Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bowe Bergdhal

Bowe Bergdhal walked away from the security of his base...was captured by the Taliban in 2009...and...was released the other day in exchange for 5 Git-Mo terrorists. What had Bowe been doing for all those years left for a "tell-all" book Bowe promised his Taliban pals he'd write.


Phil Mickelson...a well-known pro-golfer...was cited by the Securities and Exchange Commission as having profited from insider accusation Phil instantly denied. What has so many people angry, though, is not how the SEC has attacked Phil...although such seems idiotic...but...about how the SEC never investigated Bernie Madoff until it was too late...and...never attacked Democrat Jon Corzine when he stole $2 billion from his clients. Why attack ole Phil...many are asking...when real criminals are left alone? might be...that Mickelson was very candid in his estimation of Obama. Recall Phil was caught "on-video" laughing when a cub-reporter from this BLOG referred to Obama as a "dung-throwing monkey".


The head honcho of the Temple of Jerusalem...a dude sporting the moniker: CAIAPHUS...noticed Temple receipts were down and he couldn't figure out why. He asked his underlings if they knew and they all replied its source was a Pool of God wherein stood a loin-cloth clad bearded prophet who dunked people beneath the water and they receives thereby rebirth and the price for such gesture and dispensation: ZERO. Caiaphus wasn't stupid and saw that the two shekel Temple Tax  couldn't compete with ZERO.

Of course...the Bible recounts "how" that prophet(JOHN 1:23) was beheaded. His crime: he told people they didn't have to pay for divine intervention and their communion didn't require the hand of man...and...certainly didn't demand a faithful payment of TWO SHEKELS as some kind of precondition.

Friday, May 30, 2014

India for Indians?

Competing for first prize as toilet bowl of the world...India has many betting on its supremacy. Take for example...Mr. Pinkney...Amway's CEO for the sub-Asian area. Ordinarily not a betting man...he was forced to consider the issue after getting arrested for trying to sell Amway.

Even though Amway is a great company with many distributors throughout the was called a PONZI SCHEME and its CEO...a scoundrel to be arrested and stoned to death in accord with India's law. Hence...Amway won't be sold in India...a place in need of good cleaning products.


As General Shinseki cleaned out his desk and took his family album off the wall...Bob Dylan music was playing in the distance,"Look out's something you did...God knows're doing it again...jump down the alley way...looking for a new friend...a man in a coon skin cap wants an eleven dollar only got ten."

Keith Franklin tapped?

UC Irvine baseball fan, Keith Franklin, was tapped to be Secretary of Veteran Affairs. After watching how he reacted when he was not permitted to take his usual spot having been barred from games due to his aggressive style of fan-support...Obama told his underlings to seek out...and...enlist the services of this dynamic human being. One official source inside the White House said Obama couldn't find anyone else stupid enough to accept that precipitous position...a spot with so many pitfalls few can safely there perch.

After 138 years

Near Syracuse, New York a dinnerware factory went out of business having survived for 138 years producing stuff people wanted. The reasons for the closure were many but most of them centered around two things: "red tape and taxes". The company simply could not keep abreast of the onerous burdens heaped on producers in the Empire State and finally succumbed. As one of the disgruntled owners remarked, "Taxes...state and federal...along with onerous rules and requirements...led to the demise of this company...a company many thought would see the 22nd century."


Michelle Obama has imposed a regimented diet on school children and many of them are refusing to eat the straw and dirt combo or drink the swill she calls "water". Sure...several times a week...a child might be permitted a piece of bread but only with a permission slip signed by the DIET POLICE SUPERVISOR...a Lady called Frau Bruu-kerr(horse makes noise).

Voucher system

Instead of another fiefdom...why not give every retired vet a medical service card to be used anywhere at any time? In that fashion...the vets would receive the care they desired without some scumbag sitting between them and their doctor. As it is right now...the vets are being subjected to socialized medical care and are getting stomped and chomped. Sure...the VA Secretary, Shinseki fell on his sword to save Obama...but...merely firing a few worker bees won't solve the problem.


If you cook it too end up with a mush ball...gooey...squishy...and...too bad to hide. Everyone knows what it is. Everyone can spot it on the plate. Mush doubt about it fate.

Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Shinseki resigned and departed office in a shower of accusation and ignominy. As he was cleaning out his desk...a pet eye-ball working for this BLOG overheard him saying to himself, "Obama said his word was as strong as oak. I could trust him.Why didn't I know that meant betrayal?  I got done in by a dung-throwing monkey!"
In a movie about the sports agent, Jerry McGuire...the father of a player is asked by McGuire to put their agreement in writing. To that request, the father replies, "My word is as strong as oak." Later on...McGuire discovers such promised honor and loyalty were feigned.


Vets died waiting for their big foot government health care. After much expression of anger...the public was informed the cause of such a mess was government unions whose strict rules insured more vets would die waiting for promised medical care. "But for the unionization of the Veterans Administration...these dead vets would still be alive!" snorted U.S. Senator John McCain...himself a player in this horror-story.


In Turkey...their highest court ruled that Erdogan and his goon squads couldn't lawfully shutdown YouTube even if viewers...using this pathway into imagination...could watch Prime Minister Erdogan having sex with 14 virgin camels...a delight rendered meaningful in the Qu'ran.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Imagine an ostrich with head stuck in ground. Such is the image one instantly has when Rachel Maddow attempts to explain "why" she never said anything about Democrat Jon Corzine's theft of $2 billion from his clients' accounts. Could it be she's the poster child for such a thing?


The 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is powerful and designed to thwart escape. Big foot government in every aspect of life...ruled by bureaucratic knee-crooking knaves...its chain and whip found in dependence...misery...and...strife.

How powerful this yoke and awesome its grip and grab...master with mob at every corner...patriots in the morgue on slabs.

Who speaks in 2014 for the producer? Who cries out for liberation over subjugation? Who dares demand this CAGE be dismantled and EDEN permitted to manifest? Not as yet have any politician on either side of the aisle stood forth and said liberty not "freedom-to-obey" far...has been silent as to such declarations of support for the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


Might it be that 2014 will come and go and not a whimper from this BLOG'S PRODUCTION OF STUFF DEPARTMENT? Could it be that this BLOG permits this summer of 2014 to pass without the kind of crusade that causes people to join the march to make salt?

Ziff Brothers Investment

The Ziff brothers...all three of them...have decided to part ways...separate their $100 billion fortune...and...thereby insure that if one or more assailed in some master with mob least one might escape so that the Ziff fortune can be perpetuated and ferried past the vicissitudes and vagaries of the world. Indeed...they were warned by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG that their storeroom...along with that of many others...each was charted for assault and they'd best eliminate as many ways of loss as possible.

In exchange for this "heads-up"...the Ziff brothers have kicked a billion bucks into the march to make salt. They know their treasure is best protected by freedom-lovers and that to insure such bastion of safety they needed to fund the army of liberation and its crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein their wealth constantly imperiled by those wishing to entrench. Yes...they know Steve Steyer...himself a funding the "pro-CAGE" crowd and that to compete in that arena...sufficient funding needs to be forthcoming and it has been.

Thanks to the Ziff endowment...this BLOG has begun to place FREEUSFLORIDA personnel at every Democrat-event holding the FREEUSFLORIDA.COM sign prominently so that TV cameras can pick it up and publicize the march to make salt. Imagine a Democrat telling the crowd how she'll enslave the producer and redistribute the loot and as she tells such things she has to stare at a huge placard with FREEUSFLORIDA.COM staring her in the face. Imagine as much and you'll sense 'why" MSNBC Chris Matthews won't ever again so a "live-feed" without* security making sure FREEUSFLORIDA.COM sky-marshals are not afoot.
*(Go to the ENTRY in this BLOG: Show me a a video of a sky-marshal doing just that to ole Chris "Hardball" Matthews.)

Malcolm Glazer

Malcolm Glazer died and left behind family and fans. Recall he bought the Tampa Bay Bucs and turned that ball club around. He was also instrumental in his later years in funding this BLOG and enabling it to reach readers in Russia and China. God speed,'ll be missed.


Wal-Mart was directed to pay off disgruntled employees whose store had been closed. The payment was set at twice the severance-package Wal-Mart customarily provides its employees when a store closes. Wal-Mart is a good corporate member and has agreed to make the payment as directed by Beijing.

However, Wal-Mart won't get caught again in such a precipitous manner. It's obvious the next store will take greater care in its hiring manifesto so that it comports with every greedy aspect the local trade unions can impose. As an official from Wal-Mart said, "In must run your business in the the same manner that they do so that there isn't any rub and everyone gets along."


Alibaba Group Holding LTD. plans to disclose the 28 people who will effectively control the INTERNET company in an update to its initial public offering filing. What won't be disclosed is #29 since that disclosure isn't needed. However, for the curious...the 29th Partner is this BLOG!


Florida is the best state in which to invest and/or reside. Unlike the others...Floridians have done their best to remain vigilant shunning any politician or platform which calls for enslavement and subjugation. Hence...businesses from every other state are fleeing to Florida seeking to prosper...making wealth for themselves and their loved ones and not having to fear their storerooms getting looted by some master with mob,(think New York City).


In South the World Soccer Games...the vuvuzela was used. It was a long plastic horn that when played sounded like a bee buzzing and an entire stadium sounded like an angry bee hive. In Brazil...the fans use the caxirola...a glorified rattle that when shaken emits the sound of a rattle snake and a stadium filled with that noise could be disconcerting and so annoying few fans would sit through an entire game with that ongoing.

