Saturday, February 28, 2015


In the siege of Leningrad in World War II...a million Russians perished. Mention is made of such carnage since the world accepted that circumstance as an excrescence of battle How many lives will ISIS have to consume before the world demands its eradication?


IRAN with a "nuke" is categorically different than a "nuke-less"IRAN. The former dastardly and commandeering...the latter just another bunch of rag heads looking for more power and prestige. Should those maniacs in Tehran have access to a "nuke"...though...they'd undoubtedly deploy and detonate without mercy and without regard to the devastation of atomic battle. Indeed...according to the 12th IMAM scenario...a myth to which the Council of Twelve wholeheartedly subscribes...blood and gore are a condition precedent to the coming on the mythical 12th IMAM.

Yes...the IRANIANS-IN-POWER believe in complete annihilation. Yet...despite this obvious DANGER...Obama told America he wasn't about to stop IRAN from getting its hands on operational "nukes". He even dispatched Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry to tell anyone who wants to be duped that IRAN isn't seeking a weapon but merely wishing to get its hands on some "atomic stuff" so it can make electricity. "Long jaw" went to far as to guarantee Americans that the last place Tehran would bomb was assurance received with great trepidation and worry by New York Jews.


How could America once more be gearing up for war? What rag head is worth the time and effort? Yes...there are terrorists sporting such fearsome names as BOKO HARAM  and ISIS...but...most of them are critters created by the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) for various purposes including "boo effect". For example...there was great doubt about funding the industrial-military complex in 2014 and 2015. Hence...noise-makers were called upon to strike fear in America. The beheading and torture of hostages by ISIS...for instance...were done for MASS MEDIA use in America.


Why won't Mother Nature cooperate with the man-made global warming enthusiasts and be hot when they need it to be hot and cold when they need it to be cold? It's exasperating...disconcerting...and...undermines man-made global warming mythology in ways almost irreparable when Mother Nature buries Boston under more snow than mankind has ever recorded or Chicago is so cold buildings crack from extreme temperature fluctuations. "It isn't fair and Obama should take Executive Action and make her destroy America as predicted," snorted U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) when asked "why" she was angry at the weather.


Most Americans support President Putin when they're told what the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) has done to foment unrest and mayhem in the Ukraine and in other parts of the former Soviet Union in an effort to destabilize and undermine the Russian Bear. Yes...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is pumping out hate-Russia drivel but most Americans aren't fooled and support the Russians in their hour of need.


Finally...after decades of research on prevention and cure...the AIDS VIRUS in all its mutated formats might very well have an expiration-date. Yes...due to research spearheaded by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOB...HIV might very well be another footnote in medical history...a story about a disease that jumped from monkey to African and from African to Frenchie and from Frenchie to the rest of the world.
* The FRENCH of FRANCE are called "Frenchie".


Every person has a unique voice and fingerprint. Recently...a dude sporting the moniker JIHAD JOHN was revealed to be some disgruntled Brit who had joined ISIS in order to make a difference. The revelation was based on his voice. When he was featured on YouTube beheading a helpless hostage...he erred and spoke about his love of Allah and his mission to cleanse the planet of the infidel. Sure...he wore a mask and gloves...but...his voice was never encrypted.


How can this be...wages rising without big foot government intrusion? The answer is that in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...wages rise as productivity increases. In restaurants across the country and at Walmart...wages are rising and the big foot government economists are perplexed and at an obvious loss as to explanation since their theories and rules say the opposite should be occurring.


Ah...yes...mother love. Recently...a mother's love was perverted...betrayed...and...callously manipulated. Yes...Majida Sarwar found a letter authored by her son telling her he was headed to Syria to conduct Jihad for Allah. She rushed to the police to alert them and asked if they'd assist her in retrieving her son and his pal, Timothy "Timmy" Titler who had accompanied him to the battlefield.

The scumbag police saw a chance to get some MASS MEDIA fame and glory. They promised her they'd help and not hurt her son. Based on such assurances...she coaxed him and his friend to return the Heathrow Airport...they were arrested. Instead of turning the 19 year old son over to the bewildered mother...the scumbag police prosecuted and imprisoned him for 12 years. The mother's love had been used and abused.


Sea level is not rising. But if you measure the sea level in some areas it might seem as if it were. It's this phenomenon that is used by man-made global warming enthusiasts to claim CO2 is making the sea level to rise.The claim is FALSE...but...unless you were aware of this difference in sea level depending on where the measurement is could get fooled by these charlatans, (Wall Street Journal A-2;02-28-15).

emerging market hoax

If the country is socialist* with big foot government red tape and investor should choose to put her money elsewhere. Take Greece for example. Only a fool would invest in that toilet bowl or any other socialist miasma where wealth is deemed a target for the would-be master and envious mob. When a promoter reveals the proposed investment located in a socialist economy...the investor should refuse to participate.
*The value of the Indonesian rupiah is at a record low...the Chinese yuan is also lower as is the Brazilian Real.


Due to American military assistance...ISIS has been degraded to some extent. For instance...oil deliveries to the marketplace are down and as a consequence so are the oil revenues. Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry told a cub reporter from this BLOG that within a few years...American military strength will have stopped ISIS and caused it to wither. he did admit that most ISIS stalwarts were fighting without pay and were trying to erase the infidel from the planet in a so-called Jihad for Allah.


The difference between a real assassination and a "snuffing" can be found nowadays in comparing "how" people are murdered.

In Bangladesh...for example...213 villagers with machetes descended on AVIJIT ROY and hacked him to death. Roy was ambushed on a street without an escape route. Once they had ROY cornered...he was defenseless and was hacked to pieces.

In Moscow...Boris Nemtsov was shot 4 times in the back by people in a car. As he and his girlfriend walked across a popular bridge...a car drove by...and...from that car came 10,000 bullets...sprayed...and...blasted with 4 of them finding their intended mark blowing bucket-size holes in Nemtsov.

According to Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry...the Bangladesh murder was spontaneous and lacked sophistication whereas the slaying of Nemtsov on the Bolshoi Bridge was an obvious "snuffing"...a deletion carried out pursuant to orders for the same. Due to the strategic nature of the murder in's clear to everyone that the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) carried out the execution of Nemtsov although "long jaw" denied as much when asked about CIA involvement.


In Bangladesh...MUKTO MONA means "free-minded". Recently...a blogger sporting such a moniker was hacked to death by machete-wielding villagers who didn't like his satire on Islam.


Boris Nemtsov was warned that the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) had targeted him for termination with extreme prejudice. He was told that his death would be blamed on President Putin and that Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was behind the order to snuff. By killing him...the world would turn on President Putin or so the theory went. However...Boris...himself a stubborn politician...refused to believe that Obama would betray him since Obama had sent messages from time to time supporting his effort to delete President Putin.

Boris was told to stay off bridges and never be without his bullet-proof vest. Naturally...Boris refused to wear the vest or heed the warnings delivered by the PROTECTION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and he was shot dead on Friday night as he walked across the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge. The attackers were in a car which drove by in such fashion that Boris was peppered many times with bullets specially designed to rip big holes and deliver certain death.

Instantly...President Putin was blamed. The American MASS MEDIA set about issuing blame without any proof. Yes...Boris was a big critic of Vladimir Putin...but...loudmouths are found everywhere in Moscow. No...folks...the CIA snuffed Boris on the bridge...but...he was warned and could have avoided such doom. Yet...he chose to ignore the RED-ALERT and his refusal resulted in his demise.

Friday, February 27, 2015


For Trekkies...the passing of Leonard Nimoy is profound. So long as he was afoot...there was always a chance of a sequel. God speed, Spock.


Why would Americans choose enslavement? The answer: they wouldn't do it willingly...or...knowingly...but...they could be duped into supporting laws the consequences of which perpetuate the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...the MASS MEDIA is so powerful that it has enabled TEAM OBAMA to remove so much liberty that little is left except "freedom-to-obey". How else can one explain OBAMA-CARE and how this socialist-yoke and choke became law or remains law today if not explained by the power of the would-be master to use propaganda to hide the "whip and chain"?


Enterprise Products Partners LP was told some years ago that in 2015 the price of oil would be $50 per barrel and worldwide there'd be a glut. They were informed that there was a way to profit mightily from what was predicted but the risk was greater than anyone dared take. Sensing challenge and greatness...the Enterprise team took the advice of the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and bought as much as possible including a rival pipeline and shoreline infrastructure.

Nowadays...though...loudmouthed-competitors are demanding ENTERPRISE share in the bounty as Europe and elsewhere cry out for more oil...more American and Canadian oil...good...clean oil...and...natural gas. Instead of competing as best they can...they want the Federal Trade Commission to attack ENTERPRISE...and...hurt them. "Sure they took risk when none of us we're socialists...they must share their windfall...their bounty must be passed around so that all might "wet their beaks, a bit," whispered Timmy Toodle the man from the factory with all the answers.


"Je suis Charlie" means "I am Charlie"...and...was offered as a retort to the Muslims who wished to hurt the staff at CHARLIE HEBDO. Recall that Cherif and Said Kouachi armed with guns and knives on 01-07-15 entered CHARLIE HEBDO headquarters and shot people. They told survivors they were executing people in retaliation for the caricature of the PROPHET MUHAMMAD in the little-read newspaper. Cherif pointed out that even though HEBDO had a readership of less than 100 people worldwide...nevertheless...he and his brother thought they needed to demonstrate how a slight slap to THE PROPHET could fetch horrific consequences.

not mentioned

Not mentioned at the C-PAC convention was a plan to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Not mentioned was an alternative to this CAGE and how such other way was better because it eliminated the grip and grab of the would-be master with envious mob.


