Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If they didn't know about ISIS then...

If Obama's intelligence gathering machine didn't generate an alert about the dangers of ISIS...why would anyone believe reports from that same bunch of gatherers that IRAN is...still...years away from constructing a nuclear doomsday weapon? Why would anyone trust their assessment* when these same "limited-editions" couldn't figure out that ISIS was a menace?
*It would be horrible if Americans awoke tomorrow and were informed IRAN not only had a "nuke" but also had 10,000 missiles each one aimed at New York City and there wasn't any way to determine which ones were "nuke-tipped"...and...which ones were decoys.


A Christian vicar was asked if he were afraid of death at the hands of ISIS. He replied that he had made his peace with God and didn't fear those baby-killers. He told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that there wasn't an Iraqi army and that Baghdad would be overrun by Christmas...if not before then. He predicted massacre if Obama didn't put combat troops on the ground. To him...the air strikes were worthless and did more harm than good. He recounted how one air strike killed 2367 Iraqi troops because someone had taken a black flag as a trophy and the American jets didn't know it.

Let him pass?

The National Security Agency directed TSA to permit a Liberian national to exit the Dallas airport without quarantine. TSA didn't like it...but...followed orders and permitted this snot-blowing...violently coughing  up blood African to leave the airport on a bus filled with returning missionaries whose several destinations and home bases unknown.

Mention is made of this event since this Liberian arrived at a Dallas hospital with full-blown EBOLA...almost unconscious and unable to tell how many people with whom he'd interfaced before entering this medical facility. According to Timmy Titler...speaking on condition of anonymity...the Center for Disease Control(CDC) was completely surprised by this Liberian and not prepared to handle an EBOLA outbreak in Dallas...something that was 100% likely to happen.


Bolivar was a freedom-fighter who led Venezuela to victory over the European masters. Nowadays...the bolivar is the national currency with a 100 bolivars trading for one U.S.dollar. Hence...a hamburger in Caracas costs $2.39(U.S.dollars)...but...$32.53 if the patron wishes to buy that hamburger using Venezuelan bolivars.

This kind of discrepancy compels the Venezuelans to insist on being paid off in U.S dollars and not in bolivars. Even President Maduro's butler told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he insisted on dollars since the prostitutes won't do anything if bolivars are offered in exchange for their pleasures. "We Venezuelans like wild times and busy ladies...and...to get such action...we use Uncle Sugar's currency not the worthless script of Maduro."


A proverbial black box is offered by the speaker to tell the reader that before revelation there wasn't anyway to know the contents thereof. Hence...TEAM OBAMA is telling America that the rise of ISIS as the biggest menace to America ever afoot...was unexpected...and...not in any way predictable. In other words...a black box...one they needed to see opened* before they knew what menace bubbling therein.
*The American-CIA manufactured ISIS and controls its activities.


Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index(HSI) tumbled 1.9% to its lowest level since early July. If the mainland Chinese government doesn't step in and quell the unrest in that great trading center...the overall Chinese economy might take a dramatic hit. It's likely President Xi understands this necessity and will do what need be done to provide safety and security to all Chinese on that little patch of earth.


Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry declared ISIS the most dangerous threat to America. Yet...not once did he reveal what Obama was doing to confront such an imminent threat to national security. If it were such a frightening threat...why wasn't Obama dispatching American firepower to eradicate such vermin? Why only pin-pricking air-strikes? Why not "combat boots on the ground"?

Many people...including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahou...took note of this declaration of degree of significance since never did Kerry or Obama put such a frame about Iran and those maniacs masquerading as its Council of Twelve. Instead of saying IRAN'S construction of a "nuke" the most dangerous threat...Kerry chose some junior varsity crew sporting a black "no quarter" flag and terrorizing the defenseless and unprepared in the deserts of Iraq and Syria.

Netanyahou with some alarm told the world that the mullahs were almost there...and...when...they did acquire the "nuke"...they'd mercilessly use their intercontinental ballistic missiles to bombard the planet including such fun spots as Manhattan...and...because Uncle Sugar wouldn't know which missile had the "nuke"...one of the missiles...maybe the "nuke"...would with the assistance of Allah pierce America's defenses and blow a hole in New York City.

Folks...TEAM OBAMA knows IRAN is the most dangerous enemy to liberty ever forged. Yet...for some reason...Kerry is telling the people of the world they needn't fear IRAN as much as they need fear ISIS.

 Instead of getting discouraged by Obama's failure to grasp how dangerous IRAN...and remaining quiet...Netanyahou is speaking up and alerting people. Indeed...as he pointed out...when the Council of Twelve finally has tactical access to the "nuke"...they'll mount it on a ballistic missile...and send it forth along with a thousand "faux" missiles. As one Revolutionary Guard told him, "When we get the "nuke"...we plan to blow a hole you can see from space. And once both the American and the Jew see we don't show mercy...they'll capitulate and Islam will reign supreme...a worldwide caliphate paradigm imposed."


Doug Hodge called investors and begged them not to desert ship. He entreated them not to depart PIMCO and follow former PIMCO-operative Bill Gross to wherever he called the promised land. He told one investor that Bill Gross was a freedom-lover and that kind of enthusiasm was misplaced.

As part of  his hastily-prepared script...Doug Hodge-Podge told these fearful investors that they should stick with PIMCO...and...Doug's strategy to buy Venezuelan and Argentine bonds. Sure...Bill Gross left because that investment was too risky and smacked of idiocy...but...Doug told these investors their fortunes were safe, nevertheless. "You can trust me...I have spoken to both leaders of Venezuela and Argentina and both have assured me their bonds are valuable," whispered ole Doug as he climbed up and down the "promise-ladder".


In the movie, Outlaw Josie Wales...there's a scene where Captain Red-Legs says when Wales is killed...he didn't plan on standing down but going across America killing every enemy...and...it didn't matter what kind of enemy either.

Mention is made of such maniacal desire since across the world anti-trust enthusiasts have announced their intention of attacking all social media making sure big foot government controls every facet of the INTERNET. They proclaim to have the interests of the little guy at heart and yet will make sure barriers are in place to prevent the little guy from gaining prominence without their permission,(Wall Street Journal B-6;09-30-14).


 In 1990 Congress passed a law requiring medical device companies to publish their studies prior to receiving Food and Drug Administration(FDA) approval. However, such bottleneck could be avoided using the 510(K) option wherein the would-be device maker demonstrated the proposed equipment a better way of doing what an approved device already did. Using this loophole...medical device makers were heretofore able to produce an amazing array of instruments each one capable of doing things just a few years before thought science-fiction.

However...the study-writers...those people in the business of preparing the papers for submission to the FDA when a device can't be hidden under 510(K)...they had it rough during the BUSH-CHENEY recession of 2007-2008...and...only recently discovered FDA-insiders willing to bottleneck and stifle in order that more Americans die and hence not be a burden to big foot government's OBAMA-CARE.

The study writers went looking in Congress and the federal health agencies for what some called a real "hair-puller"...someone who knows what it's like getting back-handed on the cheek. They didn't have to look too far...since they heard Debbie W.Schultz say she'd groin kick Marco Rubio if he ever looked at her bra-line. In her...they knew they has an ally and someone who could connect them to the right scumbags at FDA.

How they found her is a story in itself and recounted as follows: The study-writer was looking for a noise-maker to assist in imposing this bottle-neck and overheard Schultz telling a TV camera that she liked kicking an opponent in the nuts.

After speaking to her and delivering a campaign contribution...the study-writers were well on their way to their fist paycheck. Indeed...Schultz was on TV telling an audience about OBAMA-CARE and how she was insulating the public from shadowy medical device makers.

"Hey did you hear the FDA wants studies on every medical device ever made in America?" asked an enthusiastic U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) when she noticed a cub-reporter from this BLOG in the audience. To the crowd she snorted it was good that big foot government was taking over the medical service industry and she was ready to watch the lines form at the local health clinics."

In times past...that statement would have been a "cheer-line"...but...it was now met with a low growl from the disgruntled and quite disenchanted attendees. She was telling them that their use of medical devices would be bottle-necked by study-writers and by FDA scrutiny...two things surely designed to hinder and delay. She frankly informed them she was supporting such "slow-walk" in order to offer better medical care...but...her listeners knew she was LYING to them about her motives.


On an island near Florida immuno-therapy science has gone so far that a person suffering advanced stages in ANY CANCER...can have it eradicated in a fortnight at a cost of only $2.46 million. Naturally...people are lined up with private charities and churches joining together to fund this "cure" offered on an island near Florida.

Why can't the "cure" be offered in Florida or elsewhere in America is a question many people have been asking ever since this news finally reached the general public. Why must a cancer-victim travel off-shore to get such "cure"? Why have Americans permitted the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE such power and control over their life-choices and their destinies?


Recognizing a need to fund this BLOG and its crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete its victim-making FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...Rupert Murdoch contacted the DONATION DEPARTMENT and offered a $125 million donation without earmark. In answering "why" he chose this small BLOG nestled along the Treasure Coast of Florida...he softly replied, "Never have I read such a valiant effort in script format to excite the desire of liberation over subjugation...a value held by virtually every American. Such a crusade deserves my support and funding."


Encana bought Athlon Energy's stake in Texas giving this aspirant access to the Permian Shale...an area so rich that by sinking 5000 horizontal wells...5 billion barrels can be extracted in less than a decade. Encana was asked if it feared TEAM OBAMA or had Encana already paid the "vig"...the bribe...and...thereby...been assured "free sailing"...little to none regulatory stifle and stomp...and...MASS MEDIA insulation from environmentalist groups?

The CEO of Encana listened to the question closely. Doug Suttles seemed to ponder the question and the possible answers and then replied, "Canadians trust their American friends. We come not as conquerors but as liberators...to free the common man from the grip of big-price oil and offer in its place low-price oil and natural gas...pennies per gallon instead of dollars...saving Americans big bucks...and...delivering maximum prosperity to Texas.

