Monday, October 31, 2016

"Kaine rain"

"Don't urinate down my back and tell me it's raining!"screamed a Colorado voter as Tim Kaine...Clinton's running mate...loudly explained how OBAMA-CARE could be improved to give every American the same great medical care veterans get.


Donna Brazile was fired by CNN after caught LYING about her involvement in giving HILLARY CLINTON questions before hand. Such preview gave Clinton a chance to prepare the answer...and...also...appear surprised...and...seem to be caught off-guard. Nowadays...however...people know she had the question...her "acting" obvious...her answer scripted....and...they feel deceived.

write-in nonsense

Ohio Governor John Kasich wrote in JOHN McCAIN as his choice for president and hooted when he showed the crowd. He was not going to support liberation of America from the grip of the big grab government. Indeed...he was a member of the ruling elite of the NANNY STATE...and...he certainly wasn't in its destruction about to participate.


Vice President Joe Biden said he didn't like the target because it did not have a bulls eye on TRUMP'S likeness. "I wanted to take him behind the gym...maybe beat a little...maybe shoot at him," dripped venomous Biden as he looked at photo of his dead son.

better man than I

FBI Director James Comey saw below...his team...about to be ambushed...wiped show. Valiantly he climbed and with his bugle saved them from death's grip and glow.'s found...bloody...yes...but...unbowed.

"Where its double drill and no canteen...'E'll be squatting on the drink to poor damned souls...and...I'll get a swig in hell from Gunga Din." Bless you, James!

hazard the die

Overheard while seated at his FBI Director desk...James Comey whispered:

 "Knave. I've set my life upon a cast...and...I shall stand the hazard of the die!" 

U.S.Senator Patrick Leahy(D.Vt)

How could Vermont voters ever re-elect scumbag Leahy? This jerk wants to create a police state where he and his ruling elite direct your life from cradle to grave. Imagine that scumbag deciding how you'll you'll behave? He voted for OBAMA-CARE...he needs to be dethroned...and...shunned as if with plague ensnared...spat on...and...groin kicked til black snake moan.


How could a "game-changing" revelation by FBI Director James Comey be called a "distraction" 9 out of 10 Democrats...ONLY be considered little more than a distraction? Yet... such the MASS MEDIA talking heads. As James Carville noted, "Not any new proof of CRIME...just Comey's effort to steel-hoop his worm-like spine."

Andy Puzder fuzz stir

Andy Puzder...a restaurant wizard of sorts...came forward to discuss OBAMA-CARE and how it had consumed many food purveyors as one by one they succumbed to the ever growing grab and grip of big foot government,(WSJ A-15;10-31-16). As he recited the list of dead soldiers...a body count few would ever have foreseen...something began to itch his craw...venting his pulsing spleen.


The idle-French laugh about working-German-fools. The Germans hear such derogatory frame...and...wonder when it'll ever be the same.


"Even if she killed people?" asked the pollster when told to concoct a poll showing Hillary...still...ahead. " matter what she matter how many people she matter how much money does not matter. I need that POLL to show voters don't care. It'll help our talking heads." such was the email from JOHN PODESTA to the monkey-pollsters at NBC.

Death angel comes forth

Jennifer Granholm...former head of Health and Human Services...tried to stop a child from being saved. Her effort earned her the label: DEATH ANGEL. Now...this despicable woman is trying to tell Michigan voters to choose Clinton.

Miller spiller

Former Dept. of Injustice employee MATT MILLER stepped forward to declare whatever COMEY was not "game-changing'...goal posts still in the ground.

confession of a pollster

Speaking on condition of anonymity...a NBC-paid pollster confessed. They had been directed to produce a BIG POLL NUMBER for Clinton. While it could not be too had to be at least 4 points ahead of TRUMP. Dutifully...that POLL was produced...its script destroyed.'re being "played"...and..."played hard" CAMP-CLINTON...whose campaign otherwise broken shards.

beyond the door

While the one-world big grab government wonks and wizards proclaimed how great global socialism...always grabbing more ...the leaders of oil-producing nations broke their agreement as soon as they cleared that OPEC meeting door,(WSJ  C-3;10-31-16). Iran wasn't about to be blocked...and...Iraq needed as much revenue as it could get. They weren't about to kneel and Obama's boot lick.


U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D. Mass) described herself as a "nasty woman"...but...others who knew her quite well labeled her: TOO NASTY.


Dilma Rousseff...the impeached Brazilian president...before her demise...had been elected with a complicit MASS MEDIA pushing every which way and wise. After her election...however...most people refused by her side to stand...they had finally heard what she had done...and...they didn't wish such dirty hands.


Around America...BOMBS were found...they all were laid by HILLARY CLINTON...their discovery...though...unholy ground. Yes...Hillary had cleared the site...scrubbed way all those booby-traps...plucked dynamite. Yet...Anthony Weiner had other plans...he grabbed all emails...pasted them together...and...that great work* was on his computer stand.


Former Deputy U.S.Attorney General James Cole...a well-known scumbag...angrily demanded JAMES COMEY be scourged...tied to post...whipped...and...purged. How dare this peasant eclipse wasn't according to rule...but...somewhere in between.


U.S.Rep. James Sensenbrenner(R.Wis)...asked James Comey...during a Congressional hearing last summer...if Comey could foresee evidence bubbling forth which could change his conclusion: NOT ENOUGH TO INDICT. FBI Director Comey...paused for 19 seconds before he answered ...and...then...replied, "None that I can imagine."

However...recently...JAMES "saint" COMEY did change his mind. Beyond his scale and measured imagination...something arrived...turd in punch bowl...wriggling...snarling...and...horrifically alive.


Tesla leader Elon Musk waved to a crowd which chanted: SAVE US, ELON! They were referring to Elon's latest proclamation that in less than 10,000 years...his company would produce "free electricity".

"baked in"

Somehow emails about hiding BENGHAZI already "baked in" and could not change* voters' matter how much such dastardly things matter what crime they find.
*Had this latest revelation been more about TRUMP...the MASS MEDIA would call it "game changer" would be the final thump. But...since the INCRIMINATING STUFF belongs to their side...they brush over every CAMP CLINTON to hide.


Ni Si Wo Hua(You die, I live) was the name of the great writing CARLOS DANGER...a/k/a...Anthony Weiner...was preparing should he ever need something from CLINTON, INC.

As its its bona to speak...CARLOS DANGER had packed 657,998 emails to/from Clinton-Abedin-others.

In his own assessment...Danger noted his many incredible ways...was so eloquent...connected so many disparate dots...and...made so much sense...he knew it to be a best seller should he ever let fly.


The anger of James Carville...a longtime Clinton lover...over what James Comey just did...shows American voters how close they are to being given the truth.

Folks...James Comey was given data which showed Clinton committed egregious criminal acts many of which jeopardized national security and got Americans killed.

Noise over target...shows how close...noise over target...CAMP-CLINTON heard most.


While her bed was burning...Hillary Clinton to the crowd kept on turning...whatever Comey has won't prove I did anything wrong. Her hand-picked crowd cheered as told...even though their noise softer than strong...even though her voice less than bold.

Cornell Belcher stirred

Though habitually complacent...sluggish...sclerotic...and...dull...Cornell Belcher stirred. CLINTON,INC...a criminal enterprise...every aspect of him...adroitly averred.


I recall that day clearly...the police wore gray...Hillary wore red. Before they arrested the world her GUILT she fed.


It took 1,832 interviews before MSNBC puppets found that one Afro-American in Florida who said she didn't care how many crimes Hillary committed. Hillary promised her free shelter. She simply had to vote for such a would-be master.

U.S.Rep. Xavier Becerra(D. Ca)

Even though U.S.Rep. Xavier Becerra received a copy of the TOME written by CARLOS DANGER from his throne....nonetheless...Xavier would not say Hillary Clinton's chance for president had been just blown away. Yes...the STORY data-packed...pluperfect proof 675,000 emails stacked...but...if Becerra deserted his post...and...Clinton lost...his future proverbial toast.


The God-particle...that FIRST MASS thing...the HIGGS BOSON...such were ways to describe what CARLOS DANGER forged. He had taken all 657, 998 emails...most of which Clinton thought she had scrubbed away...and...wrote a STORY about CLINTON, INC...a criminal their own words betrayed.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

CARLOS DANGER was told his part in the latest installment of Transformers had been deleted since his prominence had evaporated. "You might as well be Wulong Karst," snipped a curator of Wulong incredible public park in China where human-like salt formations rise from Mother Earth in ways at once as haunting as they are disturbing.


Although most people are ignorant about Mother Earth...some took time to look. their surprise...something they didn't expect having SWALLOWED the MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING myth sinker, line and hook...the times long past...HOT and COLD...FROZEN...and...COOKED.


Obama lied when he told the world he did not know about Hillary's private email computer system and only found out when everyone else did. From's now known OBAMA was once again "shovel-ready" LYING. To his credit...though...Obama did deploy a pseudonym*when conferring on the private email server so his presence would never be proven...his knowledge thereof never showed.
*Obama chose "dung-throwing monkey" as his email name...he liked its generic sound...he loved its better game.

Michael "bush-league" Mukasey

Slapping James Comey from the surrounding crowd...was "bush-league" Mukasey. From behind that beleaguered FBI Director..."bush-league" slapped and sneered. How dare Comey with American voters SHARE his otherwise hidden fears?


U.S.Senator Harry "scumbag" Reid(D. Nv) accused FBI Director James Comey of influencing the 2016 election in violation of the HATCH ACT which prohibits federal officials from injecting themselves into election outcomes. Reacting to this acrimonious assault...James "saint'" Comey replied, "When egg shell cracks...out comes whatever hatched."

rag head Halloween

Hirsi Ali is a Muslim lady who suffered female genital mutilation at the hands of Islamic State. Her crime was simple. She dared to reveal one of the most closely kept secrets of Islam. She told people the MAJOR OCCULTATION...the hiding of the 12th Imam...was about to end...and...from a proverbial pile of camel dung...this 12th IMAM was about to come.

ni si wo huo

Ni si wo huo is Chinese for: You die, I live. Recently...FBI Director James Comey happened upon that phrase inside Anthony Weiner's computer. Apparently...Weiner was using that motto as a prologue for his TOME he was writing on CLINTON, INC.(WSJ A-13;10-31-16).


