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McDonald Corporation is under attack from big foot government and not anyone is standing beside the Clown, except this intrepid BLOG whose mission statement to eradicate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.* If TEAM OBAMA can succeed in destroying the franchise-relationship thereby opening the entire organization to threat...it has accomplished a great feat since it will have destroyed one of the last bastions of liberty still viable in America: THE FRANCHISE.
*...a CAGE in which McDonald Corporation-the parent company of 14,000 franchises- is said to be in so much control of them that it can be said to be a "joint employer" thereby subjecting the entire company to any indiscretion a franchisee might commit. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY)...a designer of socialist grip and grab...admitted that this "joint employer" attack was a "payback" from Obama because McDonald Corporation refused to put his ugly puss on the Latte cup in 2012!

Jefferson said

Thomas Jefferson said "No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the right of conscience against the enterprise of civil authority." The army of liberation marches to "make salt"...to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where the would-be master with envious mob can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Monday, March 30, 2015


While Lady Elizabeth changed her topic from time to time to suit her audience...never did she venture far from her message of liberation over subjugation...an invitation really...a request that the listener join the crusade and march with her to "make salt"...to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...delete its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system in all its forms and formats...and...usher in thereby the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with envious mob decree:" Our tears...your purse!"

Far-fetched many cried from the crowd as she preached liberation. "Americans are cattle and sheep...deserving to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps" hecklers would chide...We don't want KEY....we want more CAGE...freedom-to-obey...nothing better inside...they screamed until freedom-lovers had had their fill and asked them to quiet down so they could hear a speech in wisdom found...even though to socialists and Eco-fascists...a bitter twill...no matter how prepared...or...ground.


"Holding aces and eights," was how Donald Trump described Hillary's 2016 Presidential bid...she'll get betrayed...whatever hopes the bounty of the spade...somehow TEAM OBAMA has already unscrewed her lid.


Caroline Heldman...a hired-gun from Occidental University...tiptoed past Hillary Clinton's door...her shortcomings...drawbacks...and...obvious incompetence...dutifully ignored.


Add CO2 to a jar in which plants grow and they will grow bigger...faster...and...deliver better fruit. Indeed...carbon dioxide is the stuff plants eat and in exchange give off oxygen as a waste-product. The more CO2 injected into the jar...the more the plants eat and the more bounty delivered...both in fruit and oxygen. Across the planet...crop yields are up...warehouses are brimming with abundance...and...farmers can't decide when 'enough' is 'quite enough"...so to speak.

Yet...man-made global warming enthusiasts...decrying greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2...point to a few places where things aren't going as well as other places and therein proclaim such is definite proof that man is destroying the environment. They rely on a complicit MASS MEDIA to propagate the LIE knowing the MASS MEDIA will never reveal the other places* where things are going great and abundance is everywhere.
*Corn and soybean harvests are bountiful...warehouses are full...and...the consumer will receive a record drop in prices of all sorts of farm-based goods in the months to come.


How would the IRANIANS be acting...if...they were in possession of an operational nuclear weapon system? Would they be pandering to the likes of Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry? Would they fear Netanyahu telling a Republican-led Congress the Iranians are almost there in construction of their "Sword of Allah"?

Folks...TEAM OBAMA is selling America down the river. Obama is a modern-day Neville Chamberlain...raising a piece of paper signed by Hitler proclaiming it represented "peace in our time"...so Obama is waving a piece of paper declaring the maniacs in Tehran won't complete their weapon. What Obama is doing...though...is giving the rag heads in Tehran the breathing room to finish construction of their Sword of Allah...a doomsday device whose "red button" in the hands of a dude wearing a BLUE TURBINE!

"persistent reserve currency"

The Republicans need a fellow traveler in the White House in 2016. If they can get a Republican President and keep their majorities in the House and Senate...then...they can dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...usher n the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. They can achieve this liberation over subjugation because the U.S.dollar is the "persistent reserve currency" for worldwide commerce!(Wall Street Journal C-3;03-30-15)

By deploying THE ORB*...the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism could be chased away permitting thereby the OUM to manifest. America would blossom and bloom as the people of planet Earth traveled to this paradise to get in on the action. Such prosperity would be everywhere and it would serve as an impenetrable wall the would-be masters and their envious mobs couldn't breach.
*THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. One of the provisions of  THE ORB is a pay-off of all entitlement system recipients. The payment is a one-time payment. The amount is the "present-interest" value of the claim of the recipient. The payment is to be made in colored-paper U.S.dollars since that is all that is left inside the U.S.Treasury...but...because the U.S.dollar is and will be the persistent reserve currency used in world commerce...such $124 trillion"victim" payment in 2016 dollars while inflationary to some extent will be absorbed in a fortnight as the world absorbs the infusion and each recipient will have received ENOUGH MONEY to fund any ailment or dream.


At a coal mine near Jammu,India...a MINE-BOT was being assembled. The day-laborers heard rumors that a robot was about to take all their jobs away...and...as they sauntered past that "thing" headed into the mine shaft they mumbled about such a prospect. That day...the miners produced a record tonnage...so much coal was mined the economic aspect of the MINE-BOT was questioned.


IRAN could not have outright invaded the countries in which it now has garrisoned large armies. Such an intrusion would have been instantly confronted by American and local interests. On the other hand...by offering armies to fight insurgencies...and...terror-organizations...Iran has inveigled its minions and most are positioned to take control when the "signal" is ultimately given.

Take for instance, Tikrit. Iranian teams have not pulled back even though Uncle Sugar required such "stand-down" as a precondition to air strikes. Instead of calling their bluff...Obama relented and dispatched air strikes around Tikrit loosening the grip of ISIS. As one Iranian commander said, "We weren't about to permit Obama to take the glory for liberating Tikrit from the Sunnis."


While obvious to any expert in Geo-political intrigue...Obama seems oblivious to the prospect of Iranian influence in every Muslim country in the Middle East in less than 24 months! The Shiites of Iran have armies in Syria...Lebanon...Gaza Stip...Jordan...Syria...Iraq...and...Libya...perhaps even in Yemen and Nigeria. Obviously...once the rag heads in Tehran get their hands on an operational "nuke" and a delivery system...their cohorts in these several countries will rise forth....grab power...and...a Shiite caliphate will have been erected. Allahu Akbar!


"I'm immune," snickered Preet Bharara...the so-called United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York...adding he could do whatever he pleased and was insulated from any blow-back. "If I wish to harass...should I merely wish to demonstrate my power...I can simply gesture and that person's head is on my plate," he  drooled while describing his niche at the U.S.Department of Injustice.

Yet...somehow...DAVID GANEK...a victim of this callous disregard for TRUTH...JUSTICE...AND...THE AMERICAN WAY...is attacking this Teflon scumbag. From court documents...it's obvious Preet knew he lacked any evidence establishing any connection between GANEK and "illegal activity"...yet...chose to attack anyway. Eventually...GANEK will prevail and grab a huge chunk of money from scumbag-Preet...but...this victory will not have stopped Preet in the meantime from continuing his unprincipled prosecutions. Until he's fired...he'll continue on his path.
(Wall Street Journal A-12;03-30-15)


Khaled Ben Hamadi Chaleb...a/k/a...Lokman Abou Sakhr...leader of the Okba Ignou Nafaa Brigade...was killed along with 100 of his closest friends.  Lokman was told not to attack Tunisia since there were too many "well-connected" folks there...whose loved ones powerful enough to hunt them down and delete them. Of course...Lokman was promised insulation by the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)...and...told there wasn't any downside to such an attack on a Museum...particularly one frequented by day-tourists from the ever-arriving cruise ships. So Lockman trusted his handlers at the CIA...and...attacked that Museum killing 20 tourists and a few security people themselves contractors from the Bronx.

What Lockman didn't know was that one of those slaughtered at the Museum was the son of a Mafia boss in New York City. Sure...in Africa...they say the lion and elephant can kill you...but...the black mamba is death incarnate. And...it was this snake...so to speak...that was dispatched to exterminate Lokman and his brethren.

And...so...it was...near the border with Algeria...in a small cabin...Lokman was sleeping with his 14 virgins and bottle of wine when through the window came a grenade. The explosion killed everyone in the cabin. The troops Lokman had stationed about the area where also instantly slaughtered using heat-seeking bullets. As one bystander noted, "He messed with the wrong people."


Syrian President Assad tried to tell Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...that the Sunnis were joining together to oust all Shiite and "other" from the Middle East thereby creating a homogeneous caliphate. Naturally...Obama ignored the warnings and ISIS...the so-called Sunni army...now...controls an area the size of Texas. "The only thing ISIS lacks is a way to replenish its tanks and cannon when they're destroyed. Once they can replenish their equipment...they will be almost unstoppable," whispered President Assad when asked about the level of ignorance Obama exhibited to-date.


What if the Iranians knew the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) were the creator and director  of the so-called ISLAMIC STATE? What if Iranian threats in private were conveyed to Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry and what if those private threats of revelation were overheard by spying Jews? The answer in terms of "global chess" would be: IRAN takes IRAQ.


Bullet and bomb...traded and spaded...Shiite and Sunni struggle and gore
Bomb and bullet...shaded and gated...mullah-mangled...closed and bolted their doors.


Shiite and Sunni are struggling for hegemony in the Middle East. While both sides at times have joined forces to evict an intruder, nevertheless, they are almost always ready to undermine and subsume the other when advantage observed therein.

Take for example, the battle for Tikrit. Before Obama withdrew American fighting forces, that city was dominated by a Sunni minority whose power and position insulated the area from most of the big foot government grip and grab the Shiites in Baghdad were wont to otherwise impose. However, once Obama took his finger off these pinheads...both Shiite and Sunni saw a chance to gather and stomp out any opposition. Hence...Tikrit is now a battleground wherein Shiite and Sunni vie for their season in power.