Hearing such an inspirational message incurred the wrath of Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY). This freedom-hating Senator told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he didn't much care for Candians coming to America and extracting oil...selling it...and...then...departing once the oil depleted. "How dare this "Ca-nuk" say he's coming to America...drain its precious glass and deprive generations to come of the oil they might otherwise still have beneath their feet but for this extraction effort by a Canadian interloper," scolded Schumer as he berated Suttles for his callous disregard for the common good.

Kevin Systrom

Kevin Systrom contacted the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and asked for some guidance. Should he join Walmart's board of directors and help Walmart navigate the growing big foot government web of grip and grab? After some discussion...he was directed to accept the appointment since he could use that platform to preach liberation over subjugation demanding the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled.


This BLOG issued an advisory telling investors to stay away from getting involved in the SoftBank Corp- DreamWorks merger since it was very likely such wasn't going to happen.


The Federal Communications Commission(FCC) was asked to stifle and hinder INTERNET VIDEO companies from operating websites featuring feature-length video movies and other entertainment packages. Of course...the FCC...always wanting to entrench liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey" has told America it'll pick winners and losers and they'll be compelled to accept whatever they say. Such threat of confiscation without due process is anti-American but typical of what flows from TEAM OBAMA nowadays,(Wall Street Journal B-2;09-30-14).


Obama blamed the national security breach on his underlings. They didn't alert Obama that ISIS was advancing across Iraq and Syria thereby empowering IRAN in ways not imagined. Indeed...had Obama known his position on the CHESS BOARD...he would never have invaded Syria but confined his attack to Iraq...the place the Brits selected as their battle ground in their own effort to eradicate ISIS.

By confining his effort to Iraq...as did the Brits...he could have continued his pressure on IRAN...thereby compelling Tehran's rag heads to forsake its effort to construct the SWORD OF ALLAH...a "nuke" so powerful it can split the world into little pieces. However...because Obama embroiled his military in Syria...IRAN knows it can continue enriching uranium and continue to construct its DOOMSDAY WEAPON.


When Omar J. Gonzalez leaped over the White House fence...ran 300 or more feet across open grass...entered through an unlocked front door...and...get all the way into the Green Room...before being tackled by Secret Service personnel...he demonstrated how easily an assassin...perhaps...a Ninja warrior...could enter...assassinate...and...then...depart without alarm being sounded until hours hence.

To confront such intrusion...Secret Service will install a mini-gun...shooting first...asking questions later. An unauthorized person such as Omar J.Gonzalez...in the future...promised Director Pierson...wouldn't make it off the fence before being blown to bits by that mini-gun...a machine gun spewing a billion bullets per second. "We'll slaughter first...ask questions later. Not again will the Secret Service be caught sleeping but will have this added sentry to prevent interlopers from hurdling the fence...crossing the northern front lawn...and...making their way into the White House," she solemnly declared.


Bart Plantenga wrote two books on how to yodel in both the traditional manner and in the new 21st century way. His instructive discourse enabled the Yazidi...for example...a beleaguered tribe doomed to death on a mountain in northern Iraq...to push away the fear and terror of certain slaughter...simply by yodeling a popular Swiss melody. One survivor said the ISIS troops would come up to a yodeling Yazidi and lop off that yodeling head and not once would the yodel cease before that final moment of doom.

Because yodeling is so disconcerting to ISIS troops...Obama instructed his "not-boots-on-the-ground"personnel to yodel while they worked in Iraq and Syria. It would take away the fear and also disconcert any would-be ISIS troopers.

Indeed...General Mike Flynn told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that yodeling was the best defense to ISIS. "When ISIS hears that noise...they leave that village alone and go to one where such noise isn't heard," confided Flynn...himself an intelligence-gatherer. As he pointed out...in the Qu'ran...the Islamic Bible...yodeling is considered godlike amity and to snuff it out an unpardonable sin.


Free speech. Ask Vladimir Yakunin...a long time friend of Russian President Putin about "free speech". He came forward in early 2012 and told Americans that Obama shouldn't be re-elected. Yakunin revealed so much dirt about Obama but not any of the complicit MASS MEDIA would carry the story or promote its underlying conspiracy theory. And...now...Yakunin has been listed as an oligarch and someone whose banking privileges at American banking institutions is not any longer wanted...a shunning he said was "pay-back" for his scurrilous revelations about Obama's sexual preferences and his proclivity for voyeurism.


Prime Minister Modi contacted the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and was advised that he needed to read HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises and ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand..and...once finished...he'd know exactly what needed to be done to make India a prosperous place instead of the toilet bowl of the Middle East.

And...recently...it became obvious that Modi had taken the advice and had found enlightenment. Modi told the world that he was deleting socialism and installing the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. He put the message into a simple statement: NO MORE HAND-OUTS!


Chancellor Merkel told the world that Germans treated everyone with dignity and that the private contracting crowd in Burbach that was video-taped mistreating Syrian and Iraqi refugees with their boot...had been fired. She said refugees were welcome in Germany and that her socialist government would drain German savings accounts and absorb whatever other German wealth necessary to house, feed, cloth and entertain refugees. She said Germany could handle 100 million more refugees and she would loot every German storeroom to fund such generosity and understanding.


Socialist Mariano Rajoy had to stop the fools who pull the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE'S "free lunch and wagon ride" entitlement system from departing and removing their wealth from his big foot government grip and grab.

As the Prime Minister of socialist-Spain he couldn't permit the producers to throw off the yoke and choke agenda and seek liberation over subjugation. Hence...he went to court and got an injunction prohibiting Catalonians from using the ballot box on November 09,2014 to express their desire to separate from Spain and become an independent nation...and...finally throw off the "chain and whip" Spain has used to siphon off wealth for redistribution elsewhere.

Using big foot government...Rajoy has defeated the effort to separate from socialist-Spain and thereby improve the circumstances of Catalonians. The injunction prevents the referendum from proceeding to finale until the court has had time to hear both sides and impose its ruling...either making the temporary stay a permanent injunction or removing the stay and permitting the referendum to proceed to final vote.

How long it'll be before the court proceedings are concluded isn't known and hence the enthusiasm for the referendum will disappear as people find other things to do or think about...an eventuality Rajoy knows will manifest. "Catalonians are basically cattle and sheep and can be easily directed from cradle to grave by my bureaucratic creeps," confided Rajoy when asked by a cub-reporter "why" he used the INJUNCTION ROUTE to stop escape from the socialist-CAGE.


Texas Governor Rick Perry likes war and wants American troops battling everywhere there is found an enemy of America. "If they say they hate America...we should attack and destroy such opposition," whispered Rick Perry when a cub-reporter from this BLOG asked him why he seemed so bellicose.


Netanyahou warned America that IRAN is proceeding to enrich uranium in such fashion that within 6 months those maniacs in Tehran will have their SWORD OF ALLAH...a "nuke" so powerful it could split* the planet into small bits and pieces.
*In the movie, BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES...a cobalt-bomb is detonated which destroys the entire planet.


General Mike Flynn got it wrong again. He thought ISIS was a junior varsity squad wearing Koby Bryant-JERSEYS. He said he has since come to conclude that ISIS isn't some piker-bunch...but...has the ability to conduct military maneuver reminiscent of what Rommel did during World War II in North Africa. This newly enlightened general also said it would require* a division of Marines to eradicate ISIS but in a fortnight such could be accomplished.
*Obama told America there wouldn't be any "boots on the ground"...and...hence...ISIS will remain a viable thorn in America's side for years to come.


Ashraf Ghani and Zabihullah Mujahid. Two people with names few could pronounce or later recall...and...yet...these two people inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE have the power to hurt or help millions of Afghans...and  which pursued at the whim of both.

Why would BUSH-CHENEY have installed a socialist-government in Afghanistan...a government designed to create institutionalized civil war between competing interest groups seeking their season in power? Why didn't BUSH-CHENEY install a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) model with government restricted to courts, police and national defense? Why did BUSH-CHENEY not insure peace for a 1000 years in all directions by insulating government power from the economic sector thereby assuring every Afghan that those in power could not loot the storeroom of others?

And...because BUSH-CHENEY didn't install the OUM...that error is becoming quite obvious. Take for instance present day Afghanistan. Instead of peace and prosperity...Afghan President Ghani must fight Mujahid and his Taliban horde. Instead of presiding over a "getting richer" Afghanistan...bubbling with commerce and manifold prosperity...Ghani rules over a restive bunch...tribal leaders wanting their moment in power so they might "pay-back" the tribe next door...and...the Taliban promising more not less freebie and favors in exchange for tribal support for their brand of socialism dressed up as SHARIAH LAW.


The sound barrier. When a jet achieves MACH 4...it's traveling at 4 times the speed of sound...or about 3000 mph. Recently...an IRANIAN DRONE was shot down and MACH 4 capacity therein found. If that DRONE had made it to America...it could have hidden by day...and...attacked by night...darting about in ways reminiscent of UFO lore...and...hence dismissed as something there but not involved in whatever was ablaze. Such oddity would have permitted this DRONE free reign across several states delivering death and destruction and few able to describe what it was which was observed hovering above that burning warehouse or that derailed train.

Recently...Obama was informed about this DRONE and the messenger was upbraided for giving him such nonsense to consider. "Why tell me about some DRONE ATTACK when I'm engaged in Syria blowing away ISIS and its brethren?"

In reply...the President was informed that he had been told about ISIS becoming a menace unless attacked over 24 months ago...and...had dismissed that information in the same manner he was discounting the data about this obvious DRONE MENACE. Instead of chiding the messenger...perhaps...as commander-in-chief...he had best assess this latest IRANIAN GAMBIT.


For those OBAMA-CARE people who haven't yet heard...they need to update their data with the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...or...lose their big foot government subsidy. And...if they continue to refuse to give the "wanted information"...IRS will send them a YOU OWE US letter threatening levy and other forms of dastardly punishment.

Yes...those Americans who accepted the gift of the would-be master are discovering they are now inextricably chained...tethered...helpless to escape. The only thing that can be done and by the would-be master expected to be done and that is to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue.