America fell to the would-be masters quietly...not even a whimper...not any burning tires in the streets...not any hooligans running from store to store helping themselves with smash-and-grab...not any so-called Republican note-worthies proclaiming open rebellion should such invasion continue. No...America fell as predicted...undermined from within...enslaved gently without any alarm from the MASS MEDIA...and...quite unable politically to avoid the grip and grab of big foot government.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


The MASS MEDIA is buzzing over the arrest of 3 people in America who were headed for Syria to join ISIS. While these people haven't given statements...officials connected with the investigation revealed they were Obama-Democrats...but...had become radicalized when Obama didn't give* them a job.
*AN Obama official also admitted many Islamic radicals were made that way by Obama


Even though James Clapper said America is in the most lethal period of history he'd ever seen...Secretary of State John "long jaw"Kerry told Americans they were safer than ever. Who's correct? Are we target...or...are we safe?


The best investment strategy includes "actuarial buying" wherein the buyer spends the same amount each month regardless of what that specific amount buys. Overall...the inventory in any kind of market will be valuable and readily susceptible of liquidation. China took the advice of this BLOG and proceeded on a course which included such a thing. Recently...the Wall Street Journal was even forced to admit the amount of OIL China possesses is unknown!(WSJ C-1;02-26-15).


In times good...we ate times lean...we ate crawdad...when no crawdad...we ate sand. Ate sand? We ate sand.

Mohammed Emwazi

Mohammed Emwazi beheaded people in the name of Islam. Although his head was masked...he did not mask his voice and with British Secret Service assistance...the voice of that perpetrator was matched with the voice of Emwazi. The British government issued a reward for information* leading to his capture or demise. The reward offered by both the British government and this BLOG amounts to well over $200 million (U.S.currency).

* To assure potential snitches...the NOTICE OF REWARD promises that the money can be verified and verifiable as to recipient without any need for further permission for transfer. Hence...when Dr. Afridi...for instance...gave Obama the coordinates for Osama bin Laden but didn't get that promise of $25 million in writing...he was left on his roof top screaming for Seal Team #6 to stop and pick him up on their way out of town. This NOTICE OF REWARD mentions that betrayal and "why" the new provisions will avoid that kind of trickery.


Because banks are terrified to handle money to/from Iran...there is a huge market for anyone willing to take that risk. With the multiple government grip and grab here and there...some obvious...others arcane but isn't any wonder there are few who take the chance and even they can't ever be sure if their lawyers saw every pitfall and land mine.(Wall Street Journal  B-1;02-26-15).

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Why doesn't someone demand free and open access to all markets offering America as the epitome of the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper? Why must America* be an instance of oppression and bureaucratic knavery?
*Some critics rank the United States as #12 on the "freedom-index".


Jeb Bush said that he favored open borders such that big foot government should permit to/from without incident or hinder. For that declaration he is to be rightfully commended. However...for some reason...he won't preach liberation over subjugation and demand big foot government grip and grab be removed...deleted...and...the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE thereby dismantled. He seems content with trimming around the edges...permitting here...suppressing there...but...never really reducing the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE and its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


The CEO of Blackberry told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that Blackberry would be an instant beneficiary of "net neutrality" since FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler promised Blackberry that it's "never-used"..."never-wanted" app would be imposed* on Apple and every other big outfit so that Black berry might have a chance at avoiding bankruptcy a season longer.
*Big foot government picks winners and losers and gets help from otherwise would-be losers with a promise of insulation and subsidy.


U.S.Rep.Chaffetz(R.Utah) asked Federal Communications Commission chairman, TOM WHEELER to answer some questions and reveal what was afoot at the FCC and Wheeler refused declaring he didn't have to listen to a monkey such as Chaffetz. Of course...Chaffetz...upset by this retort...issued a "double-secret"subpoena for Wheeler to appear and show cause why he should not be deleted. According to "Tim" the pet eye-ball stationed inside the FCC...Wheeler took the subpoena...ripped it in half...and...set it ablaze laughing at the fire and how symbolic the flame.


U.S.Senator Ben Sasse(R.Neb) was asked by Lady Elizabeth to rise up and speak out for liberation over subjugation. After much reflection...ole Ben delivered a thoughtful article in the Wall Street Journal(A-17;02-26-15) telling America the Republicans are going to anticipate the Supreme Court's decision in KING .v BURWELL and have a "plan-A and plan-B" ready should those 7,943,211 people presently receiving federal subsidy by that court ruling be plucked from the to speak.

While his idea is a good one...he needs to tell America that the better course is to eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...enable people to buy health insurance as they see fit from wherever they see fit without big foot government intrusion or involvement. Of course...preaching the 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) with a socialist MASS MEDIA in opposition seems like shoveling turd against the tide...but...if he won't speak out...who will?


Governor Scott Walker and his Republican-led legislature is about to give Wisconsin citizens more freedom. If it comes about as expected...employees will be able to choose not to join a union. Indeed...this law will compel unions to become more receptive to members and to would-be members. Not any longer could unions ignore membership protest and fund socialist campaigns and support big foot government grab and grip when members don't want that to occur. With this new law...disgruntled workers can refuse to pay their dues.


While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State...the CLINTON FOUNDATION received well over $1 billion in donations from such places as North Korea...Venezuela...Cuba...and...Nigeria. Of course...Hillary Clinton denied prior knowledge and expressed utter surprise when told about such donor identities.


ISIS is destroying as many monuments and artifacts as possible. Their goal is to erase the past so that in a few years all that will be left will be the Qu'ran....the subjugated...and...of course...these would-be masters of the Islamic universe.


When one asks "how" the NAZIS were able to subjugate and terrify...they're told more often than not that the Judges helped. When Burt Lancaster in Judgment at Nuremberg explained "how" he knew it was wrong but went long with the death camp idea...he exposed the innards of evil in a way few movies or characters ever could. Judge Nancy Torresen...has decreed that Maine can't pass a state law permitting its residents to buy Canadian drugs. Instead of fighting against tyranny whenever such surfaces its ugly head...she declared the Maine Drug Law was contrary to federalism and struck it down. "I want the people of Maine to know they are enslaved and I will stomp anyone trying to escape the NANNY STATE CAGE," she crowed and snorted.


Carved and platter-put. What if ISIS were a created-critter...a Central Intelligence Agency puppet? Would such explanation fit what is afoot? Many White House officials are denying Obama is orchestrating what has happened in the Middle East...adding that the CIA hasn't such power to direct and control ISIS, BOKO HARAM or any other terrorist organization.


Once you're inside OBAMA-CARE...big foot government re-enrolls you automatically in the plan you had last year. If you decided OBAMA-CARE was enslavement and hence refused any longer to participate...nevertheless...automatic enrollment occurs any way. Such automatic enrollment means that anything due...anything owed...will be aggregated year upon year creating thereby a huge debt which automatically increases despite one's decision not to use OBAMA-CARE.

Instead of eliminating big foot government from healthcare...removing laws which require hospitals to deliver "free care" for instance...TEAM OBAMA doubled-down and imposed OBAMA-CARE...a hellish law which forge an ever-greater chain and whip.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The National Climate Council(NCC) told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that man-made global warming was hokum but so lucrative its purveyors refused to admit the LIE preferring to call it "accepted theory" as if somehow calling it something other than "guess" improved its stature with the listener.


According to the Old Testament...King David conquered the Land of Canaan and delivered to the Jew a nation...a land with borders...a land defensible...and...a land which was to belong to the Jew forever.

Recently...the Jew has been lured into giving up land to the Palestinian not realizing...perhaps...the mistake such represents since the Jew will be consumed by the Muslim. Indeed...the mission statement of virtually every Muslim sect has somewhere near the top of their priority page "eradication of the Jew" and giving up real estate won't appease but feed this hunger to delete the Jew.


Folks...IRAN will attack America once it has an operational "nuke"...and...what has many Americans concerned is Obama isn't trying to stop them from getting their hands on a "big nasty". Ayatollah Khamenei told his scurvy crew when they got their SWORD OF ALLAH he planned to use it and blow a hole in the Great Satan...perhaps, Manhattan as ground zero.

Indeed...Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...sensing that he can be defeated in 2016...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he doubted Obama could stop Iran from constructing an operational "nuke" and an intercontinental ballistic missile delivery system. "They're rag-head maniacs and Obama isn't doing enough to stop them from getting their hands on a "nuke" as plain as that," whispered Chuck as he pondered an imaginary hole in his front yard.


Vets near and far took umbrage with Robert McDonald's assertion that he was in the "special forces" implying he was a Green Beret when he never was more than a trooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. Sure...Airborne is a special group but they aren't considered Green Berets.

Many are asking "why" would McDonald LIE about his credentials. Some great thought thinkers pondering this question...recall how scumbag Senator from Connecticut...was caught telling America how he had carried his fellow soldiers one by one from a battlefield saving most but losing his best friend "Bubba". And here was the head honcho at the VA taking credit and stealing the laurels of others as if he were guided by the deception Liar-Blumenthal deployed to make himself appear greater than he really was.
Robert McDonald is the CEO of the Veterans' Administration...but...never was he a Green Beret.

"Trained to live off the land...trained in combat...hand to who fight by night and day..."


In Communist China...2.1 million Chinese households control a staggering $4 trillion in financial assets, such as stocks, bonds and real estate. If they were to liquidate and move their wealth out of China...a trillion bucks would be removed from China's fiscal reserves. Many are taking the opportunity to escape this CAGE environment with as much wealth as they're permitted to take with them as they migrate to America where freedom is somewhat present.(Wall Street Journal A-9;02-25-15).


Chad dispatched its anti-terrorism team into Nigeria to clear the pathway enabling Chad farmers to get their cattle to market. Boko Haram had descended on these ancient roadways...grabbing cattle...shooting herders...and...generally terrorizing the region with kidnap, rape and murder.

It took a week or so for Boko Haram to be evicted and at a cost of 10,000 Chad was well worth it. One American observer reported that Boko Haram had lost 17 troopers but their replacement almost impossible. "Those 17 dudes killed 10,000 Chadians...blew them away by the thousands using little more than gun powder and lead. Yeah...those boys will be hard to replace."