What has many political scientists amazed is how ignorant Obama is about what's afoot. Somehow he doesn't sense a realignment of the Geo-political world...that the "use of nukes" will be a reality and not some item on a negotiator's wish-list...and...that the conflict between Shiite and Sunni will continue forever with those surviving the nuclear holocaust bound to kill each other until only one is left...an eventuality the Qu'ran foresees as the most blessed day...a 12th IMAM kind of day, indeed.


At Ft. Meade...at a security gate...at the National Security Agency headquarters...reputedly the most secure spot in America...a black SUV crashed through a gate and almost made it to the front door before it was blasted by ground to ground missiles and 30 mm cannon fire killing the two dudes therein whose dress was that of ladies of the night. High heels...lip stick...dresses and wigs to match...they were going for glory...MASS MEDIA coverage...and...that 6 foot dateless night of dust and patch.


Saudi air strikes blew holes in runways and destroyed 11 of the 16 jets reducing the Yemeni Air Force to 5 remaining "in-service" jets and these were under the control of the Houthis...a Shiite bunch whose mission statement to control all of Yemen and eliminate Sunnis wherever found.

Because Saudi Arabia is mostly Sunni...the threat of a Shiite Yemen required air strikes and perhaps even invasion of Yemen. The problem with an invasion is the Saudis are desert fighters...and...Yemen is mostly hills and mountains...places where small forces can pin down a huge number of opposing troops...a ground game Saudi Arabia could not support very long before having to sue for peace.


Ashok Kumar struggled to save enough money to buy a motor cycle but with that cycle he could become a delivery dude and make tips and salary working for the new online e-commerce hubs around New Delhi. He envisioned having his own warehouse and team one day but for now he would be content to make sure every delivery from KUMAR done with pride and joy.

But...his passion for the future was soon to be dashed. The socialists of New Delhi declared they were going to save people like KUMAR and with that declaration they added layer upon layer of tax and red tape on e-commerce...so much burden huddled there wasn't any room for KUMAR or his envisioned paradise. He would have to remain a street sweeper...picking up cow dung and suffering the cliches and snickers as his "betters" passed by his lowly self.(Wall Street Journal 03-30-15;A-1)

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Any planet or moon where there is water...there is also life. While it might be primitive...it's as likely as not advanced perhaps much more advanced than we on planet Earth might think. And...if such does exist...might their space-craft be observed in our own atmosphere and oceans from time to time?

Europa is a moon with an inner core of water. It's outer surface is a thick ice sheet which insulates what's beneath from the deadly radiation which Jupiter emits 24/7. There is life on Europa...and...it's as likely as not sentient life...and...well-capable of traveling to Earth should such be required. Perhaps those underwater unidentified objects people along the coast of South America observe are from Europa as many ancient alien theorists believe?

"stop all engines"

Admiral Flynn told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he agreed with its POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT. Indeed...he couldn't believe Obama was permitting the Iranians to develop their nuclear weapon systems. He said Obama was misguided and his idiocy was about to endanger the world.

"Stop all engines!" Admiral Flynn loudly declared adding Obama was being duped and America from the anger of Iran wouldn't be spared. "Those rag heads will deploy and detonate as soon as they have their Sword of Allah," Flynn pointed and poked doomsday's gate. "We must invade...right now...all men on deck...boom...bang...and...bomb...lest they strike first leaving little left...certainly the worst date for that Prom."

U.S.Rep. Elijah Cummings?

U.S.Rep. Elijah Cummings(D.Md) could defeat all comers if he were to choose to run for the open-seat in the U.S. Senate. Naturally...other big foot government wannabes are vying for the support of the socialist and Eco-fascist voting blocs so prevalent in Maryland but which have become ineffectual when pitted against a freedom-fighter(think Republican Governor). It's as likely as not that Cummings will prevail since he can promise more than the others and will have the minority voters almost exclusively in his corner in the Primary...a combination that his competitors won't have.

However...should Cummings be the Democrat's chosen champion...the opponent must be a person whose passion for liberty without border. The Republicans must put forth someone whose message that of liberation over subjugation...a message as contrary and as opposite as night and day to that of the "whip and chain" mantra Cummings will be obliged to preach. When any voter is given the choice between the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE or the 21st Century's KEY...the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...few voters ever choose CAGE...wherein the likes of Elijah Cummings can plunder storeroom and direct from cradle to grave.

Governor Mike Pence pushes back

Because the MASS MEDIA must now compete with social media...any story about reducing the grip and grab of big foot government...gets top billing and 24/7 maltreatment. Indeed....a freedom-fighter such as Governor Pence in this particular instance has recently been called nasty names and belittled with talking heads taking turns piling on with rapacious innuendo and scurrilous rumor.

Take for instance the venom spewed by Elizabeth "papoose" Warren. "How dare Mike Pence permit a cake-maker to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. That cake-maker should have been attacked by police...shot and killed...with law to back up the cleansing," chortled Senator Elizabeth Warren...herself a rabid freedom-hater when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG "why" she hated Mike Pence so much. "With this newest law...a Hoosier can refuse to make that wedding cake and not fear getting shot by the "thought police"...and...I find that despicable!" Warren drooled and fumed.


The BLACK BOX recovered from the wreckage of Flight 9525 has dramatic audio wherein the pilot and most of the passengers can be heard demanding Andreas Lubtiz open that door to the flight deck and permit the pilot to correct the descent and avoid collision with the Alps. But also on that portion of the overall data...you can hear that demented co-pilot singing American political songs made popular by TEAM OBAMA as he drove that jet like a dart into the side of a mountain.


As unimaginable as it might seem...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has negotiated a deal with IRAN that would give IRAN the capability of producing an operational nuclear weapon system in 12 months. And...except for this BLOG and 47 U.S.Senators...the MASS MEDIA and most of America has been quiet about what Obama is doing. Could they have accepted the supposition that with an operational "nuke" the IRANIANS would not deploy and detonate when they've loudly promised as much?


Could Saudi Arabia with the help of other Arab states produce an ARAB ARMY... comprised of troops and commanders drawn from places such as Jordan or Kuwait? And...even if one could be fielded...perhaps 40,000 strong...equipped with tank, jet and bomb...could that army defeat the terrorists?

The answer is obviously "no". The vested interests in the Middle East are at war with each other. This proposed army would have to be Sunni since the enemy is Shiite. The stakes are absolute with the losers getting eradicated...snuffed out...eliminated. Hence...it's a battle to the death and both sides know* the conclusion: Allahu Akbar!(God is great).
*Perpetual war between Shiite and Sunni...there is an entire industry built around this conflict with so much money being made from the Mullahs on down...it would be silly to stop the confrontation. The so-called ARAB ARMY will degenerate into office-squabbling and will implode as each "I'm right you're wrong" commander or politician declares Jihad.


The MASS MEDIA is coming out against U.S.Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) declaring him to be an "extremist"...a person who will go "all in"...and...gamble for the best result. Somehow...labeling someone a zealot will taint the candidate and make him "unmarketable" in a 2016 America where almost half the population reduced to utter dependency on big foot government "hand-outs".

"How could Ted Cruz possibly be supported by people who have been reduced to cattle and sheep directed and controlled by TEAM OBAMA'S bureaucratic creeps?" asked Senator Chuck Schumer...himself a ranking member of TEAM OBAMA and a rabid freedom-hater of the 1st order adding that TEAM OBAMA controlled virtually all of the MASS MEDIA and by 2016 would also control almost all of the INTERNET through the new "net neutrality" rules.

"Even if Ted Cruz were to secure the Republican nomination for President...he'd still must run the MASS MEDIA gauntlet and that "ain't easy"...scoffed Senator Elizabeth Warren when asked about the manner in which Ted Cruz might govern. Recall it was Warren who declared the producer didn't produce whatever alone but had the help of everyone else in society and hence society had a claim on the product and whatever not taken from the producer was purely at the unbridled discretion of scumbags such as she...a lady whose mission statement champions a rabid hatred for liberty and an overarching desire to replace it with "freedom-to-obey".

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM and the would-be master seems to be prevailing quite easily. Yes...the would-be master controls the MASS MEDIA and now the INTERNET...but...a message of liberation over subjugation can't be stifled or stomped. Eventually...something squeezes through...small perhaps...innocuous at best...but...squeezed through the bottleneck nevertheless. Maybe Ted Cruz is a leader of the army of liberation and marches to "make salt"...or...maybe he's really a BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT DUDE...and...is only pretending to want the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE dismantled and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered marketed brought forth. But...from what he said in his announcement at LIBERTY UNIVERSITY...it's likely he'll eliminate the yoke and choke agenda which presently has the throat of America in its grip and grab.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Degrees of safe. Well...there's safe...very safe...and...I...guess...storeroom safe. But only in the otherwise unhampered market is the storeroom safe from unwanted intrusion by big foot government. In all other instances...the would-be master with envious mob can plunder whatever and redistribute in acord with what power afoot,(MATTHEW 6:24).

Donald J. Boudreaux

Recently DONALD J. BOUDREAUX joined the army of liberation and marches to "make salt",(Wall Street Journal A-13;03-28-15). What caused him to join this impassioned defense of liberty was the way big names were saying the world would be a better place if fossil fuel were outlawed with only government vehicles permitted on roadways. Indeed...Arianna Huffington...one of the biggest most respected names on planet Earth said she wanted everyone living in tents...singing old Negro spirituals around campfires and worshiping whatever idol she forged. So persuasive and commanding was her vision of the "new America" that DONALD J. BOUDREAUX became anxious and decided to join an organization whose mission statement to prevent liberty from being replaced with "freedom-to-obey"...the stuff Arianna Huffington and her ilk want more than life itself.


A new Renaissance is afoot. Take for example, the venture capital fund of Li Ka-shing. Asia's richest man. He is offering to finance the novel and unique. He's funding everything from "fountain of youth" serums to self-directing drones. Indeed...it's likely before long he'll have moon-bots scavenging the lunar surface looking for the next big "something". When asked about the next* horizon, Solina Chau...Li's long time pal and business partner...said she was already planning on building hotels inside the moon by 2018.
*An prudent investor would buy stock in HORIZON VENTURES LTD.