In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is TOBY. To refuse to admit as much only meant death by blunt trauma...a horrible way to perish...particularly for a MAN-DEEN-KA warrior...tethered...beaten...not any way to defend...not any way to escape...and...the beating continuous with surcease merely a verbal admission that his name was "TOBY".

And...here...in 2014...millions of Americans who accepted big foot government subsidy...bought OBAMA-CARE insurance coverage...and...didn't use it...now...are asked to repay big foot government the money big foot government gave out as subsidy so that this "person" could be counted as "covered" and used for propaganda purposes...telling other hesitant Americans there isn't anything to fear...the water's fine...come on in.

They didn't know that the cheerfully granted subsidy also carried with it a hidden chain...a tether...a cage-like existence. Indeed...they discovered a manacle about their ankle and a master willing to beat incessantly until the "person" conformed...obeyed...and...repaid the subsidy. Ah...yes...you say your name is TOBY?


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is at "ram speed" pushing TEAM OBAMA 24/7. It has even endorsed Obama's attack on ISIS in Syria and called anyone opposed to such an outright act of war less than patriotic. And...those military experts who doubt this eradication effort has any chance of success...they're called "naysayers"...and..."defeatists". Yes...the MASS MEDIA is "at full steam".


In the America of 2014...some proverbial "muscle" is needed if Kalanick is ever to insulate UBER- "cab service"...that shadowy ride stuff...into a fully blown business delivering rides to/from whenever asked. Because big foot government and the vested interests which use it to keep others away from the trough are so powerful...Kalanick needs someone to strong arm the would-be masters. Hence...he called ELON MUSK...a dude who can fleece any government with a smile and always receives a thank-you from the victim...something only consummate Democrats such as Chuck Schumer and MUSK can do.
Kalanick was asked to support U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) and when he doubted his effort could help such a worm as Schumer...Kalanick found within days that New York City was going to dispatch a goon squad to shut down his "ride-service".

Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute has been asked to depart several college campuses. Instead of spouting anti-capitalist drivel...the expected trash flow...this Institute has presented the drama of liberation over subjugation and "how" the Chinese are dealing with the removal of centuries of red tape, tax and spend programs and policies many of which have stifled and hindered.

The hatred for such an approach to liberty has manifested in this demand for the Institute's departure. How dare the Chinese tell college students that socialism...the tripe they're fed in their classroom...isn't any good...is more or less vintage feudalism...and...must be eschewed every time observed not coddled and made more intrusive. This attack on beloved socialism has angered college teachers so much they have asked the college administration to delete this pro-freedom Institute...it doesn't fit their paradigm.

Noriega's law suit

From 1983 to 1989 Noriega was the head honcho of Panama. He was evicted by Ronald Reagan and imprisoned for 21 years for several venial crimes including money laundering and drug-trafficking. Now at 80 years of age and with the help of William "Billy the Kid" Gibbs...he's sued ACTIVISION for using his "likeness" in a 2012 video game involving bang, bang shoot 'em up.

What has many official experts worried is that if Noriega can achieve a good result in that federal court room...then...BAGHDAD BOB...the leader of ISIS....if he spotted a video game using his "likeness" he could file suit in a court in America...the same America which now hunts for him in northern Iraq.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Big foot government has demanded casinos alert them when suspicious activity found. If a player comes to the casino and departs with $20 million in winnings...somebody needs to know because somewhere taxes are owed and owed mightily. Hence...to accommodate every player...a hidden-arbitrage is created using this BLOG'S CLEARING HOUSE. The player remains anonymous and every jurisdiction which could ever lay claim is searched...their portion extracted, if any, and the rest remitted via arbitrage to the awaiting player. The entire to/from time less than 15 minutes and never more than 30 tops.

Why is the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE closing off escape routes? It's because most of them know they can destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". They know Obama and his team are fellow travelers and wish socialism and Eco-fascism be imposed throughout the world removing freedom and replacing it with diktat from cradle to grave.(Wall Street Journal B-4;09-29-14).


Joni Ernst will defeat Bruce Braley in Iowa because Braley offers same old ,same old, just different bag. He wants a higher minimum wage and wants to advance OBAMA-CARE...two thing Ernst wants to address in terms of deletion not augmentation.

China Cinda Asset Management

Cinda's business model was classic socialism and hence doomed to utter failure. Cinda bought sub-prime mortgages...squeezed the mortgagors for payments...and...sold bonds to unwary Americans who were pleased to support another socialist effort to help the little guy. What has happened is the loans were not paid...the squeezing fetched little...and...the American investors have sold off as much as possible before the entire portfolio is declared "red ink". So much for socialist business models whose 2+2=5 rhetoric sounds great but always ends in bankruptcy.


Lt. Col. Bill Cohen was approached by a cub-reporter from this BLOG to ask him about the new war Obama had started. At first...he was suspicious and wondered why would a world-class BLOG want to know what he thought about what had to be just another brush fire war. But...looking at the blue eyes and smile of the reporter...he relented...threw away his suspicions and opened up.

Ah...yes...years ago...there were idiots who declared the resources of the planet were finite and eventually oil would be gone...nuclear would by then have proven too dangerous...and...mankind would be left with sun and wind as the sole means of energy...the car gone...oxen collared at dawn...people up and ready...when the tribe moves on kind of predictions. However, these prognosticators didn't take into account innovation and invention. To them once the egg was emptied...there wasn't any more to be spooned.

And...yet...today...due to the perseverance of individuals who were determined to grab whatever Mother Nature was holding back...OIL and NATURAL GAS are so abundant and so plentiful that it would take 10,000 years to burn through what has so far been found available. Hence...Arabian oil could be stopped by civil war...and America would never fell the pinch. Yes...China and India would squeal like stuck pigs...but...America would hum along just fine relying on the newly-found reserves...reserve so huge the human mind can't find edge or frame its value and strategic worth.

Lt.Col.Bill Cohen didn't stop there. He weaved into his statement a batch of facts and factors worthy of anyone's time to observe. Indeed...speaking on condition of anonymity...he pointed out that America wasn't reliant on foreign oil any longer reducing Saudi Arabia to that of an unnecessary consort for Uncle Sugar.

"Why enhance Saudi power? Why not permit ISIS to eradicate that entire nest of vermin and then delete ISIS?" he rhetorically asked that cub-reporter as she discussed the imbroglio Obama pushed on America when he attacked Syria with Saudi Arabian assistance.

Cohen's anger was impressive. He was angry that Obama was being used by Middle Eastern power-brokers and America was going to lose troops and equipment once more to satisfy some jerk's idea of righteousness.


An electric car in China...or...wherever else such might be driven...requires a recharging station...a special batch of wires...diodes...capacitors... and other things which combine to deliver sufficient electricity to recharge empty batteries. The electric car also requires a change of batteries with as many changes as their are days in the year depending on the level of use. Such requirements limit the number of electric cars and hence has doomed Tesla Motors to failure in China...a place where red tape and nuance combine to prevent electric cars from ever gaining a prominent foothold.

Logistics would seem to mandate a battery-production factory be built in China...but...Tesla Motors built that factory in Nevada. Product distribution would tend to require infrastructure something China lacks except around smog-choked cities...and...not in any of them is there a Tesla Motors Dealer.

Indeed...for Chinese to buy a Tesla...an electric car capable of going 40 miles on a 24 hour electrical charge...they have to use ToaBoa...ALIBABA's marketplace and then pay extra for TESLA HELPERS to come to wherever their home might be and install the recharging station.

The recharging station...though...has many people fearful since not only does it provide the Tesla with needed refreshment of its batteries...but...it's also equipped with a "don't fiddle" package which turns the station into a deadly attacker firing a pulse of electricity so intense it can pierce a hole through 100 inches of titanium-steel...and...that feature has the Chinese worried.

Their fear is compounded by the huddled nature of most urban dwellers. In such close quarters...there is concern about these recharging stations. Some Chinese property management companies...for instance...are scared to permit Tesla to erect the charging stations.

As one care-taker lamented, "That charging station is a red box which stands 6 feet tall and is 12 inches by 12 inches. It also is armed with a 100,000 volt extermination package should someone attempt to tinker with the CHARGING STATION without having first entered the "pass code" to disarm what otherwise a death and doom affair...an anti-personnel "Tazer" system capable of blasting holes in steel and blowing off boots and hats."

Someone asked if ELON MUSK might need to get some advice on what to do should he wish his Tesla electric cars to be found in China in the years to come. The anti-personnel feature...while needed in Iraq and Syria...is unwanted in billion-person China. As for batteries...Musk needs to build a battery-factory in China and leave Nevada batteries for American use. And he needs to permit dealerships in any city where investors are willing to take that big of a risk.


Democrats must promise more not less big foot government and if they promise enough freebie and favor they'll defeat the Republicans. Some decision-makers in the MASS MEDIA want the Democrats to declare themselves socialists and Eco-fascists...and...reveal their anger and hatred for liberty...only then will voters choose to back TEAM OBAMA. They need to tell voters they'll loot, plunder and redistribute if re-elected...and...only if re-elected will the freebie and favors continue to flow. As talking-head MSNBC Ed Schultz opined, "If the Democrats don't reveal their true nature as freedom-haters...they'll lose to the wishy-washy Republicans."


Germans save too much water. Such was the statement by a German minister of water works. He pointed out that most Germans don't throw away water but conserve it and reuse it sometimes becoming cesspool like...and...then used by most to make their famous sauerkraut. When the Germans were told they had to pay for the water they used...conservation become a national effort with pride taken in how long a gallon of potable water could remain potable.

In contrast...in Detroit...people want "free water"...and...they have protest signs to show their dissatisfaction with the obligation to pay for what water used. One lady said she was a practicing Muslim and had to shower 5 times each day and she was miffed when her 10,000 gallons per day water use was cut off because she owed $188,552.00 in back water costs. "How dare big foot government not permit my free use of water. It's discrimination...plain and obvious...and...something we'll fix at the ballot box!" sniffed Madam Biqui al-Wadi...f/k/a...Mildred Smith.