DEFLATION. A mythical phenomenon wherein the price of goods and services begins to decrease and consumers refuse to consume waiting for the price to decrease even more before they buy. And...because everyone does the same thing...the producers quit producing...the consumers quit buying...and...everyone sits around waiting for someone to raise the price of to speak. It's nonsense. It's hokum but it is big foot government hokum* hence it is never questioned.
*Indeed...socialists have been doing such things for years and when they can't hide their evil any longer they resort to the use of force to compel compliance and fealty, (think Venezuela).


Over many places in France DRONES have been observed. So alarming are these drones that President Hollande demanded an investigation. While many Frenchies were angry about these drones...ole Francois was particularly annoyed since he caught a PEEPING-TOM DRONE hovering at his palace bedroom window as he and his chauffeur were having their nightly game of tryst.


In Uhersky Broad, a town of about 17,000 some 180 miles southeast of the capital Prague, a gunman entered a packed lunch-time cafe and shot 20 people before shooting himself. Due to strict gun-control...this maniac knew his target* would be quite defenseless and unable to return fire making the contemplated slaughter well worth the effort.
*Had that scumbag come into a restaurant in...say...Dallas...or...Atlanta...that dude wouldn't have gotten off one shot before he'd been blown away by more firepower than the Marines landing on Iwo Jima!


A spokesman for India's Ministry for External Affairs said, "We don't need to respond to voices from the wilderness." Of course...he was referring to this BLOG and its polemic about socialism and "why" it must be deleted wherever found. a voice of one crying out in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...invitation is made to consider an alternative to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm so well practiced in America as well as India and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


U.S.Senator Joe Manchin(D.W.Va.) told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that Tom Wheeler and anyone else on the Federal Communications Commission who supports attacking the INTERNET under the guise of so-called "net neutrality"should be identified as terrorists and shot on sight. While this kind of assessment might seem blood-thirsty...Joe thought it a suitable eradication measure to delete as much of the vermin Hun-horde of freedom-haters as possible.


The man-made global warming enthusiasts can't acknowledge either the myth of it...or...that it but foolhardy guess. To tell the world chicken little was wrong is almost too much to ask people to do...not even charlatans such as Penn State's Mike Mann could be asked to disgorge the big bucks he got for purveying that myth as fact instead of fiction. In a global warming must never be debunked lest its value also be ruined as an "income-generator".


The INTERNET...that last bastion of free enterprise...will be destroyed by Obama and his goon squad at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) when so-called NET NEUTRALITY RULES are imposed.

Many patriots are loudly asking, "When did Americans give up their liberty so easily? And yet not a whimper has been heard...not a peep...not one of these noise-makers...crying out. Perhaps they are yelling about it...and...the reason most people don't know about their ALARM is that the MASS MEDIA is silent about this grave attack. U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer...a TAKE-OVER ADVOCATE...and...FREEDOM-HATER...bragged, "The complicit MASS MEDIA is ignoring such outcries in order to make it appear Americans want to be enslaved even on the INTERNET!"


Ever the dung-throwing monkey...Obama has vetoed the KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE thereby making energy costs higher than they otherwise would be. "I want the world to know that man-made global warming is here and I will destroy all industry to prevent the polar bear from drowning and the minnow from dying!"

"Jobs is all they need"

Marie Obama mouthpiece...told America that ISIS was caused by joblessness. "If we give those people jobs making...say....$10,000 per month...they'd never want to slaughter," she whispered when making her point about how socialism could stop the mayhem and murder. Marie added that big foot government could pay off these them not to burn people alive...or...lop off Christian heads.

As she was speaking...a cub-reporter from this BLOG asked Marie "why" didn't Obama save Kayla Mueller? Why didn't he exchange $100 million in colored-paper for her? He'd traded deserter Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Git-Mo thugs without Congressional authorization...and...Marie was extolling Obama's strategy for handling ISIS...and...yet...he couldn't save Kayla? Bible-thumping Kayla but could find a way to provide jobs for her murderers?


In the movie, THE GODFATHER...Don Corleone remarks, "It wasn't until today that I learned it was Barzini all along." The utterance is designed to tell the audience that THE GODFATHER finally discovered who was behind all the trouble and had to forge a way to prevent annihilation of his family. Mention is made of this scene and theme since most Americans will eventually exclaim, "It was Obama all along that was behind* all my troubles."
*ALERT: Obama and his stooges are about to destroy liberty on the INTERNET and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...a bottleneck approach...with scumbag Obama and his scurvy crew in control.


TEAM OBAMA is about to "take-over" the INTERNET and there isn't anyone screaming alarm and shouting for the Minute Men to come to the fore and fight this attack on liberty. Sure...RUSH LIMBAUGH and this BLOG are making some noise...but...the MASS MEDIA is otherwise disturbingly if somehow eager for the INTERNET to become another public utility dinosaur where everything needs a license and a government-sanctioned purpose.


When Zhang Lainglun was a struggling software writer he was approached by Lady Elizabeth and invited to join the army of liberation. She gave him a "starter-packet"...some cash...and...a donation box should he ever wish to assist others. Of know Lainglun's enterprise* as BEIBEL which has a present book value of $1 billion. Congratulations for such an excellent service and product.
*Obama plans to stop such people from getting so wealthy using a NET NEUTRALITY GAMBIT.


The ravenous appetite for blood and cruelty bubbling from the Islamic State flooded forth once more as 70 bus-riding Christians were reported missing in Syria. Behind in the bus seats were left copies of the Qu'ran written on human skin. When asked about this horrific use of human skin...Obama noted that in Kenya* it was a well-known custom and one he found in many ways appealing.
*Due to his birth in Kenya...Obama has an affinity for the macabre


Folks...Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry told* the world that in 10 years IRAN would be entitled to have an operational nuclear weapon. Imagine those maniacs in Tehran with a "nuke" and you can sense the potential horror and devastation Kerry seems to ignore. Indeed...he told the world Obama was going to permit those rag heads access to "nukes" in order to make the game in the Middle East even more dangerous and volatile.
*When asked what kind of diplomacy had such monstrous purpose..."long jaw" smiled and whispered it was a tactic he forged using "Swift-boat"theory.


If the Islamic State were to get an operational "nuke" would those maniacs deploy and detonate? The answer is "yes". While proof of such evil for some(think Obama and John "long jaw" Kerry) MIGHT still be "iffy"...those families whose loved ones were beheaded...buried or burned alive...or...staked for the ants to eat know if Baghdad Bob...putative leader of ISIS...gets his hands on a "nuke" he's bound to deploy and detonate that BOMB where it would kill the most people.


Former Republican U.S.Senator Phil Gramm finally found the courage to speak out for liberty. In the Wall Street Journal A-13;02-24-15)...he declared OBAMA-CARE required a "private option"...a path whereby an individual could get healthcare insurance from sources separate and distinct from what OBAMA-CARE required be offered and carried by all Americans. However...he refused to be a freedom-fighter and demand enslavement be eradicated in all forms and formats including what has been so neatly packaged as OBAMA-CARE.

His reluctance to demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE STATE CAGE be dismantled stems from the sources of his income. Like many loudmouths...he's paid to say what he says by THE ESTABLISHMENT. When they need some wishy-washy guru to support another half-baked alternative they call upon Gramm and others like him to preach whatever they're told to push. In terms of OBAMA-CARE...Gramm doesn't want to eradicate the so-called mandate...he just wants to give the slaves more room and ways to suffer and bear the yoke and choke agenda embedded in that hellish law.

While his declaration of need for leeway is simply doesn't go far enough. Why ask for a little more freedom when the demand should be for eradication of "whip and chain"...deletion of the grip and grab of big foot government...and...the ushering in of the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


On March 04,2015...the U.S.Supreme Court will decide if federal subsidies can be offered to consumers buying their insurance on federally-created healthcare exchanges. If the Court were to decide against that "practice" favoring a literal reading of that silly OBAMA-CARE law...then...over 13 million people who were receiving taxpayer-funded health-insurance($4700 on average) would be forced to use their own money...a fate those people will refuse to accept with many taking to the Malls of America to shoot and kill in the name of NANNY STATE CAGE entitlement continuation.


Tyrants practice stomping liberty any time such bubbles forth and so often done reaction time and power to snuff more acute and intrusive.

Simon Lazarus

When FOOL magazine was looking for a dramatic portrayal of the concept...SIMON LAZARUS was offered for the niche. He was the most foolish person most people knew so "why" not put him where his mug shot would do the most good? Recall that ole Simon told the world enslavement was better than liberty and Obama should be praised for replacement of such with "freedom-to-obey". For such a socialist-declaration he certainly deserved that esteemed front-cover accolade by the most-read magazine on planet Earth.(Wall Street Journal A-12;02-24-15).

Hryvnia plummet

Against the U.S.dollar...the Ukrainian Hryvnia exchanges at a rate of 100 million to one such that possession of just ONE U.S.dollar in the Ukraine transforms the holder into a multi-millionaire. Imagine going to Kiev...pulling out a fist full of dollars and demanding the best in the house...imagine as've just "transported" yourself into that miasma* boiling in that part of the world.
*Equally foolish was socialist-Zimbabwe where a person can almost buy a cup of coffee with a trillion dollar Zimbabwe colored-paper note. The Zimbabwe dollar is called the "ZIMBABWEAN DOLLAR". This BLOG examined this moniker and decided to change it. It's now called THE honor of Shaka Zulu.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...during his 2008 campaign told eager voters he would be the most transparent President in history giving the public an opportunity to examine proposals before they become laws thereby allowing dissenters plenary power to adjust and modify. Of course...Obama was LYING but from a dung-throwing monkey...little more should have been expected.

Take the INTERNET CHOKE-HOLD gambit.Before Obama began to mess with was open and free to everyone to access and what troubles found therein were getting addressed by INTERNET ACCESS providers of all shapes, forms and virtual sizes. Yet...Obama directed his scumbags at the Federal Communication Commission(FCC) to bottleneck the INTERNET...reduce it to a public utility thereby granting him absolute power to "plug-pull" any website...any BLOG...anything big foot government or its cronies found objectionable.

