Saturday, October 31, 2015


Of those running for President in 2016...the only two who will delete and eliminate much of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE are RAND PAUL and TED CRUZ. The rest of them will simply perpetuate the CAGE...trimming and tucking here and there...but...not eradicating the yoke and choke agenda. When TED CRUZ offered a TEN PERCENT TAX...and...nothing else...for example...he offered liberation of the subjugated...and...perhaps...sealed the Republican nomination. Indeed...when RUBIO came out with a "me-too" "I love big government" tax plan...he ended his chances instantly!


Before you climb on to a coach headed for Candy Land...why not review what others did and how they are suffering today because they chose to support socialism? Indeed...might anyone recall Hugo Chavez describing a socialist paradise in Venezuela and all that had to be done* was for Venezuelans to sit back and permit him to take whatever he wished. They were told they would be the recipients of "kingdoms and glories"...and...all they had to do in exchange was kneel and worship whatever idol Chavez chose to forge,(MATTHEW 4:8).
*A once proud and self-reliant people are now worms and parasites...impoverished and frightened. Their socialist paradise has run out of food and fiber...and...those who could produce...who could pull the free lunch and wagon ride...their free lunch and wagon ride...they've fled and few are left who are willing to be enslaved.


When MSNBC staff prepared the questions for the Republican Debate in Colorado last week...the questions were fashioned to be nasty...snide...and...downright rude. "We want to hurt them as much as possible since we are supporting Hillary Clinton and we can't permit any Republican candidate to look good," drooled "Pepper" Baretteriere...a behind-the-scene script writer and fashionable genius.


When our team gets slaughtered in Syria...and...the culprits aren't exactly known...whom will TEAM OBAMA choose to blame? Will it be hapless Russians? Or the stultified Chinese? Perhaps...the Turks...they're always a great bunch to blame...they look so shifty and suspicious most of the time. Maybe they should be blamed. But...somehow...once our squad gets obliterated...AMERICA will be back at WAR...big time WAR...not junior varsity stuff...but...the real thing...and...the luckless nation who is targeted for reprisal will be reduced to rubble and ash.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...declared WAR on Syria...pointing out his plan is to attack...destroy...and...impose whatever fashionable at the moment. But in his declaration of WAR...he left out that such an effort against Syria opens America up to concerted attack by pro-Syrian cadres embedded in America just in case Obama ever tried something such as what is presently underway.


Now...Obama...ever the dung-throwing giving $100 million more to rebels who have said they'd be loyal and ready to fight. Of course...these 15 Syrians also have Canadian passports ready for departure as soon as they get their hands on that U.S.Currency.


The man-made global warming October of 2014...declared their computer models forecast extreme drought in Texas in October of 2015. Most of these mythologists were framing their declaration as GUESS so that when they were found wrong...they could still demand their paycheck. As everyone knows...most of Texas...on swimming and drowning as huge rain storms inundate and flood.

Raqqa socka

The Islamic State declared RAQQA their capital city and so far...even with American troops assisting...Iraqi troops haven't been able dislodge them. But...if ISLAMIC STATE is junior Obama are they retaining control of that city?


What if the Jew retakes Temple Mount...and...dispatches the Muslim...directing the rag heads back into the desert? Could Syria be the WAR wherein all countries are brought to Armageddon? Ironic to imagine Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...instrumental in that final conflagration...but...he seems to be a ringleader.

Friday, October 30, 2015


Will Speaker Ryan assist others in dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered he simply another "me-too" dude whose mission statement to perpetuate the CAGE and render its omnivorous maw inescapable?


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio told a cub reporter from this BLOG he liked the way Hillary Clinton hid her hatred for liberty. "She'll eliminate what liberty remains...and...impose a socialist welfare state wherein power-brokers...such as myself...will be granted estates and titles in exchange for our loyal support for her tyranny," snarled this scumbag mayor.

"no guns allowed" mission?

Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...sent 50 special forces troops to Syria to direct and train Syrian rebels loyal to Obama...of which so far only 5 have been found. But those 50 Americans will be able to direct the "worthy-5" as they're called by their opposition...and...perhaps defeat President Assad's million-man army. Imagine...a squad of 5 Muslims...directed by 50 Americans...defeating a million've just imagined Obama's big "plan".

Bill de Blasio picks Hillary

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio...a scumbag socialist of the 1st order...told Bernie Sanders that while he and Sanders were pissing in the same toilet...nevertheless...he had to support Hillary since she would destroy liberty faster than Sanders ever could or probably would.


In Syria...assuming the Islamic State for the most part is Sunni-led...and...further assuming its opposition is Shiite...there can't be any peace until one or the other is utterly vanquished. A perpetual state of war exists and must exist since both claim to be the rightful leader of Islam. Hence...slaughter and mayhem will always be afoot in the Muslim world.

Obama has invaded Syria and did so only after finding out what the Russians would tolerate since President Putin dispatched his team to the area long before Obama ever thought about its importance in the overall goal of stifling ISIS.


Yes...folks...SCUMBAG MAGAZINE just picked Patrick Carolan...Executive Director of the Franciscan Action Network...for its poster child. The choice was made simple by Carolan's declaration that mankind must be subjugated to the myth of man-made global warming. Carolan said mankind should return to a time of tent and mule...a time when people lived only as long as Mother Nature ruled...a time when a would-be master...such as he...directed from cradle to grave...a time when people feared and were perpetually enslaved.


Because Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...wanted to impose his will on America...he called upon Gina McCarthy...his stooge at the Environmental Destruction issue rules designed to eliminate fossil fuel and return America to a simple time...a time of tent and mule...a time of dancing and singing of old negro spirituals around the tribal camp fire.

Yes...folks...more blackouts are coming as more and more fossil fuel powered electric-power plants are closed. But will Americans demand such idiocy be stopped or will the MASS MEDIA be so powerful it will prevent a public backlash? Maybe...Obama was right when he told Gina McCarthy Americans would lick his boot any time he directed their candied tongue observe his absurd pomp.


Trained to live off nature's land...trained in combat...hand to hand...trained to live by night and day...glory be...the Green Beret. of them have been dispatched into Syria...a cauldron of unrest and anger. Will they be slaughtered in some idiotic gambit Obama fashioned...or...will they be taken hostage...and...beheaded on TV?


Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry told a cub reporter from this BLOG he supported combat troops on the ground in Syria. was an official invasion of another country...but...he promised there would be less than 10,000 Americans slaughtered or woefully wounded. Crowing about this game-plan..."long jaw" snorted, "Yeah...we'll lose a couple thousand'll help with the budget fight back here at home."


Marco Rubio offered a TAX PLAN that perpetuates the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and was offered as "window-dressing" since Rubio is a BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT avatar. In contrast...a real freedom-fighter...TED CRUZ told America with respect to the income tax not any more than 10% and even that would be jealously guarded and wisely spent. Unlike Rubio who would never delete...TED CRUZ plans to eliminate the CAGE...liberate the subjugated...turn this socialist page.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...dispatched troops into Syria but had JOSH EARNEST...his stooge...tell America there isn't any firepower accompanying them. They're on their own...equipped with a radio and a .22 caliber revolver with 2 shells included, If they're surrounded and about to be slaughtered...their orders are to call the Russians since they probably would respond and save.


China has sovereignty over the waters surrounding the Spratly Islands...a small group of shoals which at high tide are submerged. Exercising its hegemony in the South China Sea...President Xi Jingping built several military installations on the islands devoting a hundred billion bucks to raise those islands out of the water...creating a landing strip for jets and refueling aircraft as well as a deep port for submarines and battleships. His intention is to provide safe and secure passage of commerce unfettered by local imbroglios and hatreds.

Because big foot government always needs a "bad guy" so it can grab more money from its taxpayers...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...dispatched the U.S.S.Lassen to the South China Sea where its captain took his destroyer within several miles of those military bases. The purpose was to disturb President give Congress some reason for their budgeting decisions.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Quentin Tarantino...went to New York City....ascended a "black lives matters" rally and told the 23 person crowd that NYC cops were murderers. Reacting to that slap...NYC officers are boycotting Tarantino films...all 3 of them. In many ways...Tarantino muffed it from dusk 'til dawn.


If the U.S.Senate eliminates that "60-vote" bottleneck making simple majority vote all that is required to pass a bill on to the President once conference committee has merged the House and Senate versions...and...the U.S.House is retained by Republicans...then...once RAND PAUL is sworn in as President...he can go about eliminating both the estate and gift tax...and...the income tax reducing the income tax to a simple flat 10% tax on highest incomes and "no-tax" on the lowest...with businesses given the power and authority to expense in the year of purchase thereby boosting manufacturing and exporting of more goods and services.

Folks...we can dismantle this NANNY STATE CAGE. With the U.S.Senate and U.S.House now in Republican hands...once the President is Republican...the entire NANNY STATE CAGE can be deleted. Why would anyone wish to have the likes of Hillary Clinton or "scumbag" Sanders directing how they will live? Only the Republicans are offering to delete and eliminate until liberation has manifested and EDEN bubbles forth.


John Kasich...a freedom-hater...said he didn't like any tax cut that deleted the grip of big foot government. He likes big foot government...he likes how it directs and controls...and...he'd kill his own mother to advance the socialist cause. Yes...he's running for the Republican berth for President...but...he likes the NANNY STATE CAGE...he relishes how it stomps and chomps...and....he hates anyone trying to reduce this yoke and choke agenda.

JOHN KASICH will perpetuate the 20th Century CAGE. Oh...sure...he'll trim and tuck...but...never will he delete the yoke and choke agenda. He's comfortable with Nazi spank...and...would see Americans more enslaved. He's not for liberation of the subjugated and like JEB BUSH will continue with what is stifling and hindering.