Standing above opposing throng...between her and them the wall...Hillary Clinton thumbed her nose...I'll be president no matter who you call.


Hillary Clinton laughed when accused of hiding criminal misconduct. Her confidence...though...was shaken....when...FBI Director James "the saint" Comey finally stood up...from his critter-like pose...and...told the world he had observed CRIME...and...profound were the empress's new clothes.


FBI Director James Comey received a TOME authored by Anthony Weiner...a great everyone of Hillary's emails available for examination...all 652,998 of them...everyone of the so-called "scrubbed" emails...all 33,432 of them...along with all of the criminal enterprise related emails...all the smoking gun kind of stuff one could ever wish to have for prosecuting Hillary and Bill Clinton for running a "pay-to-play" scheme while Hillary was Secretary of State...all there for Comey to observe.

Yes...Weiner connected all the dots...and...into a story format he packed his revealing scribble...and...James Comey now has such TOME...from which James "saint" Comey concluded CLINTON,INC. was a criminal enterprise but Bill and Hillary had not acted alone.


FBI Director James Comey happened upon one of the darkest secrets of CLINTON, INC. In his hands...the BONG OF DESTINY. How to use such a thing?

He worried...and...stammered...puffed...and...hammered.

There were 650,000 emails...all there...ready to be seen...what she scrubbed also there...and every criminal act in between.


Russian President Putin sent Chinese President Xi a tub of ice cream. Instantly...the maker of that brand of ice cream was inundated with orders worldwide. WOW! President Putin's power is extraordinary but well-deserved. VIVA PUTIN!


Following an idea this BLOG and TEAM-TRUMP forged some time back...WOLFGANG ARLT...Director of the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute...commenced a travel-system for Chinese tourists enabling them not only to visit "safe and secure" countries such as Russia and the United States but also afford them investment opportunities as they travel. One Chinese investor...a chap sporting the moniker: WANG MING...bought the entire subway complex in Moscow...while another purchased 100 blocks of New York City. VIVA TRUMP!


What if Huma Abedin were a "go-between"...a courier of sorts? And...what if Anthony Weiner knew as much...and...grabbed proof just in case he had to defend his own fort? Huma worked with Teneo...the Clinton Family Foundation...and...many other CLINTON,INC shills...she's the COMMON THREAD...the connection...and...when she finally decides...all will be revealed.


Stanley Pottinger asked for help. He was trying to decipher how 650,000 emails between Hillary Clinton and her criminal enterprise were ever grabbed and inventoried by Anthony Weiner...a known pedophile and prominent Democrat.

What had Pottinger flummoxed was the fact that if Weiner had them...then...President Putin and others also had them. While President Putin was obviously choosing to wait until Clinton was elected to leverage his CACHE OF CRIME...FBI Director James Comey concluded he didn't have that kind of TIME.

And that difference had choked Pottinger until he could not any longer frame the scene. How long could he remain on Hillary's side...when everything pointed to criminal enterprise...herself so greedy and mean?


Has anyone noticed pro-Clinton talking heads and CAMP-CLINTON advocates trying to inject TRUMP-THE-WOLF into every conversation about the decision of the FBI Director James Comey to re-open the EMAIL SCANDAL now that 650,000 emails were found on Anthony Weiner's computer? Instead of addressing the OBVIOUS CONNOTATION embedded in that latest EMAIL SCANDAL expose'...they want to rehash TRUMP-THE-WOLF...and...the 11-so-far little red riding hood stories.


On 10-30-16...Huma Abdein and Hillary Clinton had an incredible scream-fest wherein each blamed the other for the latest 650,000 email scandal. All that expensive scrubbing...all those guarantees about Director James Comey had the entire BATCH...all that had been done laid bare...nothing deleted...all for him to see...all the criminal enterprise exposed...for the world to share.


Why would Anthony Weiner have 650,000 emails stored where he could access them? Might Weiner have been planning something? Might a worm...such as Weiner...have envisioned using them...perhaps as data-packing...when writing a TOME about the criminal enterprise...publicly as CLINTON, INC known?


While some entering America are looking for the same kind of socialist freebie and favor...most who escaped from socialism in their respective Latino countries are here to better themselves through their own industry and aren't looking for handouts. TRUMP knows as much...and...can count on these immigrants to back his plan to delete illegal-aliens...and...permit them to enter lawfully...a solution waiting for implementation. VIVA TRUMP.


This BLOG was sent all 650,000 emails for instant perusal using Edward Snowden "pass key" software. In one email...Huma tells Hillary that they had better hide the pay-to-play since Huma felt it was risky to keep using an open server. In the reply email...HRC adds that she has been able to find a better code to use so that their dialogue would be cast in terms of weddings and yoga classes.


MSNBC has been masquerading as a news organization's an extension of CAMP-CLINTON. However...after the latest flap about emails...MSBNC talking heads have thrown off all semblance of impartiality and are almost shouting HILLARY IS INNOCENT! Somehow...they know what FBI Director James Comey found in the WEINER DIARY is "ship-sinking" stuff. As they see it, even to mention a DOUBT ABOUT HER INNOCENCE on TV would be that last "oops" and none wish to be that kind of torpedo.


Creepy clowns! Such the label and manner of the MASS MEDIA talking heads. The way they act...the way they sound. They heard James Comey re-opened Hillary's FBI investigation. They knew Clinton had been once more caught...but...were told to go on the world little by such taught. They were told to LIE...and...SNEER...and...GRIMLY LEER...and...never once question why HUMA ABEDIN is hiding and won't in public appear.


Robby if suffering from "cooties"...LIED when he said he never discussed the disruption of TRUMP rallies with Robert Creamer. From "hacked" MOOK was LYING. He did have contact with Creamer and they did discuss sending provocateurs into TRUMP Rallies to incite violence.

When asked "why" he LIED...MOOK almost puked...stuttered...stammered...and...then...sheepishly replied, "I was told to LIE. I'm not very good at hiding. I told Hillary I did not have the same skill package as she. Nonetheless...she handed me a bag of dung...and...told me to sell it as GREAT TASTING FUN."


Lanny Davis...a Hillary helper...was angry FBI Director James Comey revealed 650,000 more emails which were obviously the proverbial "smoking gun". When Lanny was asked if Hillary and Huma were going to come forward and preempt Comey's revelation...he cud-choked. "No way would they'd ever confess!" loudly declared Mr. Davis.


FBI Director James Comey went from status of "stooge""saint"...when he elected to tell the world he was re-opening the HILLARY CLINTON email-scandal investigation. His team coincidentally happened upon 650,000 emails...many of the 33,000 Hillary thought she had deleted. WOW!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

a Schiff sniff

U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff,(D.Ca) said he was sure what James Comey found inside Anthony Weiner's computer was not incriminating.

When Schiff was asked "how" could he be so sure...he replied, "I sniffed and it didn't smell bad."

Pressed about this Schiff sniff response...Adam added, "Hillary obviously was conducting a pay-to-play scheme while Secretary of State...but...James Comey should not be out hurting Clinton's chances of fooling enough voters to become president."


Why did FBI Director James Comey defy U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and notify the world he had found something that was pertinent to the investigation of CLINTON,INC? The answer to that important question begins with a Jew trapped in a marriage with a lesbian Arab whose affection for him ended their wedding night when she became pregnant.

As time went on...suffering from alienation with his wife...this Jew became embroiled in a computer-touch-and-feel connecting with 15 year old girls infatuated with his celebrity. He also engaged in collecting incriminating data on CLINTON,INC....a past time that he enjoyed since he envisioned using that data some day to leverage something better for himself. He went so far with that particular fantasy that he wrote a epic story...a precise and detailed account of CLINTON, powerfully written...he wondered if some day he might publish it.

Hence...when COMEY was given that TOME...he read it and concluded he had to alert the world. CLINTON, INC. was real and it was dastardly. His team had acquired this INCREDIBLE CONNECT-THE-DOT while investigating Weiner as a pedophile. And there they found WEINER'S TOME.


FBI Director James Comey recently elected* to ignore U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch's diktat to stand down and not expose Hillary Clinton's criminal misconduct. He told the world he had found data that forced him to re-open his criminal investigation. Obviously...Comey's team happened upon Anthony Weiner's "treasure trove"...his collection of incriminating data...stuff he could one day use to get what he wanted. And when they found it...and...told Comey...Jimmy-boy was obliged to tell the world.
*In the HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME...there is a scene where the victim is given a chance to go free by plucking a coin from the pocket of the bell boy.

Sidney Leathers

Circle and chant. Weiner...on election day...was informed that SIDNEY LEATHERS...the lady who exposed him as a pedophile...was holding a press conference. Because that kind of "bad news" could hurt late-voters...Weiner reacted with a directive to his team: If there is not any press there...then leave it alone. "But...if there is any press and chant* the s---t out of her."
*Weiner was...of course...invoking an ancient Jewish talisman: circle and chant. In this ritual...the Jew circles his foe chanting inscrutable noises...melodic...yet...coldly sinister.

McCabe's door

With respect to the latest email imbroglio...Andrew McCabe* was kept in the dark. He was circumvented. His cohorts knew he was Clinton's pet eye-ball. They had seen him undermine the initial email computer investigative efforts...and...this new data was too sensitive and could be rug-swept by him easily. Hence...they did not knock on his door. They went around him directly to FBI Director James Comey...and...demanded this time he actually explore.
*Andrew McCabe was connected to a bribing scheme involving $675,000 paid to McCabe's wife by Terry McAuliff...a member of CLINTON, INC.


Inside a 6 second video...advertisers were told they could pack their commercials. Yes...such nonsense was sold to advertisers who bought a billion bucks worth. more and more advertisers realize they bought "idiocy"...the VINE has withered.

Not seeing the silly aspect...though...CAMP-CLINTON bought $28 million worth of that kind of advertising placement. So short was the ad that it simply showed Hillary smiling.

Users of VINE were startled to see HILLARY-THE-HAG pasted in the middle of their 6 second video extravaganza.