Hence...ever the poo-poo artists...Brazil won't permit the caxirola( ka-shee-rola) into any stadium. Sure...the fans can rattle them outside and in parades...but...not in the stadiums. As one Soccer Official said, "We aren't going to have such a thing annoying the fans from other countries. While we like that sound...foreigners find it so disturbing they can't concentrate and won't attend."


OBAMA-CARE will generate "waiting lists" similar to what the Veterans Administration were using to ration medical service among its millions of patrons. "Sure...people will be killed due to OBAMA-CARE...but...when you're trying to enslave an otherwise freedom-loving people...such death must be imposed and done without mercy or conscience," snorted Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) advocate of such death lists.


Socialized medicine is synonymous with rationing and lists used to deliver such scarce product or service. wasn't any surprise that the Veterans Administration's medical service delivery program would end up with "waiting lists" designed to "kill vets".

As Secretary Shenseki admitted, "Obama told me to kill off as many as I could as discreetly as I could and we were doing just that until a snoop from your BLOG uncovered our tactic to deliver socialized medicine to as many as possible and if some died while waiting for our be it. I was only following orders given to me by Obama...that dung-throwing monkey."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Maya Angelou...poet and author...before she died...told her closest friends she thought Obama was a dung-throwing monkey...a MARXIST ON MISSION...a real deceiving scumbag...but...she liked his smile and way with women. God speed, Maya.

West Point Graduates

The Class of 2014 at West Point was treated to a speech delivered by a dung-throwing monkey who happened to be their commander-in-chief. Most of them nervously applauded what were obvious "clap-now" pauses in his prepared discourse. He would look off into the horizon and ponder and then say something meaningless and trite...packed with platitude and bulging with bromide...then...pause...and...expect that "captured-audience" to applaud and worship in outright adulation.

This same dung-throwing monkey dashed off to Afghanistan and then back again to announce he was leaving 9,800 troops behind...troops surely to be attacked...troops to be sacrificed...but...there to avoid being called "war-loser". West Point graduates know how dangerous and unpredictable Afghans can be. They've studied that war in their respective war-tactics classes. They know the terrain...the personnel...and...they know 9,800 troops are not enough and many if not all might perish at the hands of freedom-fighters seeking to rid their land of these intruders once and for all. them...was a devout liar...deceiver...cheat...all the things despicable in a human being...and...they had to appear to respect him and clap when he paused to receive such ovation. They recalled how he promised Dr. exchange for information...2 things: (i) $25 million reward for giving the final coordinates of Osama bin Laden and (ii) extraction from Pakistan so that he might enjoy that $25 million in some far away land using another name and government-given identity. They recalled how Dr. Afridi sensing something sinister afoot asked that this promise be in writing to which Obama indignantly replied, "Writing....doesn't need to be in word is as strong as oak." They half-laughed that the snitch didn't know that the "oak-strong" line came out of the movie about Jerry McGuire played by Tom Cruise...and...that such reference meant Dr. Afridi was definitely not going to get (i) or (ii) but was likely to be shot or imprisoned for treason.

They recalled how Obama had sent his goon squads from the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to attack political enemies and how he lied to them about OBAMA-CARE. They also knew he had issued "snuff-orders" which resulted in the assassination of U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens.

 Yet...they clapped when told...smiled when told...and...did what dedicated military people do in the presence of their commander-in-chief.

But every man jack one of them knew this dung-throwing monkey would leave them behind just as he did Dr. Afridi...a dude who stood on the roof of his house watching as Seal Team #6 helicopters passed by 10 feet above his head and quite out of reach. Yet...the dutifully clapped and cheered when directed to perform such homage.

U.S.Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL)

Recently...U.S.Rep. Bill Posey told an exuberant crowd that he loved liberty and was doing all he could to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its victim-making FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. He promised this throng of freedom-lovers that he wouldn't rest until the yoke and choke agenda had been deleted and the otherwise unhampered market ushered into America thereby. Yes...folks...his message was one of liberation over subjugation and offered a way to accomplish such a feat.

His opposition promised the same crowd more grip and grab...more program and policy to cure or assist those already enacted and abysmal in application and consequence. To such stuff the people sat silent and grim. Here was a Neo-feudalist promising them more burden...more travail...and...more big foot government in every aspect of their lives...and...they didn't like it. Not one bit...especially distinct contrast...U.S.Rep. Bill Posey was offering KEY over CAGE.


Top level employees inside the Veterans Administration received bonuses. They received government bonuses from Obama. Why? What could they tell about him if they hadn't been silenced using this kind of bribery?


An oil production outfit out of South Africa in collaboration with several other entrepreneurs have decided to construct energy production facilities near Lake Charles, La. The investment could be as much as $100 billion. It will deliver jobs and wealth to an otherwise impoverished state. As one Lake Charles resident said, "SASOL will be a good neighbor and we look forward to the prosperity it will bring to our region...a place that has been kept backward and poor due to Democrat-programs and policies."

Of course...he was alluding to the effort to stop SASOL from building anything in that state or anywhere else. The environmentalists envision America as a nation of tents and campfires...herd-like...directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic knaves...and...the last thing such an effort needs is for there to be "cheap energy".


If the Chinese Communist Party(Chi-Coms) wanted to keep China enslaved...they had to prevent the INTERNET from ever entering. Nowadays...with INTERNET everywhere...this same bunch wishes to stop parts of the INTERNET from flourishing...a feat as impossible as it would have been to prevent the INTERNET from ever gaining a foothold. app offered in China through Tencent Holdings LTD...has been called upon to cease business since the Chi-Coms don't like how it has undermined their power. Instead of losing customer-base...this attack on WeChat...however...has resulted in a 1000 fold increase in patronage. Everyone wants to use "WeChat" since it has gained so much notoriety. As one WeChat investor said, "We couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. The more they squeeze...the more money we make."


Between a government bureaucrat and the doctor...which ones knows best when it comes to deciding how to help or cure? Answer that question and you'll sense the evil embedded in OBAMA-CARE. Indeed...voters should evict any politician whose choice be that of the bureaucrat.


OBAMA-CARE created death panels...people designated who lives and who dies. They decide who goes to the "showers"...and...who goes to the work to speak. The Insurance Companies that supported OBAMA-CARE thinking they'd make more money becoming appendages of big foot government are finding they have to begin to make their own "death lists"...choosing who lives and who dies, (Wall Street Journal A-1;05-28-14).

One oncologist told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that she was amazed at how many ways the insurance companies are developing to kill people in order to satisfy the whim of big foot government and its policy of OBAMA-CARE. "Cancer treatments in the next few years will be fits all...and...the slaughter will be horrific. Sure...the MASS MEDIA will cover it up just as they did the terrible things at the medical facilities run by the Veterans Administration...but...eventually...the vultures circling...the mass graves so many...that the evil of OBAMA-CARE won't be able to be hidden any longer."


Some years ago...the myth of man-made global warming was created. It was considered a great way to get paid without having to fear getting found out. The myth permitted lying and deceiving without any downside. Oh...sure...the lie could be easily disproved and shown to be a bald-faced lie...but...the MASS MEDIA liked it so much that it was never in jeopardy of becoming some kind of pariah.

Folks...before you sign on to the man-made global warming myth...why not study the issue? What will be revealed is that this myth is only used to advance policies and programs designed to eliminate liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey". one former Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) employee confided, "Greenhouse gas theory is pays so big foot government so much power that it wouldn't be good to admit it's all a lie."


Obama decided to leave troops in Afghanistan. He's a despicable scumbag...a dung-throwing monkey...and...his decision will get more Americans killed. What a jerk!


First Lady Michelle Obama told a crowd of schoolgirls that she was impressed with Elliot* Rodgers. he had done what Democrats needed to do: kill people.
*Rodgers was a ghoul who killed people and foretold his deed on YouTube. He bragged about getting personal phone calls from Michelle Obama whose dialogue led him to believe he needed to kill in order to show how socialism can be better imposed.


The Veterans Administration's delivery of medical services is a prime example of how nasty and evil socialized medicine can be. Vets were put on waiting lists designed to kill them. Doctors were told not to perform certain life-saving measures because they cost too much. And...hospitals were flooded with so many vets looking for medical care that they simply rationed their treatments so that the most urgent were seen first. And...this system is the one TEAM OBAMA touts as a prime example of "how" government works.


TEAM OBAMA has done more to entrench liberty than any other pack of vermin in recent history. Americans need to stand up and retake their country from these scumbags and would-be masters. Why not dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st century EDEN?


Obama was informed that Government Motors...f/k/a...General Motors...had put defective cars into the stream of commerce and people were getting killed. Ever the dung-throwing monkey...Obama asked if there were any way to hide his complicity in this debacle. When he was informed others* would take the fall for him...he laughed and asked for more dung.
*As one former GM customer said, "Only an idiot would ever buy a Government Motors car."

Why Modi will fail

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told India that he would end the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies and offer a fresh of hope and change. Will India move away from socialism or will it continue into that toilet? Such a question might already be answered. Instead of telling India that liberty is better than "freedom-to-obey"...Modi appointed ministers to handle the big foot government he inherited.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has decided to leave American troops in Afghanistan until 2016...a decision which will cost more lives and material. Instead of ending that ridiculous occupation...he wants to continue it so that the industrial-military complex can continue to build weapons of war.


The kidnapped school girls have been found but not yet rescued. The problem is that their guards have wired the entire compound with explosives and if there is a rescue operation undertaken...the guards will detonate and slaughter them. Sounds like a job for Seal Team #6, eh Obama?
Seal Team #6 was used to execute Osama bin Laden

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Venezuelan misery...a/k/a...socialist paradise...passed rules and laws...added pepper and lots of another slice.

