Thursday, March 31, 2016


"Dance band on the Titanic...playing Nearer my God to thee...Iceberg's on the starboard bow...come and dance with me." Such was metaphor as TRUMP crashed into CHRIS MATTHEWS...himself some kind of wrecking ball. On abortion questions he miserably piled ripping out his bottom and side. Headed to Davy Jones...with CHRIS MATTHEWS...glib and snide.


Who benefits from free trade? The answer...while surprising to the likes of Sanders and everyone. Of trade presupposes freedom to receive...all without imposition of hassle or hinder visited thereon by big foot government whose mission statement to take and direct as it sees fit. Where big foot government will there be both vested interests whose survival dependent on perpetuation of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and the "hurt and hindered"...those others whose existence derived from avoiding the grip and grab of the would-be master.

Take steel production, for instance. In a free Chinese steel sells faster than expensive American steel. Unlike many products...steel kind of stuff. And...naturally...almost every country has its share of steel mills. In China...for instance...steel production is a well-known sign of virility making its abundance indicative of prowess and panache. And...because China subsidizes its steel production...their steel on the world market is inexpensive and easily obtained. So inexpensive is Chinese steel...American builders prefer Chinese steel over American steel any time that option offered. trade is not free trade. American exports are taxed mightily by other countries whose reciprocal products are not so hindered. To hit back...for example...Obama imposed a 265% tax on Chinese steel* making Chinese steel more expensive than American steel. The idea was to force builders to use expensive America steel. Instead of kneeling and licking that boot, however,most builders just ceased work until that tax is removed. VIVA TRUMP!
*And...because China is state-run for the most part...these Chinese steel producers demonstrated how great and mighty they were as they piled a trillion tons of steel atop more tons of steel and inviting the world to come and enjoy in the abundance and together build a mighty world...commercial..productive...and...passionately bound to liberty. VIVA President Xi Jingping


Tata Steel,LTD asked big foot government for protection from cheap Chinese steel...fungible...generic...interchangeable...steel. To produce steel in Britain makes Tata Steel so much more expensive than the cheap available...and...abundant Chinese steel. Hence...TATA wants British taxes imposed to make Chinese steel as expensive as theirs thereby discouraging Tata's down-line and up-line helpers from using cheap steel to make cheaper products that sell much faster and better than stuff made with TATA STEEL.

Open markets deliver the best for the least helping everyone. When taxes are imposed on products,however,consumers are hurt and vested interests helped. Eventually...such protection creates dinosaurs...inefficient...archaic capital assets...companies with protected goods but few customers willing to pay rainbow prices for common product found everywhere else for much less. If TATA can get Britain to make imported steel as expensive as its home-made steel...then...TATA STEEL thereby protected and the consumer hurt.

Ted Cruz is against protectionist trade policy. Yes...Obama has made Chinese steel more expensive than American-made steel by adding a 265% tax. But CRUZ will delete this idiotic tax and tell the world if it wants to benefit the American consumer with cheaper products come one...come all. Market place liberty fetches the most benefit to everyone since everyone is part of the overall mixture. It's only when government enters and picks TATA STEEL over CHINESE STEEL is there injury to the marketplace and to everyone aboard.

As CRUZ points out...AMERICAN STEEL has been burdened by unions, taxes and red tape for so long...its products are too expensive. Take away the burdens...and...American steel is the cheapest and best...far out-competing China's state-owned steel companies.


Always willing to assist...the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG contacted French authorities and directed them to the apartment of Reda Kriket so that the guns and bombs Reda possessed couldn't be used to kill Frenchie. Reda had erred by using his computer to contact his fellow terrorists. When he employed the INTERNET...he opened himself up to censure by the PASS-KEY software this BLOG.

Recall that Edward Snowden...that notorious former National Security Council employee...departed with software that could UNLOCK...DECODE...and...MONITOR "any electronic communication". Snowden before he left for RUSSIA gave this BLOG that software so it could assist from time to time in stopping carnage and mayhem. And...Frenchie was the beneficiary of that software's application,(WSJ A-9;03-31-16).


Buddy...the transgender circus clown was entering a FEMALE BATHROOM when a North Carolina law enforcement officer spotted him and loudly declared, " colored can't go into the Ladies bathroom even though you're obviously transgender." Buddy turned toward the officer and said, "I'm Buddy-the Clown...just got into town...and...I don't need to be hassled and pushed around." Reacting to this defiance...the classic Tar Heel fashion...pulled his cannon and shot Buddy dead,(WSJ A-2;03-31-16).


It might very well be a CRUZ NIGHT in Wisconsin. Polling data shows CRUZ in the lead. Obviously...TRUMP...a long-time front-runner...ignored the injunction to preach liberation of the subjugated. When he kept his message to economic issues...he excelled. When he ventured into the controversial thicket of abortion and immigration...however...he found himself* in the midst of boiling controversy.
*As different as night from day...TED CRUZ'S position on taxes is worth noting. On the other hand...his decision to dismantle only some but not all of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE is quite troubling to many freedom-fighters...but...might very well be window dressing and ear-candy for those who don't mind the stomp and chomp of the CAGE since they're insulated from its grip and grab. And to his esteemed credit...CRUZ...unlike any other Republican...WILL demand the Republican U.S.Senate change the 60 vote rule to get a bill passed so that only 51 Republican senators are required and with that one change deploy THE ORB...the Omnibus Repeal Bill...wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE. As Ted is often heard saying, "By deploying THE ORB...the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism can be eradicated."

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


While TRUMP has checkered positions on social issues such as immigration and abortion...people him because he will do his best to make America great again. He plans to open up the world to American goods and services...reduce taxes...eliminate the hassle and hinder of big foot government...and...deliver prosperity. VIVA TRUMP!


TRUMP went nose to nose with MSNBC Chris Matthews. At one point Matthews asked TRUMP about "pro-life". TRUMP recalled how he'd won several primaries espousing pro-life tenets and now idiot-Matthews was attempting to corner him. TRUMP kept saying he was "pro-life" and wanted to keep it that way but Matthews continued to press TRUMP. Eventually...TRUMP said there must be punishment for women who elect an abortion. Matthews instantly grabbed the FREEUSFLORIDA rubric on this social issue and pontificated about how America would be fascist to impose such diktat. TRUMP replied that he was 'pro-life' and would do what he could to preserve not destroy.


TRUMP never takes cards off the table and the "nuke" option is always there. Not to be used but potential devastation lurking. Prudent...and...nimble...two attributes MSNBC Chris Matthews lacks. Somehow...TRUMP was supposed to proclaim he'd never use a "nuke" in retaliation...and...TRUMP was too circumspect to make such a statement even if it were at a town hall meeting surrounded* by TRUMP HATERS.
*Seated to TRUMP'S immediate left sat a Muslim lady who didn't smile but stared at TRUMP. The TV camera framed her almost the entire time TRUMP spoke.


In the not too distant future...sometime A.D...there was a guy his name was TRUMP...looked like you and me...well...he worked real hard at the President-to-be Institute...just another guy in a red jump suit...worked real hard cleaning up the place...but MASS MEDIA didn't like him so they shot TRUMP into space. might ask what TRUMP eats or breathes and other science facts...just tell yourself its just TV and sit back and relax! VIVA TRUMP!


For Hillary Clinton she can't afford to lose. Her EMAIL SCANDAL won't go away unless she prevails. The questions about BENGHAZI won't evaporate either if she doesn't win. The stakes are so high she has invited every dirty trickster in America to join with her and stomp TRUMP.


The Ayatollah of IRAN laughed when he heard Obama describe the future as negotiation not missiles."Preposterous and foolhardy to suppose negotiation doesn't require missiles," the Ayatollah whispered as he drooled brown stuff  down his camel-like lips. And to think Hillary Clinton* has described Obama's foreign policy as genius at finely tuned she'd not ever add or detract therefrom!
*Hillary Clinton said she was a wizard when it came to foreign policy. As she was leaving the auditorium...though...someone shouted: "You left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi!"


TRUMP was correct* to stand by Corey Lewandowski, his beleaguered campaign manager. What has so many people concerned is how political the prosecutor is to launch a prosecution against Lewandowski. But to the credit of that prosecutor that prosecutor did not file until Michelle Fields came to the State Attorney's Office and filed her complaint against Corey for the grab and tug. At the time she filed the complaint she was pretty sure there were not any conflicting videos. Hence her story about the assault by Lewandowski was rich with terror and trepidation ending in a photo of a bruise supposedly inflicted by the campaign manager's grab and tug.

Unfortunately for Ms. Fields and for that prosecutor the VIDEO that has just surfaced shows Ms. Fields breaking through a security circle...and...grabbing TRUMP...surprising and startling him. Observing this unauthorized offensive touching on TRUMP...Corey L. stepped in and tugged Fields away. At the time of Corey's touching...Fields was pretending to write something down when there was not any question posed. The entire interface was choreographed beforehand and the grab and tug well expected. The only question was who would be the one to interdict the attack by a poison-tipped pen held so adroitly by a well-trained Michelle Fields and hence be the target for Fields and her comrades in the MASS MEDIA.
*Cruz and Kasich said they would dump Corey L. However, TRUMP isn't that kind of person and chose to stand by C.L as he's called.


President Ford was accosted by Squeaky Fromm. She wanted to hurt him but was prevented from succeeding due to the intervention of quick-thinking security personnel. Recently...TRUMP was departing an auditorium encircled by security people and through that security-circle broke Michelle Fields with a pen in her hand and a pad of paper. She not only succeeded in breaking that circle but drew close enough to grab TRUMP'S arm. The grab was so hard it startled and surprised TRUMP. Fields knew TRUMP could be ambushed if she moved quickly and she did. However, before she could stab TRUMP with her poison-tipped pen...TRUMP'S campaign manager interceded and gently pulled this latest edition of Squeaky Fromm away from her intended target. VIVA TRUMP!

Ah, yes Fields

Angels unveiling affirm, the play a tragedy called Fields and its hero Conqueror Worm.


The MASS MEDIA'S narrative is that TRUMP  hates women and hurts them when he can. They paraded a nasty lady across the TV screen for several days as she told her story of being grabbed and thrown to the ground...stomped and kicked by TRUMP'S campaign manager. When the VIDEO showed Michelle Fields aggressively crossing the security barrier and committing a battery on TRUMP. His campaign manager saw the attack and pulled her back so she could not stab TRUMP with her poison tipped pen. And while the Jupiter, Florida prosecutor refused to prosecute Ms. Fields for her battery...this biased prosecutor...instead...chose to attack the campaign manager and grab that proverbial 15 minutes of fame.