Recently...people wishing to be openly critical of Hillary Clinton have attacked her reciting her shortcomings...the investigations into everything she ever did...and...her peculiar silence after the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy compound attack. They point out that she has failed at every business venture she ever tried. They note the myriad of investigations into what might be in someone else's case criminal misconduct. And...most of all...many critics are still loudly asking what Hillary did that fateful night back on September 11, 2012.

Thomas J. Vilsack

If a poster child were needed for SOCIALIST MAGAZINE...the editor would needn't look any further than Thomas J. Vilsack. As Secretary of Agriculture...this scumbag has done all he can to reduce Americans to cattle and sheep to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. One of the ways he and his goon squads achieve such result is to give food stamps...and...other freebies to people...slowly siphoning off their self-starter aspect...and...leaving only shells...easily directed supplicants and parasites. Hence...he's the perfect mug for that cover page.


Lena Dunham...in the New Yorker...wrote a spoof on Jewish guys comparing them to her dog. Indeed...she couldn't recall which set of eyes pleased her more...but...was sure...if at a restaurant...her partner wouldn't have a wallet.


At the St. Lucie County International Airport...AIR FORCE arrived with Obama. His mission statement to speak to the editorial staff of FREEUSFLORIDA.COM and ask they not be so brutal in their caricatures...particularly labeling him as a "dung-throwing monkey"...a moniker disliked but often heard from the hecklers in the crowd.


OBAMA-CARE became law because the MASS MEDIA assisted TEAM OBAMA in perpetrating falsehoods such as "You can keep your doctor.Period. You can keep your insurance.Period." These were obvious lies...and...anyone who read that hellish law would have known them to be LIES.

Mention is made of this dastardly trick since recently the same "public-ignorance" is being used to castigate Governor Mike Pence for having signed into law a religious convictions rule which permits a person to practice their religion without interference from big foot government. It does not promote discrimination but only assures Hoosiers they needn't fear some would-be master with envious mob descending upon their place of worship and burning them out.

However...the MASS MEDIA is CLAIMING the "new law" as another badge and incidence of bondage. They point out that gay-rights enthusiasts will boycott Indiana since they fear some hotel or restaurant might deny them access...a fear totally unfounded...and...not grounded in any part of that :"new law". But when you have an agenda...what does TRUTH matter? If they can dupe people to accept OBAMA-CARE...why not mislead them about some innocuous Indiana law and get them riled up and angry?


He was told that if he took all he had and threw it down that well...and...made a wish...he'd find that for which he sought. So the dude sold everything...got a bunch of gold coins and went to the wishing well and began to throw the coins into the well and declaring with each toss: "I wish I had a billion bucks!" As he tossed the last coin into that gaping maw...with all his soul he shouted: "I wish I had a billion bucks!" And...as described...the well replied, "So do I...so do I..."

The economy of America will have $3.8 trillion extracted by big foot government which in turn will redistribute that $3.8 billion as it sees fit. Every interest group which might be important in the 2016 election cycle will be showered with freebie and favor as this $3.8 trillion is passed around. Those worker bees whose honey was taken to accomplish this feat will be told they're to continue enslaved and their future only what the would-be master with mob chooses to paint.


Donald Trump wants to preserve the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and augment from time to time its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system he knows turns self-starters into drooling supplicants and rapacious parasites. Instead of preaching liberation over subjugation...he will call upon Americans to kneel and worship whatever idol the would-be master might forge.

Minority Leader?

U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) is demanding he be made Minority Leader replacing the departing Harry Reid. "We need a zealot to push socialism and Eco-fascism...and...I can't think of anyone better suited for the job. I know where all the skeletons are...closet doors can be opened, you know," whispered a possum-like Schumer as he was revealing his plans should his fellow Democrats want a firebrand.


Hillary Clinton told a cub reporter from this BLOG that she was commencing her campaign with an informal listening tour...traveling around the country...stopping at every Democratic stronghold and preaching the gospel of socialism and enslavement. When asked if she were on such a tour when those 4 Americans for 7 long hours begged for help at the Benghazi embassy on 09-11-12...she became angry and loud. "How dare you ask me about where I was and what I was doing!"

Friday, March 27, 2015

"listening tour"

Hillary Clinton is about to embark on a listening tour. And...when she's done...she'll tell America that her plans were molded on that trek across America...and...she's now prepared to remove all liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey".

In typical Hillary common-speak...she'll recite how during her tour she encountered many different people with different needs and wishes. She'll claim...for example...that she heard from Mary Binkwell who was receiving free medical care...free food...free shelter...free gasoline...and...she wanted to thank her master for the goodies. She'll tell about the little crippled boy who asked her almost in tears that storerooms be looted so he might get some big foot government subsidy and how she promised him...as she cradled his little drooling face in her socialist lap...she would destroy liberty so that he might benefit.

Folks...we must dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Hillary's declaration will be that she heard from millions of Americans on her "listening tour" and they want more not less grip and grab...more not less yoke and choke...and...are willing to kneel and lick her absurd pomp with candied tongue.

The complicit MASS MEDIA will find parasites and supplicants willing to praise Hillary Clinton and openly demand the producer be enslaved so that their labor might benefit them in some Hillary-fashioned way. And with that great defense the voter will be asked to perpetuate the CAGE...eschew anyone offering KEY...and...choose Hillary.

Tikrit bots

In Iraq...in Tikrit...the Americans are using drones and robot warriors to clear snipers and hidden mines before real troops are dispatched to sweep up the mess. The drones fire their heat-seeking bullets at night taking out snipers and anyone else marked for termination with extreme prejudice. The robotic warriors...in a coordinated assault...travel through the streets and sewers killing rag heads and saving the beleaguered Shiites of Tikrit from the menace of the Islamic State(Sunni Army).

When the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG offered such a combat unit...it was turned down. It was not expensive enough...was too easily deployed and directed...and...the idea had come from freedom-fighters the very thing most hated in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. However, after much setback and loss of life and equipment...though...the DRONE-BOT division was sent forth and the results have been spectacular.

Apparently...in the Qu'ran...if a "warrior" is killed by a robot or drone they are doomed to languish in Hell...never to have their 14 virgins and bottle of expensive French wine. Just the prospect of such an end caused the so-called ISIS team to take their black flag of "no quarter" and depart...headed to Mosul to fight to the finish. Allahu Akbar!


In Yemen...Uncle Sugar is supporting the Sunnis against the Houthis(Shiites) while in Iraq...the Shiites are given military assistance against the Islamic State(Sunni army). Instead of articulating freedom and its blessings...though...Uncle Sugar in both instances supports the would-be socialists...in Iraq...the Shiites are the oppressive socialists...while in Yemen...the Sunnis are the oppressing socialists. "If they will destroy what little freedom remains...we will assist them in their endeavor," snorted Obama when asked "why" the mixed bag of relationships.


An "open border" policy would be the best way to conduct business in America...permitting thereby the free flow of capital, labor and expertise unhindered by big foot government grip and grab. The "open border" assumes...however...that America is an otherwise unhampered market economy...unfettered by the diktat and intrusion of would-be masters and their envious mobs. In such a place...for instance...never could some dung-throwing monkey such as Obama ever have power to dispatch black ops teams to foment unrest and perpetrate mayhem along the Mexican border.


In 2016...there will be an "open" U.S.Senate seat for Maryland voters to fill. Will they choose a socialist whose mission statement to reduce them to cattle and sheep to be controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps? Or...will they choose a Republican preaching liberation over subjugation and promising to remove the stranglehold the socialists and other freedom-haters have?


Amanda Knox was found "not guilty" by the Italian Court. The legal brief the LAW DEPARTMENT of this BLOG wrote and the effort and money spent in her defense...all combined to fetch this result.


U.S.Senate minority leader, HARRY REID announced he would not seek another term. If the Republicans are smart...they'll put a freedom-fighter into that Nevada free for all with a message of liberation over subjugation.


What if there were 60 Republican Senators, a majority in the House of Representatives and a Republican President? Could not the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled? Could not the grip and grab of the would-be master with envious mob finally be put in the rear view mirror? The hellish income tax, the nefarious Internal Revenue Service, the Marxist estate and gift tax, and a plethora of departments and agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and all the other big foot government stuff..all discarded...left behind...trash and dung from another era...a time when liberty was almost replaced by "freedom-to-obey".


Recently...the proverbial stage door has been blocked by big foot government(BFG) diktat. Before BFG...people could work in a play...perhaps...stage handling...even bit-part acting...and...their employer could pay whatever negotiated...sometimes just the "chance" enough remuneration to keep them coming back. Many a famous actress and actor got their start with such open-door policy. But all that "good stuff" is about to change with a minimum wage requiring PAYMENT FOR WORK DONE in at least the amount by law imposed.


Governor Mike Pence signed a law that insulates people from attack for refusing to seat or serve someone they don't like. Of course...except for a few such discriminatory places...every business is in business because everyone is treated the same: respectfully and with honor and integrity for all. Of course...TEAM OBAMA is angry because their big foot government impositions won't occur in Indiana or in 19 other states where religious conviction trumps intrusion.


Right now...IRAN could not stop an invasion by the American military. However...once IRAN gets a "nuke" not anyone would dare. Hence...the IRANIANS are buying "time" so that they might produce enough "nuke-stuff" to construct their SWORD OF ALLAH...a nuclear device so huge it can destroy the world. And...the Democrats...led by Obama...are about to allow such a thing over the strong objections of the Israelis and most Americans.