Indeed...avoiding transparency completely...and in breach of his PROMISE...without any 30 day "public comment" period...Obama...directed TOM WHEELER...his lead-stooge at impose PUBLIC UTILITY STRICTURES...making the INTERNET now something one can use but only by asking permission from TEAM OBAMA.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Because the myth of man-made global warming lost momentum...most commentators went on to other subjects and left the myth and its purveyors derailed and debunked. Or so they thought. Recently...the mythologists and their cronies came forward and told Boston residents that the record snow fall was proof that global warming was afoot. What surprised so many critics was how many of those Bostonians actually believed such preposterous stuff. They were standing in 10 foot record high snow drifts and yet accepting the myth which predicted that day would be "sunshine and balmy 70 degree weather".


People question whether Obama loves America. Yet the bigger question might very well be does America love Obama? In over 6 years...Obama has done more to hurt than help almost everyone except those chosen to be winners. Take for example, OBAMA-CARE. His vermin Hun-horde of socialists along with his inimitable self might have succeeded in destroying 1/6th of the overall economy for a 1000 years in all directions with that dastardly law. week...Obama plans to reduce the INTERNET to whatever big foot government dictates it should be thereby eliminating another escape route from the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Hence...the bigger question...does America love Obama?


KABAM is constantly looking for more games...more ideas...more ways to keep clientele.CEO Kevin Chou told a cub-reporter from this BLOG...for instance...that he reads the BLOG daily since it's the only source of original thought on the INTERNET and from such enlightened aspect...he draws inspiration.


Union leader, Hoot Landry told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he was prepared to shut down as many oil refineries as needed to compel BIG OIL to replace workers with union workers...workers picked by the union...and...paid in accord with union prescription. When asked if such "worker strikes" would impact gasoline prices...Hoot began to howl and giggle. "Are you kidding...I plan to make gasoline $5.00 per gallon before I'm done. I want to crush America and I'll get my way. Obama and his stooges are on our side!"


Ah...yes...the KHORASAN. That is the historical name given for a region covering parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and India. Yet...somehow...big foot government needed a "fall-guy" so one was manufactured. It was called the KHORASAN GROUP.

Recall Obama bombed the Khorasan Group in Syria as the 1st target hit? Back then...Obama publicly described that bunch as the greatest menace ever faced and hence deserving of the attack. When asked how was such people associated with the ISLAMIC STATE...Obama didn't have an answer since the so-called KHORASAN GROUP was fictional...there wasn't any such organization but Obama couldn't very well say he assassinated some people the Saudi Arabians wanted snuffed, now could he?


Gandhi told his team never was killing warranted. He directed civil disobedience but never any initiation of violence in any form or format. Peaceful change was his solution and that message was always a winner when articulated. How different the mantra of ISIS whose mission statement includes as much gore and mayhem as possible. And it's this difference which guarantees ISIS will be little more than a short-lived bubble. An outcome Gandhi avoided but one ISIS wants to suffer.

Baron von Zeppelin

Baron von Zeppelin took a balloon ride in Minnesota in 1850 and envisioned putting an engine, gun and bomb on it creating a weapon of extraordinary power. It took the Baron many years to convince war-mongers...though...that it was time to employ new tactics and new weapons. However, by 1914...the Baron found enough backing to produce his weapon. Indeed...the Zeppelin became a fearsome airship representing a long range bomber with terrifying capability that in 1915 subjected London to nightly devastation...quietly dropping bombs with impunity on helpless people below. But...because such hydrogen ships were so vulnerable to fire...they were eliminated as viable weapons or as civilian transport(think Hindenberg explosion).


Making comical aspect from Qu'ran quotes is blasphemy and yet ISIS has done as much and hasn't been called apostates. Why not?


Why evince demonstrable displays of rank evil...unfettered slaughter...if not to generate fear and in some macabre way prowess?


How could ISIS...a savage and fearsome bunch...have global reach if it were not a critter of the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)? could ISIS not any longer be a regional problem but instead a worldwide menace executing a complex strategy across 3 geographic rings...if not a creation of the CIA?(Wall Street Journal A-17;02-23-15).
Iraq,Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine in all its forms and formats.
the rest of the Middle east
The rest of the world


According to some theorists...ISIS is practicing a long-game...using "remain and expand" programs and policies to advance ultimate caliphate...a scenario wherein only extreme ISLAM is countenanced with all dissent eradicated. In Mosul...for example...outspoken women are butchered...their children buried alive...and...all done in the name of Allah and in accord with the dictates of THE PROPHET-Muhammad.


Obama chose Bowe Bergdahl over Kayla Mueller? In a grave sense...he did. When it came time to exchange obvious deserter...for 5 Git-mo thugs...Obama didn't hesitate and directed the transfer. Yet...when it came to giving ISIS a $100 million in exchange for Kayla Mueller...Obama refused to exchange colored paper for human life.


Al Shabaab...a nasty bunch of terrorists located in Nigeria and elsewhere...made itself an international label when it slaughtered defenseless shoppers in an African Mall. And...when al-Shababb shot oil-workers who couldn't recite the Qu'ran they became a global pariah appearing on every "wanted dead or alive" poster the world over. Now...they threatened the MALL OF AMERICA in Minneapolis causing the Mall to beef up security by hiring RED DRAGON...a Ninja warrior crew of Hollywood deadly...with RED DRAGON for would never dare strike.


Barbra Streisand was asked her opinion of people. She said, "Well...they bought my records and tickets to my'd hate to say it...but...people are stupid." She also added that Obama needed to simplify his socialist rhetoric so the "stupid" people might understand how enslaved he will make them.


When Kayla Mueller was abducted by ISIS in Syria...Obama was asked to give $100 million for her release. He refused. Sure...he'd traded 5 Gitmo thugs for a U.S.soldier...but...he wasn't about to give colored-paper in exchange for human life. Not now. Not ever!


America must open its borders to trade without imposing any hinder or hassle. Such opening would permit the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) to deliver maximum benefit to the consuming public. Sure...there will always be jerks and scumbags trying to cheat or the OUM...such wrongdoers are almost never found. Why the Republican Party won't demand "open borders" is a striking inconsistency when their message one of freedom.

Jacob Schick

Jacob Schick...lost right leg and part of his left in Iraq. He was stunned last night when he saw AMERICAN SNIPER get snubbed by the Oscar Committee receiving only one for "sound-track".


Senator Rand Paul said, "Radical Islamic dude...with beard and rag head approach...if you hurt anyone...America will crush you like a roach!"


A few years back...Tom Radcliff happened upon this BLOG and became a devoted follower. He took the advice of the SELF-PROTECTION DEPARTMENT and got a gun-permit. He was informed that it was likely he'd be confronted one day and that gun would be an important aspect of his self-defense. While he did not believe in predicting the future...he took the advice and got the gun-permit and the gun. if painted ship upon a painted ocean...Tom and his crew noticed a man enter their Pharmacy with a hoodie and a bandanna tied about his face. It was cold outside so Tom didn't think much of that kind of attire since his Pharmacy was located in the heart of the Afro-American section of the city. However, when the dude pulled out a GLOCK 9mm pistol...Tom flipped into action. He pulled his concealed Beretta .22 caliber 5 shot cannon and fired. The robber later died of his 5 wounds.


At lap 77 a wreck happened and caused last year's winner to be pushed back to 37th place enabling  24 year old JOEY LOGANO to cross the finish line first. Congratulations to JOEY LOGANO.


Someone who accepts Jesus as their Savior is likely a Christian. Governor Scott Walker(R.Wi) was asked if he thought Obama were Christian. Governor Walker replied that he didn't know and if that person were so interested...he might wish to ask Obama, himself, instead of trying to pull* some kind of nasty trick by asking such a foolish question.
*Instantly...the socialist MASS MEDIA...fearing Scott Walker could prevail in 2016 over any Democrat contender...attacked claiming Scott Walker was a "bad man" because he would not acknowledge Obama as Christian.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

O'Reilly and Engberg

Bill O'Reilly...a jerk of the 1st order in many ways...was called a LIAR when he said in 1982 in Argentina he found himself in the middle of a riot in Plaza De Mio.

Fuming with indignation and anger...O'Reilly summoned the video of his exploits in the Plaza that day. In the video...Bill can be seen dashing into the middle of the square to save a puppy and an abandoned child while about him are exploding mortar shells and zipping about his head 50 caliber machine gun bullets.

When "filth-monger" David Corn of MOTHER JONES called O'Reilly a LIAR...saying O'Reilly had "photo-shopped"that dramatic "save-thy-neighbor" scene...bombastic Bill* became pugilistic. O'Reilly said he would meet Corn in any arena and there in some well-roped ring...beat him until he admitted he was put up to the name-calling by Obama.
*O'Reilly said he had a cohort in the hotel whom he found cowering under the bed. Eric Engberg was too afraid to come out even though Bill said the bombs and shooting were all gone. Nevertheless...Eric refused to exit from beneath the bed. O'Reilly recalled how he had to sing baby songs to Eric to calm him down including ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT.

Floor 27?

During the German Blitz of London in World War II...27 floors beneath the city there was constructed a bomb-proof war-room...200 miles of passages...storerooms...secret entrances and exits...and...anything else one might need to live beneath ground for months at a time.

So popular was this idea that other nations built similar structures. Indeed...beneath Washington DC there's an entire city designed to save the ruling elite...bomb-shelters designed to withstand atomic blast and insulate its inhabitants from deadly consequential radiation for years if need there be.

The IRANIANS know about this secret bunker system. They realize they'll only get one shot at the Great Satan. There won't be much room for a 2nd attack. Hence...the "nuke" must be detonated in Manhattan...thereby blowing a great hole in this monster. Of course...Manhattan was chosen since it would have the most dramatic affect. The IRANIANS know that Obama can escape the blast by merely pushing a button that encloses the Oval Office into a grand elevator and down it plummets into a cavernous kingdom where the ruling elite outlast whatever blast and devastation some enemy might unleash.

something else?