Has anyone noticed how biased the MASS MEDIA has become when the issue is who would best lead America? Perhaps...most voters don't care right now...but...the MASS MEDIA knows Hillary win...must have a meek Republican...a "me-too" kind of politician. What name fits that frame?


The Republican Debate in Boulder, Colorado was hampered by the pathetic panel people MSNBC chose to ask questions. It seemed as if those chosen were trying to make points with their socialist bosses when they asked inane questions and took umbrage when the candidates reacted and called them scumbags.


At the MSNBC Debate last night...the nasty questions those panel people asked were insulting...snide...and...down right rude. Never was Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders treated with such disdain. When people asked "why" the hatred of those panel people...they were told these people are MSNBC people and were hired because they hate liberty and prefer tyranny. The Republicans at that debate last night for the most part were freedom-lovers and hence hated by the panel people.


First...JEB BUSH was undermined by Senator Ted Cruz whose 10% flat tax plan is the best one out there. Most Republican primary voters are asking: Why pick "me-too" BUSH...and...get "same old, same old, just different bag"?It's as likely as not JEB BUSH has faded into the back of the pack since most voters want a real change not some trim-job.


But for the Super Pacs...most of the Republican hopefuls couldn't have managed the uphill battle for the Republican nomination for 2016. Trump doesn't like them since they give others with smaller pocketbooks a chance to compete with big shots such as he. Indeed...Donald Trump is one of those guys who will use whatever tactic to prevail even if it means using big foot government cronies to get his way. And if he can keep people from ever getting assistance...then...his oligarchical ruling elite idea can come to fruition.


People are astonished at how much their health insurance costs nowadays.


Post-game prayer? "How dare Coach Kennedy conduct such prayer post-game on the 50 yard line!" screamed Hillary Clinton when she heard what that coach was doing. "He's a disgrace to the socialist ideal public school teachers preach," fumed Hillary as she critiqued Kennedy's vulgar display of a belief in God. Reacting to Clinton's displeasure...the School Board fired Coach Kennedy...leaving him unable to support his family and his local church mission for crippled children.


Last night in the Republican Debate...Jeb Bush was lackluster and didn't speak out for liberation of the subjugated. He spoke about policy and program...adjusting...modifying...loosening...stiffening...but...never deleting and eliminating.

In times past...his pitch would have been well received by Democrats but hooted by Republicans. Nowadays...his advisers are telling him he must preach the benefits of big foot government...deny taxes are too high...and...offer little in the way of loosening the grip of the would-be master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. But that advice hasn't done well for BUSH with his poll numbers almost as low as the polling numbers of Bobby Jindal.


Occidental Petroleum Corp. is pulling out of its oil fields in the Bakken Shale in North Dakota. Selling their interests to Chinese was considered a better bargain than simply departing but keeping.


A once vibrant Venezuela is now groveling...its citizens impoverished...and...their socialist paradise fraught with misery and want. Yes...their MASS MEDIA is still telling them socialism is great...their plight temporary...the paradise promised just around the corner..but...fewer and fewer Venezuelans* are willing to say the urine running down their back is gentle rain.
*What has many political scientists worried is how easily Hillary Clinton finds it to preach socialism in America. It's as if Americans don't know the evil...the misery...the lack of stuff...socialism represents. They don't realize Hillary Clinton...for example...sees herself as a would-be master...everyone else her slave...since the MASS MEDIA has painted her 24/7 as some kind of Goddess...with powers...and...abilities...far beyond those of mortal female. And to her way of thinking...a producer is a FOOL WHO PULLS her FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.


On YouTube...a laughing LOIS LERNER is shown hurting Americans. Her jack boots...blood splattered...her sneer almost demonic. Such graphic depiction of this scoundrel does much to explain "why" Americans not only hate the Internal Revenue Service but also despise its employees. It also reveals why Ted Cruz received the loudest applause last night in the Republican Debate when he said he was going to delete that vermin bunch.

Wisconsin's aspect

Wisconsin...years ago...led America into the socialist toilet that was altogether fitting that Wisconsin would lead America out of that morass. Its Governor...Scott Walker...began the fight to liberate the Ryan...has been granted the chance to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Should he preach elimination of the grip and grab of the CAGE...he'll find few opponents* since few Americans...even Democrats...want enslavement...particularly the kind Clinton and Sanders have in mind.
*U.S.Rep. John Conyers...a freedom-hater of the 1st order...swore Paul Ryan in as Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives.


The 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is defended not only by the Democrats but also by a complicit MASS MEDIA...whose power is well-protected by its cronies in big foot government. U.S.Rep. Paul the new Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives...said he was prepared to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete the archaic and almost bankrupt entitlement system.

FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE? raise taxes and increase red tape strangling almost every producer...and...then...take that money...and...feed the awaiting maw of the expectant voting blocs: social security-medicare bloc....the rent-subsidy bloc...the food stamp bloc...the teachers' union bloc...just to name a few...THEN...such taxes...such legalized theft...such is called "fiscally responsible" by the complicit MASS MEDIA...a bunch whose hatred of freedom has become obvious to most Americans.

Fortunately...Ted Cruz...Rand some extent...Ben Carson are speaking about lowering taxes and deleting the stomp and chomp of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...their support among all Americans is increasing as they hear Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders describe how they plan to increase the power of the would-be master inside their envisioned CAGE.


U.S.Senator Ted Cruz laid out his 10% tax plan assuring his audience he was also going to delete and eradicate as much big foot government grip and grab as possible. Instantly...big foot government and its reliant special interests groups barked about Cruz's threat to dismantle the yoke and choke agenda of their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. "How dare he offer liberation to the subjugated, " snorted U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) herself a rabid freedom-hater and a proven LIAR!


Austria has begun to erect a fence to stop the flood of refugees from the Middle East. "We must build this fence lest our socialist world be destroyed," screamed Otto Pluffer...a well-known Austrian freedom-hater.


Hitler's Youth were taught not to care when people were slaughtered. In Columbia, South Carolina...a scumbag cop with a NAZI swastika tattooed on his shoulder...attacked a "seated-female-student"...tossing and throwing...and...demonstrating this NAZI IDEA with aplomb. The other students didn't interfere or demand Officer "scumbag" Fields cease the assault.

$19 trillion

The national debt is $19 trillion and climbing faster now than ever. Of course...the omnivorous maw of big foot government is consuming almost everything in one way or another and it's time to eliminate the 20th Century leviathan and return to small limited government. By deleting taxes and red tape...America can once more flourish...something Hillary Clinton would never want.


Today...the MASS MEDIA demonstrating their bias for socialism and Democrats...came forth to declare tax-cuts were wrong. Tax cuts take money from big foot government...something which can't be done lest the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be deleted.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


To: Dr. Ben Carson. A woman must always have the unbridled discretion to choose abortion. It's her body and she has command of it not you...not big foot government...not any other busy-nose...or Bertha-better-than-you-are types.


Trump took time to beg Iowa voters to pick him over him the chance to make America great again. Many voters...though...don't like his idea of a WALL or his trade protection rhetoric. They know big foot government has stifled America for too long...and...their hope is Trump will open the doors...remove taxes...remove red tape...and...permit producers to create the future they wish not the one some would-be master dictates they paint.

In contrast...U.S.Senator Rand Paul has called for the dismantling of this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Unlike Trump who wants to trim and tuck but not eradicate...Rand Paul will delete and eliminate until a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market manifests...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

American troops invade Syria

Obama dispatched special forces into Syria to seek out and eradicate Islamic State troops. They also have attacked Syrian troops loyal to Syrian President Assad...attacks which constitute an act of war. Imagine President Assad sending his special ops teams into America to shoot Democrats or pillage the Department of Education and you'll sense the problem Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has created for America.


If Dr. Ben Carson tells America he plans to dismantle the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...he'll prevail and be President in 2016 since the Democrats will field a socialist whose mission statement to impoverish America and make everyone equally miserable,(think Venezuela). On the other hand...if he persists in describing a modified version of the CAGE...he'll lose support. He must preach liberation of the subjugated to distance himself from the "me-too" bunch.


Folks...BUSH-CHENEY should have invaded IRAN and used Saddam's forces to assist in that cleansing...but...they chose to destabilize the entire Middle East by aggrandizing Iran's regional influence and power. Nowadays...Obama might very well get drawn back into a ground war in IRAQ and in SYRIA...something few voters can support...but...something some political scientists believe necessary to prevent wholesale slaughter.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...with the material assistance of the complicit MASS MEDIA...was able to get his way and obtain the funding he wanted to finance his NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Yes...the Republicans control the U.S.House and U.S.Senate...but...they lack someone in the Oval Office willing to delete the grip and grab of the CAGE. Hence...the Republicans faltered...and...the U.S.House passed a budget which augments and perpetuates the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE...a budget...which the bottleneck-Democrats in the Senate said they'd accept because it deletes freedom and replaces it with "freedom-to-obey".
King John was cornered and forced to sign the Magna Carta. The same scenario could happen in America if the Republicans actually had a leader willing to dismantle the CAGE and a supportive MASS MEDIA to explain why freedom is much better than dependency and enslavement.


It couldn't have been written any better. A Defense Department blimp...tethered in a manner decreed by Gina McCarthy...head stooge at the Environmental Destruction Agency...departed its moorings and began a rampage across America. Many pundits likened that destruction and terror to the stuff Hillary Clinton would unleash...if...she ever became President.


Maybe the Republicans could dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE by refusing to pay the tab...starving the federal bureaucracy...and...deleting instantly as many departments and agencies as possible...perhaps...depicting the cleansing as an ACT OF GOD, (Mark 11:15). And...if the U.S.Senate...also Republican controlled...then changed the rule so a simple majority could defeat opposition removing the so-called filibuster...all that required is an agreeable President to sign the repeal of the CAGE into law!