If the Titanic had only a slice running its length...mattresses hung over the side that quiet night would have staved off flooding and saved the entire bunch. For proof...take a cup...stick it into a bucket of water so the cup is about 3/4 the way submerged. Then...punch a hole in it...and...then put a piece of paper on the outside of the cup over that hole. The pressure of the water trying to enter that hole will push against that paper and PLUG THE HOLE.


What if IRAN lacks a "nuke" at the moment...but...if appearances can be maintained a bit longer...they will construct one? And...if their intent is to build a doomsday device...the size of the bomb won't be a consideration, (Dr.Strangelove).


Socialism is "bad" because it takes from the producer and delivers the unearned to whomever the would-be master picks as "winner". It's sustained by coercion and intimidation. The only way to avoid such "grip and grab" is to insulate the economic sector from the political aspect. By so doing...never again can some scumbag tyrant-type decree: "our tears...your purse!"


Indian River County, Florida in 2016 will have a new Sheriff. The county has tired of the present sheriff whose mission statement was to give out as many traffic tickets as possible. He has angered so many people they are speaking about DARRELL RIVERS... long time resident and highly respected Vero Beach police officer, He wants to be the new sheriff and certainly has the absolute support of this BLOG.


Ah...yes...and...now from the "can't be proven" closet is pulled the ICE SHELF GONE claim. Of course...it's all GUESS...but...when you must find something or lose your JOB...LYING is part of the "defense"erected. Indeed...scumbag environmentalists are claiming Antarctica's ice shelf is about to disappear. Of course...that isn't true...but...when you have the MASS MEDIA willing to publish anything that has "chicken little" aspect...there isn't any hurdle to clear prior to revelation.


Shiite or Sunni? The issue must be tried in war and decided in victory. Both factions claim to be the "true believers" and are willing to slaughter the other side to prove it. Allahu Akbar!


As idiotic as it might sound...people in Indiana are sharing needles when shooting-up their drugs. Governor Mike Pence...in a most rare act of courage...said he was directing his goon squads to stop arresting people for drug use and permit them to get needles when they need them. Instantly...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...objected. The spread of HIV was needed because it would give another reason for OBAMA-CARE. "I want people dying in the streets," Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG.


Iran is mostly Shiite and its leaders wish to eradicate everybody who isn't a "true believer". To accomplish this incredible feat...the rag heads are building an atomic weapon system capable of obliterating any country that doesn't worship as they. The maniacs in Tehran know they could blow a hole in Manhattan and escape retribution. They know the Europeans and Turks would never permit Uncle Sugar to drop "nukes" on IRAN or invade it using traditional means.

The Saudis...though...know what Tehran's ruling elite has in mind. In order to stop such Shiite advance...they've commenced interdiction efforts including bombing Yemen...a Shiite stronghold. They know that IRAN is behind the Houthis "take-over" of Yemen and also know IRAN plans to use YEMEN as a "choke-point" enabling IRAN to dictate commerce.


Why care about Yemen? For the political scientist, it's an academic interest. The Shiites and Sunnis are slaughtering each other claiming their blood-letting divinely directed. The Shiite hates the Sunni and the Sunni hates the Shiite. But...why? The  answer is obvious. The Sunni uses camel dung to spice tea...while the Shiite knows the Qu'ran demands camel dung be used only as an aphrodisiac applied just before copulation.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


What if Lazarus were not dead but merely in some kind of coma which imitated death and to the unschooled or untrained eye that person might be pronounced dead? What if Lazarus were a "dry-run'...an experiment to test tetrodotoxin's affect and determine "how long" the coma would last? In the New Testament...in the story of Lazarus...Jesus didn't appear to be worried that Lazarus had been dead for several days. Indeed...Jesus went to the tomb containing Lazarus...gave him the antidote and Lazarus awakened.

Sex Parties

The Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) is packed with scumbags and miscreants. It's the dumping ground for jerks and misfits. It's an agency whose usefulness has long past...and...needs to be deleted...its so-called agents fired and labeled as "not employable" without pension or any further benefits of any kind. It's time to clean house and DEA should be the first of the vermin* evicted
*DEA agents were caught manufacturing evidence...lying on the witness stand...and...having sex parties with under-aged boys from Cambodia.


Why not there be one place where big foot government is restricted and unable to intrude to pick winners and losers? The answer is that should an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) be permitted...the prosperity and joy flowing from such a place would cause others to want as much thereby eliminating big foot government and most of its employees and would-be masters...a fate big foot government advocates can't imagine and something they'll kill to prevent.


In India...people use moneylenders more often than not since there isn't any formality and repayment is the polestar for further financing. In America...big foot government is trying to destroy the moneylenders and thereby kill off any access to capital. While the Indians know government hurts people particularly when it intrudes into money lending...the Americans are hell-bent on imposing so many barriers and hurdles to borrowing that most people won't try and will become wards of big foot government...dependent and miserable. "I want people to lick my boot!" screamed Elizabeth Warren herself a dedicated freedom-hater...big foot government advocate...and...primal enemy of payday loans.


Mercury is a neurotoxin. In small quantities it's not harmful. And...of course...it's a naturally occurring substance which can be found in nature. Indeed...mercury and carbon dioxide are found everywhere since both are naturally occurring substance and gas, respectively.

When the so-called Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) issued its newest spate of rules...it highlighted mercury and CO2 as dangerous in any quantity. The scumbags at EPA declared the human being a danger to Mother Earth since the human exhaled CO2...and...their coal-fired power plants spewed out minuscule traces of mercury. "We must eliminate nature-damaging electricity and CO2 by reducing the number of humans and their power-plants. We need to send Americans back to a romantic time...a time when people huddled about campfires and sang old Negro spirituals to avoid boredom,"smacked Obama...himself a dedicated environmentalist.


The Sunnis are the largest interest group in Tikrit. The Shiites are trying to retake Tikrit and impose oppressive "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies. Will the Shiites prevail over the Sunnis? It's unlikely success will come from this confrontation between two sects whose mission statement the eradication of the other. Indeed...success might very well be measured in how many Shiites and Sunnis are left once the blood-letting is over.


Andreas Lubitz...co-pilot on Flight 9525...told a friend he wanted to prove he was as much a dedicated MARXIST as Obama whom he referred to as a "dung-throwing monkey". "I'll crash my plane into the Alps thereby demonstrating my dedication!"


After 9-11-01 attack on the World Trade Center...jets had their doors redesigned so passengers could not access the pilot cabin. However, this approach assumed the pilot and co-pilot were dedicated to flying and landing safely. In the case of German jetliner, Flight 9525...the co-pilot was heard screaming, "Allahu Akbar". He locked out the pilot who had left the pilot's cabin to use the toilet. The door was designed to withstand bashing and banging and hence the co-pilot was alone and able to fly that doomed jet into the Alps.


When the pilot left the cabin to use the toilet...the co-pilot when left alone directed the jet into the Alps killing himself and everyone else. The last statement of the co-pilot was "Allahu Akbar!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Iran could not openly invade Iraq. The Americans would have prevented it. On the other hand...when the Iranians discovered they could infiltrate Iraq and fight along side other Shiites against a so-called Sunni army calling itself Islamic State...they flooded the area with Revolutionary Guard units...their mission statement to eradicate the Sunnis and deliver Iraq into Iran's sphere of influence.

Somehow, the Iranians knew that ISIS was a created-critter...a puppet of the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)...a fact confirmed by the CIA's own head honcho, JOHN BRENNEN. The Iranians knew they could join with Iraqi Shiites...eradicate the "threat of ISIS"...and...possess IRAQ and greater parts of whatever other country in which the CIA has erected such puppets,(think Boko Haram).


A freedom-hater. Such was the description and label used to describe Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) and former Governor O'Malley of Maryland...both dedicated socialists whose passion for enslavement rivaling that of any tyrant. Could it be that Hillary Clinton was dispatched to clear the field for these two would-be masters?


Bowe Bergdahl left his post in Afghanistan. The military is about to court martial him for leaving his post while on duty. Several of his team went looking for him and were killed.


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) revealed that he licked boot and bought OBAMA-CARE to avoid the penalty. He agreed he was enslaved but said he had to lick* boot. As Ted said, "Call me Toby."
*In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is TOBY.


Spewing socialist dogma...and...demanding liberty be replaced with "freedom-to-obey" isn't interesting to most Americans. And it's this dislike for the "whip and chain" which Hillary Clinton must overcome since she champions such intrusion and destruction.


Why did the United Auto Workers want OBAMA-CARE? The answer is they did not...but...their socialist-leaders did. Now that the worker bees see their honey about to be grabbed...they are griping and asking "who" betrayed them. Of course...their leaders deceived and duped them but they will be spared lynching because the MASS MEDIA is labeling such leaders "visionary"...and..."enlightened".

As Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...revealed, "The UAW is packed with cattle and sheep easily directed by my bureaucratic creeps. Unlike any other union...members of the UAW are easily deceived. They can be made to drink poison if I told them there was a "free lunch" waiting. They're parasites...and...I...for one...will enslave them!"

Ahmad Jebril

Ahmad Jebril alng with others colluded and committed insurance fraud. Jebril would insure a rental apartment and then send in a goon squad to destroy it. Once bashed and beaten...Jebril would apply for insurance policy proceeds. That bunch would still be defrauding insurance companies had not an insider elected to tell someone about the illegal enterprise.

Mention is made of this scoundrel since he's appeared recently on YouTube proclaiming ISLAM as the true religion. Apparently...having stolen and deceived are not stains but badges of honor for this so-called IMAM. Could the Muslims be so stupid they'd allow such a jerk to be a leader?

bike and people

In London...cab drivers are sullen and nasty. Their cabs smell like a dung heap and the places the driver can go are almost never where the customer wishes to go. To fill this huge hole...rickshaws are quickly appearing all over  London and elsewhere. The rickshaw is pedal driven and the operator's own muscle-power gets the customer within inches of the destination selected. So popular are the rickshaws that cab drivers...relying on crony-capitalism...have asked London's government to make rickshaws illegal thereby forcing people to use their "disgusting cabs".