Defenders of Obama are constantly saying "he meant something else" when challenged about some declaration uttered by that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office.


Jose Antonio Vargas is an advocate for open borders. He has joined the army of liberation. Welcome aboard.


Jesus went to Jerusalem and confronted the TEMPLE SYSTEM...a system designed to grab as much wealth from the populace as possible while dispensing divine rites and pretending therein somehow a bridge had been purchased between groveling man and God thereby,(MARK 21:12).

Today...a similar but all too familiar conflict is afoot. Lady Elizabeth and her army of liberation marches against the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Her message that of liberation over subjugation. Her cause to "make salt" delete and eliminate the yoke and choke agenda and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


Jeb Bush has been told what Romney was told: YOU MUST LOOK LIKE A SOCIALIST AND A WILLING ECO-FASCIST if you wish to survive the barrage the SOCIALIST-ECO-FASCIST MASS MEDIA will unleash should you rise up against such tyranny.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Egypt was assured* by Obama that Obama would assist Egypt in its effort to eradicate ISIS from that area...helping the international community surround ISIS and drive that entire black-flag waving bunch into an enclave...into some small area...and...then...once all their members thoroughly identified...annihilate them...every man-jack one of them since to permit any to escape would mean continued warfare. Such method of resolution is the Egyptian way...the most thorough way ever devised.
*Egyptians were informed by emissaries from this BLOG that Obama could not refuse to honor his agreement since a significant portion of the Democratic Party was ambivalent about expanding the war from Syria into Libya and beyond.

Houthi and al Qaeda

In Yemen...the Houthi are in control of some of that country while in other parts...the southern Qaeda and other infidel-hating crews are ensconced. The enmity is so great between the Houthi and al Qaeda that there will be an eventual partitioning once the Houthi find they can't dislodge their opposition from the south.

As with other places...national boundaries are about to be redrawn...with smaller states with big foot governments in each...each pretending to be able to affect the path of history or even bring about Armageddon. So it will be in Yemen as it was recently done in in Iraq and Syria to accommodate caliphate.


Egyptian President Sisi directed more troops and bombers into areas held by ISIS...the mission statement: eradicate ISIS. Odd to think ISIS is SISI spelled backwards.


Tammy award winning author...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG she favored the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...but...feared the MASS MEDIA was in the pocket of the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...Republicans were up against an impenetrable wall unless their message that of liberation over subjugation.


It's a little publicized fact...but...most INTERNET users never use what they're given. In some cases 100 megabits per second is offered but only 12 mbps are used. GOOGLE FIBER...for instance...offers gigabit per second service but the need for such incredible volume transmission might very well be far into the future. Yet...GOOGLE is willing to spend the money now so that when the time comes it can be the lead player as it is already in everything it does! GO GOOGLE!


Why is the American MASS MEDIA against President Putin? Could it be that he represents the 21st century solution to the intrusive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and the vested interests in America don't wish to have their grip removed from the throat of general prosperity?


Russian President Putin has out-maneuvered the Ukrainians and everyone else it seems. Unlike the mentally-challenged in Kiev and Moscow...a great leader commands the Rebel team and victory...whatever that might be...will be enjoyed by him and his freedom-fighters. the game TRIVIA CRACK (an Apple app)...the answer to almost every question about world affairs has PRESIDENT PUTIN for the correct response.


Graeme Woods was asked by this BLOG to write an article in the ATLANTIC and call it: "What ISIS really wants". He was given script and ideas and he combined them into a very interesting and articulate description of ISIS...something Obama has so far refused to do. And while his meme is well-received...he left out something that might have been so obvious he felt it went without having to be framed...and...that is "what duration ISIS?"

It's the polemic of this BLOG that a would-be caliphate based on savagery and mayhem might rise up...but...almost as quickly be subsumed as rivals attacked and dismembered...labeling all supporters of the "Earthly Kingdom" targets for termination with extreme prejudice. Yes...ISIS might rise so would have to come out of the cave and basement. And it's at that moment the opposition could easily and quite successfully attack and delete since by and at that time the targets obvious and defined.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...with a straight and earnest visage...told America that YEMEN was a classic example of the benefit nations have when they join with America to fight terrorism. He called YEMEN a stable and prosperous land,,,well-able to defend itself and its neighbors from terrorist intrusion.

Of course...Obama was wrong. YEMEN is a divided country and because the government is socialist...there is perpetual civil war among the Sunnis, Shiites and others as they vie for their season in power when they can loot the storeroom of their opposition.

Obama had to have known as much...or...if he didn't...he's too much of a fool to conduct Foreign Affairs and could be instrumental in IRAN finally getting enough atomic stuff to make a "nuke".


Due to its physical location...Manhattan could be "nuked"...and...Europe and Asia would not suffer radioactive fallout or poisoning. IRAN could blow a hole in New York City and the world wouldn't have to fear radiation poisoning. It would be a "free slap" since America would never be permitted to "nuke" IRAN...the Chernobyl* affect would be too much for anyone to sanction.(Wall Street Journal A-8;02-21-15)
*Chernobyl proved that huge radioactive clouds can hurt those downwind.


So far...Russian President Putin is perhaps the greatest leader* of the 21st Century. Instead of whining about the so-called sanctions imposed by the West...President Putin is handling the matter cleverly opening up new markets which heretofore were lackluster but now are booming!
*The UKRAINE trouble is bubbling due to meddling of the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). According to "hacked data" from the National Security Agency(NSA)...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed the CIA to foment unrest and mayhem in the Ukraine.


If "mad-dog" Maduro can arrest and imprison Antonio Ledezma...mayor of Caracas...he can attack any Venezuelan and tyranny has finally thrown off its cloak and is biting and clawing for absolute power.

How could any Venezuelan countenance such despicable anti-democratic efforts to suppress dissent? Yes...Ledezma was critical of the obvious shortcomings of socialist planning and bare-knuckle diktats...but...never did he believe Maduro would send the dreaded SEBIN...the secret grab him and put him in a 5' x 7' concrete cell. Now that he's discovered tyranny might be too late for him to lead any kind of dramatic rebellion.


Payton Leutner and two of her friends went bird hunting in a park in Waukesha, Wisconsin. What Payton didn't know was that her two pals were planning on killing her with knives in order to please SLENDERMAN...a character on a website that collects horror stories. After 19 stab wounds, the assailants left Payton for dead enabling her once they departed to crawl to safety and get help. When questioned about the misdeed...the two friends openly admitted to the effort to kill and said they thought they had succeeded. They described Payton as too gullible and hence needed to be eliminated.

Maureen McDonnell stumbled and fell

Virginia's First Lady, MAUREEN McDONNELL was sentenced by Federal Judge Spencer to 366 days in federal prison for her role in the fraud and kickback scandal involving Maureen's clandestine lover, Jonnie Williams, Sr....a CEO of a dietary supplement firm at the time of the tryst. She permitted her desire for JONNIE to cloud her better judgment and must suffer 366 days in the federal slam for her indiscretions. OUCH!


If a person joins an on-going conspiracy or criminal enterprise...that person can be considered guilty of the past and future acts of that bunch. Could it be that the serial massacres carried out by ISIS was intended to destroy any bridge its members had at repudiating the mission statement...and...returning to their place of origin without intention of rejoining ?

Recall in times long past that several explorers burned their ships in order to force their team to seek the goal and fulfill the purpose of the mission. Could not ISIS be doing the very same thing?


How did Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker know that the "right-to-work" gambit would propel him into the contender's circle for the Republican Party nomination in 2016? The answer is that an emissary from the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG delivered a GAME PLAN* which encompassed this "win-win" idea.(Wall Street Journal A-5;02-21-15).
*HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises addressed the UNION aspect pointing out that it was useful and perhaps in some places still might be useful but most workers are not inclined to support a UNION if not compelled. Hence...the "right-to-work" law would give each worker full power to choose to support or not support the UNION in the workplace.


Former New York City Mayor Giuliani was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG if he thought Obama loved America? The former mayor thought for a moment and quipped, "No...Obama loves himself and cares not for America. He doesn't love America or Americans." The former mayor stopped for a moment in his assessment and then added, "You know he's a MARXIST ON MISSION. He loves the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and has done all he can to perfect that enslavement. I'd say he's as vicious a socialist as America has ever experienced. And...with a complicit MASS MEDIA...there isn't any way to know how far he'll go. As for the Republicans in Congress...they aren't about to eliminate the CAGE. Indeed...the Republicans are too busy trying to plug whatever holes Obama put into the ESTABLISHMENT'S hull but they aren't about to delete the yoke and choke agenda. the grip and grab big foot government has on the throat of liberty."


German Chancellor Merkel had best be careful when she considers "Greeks bearing gifts". Anything that bunch of socialists say is meant to dupe and deceive and she'd be quite foolish to bring whatever they offer through her gate.

Friday, February 20, 2015


"Give them a chance...a fighting chance!"exclaimed Obama when told ISIS was surrounded in MOSUL and could be exterminated easily.


LIAR...LIAR...PANTS ON FIRE! Everyone in grade school heard such declarations when someone was caught LYING. Mention is made of this LIMERICK because at the U.S.Injustice Department...most of them have "burning" pants.

Ask Hank Greenberg about this syndrome...this phenomenon of using LIES to hurt others. Recall Hank was attacked by the U.S. Injustice Department using LIES and INNUENDO and only recently was such exposed. It turns out the lead lawyer for the Injustice Department...Scumbag he's called around the federal courthouse...knew his star witness was LYING...had the data that demonstrated LYING was afoot...yet...chose not to reveal it. It was only due to a whistle-blower that SCUMBAG SCHNEIDERMAN was caught. Instead of condemnation for misconduct...though...SCUMBAG was promoted and given a bonus...clear evidence SCUMBAG has "dirt" on his supervisors.

testing drone firepower

In Mosul there are 2000(+) ISIS troopers. Surrounding that town are 25,000 Iraqis armed and ready to evict these "black flag toting" intruders. The death and mayhem expected will be incredible and as likely as not MOSUL will resemble KOBANI...a beautiful city that was reduced to rubble and tears in the effort to delete ISIS a few weeks back.

