Sunday, May 31, 2015


Socialized medicine in Australia has an ugly face. If it's determined the patient isn't worth saving...the PLUG IS PULLED. The patient is sent home or given aspirin and a cot on which to wither. It's cruel...but...government lacks the NAZIS's very easy to kill when it's called "legal".

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Lady Elizabeth met with the Koch brothers and others to discuss the crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. She pointed out that it would require significant funds and zealous dedication to liberation over subjugation. In a way she was proposing to "march to make salt". Yes...the MASS MEDIA would be arrayed against any escape from the grip and grab of the CAGE...but...Lady Elizabeth's message of liberty would drown out the hatred the MASS MEDIA would vent.


SILK ROAD and the TOR network. Ross Ulbricht found a way to sell drugs on-line. His idea was novel and he made big bucks connecting and sending. A federal judge just gave him LIFE IN PRISON for his effort saying his business had given illegal drugs to people who took them and died. Once more...another victim, ROSS ULBRICHT, has been claimed by the merciless WAR ON DRUGS. The scumbag federal judge and prosecutors one day might face retribution for their dastardly attack on ROSS ULBRICHT. As one observer said, "They'll one day be rounded up...put against a wall...and shot...every last one of them as a closing gesture of this hellish WAR.

Friday, May 29, 2015


"Hey...if you attack J.P. Morgan in the manner you've outlined...that bank will cut 5,000 jobs," warned an underling in the U.S.Injustice Department. But...that warning...that forecast was ignored and the INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT attacked along with other big foot government agencies. And...of reaction...J.P.Morgan told the world it was cutting 5,000 jobs. When asked if big foot government were wrong for hurting so many people...Senator Chuck Schumer venomously declared, "Those worker bees don't know it was big foot government that hurt them and we'll be able to enlist these idle hands in helping us destroy even more jobs and enslave even more people as we make them dependent."


Near a Phoenix, Arizona mosque...a MUHAMMAD CONTEST will be held. The entrant with the funniest cartoon will receive a $10,000 prize. Of course...the rag heads are angry and told the MASS MEDIA the contest's organizer...a former Marine...was recited in a Fatwah*...and...he was little more than "dead-man-walking".
*A FATWAH is a "shoot-on-sight" directive to all Muslims. If...for example...they see Simon Rushdie...another victim of Fatwah for his SATANIC VERSES meme...he's to be killed. So fearful was Rushdie that ever since that edict was issued...he's resided in an underground bunker 23 hours per day with only one hour for walking about in a 50 foot high walled compound located in the middle of no where.


In the movie, 2001 Space Odyssey...the computer sporting the moniker H.A.L.(IBM)...had to be unplugged. Could it be that HAL SINGER* needs to be unplugged so to speak? As a big foot government hack...Hal wants the Federal Communications Commission to modify its so called OPEN INTERNET ORDER so that it doesn't destroy innovation and ruin the liberty found in virtual reality. Never does he demand...however...that the FCC be deleted. He prefers to work inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but trim here and there so it isn't as onerous and feudalistic.
*At the Progressive Policy Institute...HAL is considered a great thought thinker with a passion to fine-tune enslavement so well that the fish don't know they're inside a bowl.


Stopped by regulators and arcane regulations...the BIG FOOT POWER FACTORY has been shelved. was a device that delivered electricity to the overall grid in such quantity that a typical BIG FOOT could fetch a return of $1440 per month. It was small enough that a truck could haul it into position and it required only 4 separate steps for deployment: (1) hook hose to shale oil well's gas emitter, (2) start initiator...a 2 hp diesel engine, (3) connect to the local power line using the patented BIG FOOT GRIPPER(tm) and (4) flip the "on" switch. Within 24 hours...BIG FOOT produced so much electricity it could meet the grandest needs of  5,000 large air-conditioned homes.

"It's a menace to established utility companies," screamed Gina McCarthy...a rabid Eco-fascist bent on destroying every kind of power production except wind and solar. "I want Americans living in tents...plowing their patch with mule...and..singing old Negro spirituals around campfires at night...and...BIG FOOT POWER would destroy my vision.'s a menace and head honcho as EPA...I...will stop it from happening!"(Wall Street Journal A-13;05-29-15).


Obama hates President Putin so much he sent his goon squad to attack SEPP BLATTER...head honcho of the world soccer league(FIFA). If Obama could unseat Blatter...then...he could get the new leader to change the site of the 2018 World Cup contest thereby depriving Russia of that privilege. President Putin when asked about this tactic laughed and said, "Obama is a dung-throwing monkey...but...Russia will be the site of the World Games."


An Army research facility sent LIVE ANTHRAX through the mail. was a with potentially grave consequences. One official told a cub reporter from this BLOG: (i) that particular STRAIN OF ANTHRAX was weaponized ...and...(ii) if that BUG were to get'd kill 100 million in a fortnight.


Just as Monica kept the BLUE did INDIVIDUAL-A...a person who had been sexually molested by Dennis Hastert while he was a coach for a high school in Yorkville, Illinois. Ole Denny raped a 10 year old and then continued the sexual molestation until he went off to Congress. And...while he thought he'd escaped...INDIVIDUAL-A showed up at his office and told him about the retained physical evidence...those clothes had not been washed...but...had been stored away and they were as incriminating as that BLUE DRESS was for willy Bill Clinton.

Instead of telling INDIVIDUAL-A to get out of his office...he began to pay "hush-money". He withdrew $3.5 million in $9,999.00 increments to avoid the money-laundering reporting requirements and delivered that cash to the black-mailing INDIVIDUAL-A. Eventually...though...because he was Republican...he was marked for termination by TEAM OBAMA. Hence...Hastert was indicted for money-laundering and for lying to federal agents when they asked him about his misconduct.

wettest month on record

When this BLOG said the prediction of drought by the man-made global warming crew was wrong and that their computer models weren't anything more than dressed-guess...many took umbrage with that declaration. How dare a BLOG not support the myth of man-made global warming! Yet...embarrassed mythologists had to admit they were just guessing when predicted by this BLOG...was inundated by much rain that MAY has been declared the wettest month in recorded Texas history!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Unlike the other Republican candidates...RAND PAUL has an established fund-raising organization along with a fresh message of liberation over subjugation. While Hillary Clinton and most of the other Republican candidates...for example...promise people more not less NANNY STATE CAGE...RAND PAUL offers KEY...offers eradication of the grip of big foot government. As most people say when asked about RAND PAUL...he raises politics to the level of statesmanship. And that kind of respect translates into MOMENTUM.


In a MASS MEDIA market area...if a politician is excoriated...belittled...besmirched....and...otherwise made to appear silly or confused...a POLL wherein that person's name is mentioned will more likely than not reflect the attitude taken by the MASS MEDIA...particularly if it's disguised and hidden so it doesn't appear to be mean-spirited but community-conscience centered.

Take for example JEB BUSH. The MASS MEDIA has already picked that tepid loser since they know HILLARY CLINTON would stomp him in a general election. He's too wishy-washy...too mealy mouthed...too "yesterday"...and...voters will choose the historical candidate: THE WOMAN if JEB BUSH is the Republican choice...a choice delivered by the MASS MEDIA.

Unlike JEB BUSH...RAND PAUL can easily defeat Hillary. Unlike weak-minded JEB...RAND PAUL will dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He plans to eliminate huge portions of the federal bureaucracy giving its former employees thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their selfless...drooling...public service BUT nothing more! And...unlike meek JEBBER...RAND PAUL will delete the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) sending its jackals and scumbags back to whatever hole from whence they crawled.


Paul Douglas...a so-called greenhouse gas guru...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG man-made global warming was myth but so lucrative its supporters refused to admit it was LIE...GUESS...FALSEHOOD WRIT LARGE. "If I were to admit mankind can't change the climate any more than a person with spoon and bucket can dip the ocean dry. But if I acknowledge the hokum aspect...I'd be cutting off my income....and...for what I'm paid to propagate the myth...I' they say in Texas Hold'em: "I'M ALL IN."


What if America understood it was too difficult to identify ISIS members...and...the only way to encourage revelation was to give ISIS easy-to-take targets and as such attacks were carried out mark its participants? Indeed...if MOSUL were such a city...then...the strategy worked because only ISIS troops occupy MOSUL. Drop a bomb on MOSUL...the odds are 99% you'll blow away some ISIS scum.


Former Governor of New York GEORGE PATAKI told a crowd in Exeter, New Hampshire he was running for President. He pointed out that he would lower taxes and reduce red tape. He'd make the military stronger and reduce the federal government footprint until America once more became a vibrant, dynamic place. After his speech...George Pataki told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he thought man-made global warming was nonsense and its advocates charlatans of the 1st order.

Gina McCarthy

Head honcho at the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) came forward to tell Americans she would dictate to people as if a tyrant. Yes...Gina McCarthy asserted herself and told people she was about to destroy farming in America and replace it with government directed agriculture. She noted how successful 3rd world countries had been with imposing socialist-farming and denying it was government intrusion that was responsible for 98% of all famine.

Exxon rebukes idiocy

Man-made global warming is myth but a lucrative one for its advocates. Al Gore made a billion bucks...for example...portraying a modern-day chicken little going around telling Americans Mother Earth into flames was about to burst if mankind did not reject fossil fuels and return to the romantic days of tent and mule...where campfire stories and dancing 'til dawn were commonplace festivities. And...taking this meme from this BLOG...recently...EXXON told its shareholders that the company wasn't about to conform its conduct to some idiotic theory...even if Pope Francis said God...himself...was in favor of that ridiculous myth.