It could be done and this tyranny of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE brought to a well-deserved ignominious end. But...the MASS MEDIA is controlled by the would-be masters and they won't let go easily. Indeed...Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...a freedom-hater of the first order...told a cub reporter from this BLOG he and his crew would fight to keep Americans enslaved and sheep-like.


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have honed their stump speech so that it whistles and sings about how they'll spend "other people's money"(OPM) giving freebie and favor in portions they deem fitting. The complicit MASS order to assist these two scumbags...will never tell Democrats how horrific Venezuela has become since socialism was keeping with that intention to insulate...little will be told about Venezuela and how socialism destroyed that once vibrant country in the coming months.


For the an otherwise unhampered market...a glut in oil would translate almost instantly into lower prices on almost all consumer goods since fossil fuel is used to make or transport much of what modern America uses. For oil producers who can't produce at lower prices...though...they'll be deleted leaving only the leanest operations afoot.


Obama asked about the blimp and was assured it was well tethered. Of course...the blimp wasn't secured as well at it needed to got loose. That one point traveling at 16,000 feet...wasn't able to be brought down easily but it has since landed.

majority rule

Because the Republicans now control the U.S.Senate...they need to eliminate the 60 vote bottleneck the Democrats are using to defeat any effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Merely change the 60 vote rule and make all Senate business subject to majority vote...and...this CAGE could be deleted by simply passing the Omnibus Repeal Bill(O.R.B.) wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century CAGE is repealed.


Might the competition for the position of Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives indicate a fight over the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" entitlement system?

American Indians and big foot government

Recently...the plight of the American Indian was featured in the Wall Street Journal(A-17;10-28-15). The article outlined the nasty manner in which Obama has dealt with the Indian as well as offered some recommendations on how the poverty of the tribes might be alleviated. What was missing from the recommendations...though...was the demand that big foot government finally leave the Indian alone and permit individual Indians to prosper or fall as they might determine without interference from Uncle Sugar.


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are offering a tutorial in how enslavement is sold to an otherwise freedom-loving crowd of Americans. While their promises of more not less cradle-to-grave diktat and control should frighten...the MASS MEDIA has dressed it so well...few can observe the "whip and chain" hidden beneath. Indeed...Germans cheered the little man with the Chaplin mustache because he promised to loot and redistribute...promises similar to what Clinton, Sanders, and others preach.


THE ESTABLISHMENT decreed Jeb Bush would face Clinton in an historical face-off with tepid Jeb getting stomped. But few voters received that memo and those who did doubted the predicted outcome if Trump, Carson or Rand Paul were the Republican banner bearer...anyone of them far better than socialist Sanders or closet-socialist Hillary Clinton.

Ann Frank attacked?

Recall that when the NAZIS came to collect Ann Frank and cart her off to a death camp...not any citizen stood up...or...attempted to defend or thwart. They were sheep. They'd been forced to lick boot. They were afraid to speak...fearful of reprisal or worse. Hence...while a 1000 bystanders looked on...Ann Frank was collected by 4 Nazis with machine guns.

When that scumbag cop attacked that "seated-female-student"...not any other students in that classroom spoke out. Not any stood up to demand that jerk stop his attack on that "seated-female-student". They all sat there. Sheep. Quiet sheep. The same kind of sheep Ann Frank discovered outside her secret room.


It's 100 days away from the Iowa caucuses...but...the MASS MEDIA is calling tonight's Republican debate "crucial". Crucial to whom? To their otherwise miserable ratings? To Jeb "low energy" Bush? To Bobby "who" Jindal...or..."me-too" Kasich? Again...crucial to whom?


When Officer Ben Fields...a/k/a...THE GHOUL...attacked that "seated-female-student"...the violence he unleashed was reprehensible. But what was even more alarming was the way the other students sat there meekly...timidly...never once offering even a verbal rebuke of that errant officer.

Why they did not rush to the defense of that "seated-female-student" demonstrates how far America has gone down the road to tyranny. In times past...that scumbag cop would have been called out instantly by surrounding students...with some even coming to the aid of that "seat-female-student".

 But...nowadays...the students are cattle and sheep to be directed by bureaucratic creeps. As U.S.Senator Rand Paul said, "It's despicable the students accepted that horrific display instead of outright condemning it."


Tasted like cardboard...and...chewed like it too. Such was the general comment by students when asked about their school lunch since Michelle Obama changed the menu. One student said she and a billion others refused to kneel and worship that idol and those would-be masters imposing such JUNK must be evicted from their position of power.

Responding to this critique...United Stated Department of Agriculture CEO, Kevin"scumbag"Concannon said he would send goon squads into schools and ruff up any child besmirching this latest NAZI idea. "We will enter classrooms...and...snatch children violently from their desks...throw them around...and...dare anyone to speak out against such brutality!" Concannon drooled as he reviewed what a school police officer did to a "seated-girl" in Columbia, South Carolina.


Obama ordered the USS Lassen to intrude on the Chinese near the Spratly Islands in an attempt to demonstrate America's prowess. Instead of sinking that destroyer...the Chinese simply sent their own battle fleet to shadow the USS Lassen. Had the USS Lassen would have sunk several of the Chinese ships before itself being sunk...a confrontation both President Xi and Obama wished to avoid.


Sunni rebels in Syria. Who supports them? Recently...Obama joined Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, and Turkey in providing bucks and bullets for some of the rebel groups. However, Obama refused to stop the Russians from bombing those same rebel forces...a reluctance the Arabs find disconcerting but admirable.


How can a junior varsity bunch such as Islamic State interrupt the supply lines of President al-Assad and President Putin...a/k/a...BIG LEAGUE CHEW? Could ISIS be that powerful? Or is the willingness to evict that vermin not yet strong enough to support a final push?


Unlike Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...President Putin took it upon himself to step into Syria and stop Islamic State from cutting off more heads and hands. For his effort and those of his team...plaudit and accolade are in order. Yes...the American Central Intelligence Agency is pushing propaganda besmirching such compassion...but...the world knows a great leader when they see one and understands the help such a leader provides.

the million-committee

When 32Advisers, Future45 and 45Committee were formed as websites and organizations...their intent was to give an impression there were many editors and contributors combined into a powerful battering ram against the mystery of tomorrow. In keeping with that purpose and impression...this BLOG has formed the MILLION-COMMITTEE. If 45 is good...a million seems somehow far better.


Why is JOHN KASICH unable to gather any national support for his brand of socialism? The answer is simple. Ohio Governor John Kasich was harshly confronted over his decision to grab federal healthcare money and spread that federal healthcare money around. In response...Kasich said he was using big foot government to plunder storerooms so he might redistribute as he saw fit. He even said JESUS would have supported looting and pillaging if the purpose were to assist the needy. He said he'd starve PETER to feed was he would decide who lives...who dies...who laughs...who cries.


Turkey attacked Kurds inside Syria...the same Kurds who were helped by Obama recently. As disturbing...Obama secretly sent special forces into Syria...invading that country and giving President al-Assad the right to declare WAR on America...a hollow declaration...but...a declaration of war nonetheless.

Perhaps...Armageddon is afoot and we're helpless to stop it. Could the Turks accept American special ops teams helping Kurds when those same Kurds are busy planting bombs on buses and blowing up shopping malls? Answering that question and a myriad of others might be something akin to making another move on some weird chess board.


Insurance pools spread risk so that everyone is protected so long as the total payout doesn't exceed premiums. pools work so long as everyone is paying their premiums and the losses are kept to a minimum. However, OBAMA-CARE skewed this marketplace and introduced mandatory premium payment...something Americans are not wont to accept. Unlike the Europeans who will lick boot when directed...Americans aren't sheep and they won't submit.


U.S.Rep. Paul Ryan was reluctant to accept the position of the Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives if he had to lead on the budget writing process. He asked John Boehner to stay Speaker and take the "heat" by funding BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT once more...but...this time for "24 months". That maneuver was obvious but necessary since the MASS MEDIA is aligned with the socialists and would have attacked Ryan vehemently for his refusal to pay for the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE CAGE.


John Koskinen is a LIAR but a loyal stooge. He's the kind of scumbag who was hired by the NAZIS to hide their death camps. Will Americans put up with such a scoundrel at the IRS?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


CBS-NYT poll: suspect and doubtful. Carson can't be ahead of Trump.

John Koskinen: LIAR

John "scumbag" Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...was called a LIAR by U.S.Rep. Paul Ryan. Naturally...Koskinen chortled...grinned...and...smirked. He knew he was insulated from condemnation...he had information...he could reveal "nasty dirt". But by watching this scumbag laugh at how easily TEAM OBAMA stomped and chomped...people might decide it's time to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE

U.S.Rep. Ron Desantis(R.FL)

U.S.Rep. Ron Desantis(R.FL) wants LOIS LERNER and JOHN KOSKINEN investigated. Recall LOIS LERNER used her status as IRS big shot to hurt people she didn't like and Koskinen was hired to cover-up such criminal misconduct of TEAM OBAMA.


A U.S.Destroyer was dispatched into the South China Sea with orders to approach the Spratly Islands asserting thereby America's hegemony. What impressed the "approached" Chinese naval vessel was the fact the Destroyer arrived and then departed the area traveling over 100 mph(knots)!


La. Gov. Bobby Jindal squandered his chance for president when he promised gold from straw on his magic spindle. Technocrat...perpetuating the CAGE wherever such at...yet...trimming here and there to make the burden fair.

border town

If Trump succeeds in erecting his WALL...there will be an instant call...for erection of a border town...any place where gate be found...tunnel installed...or...escaping sound.


The military-industrial complex ever so often needs a cleans out the inventory...requires more bullet...and...detonating cord.


What will you do for me? And to that question...Hillary Clinton replied, "I will direct you from cradle to grave...impose over you bureaucratic knaves...and...flood your future enslaved."