On the other alternative has been offered by the WAR DEPARTMENT** of this BLOG. The OFFERED PLAN doesn't require the destruction which is otherwise contemplated. dispatching a DRONE* ARMADA into Mosul...the 2000(+) ISIS troops could be easily spotted...marked for elimination...given a chance to "give-up"...and...then...exterminated.
*DRONE DESIGN: The armada is a collection of DRONES...entire battalions of drones...some with poison darts...while others equipped with specialized cannon and bomb. They descend on to Mosul...taking up positions around that beleaguered city and await command. They have self-protection and destruct aspects so that ISIS troopers can't seize and dissect. They have on-board computers which mimic the termite...coordinating...interfacing...and always improving their position. Once the drones are there...ISIS would find it so difficult to move about without getting deleted...they'd quickly "give-up" least...depart the area if permitted such retreat.
**This BLOG offered to pay for the drones and for their instant-operation. With respect to the pool of skill and talent needed for such an ARMADA...this BLOG found it best to hire "gamers" to handle the drones. Imagine a million "gamers" out there...instead of playing HALO...for example...are waiting for their chance to operate a drone and dispatch an ISIS dude. Each drone fully equipped and fully armed costs $1000 each. The ARMADA will consist of 10,000 drones and cost approximately $12 million to construct and deploy...1/10th of ONE PERCENT of what Obama plans to spend to destroy MOSUL the old-fashion way.


Jeb Bush is a closet socialist.He won't dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but enhance and augment. In distinct contrast...Senator Rand Paul will delete and eliminate until the CAGE is little more than a disturbing footnote in the history of America.


On Monday...a train derailed causing havoc and damage. The train was going 33 mph in a 50 mph zone and was traveling in its usual manner...carefully going along...watching for hazards. However, they didn't know that an act of sabotage had caused the destruction. was well-hidden and might escape notice...but...folks...that train was intentionally attacked!(Wall Street Journal A-2;02-20-15).

Thursday, February 19, 2015


There's something here from somewhere else...the war machine springs to life...opens up one eager eye...focusing it on the sky...where 99 red balloons go by. Could it be that Obama wants IRAN to have a "nuke"?


Miniver Cheevy...child of scorn...grew lean while he assailed the seasons...he wept that he was ever born...and...he had reasons. Ah...yes...Miniver Cheevy...born too late...scratched his head and kept on thinking...Miniver coughed...and...called it fate...and kept on drinking. it was in the Oval Office as Obama contemplated his next Middle East gambit.


At the UCLA Medical Center...a "super-bug" has been spotted. The critter infects...and...eats the victim alive. It's labeled "super-bug" because it seems impervious to antibiotics and other protocols. It's scary to think in the California there is a "wee-beastie" which thrives on human innards and consumes them voraciously.


Jeb Bush is a wishy-washy closet socialist. He won't dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE or delete its entitlement system but augment and made more intrusive and onerous. America needs a liberator not another technician with a bent for improving the "whip and chain".


What causes a shipping bottleneck? The union which controls those who work on the wharf is such a thing. When the UNION didn't get its way in contract negotiations...its members began to "slow-walk" the wharf backing up shipping until there are a 100 container vessels in several harbors unable to off-load their cargoes. could hire other longshoremen but that pool of personnel is so small it'd take longer to create another working team than it would take to finalize contract terms with an obstinate union.


While Obama has done much to hurt America both domestically and internationally...he was correct when he took this BLOG'S advice and refused to label all of ISLAM as somehow tormented and terrifying. Yes...he wanted to call Muslims bad around America excoriating Islam...but...the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG cautioned him not to travel down that acrimonious path.


The Spratly islands...situated between Vietnam and the Philippines...are exposed reefs and atolls. However, they could serve as a sea and air base for China. The WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG suggested the Chinese improve one of those islands so that it could defend the area from pirates and other would-be masters. The Chinese examined this BLOG'S proposal...studied the design and specifications outlined...and...decided to construct what was envisioned, (Wall Street Journal  A-6;02-19-15).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jessica Erhlich

Jessica Erhlich came forward and admitted the Democrats are lacking a coherent message for 2016. She pointed out Americans are tired of socialist and Eco-fascist program and policy and want a fresh approach. She acknowledged this BLOG was the leader of this alternative and it was as likely as not the Republican Party would adopt most of this BLOG'S economic solution.


While JESUS was spotted by many folks after he arose from the grave...not any of them ever found him by searching. Because Jesus had already been executed by crucifixion...he couldn't chance running into a Roman detachment. They'd finish the job the second time around making sure whatever ZOMBIE DRUG deployed would not be able to bring Jesus's life processes up to room to speak...and...enable him once again to escape the pit.


Even if Obama had the power and might to extinguish ISIS...he'd not do it since ISIS is a creation of his own American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). Yes...ISIS is committing heinous acts of torture and death. But...the perpetrators are always masked and their identities fully that when retribution is afoot...those jerks who carried out these grizzly executions can't be prosecuted.


Most people know Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver(Luke 22:3-5). What they don't realize is that they...too...might one day be asked to betray and such misdeed done not for some remuneration but simply to betray.


In Rio De Janeiro...O GLOBO...the primal socialist rage of Brazil...reported that 98% of all samba dancers in the big parade were funded by this BLOG. O GLOBO took the position that a "freedom-fighting" BLOG shouldn't be permitted to dance in a socialist inspired parade. "We don't want contamination!" snorted Dilma Rousseff when she heard about the decision by Farid Abrao David...the president of BEIJA-FLOR* permit this BLOG to present a troupe of skilled-dancers.
*...a dance studio which teaches samba to the ruling elite


The Republican Congress should delete as much hurdle as possible to immigration permitting people to come and go as they please without hinder or hassle. Federal Judge Hanen issued an injunction directing TEAM OBAMA to detain and deport anyone found by them to be an "illegal alien" thus rendering moot this "open border" policy. Mention is made of this dramatic turn-around since Judge Hanen has given Congress a great platform to delete the immigration laws and finally open the border to everyone and anyone yearning to breathe free.


Al Capp wrote the Little Abner comic strip. In one series he portrayed the town smothered in SMOOS...critters that if you said something bad about them...they'd divide into two more SMOOS. Could it be that Obama won't call ISIS a "radical Islamic Sect" out of fear such condemnation would create more of the same?


In terms of degree...Obama seems to think there are moderate and extreme rebels...some mild...some wild...and...some so two-faced they can't ever be trusted. He wishes to give the "moderate" rebels the firepower to confront ISIS...that black flag Sunni army whose mission statement that of caliphate. Sure...those "moderates" might very well turn out to be wolves in sheep's the time that happens...Obama will be long gone and the new American leadership will be faced with a very-welled armed and trained Islamic army...its attributes honed and polished by American military assistance compliments of Obama.


Perhaps...the labor market will improve. Certainly the Labor Department has already declared the GREAT RECESSION over and America piping along at a 2.1% rate if one were measuring such by the Gross National Product(GDP). Naturally...that declaration is a BIG LIE...but...when you control the MASS MEDIA who's going to say otherwise?

VOTE ON IT? a public school room...the teacher asked, "What is 2+2?" Little Sally replied, "Teacher...the answer is four." The teacher then turned to the class and declared, "Let's vote on it." While the vote went in favor of "4" was a close contest. At one point...Billy Big-noise...a kid from Brooklyn...piped up and proclaimed, "'s not fair...we're not permitted to lobby for our position!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hillary Clinton couldn't survive the mockery the Republican TV attack ads would make of her ability as commander-in-chief. The 09-11-12 "hot" phone ringing unanswered at 3:00 a.m. while Benghazi embassy perishes in conflagration would be politically-sufficient  to eliminate her as a serious contender for the Oval Office.

So...who is there among prominent Democrats capable of telling Americans the storeroom can be plundered and their team will redistribute the loot should they be elected?

Many are whispering JOE BIDEN while others like that nasty lady with the perpetual sneer sporting the name: ELIZABETH "papoose" WARREN(D.Ma). As for JOE...he promises perpetual war in the Middle East while Warren promises enslavement at every level of life and love. They both are rabid freedom-haters and as such would be the rose of the MASS MEDIA...with preference shown for both as equally as not.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness(JOHN 1:23)...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...invitation is made to America to consider another kind of whose mission statement liberation over subjugation and whose crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

On the Democrat side of the 2016 ledger...the team will be ravenous with demands for more not less big foot government. The they'll be called by the complicit MASS MEDIA...will be shown promising more not less freebie and favor. At every gathering...they'll trot out a crippled kid and a deaf mute and demand storeroom doors be torn open so that little Billy can walk and Bertha can finally ask for more soup all by herself.

Hopefully...there will be freedom-fighters opposing that gang of pirates and ghouls in 2016. Maybe JEB BUSH will have been thrown to the side by then since he's a closet socialist and would not eliminate but augment the CAGE.There are several statesmen who do...however...qualify for this appellation of "freedom-fighter". Take Senator Rand Paul(R.KY) for instance. He wants to delete the grip and grab of the CAGE...and...insulate the Socio-economic realm from that of the officious cronyism bubbling from "red tape" politics.

Governor Scott Walker is another valiant voice. He proved to the world that liberty always out-sells "freedom-to-obey".

Indeed...freedom sells so well that Walker trounced his socialist opposition 3 times. Yes...folks...three times Walker withstood political attack from every angle...every Union...every interest group...including hippies lost after Woodstock ended. Three times they tried to undermine and defuse...but...Scottie Tissue...a name appended by his pals...withstood their acrimony....ducked their petards...and...was re-elected 3 times.