In the game of soccer...there is a penalty for "off-sides". Recently...the U.S.Injustice Department undertook to investigate corruption inside the world soccer league and found criminal misconduct. Reacting to the arrests...the alleged thieves declared they had "dirt" on most of the U.S.Senate and even Obama...and...they'd reveal such nasty aspect if the arrests were not dismissed. Officials in the Obama administration told a cub-reporter the leadership of world soccer was corrupted and probably did have "smoking-gun" data on Obama.


THE ESTABLISHMENT...alias THE MAN...has concluded BUSH or CLINTON would guarantee perpetuation of the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. While the MASS MEDIA and THE MAN prefer CLINTON...they know BUSH will do all he can to extend the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE.


Carly Fiorino is better suited to be President than Hillary Clinton. Indeed...when the Benghazi embassy compound was attacked...ole Hillary couldn't be found. Imagine she as President and America is attacked at 3:00 a.m. Where would America be if it had Hillary? The answer can be observed in the aftermath of the Benghazi embassy ruins.


In the movie, FRUITVALE STATION...some New York City cops murdered a man and then tried to cover it up. If you watch that'll doubt ever every New York City cop you ever meet. It's too bad that a few bad apples can ruin a whole barrel.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Something more

Her heart was pounding. The faces in front...some were smiling...while others were reading the outline for her speech and were glancing up as they read. Lady Elizabeth was about to deliver a message...a fresh packed with hope and framed in an invitation to join the march to "make salt" dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...offering KEY...offering to delete and erase until the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE gone and in its place a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!" Indeed...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not bureaucrat is queen or king.

Rick Santorum offered what?

Rick Santorum at a forum told his crowd freedom was fascist in nature and he had programs and policies that would permit more production but grab the honey from the worker bee just as much as Hillary Clinton proposed. He had the chance to declare a fresh beginning. Instead he told the audience he was as much supporting MAMMON(Matthew 6:24) as anyone else there.

Wimberly, Texas

Wimberly, Texas many years ago...before the Mexicans had it...the Indians told stories about floods that would come suddenly...washing away most of them if they weren't smart enough to pitch their tee pees and mud huts far from the river,,,the more obvious basins and collection points. Eventually the only Indians left were those who appreciated what Mother Nature could deliver. To those lost in that flood, God speed. You'll be missed. As for survivors the chance of another flood with the same results warrants relocation.


Carly Fiorino lacks a message that inspires and differentiates. She sounds like "same old, same old, just different bag". Never did she proclaim liberation over subjugation. Never did she tell America she was prepared to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Belching in South Carolina

Hillary Clinton delivered a lackluster speech to the South Carolina Democratic Women's Club. She promised more "whip and chain"...more taxes...more red tape and hassle for that declaration of enslavement...that DWC crowd cheered wildly. Here was someone who would destroy liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey".


Can ISIS take Baghdad and hold it? The answer is obvious. While ISIS might achieve conquest...retention would be highly unlikely. The ISIS team would have to reveal themselves enough that Uncle Sugar could identify and delete when the time came to retake that ancient city.


One way to delete Shiite militias is to send them against entrenched Sunni militias. The slaughter is almost unimaginable as each side tries to eliminate the infidel screaming Allahu Akbar as they blow themselves up with suicide bomb packs. BOOM...BANG...BONG...THUD...Shiite and Sunni spilling each other's precious blood.


The CLINTON FAMILY FOUNDATION has been accused of influence-peddling...selling "access to people"...and...making sure those who paid the most got the most. Anyone else but the Clintons would have already been indicted. Indeed...the scumbags at the U.S.Injustice Department would have already been speaking about the arrests on TV talk-shows. But...these are the Clintons and they are special...with insulation from all sides...and...ready to dish out favor or fight depending on which side one takes.


Hillary Clinton was heard telling a voter in Iowa that she welcomed revelation of her emails while in the State Department. Most attendees knew they were in a hand-picked kind of audience since the people who asked questions did so from cards they'd been handed by Clinton aides. Never did anyone...for instance...ask Hillary Clinton about the incongruous aspect...she welcomed revelation of State Department emails but she erased her own private email hard drive to prevent revelation. Talk about choreographing an Iowa meeting!


The MASS MEDIA has concluded JEB BUSH can't defeat Hillary Clinton so he's the Republican hopeful they're pushing. Even the Wall Street Journal has run a so-called poll and found JEB BUSH a preferred Republican candidate in 2016. Amazingly...the WSJ poll delivered exactly what its paymaster envisioned such a paid-for poll would produce.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Jeb Bush is a big foot government "same old, same old...just different bag" kind of Republican. Yes...he'll trim around the edges much as RUBIO would far as eliminating the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...ole Jebber ain't about to rock boats.


The Internal Revenue Service(IRS) computers were hacked and 102,000 taxpayers lost their private data. Of course...Lois Lerner...a former IRS employee...was mentioned as a person of interest in the investigation. When she left...she said they'd hear from her. In a weird way...they and 102,000 taxpayers did.


ISIS dispatched suicide bombers to approach Iraqi forces and detonate their payloads. They even used sandstorms to hide themselves until they were near enough to their targets to inflict doom. How can Sunnis blow themselves up just so they can slaughter Shiites? What part of the Qu'ran provides such commendation? What mullah has told his flock it's better to kill than to bless?


Rick Santorum is just another politician offering "same old, same old, just different bag". Why support him? Senator RAND PAUL offers a fresh message. He calls for liberation of the subjugated. He demands the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He offers KEY over CAGE as where Rick Santorum wouldn't change much at all.


What amazed many political scientists is how many people clapped when Bernie Sanders...that scumbag socialist...promised to eliminate liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey". How could they cheer their own enslavement?


Before a project can be must pass through a thicket of regulators...each one wishing to hinder and hassle. Recently...some politicians have designed a new law that will streamline those projects the politicians find beneficial to their continuation in office. While this expediting aspect has been heralded as somehow simply adds another bottleneck. Why not simply do away with the hassle and hurdle at the front end thereby eliminating the need for some new bureaucracy to pilot projects through what otherwise seems to be an impenetrable quagmire?(Wall Street Journal A-11;05-27-15)
*Shovel-ready projects take years to obtain all the approvals and permits needed from the myriad of federal agencies. It's fascism writ large and only Senator RAND PAUL is fighting to delete such grip and grab.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

brothers and sisters

U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders...used the refrain of "brothers and sisters" when speaking to his audience. He proposed big taxes...more welfare state redistribution and big foot government in everything to which his less than 100 person crowd screamed with was a real scumbag who would destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...make the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE inescapable...and...put a ruling elite in control of all forms of expression. That kind of prowess and promise to loot and pass around deserved their cheers...their praise...their undying support. How about you?


U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders in a candid interview with a cub-reporter from this BLOG declared, "Just last year...the man-made global warming enthusiasts were pointing to drought as proof positive that mankind was changing the weather. late May of 2015...the same enthusiasts are saying the Texas floods were caused by that same menace: mankind. And...because the U.S.Supreme Court declared CO2...(yes, the stuff humans exhale) be a dangerous's obvious exhaling too much...brought on not only drought but now destructive flood. How heartless mankind to have exhaled...caused the flood...and...thereby killed so many Texans...including ALISSA RAMIREZ...homecoming queen and returning home from the prom when her car was smothered in flood and mud. We must get rid of all energy production except windmills and solar energy...get rid of cars...use mule and wampum for pretty beads from China."


Before Uncle Sugar entered World War China...a group of American fighter pilots...sporting the moniker: FLYING TIGERS...flew against the Japanese invaders. Unlike what many jihadists are facing nowadays...they were not threatened with punishment for fighting against tyranny...but...were exalted for their valor and extraordinary skill. Many of the FLYING TIGERS were well-known in America and went to China to test their mettle against the RISING SUN.


For ISIS to prevail...for it to establish must conquer Baghdad and its surrounding area and then ISIS must be able to hold that territory against all comers including an embarrassed Uncle Sugar. Because ISIS could never defend against an American onslaught...Obama was given both to calling ISIS a "Junior Varsity" kind of outfit and the most recent loss of Ramadi to ISIS...the provincial capital of Anbar Province...merely a tactical setback.


U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders told his almost 100 person audience that if he were elected President he'd eliminate all liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". And to that proclamation of enslavement and feudalism...his almost 100 person crowd* cheered wildly. Here was a real scumbag...someone who'd loot and redistribute...maybe even to them...and...that kind of promised "whip and chain" warranted cheers and boisterous applause.
*Most of the crowd(78) were bused in from UNION strongholds and were paid to be there. Of course...they wanted to be paid and were paid before hand so as to avoid getting stiffed by ole scumbag Bernie.


As Bernie Sanders was explaining how he was going to enslave America and eliminate what little liberty remained...most attendees at the gathering for his announcement of his candidacy for President in 2016 later said they felt sick in the stomach as if they'd been kicked by a mule. Some even pointed to the passage in Bernie's speech where they began to experience this sick feeling...a feeling of wanting to vomit on Bernie. It was the part where Bernie said CLIMATE CHANGE was caused by mankind and that he wanted windmills and solar panels for energy and people riding buses and bicycles for transport.

TRAGEDY PROFOUND Texas...returning home from the Prom, Homecoming Queen Alissa Ramirez was swept away by flood waters. Her family...friends...and...even...those who didn't know her...they all shed tears for the loss of such a great person. God speed, Alissa. You'll me missed.


Tehran's generals all agreed that but for Iranian assistance...ISIS would have already established caliphate and become a serious threat to world peace. One Iranian general all decked out in war regalia went so far as to describe Obama as little more than a dung-throwing monkey...never to be trust...and...definitely someone they can out-think. The Iranians know they're the only noise in the neighborhood and if they're defeated...the Sunni Army will soon be attacking them on their home turf using "nukes" given to them by the American Central Intelligence Agency.

