Wednesday, September 30, 2015


There is a strong argument favoring the deletion of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE using the concept of THE ORB...the omnibus repeal bill...wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE. When deployed...THE ORB chases away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism and replaces it with EDEN...the 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

What makes deployment of THE ORB so attractive is that it pays off all claims of all RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. This payment will be in colored-paper script but that's all that's left in the U.S.Treasury nowadays.'ll cost several trillion bucks...but...$20 trillion has already been spent on the War on Poverty with no victory in sight. This approach assures the fools who pull will be relieved of their yoke.

Northern Afghanistan?

According to Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...Kunduz was a "safe and secure" city of 300,000(+). When it fell to 15 Taliban troopers...though...his Afghanistan assessment was questioned. "How can 15 Taliban fighters...conquer a city guarded by 100,00 Iraqi troops?" queried Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY)...adding..."There were 100,00 Iraqi troops...with tanks...bombs...and...a billion bullets...yet...15 rag heads chanting "Allahu Akbar" succeeded?"


It takes 50 months on average and $20 million to get a competing drug through the Food and Drug Administration's Abbreviated New Drug Application process. Observing this government created bottleneck Turing Pharmaceutical raised the price on its old, off-patent drug, Daraprim from $7.50 per pill to $750.00 per pill. Turing CEO Martin Shkreli said he needed to raise the price or Turing was doomed.

Naturally...Hillary Clinton ignored this business aspect...and...declared such an INCREASE wrongful and vowed to add even more regulation...more bottleneck...including price controls and drug production diktat...never once admitting or acknowledging it was government bottleneck which gave Shkreli room to grab some more profit,(WSJ A-15;09-30-15).


Jeb Bush went from front runner to "who?" status once people heard him promise to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Yes...he promised to trim about its hellish edges...but...he won't delete or eradicate. He's another "same old, same old, just different bag". Hence...his poll numbers plummeted.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Military experts were paid $500 million to train a rebel army to fight against Islamic State. After much interrogation...Pentagon officials finally admitted only FIVE were certified as "trained and ready".

Yes...the Pentagon promised battalion strength rebel groups each one nibbling away at the borders of the so-called caliphate. But...only 5 out of 20 million chose to fight for America and Iraq.

The reason for reluctance was that only those 5 could be convinced they would not be betrayed. As Admiral Michael Rogers admitted, "When they were told about how Obama had betrayed Dr. Afridi...they could see themselves standing on that roof top screaming for Seal Team #6 to stop and extract them from Pakistan...only to watch as that helicopter sped off. a sense...they refused to be that poor wretch screaming for what America promised but never intended to provide."


"Well...if they're so wonderful...then...Planned Parenthood won't have any trouble surviving on donations and its sale of baby parts," quipped U.S.Rep. Bill Posey,(R.FL) when asked why he wanted to remove the siphon of Planned Parenthood from the general coffer.


In the Roswell Incident...people said alien bodies were dissected. Indeed...there were and white cinema...showing dudes in white lab coats picking through the guts of what was offered as a dead alien. Mention is made of such horror since recently PLANNED PARENTHOOD was caught dissecting babies and selling their body it would seem from the INTERNET VIDEOS depicting such gruesome and ghoulish stuff.


Glover's armada sailed back and forth across the East River saving Washington's otherwise cornered army in Brooklyn from annihilation. Yes...Mother Nature dispatched a heavy fog to cover the retreat of the last few including Washington who occupied the last boat from Brooklyn...but...the overall feat was not only miraculous but saved the American Revolution perhaps from an ignominious end. Mention is made of such heroism since nowadays there's a paucity of valiant patriots standing forth demanding liberation for the otherwise subjugated.


Mr. Donald Trump offered a tax plan which also called for elimination of the estate tax...a primal MARXIST tax which big foot government uses to destroy opposition. The recitation of its deletion drew instant criticism from Mammon and its minions,(MATTHEW 6:24).


Even though Obama...ever the dung-throwing stomping and slapping the Republicans...nevertheless...freedom-fighters are afoot whose mission statement to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham(R.S.C.) said he didn't want to shut down leviathan government but simply trim about its edges...lessening some burdens...adding others...but...overall...perpetuating and oppressing. A vote for him is to choose more of the same.  Fortunately...most people don't like his snotty attitude and don't want more big foot government grip and grab. As one voter asked, "Why choose CAGE over KEY?"


The Republican majority in the U.S.Senate could voice vote...change the Senate rules so that 51 votes could pass their version of any law thereby eliminating the minority 60-vote bottleneck. If such were done...this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can be dismantled. If it can't be done...then the CAGE is perpetual...consuming...and...deleting liberty...replacing it with "freedom-to-obey".


U.S.Senator Sherrod "scumbag" Brown(D.Oh) said funding for OBAMA-CARE had to be a priority since people deserved what that law delivered declaring until OBAMA-CARE consumers were ignored...their needs tossed aside. Yes...that "take" is serves to fuel the hatred and envy which is the core driving OBAMA-CARE.


U.S.Senator Cruz and U.S.Senator Paul oppose the Continuing Resolution which TEAM OBAMA and some wishy-washy Republicans want to impose on the American taxpayer for another season.


Big Pharma...big oil...big coal...all are getting smacked and slapped by TEAM OBAMA and they're accepting it, (think Animal House: Sir...can I have another). However, their stockholders are feeling the lack of their courage as marketplace prices continue to tumble. Where are their voices of protest? Or...are they so enslaved they'll carry whatever burden their masters impose?(WSJ A-12;9/29/15)


As predicted...the attempt to impose socialism in Hong Kong fizzled and China still directs the political aspect of that small province as it should. This BLOG favored the existing approach and supported President Xi when he decided to ignore the protests. As predicted...the protest died out as soon as people realized the purpose behind the demonstrations was to hurt the reputation of China.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told a gullible America that he had defeated the Taliban and it was time to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. Of course...he was LYING...but...who cared since America...for the most part...was war-weary...and...decisively opposed to renewed efforts to snuff out a local terrorist organization embedded in the mountains of toilet bowl Afghanistan.

 However...Taliban wasn't any where near defeated. Obama LIED and now that LIE is coming home to roost mightily. The "defeated" Taliban attacked and seized Kunduz...a town located near the Tajikstan border and one in which American blood had been spilled fighting that bunch of scoundrels and miscreants long ago. From the manner of assault and the plotted retention of seized was obvious Taliban was never defeated and might very well retake toilet bowl Afghanistan and re-institute Shariah Law.


FREEUSFLORIDA.COM became one of America's ,most powerful political forces by adopting an unusual strategy: Instead of seeking the presidency, it functioned as America's king-maker, trading its support to the ruling party in exchange for patronage jobs and influence. Indeed...over the last several years...this winning formula has helped eliminate many socialists in government with many more to be evicted come 2016, (WSJ A-7;09-29-15).


The same computer models which declare mankind is changing Mother Earth's climate also stated Mars was without water due to aridity, temperature and carbon dioxide(CO2). But...these models were wrong as to Mars and obviously as to Earth as well. Mars does have running water and Mother Earth's climate can't be changed by mankind to any measurable degree!

Monday, September 28, 2015


In the episodic comedy, GET SMART...ever so often Maxwell Smart would insist the "Chief" not speak until the CONE OF SILENCE had been lowered. Mention is made of this delightful scene...since U.S.Rep. Kevin McCarthy(R.Ca)...when asked about foreign affairs...opined, "Might such farce as a CONE OF SILENCE have been afoot today when President Putin poked and jabbed Obama with spirited revelation about the Russian Bear.

Amie Gearan: rumor miller

As unfair as it might seem...CNN told Hillary Clinton if Joe Biden were to announce his candidacy...he'd be granted access to that debate as a participant. Naturally...Hillary screamed about this opening but lacked the power to dictate terms given her lackluster poll numbers compared to those of Biden and Sanders. As Huma Abedin framed it, "Hillary has earned her bones. She turned her head so Obama could assassinate Ambassador Stevens...she went along with his giving away half the world...but...she has earned the right to be President and rule her kingdom as she sees fit!"


While there are 1,257 indicators pointing where the American economy finds itself on 09-28-15...only 3 are used by TEAM OBAMA to depict the level of prosperity and one of them is a "happiness" quotient. Indeed...Bernie Sanders noted the Dept. of Labor never tells America that if the number of people who have given up finding employment were added into the so-called GOVERNMENT-NUMBERS...the rate of unemployment wouldn't be that BOGUS 5.3% but would be closer to 30%.

McCarthy and change

U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy(R.Ca) might be elected as the replacement Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives. Sure...he'll trim about the edges of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...overall...he'll be as impotent as JOHN BOEHNER proved to be. The less skeptical among the HARVARD SCIENTISTS called upon to examine this change of power...however...curtly told a cub reporter from this BLOG that it might very well be KEVIN will stand forth and preach liberation to the subjugated...but...most bets are on his continuing to perpetuate this hellish CAGE never once offering KEY.


Finally...Mr. Donald Trump came forward and declared himself against the Marxist estate tax demanding its deletion.This tax is based* on ENVY(EXODUS 20:17) and had to be eradicated in order to make America great again. Hence...Trump included its elimination as part of his effort to reduce the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
*ESTATE TAX IS EVIL! Let us review "why" that moral assertion is true. Let's set the stage by assuming that for an estate tax to apply...the decedent must have been savvy enough to have saved enough wealth that there is something to attach at death...sufficient wealth to levy upon...a storeroom door actually protecting to speak.

To the observer...the only thing that could be said about such storeroom contents is that this dead person was able to produce so much that he was able to create this amount of wealth as a result of his ability to satisfy customers and then thrifty enough to have saved it. Little more could be said or need be said since the amount of wealth left at death one way or another represented someone's extraordinary effort to please others.