Chief Executive of George Hotz wanted too much for the software behind his self-drive attachment for cars. Because people know people...somehow...Paul Hemmersbaugh...a stooge for government...contacted Hotz and told him the self-drive attachment was not tested and too risky for commerce.

Hotz thereupon announced he had 10,000 worthless self-drive attachment and software for sale. that moment...Hotz not only sold what he had but all right, title and interest in the software. Now...WAR-BOT(tm) devices have even more capabilities,(WSJ B-3;10-30-16).


Uber Technologies, Inc. was told in London...its drivers had workers' rights...minimum coverage...paid sick-leave...paid vacation...and...anything else government decided was part of the PACKAGE. Responding to this imposition...UBER told its shareholders it might depart London. The idea was to give people cheap rides when needed not create a welfare state for helpers,(WSJ B-3;10-29-16).


When they heard about CLINTON, INC. they were having a late lunch together in a deli in the Big Apple. Since both were news hounds...Jennifer Rubin and Rich Noyes excused each other as they both...almost at the same time...grabbed their iPhones...and...sought privacy. Rubin...of course...called Huma Abedin to find out how Anthony ever was able to grab her data...while Noyes called Bill Clinton for directions to the next brothel.


CAMP-CLINTON leader John one email...tells Neera Tanden...another Hillary helper...that Hillary hates Jews and would like to see them finally sent back into Sinai to wander for another 1000 years. Neera responds back calling such stuff crazy. Yet...MASS MEDIA won't publish this email since it would cause the Jew to run to TRUMP for protection.

Sarah Rumpf rooted

Sarah Rumpf hates TRUMP. When asked "why" typical RUMPF fashion...she erupted in sneer and venom. Almost as if scripted...she tells her listener how she was in a New York City night club...and...happened to be physically near TRUMP.

As if alone with him...he pushed himself onto her...grabbed her package...used his fingers gingerly...groped her heaving breasts...and...then...stuck his tongue down her throat. She was able to fight him off using Ninja punch and shove.

What made her so angry...though...was that the 100,000 people who were there...not anyone...not even the 12 people in her own entourage...observed anything...not anything at all. Yet...they all believed it happened to ugly-Rumpf since she was accusing President Donald J. Trump.

Cheyenne River Sioux tribe

Waiting outside the adobe hut...the MASS MEDIA camera stood. Surrounded by squalor...and...stray dog droppings...uneasy MASS MEDIA helpers sweated. They were waiting for the chief of this impoverished tribe to come forward and explain why the Indians preferred poverty. After some time...from that mud-floor dwelling...stepped the person for whom they had waited.

Harold Frazier...chief of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe...said the pipeline was against tribal custom and trampled on tribal ritual and holy sites. At one point...looking off to the horizon and shedding that now-famous Indian tear...Chief Frazier whined, "Let the pipeline go around our shall not cross it...against construction to death we'll stand."


Because Joe Biden is a Democrat...he was permitted to tell TRUMP that he would meet TRUMP behind the proverbial gym where he would attack TRUMP. Had a Republican said as much...the MASS MEDIA would have been stomping the VIOLENT-PERSON...asking voters how could they ever allow such bellicosity in the Oval office.

The difference in treatment is so obvious and pathetic. 2016...with most of the MASS MEDIA controlled by big grab seems to be accepted. Indeed...MASS MEDIA acceptance of Biden's banter...might be more proof they don't want to know what crimes Clinton committed.


Silent the cannon on the heights. Not yet spotted down below. Yet...once TRUMP Even Joe Biden wanted to slap and kick behind the proverbial gym...TRUMP in the nose his fist stick.


Assume Huma Abedin...Hillary's sexual telling the truth when she says she does not know what was found on her husband's computer. Such expressed ignorance would be pluperfect proof that ANTHONY WEINER was gathering INCRIMINATING DATA to be used when Hillary gained power.

Maybe the worm might have envisioned some political berth...some exchange...for the data he had collected.

And...because Weiner is such a's more likely than not...Anthony collected the most juicy...the most incriminating...the most devastating...and...its this DATA BARN that Comey's crew grabbed.

Eichenwald: Clinton apologist

TRUMP'S effort to liberate America from the grip of the would-be masters has brought out almost every ESTABLISHMENT hack* and wonk...everyone of them throwing off their various disguises...and...coming forward to demand voters choose: CLINTON,INC....the most nefarious...evil...scurvy crew ever to seek power.
*Kurt Eichenwald seems to be leading this "outing"...telling the world he does not care how many crimes Clinton committed so long as she benefits him once in power.

U.S.Rep.Michelle Lujan Grisham(D. NM)

U.S.Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham(D.NM) said the 116% increase in health care premiums in Arizona would not affect her chances of re-election in New Mexico. She had seen to it all her constituents will receive FEDERAL SUBSIDY so their premiums are not increased. "I made sure taxpayers were stomped. I made sure they produce as I direct. And their sweat I turned into your subsidy. I am your master. You are my sheep. You must support my re-election so I can continue to feed clothe shelter direct from cradle to grave every aspect of your life," drooled Michelle as she looked at how dependent, miserable and pathetic her herd had become.


In Hitler's Germany...even when there were rumors of death camps...the majority of Germans publicly said they did not care. home...where there were not any snitches and spies they expressed misgivings about public...they cheered along with the rest of the herd lest they be spotted and culled. Might not this same aspect be flooding America when it comes to cheering for Clinton?


John Podesta told Hillary's daughter he was paying top dollar for POLLING NUMBERS showing her mother was still in the lead no mater how many crimes they prove she committed. "These polls give the talking heads in our MASS MEDIA the ammo to rebut the obvious preference voters have for TRUMP. These polls enable them to say to the world that despite Hillary's dishonesty and penchant for prevarication...voters want Clinton," declared Podesta when asked by CHELSEA why so much "hidden-cash" to pollsters.


Inside Weiner's dome...banged around crown and throne. Took data from CLINTON,INC. sorted...collated...found edge and brink. If Anthony Weiner were ever attacked by CLINTON, INC...or...if he did not get what he thought he deserved from that scurvy crew...he'd take what he had created...and...deliver it James evidence...devastating and new.

Yes...folks...FBI agents happened upon Weiner's tome...his great epic...a story scribbled while alone...where...all the aspects of that criminal enterprise laid bare to bone. He would have used that BATTLE RAM had he been betrayed...but...FBI agents got there CLINTON, INC. into prison conveyed.



Hillary Clinton...should she succeed in defeating TRUMP...will be referred to as SCOUNDREL IN CHIEF. The coal industry will be gone. Inflation will be spectacular. The misery index will be off the chart. And...people will be asking themselves: "How could we ever have chosen such a scumbag?"


The MASS MEDIA is doing all it can to keep voters ignorant of the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE known as CLINTON, INC. However...this BLOG is filling in that gap.

While a time line might be somewhat confusing and boring...what occurred therein makes for the most interesting reading ever scribbled.

When Andrew McCabe's wife received $675,000 for her failed campaign from CLINTON,INC....for example...few could see that McCabe was destined to be instrumental in derailing the FBI investigation into CLINTON, INC. When the FBI permitted laptop computers to be destroyed...even fewer FBI people sensed that these laptops could be used to indict Hillary.

Do your own time line if you're interested in this kind of stuff. But...folks...CLINTON, INC. is's can't be permitted in the Oval Office!


Compare the laptop computer data found in the laptop computers of Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson with the emails and other data found recently on Anthony Weiner's computers and from such comparison the criminal enterprise labeled CLINTON,INC. can be observed. The only problem with such a simple solution is that those laptop computers were destroyed with FBI agreement. It turns out...James Comey exchanged* an examination of those computers for a concession that such devices be destroyed after examination that did not inventory data for later inspection.

7 miles

In Virginia...Tim Kaine country*...there is a 7 mile rail system(THE TIDE) that does not go to any particular point. Its patrons are few...its costs unfairly high. Yet...there are people who demand there be another 3.3 mile extension so riders might use the rail to get to the beach. The cost of such construction would be enormous....the benefits almost nil...but...the cronies who build it will be rich forever,(WSJ A-9;10-29-16).
*Margaret Thatcher put it best: Socialists are popular until they run out of other people's money.


ATTENTION. This is your captain speaking. Let me show you something. Here we see Hillary and Bill selling political influence and when caught they screw with truth and justice. If you vote "yes"...and...give this BLOG one more mission...we will expose this situation. Hurry and vote. Awaiting your decision. [adapted from RIDERS OF THE STORM, Dennis Hopper and Michael Pollack).

Saturday, October 29, 2016

another weekend dump

FBI Director James Comey elected to dump his information once more on a Friday afternoon so the MASS MEDIA can spend all weekend defusing any BOMB. It is OBVIOUS the FBI now has incriminating data but does not wish to sink CLINTON. On the other's obvious CAMP-CLINTON knows exactly what COMEY has found but can't afford to admit content since it would disqualify Clinton as a candidate. Once more...COMEY is playing some kind of odd-ball game where his career seems to be quite in peril one way or the other.


Hillary Clinton demanded FBI Director James "stooge" Comey reveal what data caused him to tell the world he was re-opening the criminal investigation.

Instantly...this BLOG declared CLINTON knew exactly what COMEY had found...but...was not willing to come forward and herself REVEAL it. John Podesta told her...why confess? Yes...Comey has the proverbial blue-stained dress. He has the proof and Clinton knows it. All she can do is demand he reveal what she could herself reveal if she were willing.

If COMEY does not hand over the NEW DATA before the election...might voters also be deceived thereby?

EARLY VOTER DECEIVED: two riders were approaching

As expected...many early-voting Democrats...are asking themselves how could they ever have been so fooled. Sure...about Benghazi...they knew she lied...leaving 4 Americans behind to die. And they knew she profited by selling political power. But with this latest revelation...they were alone on the proverbial watch tower.


James Comey promised Congress that if he uncovered more data...he'd bring it to their attention. That Comey was re-opening his investigation into the Clinton "pay-to-play" scandal as well as the "national security" scandal...THEN...was not surprising to Congress.