Hillary Clinton told a mush-mind crowd her ideas were possible while Sanders' vision simply rainbows and pots of gold. Her audience cheered as she described her world where everyone had their niche and she would make sure they stayed right there. Freezing society and creating an elite...a ruling elite...similar to what is found in every socialist toilet in the world. And while Sanders says let's enslave everyone now and not inch the manacles...Clinton knows there are still too many Americans who are not yet dependent...but...her programs and policies will fetch the required majority to be used from time to time to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


In a head to head contest...TRUMP defeats CLINTON by a landslide. Yet...the pollsters hired by the hate-Trump MASS MEDIA claim otherwise. Their intention is to besmirch TRUMP...undermine him so that in later primaries CRUZ or KASICH receive the benefit.

These scumbags of the MASS MEDIA know TRUMP will blow Clinton's doors off. People just don't trust Hillary particularly after they hear how she doomed 4 Americans in that Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12.

As Senator Chuck Schumer(D NY) confided, "Clinton is out of her league when it comes to TRUMP. She lacks the charisma and knowledge to administer the federal government...and Trump does. Big difference!"


Most voters concluded the bias of the MASS MEDIA was obvious when it came to TRUMP. The attack* by Michelle Fields on TRUMP...for instance...was characterized as an attack on her. Despite the VIDEO clearly showing Fields attacking TRUMP with a deadly poisoned pen in her hand...nonetheless...the MASS MEDIA is saying Lewandowski was wrong to pull her away before she could stab TRUMP and KILL him.
*In an email to Fields...Clinton told her she was proud of the effort to hurt TRUMP and invited nasty-Michelle to attend more TRUMP rallies where she could make another attempt on TRUMP'S life.


Even though the VIDEO does not support Michelle Field's declaration of attack...nonetheless...the MASS MEDIA won't concede as much and is framing Fields...their the victim instead of the aggressor...which clearly she was as the VIDEO bears out!


Even though Michael Gerson is a TRUMP-HATER...nevertheless...he had to admit FIELDS was wrong when she grabbed TRUMP. The video shows Michelle Fields attacking TRUMP and Corey Lewandowski stepping forward to protect TRUMP by gently pulling Fields away from TRUMP.

What precipitated the overall incident was not fully known until a video surfaced. The video shows Fields acting in an aggressive manner...action she had heretofore denied. Fields broke through the security circle and grabbed unauthorized touching thereby committing the crime of battery on TRUMP. Corey was only assisting a surprised TRUMP extricate himself from what appeared to be a very well orchestrated physical attack.


DEMOCRATS are picking Sanders over Clinton. In New York...Clinton's lead has shrunk as more and more Democrats hear about how nasty and conniving Hillary can be. One voter said she changed to Sanders when she heard Clinton had killed 4 Americans in Benghazi. Another voter...a Jewish lady...said when she saw how deceptive Clinton was about the EMAIL SCANDAL...she decided Sanders a far better choice.


Because statistics can be managed and massaged...few prudent people rely on them. Yet...recently...using statistics...several scumbag economists declared free and unfettered trade doesn't fetch benefit for everyone. As preposterous as that least 3 so-called pundits bravely endorsed that idiotic declaration with the likes of William A. Galson,(Wall Street Journal jerk) heralding their proclamation as if it were delivered by God himself,(WSJ A-11;03-30-16).

What Galson and his team never do is describe "why" businesses depart an area. They don't focus on such things since they love socialism and Eco-fascism. They want America as restricted and miserable as Europe...and...hate anything which undermines that crusade to enslave. Yet...most voters sense the NANNY STATE CAGE is the problem and that it must be dismantled and ignore the drivel and tripe of Galston, Autor, Dorn and Hanson.


Breitbart News scumbag, BEN SHAPIRO was angry that TRUMP did not fire the man who pulled an attacker away from TRUMP before she could stab him with a poison-laden pen.

Somehow...SHAPIRO is the kind of jerk you never want to have at your side in a bar fight. He'll permit attackers to hurt instead of stepping in to stop.

As BEN saw it...when Michelle Fields grabbed TRUMP with that envenomed tip in her hand...Mr. Lewandowski was wrong for stopping her assault. "He should have permitted that lady to stab TRUMP and kill him," drooled scumbag Shapiro.


Michelle Fields wanted her 15 minutes of fame. So she broke through the security circle around TRUMP...and...aggressively approached with a pen in her hand. And while it might have been a pen it could have been a weapon. Corey Lewandowski observed that apparent attack...saw the lady grab Trump* that moment...Corey reacted and pulled the attacker away. The attacker...a Clinton-advocate...was pulled back and the entourage proceeded onward out of the auditorium.

Michelle Fields thought there was not any video of the incident so she began to fabricate and concoct. In one story she was thrown violently to the floor and stomped by secret service agents until her arms were bruised...her smile distorted...and...her worldview destroyed. She described in another story how Corey has smacked her in the face several times and then threw her to the ground where she was kicked in the arms by angry TRUMP agents.

Today...TRUMP told an inquisitive FOX NEWS bunch that Michelle Fields had grabbed him and that maybe he needed to file a complaint for battery with that same idiotic prosecutor who bought Ms. Fields story sinker, line and hook. Indeed...the grabbing of Trump in an unauthorized manner was also a battery yet the Democrat-biased prosecutor overlooked that attack. Mr. Lewandowski's protective reaction was OBVIOUS. But when you're trying to hurt TRUMP...everything is usable. VIVA TRUMP!

4 TO 4

The U.S.Supreme Court voted 4 to 4 and the law permitting unions to grab money from worker bees over their objection was left alone. Workers who don't want to be part of a union would still be forced to give up money so UNION could continue to push for socialism and destruction of liberty. When OBAMA stuck those two Marxists( Sotomayor and Kagan) on the Court...he knew America was headed into the socialist toilet...a dream he had ever since birth in tribal Kenya.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Out of all the American women who love TRUMP...there are a few who somehow find hatred in their heart for TRUMP although he's never met them or done anything to them. Somehow...they harbor seething anger and hatred. It's as if TRUMP were the boyfriend who dumped them...the husband who left...or...the meddlesome boss who wouldn't give any more of a pay-raise than deserved. As much as they hate they* hate TRUMP.
*Fortunately for America...the number of female TRUMP-HATERS is on the decline not ascent.


Very unfair. Such was the conclusion of TRUMP about the scumbag prosecutor in Jupiter who filed an INFORMATION against TRUMP'S campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. The arrest was based on a claim by a very nasty lady who said Corey grabbed her by the arm and tugged on her violently injuring her severely.

Yet...the video shows something completely different. Michelle Fields on that video is seen attacking TRUMP. She grabbed TRUMP by the arm and at that very moment...Corey grabbed her and pulled her back from her obvious orchestrated attack she had practiced in front of a mirror for weeks...perfecting her grab...inflicting as much harm on TRUMP as possible in that moment of physical interface. "Had it not been for Carey pulling that nasty witch away...Fields would have dealt TRUMP a crippling blow," confided Mr. MEE-AW-GEE...a karate expert.


APPLE,INC did not have to provide a backdoor for the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorists. The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) finally relented and used an Eddie Snowden "pass key" delivered to the FBI by the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. Using that "pass key"...that iPhone was "unlocked"...and...its data retrieved. Tim Cook should be commended for fighting for privacy. important to gain credibility...this BLOG assisted materially in unlocking what most experts said was impregnable.


Hillary Clinton connected voter anger of 2008 to her popularity in 2016. According to her...America was benefited mightily by the Eco-fascism and socialism imposed on America by TEAM OBAMA and her promise to carry on that march into enslavement her banner...her flag...her destiny.


Why are protesters found at TRUMP RALLIES but not anywhere else? Why has THE ESTABLISHMENT dispatched its goon squads to harass TRUMP? Might the answer be that TRUMP would dismantle their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place in which they find benefit and comfort...cared for and culled from cradle to grave by would-be masters of the common good? Why else protest liberation over subjugation...the primal underlying message TRUMP brings to the world?


Huma Abedin was sexually approached* by Bill Clinton. He was drawn to her blue dress and partially showing slip in such a way he couldn't help himself. He slithered to the sofa...sat next to HUMA placing his hand on her pulsing lap and finding warmth among boiling embers. Although HUMA Hillary's consort...she couldn't help herself when Bill showed what Anthony made famous.
*Flashback time. He was in the Oval Office with Monica.

Kristina Schake

Always willing to turn her head, KRISTINA SCHAKE denied Hillary Clinton was materially involved in the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens. credence to the "involvement theory"...she refused to reveal where Hillary Clinton was the evening of 09-11-12...the night the Benghazi embassy compound was attacked by a black ops team. She also refused to tell what Hillary Clinton scrubbed from her email data base even though Schake was in that email loop. In many ways...SCHAKE is the loyal henchman whose assistance critical and whose willingness to turn her head an absolute must.


Outside a TRUMP RALLY site are over a thousand protesters with hate-signs and ill-will bubbling and boiling. The faces found in this crowd are the same faces present when Scott Walker decimated the UNION by permitting worker bees to opt out of UNION DUES. They stood everywhere in front of TV cameras and screamed hate-speech back then as they are doing now. And...while the MASS MEDIA portrayed this scurvy bunch as representative of Wisconsin back then...the truth was much different as these 1000 protesters will find when the votes are counted. their hateful misconduct...they will deliver TRUMP another victory. VIVA TRUMP!


"The Turks were overwhelmed in a surprise attack launched from inside Turkey by Islamic State troopers disguised as helpless refugees. Such will be the headline in the New York Times come June of 2016," forecast Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY).


Turkey is about to become the next battleground in the fight for caliphate. The Islamic State might team up with persecuted Kurds and overwhelm the Turks. As al-Baghdadi described it for a cub reporter,"The blood in Ankara will be ankle deep!" Allahu Akbar!


Even though a Democrat prosecutor trying to score points with Team-Clinton filed an INFORMATION against Corey Lewandowski for battery on Michelle Fields...the VIDEO shows that no battery ever intentionally occurred. The prosecutor is trying for that proverbial 15 minutes of fame...and...Corey the sacrificial lamb. If he weren't the campaign manager for TRUMP this prosecution would never have been pursued.


Where in the Qu'ran is there a diktat to inflict mass death? LAHORE, PAKISTAN...a splinter group operating under the aegis of TALIBAN...detonated bombs in a Christian-packed park slaughtering hundreds on Easter Sunday. Allahu Akbar?


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorsed Cruz over Trump declaring CRUZ the better suited to be president. While voters will choose...nevertheless...such an endorsement might very well push Cruz over the top to defeat Trump who has predicted a clear victory in the Badger State.