Indeed...the amount of wealth is a reflection on how well the deceased producer was able to give what people wanted. The advocate of the estate tax wants to enter that domain after the producer is dead and punish that producer for having given so much to so many. Punishing by demanding a portion of that beneficence...that beacon...that indicator of public delight* and public satisfaction. _________________________
*Senator Chuck Schumer told a cub reporter from this BLOG he wanted the estate tax because it was based on evil and that was something he understood.Punishing the heirs of Steve Job for having invented Apple, Inc. was for scumbag Schumer an example of how this evil works its nasty aspect. "Sure...Jobs gave much and he received much and I and millions like myself are envious and were envious and the only way we could show such hatred for his success was to impose an estate tax. I love to crush the producer and make myself their king."

Asia and India get attention...Senator Lindsey Graham said the following:

"Hispanics won't be the dominant voting bloc in 2055. Instead...descendants of India, China and Vietnam WILL combine to be the biggest voting bloc whose desire for liberty might very well doom the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a hellish environment thought to last for a thousand years should Afro-Americans and Hispanics be the decisive voting edge.

So angry were Democrats at that statement made by Senator Lindsey Graham...they screamed for recompense. Reacting to their demand for apology...Graham said his conclusion wasn't predicated so much on the number of births as it was based on from whom those births were coming. Unlike the Afro-Americans whose children more often than not elect to do something else...or...the Hispanics whose off-spring prefer dance and drink to hard work and wealth...the Chinese and the others want to become big noise and pass on estates and titles to their heirs for centuries to come. And that desire can translate into great opposition to the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE.

U.S.Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R. Ca)

Rep. Kevin McCarthy when asked about President Putin's latest gambit in the Middle East...he abruptly stopped chewing his cud and fumed, "America is less secure because America has become less engaged."


Water on Mars? Yes...folks...God put water on Mars and perhaps life as well. But what kind of slime slug squirms? Someone once answered by saying: The angels...pallid and wand...affirm...the tragedy a play called man...and...its hero...conqueror worm.


Years ago...there was a TV talent show called the GONG SHOW wherein 3 judges would strike a HUGE GONG when the contestant was too bad to accept under any conditions known to mankind. Naturally...that 1/2 hour was replete with GONGING and more GONGING...particularly those singers who chose FOOL ON THE HILL for their performance selection.

Mention is made of this hilarious show since recently the RINGGIT...that colorful paper currency of Indonesia...was characterized as something from the GONG SHOW...referring to how ridiculous an investor would have to be to risk anything in such a place.


Vice President Joe Biden is receiving a billion bucks worth of free advertising through MASS MEDIA speculation over his potential 2016 presidential run. Already polling data published 24/7 shows Biden far more favored by Democrats than either Hillary or Bernie.


Liberation of the subjugated? Yes...folks...such could have been declared by Mr. Donald Trump but was intentionally left out. What portion of the electorate wouldn't want to hear how to escape the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Yet...Trump chose to offer less than liberation...even though...his bill boards screamed: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

In contrast...Senator RAND PAUL has consistently told his overflow crowds he will dismantle the CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where anyone including Donald Trump might prosper.


U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders told college students to help him eliminate any escape route from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. "I will make them forge their own chains, " Bernie gloated in an off-camera moment when asked why offer that ride* to CANDY LAND?
*Pinocchio discovered donkeys made in CANDY LAND.


Suddenly...Bill Clinton came from the closet to tell the world that Hillary Clinton was holding up better than most could under the incessant assault over her time working as Secretary of State. "She has been called every name in the book...asked every question imaginable...and...every time she gives the correct answer...she's called a LIAR and asked to tell her story again," complained a perturbed former President who had been...himself...years before...grilled the same way over his tryst with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.


Ah...yes...Mars...the Red place with running water...potable running water...drinking water...the stuff needed for by robot to be there. everyone knows...if there's water found...there must be lots of it given how arid and unforgiving Mars otherwise appears to be.

Perhaps there are oceans beneath the surface...or...rivers hidden away in areas our robots haven't as yet accessed but one thing is for sure...MARS has potable such...mankind can survive there. Naturally...the Martians might not be too happy with the invasion...but...hey...Michael Rennie was ill the day the Earth stood still...but he told us where we stand.


At the United Nations...President Rouhani told the world that IRAN did not wish to possess a nuclear weapon but if security required it...they'd not only have one...but...theirs would be the most terrible bomb ever imagined. Off-camera...this maniacal rag head told a cub reporter from this BLOG he wasn't about to build a bomb. On the other hand...if he were compelled to build one...his would be so mighty its detonation would split the world into little biddy pieces of rubble to drift forever among the stars.


When the AVOID BRAZIL alert was issued...the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT foresaw sugar...for late 09-15 would be 12 cents per pound even though that prediction in 2013 was called foolish guessing without any underpinnings. Yet...on the Wall Street Journal(C-1)...BRAZILIAN SUGAR revealed its intent to seek bankruptcy protection precisely because their BET that sugar would remain at 25 cents per pound was wrong. of the most vocal critics of this BLOG admitted the present market price of 12 cents per pound was probably a number likely to remain the standard for a decade.

Ng Lap Seng

Mr. Ng Lap Seng was arrested because he told customs officials in America that the $4.5 million in U.S.currency was intended to buy some art and gamble in Las Vegas. Of course...that $4.5 was really marked to be given to U.S.Senator Harry Reid as a bribe since Reid was the secret partner in the SANDS CASINO project in Macau. When asked how Mr. Ng would escape* prosecution...he merely replied, "Democrat JON CORZINE"...rolled up his limo window and departed the hotel for the airport.
*Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion from his clients and escaped prosecution because he had "dirt" on everybody including Obama. Mr. Ng's reference was obviously addressing such a closet.


Coming out of the back room...Bill Clinton pointed out that his wife was on the receiving end of some fairly nasty rumors. He didn't much care for how the hatred for Hillary Clinton could cause so many MASS MEDIA talking heads to join the chorus of acrimony. Indeed...Bill went to far as to repeat a recent rumor he found quite perplexing: the Berlin Marathon...Ellud Kipchoge...a runner with powers and abilities far beyond that of mortal man...became angry as he ran towards another world record. His specially-built shoes...NIKE,INC.stuff...broke down with its neon-green insoles coming out costing Ellud another world's record which he missed by 63 seconds. Of course...NIKE ducked blame claiming their shoes had been retrofitted by people closely associated with the HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN.


President Putin in 2011 told Obama what Russia intended. In response...Obama told him once the election of 2012 was over...he'd have the latitude to accommodate Russian hunger to be great once more. Obama was told Russia needed room to exercise its power and Obama agreed to permit such hegemony. Nowadays...however...Obama's advisers are denying he capitulated to the Russian Bear and the inroads Russia is now exploiting in the Middle East are in spite of Obama's dramatic declaration of "red lines".


From 14,000 to 70,000? Yes...folks...OBAMA-CARE has added 56,000 more codes which doctors will have to use to process their payment claims. The burden and harassment are so great many doctors are saying they'll opt out of any government program wherein 56,000 more code-entries are required.


Rowan county clerk of court, KIM DAVIS refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Her refusal brought her national attention as she was escorted to jail on contempt charges. But...her refusal to kneel and worship Mammon's idol,(MATTHEW 6:24) seems to have become something of a communicable disease...with more and more government officials refusing to do the bidding of MAMMON. Indian River County, Florida...for example...the School Board declared it wasn't about to knuckle under and find ways to implement OBAMA-CARE...that hellish 2500 page big foot government exercise in anti-American activity. "If they want to send in the National Guard...fine...but...we...still...won't kneel and lick that boot!" screamed a defiant school board member,(WSJ A-15;09-28-15).


Obama plans on telling the United Nations that CLIMATE CHANGE is more dangerous than any threat posed by the Islamic State or any other terrorist organization. He will tell the world he'll eliminate fossil fuel...get rid of the car...and...return America to a time of "tent and mule"...a time when people sat about campfires singing old negro spirituals...and...wondered what tomorrow would bring. Yes...he'll paint a romantic scene wherein the would-be master dictates who will live and who will die...who will laugh...and...who will cry.


Little Serynity saved her money to buy a bike. She sold cookies...mowed lawns as well as took care of neighbors' pets while they were on vacation until she had finally collected sufficient funds to buy that special bike.

Serynity and her dad went to the BIKE SHOP and she bought her bike. She rode that bike for the rest of the day and into the early evening hours. Yes...folks...Serynity rode that special bike until her mom summoned her into the house for bedtime. She left her bike under the oak tree near her front door...a place where she had always left her most precious possessions...a place she considered safe since her front door was over 15 miles back into the woods down a narrow dirt path.

The next morning...Serynity's world was dashed. Her bike was gone. The note left by the culprit said, "Don't try and find us...we're somewhere on planet Earth and we're not coming back!"

Officer Matt Jarrett heard of this tragedy and instantly appeared at the home of Serynity with the same bike. He had cashed in his retirement fund of $235,973.00 and had used it to buy Serynity another bike...the same one she had worked so hard to buy.


Pragmatic. Ends justifies the means. Realpolitik. Such terms and ideas seem to frame Donald Trump's effort to prevail in the Republican primary process. Take for instance his approach to grip and grab. This latest exercise takes the form of a so-called tax plan...a complex morass of give and take designed to stymie and confound but offered as an example of what he'd do if ever given the chance to impose himself on America.

In contrast...Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky) had the chance to inflame America and lead it out of the quicksand of the 20th Century NANNY STATE offer tepid tax ideas and "me-too" platitudes on critical issues such as immigration and international trade. Had he stood forth...when granted the chance to speak to America...and...declared a march to "make salt"...he'd have been catapulted into FIRST PLACE and never would have had to worry about some upstart sporting the name TRUMP.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...issued orders that the newest weapons should be battle-tested and directed they be sent to Syria and Iraq to be used against the Islamic State.

