Wednesday, August 31, 2016


"Just one look...that's all it took...yeah...just one look...that's all it took,"lilted Tim Cook when he was shown a photo of Margrethe Vestager...the European Union Competition Commissioner. Most people remember her as the JUDGE who refused to give anything better than a 7.5 in the Olympic games drawing the ire of Russian judges who in times past always held that spot as "somehow not right". But Tim and Apple,Inc. will remember her as the lady who grabbed $14.5 billion just so Apple,Inc. and all the other titans of commerce ask permission for everything on her Continent.


Brilliantly executed. The MASS MEDIA was sipping coffee and eating donuts while TRUMP secretly flew* to Mexico City to meet with President Pena Nieto. The MASS MEDIA was livid. There wasn't any prepared script leaving scumbags such as F. Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell to scoff about TRUMP'S tactic...and...TRUMP'S maneuver...flawlessly executed...and...designed to be the prelude to his IMMIGRATION SPEECH. VIVA TRUMP!
*The SURPRISE SQUAD of this BLOG was asked to plan TRUMP'S big surprise and it was done with aplomb! So impressed was EDDIE GLAUDE...a writer and political commentator...he contacted this BLOG and is now a contributing editor. Welcome aboard, Eddie.

border town

Between Mexico and America...TRUMP offered Pena Nieto what planners call: "border town"...both sides open a town...a border that to everything...unfettered...unbound. otherwise unhampered market found...and...EDEN for both sides such that ground. TRUMP was smart...he offered the Mexicans: "border town".

In that border town...neither Mexico nor Uncle Sugar tax or decree...only courts and police in border town be.

Its residents donate to public coffers and pay for only essential government services such as courts and police. Everything else is addressed by private enterprise...some legendary...others infamous.


At a Hillary Clinton rally...a piper was blowing his pipes...strutting up and down before the podium...with Hillary Clinton stationed above waiting for that DIRGE to be done...when...suddenly...the piper fell...motionless lump...his bag expelling its final air...its music faintly fading away into to the ground the piper slumped.

A "behind-Hillary" person on that stage...instantly...reacted to the piper's fall. He pushed Hillary from the microphone and declared, "We have a piper down. A piper is down. We have a piper down. A piper is down. Everyone stand back we have a piper down."


U.S.Secretary of Treasury, Jack Lew was told his ideas were idiotic. Lew replied he didn't much care since his job was to create a NANNY STATE CAGE wherein producers were controlled through their money. "We're trying to grab 100% of all production...and...what we leave our sole discretion. It's basically institutionalized "pay-to-play" with me and my team of "natural aristoi" calling all the shots," crowed Jack Lew as he played with a screw driver.


The designer of the TANK was an American who went to Russia to sell his ideas because America's top brass didn't want such a thing on the battlefield. Later on...that tank designer was contacted by the so-called WAR DEPARTMENT who asked if he'd build tanks for America.

Recently...Lt. Col. Mike Flynn...working in partnership with the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...offered the Pentagon WAR-BOT(tm)...a complete DRONE-DEFENSE-OFFENSE system...ground...and...air...with attack...or...defend capabilities and all for the price of ONE Abrams tank! Imagine a 100,000 WAR-BOTS(tm) for the price of one tank. And with that BATTERING RAM...any foe can be vanquished in less than a fortnight.

Will Flynn be successful? Will Flynn and this BLOG insulate the American soldier once and for all from enemy bullet and bomb? If WAR-BOT(tm) were bought...MOSUL would fall within 72 hours of the time WAR-BOT(tm) is deployed. Indeed...before he was Islamic State big shot...told a cub reporter that Islamic State could not withstand WAR-BOT(tm) and would depart MOSUL was soon as WAR-BOT(tm) arrived.


Because this 2016 presidential election is so important...everything done by TRUMP must be spectacular...strategic...and...efficacious. In that regard...TRUMP is beginning to master how to puppeteer the MASS MEDIA...even a MASS MEDIA as deceptive as this MASS MEDIA.

First...TRUMP whet the ravenous appetite of the pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA by mentioning an immigration speech to be done in Arizona. Then...TRUMP announced his meeting with Mexican President Pena Nieto...not only surprising the MASS MEDIA but luring them unwittingly into interviewing TRUMP HATERS...including former Mexican President Fox whose venom dripped from every word he spoke...alerting Americans even Fox was in Clinton's pocket.

"not welcome"?

Vincente Fox...former socialist president of Mexico...told the TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA that TRUMP wasn't welcome in Mexico. Instead of asking this "socialist-loser" how it was he could speak for all 300 million Mexicans...the Clinton-loving MASS MEDIA published Fox's diatribe as if it had been confirmed FOX was speaking on behalf of all 300 million Mexicans. It's bad-reporting in on respect but clever propaganda in another.

Rutgers scrum

Known for RUGBY...Rutgers has many outstanding players including Professor Doug Coate. Many times against incredible odds...COATE was able to score...sometimes dragging 5 would-be tacklers along with him down the field. Hence...this BLOG felt lucky when COATE decided to join the march to "make salt"...and...delete the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE,(WSJ A-10;08-31-16).

American Legion of Ohio?

Hillary Clinton left 4 Americans behind to die in Benghazi...and...yet...the American Legion members chose to clap for Clinton when she said she had their back? And...for those in that Legion Hall who didn't get the memo...Clinton plans to continue the Veterans Administration "as is"...tweaking and trimming somewhat...but...overall perpetuating the lousy system all vets know and hate.

1989 miles long

AMERICA'S GREAT WALL....1989 miles in on the ground. Trump plans to stop illegal migration so that those entering* might be vetted...tested...and...bound.
*His goal: insure American security from 5th column attack. Recall in World War II...the Germans sent civilian-clothed agents into would-be target countries to conduct acts of sabotage. These battalions were called "5th columns".


Hunter Blair stared at the obvious wage increase workers get when their employers receive a tax cut. Instead of conceding "different strokes for different folks"...HUNTER wanted to know if everyone will get a benefit as if he should be told as much or else the tax-cut in his estimation isn't fair. Blair is what's known as a Neo-Mercantilism advocate...a person who believes my gain is his loss never conceding that each person to a transaction receives* more than given.
*if not more than given...the deal does not occur.


U.S.Senator Ron Wyden(D.Ore) must be defeated. His kind needs to go to places such as North Korea where people are told what to do. There he can play"king"...and...have slaves grovel at this feet.

As TRUMP said the other day, "Ron "the scumbag" Wyden needs to be defeated...marked for shunning...and...spat upon as he walks down the street. He represents "freedom-haters"...and...he needs to be evicted." VIVA TRUMP!


U.S.Rep. Chaffetz(R.Utah) received emails from the HILLARY CLINTON file...but...most of the content was BLACKED OUT(redacted) since that data was deemed too sensitive to be examined by Congress. Yet...that same data was exposed to such jerks as CARLOS DANGER and HUMA ABEDIN. So egregious and reckless was Clinton that her criminal acts can't be hidden much longer,(think Dilma Rousseff impeachment).


Surprised. Such was the expression on the hateful MASS MEDIA when they were informed TRUMP was headed to Mexico. How dare he ask for a meeting with the Mexican president! Yet...most voters sense this meeting will fetch some good results. As for the venom-dripping MASS MEDIA...they're in Clinton's pocket and will say whatever she directs them to spew.


Has anyone noticed the SAME MASS MEDIA talking heads who predicted TRUMP would not be the Republican Party choice for president...are the loudest critics now of TRUMP? And has anyone noticed their prediction that CLINTON will defeat TRUMP? Are they as wrong now as they were then?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Does anyone recall the MASS MEDIA telling everyone a huge hurricane was about to strike Florida but its course could take one of 28 different paths? Now that it was shown the computer models that predicted such nonsense are little more than DISGUISED GUESSES...the charlatans who got paid for that information...should be prosecuted for FRAUD.


Although the ballots have not been counted...many wizards and wonks predict JOE SEMPREVIVO will be the Republican State committeeman from Indian River County, Florida. VIVA JOE!


MUG SHOT. The term given to the photo taken at the police station and splattered all over the internet. It's as likely as not...if elected president...Hillary Clinton would suffer the same dissonance Dilma Rousseff is hearing in Brazil right now. Does America need to go through another scenario reminiscent of that "classic" where Bill Clinton looks directly into the camera and says," I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky"?(WSJ A-1;08-30-16).


Demonstrating the effectiveness of WAR-BOT(tm) required a venue where its full firepower and detection systems could be tested. What better place than MOSUL...ancient Nineveh. In the eastern most section of that city...WAR-BOT(tm) has been deployed. It's mission to delete Islamic State troopers from that area using lethal and non-lethal firepower to accomplish this feat. If Islamic State troops depart the area...WAR-BOT(tm) does not engage but leaves alone.


When the mobster comes to the restaurant...the owner pays for protection. It's called a shake-down. When a cop frisks an Afro-American for no reason...just to see...that unlawful act is also called a "shake-down". And what APPLE is suffering in Europe right now is little more than a $14.5 billion shake-down...coming and going!

STAY LePage!

The governor of Maine had done much to help the Afro-American communities. When he heard DREW GATTINE had labeled him a racist...Paul LePage...called Gattine and left a dramatic voice-mail calling Gattine a "cock-sucker" and demanding Gattine meet him so they might discuss the matter face-to-face...alone...not anyone that time...settle their cell phones...just a Russian steel cage match of sorts.

While the MASS MEDIA is stomping all over LePage...the voters are with him. He's done so much for Afro-Americans in Maine and most voters like him. LePage must remain steadfast.


Into the valley of wrath strode TRUMP undaunted...MASS MEDIA cannon to the right of him...MASS MEDIA cannon to the left of him...onward strode TRUMP undaunted. Before him EDEN...prosperity and abundance for a thousand years in all directions. Yet..through shot and shell...onward TRUMP strode...history will tell...mighty...courageous...and...undaunted.

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani

Islamic State lost another potential ruler of caliphate. Islamic State mastermind, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was obliterated in Aleppo by KURDS. With him gone...Islamic State's assault on America will just have to wait. Allahu Akbar!


Governor Rick Scott was asked about freedom in Florida and the likelihood enslavement would be imposed. Reflecting on that issue...and...rubbing his ball-um head...he whispered, "Where will it start...the battle for liberty? Well...if CAMP-CLINTON and her vermin Hun horde of socialists and Eco-fascists ascend to power in 2017...America will be reduced to a toilet similar to what Venezuelans suffer. And while you might flush easily...I plan to clog and plug!"