Hong Kong was prosperous because there were few laws and those laws didn't permit a politician to use power derived from such laws to affect commerce. There wasn't any way to pick winners and losers and Hong Kong thrived as the place where commerce could be transacted without red tape and reach of some big foot government this or that.

And...during its years of commerce...Hong Kong has represented the best example of an otherwise unhampered market...for the most part insulated from the diktat and demand of some would-be master.

However...recently...mainland China's leaders noticed there was a hidden big foot government agenda operating in Hong Kong and it was using the guise of a democracy movement to impose detrimental socialism...grabbing and nationalizing...and...eliminating any liberty and in exchange give its population numbers in accord with the plans of the Mandarins.

President Xi Jingping was cautioned about this effort by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. President Xi was told that as proof of this claim that there is an underlying effort to hurt the economy of Hong Kong and thereby cripple mainland China...there would be student protests demanding self-rule and demanding democracy...limitless democracy...wherein the vote can be used to loot the storeroom of others. He was told such protesters would be demanding mob-rule...something President Xi knows is likely should this "Democracy movement" ever gets a good foothold in Hong Kong.

And...just yesterday...students began their protest demanding exactly what this BLOG predicted would be demanded by the "illegal" demonstrators. While this BLOG didn't pick the exact number of protesters who would be involved...it did predict street-packing crowds with tear gas and rubber bullets added to the mix. And...President Xi has observed such predictions coming true and has begun to listen to the theories and practical applications offered herein. Thank you, President Xi for granting us such an opportunity.


Okay...SolarCity even with maximum subsidies still lost huge bucks and can't ever be anything more than a loser...a pitfall for unwary investors...and...certainly unable to survive without big foot government fiscal support. Yet...Elon Musk is grabbing as much big foot government subsidy and claiming 2+2 = 5 and TEAM OBAMA and Governor Cuomo are accepting the calculation as enlightened and definitely "green".


SolarCity...the white elephant owned mostly by Elon Musk...was given big money by New York Governor Cuomo while TESLA MOTOR COMPANY...received $1.3 billion gift from Nevada. Few understand that only inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE could big foot government pick winners and losers. If it were a 21st century otherwise unhampered market paradigm operating in those two states...Elon Musk would have had to use his own money...and...SolarCity and Tesla cars would still be on some drawing board inside someone's dorm room.

Player: Ali Khamenei

Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei is a chess player and maneuvers his pieces quite well. Why Obama is bombing Sunnis in Syria...some kind of Iranian gambit the world's heard tell.

Braley or Ernst

Democrat-Braley and Republican Ernst are head to head in the polling and it's likely Joni Ernst will defeat big foot government advocate: Bruce Braley in the mid-terms. While Braley promises more big foot government program and policy...intruding even more into the privacy of Iowans...Ernst has told her audiences she plans to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and that message of liberation over subjugation has attracted Iowans...and...will fetch her victory.

Paul H. Kupiec

Paul H. Kupiec has joined the crusade to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and marches to "make salt". He told America that central bankers aren't any better at planning than anyone else but their hated errors are always melancholy's child...hurting and stifling...reducing and impoverishing...and...only benefiting those well-connected. Welcome aboard, Paul.(Wall Street Journal A-19;09-29-14).

2011 gunshots at White house

In 2011...7 bullets struck the White House. Not anyone was injured but the Secret Service was asked "how" such an attack took place. After examining the bullets and making calculations about trajectory...it was concluded those bullets were fired from as far away as Alaska. Hence...it was unlikely the shooter's identity would ever be known.

"Whomever it was with such a weapon...it's unknown in our arsenal and probably the most deadly weapon ever devised," confided the head of White House security...adding..."We can't defend when an assailant's perch some mountain top in Alaska or as close as next door. The uncertainty creates cracks and through those holes slither would-be assassins...whose mission statement: unleash terror in America."


Turks aren't dumb. They know ISIS is a puppet of the American-CIA...a cruel and merciless one...but...puppet, nevertheless. They don't wish to become some "playing-piece" in a larger game...and...they simply don't trust Obama...a person they commonly call* a dung-throwing monkey.
*When a cub reporter heard Turks turn away from the TV where they had been watching Obama's speech and say a strange bunch of sounds...she had to inquire. She discovered that those sounds meant that the speaker was calling OBAMA a dung-throwing monkey. The phrase: dung-throwing monkey in Turkish is pronounced: Goo-boo-dah duck-oh kim- bah.


Harbinger tells the listener about what is about to be...opens a door...deletes mystery. When the socialists lost the upper house of the French Parliament...such became that metaphorical harbinger. It's likely American-voters will elect politicians whose mission statement: delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the thing socialists wish to be inescapable. For example...even though TEAM OBAMA has poured billions into its effort in New Hampshire to keep socialist-Sheheen in her U.S.Senate seat...Scott Brown has a demonstrable lead among voters likely to vote. They mostly point out that Sheheen is against liberty and Brown wishes KEY over CAGE...a wish they'd like see come true.

all 3000 dead?

Obama sent 3000 Americans into Africa to confront EBOLA. As Admiral Kirby told a cub-reporter from this BLOG...Obama sent them there to die. Kirby was disturbed by how callous the disregard for these brave troopers...each one in fear of a virus so deadly and so easily contracted that their chances of survival almost nil.

"Obama knows they're going to die but he doesn't care.He needs some MASS MEDIA headlines...and...he doesn't care who has to die to get them," whispered a dejected Kirby...a man who had his trust blown away by the dung-throwing monkey he had to salute and call his commander-in-chief.

During this candid interview...the cub reporter saw Kirby's face wince and etch as he aloud imagined the death throes of those who were so unfortunate as to come in contact with EBOLA. "They snap and spit blood...spewing death in blood...their arms and legs cramping from lack of oxygen and their brain a milking soup."


Obama has found other socialist nations aren't willing to spend money in Africa...a toilet bowl...a place few Europeans would ever put on their "travel roster".

As Lord James told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "If the entire lot of them were to perish...I think it wouldn't be known in London for a while, I imagine." He went on to point out that Africa is a socialist cesspool and he wouldn't lift a finger to help. "What are we helping? Those we save won't know it was "private enterprise" which delivered their "cure"...but...will believe it was "big foot government"..."their government" which saved them. And...we, Brits...we don't much wish to do the bidding of Obama...a person we cordially call the "dung-throwing monkey".


Nabil Kasmi...a Belgium-born Muslim...a person who speaks both Russian, German, French, Islamic dung-speak, and Belgium's language with all its idiom, of course...returned from Syria where he had helped set up Islamic Schools to teach the Qu'ran and how to behead infidels...and...was arrested when he departed the airport.

When Kasmi asked what crime...he was candidly informed that Obama had personally called them and told them that he had gone to Syria to preach terrorism and hatred and was using Belgium as a recruiting station for would-be terrorists.

When Kasmi replied with an obvious: "WHAT!" he was shown a computer screen with BELGIUM4JIHAD website and noted it had 3 billion "friends"...and...the BLOG about "pro-Islam" was read by as many several times per day. Kasmi snickered. He knew his BLOG and WEBSITE sported the moniker: SHARIA4BELGIUM. These birds were singing in the wrong tree.

Kasmi determined he was in for a long ride and needn't divulge more than his name and date of birth...both he did with aplomb and then grew silent. He listened since these officers were unaware of the bigger picture...they were stomping around among the trees while atop a rock he sat looking down on all the kingdoms and glories,(MATTHEW 4:8).

Kasmi discovered he'd been lumped with 39 others into a collective goo...a criminal conspiracy of sorts...recruiting jihad-desiring people...arranging for their travel and accommodations. The 39 others were everyone a teacher with a desire to teach the poor and needy...to show them what can be achieved...and...in many ways...become beacons of possibility...not curators of corners and caves.

And...here they were...a bunch of criminals...each one with a mission statement to teach. This was conspiracy of the highest order...and...the Belgians were doing their part by detaining Kasmi and the 39 others until U.S.authorities could come with their water boards to interrogate.


George Bennett...hot shot reporter for the a West Palm Beach newspaper...became inflamed when UBER...the newest way to get from point A to Point B without waiting too long and arriving when desired...informed him that the Palm Beach City Council had passed an ordinance preventing UBER from injecting its "wanted-service".

However...the person interfacing with Bennett was puzzled. Wasn't he a big-noise maker and could he not have stopped that erosion of liberty? The "wait"...in some fashion...you...yourself caused...observed the UBER helper.

Instead of getting snotty with the UBER helper...Bennett looked into that proverbial mirror and knew he was the cause of his own "wait" and replied, "Yes...you're right. I am the cause. When the hangman was about his business...taking away my neighbor...I was quiet...and...now...I wait for him to come for me."
THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


TEAM OBAMA is growing angrier by the day as this BLOG gains momentum and patronage. Yes...RUSH LIMBAUGH reads this BLOG before he makes comments nowadays about foreign policy of domestic tax or red tape trouble. How long before indictments are issued for the 1299 editors and the 56,831 reporters associated with it?


A medical service delivery dude in Africa took some HIV pills...and...gave them to EBOLA victims and all but 2 were virus-free withing 72 hours. Instantly...the American Food and Drug Administration(FDA) directed U.S. Attorney General Eric the Holder to indict this doctor and dispatch SEAL TEAM #6 to execute him should he refuse arrest.

How dare he save people when there was a "test in progress"...a test to see just how far this lab-created pathogen would go before it met public resistance...a test Obama wanted run so he had that data should he need an "outbreak" to defuse public anger.

And...here was this African...this interloper...screwing up the test. He was administering a drug that was not on the list of "treatment options"...and...by going outside the "list"...he was messing up the overall test data thereby requiring another "test" be run.

That kind of interference had to be stomped and Holder was directed to attack and do it forthwith. Because Eric the Holder wasn't that much of a worm...though...he refused...and...turned in his resignation.