Next move for President Putin

President Putin is a master chess player...perhaps one of the best on planet Earth in 2015. His prowess for tactic and strategy are evident in the latest merger of Russia, Iran and Iraq as they join together to oppose the Islamic State...a Sunni army dedicated to the eradication of all infidels. Yes...folks...while Obama hand-painted pictures for the Pope...President Putin was busy establishing Russia as the BIG NOISE in the Middle East.


Mr. Donald Trump came forward with a tax plan which is moderate and doesn't attack the underlying idea that a producer is the slave of the mob and its would-be master. He did eliminate the estate tax and reduce the grip of the income tax...but...what he proposed perpetuates the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Had he proposed to drop income taxes to 10% and not any estate tax ever again...he'd have instantly been propelled into history as a LEADER and not as a BIG FLOP.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Although skeptical...Vice President Joe Biden sat down with a psychic and together they conjured his deceased son, Beau Biden and in that seance much was discussed and many decisions made. Beau said that Hillary Clinton could not hide the obvious forever and eventually even the complicit MASS MEDIA would have to relent and support Biden lest socialist-Sanders be nominated and the entire Democratic Party be evicted from all seats of power...something Beau didn't want since it would mean he died before paradise on Earth arrived...something even in a spiritual format he couldn't countenance.


Why is Obama's plan to deal with ISIS similar to the plan the French had for defending against bellicose Germans? That answer isn't yet explained...but...the outcome surely is known.

Recall that before World War II began...the French constructed an elaborate defense system expecting the Hun horde to advance as it had in World War I and when such happened those guns would obliterate the Hun.

Of course...such an imaginative defense grid did little to stop the enterprising Germans as they dashed around those fortifications in the early days of Blitzkrieg.


As oil prices continue to plummet in reaction to the glut of oil...the number of oil rigs pumping oil as fallen by 60%. Indeed...because the oil industry is subject to world supply and oil prices fall so does production thereby keeping production in line with overall supply and overall demand.

In contrast...even though the marketplace has rejected ethanol...nevertheless...big foot government continues to subsidize it. In other words...but for taxpayer money...most of the ethanol production along with solar and wind would all but be little more than some boondoggle Hollywood might find appealing to review with America...maybe in a remake of the movie: PROMISED LAND...only this time...telling the horrors of big foot government and how good people were stomped so boondoggle could be foisted on the voters.

Hey...Mak-mood...we need a number, now!

Because they get paid for giving out numbers when such needed to support more big foot government...the International Energy Agency declared Americans in 2014 drove 1.82 trillion miles...a number they certified claiming they used the same GUESSING PROGRAM the man-made global warming scumbags used to make up their nonsense,(WSJ B-5;09-26-15).


Delete the Federal Trade Commission? part of the dismantling of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...the FTC would be erased and its nefarious past flushed down history's proverbial toilet, (WSJ B-3;09-26-15). Such repeal would go a long way in eliminating the bottleneck to Internet innovation and must be one of the 1st things the Republican President must do in January of 2017. Sure...the MASS MEDIA and vested interests will squeal the meme...but...voters will know they finally were saved from the would-be masters waiting upstream.

Catalonia and toll roads

If you want to travel in safety and relative comfort a toll road is the only way to go. On the other hand...if you want to bump along...throw you tires out of alignment...and...have kidney problems...use a roadway maintained by the Spanish government. One is a super highway...the other little more than a footpath with some asphalt applied. In many ways...the toll roads of Catalonia offer insight into the socialist and capitalist way of approaching travel. Unlike those seeking independence in Catalonia....those who support the Spanish government love its one-size-fits-all approach...buses, bicycles and footwear with only the ruling elite riding in air conditioned comfort.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said if made President he'd declare war on drugs and attack every state and every person in that state who smokes or grows or sells or buys marijuana. He said he'd kill his own mother if such were the law and he'd invade Colorado. He'd send in DEA agents...those scumbags and miscreants whose jobs should have been erased long maim and slaughter...maybe even set up a few "houses of pleasure" with captured women...using the Boko Haram model. As Carly Fiarino said, "Christie is a bloated big foot government hack and deserves derision not praise."


When asked about the nasty manner in which Hillary Clinton framed her time as CEO...Carly Fiarino declared, "It's rich to hear Hillary Clinton...who has never done anything except spend other people's money...condemn my efforts as CEO of Hewlett-Packard.


Slice and slice some more...such the way Hillary Clinton's campaign was thoroughly explored. Behind "scrub the server"...under "what difference does it make now"...each layer carved and dipped...answering the "why" and "how".


Opposing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democrat primary are several combatants one of whom sports the title: former governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley. Yes...he left Maryland in tatters...socialist-smothered...Eco-fascist splattered...but...who cares about such stuff as that...when you're vying for top spot in a world thought flat. He tells his 10 person crowds he'll destroy what little liberty remains...and...says it many times during his's the only way spontaneous "no-sign-needed" applause obtained.


An obvious bias was exposed when MASS MEDIA stooge, Chuck Todd on Meet the Press interviewed both Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiarino on 09-27-15.

For instance...never once did Todd attack Clinton even though her statements about Benghazi were fair game. No...ole softball Chuck threw her some loops and drops and she batted each one out of the park.

In contrast...Todd drooled venom as he addressed Fiarino's shortcomings in business. Somehow her time at Hewlett-Packard as its CEO was more important to Todd than the answer to the question: "Where was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for those 7 hours on 09-11-12 when the Benghazi embassy compound was under attack?"


What has anchored Fiarino isn't her past business effort but her message. She tells her crowds she will perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Sure...she'll trim about its edges to lessen some of its burdens...but...overall...Fiarino is a technocrat who will push buttons and pull levers...but...never would she dismantle the CAGE. Hence...her attraction factor is low and will continue to remain "low". As one voter queried, "Why choose somehow who will keep the grip and grab and only loosen when death about to come?"


It's obvious in cities buried by volcanic ash there were many found dead their refusal to depart written about them. Perhaps these poor wretches didn't believe END possible and hence stood fast fighting the inevitable. Yet...while they perished horribly...nevertheless...until the finale...they ignored*doom.

* Huma Abedin rhetorically painted this scene as she was describing Hillary Clinton's final days as a Democrat Party front runner

Friday, September 25, 2015


Rep. John Boehner...the Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives...never used his power to fight socialism. Never did he tell America it was time to stand forth and dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE. It was obvious...JOHN was timid and reluctant to offer freedom to the oppressed out of fear of disrupting the grip and grab of the CAGE. Indeed...he could have sought assistance from patriotic MASS MEDIA...and...would have found it overwhelming anything advocating the CAGE. But he didn't but the new Speaker must!


The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives possesses the power to fight socialism and Eco-fascism in spite of a contrary MASS MEDIA attempting at every juncture to undermine and hinder such elimination of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...voters of all stripes choose KEY over CAGE when that choice is made obvious. But if the Speaker is timid and reluctant to preach liberty...then...that potential power to fight enslavement remains unused and America suffers.

And then it was time to go

U.S.Rep. John Boehner(R.Oh) announced he was resigning as Speaker and at the end of October departing the U.S.House of Representatives. The announcement stunned some but confirmed what everyone already knew. John had forgotten his mission statement and permitted big foot government to continue unabated. Never once did he cry out for liberation over subjugation and his lack of zealous defense of what little liberty remained had undermined his support until few welcomed another month of his tepid effort to fight socialism.


"So much for the Aryan Race particularly in Germany where the people of the Middle East and Africa are inter-marrying and polluting," barked Senator Bernie Sanders when asked about the flood of refugees into Europe.


In baseball...when a coach spots a pitcher in trouble...he calls for a replacement who's been warming up in the BULL PEN. Could it be that Hillary Clinton is so far into quicksand...JOE BIDEN is about to be pulled from the BULL PEN?


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dropped out of the race for the 2016 Republican nomination. His message was flawed and promised more of the same...though trimmed and neatly dressed. What Walker didn't realize was that America was fed up with big foot government and wasn't interested in perpetuating this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Sure...he promised to remove some burdens but he also declared his overall allegiance to the NANNY STATE. and its idea of cradle to grave diktat. And...because his message of "same old, same old, just different bag" didn't resonate with voters...he dropped out.


Senator Chuck Schumer was asked about the loss of support for the Iraqi government and the obvious civil war consuming the Middle East.

In answering the question...Schumer queried, "Why would someone fight to preserve socialism?" And with that rhetorical opening...Schumer went on to add...if that otherwise would-be combatant were a recipient of subsidy...if his entire life spent licking boot for freebie and favor...then...perhaps...that parasite or servile supplicant might very well take up arms to defend his seat on the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE. On the other hand...if that person concluded socialism antithetical to self-determined happiness...then...despite cajoling or threatening...that person will take flight* as soon as any fighting begins. Why protect the "whip and chain"?
*In the Middle East...Shiite and Sunni and Kurd and "other" have killed and slaughtered each other for centuries each declaring God on their side. It's more likely than not such mayhem and civil war will continue least until there is only one Sunni or Shiite left...since only then could there be certainty as to which off-shoot the right way to Heaven.


Obama gave $500 million to train an indigenous fighting force to combat the Islamic State. After a few months...however...Obama stooges were asked about "how" that program was getting along given $500 million had been spent. Although very reluctant to admit the trouble found...they did acknowledge there were 9 FIGHTERS...9 certified fighters! When asked where the battalion strength numbers were...the officials said they used the same statistical computer models that global warming enthusiasts use when they wish to dramatize the plight of the polar bear or rising sea levels.


If Americans wanted to eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...they need only procure a majority in the U.S.Senate and with that 51% change the rules so that any law can be passed through the U.S.Senate with a majority vote eliminating the 60 vote bottleneck.

Ironically...Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) has refused to delete this "minority grip" stuff. Somehow...he believes one day the shoe might be on the other foot and he'd not want the Democrats to be able to eliminate freedom as easily as would be the case if a simple majority could circumnavigate opposition.