Indeed...U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings(D.MD) refused to discuss the matter...but...said he had been waiting* for the next tranche of emails. Cummings' aides...however...when asked about Comey's data...admitted Hillary had been asked by Elijah about the potential for more revelations and had been assured all emails had been assertion this Maryland Democrat now-knew to be FALSE.
*He had heard from Anthony Weiner that Huma had stored emails on their home computers and would one day reveal them should Clinton betray her.


There are degrees of mean. There's...of course...mean. Then...very mean. Naturally followed by extremely mean...and...then...there's HOWARD DEAN mean it vaporizes and what's left stomped. Yes...folks...there isn't anything meaner than HOWARD DEAN MEAN. When such "mean" unleashed...vast and massive the slap and chomp.

When Mean-Dean...for instance...heard about the latest revelation of WRONG DOING...he instantly demanded TV time. He wanted to attack TRUMP. He wanted to pack TV time with HATE-TRUMP speech. It would distract voters from changing their minds.

It would insulate HILLARY until after the election. Once she prevailed...she could silence all "doubters"...with him as her dog biting from behind.

Lucey goosey

Lucey Goosey...Catherine Lucey's grade school name...haunted her as she wondered if her support for Clinton was the better game.

Last night Lucey heard Clinton had done more than even she had guessed. How could she support Clinton with all the all this mess? Clinton left 4 behind to in Benghazi to die...ran a pay-to-play while Secretary of State...but...refused to confess...and...not anyone ever asking "why".

Certainly Lucey wanted goosey...but...doubted if Clinton the way to go.

Niall Stanage

Blue nose Niall Stanage told a cub reporter he didn't care if Hillary left 4 behind to die in Benghazi or sold political influence. He liked how she ducked and dodged adroitly she stomped much money he was going to make as a member of her entourage.


It was uncovered in Texas: the absentee ballot stratagem. In a Texas town...inside a building...inside a box...2500 absentee ballots were found. They were for people who never vote...and...they were in a building with CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT painted and cloaked.

How these ballots ever came to be in one place. How these ballots were inside a Clinton headquarters. None of these questions have been addressed. Even the MASS MEDIA has not mentioned this mess. TRUMP was right to say MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD is afoot.

How could those all those disparate absentee ballots in one box be?


Craters and rubble. Not the description of beleaguered Aleppo...but...what's left of CAMP-CLINTON. Last response to the atomic bomb blast...Clinton said voters deserve to know what Comey recently found. Coming from the lady who scrubbed away 33,000 emails...such a demand for revelation hollow in sound.

To help assist Hillary and protect her from this latest barrage...MASS MEDIA has dispatched almost every talking head and radio personality to increase their attack on TRUMP. MSNBC Joy Reid put it best when she told her squad, "Do not mention this JAMES COMEY STUFF...but...instead...dwell on what a jerk TRUMP will be if ever president,"


Bomb shell! BOOM! Blast area massive...defeat for Clinton before her looms.


When the Iranian gunboat did not heed the warning but continued towards the American warship...President Trump ordered it obliterated. Later was shown that boat not only had a warhead inside but had it come close enough it could have sunk our ship.

On the other hand...that same news account would be much different if the Iranians possessed a "nuke". That same incident would have been as follows: President Trump tried to explain to the American people why he could not retaliate when one of America's most valuable warships was sunk.

Folks...CLINTON was instrumental in forging that IRAN NUKE DEAL...a deal that gives IRAN the "nuke"...and...hence...the power to sink American ships with impunity. How could America retaliate when the rag heads have the "nuke"?

April may

April unrepentant Clinton apologist...won't say "extremely careless" when she is describing Hillary's private email usage. The best April will say is "Hillary was careless"...but...never will she append "extremely" to that adjective since it would undermine voters' assessment of Clinton's worthiness to lead America. It's a shame to see such a good lady as April swallow her honor in order to keep her niche.

National Education Association

National Education Association president Lily Eskeisen Garcia said she endorsed HILLARY CLINTON because Clinton promised to enslave America and reduce it to a socialist toilet...something so wondrous it made Lily's left leg tingle,WSJ A-5;10-29-16).


Double down on hate. Such was the diktat handed down to the talking heads at MSNBC. Although she was angry about Clinton hiding so much from her...nonetheless...JOY REID did as she was told. She went on TV and attacked TRUMP. She raised every negative aspect possible...declaring all her HATE SPEECH to be "fact-based" when it was nothing more than unfounded invective. Yet...when Steve Cortes tried to insinuate the latest EMAIL REVELATION amounted to an INDICTMENT...JOY REID screamed: "How dare you trample on my script and hurt my chances of advancement!"


TRUMP-HATER April Ryan was approached and placed in the proverbial wet-paint corner. She was asked about the latest email revelations and how she could ever support such a scoundrel as Hillary. April Ryan turned and glared at the cub reporter who dared ask her about the EVIL lurking in Hillary's heart. "Yes...she left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi...and...made a fortune selling her political influence...and...jeopardized national security...but...she has promised to enslave America...reduce it to a socialist toilet...and...that vision makes my left leg tingle."


David Cay Johnston...a lousy economist with lice in his hair...said TRUMP wanted to liberate America...and...that kind of mission statement to much for DAVID CAY to bear.

Joy Reid swallowed pride

Ever seen a person on TV swallow their pride...push their honor aside? Well...just watch MSNBC Joy Reid defend SCOUNDREL-HILLARY. She loves Clinton and what Clinton will do to America. "Hillary will impose tribal socialism and force enslavement. We will be the ruling elite. I've been promised a position of prominence if I will only ignore her EVIL during these last days before the 2016 election," confided Joy as she looked at Hillary's poll numbers plummeting.

Eichenwald and Cortes

Kurt Eichenwald came forward to excuse Hillary Clinton even though she was conducting a "pay-to-play"scheme while serving as Secretary of State. He said her emails did not show national security interests being sold...even though Russians now own 20% of all uranium on planet Earth...a deal Hillary forged and from which the Clinton Family Foundation profited mightily. Obviously...Kurt is a Clinton-operative and simply can't acknowledge her CRIMINAL PAST.


FBI Director James "stooge" Comey finally came clean. The diatribe on his lousy investigation of CAMP-CLINTON finally got to him. He finally had to re-open the Hillary investigation. He could not hide her criminal misconduct any longer and not himself become embroiled as a co-conspirator in the obvious conspiracy to obstruct justice. Of course...MASS MEDIA talking heads are down-playing this latest revelation of CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT!


"COME CLEAN!" screamed someone from the small crowd gathered to hear Hillary in Iowa. Hillary ignored that cry for justice until others began to chant: "come clean!"

Of course...they were referring to the latest email scandal twist.

Although Clinton had scrubbed her emails to hide incriminating evidence...somehow...Huma Abedin's computers were overlooked. When the FBI found incriminating data on those computers...James "stooge" Comey could not hide Hillary's GUILT any longer without himself becoming a material co-conspirator.


"Laugh it off," directed John Podesta in an email to his helpers at CAMP-CLINTON. Yes...another torpedo had struck was listing to port...but...if pumps held out...and...bucket brigades successful...SHIP-HILLARY could be salvaged.

Podesta told the MASS MEDIA puppets of CAMP-CLINTON to "laugh it off" make light and fun of the latest EMAIL SCANDAL TWIST.

"We need to hide her criminal misconduct until after 11-08-16. After that date...she'll be president and with that power she can SNUFF OUT any dissent...any opposition," whispered TIM KAINE...Clinton's worm-like vice presidential running mate.


It was the best of times...and...the worst of times...Dilma Rousseff had been impeached...and...Hillary Clinton while ahead in paid-for polls was herself embroiled in an EMAIL SCANDAL with more depth than even JOHN PODESTA thought possible. DIlma was gone...and...Hillary fighting to avoid a similar fate. "If I can become president...I can snuff out any dissent," barked Hillary as she bandaged the latest Huma Abedin email blistering.


Has anyone noticed since the recent revelation that FBI Director James Comey had a change of heart and was re-opening the EMAIL the talking heads are smiling...and...smiling...and...smiling some more even when they are discussing the CLINTON SCANDAL. When they were mentioning TRUMP-THE-WOLF they sneered...grimaced...and...snarled incessantly. But...when it comes to mentioning CROOKED HILLARY...they do it with smiles and more smiles...never showing any disapproval for her miscreant ways.


Harold "Hal" Martin III was arrested for removing classified information from the National Security Agency(NSA). The top secret data was recovered at his house in his basement. He had put the information on thumb drives. But before he was arrested...however...HAL had dispatched the data into the CLOUD UNIVERSE so everyone could see what NSA was doing.

When caught...HAL...declared he wasn't doing anything different than what HILLARY CLINTON was doing. He deserved the same "equal treatment". He deserved to be commended not condemned. He even demanded James "stooge" Comey go on TV and announce his INNOCENCE lest "HAL" reveal "all he knew" about CLINTON and COMEY.


In Czarist Russia...the agitators would be arrested, prosecuted and found not guilty. Even though the Czar had many rules and crushing laws...nonetheless...the right to jury trial insulated the people from his mighty grip.

In America...a jury did the same thing for Ammon Bundy and 6 of his friends. Recall in reaction to tyrannical federal stomp and chomp...Ammon and his boys grabbed guns...went to Malheur wildlife preserve...and...occupied a building declaring America was free of such BIG STOMP GOVERNMENT.

Of course...they were arrested and prosecuted. Scumbags such as Interior Secretary Sally Jewell called for these men to be imprisoned forever. "I want them to suffer and suffer and suffer," Jewell told a cub reporter as she wiped venom from her nasty snake-like lip.

But...a jury...a federal jury...a jury the prosecutors took time to pick...a jury that the prosecutors thought were ready to hang Ammon and his team...they declared NOT GUILTY. Instantly...freedom bubbled forth once more. Only in America could such liberation occur.

Yes...scumbag-Jewell said she would dispatch her goon squad to ensnare Ammon...and...trap him again. "He's easy to bait," Jewell sneered as she walked away from the prison door she had envisioned for Bundy...adding: "Next time...we'll shoot him and not one of his followers."