Jason Johnson defends Keapernick

Jason Johnson...editor of a cub reporter he despised TRUMP for suggesting Keapernick might find another country bettered suited to his antics. "If Keapernick wanted to sully the image of the 49'ners...he had the right to do so. If he wanted to destroy that image...that brand...he had the privilege to do so. Yes...he was an employee of sorts...but...he had the power to sink the ship and he did. I like him more because he destroyed a capitalist enterprise," fumed Johnson as he grabbed for the ROOT.


Most people didn't think it funny. Others thought David Plouffe's spoof had gone too far. He'd floated a turd in the punch bowl...and...dipped cups for superstars.


TRUMP. Do not release your tax returns! In the movie: Oh Brother where art thou...there's a scene in a movie theater where the hero is told: "Do not seek the treasure." Similarly...TRUMP is told: DO NOT REVEAL YOUR TAX RETURNS! The best gambit is to keep that data unknown. The sharks can't eat unless you stick your stuff in their water.

do you

Do you...between add "for" too. Hillary will do for me...and...Hillary will do for you. Take it from producers and redistribute wrapped in red, white and blue.


When asked by this BLOG to forego its claim against the estate of Aubrey McClendon...DUKE first blustered...and...posed...and...then agreed release of claim was the only way to demonstrate gratitude and to honor this great man. GO BLUE DEVILS! Thank you, Duke!


Dana Bash...a Clinton News Network(CNN) employee...critiqued the apology issued by Pastor Mark Burns for having sent CLINTON BLACKFACE across the internet universe. "How dare a pastor seek forgiveness for telling Afro-Americans the TRUTH!"scolded Bash as she looked at the cartoon and its underlying message of exploitation.


Pastor Mark Burns...a pro-TRUMP Afro-American preacher...told the MASS MEDIA he sent out that cartoon about Hillary-in-blackface...on his own and didn't get permission and didn't ask for it either. Yet...the pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA is labeling Pastor Burns as a "Trump surrogate". Might then using that same concept CARLOS DANGER be a CLINTON-surrogate?


In the episodic GET SMART...Maxwell Smart confronted the super-Chinese criminal: THE CLAW. When face-to-face...Smart says, "Listen here CRAW." To which his nemesis replies, "It's not's CLAW!"  Might not TRUMP be using that same kind of humor when he says: "WALL"?


CARLOS DANGER has "dirt"...he thinks is gold...and...if he doesn't get what he wants from HUMA ABEDIN...he'll open the the world what so far has remained hidden...and...deftly left untold.

Unfortunately for him...however...many others now have the same emails...the same confirmatory proof...and...his "dirt" will be OLD NEWS within a fortnight. He'd best be about attacking and getting his MONEY FOR SILENCE quickly lest his PROOF become ho-hum-worthless.


KURDS didn't know the Special Forces helping them near the Syria-Turkey were expendable. That if needed...Obama would obliterate them along with the KURDS mixed in and among them.

"Never saw it coming," snorted a Peshmerga fighter as he looked at the photo of his dead comrades. The TURKS had launched a SURPRISE ATTACK across the Syrian border catching the Peshmerga totally by surprise. They had American Special Forces personnel mixed in and among them and didn't expect Obama to have thrown his own boys to the to speak. But...the photo said otherwise. KURDS were once more betrayed by Obama.

"Oh...when will we ever learn...oh...when will we ever learn?"tearfully asked this fighter as he studied that photo of betrayal and carnage. They had trusted Obama again. Yes...they'd been warned...but...Obama promised so much...and...said it so well...they believed the TURKS had been bought off with a swig with Gunga Den in hell.


Despite the latest email revelation that Huma Abedin knew Hillary's email system was unsafe...nonetheless...according to POLLS...HILLARY still has a 7 POINT lead over TRUMP.

To confirm the theory about the POLLSTERS...this BLOG paid an exorbitant sum to have a POLL conducted.

The outcome was just as predicted: TRUMP was now 7 points ahead of CLINTON and the email scandal and the pay-to-play scandal were its precipitating cause.

Yet...only the pro-Clinton POLL NUMBER was published 24/7 by the complicit MASS MEDIA while the pro-TRUMP POLL was never mentioned. They were both done by the same respected POLLSTER using the same accepted POLL PARADIGM...yet...the pro-TRUMP POLL was never mentioned!


U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) has a primary challenger whose campaign was endorsed by Bernie Sanders as representing* the spend other people's money...and...when that runs out...use propaganda to identify scapegoats.

 As Allen West put it, "While Debbie used her power as chair-lady of the Democratic National Committee(DNC) to undermine BERNIE...her opponent was out there promising more not less big gift government guaranteeing hungry-voters RICH PEOPLE would be attacked and their storerooms looted." 
*And that wherein the power-monger sat on her DNC throne and dispatched her minions to hurt Bernie Sanders...and...the other...her opponent...a dude whose passion to destroy liberty only exceeded by his desire to remove all liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey".


To cover the betrayal...Obama said he was surprised when Erdogan sent Turkish jets and tanks to obliterate Syrian Kurds inside Syria. But...the KURDS are beginning to catch on to the trick: "When Obama is patting you on the back...he's really looking for the best place to stab,"declared General McFarland...a Kurdish liaison...when he learned that the TURKS had engaged in a SURPRISE ATTACK designed to slaughter KURDS...trusting...reliant...KURDS,(WSJ A-1;08-30-16).


Hillary Clinton's POLL NUMBERS must not be shown to fall when email scandal stuff is revealed. "If her POLL NUMBERS are shown to would irreparably damage her campaign," confided U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) as he looked at Hillary's impregnable lead over TRUMP.


Frank Dobbin owned a dog...a nasty cur...always ready to chase and stir. Lucy Jenkins was chased by Dobbins' dog. She was doing pretty good til she ran into the pinned against a log. Pretty good...not bad...can't complain...but...actually all them dogs 'bout the same,(WSJ A-13;08-30-16).


When asked about TRUMP'S tax returns and the date for revelation...Steve Bannon...TRUMP'S helper...looked at the venomous MASS MEDIA...took out a FAKE TAX RETURN PAMPHLET...the kind you get from H&R Block...and replied, "Put Gandalf at the bridge...let Gandalf decree: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"


Joshua D. Blank...a so-called tax-law professor at New York University...demanded TRUMP reveal his tax returns. When asked about Clinton deleting 33,000 emails...BLANK couldn't respond. He choked on his "cud"...unable to explain "why" Clinton would delete innocuous emails...all 33,000 of them. As he swallowed and fumed...over... "how" her SCRUBBERS missed those emails which had that small symbol denoting CLASSIFIED...BLANK postured and said, "I don't care about her effort to hide...when I'm trying to attack TRUMP'S ability to win.


When Bill Clinton was accused of raping women...he denied the allegations. When Hillary was accused of using a private email server and running a "pay-to-play" scheme while Secretary of State...she denied the allegations. Might history be rewriting itself in mirror-format?


Pastor Mark Burns apologized for tweeting a cartoon framing "black-face" Clinton pandering for Afro-American votes. Nevertheless...he stood by his statement that Democrat politicians haven't done much for the Afro-American community.


Instead of fighting the $14.5 billion tax levied on it...APPLE,INC. will pay that exorbitant sum in order to continue doing business in the European Union. "It was classic shake-down. You pay-to-play in the EU...and...we had to pay in order to continue building our footprint on the Continent," confided Tim Cook when asked about the attack on Apple's coffers.


After watching Maduro destroy the socialist paradise Father Lenin and his flock enjoyed in Venezuela...he told his congregation he was marching to Caracas to demand Maduro resign and take his socialists with him. What inspired Father Lenin to examine the flaw and falsehood of socialism and choose to march to "make salt" was explained when he showed his team a computer screen emblazoned with FREEUSFLORIDA.COM entries about how people can retake their countries from the grip of would-be masters.(WSJ A-8;08-30-16).

42% more...34% less

Egg farmers sold 42% more eggs than the year before but received 34% less in revenue. Because America is a socialist economic system nowadays...the egg farmers demanded their LOSS be subsidized by the American taxpayer. "We want to be paid for our eggs and we want the fair price to be given," declared BOB BINGO...a 12th generation egg farmer...who had studied Keynesian Economics and knew 2+2 could equal "5".(WSJ A-6;08-30-16).


As energy costs does the cost of food in Florida stores. This drop has lessened the burden fixed-income retirees suffer when inflation drives prices skyward. However...Patrick "scumbag" Murphy...a Democrat-socialist...told a cub reporter he planned on making it quite costly to live in Florida. "We plan to tax and tax and tax some more. We will squeeze Florida...get the wealth from Floridians...and...then...spread it around. Maybe build some public housing...miles of same look high rises...people stacked in'll be paradise," dripped Murphy as he looked at the WSJ article on falling food and farm prices,(WSJ A-6;08-30-16).


The MASS MEDIA is telling America that Hillary Clinton still leads TRUMP in the POLLING NUMBERS even though she has a huge "scoundrel quotient". Not asking if the POLLSTERS were paid by the pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA and as a consequence delivered pro-Clinton polling numbers. As Senator Chuck Schumer conceded, "If someone errs and publishes BAD POLL NUMBERS for Clinton after another email-revelation...her chances to defeat TRUMP will be nil."


Hillary Clinton stuck inside and Huma Abedin heard a muffled voice say, "Put the candle back."

Gene Wilder dead?

It can't be! Not Gene Wilder. He simply* can't be dead. He's like Timothy Leary...they don't die...they're just outside looking in. God Speed, Gene!
*Moody Blues-Timothy Leary-Lost Chord


Islamic State sent operatives into large cities to push "tainted heroin". While TEAM OBAMA won't admit such a terrorist-attack due to the hysteria such revelation would cause...many on social media are issuing warnings to stay away from heroin due to it being cut with fentanyl or carfentanil, an elephant tranquilizer,(WSJ A-2;08-30-16).

If heroin were legal...the consumer would not need to fear the labeled product. But...on the street...heroin can be cut with about anything and the "junkie" won't know it until it's too late. Islamic State knew about such laws and how the "junkie" is forced to buy on the street. Its operatives simply put "tainted heroin" into the pipeline of "junkie" commerce and the results have been alarming as overdoses are reported in almost every large city in America!


Perhaps Hillary Clinton scrubbed her computers to hide TRAIL...but...her cohorts weren't as careful. Take Huma Abedin...for example. She told someone else by email Hillary's email was not safe...a revelation as shocking as it is contrary to what Clinton has been saying all along: SECURE COMPUTERS.


On WSJ front page on 08-30-16 Dilma Rousseff was featured in 3 telling photos. Had anyone simply juxtaposed...put side by side...Hillary's visage and Dilma's for comparison...they would have observed similarities so revealing...not anyone would ever support Clinton. She opened America's vault of secrets to the world...lost Crimea...gave away a military base on Fiery Cross Reef...allowed Libya to devolve into civil 4 Americans killed in Benghazi. Of course...Hillary has the same look as Dilma.