The logic of McConnell's position is flawed. Yes...there must be a Republican President before the CAGE can be eliminated...but...even then...without that 51% gambit in place...the socialists and other freedom-haters of the Democratic Party could stop the liberation of the subjugated. In anticipation of this Republican victory in 2016...McConnell must eliminate the 60 vote rule which was forged in 1917 and return to a simple majority vote scheme.

Imagine in 2017...the NANNY STATE CAGE and its entitlement system deleted! Imagine every rider aboard the "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE paid off in exchange for a full release of any claim of future subsidy. Imagine no income tax or estate tax or any other grip and grab. Yes...imagine as've just been inside the 21st century otherwise unhampered market... a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


The Pope told the world that big foot government should take from producers and redistribute in accord with perceived need. Sure...he endorsed enslavement...but...Jesuits are inveterate socialists and don't care if people are slaughtered so that others might receive what was until that moment by the dead refused.


What a change! Years ago...if a politician admitted he or she were a socialist...that admission was an instant disqualifying aspect. Nowadays...though...if a politician admits he's a socialist as Bernie Sanders did...the MASS MEDIA immediately pushes him to the front of the line telling voters they should support him since he'll enslave and plunder.


John Boehner(R.Oh) announced he was resigning as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Off-camera...John told a cub reporter from this BLOG he'd had enough and wanted to find peace in his time left on Earth. "As Speaker...I had to do the majority's bidding. Sure...I wanted to fight against socialism and Eco-fascism...but...most of my caucus feared repercussions should TRUTH be raised up over FALSEHOOD," the Speaker lamented as he discussed "why" he was resigning at the end of October of 2015.


DESPERTA FERRO! roughly translated means: "Wake Iron!" Might not that be one of the mottoes of the army of liberation as it marches to make salt? Lady Elizabeth thought it would and has been using it to describe what freedom does in every American matter how callus or enslaved.


A right by definition is the freedom to act within the Socio-economic context without initiation of force or fraud. long as one does not hurt someone else...there isn't any limitations. In an otherwise unhampered market...the exercise of a right does not impinge on another's similar right to act or not act within that context. While it might elucidate to offer examples of this concept...suffice it to America...the observance of the right to produce free of hassle or hinder was meticulously observed until its support waned in the face of socialist idiocy.

Nowadays...scumbags such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders get standing ovations when they declare liberty replaced with "freedom-to-obey". In their world...a RIGHT is anything big foot government says it is with permission slips and licenses required in all instances. Indeed...highlighting this idea of enslavement...U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...spokesman for Clinton...said he was in favor of granting the environment the RIGHT TO BE FREE OF MANKIND...a RIGHT which Hillary Clinton thought long overdue.


"Drug trafficking reflects a lack of credibility," chided Pope Francis when he addressed the United Nations. Off-camera...the pontiff...though...qualified his position by pointing out that DRUG LAWS were little more than modern day manifestations of  "witch-burning". Indeed...Pope Francis from beneath his gold-threaded cloak...pulled out his one-banger and took a hit...holding...exhaling...and...then...saying: "Yeah...nothing better than good "Urb" want a hit?"


While Pope Francis was entreated to preach liberation over subjugation...he tell the world socialism was the best way to make everyone equal...reducing everyone to a tent and mule existence...united by fear and distrust. And to that nonsense...the attendees at the United Nations cheered and clapped.

Why the Pope elected to tout the blessings of whip and chain aren't well known but it's as likely as not he wanted to endorse the final destruction of American liberty as framed by such scoundrels as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. If the Pope had disparaged socialism...he would have instantly undermined TEAM OBAMA and all the grip and grab America has suffered for the last 7 years...something an Argentine Jesuit steeped in the muck of socialism wasn't about to do.


At the United Nations...Pope Francis said people must be tolerant and permit women to have the same rights as men. The TV crew instantly turned their cameras on a lady who had been shot in the head by Muslims who didn't like the fact she could read and think for herself. Although she was to be killed...somehow...she survived...and...was in that U.N. audience listening to the Pope describe a better world.


Co-Co the monkey listened to the Pope as he addressed the United Nations. When the pontiff declared the environment also had rights...Co-Co began to hoot and holler. Finally...someone was recognizing the right of bug and burr to co-exist on planet Earth. Of course...the guards didn't understand how happy Co-Co was since all they heard was monkey-noise.

hajj doom

Before the deadly stampede which killed 700 or more of the casualties had spoken about his trip and its meaning:

"Hey...Mak-mood...where are you going?" asked Fit-bee...his best friend forever. "I'm headed to pray and find blessings," whispered a penitent Mak-mood as he rubbed his pouch of sacred camel dung which hung about his neck. "I will merge with other Muslims...walk about the sacred stones...kiss the sacred door...and...rejoice in the splendor of Islam," opined Mak-mood as he sipped his wine and rubbed his pouch.


In the Al-Bilayli mosque...two Sunni pup tents walked into that crowded house of worship and detonated their bomb packs killing at least 26 people and injuring many more. Yes...because these ladies wore coverings which resemble pup tents...their deadly cargo* was not observed. Their mission statement to kill as many Houthies as possible and thereby make way for the coming of the 12th Imam.
*CIA officials acknowledged that these two ladies were sent by the House of Saud to kill Shiites.


Senator Bernie Sanders...wherever he goes...advocates more not less big foot government grip and grab. While Clinton draws a crowd of 600...Sanders at that same venue draws 3000. Thus...Hillary avoid losing a Democratic Primary as she did to Obama in 2008...must tell her crowds that she and not Sanders will best destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". As U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasseerman Schultz,(D.FL) admitted, "To achieve this label of world-class freedom-hater...she must describe a world wherein she and her minions dictate from cradle to grave...choosing who lives...who dies...who laughs...and...who cries."


Beware the quicksand! Hillary read the sign and asked Huma Abedin...her best friend forever...what that sign was all about. Huma laughed and said New Hampshire is one of the deadliest states for quicksand.

Indeed...she'd heard tell of entire brigades of campers being swallowed up by such a dastardly hazard. "It looks like ground...seems like ground...but...after a few steps...a few past the point of "no return"...that ground once hard turns into a thick paste and soon little left to tell you were ever there,"
Huma chided as she pulled Hillary away from what seemed to be a welcoming pathway.


When Mr. Donald Trump was asked recently about man-caused climate change...he laughed and said such was myth but because the MASS MEDIA makes money selling silly ideas more often than not...he didn't object to the LIES and FALSEHOODS being passed around as "science"...particularly that part about mankind being able to stop earthquakes, volcanoes or CO2 in the atmosphere. "Most people know man-made global warming is a's fun to fear the sky is falling," whispered Trump as he climbed aboard his helicopter.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Because of the glut of oil...the pool of oil producers has shrunk leaving only those companies which are still profitable at $30.00 per barrel...a likely ending point by October of 2016...according to official analysts. In stark contrast...the green-energy boondoggles remain viable because they're subsidized* with taxpayer dollars,(WSJ B-1;09-24-15).
* Indeed...IOWA is one of those states where subsidy is as commonplace as the hamburger.


In a private meeting...Pope Francis upbraided Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey. "How dare you stomp the Little Sisters of the Poor!" loudly chided this otherwise soft-spoken Argentine pontiff.


Investors must be wary of investing in India. Why the alert? Because India is mired in a morass of socialism and Eco-fascism...and...anyone choosing to risk money in that spot must be ready to accept a total loss. might seem like...smell like...even...feel's all an illusion.


George Mason University professor, Donald J. Boudreaux contacted the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and acknowledged the critical analysis of the so-called minimum wage...undertaken and published by that DEPARTMENT were not only correct...but also...based on insights only the most enlightened might enjoy. He noted that UNIONS benefit when low-skilled labor is priced out of the market by the minimum wage. He also acknowledged that anyone who takes the time to examine this INTERFERENCE in the relationship between employer and employee will conclude its advocates envision themselves as would-be masters of the unwashed masses,(WSJ A-16;09-24-15)


No less than the U.S. Supreme Court declared CO2 a dangerous gas which had to be regulated strictly with the greatest punishment for transgression. a FIRST EVER ADDRESS to a Joint session of the U.S.Congress...told the world CO2 had to be abolished...and...everyone polluting by emitting CO2 had to be attacked and deleted...but...done with Jesuit "tough-love".

Off-camera...however...informed that human beings exhale carbon dioxide(CO2)..the pontiff seemed perturbed. Obama had told him a bald-faced lie and he had bought it sinker, line and hook. "If humans exhale CO2...and...plants eat CO2...another phenomenon Obama neglected to global warming is nonsense," remarked the POPE as he reflected on the blow Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...struck.


A glut of oil should have translated into cheaper gasoline prices and would have but for interference by big foot government. Indeed...a cursory examination of the "red tape" which smothers and distorts quickly reveals "why" the consumer is burdened with $3.00 per gallon gasoline when it should cost around FIFTY CENTS at the pump!(WSJ A-17;09-24-15).

slaves to economy and finance?

The Pope declared that humans should not be slaves to the economy and to finance. Of course...that bromide received a standing ovation...even though vacuous and vague...perhaps more out of respect for the pontiff than for his offering some sagacious insight. However...the MASS MEDIA instantly grasped that statement as an endorsement of socialism and a denunciation of the "free market"...gleefully declaring the Pope wanted to delete freedom and replace it with "freedom-to-obey".

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


If you're an investor and bought bonds payable in reals...your Brazilian bonds fell 33% in value and will continue to plummet. The real is little more than colored paper nowadays and the more the Brazilians come to realize how much theft has occurred(inflation is legalized theft)...they might choose liberation and evict the socialists and all the other freedom-haters and finally enjoy liberation over subjugation.