Get Eric Morath

When WSJ editors were wanting someone to script a LIE...almost all of the team agreed ERIC MORATH was the "stooge" for the task. directed...Morath told the world America is clipping along at 2.9% gross national product...and...OBAMA-NOMICS was the generator; and more big grab government would fetch even higher numbers. Although such declarations were OBVIOUS LIES...Morath as expected delivered it,(WSJ A-2;10-29-16).


The MASS MEDIA is running "hate-speak" on TRUMP today. They know the revelation of more emails and their potential to sink Clinton's campaign is so nasty...they must pack their programs with HATE-TRUMP and hope people don't hear about Hillary's latest imbroglio. It's obvious the MASS MEDIA is pushing CLINTON and her SCOUNDREL QUOTIENT isn't least not to them.

The MASS MEDIA is discussing the TRUMP his effort to liberate America has hurt his reputation and his company. "Had he called for enslavement as Hillary has done...maybe...people would want to buy TRUMP stuff. But...because he wants to delete big grab government...people don't like him. They want to be enslaved and made to do their master's bidding," quipped U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer as he looked at photos of paid-protesters marching outside TRUMP'S newest hotel on Pennsylvania Ave.


James "stooge" Comey grew tired of being called "stooge". Sure...people didn't come right out and call him "stooge"...but...their eyes...their expressions...their cold visage...combined to scream: STOOGE! Yet...when "stooge" Comey was given "more data"...delivered by this BLOG...he took the opportunity to escape perpetual public derision. Thank you, James.

Friday, October 28, 2016


Some of the stuff FBI Director James "stooge" Comey found in CLINTON EMAILS was too sensitive to be viewed by the public. Yet...Comey decided to declare CLINTON free of GUILT although extremely careless with America's most top secrets. Now...from another source...COMEY has been given even more proof of CLINTON "pay-to-play"...this time happened upon while chasing Anthony "pervert" Wiener. It seems Huma Abedin...Hillary's sexual consort...was herself careless with emails and some damaging data was found in that "gathering of fact and factor".


FBI Director James "stooge" Comey acknowledged he had 33,000 emails and they appeared to confirm not only a "pay-to-play" scheme but also a dramatic effort to scrub away evidence. However...he was not going to show the American voters what he had because it would change the election. He wanted CLINTON to defeat TRUMP and his decision to sequester these INCRIMINATING EMAILS would deliver that result. What a stooge this Comey is turning out to be, eh, Hillary?

"stooge" agreed

What if James "stooge" Comey were placed in the loop in such a way that just before election day...he could once more say: CLINTON NOT GUILTY. As it is right now...his team told the world the FBI had received "new data"...and...they're examining it.

The same "stooge" who ignored "real" criminal to "see" anything more in the new stuff? He'd be a fool to declare anything other than "MOOT POINT"...Al Capone's basement with Geraldo Rivera all over again: nothing found.

Beth Fouhy

Beth Fouhy admitted CAMP-CLINTON had to be on fire over the latest announcement from FBI Director James "stooge" Comey that he was re-opening the investigation of HILLARY CLINTON. Yet...she snickered about how little the MASS MEDIA would do about such revelations. "The puppets in the MASS MEDIA will down-play the significance even if obvious criminal misconduct was afoot," Fouhy declared.


Loquacious Robby Mook...a CAMP CLINTON acolyte...couldn't find words to explain the latest email dump...a plethora of emails to/from CAMP CLINTON wherein Catholics were hated...Afro-Americans called monkeys...and...Latinos framed as hotel and food helpers. "How can she ever ask such groups for their support when she doesn't like them?" candidly asked U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren


Hillary Clinton can't answer questions about this latest revelation of emails. Maybe all 33,000 emails have somehow bubbled up. Maybe this BLOG'S forecast and assistance have finally delivered those 33,000 missing emails...the place where her crimes were hidden...hidden...of course...until now.


While examining accusations that Wiener was chasing minor girls...FBI agents ran across emails from Huma Abedin. These emails confirmed what this BLOG had been saying they would find if they just looked. And...if they did not look...the stuff would be dumped once more by WikiLeaks at the insistence of this BLOG.

The problem is that the FBI issued immunity to every possible co-conspirator. Hence these newest revelations are without any political BLAST ZONE. As James Comey said, "These latest emails only prove HILLARY was conducting a "pay-to-play" scheme while Secretary of State and I've already exonerated her of that criminal misconduct."

"out of the blue"

James "stooge" Comey was approached by a cub reporter from this BLOG and after that interview...he went public to tell the world the FBI was re-examining the CLINTON SCANDAL. that interview...Comey was told he either re-opened...or...he'd be included in the indictment as a co-conspirator. His choice was clear...and...he took the route this BLOG suggested he take a few weeks ago. Comey needs to be commended for finding spine where jelly once crawled.


HILLARY CLINTON promised a tax system that would crush and stymie. And to that promise of more whip-and-chain...her crowd in Iowa...all 141 of them...screamed with love. Here was a real CROOK who wouldn't care if she left people behind to die as she did in Benghazi. Such EVIL was worthy of their support.


The crowd who gathered to hear Hillary in Cedar Rapids was small...mostly comprised of union workers and retired government hacks such as teachers and county officials. They cheered when she said she would enslave them. They screamed with adulation when she said she'd make sure they work for her. And they wanted more whip and chain when she discussed how her government would redistribute the loot.

Why would anyone wish to be seen on TV backing CROOKED HILLARY? Yet...scumbag Democrat officials of all sorts were at that CLINTON rally...each one having swallowed her honor...and...put her integrity in the closet. They were told to cheer for her and they did as they were directed. It's despicable to see just groveling and pandering...but...Democrat officials are notorious for such things.


Hillary Clinton and her email server scandal is about to become a volcano. The MASS MEDIA is meeting...right discuss how to minimize this latest ERUPTION. Do they renew the 11-so-far accusers...running them through the programming 24/7...each one retelling her story of sexual attack by TRUMP-THE-WOLF? Might they find a plumber or electrician who got stiffed by Donald and send these angry suppliers around to tell their tale of woe? How do they hide this elephant called CROOKED HILLARY? Such are the questions and issues bantered about in that emergency meeting.


The POLICE STATE OF OREGON was rebuked by a jury who decided the federal prosecution of patriots was not right. It was a stunning victory for freedom. The scumbag-prosecutors from the U.S.Injustice Department thought the jerk-judge would force the jury to convict as that jerk-judge had done so many times in the past.

However...the jury was patriot-packed. Somehow the scumbag-prosecutors had failed to ferret out and delete these patriots. Somehow these patriots had avoided the gleaning process whereby the patriots are excluded and only "sheep-jurors" are picked.

But this time...for some reason...God arrived...and...these DEFENDANTS were found NOT GUILTY.


FBI Director James "stooge" Comey could not walk down the street and not be called some despicable name. He thought he could rise above public derision but he found public hatred almost palpable. some kind of change of mind...James "stooge" Comey has declared he'll re-examine the CLINTON FILE. Yet...not one MASS MEDIA talking head is dwelling on it. They're trying to smooth over voters will continue to support CLINTON because they're not being told about what Comey has decided to do.


Hoard Dvorkin asked Doug Band for help with a project. Doug said such assistance would cost $8 million with $3 million more for Bill Clinton. When Dvorkin asked if for-profit business could be mixed with non-profit funding...Doug replied, "Look...Clinton is it won't matter."

Dilma's ghost

Dilma Rousseff was caught doing much less than Hillary Clinton did and was driven from office as president of Brazil. This BLOG forecast that CLINTON would suffer a similar fate once people began to examine her criminal misconduct without the MASS MEDIA there to say whatever found not worthy of recital or prosecution. Maybe "stooge" Comey grew tired of not being able to appear in public without someone loudly calling him: "SCUMBAG!"

Twitter shrinks

Twitter will eliminate 9% of its workforce. "OBAMA-CARE along with many other government grip and grab caused this job loss. But...if we tell voters such job loss is because of OBAMA...we will be attacked by federal agencies of every type," confided Bob...a Twitter insider.

6 seconds

VINE was a popular's since faded. The ability to wedge an advertisement into a 6 second video was just not possible. Advertisers have since gone to other platforms such as YouTube.Maybe there is a place for VINE...but...right's withered.


Judith Miller...a MSNBC talking head...told the world she knew Hillary was crooked. Yet...because Miller lacked honor and integrity...she was going to vote for Clinton. The idea of Hillary eliminating what little liberty remained...and...replacing such with socialist freedom-to-obey...made Judith's left leg tingle.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed all federal contractors to reveal "any complaint" when bidding on federal contracts. Such a requirement could be used by UNIONS to threaten to file complaints if the employers did not kneel and lick boot. Fearful of losing federal contracts to competitors...companies would exchange whatever the union wanted for "insulation from complaints". It's the kind of idiotic stuff one might find in France or Germany...but...not in America...not in such a freedom-loving land as the United States,(WSJ A-12;10-28-16).

white female suburban college graduate who likes rice

Has anyone noticed the MASS MEDIA instantly breaks up a voting bloc into disparate parts...segregating...stereotyping...and...ascribing generic aspect? Nowadays...elderly voters are said to want Hillary because they want more not less big grab government in their lives. HUH?


Out of the white man's pipeline has been obstructed by Indians and their supporters. These people...all 140 of them...chained themselves together and refused to step aside when bulldozers arrived to fashion a way for the oil-carrying structure. Even though the permits were approved...and...all interested parties duly paid for the right-of-way...nonetheless...these Indians don't want that pipeline running across Indian land. They want squalor and misery for their tribe...something the pipeline would eradicate and with it their power over their tribal members.

Students for Justice in Palestine(SFJIP)

Students for Justice in Palestine(SFJIP) recently declared ISRAEL should be erased. When asked 'why"...the leaders of SFJIP declared the Jew was a stain in the Middle East that needed to be eliminated. So hated is the Jew...the SFJIP has endorsed genocide. And these scumbags are touted by Hillary Clinton as representative of the heartbeat of America?


3-D printers can make guns. Plastic guns. When the plastic gun was blew up. Had someone tried to shoot such a plastic gun...the operator would be killed by the explosion and shrapnel.Yet...Cody Wilson...who uploaded the software to make such guns...was told he couldn't publish such stuff since it would give people the way to make guns....even if those plastic guns were totally unusable...and...idiotic,(WSJ A-11;10-28-16).