Colin Kaepernick...QB for San Francisco 49'ners...stayed seated during the National Anthem. He said he didn't see anything that would have made him stand. In a larger sense...though...Kaepernick's demonstration was something more generalized. Most people won't stand up and fight for liberation...demand the grip of government be loosened...but...sit back and watch as their liberty is replaced with socialist "freedom-to-obey". Before you judge Colin the QB...might you not assess what you're doing to stop socialism and Eco-fascism from destroying America?

Monday, August 29, 2016


More and more voters are asking about Clinton's "pay-to-play"scheme conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State. The longer the EMAIL SCANDAL continues...the more Clinton will suffer as critical voters examine what she did and "might have done".


Because Pastor Mark Burns knew Afro-Americans were not in the Promised Land...he tweeted a cartoon depicting Hillary Clinton deceiving Afro-Americans wearing "black-face"and grabbing their vote in exchange for empty promises. Of course...MSNBC took umbrage with the cartoon but since Mark Burns was Afro-American they had to be careful with what they were asking that Pastor. VIVA TRUMP!


If there were 11.2 million illegal aliens in America to be long would it take and what size an area would be needed to hold such deportees? The answer not only astounding but also proof positive deportation of such a mass of humanity would be nonsense.

It would take 30 years to deport all 11.2 million since they would be sent walking across the bridge in Brownsville at 10 abreast 24/7. While the 11.2 waited for their turn to walk the bridge...they'd be housed in tents spread over a 15 square mile area...with public drinking water from hoses and toilets anywhere a hole can be dug.

Anne Gearan spearin'

Anne Gearan speared TRUMP for tweeting that due to his prediction coming true...Afro-Americans should vote for him. TRUMP predicted someone on a city sidewalk would get shot. His prediction was lambasted...ridiculed...and...righteously scorned. How dare he predict such tragedy! Yet...people would have done well for themselves to have paid heed to his admonition.

Although Gearan didn't wish to concede the point...she did admit TRUMP predicted such tragedy and avoid it...people needed to be vigilant...know their surroundings...and...stay away from volatile areas. Of course...Ms. Aldridge was killed by a stray bullet fired by bros on parole who didn't like their cab driver and chose to pepper his cab with 9 mm bullets one of which struck Ms Aldridge as she strolled her baby on the sidewalk down the block.


MASS MEDIA featured Afro-Americans...everyone of them a Democrat-socialist...who looked into the TV camera and denounced TRUMP for having asked Afro-Americans to consider him for president. . And...when the cousin of Dwayne Wade was killed by a stray bullet fired by bros on parole...that horrific incident underscored precisely what TRUMP was saying.TRUMP had predicted a shooting of someone who walked down a city sidewalk. Ms Aldridge was strolling her baby on a Chicago sidewalk when a stray bullet struck and killed her.


Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton were together* the night 4 Americans inside a Benghazi embassy compound screamed for her help. Because she had a "do not disturb" sign hanging on her door...she was not disturbed and left alone. Later on...when the Benghazi debacle was made known...Clinton hatched the VIDEO RIOT to cover her whereabouts during those critical hours when those 4 valiant Americans could have been saved.
*Carlos Danger was willing to tell about Hillary's whereabouts on 09-11-12 if he weren't included in the MONEY STREAM.


Carlos Danger had unrestricted access to Hillary Clinton's private email servers...servers which at one time held both national secrets...and..."pay-to-play" discussions. If CARLOS DANGER had such access to top secrets through his marriage to Huma many political scientists say he did...then...HILLARY CLINTON committed criminal acts and CARLOS DANGER is proof positive of her misdeed.

bros on parole

Brothers on parole...just chilling at the Holiday stamps cover the tab...drunk on another bottle of gin. Cab driver got snotty...pulled cannons and shot...missed the dot-head driver...but...killed Dwayne Wade's cousin on the spot.


Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton were sexual consorts for years and now they don't have to be closet-lovers any longer. Huma has finally decided to divorce her husband whose on-line persona CARLOS DANGER disturbed her closet too long in too many ways!

Granholm: death angel

Jennifer Granholm...a/k/a death angel*...was asked about Anthony Weiner "sexting" and Huma Abedin's reaction to it. Jennifer laughed and said, "Weiner never had access to classified information even if CARLOS DANGER...Weiner's alias...must have had such gold mine available."

*A lady shunned by most righteous people because she wanted to let a child die who could be saved. Had it not been for a courageous federal judge...that child would be dead...and...DEATH ANGEL would have been able to notch her "gun" one more time.


Clinton said she wanted to open America up so people could create wealth and then added when the producers die...however...her NANNY STATE would enter and grab as much as desired using the so-called DEATH TAX. HUH?

$12,000 per year

It cost $12,000 annually to educate a child in public school and $3500 in charter schools. Instead of eliminating public schools and save everyone money...the socialists want charters deleted so that Americans must accept the monopoly of the TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION.


Anthony Wiener...alias CARLOS DANGER...was told by his wife she had had enough and was divorcing him. Recall Wiener was caught "sexting" little 14 year old girls and wasn't prosecuted because few wished their children to be forever identified as his victims. Now...Huma Abedin*...his wife...finally embarrassed so much she can't eat in a restaurant without some 14 year old girl's mother coming up to her to show her "sexting" from Anthony...has sought a divorce.
*It's well-known that Huma and Hillary are sexual partners.


TRUMP'S immigration plan is evolving in terms of its specifications. TRUMP knows that in a prospering otherwise unhampered market...labor must be unfettered...left alone to go to/from as markets come and go. Glenn Thrush wondered aloud about immigration and TRUMP'S understanding of this obvious concept asking "when" would TRUMP clarify and identify.


Steve Bannon's ex-wife has come forward to reveal the hateful things Steve in times past has said abut JEWS. Yes...the ex-wife is a CLINTON supporter...but...the MASS MEDIA doesn't care.


WAR-BOT(tm) can do several things: fly...perform ground-patrol...and...hold terrain. It's equipped with sensors and weaponry capable of defending an area from assault. So economical is WAR-BOT(tm) that TRUMP will direct the Pentagon to buy and deploy,(WSJ B-1;08-29-16).


Ron Hynes...following a business model promulgated by the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...has piloted RushCard to new heights. It might very well be that Hynes might also grab some tech-marketing experts to cement his position among titans such as: Jack Ma...and...Lady Elizabeth.


Why hasn't Islamic State actually attacked America? Those rag heads could easily close down all airport traffic, railroad traffic and most internet traffic. Accomplished in less than a fortnight...Islamic State could literally bring business-America to a halt for at least 90 days. In that time frame...Islamic State would also have to detonate several "dirty-bombs"...perhaps...New York City targeted for such obliteration...thereby inflicting horrendous casualties and imposing a deadly radiation cloud that would envelop almost the entire Northeast!

So why hasn't Islamic State attacked? If it's so easy...why haven't these rag heads commenced their assault? The answer is obvious. The Islamic State is a puppet for TEAM OBAMA. It's leader was released from GITMO by Obama in 2009 and could attack America at any time but has chosen to refrain. Might ISLAMIC STATE be a puppet of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) as most wizards and wonks suspect?


Olympic swimming medalist Ryan Lochte lost his lucrative endorsements when he admitted he'd LIED about an alleged robbery in RIO. While many people under similar circumstances would be ruined...LOCHTE was contacted by CAMP-CLINTON and asked to join their effort as a fabrication-consultant.

Competing with CAMP-CLINTON for LOCHTE'S Rider McDowell chief executive of Pine Bros. who offered LOCHTE a lifetime supply of soar throat medicine in exchange for a commercial wherein LOCHTE describes his soar throat to a dubious audience with raised eyebrows and grimace-etched faces. LOCHTE pulls out a COLORED POCK...puts it in his mouth...and...emits: "Ah...yes...forgiving my soar throat." The crowd all of a sudden changes from growl to slithering...and...more draped in the shadow of mystique.


What wizard at Exxon invested in a project which required oil not to drop below $70 per barrel? What board member pushed that idea?

Recently...Exxon took the advice of this BLOG and elected to depart the North Slope-Cook Inlet terminal project pointing out the marketplace is glutted with fossil fuel and it'll remain that way for a billion years in all directions.

One Exxon loyalist said Exxon would still be throwing money into that "loser"...if it hadn't been for the intercession of some BLOG with an interest in Exxon,(WSJ B-7;08-29-16).


In the movie, WRONG BOX...Peter Sellers portrays an old doctor in a hilarious exchange about death certificate renewal. When TRUMP'S doctor was shown on TV...his comportment reminded everyone of Peter Seller's character.


Has anyone asked "why" there's more not less interference in America's healthcare markets? Has anyone asked "why" must America continue to devolve into a 3rd world country where government dictates and controls from cradle to grave? Instead of demanding big stick government be removed* from the marketplace...those "connected and profiting" are insisting government grab more...impose more...stomp more,(WSJ A-12;08-29-16).
*TRUMP says the marketplace can sort out the health insurance problem so long as government diktat is removed from that context including the law that requires hospitals to treat anyone at any time.


A loud noise..mistaken as a bullet being fired...caused an entire airport terminal to evacuate...with 123,995 people dashing for exists fearing a slaughter in progress. When it was reported to have been nothing more than an exhaust-pipe flash-bang...everyone turned around and went back inside. The dude...who had first publicly broadcast: BULLET...was asked "why" he had concluded as much. He replied that his dog had softly growled and he interpreted that to mean could have meant seemed to him that dog meant BULLET.


Because he didn't know how to insert the fuse...the backpack bomb didn't explode and 500 church-goers were spared at the Roman Catholic St. Yoseph Church in Medan, Indonesia. The would-be suicide bomber not only was caught but questioned about "why" he would choose to kill. In response...he declared that he was a committed socialist inspired by the teachings of Hillary Clinton and Qaradawi.(WSJ A-7;08-29-16).


Underscoring what Trump said in New Hampshire...he tweeted that Afro-Americans will vote for him when he heard the cousin of Dwayne Wade had been killed in Chicago while out strolling her baby. Instantly...the vicious talking heads of the pro-CLINTON MASS MEDIA attacked TRUMP for exploiting the horror. Yet...TRUMP'S point was obvious: DEMOCRAT-RUN CITIES are dangerous. And if Afro-Americans want security and safety...they should pick him for President and allow him to clean the streets.


Mohamed Amin Ahmed JOINED the army of liberation. Before he joined...Ahmed had been making cartoons for children teaching them the good parts of the Qu'ran and demonizing the "bad parts"...the portions which say it's OKAY to SLAUGHTER the INFIDEL. He ran out of funding to continue his effort to thwart Islamic State's hold on the mush-mind of children. When this BLOG heard of his plight...FUNDING was forthcoming. Allahu Akbar!(WSJ A-3;08-29-16).