Iraq sand storm

When the Iraqi strike force neared Ramadi to take it back from was struck by a blinding sand storm which permitted ISIS to gain advantage and assuring Iraqi forces won't succeed. Allahu Akbar!


Worker bees who can't deliver enough value to warrant a wage of $15.00 per hour in Los Angeles won't be hired. The new minimum wage of $15 per hour imposed by that county's government has created a new class of people...people who can't produce enough value to warrant receiving $15 per hour. Sure...they'd like to work...but...employers simply can't hire a worker bee who can't produce at least $15 per hour of value for the business. As for employers who couldn't pay the $15 per hour...they're all going out of business in that part of California. Similar to what occurred in Los Angeles...employers by the dozens are going out of business as a consequence of this newest burden..thereby ever enlarging this pool* of the unemployed.
*This newly created pool of idle worker bees gives a ready-made bunch of voters who will support the DEMOCRATS(who created the new wage barrier) when they offer to these "made-needy" worker bees "free transport" to those who once worked but now can't be hired.


Man-made global warming is based on guess fact. But it's such a lucrative GUESS...its proponents defend it with their own blood since to admit it's an absurd proposition would undermine their income stream...something few would ever do. Take for example...Climate-guru-Mike Mann...the charlatan from Penn State. In a rare unguarded moment...Mike acknowledged he was LYING but to admit as much would cost him his job...something he wasn't prepared to suffer.


Man-made global warming is a myth but it has many followers including Pope Francis. While most of those pedants who subscribe to or advocate such myth do so in exchange for hefty pay seems the POPE believes that with a spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry. His belief is based on faith.'s a ridiculous belief that mankind can permanently affect Mother Earth...but...the POPE doesn't deal in fact but in faith. He sees an opportunity to destroy what little remains of liberty replacing it with "freedom-to-obey" and that's something the a Jesuit...finds most appealing.(Wall Street Journal B-3;05-26-15)

2 degrees celsius

Mankind can't change the climate or affect the weather. Perhaps...a nuclear holocaust might throw enough particulate matter into the air to block sunlight for a few weeks...but...rain and wind would quickly dissipate such a man-made phenomenon. As Penn State's Mike Mann admitted, "Our theory of man-made global warming is based on's lucrative to guess in ways that make money for our team of romantic tribal-types...people who wish for tent and mule and the eradication of the flashlight and car.


CHINA SLASHES IMPORT TAXES! President Xi Jingping listened when the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG pointed out that an otherwise unhampered market fetches prosperity. Indeed...that kind of 21st Century unfettered marketplace generates so much wealth that rarely in such a place can there be found an able-bodied pauper. As a great leader...President Xi understood that big foot government only retards and that left alone China would bubble and blossom.

Monday, May 25, 2015


While it's conceded ISIS might succeed in detonating an atomic bomb blowing a hole in Manhattan...nonetheless...they simply can't hold any territory Uncle Sugar might choose to retake. ISIS lacks the firepower to defend and defeat a determined American military. The only thing that would prevent their annihilation is terrain since there are sufficient hiding places that an army might be hidden for several weeks. But eventually...a patient Uncle Sugar could eradicate ISIS when it revealed itself again.

If ISIS were to confine its torment and torture to the Middle's as likely as not the Jew could keep them in line. But...ISIS...won't stop there. That bunch of maniacs wants to blow a hole in Manhattan and probably already have the "nuke" to accomplish this historical feat.


Impossible. Such was the answer when asked "how" does a tyrant destroy liberty in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied paupers. As Ayn Rand pointed out so eloquently some years back, "Only in a place where big foot government chooses winners and losers is there ground in which to plant dictatorship."

America is headed toward a tribal-like socialist realm ruled by a powerful to Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...and...perhaps...subsequently led by Hillary rabid a freedom-hater as Obama ever thought of being. Their intention is to reduce America to "same as" status...3rd world-like...socialist...tribal...and...only those granted permission might rise forth to occupy whatever niche they're assigned.


Choosing between free unhampered trade regardless of borders crossed and outright war...the choice is always peace. Only when big foot government gets involved is there ripe conditions for war. Commerce presupposes peaceful relationships between people as where the NANNY STATE CAGE directs and controls from cradle to grave...the former is a complete bar to war...the latter...makes fare of life's precious core.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) has announced a FLAT TAX approach eradicating the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). He's also proposing to delete 99% of the federal footprint...unleashing the productive power of America...and...ushering in thereby the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM). It's a message of liberation over subjugation...a message quite different from the one Hillary Clinton is pushing. As where he calls for KEY...she wants more 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE grip and grab with her team redistributing as she sees fit.

DROUGHT BROUGHT RAIN? drought-stricken areas of America...floods have been reported with more rain expected for the next few months. But how can this be? The man-made global warming mythologists were pointing to such a drought as pluperfect proof that man was changing the climate. floods have basically washed those mythologists out into the sea of stupidity. Yet...they'll not be publicly scorned or denounced since the MASS MEDIA is a fellow traveler* and would never wish to besmirch such a lucrative hoax.
* The myth is similar to believing with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry. The Earth is a dynamic system...myriad in aspect...perplexing and surprising to everyone else. It moves(Tectonic plates) hisses and growls,(volcanoes) and it shakes whatever it wishes,(earthquakes). The ocean is blooming with photo-plankton...these organisms draw CO2 and with adroit use of sunlight convert it into simple sugars. The more CO2 in the atmosphere...the bigger the trees and plants on land...and...the more photo-plankton in the sea. They eat and chow down until equilibrium is again attained. The mythologists know such a thing but they can't admit whatever occurs is natural and to be expected since such admission would destroy their lucrative income stream from which they draw their sustenance.


Pick same...none blame...untamed...stop shame. So were the words first spoken when I met Lady Elizabeth. I offered my name in reply. She smiled...shook my hand...and...asked me "why".

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Hillary Clinton can have every skeleton flushed from her closet and still win in 2016 if she is pitted against anyone, except RAND PAUL. Take for instance JEB BUSH. She would defeat him as handily as she would Huckabee or Rubio. Even if JEB threw dirt and mud...nevertheless..she'd defeat him. But RAND PAUL...though...would defeat her since his message that of KEY...that of liberation over where her message is more not less 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. And...voters never choose CAGE when KEY offered.

Best way back
Never fell
Assumes lost
None must tell

Not askin' much
Too much whom
Got th' touch
Ducked the doom

Game still out there
Just needs your ball
Your play shared
Awaiting your call+---------------++-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+


Ben Wikler stickler

Ben Wikler...a stickler...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he had joined the growing opposition to the silly notion of man-made global warming. When he heard Obama say MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING was somehow the cause of climate change...he had to jump ship. He could not support that ridiculous theory which asks the believer to believe with spoon and bucket you can dip the ocean dry. Sure..Ben Wikler knew he'd be ostracized for his change of view...but...rational thought required him to reject the foolish and idiotic.


In Cleveland...after incapacitating a fleeing car...a cop jumped on top of its engine hood...and...shot the driver and passenger through the front windshield. These men were unarmed and had their hands up when shot in the head multiple times. The cop emptied his clip...put in another clip and fired another 30 bullets into those limp bodies. He kept blasting away until his supervisor told him he'd probably killed them. VERDICT: Not guilty (Judge only trial)


From jump street much money did Uncle Sugar spend in Iraq? Some candid government watchdogs believe if everything were aggregated...the sum is a little under $1.0 trillion. And if the lives and wounds were also quantified...the IRAQ WAR was a complete waste of time and people. It was a debacle of the 1st order but to say as much seems not to be politically correct so most of the Republican hopefuls will say some wishy-washy platitude about war and agree that the Iraq War in 2003 was a big mistake.

On the other hand...IRAN is and has been developing weapons of mass destruction. Had BUSH-CHENEY attacked IRAN in 2003 and Iraq...they could have obliterated the hub of radical Islam and preserved Middle East peace for a 1000 years in all directions. Unlike Iraq where such construction was Iran...the rag heads are and were constructing their SWORD OF ALLAH, (a doomsday weapon). Unlike Iraq...the maniacs in Tehran will and have always intended to deploy and detonate as soon as they acquire a "nuke".

But...Americans are not for the most part interested in invading Iran in 2015. They might have gone along with a 2003 invasion of Iran and Iraq since for the buck...why not clean out every festering spot? 2015...if the Iranians do get a "nuke"...Americans wouldn't much care until it was used to blow a big hole in Manhattan. Short of that kind of intrusion...America wouldn't care* if IRAN did get an operational nuclear weapon...even if it were sitting atop an intercontinental ballistic missile aimed at Manhattan.
*While Iraq was a invasion of IRAN in 2003 would have eliminated what has grown to be the biggest threat to national security since Hitler.


Hillary Clinton represents the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where victims and servile supplicants are made. In contrast...Rand Paul calls for liberation over subjugation...and...would erect a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Cheap imports. The consumer more often than not gets more for less. The consumer will pick the import over the domestic product thereby giving the foreign producer the upper hand. This phenomenon is called comparative advantage. Take for example what Ricardo discovered some time ago. If France makes better wine more cheaply and the English make cheese more cheaply...the market will continue to sort until the English drink French wine and the French eat English cheese.

If big foot government interferes with this economic sorting function...however...the French eat expensive cheese and the Brits drink expensive wine. Had there been free trade without governmental interference...the French would be eating cheap cheese and the Brits would be drinking cheap wine. Indeed...if you want the best possible market with the highest quality at lowest prices...eliminate the grip and grab of government in the Socio-economic context erecting thereby a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market.


