Wednesday, July 29, 2015


President Xi Jingping was angry that Uncle Sugar was dominating the INTERNET. He used his iPhone6 to call his 2nd in command who instantly used his Android to Google contacts in America about what could be done to break this monolithic approach to the INTERNET...Balkanizing to each regime a way to break it up and force those in that nation's borders to adopt different programming...different software...different operating systems...things the Chinese simply aren't intellectually able to do. They copy others...and...almost never...ever...innovate or invent. Yes...many thousands of years ago...somehow the Chinese invented many things...but...once they went Occidental...mystics proclaimed they had to live without such stuff and the Chinese slowly became copy-cats unable to invent or innovate. It's simply not in their make-up. Hence...President Xi's idea is doomed and can't progress as he has envisioned.

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