactical" and "strategic" meant.


The Competitive Enterprise Institute(CEI) pointed out that the cost of the 20th Century NANNY STATE of 12-31-13...was $14,678 per family or 23% of the average household income of $63,685! While these numbers don't mean much to most Americans right those costs reach 50% or more of the household budget...though...they'll begin to be significant and something to which rebellious attention will be paid. the next few years...most Americans will begin to feel this expensive pinch of  tribal socialism and Eco-fascism...this BLOG invites everyone to consider joining the army of liberation. There isn't any reason Americans should be burdened with such yoke. The CAGE isn't worth the burden. Join up and together we can dismantle the CAGE and usher in the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Why must America be smothered in the "red tape, tax and spend" miasma of the CAGE? Why must Americans be burdened with $14,678? Indeed...according to a study conducted by the Congressional Budget Office(CBO)...big foot government could be trimmed until only essential services were provided with a cost to each household of $365.00 per year...a buck a day! The federal government would provide courts, police and a small defense force and little else with the marketplace delivering whatever else America wished.

Such a savings can't be had...however...because $365.00 per year contemplates a federal government operating to deliver essential services and little else; and those in power aren't about to loosen their grip voluntarily. Obama...for instance...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has declared he'll never repeal socialism and he'll do all he can to enslave America. Hence...the $14,678 is bound to climb steadily until the government is grabbing so much rebellion ignites and the CAGE dismantled.

With the assistance of a complicit MASS MEDIA...though...Obama and his scurvy crew of potentates believe they can smother any effort to escape the clutches of the CAGE. As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) chortled when asked this very question, "TEAM OBAMA thrives* on socialism and Eco-fascism and the MASS MEDIA is on aboard with such tyranny."
* The KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE was about to be built when Obama decided to stop it. Whatever "vig" had to be paid to navigate the bottleneck hadn't been paid.


Socialism destroys people and replaces them with "cattle and sheep" to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.

Take Bob Miolta for instance. He was recently dropped from his health insurance plan because of OBAMA-CARE...the latest effort to hurt people. He was paying Blue-Cross $160 per month for health insurance to cover his sickly child's medical costs. When he went to find out what OBAMA-CARE would cost...he was shocked. He couldn't afford the "new costs" and he didn't want to lick boot to get a big foot government subsidy. Hence...Bob's son is doomed.

Bob called HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and demanded coverage he could afford. He was politely told that the "death angel" was too busy to speak to him about his son's uncertain future. He was HHS apply for big foot government subsidy and shut up. Of course...Bob refused to stop making noise and this BLOG heard is cries for liberation over subjugation. How about you?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Important message...yet not anyone to receive...whatever could have been...obliterated by heaven's seed.


The Iranians are almost done constructing their SWORD OF ALLAH...a doomsday weapon capable of extinguishing all life on planet Earth. Will they finish the project? Will they then detonate?


Mickey Rooney is best remembered for looking into the camera and telling his otherwise disheartened team that all was not lost, "Let's put on a show!" God Speed, Mickey.

H-1B visas

There are more applications for H-1B visas than there are visas. Hence...a bottleneck has occurred. The best way to remove this hinder and hassle is to remove the border gates and permit the free flow of commerce and labor.

Such is the approach of the army of liberation whose purpose to delete the grip and grab of government. The lack of visas is just another example of the oppression inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Remove the border gates and permit the ebb and flow of commerce. As Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) so wisely said, "America must open its borders to prosper."


Finally...Maryland has decriminalized marijuana("urb"). The effort to overturn such "witch-burning" laws began in 1969 and it's taken this long to get those laws deleted. Persistence mixed with zeal...and...whatever goal thereby accomplished...even in Maryland...a place where little changes ever.

Monday, April 7, 2014


OBAMA: "7.1 million enrolled!" When Obama bragged about that 7.1 million Americans enrolling...what was he saying? Was he saying that 7.1 million Americans elected to kneel and worship this golden calf, (Exodus 32:24)?When someone signed up for OBAMA-CARE what did they get in exchange for such boot-licking?

Determining who signed up won't be easy since that aspect will be kept hidden. The American taxpayers can't be told how socialism is fleecing them. For instance...TEAM OBAMA can't hardly tell a factory worker that his income will be drained so that Timmy can have gold teeth and little Heather can get her 12th abortion. They can't be told that those who can't buy insurance are "given" platinum-health insurance policies while the factory worker has to be satisfied with the "copper" policy...something few doctors or hospitals accept.No...the taxpayers can't be told lest there be rebellion.


Charlie Crist is a socialist and a two-faced politician. He'll lie and deceive to gain advantage. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said, "Charlie is as big a scumbag as ever declared himself a Democrat and I like the way he tells people whatever they wish to hear."


David Wildstein...a former trusted assistant to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie...said Christie knew about the Washington Bridge closing scheme and directed David to make traffic snarl and convulse until that Democrat-Mayor regretted he didn't support Christie's re-election. Of course...David's accusatory story lacks any corroboration...and...presented in verbal format only.

What is striking about this kind of attention paid by the complicit MASS MEDIA to this traffic snarl is that the theft and fraud that has been committed by TEAM comparison has gone almost unnoticed. Democrat Jon Corzine...for example...a prominent Obama-supporter...openly stole $2 billion from his clients yet he escaped prosecution. U.S. Border guard was assassinated by TEAM OBAMA and not yet has there been any investigation* into that incident. At the Benghazi consulate...4 Americans were assassinated on 09-11-12...and...not anyone has been asked what they knew and when they knew it...given...that those 4 beleaguered Americans...for 7 hours...screamed** on their SKYPE for assistance.

The difference in treatment is significant. If you're part of TEAM OBAMA there isn't much you can't do since prosecution probably won't happen. On the other hand...if you're a Republican seeking political're attacked mercilessly. Indeed...the people who saw Democrat Jon Corzine steal $2 billion were ignored while a rat like Wildstein is given full ear and open mind.
*A 1/2 wit Mexican was found and directed to admit he shot Terry.
**Ambassador Chris Stevens...for instance...begged Defense Secretary Panetta to authorize the use of Predator Drones which hovered above the compound....and...for 7 hours...Panetta refused. Panetta knew Stevens had been targeted for termination with extreme prejudice and hence simply couldn't save.

Sobel wrong!

Florida State Senator Elanor Sobel(D.Hollywood) wants to make it harder for poor people to get medical care when needed. She wants to close down all cash-only clinics and put them under strict Florida Health Ministry regulation insuring thereby that the poor won't any longer have such instant access. Of course...Sobel laughed when she was told by a cub-reporter from this BLOG how many people would be without medical care access if her SENATE BILL 746 were to be passed. "So what if several thousand lose such'll be blamed on the Republicans by a complicit MASS MEDIA thereby giving us-Democrats an edge in the next election."