Incompetent drooling idiot. Such was the moniker appended to Professor James A. Kahn, Yeshiva University, New York. Why the nasty label? The answer is that he received this stamp of idiocy when he said,

"Economics isn't primarily(if at all) a science about individual behavior and thought processes. Rationality assumptions, like many building blocks of models, are known to be false but useful for narrowing down and clarifying a model's predictions. Behavioral economics has produced interesting work, but it is complementary to mainstream economics and hardly negates all the successes of the latter. If it predicts things that mainstream economics does not, it's because it allows for a much broader range of possibilities."

Folks...this declaration is garbage. A reader need only go to HUMAN ACTION...the tome about economics written by Ludwig von Mises to sense the incredible stupidity embodied in that statement by the otherwise illustrious "Kahn-the-Kool" as he's called by his students.


China saw a need for an airbase in the South China Sea. It located some reefs which were called the SPRATLY ISLANDS. They were reefs and rocks but they were located over a stable area of the sea bed making it an ideal location to construct an airbase and harbor of warships. Indeed...the Chinese found a way to create an entire city beneath the reef. It's obvious China wants to offer a busy sea lane protection and security. Obama needs to leave China alone!

Friday, May 22, 2015


Marco Rubio is opening his U.S.Senate seat. It's imperative that a Republican be elected. We need people in Washington DC who will dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE not augment it.


Except for RAND PAUL...the other Republican candidates have a message that is more or less "same old, same old, just different bag". Could it be they are afraid to demand liberation over subjugation? Could they be trying to "look like" everyone else so they might garner some votes?


BUSH-CHENEY entered Iraq and America has been stuck in a quagmire ever since. It's not likely Uncle Sugar can ever win a long war since the rag heads have been fighting for centuries. Where do you think the idea of "martyr" comes from?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

message difference

Republican candidates for president must have a message which offers KEY over the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. With a Republican House and Senate...a Republican message of liberation over subjugation could form the basis to eliminate the grip and grab of the CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


David Letterman signed off last night after 33 years hosting the late night show. Recall he was the lackluster host whose ratings fell  and continued to fall when he adopted the "I HATE SARAH PALIN" mantra. He won't be missed. Indeed...already today...people are asking who he was when they hear he isn't hosting that nightly show any longer.


Asking a professional wine-taster(sommelier) to conduct a test usually costs a winery around $100,000. Yet...such sum is a small price to pay to introduce a new product...a novel product...a product derived from experimentation and risk-taking. One such winery...MIRA WINERY...spent that kind of money testing a new wine. It introduced a new thing that was "ocean-aged". That winery's owner noticed that flasks of wine salvaged from the ocean were always better than those of similar posture that were "aged" on land in the traditional French way.

Following his instincts...Jim Dyke,Jr...that winery's owner...found the best spot to conduct this aging process, CHARLESTON HARBOR. He submerged flasks of wine and retrieved them after permitting them to sit for 180 days. The product tasted the same as wine that had been "land-aged" for 10,000 years! The taste...the body...the sniff...the "ocean-aged" wine possessed every aspect of the most expensive land-aged wine on Earth. business approaches...aren't permitted inside the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. And following along with this CAGE aspect...Mira Winery was informed the product, AQUAOIR, was not to be sold. The reason given by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) was that it was adulterated. Apparently without testing or investigating...the FDA decided that if the bottles came in contact with the water of CHARLESTON HARBOR their contents were unfit for human consumption.

Instantly...the FDA killed off 12,356 jobs that were slated to be created to produce and sell this new product. When asked about this JOB KILLING nonsense...the FDA official declared people had to worship whatever idol big foot government forged,(Wall Street Journal A-13;05-21-15).


Ah...yes...the American military-industrial complex aided by a complicit MASS MEDIA is pushing for an invasion of Syria its purpose to eliminate the Islamic State forces stationed there. The problem is that once Syria is invaded...America will become a WAR ZONE as Syrians and others begin to attack* American installations.
*Take for example the pipeline that developed a leak as it ran by the coast of California near Santa Barbara. Many experts who examined that pipeline pointed out the leak was man-made!


Obama told an incredulous graduating class of cadets that CLIMATE CHANGE was the most serious national security threat ever faced by America. Of course...few in that audience believed such nonsense...but...were obliged to clap when told and to praise when directed. However...none felt called to stand up and declare Obama a LIAR. They simply knew most of their numbers didn't accept such pseudo-science* or take to heart anything its advocates proclaimed..even if that scumbag were commander-in-chief.
*Because there is so much benefit that can be derived from using this myth of man-made global warming...bigger government...more intrusion into privacy...more grip and grab by the would-be master...there wouldn't be any reason to pass up another opportunity to preach the message and propagate the MYTH. Obama chose the military academy for this speech since he knew none of them could rise up and call the myth and its purveyors anti-American.


The Brits call it "getting jumped" when a policeman fleeces an illegal immigrant and takes whatever money found. Unlike Britain...illegal immigrants can have their income taken by big foot government...evicted from their houses by that same government...and...deported by that same government after being scrubbed of all wealth,(Wall Street Journal A-9;05-21-15).

10.5 hours

U.S.Senator RAND PAUL(R.Ky) spoke for 10.5 hours fighting against the PATRIOT ACT pointing out America doesn't need domestic spies and the destruction of liberty such entails.


The Bible is replete with prediction and prophecy and was written over many years and preserved by faithful hands. But the Bible isn't the only place where such predictions can be found. Take for instance the prophecy that OBAMA would be President of America and destroy liberty. That little notation from the past was found recently etched on a stone tablet in Kenya dating back 3.3 million years. Yes...folks...3.3 million years ago...a soothsayer with vision saw that from Kenya a child would rise and become leader of a great nation and during tenure would eliminate freedom and impose Kenyan tribal enslavement,(Wall Street Journal A-9;05-21-15).


A public school teacher and an Obama supporter told his class that not only was Obama a MARXIST ON MISSION but he...too...this public teacher...hated America just as much and wished it were a socialist toilet bowl where everyone...except the ruling elite...suffers equally. To demonstrate his anger and angst...he took an American flag and stomped on it declaring his undying commitment to eliminating liberty and replacing it with "freedom-to-obey".

When the town heard about this scumbag...they rallied with flags...marching around the school house demanding this jerk be fired. Of course...because that teacher was a UNION member...he couldn't be fired. In fact...most of the school's faculty agreed with him as did 4 of the 5 school board members. They all wanted to eradicate what little liberty remained and replace it with more "whip and chain" diktat.


Los Angeles. If you're hired in that'll receive at least the mandated minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. Naturally...businesses are reeling from this imposition since most of them have low prices which attract customers. With the advent of the $15.00 per hour package...businesses must raise their prices to absorb this newest government-intrusion. When they go out of business because they can't meet the newest barrier...who will cry for them?


Fox News will limit the number of Republican hopefuls to 10 on stage and those 10 will be picked by polling data taken 5 times before August 06,2016. Naturally there will be some candidates who wish to participate but will be denied since they did not get enough votes in the polling data portion of the overall culling process. And...because polls are based on whatever people hear in the MASS MEDIA...the 10 on stage...except for RAND PAUL...will be the least* capable of defeating Hillary Clinton should she be the Democrat's nominee for President.
*Bobby Jindal...Governor of Louisiana...for example...has never scored well in polls. People simply don't want another wishy-washy dude who won't delete and eliminate but instead intends to improve and make more efficient the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Another potential cut-out is the Governor of Ohio. He pulled Ohio out of bankruptcy but he didn't eliminate the yoke and choke agenda so well imposed on those folks of Ohio. Again...he doesn't poll well since he is considered another "same old, same old, just different bag".

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Ambassador Stevens looked into the terrified eyes of another a tense voice whispered, "Abandoned. We've been cut loose. Hillary won't release the drones...all that firepower hovering not 100 feet above us...and...she won't use them to slaughter the attack squads." With that Ambassador Stevens ceased trying to cry out for help on the "direct-line" INTERFACE MACHINE. At one point in that 7 hours of demanding assistance...Ambassador Stevens threatened to release data that would upend Obama's 2012 bid for re-election. And while on other occasions that kind of threat would have teeth...on 09-11-12 in Benghazi that kind of threat was meaningless. Ambassador Stevens had been marked for termination with extreme prejudice and his whining for help wasn't going to save him.

27% import

Imported oil constituted 27% of the total used last year. Indeed...America is afloat in oil and will be as such for the next 10,000 years. Why not lift the 1973 law forbidding oil export?


The INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG uses many ways to watch Hillary Clinton and her cronies including deploying Romanian hackers as subcontractors to dog their trail. And...because of the data obtained...SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL and Hillary Clinton had to admit in a preemptive strike their relationship before this BLOG revealed it. Sure...they beat this BLOG's publication but they still haven't explained their connection.


The fall of Ramadi and the loss of Anbar Province clearly proved the OBAMA DEFENSE STRATEGY to be quite flawed. Yes...Obama is a military genius and has been called as much by the MASS MEDIA despite Ramadi's obvious undermining aspect...nevertheless...the hole left by RAMADI isn't easily patched. With the loss of Ramadi...ISIS is about 70 miles from Baghdad...rendering Iraq's capital susceptible of bombardment.

Using Russian-built cannon...Baghdad will be obliterated. In World War II...Hitler destroyed cities with bomb and shell. For example...the Germans deployed immense cannons...some so big they warranted their own names: ANZIO ANNIE...PARIS GUN...and...BIG BARNEY. Threatening similar firepower...ISIS warned Baghdad to surrender or be squashed beneath tons of rubble and destruction. "Surrender or find holes 20 feet deep 4 blocks wide appearing everywhere!" screamed a masked dude with a black flag of"no quarter" waving behind him.