Ali Soufan

Ali Soufan...a counter-terrorism expert...said he could ferret out terrorists but didn't know how to confront the ideology which fosters such horrific attacks on unsuspecting victims. When that lament was heard by this BLOG...a tutorial team as sent to SOUFAN GROUP to enlighten and edify. So delighted and overwhelmingly impressed was Ali Soufan that he called his friends in the Middle East to tell them a NEW WORLD ORDER was on its that was based not on government diktat but on an otherwise unhampered market paradigm.(WSJ A-3;08-29-16).


Chicago Bulls super star Dwayne Wade was told his cousin had been killed by a stray bullet. Instantly...Dwayne Wade tore down his wall poster of Hillary Clinton...and...directed his maid to replace it with an 8 foot x 25 foot sign: VIVA TRUMP!

Recall that TRUMP had predicted such horror. Never did he envision Wade's cousin getting killed by a bullet fired at a cab driver. The Sorrell brothers got into an argument with WATABAH...the little brown froggy body dude with red dot on forehead...and...shot at his cab as it drove off. They missed the of the bullets struck and killed Ms. Aldridge as she was walking her baby carriage down the sidewalk.


Ah...yes....another confirmation that socialism does not work and only an unfettered market delivers. As predicted by this BLOG...OBAMA-CARE was destined to destroy the health insurance market with its cemented requirements which were designed to open healthcare to anyone who sought matter when that access desired,(WSJ A-1;08-29-16).

What America was experiencing before OBAMA-CARE arrived were problems caused by government interference in the otherwise unhampered market. States were...and...for the most part...still are directing insurance companies in their states with a multiple of variants as to each making sale of health insurance across state lines problematic since the insurance policy would have to have all 50 states expressed as to each of their requirements for coverage, premium and contract.

Remove insurance from this "dictate and control" approach in every state and the health insurance market would be replete with health insurance companies looking to create risk pools...and...combining pools where the market warranted such mingling.

Federally...had TEAM OBAMA simply: (i) eliminated the law that requires hospitals to treat anyone at any time and (ii) directed all states to leave health insurance alone...American health insurance would be cheap...medical care would be affordable...and...the problems would have evaporated since a marketplace addresses all needs all the time in every way possible.


BOB got up...worked all day cutting wood...and...when he was done...a would-be master with mob arrived and grabbed half of the pile. Next day when the master with mob arrived...they found BOB on the porch. They departed upbraiding BOB for not working for the "common good".

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Artificial intelligence(A/I) is included in WAR-BOT(tm). The termite is the matrix the A/I uses to organize and deploy defense and offense aspects of WAR-BOT(tm) making the WAR-BOT(tm) almost impregnable. Any attack is not only examined...its weaknesses observed...and...retaliatory firepower deployed. When WAR-BOT(tm) is dropped* into a WAR ZONE...the area where WAR-BOT(tm) is assigned instantly becomes peaceful since the Islamic State troops know that to shoot any gun or cannon draws WAR-BOT(tm) obliteration within seconds. VIVA TRUMP.
*For $1 billion a 100,000 WAR-BOTS(tm) can be dropped on Mosul...for instance...and...reclaim the entire area in less than 48 hours. The Pentagon estimated traditional means would cost $50 billion and not have any assurance of success. TRUMP has promised to buy WAR-BOT(TM) and deploy it to test its efficacy again.


Islamic State discussions about an assault on America have lately centered around detonating a "dirty bomb" in Manhattan...rendering that entire area for a 100 mile radius uninhabitable. Al-Baghdadi...looking for some payback for all those years in GITMO...told a cub reporter that he liked the idea of those scumbags glowing in the dark. "We're just waiting until Hillary is president and then we plan to blow a hole in the Big Apple," whispered al-Baghdadi as he looked at his scrap book he had made while a detainee in GITMO.

Ft. Douaumont

In France...during World War I...Frenchie held Ft. Douaumont...a 7.5 acre redoubt with 6 foot walls and impenetrable tunnels where cannon and men could wait out bombardment. In an unguarded moment...David Plouffe...likened Hillary's problem to the tragedy of Ft. Douaumont...a place where mass slaughter happened.


Pick TRUMP...and...the voter can expect to receive an incredible appreciation of asset and self-worth. Select Hillary...and...the voter is guaranteed more big grab government...and...more division among interest groups as each vies for their season in power so they might loot the storeroom of the loser.

In ATLAS SHRUGGED...Ayn Rand points out that given a choice between CAGE or KEY...the voters will choose CAGE if the MASS MEDIA tells them such is "best for them". As a result of this terrible choice...CAGE over KEY...big stomp government takes over and the world descends into chaos and privation.


It's May 14, 2017...and...President Trump just sent 3.7 million federal employees home...erased their pensions...and...closed down their agencies...retaining a skeleton crew to keep parks obligations as they become due. He said he would negotiate all debt...clear the books...and...whatever entitlements there were he'd pay them exchange for release of claim...thereby...eradicating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE' S biggest constituency. VIVA TRUMP!


So powerful was Nazi propaganda that even when the Russians were blowing holes in Berlin...most Germans believed HITLER'S HORDE was about to overtake Moscow...and...delete Stalingrad.

And that same propaganda machine is pushing man-made global warming nonsense and Hillary Clinton for President.

Might she become head honcho and delete fossil fuel returning America thereby to a simple time...a time of tent and mule...a time when people used horse or foot...a time when a ruling elite held sway and dictated all forms of lifestyle and existence put?


Can the MASS MEDIA hide Hillary's scoundrel quotient so well she can defeat TRUMP? Many pundits are betting Clinton will prevail due to such assistance. But...these same gurus predicted BUSH would be the Republican nominee...not some interloper with a big plane and clever platform.


"Brass it out." Such is the instructions given when caught in a wet-paint corner. Lennie Bruce commenting on this predicament declared, "Even if they have photos...deny it!" When Bill Clinton was caught raping women...Hillary told him to deny the allegations. And...of course...everyone recalls ole philandering Bill looking into that camera and declaring" "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky." Might Hillary be adopting this DENY IT stratagem?

David Goodfriend and Clinton's scandal quotient

David Goodfriend...a Clinton comrade...said he hadn't seen any link between Hillary and the Clinton Foundation donors...and...those emails which revealed obvious quid pro quo...this for that...those emails should be ignored. He went on to point out voters don't care if she sold favors noting selling favors was a very old profession.


After seeing a pole vaulter stop his vault run to strike an "at-attention" pose while the Star Spangled Banner was played somewhere else in the stadium...the San Francisco pro-quarterback decided he'd make a socialist-statement...telling the world that America was headed into the socialist-toilet and he would be there telling them to come on in...the water's great.

When the National Anthem was played...this quarterback sat...and...refused to stand in honor of what that flag meant to everyone. "Why be a hypocrite?" asked this quarterback pointing out that liberty had long ago been replaced by "freedom-to-obey"...and...there wasn't much left to salute. Hence...he'd rather sit and watch others pretend.


Iranian gun boats came within 200 yards of a U.S.Destroyer. The bravado of the Iranians was striking. If the IRANIANS had a "nuke"...those gunboats could have forced the U.S.Destroyer to depart the area at flank speed...emitting back smoke to hide retreat. And...Obama...envisions such a scenario as somehow "good". As it was...the U.S.Destroyer fired several shots and the gunboats left.

The WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG cautioned Pentagon officials to be aware of the TORPEDO BOAT...a 24 foot long Boston Whaler kind of craft...a 300 HP outboard engine...and...a 20 foot long torpedo strapped beneath and fired once the Whaler gets within 180 yards. The likelihood of deflection or avoidance at that range is nil. It's this tactic and distance the Iranians are now charting and plugging into their attack computers. Allahu Akbar!


The complicit MASS MEDIA has done all it can to ignore the latest email revelation of a pay-to-play scheme conducted by Hillary and Bill during her tenure as Secretary of State. To assist...HILLARY played the RACE CARD...citing examples* of white supremacists who have endorsed TRUMP. Instantly...the MASS MEDIA focused on TRUMP-the-racist...and...ignored the elephant in the room: CLINTON'S EMAIL SCANDAL.

Even Barney Frank(D. Mass) had to get in on the laughter...noting that he'd heard Hillary had been asked to sit at a table of Afro-Americans and declined choosing instead to sit with people who had paid $33,000 per plate for the privilege.
*Not anyone asked if these jerks were put up to that kind of publication by pro-CLINTON forces. Not any TRUMP campaign personnel would ever hire or deploy such white supremacists...but...CAMP CLINTON would dispatch them...send them forth dressed as TRUMP PEOPLE...but...spewing racist venom when "friendly" TV cameras approach.


When asked about the "pay-to-play" scheme during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State...U.S.Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) replied, "Disinfectant. The chemical used to clean an area of contamination. Might such application help wipe away the stain?"


Kelly Riddell...asked Hillary Clinton about her emails and was rebuked for having broached what the MASS MEDIA had already said was a closed file.


Tear it down...make room for Crown...said Hillary Clinton the stomper. Take from rich...leave not a stitch...said Hillary Clinton the chomper.


A Democrat said she went to a Hillary Clinton rally to hear what goodies she'd be given. She heard Clinton would promise kingdoms and glories in exchange for a vote...and...she was there to find out what freebie or favor she might receive. As she pressed toward Clinton to ask what benefit Clinton would bestow on her...she was met by a 6 foot 10 inch goon wearing sun ill-fitting tie...and...a smell from locker room central.


David Plouffe was asked about "pay-to-play" and he scoffed...and...demurred. "How dare anyone ask about the dirty laundry Clinton obvious has?"scolded Plouffe.


"FOLLOW THE MONEY!" screamed General Patraeus from his jail cell as he addressed the latest revelation of a pay-to-play scheme conducted while Clinton was Secretary of State. "Look at how Clinton interests were'll observe favor-selling," chanted Patreaus from his jail cell.


Dale ACLU honcho...admitted U.S.Senator Al Franken was elected by dead people. "I can't say how many but it was enough to win," Dale Ho whispered as he heard about Al Franken's declaration that people liked him. "Even Civil War vets were found voting for Al Franken," Dale Ho mentioned as he chuckled over the clever way Franken's team went about defrauding the VOTE-SYSTEM.


Martin O'Malley...and...Ben Ginsberg coincidentally met one evening at a meeting where sexual toys and Islam were exquisitely discussed. Both were trying out new things...and...their mutual interest drew them together as a magnet does iron filings. They were inseparable*...always discussing the Qu'ran and its teachings about sex with camels. In an unguarded moment...for instance...Martin was overheard telling Ben, "Oh--Ben...not there."
* And...they often were known to practice with a tolerant camel from the Washington Zoo.