Tim Longmeyer received $200,000 in kickbacks* from a consulting firm which he benefited while he was a big shot in the Kentucky government. He steered $2 million to a consulting firm which in turn sent $200,000 CASH in his direction. Proof of this scandal was procured by HOWARD MARSHALL...a super sleuth...who used hidden microphones and video-taping drones to flesh out his suspicions.
*When Tim was arrested recently he denied kickbacks and said he had "dirt" on Senator McConnell he wished to trade for his release.


Tesla Motors is prohibited from selling directly to consumers in 6 states with Michigan leading the pack nowadays in this kind of protectionist stuff. Fortunately for such idiotic restriction is found and Tesla has sold its most cars in the Sunshine State. Even Gov. Rick Scott...that champion of thrift...bought a Tesla since he never goes over 40 miles per day in any one he can rely on his TESLA...and...its infamous 100 mile guarantee,(WSJ B-3;03-29-16).


The campaign manager for TRUMP was arrested for battery on a female reporter who had drawn too close to Trump. Fearing the lady a would-be assassin...he grabbed her...and...threw her to the floor where she was kicked repeatedly by TRUMP GUARDS inflicting life-threatening bruises and emotional distress. Of course...the lady had camera crews filming the entire incident since her mission was to create a disturbance with her as its center piece so that Hillary Clinton might declare TRUMP: a woman-hater.


Even though 10,000 scientists signed a letter declaring Tanzania was devoid of natural gas reserves...nevertheless...ignoring that OFFICIAL DECLARATION...DODSAI GROUP proceeded to explore an area designated as a NATURAL GAS PRODUCING REGION (NGPR) by the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG. And...of course...natural gas was found in such abundance that it will provide that country with huge royalties. As for those 10,000 idiots...they simply said they were GUESSING but the next prediction would be better. Allahu Akbar!


Why not delete what is preventing America from being great again? To do that...however...would require courage to vote for liberty since most slaves enjoy their niche and can't see how wondrous their world would be without enslavement...with whip and chain...without scumbags such as Bernie and Hillary directing from cradle to grave. VIVA TRUMP!


How do you spell IDIOT? Most knowledgeable people will say: "Howard P. Chudacoff" referring to that jerk who says college athletes get 'free stuff". It's obvious HOWARD was passed over when college athletic scholarships were awarded. He was a marginal player with marginal grades and hence not a prospect for college athletics.'s trying to destroy the America athletic scholarship program claiming athletes should not get the perks and special treatment they receive nowadays from grateful alumni and fans. He's envious and is the kind of person you spit on when you see him in public. One Oregon football fan said he kicked HOWARD in the groin recently just to show him how hated he was.


Monty Python asked people to find the loony...the idiot...the fool. Of didn't need to look to far since most British government personnel fit that label perfectly. Now...Martin Looney...a Connecticut demanding YALE give up its money so he might redistribute it. YALE is fighting this attack on its storeroom even though its professors preach socialism and tyranny. Perhaps...YALE is reaping the horror its teaching staff sowed so well.,(MATTHEW 6:24).

Kurt Schaefer: scumbag

As JOSH HAWLEY put it, "Kurt Schaefer needs to be stomped. He tried to use his influence to undermine me...his opponent in the Iowa Attorney General election. While he denied it...most voters believe he's a nasty scumbag and deserves to be spat upon not support in the voting booth. He's a dangerous slime slug and deserves little more than public scorn and derision!"


Triacetone Triperoxide(TATP) is made by combining acetone and hydrogen peroxide. TATP is a powerful explosive and Islamic State has 10 million gallons of it. According to al-Baghdadi...putative leader of Islamic State...there is enough explosive to bring down every European capital. Allahu Akbar!(WSJ A-11;03-29-16).


BIG LIE. Such was the label given to the latest attack on oil production. This time...government scientists claimed mankind can cause earthquakes. Their solution obvious: STOP OIL PRODUCTION. The claim is supported by 100,000 government-connected* scientists each one highly paid for the endorsement. "But that is idiotic to claim such a thing," whispered Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky)...adding..."But...when you're trying to destroy liberty...the BIGGER THE LIE...the better for the would-be master."(WSJ A-3;03-29-16).
*These same unscrupulous people for another big bonus also claimed with spoon and bucket man can dip the ocean dry. Hence spoon and bucket must not be constructed and the oceans by such cessation will be saved!

Wu Xiaohui

Wu Xiaohui...chairman of ANBANG INSURANCE...contacted the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and asked if it would join in the purchase of STARWOOD HOTEL. So far Wu had been rebuffed even though he had sweetened the deal to $14 billion. With the help of this BLOG...however...Wu is sure to get his deal through all the holes and over every hurdle. VIVA WU!

Monday, March 28, 2016


According to Obama...there wasn't any difference between freedom and slavery. As he so eloquently framed it, "Whatever works is best." Castro discovered the killing of the opposition "worked"...hence...such slaughter acceptable to Obama. Moral relativism fetches horror after horror and Cuba has been the epitome of horror.


Taliban...Islamic State...Hezbollah...Hamas...Boko Haram...AL-Shabaab...the Nursa Front...and...that newest bunch of miscreants sporting the title: Big Shots of  the Desert(BSOTD). Who controls them? Could the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) have that much power? The answer is "yes". Indeed...according to data obtained from Hillary Clinton...the most recent carnage in Lahore, Pakistan was at the behest of Obama.


Moon dust is so nasty it binds almost any gear train hence any moon bot must not rely on wheels or ball-bearing assisted movement since moon dust interrupts and stops almost any gear movement. The solution is to have seals which can withstand the cutting of moon dust. One sample of such dust cut through 100 layers of bullet-proofing with simple friction. When that "joint-problem" is solved...lunar mining can continue. Until that time...the closest anyone is going to get to mining the moon is taking a tour in "augmented reality"(WSJ C-6;03-28-16).


When asked "why" U.S.Senator Joe Manchin in his home state was called "scumbag-Joe"...every coal miner asked said the same thing: "He supports Clinton!" Recall Manchin endorsed Clinton and laughed when she said she would put coal miners out of business. "When he laughed at that declaration of destruction...we all began to call him "scumbag-Joe", reported a coal miner using the first name O.H.Tim.


Recently...Hung Hsiu-chu told a cub reporter from this BLOG she supported strong ties with mainland China and Hong Kong would profit better with such alignment. And...while others might not support HUNG...this BLOG has thrown its power in her corner. If she needs MONEY...this BLOG stands ready to deliver. VIVA HUNG!


Easter in Pakistan was punctuated by the blast of several bombs planted in a park frequented by Christians. Taking responsibility...the TALIBAN said Christians were unwanted in Pakistan...and...they're survival depended on them departing forthwith. While some Christians in Pakistan aren't afraid...many more are and the refugee situation will become enormous as Obama accepts several million Pakistanis...most 20 to 30 years of age males,(disguised Islamic State fighters).


Inside France, Germany, Denmark and Norway...enclaves of Muslims are found. Few people venture into those areas at night since only Muslims live there and anyone else considered strangers or worse. Mention is made of this segregation since in France when Frenchie tried to close down a Muslim coffee shop in one of those enclaves...the reaction* was horrendous as gunmen from that enclave slaughtered patrons at the Bataclan and recently at the Zaventem Airport.
*The reason for the attack was obvious. Frenchie closed down a popular coffee shop. The outrage was to be expected. Unlike Frenchie who will accept a boot to the mouth by officialdom...the Muslim won't.

Al Jazeera America for sale

Al Jazeera America has been offered for sale. This BLOG has made a sealed bid of $1 million. The physical plant for the "America" operation includes a 10,000 acre ranch in Utah and a 100,000 acre farm complex in a place never revealed. With these new production facilities...this BLOG will begin to present TV news and TV shows about liberty and treason.

After the #2 in the Islamic State leadership hierarchy was killed...Obama was so happy he taunted Islamic State with a classic: "nanny---nanny---boo---boo". Sort of saying "too bad"...better luck next time. Meghan McCain also jumped in and declared she was delighted with that killing adding there were a million more to be slaughtered.


Does coaching make a difference in basketball? According to the most recent study on the topic the answer is "yes". Take Buddy Hield...the Oklahoma player whose 56% shooting and 30 points per game average have propelled his team into the national playoffs. His coach permits him to shoot and encourages other team members to feed him the ball. In Boston College...Matthew Mallon...a 90% 3-point shooter and a dynamic player in every respect was told not to shoot but to give the ball to others. Of course...Boston College lost so many games they didn't qualify for national championship playoff status.


What kind of person chooses Bernie Sanders over a Trump or Cruz? If it's the social media position of pro-choice then choosing Sanders quite understandable. However...if the reason: Sanders' promise to plunder storerooms and pass out loot...then...such support demonic,(MATTHEW 6:24).


Karl Rove...a man who's never done more than advise politicians...came forward to tell the world "why" TRUMP can't dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in unlimited prosperity. According to Rove...TRUMP can't tell world leaders to "stick it" when they refuse to negotiate in good faith. TRUMP can't delete ISIS and impose a capitalist-political system...a system wherein neither side can loot the storeroom of the loser but must co-exist in peace enjoying the fruit of the proverbial division of labor. No...TRUMP won't ever be able to accomplish such miracles...Rove declared.


Joseph V. Gulfo...a ROTHMAN INSTITUTE big shot...stepped forward to discuss the intrusion* of the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) into "off-label" uses for medications. For instance...a medication for diabetes also stops liver cancer even though the label doesn't offer such a prescribed use,(WSJ A-15;03-28-16). Motivating Gulfo was the FDA declaration that DRUG-X could not be used to save his daughter whose only way out was that specific drug. When Gulfo attempted to entreat the FDA to relent...he was rebuffed and told to return to the field and chew his cud.
*If the FDA has its way...however...doctors will be prevented from using such helpful drugs. The Supreme Court in U.S.v. Coronia said the FDA could not stop such uses. Nevertheless...the FDA is proceeding to restrict drug uses and hence slaughter more people.


In tyrannical IRAN...candidates are vetted by a COUNCIL OF GUARDIANS. In this way...voters are given a slate of candidates already gleaned and culled. In America...the Democrat Party has seen fit to erect a similar hurdle: SUPER DELEGATES. These people are not selected by voters but are the ruling elite...the shrimp and martini crowd...snotty...stuffy...and...far better than you or I. And it's this crowd which Bernie Sanders can't circumnavigate. Even if he were to defeat Clinton in every other primary or caucus...nonetheless...the SUPER DELEGATES are already in Clinton's pocket assuring her the nomination.