$187 million scam

The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) accused several well-known cancer charities of running  a $187 million scam. What has so many political scientists confused is how many of the same activities the FTC found despicable were also done by the CLINTON FAMILY FOUNDATION. How is it the FTC would attack these cancer charities and overlook a FOUNDATION which did the same things? Could it be there is an unequal application of the law?


Sauce for goose...sauce for gander. While equal application obviously the fairest way to handle something...that aphoristic aspect doesn't play out when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Take for example the CLINTON FOUNDATION. Its activities would tend to support the conclusion it was a "sham-charity" designed to benefit and promote the Clintons...but...because it's associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton its shadowy activities aren't examined. Compare the treatment the CLINTON FOUNDATION is receiving to the condemnation-parade on-going against the CANCER FUND OF AMERICA. As where Hillary has never been asked about the slippery connections between herself and donors...or...about how much money the CLINTON FOUNDATION spent on her and her family...the CANCER FUND OF AMERICA has had every book and memo examined by the U.S.Injustice Department.


The Conestoga is gone. The 4 wheeled horse drawn covered wagon that was used by settlers to win the west so plentiful in that era are museum pieces or found carrying tourists in Mexico. When the horseless carriage(auto) came along...the covered wagon was thrown on the history-heap. However...had TEAM OBAMA been in power back then and had the power it has now...the car would be still on some planning table.


What if ISIS were a critter of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) and its noise-making synchronized with TEAM OBAMA's political needs? Would ISIS be acting any different than it is right now? Would Ramadi have fallen as it did last week? Would Mosul and the other cities have been grabbed?


Bee autopsy? Well...with 40% of the known bee population dead...what killed them might be a pesticide(neonicotinoid). After dissecting and testing using the world's most sophisticated detection was determined that man-made causes weren't involved. However...because that data didn't fit the "destroy liberty" template...the environmentalists demanded Obama suppress that information and claim it was PESTICIDE so that they might improve their grip on the food basket of America,(Wall Street Journal A-4;05-20-15).


In Hitler's Germany...the Catholic Church succumbed and grew silent as the grip of the NAZIS manifested everywhere. America...the Catholic Church is once more silent as it is stomped into submission by OBAMA-CARE. Indeed...Notre Dame University...Rudy's spot...was told OBAMA-CARE took steps to insulate the Catholics from some of the grip of big foot government...and...they had best shut up about it.

As the NAZIS did in Hitler's Germany...the American federal courts(think kangaroo) are being used to squash dissent. The Catholics...for instance...were told by a court panel seated in Chicago that the Catholics had been granted "favor" such they had best go on about their Catholic business and leave dictatorship to them or face ruin at the hands of the U.S.Injustice Department.


Because of the power of this has been discovered and revealed that during her years as Secretary of State...Hillary Clinton kept tight rein on records,(Wall Street Journal A-1;05-20-15). precise and accurate were the data procured...even the Wall Street Journal could not ignore it. As one analyst opined, "Imagine what she could hide if she were President."

So what!

Ron Fournier...a malicious scribbler if there ever were one...recently in the National Journal...a rarely read rag...declared in 24 font that he did not believe Hillary Clinton. Of course...everyone knows ole RON is a fan of U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren,(D.Ma) and would like nothing better than to see Hillary get dumped and his champion spirited to the front of the class so to speak.


In children read about a dude who worked in a cloth-making factory. He learned how the machinery worked and then departed for America to set up his own manufacturing operation. Of course...the owners of that production system were miffed since they had done all they could to protect the engineering from competitors.

Nowadays...3 dudes working in America discovered new technology afoot and learned all they could about it. Then...ever the entrepreneurs...they went to China...collaborated with state-controlled companies since that's all there are in that country...and...are now the biggest producers of cellphone technology in that communist country.Of back it is now...the companies which owned that technology griped and demanded the U.S.Injustice Department attack.(Wall Street Journal A-1;05-20-15).

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hillary Clinton is headed to Florida to ask voters to choose more not less big foot government...subjugation over accept the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Will Floridians give up their freedom in exchange for promises from would-be masters?


Jeb Bush was asked, "If you knew what you know today about Iraq...would you invade?" Of course...JEB had practiced the answer over and over again...but...simply could not say what he'd practiced when it came time to speak. Could it be that JEB isn't ready to be President?

Loudmouth de Blasio

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is traveling around America telling his 10 people or less crowds that he wants to enslave them...reduce their towns and cities to socialist toilet bowls such as west Baltimore or New York City. And to that venom and abject drool...the small crowds cheer and hoot with many of them proclaiming this scumbag the leader of the new SOCIALIST FOREVER PARTY.


U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) is as close to a NAZI as any politician in recent history. She hates liberty and wants to replace it with "freedom-to-obey". This lady even is willing to tell producers they did not produce that product but were only a part of the entire combination of capital, labor and whatever else such that not anyone does anything by themselves. To her Edison did not invent the first commercial light bulb...someone else did...perhaps...Elizabeth Warren's family tree might have the primogenitor.
Warren LIED about her American Indian roots. She LIED to garner favor and procure a government job...a criminal act if anyone but a rabid freedom-hater such as "papoose" Warren were to have LIED as she did.


In Iowa...Hillary Clinton was finally approached by people with questions about her days as Secretary of State. One inquiring mind with green teeth wished to know how many Haitians had been killed by the cholera epidemic...the source of which had been traced to a CLINTON FOUNDATION project...while another Iowan wanted to know if NANNY STATE CAGE subsidy would continue to flow to corn growers and continue hurting the cattle and pork industry. Another wanted to know if Hillary Clinton would impose even more taxes and spend even more money in Baltimore and Ferguson.

As each question was fired off...Clinton's aides were heard to whisper to each other, "IN-COMING!"


Today's unchallenged nonsense is tomorrow's accepted slogan. Mention is made of this aphorism since recently JOSEPH STIGLITZ was called a great thought thinker...his cry for enslavement framed as enlightened...and...his demand that the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be rendered inescapable exquisitely offered as visionary. Indeed...Hillary Clinton declared Stiglitz a beacon for socialism...a guiding light for her campaign and someone who would assist her in forging the "whip and chain" of Mammon,(MATTHEW 6:24).

Standing against Stiglitz and his MASS MEDIA comrades is LADY ELIZABETH. She offers a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market and calls upon every voter to consider KEY over CAGE...and...chose EDEN over big foot government grip and grab. As where Stiglitz is the spokesman for distinct contrast...LADY ELIZABETH speaks for the unwashed masses...for every producer...and...for every RIDER aboard the "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


In Nairobi, service takes many forms of transit from mule to exquisite auto. While UBER considered venturing into that dung-packed chose better to avoid the destination. "We had to decide if camel and mule were suitable for our brand and we chose to avoid that nasty place altogether.


There was a political ad  some years ago wherein the RED PHONE inside the White House was shown loudly ringing...the clock said 3:00 am...and...the question asked by the off-camera voice: "Who would you want answering that phone call?"

Nowadays...the question about where Hillary Clinton was at 3:00 am on 09-11-12 when the Benghazi embassy was attacked for 7 hours will be used in that same political ad with several additions. The off-camera voice will tell everyone it's 3;00 am and the embassy compound is under attack. Then that solemn voice will ask, "Who can you absolutely count on not helping?"  And...then...that same voice exclaiming with exasperation bubbling forth, "Yes...Hillary Clinton...can't say where she is...can't say what she's doing." The off-camera voice will then declare RAND PAUL the best person to get that call.


ISIS took Ramadi and for the last few days the MASS MEDIA has been telling America the loss of Ramadi and perhaps control of Anbar Province in Iraq was not any big deal. The fact that Ramadi is quite close of Baghdad has been said to be geographical only in its importance. "The black flag will never fly over Baghdad," screamed General Dempsey to a crowd of naysayers when his Limo was stopped by an angry crowd of Baltimore Democrats.


Texas passed a law that forbids counties and cities from preventing "fracking" from occurring. Hydraulic fracturing literally bubbles natural gas and oil safely from shale deposits creating a boom to oil and gas so great that America has become the largest oil and gas producer in the world. Instead of hurting and stifling as most socialist states have done...Texas has opened the door to production and prosperity.


Bandidos and Cossacks at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas met and had a shoot-out leaving 9 dead...many more wounded...and...a stirring hatred between these biker gangs which can only be settled by having both leaders get into a drawn circle with knives until one is dead. It's the traditional way biker gangs handle feuds. The leadership kills each other off and tranquility returns.


Edward Arlington Robinson wrote as many good poems as he did bad ones. One of the memorable poems he scribbled was that of MINIVER CHEEVY...child of scorn...scratched his head and kept on thinking...coughed and called it fate...and...kept on drinking.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Yes...after six years as was only yesterday Obama finally obtained a TWITTER ACCOUNT. Instantly...his box was filled with people wishing to know "why" he enslaved them with OBAMA-CARE and all the other stuff he has heaped on them. In reply...Obama declared himself a MARXIST ON MISSION and his replacement of liberty with "freedom-to-obey" would never be removed. America headed inexorably into the socialist toilet.


Special Forces units were sent into Syria. They cam back with the wife and child of an Islamic State official whom they executed before departing with files, computers, and people. Obama crowed that he had gained advantage by such intrusion. He threatened to continue such efforts unless the Islamic State stopped its conquest...surrendered its territory and give up all prisoners who had not as yet been beheaded.


There was a need for a repository on the INTERNET...a place where website names and the like could be safely harbored. Hence...the INTERNET CORPORATION OF ASSIGNED NAMES AND NUMBERS,(ICANN) was created. Its sole purpose to harbor the names...charging a small administrative fee each year for the effort. Those who pay can stay and reap whatever benefit such a name or number might produce.