Chillin' on Chelan

Lake Chelan...55 miles long and many miles wide...situated in Washington State...and...only one ferry to get from side to side. The monopoly is held by a ferry boat which claims its 3 or 4 times per week of trips to and from...should be enough for anyone...and...anyone else wanting to travel had to either wait, walk or sneak.

Naturally...James and Clifford Courtney whose small business was getting hampered by this lack of to speak...built a Huck Finn raft...had Jim rowing and a hidden engine doing the rest. BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT FERRY demanded this competitor be stopped. Instantly, law enforcement was dispatched and as that raft floated down that 55 miles of lake...the world erupted as bullets and cannon fire splashed about them...bammmmm...boom...bang.(Wall Street Journal A-12;05-27-14).


What difference is there between David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick...two people competing for a political job in Texas? While opinions vary as to such thing seems clear. Danny Boy hears the pipes and drums calling and Dewhurst is satisfied to keep the Neo-feudal world of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE quite intact paying a little lip service to the beleaguered middle class struggling in that great state of Texas. Whereas Dewhurt would stomp out liberty...Patrick wants to enhance it.

Sure...Patrick wants a 1000 foot high wall...peppered by little doors with 100,000 armed military personnel stationed at each in some Great Wall of America display...but...when you're position is overrun with Mexicans and others who are seeking free medical care...and...every other freebie this country has managed to offer...the solution is either you keep the freeloaders out or you dismantle the 20th century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...tell them...yes...come to America...come one...come all...but...unless private charity chooses to assist...your tears on others' purses not any longer yours to call.

Inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...immigration is used to create "indentured servitude". Dan Patrick knows such things and wants any immigrant to enter lawfully and wants to make it easier for them to enter and lawfully work instead of hiding.

As Dan Patrick told an exuberant audience of 329,873 in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the borders are merely geographical markers...otherwise meaningless...enabling labor and capitol to go to and from without the stifle and hinder so much found in the CAGE environment in which Americans so pitifully find themselves in late May of 2014. Open the borders...dismantle this CAGE...and...let freedom ring!


Obama told people 97% of all scientists agree that man-made global warming is dangerous and mankind must revert to the simple way of the tent and campfire lest everyone be consumed in an environmental conflagration epochal in its significance. Of course, that statement was an outright lie...but...when you're a dung-throwing monkey...truth isn't important.(Wall Street Journal A-13;05-27-14).

It turns out that only a few so-called scientists said that man could affect climate and alter the weather. Naturally...every other scientist refused to sign that statement. As one official expert said, "Mankind can't affect the weather in any significant way. Imagine with spoon and bucket trying to dip the ocean dry...imagine as much and you'll know they didn't sign and why."

According to insiders stationed in the highest levels of the Obama administration...TEAM OBAMA plans to attack what little liberty remains in America replacing it with "freedom-to-obey"...a necessary component of Obama's fundamental transformation of America into an enslaved police-state with a ruling elite, their cronies and "the unwashed masses". They plan to use this "false-theory of warming"...this man-made scare people and incite rash precipitous reactions. They plan to sabotage more tanks and rails in order to create in the public-mind so to speak the fear of Eco-disaster...a calamity only big foot government can solve. It's a nasty plot...treasonous in every aspect...and...yet...the MASS MEDIA will call it "good and righteous".


Marine Le Pen...ah...say it again. She trounced her French rivals and into power transcend...Marine Le Pen...ah...yes...say it again! Perhaps the French are not as filthy and ignorant as many in America had come to believe. Maybe there are enough freedom-lovers over there that those people might be spared the agonies of the socialist-paradise which Hollande and company were imposing.


Unions around America are realizing they were duped into supporting OBAMA-CARE. They're finding how onerous that "whip and chain" can be and are smarting beneath its weight so of late huddled on their backs. How could they've been so stupid to believe a dung-throwing monkey such as Obama? (Wall Street Journal A-1;05-27-14)

Many are asking that question in the mirror and thumping their foreheads in an act of utter contrition and humiliation. They thought they were going to receive freebie and favor....and...make the "rich" pay for their needs and wants...but...the only enslaved they can find are themselves and all the other idiots who bought into the socialist-paradise dream theory.


The Energy Industry is watching to see what burdens the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) will impose to stop Mother Earth from bursting into flames and killing all life on this blessed planet. According to EPA...CO2...the stuff a human exhales is a dangerous gas and must be stopped. Sure....plants eat CO2 and there isn't any danger from that "trace gas"...but...when you're trying to enslave....myth is much better than truth.

Instead of watching passively...meekly...these corporate giants need to fight back. They need to buy a few radio and TV stations and commence to transmit the truth about man-made global warming...that it's a big lie and intended to hurt people and enslave the rest.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Valerie Jarrett?

Valerie Jarrett...Obama's parrot...sat and said whatever asked...she snorted and chirped...hacked with squirt...told everyone lying her mission and portentous task.

Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett...senior adviser to Obama...candidly told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that she hated liberty and was gladdened when she saw Obama do all he could to enslave America. She drooled in admiration over his "whip and chain" disguised as OBAMA-CARE. She chortled about how he duped America using skillful lies and deceptions. She pointed out that history will write of him that he was a MARXIST ON MISSION and did more to destroy America than any other Democrat before him.


Mark the flag at 1/2 mast
21 guns as he moves past
of great ones he was the last
So run it up slowly lad
and shed a tear for what we had
and speak softly of him with pride
when we bury freedom
it's man's soul that died.


The army of liberation in the 2014 election cycle will find vast patronage as it marches to make salt at every level of government.

They know now the land is beset by a vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters and they know it's time to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE... a CAGE this horde is determined to advance in grip and grab until what little left determined by bureaucrats and other would-be Neo-feudal masters.

It's time to usher in the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a 21st Century approach to EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a land where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors find its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.

And...because this 21st Century message offers KEY and not more CAGE...this army of liberation has grown until everywhere people are discussing the purpose of every rule and law and finding little of them are really needed...most of them archaic...onerous...and...surely a source for stomp and stifle should the Democrats ever against seize power.

The army of liberation seeks to eliminate the yoke and choke agenda so championed by TEAM OBAMA. Its' mission to delete as much rule and law as would be needed to permit the OUM to flourish such including all taxes and hurdles to commerce.

Sure...3.79 million federal worker bees will be dispatched into this OUM...but...only in such dynamic market could even the "stained and damaged" find acceptance and they shall as well as they market their "skill of power-mongering" to the local food market manager or the steel mill hiring agent.

One can only imagine that interview.
Bored Interviewer:

So you were the head honcho at the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)?

Yes, I was.

Told million what to do and cost billions every time you spoke, eh?

Why yes...many times...yes...many. we make computer parts. Know anything about it?

No...not anything but I have crushed 25 would-be start-ups computer companies...veritable Apple,Inc. every man jack one of them...and...kept them idle until they were "dead on arrival". just make computer parts and it seems as though you're too big for this job, eh?

Not really...I never held a private sector job and wondered what it felt like when my foot would crush them as if bugs...that's like...something like napalm in the sounds like victory. Recall when West Virginia had that river-contamination event and not anyone could explain how that hole got into that tank. Well...a blacks ops team directed by a dude named Twiliger...those boys were skilled...and...accomplished that feat in order to assist the Environmental Protection Agency because the EPA was getting ready to destroy the coal industry and a calamity had to be engineered and it was carried out with great aplomb, I might add.

You were in on that river contamination event that affected the waster supply of the capitol of West Virginia?

Well...if it'll get me the job...I'll admit it. I mean...why not...who really cares now? The mess was eventually cleaned up and the EPA got great benefit in terms of its assertion of power from it. So...yes...I'll acknowledge I was instrumental and that I with the help of a few others...literally ruined the economy of West Virginia and perhaps even have caused the thousands of "black-outs" around America as Americans discover what the EPA did and how terrible it will be until the grip of the EPA can be loosened. And...thus...I'm here...seeking a job because someone decided to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE in which I was a master and people like bug...I could crush at will. But now I must seek your job and demand you give it to me lest I begin to accuse and  threaten.

What do you mean...give you a job?

I mean...I merely need call one of my pals stationed inside the U.S. Injustice Department...that nest of scumbags wasn't disturbed by the cleansing of the Temple, (MARK 11:15). Most of the federal government got deleted in one session of Congress and the stroke of the President's most ambitious scribble. The law dashed us away...flushed us gone...not even leaving us a nibble. But I have friends inside the Injustice Department and if I don't report I was given a job by you...they'll descend as if a ravenous pack of crazed wolves...snarling...snapping...and...snooping for something to grip...grab...or...stomp...somebody's soul on which to chomp.

With that final declaration of "why you must hire me"...the hiring agent excused himself and left the room. He called both Homeland Security to report the terrorist in his office and his local police department that a '"shake-down" was afoot. When he reported her name...they laughed and said she was a "has been"...not to worry...she tells everyone she knows people from Mars and the U.S. Injustice Department. So....yes...we know this wondrous bit of government enlightenment.

With that information...the agent re-entered the room and instantly hired this lady for the marketing. department. The perfect shill had just walked into his office.

Hunter-Raey American won the Indianapolis 500 yesterday. Hunter Raey pushed his car to the limits and he won. Congratulations.


Chocolate magnate, Poroshenko prevailed and is now the President of the Ukraine. His message resonated with the beleaguered voters. He promised removal of the yoke and choke agenda of socialism...deletion of the grip and grab of the Eco-fascists...and...eradication of the would-be masters inhabiting its big foot government. If he does remove the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE aspect embedded in that country...Poroshenko will be called a great leader.