Yesterday...an auto-piloted jet crashed into the side of a mountain. Many aviation experts are claiming the jet was overtaken by "computer-control" and the hacker...an Obama advocate and campaign organizer...sent those 150 people to their death in order to prove this kind of "interference" was possible.


In Iraq...TIKRIT...is still held by ISLAMIC STATE. Of course...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA falsely declared TIKRIT "liberated"..."free of ISIS"...a declaration made to enhance the political stature of Obama. What these jerks didn't realize...though...was that social media is everywhere and such declaration of victory was quickly undermined. In reaction...Obama directed his scumbags at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) to "pull the plug" on any social media network which carries the "truth about Tikrit".


The catfish industry of America received a "protective mantle" when trade barriers were raised to stop the sale of competing "foreign" fish...a fish which tastes the same...but...is far cheaper to raise and hence less expensive. Restaurants in America are complaining because their "fish and chip" menu has been attacked. "The scumbags in big foot government are putting a huge number of restaurants out of business. It's time to delete such grip and grab," declared Timmy Titler a "fish-importer".

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


TEAM OBAMA is destroying the crab industry in Maryland and the Democrat-delegation from that state is strangely silent. Could these representatives and seantors hate freedom that much they'd allow some dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office to stomp it out?


Both Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul want to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Such a fresh approach to governance has frightened the ESTABLISHMENT...a/k/a..."de-man".


Yemen isn't land-locked Chad but a country with strategic importance if its people wished to bottleneck and coerce. If it had a modern Navy and Air Force...Yemen could very well demand payment from every oil-producing country for right to be left alone as shipping passed by Yemen's coast. Fortunately for those nations...Yemen is the poorest of the poor and what little military they have is on the order of muskets and arrows.

3 years

Obama bragged about his YEMEN PARADIGM. There...his foreign policy addressed terrorism and delivered a safe and secure country and his THREE YEAR EFFORT was paying off. He pointed to a stable socialist government...and...to the socialist healthcare program(OBAMA-CARE ON STEROIDS) and to the socialist housing subsidies and the socialist food programs...all the stuff he had imposed on sheep-Americans...he had done as much or more in YEMEN...and...YEMEN was peaceful...its inhabitants reduced to cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. Such things to TEAM OBAMA were wondrous to behold.(Wall Street Journal A-6;03-24-15).

However...that socialist model fell apart as rival interest groups began their march to delete such oppression...to eliminate the tyranny imposed on them by Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey. Nowadays...YEMEN is embroiled in civil war...each group fighting for its season in power...and...Obama is blamed by all sides in the conflict to have been the catalyst for the mayhem and unrest.


When BUSH-CHENEY established a socialist government in IRAQ...they set in motion what by March 2015 is civil war between interest groups each vying for their season in power so they might loot the storerooms of those "out-of-power". Indeed...Shiites are now in power...so a Sunni army* is marauding and pillaging...delivering some "pay-back"for what those in power have been doing to them.

There is ONLY ONE real solution: remove big foot government from the Socio-economic context...insulate the storeroom from the grip and grab of the otherwise would-be master with envious mob...and...assure every interest group that never again will they need fear the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

ISLAM would have to take a "backseat" to civil peace and prosperity. Those zealots who simply must slaughter in order to find a blessing from Heaven wouldn't be tolerated. Even their own families would urge them to journey into the desert and slap rock and spider rather than hurt the next door neighbor.

Yes...THE PROPHET Mohammed did say it was better to sleep in blood than permit an infidel one more moment on Mother Earth...but...it's obvious his utterances were for another time...a time of strife and death...a time when people were ruled by tyrants and freedom was not anywhere to be found. Hmmm...sounds a lot like what BUSH-CHENEY delivered.
*According to official White House sources...the ISLAMIC STATE is a "created-critter"...something designed by the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) but which might have gone crazy and run amok.

Monday, March 23, 2015

"hands up, don't shoot"

"Hands up, don't shoot!" was a LIE. Mike Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot 400 times by a deranged Ferguson cop whose specialized Seal Team #6 kind of training enabled him to reload 15 times in less than 60 seconds.


U.S.Senator Rand Paul has an army waiting for his 4-07-15 announcement that he is running for President. Unlike the wishy-washy "me-too" Republicans...the spineless Bobby Jindal or the meek Rubio...Senator Rand Paul calls for liberation over subjugation...and...invites everyone to march with him to "make salt"...to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


White House chief adviser, Denis McDonough told a bunch of pro-Muslims that Obama was not going to permit Netanyahu and his marauding Jews to annex the West Bank or remove the firepower presently hidden in Gaza. "We will force the Jew to give up the land...and...eventually become little more than a sect treated in ways similar to how other small groups are handled,"McDonough drooled and mused.


When man-made global warming was found to be a lucrative enterprise...the greed overshadowed good judgment and many scientists signed on to what was theory only...sheer guessing...but...if computer models were used...a good show could be presented and people would pay big bucks to hear about dooms day.

Indeed...until 12-21-12 came and went without incident...there were entire movies and shows dedicated to the Mayan prediction that on that day...Mother Earth into flames would burst. Mankind was deemed to have torched nature rendering the planet a burned out cinder. Naturally...once 12-21-12 came and went...the doomsayers needed another chimera and man-made global warming...a/k/a...climate change...fit their frame and with fear and terror that package came.


Today...Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) told a passionate crowd he was running for President. He was going to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...delete its "victim-making" entitlement system...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM). Along the way...as an idea...he mentioned a flat tax and the eradication of the despised Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...to which his 503,219 person audience roared and screamed their adulation. Here was a liberator...someone willing to tell the world that America was once more open for business...all the crony-protectionists and would-be masters would be gone...and...the paradise awaiting theirs for painting.

So powerful was his declaration...the MASS MEDIA instantly began to undermine and degrade. Take for example the assertion that man-made global warming was the same as claiming with spoon and bucket you can dip the ocean dry. Lynn Sweet...a Chicago gal...excoriated Ted. "Why a person could very well achieve such a thing with a big enough spoon!" she snorted and fumed. Climate change* is happening and mankind is its cause...and...there are 1000 scientists who get big bucks for saying as much," she added wiping the drool from her fang and blood from her claw.
*Of course...CLIMATE CHANGE is a natural occurrence but if you're trying to enslave...what better way than to create some idiotic concept...have scumbag "paid-in-full" scientists subscribe to the notion...and...then...with 24/7 propaganda...deceive Americans into thinking the CO2(carbon dioxide) they exhale is a "dangerous gas" and every time they exhale they kill a polar bear or endanger a Kenyan giving birth to an Hawaiian.


Federal Communications Commission chairman, Tom Wheeler has heard his reputation has gone into the toilet since he imposed "net neutrality". Indeed...he was asked to stay away from his country club...and...most of his prior friends won't speak to him. They don't wish to be near what can only be described as a big pile of human excrement.


TEAM OBAMA in chorus fashion declared they hated liberty. Their champion for 2016 might be Hillary Clinton but she's too timid. The freedom-haters want a loudmouth-envious type...and...the name they like is ELIZABETH "papoose" WARREN.

dismantle and delete

U.S.Senator Ted Cruz will dismantle and delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system ushering in thereby the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...after Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) announced he was running for President...came forward to say nasty things about him. "How dare that man proclaim liberation over subjugation!"fumed Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...herself an evil freedom-hater whose mission statement to destroy what little remains of liberty in America.


Bragging about how wonderful his foreign policy was playing out in such diverse places as Iraq and Yemen...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that Yemen was a model of how well his policies and programs were working: "We have backed socialist and fascist elements in Yemen...destroying what little liberty those folks had and replaced it with "freedom-to-obey" whip and chain stuff...the same stuff we are imposing on the cattle and sheep of America. Sure...the people of Yemen didn't much care for the school lunch program or the "have-sex-with-camel" games the First Lady felt important for Yemen's children to know...but...the Green Berets and Seal Team #6 enforced the curriculum with machine guns.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey....laughed when he spoke about "how" the Muslim would push the Jew back into Sinai. "The Jew won't know it until it's too late. We're working 24/7 to undermine the Jew and dispatch that bunch back into the desert to wander for another millennium. On my watch...I'll see to it Palestine belongs to the Muslim not the obstreperous Jew!"


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) announced he marches to "make salt"...his mission statement...to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...delete its oppressive "victim-making" entitlement system...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Sure...he mentioned some things which seem at odds with the overall game-plan...but...all in all...it was a great speech and a wonderful way of telling Americans there was hope that the socialist-grip on the throat of liberty was about to be removed.


Dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE! Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) told the crowd he was about to delete and eliminate the CAGE...and...usher in liberty. They cheered and screamed their approbation. Here was a freedom-fighter...ready to take on the powerful unions...influential interest groups...and...deliver liberty.


U.S.Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) will announce his candidacy for President. He's a freedom-lover and has the backing of millions of voters nationwide who are dissatisfied with the socialists and their terrible economy(less than 2% GDP). Of course...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is already besmirching and demeaning him enlisting the help of its minions to perform this evil task.

Horrified..."freedom-hater" U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma)...a proponent of enslavement...for instance...exclaimed,  "He wants to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...replace it with the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper! If he were to accomplish this feat...socialists and other freedom-haters such my despicable self would have to go get "real " jobs and few employers want scumbags."


Marine Le Pen is a dedicated freedom-hater. She wants to enslave the French. She noted the socialists had already destroyed independent-critical thinking in that toilet bowl...and...with a little help from her fascist pals in Germany and America...she would complete the CAGE and impose strict control from cradle to grave. "I want the French to kneel and lick my boot," she proclaimed when asked "why" she hated freedom so much.