Because Cody was on to something...the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG uploaded the software to make a HILLARY CLINTON. It will LIE...CHEAT...ABANDON...and...BETRAY. It's much more powerful than a plastic gun...and...when deployed...a billion bucks can be made. WOW! Where so I get one of those?

Ali Velchi: henchman

Ali Velchi calls himself a Clinton-henchman...and...he shows he can defend that title well. In a recent interview with a cub reporter he said CLINTON,INC. was an obvious "pay-to-play" scheme designed to exchange political favor for cash...but...he was paid to say otherwise and he planned to do as much. Yes...Bill and Hillary are criminals...but...he'd been paid too much to say they were.


WikiLeaks dumped more proof that Hillary and Bill are scoundrels. Already MSNBC and all the other pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA outlets are telling voters CLINTON,INC. was not illegal. Unsavory...perhaps...but...completely legal. It was legal for Bill Clinton to get money and then the State Department deliver some favor down the line completing the "quid pro quo"for some so-called "donor". Maybe...there are mush-minds who don't care how corrupt Bill and Hillary are...but...maybe you do.


David exchange for MSNBC scumbags mentioning his album "lighthouse"...told the world he would pick Hillary for president. He had to swallow his honor...push integrity into the proverbial closet...and...hold his nose...but...he was going to choose that matter how many crimes exposed.


Talk about BLOG power...President Xi Jingping has been designated "core"...the highest designation obtainable in China. Unlike others...this BLOG recognized President Xi as one of the greatest leaders this world has ever known...and...pushed for the Chinese leadership to acknowledge his prowess and fame him as "core". VIVA Xi!(WSJ A-1;10-28-16).


"Honorable". Such the attribute of almost all Americans...and...such honor will STOP them from choosing a scoundrel such as Hillary Clinton for president. Yes...the MASS MEDIA has done its best to hide her criminal misconduct...but...this BLOG along with WikiLeaks has done a fabulous job exposing the EVIL. Voters might pick Clinton because they're told to do as much...but...if even these ardent Clinton-advocates were to reflect on what Hillary has done...they'd find their own honor declaring they simply can't choose her. VIVA TRUMP!

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Folks...the MASS MEDIA is hammering* the narrative: TRUMP CAN'T DEFEAT CLINTON. Yet...the long lines observed around the country at voting sites are packed with TRUMP people...with very few Clinton-voters seen. Somehow...most voters are too honorable...have too much ever vote for a scoundrel such as she. VIVA TRUMP!
*The BILLY BUSH ATTACK was intended to derail TRUMP. Every female talking head was prepared to drip scream invective...and...apply opprobrious epithet...all intended to denounce...and...defeat TRUMP. Somehow by assailing would raise up scoundrel Hillary just enough to be acceptable to most American women not matter how terrible she might be.

Mam mook the pook

POOK: something unholy...dark...phantasmagorical...and...horrific. A Muslim sporting the moniker: MAM- MOOK...the POOK...told a cub reporter the Islamic State was not about to be deleted without leaving some kind of SCAR on the Great Satan. He mentioned that Obama had already allowed the attack squads into America...and...they were waiting for the signal, Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?


Instead of discussing ad nauseum the obvious "pay-to-play" scheme Hillary and Bill Clinton conducted as the talking heads did when it came to the topic about TRUMP'S alleged 11-so-far accusers...the latest WikiLeaks data has been pushed into a 15 second sound-bite barely mentioned. It's OBVIOUS Hillary was overheard saying, "Most voters are mush-minds...particularly the minorities and millennials and we can mold them any way we wish."


"Do I give Americans the I keep them ignorant?" Such was the question Edward Snowden asked himself. He had hacked every Democrat email in Congress and elsewhere. He had collated and grouped...until a definite criminal pattern became obvious. He called the data CLINTON INC. and dispatched it to Julian Assange to be dumped in America so people could KNOWINGLY choose between CROOKED Hillary or TRUMP THE TITAN.


Doug Band...knee-crooking knave on Clinton whatever Bill might wish...filling Clinton-plate full...and...scraping some off on his own dirty dish. Doug Band would escort executives onto Clinton land. There they'd be asked to give and give some more. And give they did...lest they find government grabbing and bashing down their door.


"Even Michelle Obama swallowed her integrity and honor in order to stand up on a stage and ask people to vote for such a scoundrel as Hillary Clinton," whispered U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte(R.N.H.)...adding that few Americans want Bill Clinton running a bawdy house as Colin Powell envisioned should Hillary ever be elected.


Did anyone notice how angry the talking heads seemed to be when they incessantly discussed TRUMP'S alleged sexual lackadaisical these same SCUMBAGS appeared when speaking for 30 seconds about CLINTON-ATTACKING TRUMP CAMPAIGNS. There was absolute VIDEO proof that CAMP-CLINTON sent goon squads into Trump rallies to disrupt. They were dispatched and directed to be where cameras could FRAME THE VIOLENCE so it could be used against TRUMP.

Yet...not any talking heads are discussing this ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. They can't speak of it since this kind of nasty stuff is what turns voters off...and...they can't afford to sink Hillary.

-Folks...those TRUMP ATTACKS were intentional and the MASS MEDIA was working hand-in-hand with CAMP-CLINTON to push this TRUMP-PEOPLE-VIOLENT narrative...when the real culprits behind any violence were CAMP-CLINTON operatives. But...other than this BLOG...not any MASS MEDIA outlet is discussing or raising this HORRIFIC ASPECT!


If Hillary Clinton defeats TRUMP...hooliganism will be institutionalized. Not ever again would someone believe they were justly prosecuted. They will want to meet on an airplane with the prosecutor's boss. They'll also want the police to candidly declare* they are without guilt. And they will insist on the MASS MEDIA backing them up without hesitation.Hillary received as much and so should everyone else, eh HILLARY?
*In every potential prosecution situation...even if a subpoena has already been issued...destruction of evidence will be done as a matter of a matter of procedure...and...anyone not scrubbing before revealing deserving of what they get.


As WikiLeaks revelations show more dramatic instances of criminal misconduct on the part of Bill and Hillary...the pro-CLINTON MASS MEDIA has been filling its programming with stories about Michelle Obama traveling around America pushing socialism and terrible-tasting school lunches appearing before small hand-picked groups to tell them how great CROOKED HILLARY would be for America.

On one occasion...shown on TV...for example...Michelle entreats VOTERS to overstep their own sense of honor and select this SCOUNDREL.

"When they go low...we go high. Yes...Clinton is the lowest thing going...but...we...we want a socialist...someone who will eliminate liberty...and...she can do it. So swallow your honor...ignore your integrity...and...choose SCOUNDREL HILLARY," shouted Michelle as she look out on that audience of 57 loud-mouthed Hillary-helpers.


There is a periodical called POLITICO. It's a worthless rag with little information and bunches of propaganda. In Vol. 10 No.98...they claim TRUMP will lose in a landslide to Hillary-the hag. Not only are they absolutely's OBVIOUS they're in her pocket. It's disgusting to read snot noses such as POLITICO writers denounce TRUMP when they couldn't ever achieve what he has done. They're envious snips who hate success since they can't ever has as much. VIVA TRUMP!

I-4 corridor

In Florida...the I-4 it's an important feature of the political landscape. Inside that swath of land lie almost 5 million Floridians...and...almost all of them are dependent on big gift government and would lick boot to get more benefits. They want to be told what to do by Nanny-Hillary. They want to be reduced to sheep...led and their master might desire. They don't want liberation but more privation. the MASS MEDIA is telling them.


Did anyone notice that since this BLOG said it was investigating MASS MEDIA polling numbers...the pollsters have produced POLLS showing a downward trend for Hillary and an upward trend for Trump? Maybe these scumbags heard once they were exposed...this BLOG was going to attack them 24/7 until they are never used again. How dare these jerks pretend their POLLS were proper when they knew they were concocted!


Joan Walsh...a Hillary helper...admitted she was groped by TRUMP while she was on an escalator in a casino. He crept up silently behind her...grabbed her package from behind...and...thumbed her. Because few listeners understood what that meant...JOAN clarified by saying that she was referring to the bowling pin 7-10 goal post split situation.

She hated TRUMP for not mentioning that assault when confronted by Megyn Kelly during the 1st primary debate. Had she been mentioned first...she would have been the 1st lady on the victim-list and that would have given her some prominence. As it is...she's just JOAN WALSH...a has-been...from another era.


To assist Liu Zhongtian...a LEGAL TEAM was dispatched from this BLOG to stop whatever attack the scumbags at the U.S.Injustice Dept. and the jerks at Homeland Security had in mind. It was outrageous the Injustice Dept. would attack a beneficiary of the consumer...and...even despicable to note Homeland Security people hurting America in this way!(WSJ B-1;10-27-16).

374.15% tax?

Chinese aluminum is so cheap Uncle Sugar decided to add a 374.15% tax so American junk could compete. So burdened has the American aluminum production with taxes and red tape that American aluminum can't compete unless there is this HUGE TAX applied. The consumer is sacrificed so that American aluminum makers can continue with their inefficient production. Instead of taxing the Chinese the better route would be to eliminate what is making American aluminum less competitive. However...the would-be masters won't ever permit such deletion since it gives them POWER!(WSJ B-1;10-27-16).

al-Shabaab And so it was al-Shabaab danced down the dusty dirt road...cutlasses glistening in the sun...before them fled refugees...their villages on fire...their world undone,(WSJ A-11;10-27-16).

MASS MEDIA hates hotel

Knowing TRUMP was under budget and ahead of schedule on the opening of his incredible space-age hotel on Pennsylvania Ave...MASS MEDIA presented one jerk after another on TV...their mission statement:to "bad-mouth" the TRUMP brand...claiming it went from platinum to base-lead. The idea was to overshadow and besmirch this incredible achievement once the "certificate of occupancy" was issued and TRUMP offered the world a glimpse. By then...according to the MASS MEDIA wizards...people would not be awed by such an accomplishment in that most hostile of environments.