David Brock left Hillary in shock. He resigned as her fund-raising fool. He said he couldn't trust and what should shine tarnished with rust...and...didn't much like sitting around in knee-crooking drool.


Brigadier General Aaron Schock...a GOP U.S.House member from Illinois...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that the army of liberation in all its several forms and formats was having an impact far beyond its actual size. While he pointed out there were more freedom-lovers than not...they didn't control the MASS MEDIA and hence were doomed to be "whipped and chained" inside the perpetual-seeming 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE if it weren't for the valiant efforts of this BLOG to stand against tyranny and its minions,(MATTHEW 6:24).


Because the U.S.dollar is presently so strong, mining companies are receiving dollars for their glistening tonnage...and...paying their helpers in the local currency where the precious metals are mined. The difference between the dollar and the peso...for a ratio of 1 dollar for every 5000 pesos.


Obama told America that man-made global warming was a nasty...he was removing the use of fossil fuel from the menu...that people would have to use horse or foot...tent and camp fire...and...anything else he thought best. Of course...the complicit MASS MEDIA called his declaration enlightened and messiah-like.

Unfortunately...Mother Nature refused to play along. Boston...for buried under 8 feet of snow with more coming. Indeed...there are more polar bears than ever and the planet is getting colder not hotter! So much for "most danger"..."most nasty", Obama?


The deadline came and went for enrolling in OBAMA-CARE. Those who missed even the extended deadline NOW face a penalty...a penalty levied by the Internal Revenue Service...and...taken from the taxpayers through withholding of otherwise due refunds. There are an estimated 6.3 million taxpayers who will find their refunds reduced by's those 6.3 million taxpayers who will form part of the coalition to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where such monstrosities as OBAMA-CARE are not only possible but as likely as not to be imposed.

Of course...if a taxpayer has already signed up for OBAMA-CARE...that person is automatically re-enrolled. However, that person is also subject to the increases in premiums and rejection of coverage isn't an option since the IRS enforces the "whip and chain" of OBAMA-CARE.

No...folks...OBAMA-CARE represents socialism in its raw form and nasty format. simply can't work since it's based on enslavement not marketplace wants and needs. Big foot government will have to continue to layer rule upon rule to force people to do as directed in one way or another with freedom to choose removed at every juncture so that the process might proceed in an orderly machine-like fashion.


ISIS in Libya? ISIS in Yemen? Two places touted by the Obama Administration as examples of Obama foreign policy implementation...two steady-eddy governments...sheep-like people to rule...and...whatever menace afoot kept at bay by a powerful military footprint...and...these two shining examples are beset and under attack by ISIS? How could that be?

U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) told a cub-reporter that he was concerned about Libya and Yemen since these were called OBAMA'S EXAMPLES OF AMERICAN ENLIGHTENMENT. "Could the MIDDLE EAST have grand masters at work? Is Libya some kind of move on some kind of elaborate chess board? And...what is a dung-throwing monkey like Obama doing trying to get involved in that game anyway when his level is that of "checkers"? whispered the Senator as he reached over to get some sugar for his coffee.

21 Coptic Christians beheaded

Obama was informed he could stop the slaughter but he refused. He wanted as much guts and gore as possible. Indeed...he told the CIA to direct ISIS to find and behead 21 Coptics...a bunch he didn't much care for anyway. Obama chose 21 as the number since his MASS MEDIA consultants said 21 was always a good number when slaughtering for publication the purpose.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Folks...OBAMA-CARE is a metaphorical analogy to the scene in ROOTS where the hero is beaten until he admits his name is "Toby".

We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM and more and more Americans are succumbing to the "beating"...accepting OBAMA-CARE...and...admitting their name is "TOBY".


Bill chopped all day and had an impressive pile of wood. Just about quitting time...he spotted a crowd approaching him and his wood pile. He observed the crowd was led by BIG MOUTH BOB...a bully...and...always the noise-maker in the room. He figured trouble was afoot and somehow he was in its path. Nevertheless...Bill stood his ground and watched as the throng drew closer.

"We're taking your wood pile for the common good!" BOB proclaimed backed up by a supportive growl and murmur. Of course...Bill wasn't about to trade blows over wood so he relented...and...left for home tired...without anything to show for the to chop tomorrow.

When BOB and crew returned the next evening to collect their loot...they found Bill waiting for them with his bag lunch and a flashlight in the event they had to travel at night to find the next victim of the collective. "Where's the wood?" asked a disappointed BOB with a murmuring crowd disgruntled and wanting behind him. "I decided to join you folks and get my stuff the way you've been getting it. It sure beats chopping all day for the common good," confided an eager Bill.


When TEAM OBAMA discussed the tactic for imposing more enslavement on America...more often than not...the slowly cooking frog was used as metaphor. Throw a frog into boiling water and he's likely to escape. But...increase the temperature ever so slightly...and...the frog will sit in that pot and boil to death never sensing danger.

Perhaps the best teller of such metaphor was Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...a scoundrel of the 1st order. Confiding in a cub-reporter from this BLOG...he whispered, "If OBAMA-CARE were slowly introduced into America...the freedom-fighters' alarm would fall on disbelieving ears since the full impact of OBAMA-CARE not yet delivered...such coming in spurts with most implementation in 2017...long after the perpetrators are dead or on to other scams and protracted outcomes gone.We knew we needed to poison America slowly."


Few ever ask "why" the Nazis found it so easy to round up the Jew in France. graves in France are desecrated wantonly without much civic outrage observed.

Some Jews are wondering if it's time to depart.

In the movie, SHIP OF FOOLS...there's a scene where the BLUE DANUBE is playing in the background but that music stops when the statement is made: "There are 6 million of us...they can't kill us all!"


Peace-loving Swedes...always above the fray Swedes...harmless as rabbit Swedes...and...yet...ISIS chose the Swedes for slaughter? In Copenhagen...Swedes were massacred with the assailants screaming: "ALLAHU AKBAR!" Why pick on the never-harm-a-fly Swedes? Perhaps the answer is that Copenhagen is in Denmark and ISIS didn't know the difference.

9 miles

The town of Al-Baghdadi...held by 9 miles away from a place where 320 Marines are stationed. ISIS has cannon capable of lobbing high-explosive shells 15 or more miles rendering the Marines susceptible of artillery barrage. So far...Obama hasn't decided if they're expendable.


"Master make the rule...for the wise man and the fool...I ain't got nothin' Ma..."(Bob Dylan).

Why doesn't someone stand up and proclaim liberation over subjugation? Where are the freedom-fighters? In the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives there are such voices...yet...silent they are...quiet they if somehow...they've been told...enslavement not liberty.


Man-made global warming mythologists proclaimed Mother Earth into flames was about to burst. Yet...arctic-like temperatures slammed the greater part of America...delivering another "winter's record worst"...disrupting myth...and...jeopardizing purse.


People who want to marijuana...why hassle them? Yet...the number of scumbags who can't wait to say something snide or do something impressive.

In their own lives...they're tormented...and...shamed by mirror. Instead of facing the noise...however...they turn to their neighbor and plot ways to hurt and menace. The Germans have a label for such people...people who derive pleasure from the misfortune of others: Schadenfreude.


Eliminating the grip of big foot government(BFG) isn't easy. It's so hard that in many was easier to depart directly that encumbered place...and...set up a freedom-loving society somewhere else...where the storeroom would not be subject to the whim of the master with mob...a/k/a...BFG. America was such a spot and until 1916(income tax-universal enslavement) it was the land of the free because of the brave,so to speak.

Today...the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters control the MASS MEDIA, the Oval Office and 4 of the 9 U.S. Supreme Court spots. They're a formidable lot since with their use of the MASS MEDIA they can create "anger and hatred" against any person or cause and hence vocal opposition to any effort thereby created...even efforts to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE framed as "mean-spirited"...and..."misguided".

Yes...the Republicans control the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives and could pass rules to eliminate any minority bottleneck thereby giving them the power to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. While it's one thing to stop's another to eliminate the law that created the department or agency seeking such funds. By deleting the root...the need to fund the CAGE also erased. But deleting laws is so's likely Americans will conclude they need to move again.

The problem: NO PLACE ELSE TO GO!


"Tell me it ain't so!" cried Mike Mann...a Penn State climatologist who had proclaimed man-made global warming was not myth but reality and pointed to the loss of ice at the poles as pluperfect proof. "More ice found!" he exclaimed as he read the latest data from NASA satellite images. If others were reading this same data...his career would be upended...he mused as he considered how to lie his way out of this trap.


The man-made global warming mythologists were again upended by Mother Nature. They predicted 02-16-15 would be a sunny 70 degree weather kind of day for almost the entire continental United States...and...all due to the huge amounts of CO2 mankind was emitting. They staked their considerable reputations on this prediction and proclaimed if the weather weren't as predicted...they'd admit they were charlatans and give back all the money they'd taken using that myth.

Of course...the northeast is smothered in zero-degree temperatures and 7 foot snow drifts today...but...these so-called honorable climatologists who staked their careers on that prediction of "sunshine and balmy weather"...not one has come forward to admit the man-made global warming myth is so wrong they needed to acknowledge their deception and return money derived from such trickery.


Yesterday...21 Christians were beheaded by ISIS. When told about this latest horror...Obama turned to Valerie Jarrett...his closest adviser and whispered, "When you're down...hug a clown."


Folks...leave marijuana users alone! Mind your own business! If you wish to impose yourself on someone...why not grab a mirror and get started? Witch-burners are the noise of Mammon(MATTHEW 6:24).
*In the 1600s...witches were found and burned. Nowadays...pot smokers...pot dealers...pot growers...they're all called witches...called such things by "Bertha-better-than-you-are" those who want to those who would kill to the jerks and quirks of the world.