How is it 14 months ago investors didn't see the OIL GLUT coming? The answer is the MASS MEDIA was involved in helping "green energy" boondoggles fleece the American taxpayer...and...if news about abundant oil were to have been published..."green energy" projects would have been exposed as "needless"...and..."silly"...conclusions TEAM OBAMA couldn't afford.

On the other hand...this 2009...pointed out that new technologies were unlocking what was thought to be too expensive to access and that abundant oil would arrive in 2015 with oil being around $50 per barrel. Naturally...this prediction was mocked and vilified. "How dare some free market economists predict what will be!"Senator Chuck Schumer drooled when asked in 2009 about OIL dropping to below $40 per barrel by September of 2015,(WSJ C-1;09-23-15).


The POPE told the world it would be error to conclude he's "left-leaning". Naturally...such revelation wasn't news to the Jesuits since from their first meeting centuries ago they've never faltered or shied away from assisting the poor and needy. It's their suffering the Jesuits came to address and assist in the balm of the renewed spirit.

Of course...Obama ignored this significant qualification...and...declared Pope Francis endorsed socialism and the final eradication of what little liberty remained in America. Such was LIE...but when you're a dung-throwing monkey...what else could it be?

Off-camera...though...this dung-throwing monkey whispered to a cub reporter from this BLOG that: "The POPE wants fossil fuels deleted...and...people forced into a tent and mull kind of existence...seated around the campfire...jigging tribal dances and singing old negro spirituals...while...lamenting about seasons past when there were cars, trains and planes...a time when people didn't have to fear fungus and bacteria...indeed...a time when people were free to produce as they saw fit, not as permitted."


Jeb Bush asked if he could tell America he was a "me-too" candidate whose mission statement to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein the would-be master decrees: "Our tears...your purse!"

When asked that question...his advisers instantly rebuked such notions of honesty and candor. "You're THE ESTABLISHMENT need to preach more not less big foot government burden and yoke. Only then will you be acceptable to the unwashed masses," drooled one of his policy wonks whose last employer was Mitt 'the nit' Romney.

10.9 million refuse-niks

Yes...there are 10.9 million Americans who refused to kneel and lick boot and have declared they won't "buy" OBAMA-CARE...not now...not ever! Of course...Secretary Burwell told a cub reporter from this BLOG she was dispatching HEALTH POLICE to "burn them out!"


JEB BUSH? Tepid and frightened...willing to keep the CAGE intact...trim here and there...but...never eliminate the grip and grab of big foot government. He isn't a freedom-fighter but an ESTABLISHMENT dude...ready to line the pockets of crony capitalists and leave everyone else smothered in the muck of red tape, tax and spend program and policy. Yes...he promised to eliminate the most ridiculous and onerous portions of what TEAM OBAMA did...but...he isn't about to destroy the yoke and choke agenda. Indeed...this simple Simon has advocated keeping every department and agency of the federal leviathan.


Will Obama and his crew of scoundrels and jerks be condemned when IRAN uses their secretly built "nuke" to take out Manhattan? Will the complicit MASS MEDIA...even then...dare raise the question of "treason"?

ALMOST "too much"

Chicago, Illinois is smothered in "red ink" in the form of unfunded obligations mostly owed to public worker bees. Indeed...the HIVE owes billions of fact...the taxes which must be imposed are too onerous for most businesses to carry and many enterprises are looking for another where big foot government doesn't have so much power and grip.


Chinese President Xi Jingping is a world-class leader and America came out to cheer him and his effort to expand trade and commerce. Let's hope Obama...ever the dung-throwing possessed of sufficient wit to discuss such concepts. Assuming he can't...this BLOG dispatched a cadre of economists and international lawyers to iron out any sticky issues so that open and unfettered trade might for the first time bless both America and China. Thank you, President Xi.


Innovation and drug-discovery will be gone from America should Hillary Clinton or scumbag Sanders ever become President. Sure...the ultra-rich will have the drugs they need...but..everyone else...they will have stuff...the kind of horror people hear about in Europe and India all the time will be afoot in America. Why would Americans choose to destroy this kind of benefit in exchange for scumbags and inveterate scoundrels dictating life and death?


Why is U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) not the front-runner? The answer is quite obvious. He chose to tell America he wanted to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE by trimming about the edges but not deleting the grip and grab of the CAGE. He chose...for describe a tax code not much different from what now occupies 90,000(+) pages of complexity and arcane terminology. Sure...he could have been FRONT ROW...but...he elected to tell voters his ideas were more or less: "same old, same old, just different bag"...a mistake which is much reflected in his tepid, lackluster campaign.

And...because of his choice to preach more's too late for RUBIO to re-tool. His message is one of more yoke and choke...not liberation of the subjugated. Sure...he appeals to a small segment of the Republican Party but these supporters are there because they believe RUBIO will do more to delete the CAGE. When they find that he's a "company man" ESTABLISHMENT boy...they'll flock to Senator RAND PAUL(R.Ky) whose mission statement is to delete the CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


America was blessed today to have the Pope visit. Yes...along his route were protesters...and...hooligans...but...their presence was ignored. Even the MASS MEDIA refused to show them on TV choosing instead to focus on the Pope and the throngs of well-wishers as he proceeded from the airport to the White House. According to U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma)...during his meeting with Obama...the Pope is expected to demand America delete all liberty and transform fundamentally into a socialist toilet bowl...a place where his power would be much greater.


Hillary Clinton declared the Keystone XL Pipeline would promote the destruction of Mother Earth. "We need to combat climate change and fossil fuels must be eliminated. We want green energy. Yes...tent and mule kind of life style is my vision...but...imagine how wondrous to sit by a campfire...singing old negro spirituals...and...sweating all night in your hovel. It makes me almost cry to think how joyful America will be," Hillary fumed and drooled as she artfully described her world.

Lange Sykes

In Florida...on the Treasure Coast...the voters have a chance to elect a great person who will fight for liberty in a legislature more often than not packed with freedom-haters. LANGE SYKES is the choice of this BLOG. In the coming months...this BLOG will offer insight into "why" LANGE is the best person for this JOB.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Remarkable to think on the INTERNET using special "pass key" inquiring mind can tap into and eavesdrop on any communication such that unless it's two cups connected by string...the conversation can be monitored. Hillary Clinton's emails for several years...for instance...were read daily by the Chinese, Vietnamese and the Russians using this "spyware" stuff delivered to the world by Edward Snowden...a former employee of the National Security Agency.

Isle of Tobago

Could the Isle of Tobago make a law that would bind the world? While most people would say "no"...the French are saying "yes". Indeed...Frenchie...not satisfied with merely stomping trying to compel to cleanse its records of any mention of anyone who wants their name erased. Fortunately...GOOGLE has a bank book big enough and corporate leadership powerful enough to withstand such knavery. But...eventually the French will demand International Agencies attack GOOGLE...grabbing and chomping...ripping and that some jerk can have his name erased from world records,(B-3;09-22-15;WSJ).


When OBAMA-CARE dictated health insurance companies could not discriminate and could not refuse to grant coverage to people with pre-existing created the need to build huge pools of patrons whose aggregate premiums each month would pay administrative costs and health insurance payouts. The mergers were predicted and the result unwanted: consolidation. Now...big foot government can grab the health insurance industry because it' been centralized: "single-payer" system,(think socialized medicine).

Stewart Parnell and 28 years

Peanut Corp. of America was caught selling tainted food. Its head honcho was found to have directed cover-up and email server scrubbing and for such criminal conduct was sentenced to 28 years in prison. When asked about it...Parnell said he was not being treated fairly pointing out Hillary Clinton engaged in similar behavior and has been raised to the level of a presidential candidate.

110 miles of barbed wire

Hungary posted a notice in Middle Eastern newspapers: STAY AWAY! DON'T DO AWAY MAD...JUST GO AWAY!" Of course...knowing few in that part of the world read or write...Hungary has erected 110 miles of barbed wire to stop this flood of humanity.


Hillary Clinton told a crowd of socialists and other freedom-haters she would fight to remove all liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". She bragged about OBAMA-CARE and how the poor were finally getting the medical care they needed. "I plan to make medical care in America as good as what the Vets get, " promised a loud-mouthed Hillary. But instead of clapping and cheering that promise...the entire crowd...even Huma Abedin replied, "HUH?"


Dr. Ben Carson caused a furor when he said he doubted a Muslim would follow the U.S.Constitution and hence not be qualified to be President. He noted that unlike other religions...Islam is flawed and Satanic with many of its tenets at odds with the idea of liberty. As he told a cub reporter from this BLOG, "We already have a closet-Muslim in the Oval Office...and...see how that has been for America. We have socialized medical care now. We have dangerous situation all over the world and he sits there and says America is doing just fine?"

Temple of Bel

After beheading of Khaled al-Assad, an 83 year old archaeologist...ISIS maniacs blew up the Temple of Bel...a 1st century temple with wondrous architecture and beauty. Commenting on this terrible destruction of antiquities...British Prime Minister Cameron laughed and said, "Take Stonehenge...for example. Those bloody rag heads would have trouble erasing that one, eh?"


Now that Scottie Tissue Walker has dropped out...political analysts are wondering who will benefit. Would Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio get a bump in Iowa now that their competitor has fallen by the wayside? And...why is that Scottie Tissue Walker told people he would help defeat Trump pointing out that Trump is not a liberator but a closet-socialist.


Scott Walker exited the GOP race for the Republican nomination for president. Governor Walker told a cub reporter his lack of an attractive message was his undoing. "I should have preached liberation over subjugation...promising to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN. My refusal to tell voters how wondrous liberty could be proved to be the door I could not open. I'm a conservative but I didn't tell America I would eliminate and delete. So...I'm bowing out."