Even though he's a rabid freedom-hater...and...would kill his own other to advance the cause of socialism...nonetheless...DAYLE LAMONT JENKINS told a cub reporter TRUMP was correct when he declared the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE had become intolerable. Even Jenkins who liked the idea of others working for him saw America headed into the Venezuelan toilet...and...he didn't much care to go swimming.

Joy Ann Reid

"TRUMP HATER!" whispered Melania when Joy Ann Reid walked by her at TRUMP TOWER. MSNBC Joy Ann Reid...heard the comment...turned...and...replied, "Hillary will defeat TRUMP and impose a socialist new world order where your wealth will be taken and redistributed by Hillary as she sees fit. We'll sell this place and feed the homeless with the money."


"DON'T SHOW YOUR TAX RETURNS!" Trump was told by Lady Elizabeth as she listened to other advisers tell TRUMP he needed to permit the vultures to pick his bones.
Lady Elizabeth is the leader of the crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears ...your purse!"


Tom Wolfe recently co-opted a theory the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG was pushing...namely...that human speech evolved as man evolved from slime. The Egyptians understood this idea about SPEECH and the immutability of nature; And...instead of writing their best stuff on parchment...they chose etching it in granite...somehow understanding that eons hence only the granite would be found. Might Tommy Wolfe sense as much?


Kenneth S. Rogoff is a scumbag! He's a would-be master waiting for his chance to decree and denounce. To accomplish this feat...ROGOFF THE SCUMBAG as he's called on the street when people spot him...wants to eliminate the $100 bill...and...force anyone making a purchase greater than $1000 to obtain permission from ROGOFF before such purchase can be done. WOW! What a scumbag!


How does one sweep the temple?(MARK 11:15). In the instance of STX Offshore & Shipbuilding's done by eliminating 33% of its workforce...closing down shipyards in socialist countries such as France...and...selling as much as needed to become profitable once more.

Might TRUMP do the same with the federal government? Might he delete until the federal government is once more delivering ONLY essential services such as courts, police and national defense and little else? Might TRUMP use the reserve currency status of the U.S.dollar and pay off all entitlement recipients in a one-time pay-off in exchange for a release of claim thereby eliminating the NANNY STATE entitlement system and thereby open America to prosperity in an otherwise unhampered market paradigm? VIVA TRUMP!


Folks...we're about to watch the INTERNET get enslaved; and sellers on the "net" had best join together and speak out. The brick and mortar people...those with fixed assets which are taxed to the max...can't compete with entrepreneurs who don't have to pay: "DA MAN"(think big grab government).

Instead of the brick and mortar people joining to eliminate their tax burden...they're being led into a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein they're plight will always be caused by more intrusive government...more taxes...and...more diktat from bureaucratic scumbags,(WSJ B-1;08-28-16).

Why these people would wish to visit that kind of perpetual suffering on others isn't explained except to say THEY want big grab government crushing everyone equally...never suspecting that they could overthrow the stomp-and-chomp model if only they had bold-enough leaders. VIVA TRUMP!

King Mohammed VI

Morocco's King Mohammed the behest of this BLOG...came forward to tell the world there is not any heavenly prize wherein the martyr receives 72 virgins and unlimited amounts of wine. Because most Islamic State troopers believe in such paradise..."Hammie" he's called by his friends and loved ones...felt he could not be quiet any longer. And to appease this BLOG...he came forward condemning terrorists and demanding they cease their evil enterprise.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Incensed and hate-filled...Guillaume Larrive' told a cub reporter he'd see to it there was a law passed that gave French mayors the power to ban BURKINIS from their beaches. "I love bare breasted maidens frolicking on the beach...and...along come these ladies dressed from head to toe in a BURKINI...only face...hands...and...feet...nothing else's ruined my view. I'm going to stop it...and...stop it I will," drooled venomous Guillaume as he looked out on a beach of black clad ladies swimming...throwing frisbees...and...lounging on towel and stool,(WSJ A-7;08-27-16)


U.S.Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL)...chaffing over the slam this BLOG has mounted on him...told a cub reporter he didn't much care for the BLOG...but...admired how it had uncovered the HILLARY EMAIL SCANDAL.

Senator-Bill went on to say that: "U.S.District Judge William Dimitrouleas...sitting in a federal court in Florida...directed the State Department to reveal Benghazi data...all data in that period from 09-09-12 to 09-15-12. Of course...State Department officials...wishing to retain their career employment...perhaps even advance...will slow-walk any response to Judge D's order. They can simply wait until after the election...then...have Hillary eliminate Judge D. the same way Vince Foster was deleted." 


The State Department has revealed it won't be able to show voters the schedule of meetings...dates...times...places...names of attendees...and...transcripts of those meetings between Clinton and "donors" before the election.

Slow-walking the effort will redound to the benefit of CAMP-CLINTON. Yes...those things could be marshaled and delivered easily and expeditiously...but...such revelation would derail Clinton's effort. Obama promised Hillary...he would slow-walk everything until she gained power and was patch breach...and...escape condemnation.

Gov. Paul LePage

Because he's a freedom-hater...and...didn't much care for LePage...Mr. Gattine decided to ascribe an opprobrious label to LePage and the reaction was incendiary.

Drew Gattine...a scumbag Democrat...called LePage a "racist"...and...LePage called Gattine a "cock-sucker" and demanded Gattine meet him somewhere alone so they could settle the matter the only way possible: MANO-E-MANO!

Drew Gattine became angry over LePage's revelation. He couldn't walk down the street without every homosexual offering him a treat. When LePage was asked about his voice-message on Gattine's phone...LePage apologized for the "outing-from-closet"...but did not apologize for fighting the heroin epidemic in lackluster MAINE,(WSJ A-3;08-27-16).


Thomas Grove...a poster child for STUPID MAGAZINE...told a cub reporter he wanted his team to control the INTERNET. He pointed out that by him having total control...he and his bunch could make sure only stuff he liked was found on the INTERNET...with everything else chased down and killed,(WSJ A-1;08-27-16).

When asked what rubbed him so raw he had come to this conclusion that he and he alone could make the INTERNET what he thought the INTERNET should be...THOMAS GROVE dove into a sea of anger and said, "Ramzan Kadyrov, the beefy, bearded president of Chechnya struck a defiant...macho pose on INSTAGRAM...and...he had 1.9 million hits in less than 30 seconds. They love to see his him beat government agents who overstepped their authority...slap a socialist in public and defy that scumbag to do something about it...right there...right then...mano-e-mano...and...I hate him for it. He can attract the attention I so crave. But...once I'm head honcho...once I control the INTERNET...I'll dictate when and where such louts as RAMZAN KADYROV can ever be seen on social media."

Friday, August 26, 2016


Has anyone noticed the economists have failed to forecast anything even remotely near what the final numbers for GNP were? These idiots bragged about Obama's economic plans and how great the economy would be by July 01,2016. Now that July 01,2016 has come and gone and America is still in the would seem likely than some of these gurus would admit they're paradigm is wrong...their methodology skewed...and...the economic theory of von Mises, et al and not theirs was correct.


"Trust her?" asked General McFarland...head honcho of CenCom...when he was told Hillary Clinton had his back.

bitter advertising

In an attack ad...a mother is shown at bed time telling her daughter about great ladies in times past. Betsy Ross...Gloria Tubman...and...Molly Pitcher...the lady who brought water to her husband and when he fell took up his position at the cannon. Then the ad switches to the mother looking out into the night through the moon-lit window...across a quiet landscape...and...she reflects on CLINTON...the TV then shows she's reviewing in her mind a series of LIES told by CLINTON. Then the mother tells the the camera pans' the little face of child...then...the stern face of the mother who "sighs" and says...."One day there will be a female President...but...not any time soon."


Jeb Bush was out of the primary easily by Trump pushed...shoved off the stage by TRUMP'S gravitas! Jeb was meek and timid...a 20th century "politically-correct" puppet for the military-industrial complex...and...Republicans simply couldn't stomach a worm running against a powerhouse such as Clinton.

TRUMP can defeat Clinton despite MASS MEDIA 24/7 bombardment because voters are tired of the NANNY STATE CAGE. The national debt is $19(+) trillion...businesses are departing America as quickly as they can find suckers to buy their problems...and...investors have lost confidence in what was once the greatest banking system on Earth. As TRUMP asked all voters: "Folks...what do you have to lose by permitting TRUMP to solve and make America great again?" VIVA TRUMP!

2008 Hillary: RACIST

In 2008...Hillary Clinton along with her husband tried to besmirch Obama...calling him a Muslim...a wife-beater...and...a Kenyan. Yes...Clinton was the 1st to doubt Obama's birthplace...not TRUMP!


MSNBC Rachel Maddow...the butch-chick on a macho trip...hates TRUMP. His declaration of intent to dismantle her beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE has tangled and stretched until she drips with venom not any longer having ways to hide conviction.


In Reno, Nevada...before a hand-picked audience...Hillary Clinton accused TRUMP of bigotry. She recited as proof all the "hate-groups"...and...race-baiting wonks...all of whom have come forward to endorse TRUMP and denounce Hillary. Somehow those endorsements were detrimental to TRUMP...but...the endorsements* of CLINTON by the American Communist Party meant nothing.
*Of course...the MASS MEDIA would never alert voters that the enemies of America have called for Clinton to prevail.

Li & Fung, Ltd

Spencer Fung told a cub reporter the factory middlemen were getting hammered as more and more customers dealt directly with website to customer formats. He was backing Hillary because she promised him that under her guidance the INTERNET would cease to be anything more than a pipeline for government-permitted chatter...and...the archaic system about which FUNG was discussing would be restored,(WSJ B-6;08-26-16).


Between you and whatever best met when bridge available. Joe Semprevivo is such a bridge. There is a war on freedom afoot...and...JOE is there to help beat back the socialists and other barbarians...defending liberty against those who would replace it with "freedom-to-obey". VIVA JOE!


MSNBC held a scripted interview with Hillary Clinton. She was thrown softball pitches which she easily batted out of the proverbial park. Not any way to whiff and miss the point. The talking heads fawned over her...lavishing her with warmth and understanding...never once prying into her "pay-to-play" scheme conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State. She SCRUBBED her trail...deleting emails...and...other things...and...perhaps...she might escape condemnation. Certainly...the MASS MEDIA will assist her as much as possible. And that so-called interview was NONSENSE!

Conseil d/Etat

The Conseil d'Etat...France's highest administrative court, heard an appeal from human-rights associations seeking to overturn a BURKINI BAN adopted by Villeneuve-Loubet, a town along the French Riviera between Cannes and Nice,(WSJ A-12;08-26-16). When asked about this ban on such clothing...Hillary Clinton replied, "I like the idea of imposing on people...forcing them to wear what the state thinks best. I makes my left leg tingle just thinking about the power of that government."