Wujie Media

Wujie Media published a letter calling for President Xi to resign. "Not only foolhardy but improvident at so many levels." added Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) as he examined the latest "missing persons" list noting that Lee Bo...a Hong Kong malcontent...had re-appeared and wasn't any longer on that 100,000 page manifest.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Majid Rafizaden

Majid Rafizaden...a Jew hater...admitted TRUMP was the ONLY ONE he knew who could stop Islam from erasing Israel. Although Majid hated TRUMP on many levels...nonetheless...conceded instantly TRUMP was the ONLY ONE who could stop Islam from rubbing out the Jew...erasing the Jew as the Islamic State deleted the relics of Palmyra recently. "Trump can and will save the Jew. All others will turn their eyes away from the wholesale slaughter," whispered a dejected Rafizaden.

Marjorie Cohn and Drones

Marjorie Cohn in a meeting with Obama discussed use of killer drones. She pointed out her drones could slaughter huge numbers of people using poison gas and wanted to know where she could test and demonstrate. After a few minutes...Obama offered Kenya...his birthplace. It was remote...large number of unnamed could be done without any blow-back from the MASS MEDIA. Allahu Akbar!


National Inquirer*...ran a cover story about the sexual trysts of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Trump said he wasn't involved in that article about Cruz's sexual appetite pointing out Cruz declared as much when a so-called CRUZ-PAC ran a story about a naked Melania Trump. Petard for petard...canard for canard...two good guys blowing each other away splattering Clinton's front yard.
*Dr. Vinkman replied when asked, "Yes...Mr. Mayor...this man has no dick."


The MASS MEDIA was directed to cover other things and not discuss Hillary's catastrophic loss to Sanders in Washington State. As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) underscored, "Clinton will probably lose Wisconsin next week as she did Michigan and now Washington State. People like socialism...and...dislike Clinton's reluctance to go along with Sanders and demand instant enslavement instead of incremental whip and chain."

G.O.P. hate Trump

The Republican establishment hates the MASS MEDIA is claiming. Yet...TRUMP wins every time he is pitted against any other politician including Clinton and Sanders. The only person to whom Trump loses is MORGAN FREEMAN...a Hollywood actor who saved Earth from doom.


Bernie Sanders harvested mightily closing the gap...drawing ever closer to defeating Hillary Clinton...the lady who was supposed to be president in 2016. Voters chose Sanders 3 to 1 over Clinton with most of them saying they simply couldn't trust her to plunder storeroom and pass it out in the same way as Bernie promised. One mush-mind said she had picked Sanders because he said he would take away all wealth and give it to her...something she'd dreamed about ever since she saw the movie, FROZEN.


Hillary Clinton was blown off the board this weekend in Washington State, Alaska and Hawaii...with Democrats choosing Bernie over Clinton by huge margins. When asked about her dismal performance...Clinton uttered her infamous chuckle and replied, "Those voters are blind and will one day see I am their master...I rule...they'll bow and kneel to me."


Might be hard to imagine...but...most space rocks have water molecules mixed into their composition. Hence...Mother Earth could have acquired its water from outer space as stuff collided with our proto-planet some 4.8 billion years ago. And...naturally...ever so often...our 3rd rock from the sun is pummeled with another shower of water-bearing stuff...destroying...cleansing...and...permitting renewal once more to commence. And...fortunately for Americans...Morgan Freeman is in the audience if DEEP IMPACT afoot.


George Clooney...held a dinner where it cost $353,000 per plate. The donors were there to hear Hillary Clinton discuss her plan to enslave America...while across town at a hot dog for free function...Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd of 134,945 voters...each one looking for a hand-out...a freebie...something Bernie promised to deliver. Hillary's crowd hand-picked...their pockets ready to be filled by Hillary once she's in power...while Bernie's bunch rag-tag and flip-flop waiting to be fed, clothed, sheltered and culled as Sanders sees fit.


Has anyone noticed the MASS MEDIA...packed with $30,000 per year people...are looking into TV cameras and denouncing TRUMP...and billion dollar empire...venomously claiming TRUMP isn't worthy of their admiration or support? Take Charles Krauthammer for example. This jerk said he didn't like TRUMP because TRUMP couldn't carry the ball across the goal line. And while Krauthammer can get away with that kind of diatribe on TV surrounded by fellow TRUMP-HATERS...out in public...people spit on ole Charlie.


HULK HOGAN...a/k/a...Terry Balleo...on video was caught with Hillary Clinton in a backroom celebrating his victory over GAWKER MAGAZINE. So happy was Hillary that she did her South African "shake-that-thing" dance...barefooted...scooting...and,,,gyrating sensually as HULK moved into position.


TRUMP outlined his solution to the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE: Dismantle it...and...usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied EDEN wherein never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

As TRUMP pointed out yesterday, "Once we get the U.S.Senate back to: simple majority rules...where I need only 51 Senators to go along with our crusade to delete the CAGE...I will eliminate this big foot government and reduce it until all it does is deliver police for protection...courts to settle differences(penal and civil)...and...a limited national defense force to provide security and safety."


The MASS MEDIA is working 24/7 to undermine TRUMP and deliver the Oval Office to Hillary and her* vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other forms of worm and snake. On every Sunday talk show...people with solemn voices are declaring TRUMP'S candidacy over...and...Clinton's star rising.
*Even though Clinton promises to enslave America...nonetheless...her ideas are portrayed as wondrous and enlightened. So grand her proposals that millions of Americans are already spending their portion of the plunder Clinton says she'll deliver.


When John went into the desert...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...he was surrounded by sand...rock...scorpion...and...snake. Yet to the universe he preached as a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beseeching and entreating. the time the scouts of Caiaphus(JOHN 1:23) arrived to inquire...the prayer line stretched half the way across Judea! His message of rebirth and salvation offered for refreshment and peace.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...invitation is made to come and find solace and prosperity...wealth and happiness. Why not join this crusade to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN? Why not delete the grip and grab of big foot government thereby making way for the appearance of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper?

Answering such question for people today is just as difficult as it was for those seeking rebirth over 2000 years ago in that desert pool. Binding you to your niche...holding you tethered...preventing you...obstructing you...might only be "yourself"!

Long it is today...JOHN reached out to anyone who cared to listen and understand. Similarly...this same passion to impart and edify bubbles and boils in this BLOG. Why not support this BLOG'S mighty crusade to liberate the subjugated...and...bring forth incredible prosperity?


With the nuclear reactor about to blow and cause a chain reaction detonating the nuclear warheads atop their complement of missiles...the captain said, "PREPARE TO DIVE". They were headed to Davy Jones...but...they'd save the world from radiation poisoning. As each compartment reported to the captain they were prepared to dive...the captain said, "DIVE THE BOAT"!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Far cheaper to pay an assassin than dispatch a brigade. So it was that Islamic State lost its #2 dude to a sniper's well-placed bullet. One minute...#2 dude was #2 dude...but...after that head-bang...he wasn't any longer #2 dude but counted among the honored dead. Allahu Akbar!


Recently...Dr. Ben Carson...a former Republican presidential candidate and now-champion for Trump...was asked why so many Americas were choosing to fight with Trump against the overwhelming power of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Pondering that questions...Dr. Carson replied, "Despite brethren'd carnage and gore...yet...pressed on...their numbers falling...until all were gone. So might comrades of Trump be framed...quintessence of the Trump to trust...liberation of the subjugated by name...and...that battle won as must."


Wolfgang Puck...a well-known Iron Chef...told a cub reporter he supported Trump. He was the cook behind the cafeteria at TRUMP UNIVERSITY...and...resented recent criticism of that gallant undertaking pointing out detractors were slime slugs unworthy of his fare.


Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli...a/k/a...Mitch...was snuffed out by American special ops. Supposedly...Mitch was the #2 man in the Islamic State hierarchy of miscreants...although many ISIS troopers say he was a figurehead put there for that very purpose. Indeed...Abu Omar al-shishani speaking on condition of anonymity whispered Obama knew he wasn't killing the "real leaders",(WSJ A-1;03-26-16).


Poppy cultivation and sale is the sole source of income for many people in Myanmar and the newly elected President should open Myanmar and stop the idiotic anti-drug war which has been profitable for some and a horror for everyone else. One farmer says he earns $7.00 per day off Poppy whereas if big foot government steps in...he will be forced to live on whatever government gives and that usually is paltry and designed to reduce a person to starvation and enslavement<(WSJ A-12;03-26-16).


U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) recently was asked about corruption in the Obama administration and replied that Jim Shelton and Tony Miller were his picks for the most despicable. As Schumer put it, "Jim Shelton and Tony Miller are consummate thieves. They used government to insinuate themselves into the profitable education loop and such corrupt effort could very well be called THEFT."(WSJ A-10;03-26-16).


TEAM CLINTON...unfortunately* for Cruz and Trump...have dispatched their minions to cause friction and animosity between those two Republican candidates. Neither has yet blamed Clinton for the serial attacks on their respective's obvious CLINTON is materially involved. She needs "political heat" removed from her and her philandering husband, Bill. So...she sends her goon squads out to PUBLISH NASTY STUFF...and...the complicit MASS MEDIA has fanned such ATTACK.
*In PLAYBOY MAGAZINE there was a carton featuring two aliens one of them holding a jar in which found 2 American astronauts. One alien says to the other alien, "Hey...Dewey...shake the jar real hard and see if they fight."


Propaganda. Such is what the federal government is pumping out when its so-called officials declare profits are down but production is up. Such is nonsense! the Keynesian world of idiotic-economics...2+2 can equal 5 or 15 if the real numbers can be hidden and in big foot government nowadays they obviously are. The American economy is slowing down and dying in many regions because of socialism and Eco-fascism...but...few Americans will know how bad things reallya re due to propaganda,(WSJ A-2;03-26-16).

Friday, March 25, 2016


CEO of Citi Securities came forward and endorsed TRUMP for President. Zhang Youjun picked Trump because unlike CRUZ Trump was destined to make America great again while anyone else would only discuss and confer.


Hillary Clinton is dish-rag boring. Sure...she can repeat stump speech....flail in choreographed fashion...but...carrying a conversation with interest...not hardly. She's boring...nasty...and...ill-tempered.


Buy CYPRESS! President Xi followed the advice of the ECONOMIC DEPT. of this BLOG and will donate $24 billion to construct semi-conductor production facilities in a joint venture with XMC and Cypress. In the next 48 months...investors will triple the value of their investment. Thank you, PRESIDENT XI!