The North Vietnamese leaders knew they would eventually take the South but also knew they'd be met with opposition not from the defeated but from their own team who envisioned themselves in control of that part of the country. Hence...they embarked on a "sweep-it-clean" exercise using the American Army as the broom. It was called the TET OFFENSIVE.

In the ancient city of HUE...for instance...the Americans eventually slaughtered 59,327 rebels. While few historians ever examined the identities of those killed...the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG did pour over the data and discovered the North Vietnamese leaders accomplished their goal remarkably well.

What the Middle East...there were a need to eliminate the "trouble-maker"....the square peg from to speak? Would not a vicious bunch...a take-no-prisoners kind of organization be that kind of preaching Islam and carrying before it the black flag of "no quarter"?

What if ISIS were created to attract the malcontents...get them grouped...labeled...marked...and...thereby...easily eliminated? It's as likely as not such purpose afoot.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Kobani was reclaimed by the Peshmerga but at a heavy cost. Not only were 34,588 people killed in that ISIS removal exercise but the entire city was reduced to rubble as well. Mention is made of this aspect of ISIS removal exercises since there is another way...a 21st Century way to eradicate such vermin and leave the cities intact and the population for the most part unharmed. It's called DRONE PROTECTION.

The concept is easily put. The city is protected by drones...a drone army if you dedicated to defense against intrusion by the likes of ISIS. To differentiate between friend and foe...each Kurd...for example...would be given a personal identification bracelet to be worn on any occasion where the outdoors are included. The drones would spot the "friend" signal and ignore...but...descend and eliminate any "spotted foe". The rapidity and finality of the drone attack would discourage even the most ardent Islamic radicals from attacking any drone-protected city or area.


Marisa Guthrie admitted she wanted the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE dismantled but practically speaking said without MASS MEDIA support any such effort was doomed to fizzle. However...should some of the MASS MEDIA favor deleting the grip and grab of the CAGE...there would be sufficient impetus to complete the task and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


Defeating ISIS with a drone armada is the 21st Century way of doing business. The armada of drones proposed has several variants but all operate in a coordinated effort to accomplish whatever goal selected. For example...a bot-brigade would have many kinds of drones...some designed to scout out and report back...while others equipped with cannon capable of piercing thickest armor or bunker wall. And...because the drones are powered by the sun and have 20-day rechargeable batteries...they can remain on-site as long as required to eradicate.

Imagine a fleet of army of sorts...some rolling along the ground silently...while others hovering above to spot ambush or other menace. Imagine further an opposing force...spread out...but...linked through communication and that such communication monitored by the bots! Imagine as much and you'll sense the slaughter and carnage unleashed when the prey encircled...targeted...and...without conscience...deleted.

So mighty this newest form of warfare that only occasional attacks could ever be mounted by ISIS. deployment of this bot-army...ISIS...BOKO HARAM...and...any other such DEATH CULT could be reduced to a few hidden pockets of malcontents secreted in caves and basements...places from which few great religious movements ever come.

As General Dempsey* said, "The suppression potential of this bot-armada so mighty that most nations would instantly want their own bot-brigades...operating on different wave lengths....encrypted...and...directed."

*This war-monger went on to tell a cub-reporter from this BLOG that a bot-army with a naval, air and land contingent could very well become master of the universe quite quickly stomping out any dissent whether it be some rag heads sporting a black flag and demanding medieval Sharia Law or some cantankerous Tea Party bunch in Iowa.


Because the territory controlled by ISIS is the size of Indiana...the need for a drone armada became obvious. The plan proposed by the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG was to use the $20 billion allocated for troops and tanks. The money would pay for the construction of this newest form of warfare...a robot war game of sorts...where machines shed blood and conquer territory. Indeed...from arm chairs...the ISIS threat addressed and eradicated.


In most strongholds...a new face is always suspect. Even with impeccable credentials...nevertheless...the suspicion lingers particularly with the most paranoid of the bunch, its leader.

Why choose this outfit? What attracted this hombre? And a myriad of other questions flood the doubt and overwhelm the paranoia as the newcomer seems to "fit in" and works without asking questions even if the goal to eliminate opposition with extreme prejudice. Yet...even then...the new face is watched...scrutinized...and...followed 24/7 to insure the new face isn't JUDAS.


Jesus was chased from town when he revealed his divinity(LUKE 4:29). The Republicans should expect a similar reaction when they preach liberation over subjugation. Even the MASS MEDIA will decry and demean. Yet...the message of freedom will overcome all hurdle and hassle erected to thwart and discourage.


The U.S.Senate is controlled by the Republicans and they won't change the "60 vote" rule to accommodate their majority even though the Democrats did just that to circumvent the blockade 41 Senators can erect to block passage of any law...or...thwart the nomination of any person selected by the Democrats to lead some department, agency or court.

Indeed...the 41 vote blockade prevents the obvious elimination of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE should a majority of America wish to delete its yoke and choke agenda. A cadre of would-be masters could very well impose tyranny and then use the 41 vote bottleneck to perpetuate the grip and grab. Take OBAMA-CARE...for instance. That law attacks the health care industry in ways which are only now beginning to be observed. But to dismantle that monstrous intrusion into the decision-making process of the individual can be...and...has been promised to be...thwarted by this 41 vote bloc whose mission leaders are the socialists and freedom-haters of TEAM OBAMA.

The Republicans lack a favorable* MASS MEDIA. Such lack of support means that the Republican Message is never presented coherently...but...shown in small sound-bites which portray them as "mean-spirited"...and...unwilling to loot** storerooms to benefit whatever mob might be screaming for such loot.

However...with the INTERNET still unregulated...there is hope that the REPUBLICAN MESSAGE of LIBERATION OVER SUBJUGATION will be heard. Yes...Obama is doing all he can before the 2016 election cycle to destroy the INTERNET and impose a NORTH KOREAN MODEL on what is presently a wide-open game where anyone with an idea has a chance to become a billionaire...but...there are too many people whose lives will be impacted by this horrific take over of the INTERNET.'s the polemic of this BLOG that those billion voices will join and proclaim: "DON'T TRY...not now...not ever. Leave us alone!"
*For the most part...the MASS MEDIA is packed with liars and charlatans...willing to lie and misrepresent in order to push whatever buy-line their handlers direct.
**The complicit talking heads tell their small TV audiences that the Republicans want to reduce taxes...reduce the burden on the producer...and...also...reduce the size of the seat aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. The RIDERS are told to grab their guns and rocks and go to the nearest street corner and begin looting.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Democrat John Kitzhaber

Democrat John Fitzhaber told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he was about to resign as Oregon's Governor to shield his girlfriend from the scrutiny of the ravenous mob. From what he told this cub-reporter...his girlfriend used her connection to him to steer "goods and services". She was paid to gain access to big government contracts and other benefits not offered to the general public. The revelation of this "steering" was so powerful Democrat Fitzhaber couldn't surmount it.


The rifle serial number 218102 was assigned to Alvin York...a country-raised lad with a penchant for fine shooting. With that "rifle-gun" as he called it...he demonstrated bravery and prowess so extraordinary that he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor during World War I. Rumor in the ranks was that he'd captured 1/2 the German Army with his "rifle-gun" and had saved what remained of his company.


The musk ox will encircle their young and sickly to defend against wolf attack. Hence...ever so often a circle of musk ox is video-taped with ravenous wolves hunting for that opening. Mention is made of this phenomenon of nature since humans rarely will do that for a neighbor. For close family, maybe...even a close friend perhaps...but...more often than not...humans walk by the battleground hoping the trouble doesn't spill over into what they're doing.

Dr. Solomon eye-doctor...opened a clinic and began restoring sight using traditional as well as novel approaches to achieve results. His reputation was so good that eventually a well-heeled gent in need of eye-repair asked the Doctor if he could assist him. The doctor looked at those faded orbs...clouded and useless...and...said...there was a slight chance...not much of one...but...if the customer had the patience and an equally well-fitted purse...the project would be undertaken.

The elderly man was a bargain hunter and entrepreneur all his life and he wasn't about to accept the offer without some push-back. If you're successful...I'll pay you your price. If you're not, you won't get paid. How's that for a counter-bargain. Dr. Melgen smiled and said, "Why you are a feisty one now aren't you?" And with that...Dr. Melgen commenced. The customer presently has 20-30 vision and paid the good doctor as promised.

With such reputation and results...most Floridians would think Dr. Melgen was the crown jewel of Palm Beach...not only praised but acknowledged wherever he went as the HEALER...blessed by God with the gift of healing.

However, Dr. Melgen angered many Pharisees and their cronies. "How dare he treat 50 poor people per day restoring their sight when all that business previously was exclusively ours!" they fume and fuss. Eventually...Caiaphus...the putative leader of this envious bunch...dispatched his goon squad to hassle and interdict. The FBI descended on Dr. Melgen's office stopping production and eliminating this portal for the poor and needy.

And...not one Floridian...not one person...not even that "healed-gent" stood at that door to oppose the FBI. Yes...he and the others would have been approached by the "wolves"...but...their mighty circle would have held!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Kizer So-say-you say?

If the leadership of ISIS were so dastardly and deserving of extermination...then...the obvious eradicator would be KIZER SO-SAY...that so-called "usual suspect".


In the mid-1970s...AT&T offered the 212 modem which allowed workers to sit at home and dial into their office computers at a speed of 1,200 bits per second. Today...Comcast offers 11.5 megabits per second(a million bits) and the ETHERNET offers a billion bits per second. And...all of this transformation in speed and content done without interference by big foot government so far.

However...recently...Obama saw a chance...perhaps the last attack the INTERNET...and...reduce it to whatever puppet-like system he might envision. Indeed...Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he wanted to destroy INTERNET-liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"and he saw his stooges at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) as capable of accomplishing this feat.

What is so surprising is how little noise has so far been heard from Americans who yearn to breathe free. It's likely as not the complicit MASS MEDIA is doing all it can to ignore this "take-over" hoping that its refusal to mention enslavement will give Obama enough time to cement this newest portion of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.