45 feet 10.25 inches

Guinness World Records accepted a Miami sand castle soaring 45 feet 10.25 inches into the air. Instantly...Hillary Clinton said her vision of socialism could be likened to that castle of would be as high as she preferred yet composed of the common man. As Clinton was heard to say, "God must have loved the common man 'cause he made so many of them."


According to contrived polls...a majority of likely Republican voters want someone who will eradicate liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". Hence they want Dr. Ben Carson...a dude who would force women to bear children over their contrary preference.


How amazing to hear people cheer when Hillary describes pillory...whip and chain. Could it be liberty not any longer in America entertained?


Defense Secretary Ash Carter somehow got smarter. He revealed how well Russian assistance had helped ease the grip of the Islamic State on Syria and he was inclined to permit President Putin to continue his scourge. He also conceded Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was permitting President Assad to continue his own effort to rid Syria of rebels whose mission statement to erect caliphate...their own brand...not the one championed by the Islamic State.


U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders was never a credible Democratic choice for president in 2016. a recent MASS MEDIA conducted poll...Bernie Sanders was called lackluster...almost ghoulish...while Clinton was labeled "honest and trustworthy".


TEAM OBAMA attempted to create a pool of obedient-dependent voters by commandeering their health care insurance system and forcing people to buy whatever they were told to buy. Nowadays...though...few crow about OBAMA-CARE...particularly if their premiums skyrocketed. Yet...looking at how well the law has enslaved people...Senator Chuck Schumer....himself a freedom-hater of the 1st order...bragged about the fact 8 out of 10 people will have to rely on big foot government subsidy to pay for their health care insurance coverage.


Bernie Sanders finally began to point out differences between himself and Queen-Hillary. The contrast was so striking...his handlers said he should continue to stomp and chomp. Following their advice...Bernie told a cub reporter from this BLOG he had uncovered "dirty money" in Hillary's campaign portfolio and he intended to use it.


Why can't Jeb Bush attract support? Perhaps it's because he offers "same old, same old, just different bag"...and...people don't want more socialism...more big foot government grip and grab.


"Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy" another way of saying how Hillary Clinton tries. As with all good socialists...her power goes only so far as other people's money.


Regan American Bridge helper...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that she hated freedom as much as she hated Charlie and David Koch. "I want socialism in America...and...the KOCH BROTHERS are thwarting this transformation. Eventually...everyone will be enslaved and I...Regan Page...will be among the ruling elite...with titles and estates...and...status."

Adrian Carrasquillo

Somehow...Hispanics are forming "hate-Trump" cadres...each designed to enter an auditorium...and...scream: "HILLARY AQUI!" So far...10 million illegal Hispanics have signed up for the task...each sporting the eponymous JOHN SMITH as moniker.


In America...the industrial-military complex needs funding and such can't be obtained without WAR. Hence...the goon squads have been dispatched to foment unrest and mayhem. President Xi Jingping knows about their plan and has requested that Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...focus his idiotic displays of prowess elsewhere. Indeed...China has undertaken to provide safety and security for that entire region and the world should be thanking President Xi for his foresight and beneficence. Thank you, President Xi.


Dr. Ben Carson might very well prevail. Could Trump be similar to Clinton in 2008? She was anointed to be the President but Obama ruined such fate. Is it possible...Trump might be eclipsed? Answers don't wait.


At Spring Valley High School...a cop entered a class room and brutally dragged a child out the door...into the hallway...where he beat the child senseless...screaming about how it was wrong to say something bad about man-made global warming. It seems that Spring Valley High had a zero-tolerance policy when it came to man-made global warming...and...when little Timmy Titler...called it MYTH...described its purveyors as clowns, knee-crooking knaves and dwarfs...OFFICER THUG was dispatched to cleanse.


You cry barracuda...people don't care. You cry SHARK...and...the ocean clears. Such is the same with's a's a spear. And...some unscrupulous scientists know how to use that WORD to get more funding. Take for instance the latest scare about processed meat and beef. These alarmed scientists say processed meat is a direct ticket to an early grave...and...point to well-funded tests they ran on the fruit bats of Borneo...fed meat in ways they never would predicted the bats died in a week.

government healthcare?

The vets know about big foot government healthcare and don't support socializing the rest of America's healthcare system. "Why make everyone miserable?" quipped Staff Sgt. Josh Wheeler just before he climbed on that rescue helicopter and was killed trying to rescue otherwise doomed Kurds.

Charlie wants what?

Charles Koch said he would spend $750 million on the 2016 campaign...but...hadn't picked a horse in that race yet. "If someone would preach liberation over subjugation...demanding this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...that leader* would be not only glorious but also as wise as Solomon."
*U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) could dismantle this CAGE and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Monday, October 26, 2015


The Peshmerga were skeptical* of American promises to help rescue people who were scheduled to die in an Islamic State prison. American squad had to jump first or else the rescue mission was off. Naturally...former Navy Seals...working as private contractors...agreed to enter first and did so with only one getting killed: JOSH WHEELER.
*Most Muslims have heard about the betrayal of Dr. Afridi by Obama and they know Obama will lie and deceive.

MAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE PROVEN earthquake struck. This quake was man-baked...over-cooked...too much oil drawn from nature's nook...from her nape too much least such was what science said when it looked...and...paid for another tummy tuck.


Trump undermined Jeb Bush easily because Bush chose "tepid and meek" instead of flammable and sleek. But...with Ben Carson closing in on a bigger end...Trump had best change his speech upon the stump. He'd best preach liberation over subjugation...promise to "make salt"...dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE...finally release its grip from mankind's vault.


Governor Chris Christie says he will enforce the matter what the matter how bad the matter how evil the law...he will enforce the matter how many people he hurts...he will enforce the law. Many people when they heard that nonsense heard a NAZI describing what death camp he'll build.

Unlike that snarling Chris Christie...U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) has told America he'll eradicate and delete until the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE finally gone. While Christie describes the torture and horror he plans to unleash...RAND PAUL describes EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Before he was assassinated on 09-11-12...Ambassador Stevens sent a multitude of emails asking for more security personnel but not any of these entreaties ever reached Hillary Clinton's desk on the 7th floor of the State Department. Somehow...somewhere below...his demand for better cannon...more land mines...tanks and Predator Drones...all...were lost somewhere between Steven's scream for help and Hillary's big oak desk.


On almost every point...Trump and Hillary will agree with Trump telling America he'll stomp and chomp as hard as Hillary but do it better. He'll ruin more people...remove more liberty...and...all done implementing Idi-om-mics...a mixture of Keynesian bunk with socialist hokum. Sure..."Trum-po" could preach liberation over subjugation...but...if he did...he'd be too different...too much of a 21st Century leader...something his mind just can't seem to frame or grasp.


Altruism imposed by a point of a gun is the ONLY way such can ever be done. OBAMA-CARE was based on compelling people to live their lives for others...their own futures by big foot edict smothered.

But how did TEAM OBAMA force people to kneel and worship* the idol they forged? They did it by passing a law...on liberty like some ghoul the Democrats gorged. Just as the Nazis slowly siphoned off freedom replacing it with fear and is TEAM OBAMA grabbing more and more...until...eventually bashing down anyone's door.
*MATTHEW 6:24: Serve Mammon or God.


It's interesting to hear Hillary and Bernie tell their respective crowds how much burden and hassle they plan to heap upon such promised enslavement...their crowds cheer and scream with adulation. As one big foot government supporter said when asked about Bernie and Hillary, "Here are two scumbags willing to replace liberty with freedom-to-obey...something we're taught to worship in our socialist public schools."


Hattori Honzo...Ninja master and assassin...would infiltrate a target with his own troops...secreting them...inserting them...until...they were in positions of trust where their betrayal would result in victory for the invader. Might not such a scheme be afoot throughout Europe as ISIS troops disguised as hapless refugees are dispersed by United Nations helpers to all corners of Europe...guaranteeing a successful assault when the directive given.


Whereas Hillary and Bernie offer more 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...U.S.Senator Rand Paul offers KEY...liberation over subjugation. Might not voters want KEY over CAGE? To hear Hillary, Bernie and 99% of the MASS MEDIA tell it...Americans want to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave by knee-crooking bureaucratic knaves.

Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink...just back from a rescue mission in Nepal...said he knew* Josh Wheeler and was saddened by his death. He took umbrage with Obama characterizing Wheeler's death as a needless display of chivalry...pointing out...but for Obama's temerity...that recent rescue mission would never have been needed.
*Leif Babin...another former Navy Seal...agreed that Obama had caused the mess. "Had Obama kept at least 100,000 troops in Kabul...Josh Wheeler would still be alive," whispered an angry Leif when asked about the death of his pal, Josh Wheeler.


ISIS PRISONERS...due to be executed...were rescued by Dutch and his team. Yes...Josh Wheeler...the one who carried the Gatling gun...was killed by some kind of laser beam...but...otherwise doomed prisoners were saved by this special ops team.


Talk about blundering...had Hitler not attacked Russia...he would have ruled the world. But he blundered. Yes...he overtook and defeated 300 Russian armies...but...never did he suspect there were an endless supply of armies and military equipment...a supply his own resources could never match.

Mention is made of this BLUNDER since at the seemed perfectly logical. The German Army was invincible...and...for a turned out to be blunder. Might not BUSH-CHENEY WAR in Iraq be a similar Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has since compounded and made worse?


Yantel Xinchao Industry Co....a Shanghai-listed real estate developer and energy giant...said it was buying up as much shale-oil producing real estate in America as possible. Yes...they expect oil to drop to $10 per barrel...but...they lose money only when such oil dips to $1.00 per barrel...a likelihood not reasonably expected. Of course...TEAM OBAMA declared it would disrupt such plans in order to keep oil prices high and consumers burdened.


Even though a billion bucks was spent bringing STEVE JOBS to the big silver screen...few wished to hear what most already knew. What turned off many would-be patrons was the underlying theme that STEVE JOBS was a socialist...a freedom-hater...and...hence...a "good guy".