Recently...ICANN has hired some fairly nasty people whose mission statement to push the INTERNET into a corral wherein big foot government picks the who...what...and...why...where would-be masters bottleneck...and...their cronies reap the harvest once the gates are broken. Take for example the ridiculous ".sucks" domain which has been added. It was propounded* by these people at ICANN and then added to the .com, ,org and .gov.harbors. The idea was to drown businesses in foolish names...mocking caricatures...and...thereby cause people to be so angry they would accept government take-over of the otherwise almost free INTERNET.
* For make sure competitors didn't get theirs first...millions of businesses are expected to reserve their ".suck" domain name. Even Apple, Inc. now has as does and Shell Oil. sucks.


As the mushroom cloud rose above what was Manhattan...Obama stood on the White House steps waving a piece of paper the rag heads of Iran had signed promising never to "nuke" the GREAT SATAN.


Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry met with China's head honcho about the South China Sea issue. President Xi Jingping showed "long jaw" the plan to secure and make safe that entire area protecting shipping and commerce thereby. Listening to him edified Kerry. Here was a real leader whose mission statement included untrammeled trade...unfettered dealings...with a BIG STICK backing it up when needed.


Okay...biker gangs hate each other and are well-armed. But...rarely do they shoot each other in massacre-format. However...two gangs merged at a fast-food restaurant and were met by nasty...foul-mouthed cops...who lambasted them...making fun of their jackets...their tattoos...their ugly women...and...the taunting became so onerous that both biker gangs pulled their cannons and blew those cops away. But...instead of being satisfied with that bit of mayhem...both gangs decided it was time to see which one blinked first and they shot each other leaving bodies and bikes strewn about the parking lot.

Dean Potter and Graham Hunt

Potter and Hunt died base-jumping. They simply failed to heed warnings about cross-winds and equipment failure. Of course...they pushed the envelop until it couldn't be closed. God speed navigating dateless night.


The Marines bought a plane that could also be a helicopter. It's called the OSPREY. They are faulty and will suddenly stop flying and fall from the sky killing everyone aboard. However...because the Pentagon is involved...the OSPREY will continue being used even though it's a DEATH TRAP.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


For the 1st time in the company 's 108 year history BLUE BELL ICE CREAM is laying off workers...1400 of them. Recall BLUE BELL had a contamination problem with food-borne illness. And...when that happened...BLUE BELL undertook to clean everything and the cleaning took much longer than expected. Hence...1400 employees had to be laid off to save the company.

Instantly...Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) declared the BLUE BELL "lay-off" a LABOR VIOLATION and demanded BLUE BELL be closed and the rest of its 3500 employees put on "work-relief". "I'm for big foot government and by destroying BLUE BELL I can show how merciless we in government can be. As you know they call me "papoose" Warren for a reason."

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Inside the imagination...there aren't any borders. Whatever imagined can be somehow experienced by the body.


Jesus began preaching but he wore the white robe reserved only for those ordained by the Temple of Jerusalem. Since he did not receive such permission...many people would ask, "Who are you?"

Jesus would reply that he had come with good relieve the the impoverished...and...invite everyone to find spiritual redemption before God. He told Pilot his kingdom was not of this world but in heaven. He told the Temple elders he was the son of God...sent to bear witness to the new covenant.

Similarly...when Lady Elizabeth was asked "who are you"...she often replied, "I'm a lady inviting everyone to consider an alternative to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Instead of asking who I am...why not ask how such paradise might be achieved" She often told those seeking to find fault or belittle her effort to liberate the subjugated they were beset by Mammon, (MATTHEW 6:24). Indeed...every time she met with a crowd...always there were well-wishers who would be the first to blurt out praise and loudly cheer her arrival.


Europa...moon of Jupiter...was the site for the landing of an ARK. The ARK landed on the frozen surface and melted its way down into the warm ocean ocean where pure oxygen bubbled from its inner crust. Here was to be the new home for the survivors of Earth...a planet consumed when the Sun went into Red Giant phase.


Governor Chris Christie told a cub-reporter from this BLOG...if president...he would perpetuate as much of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE as possible...retain as much big foot government grip and grab as possible...but...would trim and tuck about the edges of the yoke and choke agenda so that the producers continued producing.a problem every slave owner eventually encounters. He admitted he was much too timid to preach liberation over subjugation and that his only way to win was to resemble the Democrats in as many ways as possible.


Just as the concept of capitalism was high-jacked by the crony-capitalists(think fascists) was the message of THE PROPHET changed and crushed into what is sporting nowadays the moniker: SHARIA LAW.

Although Monday morning quarterbacking is easy...nevertheless...before BUSH-CHENEY attacked Iraq in 2003...they knew they had the opportunity to deliver an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) system and thereby create peace among all sects in that region since the OUM prevents any sect from gaining power and looting the storeroom of the others. Indeed...Shiite and Sunni would not have anything to quarrel about since neither of them could ascend to power and plunder the other side.

Instead of imposing this "CHANGE IN PARADIGM"...thereby guaranteeing Shiite and Sunni that both could develop as they saw fit without fear of plunder...BUSH-CHENEY simply adopted every socialist and fascist idea out there and thereby established the roots for perpetual civil war...a war that has recently manifested in the form of  the Islamic State whose black flag of "no quarter" flies above Mosul and Ramadi as well as greater parts of Syria.

Mention is made of this MESS-UP since nowadays the Islamic State is gaining ground and imposing SHARIA LAW...strict SHARIA LAW...something BUSH-CHENEY could have reduced in importance had they but installed the OUM and not the socialist quagmire they ended up imposing. Had BUSH created the OUM...both sects could have practiced whatever religion they found useful...imposed whatever Sharia Law the mullahs proclaimed important...and...still...have tranquility and peace among all Iraqis.


SEYMOUR HERSH is not only an inquiring mind but one that doesn't stop. Take for example the celebrated killing of the most wanted man on planet Earth: Osama bin Laden. Something didn't seem right with the way the MASS MEDIA and Obama were portraying that execution. Thus...Mr. Hersh sought out sources that actually possessed "real-time" data...accurate and precise information, namely FREEUSFLORIDA.COM.

After conferring with the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...Seymour Hersh wrote an article based on the data provided in that interview. Included in the article...for instance...was a reference to Dr. Afridi...a dude who was promised $25 million reward and extraction from Pakistan in exchange for the coordinates of Osama bin Laden.

Indeed...during that meeting...Hersh was given access to tape recordings made of Obama's discussion with Dr. Afridi. Hersh heard Obama promise Dr. Afridi extraction plus reward. . He also heard that intercepted phone-call...become indignant...though...when Dr. Afridi asked that such promises be reduced to a written agreement* with Obama declaring, "My word is as strong as oak!"

As Hersh and the member of the DEPARTMENT were listening to that part of the telephone call between Afridi and Obama...Hersh began to chuckle. He found that part of the Obama-Afridi dialogue amusing* since Dr. Afridi not only did not get the $25 million but also was left screaming on his rooftop as Seal Team #6 flew past him not 10 feet above his head.
*Hersh told the DEPARTMENT member it reminded him of the movie where JERRY McGUIRE discovers the word of the father of the to-be-signed football player wasn't as strong as oak.


U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) received "bad advice". Instead of preaching liberation over subjugation and offering a new message...a message of KEY over CAGE...a declaration of independence from the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...Senator Rubio was told he had to be "same as"...and...avoid any proclamation of liberty. Taking that advice...he chose to tell America he was in favor of perpetuation of the CAGE with some delicate trim and tuck about its edges. In many ways...Rubio has become just another "same old, same old, just different bag" kind of politician.


Uber Technologies and Lyft are competing for your call. Both car-hailing companies are vying for riders. In some cities...TAXI SERVICE...the government so nasty...few choose TAXI when UBER or LYFT are available. Hence...Uber has been called a $44 billion company while Lyft at $2.5 billion company offers as good or better service as Uber and is gaining prominence.


Why do it? Why march to "make salt"? Why try and dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system? Why not accept the yoke and choke agenda of big foot government...become part of the herd...and...disappear into the collective goo?

That question has been asked ever since one man tried to subjugate another. Enslavement in all forms and formats is wrong and must be fought with bold resolve. Nowadays...there are many Republican hopefuls vying to be president in 2016. Except for RAND PAUL...all 18 of them are declaring their allegiance to the 20th Century CAGE and perpetuation of its grip and grab. In contrast...RAND PAUL stands forth his own inexorable self...and...says...let us dismantle this 20th Century leviathan...and...replace it with a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

RAND PAUL...however...isn't alone when it comes to making THE ESTABLISHMENT quake. Throughout history there have been a few brave souls who stood up and said there is another way. Take for instance, JOHN THE BAPTIST. John was faced with those same questions and power structure some 2000 years ago. His answer was to confront THE ESTABLISHMENT with a new of salvation.

Indeed...standing in a pool of God...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...he invited everyone to experience divine dispensation from mere water so doing shook the very foundation of THE ESTABLISHMENT...a big foot government built on grabbing as much wealth as possible* from its parishioners. So powerful and consuming was this new message that Temple Receipts dropped 90% making it very hard to keep the doors open and pay the myriad of staff and hungry Roman Officials.

When John began...he was alone with the universe surrounded by stone...snake...and...sand. He prayed for wisdom and guidance and found himself in the middle of a pool...beyond Jordan...preaching a new message and inviting anyone and everyone to come and find refreshment...rebirth...renewal of spirit. At first he was alone but eventually people began to come and receive** spiritual awareness.