Monday, September 21, 2015


Mr. Donald Trump was walking through a crowd when he was accosted by several aggressive news hounds from the POLITICO...a news web site with less than 100 followers. Instead of pushing past this grunting knave...Mr. Trump stopped. He bid his helper to bring up the small stage and Donald ascended putting himself instantly 10 feet in the air. The crowd paused to listen. Mr. Trump then told those inquiring minds what he'd do to delete and eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.


If something is infinitely can't expand. Moreover, if there is infinite gravity...then..."time" as a concept is meaningless since there isn't any change in that particular environment. The BIG BANG THEORY is based on this flaw since that problem can't be avoided no matter how sophisticated and complex the math. Indeed...according to the BIG BANG infinitely dense point one day decided to occurrence which could not logically occur.

Folks...our universe is much older than science can determine. The background noise that has been used to prove a BIG BANG...for only the noise from the many explosions in the Universe and isn't the ancient residual fingerprint from some infinitely dense spot which for some reason elected one day to expand.


Wisconsin Governor or Scott Walker was high in the POLLS and then plummeted. The fall from grace so to speak was due to his lack of message. He told America he would perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. And when he offered "same old, same old, just different bag"...his support evaporated. Americans want REAL CHANGE not some technocrat willing to keep everything "as is" but trim about the edges to make the CAGE less onerous.


Obama said he was glad the United Nations inspectors reported Iran's secret atomic weapons factories were closed. Sure...the Iranians were clever and didn't show the "good stuff"...but...the inspectors weren't asking to see it either.


Dr. Ben Carson pointed out that it would not be a good idea to have a Muslim as president since the Muslim will listen to the mullah and not follow the U.S.Constitution. When asked about Obama having ignored the Constitution...Dr. Carson declared Obama was probably a closet-Muslim.

Marc Ginsberg

Obama's foreign adviser, Marc Ginsberg admitted Obama erred when he permitted Russia to put jets and troops in Syria. "The Russians moved in and will delete ISIS in a fortnight once the decision is made to eradicate such vermin," admitted Mr. Ginsberg...adding he told Obama to bomb Islamic State 2 years ago when they were just a few hundred rowdy terrorists but Obama thought he knew better.


Did they arrest the right person? The dude they arrested pawned a gun. That gun was the gun used to shoot those cars. Hence...there is a likelihood this man was the culprit.


During a recent interview...Hillary Clinton was asked to frame herself in 3 words. Instantly...Clinton emitted that "forced laugh"...and...refused. "I can't do it. I am a real person with pluses and minuses and 3 words won't do it."


Obama told America he was going to pack Florida and Arizona with people displaced by civil war or just looking for a better socialist paradise. Indeed...Senator Chuck Schumer told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he expected a million more Democrats in this latest batch of refugees.


Che'...Jose' Martin...and...Jesus...all three were festooned about the plaza where Pope Francis held his Sunday Mass.

Game of drones?

The drone armada this BLOG has been predicting has reached Syria where it'll be tested and refined as a 21st Century weapon system. Sure...the Russians are doing the testing and all of that...but...Obama did say President Putin didn't know what he was doing.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Whoopie Goldberg was asked about "Black lives matter" and she said in her opinion that phrase was as worthless as burning tires and breaking store windows. To her...she wanted free stuff...given by the would-be master...passed out to "her people" so they might grow dependent and unable to choose anything but more enslavement. "By getting my people hooked on need of food stamps and rent subsidy...the Democratic National Committee can depend on that bloc vote," whispered an enlightened Whoopie.


What is it about the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE which attracted so many Democrats that they sat through several days of socialist loudmouths and Eco-fascist knaves including Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton...two scoundrels of the 1st order? Hmmm? What is it?

Why would someone want the CAGE? Why would a voter not choose KEY over CAGE? Are those people in that pavilion in Manchester, New Hampshire so parasitic...they would cheer enslavement and hiss any notion of liberation? And...yet...the cheers and raucous applause when declarations of enslavement were screamed seemed to prove people will always support tyranny so long as they're told they'll receive the unearned and benefit in spiritual ways.


Bob cut logs all day. However...before going to bed...he elected to deliver a few to Widow elderly cripple whose government pension hadn't kept up with big foot government inflation and she was sure to freeze but for those charitably given logs. As Bob was putting the logs into his truck to haul to Widow Baker...Gina McCarthy...head honcho of the Environmental Destruction Agency(think yellow-curry river in Colorado)...arrived with a PROHIBITION ORDER. She was "red tagging" those logs...seizing them...and...Bob was under investigation by as many big foot government agencies as possible. "How dare he try and help the elderly when big foot government is their sole source of sustenance!" this close-cropped whatever drooled and fumed as she held her COURT ORDER* high above her head.
*Court orders come with a gun to back them up.

Pope Francis and Marxism

What can't be explained is why Pope Francis declared big foot government omnipotent...omniscient...and...always present from cradle to grave when he arrived in a place where everyone enslaved...always watched...always in fear of reprisal...and...condemned to a life of mediocrity by the socialists whose mission statement championed by this Vatican dude.

Instead of condemning Castro...the Pope met with both brothers and chatted about ways to enhance power. At one point...the brothers joined in a mirthful chorus whose lyrics concerned stomping out dissent...with one line explicitly declaring, "Out of sight...delete Ladies in White".

Not once in that meeting with those tyrants...however...did the Pope ask about either freedom to be left alone or freedom on the Internet since he was comfortable with Castors' prisons...torture chambers...and...merciless crowd control. Yes...he blessed big foot government plundering of the storeroom stating in general terms the NANNY STATE CAGE was better than liberty and the peasants, serfs, and others should kneel and worship whatever idol their masters might forge, (MATTHEW 6:24).

TRUMP; who is John Galt?

Mr. Donald Trump looked at a cub reporter from this BLOG and rhetorically asked, "Who is John Galt?" The reply was instantaneous from that intrepid reporter, "He spoke about liberating the subjugated...of removing the would-be master from the Socio-economic context and limiting government to delivering essential services such as courts, police and national defense. Only in that otherwise unhampered market environment can everyone have both the same opportunity to succeed in whatever endeavor they might select...and...never have to fear some scumbag such as Bernie Sanders declaring, "Our tears...your purse!"


Some time back...this BLOG predicted a flood of people would be sent over the Israeli border to overwhelm and eliminate the Jew. What was not foreseen was the other areas which would be flooded by the millions of refugees as they flee Islamic State* mayhem and slaughter. Indeed...Europe was thought to be subject to some of this flood...but..the primal portion would be sent to Israel. This conclusion was hence flawed since socialist Europe was an obvious destination for socialist Muslims looking for freebie and favor.
*Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he had informed the United Nations that America would take 2 million refugees. When asked about the kind of refugee America was willing to accept..."long jaw" chuckled and added...that as a Democrat...he wanted the most illiterate and in need of government hand-out.


LIBERATION OVER SUBJUGATION! This message I bring to you. I am Lady Elizabeth. I and others lead the army of liberation...our crusade to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...our mission statement: to "make salt".

Yes...folks...there is a path to doesn't require big foot government assistance to get there. All one need do is vote for the politicians offered by the ARMY OF soon as there can be a convening of the law-making body...the repeal of the CAGE can be done...delivering thereby paradise to everyone.

In contrast, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton preach subjugation and more big foot government grip and grab. Never is there mention of freedom in any speech since their plan is to eliminate liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"(think OBAMA-CARE as a more blatant instance of this horror). Manchester, New Hampshire...Bernie Sanders told a loud-mouthed crowd that he wanted to create more entitlements and saddle producers with even greater burdens. His free-college tuition idea is a fitting example of this rob Peter to pay Paul concept. I According to ole Bernie...if you're working hard and making big bucks...Bernie says you're a target for his "free tuition plan". He plans to harness you to that FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement without any means of escape. If Vic Chavez were a raving socialist...Sanders is his ghoulish equal.


Some years ago...Ayn Rand published THE OBJECTIVIST NEWS LETTER. It was designed to tell her followers about current events and how to handle such concepts should they be thrust and posed. Nowadays...this BLOG offers that same critical review and candid analysis. The sources are many but the chief authors highlighted are Jesus, Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand...the three foremost philosophers of the Ages!


Can it be said the MASS MEDIA has made TRUMP? Well..if the POLLS were rigged...then...that might be true. Indeed...many are asking about the content of the dialogue between Donald and Bill Clinton. It is possible Trump is a Trojan Horse...a Eco-fascist...or...worse?


Mr. Donald Trump calls for elimination of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and his support is growing. However...when Trump discusses adding more taxes...more red tape...people tear up his flyer and walk off shaking their heads and concluding he's just another BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT advocate and not a freedom-fighter.


Enthusiasm. Such describes the place when it was announced that U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) called the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and asked for another "position-statement"...noting that when he spoke in terms of liberating the subjugated his POLL numbers climbed substantially...but...when he said "me-too" stuff...his support plummeted.


Hillary Clinton gave a softball interview recently wherein she told America she is a devout socialist and will eliminate liberty and replace it with freedom-to-obey. During his timid interface...Clinton also acknowledged she wanted to grab as much power as possible...loot storerooms...and...redistribute as she saw best. Sure...she emitted a forced laugh and scripted chuckle...peppering the interview with such noise...but...listening to her was to hear a would-be master waiting to expose fang and claw.


It's obvious Obama wanted Iran to have a "nuke" and has done much to make that dream come true. Why Obama would want maniacs to have access to such a weapon isn't well understood. But it might very well be a product of his hatred of Israel...a hatred spawned at Columbia where he was pushed around by thuggish Jews wearing little skull caps and funny prayer robes.


In Manchester, New Hampshire...Hillary Clinton told a crowd of socialists that Obama was instrumental in bringing about the remarkable recovery America has experienced in the almost 8 years TEAM OBAMA has been in office.

In describing how well Obama has done...she noted that poverty had crept higher and incomes had remained stagnant...things she'd remedy by increasing big foot government grip and grab. Yes...Obama spent $878 billion in one year to jump-start the American economy and so far the car is still in the to speak. But to Hillary's way of thinking that was about 300% too little.