Addressing Trump's latest attack on Heidi Cruz...her husband,Ted called Trump a sniveling coward. wasn't Donald J. Trump who published that nude photo of Melania Trump but a supposedly loyal Cruz super-PAC sporting the title: Make America Awesome. And while CRUZ has distanced himself from that PAC and its shoddy ways since this imbroglio began...nonetheless...TRUMP can't bring himself to conclude Lyin' Ted wasn't behind it.


Islamic State told its troopers their mission statement included death before surrender and so far such motto has been borne out with few if any Islamic State personnel surrendering. In American sniper killed one of its primal leaders...yet...Islamic State didn't stop its overall war on the infidel.


Stoppers in every suit? Might he be able to run the rest of the board and be the nominee with 1237 delegates before the Cleveland Convention? If he pivots and proclaims liberation of the subjugated, he prevails. If he continues onward as he has...CRUZ will out-sail him and be the nominee. Voters will assess the supposition and premise embedded in TRUMP'S DECLARATIONS and prefer CRUZ whose mission statement: dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE right now!


Why the change of mood and treatment of Trump? The same MASS MEDIA talking heads who cheerfully pushed TRUMP in 2015 and early 2016 are now anti-TRUMP...dripping venom and finding little to say good about this beleaguered businessman. Even FOX NEWS has turned on him declaring TRUMP to be an odd fit in these times of violence and uncertainty. And fanning this "destroy Trump" effort is U.S.Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) whose vision of Oval Office grandeur tempered by the prospect of Trump there instead.

TRUMP can fend off such assault if he pivots and declares liberation of the subjugated. If he were to tell the world he'd eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...his victory in November of 2016 greater than what Reagan enjoyed over Carter in 1980.'s this likelihood of a TRUMP pivot which has made the MASS MEDIA attack. Because the MASS MEDIA is in favor of big foot government...TRUMP'S possible victory has brought every rat and slug out to denounce him and his effort to make America great again. But...will TRUMP offer KEY over CAGE...and...circumvent the hinder and hassle of MASS MEDIA a question the answer to which MASS MEDIA fears to be yes and hence they're trying to destroy TRUMP before he can ever pivot.

Islamic State devastated

Recently...following a map given to the Pentagon by the WAR DEPARTMENT of this American sniper dispatched a Syrian commander...a dude Obama said was the 2nd from the top in the overall chain of command of Islamic State. The target was and the sniper crawled closer and closer until she was within 5 miles...the kill range for her SNIPER XL-500...a design forged for this very purpose.


Zalmy Khalizad...former American Ambassador to Afghanistan and elsewhere...told a cub reporter he envisioned a Middle East controlled by authoritarian governments dictating from cradle to grave...stomping out dissent...culling the herd from time to time...and...generally crushing and benefiting as it sees fit. And into that morass...he believes America should go...sorting and gleaning...expending resources to keep Shiite, Sunni and Kurd from killing each other as they fight for power inside the socialist system BUSH-CHENEY erected.

Mason Wells survived

Mason Wells was a few blocks away when the BOSTON MARATHON bombs exploded. He was only a 100 feet away when Paris terrorists were shooting people inside the Bataclan. And he was only 5 feet away when the Brussels' bombs went off injuring him severely. When asked about the approach of doom and how it felt to be stalked by the Grim Reaper...Mason Wells smiled and replied, "God's on my side."


Nuclear combat toe to toe with whomever fetches absolute destruction for everyone. Indeed...the IRANIANS could "nuke" Manhattan and America could not return fire in kind. The Europeans and Russians...for example...would never permit it since they lived through the horror of Chernobyl. If the North Koreans "nuked" Los Angeles...again...America could not return fire and drop "nukes" since...Japan and China would never permit it. Once more...the disaster that was Chernobyl would be recited as the reason for refusal to grant permission to "nuke" that attacker.

America must work to delete "nukes" not create more of them. Yet...Matthew R.Costlow...a big shot in politics...wants America to modernize its nuclear arsenal... making stuff which can't ever be used...spending billions creating...storing...and...then disposing if the entire effort some necessary venture when it's simply a waste of precious resources,(WSJ A-9;03-25-16).


Some years ago...Joe "scumbag" Biden(D.Del) as head of the U.S.Senate Judiciary Committee said he wasn't about to appoint any federal judges during an election cycle. His declaration was labeled the BIDEN RULE. Yesterday...however...scumbag-Biden denounced his own RULE claiming back then he was idiotic and incredibly stupid but since that time had elevated himself until inside his dome not freakish RULE but a demand for rational negotiation for the replacement judge on the U.S.Supreme Court.


Trump is a competitor who can fight and fight hard for his position. Never...though...does he cheat or betray. Such prowess in negotiating is not only respected even by the Muslim....but also...loved by everyone who has profited from such effort.


Jonah stood at the gates of Nineveh...modern-day Mosul...and...cried against iniquity and evil only to be shot by a sniper as he entreated everyone to stop fighting and find God.


Inside so-called shatter zones...places where power goes back and forth among opponents daily...mass lethality is practiced. Entire city blocks are razed...inhabitants eradicated...and...whatever flag above the ruins determined by who survives. Such the life in Mosul and Raqqa...the two cities still held by Islamic State troopers,(WSJ A-7;03-25-16).


Drug-resistant tuberculosis(DRT) is everywhere and it's prevalence has many scientists quite worried. When the Food and Drug Administration(FDA)...recently...refused to allow the public to have the tuberculosis-destroying drug created by the MEDICAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...a cry for liberation came forth. As it is right now...if you're suffering from're doomed. Indeed...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed his stooge at FDA to block such cure for DRT n order to cull the herd as Obama so cleverly framed it,(WSJ A-3;03-25-16).


American hospitals are required by law to screen and stabilize any patient, regardless of his or her ability to pay, which means taxpayers are forced to pay for care in its most expensive setting. This law must be deleted!(WSJ A-1;03-25-16).

Charitable hospitals...funded by donation...such are the places where indigent patients receive healthcare services. This law was passed by both sides of the aisle and it has worked its iniquity so well many hospitals were going under before OBAMA-CARE. Nowadays...those that survive do so only in margins so low few doctors wish to participate. Hence...foreign doctors less skilled...definitely less caring...are hired to fill those vacancies.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Flint, Michigan was the site of a CHILD POISONING event caused by Democrat officials some of whom intended to poison those children and thereby somehow inveigle Republicans including Gov. Rick Snyder in the disaster. For instance...the MASS MEDIA not anywhere laid blame on Gina McCarthy...head scumbag of the so-called Environmental Destruction Agency...or...Susan Hedman...her stooge in Michigan...or...any of the other Democrats who actually CAUSED the POISONING OF CHILDREN. At one point...McCarthy emailed Hedman and told her to stonewall until the MASS MEDIA could organize a defense with intricate propaganda.


Sidelined...Sanders is upset the complicit MASS MEDIA has abandoned him to follow Hillary and publish everything she says or does. If she screams at Bill about his latest tryst...such overlooked. But if she preaches's called wondrous about which there will be written many books.


Squalor and misery afoot in Molenbeek. Inside Brussel's socialist paradise was Molenbeek...squalor...misery...the dead and weak. Enclave of starving Muslims...Molenbeek little more than simple-brick and barren street. In this boiling pot of anger...sat the Bakraoui boys...prevented from working by big foot government...forced to dance with tin cup noise. When their restaurant was closed because they lacked proper paperwork...these angry rag heads elected to slaughter the jerks. Allahu Akbar!


OUCH! Such the reaction when TRUMP heard LIE and VENOM flooding from radio and TV. As if everyone eager to end. And while looking upon imagined blood soaked cloak...a mantle...a warm summer's evening...reflecting in quote:
"You all do know this mantle. I recall the first time Donald ever put it on. It was a warm summer's evening...that day he overcame 1237. Look here stabbed Cruz. And look at what a rent the envious Romney made. And through here stabbed his beloved friends...this was the most unkindest cut of all."

Over 700?

TRUMP is marching to "make salt". He has so far escaped MASS MEDIA cannon and merciless barrage...and...yet...onward he goes...intrepid...undaunted...ready,willing and able to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. VIVA TRUMP!

Arrayed against him are the minions of Mammon,(MATTHEW 6:24)...stretched out across the heights...each trying to slice off a piece of TRUMP as his parade passes by. When Trump..for example...was asked about his crusade...he took a moment...looked across the crowd...WE'LL DISMANTLE THIS CAGE.


What responsibility for the harm inflicted when a rabid dog is knowingly released into the public square? And...yet...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...released so-called GITMO detainees...sent them back to the Middle East...and most of them have since declared themselves "killing machines"...and...have taken many American lives. Allahu Akbar!


Bakraoui brothers were listed as potential troublemakers by the NOTIFICATION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. Naturally...Brussels ignored this warning since it was issued by freedom-fighters and hence unworthy of consideration. Since these two scumbags detonated bombs and killed people...however...more police organizations are reading this BLOG every day! Allahu Akbar!

Lithuanian asessment

"Too naive." Such the assessment of the President of Lithuania. He pointed out that Brussels' police knew about the potential attack but didn't think the terrorists would change their time table to avoid interdiction. They were ready to stop the bombing that next week but the terrorists elected to move up the date unbeknownst to the otherwise savvy police. "Instead of assuming...they should have deployed their "stop-cops" and simply waited for that next Monday to roll around," noted Lithuania's loudmouthed leader.


Recently...a dude dressed as Inspector Clouseau...was overheard in a Brussels' apartment singing, "I'd like to settle down...but...they'd only catch up to me...a fugitive must be a rolling stone."


When that crane fell and crashed into Mecca's holy mosque crushing hundreds of worshiping rag heads...Islamic State concluded it could destroy all symbols of Islam...every mosque...every holy relic...everything held sacred thereby wiping the slate clean so that al-Baghdadi might write the new Qu'ran. "I want to erase the name Mohammed and establish my name above all others," screamed al-Baghdadi at the annual Islamic State harvest festival wherein pig blood and pig feet...the fare and fashion(WSJ B-7;03-24-16).


Unlocking Hillary Clinton's latest "communications-network" has not been an easy feat for CELLEBRITE...although some success reported. According to O.H.Tim...a CELLEBRITE operative...Clinton was instrumental in orchestrating the riots at the Chicago and Tucson Trump rallies.

So nasty was her involvement...her ruthless micro-management...that O.H.Tim contacted James Comey...head honcho of the FBI...and showed him what Hillary was doing.

When shown...Comey laughed and injected with a dry sneer,"What would you have me do about it. If she gets elected, I'd lose my job. If she isn't elected I still lose my job. Either way...I'm unemployed come January 20,2017. So...I don't care if Clinton sent armed goon squads to disrupt or hurt. I don't care."