When the chief priest of the Temple of Jerusalem finally felt the impact of  the message of JOHN...he dispatched his scouts to find out "how and why" JOHN was so successful,(JOHN 1:23). When they arrived...the Temple agents observed a prayer line stretching half the way across Judea and upon inquiry was informed by JOHN he offered spiritual renewal with mere water immersion. The scouts returned to Caiaphus and told him what JOHN had said. Instantly...Caiaphus called Herod and demanded JOHN be deleted.
*As many Bible scholars will admit, by the time the scouts of Caiaphus...head honcho of THE ESTABLISHMENT...arrived to ask about his venture...the prayer line stretched half the way across Judea.
* *And there was not any 2 shekel Temple tax attached to it's door.

Friday, May 15, 2015


If the Iranian head honcho had a way of destroying civilization would that maniac push the button? In ESCAPE FROM L.A....Snake Pliskin returns and does just that. He discovers he was betrayed so he pushes a button after entering the worldwide code: 666 and turns off the planet leaving only sticks and stone for starter kits. Just before Pliskin pushes that button...someone yells, "Don't do it Snake!" to which Pliskin replies: The name is Pliskin and with that he pushes the button.


When Obama withdrew American troops from Iraq...Islamic State entered and filled the vacuum. Indeed...Obama's precipitous extraction of combat troops enabled ISLAMIC STATE to enter Iraq...and...commence conquest...a Sunni intended to eradicate infidel and erect caliphate. Recently...Ramadi fell to ISIS with the black flag of "no quarter" flying above government buildings.

This conquest could have been avoided, however. As Senator Chuck Schumer opined, "It's as likely as not...that BUSH-CHENEY had the chance to insulate the socio-economic realm in Iraq from the avarice and envy of either side...Sunni or Shiite. Had BUSH-CHENEY created a 21st century otherwise unhampered market economy in Iraq...neither Sunni nor Shiite would have any reason to gain power since the other side's storeroom beyond the grip and yoke of big foot government. Instead...BUSH-CHENEY installed a socialist government with tentacles in everything...and...thereby guaranteed institutionalized civil war between these two competing sects once the "buffer-troops" were removed."


B.B.King...the great Blues artist is gone, folks. He signed off yesterday at his country estate. God speed, B.B. you were the KING of GUITAR BLUES.

Baltimore was model-socialism

Baltimore was controlled by the socialists for the last 40 years and still there is poverty and misery in many parts of that beleaguered city.

Alibaba helper

Because Alibaba is the greatest business...its leaders have been approached and helped grow. If you haven't invested that nest egg yet...why not buy a few shares of Alibaba? The investment will be good and sound for years to come.


If a voter has a clear choice: CAGE or KEY...the voter never chooses CAGE. The ruling elite know as much hence to retain power among both sides of the to speak...they offer "look-alike" candidates so that whomever chosen...nevertheless...the Neo-feudal system remains intact. Perhaps that explains "why" Jeb Bush is so lackluster and Marco Rubio "same old, same old, just different bag".


Because not anyone could pronounce his name...the jury came back with a demand for the death of the defendant and left his name off because not anyone could spell it...or...pronounce it. Maybe this dude will always be known as the Boston Bomber and his name will be lost to history.


The recent train wreck clearly demonstrated the 20th Century Amtrak* must be privatized. Billions of dollars have been spent on everything except the infrastructure with one tunnel dating back to 1873. Sure...socialists like to point to people-movers and proclaim the common good trumps the right of the individual...but...this most recent wreck revealed the evil embedded in socialism.
*Amtrak is a socialist enterprise. The driver of that doomed train looked like "Officer Doofey" in Scary Movie.


 BOLTBUS...a way to get from here to there at a cheap price...was selected by Madam Pickpel whose $100,000 speaking engagement in Baltimore demanded prompt delivery. She asked ANGIE'S LIST about BOLTBUS and received  top ratings. She asked her friends and they all endorsed BOLTBUS. was a dramatic surprise when her BOLTBUS began to burn and she and the other 57 riders had to disembark and wait for alternate transport. Not only did she miss her speaking engagement but she turned down an offer of settlement issued by BOLTBUS: 2 free round trip tickets.


A manual has been printed for the TAXPAYER outlining what can lawfully be done. The manual is offered in episodic format so that if asked a question, the taxpayer emits the same reply Commissioner John Koskinen uttered every time he was asked about the use of big foot government to hurt people: "I can't answer that right now."

Alan Greenspan and Paul Krugman

Alan Greenspan preaches liberation over subjugation while Paul Krugman demands big foot government make every decision by cradle to grave. So different their solutions that when offered to a crowd...never does anyone choose Krugman's 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but prefer the 21st century's otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Why choose CAGE over Key these people ask when offered "chain" or "free".


U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) was asked about the glut of oil in America and where could savings for the typical middle-income person be found. After clearing her throat...this august Senator declared, "There is not any need for public subsidy of ethanol production. The requirements and accompanying subsidies must be repealed. Fuel and food prices would quickly fall 40% overnight and ethanol producers would be at the mercy of the marketplace...a place where lowest price. best quality reigns supreme."


U.S.Senator Joe Manchin went along with the destruction of the coal industry in his state. However, he might escape condemnation since the MASS MEDIA is telling those poor folks they must accept "blackouts" and unemployment so that polar bears don't drown and New York City not get smothered by rising ocean tides.


Pebble Mine was envisioned to be a billion buck project and a boon for Alaska. However...the "greenies" didn't want that mine claiming it would pollute and destroy...even though great precautions were to be taken to retain pollutants on campus so to speak. They simply didn't want such a grand project defacing what otherwise was to them a romantic scene worthy of prayer not production.

And...because the Environmental Protection Agency nowadays is packed with freedom-haters...these "Green-opponents" had immediate access to the inner core. Indeed...EPA not only adopted the "Green-view" but informed Pebble Mine owners EPA planned on vetoing their project. Even before Pebble Mine had submitted everything for consideration EPA was already saying "don't bother".

Only after much assistance from the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...was it discovered that the Pebble Mine opponents had behind-the-scene access to EPA...and...had conferred extensively with "inner core" officials. Such coordination between the EPA and the "Greens" smacks of cronyism and should be denounced not praised.


In Guadalajara...the NEW GENERATION CARTEL(NGC) can be found. They're a paramilitary gang with a count of 50 kills of government officials. As one captain told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "They bite...we bite back. They leave us alone...we leave them alone. They choose to come knocking...that door will be opened."

If the United States and Mexico were to delete their so-called anti-drug laws...completely cleanse the books...the embedded profit would be gone and gangs surviving from such illicit drug trade would have to find other means of support. most gang-experts will acknowledge...once the easy money evaporates...most lose interest and get real jobs.(Wall Street Journal A-9;05-15-15).


The Shiites believe power should have gone to the prophet's son-in-law, Ali and grandson Hussain. In contrast...Sunnis think it shouldn't have been hereditary. And because of this difference...these two sects are trying to exterminate the other. Of course...because there is power in directing conflict...Imams and mullahs from both sects find it better to stir hate than talk peace.

Ihsan Bu-Huleiga

A Saudi economist contacted the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to declare the proposition propounded by that DEPARTMENT was absolutely correct. Mr. Bu-Huleiga pointed out that Shiite and Sunnis were fighting each other because the winner would be able to loot the storeroom of the loser. If big foot government were designed so that neither Shiite nor Sunni could use taxes and regulation to plunder the wealth of the other...then...peace would surely prevail since never does a Muslim kill his banker or baker, (Wall Street Journal  A-6;05-15-15)

Gulf Cooperation Council

With respect to the IRAN NUKE DEAL...Obama received an endorsement from the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC). He promised them that should they be attacked by a nuclear-armed Iran...he'd see to it that "snap-back" occurred...that the sanctions the NUKE DEAL removed would once again be imposed. Never did he tell the rag heads...though...that such promise was meaningless since the next time Uncle Sugar confronts Iran it would be "nuclear-armed"...a different critter...and...a very dangerous one at that.

Too timid

India's President Modi has discovered vested interests in India that derive their sustenance from big foot government protection are very hard to dislodge. When he tried to break up the COAL MONOPOLY...for example...he was informed he could trim about the edges but INDIA COAL would remain under big foot government directive. Assessing objections to deletion of the grip and grab of socialism...President Modi concluded that socialism in India will be much harder to eradicate than he had previously envisioned.


The recent derailment of a commuter train was due to pilot error. Instead of slowing down to 50 mph so the train could navigate a curve...the driver had that train going 106 mph! Yes...pilot error caused that wreck not the infrastructure.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


How deep might a hole be dug into the islets where China is constructing military jet air bases? It might very well be there is stable ground beneath those bases such that below the surface an entire city might be built...impervious to weather...impregnable to attack...and...a great way to survive the mile-wide asteroid strike in 2026.


The Muslim approaches every moment in such fashion that tomorrow as much mystery as today was yesterday as where the Americans chance and risk whenever better hand played..


Me and my baby...we loved real hard...can't believe here I am in my front yard...tears on both sides of that lock...yeah...the gun was cocked...the door was locked...I guess it was last beer in the ice box.


The obvious menace of the "super bug" has attracted the attention of the big foot government crowd. They sense a great opportunity that shouldn't be wasted. The fear of an "out-break"(think Dustin Hoffman) could be used to drain the public coffers. The cost of such research would be vast...and...the funds needed quite large with salaries and expense accounts to match.

Sure...these "paid-by-government" researchers might stumble on some new way to delete the "super bug"...but...that likelihood as remote as any other government goal ever to be accomplished. The "super bug" will remain a menace...a trillion dollars will have been spent studying them...and...America will be as much at risk then as it is now.


Looking for ways to help TENCENT HOLDINGS, Ltd...the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG invited this Internet giant to consider a plan to increase profits. In reaction...the honchos at that company...always open to ideas...opened a window. Nowadays...TENCENT is gaining more ground and commensurate profits because it followed this plan. As everyone now knows that plan was to mimic FACEBOOK and offer advertising platforms similar thereto,(B-4;05-14-15 Wall Street Journal).