Democrat Elliot Rodgers

Democrat Elliot Rodgers delivered a chilling declaration on YouTube about his intention to kill people. His parents tried to stop him but weren't successful. This Democrat went on a rampage which ended in his own self-inflicted death and the death of others. He had slain people because he was angry. He wanted TEAM OBAMA to enslave and destroy and they weren't moving fast enough for his Democrat-mind. Hence...he decided to take matters into his own hands and accomplish what Obama was too meek to do.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

V. Stiviano

V. Stiviano tape-recorded Donald Sterling's rant about Afro-American basketball players. Recall he owns the Clippers and the statement that has caused so much uproar was secretly tape-recorded. She instantly published the utterances in order to hurt and undermine this man. When asked "how" he could have been so to speak...he just shrugged his 80 year  old shoulder and said he wasn't expecting betrayal before the cock crowed twice.
Jesus told Peter than before the cock crowed twice...Peter would have denied Jesus three times.

Tahmooressi family

A Marine was caught in Mexico with guns which were legal in his country but illegal there. He had erred in making the proverbial "wrong turn" and ended up not in San Diego but in Mexico. Naturally...Obama has ignored this Marine and has permitted him to languish in a Mexican Jail hand-cuffed to his bunk 23 hour a day. As one Marine whispered, "Obama is a dung-throwing monkey and isn't about to help*us retrieve one of our own. He'll leave men behind. What a scumbag!"
*Secretary of State John Kerry expressed helplessness because Obama wouldn't "man-up" and demand the Marine's return.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Pebble Mine stopped

Bristol Bay...pristine...and...according to environmentalists...under attack by would-be mining companies seeking its rich deposits of copper and gold. Sockeye salmon and other wildlife are in jeopardy should mining in that area be commenced. Even though the miners would insulate the Bay from contamination...nevertheless...the potential for disaster seems too great for most nature-lovers who would prefer Americans live in tents...use the woods as fires for cooking and protection.'re one of those "get-back-to-nature" types. If you are...why force everyone else to suffer that way? If Pebble Mine in Alaska is so's likely those potential pitfalls might be addressed as the mining is done so that at every step...Mother Nature is protected from man's indiscretions. But to stop that incredibly rich mine from producing based on speculation seems to be a bridge too to speak.


In Oregon...a neurosurgeon decided to fight back against enslavement. Dr. Wehby defeated her Republican rivals in the primary and is charted to defeat the Democrat whose credentials begin and end with "freedom-hater". However...the Oregon Democratic Party launched a "we hate women" campaign against this esteemed physician...calling her names and making sport over her female attributes. As disgusting as such a tactic might be...when the Democrats employ such things...the complicit MASS MEDIA calls such personal assaults "enlightened and wondrous".


The Veterans Administration(VA) has been delivering socialized medicine since World War II and recently the horror of such an approach has been graphically revealed. Because medical care for veterans was socialized...rationing occurred...and...waiting lists became a way to deny medical care to those vets with the most expensive maladies and illnesses. By denying them access through "waiting list" tactics...the VA was able to keep Congress increasing their funding and at the same time spending less on vets to make sure the administrative staff was fully paid.


Sculptor, George Rammell was commissioned to build a statue of Obama. When he was done...the "work" was unveiled in a much-heralded ceremony. The crowd was surprised when the canvas-cover was removed. There stood Obama in a baseball pitcher's pose with dung in his hand. The inscription: "Duck! dung-throwing monkey". Recall George had his other sculpture removed from British Columbia Capilano University. That one was "dismantled" since it depicted the University's President in a most unflattering fashion. The inscription: "blathering on in Krisendom" caricaturing University President Kris Bulcroft.(Wall Street Journal A-15;05-23-14)


Because of the political prowess and reach of this BLOG...the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) has backed down from its ridiculous attempt to stop "free-speech" by use of the heavy-hand of tax-collection. Recall that before this BLOG commenced its opposition to this attack on liberty...the IRS was "full-speed-ahead".It was going to stifle non-profit organizations preventing them from funding the enemies of TEAM OBAMA...but...this BLOG stopped these least for a season, perhaps.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Lawyers aren't permitted to discuss their cases in the newspaper. For example...Mike Nyfong disregarded this prohibition and spoke to the MASS MEDIA about the guilt of the 4 Duke Lacrosse players. At the time he made those scurrilous assertions about guilt...he knew* the 4 players were not guilty.

Mention is made of this restriction on "public commentary" since the scumbags at the U.S.Injustice Department told the MASS MEDIA that the computer-hacking of the Chinese military caused U.S. Steel to close its doors. wasn't true. There weren't any steel mills closed due to such alleged cyber-attack. The assertion was gain public notice and cause revulsion. How dare Chinese attack a great business such as U.S. Steel!

Unlike Mike Nyfong...these Injustice Department lawyers are immune from such acrimony. They can LIE, CHEAT AND DECEIVE without any fear of reprisal. They can "doctor" testimony...manufacture evidence...and...never get punished. Hence...the U.S. Injustice Department is filled with the worst of the worst.

As one official expert said, "The entire vermin bunch needs to be identified and fired. Their names should be as publicized as was Mike Nyfong so that people can shun or spit on them when found in public. By such public scorn...maybe...the U.S. Injustice Department might become an institution of which Americans can once more be proud.
*Nyfong was in a tough re-election fight and he needed to attack those "rich-white" kids. He was eventually disbarred and is presently working at the Internal Revenue Service attacking conservative organizations.


A doctor was informed by big foot government that it was not going to pay the tab even though Medicaid was designed to pay for the medical needs of the poor. The doctor went ahead and did the surgery and saved a child the government would have otherwise doomed. Socialized medicine "kills"....yet... it's evil aspect is methodically hidden by the complicit MASS MEDIA.


"Before we install the death panels...we need to test "how" the American people will react to such intrusion into their medical care and services," chided Obama when he was asked about OBAMA-CARE. Fleshing out this idea...Obama said it would be best to experiment on the veterans. "If they'll accept waiting lists designed to kill the's likely the rest of America will kneel and lick this boot, as well," confided Obama.

Folks...we're in an obvious WAR ON FREEDOM. Obama tested his plan on unsuspecting vets and got caught killing off over 40 of them before someone named Troy Burmesch...a Veteran's Administration insider...decided to "whistle-blow". Troy contacted this BLOG and used its considerable influence and primal political contacts to get the word out that Obama was "experimenting" on vets and it was as horrific as anything the Nazis ever did.

McDonald and minimum wage

According to the minimum-wage advocates...consumers will pay $100 for a hamburger so long as that money is given to the worker bees assisting in the production and distribution of such product. Of course...these advocates don't own a business and are paid to demand such nonsense. For example...outside world HQ of McDonald...there were 133 protesters carrying signs demanding a $15.00 per hour minimum wage. These sign-carriers were all bused into that area and were paid $8.25 per hour by rabid socialists to perform this feat.

In Cuba...that toilet bowl of the Caribbean...where there isn't any liberty but only "freedom-to-obey"...Yoani Sanchez has stood up and declared she won't kneel and lick socialist-boot any longer. She introduced as a protest website and instantly the Cuban goon squads descended on her position attacking her 14 helpers by arresting them for espionage and sedition. Had it not been for this BLOG...her story of defiance would never have been revealed to the world.

Brian Schweitzer

Brian Schweitzer is a rabid socialist which qualifies him to be President of the United States. Had he espoused liberation over subjugation...the Democratic National Committee would've ignored him. But...because he's more of a freedom-hater than Hillary Clinton and wants to enslave American more quickly...he's called a "true-American"...and...has been discussed as a likely competitor for the 2016 Democrat Presidential nomination.

Senator Durbin

U.S.Senator Dick Durbin...a scumbag trying to avoid condemnation because he was instrumental in creating death-lists...waiting lists designed to kill the patient before that patient can get VA medical care. Sure...he's against those waiting lists now...but...he wasn't just a few weeks ago. He's evil and must be defeated in his next election.

Bi-partisan anger?

Democrats were given a political platform from which to express outrage and attract voters thereby. Obama told America that the Veterans' Administration(VA) was going to be investigated to uncover and correct. if there were any abuses found...they'd be deleted and the perpetrators punished. This statement gave the scumbag Democrats seeking re-election something to discuss in their respective forums.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Troy Burmesch

Troy Burmesch worked at the Veteran' Hospital and observed preparation and perpetuation of secret waiting list with those thereon doomed. One vet died of bladder cancer because the VA refused to "okay" his outsourced surgery. By the time that former soldier was  "opened-up"...the surgeon found the cancer had spread and that "wait" had doomed this man to a horrific death.

When Burmesch read about that soldier and recalled him and his motorcycle jacket and black polished boots...he became angry. He was participating in a criminal act and he decided he'd whistle-blow. He called the White House and asked to speak to Obama and told the aide what he'd uncovered and how angry he was to have been a part of that evil-enterprise.

He was put on "hold"...and...Burmesch waited for about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, though, the aide came back on the phone line and said that Obama had met with VA Secretary Shenseki...and...there was not anything improper...and...his best course of action was to keep his mouth shut. This aide threatened him that his entire life would be investigated and he'd be hearing from the goons squads stationed in the U.S.Injustice Department and at Lois Lerner's Internal Revenue Service. Keep quiet or else!

Burmesch then contacted every U.S. House Democrat and U.S.Senate Democrat and was informed that they were aligned with Obama and Burmesch had best keep his mouth shut. "Whistle-blowers never get another government job" he was frankly told by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz...herself a rabid of the biggest opponents of giving vets any kind of medical care or service.


A U.S.Marine languishes in a Mexican jail and his woes are played on Mexican radios. And...yet...Obama...commander-in-chief...hasn't sent his team to extract this soldier. He's a scumbag for ignoring this family's plight...their son in a Mexican jail...and...his woes played on Mexican the echoes of his mother's wails.