"just and reasonable"

The newest test for INTERNET WEBSITE traffic: "just and reasonable". Indeed...under the newest rules promulgated by Obama's stooges at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC)...this WEBSITE has been targeted for termination. "We can't have freedom-fighters on the INTERNET...they're too disruptive...and...their mission statement to delete the FCC and all the other intrusive departments and agencies," sniffed Senator Chuck Schumber,(D.NY)...adding that he hated liberty...wanted it replaced with "freedom-to-obey" and eliminating such websites as FREEUSFLORIDA,COM was a moral imperative if such command-and-control goals were to be met.


Singapore is better off without scumbag Lee Kuan Yew as its head honcho. He was a jerk and people are glad he's finally gone. Perhaps...Singapore will develop better now that this big foot government monkey has died. "He deserved to be drawn and quartered...butchered alive...skinned...and...mutilated," confided Senator Robert Menendez,(D.NJ) when asked about that authoritarian.


Ever the dung-throwing monkey...OBAMA brow beat scumbag Tom Wheeler into imposing the "whip and chain". Instead of a dynamic INTERNET...it will become another dinosaur...with few users...and...those who do use it will be forced to use it until something better comes along. Indeed...scumbag Wheeler said...under his regime's newest intrusion into liberty...GOOGLE FIBER will be pushed aside since it won't be permitted to compete with Comcast or AT&T under the new net-neutrality rules.
*Eric Schmidt...a GOOGLE dude...wanted the INTERNET destroyed and in its place "freedom-to-obey"imposed. He thought his company would gain advantage over would-be competitors if the marketplace were destroyed and replaced with scumbag decision-making such as what flowed from the belly of Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.


The 12th IMAM shall appear from a millennial state of tribulation to herald the end of days. Unlike most Americans who find such belief to be nonsensical...the Shiites and Sunnis both share that belief wholeheartedly. It's this silly aspect of Islam which both Shiite and Sunni mullahs use to incite their flock to kill and maim. "We want to destroy and slaughter...it's the Muslim creed," snorted a mullah speaking on condition of anonymity.


U.S.Senator Menendez(D.NJ) was marked for eviction by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG because he is an avowed socialist. He voted for OBAMA-CARE...supported the estate tax and increases in the income tax. He's as much a freedom-hater as anyone could imagine. It took some time to put that jackal into a compromising position from which he couldn't easily extricate himself. But...now that the FBI has used the data provided and an indictment seems to be forthcoming...congratulations are in order.


Former Central Intelligence Agency officer, BRUCE REIDEL told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he felt compelled as a patriot to break the CODE OF SILENCE and reveal all the dastardly things TEAM OBAMA has done since 2009. "They killed U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY because he was about to blow the whistle on Obama's black ops activity along the Mexican border. They snuffed out Ambassador Stevens on 09-11-12 because he was about to tell the world about Hillary Clinton and Obama. And...that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office even directed the beheading of several Americans in order to incite America to re-enter the Middle East as a combatant."

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Instead of OBAMA-CARE why not try "Medi-Share"...a Christian healthcare insurance organization?


White House adviser, Denis McDonough told a cub reporter from this BLOG that Obama wasn't about to shake the hand of "that Jew". Of course...ole Den was referring to Prime Minister Netanyahu. "He thinks that Jew needs to be eliminated and his Black Ops team operating in the Gaza Strip would probably be given the "green light" if Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...could find a plausible way to achieve such feat."


Villanova...#1 in ranking...was defeated. People are asking "how" and "why". As for the "how"...watch the replay and you'll find that aspect obvious but as to "why"...the answer is that RUDY was in the other locker room.


Dr. Afridi was personally by SKYPE promised two things: (a) $25 million reward and (b) Extraction from Pakistan once Osama Bin Laden was killed or captured. When Dr. Afridi asked that such promises be in writing...Obama became indignant: "My word is as strong as oak!"

Of course...Obama was LYING to that gullible doctor who knew where Osama bin Laden could be found. Indeed...as those SEAL TEAM #6 helicopters were departing the area...flying 10 feet above Dr. Afridi who stood on a roof top waiting for "pick-up"...people could hear Dr. Afridi screaming to SEAL TEAM #6 to deliver on Obama's PROMISE.

Naturally...SEAL TEAM #6 was under orders to ignore him and leave him on that roof to face what would be death or life-in-prison. Yes...they knew they were betraying that man...but...they were SEAL TEAM #6...they followed orders...even bad ones. They were SEAL TEAM #6 and they'd kill their own mother if directed by Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey.

Recently...the lawyer for Dr. Afridi was warned by this BLOG that he had been marked for death with payment for the assassination made by the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). Instead of "arming himself"...the lawyer was told this BLOG didn't know what it was declaring. Based on that "ignore it"...the lawyer didn't raise his defenses and was slaughtered.

In a perverted sense...Obama was erasing the trail and the first person who needed to be deleted was Dr. Afridi's lawyer since that man had connected the dots and was prepared to reveal Obama's DECEPTION and TREACHERY. "We need to delete that loudmouth," Obama told his goon squad at the CIA...adding that he couldn't afford his last 2 years in the Oval Office sullied by revelation of his obvious EVIL BENT.


Because Obama bragged* about how well America and Yemen were partnering to fight terrorism...this BLOG noted YEMEN was devolving into civil war as interest groups vied for their season in power. Of course...the MASS MEDIA took umbrage with this forecast. "How dare some freedom-fighting BLOG predict disaster particularly when Obama bragged about how secure and safe YEMEN was due to American backing!"
*The last 100 special forces personnel just departed YEMEN. One of the troops speaking on condition of anonymity pointed out that YEMEN went down the drain as soon as Obama bragged about how well he'd helped that government.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Obama told Iranians he was on their side. He wanted them to choose his "deal" and thereby avoid greater burdens...more misery and turmoil. Of course...few watched the video since they recalled how this dung-throwing monkey ignored their plight in 2009 when they tried to evict their would-be masters. Obama stood on the sidelines and permitted the REVOLUTIONARY GUARD to slaughter Iranians who believed Obama would send troops to help them.(wall Street Journal A-10;03-21-15).


Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling...also known as "fracking"...produced a glut of oil and reduced gasoline prices. However...Obama couldn't permit liberty and prosperity to become synonymous. Because he's a MARXIST ON MISSION in monkey-format...he had to "enslave" the FRACKING COMPANIES. Ever the dung-throwing monkey...Obama told America he was imposing strict rules on that process thereby reducing its value and hurting the consumer. He gloated at his power and control over people. Will you sit back and permit this monkey to raise your gasoline prices once more?(Wall Street Journal A-1;03-21-15)

Friday, March 20, 2015


Rovio Entertainment...maker of Angry Birds...reacted to the marketplace and began to offer "free-to-play" games...hundreds of them...in order to compete with those companies who were offering such a discount. In the economy Obama envisions...Rovio wouldn't have to change its business model. Indeed...as Obama confided, "People would be required to continue to play ANGRY BIRDS and anyone refusing would be attacked by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). If we can force people to buy health insurance...we can make them to play ANGRY BIRDS!"


Florida could be a haven for investment and business should its tax structure be modified and reduced. Likewise...the big foot government of Florida must be reduced by 90% in every category. There needs to be mass-firings...eliminating entire agencies and departments...and...thereby a dismantling of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. As if a magnet...Florida would drain even Texas of its wealth in less than 36 months if the CAGE is deleted! Why not?


Has anyone noticed record snow fall in America? Could it be man-made global warming is myth? Yes...there are areas around the United States warmer than usual...but...overall...climate change hasn't occurred...and...to any extent there has been or will be change...it's natural and caused by natural forces, obviously not well-understood by the mythologists.

Instead of admitting they're just guessing and wanting to be paid for their ability to guess...these charlatans...these errant mythologists...have undertaken to look for things that will prove that Mother Earth into flame about to burst.

For example...to prove the oceans are heating up...the mythologists took their measurements in areas near undersea erupting volcanoes...never telling precisely where their measurements were taken lest they be caught in a similar LIE as the one about the ICE BELT of the Himalayas disappearing...something the LIARS thought couldn't be proven to be wrong. To avoid exposure as were the ICE BELT LIARS...the mythologists all agreed never to reveal "where" they took their measurements about ambient ocean temperatures.


Obama was informed the Veterans Administration(VA) was overwhelmed by complaints from disgruntled vets. Obama asked what could he do to help kill off more of them so the "need" would diminish. After being promised anonymity...an adviser told him that 30-40 would do the trick. "Make them wait 30 days before they're granted permission to see their own doctor or use their local hospital...and...then...impose a 40 mile radius compelling those within that range to use VA facilities and doctors no matter who long the wait or how little will be done to treat or cure."


"We can do a better job," bragged the United Federal of Teachers(UFT) when challenged to deliver as good or better than the private charter schools.

Of course...the UNION SCHOOL folded since few wished to work in that oppressive environment and the way the children were taught delivered mediocre to poor results in every category measured. For example...the 1st graders were taught to sing "worship songs about socialism and Obama"...while the 6th graders were tested on how much they could recall of those ENSLAVEMENT DITTIES. "We want the children to be sheep-like...illiterate...and...willing to lick a would-be master's boot. We will inculcate the love of the whip and chain," drooled the UFT spokesman when asked "why" close such a terrible school.

They closed the UNION SCHOOL before its charter was not renewed because of such poor results. By avoiding public condemnation...the UNION hoped people would forget and continue to support such an idiotic organization as the UFT.


Loretta Lynch and Janice Roger Brown...are two Afro-Americans...the former a rabid socialist and dedicated freedom-hater...the latter a freedom-lover whose mission statement to dismantle as much of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE as possible from her niche as a federal judge. Both wanted to be selected for a better position with higher pay. Democrat Dick Durbin filibustered Brown for 28 months preventing her nomination to the D.C.bench while Republicans have delayed Lynch's nomination as U.S. Attorney so that other bills might be addressed.

$2.6 billion?