 A whale-watching boat capsized drowning several high profile environmentalists including a whale whisperer whose mission statement to teach the whale about truth, justice and the American way.


The Germans are getting some refugee flood relief due to winter's storm and stiff. But...when Spring will the exodus to Germany from where people die and buildings burn.


Jeb Bush opened his campaign with a "me-too" agenda since he feared MASS MEDIA cannon. If he were to proclaim himself a liberator...whose mission statement to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...his position would be relentlessly barraged...bombarded...24/7...every talking head* discussing how heartless to ask people to fend for themselves and not depend on big foot government. And...with such cannonade...his candidacy would be over. Hence...he offered more not less big foot government and his latest polling numbers show just how WRONG his handlers were.
*The public schools teach socialism and Eco-fascism. They inculcate a feeling of envy and anger so necessary if those children are to remain cattle and sheep to be directed by bureaucratic creeps. The MASS MEDIA relies on such indoctrination when it crows about how wondrous socialism and Eco-fascism while ignoring the horror such policies create.


Dr. Ben Carson got through Iowa's bible-door but Trump slipped and more.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was asked about Jews praying inside the Temple Mount or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. He replied* that the Jew wasn't welcome, "Al-Aksa and the Holy Sepulchre are ours...and...the Jew hasn't any right to desecrate them with their filthy feet." _________________________
*Of course...that rag head has forgotten the 1967...SIX DAY WAR...wherein the Jew stomped the Muslim and took all of Jerusalem as a prize only granting to the Muslim certain privileges in that Holy City.

Jeb Bush push

When JEB BUSH announced he was running for President...many people thought he'd out-sail all comers since he had "name-recognition"...and..."big buck backing"...a great combination nowadays. And...had JEB BUSH come out and declared himself a liberator instead of another would-be master...he probably would have become so powerful TRUMP and CARSON would never have made their effort.

However...JEB BUSH decided to be "Romney-esque"...wishy-washy...timid...and...meek. His so-called TAX PLAN...for example...was meant to attract almost every interest group but offered very little relief from the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. He even said he'd keep the Department of Education...and...make even more powerful the Environmental Destruction Agency...two government bureaucracies so hated and despised by most Republicans that he was instantly behind any other Republican decrying those two monsters,(think Carson and Trump).


Patricia Smith...mother of Sean Smith...asked Hillary Clinton "why" her son and the Ambassador weren't helped on 09-11-12? Where was Hillary Clinton during those hours when her son was alive and able to be saved? And...why weren't the hovering drones not used to defend the beleaguered compound and its defenders? Sean Smith was her only child...but...was sacrificed to cover the assassination of the Ambassador...a snuff-job disguised in terrorist style.


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was delighted when he received military assistance from President Putin. "We might defeat Taliban with such assistance," President Ghani told a cub reporter from this BLOG when asked about how desperate Afghans were since Obama removed so many troops.


Sgt. Josh Wheeler was told by a cub reporter from this BLOG that he was doomed if he were to take that ride. Josh listened and then replied, "Over the mountains of the moon...into the valley of the shadow...ride...boldly ride...the shade replied...if you seek for El Dorado." And with that Sgt. Wheeler climbed aboard and off he went to rescue Kurds...a rescue mission which while successful would cost him his life.


Trump tied with Carson* in Iowa? How could Trump...big mouth Donald...ever be tied and not ahead of any politician? far...polling data show Carson leading in many parts of that socialist-state. The reasons behind his rise in popularity are too many to recite...but...suffice it to say...when Carson said he would dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...people actually believed that he would or die trying!
*Carson is against abortion and would use the power of the state to impose that restriction on women. In that regard he is wrong and should be told persuasion is as far as another person should go when discussing with a would-be mother her options. But to impose his view on abortion is as wrong as taxing people over 10%!

"me too" message

Jeb Bush launched his 2016 presidential campaign to great fanfare and applause. His message was "me too"...however...and...that approach flamed out as more dynamic wannabes stepped forward proclaiming they knew "how" to reverse course and stop this slide into the toilet bowl of tribal socialism. Yes...he was told to be as much like Mitt 'the nit' Romney as possible so the "independents" would be attracted...but...that "same old, same old, just different bag" stuff hasn't worked out well with BUSH falling in polls so far he'll need rope and ladder to recover lost ground.


Daniel Fiornes finally agreed TEAM OBAMA is LYING about the state of the economy. It's much worse than claimed. "The economy is much worse than Obama will admit...but...if he admits we're headed toward recession...then...Hillary and Bernie will surely lose since they tout Obama's big foot government extravaganza.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Element 116

Even though element 115 lasts a few milliseconds...element 116 lasts even a shorter period of time...yet in that moment...a time warp occurs which a traveler can use to pass to/from future and past. Makes one consider how to see what will be...and...understand "once was"...sort of guess finding"is"...grabbing "does".


When asked how she'd describe Hillary Clinton's prospects of victory...U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren began to sing, "Michael Rinney was ill...the day the Earth stood still...but...he told us where we stand...Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear...Claude Raines played the invisible man...but...something went wrong for Faye Ray and King Kong...they were caught in a celluloid jam...when from outer a deadly pace...this is how the message ran...SCIENCE FICTION...DOUBLE FEATURE!


When Huma Abedin asked why Hillary was laughing so hard...Hillary replied, "The 3rd secret of Fatima is the election of Hillary Clinton."


Don't cry...if you don't vote. Don't whine...'bout big wall...barbed wire...and...moat. Senator Rand Paul is the only candidate who has expressed a willingness to delete the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE whereas Trump wants to increase power and yoke...Rand Paul would delete...remove the grip...stop the choke.

Scrape veneer

Behind closed doors...Huma Abedin told U.S.Rep. Jim Jordan(R.Oh) that Hillary Clinton had discovered Obama was going to assassinate Stevens before Stevens could reveal election-changing data...but...decided to keep quiet about it. In framing this incredible revelation...Huma whispered, "Scrape veneer...get was a CIA "snuff job"...the VIDEO COVER STORY more or less the rose and wreath. Hillary was first to say terrorism on display...yet VIDEO and the rest...such was cover story...since CIA operatives had done their dirty work...and...snuffed a pest."


Dr. Ben Carson won't rock boat...he'll trim about the edges...perhaps offering stylistic quotes...but...definitely...keep NANNY STATE CAGE...even erect walls and moats...but...never will he write a brand new a phrase...he won't rock boat.


Hillary Clinton was searching for a model to which she could tutorial fashion...framing her HEALTH CARE COVERAGE idea...somehow its innards anoint. When she examined the one used by North Korea...she was transfixed...almost as if she'd seen the "burning bush not consumed" epiphany...that moment when darkness is chased away by light in room...she saw in North Korea's "whip and chain"...socialist delight...and...liberty's doom.


The Nazis hid their "final solution" even from the German people...for the most part...because they controlled the MASS MEDIA and the German Justice System. Even if people heard about 6 million Jews...they were too afraid to speak out since to make noise was to be eliminated.

Mention is made of this despicable time in America...LOUIS LERNER...a dedicated freedom-hater...was caught red-handed attacking conservative organizations in order to assist Obama in his re-election effort...and...she escaped prosecution. As she said, "They bite me...I bite back!"


While Secretary of State...Hillary Clinton crowed about how she and Obama had brought about a change in leadership in Tripoli...she refused to admit her incompetence and recklessness led to the death of 4 Americans at the Benghazi embassy compound.


Trump defeats Clinton if he offers liberty since her pitch is "freedom-to-obey". Most voters pick KEY over CAGE.


Inside the voting booth...everyone will ask: WHY PICK CLINTON? Do they select her because she'll be the 1st woman President? Do they pick her because she will continue to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"? What makes someone pick Clinton over...say...Dr. Ben Carson or Donald Trump? What program or policy does she offer making her the best choice for America in 2016?

Such questions are among many as voters* ponder their choices in the voting booth. Do they choose CAGE or KEY...chain or liberty?
*It might be the issue of abortion which gives her an edge with women since Clinton is correct in her position that abortion is the choice of the would-be mother and everyone else should keep their busy noses out of the matter. It might be she wants open borders without hinder or hassle...another correct position provided the rest of the paradigm she envisions is an otherwise unhampered market...something she finds anathema, unfortunately.


In Iowa...Clinton and Sanders told an enthusiastic crowd they would enslave and eliminate liberty. Their ideas were antithetical to freedom...but...inside that auditorium...people didn't care...they wanted "whip and chain"...and...forever enslaved remain.


Why won't Donald Trump preach liberation over subjugation? If he were to declare his intention to eradicate the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in EDEN...a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...he prevail in a national landslide...larger than what Reagan accomplished against Jimmy scumbag Carter.

Calm and positive

Hillary Clinton was grilled by Republicans...powdered and puffed by Democrats...and...observed by a doubtful public...during the Benghazi hearing. Her supporters said she did well...her detractors concluded she was "hiding something"...and...most people didn't care any more since their loved ones were not among those slaughtered in Benghazi...a massacre written by Clinton's recklessness and incompetence...but...not scribbled in a fashion calculated to cause anger.


Dr. Ben Carson can prevail but his message must be that of liberation of the subjugated not more big foot government grip and grab. So far...he has not done as much and he might find himself on the losing end simply because he chose to become "same old, same old, just different bag"...something people are beginning to conclude Trump might very well be.


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tell their crowds "why" liberty is bad...and...enslavement "good" their harangue...their audiences cheer screaming they want "whip and chain"...they want to be ruled from cradle to grave by the likes of Hillary and Bernie the Knave.


Trim sail...cut staff...cancel engagements...focus on what can be achieved not on what might be was the way JEB BUSH described his fate...that horrible quicksand sound.