Hillary Clinton tells her small adulating audiences she'll impose more "red tape, tax and spend"programs and policies...grow big foot from cradle to grave...reduce everyone to parasites, servile supplicants or knee-crooking knaves. that proclamation of "whip and chain"...cheers and screams of wonder and joy thunderous and vast heard almost a mile away...and...even if not...such was how the MASS MEDIA that reception cast.

On the other hand...Republicans offer "same old, same old, just different bag". Except for RAND PAUL...the other Republican hopefuls drool bromides and platitudes...promising to trim about the edges of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE but retain as much grip and grab as possible.

Take JEB BUSH for example. He doesn't much care about the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies even if they are stifling and much...ole JEB says he'll reduce taxes somewhat...eliminate only the most outrageous overreach...but...generally keep what's already been erected in place.

In contrast...RAND PAUL has told his over-flow audiences that it's time to consider dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"...indeed...a place where the consumer and not some sniveling bureaucrat is queen or king.

Yes..folks...the 2016 election will be about liberty and slavery. CAGE or KEY. As Senator Chuck Schumer admitted, "The contest will be between CAGE or KEY...that is to say...if RAND PAUL is the Republican Party nominee...his message of liberation over subjugation will deliver a landslide victory over the "more CAGE" CROWD and provide America with a chance to delete the grip and grab of big foot government."


Florida Governor Rick Scott is leading the fight against the advance of big foot government. He stood up and told Obama Florida wasn't about to kneel and lick boot. Governor Scott...relying on NFIB v. SEBILIUS...told Obama it was unlawful for his scurvy crew to threaten to cut off federal funds if Florida didn't convert to a socialist medical services delivery system...a system Governor Scott knows 3rd world-like...something he wasn't prepared to do to Floridians.(Wall Street Journal A-9;05-14-15).


SLAP DOWN! When asked his conclusion about the objection to the trade agreement which U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) had publicly made...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...declared, "I question her intelligence...her judgment...and...her motives. Her refusal to support a "trade-deal" is idiotic even though it plays well to the simple-Simon crowd."


The Chinese are constructing MILITARY BASES in the South China Sea. Their purpose is to deliver security and protection to shipping and air transport. Instead of informing the Chinese that America welcomes such effort...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...dispatched war ships...ships packed with firepower and operating under orders to engage if threatened. The purpose behind this monkey-move is perplexing since China is the obvious principal to carry out such a vast task.


A ghoul is a critter...dressed in the habiliments of the grave...rotting...nasty...and...definitely a thing to be avoided. In CUBA...Raul of scumbag Fidel...sports the moniker: RAUL THE GHOUL. The label is meant to alert any would-be noise-maker that the penalty is death in a cruel and usual way...a ghoulish way. And with this demon Pope Francis met and discussed the enslavement of CUBA and "how" RAUL could manage perpetual tyranny,(A-9;05-14-15 Wall Street Journal)


You never pull a rattlesnake into your sleeping bag.Yet...the Jew is doing just as much when a State of Palestine allowed. Vatican are declaring a State of Palestine...but...none of them will be attacked incessantly with rocket and mortar. The better way to guarantee Israel remains relatively safe and secure is to be relentless in keeping Israel the only fish in the pond.(Wall Street Journal A-7;05-14-15)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Lyrics...musical score...combined so that the listener is pleased and drawn inexorably into the effort. Finding the chords...achieving rhythm...might seem easy...but...when the producer must from scratch begin...the likelihood of magnum opus always the long shot...always remote.

Take for instance creating a song for THE ARMY OF LIBERATION. So many patriotic many theme songs already out there...novelty at once beyond grasp...yet...uniqueness required if publication sought.


Excitement rippled in the crowd...they came to hear about liberation over they could be rid of the NANNY STATE CAGE...and...enter paradise...a place where never found an able-bodied pauper.

carelessness and

where no man has gone before

Might there be such a place? On planet Earth...the deepest parts of the oceans haven't been explored thoroughly.


Instead of demanding liberation over subjugation...New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told the world he wanted to lower taxes...but...not eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE retaining much of it so that "THE ESTABLISHMENT" would support him and not timid Jeb Bush...another "same old, same old, just different bag" dude. By telling everyone he'll keep much of the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE...Christie hopes to induce otherwise Jeb-people to stay with him.


Terry O'Neill...a leader of women...said she thought Obama had mistreated U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose"Warren when he referred to her as "Liz Fizz".


Is there such a thing as coincidence or destiny? Did Nostradamus actually see future events and embed them in arcane rhyme and metaphor? Might one...for instance...foretell a wreck before it actually happens...or...disclose the outcome of a horse race before the finish line is crossed? The answer to both questions is "yes". the 2015 Kentucky Derby...American Pharaoh was picked to win by 34,567,992 people and the Philadelphia junction Am-Trak wreck was foretold by several knowledgeable engineers. One engineer...for example...said he sent emails to the head honcho of Am-Trak and warned about high-speed curve encounter(HSCE)...and...said the area of most concern was the Philadelphia junction.

Those emails were sent long before the Am-Trak wreck happened. Already denial and cover-up are afoot as officials of Am-Trak and the Obama Administration look for ways to shed blame.

Loathing in Garland

Pamela Geller as most psychiatrists will confirm has fantasies about Mohammad

Pamela Geller has made it her stump speech to denounce Islam and expose its perverse nature. In provocative settings...she displays cartoons of the blessed PROPHET MOHAMMAD and challenges Muslims to do something about it. In Garland, Texas...for instance...she held such a cartoon contest with a $10,000 prize. Lucky for her and her patrons...a S.W.A.T. Team shot and killed two gunmen before they could enter and slaughter. When asked if she'd continue to be such a provocateur...she laughed and crowed, "Of course...if they'd forsake Sharia Law and treat women as equals...I'd consider stopping the noise."


Freedom-hater Elizabeth Warren was asked about liberty and socialism and if she would obstruct the creation of one enterprise zone where all "red tape,tax and spend" programs and policies were suspended and an otherwise unhampered market permitted to flourish. Instantly...she changed from smile to sneer...her body contorted as if some cruel demon were a cold-ghoulish tone made clear, "I want to enslave...reduce people to knee-crooking knaves...intrude and impose...make meek from brave."


Drones are usually remotely piloted. They're even drones which are constructed using a pilot-less format. They can be designed to perform in a prescribed manner using auto-pilot technology...such that once launched...they operate independently and don't need a pilot to achieve purpose.

The North Koreans have designed an "assassin-drone". This device can hover above an attack-site for months waiting to pounce when the "window opens" so to speak. As one North Korean general said,"If we wanted to kill Obama...all we'd need do is deploy a drone above the White House and wait for that propitious moment...perhaps a Rose Garden speech...or...a party on the West Lawn...adding with some Korean smirk that once the mission was accomplished...the tracing of that drone back to its maker would be near impossible since Hillary Clinton obliteration technology embedded.


Stay off big foot government managed railways. Such was the latest injunction issued by the SAFETY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG a few weeks back. In that national alert the Philadelphia area...particularly a "troubled junction"...was cited as a possible place for accident. if time-machine Am-Trak accident has occurred at the very spot predicted. The driver of that train was doing better than a 100 mph when he entered a 50 mph curve...didn't slow down...and...derailment ensued.


One of Hillary Clinton's closest allies was asked about her departure from the 2016 field due to the criminal acts she was caught perpetrating and was heard to whisper: Final orders, sir? asked the sergeant major. From the bunker came, "Issue last ammo...fix bayonets!"


When asked about his Democrat-caused defeat in the Senate...Obama berated Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) pointing out that she was a noise-maker looking to be drafted by the Democratic National Committee to replace "tainted" Hillary but lacked any facts on which to base her objection to his Pacific trade deal. "Yes...she's a rabid freedom-hater...but...she missed the big point of this deal and that was this so-called trade pact put big foot government into every aspect of every transaction.


In the Rolling Stone article about rape at the University of Virginia was prominently featured. Subsequent forensic examination of the fact-finding aspect of that article revealed it to be a well-told lie. In response to that obvious criticism...Sabrina...the author of that LIE...pointed out that although there was never a rape as described in that article...nevertheless...fraternities and that university have ignored campus rape for years.


At $9.24 per bushel of soybeans and 500 million bushels already in storage from last year's record's obvious the price per bushel is about to plummet as the second-largest crop in history is harvested. What if there were a speculator who could match that surplus to an immediate demand with transport and down-line storage the only issues?

The answer to that question depends on which paradigm used. If the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE is used...the matching of supply and demand runs a maze of red tape and crony rules...while in a 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...such supply and demand is seamlessly amalgamated because there aren't such hurdles and hassles.

Imagine the starving people of Bangladesh eating soybeans from America and you've just sensed the grandeur of the OUM. quake-devastated Nepal recently food and water was delivered by such a speculator whose purpose to demonstrate what private charity can do when left alone.

Yes...this speculator was threatened by scumbags in big foot government(think Obama)...yet...undaunted...those 100 airplanes full of life-saving food and medicine are now in Nepal. Sure the U.S.Injustice Department has already prepared the indictment...but...this speculator doesn't care. A mission of mercy was accomplished in spite of the bottlenecks of big foot government!


Lacking liquor and a desire to go and get...Miniver Cheevy picked up his cellphone...called 15 minutes JIM BEAM arrived. In Florida...Miniver...could grab his cellphone and call NEEDNOW and get not only the liquor but a reason to drink. with many folks...Miniver Cheevy...child of scorn...scratched his head and kept on thinking...coughed and called it fate...and...kept on drinking.