Doug Band would escort business executives to meet Bill Clinton...who usually was seated in a golf cart holding in his arms what looked like a badly stained blue dress. As they would approach...he'd sheepishly hide the dress and ask for their forgiveness. After exchanging "aw shucks" kind of stuff...Bill would ask them for money in exchange for favors. It was nasty and illegal...but...without a VIDEO BY BILLY BUSH there was not any way to expose such nefarious dealings UNTIL now. With WikiLeaks dumping everyone's dirty laundry...the PAY-TO-PLAY is now OBVIOUS to anyone who wishes to look.


Mr. Bob came by today to visit a local radio celebrity: MAYOR OF THE AIRWAVES, Rhett Palmer. One of the editors of this BLOG happened also to be there and much dialogue was had about one million acts of kindness...and...what a prodigious act such contemplates. Yet...with social media and his pals in the rest of the so-called MASS MEDIA...Mr. Bob believes he can achieve this good act at a time. Let's cheer Mr. Bob onward as he spreads good cheer and brotherhood throughout a desperate land.


Why won't most women choose Clinton? Their honor WILL prevent them from choosing Clinton. They can't pick a CROOK! Yes...some are so militant and socialist they don't care if a scoundrel inhabits the Oval push America into the socialist toilet will require a scoundrel...since a patriotic freedom-lover would never choose such fate for this blessed land. And...whatever honor means to these socialist-females is secondary to their desire to enslave.


Has anyone noticed that when CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT is revealed...the MASS MEDIA spends its time telling America how far ahead Hillary is in the POLLS. Today...even though more criminal activity has been revealed...the MASS MEDIA is spending its time telling the world the millennials don't care how CROOKED she is...they want her as president so they can get "promised freebie and favor".


Multiple instances of mass slaughter were traced to Obama. He's a war criminal and needs to be prosecuted. He has killed more children than even Stalin or Mao. Yet...the MASS MEDIA protects this scumbag. Why?(WSJ A-10-;10-27-16).
*Eventually...the person who gave the orders for bombing in Afghanistan in 2016 will be known and that name is: OBAMA!


Ah...yes..."pay-to-play"...has longer legs than the MASS MEDIA thought. Its talking heads are trying to avoid discussing the newest revelation about how Bill and Hillary have been selling political power for years. Although doesn't seem to be such when it's the Bill and Hillary committing the crime. Ma Barker would be proud of how well these two scoundrels have done avoiding prosecution.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Whereas...TRUMP bought and renovated a dilapidated old post office and turned it into a 5-star hotel on Pennsylvania Ave...under budget...and...ahead of schedule...CLINTON has never done as much. Yes...she sold her political power in a pay-to-play scheme while Secretary of State...but...folks...she's never signed the front of a pay check. No...she's been a political parasite almost her entire adult life and president...would destroy whatever it is which makes people such as TRUMP wish to better the world. VIVA TRUMP!


The POLLS are LYING. TRUMP is far ahead of CLINTON. People don't want a CROOK in the White House. They know she's an inveterate liar...and...will leave people behind to die just as she did in Benghazi. Whereas...with TRUMP...they will be less burdened by big grab government. VIVA TRUMP!


Ram speed! Such was the description of the MASS MEDIA as it hammered away at TRUMP while calling Hillary divinity-incarnate. MSNBC talking heads...for example...dripped venom as they laughed and giggled at TRUMP'S this or that...never once mentioning how CROOKED Clinton had been proven to be. talking head...Rachel Maddow...a freedom-hater of the 1st order...said she hated TRUMP because he would delete most of the grip and grab of her beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. And for such liberation...she hated him. How dare he delete her beloved CAGE...a place where she has prominence!

Holiday hiring

The real unemployment number is around 18% but due to holiday hiring...that number will drop for a few months. Once holiday customers evaporate...though...those "temps" will once again be back in the "JOBLESS FILE".


Somehow...employers who buy health insurance haven't experienced a RATE INCREASE...or...that is what OBAMA is telling America. Naturally...he's LYING as he did in 2009 when he said: "Keep your doctor"...keep your health insurance"...two BIG LIES...LIES he knew were LIES. are supposed to believe another LIE? Obama really is a dung-throwing monkey.

Italian proof, you say?

Reacting to the latest earthquake in Italy...10,000 climate-change scientists signed a letter declaring the noise made at TRUMP rallies in Florida had sent disturbing vibrations into the core of Mother Earth...and...angered her so much...she elected to shake some Italians. The same computer models which showed carbon dioxide(CO2) smothering the planet...also showed TRUMP'S vibrations as game-changing. Their solution: NO MORE TRUMP RALLIES lest mankind be destroyed.

Angela Rye caught

Angela Rye overheard Clinton plotting with several ladies to LIE about sexual assault. Angela caught the tail end of the interface but concluded CLINTON was once again orchestrating another attack on TEAM-TRUMP...this time sending LYING-LADIES to accuse TRUMP of horrific attacks. "Just say he did it. It doesn't have to be true. The MASS MEDIA is hungry for the dirt. So make the attacks dramatic and gripping," Clinton was heard telling John Podesta.


Jeb Bush was asked to attack TRUMP next week and use as his ammo the now-11 accusers who claim TRUMP attacked...fondled breast...tongue-choked several...and...grabbed the package of them all...and...all done without anyone else seeing anything happen. One lady said she was accosted in a bar...taken to a dark corner...and...raped with TRUMP'S thumb. The whole time her own entourage didn't see it...but...they were later told it occurred.


Just another "nobody" until she tangled with TRUMP...Megyn Kelly took on Newt Gingrich last night. She called TRUMP a sexual predator when she lacked any proof and refused to call Bill Clinton a SEXUAL PREDATOR even though he had been exposed long ago as a cruel and vengeful ghoul. Newt grew angry when he heard this "nobody" accusing such a great person of dastardly acts when she lacked ANY PROOF. It was despicable and Newt called her on it.


Sticker shock. Such was the frame for OBAMA-CARE'S latest downturn. People who shop for health insurance were guaranteed huge spikes in their costs. Obama chuckled about it. "Of course...I lied to get OBAMA-CARE passed. Now I am lying about how great OBAMA-CARE has been. But the MASS MEDIA can sell refrigerators to I will never be called a scumbag," confided Obama as he looked at the 116% increase in Arizona.


Who was at the Palm Beach rally for Clinton? The crowd was only a couple of hundred strong...with more newspaper people than voters. It seemed the on-lookers were more curious to see what a "trapped rat" looks like than to observe the next president seek* votes from well-wishers. Hic et ubique, eh Hillary?
*Hic et ubique: then shift ground

"We're all socialists now!"

Cuban officials joyfully told a cub reporter Cuba and Uncle Sugar were both socialist toilets and they had much in common. Hearing that declaration of America going socialist...TRUMP replied, "Speak for scumbags!"

Jostein Solheim

Ben & Jerry's CEO Jostein Solheim recently revealed he wanted CLINTON since she would destroy what little liberty remained and replace it with socialist freedom-to-obey...something so nasty it made his left leg tingle. "Unlike TRUMP she will delete all liberty...force people to buy my product...and...I will prosper while everyone else melts. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about the power I will have," bragged Jostein as he ate a hot dog while wearing a t-shirt that said: RONALD McDONALD EATS HOT DOGS,(WSJ B-8;10-26-16).


The MASS MEDIA refuses to show the world the size of Hillary's crowd because it's small and packed only with ardent socialists, Eco-fascists and people wanting to know if their freebies will continue.

In contrast...they never show TRUMP crowds since their cameras could not show all the people seeking to attend. It's a landslide of people wanting to hear about liberation not more subjugation.

The difference is so telling...the pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA can't take the chance that voters will sense they're getting "played"..."getting fooled"...and...such conclusion would deliver the election to TRUMP. If the MASS MEDIA...for example...showed how small the Florida crowd was for Clinton and how big that same crowd was for TRUMP...the election would already be over.

under budget and ahead of schedule

TRUMP just opened* his newest hotel this one on Pennsylvania Ave. just a few blocks away from the White House. Unlike the Clintons who sold over-night stays in the Lincoln bedroom...TRUMP can accommodate his guests at this newest swankiest place on planet Earth. VIVA TRUMP!
*Unlike TRUMP...CLINTON has never built anything...except line her own pocket in crooked deals.


Bill Clinton is a proven SEXUAL PREDATOR. He used his power...for seduce Monica, a misdeed he denied...until...the blue dress stain was found.

lock her up!

Hillary was campaigning in Florida when people screamed "lock her up!". The crowd grew sullen and silent. How dare a freedom-lover break the enthusiasm for CROOKED HILLARY!

"show me"(Xiaomi)

French-born designer Philippe Starke partnered with the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and delivered to Xiaomi Corp. the best mobile phone/computer ever created. Yes...folks...APPLE has a great competitor. Indeed...HUGO BARRA...a Xiaomi big shot...likened their latest product to a REVOLUTION. With that device...a person can become their own broadcast station...sending out messages of freedom to the enslaved,(WSJ B-4;10-26-16).

vulnerable seat?

Unless socialists and other freedom-haters out-vote the freedom-lovers...most Republican legislators will be re-elected or elected. Yes...the MASS MEDIA has attacked the freedom-lovers but most voters sense 2016 is too important to choose "enslavement"(think Democrat).


Haiti was struck by an earthquake. Bill Clinton and his pals used that calamity to line their own pockets. Nowadays...Bill Clinton could not go to Haiti without a 10,000 bodyguard force...and...even then...Clinton would be running an incredible risk. Haitians know what Clinton did to them and they are looking for "pay-back".


The number of dependent-people in Indiana has not grown large enough to put EVAN BAYH back into the U.S.Senate.

Back in 2009...Evan Bayh was promised a majority of Hoosiers by 2016 would be so enslaved...they would do whatever their would-be masters directed...including putting Scumbags such as Bayh back into power. Hence...Bayh voted for Obama's signature medical fiasco...dooming millions of Hoosiers to OBAMA-CARE'S omnivorous maw.

He was promised OBAMA-CARE would deliver enslaved-voters...miserable-dependent-worms...easily directed from cradle to grave by ghouls such as himself. Might that promise have been a real one?(WSJ A-17;10-26-16).