Holder told* a cub reporter from this BLOG he'd gone along with almost every dastardly plot and plan TEAM OBAMA had concocted...kept quiet when whistle-blowing was needed...but...to doom a million Africans just so Obama could find out how big a scare EBOLA could be when needed...that callous disregard for Africa was just too much. He had to say "good-bye" to that criminal enterprise and wasn't about to help FDA stop people...such as this valiant doctor in Africa...from ruining their "tests".

*Holder said to him that directive to attack that courageous doctor smacked of "base Kenyan"...a term Northeastern-blacks use to describe a person willing to slit their own mother's throat to advance position and gain advantage. He couldn't accept this assignment. He couldn't attack that brave doctor...a person who defied all protocol in order to save Africans from doom. So...Eric the Holder resigned.


Iran is packed with Shiites and hence Tehran wants Obama to eliminate* the Sunni horde...sporting the moniker: ISIS...and...on blood and fear have gorged. By using Uncle Sugar to delete this potential foe...Iran can continue on its way to constructing a "nuke"...the SWORD OF ALLAH the name by which the world of fear will know.
*When the blood burns...how prodigal the soul lends the tongue vows


In Chess...gambit found...skilled stratagem...hidden ground. Could Iranian generals be so clever? Could they know how to puppeteer so well? From what Obama has so far done...it's almost too obvious to tell. Iran is proceeding to acquire its "nuke"...and...knows when the SWORD OF ALLAH finally theirs...the Council of Twelve will announce its swath...and rely on the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA to make sure it "scares".


If you want to control...you simply add layer upon layer of diktat...and...punish mercilessly any transgression. And...because there almost isn't any way to avoid every snare...every pitfall...every directive...almost all business people have something in their closet...so to speak. Selective enforcement* then is used to stomp any opposition using the laws that were violated as hammer.
* Yes...they all were doing it...but...that person got caught....caught in a prepared trap...designed to create fear in the rest and drive them into herd formation to be easily directed.


A dude sporting the moniker: BAGHDAD BOB claims he's the putative leader of the Islamic Army...whose black flag of "no quarter" now waves across an area the size of Indiana. Ole Bob has threatened America...and...has lopped off a few heads to make his point as poignant as possible. And...by so doing...he has incited Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...to attack Syria...and...embroil America once more in the morass of Middle Eastern politics and its concomitant civil wars.

The question is "why" did BAGHDAD BOB incur the ire of Obama and do it right when TEAM OBAMA was getting bashed and kicked in town hall after town hall as voters expressed their anger about OBAMA-CARE...and...the rolling black-outs that Obama directed his Environmental Protection Agency to cause. They were being asked about reduction in the foot print of the federal government. They were asked about a peace dividend and why" they weren't balancing the budget.

It was so rough out there that TEAM OBAMA was sure to lose control of the U.S.Senate and enable the Republicans to repeal the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate big foot government...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place there the consumer and not some bureaucratic creep is queen or king. Indeed...TEAM OBAMA was going to be defeated soundly in the 2014 mid-terms.

There had to be a bigger noise to distract and deflect lest TEAM OBAMA get blown away at the ballot box. There had to be another topic...one of national security...one which every politician could discuss options available to confront and destroy. And...coincidentally...Baghdad Bob at that same moment decided he'd "give them" their "needed noise".

Yes...at that critical moment...that moment when the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA needed another topic...a "fear-making" topic...a "boo" subject...the leader of ISIS arose from his bed* and declared death and blood. He just looked out across the vastness of desert he held...looked at the TV...observed how smug Obama appeared playing golf while children were slaughtered in the streets...grew righteous in his indignation...summoned his generals and directed his compatriots to commence mass slaughter beginning with those reporters without borders.
*ISIS leadership is CIA-created and directed.

Calamity Janes...a/k/a...Jane Canary

Jane Canary...was born in a mining town on the edge of nowhere. She grew up when times were hard...and...a girl had to know how to kill and when to use that card. And...before her 14th birthday she had shot 28 miners who wanted to have their way but forgot she knew how to play. She grew up rough...and...she grew up mean...traveling from town to town trying to make the rent and keeping it clean.

She was in the bar the day Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back of the head by a coward whom she later chased down and threatened to split his head wide open with the meat cleaver she had in her hand if he didn't give himself up.

She told General Custer not to go to the Little Big Horn. She told him frankly he needed to stay away from that bunch of warriors. She told him not to go since there awaited Indians with guns...not helpless women and children. Of course...she was referring to Custer's tactic of slaughtering helpless women and children and then claiming he was attacked by warriors and these pitiful souls unfortunate collateral damage. "You go down there General if you have the guts...but...you're going to be rubbed out as if some greasy spot."

Yes...Jane Canary had a wondrous life...thrill-packed...tumble and toss...stand the hazard of the die...never were cards so stacked...never were there such price and cost. Perhaps you know Calamity Jane...she's everywhere you start...she meets you at the finish line...another warm place in your heart...the one peace somehow she finds.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beheading and Qu'ran

Not anywhere does Jesus say it's "okay" to behead someone...to execute someone. Yet...the Qu'ran...packed with Satanic verses...permits such atrocity. This one thing...seems to make Islam a nasty religion and one few would willingly practice.


A rocket propelled grenade(RPG) could take out a control-tower leaving...say...Chicago or New York City without airports...thereby...disrupting and terrorizing. According to Obama emails...Khorasan was building a special rocket disguised as a poodle and was going to walk that poodle into the airport...past the pretzel-eating TSA dudes...and...blow that tower away.


Honey and the Sheriff. It's Canadian Bacon time again. This time...the culprits are Democrat-scumbags embedded inside the White House who engineer a war to get re-elected. Can Honey reach the mainframe before the world disappears?

Mike Scheuer

Welcome aboard, Michael Scheuer. Such was the greeting Mike received when he entered the place where the army of liberation had declared its headquarters. To receive him were all the troops in the area...each wishing him fair breeze and gentle tide...and...thanking him for joining the crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. With his assistance it was a sure thing that the CAGE would be deleted and the otherwise unhampered market would manifest...a place where never can be found an able bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

They were especially pleased* that he had publicly confirmed the theory of the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT that the attack on ISIS wasn't in America's best interest and would some day come back to bite and scratch when least expected.
*Judgement joined in censure of seeming


Which kills more? Bullet or bug? Many would say "bug" since big or small they have the power to overcome and overwhelm...two primal traits of survival. As where you can duck or dodge a bullet...the bug slips in when and there begins...usually unseen until too late. Choosing between bullet or bug...take the bug...it dispatches doom where it can't wait.

Ebola is a bug of sorts...a small one at that...virus like kind of bug...metaphorical in frame perhaps...but...proverbial bug nevertheless. It's transmitted by touch...coming in contact with a spot left contaminated by an Ebola-victim...maybe a blood splat...or...drool...waiting there to infect whomever should touch.

So virulent...so deadly...everyone coming in contact with an Ebola victim are themselves doomed...doomed to die the most horrific death...snapping and spitting blood...innards turned to soup...what once person now puddled goo.


Syrian President Assad permitted Obama's intrusion so long as he didn't target Assad's forces or impinge on Assad's own military plans. So far...Obama has honored that insulation-agreement to the chagrin of the so-called moderate rebels...whomever they might really turn out to be.

"How can Obama bomb ISIS and avoid blowing holes in Assad's forces?" asked a disgruntled rebel sporting the moniker: Abdullah-the-terrible. He went on to tell how an Apache helicopter gunship appeared...slaughtered 1237 ISIS troopers but also massacred the entire FREE SYRIAN ARMY(FSA) battalion which had camped a few miles away from ISIS. He pointed out that the battalion was scheduled to confront those ISIS dudes the very next day. Now...both ISIS and the FSA are counting their dead and have a mutual enemy: Uncle Sugar.


After trying 134,987,457 times to reach Obama by telephone...DONALD TRUMP succeeded. He was able to interface with Obama. He asked Obama "why" he was falling into a well-prepared trap in the Middle East. He pointed out that ISIS was an American-CIA mannequin and if he didn't know as much...he had best ask his underlings because they sure did and do.


Yesterday...hate-filled U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL)...was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG about her esteem for Obama...the dude who told Senator Chuck Schumer he didn't much care for her and was embarrassed that she wold inject domestic violence into any dialogue. Schultz...always feisty and frank...retorted that Obama was indeed a dung-throwing monkey...an inexplicable dumb show and noise...a foul and pestilent congregation of vapors about him...and...at most a sterile promontory...and...wretched beyond her kin.


Sir Hillary observed Mt. Everest and decided atop its majesty he'd place his flag...a button on the cap of good fortune...so to speak when tail needs wag.

"Opens up one eager eye"

"To worry...worry...super scurry...call the troops out in a hurry...this is what we've waited for...this is it...boys...this is war..."(99 Red Balloons).

Maybe you haven't examined the time line and how it could confirm what the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT has been proposing for some time now. But...folks...even the "low-information" voters must sense they're getting played by TEAM OBAMA using this concocted "ISIS BUNCH"...this CIA-mannequin...as the proverbial 99 red balloons...so to speak.

What startled even the advocates of stomp and chomp is how far Obama went. He didn't stop with an assault on supposed ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq. He bombed Russian buildings...Russian assets...Russian commercial centers. Yes...they were packed with Syrians...but...Russian money and know-how put them there and Obama destroyed almost the entire inventory.

Indeed...Obama attacked anything he wished and blew holes in about every Russian asset in and around Aleppo including a modular home complex where were visiting a group of animal lovers...there to save and salvage as many stray cats and dogs as possible...sending them back to America so that some family might adopt these 4-legged refugees.

The story of their utter destruction is horrifying. So horrifying it has turned off most would-be supporters of stomp and chomp. Why kill 125 animal lovers who had used their own money...took the risk...and...were there saving dogs and cats? If that were to be found out...TEAM OBAMA would be done for in the mid-terms. Thus...using the skill honed in the Benghazi fiasco...a story was spun that these people were terrorists...affiliated with al-Qaeda and sported the title: KHORASAN* GROUP.