Connecticut...for years...attracted investors because it lacked an income tax. However...instead of defending their wall against such tyranny...voters...chose to impose* one...and...decided to be enslaved. That tax has stifled business...discouraged investors looking for a home...and...generally funded the Democrat Party since 1991.
*Nationally...TRUMP has framed the federal income tax as a similar stifling aspect and must be reduced...if not deleted. VIVA TRUMP!

"Immigration" and TRUMP

TRUMP will offer a plan about illegal immigration. So far...TRUMP has described a sliding scale with gang members and hooligans the first to be deported. TRUMP noted in defense of his plan that there were strong laws already on the books...and...Obama...himself...had been recently labeledby minorities as: THE GREAT DEPORTER IN CHIEF.

11.3 million cross back into Mexico

Mexico saw TRUMP'S trains bringing 11.5 million gang members and hooligans to the border for deportation into Mexico...and...began to erect the WALL not anyone said Mexico would ever construct. "We'll erect a wall...and...let TRUMP pile 11 million into camp sites as they await deportation...something impeded by the wall I will build," snorted the Mexican president.


Across Europe refugees are found...perhaps as many as 15 million...with few options to absorb them since the European Union's socialist system can't adjust without depriving those already receiving socialist benefit.


Ah...yes...the club...the Council of Economic Advisers...a grand mix of economists...henchmen...and...stooges...and not anyway to distinguish which they are. And...these gurus joined to denounce TRUMP. They can't imagine a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...since their paradigm is a CONTROLLED SYSTEM where they're the be respected...worshiped...and...heeded above all others,(WSJ A-5;08-26-16).


Ross McNutt...while surfing Teahupo...came up with an idea. Why not put aloft surveillance aircraft with cameras capable of high resolution? When he returned to his house...he commenced building his 1st drone. After it proved to be a great platform...McNutt founded PERSISTENT SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS(PSS)...offered the service...and...waited for customers.

Laura and John Arnold sensing there was a need for a "look-see"...went on-line...and...using GOOGLE found McNutt and his business plan. After $360,000 was transferred to PSS...McNutt commenced over-flying Baltimore. So far...PSS has helped to solve 1000 crimes. Yes...people are angry that their public life can be watched from 50,000 feet...but...U.S. v. KATZ has framed it well: IF YOU DON'T WANT IT OBSERVED...DON'T GO OUTSIDE.


By removing oil sand and converting it to petroleum and sending that petroleum to had angered Mother Earth. Albert Gore and Michael Mann...two of the loudest global-warming advocates on the planet...made special trips to Canada warning them about the anger of Mother Earth...entreating them to stop changing the world with fossil fuel. Naturally...their protestations were ignored...labeled the rantings of madmen...and...other opprobrious metaphor.

However...just as Al and Mike predicted...and...confirming their fear...Italy was rocked by a 6.2 earthquake that left one village devastated. Pescara Del Tronto was wiped off the map by landslide and liqui-faction.


According to GOOGLE OFFICIALS...this BLOG was the ONLY ONE that predicted BREXIT! Congratulations are in order for the PREDICTION DEPARTMENT. Good work, team!


Folks...remove bottleneck. It's the simple answer to the EpiPen imbroglio. Mylan over 8 years raised the price of the EpiPen 550%. That company could do that kind of incremental price increase because it was informed by officials at the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) that the FDA had stopped all competitors and Mylan had free field,(WSJ A-1;08-26-16).

Remove the FDA. Eliminate these jackals and death-camp guards...and...permit Americans freedom to choose between EpiPen or some other product. Yes...the buyer would have to know something about the product to avoid getting duped...but...that is the difference between a NANNY STATE where cradle to grave diktat otherwise unhampered market where information about any product is not only available...but...probably comes with YouTube commemorations.

U.S.Rep. Mark Sanford(R.S.C.)

U.S.Rep. Mark Sanford(R.S.C.) wants TRUMP to expose his tax returns to a hateful MASS MEDIA and permit jackal and crow to feed thereon. HUH?

TRUMP does not have to reveal his tax returns and he should REFUSE! He is an outsider...and...insiders will always find ways to attack and attack and attack. They need not be correct...all they need are those tax returns so they can attack...questioning...criticizing...and...doing all they can to derail...besmirch...and...demean.

Ridiculous to permit such wall breach! Why U.S.Rep. Sanders is asking that TRUMP expose himself to such animosity...backed by 24/7 MASS MEDIA firepower...isn't fully explained.

Hackers are busy accessing Sanford's computers to glean the answer to that question.

It might simple as Sanford didn't think through the issue and was simply getting his 15 minutes of fame. Edward Snowden...that now infamous former employee of the National Security Agency...seemed to conclude Sanford was trying to gather some Republican support for himself and help himself thereby in his own close race. Snowden TOLD TRUMP not to fall into this trap.


Has anyone noticed the talking heads* berating TRUMP 24/7 and praising Hillary as if she isn't a scoundrel?

Take the different ways the MASS MEDIA has treated TRUMP and CLINTON speeches.

The speech Clinton delivered in Nevada was boring...bromide packed...and...platitude crammed. She told minorities she would care for them in the same way a farmer tends cattle and sheep. Yet...the MASS MEDIA talking heads have labeled that speech one of the greatest speeches ever made...likening it to the Gettysburg Address.

On the other hand...the speech TRUMP delivered in New Hampshire was ridiculed and lambasted. Talking heads could not find any redeeming aspect to TRUMP'S declaration. They felt he was too timid...too nice...too easily swayed...and...such facile attitude would drown him. They predicted that even his ardent supporters would refuse to throw a "life-line".
*The same talking heads who predicted TRUMP could not defeat 17 other Republicans and win the Republican nomination for loudest critics of TRUMP.


Some years ago...Andy Griffith played the role of LONESOME ROADS...a politician who used people to gain power. When he was exposed...however...people shunned him. Hillary Clinton is a modern day LONESOME ROADS. The only thing Americans haven't yet seen is Hillary looking into a camera she thinks is off and actually revealing that she looks upon minorities as "votes"...and...once gathered...those people ignored until needed again.


DEVIL DOG! Such was the label ascribed to Hillary Clinton by Kellyanne Conway...TRUMP'S newest helper. Backing up this appellation...Kellyanne noted that when a leader is deleted...the minions instantly whistle blow looking for life lines. She said once people sense Hillary isn't going to be President...and...unable to protect herself or them...the rats off the sinking ship will be astounding.

Kellyanne Conway went on to point out the MADOFF THEORY. In this theory...people can be shown what is afoot...what is really happening and they won't believe it. Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme were uncovered and shown to the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)...pluperfect proof presented...and...because the officials at the SEC knew Madoff...they ignored the whistle blower. When Madoff was finally caught...the SEC said it had the official right to ignore facts. Might voters be ignoring what they see as criminality on the part of Hillary Clinton?

Kellyanne Conway overlapped these two concepts with a 3rd. She called it the CASANDRA PRINCIPLE. In that one...Casandra was cursed by Zeus. She could foretell the future but not anyone would believe her. Ms Conway pointed out that Democrats have been told Clinton's vision for America is a socialist toilet...but...they won't believe her. "It's obvious what Clinton wants requires socialist dominion over all forms of production...and...she intends to impose it. Yet...Democrats don't see what's coming," whispered Kellyanne as she wiped away tears for the America that would be lost.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jessica Tarlov

Jessica Tarlov...a rabid freedom-hater...decided it was time to speak out in favor of more not less 20th Century big grab government...more regulations...more taxes...more grip...more stomp and chomp...all designed to deliver a socialist paradise similar to what people enjoy in VENEZUELA. And her choice to render such EDEN none other than Hillary Clinton!

J. Christian Adams

J. Christian Adams erupted and began to whistle blow and tell the world about corruption inside the U.S.Department of Injustice. According to Adams...U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY was assassinated before he could tell America what he had uncovered along the Mexican border. But...the shooter didn't agree with that decision to snuff...and...left behind evidence* that could be traced all the way into the Oval Office...the source of that order to terminate with extreme prejudice. Adams pointed out that Eric the Holder...then...U.S.Attorney General...refused to TRACE that bullet into the OVAL OFFICE because he was "in-on-it".
*The BULLET came from a gun traced to the Executive branch of Obama's government!(FAST AND FURIOUS was the canned cover-story when it was discovered the shooter had her own agenda and the bullet had been traced into the hands of people under the control of OBAMA.)

Mary Carillo

Mary Carillo told a cub reporter she hated Clinton but would push Hillary anyway since with Hillary she had a chance to be somebody. She had been promised kingdoms and glories,(MATTHEW 4:8). She decided to choose the feeding hand...and...push Hillary even though TRUMP the "better man".


The MASS MEDIA won't show the enthusiasm or size of the TRUMP rally crowds on TV. They can't show them because they'd have to show Clinton-crowds...and...those crowds are quiet...almost show them would be to undermine their choice for President.


From a 56 footer...Hillary fell...unable to ride Teahupo. Might she also fail to shoot the curl and wipe out before the Oval Office? Might all her scandals be strewn in "yard sale" fashion...the same way that mountain of water rubbed and scrubbed Clinton as it dashed and bashed?


The North Korean leader is likened to a BOBBLE-HEAD...small body...enormous head...and...hence...BOBBLE HEAD.

The BOBBLE HEAD directed one of his submarines to shoot off a missile which went 300 miles before falling into the sea. What got TRUMP'S attention what the kind of engine well that engine worked. As TRUMP noted, "If you take 4 of those engines...add some can shoot that package 10,000 miles and doom almost all of America to nuclear holocaust.

OBAMA isn't doing anything about it. A former Secretary of Defense...Leon Panetta...put it into perspective...however...when he whispered, "Obama's unable to stop this progression which must eventually end with a surprise attack on America...probably San know...the place where people where flowers in their hair."

Jonathan Greenblatt splat

Anti-defamation activist, JONATHAN GREENBLATT came forward to discuss RACISM...but...never once did he condemn Hillary Clinton who has never allowed Afro-Americans into her swimming pool. She directed her security guards on one occasion to run off a group of young Afro-Americans who thought she was color-blind...only to discover her own security guards using the N-word as they chased them away with growling...snarling...attack dogs specially bred by Bill Clinton to hunt down such odor.


Has anyone noticed the POLL that showed people thought TRUMP'S statements were racist? How did that POLL come about so quickly and before Clinton or Trump traded petards over the issue of bigotry?