Sure...big foot government statistics paint a rosy picture of a thriving economy...but...most voters know "hype and lie" when they see or hear it. And in this "doubting environment"...Hillary Manchester...told that crowd of knee-crooking knaves and parasites how she'd continue the Obama legacy and continue eliminating liberty replacing it with "freedom-to-obey".


Trump forgot that not all town hall attendees are there to watch. Some are there to cause trouble...perhaps...even grab that 15 minutes of fame most people believe each person on the planet deserves. On one occasion...for instance...Trump was asked a question about ISIS training camps in America by someone who aloud added parenthetically Obama was himself a Muslim. Trump handled the question well but the MASS MEDIA instantly attacked calling him naive and inexperienced...two things from which most voters doubt Trump suffers.

M-22 air defense system

Islamic State lacks an Air Force...yet...Russian President Putin gave Syrian President Assad the M-22 missile defense system...a weapons system capable of knocking out American jets. It's obvious President Putin does not fear Obama...a scumbag President Putin often calls a "dung-throwing monkey".


A start-up company called Tom Wheeler...head honcho at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC)...and...demanded that GOOGLE give that new bunch 50% of its business otherwise GOOGLE would continue to be unfair in its practice of delivering the best search engine on Earth. Tom Wheeler...a scumbag of the 1st order...agreed and told GOOGLE it had best give 50% of its  wealth to that start-up company in order to avoid being called "unfair". Of course...GOOGLE...always wanting to be a team player...instantly conveyed to that start-up company 50% of its wealth. Socialism on the march, eh Tom?


Okay...$300 million later...and...there were only 9 Iraqis trained for combat. When asked if anyone could get that contract to train Iraqi men to go and fight other Iraqi men...Pentagon officials replied that only the "well-connected" get those deals...everyone else must apply at the front desk and complete a million page application form.


U.S.Senator Bernie Manchester, New Hampshire...told a raucous crowd of knee-crooking knaves and parasites at the Democratic National Convention(DNC) that he would destroy what little liberty remained and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". And to that declaration of enslavement that crowd stood and screamed with adulation. Here was a real scumbag willing to kill his own mother to loot and plunder for them.

"an insider"

Republican "insiders" cheered Carly Fiorina when she said she would perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but she'd trim about its edges to make it more acceptable to the fools who pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


The convention center was packed with Hillary supporters. Yes...they had to be bused in from a thousand miles in all directions...but...they were there. As U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) whispered, "If those buses weren't running...that hall would be empty."

finale speaker worst of all

Lawrence Lessig...a Harvard Law professor...took to the stage in New Hampshire and told a collection of Democrats that there was coming a day when everyone would be equal. He told them he and his minions were ready to loot storeroom and redistribute until everyone had the same stuff. And as he described this EDEN...the audience cheered and drooled. The treasure he'd grab and pass around made them salivate. Here was a real scumbag and they clapped as he recited the chain and whip upon the back of others all done for them and them alone.


Anyone who has ever attended a football game has heard the many ways people in disgust complain about the referees. Mention is made of this phenomenon since Vice President Joe Biden said he wasn't sure he wanted to jump into the 2016 presidential race because the refs were in Hillary's pocket.


Ahmed Mohamed made two things. One thing he constructed was a digital clock and when such was shown to his high school teacher she panicked...called the bomb squad...and...Ahmed became famous as the 14 year old maniac Muslim kid who made a clock that looked and worked like a clock but seemed to be some kind of horrific bomb. The other thing Ahmed made was a BOMB that looked like a BOMB and was a BOMB. This device he chose not to show his teacher since the first reaction was more than he had expected.


Refugees headed to socialist Europe are not in any mood to stop and answer questions every time they cross a border on their way to that socialist paradise called GERMANY. angry have they become that they've thrown rocks at police whose mission to stop them from crossing the border and make them go around should they wish to reach that socialist paradise called GERMANY.


Unlike Uncle Sugar whose wall is not Europe...Europeans are erecting barriers and putting guards every 10 feet with orders to beat hand and foot should such refugee attempt breach.Whereas in America...the refugee must produce to socialist Europe...all the refugee need do is arrive. In Germany...for example...the refugee receives free shelter, food, clothing and transport...while in condoms and birth control pills are offered at every rest stop.


U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders told a huge crowd he would give them more not less big foot government red tape, tax and spend program and policy and to that announcement...they roared and cheered. Here was a real scumbag who would enslave and destroy...eliminate liberty...replace it with freedom-to-obey...and...redistribute as he saw fit. What a guy!


Is it worth supporting Carly Fiarino? Or is it better to throw the money away at the nearest casino?


As the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE beings to grab more power and turf on the INTERNET...investment is disappearing. "Why create and innovate just to have it bottle-necked by some scumbag stationed at the Federal Communications Commission?" queried Jeff Bezos...big shot with GOOGLE, INC.


Hillary Clinton needs to appear spontaneous. Her handlers told her she needed a spontaneous look and quips to match. They shared with her another 100,000 witty sayings and several ways she could spontaneously smile. Taking it all in as if a hungry sponge...Hillary turned to Huma Abedin and asked, "Will this mean our late night fun will have some twists?"


At a town hall attendee began a question with a long diatribe about Muslims in America peppering it with assertions that the Islamic State has training camps here in America. Trump listened politely...gave an off-the-cuff comment and moved on to another questioner. The MASS MEDIA took that encounter and blew it up into some horrific incident wherein Trump showed how little he was instead of the big shot he portrayed himself to be.


At what point...or...on what occasion....does JOE "stand up Chuck" BIDEN announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president? Some say he will announce on Halloween since that would be a suitable occasion...while others say "National Garbage Day" should be the spot. What's your choice?


French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told Mark MacGann...public-policy chief for UBER TECHNOLOGIES...France was a socialist toilet and he resented UBER trying to give France another way to avoid walking. "We French like living in squalor...being told what to do from cradle to grave...and...we resent anyone trying to liberate the subjugated. We're French and that means we're stupid...filthy...and...hateful."

Friday, September 18, 2015


The unwashed masses of the Middle East and Africa heard about socialist Indeed...this BLOG was instrumental in telling those people Europe awaited them. As this BLOG get that freebie...a refugee need only travel about 1500 miles north to find themselves in paradise...a socialist land of plenty where everyone cared for and clothed by the NANNY STATE...from cradle to grave...diaper change to rifle that beacon of bounty...these unwashed masses did respond.


A terrorist walking along the streets of New York City with a button attached to a huge bomb couldn't be called a peace-maker. Likewise...2016 Republican presidential hopeful, Lindsey Graham telling the Muslim world he plans to dispatch more troops couldn't be labeled one either. In contrast...Senator Rand Paul has told the world that free markets...unfettered markets...are the solution and truly are peace-makers since never therein does the Muslim kill his banker or baker...or the Hindu slam disbelievers.


Except for U.S. Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky)...and...maybe...Dr. Ben Carson...the rest of the Republican hopefuls are "same old, same old, just different bag". U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL)...for example...never demands liberation for the subjugated. In fact...he put forward a lame tax code reform based on perpetuating the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Sure...he trimmed around the edges...but...he left alone the bulk of the yoke and choke agenda featured in that 90,000 page tax code. Trump isn't any better openly promising to raise taxes and stomp people...a very socialist idea...not "American" in the way needed for liberation. Hence...should RAND PAUL preach liberation and promise to delete the CAGE...he might very well achieve success in the Republican primaries.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


BOMB MAKER? No...just a 14 year old child with a homemade digital clock which he called a digital clock when asked what it was by his paranoid teacher in Irving, Texas. And...even though it was a digital clock and said to be a digital clock...nevertheless...that child was attacked by a goon squad. His little head laid open with the bash of a baton and that teacher called HEROINE for having saved those 5000 other children from doomsday. was a digital clock and was said to be a digital clock but that teacher simply couldn't risk it. She called on the goon squad...they responded...surprised Ahmed...bashed in his little head...and...handed the teacher a GOOD JOB MEDAL. Sounds like a police state. What's your opinion?


People are demanding the resignation of police chief, LARRY BOYD. He was the scumbag who directed the arrest of a 14 year old Muslim child because that child had dared to bring a digital clock into his school and show his creation to his teacher.


"We never saw it coming. They came in at sub-light speed...normal route...normal speed...not anything wrong...until...they got past our defenses. Then they opened up...bomb and bullet...not any mercy...machine-like cruelty. We simply never had a chance."

Such was the last message from outpost TANGO BRAVO...a military observation post equipped with the latest detection equipment and put there to report any suspicious activity along that part of the border.

That outpost seemed quite safe until yesterday when it was blasted into oblivion by bombs and bullets fired from a million drones as they flew toward some city wherein mayhem and devastation were to be inflicted.

Science fiction? Double feature stuff? Perhaps. But it's an obvious way to conduct warfare remotely...never having to reveal one's true identity...and...controlling large areas using fear and devastation as tools of acquisition. Imagine trying to go outside to swim or play golf and as you're doing such things...drones appear...attack...slaughter...and...your loved ones tell each other the dead shouldn't have been so brave.


Instead of calling it will be called CASABLANCA. In this remake...Rick Blaine is a Syrian who escaped from France after he refused to say: "I am Charlie!"


Just yesterday...Chile suffered a huge quake in the 8.0 range. Similarly...some years back...Haiti was devastated by a huge earthquake. The disaster in Haiti...of course...was blamed on too many cars on the roadways of America. Yes...somehow...according to consensus science...those cars created a sympathetic vibration that caused Mother Earth to orgasm and quake.