China National Chemical at the behest of the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG offered SYNGENTA AG $43 billion for its American stuff. Instantly...scumbag-fascists began to bark. Senator Grassley(R.Iowa)...himself a non-owner of SYNGENTA...foamed and fumed as he declared China would thereafter control almost every farm in America...and...he didn't want such a thing. Of course...shareholders of SYNGENTA AG replied, "Speak for yourself, you scumbag!"


Ludicrous for anyone to declare Clinton will defeat Trump come November of 2016...yet...pollsters are already burying Trump as another "failed Republican candidate". According to supposed polls...voters want enslavement...not liberation...CAGE not KEY...squalor not prosperity. HUH?


Bubbling forth from China is an incredible troop of entrepreneurs...they're not only innovative...but unmatched negotiators...squeezing and pushing and benefiting. When Simon Loong asked the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG for start-up capital...for instance...he was given as much as he needed. And with that assistance...WeLab Holdings bloomed...itself a funding platform for innovators, inventors, and zealots on mission,(WSJ C-3;03-24-16).


Climate change is a natural event...recorded in the geologic record as a regular aspect of Mother Earth...changing from time to time...hotter...colder...hotter...colder...and...all done because it's a natural thing. As the continents the Sun alters and things change, grow, move or does Mother Earth change,(WSJ A-17;03-24-16).

U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer summed it up best when he said it was nonsense to believe with spoon and bucket man can dip the ocean dry. "Mankind can no more change the climate than he can dip the ocean dry. It's nonsense...but...very lucrative nonsense for everyone in the loop,"opined Schumer as he examined how much money taxpayers had so far lost from such green-stuff.


Pollsters years ago told America Jimmy Carter with his socialist program and policy would defeat* Reagan if Reagan were the nominee. The choice of the NANNY STATE  was "anyone other than Reagan"...and...pollsters pushed that buy-line...every poll consistently showing Reagan far behind Carter should Reagan be nominated. The MASS MEDIA was merciless...blasting away 24/7...every talking head declaring Reagan would precipitate World War III...destroy Social Security...and...kill off the unwashed masses. Sound familiar?

However...after Reagan departed office...historians called him the father of modern prosperity. Instead of inundating America with more "red tape, tax and spend"...Reagan as best he could liberated the subjugated and America boomed and blossomed. The horror of the Nanny State was almost put in the rear view mirror...but...the path Reagan envisioned was undermined and subsumed by what came after him.
*Reagan defeated Carter in a landslide...a defeat pollsters said was IMPOSSIBLE!


Joining both sides of the aisle against TRUMP...the MASS MEDIA piled on. Even mullet wrappers such as the Wall Street Journal(WSJ) saw advantage in jumping on the pile of Trump-hating...adding inimitable excoriation and concocted polls.

According to the WSJ...for example...their polls show Kasich the only Republican able to mount an effective general election campaign...yet...most Republicans so far have balked and chosen someone else. Despite his lack of popularity...though...the Journal...nonetheless...commissioned pollsters who reported Kasich the winner  in a Kasich v. Clinton match-up...the very conclusion the WSJ had paid to get.


Selling someone the Brooklyn Bridge...proverbial frame of fool...if you believe Kasich can defeat Hillary...diapered with cup for drool. Yet...the hateful Wall Street Journal...paid pollsters to concoct a POLL which puts Kasich ahead of her...he plays the part of timid Troll. Ah...golly can hear Kasich say...I want to help people...socialist kind of way.


Although not yet unleashed...Islamic State troopers are in America...waiting to deploy and destroy. Europe is just getting its first taste of Islamic State fare. Throughout Europe...Islamic State troopers disguised as refugees are given room and board by their unwitting hosts...not having to do anything...just sit...and...wait...waiting for that bomb Brussels' airport...flood the Tunnel...or...blow a hole in Berlin.


Vigilance and caution. Should neighbors exercise as much...the likelihood of terrorist attack almost nil. Note that the latest bunch of terrorists attacked places far away from their own neighborhood. They chose government buildings where cattle and sheep could be slaughtered airport...a subway station...a loaded bus of nuns...a school children-crammed.

a shatter zone?

An unquiet frontier when the appurtenances of welcome: band, balloon and parade...and...not just any parade mind you...but one with 76 trombones...110 clarinets close at hand...rows and rows and rows of virtu-oh-oh-so...and...the dream for better land.


Daniel Katz recently whined about President Putin's efforts to bolster Russian national security. Katz pointed out Crimea was lost because President Putin thought it best and that the Baltic States were likely to be absorbed as well,(WSJ A-15;03-24-16). While Katz's paranoia admirable to many the doves of peace he's little more than unpleasant noise. The last thing President Putin needs is a bunch of disgruntled Baltic patriots scrambling for ways to hurt Russia!

Kerry scary

Russian President Putin must be cautious when speaking to Secretary of State,John "long jaw" Kerry. While President Putin might not...most Americans know "never trust Obama". They know Obama...ever the dung-throwing notorious for deception and betrayal something President Putin must consider when he and "long jaw" meet,(WSJ A-11;03-24-16).

STRONG, SMART, STEADY? Stanford University...Hillary Clinton told the world what she is not. She's not strong, smart, steady or able to fight the enemies of America. Recall on her watch...this lady permitted 4 Americans to be murdered. For 7 long hours Ambassador Stevens and 3 others begged Clinton to release the hovering DRONES and kill their assailants. Of course...Clinton...a "show no quarter" kind of scoundrel...ignored their screams and entreaties for that was hovering over that beleaguered Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12.


Ted Cruz must insulate himself from MAKE AMERICA AWESOME..a super-PAC which found a G.Q. photo of Melania Trump in nude format and published it on the INTERNET. Even if Senator Cruz had nothing to do with that intrusion into the privacy of Trump's family...nonetheless...he must distance himself from such things. It might very well be MAKE AMERICA AWESOME is a disguised-Clinton organization insinuating itself in such fashion as to give MASS MEDIA the hook to attack CRUZ!


GOOGLE,Inc. sent Eric Schmidt to CUBA to make a deal with the Castro brothers at the behest of Obama in June of 2014. Other companies with similar interests were not invited and were in many ways kept from participating. When asked about different treatment...Valarie Jarrett...Obama's top aide...pointed out that GOOGLE had declared itself a socialist-company that was handing all of its wealth to big foot government so that big foot could stomp.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ammonium nitrate?

Brussels bombers used ammonium nitrate for their bombs. Crude but powerful. Their supply of C-4 explosive had been lost when the courier mysteriously disappeared somewhere in the Austrian Alps aboard the Orient Express. The loss of product forced them to rely on their basic knowledge of chemistry and a pinch of chance. And...of course...the results were horrendous as the bombers unleashed their unholy concoction reverently by the rag heads called: "Mother of Satan".

New York Police Commissioner?

Recall Eric Garner was choked to death by some of the New York City police and these goons escaped condemnation. One of them...the actual choker...received a commendation for his effort to clean the streets of the Big Apple from the New York City Police Commissioner. same scumbag big shot who handed out that shiny medal of merit came forward to say TED CRUZ didn't know what he was talking about when CRUZ said police must be more vigilant* in Muslim neighborhoods.
*In Brussels...the terrorists were hidden from police by fellow Muslims. Who helped in this despicable exercise won't ever be known but Ted Cruz's idea of better watching of Muslim neighborhoods might be prudent. And in many ways judgment joined in censure.

3rd man disappeared

Inspector Clouseau disguise? The 3rd man in the Brussels airport attack was wearing a Pink Panther disguise. According to rumors running through Brussels...the 3rd terrorist may might very be connected to the same team which attacked the Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12. And what has so many people worried is that somehow these 3 terrorists might have been able to coordinate their attack using data derived from Clinton's email server. HUH?


TRUMP must be cautious and prudent when it comes to responding to MASS MEDIA trick or treat stuff. Recently...the Melania Trump nude-photos were abrasive and abhorrent...but...the Super-Pac which authored that pro-CRUZ attack ad had designed the ADVERTISEMENT to draw TRUMP out...pull him out into the open where TRUMP-haters might have better field in which to do battle. Sometimes discretion...imposition's skilled tutor.


Embroiling Trump in a verbal confrontation advantageous to Cruz? It must be since a pro-Cruz Super-Pac ran a nasty TV AD featuring a rather nude Melania Trump in a G.Q. photo festooned with abhorrent sub-title. Instead of ignoring it...though...TRUMP said he thought family was off-limits....and...perhaps...people in glass houses should avoid throwing stones. That teaser had almost every MASS MEDIA wonk and wink scratching their pin-like domes wondering what back alley dirt?


The big news was TRUMP stomped CRUZ in Arizona and CRUZ did the same to TRUMP in Utah and Idaho. But the MASS MEDIA packed its programming with Brussels stuff. It even featured nasty-boring-Clinton delivering another dry ho-hum speech about obvious this and that. It seemed as if Islamic State once more injected itself into the American election cycle...this time giving Clinton the edge. And to think Islamic State knew that a pro-Cruz Super-Pac was going to dispatch one of its goon squads to run attack ads using the naked body of Melania Trump as its center piece at the same time Brussels was bombed. How coincidental.


Trump obvious would consider all that Clinton


It's hard to imagine a more incendiary statement than Hillary Clinton proposing to impose "spank and diaper check" on all Americans not just Muslims. She would never erect any defense to stop jihad in America. No...Clinton would rather be the one at the podium LYING* to another bereaved mother.
*Clinton lied to one of the mothers of the 4 slain Americans in Benghazi.


Hillary Clinton wants to assist Europeans in strengthening their external borders and beef up its coast guard so that anyone trying to reach Europe can be turned back, killed or drowned. Her solutions are order to defeat TRUMP she must appear to be ready, willing and able to attack...stomp...and...chomp..."showing no quarter " as she's wont to say.


Boring...simplistic...and...obvious. Such were the critic's conclusions about Clinton's National Security speech at Stanford University. After every statement and assertion Clinton could add "OKAY...everyone knows that. What else?"

Somehow...this lady who permitted 4 Americans to be murdered can lead America against a sophisticated enemy such as Islamic State? Her solution is to double-down...add more police...more layers of government...more NANNY STATE "spank and diaper check"...never admitting it's the socialist system which generates such jihadists...such anger...such desperation.


For Hillary Clinton to be discussing APPLE and the San Bernardino iPhone encryption issue is hilarious. She left her email server open to the world and the Crimea was lost and the Chinese grabbed Firey Reef in the Spratly Islands erecting thereon an incredible naval and air station. And she is now discussing the issue of encryption offering to create yet another big foot government agency whose mission statement to open everyone's closet any time Hillary wishes to peek.