*The Khorasan Group...a name given to this alleged al-Qaeda affiliate by TEAM OBAMA...for instance...was obliterated in an attack where Obama used 1000 cruise missiles to destroy a patch of land 440 yards long and 440 yards wide. The target was a cluster of Russian-built modular homes....an eye-sore even from 10,000 feet...and...definitely something the conquerors didn't need trashing up their newly gathered desert.

Immediately...upon discovering the so-labeled Khorasan Group was an adjunct of the "animal lovers' society" and not al Qaeda...TEAM OBAMA produced a name for them, THE KHORASAN GROUP...tied a story about them being exquisite bomb makers and that they had targeted passenger jets...jets packed with either American or European customers...and...Obama was in the nick of time with his own bombs.

But they weren't terrorists. They were animal-lovers without borders and had come to salvage the cats and dogs left behind as Syrians fled at the sight of the black flag...a representation to the observer that there is not any "quarter given"...that death awaits anyone opposing the caliph and his caliphate...a religious kingdom erected as Allah directs and administered under strict SHARIAH LAW.

 supporting the claim with predictions of what Obama will do as proof-positive that this BLOG has successfully used Eddie Snowden "pass-keys" to monitor all electronic communications. The only time Obama isn't observed is when he speaks to someone using two cups connected by string.


ALARM! Too late...ship's sailed. But it's doomed. Isn't there any way to signal them...any way to alert them about a big ice berg the Lord prepared to swallow up Jonah? (Dialogue between mother of dude who was in the dance band aboard Titanic and her mirror).

Friday, September 26, 2014


Cody Crump...throat got lumped...when he heard about Islam's march to caliphate. Jihad was required...the Qu'ran such mission sired...Cody grabbed a rag and wrapped it about his head...put on his "fake beard"...climbed into his Rolls Royce...and...disappeared into the fog which had tumbled in from the coast. He had with him a bazooka...a machine gun...and...enough C-4 explosive to blow up the Great Pyramid of Giza...or...terrorize a weenie roast.

But...where was Cody to strike? He wanted jihad but jihad didn't want him. He cried out to Allah and said Allahu Akbar many times...he recited Muslim aphorisms and simple nursery rhymes.Would he take out the Brooklyn Bridge...or...blow a hole in the White House wall? The Qu'ran said "kill"...but not anywhere was that passion filled...and...what Cody wanted was to blow up a few trees...maybe kill a bear...or...just make noise in some park...but never did Cody wish harm to anyone...day or dark.

But...Cody's neighbors feared his hand...long and brown..."fear not wedding guest...this soul did not fall down,(Ancient Mariner). Yet Homeland Security was called...Brooklyn Bridge or a White House wall. Instantly...a thousand cops arrived surrounding Cody's nest. They had cannon and armored cars...and...snipers stationed every 20 yards and told to kill was best.

stay away from India

India is a socialist toilet bowl. If you're not from that area...stay away. You will never master the ways of India...never know its mysteries...and...definitely...never make any thing which isn't at all times subject to the would-be master with envious mob. Again...stay away from India unless you don't mind losing whatever investment you found up to that point worthwhile.

As Mr. Modi whispered, "India is a trap for the unwary. Imagine investing in...say...a coal mine with an electric plant built next door for efficiency and for cheap power. And imagine some "green energy" mob comes along. The odds of that mine and utility company remaining viable are almost nil." And that warning coming from its Prime Minister should tell American investors to stay away from India.


The next U.S.Attorney General nominated by Obama will be another trusted stooge sporting the moniker: MS-R. She will continue to stonewall any Republican effort to reveal the criminal misconduct of TEAM OBAMA including the scandal surrounding the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...the scandal bubbling from OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS and a myriad of other scandals and outrageous wrongs.

What benefit?

What benefit derived from blowing holes in Russian-owned businesses and buildings in Syria? Sure...suspected terrorists were in the area and perhaps in those buildings...but...to blow them to bit...and...devastate entire residential subdivisions...destroy large swaths of commercial districts...just to wipe out an alleged al-Qaeda affiliate seems purpose without point and destined to result in horrific unintended consequences.


Lear turned to Fool and asked, "Who is it that can tell me who I am?" As did Jesus to his crew from whom one declared, "You are the Christ...son of the living God." and to that statement...Jesus said, "On you...Simon bar Jona I shall build my church.(MATTHEW 16;13).

Similar at times to Jesus and Lear...few among us are any different than they...at one time or another...crossing lines...walking on the sea...showing people how to pray.


U.S.Attorney General Eric the Holder announced he was leaving his position to become the next Supreme Court judge replacing Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg...a senile and nasty woman whose desire seems to be to impose more slavery...if possible. He promised he'd follow her and her bent for enslavement and support any intrusion big foot government might impose. He noted he had championed big foot government stomp and chomp at all times even suffering a contempt of Congress for his refusal to reveal the criminal misconduct of his employer. Indeed..with credentials such as those...he was ready to become one of the 9 most powerful people on planet Earth.

Michael J. Graetz and imbicil

When Mike called the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and invited critique of his upcoming article in the Wall Street Journal,(A-13;09-26-14)...it appeared as if he really wanted edification and enlightenment. Hence not a moment was spared...not an idea left unpacked...and...Mike was given a declaration of sorts to be weaved into his article so that he might appear a "liberator" and just not another "subjugator" but with a more clever way of saying as much.

Unfortunately...Mike chose to ignore this "delivered statement"...and...proceeded to tell America that he'd like to see big foot government eliminate the corporate income tax and rest this tax-burden on shareholders and bondholders. He speculated that such taxation could be deftly used to grab as much wealth as big foot government needed to fund its ever-expanding reach and intrusiveness.

Folks...America could dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...and...enjoy prosperity in every direction. The income tax...and...the death tax...a/k/a...the inheritance tax...are the "whip and chain" the would-be master of the CAGE deploys to direct and control from cradle to grave.

Delete those two taxes and big foot government would have to exist on funds derived from lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffet like donations. And because such funding couldn't support the leviathan...the leviathan would wither...its worker bees dispatched into private hives and the American taxpayer finally released from bondage.

Just as Moses demanded Pharaoh let his people go...so this BLOG told Mike to invite voters to consider another way. Not the way ole Mike prefers the one which merely shifts the ever-growing burden onto the backs of working people...but...a new paradigm...one in which the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) is permitted to flourish...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Such a new way eliminates the need for the would-be master and his cronies in the MASS MEDIA since not any interest group inside the OUM can use government to loot someone else's storeroom. Never would Mike spend his time advocating changing the backs not the burdens since the OUM prevents such enslavement. The government must exist using the funding-methods recited above and any income or death tax eschewed since such tax not anything more than one group's season for power and plunder.

Mike was told as much when he asked for this BLOG'S input. This BLOG thought Mike would take the opportunity granted by the WSJ to demand liberation over subjugation Yet...Mike...ever the rabid socialist...chose to tell America that he liked big foot government but wanted the back on which such big foot government stood be non-corporate taxpayers. Never did he demand elimination of such taxes on the individual and on the corporation. He just wanted Pharaoh to shift burdens from one bunch to another bunch.

Ban Ki-moon with bucket and spoon

Ban Ki-moon with bucket and spoon will dip the ocean dry...and...with our help...he'll add whip and welt against any one asking why. Ban Ki-moon believes that mankind can change the weather...make Mother Nature do man's bidding...and...though nonsense...has dressed his belief with the habiliments of science. Naturally...it isn't science but "junk science"...myth dressed as fact...but...when you're trying to enslave...there isn't anything better than a BIG LIE, (think Hitler and the Nazis).


In Catalonia...come November 09, 2014...Catalonians will vote to separate from Spain. As one advocate for separation entreated, "Why must the fools who pull continue such travail...it's time to remove the yoke and choke...it's time for liberation over subjugation to prevail?"

Of course...this well-spoken advocate sporting the moniker: ARTUR MAS was referring to socialist Spain...a toilet bowl of sorts where Catalonia produces most of what the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE consumes. He didn't much wish to continue to be one of the fools who pull and wanted to delete the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE of which Spain represents its greater glory.


Prime Minister Cameron obtained the backing of his several ministers and will now take the issue of participating in airstrikes to Parliament for its approbation. Should Cameron receive this expected support...he will then...and...only then...direct British air power to attack ISIS in Iraq but not in Syria. Somehow...Cameron smells trick and doesn't trust Obama. Hence...he'll help in Iraq since Iraqi government leaders asked for military-assistance but not enter Syria...not until the United Nations Security Council has voted to enter such country to eliminate ISIS therein.


How is it that the weather can't be predicted with any degree of certainty...but...the myth of man-made global warming is accepted as if it were as solid as 2+2 = 4? The reason is that the myth produces huge profits for vested interests and the more "solid" the myth appears...the more lucrative and endeared. On the other hand...the local weather is left to the overnight forecast and every other prediction left to the CLOUD WHISPERERS...f/k/a...rain-dancers.

Take for instance Wyoming. For years it suffered drought. The weather lady would tell Wyoming they were in for more drought but little more was said. On the other hand...man-made global warming enthusiasts used Wyoming as proof the planet was getting too much CO2 and mankind the one pumping all that "heat-making...drought causing" CO2 into the atmosphere causing a "greenhouse" gas effect...and...thereby reducing Wyoming to parched grass and idled farmers.

This BLOG cautioned Americans to reject man-made global warming since it was little more than a well-constructed myth. The PREDICTION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG in 2009...in 2009...assured Wyoming that in 2014 the rain and snow would combine to deliver perfect growing conditions. Yes...this prediction was called mere guess since not any computer models known to modern science could predict in 2014 perfect growing conditions for Wyoming.

Now that Wyoming is booming with bounty and such from perfect growing conditions...ample rain...ample snow...plenty of water...giving...power to grow...this BLOG has gained incredible stature...particularly in Wyoming. Farmers...there...some admitting they didn't believe the prediction when made in 2009...are describing their wheat crops as the best ever. Yes...folks...man-made global warming was myth and Wyoming is proof-positive!