Tree fell...the power-line wreath...troubled spot line...could still get ripped...unless...somebody comes equipped.

Mention is made of such quandary...not anyone will come...disconnect...put wire above the tree's when that enormous 100 foot tall oak's still erect and secured by roots...the other 1/2 lying now atop a phone line and not anyone in the area who can open that plastic funny-screw-tight box...remove those wires therefrom...take that wire and put it above that oak trunk and then await the plummet that won't be any big deal since the phone and power are on and packed with zeal.

Yes...if the phone line take-down and put-back dude or gal can be found....I'd pay for the service instantly and then sit back and wait for that trunk to rot the rest of the way and finally finish its plummet to Terra Firma.


If Obama were a Republican...the MASS MEDIA would have blown him out of the saddle long ago. If a Republican President...for instance...were caught lying as many times as Obama has been caught...he'd have already been impeached and his cronies shunned as if fraught with plague. And...if a Republican President had tried to enslave America and reduce its people to cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps...that President and his party would be labeled Anti-freedom and be doomed for a 1000 years in all directions.

But...because Obama is a dedicated MARXIST ON MISSION...and...thoroughly protected by a complicit MASS MEDIA...he can lie and lie some more...and...receive accolades for his deception...hand-picked audiences scream and adore. He can assassinate U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY...and...snuff out an Ambassador in Benghazi...he can foist enslavement in the form of OBAMA-CARE upon an unsuspecting America...he can staff his government with fearless Nazis.

Socialist food program

TEAM OBAMA has done all it can to hurt the working-poor. These scumbags have increased taxes on these people and have inflated the currency so their low-wages can't buy as much. Their purpose: to reduce Americans to dependent-servile supplicants...willing to lick boot for master's freebie and favor.

Chakka Fattah

U.S.Rep. Chakka Fattah,(D.Pa) came forward and said he loved socialism and wanted to enslave America. Instantly...the complicit MASS MEDIA called this scumbag "enlightened and worthy". What's your opinion?

"urb" pirate

Anger gripped Gumby as he examined the area where once stood 8 foot marijuana plants ready for harvest. Someone had found his spot and grabbed his $500,000 crop! Naturally...Gumby knew the identity of the culprit. He was a newly hired FBI agent whose pot-use in the area was notorious. How dare the FBI employ such a scumbag!

New York City Nonsense

Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to borrow money and give it to his political allies. As Bill told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "I love spending other people's money!"

Paying off Naftali Bennett

Israel's minister of the economy,NAFTALI BENNETT received $100 million from Hamas in exchange for his political support for the establishment of a PALESTINIAN STATE...a nation-state situated in the middle of the Jewish homeland and filled with people who wish to eradicate the JEW. Surely...the JEW knows betrayal when it's afoot. But....if the Jew does not conclude such is a disguised attack...then...Israel in the coming decades will disappear and the diaspora into the Sinai will become a reality!


Obama told America that after meeting with Veterans Administration Secretary Shenseki he was going to fix the problems revealed at the various VA medical-facilities. After listening to this "dung-throwing" monkey describe what he planned to do to assist vets with their medical occurred to many Americans that this monkey was LYING again. They recalled how his goon squad at the U.S.Injustice Department "stonewalled" the investigation into his criminal use of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to attack his he lied about OBAMA-CARE...and...they can't bring themselves to believe him again.

campfires and teepees

Most of the environmentalists nowadays see themselves and by compulsion....everyone else...sitting around campfires....sleeping in makeshift tents...communing with Mother Earth and making sure only bikes and buses are used for travel. Makes a person wish for it, eh?


According to officials inside the Obama administration...Peter employee of the U.S.Injustice Department...was selected to "stonewall" the U.S.House Republicans whose search* for the "smoking gun" is in high gear.

Mr. Carr was picked because he lacks moral fiber and would kill his own mother to advance the cause of his master. Carr was told to hide the criminal misconduct of Lois Lerner...a former IRS employee whose mission statement was to attack enemies of TEAM OBAMA using the power of the IRS. So far...this scumbag has stonewalled well and promises to keep hiding the evil of the IRS until told to stop.

*Using BLACKSHADE...a well-known computer-hacking software kit...this BLOG was able to access the emails and secret memos from the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) and the Injustice Department.

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D'Souza was arrested for violation of the federal election law...a law designed to destroy "free-speech" and impose tyrannical restrictions. Because he hates Obama and calls him a "dung-throwing" monkey...the U.S. Injustice Department attacked. When asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG about this obvious politically-motivated attack...he said he would not stop but would continue calling Obama as many nasty names as possible since he deserves little more.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alison Grimes?

Alison Grimes was approached by TEAM OBAMA and asked if she's run against Mitch "same old, same old" McConnell(R.Ky). Ole Mitch was a wishy-washy Republican willing to kill his mother to advance his own cause. He hated liberty as much as any socialist infesting the Democrat Party but he hid his bent well. While the MASS MEDIA knew he wasn't any threat to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...himself an advocate and well-wisher...they...nevertheless...had to support gruesome Grimes...a lady willing to butcher entire sections of the country in death camp settings to advance socialism.


U.S.Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, "If  the question is should we spend money on the environment or pay for veterans' medical issues...let us save the polar bear and eagle and let the Vets die." Naturally...her words were never heard on TV or RADIO because she's a freedom-hater and is...hence...loved by the MASS MEDIA. They'd never reveal her to speak.

Kim Sertich discovered her dad was murdered by the Veteran's Hospital personnel. She was informed by witch-Wasserman that her father was killed humanely and she had best keep her mouth shut. How dare she attack the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE! chided this scumbag-Democrat...a Democrat Obama calls wondrous and gifted.
Recall Sterling...Clippers'owner...was lambasted for calling his players: well-paid niggers. Also...recall that Wolfeboro, New Hampshire Police Commissioner(Robert Copeland) called Obama a dung-throwing monkey as well as an idiotic nigger...and....was compelled to resign his elective office for his truthful description of this MARXIST ON MISSION.

Iraq and Afghanistan: toilet bowls

Bush was a scumbag when he sent our army into Iraq and Afghanistan to fight needless wars for idiotic reasons. We're still in those stupid conflicts and lost men...spend precious funds...and...gained little if anything except the hatred of the Muslim world. Bush needs to be labeled by historians as a proverbial scumbag...similar in status to that of any other jerk using other people's money to acquire grandeur!

Spending other people's money

Costly thy habit as the purse can was the way Hillary Clinton explained socialism to those asking "why".

Jeremy Newberry's anger

Jeremy Newberry suffered kidney failure due to drugs he was given by a NFL doctor. Of course...the NFL has denied it and demanded Newberry reveal the evidence supporting his claim. Naturally...Newberry lacked such data. Indeed...Newberry didn't accuse the NFL until after his medical care benefits were exhausted. When the NFL turned down his application for continued medical care and services...such was when Newberry recalled how he'd been drugged.


Inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...people are finding ways to escape its grip and grab. Indeed...bitcoin was such a maneuver.  Bitcoin has become a pariah and can't be used effectively since big foot government has spotted it and is doing all it can to discourage its use by freedom-lovers seeking escape from the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE.

However, big foot government saw the huge hole bitcoin offered beleaguered producers. The producers could convert to bitcoin...send that thing electronically to another spot...and...then...later...go to that spot...and...collect the proceeds without the siphon of big foot government. That hole had to be patched lest big foot government be unable to enslave its citizens completely.(Wall Street Journal 05-20-14;C-3)

The founders of  the Silk Road  and bitcoin haven't been identified. However...eventually...great monuments will be erected to honor them since it was they who stood forth and fought for liberation over subjugation.


Blackshade sold "rats" programs which permitted the user to control the computers of victims who "clicked on" to what was a seemingly innocent email. The user could then lock up the hard drive and demand ransom for release. Those jerks who used that program...fortunately...were caught and punished. How dare they attack in such a manner. Indeed...when asked if they wanted their own stuff hacked that way...the culprits were heard to protest such intrusion. " my stuff!"


In's a crime to say something bad about their scumbag king. In America...82 year old Robert Copeland...called Obama a "NIGGER" when he saw that dung-throwing monkey on TV in a local restaurant in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. He didn't know that in the adjacent booth sat Milicent Hateful. She instantly dashed out...called the White House to report the racial slur. Within an hour...ole Robbie elected official...was emailing his resignation.(Wall Street Journal A-5;05-20-14).


Uncle Sugar lost its stellar credit rating of Triple A. Recently...investors have been buying Triple C bonds with yields of 8.187%. As one analyst said, "Triple C is little more than a roll of the dice." Yet...into such risky ventures billions of dollars are being poured. Why?


When the Germans were nearing Paris...the French commenced hiding assets from the Hun-horde. Basements and caves were preferred places but the Nazis were experts at finding stuff and they looted Europe for its art and other treasures. Mention is made of this scenario since in America...big foot government...itself a nasty Hun-horde of sorts...attacked Swiss bankers demanding they disgorge the assets they were holding for beleaguered Americans seeking to keep what little they had from the clutches of this newest format of the Hun-horde.

Folks...we need to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein the would-be master can ferret out assets...look in caves so to grab and take! Let us delete and eliminate any and all such ability and power to plunder and loot. Americans could have a very fine government with its funding derived from lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffett-like donations. Sure...3.78 million federal worker bees would have to find "real" jobs but in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market such jobs would be readily available since most businesses want to hire "evil-nasty" scumbags such as they.

Kangaroo court: American style

So let's see here...China tries to drill for oil off the coast of Vietnam...its erstwhile friend...and...advances its flag in the China Sea to Japanese chagrin...and...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directs his goon squad within the U.S.Injustice Department to attack some no-names of the Chinese mega-military...put their indicted faces on front page...and...sneer as the world wonders whether the Chinese would ever submit to such nonsense.