Before finding that one CLINTON-voter...MASS MEDIA reporters had interviewed 28,999 others. They simply could not find anyone willing to support an OBVIOUS CROOK. How about you?

"sexual predator"

Unlike TRUMP whose accusers lack proof of sexual assault...there was overwhelming evidence that Bill Clinton was...and...according to Colin Powell...still is...a SEXUAL PREDATOR. Yet...the MASS MEDIA won't label that scumbag since it would derail HILLARY'S effort. Even Megyn Kelly...TRUMP'S nemesis...refused to call Bill Clinton a sexual predator since she didn't want to lose her JOB.


Democrat Jon Corzine summed it up best when he said, "Yes...I stole a billion bucks...but...they didn't attack since I had "dirt"...good...righteous "dirt"...and...if they bite...I'll bite back." Maybe...CLINTON has such "good-righteous-dirt" on Obama and that is "why" Obama* LIED and said he didn't know anything about that private email server system even though he was caught conferring with Clinton on top secret matters using that OBVIOUS private email address!
* "I found out like everybody else through news reports," Obama declared when asked if he were involved in the "pay-to-play" scheme and other nefarious aspects. What benefit Obama has derived from the "pay-to-play" has not yet been's OBVIOUS his "company" has benefited. The "benefit" probably will one day be revealed...but...Obama hopes by then...few people will care.

20 million riders

The 20th century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE medical service. According to Hillary Clinton...OBAMA-CARE created 20 million voters completely dependent on "free medical service".

Laughing about the YOKE...John Podesta said, "Those 20 million dependent-miserable-slaves will choose CLINTON since she promises to give them "free medical service". Yes...others will have to cover their tab...but...when you're don't care who is having to pull your wagon."

60% left

Out of 7000 Washington state worker bees involved in home-health aid...60% have left the UNION. Since HARRIS v.QUINN...such worker bees don't have to pay UNION DUES...and...can't be forced to pay UNION DUES. The loss of so many members with more departing when they hear they can't be forced to lick boot...has angered HILLARY CLINTON so much she vowed to compel membership. "I would not hesitate to imprison those nurses and health-aides. I want them to obey and serve.'s enslavement...but...socialism requires such obedience," drooled Hillary as she looked at the loss of Service Employees International Union(SEIU) members.


Hillary Clinton escaped condemnation due to MASS MEDIA bias. But for that bias...she'd be in prison for her "pay-to-play" scheme. Indeed...General Cartwright was caught LYING once and was prosecuted. Clinton has been caught LYING many times...and...has escaped. It's terrible that she is above the law while the rest of America must struggle beneath its oppressive aspect.


TRUMP challenged BIDEN to a boxing match in Madison Square Gardens...proceeds to go to the vets. "Come on...big mouth. You're so tough. Let's do it in the ring. You and I fighting...and...the vets reaping the profits," declared TRUMP when he heard about Biden's threat of violence.

Here was the "real" Democrat coming out. Joe Biden threatening violence yet refusing to enter the boxing ring to "walk the walk"...not just..."talk the talk".

"Ready to back-stab but never confront face-to-face," whispered Michelle Obama in a rare moment of candor when asked "why" Biden would not take TRUMP up on his challenge.

Who pays his salary?

Ezekiel of the authors of OBAMA-CARE...giggled about premium increases. "We knew all along it would implode and with the help of the MASS MEDIA we could force Americans into socialized everyone the same quality of care the vets get. Indeed...I've heard about people having to drive hours to see a doctor since their local doctor was not "in network". It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about the misery and hardship OBAMA-CARE delivered. It's wondrous to see socialism in action. I love it," dripped Emanuel as he heard horror story after horror story about the evil of OBAMA-CARE.


John Podesta in an email told Clinton she had to find a crying Muslim grieving over the loss a son in Iraqi combat. They found one and featured him at the Democrat National Convention. This bereaved father ascended the stage...and...loudly accused TRUMP of killing his son. Even though TRUMP had opposed* the war in which his son was sacrificed...nonetheless...this PODESTA-PUPPET stayed on script...cried...and...loudly accused.
*When TRUMP attempted to respond...the MASS MEDIA called him callous for the manner in which he reacted. But...for those voters who might be swayed by such nonsense...remember...CLINTON voted for that WAR!


Hillary Clinton said OBAMA-CARE exploited millennials...adding they're mush-minds and easily directed in herd format. "They're mush-minds...easily herded...easily directed. They can be exploited and made to work for the hive," Clinton drooled as she looked at OBAMA-CARE premiums jumping 25% or more.


The Kurdish preshmerga...freedom-fighters...will be betrayed by OBAMA. Why the KURDS are in any way assisting in the re-taking of Mosul hasn't been explained. Why would the Kurds help the very people who will in the end turn and attack them? What advantage do the Kurds receive from helping Obama...that dung-throwing monkey? Predictably...the KURDS will be betrayed by OBAMA...and...when betrayal happens...the KURDS will be as surprised then as they are stupid now.

Sara Goldrick-Rab

Sara a socialist-Jew paid to hurt minds at Temple University. She wants "free college". Somehow...her $124,000 salary will be insulated though. In fact she sees her salary doubling once she can get into the pocket of the taxpayer. Yes...she's at Temple and she's a Jewish socialist. How can Temple University permit such scumbags in their professorial ranks?


Throughout the Podesta-Mills-Reines-Tanden exposed by WikiLeaks...Hillary's team discussed the EMAIL SCANDAL and how to duck its more pernicious aspects. Some even wanted to find ways to avoid getting indicted while Podesta told everyone to calm down...he had heard Clinton had that potential prosecution already "sewn up".

Sheryl Crow show

A songster has-been-Sheryl Crow stepped forward to accuse TRUMP of grabbing her package and fondling her breasts as he shoved his tongue down her throat. It happened inside a local bar. She had too much to drink...and...TRUMP had too little time. The combination so unpleasant...CROW felt she needed to come forward and speak out.


Scrubbing 33,000(+) emails is the antithesis of TRANSPARENCY. Yet...MSNBC talking heads were impressed with Hillary's openness. As one of them said, "Yes...she destroyed incriminating evidence...but...she should be commended not condemned for such clever escape."


"You can keep your doctor...and...keep your health plan." Obama told people BIG LIES in order to slip OBAMA-CARE around their necks as if some kind of horrific yoke. The MASS MEDIA can't hide his LIE any longer as Americans are finally discovering the EVIL ASPECT embedded in OBAMA-CARE. Maybe you love OBAMA-CARE...but...if such affection's probably because somehow you're getting your OBAMA-CARE using "taxpayer subsidy".

Mosul is Sunni not Shiite

Shiite army taking Mosul? While it might succeed in grabbing back'll be a Pyrrhic victory...with Sunnis resenting what will come in its aftermath: SOCIALIZED GOVERNMENT with Sunnis as its slaves. Hence...Mosul will not be "taken"...but...merely captured...and...that for only a season. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


General John Allen left men behind to die. Hence...he didn't see anything wrong with supporting Hillary...another scumbag who left 4 Americans behind to die in Benghazi.General Allen...came forward because CAMP-CLINTON has dirt on him. As "nasty" John Podesta told him...he can avoid getting hurt if he came forward as COLIN POWELL did and praise disgusting as that is. And...scumbag-Allen has done just that. What a traitor...certainly not a patriot...but...someone sacred about his future. He's a disgrace to the uniform he wears!


Whatever ran through the it it it liberty on steroids...frame it any way you wish...but...unlike the dry-boring-Clinton rallies...TRUMP AFFAIRS bubble and jump...bloom and blossom...and...the crowd boils with adulation. Here is a freedom-fighter. VIVA TRUMP!


Jennifer Palmieri was overheard telling Hillary that she could not admit to criminal misconduct and had to LIE. As they were discussing how to delete incriminating emails and other data...Palmieri erupted in laughter. Clinton was caught by surprise and instantly inquired. Palmieri...still almost blue with laughter...said, "You must bend it like Beckham!"


TRUMP was correct when he told was they CAMP-CLINTON sought to enslave. "If they can silence me...they surely can stomp you."

Trump noted how "rigged" things were. When Clinton could brazenly conduct a "pay-to-play" and escape condemnation...when she could leave 4 Americans to die and be called BRAVE...or...delete 33,000 emails after receiving a subpoena and be called's OBVIOUS...things are rigged. And...TRUMP was brave enough to speak out. VIVA TRUMP!


Somehow...Trump cried out in all his pain...I am leaving...I am leaving...but...the boxer still remains.


Hillary Clinton in times past said she was a YANKEES fan. Nowadays...LIAR-HILLARY told people she's a Chicago Cubs fan and always has been. HUH? Had the CUBS not been on their way to the World Series...however...Clinton would still be an inveterate Yankees fan.


In times past...Colin Powell...himself...left people behind to die. Hence...he didn't see anything wrong with Clinton leaving 4 Americans behind to die in Benghazi. So enamored was Powell at how deftly Clinton escaped condemnation for the Benghazi massacre...his left leg tingled just thinking about those 7 long hours when those 4 Americans could have been saved.


Sean Smith believed in Hillary Clinton so much that before he left to defend the Benghazi embassy compound he told his pals Clinton had drones hovering above that compound. He was headed to that compound to hunker down in the safe room permitting the drones to obliterate the assault squads.

"She has the trigger and can annihilate. I'll see you in a few hours," Sean was reported having said as he dashed away into the Libyan night headed toward the beleaguered compound.

Yes...Sean thought he was stronger...with...than...without...Clinton. Together they would repulse the compound assault squads and save Ambassador Stevens. many voters still...Sean believed HILLARY CLINTON when she declared, "We're stronger together!"

As Sean Smith waited...he told the other 3 people at the compound that they were stronger together. He had been told by Hillary as much and she would come. They could count on her.

Sean even made a "funny" by saying it's 3 a.m. in America...her phone is ringing...and...she's getting on her get out of bed...and...answer it.

At one point as mortars began to strike...he whispered to Ambassador Stevens, "I tell you...she's coming. She promised we were stronger together. So let's be patient."