Some might say JEB had a chance...but...he chose to be "Romney-esque"...wishy-washy...tepid...meek...not ever compass...not ever quest.

Trump might prevail...but...he must preach liberty not travail. Yes...he could eliminate the NANNY STATE...but...his mission statement might be something cursed...he might be big foot government dressed as freedom's worst.


U.S.Rep. Paul Ryan was told he could be Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives provided he perpetuated the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Even if he didn't like the grip and grab of big foot get that job...he had to promise to keep the yoke and choke agenda intact. The question cooking on everyone's front burner is whether or not PAUL RYAN will agree to continue onward into the socialist-Eco-fascist toilet bowl of misery and darkness...or...become a leader of liberty demanding the would-be master with mob return to whatever hole from whence they came.

Dr. Ben Carson is wrong

Dr. Ben Carson said he would like to overturn ROE v. WADE...the U.S.Supreme Court decision which allowed abortion. He's wrong. A woman must be able to decide what she does with her body including eradicating what she does not wish to carry full term. Yes...argument and persuasion are always available...but...ultimately...the final choice must be left unbridled and the sole decision of the would-be mother.

Dr. Ben Carson should frame his message in terms of eliminating the grip and grab  of the would-be master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein OBAMA-CARE could be rammed down the throat of unwilling Americans...a place where taxation is used to hurt and punish...a place where the mob can be dispatched to burn and loot with impunity...indeed...a place where the individual is subsumed in the collective goo of the hive.


At a recent Hillary Clinton rally...people held signs many of which said: WE WANT TO BE ENSLAVED. While some time back that kind of sign would be called correctly frames the sentiment of her patrons.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


In the movie, CROSS OF IRON...there's a scene where the platoon is taking a break on their trek back to their own lines. "Do you think they'll ever forgive us for what we did?"...Stiener thought for a moment and answered, "No...but...they'll never forget us, either." Could Islamic State enthusiasts be thinking about the same thing nowadays?


Will there be an Islamic State? Will it be in Iraq, Syria, or somewhere in between luck and fate? And...will Americans stand by and watch them behead and crucify?'s not any of our concern if churches in Jerusalem tumble and burn. But...somewhere in the some Up-with-people rally...Islamic State will show its nuclear weight...and...ascend to a position of ultimate power the world dictate.


Kevin Sheridan...a former 2012 Romney campaign adviser...told Chuck Rocha...another wizard of politics...he thought Jeb Bush would prevail and be the Republican Party nominee discounting Trump and Carson as small-ball hitters.

Naturally...Trump took issue with that characterization as he stood triumphant in the lobby of the Doral in Miami...and...Carson's 28% to Bush's 3% in Iowa made Carson smirk when told of Bush's assessment.

40% cut

Jeb Bush cut 40% of his staff...telling those fired they're best bet was to support Ben Carson or Marco Rubio. When asked why not Trump...Jeb looked like he was going to pop. His eyes bulged...his lips pursed...his nose flared...and...his fists clinched...and...he exploded, "TRUMP WILL LOSE BECAUSE HE WANTS LIBERATION OVER SUBJUGATION AND AMERICA WANTS MORE WHIP AND CHAIN NOT ITS REMOVAL!"


U.S.Rep. Paul Ryan might very well be a game-changer should he use his power as Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE by cutting off its funding...ear-marking funds for only courts, police and national defense with all others getting kicked back into the stream of commerce to fend* for themselves.
*Imagine scumbag Gina McCarthy...presently the head honcho of the Environmental Destruction Agency...having to find a job in the private sector. She would be spat upon...her tires slashed...and...her home spray painted with opprobrious epithets.


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tell their crowds about the splendor of socialism...its merits...its wonders...its niche-making every person something from someone else thereby making them all accomplices in a Master with mob scene. As Hillary told one hand-picked audience, "My decree...their purse!"


Recently...Wikileaks published a scathing expose' on Gina McCarthy...head honcho at the Environmental Destruction Agency. It turns out on her private office bathroom wall...hangs a SWASTIKA...the symbol of the Nazi Regime. While many might say there's nothing to it...she's obviously a WW II memorabilia collector...others aren't so sure pointing out she told her closest advisers she wanted to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...a cherished Nazi principle she would kill her own mother to advance,(WSJ A-3;10-24-15).


Folks...after listening to Hillary Clinton speak about's obvious she was hiding her complicity in the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens. She was both part of its planning and its cover-up. Her involvement was plain to see in her performance at that Trey Gowdy hearing if one were objectively asking: "was she involved?"


The poster child for scumbag magazine this week is PETER KADZIK...a jerk in the U.S.Injustice Department. He announced he was closing the investigation on LOIS LERNER...that ghoul at the Internal Revenue Service who was caught attacking conservative organizations...a criminal act of the worst kind. It turns out she had too much dirt on U.S.Senator Dick Durbin(D. Il) and Obama. To attack her was to open Kadzik's side to assault...something which would absolutely result in his getting fired.


An "emoji" is a symbol on a computer screen. For hot dog recently was granted an EMOJI by the Unicode international non-profit organization that standardizes coding for things like emojis. Indeed...iPhones have a picto-gram of a hot dog as well as one for pizza and time travel.


In Miami...Trump tried to speak to a crowd of 193,466...but every time he tried to speak...a boisterous bunch of hooligans would strike up a chant. They divided themselves into 3 groups...each one waiting their turn to begin their noise-making...their socialist worker chant...the one Bernie Sanders had written long ago as he pondered ways to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey".


Iowa and New Hampshire are the 1st two primaries. To guarantee the winners are always socialists or big foot government advocates of one type of another...Iowa and New Hampshire were flooded with socialist policy and program and socialist MASS MEDIA. Using the idea: the hungry won't bite the feeding hand...the would-be masters gave and gave some more until most voters in those two toilet bowls are in some way dependent on hand-out or favor. Iowa...Ben Carson took the lead away from Trump. Whereas Trump was telling the voters he planned on keeping most of the NANNY STATE CAGE intact...just trimming here and there so people wouldn't contrast...Dr. Ben Carson was telling Iowans he would delete until the grip and grab of the 20th century CAGE was gone...pointing out "Where is it written that taxation must be used to hurt people?"

Most political pundits....are...asking..."why" did Carson overtake Trump? Their answers vary...but...voters in those two states this time around might not be the breed the socialists thought they created. And...Trump telling them he loves big foot government...can't get enough of it...might be "why" he has lost support and Carson has gained.

Friday, October 23, 2015


Mr. Donald Trump at the Doral in Miami addressed a huge audience of well-wishers. He promised to make America great again. He said he'd eliminate the hassle and hinder in commerce and delete the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...his message of liberation over subjugation has inspired Floridians in such fashion Trump leads the packed Republican field.

Xiaomi and Huawei

Competing for the heart of China...Xiaomi and Huawei...using price and quality...fight over patrons similar to the way ladies tug on the last pair of panties at the K-mart blue-light special.


Eliminate taxes and Swiss bankers would breathe easier. S it is...they're attacked regularly by big foot government looking for money.


The Democrats demand people kneel and lick boot. Indeed...most Democrats nowadays identify with Bernie Sanders...a scumbag knee-crooking knave of the 1st order. They like how he promises to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". As Senator Dick Durbin said, "Bernie and I hate freedom and we're just a step or two from eliminating the last of it."


Michelle Obama wanted to impose her will...force what she to speak. Looking for a defenseless target...she chose to attack the public school lunch program replacing pizza and cola with lettuce floating in bean sauce. When she was informed only 2 children out of 20 million ate her fare...a combination of gruel and cord...she exploded. "How dare they not want the Kenyan diet!"


Not wanting to have an ordinary name for his company...Robert Wolf decided to call it: 32 ADVISERS...his mission statement to critique and analyze meta-data and deliver conclusions based thereon. Hearing about Wolf's company made Timmy Titler so jealous that Titler called his company 10,000 ADVISERS.


More often than not purpose is self-evident. Take for instance...what Obama did in Iraq. Obama withdrew troops. His purpose: to deliver that part of the planet to the Shiites in Tehran. And...he has succeeded mightily...not only delivering Iraq...but also...encouraging rag heads to depart the Middle East and go to Germany where everything is "freebie and favor".


The Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) was reluctant to kill Navy Seals but if they got in the way of the assassination of Stevens...then...of course...they'd have to be eliminated as well. Those 2 Navy Seals were surprised when those 3 mortar shells fell on top of them but they were in the way.


Avoid Illinois! Don't even buy a lottery ticket in that toilet bowl of a state because they won't pay off if you win. They'll take your money...but...they won't pay out if you win.'s a's big foot government at its best...taking and spending other people's money and at the same time stiffing as many people as possible. It's the Democrat-way!


Health co-ops were promised taxpayer money and in exchange these co-ops marketed "below-cost" health insurance policies with their effort heralded by the complicit MASS MEDIA as wondrous and proof-positive that big foot government can direct and control from cradle to grave. However...many of thee co-ops are going bankrupt.

As soon as they were required to operate a profitable enterprise...the co-ops collapsed. People won't submit to enslavement without some huge benefit. Unfortunately...the co-ops' luster wore off and people saw they were targeted to be the FOOLS who PULL the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement to health care. Fearing such "whip and chain"...people have demanded OBAMA-CARE be repealed and have fled the co-ops...choosing instead to avoid OBAMA-CARE and its "insolvent" co-ops.


ALERT: THE MAROONED SAILOR...THE SOLE SURVIVOR OF THE NOSTROMOS...SOMEWHERE OUT THERE. So was the distress call of Ambassador Stevens on 09-11-12.

security not her responsibility

Hillary Clinton said security at the Benghazi embassy compound was not her responsibility but she did ask if there were sufficient personnel robustly armed expected to be stationed in that fitful area of Libya. She was informed there were Predator Drones hovering above that area and certain death awaited anyone attempting an assault. Of course...never were the drones deployed and the 5 robust security guards refused to open fire because they....according to their part of the story...weren't sure if these were real terrorists or CIA operatives dispatched to assassinate Ambassador Stevens.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hillary Clinton received softball treatment at the Benghazi Embassy compound hearing today. The Democrat members asked her abut her perfume and her preference in color and tone while the Republicans rehashed much of what most people already knew. Yes...Clinton lied here and there...but...not enough for most voters to care.