Some years ago...someone pondered: Could the Island of Tobago make a law or issue a decree that would be recognized by anyone except itself? Of course...the answer was a clear "no". Except for the pathetic few who can't escape that socialist paradise of squalor and filth...not anyone would acknowledge their laws or kneel to their decrees. As one official expert queried, "Tobago ain't got a military presence so how could it ever use raw power to enforce its laws on anyone other than the few residents of that hell-hole?"

Unlike Tobago...though...Uncle Sugar has a mighty military and Obama could dispatch them to confront the Chinese...probably force them to open their gates...and...make them surrender those "underlings" Obama is demanding be turned over for prosecution for "cyber-crimes". Imagine...Obama sending Patton to the gates of Beijing...and...ole George demanding the Forbidden City to open and permit advance. Imagine as much and you'll sense how idiotic such an "indictment for cyber-theft" against the Chinese military really is.

On the other hand...if you wanted to distract the American fill the TV and RADIO with nonsense....what better way than to pick on the Chinese...the one bunch who is trying to open the Pacific Rim to of the grip and grab of Uncle Sugar or the Japanese. As one Obama Administration official confided, "Voters in 2014 must not be focused on OBAMA-CARE or the various scandals afoot inside TEAM OBAMA lest we lose control of the U.S.Senate and continue to lose seats in the U.S. House of Representatives."

Monday, May 19, 2014

Belinda Williams?

When someone asked who could be used as the poster child for the cover of the magazine:FOOL...Belinda Williams name was offered for 1st place. She's a member of SEIU...the public employees union...and...she was angry that Michigan passed a law that permitted her victims to escape getting their income siphoned for SEIU union-dues. What Ms. Belinda refuses to accept is that SEIU can't exist unless people are forced to contribute.  Take away that compelled-dues aspect and SEIU would have folded like cheap suit long ago.

Melello's money

Jerry Melello was paid handsomely for assisting in propagating the myth of man-made global warming. Recently, when asked about how much he'd received...he sneered and said that data was never to be revealed. He could only say that but for Uncle Sugar's money...he'd be flipping hamburgers at McDonald along with 97% of the other co-conspirators.

Yes...folks...Melello and his band of prevaricators...have been handsomely paid for their lying. As one so-called scientist admitted, "We were told that we could make big bucks off the mythology and it wouldn't be missed when one considers the trillions Uncle Sugar wastes on other things. downside meant money without pitfall...who could pass that up?"

U.S.Injustice Department's skeletons

One of the skeletons in the closet of the U.S.Injustice Department is that of the threat Tim Geithner made to CEO Harold McGraw III when Geithner discovered McGraw had sanctioned the downgrade of Uncle Sugar's credit from AAA to something less. Within a few weeks of that telephonic threat...itself a federal criminal act...Standard & Poor was attacked by the Injustice Department over whether or not S&P was involved in rigged credit-ratings which helped precipitate the IMPLODING BOZO CREDIT-CURRENCY DEBACLE of October 2007 onward.

Because Federal Judge David Carter has found a definite link between that credible threat and the prosecutor's conclusion...he has asked Timmy to reveal what he knew and when he knew a WATERGATE kind of fashion seeking to uncover the connection between Geithner's threat, his directive to attack S&P and the anger which burgeoned from the Oval Office over that unprecedented and historical racist downgrading of Uncle Sugar's credit-status. Of course...Timmy won't respond until after the 2014 election cycle since many Democrats standing for re-election would be instantly tarnished and ridiculed for their complicity.


Jim Abramson was summarily fired by the New York Times and replaced by a dude whose credentials far less impressive than hers. So what happened to this wondrous lady? Short answer: she was caught joining the army of liberation and aligning herself with Lady Elizabeth, its leader. How dare the CEO for the socialist-NYT be found associating with the effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

1000 tons gone?

China is buying gold which explains where 1000 tons went the other day. One moment it was offered for sale...and...a nano-second showed "bought".


These Silicon Valley Barons who wish for big foot government to enter the INTERNET and commence to regulate the same as a public utility believe such government mantle will eliminate any newcomers and preserve their hegemony. What these Barons don't realize, however, is that the outcome is their businesses become dinosaurs...used when necessary...otherwise...left behind as new ways circumvent the hurdles to designed to stop such escape.

Why be as sluggish and as instantly-old as the telephone or RR monopolies? AT&T has never come back from its time under the boot of big foot government. Indeed...the hatred of AT&T was what gave its competitors the edge. As one official said, "Those competitors of AT&T got instant market share because most people had come to detest AT&T!"

We have nothing!

Just after the earthquake in Haiti...Bill Clinton* and some other well-known politicians appeared in Haiti and promised money and talent to rebuild that socialist paradise. Clinton formed the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission(IHRC). Within a few months of its founding, the IHRC received hundreds of millions of dollars from the State Department's U.S.Agency for International Development(USAID).

Because of the amount of money that was squandered...many Americans are asking "how" such a theft occurred. As for the Haitians...if asked about the wonders of Bill Clinton and his repair and replace effort...they will exclaim, "We have have nu-ting!"

Of course...Clinton did erect some houses and apartment buildings which have since crumbled or been declared "unsafe"...and...the sub-contractors have refused to reveal how they spent that money they received...but...when you're trying to help Haitians...who's asking any questions, eh Bill?

*The relationship between Hillary and Bill had been resurrected by the time that 7.0 quake struck the socialist toilet bowl called Haiti. Hillary was Secretary of State and her husband was "on the wagon" and hadn't cheated on her since the "blue dress" Lewinski affair.

Another casualty

In the war on women conducted by TEAM OBAMA...the casualty-rate is climbing. As more and more employers are burdened with OBAMA-CARE and the myriad of other big foot government intrusions and impositions...the full-time female-worker pool is growing smaller and smaller. In West Virginia...for example...Senator nasty a Democrat as you can imagine...was overheard telling one of his crony-pals that he was delighted in how big foot government was slowly forcing women back into the home and out of the workplace.


A study was undertaken to find out the qualifications of the so-called trade ministers who are dispatched by their respective nations to negotiate trade and rules thereof. For the most part, these people were found to be ignorant of simple economic supply-demand concepts but were quite educated in ways to disrupt or hinder the same. To were whatever they imagined and the rules anything they felt beneficial to their respective vested interests. Hence...the American trade minister...for example...wants high tariffs and duties on any product which in any way could be considered a competitor in American commerce.

To circumvent such hurdle and the patronage it entails, the Chinese have proposed a "free-trade" zone...a hands-off zone...a place where big foot government prohibited from intruding and skewing. In this otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the Chinese envision "golden dragons" bubbling forth from the prosperity the OUM instantly brings to whatever place it's implemented. (Wall Street Journal A-8;05-19-14).


Melinda Gates recently declared this BLOG one of the leaders in getting nations to work together to alleviate infant mortality. She pointed out that due to the persistent efforts of the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG that "The number of children under 5 years who died dropped 47% since HELP arrived and commenced its assistance programs."(Wall Street Journal A-6;05-19-14).

How clean?

There's clean...very clean...extremely clean...and...then...there's Dick Cheney clean. On a Sunday talk show...former Vice President Dick Cheney wondered aloud whether or not Hillary Clinton was that clean when it came to the Benghazi scandal. His query set the MASS MEDIA ablaze as would-be Hillary helpers flooded onto the TV and RADIO to proclaim that Hillary did all she could* to save Ambassador Stevens as he sat in that so-called safe room in the Benghazi embassy compound on a SKYPE live-feed begging for 7 long hours...pleading...crying...entreating....Hillary for help: "RELEASE THE DRONES!"
*Recall that above that compound hovered Predator Drones capable of slaughtering the assault troops who had gathered to attack that embassy compound. The Drones were armed with missiles,30 mm chain cannon and an assortment of anti-personnel grenades...a firepower package well able to defend the compound; and it was such protective-umbrella which Stevens begged Hillary to unleash.


In Japan...the sword fighting on the big silver screen is quite popular. The actors who get sliced and slashed are called the "kirareyaku"(stunt-men). If it weren't for the dramatic ways in which these demonstrably die...the hero would never be as worshiped or the films have as much of a box-office draw.

The other day...Hillary Clinton...ever the brain-damaged sneaky-snake...told her closest friends that to prevail in 2016 she needed a bunch of "kirareyaku"...willing to be publicly castigated and scorned so that the "ire" of America could be focused through MASS MEDIA complicity on something else, (think Shensiki's VA-waiting list-scandal).

Recall...the Republicans impaneled a sub-committee last week to examine what role Hillary Clinton played in the assassination of Ambassador Stevens in that Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12.

Almost within hours...there was a big MASS MEDIA fanned uproar about the manner in which veterans were treated at the VA hospitals and clinics scattered throughout the United States.

The uproar has been on going on TV for the last few days and is likely to be used over and over again to distract the public from the investigation into what Hillary knew and when she knew investigation she can't survive...if thoroughly done. Hence...the Kirareyaku must be called upon to do their thing.

Global warming?

It's 05-19-14 and the greater northeast is smothered in frigid weather...something the man-made global warming experts declared couldn't and wouldn't occur. Once more...their predictions and their scare tactics take another rude face-slap. Perhaps...these dudes need to be the victims of some "smack cam"...and...thereby some sense put back into their otherwise vacuous domes.


In West Virginia...a place where TEAM OBAMA has done its best to stomp and stifle...Shelley Moore Capito stepped forward and said it was time to eradicate the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a new era...EDEN-like...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Naturally...her quest is opposed by the MASS MEDIA whose mission statement: stop any escape from CAGE.