Because of the hurdle and grip of big foot government...it costs roughly $2.6 billion for a new drug to be brought to market. According to White House officials such high costs assures people will die more quickly something Obama envisions helpful to OBAMA-CARE.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a cub reporter from this BLOG that she knew "how" to deal with the crafty Greeks. After some coaxing...she confided that Germany was about to invade that area...take over the government...and...eliminate the socialist grip on the Greeks.

When it was pointed out...though...that Germany was itself in the death clutches of socialism...she smirked, "We are about to delete that entire paradigm...not slowly...but...Blitzkrieg style...not giving the socialists and their complicit MASS MEDIA time to marshal their minions to stop liberation over subjugation. Greece is only a collateral beneficiary of this shift from old to new...from 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE to 21st Century otherwise unhampered markets....from big foot government to limited and defined essential services delivered in an impartial manner and funded only through lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffett like donations. It's completely different and when we invade...most Greeks will support this eradication of the yoke and choke agenda of socialism."


MUSHROOM CLOUD ABOVE MANHATTAN. And...which politician will be punished for this failure to stop IRAN from getting its hands on a "nuke"? Obviously...Obama and his scurvy crew of like-minded Congressional Democrats will be listed as culprits by the Republicans. How about you?

60 v. 51

The Republican controlled Senate should change its rules to permit potential-laws to be passed with 51 votes and avoiding thereby the so-called filibuster which requires 60 votes to prevent or stop. Should the Republicans be so wise...they could literally delete the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate almost all of the federal bureaucracy...and...deliver America from the grip and grab of big foot government.

A critic of this approach might point out that when the socialists finally achieve power again as they had in 2009 and 2010...they'd proceed to complete their CAGE...rendering it inescapable...and...that 51 instead of 60 stuff would help them enslave and destroy. And...in Europe that kind of criticism might be somewhat valid...but...in America...once Americans have tasted freedom...the Democrats...everyone of them a freedom-hater...would find their support virtually nonexistent.


Had a Republican President LIED* in the same fashion as Obama LIED...the MASS MEDIA would have already eviscerated him...destroying reputation and credibility by showing 24/7 the LIE...and...having talking heads discuss how despicable and anti-American a President who would lie to achieve more control over the herd.
*"If you like your insurance...you can keep it. PERIOD. If you like your doctor you can keep that doctor.PERIOD." Such statements...such declarations...such proclamations were LIES...deliberate bald-faced LIES...designed to dupe and trick...and...intended to keep Americans from knowing the enslavement imposed.


Prime Minister Netanyahu said he was in favor of a two-state solution...Israel and Palestine...but...the prudent approach was to avoid such division until peaceful coexistence was assured...something not yet available. However, TEAM OBAMA jumped on the "back and forth" nature of the Prime Minister's declaration proclaiming it would circumvent Israel and impose a United Nations solution...dividing the country along the lines Obama thought best.

97 official forms?

India is smothered in red tape, tax and spend programs and policies and it's as likely as not India will continue to devolve into a socialist miasma...where misery and squalor are hallmarks of big foot government grip and grab. Take for example the number of forms a shipper must fill out if goods are to be transported. Indeed...there are 97 forms to be completed by the shipper before any goods leave that region. As the shipment passes from state to state...it is taxed...and...taxed some more...until the recipient on the other end...if the goods actually arrive intact...receives a shipment that has so much expense attached that the selling price must be doubled and tripled just to cover the siphoning which the shipment suffered. And "ignorant" economists scratch their heads wondering "why" India is so impoverished and so nasty.(Wall Street Journal A-7;03-20-15).


Abortion is a "hot button" topic in Congress nowadays. Instead of leaving the matter to each state...the Democrats know if they can embroil the Republicans in such debate...it will hurt them in 2016. The Republicans must avoid this debate*...and...permit each state to make its own decision as to abortion.
*ROE v. WADE set the parameters of this argument.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...said he'd kill anyone who didn't vote. He wanted a "shoot-to-kill" law permitting his goons quads to shoot people who refused to vote. Of course...he wanted to know what their vote would be and also wanted the law to include a watchful eye when the voter went into the voting booth to vote. "If a voter attempts to choose liberty over "freedom-to-obey"...I want to know who they are so my U.S.Injustice Department can attack them just as they did U.S.Senator Ted Stevens," drooled Obama.


A bad law is almost never eliminated. Sure...now and then...they are deleted. In Colorado...for example...marijuana was legalized. Even though $200 billion was spent trying to keep the people inside that oppressive NANNY STATE CAGE...they refused to kneel and lick boot any longer. Yes...the "witch-burners" fought to keep those laws so they could continue "burning" witches...destroying Afro-American households with lengthy incarceration...and...generally imposing their "miserable lifestyle" on everyone else. But...fortunately...the voters of Colorado didn't bow down and worship that idol any longer and deleted those idiotic drug laws,(MATTHEW 6:24).


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...threatened to use the Security Council of the United Nations to impose a Palestinian State. In reply...Prime Minister Netanyahu said Obama's threat was as hollow as any other "red line" notion that monkey conjured.


In order to prevail...a modern army must have the ability to replenish men and equipment lest attrition eventually reduce a once powerful army to little more than a rag-tag bunch using slings and crude knives as their weapons of mass destruction. It's obvious ISIS is evaporating...slithering back into the crevices...its members denying their complicity when cornered...its coffers broken and bare.

However...when ISIS is...again...needed...the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) will dispatch its minions once more to loot and pillage. As one CIA operative confided, "ISIS will do as we direct. They're puppets...clowns...stuck in the middle so to speak...jokers to the right...jerks to the left...but there they'll be...fighting for whatever cause they're told to declare."

Claudia Rosett

Claudia Rosett joined the army of liberation and marches to "make salt". When asked if she were brave enough to demand the elimination of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...she declared herself a "freedom-fighter" and promised to undermine and defeat U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) should she replace Hillary Clinton as a 2016 Presidential nominee.


BOOM TOWN. Such was the label appended to "JINX-GULCH"...a town not found on any map. Gold...silver...uranium...and...copper...all found in abundance beneath that town...so much so that every person in that municipality owned a piece of the action. Indeed...it was called the richest town in America and still would be had the environmentalists stayed away. But they didn't...and...with their intrusion...laws were passed preventing the mining of such wealth. "We want to make sure greenhouse gases aren't released...gases that will kill everything on Mother Earth!" smacked Peter Gleik...an environmental advocate.


Donald Trump was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG if he were interested in running for President. In answering in the affirmative...THE DONALD went on to declare that he wanted to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". "I'll eliminate liberty...I'll force people to do my bidding or get shot. I like the way ISIS handles dissent. There isn't any!" chortled this smug and quite arrogant knave.


Prime Minister Netanyahu said he was not against a two-state solution if there were a viable configuration of borders and allocation of water supply. So far...though...he didn't believe such division possible since the Palestinians want it all...not just some...but all of that region...with the Jew dispatched once more to wander Sinai. Reacting with drooling venom...Obama screamed that he wanted an independent Palestine...he'd dismember Israel to achieve such result...and...didn't much care how many Jews were displaced or dispatched.


TENCENT HOLDINGS is booming as is ALIBABA. Their business model...brilliant...their patron loyalty palpable...and...their product not yet stomped by big foot government although such will happen in October of 2016.


In Germany...in Berlin...waiting for a cab can be long and problematic. The cab drivers are rude...their cabs nasty...and...the fares charged exorbitant. Enter UBERPOP...a ride-sharing service offered in Berlin for those who want to get from point A to point B quickly and without a great out-of-pocket payment. So popular has UBERPOP become that German cab drivers filed a law suit claiming UBERPOP violated taxi-laws. A German Judge agreed with the plaintiffs and issued an injunction shutting down UBERPOP and dooming a million Berlin residents to the travails of disgusting German taxis.


When GOOGLE was warned by this BLOG that its support of TEAM OBAMA was unwise...the admonishment was ignored. However, GOOGLE has just discovered what this BLOG meant. It's self-driving car has been called a menace by big foot government. So many hurdles and pitfalls have been erected that GOOGLE might very well decide it's too much of a feat to perform profitably and go elsewhere...perhaps...Germany...a place where innovation has a decent chance of getting to the marketplace.(Wall Street Journal B-6;03-19-15).


As an Afro-American student was exiting a bar near the University of Virginia where he and his class mates had been drinking and making noise...he was accosted by 10 black-clad jerks with batons. steel-toed jackboots, and badges. They pounced on him...beating him senseless. "I'm a student at UVA!" he screamed as his teeth were bashed from his mouth. His classmates...initially surprised by the attack...became loud demanding to know "why" their pal was getting stomped. "He's BWW!" shouted the leader of the goon squad pausing for a moment to inform* the growing crowd about the purpose of such mayhem.
*BWW...black while walking


Amy Zegart read in this BLOG about a drone armada...and...what such a weapon system might mean in the next world war. Instead of giving the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG the credit for this concept and what it could mean...she pretended as if the idea were hers,(Wall Street Journal A-15;03-19-15).


The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA 24/7 demeaned Netanyahu...name-calling...belittling...demeaning...and...doing all manner of nasty things to insure Netanyahu was defeated in the Israeli election. These scumbags even "doctored" exit polling data declaring those who just voted chose someone other than Netanyahu. The talking heads gloated as they read the exit poll reports on TV and RADIO showing Herzog was leading Netanyahu by a large margin.

One jerk...MSNBC Ed Schultz...a Jew-hater of the 1st order...for instance...snickered about "how" Netanyahu's campaign had been thoroughly undermined by Obama-operatives sent to assist in the defeat of Netanyahu. "Yeah..boy...Obama's people will be called the saviors* of the Palestinians once the votes are counted!" snorted Ed "I hate Jews" Schultz when asked why the laughter.
*Unfortunately for the pro-Palestinian crowd...the predicted rout...devolved into "cliffhanger"...and...finally into a blurb about capitalist-Netanyahu's defeat of socialist-Herzog in a landslide vote!