Hillary Clinton was a disaster as a Secretary of State. On her watch 4 Americans died in Benghazi and Libya was lost to whomever with the most weaponry. presumes to tell America about national security? It's as if the dam builder once destructive breach and flood occurs telling the survivors next time more care will be taken.

U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff(D.Ca)

Obama refused to change his travel plans despite the attack on Brussels. U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff said he didn't find that refusal disturbing. Schiff went so far as to say Obama's meeting with the Castro brothers and attending that ball game were more important than the people who were slaughtered in Brussels. Hearing what scumbag-Schiff said...Senator Ted Ruz replied, "Speak for yourself, scumbag!"


Inside the Muslim District in Brussels...a massive manhunt* is underway looking for the mastermind of the Brussels' bombing. The likelihood of finding that culprit is ZERO. Not any Muslim will ever snitch on a fellow rag head. Indeed...Salah Abdeslam...mastermind behind the Bataclan massacre...was caught within a few blocks of where he resided at the time he directed that murder-spree.
*Frank Culluffo said Islamic State was emboldened to strike Brussels after reading Hillary's latest emails on how easily Belgium could be attacked.


Melania Trump appeared somewhat nude in monthly G.Q. Instantly...Super-Pac attack commenced. The TV advertisement depicts TRUMP'S wife posing...and...adds a nasty caption to punctuate and disturb. Tim Miller...a Trump-hater and a so-called PRINCIPLED-GUY...said not only did he invent that ad bit it would also undermine Trump.


New York has bought advertising time on TV in Florida telling Floridians that New York is a great place to open a business. Yet...anyone researching New York would find that place to be a morass of big foot government grip and grab. Only a fool would choose New York over Florida!


TRUMP means disaster while CRUZ has the support of JEB and Mitt...two obvious losers. Might it not be best for CRUZ to avoid mention of endorsement and preach liberation of the subjugated?


The Brussels attack on the same day as some of America's primaries was designed to "affect" outcome. CRUZ and TRUMP are ahead and are butting heads as each parlays his support into a nomination in Cleveland. This recent attack was meant to augment TRUMP'S campaign not CRUZ'S.


ESTABLISHMENT WIZARDS on both sides of the aisle have fashioned pitfall and "Trump bump" to hinder...stifle...belittle...and...demean. Will they be successful? Will TRUMP outwit those would-be tormentors or will they with the adroit assistance of the complicit MASS MEDIA derail TRUMP? In one "Trump-bump"...for example...Melania...Trump's featured in a pejorative sense...attacking TRUMP-family which heretofore was off-limits in American politics.


Near every rally are bell-toting people who ring their bells in unison creating a wondrous cacophony so delightful most people prefer listening to the bells than they do Hillary Clinton's stump speech.


In Brussels...infidels were slaughtered by Islamic State fanatics. While the victims might have looked like airport those suicidal Islamic terrorists they were vermin...infidels...worthy of instant death. Allahu Akbar!

6 out of 10

By the time TRUMP defeats Clinton in November of 2016...out of every 10 voters...6 will choose TRUMP. They'll pick him and his offer of KEY over Hillary and her CAGE guarantee. Indeed...voters never choose enslavement when liberation offered. Hence...TRUMP will defeat CLINTON in a landslide. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said, "Clinton has too much baggage. She's basically dowager with Pomeranian. While a few women voters will hold their noses and support her...most won't. They know what she intends and it doesn't bode well for them."


Jeb Bush endorsed Ted Cruz for President but TRUMP defeated Cruz in Arizona...the spot BUSH said he could deliver to Cruz. Might there be more "loss" than "gain" in having wishy-washy Jeb in Cruz's corner?

Robert Califf: scumbag

Robert Califf told chronic pain sufferers he didn't care. He would make sure they didn't have their pain-killers. "I want people to suffer more and I have the power to do it," drooled this scumbag as he laughed about his new rule that would stop patients from receiving their medication. Evil has not any larger frame that Califf's newest attack on liberty. He's despicable* and deserves to be publicly shunned and spat upon in public when identified,(WSJ B-2;03-23-16).
*There is a team already following FDA commissioner-Califf around in public telling people CALIFF is present and inviting them to spit on him...slap him dirty names. Califf is a DEMON and deserves public scorn and derision. What an imp!


Hillary Clinton used a private email server and America's enemies were able to hack and acquire top secret data therefrom. She was reckless and disregarded national security interests. Now...she is defending the Brussels attackers claiming they were misunderstood Muslims who deserved commendation...not condemnation for their bombing of public places in Belgium yesterday. Clinton went so far as to say* that CRUZ and TRUMP were "wrong and dangerous" when they called for more security guards and more security investigation.
*Clinton was "missing-in-action" during the BENGHAZI EMBASSY ATTACK wherein 4 Americans were murdered. Clinton was MIA yesterday when Brussels was awash in blood and gore. While complicit MASS MEDIA published her excoriation of CRUZ and didn't reveal what CLINTON had done to cause that attack in that socialist paradise.


Has anyone noticed how little the MASS MEDIA is mentioning TRUMP'S incredible "blow-out" in the latest set of Republican primaries? It's as if someone...some big shot decided to SILENCE TRUMP. Can the MASS MEDIA have such power? Or...are voters savvy enough to look behind what the MASS MEDIA is or is not presenting?


Arizona decided TRUMP was the better Republican candidate leaving Cruz and Clinton to claim Idaho. Somehow...TRUMP is attracting voters who want America to be great again.


Into a Clinton rally poured TRUMP TROOPS carrying TRUMP signs and shouting down Hillary every time she tried to preach socialist drivel and tripe. One sign-carrier loudly called for her to reveal where she was during the BENGHAZI EMBASSY ATTACK on 09-11-12. Another asked her about her email scandal. It was a great night for TRUMP TROOPERS since they were able to tell the crowd how deceptive and dangerous Clinton was and would be.

When asked to depart...TRUMP TROOPERS refused. They said "sauce for goose...sauce for gander". They were just giving CLINTON a taste of what she was dishing out to TRUMP. If she sent goon squads after TRUMP...then...TRUMP TROOPERS would return in kind that foul-smelling broth.

Tucson rally

TRUMP RALLY in Tucson became the site of another riot. The CLINTON-PEOPLE struck TRUMP people and the fight commenced. The CLINTON PEOPLE were there to hurt and disrupt. Their mission statement to riot in front of TV cameras. Maybe voters will sense the ESTABLISHMENT'S intention to derail TRUMP lest TRUMP prevail...and...dismantle their beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...something CLINTON believes abominable.


Randy Johnson...the U.S.Chamber of Commerce's senior vice president of labor said, "America is headed into the socialist toilet. The worker bees don't realize UNION stifles and hinders and usually results in the employer departing for more conducive circumstances." When asked "why" be so timid about this newest intrusion into the employer-employee relationship...Randy demurred saying his JOB lost if he were to stand up and demand liberation. HUH?


The workers unionized using the new union rule and then demanded their employer pay them more. In reaction...the employer elected to depart and close doors. Ouch!


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...imposed more rules on colleges forcing them to pay their worker bees more. Barbara Carroll said Vanderbilt won't be able to comply and still offer as much as it does. Of course...Obama doesn't care about how much harm he inflicts so long as it burdens and stifles,(WSJ A-3;03-23-16).

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


When asked to describe TRUMP...Senator Cruz declared, "A noble and true conceit of god-like amity."


Hillary Clinton was asked where she was during those crucial hours when those 4 Americans in that embattled embassy compound could have been saved. While rehearsed as to blush and blame...yet...the question caught her by surprise. Struggling for retort...she replied, "In my memory shall keep the key of it."


When TRUMP was asked what keeps him going...even when MASS MEDIA bombarding...almost every so-called friend departing...with a smile he said, "They say it couldn't be done...but he with a chuckle replied that maybe it couldn't but he would be one who wouldn't say so til he tried."


Brussels was attacked by Abdeslam and his minions. They used DRONES...packed with C-4 explosive...and...guided to target with cellphone technology. Yes...big foot government is calling the resultant devastation: "bomb-caused"...yet...those explosions were delivered by DRONES...directed from afar...and...guided to target using WAR-BOT software. The refusal to reveal how the BOMBS were delivered reflects an obvious official decision not to panic all of Europe.


"Deliberate cruelty is not forgivable!" screamed Hillary as she looked at yet another video of Bill riding a street car named desire. In Bill's obvious defense...though...Hillary long ago forsook Bill's bed and taken up a steamy relationship with Huma Abedin. one Hotel...Hillary was caught screaming: "HUMA!"


What was Abdeslam doing for the last few months since he and his team slaughtered all those Frenchies in Paris? Might he have been building bombs...attaching sophisticated timers...and...secreting them? Might the recent explosions in Brussels be from Abdeslam's bombs? Might Abdeslam and his minions have been hiding bombs all over Brussels...Paris...Berlin...and...London...all on timers...all ready to blow...and...all in places where maximum carnage derived?

Perhaps when socialist government scumbags hassled Abdeslam's pals and closed that restaurant...they messed with a sleeping dog and now it's chowing down on its tormentors. Certainly Abdeslam took umbrage when big foot government forced his pal to close the only good restaurant in the area...a restaurant where Abdeslam held parties and birthdays. And...that crummy treatment at the hands of the would-be master angered Abdeslam so's obvious Abdeslam decided to slaughter as many people as possible. Allahu Akbar!


Harvard historians were discussing Obama's potential legacy when one of them said a dung-throwing monkey such as Obama doesn't have any real legacy...just a bunch of hassle and mucking mixed together in a socialist attack on what little liberty remained in America. Another agreed with that description adding that it was obvious to the world that Obama doubled as a MARXIST ON MISSION...a freedom-hater of the 1st order...a scumbag ready to kill his own mother to advance the cause of tyranny.

After conferring on how pathetic Obama had been as president...these HARVARD historians...all world-class in temper and tart...elected to call Obama a "failed politician"...euphemistically covering up how incompetent and ridiculous he really was.


Has anyone noticed how tentative Hillary Clinton was about who might have been involved in the recent Brussels massacre? Never did she claim Islamic terrorists behind the bombings even though Islamic State was taking credit for the slaughter. What voting group is Clinton trying to impress or appease by her reluctance?

Hillary's closet

Recently...GAWKER magazine carried a story and an accompanying video of Hillary Clinton and Terry Bollea cavorting naked about a bedroom. So dramatic and shocking...Clinton demanded GAWKER cease showing that video worldwide. Of course...GAWKER complied. When asked "why" cease...GAWKER CEO, Nick Denton replied, "At last count there were 3 unique views from 3 different people. We simply couldn't get anyone to watch dowager with Pomeranian. And when something won't sell no matter how's we delete."