What if Russian President Putin were to threaten expropriation of all assets not owned by Russians? This BLOG predicted such "boo" would cause American markets and European central banks to wince...and...direct their respective governments to relent and delete the preposterous sanctions imposed to cripple Mother Russia. And...just as predicted...Americans markets are reacting with stock prices falling precipitously,(Wall Street Journal A-1;09-26-14).


In the game of chess...each side is open to inspection. How the particular pieces will be moved, though, left to speculation until the move is accomplished. Hence...the game of chess is the most profound game requiring cunning...great bluffing power...and...of course...dramatic skill to defeat the weaker opponent...someone who simply couldn't imagine that gambit before it befalling them.

In the world...today...Obama...this dung-throwing monkey...has attempted chess when his skill that of a checkers player. Every move known weeks before done...with counter-measures in place and ready for in-coming dung.


Turkish Prime Minister Erdagon is missing from the ridiculous effort to eradicate the Islamic Army whose black flag of "no quarter" has caused fear and flight putting a million Iraqis into Turkey and straining his welfare state to its limits and perhaps beyond. Because he remained neutral...though...46 Turks were released instead of getting their heads lopped off by some dude sporting the title: JIHAD JOHN. And...now...Obama wants Erdagon to appear willing to betray that reposed trust even though any assistance other than helping refugees as they stream across his border will surely get Turks killed...probably on YouTube.

Erdagon mustn't get involved. Yes...Saudi Arabia got involved...but only because the Islamic State can swallow King Abdullah...a so-called "Royal" as a shark would gulp down a minnow. Qatar...fence-sitting Qatar...had to get involved lest they be classified as ISIS-FRIEND and get attacked by a bellicose Obama whose newest spot aboard Air Force One directing the airstrikes and hoping more idiots will join his clown-act.

Erdagon must remain aloof and permit the Americans to eliminate whatever foe perceived to be inimical to American national security whatever Obama might frame such to be aboard that magnificent military platform...with swarms of fighter jets and stealth drones protecting in an umbrella fashion.

Before this Turk reposes such grand trust in what most Americans know to be little more than a dung-throwing monkey aboard AIR FORCE ONE...Erdagon had best recall "how" Obama has betrayed others and done so with callous disregard for honor, integrity and godlike amity.

He should recall...for instance...how Obama promised Dr. Afridi $25 million reward and physical extraction from Pakistan in exchange for the coordinates and whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. And...how Dr. Afridi was observed standing atop his villa as SEAL TEAM #6 departed the area in their stealth helicopters. And...how Dr. Afridi at that moment lamented and berated himself for having trusted Obama. He recalled how he wanted those two promises in writing and how indignant Obama became at such a demand and declared: "My word as strong as oak!"

No...folks...Erdagon must* avoid playing the part of Dr. Afridi in this latest war...this one with Syria...or...end up on the proverbial roof top aloud asking, "How could I have been so stupid?"
*Give every man you ear but few your voice.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

John "air gun" Crawford,III

John Crawford,III went to Walmart where he picked out a BB gun to buy. He headed towards the register and while walking in that direction...was on the cellphone with the mother of his two children...a 6 months old...and...another about to turn two. As John sauntered through Walmart he didn't notice the terrified elderly lady from India. She saw "black man with AR-15" and panicked...calling 911 and screaming for help lest "black man" rampage and she be slaughtered in some al-Shabaab MALL ATTACK scenario.

The police arrived and deployed. They pulled their guns...and...began to stalk this gun-toting terrorist. As JOHN CRAWFORD III rounded a corner headed for the register...a cop yelled...put down the gun! John looked at this intense officer...looked at the cannon aimed at his forehead...and...carelessly raised the BB gun up and while making this display was also saying...hey...man I'm buying this here BB gun...it ain't loaded...ain't cocked...and...I ain't trying to harm or threaten anyone.

But as he was saying these things...he was shot 1000 times...the officers reloaded 15 times...one went to the car and grabbed a mini-gun capable of 100,000 rounds per minute and stitched the still twitching body of JOHN CRAWFORD III until only a a gob of bloody goo remained. They had slaughtered an armed terrorist. They got him before he shot them dead with what to them was an AR-15...a weapon so powerful...so deadly...so frightening...that when he raised that gun to show them it was a BB gun...as harmless as he...as he was trying to "show and tell"...so to speak...the trigger-happy cops opened fire...and...continued to fire until JOHN CRAWFORD III had been reduced to a lump of gump.

Unfortunately...the cops weren't told beforehand they would meet JOHN CRAWFORD III carrying in a provocative manner the deadliest weapon on the planet...but...that they shouldn't pay it any mind since it was a harmless BB gun shaped like an AR-15 and this AR-15 toting "black man" was a customer...and...was headed toward the register to make his purchase...a lawful purchase...and...something JOHN CRAWFORD III thought he was entitled to purchase...to carry it to the register...and...there...buy the fake-gun.

Walmart didn't blatantly tag the gun so that as JOHN CRAWFORD III marched through the store toward the registers...the cash-out area...any customer and certainly the police would know it's a fake gun and not a threat to other patrons or to the cops. However, Walmart recklessly permitted JOHN CRAWFORD III to grab that fake gun and march through the store never knowing that he was about to be slaughtered by fear-packed cops with cannons so powerful their destruction consuming.

As tragic and horrific as it is...the wrongful death claim of the dependent-survivors of JOHN CRAWFORD III lacks much value. A jury...for instance...would weigh the recklessness of Walmart with the recklessness of JOHN CRAWFORD III and award minimal sums to the dependent-claimants. JOHN CRAWFORD III...Walmart would argue to the jury...was given at least 2 seconds to drop the AR-15. But CRAWFORD elected to BIG MOUTH the cops but didn't get enough explanation uttered before his head exploded from the cannon balls ripping him apart.


Has anyone asked who it was who shot the video of the burning compound after the 09-11-12 attack had ended? Who was the video-person? Also...has anyone translated that scribbling which was observed on the wall of the embassy...that writing which looked like scribbled spray-painted graffiti to the uneducated eye? What was being said if anything? Or was it Arabic gibberish...painted by some departing CIA-operative to be melodramatic?


Obama's air strikes are slaughtering civilians by the thousands. Sure...the rebels have put women and children around their equipment expecting such nasty casualties...but...they are in a war to the end...blood for blood...and...the more bystanders the Americans kill...the more anger for America there will generally be...an aspect of this asymmetrical warfare which Obama doesn't understand.


The OUC issued bonds based on an income stream part of which was that money flowing from the Vero Beach Utility Company to the OUC pursuant to an explicit contract for the same. The OUC relied on this contract when offering bonds for purchase and any bond-buyers certainly relied on that overall representation part of which was the Vero Beach Utility contract...a contract executed many moons ago...by a Vero Beach City Council which was ignorant of the problems Vero Beach would face should a sale of assets ever be determined desirable.

Successful sale of the Vero Beach Utility Company must include retirement of any contractual nexus between OUC and Vero Beach...a requirement which would cost any outright buyer over a billion bucks! So far...not even Zuckerberg(FACEBOOK mogul) has found it inviting.


Maduro retains power because he knows Venezuelans are "bridge buyers". They'll accept any LIE if directed to believe it TRUE. For example...the worker bees were promised socialism...a paradise where big foot government gave them freebie and favor in exchange for their loyalty and support at the ballot box. And what they received was misery and poverty...more burdensome government...and...corruption at every level of the "red tape" food chain.

Ask Jose Clemente Tata...a government-director at the Sidor steel factory and one of Maduro's henchmen. He admitted he was LYING to his employees for the last 4 years and believes they'll continue to think it gentle rain running down their backs. He giggled about how he pissed on them all day and they asked for more. He bragged about his power to direct their ignorance as if the worker bees were cattle and sheep.

Brazil and Silva

Can Silva defeat Rouseff? Yes...but...only if she can promise more not less big foot government freebie and favor enticing the voters thereby to choose her. And...following this theorem...Silva tells every audience: "Vote for me and I'll loot more storerooms and redistribute the plunder to you."


While it seems incredible...car sales have been strong in America. Even Government Motors...f/k/a...General Motors...has seen growth despite its tarnished reputation for "shoddy equipment"....and...a corporate temper to LIE* about defects.
*At least 23 people were killed due to defects about which Government Motors knew but elected to leave defective and not tell the buyers about potential danger.


Russian President Putin has asked the websites of the world to make sure Russian stuff is kept in Russia. In response to this request...most websites...this one included...has promised him if a Russian comments on this BLOG...that interface will be dispatched to the attention of Edward Snowden*...curator of all such data.
*Muscovite Eddie Snowden...the "pizza delivery guy"...escaped from the National Security Agency(NSA) and took with him "pass keys"...computer programs which enable the user to access any electronic communication reducing secrecy and secrets to that passed through two cups connected by string. (Secrecy moults no feather)

Matteo Renzi

Italy has a new head honcho*...a dude sporting the moniker: MATTEO RENZI. He knows only an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) would cure Italy's lackluster economy and generate the prosperity most Italians wish to enjoy but know with all the big foot government oppressing and distressing...there isn't much chance of EDEN ever manifesting.

Will RENZI eliminate the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of a 1000 years of grip and grab? Will he stand forth and demand liberation over subjugation...demand the OUM be permitted to flourish? Or...will Renzi simply preach liberty but do what he can to enslave even further the hapless Italian?
*Walk not upon a laboring day without the sign of your profession.


According to Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry...ISIS is the most dangerous threat to America. Many political scientists and military wonks are asking "when" did this Sunni army rise to such a level? Was it after one of its team took a machete and cut off Foley and Sotloff's heads? Was it when ISIS troops surrounded 90,000 Yazidis in the mountains of northern Iraq and were determined to eradicate every last one of them? When did ISIS get so nasty...so frightening? What date?