Could MSNBC have commissioned that POLL? Or was that POLL somehow orchestrated by CAMP-CLINTON so that this POLL arrived for MASS MEDIA use in such timing as to support CLINTON'S declaration that TRUMP won't help minorities...but...her big grab government would.

Even though what Clinton proposed has never done anything but create more misery and privation...nonetheless...the complicit MASS MEDIA is pushing the CLINTON PLAN as wondrous...miraculous...and...bound to deliver unto minorities what those same programs and policies have never yet done in times past. likely as not...there will be POLLS which support that buy-line as well.


Katy Tur...reporter for MSNBC...and...assigned to shadow TRUMP...came on TV after TRUMP spoke in New Hampshire and skewed his message...distorted meaning and description...trying to paint TRUMP in as bad a light as her nasty-aspect could fashion. Many objective observers noted how disturbed she appeared to be when discussing TRUMP'S offer to liberate the subjugated. It was as if she were saying: How dare TRUMP offer KEY to the CAGED?

CALLING ME RACIST? a carefully-crafted hate-speech...HILLARY CLINTON threw out the RACIST CARD...trying to divert attention away from her EMAIL SCANDAL...her PAY TO PLAY scandal...her BENGHAZI scandal...her LYING TO CONGRESS scandal...and...more scandals to come as this BLOG and Wikileaks reveal more stuff...more game-changing data...the kind you find in a second hand store.


BOB bought a power saw...cut more wood...made bigger profit for time spent. TOM observed such increase...and...asked his pal in government to outlaw power saws.

Of course...BOB lacked MASS MEDIA power so when the anti-saw law arrived...BOB quit. Took his savings...sold whatever...and...went where power saws were lawful and recommenced production.

In this scenario where does TRUMP bubble forth? He would be the one who says...NO SUCH LAW...REPEAL THAT up the field to anyone willing to compete. VIVA TRUMP!


In Nevada...Hillary told a small hand-picked crowd that TRUMP was selling "smoke and mirrors". She underscored that proposition using a proverb: "Tell me what you want...and...I'll tell you who you are." HUH?

Instantly...people began to ask Hillary: YOU SCRUBBED 33,000 emails. Does not such SCRUBBING...according to that PROVERB...mean you're HIDING SOMETHING? Does not that PROVERB imply you conducted a "pay-to-play" scheme during your tenure as Secretary of State?


Some neighborhood kids were swimming in Clinton's pool...and...her armed security guards...ran 'em off. When the disgruntled...disillusions waifs were asked...they all said they had heard Hillary's Nevada speech about swimming in restricted pools and how her pool was always open to kids wanting to be Olympic champions...that they had believed her...their minds full of be molded...and...branded...and...they were so vulnerable to her declaration that her POOL was OPEN...come in and enjoy the POOL. Of course...they discovered her to be a LIAR!

demeaning Bannon

Hillary Clinton besmirched Bannon...TRUMP'S newest advocate and helper. TRUMP called Clinton's racist argument another despicable Camp-Clinton DISPLAY OF FEAR. The only person who wants freedom for minorities is TRUMP! Saying something nasty about Bannon can't insulate Clinton from voter scrutiny. They are looking...listening...and...forming their own opinion about Hillary.


Hillary Clinton said TRUMP would not do well in the situation room...he could not tell the difference between fact and faction...that her hand would be steady...and...dependable. HUH? She LIED about a VIDEO...and...could not be found during the hours 4 Americans in Benghazi screamed for her help. The last person anyone would ever wish to have at the other end of that life line is Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton accused TRUMP of racism reciting as proof an imbroglio over his apartments as a way to keep the minorities out of the Big Apple. TRUMP also didn't want Afro-Americans to have better schools despite his effort to push charter school initiatives. Of course...her accusations were divert attention away from her own scoundrel-quotient...she attacked TRUMP, her venom dripping.


Has anyone noticed the Neo-Nazis and the white supremacists endorsed TRUMP? Could Democrats actually be such authors? TRUMP seems to think these latest DEMOCRAT ADS are such products. And...most voters seem to think the same. Indeed...Angie...from Angie's List...told a cub reporter, "These ads are aimed at the low-information voter...the Afro-American...the Latino...and...of course...the California-vote." 

dairy farmers enslaved

Instead of demanding a removal of all taxes and red tape associated with dairy production...thereby opening dairy products to open markets...the dairy farmers wanted Uncle Sugar to buy their cheese.'s time that trade barriers and big grab government be eliminated and an otherwise unhampered market permitted. TRUMP boldly proposes to open America to business so long as other nations reciprocate leaving government on the sidelines and competitors on the field. In that open environment...American dairy out-competes all comers. VIVA TRUMP!

EpiPen prices

Remove EpiPen bottleneck and protection at the Food and Drug Administration(FDA)...and...prices would plummet as competitors would flood that specialized market. Until FDA is deleted...though...millions of people will continue to suffer. It's NAZI-like and FDA must be eliminated!


Obama chuckled about how he duped America. He laughed about how they trusted his phrase: "shovel-ready"...and...roared into loud laughter when someone added, "Keep their doctor or health insurance." the 1990s...Washington State ventured into OBAMA-CARE and discovered it wasn't possible...only rejecting socialized medicine when it simply ran out of other people's money.

And...the complicit Democrats...knowing that OBAMA-CARE could not possibly work...nonetheless...proceeded to impose OBAMA-CARE because they foresaw that once it was concluded OBAMA-CARE was not possible...that with the assistance of the MASS MEDIA these would-be masters would propose SINGLE PAYER with the government running healthcare...delivering to everyone the wonders of what the vets receive from the infamous VA.


Government interferes...something consequential occurs that was not expected...and...more government is used to solve the problem...further exacerbating the original shortfall which somehow warranted government intrusion in the first place. TRUMP proposes to dismantle the bottleneck and permit such products to compete, (WSJ 08-25-16;A-10; EpiPen debacle-FDA helping cronies).

The solution is for government to remain* outside the Socio-economic sphere...offering only essential services such as courts, both penal and civil, police to protect and serve and a small national defense force to keep barbarians from overtaking and disrupting.
*(AYN RAND, Capitalism, the unknown ideal; and von Mises: While road, bridge, tunnel, harbor and airport maintenance, improvement and construction might be included in state budgets, the federal budget should be dedicated to the THREE FUNCTIONS above mentioned.


Overall ardent support evaporates every time Hillary speaks at a rally. Yes...there are some supporters who don't care what she did...and...cheer for her no matter what. But more and more voters are asking about her so-called scoundrel quotient. Why vote for a liar...the mantra goes.


Syrian President Assad tried to keep the road to Aleppo open to facilitate trade and resupply of food and medicine. became obvious the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) was backing a bunch of malcontents who didn't want such pathway open since it reduced the "boiling pot" affect the CIA was trying to create.


An email-chain published by this BLOG was confirmed by Wikileaks to be authentic. This email-chain depicts a material portion of the OBVIOUS "pay-to-play" scheme Hillary conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State. It connects donors and favors in such bridge-like fashion...not any cover-up by CAMP-CLINTON will be effective. As Senator Chuck Schumer acknowledged when asked about this BOMB, "There are too many voters who recall Bill looking into that TV camera and declaring: "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN, Monica Lewinsky."


Most people believe Clinton is holding aces and eights...the proverbial dead man's hand...but...her hole card is GARY JOHNSON. Recall ROSS PEROT was injected to draw away enough votes to propel Clinton into the Oval Office. And...this Clinton tactic is afoot once more.

This time the interloper is GARY JOHNSON. He might draw enough votes from TRUMP to give Hillary the edge. If CAMP-CLINTON can keep the "scoundrel quotient" minimal in the minds of most voters through strategic MASS MEDIA help...she can defeat TRUMP and grab the power she needs to avoid prosecution.


STICKER SHOCK! Health Insurance rates are climbing and the bill customers will receive will be staggering. Yet...the U.S.Supreme Court declared the MANDATE was a TAX and could be levied on anyone. Will the people...rebel...and...refuse to kneel and worship this idol?


Hillary Clinton was heard screaming at her husband in their campaign hotel room. "You paid off everybody...and...forgot Julian Assange!" Of most people now know...Wikileaks is about to drop a bomb on CAMP-CLINTON. Yes...Judicial Watch is scraping the veneer somewhat through legal approach Clinton can slow-walk...but...Assange's stuff is not filtered...not scrubbed...but...raw data...incriminating information...things Hillary wished she had never committed to email. OUCH!
*Those computers Clinton had were not only hacked but the entire data base was duplicated. Clinton overlooked Assange since she had been told long ago not anyone would ever listen to Wikileaks' drivel and tripe. Naturally...Clinton accepted this conclusion and was surprised when JULIAN revealed he had "dirt".

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Sparse crowds at Clinton rallies...and...those who attend are there because it's an historical occasion. First woman running for president. Somehow...her scoundrel quotient doesn't matter. Yes...she made a billion bucks selling favors...but...such scheme might not be enough to derail her ascendancy to the Oval Office. At least the complicit MASS MEDIA is assisting Hillary the same way it assisted Bill when he was caught with his pants down. They're mocking the "pay-to-play" scheme because such a scheme is obviously illegal, (U.S.Const.Art.1,Sec.9).

TURKS CROSS SYRIAN BORDER was decided the KURDS were to be betrayed. The likely author of this grand screw-job must be Obama. Not anyone else could condone such butchery and mayhem.


ROCHA and AXELROD...want Hillary to discuss her "pay-to-play" scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State. They believe she must interface with an inquisitive press corp and lay bare her misdeeds...and...perform a well-scripted CHECKERS' SPEECH,(Nixon's dog).


Forecasting a loss of the Senate and House along with the presidency...Andrew Weinstein asked all Republicans to come forward and support down-line candidates even if turned off by Trump. When asked about the huge crowds TRUMP was drawing wherever he went...WEINSTEIN replied, "TRUMP is a showman and as such he'll always draw a crowd but few voters will choose liberation when they can remain inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where the would-be master can decree: "our tears...your purse!"


"You go, gal!" cheered Senator Ayotte when she heard Eileen Associated Press reporter...had discovered HILLARY CLINTON...during her tenure as Secretary of State...was meeting with donors who had donated to the Clinton Family Foundation or some other Clinton-related charity...and...most of those donors...down-line...received significant favors. So obvious this "pay-to-play" scheme...Eileen said she simply could not ignore it. "I wanted to hide this elephant under the Hillary...but...the rug was too small...and...the elephant couldn't be downsized. It made my skin crawl...though...just thinking about how corrupt Hillary had become."


"Jamaa" means "group"...or..."hive" found in the Islamic tenet that if the group directs a member to enter a marketplace...and...detonate an explosive vest...that member must do as directed. While that individual is no more...jamaa continues...its goals advanced by martyrdom.