Steve McQueen played the part of a prisoner on Devil's Island whose desire to escape was so overwhelming he went to great lengths to accomplish this improbable feat suffering along the way the torture and travail that THE MAN put in his path succeeding finally using a raft and a plummet from a 100 foot cliff.

Mention is made of this wonderful movie, PAPILLON( blue butterfly) since in one scene his pursuers were shown dropping off native trackers. They entered the forest and commenced to hunt for runaways...setting various pitfalls and other nasty traps just in case their targets made it that far. And for those who didn't see the movie, Papillon is cornered and shot with blow-gun darts...falls off a cliff into the raging river below and is saved and nursed back to health by natives downstream who became enamored with his BLUE BUTTERFLY he had tattooed on his chest.

In Africa...there are such native trackers. They could be hired to look for the kidnapped girls(269 of them) that Boko Haram grabbed several weeks ago...find in the U.S. Seal Team #6 to take out the "hostiles" and rescue those frightened teenage females who were abducted to be turned into heroin-sex slaves in North Korea. Allahu Akbar, eh boys?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Raquel Saraswati

Raquel Saraswati...a brave lady...came forward to reveal the horror of Islam and "why" Sharia Law and all the other forms of subjugation of the female are anathema to liberty. Within days of her revelation...a Fatwah was issued calling for her destruction. She has taken up hiding in the an adjoining apartment to Simon Rushdie in Vero Beach, Florida.


Robert E. Lee...instead of retreating...commenced a battle at Gettysburg the Confederate Forces could not afford to undertake under any circumstances. He fought for worthless a meaningless confrontation...and...lost the entire struggle. His Confederacy was doomed, not only due to battlefield setbacks of which Gettysburg was a significant aspect in the overall American Civil War, but, also because its agrarian-socialist-fascist mixture economy was unable to supply what the quasi-capitalist North found easy to produce and distribute.

Mention is made of this much-studied battle and its significance since nowadays it seems the Republican Party is engaged in needless battles fighting over degree of enslavement not its eradication. Election Day in 2014 could be a seminal turning point in American history. The voters have a chance to delete OBAMA-CARE...and...all of the other "smothering stuff" TEAM OBAMA has managed to impose on a struggling America...a place Obama says is getting more and more skewed with the rich getting richer and the middle class getting squeezed ever so much harder.

Instead of confronting the "would-be master with mob"...the better route is to preach liberation over subjugation...and...cause thereby the MASS MEDIA to complaint about politicians demanding freedom instead of more "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies. The politician who tells the audience she plans to deploy THE ORB and eliminate the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE...that leader will draw not only crowds but her army of liberation will swell into a vast number of Americans yearning once more to breathe free.

It might very well be that Lady Elizabeth along with her helpers such as this BLOG will lead Americans into EDEN...away from the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE both sides of the aisle seem comfortable permitting to exist...and...towards the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse".


Investing in Alibaba might be a big choice but those investors who take the plunge might find at the other end that proverbial pot of gold which tethers the rainbow as everyone knows.


Marianne Williamson candidly informed a cub-reporter from this BLOG that she chose to be as MARXIST as possible and thereby attract the complicit MASS MEDIA since her message one of pure enslavement and tyranny...something her competitors...she felt...were too timid to espouse. By offering CAGE...and...lots of it...her idea was the MAS MEDIA could not overlook her campaign and she'd get "free publicity" as her platform was reviewed in comparison to other candidates seeking the same public office.

Who said?

Robert Traynham...a MSNBC contributor...was asked about Obama's MARXIST ON MISSION kind of bent. After looking around to make sure not anyone was listening...he candidly informed a intrepid cub-reporter from this BLOG that Obama was a freedom-hater...himself as some kind of ancient Tyrant...and...everyone else kneeling and worshiping whatever golden calf he might forge, (Exodus 32:24).

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Marianne Williamson supports OBAMA-CARE. Hence...she's a socialist and wants a single-payer....compelling everyone to kneel and worship her golden calf, (Exodus 32:24).







In New Hampshire...there are those who would take out of envy or permit big foot government to stomp and chomp with avarice as their reason for condoning such expropriation and plundering; and there are those in that great state who wish liberation over subjugation and are going to turn out and vote for the candidate who is calling for the eradication of the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century. Will the freedom-lovers be able to out-vote those that would see America enslaved and ruled by an elite and their cronies?


Imagine for a moment that big foot government attacks the INTERNET...and...what's left is so fraught with layers of red tape and cronyism...that it is rarely accessed by anyone except those using it for official business...imagine as much and you'll sense the "dinosaur" the INTERNET will become. Why use it?

Instantly...innovators will examine Tesla and others and conclude they can circumvent this BLOCKADE using some kind of satellite system...a system that could be installed within 6 months giving the new INTERNET a way to keep big foot government off its backs. Again...big foot government will attack...trying to slow down the launches...sabotaging the rockets themselves...using skilled black ops teams such as the ones which were used to assassinate U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens.

Not any way is there short of 24/7 police state BIG BROTHER monitoring could any politician ever control the INTERNET. Yes...blockades and imprisonment might be dished out for awhile...but...eventually...people will discover they can be free and fight back...retaking their government and ushering in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

FIGHTING SEASON?'s fighting season again in Afghanistan...the toilet bowl of the world...and...we still have military personnel stuck there. Why?

TEAM OBAMA has perpetuated this farce and it needs to end in 2014. Sure...the Taliban wish to entangle America in another decade of idiocy since an American presence gives them a "ready-made" recruiting "tool" so to speak as they entice young Afghans to join them in compelling the intruders to depart their beloved country. As one Taliban general told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "To us...Obama is a dung-throwing monkey...easily directed....more easily controlled...and...we can keep Uncle Sugar tied up in this toilet bowl for 100 years if we so choose."

Senate Democrats involved

Talk about a smoking gun...recent emails were surrendered under a Freedom of Information Act request. While TEAM OBAMA tried to "slow-walk" the response...the emails were obtained. They show U.S. Senators directing the Internal Revenue Service to attack their enemies and they did. Lois Lerner...herself a rabid freedom-hater...directed her goon squads to assail any opponent of socialism and Eco-fascism. "If they are against enslavement...attack them with wild abandon!" Lois Lerner said to her scumbag operatives and they did.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. TEAM OBAMA...that Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other directing the IRS...itself a pack of drool and do its "dirty work". It's anti-American but TEAM OBAMA is a dedicated troop and they don't care.

Friday, May 16, 2014


 As Obama reverently said about the Federal Communications Commission chairman, Tom Wheeler's a devout freedom-hater and the epitome of evil." Indeed...Obama publicly said he'd leave the crush and bash to ole Tommy-Boy...knowing he'll do his best to eliminate liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey"...obey whatever ole Tom wants.

The way Tom sees it...the INTERNET must never be free but must be ruled and controlled by idiots such as his simple Simon self. He wants rules...layers upon layers of rules...squishing and squashing the INTERNET until it's whatever he wishes it to be...and...folks...that kind of autocratic bent is dangerous and yet it's clearly afoot at the FCC.

But what has Wheeler and the other freedom-haters so disturbed? Why is this jerk trying to stifle and smother the INTERNET...permitting only the parts he finds acceptable to survive the ordeal?  The answer is that the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) is clearly visible on the INTERNET. There is more commerce and ideas on the INTERNET than ever in the history of mankind. Even Africans in some jungle...or...a rag head in the middle of the Sahara...can Skype interfacing thereby with people all over this planet. But...if Wheeler gets his way...the INTERNET will become as "sorry as the Railroads"...and...another testament to the idiocy embedded in the big foot government paradigm.

Why would anyone permit themselves to be ruled by the likes of Tom Wheeler? Just take one look at this dude and you'll conclude he's as sinister and as dark-minded as the worst of the Nazi-scumbags of World War II. According to one of Wheeler's closest friends...he admires Hitler and believes America would be better off if big foot government controlled every aspect of the INTERNET with him at the charge and directing."

Alaska's worst person

U.S. Senator Mark Begich(D.Alaska) has been called the worst person in Alaska by a majority of voters there. When it was discovered he was instrumentally involved in the scandal at the Veterans Administration(VA)...voters there became angry. Recall that the VA created waiting lists for vets insuring that many of them would die before that date arrived. Through emails obtained using an Edward Snowden "pass-key" it can be observed that ole Mark was right in there demanding VA Administrator Eric Shinseki not waste money on vets about to die. In one telling email...scumbag-Begich directed Shinseki to kill off as many as possible.
Edward Snowden stole computer pass-keys which permit the user to access any electronic communication or data storage. Snowden delivered a pass-key to this BLOG so that it might monitor the Oval Office...Congressional Offices and any other place or person desired.


Across the world economies...those that went towards more government and less freedom are having trouble with stagnation. It seems people don't want to produce when the product of their labor is taken from them through taxation and other big foot government hassle. TEAM OBAMA has done its best to hide this fact but it's obvious to the voters TEAM OBAMA is a socialist pack of rabble and scumbags. The entire scurvy bunch of them must be evicted and freedom-lovers elected.(Wall Street Journal A-2;05-16-14).


A consumer doesn't want prices to increase and will shop elsewhere when the numbers become too much. In the grocery the gas pump...and everywhere else...prices are skyrocketing. And...while those with big incomes can afford the price inflation....the fixed-income and low-wage people are getting crushed.'s ironic that TEAM OBAMA...the so-called party of the little guy...are the biggest offenders. They are pumping trillions of dollars into America and its effects are horrific as money becomes less valuable as more and ore of it appears.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Schneiderman's list?