RAND PAUL must preach liberation over subjugation

Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky) must preach liberation over subjugation. He must clearly demand the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE deleted offering in its place the 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master such as Bernie Sanders decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


Has anyone wondered where Senator Bernie Sanders would get the money he proposes to spend if he ever becomes President and has a complicit Congress? Unlike Obama who merely imposed OBAMA-CARE along with another ton or two of red tape...Sanders proposes to bury America in a socialist goo...a morass...wherein everyone is miserable but equally so.


Brilliant. Such was the label appended to President Putin's military assistance of President Assad sending...bombs...bullets...and...special forces to Syria to protect and serve. The latest move by President Putin is the stuff historians later frame as "game-changing". And...last night...the Republican hopefuls told America they were alarmed at how much power Russia was asserting and how weak and timid TEAM OBAMA had been and would probably continue to be.

7 minutes

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told the audience last night he's a former prosecutor. He would make sure laws were enforced. He noted he'd send goon squads to Colorado and everywhere else marijuana is being smoked and kill...maim...and...slaughter...and do it to promote public health. "How dare they violate federal law," this scumbag sneered and drooled. "I'd kill my own mother to promote these laws since they extend the power of the nanny state cage," Christie fumed and foamed.

Last night...Christie got 7 minutes of TV time. But in those 7 minutes he told America he didn't care what law...he'd enforce them all. Few in the CNN crowd liked hearing that kind of zealousness since there are so many horrible laws. Would he have sent Jews to the gas chamber? Such was German Law. By his own's likely he'd have done his best to follow that horrible law just as he will follow the horrible anti-drug laws...those witch-burning laws.


The Republican debate on CNN was interesting. Not one of the Republican hopefuls, except RAND PAUL, offered a clear message of liberation over subjugation. Yes...Dr. Ben Carson had much to say about enslavement and "why" America was on the wrong path...but...he didn't offer much in the way of solution. Senator Rand Paul...on the other hand...said the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE must be dismantled.

Kevin Kennedy was slapped

In a local restaurant in Milwaukee...KEVIN KENNEDY was slapped and coffee thrown into his miserable big foot government face by an 80 year old lady who discovered him seated in a corner trying to avoid being recognized.

Recall Kennedy was instrumental in harassing and vexing innocent people who happened to support Governor Scott Walker's effort to remove the Union hand from the pocket of government workers. When he was caught attacking innocent people...he threatened to expose the entire federal Democrat- congregation and hence was left alone and permitted to keep his job.

So he kept his job. But...KENNEDY knew he was a marked man and the incident in that restaurant seems to prove it, eh Kevin?


Senator Bernie Sanders on paper told the world he was a devoted socialist and was ready to spend other people's money. In the Wall Street Journal(WSJ, A-14;09-17-15)...Sanders revealed his plan to loot and redistribute. He conceded his ideas were expensive...but...when plundering...the bottom line irrelevant. "While the Medicare-for-all would cost $15 trillion over ten years, my proposal would eliminate all payments made by Americans and businesses to health insurance companies."

Folks...from where does that $15 trillion come? Senator Sanders answers that query by telling everyone the RICH will pay for it and the unwashed masses will get "one-size-fits-all" health care...the kind of stuff found in toilet bowl Europe or socialist Africa. exchange for freebie and favor some people will kneel and lick boot and cheer those demagogues who preach such enslavement...but...fortunately...their numbers haven't reached 51% in America yet and Sanders' attack on liberty will be derailed.


Jamie Dimon...head honcho at J.P.Morgan Chase...told the world he liked the fish bowl but preferred some adjustment and modification. Instead of demanding liberation over subjugation...Dimon revealed contentment to bubble and float in the bowl. He's the type of person who supports the yoke and choke agenda so long as it benefits him. His kind have been supporting tyrannies since mankind climbed from slime and screamed, "I am free!"(WSJ A-15;09-17-15).


A bi-pedal robot...dancing...jumping...leaping...lifting...and...speaking about great concepts? How could such ever be? Well...folks...President Putin just revealed that OBAMA was the first proto-type for this latest humanoid. "I wanted to make a dung-throwing monkey and my scientists did it. They put that thing in Hawaii and now it's in the Oval Office," President Putin giggled.


Underwater cities? Drowned civilizations? Their ruins 100,000(+) years old or older? How can that be? Recently...Hillary Clinton answered those questions: "We're told in public school and by well-paid scientists the seas have never risen and mankind is causing them now to rise by building We must return to tent and mule...the scientists say it will save the moon and stars."


What if ISIS were a puppet of the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)? It would explain "why" they make noise only when there is some derivative political advantage in America. For example...if OBAMA needs more money for DEFENSE...he simply has ISIS make "noise"...behead a few Christians...blow up a school or burn a packed-bus...and...then...uses that mayhem to demand more money for this or that defense project.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD received 60% of its funds for its annual budget from both donations and the sale of baby-parts with the other 40% derived from grabbing taxpayer money from government coffers through so-called grants. The underlying principle is that taxpayers must give whatever their master directs and continue chewing their cud and remain accepting and silent. It's socialism writ large and people must stand up and tell PLANNED PARENTHOOD and all the other parasites they must survive on their own and not ask for taxpayer funds.


Ahmed Mohamed put the battery into the device...pushed the button...and...the digital clock he had built from spare computer parts began to glow...and...emit a bright 9:00 A.M. on its LED display. He had accomplished a feat of endurance and skill since the digital part had to be programmed and software hence had to be written. He GOOGLED "how" to write software and GOOGLED "how" to build a digital clock. What he failed to GOOGLE...however...was the reaction his teacher would have in a Texas high school when she was shown his DIGITAL CLOCK.

From the teacher's standpoint...she was approached by a child who never spoke in class...wore a rag about his head...and...always looked as if he wanted to kill and maim. Her fear reached climax when Ahmed walked up to her and pulled from a plastic shopping bag the DIGITAL CLOCK...clicking off NUMBERS digitally. "Look at what I was able to cobble with parts called spare and some home-made software," Ahmed proudly declared. The teacher was aghast. She couldn't speak. She could only slowly back away and then from that kid-packed class dash...screaming, "BOMB...BOMB...BOMB" as she darted toward the front office.

Ahmed was stunned. He heard her saying "BOMB"as she departed the class room and wondered about her sanity. But his quandary was rudely interrupted as he was struck from behind with a baton bashing his brains about inside his dome. Atop of him were 10 masked...machine guns racked and ready...everyone of them looking for a reason to shoot and kill.

Yes...folks...Ahmed was Muslim and the teacher feared him from the very first day. He would look at her and she knew he was undressing her so that he could use her in a sex ritual with his camel...a nightly act she had read about in the Rolling Stone. And when he produced what was obviously a BOMB...she panicked and darted for safety,(WSJ A-3;09-17-15).


Hungarians used water cannon to repel refugees who were attempting breach of the WALL the Hungarians had erected. "If they wish to go around our socialist be it...but...we don't have enough ourselves so why should we allow others to come and grab," whispered a guard as he fired his water cannon blowing a mother with child back 200 feet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky) must distinguish himself as a liberator of the subjugated. If he were to preach eradication of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...he'd be cheered spontaneously despite the debate injunction to the contrary not withstanding.


Trump looked out over the crowd and declared, "Though nut shell bound...I count myself king of infinite space." Naturally...when it came to Jeb Bush...the meek and timid Jeb couldn't say much more than I'm a big foot government plenty of'll perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Dr. Ben Carson said the CAGE was too needed to be trimmed but he wasn't about to rock many boats or pull many plugs. Indeed...the only Republican who said I'll dismantle this CAGE...eliminate this "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...usher in a 21st Century* otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper..was Senator RAND PAUL.
*HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises


Vice President Joe Biden declared climate-change was man-caused. Moreover...he said anyone who didn't believe it was simply unwilling to go along to get alone. He said 10,000 scientists said man was causing polar bears to drown and the seas to rise. How could they be wrong? Never...though...did ole clever Joe also say there were 90,000 scientists who refused to worship that silly idol no matter how much offered to kneel and lick boot.


Hillary got hit with a bucket of wit...and...the band played on. When she ducked and ducked some more bucket of wit on to her head goo'd and poured....but...the band played on.


In Soviet Russia...a person needed to receive a travel permit to depart the area. In America...the rhetorical question: "where are your papers?" was synonymous with tyranny and was often used in comedies to depict that way of life in old Mother Russia.

Nowadays...ironically...not in "anywhere" America...that nasty question is once more heard as jackal agents and jack boot officers hassle and harm those unfortunate enough to be accosted and lack proper papers.

In Brevard county...for example...Jeff Bezos was about to launch one of his WARP DRIVE SHIPS...count down was at T-minus 5 when BIG BOB...local EPA scumbag...ran into Jeff''s fire-control room...and...pulled the LAUNCH KEY. "You'll not be shooting anything into outer space and hurt whatever is out there!" screamed BIG BOB flashing his badges...and...grabbing his holstered cannon.

Jeff Bezos...a big foot government supporter...was astonished. He'd been promised "hands-off" and relying on that "leave alone" imprimatur...ole Jeff had sunk $39 billion into refurbishing of the launch of a WARP DRIVE SHIP...and...whatever else one might imagine. And here was BIG BOB...a badge flashing...first class Nazi...demanding that everyone kneel and lick his boot. Yes...Bezos...big foot government dude...couldn't believe he hadn't paid ole Bob enough loot.


If a tax is levied...the taxpayer is compelled to pay the tax. The tax payer has a is pay the tax. In contrast...a donation is a gift made by a donor whose intention is to make and deliver the gift. The former is done at the point of a gun...the latter as much as benefit might touch.


Carly Fiorina will face Trump. Hopefully she'll avoid sneer and thin-lipped nuance...but...Trump...a man who does not care what she or anyone else thinks...might very well elicit from her some kind of venom...a hiss and fang moment...and...Fiorina will be subsumed...sent back to the shoulder of the road once put it the way H-P CEO Meg Whitman said it the other day.