Ambassador Stevens was moved to a site where he could be easily assassinated. At the embassy compound...CIA operatives entered and slaughtered him. Hillary Clinton knew about the attack but felt she couldn't be linked to the assassination if it went as wrong as the assassination of U.S.border guard, Brian wrong the bullet they dug out of Brian Terry was traced to the desk of Obama! Hence...Hillary Clinton ducked out of her 7th floor office at the State Department and headed for home where she could establish an air-tight alibi.

"burn them"

Hitler was trying to decide what to do with 6 million Jews. He asked the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem about the quandary. The Mufti said: "burn them"...and...Hitler took that advice and set about eliminating the Jew in death camp format. Whether or not Mufti Amin al-Husseini actually said "burn them"...has been disputed...but...he did send Muslims to assist Hitler's SS carry out their disgusting "final solution" and advocated extermination.


CIA Director John Brennan discovered his email server was hacked and his to/from about the Benghazi assassination of Ambassador Stevens could be read on Wikileaks. His complicity in that murder was evident...and...he was appalled his email server could be accessed. His criminal conduct was obvious and Obama's directive to kill Stevens there for all to see.


On 09-11-12...above the CIA compound...where Ambassador Stevens was under attack...hovered Predator Drones capable of eliminating the threat. Yet...they weren't unleashed and Ambassador Stevens was assassinated.

Why Stevens was killed is obvious. He was about to publish election-changing data. Before he could reveal his information...however...he was assassinated. was classic "hit" stuff. Lure the victim to a place seemingly safe...and...there...eliminate the target. Indeed...the fact Chris screamed and begged for help for 7 hours is sufficient proof of both CIA involvement and Hillary Clinton's complicity in the "hit".


Ambassador Stevens was assassinated before he could divulge game-changing data...information which would have sunk Obama's chances for re-election. In order to stop such revelation...Chris Stevens...on 09-11-12...was snuffed. Hillary Clinton needed an alibi as did Obama. one 10:00 pm...Obama and Clinton were conferring by telephone carefully reviewing their cover-story...a story about an offensive VIDEO...a VIDEO which had caused a crowd of Muslims to attack spontaneously.

The cover-story was manufactured by the same simple Simon who constructed the FAST AND FURIOUS cover-story...the one where the gun that killed U.S.border guard BRIAN TERRY just happened to be one of the guns controlled by the U.S.Justice Department. Similar in its silly underpinnings...the story about how Hillary didn't know Chris Stevens was under attack for 7 hours smacks of the same nonsense. 10:00 pm she and Obama were discussing their cover-story...a discussion which not only gave them an alibi...but also...gave them some talking points if ever challenged.

1 year and $4 trillion

The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is a bottleneck. It's mission to hinder and hassle drug makers...preventing cures from reaching the market. U.S.Senator Tom Coburn pointed out that getting a drug to market one year earlier than normally achieved would mean a $4 trillion benefit to the consuming public,(WSJ A-13;10-22-15).

Why is there a FDA? Has not that bunch outlived its usefulness? How is it Americans allow scumbag bureaucrats to decide who will live and who will die? It's time to eliminate the FDA and all the other "stomp and chomp" bureaucracies...and...deliver AMERICA from the grip of the would-be master.


At 10:00 pm...on 09-11-12...Obama and Hillary by telephone discussed a VIDEO cover-story they would use once news of Ambassador Steven's death reached the MASS MEDIA. Today...Mrs. Clinton will tell America about that 10:00 pm dialogue and how she and Obama framed the issue so their complicity in the assassination of Chris Stevens could be not only finessed but kept quite hidden. could be said that Clinton and Obama are the alibi for the other.


Now that Joe Biden has refused to suffer a 2016 defeat...where will his handful of supporters go? Do they choose Clinton, Sanders or Trump?


Vice President Joe Biden told Hillary and Bernie they had best champion the OBAMA LEGACY. By that he meant Obama had begun to eliminate liberty and whichever of them prevailed in 2016...they should finalize the PLAN...and...force enslavement on everyone. TEAM OBAMA put the machinery in that is needed is a scumbag with the will to kill and destroy America...and...Biden thought Clinton and Sanders were up to the task.


Hillary Clinton knows if she accepts the label: SOCIALIST she will definitely lose the 2016 election. Yes...Bernie Sanders draws large crowds who come to hear how he'll plunder the storeroom of others and redistribute the loot in portions he finds the secure fashion of the voting booth...though...few will actually choose "whip and chain".


Inside the U.S.House of Representatives is what has been called the FREEDOM CAUCUS...a group of Reps who wish to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAFE and usher in EDEN...a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Yet...few have asked "why" in America must there be a group defending what little liberty remains and attempting to delete the grip and grab of the CAGE?


Taliban is hard to confront since they dress as common folk...blending into the community...and...few are willing to identify them since they know at night Taliban come to avenge and torture. On the other hand...if Taliban were permitted to come join and form an army...then...once bunched up like that...they'd be easy to obliterate.


When the virgin was thrown into the volcano...there was reverential silence...not any dissent...not any protest. The girl had to be given to God to stop the ocean from rising...and...hurricanes to trouble elsewhere. Their MASS MEDIA pushed the idea 24/7 that mankind was causing such catastrophes...and...throwing a virgin into bubbling lava seemed to be the solution. Indeed...their consensus science had determined if they simply threw a virgin into the volcano every day there would be peace and plenty for all.

Nowadays...for "pay"...scientists...never unwilling to say whatever if the price is right...are claiming mankind can change the weather and if mankind will stop using fossil fuel and return to a time of tent and mule...then...but only then...can mankind rest at night knowing there will be a tomorrow.

Take California for instance. Its voters chose to impose water restrictions when potable water supply began to disappear. Yes...there was sufficient rain fall to water crops and provide drinking water...but...due to environmental rules...most of that water was dumped into the ocean so the endangered "snort-lick" might continue to be a member of the community.

"They needed to impose those rules to save that cute little snail. Yes...people know it's silly to dump good water...but...when you're trying to save a snail...people don't matter!" screamed Gina McCarthy...head honcho at the Environmental Destruction Agency.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

over 50% less than expected

Health insurance o-ops everywhere are going belly-up. They simply could not create risk pools large enough to perpetuate coverage for everyone who wanted health insurance coverage. The fewer than expected sign-ups puzzled big foot government economists and theorists who projected millions of youthful millennials selflessly buying needless health insurance so that others might have their medical costs covered by timely reimbursement from the co-op.

What they found was that only those who can gain some benefit accessed OBAMA-CARE or a co-op. Yes...some patrons paid "full-price"...but...since the co-ops were using taxpayer money to buffer their expenses...the premiums were priced so low it was inevitable that once the federal siphon was removed...the co-ops would implode. As one patron said, "Once I saw my premiums jump sky high...I elected to do without coverage and pay cash if I need something done."


Except for Dr.Ben Carson, U.S.Senator Rand Paul and Mr. Donald Trump...the Republican hopefuls have all said they'd work well inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but never dismantle it.c


Inside the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...Hillary Clinton offers voters more grip and grab...more yoke and exchange...she promises to redistribute the plunder among those interest groups worthy of her consideration. As U.S.Senator Warren(D.Ma) opined when asked about the idea of "whip and chain, "It sort of makes you want to support enslavement, now doesn't it?"

Knuckle ball

Hillary Clinton...all week...has been practicing her "knuckle ball"...a karate move designed to strike the groin of Trey Gowdy. Her teacher...a dude named Mr. MEE-AH-GEE...explained that surprise and swiftness were necessary ingredients to delivery of a successful "knuckle ball". "You must practice the blow...striking a plank of pine...hitting the board with vengeance...but...only after pretending to ask for directions."


U.S.Rep. Daniel Webster(R.FL) said he was still in the running for Speaker of the U,.S.House of Representatives despite Rep. Paul Ryan competing for the same niche. Unlike Ryan...however...Webster plans to use his Speaker's position to demand that the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...noting, "It can be done even though the MASS MEDIA will be arrayed mightily against any entrenchment of the grip and grab of the yoke and choke agenda."

marker called

Hillary Clinton tomorrow will face U.S.Rep. Trey Gowdy and in that session she'll be asked...among other things...about Benghazi and her email trouble. To defuse that email aspect...Hillary Clinton called in a marker. Wikileaks...whose existence internationally was due to Hillary Clinton's efforts...published the entire email data base of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. well-timed the release...the Clinton camp is crowing that if the CIA can't insulate themselves from Tibetan can Hillary be castigated and pilloried for her failure to use a "secure" email system?

the riderless horse

Even though Afro-Americans in New York City are targeted every day for hassle and hinder by the police...nevertheless...when one of those cops gets killed...their brethren come out...sing some old negro spirituals...and...prance back and forth a riderless horse.

the 100 mile barrier

Electric cars are useful so long as you don't exceed 100 miles between charge-ups. Indeed...a family of 4...using a TESLA Model S...a premiere electric vehicle...will require a fortnight should an excursion trip of 1000 miles be undertaken. So doubtful the quality of the electric car...families are refusing to buy one. One family...for instance...was stranded in the Mojave Desert and almost died waiting for help. Yes...there Model S ran out of battery-power even though the gauges said there was plenty of juice. "I'll never trust that kind of gizmo again," whispered a parched but rescued former Tesla Model S owner.