Audi chose Mexico over Tennessee to erect a $1.3 billion factory because the Germans heard that Obama's stooges at the National Labor Relations Board(NLRB) were about to destroy the productivity aspect of factories in America by permitting "fast-track" unionization. "Why step into that mess?" declared an Audi official when asked "why" choose a toilet bowl like Mexico over the virtues of Tennessee.


Oliver Phillip was told his grant money was about gone and if he didn't come up with another "chicken little" scenario calling for mankind to return to tent and mule...to depart from modern-era stuff and return to the days of dancing and singing around campfires and watching women die in child birth..romantic days as Obama calls them...if he didn't "find" that "smoking gun"...he'd be out of a job and have to go to work selling brooms and brushes around London...something he detested since his father and his father's father had been door-to-door barkers and he simply didn't wish to work when he could sit around with others LYING about DOOMSDAY.

Oliver Phillip called his pals in South America and asked if there were any "hiding places"...spots where something could be said to be occurring but not susceptible of examination and critical review. Instantly...he was told to claim Amazon trees were dying...something that was obvious since in a forest...trees grow and die naturally. The TRICK would be to claim the trees died because of "too much" CO2...the naturally-occurring atmospheric gas.

Knowing a good deception when he heard it...slime slug Oliver took up the premise and fashioned data around it...data he contrived...data he manufactured...but...data that would escape scrutiny since everyone he'd show would be a fellow traveler. Not anyone asked if he had done an actual tree count before/after...or...what area he had studied since the Amazon rain forest was vast...with most areas unexplored and hence unknown.

Indeed...Phillip the Liar...found NATURE magazine to be willing to print such idiocy as if it meant something. As Oliver opined, "These trees died because they were "too fat"..."ate too much"'...and...mankind is the cause of their obesity. Stop producing CO2 and the trees would live longer. Take away mankind's industry and return him to times of man-pulled plow, grubbing roots and picking berries...and...the Amazon trees would stop dying."

It made perfect sense and it would save his job. So Oliver "scumbag" Phillip...wrote an article about this LOSS OF TREES DUE TO MAN" and published that screed in a complicit magazine: NATURE.(Wall Street Journal A-11;03-19-15).


South Ossetia and Russia signed a treaty guaranteeing South Ossetia will remain a stable ally of Russia. President Putin appeared for a crowd-pleasing sing-along of traditional Ossetia ballads including its stirring national anthem wherein the liberty of the individual is praised and the power of the state criticized and demeaned.


Protecting the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE might seem ridiculous since few people ever wish "whip and chain" upon themselves...but...BLOCKUPY...a bunch in Frankfurt...are doing just that. Protesting austerity measures in the Euro-zone...they broke glass and set a couple $100,000(+) cars on fire screaming they wanted enslavement not liberty.(Wall Street Journal A-10;03-19-15).

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE will kill their own mothers to retain their seat. BLOCKUPY is just an excrescence of such hatred for freedom and represents a passionate desire to force others to provide for them...their shelter...their food...their clothing...their transportation...and...their entertainment.

"We want to reduce people to cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps," drooled Hannah Eberle...formerly a member of PUSSY RIOT...a very mediocre RUSSIAN PUNK ROCK band. As the leader of BLOCKUPY...she told a cub-reporter from this BLOG there wasn't any room for liberty in Europe...only "freedom-to-obey"...and...her team was going to make sure Europe was enslaved and miserable...two socialist goals she found compelling.


Because this BLOG has the best of the best when it comes to investigative reporting...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed his stooges at the U.S.Injustice Department to find a way to close it down. "That BLOG has too many pet eye-balls...many stationed inside my regime. I can't burp without that BLOG knowing about it. I want those patriots eliminated so I might continue my fundamental transformation of America into a socialist-toilet," fumed Obama when he was told this BLOG had already heard of his threat and was already contacting opposition-MASS MEDIA to carry this latest story on Obama's evil bent.

1000 miles later

Dallas Seavey prevailed and won his 3rd Iditarod traveling 1000 miles across the outback of Alaska...desolate...unforgiving...and...absolutely dangerous.


Kappa Delta Rho...Jerry Sandusky's old fraternity at Penn State...was censored by Penn State President, Renu Khator. "When Jerry was caught sexually molesting Penn State football players...raping them in the shower before each home-game...doing 15 to 30 boys on each occasion...I was disturbed but thought Penn State Pride was based on rape and sexual perversion. Now...Penn State frat dudes were caught taking snapshots of naked women using their toilet facilities during frat-parties...and...then...posting those lurid photos on FACE BOOK. I didn't much care about the shower-rapes...but...posting naked photos of girls was just too much for me," confided Khator when asked by a cub-reporter about any differences between Sandusky rape and K-D exposure.


The WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG contacted Tunisian officials and warned them that a museum was about to be ruthlessly attacked by ISIS. Of course...such WARNING was ignored because this BLOG is an American BLOG...even though it's the most popular one. "We didn't listen since we were told only pro-OBAMA BLOGS were to be read," whispered an apologetic big foot government dude as he looked out over bodies and blood in Tunis.


Netanyahu defeated the socialist-Herzog. Obama was livid. He wanted* the socialist installed so the Muslim could push the Jew back into Sinai to wander for another thousand years. "I hate the Jew and it would have been far better had Herzog won. Unlike Bibbi...Herzog would have destroyed what little remained of liberty in Israel similar to what I've done in America and thereby give the Muslim a chance to dispatch the Jew back into Sinai," Obama whined as he was reading the exit-polls in Israel realizing his dream of caliphate in the Middle East would have to a little longer to wait.
*Obama called Herzog...the defeated candidate...and...told him it wasn't over yet. He'd see to it that Netanyahu was assassinated.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Big Foot Government of California...instead of permitting the farmers and industrialists to use their know-how to create reservoirs* so that in times of drought there might be sufficient water...it imposed restriction after restriction until whatever water there was was completely controlled by politicians. Hence...fish and bacteria became the primal concerns and human kind was reduced to 2nd class citizenship with water rationing as a solution any time drought arrived.

On March 18, 2015...California's big foot government imposed water rationing...loudly claiming the drought was due to man-made global warming...a LIE...but...when you're big foot government and your sheep and cattle are grumbling about the grip and grab upon their throats...any scapegoat is a likely candidate and what better one than the myth of man-made global warming particularly when told to the gullible and idiotic residents of that left-coast state.
*Enough water fell in the Pineapple Express deluge to fill the reservoirs which would have been constructed had big foot government not been running the show. However...because big foot government was in charge of the water supply...98% of the Pineapple Express rainfall ran off into the Pacific Ocean.


According to GOOGLE...this BLOG is the most-read BLOG in America. As one GOOGLE official said, "FREEUSFLORIDA.COM lays out a path to freedom that socialists find distasteful.


Man-made global warming mythologists through social media joined to tell the world that while it's myth...it's a religion and they had best begin to worship nonsense lest they be called "deniers"...people who doubt with spoon and bucket a person can dip the ocean dry. One so-called preacher of the myth told a cheering crowd that 2014 was the warmest winter on record...something few could imagine possible since records* went back only a few centuries and climate change was millenniums in the making.
*Indeed...solar activity and volcanoes above and below the oceans of Mother Earth might be significant contributors to regional climate variations...but...to mention such OBVIOUS FACTORS is to undermine the charlatans masquerading as "fearful climatologists" and well-informed chicken little types(think Al Gore and Steve Styer).


As many people know...Hitler was cheered by most Germans. Even when Berlin was in flames and the Russians were on its outskirts...many Germans still believed the propaganda that the German Army was about to sack Stalingrad and press on to Moscow. Because of the incredible power of the German MASS MEDIA and the ruthless nature of the Gestapo(secret police)...the only Germans left by the end of World War II were the gullible and the sheep-like.

Mention is made of this phenomenon since the Germans...generally speaking...were a clever and enlightened bunch...highly skilled and intelligent...formidable foes in any battle...but...easily duped into following whomever they were told to follow. Similarly...Americans seem to have become easily duped...easily managed...as if they were already cattle and sheep willing to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.

What has many political scientists concerned is how easily TEAM OBAMA...using the complicit MASS MEDIA...was able to dupe America into accepting the yoke and choke agenda embedded in OBAMA-CARE and NET NEUTRALITY. "We replaced liberty with "freedom-to-obey"...and...the stupid Americans fell for it sinker, line and hook," giggled Jonathan"scumbag" Gruber...an Obama crony...freedom-hater...and...unrepentant crook.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed his cronies to do what they could to increase the per-barrel price which is presently $43.60. "I want to force people on to buses, bicycles and foot paths...and...make room for silly solar and whining wind...two things which the marketplace doesn't want but I do. I'll force people into herd-like format and by raising the gasoline price I'll achieve this feat," snickered Obama when discussing the fate of oil in the last months of his evil regime.


In degrees of courage...there is courage...great courage...and...then...there's BIG BOB COURAGE. Of course...I'm referring to Robert Murray, CEO of MURRAY ENERGY. He recently bought more coal mines even though scumbag Obama and his scurvy crew of environmental-zealots promised to destroy coal and ruin America's reliable energy grid...a grid sustained by coal and natural gas not by silly solar or whining wind. "I'll make America as "black-out" prone as Venezuela or California," snorted Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey..adding that one day America would be returned to the days of tent and mule where people danced about campfires and sang old Negro spirituals.

Indeed...Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that once he destroyed the coal and natural gas industries...he'd be in a power-position and able to force people to kneel and lick his tribal boot. And...against this MARXIST ON MISSION...drooling with venom and hatred for liberty...there stood BIG BOB MURRAY...courageous and bold. Long live his way...long live his fame...and...long may his defense of liberty be told.

Mark the flag at half mast
21 guns as he moves past
of great ones...he was the last
of such a mold none others cast
So...run it up slowly lad
And...shed a tear for what we had
Speak softly of him with pride
for when we buried freedom
Tis man's soul that died.