Not anywhere in the Qu'ran can this tenet be found. Not anywhere in the Qu'ran is there any diktat to commit suicide or slaughter strangers. Yet...Islamic scholars and clerics* preach such stuff as if it were the WORDS of the blessed Prophet himself.
*Yusuf al-Qaradawi is one of the greatest offenders of misreading the Qu'ran to advance personal desire.


On the campaign trail...TRUMP reached out to the downtrodden. "What do you have to lose?" Trump asked the minorities. He recited nasty statistics about how minorities have suffered under TEAM OBAMA. He noted Hillary wanted to continue OBAMA-NOMICS and make her term as President but an extension of what Obama began...reducing America to a socialist toilet similar to what can be found in Venezuela...a well-touted socialist EDEN.

And...while TRUMP'S entreaty was made the ruling elite of the minorities angry. Take Symone Sanders for instance. Symone Sanders...a rabid freedom-hater...told a cub reporter she despised TRUMP for offering KEY to the CAGED. She relished the bottleneck big stifle government represented to minorities...and...TRUMP'S offer to remove its grip on future's throat wasn't wanted. Hearing her venom...a struggling inner city Afro-American replied, "Speak for yourself, sister!"


Bill Clinton lied. He had to lie lest he lose an election. Later...when his lying was revealed...he relied on Democrats to insulate him from impeachment. The same kind of LYING is now being used to get Hillary elected. Sure...she'll be caught and exposed after her then...she'll be too powerful to attack.


Vadim Lavrusik...manager of FACEBOOK LIVE...struck out on his own calling his new app: Alively. It offers live-streaming video but only for select recipients. Because Vadim has proven himself...this BLOG invited him to go out on his own and flourish. He was promised that if he needed much as required would be available 24/7. VIVA VADIM!


Italy was warned about earthquake danger. They scoffed at the warning since Italy has always been quake-crammed...making such a warning similar to telling them there is an ocean down the street. But this warning was different. It had a "DATE"...something not any other quake predictor ever gave out of fear any future prediction would be ignored and left unfunded. Despite this obvious RISK...this BLOG issued the warning for central Italy. Unfortunately...only Al-Jazzera carried the publication.


Impoverished folks like Coke, Pepsi and Mountain Dew...but...choose water when a tax is applied. The BIG avoided because of the BIG GRAB TAX as it's called on SOCIAL MEDIA,(WSJ B-1;08-24-16). To force people to obey...big grip government imposed a tax on sugary drinks thereby raising the price of a BIG GULP so much that to buy one a mortgage on the house and promise to sell the 1st born are required.


Hillary Clinton has proven there is a ruling elite...insulated from the laws that apply to everyone else. Her husband...for example...held a private meeting with U.S.Attorney General Loretta Lynch a few days before James Comey announced his decision to permit the voters to choose if they want a LIAR as their President. Recently...a "pay-to-play" scheme was uncovered and its tentacles might reach all the way into the Oval Office which would explain "why" Obama publicly assured Clinton he would not direct Lynch to indict her.
U.S.Constitution Article One, Sec. 9
No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.


"You came to hear me and I came to hear you," TRUMP told a town hall crowd. At one point he asked if the audience objected to him deporting GANG MEMBERS. They said "NO".  When he asked as to everyone else...would they permit him to address each situation individually...the crowd again affirmed their support for TRUMP. "We want to be safe and GANG members and other bad-guys need to be deported "day-one". And to that declaration...the crowd screamed with adulation.


"Those scumbags want them to die," TRUMP told a cub reporter when asked about bone-marrow patients waiting for government permission to live,(WSJ A-13;08-24-16).

Of course...TRUMP was referring to the crusade this BLOG has been leading to delete big grab government...and...get those Huns out of the medical service loop.

Indeed...thousands of people have died waiting for bone marrow they could have received but for the interdiction of big stifle government.

As Robert Califf...head of FDA...frankly said," We need so many people to die each year to save government money. I know it's NAZI-like...but...we need to have death...and...government is the only way mercifully to kill. The Nazis did it with gas crew does it by merely refusing to grant permission to live."


In an Army training film...the recruit is told to beware of insiders...people who are moles...secret agents...waiting to sponge up any data. In the film there is a poster offered to the recruit as examples of INSIDERS who violated this RULE. Featured in that photo display are General Patraeus, Hillary Clinton and Edward Snowden.

So angry were the folks at CAMP-CLINTON that they demanded the training film be reworked and Hillary Clinton be deleted from that roster of rogues. Naturally...the ARMY didn't immediately respond to the demand since ARMY OFFICIALS pointed out CLINTON was EXTREMELY CARELESS* with SECRET INFORMATION and deserved her spot in that training film.
*General McFarland openly pointed out that Russia took Crimea and China grabbed Fiery Cross Reef in the South China Sea without fear of reprisal because they were reading Hillary's emails.


Yusuf al-Qaradawi...a Muslim with credentials...issued a statement addressing a question almost every young Muslim boy asks. In a faint declared the Qu'ran does speak about sexual intercourse with camels...and...such is a blessed act. Inspired by al-Qaradawi's incredible insight and exhaustive interpretation...a rash of camel-rape has been reported in Islamic State held areas. Allahu Akbar!


James Carville dragged a $100 bill through a trailer park and hooked Huma Abedin. So surprised was James that he instantly asked if Hillary knew. Abedin smirked...turned...and...darted off to her awaiting Limo.

$33,000 per plate

While people struggled* through flood and devastation in Louisiana...HILLARY CLINTON was in Martha's Vineyard and elsewhere holding $33,000 per plate fund-raisers for her campaign. In distinct contrast...TRUMP saw a need to draw attention to that stricken area and went there to help. He gave $100,000 to the survivors-fund...passed out supplies...and...departed when he did what he could do. VIVA TRUMP!
*Not one MASS MEDIA talking head mentioned what TRUMP did in anyway but derisively. Even though they themselves hadn't donated anything...nonetheless...they talked down TRUMP'S effort. As TRUMP said, "Most of the MASS MEDIA is unfair and biased."

NEW PARADIGM AFOOT times long past...was a kingdom held together by economic relationships with which the ruling elite did not tamper. They left such tribal aspect exchange...the tribes would donate from time to time funds to keep the entire operation functional. However, the government was limited to courts, both civil and penal, along with police to serve and protect and a small national defense force in the event barbarians attacked. Not at any time did government dictate the price of dates...or...compel doctors to render medical aid. Everyone was left alone to produce as they saw fit and to eke out whatever future one might forge in such a desolate place.

President Assad had come to this realization. If he permits the KURDS to have their own semi-autonomous state...civil war ends in that area...and...together...he and the Kurds can eliminate Islamic State...a bunch of cutthroats whose desire to eliminate and impose caliphate,(WSJ A-7;08-24-16).


TENEO...DOUG BAND...HUMA ABEDIN...HILLARY CLINTON. All connected...all part of an elaborate "pay-to-play" scheme conducted while Hillary was Secretary of State. As more connections are codes are broken...their misdeeds will be exposed. One such CODE PHRASE found in recently revealed emails was "official channels". That phrase meant the deal would go through and could be issued without anyone sensing CODE...only the conspirators would know what that phrase meant.


 Vice President Joe "stand up Chuck" Biden told Baltic State leaders, "We want you to know, we want Moscow to know, that we mean what we say." President Putin chuckled as he listened to goofball-Joe LYING. At one point...President Putin mentioned RED LINE and his entire staff erupted in laughter.


A child dressed in blue jean shorts and a red T-shirt...was photographed telling Obama which way to walk if he wished to observe devastation in Zachery, La,(WSJ A-1;08-24-16).


Might anyone know that in all man-caused global warming computer models...Mr. SUN is not included. HUH?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dr. Joseph Warren

At Breed's hill...Dr. Joseph Warren...a leader of the American Revolution...was slain. Before he fell...1567 British Redcoats lay dead in front of his redoubt. He not only talked the talk...he also walked the walk.'s this patriotic spirit which propels TRUMP onward toward victory...defiant...intrepid...and...demanding those who would enslave be evicted from their perch of power. VIVA TRUMP!


When Syngenta crossed a Venus Flytrap with a stalk of corn and a created what was called a TRIFFID...a poison-spitting plant...carnivorous...and...possessed of a penchant to hunt and consume humans. Naturally...the Chinese saw value in such research since they were anticipating troubles in Africa...and...wanted a WEAPON they could release...and...come back later to clean up whatever left.


Coiffed and polished...Ben Ginsberg mocked TRUMP for demanding a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the obvious "pay-to-play" scheme conducted by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. "Americans don't care how much she made by selling favors," scoffed Ginsberg as he looked at the latest email release some of which contained incriminating data.

a thousand year flood event?

La. Gov. John Bel Edward told a cub reporter the flood suffered by his state was a THOUSAND YEAR FLOOD EVENT...once in a 1000 years such a flood might occur. Instantly...his discussion was cut off by the MASS MEDIA since man-caused climate change was being blamed for this flood and Edwards was blowing a hole. "We can't let people know it's not carbon dioxide that caused this flood," screamed Gina McCarthy into the phone telling MSNBC producers to cut off Edward before he screwed up their PLOT TO ENSLAVE.

Reacting to this diktat from the head honcho as the Environmental Destruction Agency(think Gold King mine disaster)...the live-feed to Bel Edward was cut off mid-sentence. But it was too late. Too many people heard the phrase THOUSAND YEAR FLOOD EVENT...instantly...causing most of them to ask, "Hey...a 1000 years ago...we didn't have industrialization or fossil fuels. Maybe we're getting fooled again?"


Richard Ben Veniste...a Watergate prosecutor...and...a Clinton apologist...said he had not seen anything that would constitute a "pay-to-play" scheme conceding he was offering that opinion based on what he had been shown. Never was he asked*...however...what he would conclude if told 33,000 possible incriminating emails were scrubbed.
*Off-camera...this scumbag "yes-man" was cornered and squeezed in carbuncle fashion
by a cub reporter. He admitted that the SCRUBBING bothered him...but...he could not offer any more insight lest someone expose his own "dirty laundry".


Years ago...class-taught archaeology was subsumed when Clovis arrow heads were discovered in geologic strata that implied those human-made artifacts were put there a 100 million years before man was said to have been anything more than some kind of exquisite rat. It was not possible that those Clovis-heads were that old. Yet...every examination of the ground where they were found delivered the same conclusion!

SAM CLOVIS...a TRUMP-helper...told a cub reporter he was excited about participating in the saving of America from the grip of tyranny. "When you can LIE and DECEIVE and the MASS MEDIA covers it can impose tyranny," declared Sam Clovis...adding..."TRUMP will dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...delete the grip of big grab government...and...finally deliver American unto EDEN...a 21st century otherwise unfettered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!"