Before Brussels' bombing...TRUMP warned Europe terrorists were afoot and Brussels, a likely target. Naturally...Europeans ignored TRUMP because they were told TRUMP didn't know what he was doing and less about what he was saying. As the body count climbs...however...more and more Europeans are listening to TRUMP. How about you?

John C. Lechleiter

Fighting against socialism stands the beleaguered John C. Lechleiter...CEO of Eli Lilly & Company. His company and many like it have been attacked by big foot government for so's more likely than not they'll be out of business should Clinton be elected. Voters need to understand that once the NANNY STATE begins to pick winners and won't be long before new medicines won't be offered and when offered of little help. Such the consequence of tyranny,(WSJ A-11;03-22-16).


Muslim refugees are notorious for their desire to kill their hosts. In Belgium...refugees were behind the recent bombings in Brussels. Their gripe: not enough camel dung for their tea and their sexual appetite.


The omnivorous maw of big foot government consumes everything leaving squalor and misery in its path. In such a society...the ruling elite are well-off...but...everyone else...the cattle and sheep...they struggle from day to day trying to survive. And...when a tax cut is proposed...the scumbags of big foot government instantly declare GOVERNMENT SERVICES are disappearing and more tax not less is required lest someone not get their freebie or favor from the would-be masters of this NANNY STATE CAGE.

Into this CAGE comes TRUMP. TRUMP offers KEY. He'll delete and dismantle big foot government thereby reducing the need for revenue. He plans to privatize social security so that there will really be GOLD in those accounts not worthless federal reserve I.O.U. paper. He plans to eliminate almost every department, agency and outlet...delivering liberty to America. Yes...some states will refuse to delete their own CAGE stuff...but...the exodus from those regions will be so profound that every socialist once identified will be ousted and labeled be shunned and spat upon when near,(WSJ A-11;03-22-16).


How does Princeton justify having Mr. Vomit on its payroll? Alan S. Blinder is the quintessential scumbag...willing to kill his own mother to advance socialism in America. If it weren't for Princeton's employment...Blinder would be woefully shunned and ostracized. He's despicable and when people hear him speak...they tend to vomit. Hence his moniker: Mr. Vomit.(WSJ A-11;03-22-16).

Unbeknownst to Mr. Vomit...liberty fetches prosperity and socialism begets misery and squalor. Why Blinder chooses to push socialism isn't well understood but it might very well be he is paid to be an idiot. When he claims enslavement is better than is obvious Blinder has been paid to say such nonsense. What has so many people he's still teaching the mush-minds of Princeton...a place of higher learning supposedly.


Islamic Terrorists are afoot in Europe. Had Europe remained neutral in the Islamic State's effort to create caliphate...perhaps...Brussels would have been spared. However, due to the Belgium's involvement...the country suffered it worst attack yet. Subway bombs exploded and many more are due to explode over the following few weeks as the timers on those hidden bombs detonate. Horror and gore are the trademarks of Islamic State. Allhu Akbar!


Islamic terrorists blowing holes in Brussels...that socialist paradise...that place where people are treated as if cattle and sheep directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps? How can this be? A paradise blown apart by Islamic terrorists whose mission statement to impose ISLAM(read socialism) on Europe? Most pundits before today concluded Muslims loved socialism and stayed in Europe because they were cared for as a farmer would care for the herd and they loved everyone thought.


Hulk Hogan...a wrestler and YouTube sex star...called Obama and warned him that BRUSSELS was going to be attacked with bomb in subway. Of course...Obama ignored this WARNING since terror and death are part of his legacy and he wasn't about to hurt his chances of being declared the worst President America ever had.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Betsy Woodruff

Trump-hater, Betsy Woodruff called TRUMP as many nasty names as she could frame in her dome. When she ran out of opprobrious epithets...she called on Bernie Sander to pick up where she left off. Accepting the task...Sanders began to add more hateful adjectives. So zealous Sanders that he even dropped his disguise and demanded enslavement of America and identified TRUMP as a hurdle to such a socialist paradise. Oops!

CLIMATE CHANGE: man-caused?

Man-caused climate change? Preposterous. Yet...highly paid people have been directed to preach such nonsense and they do mighty well pushing that idiotic idea using contrived computer models...and...skewed data. anyone with common sense...the notion that with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry remains a silly notion. Yes...Bernie Sanders believes his spoon and bucket might accomplish such a feat...indeed...he has computer models and highly paid jerks to back him up. But the unwashed masses of America don't accept that ASSERTION OF IMPENDING DOOM and in reaction are appearing at all Sanders' rallies carrying signs calling Bernie a "jerk".

As U.S.Senator Rand Paul noted, "Most people find the idea that mankind can change the climate of Mother Earth to be mythical gibberish. Yet...instead of speaking out...otherwise rational people have been brow-beaten into silence by a complicit MASS MEDIA that calls* any dissent "unworthy and immoral".
*Bernie Sanders has co-opted this MASS MEDIA buy-line when he proclaims MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING to be the most dangerous thing facing mankind...more dangerous than global terrorism or incurable plague.


Americans lost their lives taking Fallujah in Iraq. Instead of claiming Iraq as American territory...though...Obama gave it back and now Islamic State holds that town. Americans were sent into a meat grinder for no purpose...just sent to satisfy scumbag BUSH-CHENEY. a dung-throwing monkey...has given that precious real estate back. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?


TRUMP was correct when he said Obama was wrong to go to Cuba. But Obama didn't see anything improper about the trip. He's a Marxist on Mission and cavorting with the Castro brothers something he didn't find objectionable.


The MASS MEDIA is presently engaged in a concerted effort to block TRUMP from gaining more support. Every group is out to get TRUMP it seems. Somehow they're frightened at the prospect that someone might very well dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE...a place in which they're comfortable...a place where big foot government directs from cradle to grave...a place where the would-be master decrees: "Our tears...your purse!"

Leading this HATE-TRUMP effort is U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham(R.S.C.). He has been given TV time to denounce TRUMP. Never do the TV talking heads...however...ask "loser" Lindsey "why" he lost his support even in South Carolina to TRUMP'S message of unification and liberation. They never point out that "loser" Lindsey wasn't able to garner political support anywhere...not even in his home state of South Carolina.


Hearing Vermont was attacking producers with a $1000 per day fine for food products lacking Genetically Modified(GMO) labeling...the makers of BLIND MAN BAR-B-QUE SAUCE sent 10,000 12-bottle packs to Vermont with a notice in all Vermont newspapers that the SAUCE was packed with GMO stuff and not at any time would this producer be frightened by some idiotic penalty. If the potato is organic and not some genetically engineered product it would not require a label...but...if that potato were cooked in canola oil...some of which comes from GMO stuff...then...a label would need to be affixed. So ridiculous this Vermont law that BLIND MAN BBQ SAUCE elected* to fight,(WSJ B-1;03-21-16).
*    This sauce is made by an Iron Chef who stopped cooking in 2001 to go fight rag heads in Afghanistan. Similar to Pat Tillman...the St. Louis Cardinal who stopped playing football to fight against terrorism...this Iron Chef took off his apron and headed to the Middle East. While Tillman was killed...this Iron Chef suffered blindness from an explosion.
      Sometime later...he was sitting at his house anxious about tomorrow when a WOUNDED WARRIOR rep came to see him. During that visit...the rep was offered refreshment which included a sauce. The rep sampled the fare and was impressed by the extremely unusual taste of the sauce.
      When asked about the sauce...the blind man said he was blind and was unable to market anything. The rep instantly declared: "You be maker...I'll be feet. Every bottle will be a footprint!"
       And...Vermont is trying to DENY this patriot...this wounded warrior marketplace freedom? How so Vermont.


How could the Republican Party permit Vermont to issue a law which imposes VERMONT rules on national products requiring labels notifying consumers which products contain genetically-modified ingredients. Refusing to kneel to this idol...though...BLIND MAN BAR-B-QUE SAUCE has continued to send its products into Vermont daring those scumbags to stop that freedom-loving company.

JOHN GARVEY: timid socialist

The President of Catholic University told a cub reporter he wanted OBAMA-CARE but didn't like how it impacted Catholic institutions such as the LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR. His solution was to force all taxpayers to pay for all healthcare hence insulating the Catholics from being forced to fund abortion, birth control pills and related expenses.

Somehow forcing everyone to pay for birth control seems better than Catholic organizations having to foot the bill. Instead of JOHN GARVEY demanding liberation over subjugation...he chose to concede big foot government has the power to enslave...a power abhorrent to all other religions. Why not anathema to Catholicism?


Hillary Clinton wont' attack TRUMP leaving that task to others since she knows if he were to launch a counter-attack...voters would listen and she'd lose mightily. Clinton can't afford to have voters asking themselves how they would have fared in Benghazi on 09-11-12. "If they ask that question...Clinton loses," admitted Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY).


U.S.Senator Sheldon Whitehouse(D. R.I.) is an idiot. He believes with spoon and bucket he can dip the ocean dry. He also says with the same vigor cars, planes and trains hurt Mother Earth and must be deleted. If he weren't in a position of power his ridiculous assertions would be ignored. But since he has power it's important to identify him and ask Rhode Island voters to evict this menace to prosperity,(WSJ A-12;03-21-16).


How does a scumbag like Sheldon Whitehouse retain his U.S.Senate seat? What boot is he licking? turns out Sheldon is backed by the "green" people...people who wish to see Americans returning to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule...each person struggling to eke out a living from Mother night...seated around campfires singing old Negro spirituals and discussing the coming harvest. And all done without fossil A-12;03-21-16).


A free INTERNET gives every person the power to change reveal evil and demand remedy...and...big foot governments around the world hate such power in the hands of the unwashed masses. Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has done* what he can to destroy the INTERNET and reduce it to some shopping list for government instead of an ocean of commerce for everyone,(WSJ A-11;03-21-16).
*His stooge Tom Wheeler...head honcho at the so-called Federal Communications Commission(FCC) has done what he can to hurt the INTERNET. But Obama wants to kill the INTERNET completely by giving up ICANN(Internet Corproation for Assigned Names and Numbers)...the company which polices the ROOT NAME DATA BASE. Imagine ICANN stopping your blog or website because Tibet doesn't like the color scheme you've chosen...or...scumbag Venezuelans thwarting your pitch for toothpaste because it isn't a socialist product. Imagine as much and you'll sense the DAMAGE that dung-throwing monkey in the White House has in mind.