New York Attorney General Schneiderman attacked Airnb. "How dare an INTERNET COMPANY make so much money and I not get my share too!" chided an angry Schneiderman as he was shown the numbers. These people are making money off connecting would-be customers to would-be sellers. "Why that's an outrage." sneered this envious scumbag with power. I'll send my hounds to harass and hassle these people so much they'll depart and leave that business to the moribund New York hotel industry."
Airbn connects would-be travelers to would-be rental houses where the customer takes over a house for a few days or weeks while the owners are elsewhere. The business model is wonderful and most travelers look on Airbn before booking their respective travel plans. This kind of "help" has caused the NY Attorney General to drool with envy and hatred.


The Olsen twins have a line of accessory products. You can buy their purse for $100,000 or their watch for $450,000. Yes...they sell toothpicks for $100 each...but...when you're THE ROW...only the poor won't know.


At RED HAT...a computer company of sorts...they do something at lunch time which seems unusual. They divide into teams and play softball on an indoor field. It's loads of fun and when finished...the teams return to their respective places and continue their day of work. As one RED HAT employee...a dude named Linux...cheerfully said, "I might be low on the pay bunt won the game!"


On stage stood two a devout socialist...the other wishing to eliminate the CAGE. The socialist told the audience he would take from the rich and give to the poor...he'd redistribute the wealth...he'd bash down refusal's door. The other...Lady Elizabeth...told the crowd the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE had to be deleted...that it was such a CAGE which permitted her opponent the power to bash down doors and plunder storerooms. She offered them the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree "our tears...your purse!"...indeed...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.

The crowd roared with approbation when Lady Elizabeth finished her speech. Here was a liberator...someone courageous enough to fight for liberty. She offered opportunity and prosperity unbounded and as vast as the human imagination. She told them about THE ORB* its deployment chased away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism...and...ushered in EDEN...a place where anyone and everyone can find peace and prosperity without fear of having it ripped away by some intrusive tax or other government hooligan-like effort.

The socialist-master dude tried to tell those in attendance that he wanted them to be his slaves. Yes...he'd give them freebies and favors in exchange for their fealty...but...they'd be enslaved, nevertheless. He told the miners...for example...he'd give them more even though he would destroy the coal industry in order to satisfy the desires of the environmentalists. He told every other group he'd give them more and take what need be taken even if it meant destroying and crushing. While some in the crowd...those paid to be there and cheer...screamed in adulation...and...cried out for more not less whip and chain...the rest remained silent and cold to such ideas.

In the election cycle of 2014...those preaching liberation over subjugation will be elected even though the competitor is an entrenched politician. People don't want the "whip and chain" paradigm of Europe and the politician who preaches such enslavement will be defeated...IF...the opponent offers freedom and a way to dismantle the CAGE.
*THE ORB...the omnibus repeal bill(ORB) wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. As Lugwig von Mises was often heard saying, "Deploy THE ORB and Americans will prosper mightily!"

Eliminate the Federal Communications Commission

A hurdle to innovation on the INTERNET. Such is how the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) has been described by most freedom-loving INTERNET users and businesses.'s time to delete the FCC and all the other alphabet department and agencies. Why have such obstruction and hassle from a bunch of scumbags whose mission is to destroy liberty and replace the same with "freedom-to-obey".

Ayatollah Khamenei

The head honcho of Iran knows he could have all of the power and prominence he needed if he only had a "nuke". Get a "nuke"...and...a ruler can make people do what he wishes lest they become part of a mushroom cloud.

Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...chided Khamenei and scolded him. "How dare you construct a "nuke" on my watch!" Quite naturally...Khamenei ignored this simian since the Ayatollah knows Obama is quite unwilling to interdict this plan to compel the world to adopt Islam or die.


Worshiping an idiot because he's an idiot seems ironic since most people are themselves possessed of idiocy at some time in their least...later on...they conclude they were such for doing or not doing something.

Tom Picketty exemplifies this obvious human shortcoming. He told the world he's an idiot who hates freedom and wishes there were a system of slaves and ruling elite. Ole Tom believes he can take from the producers and redistribute to the non-producers and create thereby a Utopian in which there are rulers...their cronies...and...then...the rest of us...the unwashed masses...kept that way by the ruling elite lest the ruling elite have to work themselves.


From a poll taken this week...most Americans don't believe Hillary Clinton when she said she was surprised by the attack on the Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12. Many believe she is hiding what she knew and when she knew it.


Socialist Donovan and freedom-lover Ben Sasse will compete for the U.S. Senate seat in Nebraska. Will voters choose liberation over subjugation? If the MASS MEDIA carries out its plot...Donovan...a devout socialist and scumbag...will prevail. According to an TEAM OBAMA insider...the MASS MEDIA will support the Democrat because he wants more not less enslavement.


TEAM OBAMA...that pack of freedom-haters...has come up with a way to slow down trains and ruin the farming and energy business. They are slowing down trains and thereby making them less available for transporting the goods such businesses produce.

One wheat farmer said his company is almost out of business because of this big foot government attack on liberty. A Bakken Shale oil producer said he had heard of the attack...didn't believe it...but...when he received the word that his shipment was rejected...he realized he'd best join the army of liberation and fight such tyranny.

Hidden theft

Have you heard economists complaining that "inflation is too low"...and...needs to be increased? Those people are socialists and would love to see America floundering in a sea of worthless paper such as in the socialist paradise of Zimbabwe. There the consumer can use a $100 trillion note to buy a cup of coffee and a stale biscuit.

Imagine if you were in had worked and saved until you had enough money in the bank to live out your retirement...and...then...big foot government commences to print paper-money....trillions and much of it that the results are almost staggering to consider. The saver's bank account becomes worthless as the money in that account is smothered by worthless script. The saver is reduced from self-supporting to another servile supplicant waiting for big foot government to "give them something".

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh)

Ohio will be less prosperous because its voters chose a freedom-hater. Sherrod Brown has been described by Karl Rove...a conservative talking the epitome of evil. "This scumbag* would slice his own mother's throat to advance the cause of socialism. He hates liberty and wishes to replace the same with "freedom-to-obey".
*It was Brown who caused steel prices to rise and make cars and other things more expensive. He has promised to destroy freedom and replace it with enslavement. He called OBAMA-CARE: a great first installment.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jay-Z and Solange

In an elevator...Jay-Z and Solange, Beyonce's sister, scuffled over the last piece of crack. "How dare you smoke the last bit of my shit!" Solange screamed as she struck Jay-Z with her purse and kicked him in his groin with her steel-toed shoe.


According to TEAM OBAMA...the folks in Kentucky are boot-licking cattle and sheep whose need to be controlled by bureaucratic creeps is overwhelming. Indeed...Obama laughed about how people in Kentucky enjoy him urinating down their back and telling them it's raining. They like the LIES and DECEIT embedded in OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE.

It's likely the folks of Kentucky will suffer greatly under this socialistic take-over of the medical service industry. They'll find themselves working harder for less and getting trampled on by the bureaucracy that comes with OBAMA-SNARE. Yes...there will be almost-English speaking doctors from such places as Nigeria and Tibet who will handle these Kentuckians as one would handle a herd...picking and choosing what will be granted to each supplicant.

In summing up how destructive he's been...Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG...he wanted Americans to feel the horror of Africa by making the medical service industry as bad as it is there. "I'd love to see long lines...and...people dying waiting for medical care. I tested this idea on the Veterans in Arizona to see how many would die waiting and there were hundreds dead. It's a great tactic to cull the herd and reduce medical costs overall."

brain damaged

Hillary Clinton suffered definite brain damage when she fell and struck her head. One of her closest friends, KARL ROVE, revealed his concern. "She speaks in riddles and adds nonsense to pepper and salt." confided Karl speaking on condition of anonymity.


In Alaska...the PEBBLE MINE has been stopped by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). The reason for this hassle is the EPA does not want such natural resources extracted. Hence...big foot government is deciding what commerce will occur in America. This kind of interference smacks of fascism and indeed is a great example of it.

It's time to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE thereby eliminating such hurdle-makers. As one former EPA employee confided, "The scumbags at EPA are as evil and as nasty as you can find and they all need to be evicted...tagged so people know who they are...and...then spat upon as they walk anywhere in public."


Ambassador Stevens was assassinated in an unprotected Benghazi embassy compound. Who did it won't ever be known since the perpetrators were a black ops team dispatched by Obama to silence him before he could reveal damaging data and endanger Obama's chances for re-election. The orders to kill were top-secret and only by use of an Edward Snowden "pass-key" was this BLOG able to access this information and publicize the same.

The Republicans in the U.S.House of Representatives have read this BLOG...examined the supporting data...and...agreed with the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to create an investigative panel to address this criminal misconduct on the part of TEAM OBAMA. As House Speaker John Boehner said, "We now know Obama gave the order to kill Stevens. We are now researching if Hillary Clinton...the dancing former Secretary of State...were in the decision-loop."
Edward Snowden stole "pass-keys" from the National Security Agency(NSA) enabling its user to access any data base anywhere and monitor all electronic communications.

Monday, May 12, 2014


A huge boulder became dislodged and down the hill it rolled crushing everything in its path. However, it came to rest a few niches from a church. Had it continued on its path, it would have destroyed the food pantry of that church. Somehow...there was something which stopped that boulder. The pastor of that church framed it as "divine intervention".

Russian Internet

Russian President Putin has revealed his desire to control the INTERNET. Someone has told him his efforts will result in a more secure Russia. And...while...he might consider it...he also knows that the future of Russia isn't to be found behind "closed doors". He's the reincarnation of Peter the Great and he'll eventually sense the need to keep the INTERNET "open and unregulated".