Mountain guide Herve' Gourdel was kidnapped in Algeria and beheaded on YouTube. Had French President Hollande paid $300 million French Franks*...though...that mountain guide would have been released and not executed. However...Hollande had been contacted by Obama and directed never exchange colored-paper for human life. If he were to make such an exchange it would undermine Obama's popularity in America...something Obama couldn't afford with mid-terms so close.
*In U.S.Currency about $1500.00


Obama directed his military to destroy the 18-wheeler pulled mobile refineries and disrupt the ability of ISIS to fund its march to impose caliphate upon the Middle East. "If my air strikes can degrade their ability to make fuel...ISIS will lose its funding and will disappear as unpaid fighters depart for wars which pay better," snorted Obama as he was rolling some monkey dung into a curve-ball.

In response to this idiotic assessment of "could-be"...Admiral Mullen said, "While this stratagem will work against an ignorant enemy...it's likely ISIS has its facilities buried or so well hidden they're invulnerable to bombardment from jet fighters streaking across the region at 2500 mph."


Cynthia Quarterman...the top federal safety regulator tasked with handling big foot government's response to the derailment of trains recently...was asked to step down since she refused to tell America any more lies* about train safety. "I am not going to lie about an industry which has a 99.99% safety record. The accidents recently have been likely sabotage and the culprits might be as close as the next office down from mine." Ms. Quarterman was heard to say to another regulator who had agreed to lie and lie some more to preserve his job.
*TEAM OBAMA hates fossil fuel and anything to disrupt oil production or its distribution is a primal goal.


Now that Uncle Sugar has invaded Syria...what's next? Obviously...Syrian President Assad doesn't much like border-breach...but...there isn't much he can do but wait it out...and...see just how far Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...is willing to go in eradicating ISIS...a Sunni army and an avowed enemy of the Assad Regime.

One Syrian official told a cub-reporter from this BLOG they didn't much care for Obama and certainly didn't trust him. To underline this declaration of distrust...the candid official mentioned Obama's obvious betrayal of Dr. Afridi...the man who was promised $25 million along with physical-extraction in exchange for the coordinates and whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. "Dr. Afridi is languishing in a Pakistani prison because that monkey betrayed him," whispered this frank-official.


India finally put a satellite in orbit around Mars. While it's an accomplishment to achieve such a level of space exploration...it was also a waste of big foot government money. If private industry wished to achieve such a goal...so be it. But never should government undertake such a feat. It's extra-governmental and isn't good but another entrenchment of what little liberty the people of India have left.


Tony Stewart ran over Kevin Ward and killed him. Autopsy information revealed* that Ward was "high on pot" and it was his "high on pot" which caused him to march into the path of a 200 mph race car and shake his fist. But for the "high on pot"...Ward would still be alive.
*Now...if you believe this "connection"...you also must be a "bridge-buyer".


If you're a Navajo Indian...you are entitled to your portion of the $554 million Eric the Holder...the U.S.Attorney General...said was owed to them due to the fraud and theft perpetrated* on that tribe by big foot government over the decades. Because the Navajos are and have been a prolific bunch...it's possible there are Navajo descendants who don't live on that reservation...but...who are...nevertheless...entitled to a portion of the AWARD.
*And even when Germany fell to your hand...consider dear lady...consider dear man...you left them their pride and you left them their land...and...what have you done to these ones? (Buffy St. Marie)

JOBLESS: $15.75 per hour

Before the $15.75 per hour minimum wage law went into effect...Manuel had a job at a 125 room motel in Los Angeles. The employer looked at the employee roster...observed Manuel was the last hired...and...since one employee had to be deleted...Manuel was discharged. He was informed the City Council of Los Angeles had passed a $15.75 per hour minimum wage law and the law added so much expense...one of the employees had to be let go and since he was last hired...it was he who had to suffer this newest imposition of big foot government.

Manuel was the father of 6 children. His wife was crippled and needed expensive medical care...and...Manuel relied on his weekly paycheck...meager as it was...to make ends meet. Yes...he lived modestly...his children ran around wearing other people's clothes...but...he was self-reliant and was "making it". And...here...faceless big foot government scumbags had passed a law that made his life untenable...intolerable...nasty...and...plight-packed.

Feeling helpless...he grabbed his 50 caliber machine gun...a weapon from his days in Iraq...and...proceeded to City Hall to take out the whole nest of vermin. He arrived...threw grenades to slaughter any opposition...and...went from room to room killing everyone...every employee...every government worker...everyone there...everyone dead...and...he didn't stop. He then turned the weapon on bystanders killings another 2347 more people. He took out 15 SWAT snipers who had orders from "Ruby-Ridge" Terwilliger to "shoot on sight". In the end...Manuel ended up slaughtering 15,998 people before he was blown to bits by a bazooka fired from an armored personnel carrier designed to be impervious to 50 caliber machine gun bullets.


King Abdullah...head honcho of Saudi Arabia...agreed to assist Obama in an American-led effort to eradicate Islam's most extreme advocates including the Sunni army sporting the title: ISIS...or...ISIL...or...DAESH...or...KHORASAN GROUP...or whatever name the American-CIA chooses as their alter ego. While this Royal-rag head suspects the American-CIA as the "real party in interest"...he still lacks hard proof. Sure...this BLOG delivered detailed "hacked data"...but...Addullah...always the doubting type...wants a "wound-poke"...not anything less will suffice. Until then he is choosing to assist Obama and his effort* to delete Muslim extremists.
*The CIA never loses its personnel since only puppets are dispatched. Indeed...Baghdadi...leader of ISIS...is an unwitting puppet for the CIA as are his troops.


Chinese leader Xi Jingping might remove Zhou Xiaochuan...Mr. ECONOMY from his niche as central banker. It's likely President Xi wants to expand the margins of profit and Zhou seems to be too vested in tradition...and...might present a worrisome hurdle for the ruling elite.


A drone delivered medicine to a remote island off the German coast. This event wasn't mentioned in the American MASS MEDIA since Obama hates drones and wants to eliminate them as any kind of commercial distribution method even if safe and cost-effective. So angered was he to learn the Germans were ignoring his decision not to permit drones that he directed the scumbags at the American-CIA to get some more dirty photos of German leader, Merkel. "I want the best nude shots you can get so I can black mail her," Obama is reported by White House officials as having said.


When Chavez came to power in 1999 in Venezuela...he preached socialism and asked voters to choose between liberty or subjugation. The voters chose enslavement since Chavez promised the cattle and sheep he'd be good to them...care for them...feed and shelter them...and...in exchange...they had to kneel and lick his boot...something the Venezuelans found unusual but worth the price.

Nowadays...though...these same worker-voters find they're enslaved and not much given to them in the way of "freebie and favor". They find their static wages can't keep abreast of the 60% inflation rate and most of the commodities which were always available,(think toilet paper and breakfast cereal), scarce or gone. They find themselves the target of government stomp and chomp if they make noise about their plight...and...are told they mustn't make trouble but sit back and chew their cud.

Many political scientists say Venezuela has become a socialist toilet bowl and the plight of the worker will only get worse as more and more socialist drivel and tripe is converted into oppressive rules and laws directing from cradle to grave.

For example...steel production in Venezuela was an outstanding feature of this otherwise sclerotic economy. Nowadays...however...steel production has fallen markedly and those mills which are still operating are producing products few consumers would trust for quality. One Chinese businessman said Venezuelan steel is brittle and unreliable and only fools would ever buy such trash.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Marines salute in a specific manner. Obama...as commander-in-chief exited his helicopter...walked down the stairs with a coffee cop in his hand and gave a well-dressed Marine a return salute with that coffee cup in his hand. The gesture was outrageous and demonstrated a callous disregard for protocol and demonstration of total lack of respect for the office he holds. In many ways...Obama revealed that he really is a "dung-throwing" monkey.


TEAM OBAMA couldn't resist using war to win the mid-terms. Hence...ISIS was directed to make some noise and two reporters without borders were beheaded on YouTube. Instantly...TEAM OBAMA began drum-beating for war...to go after these criminals...to arrest them...perhaps...even kill them.

And...now...Obama has stuck America into another Middle Eastern war...and...using the MASS MEDIA to push the "low-information" voters to support TEAM OBAMA because there is a war afoot.

As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) admitted, "We, Democrats needed this war or else we were going to lose control of the U.S.Senate. And...such a loss of socialist power we couldn't permit. Hence...we are at war but a war disguised as war...if that makes any sense."

Heather Hurlburt

Heather Hurlburt was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG about the execution of al-Fadhli...the leader of Khorasan...a shadowy a-Qaeda affiliate. Why was he killed? Her answer is as chilling as it is revealing. She said that Obama had identified al-Fadhli as a potential threat to America or Europe and because it was best to nip such evil in the bud...he included al-Fadhli in the list of people to kill in Syria once the bombing commenced.

Recall that ISIS had executed 2 reporters without borders and the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA had whipped America into a frenzy...demanding blood for blood...and...Obama reluctantly accommodated this demand by dispatching American jets and cruise missiles into Syria and Iraq to eliminate ISIS. He added Khorasan to the list of targets because they were planning on attacking America or Europe.

Folks...Obama murdered some rag head and did it for not any other reason than somehow this al-Fadhli was planning on some kind of attack on either Europe or America. Americans are told* they must trust Obama that al-Fadhli was a threat and needed to be eliminated before he and his minions could unleash their plot on Europe or America. But...most Americans suspect there was another reason al-Fadhli was slaughtered and it might very be some kind of "payment for assistance" such that al-Fadhli was the payment for Saudi Arabia's agreement** to help Obama's raids on Syria.
*Maybe some Americans will accept this explanation. History seems to indicate that people will believe their leaders even though their leaders are LYING and doing EVIL.
**al-Fadhli was trying to lure Royal daughters to Syria to be his concubines and that allure didn't sit too well with the father. Hence...al-Fadhli had to die.

U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff(D.Ca)

U.S>Rep. Adam Schiff told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he was a devout socialist and hated freedom as much as Obama ever did. He said he preached enslavement since the "low-information" voters...his constituency...liked to be directed from cradle to grave. He described them as people of lowly curtsies and base spaniel fawning.