ICE supervisor threw sex parties with his wife. While secret enclaves were involved...nevertheless...revelation of the situation happened when basketball players from the Louisville Cardinal squad were caught in a hot tub with Bamby...the hooker from Cambridge.


U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL)...acting in her capacity as leader of the Democratic National Committee...graphically revealed to Vice President Joe Biden the travail ahead of him should he choose to run for President. Sensing he'd be stomped by Hillary's Brigades...he chose to announce himself not any longer a potential Democratic candidate.


After conferring with the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...Vice President Joe Biden announced he won't compete for the 2016 prize leaving the field open to Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley. He agreed with this BLOG'S candid assessment that he wouldn't be able to preach enslavement as well as Clinton or Biden...making him seem meek and timid. "I just can't ask America to enslave themselves more than already afoot," Joe whined as he reflected on his options.

Elizabeth MacDonald

Yes...Hillary Clinton's emails were "hacked". Since his private email server was not protected...anyone wishing to monitor foreign policy activity had access. As James Clapper opined, "Is it any wonder the Chinese knew Uncle Sugar wouldn't react if military bases were constructed in the South China Sea."


The never-say-die socialist contingent now in control of the Democratic National Committee(DNC) has all but excluded anyone wishing to limit the grip and power of big foot government. It's monolithic with the united power structure...forcing a majority of Democrats to introspect and ask themselves if they really want to be dependent on the likes of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It's this question which will provide TRUMP-CARSON a landslide victory.


Ah...yes...another golden egg laying goose has departed Britain. TATA STEEL Ltd...announced it was laying off 1200 worker bees...closing factories...and...down-sizing in every respect. It seems big foot government finally took too much and TATA STEEL couldn't afford to continue. The 1200 jobless workers have demanded big foot government pay them until they can find other employment...a likelihood as good as observing a pig take flight,(WSJ B-6;10-21-15).


China has a GIFT for the consumers of America and the world: cheap steel...$300 per ton stuff. The protectionists hate this GIFT since their pals in the domestic steel industry want steel to cost $410 per ton...and...the consumer be damned. a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the consumer and not some knee-crooking bureaucrat is queen or king. In the OUM...GIFTS such as incredibly cheap steel are frequent since producers are prone to over-produce and the consumers greatly benefit each time miscalculation generates glut.

The protectionists...of course...see things differently. To barriers protect local producers and hence insure continued success at the ballot box for those politicians willing to stomp consumers in favor of sustaining some local factory or union shop. And because consumers are never given any leader declaring the OUM and not the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE the best route for the consumer...the protectionists prevail...and...the consumer is compelled to PAY MORE than if Chinese steel...for instance...were competing in an otherwise unhampered...unfettered...marketplace.


Tesla Motors produced Model's proven to be much fact...CONSUMER REPORTS warned its readers. One Tesla Model S owner grew angry when his house exploded. His Model S produced some weird chemical something...and...BOOM. Another owner was surprised when her Model S would not stop and ran through a grocery store's front window.


Yahoo, Inc. suffered an 8% drop in annual revenue. Citing Yahoo's need for protection...Federal Communications Commission chairman, Tom Wheeler, told a cub reporter from this BLOG he intended to force Netflix and Comcast to give Yahoo some of their turf or face hassle and hurdle from the FCC,(WSJ B-1;10-21-15). "I want to destroy any power to resist my will," drooled Tom "venom" Wheeler.


Chancellor Merkel told an eager German population she was opening Germany to 5 million hungry refugees and knew the Germans would be good socialists and give these people their homes and wealth so these newcomers might feel welcomed. Indeed...Markel was quite expressive in her assessment of the German psyche, "I want all Germans to give their wealth and I will pass it out as each refugee comes into Germany. I'll give them a else they need...we're socialists...we love to kneel and lick...we're a servile breed."


In battle..."too big...too much"...never questioned...cannon preferred to knife and touch. But nowadays...there is less need for 10 carrier groups...and...1000 squadrons of fighters and such.

With that caveat in mind...could a force of...say...10,000 troops...fully equipped for battle in all respects...wipe out an opposing force no matter what size and composition? The answer is "yes" if the outfit involved is an American force. Take for instance the U.S.Marines. Dispatch 10,000 Marines...and...the battle would be over in a few hours...the enemy deleted.

So...why have the bloated military we have today if a small, efficient combat force can prevail in every instance imagined? The answer is that Uncle Sugar is using the military as a "make-work" project so there isn't a flood of unemployed and unemployable millennials every year as high schools and colleges produce young adults without skill or marketable technique.

What difference, Hillary?

"What difference, at this point, does it make?" queried Hillary Clinton emphatically during her first session in front of a board of inquiry investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi on 09-11-12. In answer to that rhetorical declaration...let it be said that people want to know what Hillary Clinton was doing during those 7 long hours...hours during which Ambassador Stevens cried out for salvation but whose entreaties found no purchase on Hillary's barren rock.


Many people are discussing similarities between Al Capone and Hillary Clinton. As alibi...Al Capone was in Miami surrounded by friends and politicians on Valentines Day...the same Chicago...Capone's enemies were killed in what was called the ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE. On 09-11-12...Hillary Clinton left her 7th floor office at the State Department and went home. Her only contact with the world was at 10:00 pm when Obama called Hillary to discuss the "cover-story" they would erect to hide the assassination of Ambassador Stevens...a dude who was about to reveal some nasty stuff which would have sunk Obama's 2012 re-election effort.


When people were asking U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren about the requirements of membership on the Security and Exchange Commission(SEC)..."Papoose" Warren said the person she picked would have to be a knee-crooking knave...and...boot licking stooge. In that frame...she found LISA FAIRFAX meeting such qualifications.


Allison Shuemaker used heroin and died. Had that drug been legal...Allison would be alive today. The ILLEGALITY of heroin caused Allison to use it in her bedroom where she overdosed and died.

SEAL TEAM #6 sent

Vice President Joe Biden said he and Obama conferred and it was decided to kill Osama bin Laden. According to Joe Biden...bin Laden would still be alive right now had he not told Obama to eliminate him.

Dalai Lama and Mother Nature

Communing with Mother Nature in the privacy of his bedroom...the DALAI LAMA discovered climate change could be stopped...that storms could be stopped...tornadoes stopped...hurricanes stopped...earthquakes also stopped...and...all he had to do to get such results was to declare mankind the cause of such catastrophes and direct they return to a tent and mule existence...sitting around the camp fire...singing old negro spirituals...and...waiting for dawn so they might continue their trek to a land where they heard there was good and potable water.


Mark Cooper...a scumbag of the 1st order...and...leader of the so-called Consumer Federation of America...pointed out that the "green rules" did make refrigerators and stoves more expensive but over time those additional costs would be recouped. For example...if the consumer were to keep their refrigerator for 1000 years...the additional costs would be recouped. But since the "new refrigerators" only last 48 months before they develop mechanical trouble...the additional costs are left to be borne by the buyer of these "new" gadgets. Mark Cooper gets around that DRAWBACK by proclaiming the consumer is helping save polar bears and New York City from drowning.


Mr. Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. Had someone said these two men would be leading the Republican pack in late 2015 in the presidential race...few would have agreed. Indeed...many talking heads of the MASS MEDIA were asking, "How can outsiders ever hope to handle the control panel in WASHINGTON DC?"

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The people in power aren't about to depart easily. They have enlisted their stooges in the MASS MEDIA to assist. Take for example, HILLARY CLINTON. She's a scoundrel and has escaped condemnation so far because she has promised enslavement and elimination of liberty...things the MASS MEDIA want most.

Raj Chetty found

Even though he didn't want to know...RAJ CHETTY finally took the time to read HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises and ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand. The elucidation was remarkable and motivated him to examine "why" there was income inequality and hatred among classes. He found people were poor because of where they lived, ate and drank. He saw there was "good" in song and dance and recommended people "party-on". It was such a wondrous epiphany...RAJ even concluded people are happy when their producing for themselves and their loved ones without big foot government intrusion. It was this last insight about NANNY STATE CAGE evil...however...which turned-off both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush...two big government scumbags.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Some people say because Hillary Clinton did so well in her first debate...Joe Biden was foreclosed from entering the race. Could such assessment be correct?


Unless Joe Biden knows something most Americans don't about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email's as likely as not he'll refrain from jumping into the 2016 race for president. If he does choose to compete for the'll mean he's been tipped off that Clinton's in trouble and his chances of winning are great.

U.S.Rep. Chris Van Hollen(D. Md)

U.S.Rep.Chris Van Hollen asked "how" he could prevent competition for his House seat. His aide...herself a freedom-hater...injected that he could file a law suit demanding the Federal Election Commission ban books and political speech unless "cleared through channels". Being a scumbag of the 1st order...Van Hollen listened and then chuckled whispering, "I like that idea. I can scare people away from supporting my competition by demanding donors and their organizations be completely transparent identifying all donors and all publications."


Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart declared big foot government has the power to ban books and force people to think as he wished. "I'm a scumbag...but I'm in power and I can make people do as I say," drooled Malcolm as he sharpened his wit.


Billy Chili was turned off by how haughty Hillary seemed as she passed through the hand-picked crowd. the question concerning her whereabouts during those 7 long hours when Ambassador Stevens...inside a so-called safe room...cried for help...Hillary Clinton replied in a snotty fashion, "You'll never know!"

Pussilanimous Romney

Mitt 'the nit' Romney said he liked JEB BUSH because JEB would perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...not attempt to dismantle it. In contrast...he hated Trump because Trump might very well succeed in deleting the yoke and choke agenda...eradicate entire bureaucracies...and...generally introduce a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Has anyone noticed how ready and eager the talking heads in the MASS MEDIA are to call Mr. Donald Trump a clown but refuse to call Hillary Clinton a LIAR. While Mr. Trump isn't any clown...Clinton certainly is a LIAR!