Sunday, December 17, 2017


Ohio Governor John Kasich told the world he liked socialism...and...wanted to flush America down the collectivist toilet. Instead of calling Kasich a scumbag for uttering such idiocy...NBC talking head CHUCK TODD smiled and agreed with him. The idea was to push enslavement. Kasich was picked because he's a parasitic worm whose purpose to replace liberty with socialist "freedom-to-obey".

Saturday, December 16, 2017


How many moles...spies...and...other two-faced scumbags haunt the U.S. Injustice Dept....the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...and...other federal agencies and departments? Out of 3.78 million federal worker bees...80% could be deleted and they'd never be missed. President Trump should send out "the hatchet man" cull the herd...and...render a loyal band of servants ready to make America great again. VIVA TRUMP!


TRUCK-BOT(tm) arrived just in time to save the trucking industry from another OBAMA-ERA stomp-and-chomp. This one requiring all 18-wheelers to have a DRIVER'S electronic box that logs driver hours not to exceed 11 hours behind the wheel in a 14-hour day. If the trucker lacks the BOX...the truck can be impounded...the cargo seized...and...the trucking company penalized so much it won't be able to survive.

Yes...folks...BIG TRUCKS are going to be taken off the road unless the consumers are willing to pay 25% more for their food and fiber. Instead of repealing that stupid rule...the trucking industry will be decimated. Most small truckers can't survive on 11-hour day drives...and...truck-dependent states such as Florida will find consumer prices skyrocketing. Oddly enough...hurting the poor and those on fixed incomes was the goal behind this TRUCK RULE that OBAMA IMPOSED.


In business...Americans always are the winners. The same can be said for the Japanese and Arabs when their own realm in trade. a business deal...everyone gets what they want or they don't do the a consequence...everyone receives more than they gave or else they'd not have done the deal. Everyone walks away with what they want and more than they had before. Such the proverbial otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. America...although less so since President Trump and Ajit Pai took the deals are skewed by taxes and much much pick-and-poke...that the deal is less beneficial to the parties and probably won't be done.

As Paul Krugman...reluctantly conceded the other day, "Remove big grab government from the throat of free enterprise and the world prospers...but...the bureaucrat and would-be master are left behind...something I can't imagine."
*Krugman was the economist who staked his entire reputation on his prediction the stock market in December of 2017 would be 9000 and the economy in shambles.


In times long rock struck another and sent the leftovers hurtling through space toward Mother Earth on a collision asteroid the size of California due to strike in 2022. Can something be done? Where is Bruce Willis and his outfit? Where's Elon Musk when you need him?


The Communist News Network, (CNN) published FALSE INFORMATION declaring TRUMP and JULIAN ASSANGE had something going and CBS and MSNBC followed up with confirmation. When the FAKE ASPECT was discovered...though...CNN refused to reveal who had given them such FALSE DATA...and...the two well... refused to expose who had forced them to parrot FAKE NEWS. Suffice it to say if the story is anti-Trump it will receive top-billing and be published without any vetting whatsoever,(WSJ A-13;12-16-17).


Hatred for President Trump unites the Democrats. They hate Trump for attempting to downsize their beloved NANNY STATE. They despise Trump for demanding there be less regulation and more freedom in the marketplace. And...they want to rid America of such a man and perch one of their own...a person who wants to enslave...likes watching others suffer...and...unable to hear the cries of torment and anguish. Someone such as ELIZABETH WARREN...or...KRISTEN GILLIBRAND.


Ignoring the warning not to say it 5 times...Timmy Titler shouted: his surprise...the room began shake...the walls in all their quake...rug into if horror wished to share...appeared WENDY BETTLESTONE...a ghoul* from the Obama era,(WSJ A-2;12-16-17).
*This federal judge issued a decree preventing President Trump from liberating the employer from the grip of OBAMA-CARE...a law that forces a producer to pay for the birth-control of the employee even if such a payment is against that employer's religion. It was DEMONIC when that law was of its demons: WENDY BETTLESTONE is imposing it as harshly and powerfully as she can muster. She must be removed by Congress instantly...marked for public shunning...and...spat upon as she attempts to walk in public. "She's a first class jerk!" exclaimed U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) an off-the-cuff moment of unique candor.


Treachery...pure evil...and...utter injustice...are adjectives well-describing the U.S. Injustice Dept. in 2017. Yes...Big Don said he was going to drain the swamp. But he has not yet begun to evict the knaves and ghouls infecting the U.S. Injustice Dept. Will U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session identify these scumbags...and...tell them to be gone by 4:00 PM? Such a question is being asked by this BLOG. There isn't any other MASS MEDIA outlet demanding the INJUSTICE DEPT. be swept clean.


Congressional one of their more disingenuous moments...declared the Republican tax cut did not do enough for the unwashed masses. When asked if they'd agree to cutting taxes even more and deleting "spending programs"...they balked...and...squealed as if  they were "stuck-pigs". Their it has been since tyranny stepped to shackle the producer...and...redistribute the product of labor in accord with whatever power-game they find suitable.

President Trump when challenged should tell the naysayers he would have cut taxes even more but was obstructed by those politicians who seek to enslave not liberate. VIVA TRUMP!

Friday, December 15, 2017


A myriad of theories abound when the Mayan civilization is examined. Why did a prosperous and highly skilled people depart the area...leaving behind the temples...the buildings...the roads and running in-door plumbing? There are as many answers as there are imaginations. But...the best of the best of explanations is that the producer left the area because BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT was relentless in its growth and insatiable in its appetite for wealth and redistribution. Once the producer departed...however...the priests...the bureaucrats...the ruling elite...all had to consider departing as well lest they starve.

rank and file

Kellyanne Conway was asked about the speech President Trump delivered at the FBI Academy. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied: "President Trump told FBI graduates, "I have your back." They knew what he meant. Rank and file would always be presumed better than best. level FBI officials...during the OBAMA ERA...obviously engaged in criminal misconduct. They thought they were a government-insulated-body...immune from accusation...immune from penalty...and...impervious to discharge and public ignominy. These scumbags are soon to find out they were wrong. Americans want to know what they did and then punish accordingly."


FATHERS AND MOTHERS from the battlefront came home for Christmas 2017. They came home...some to say goodbye...some to promise return...some with loved ones cry. Might there be some interlude...some pause...some gap...some wall...some impenetrable wrap? To those where the poppies those lost till none...brethren made it home...their war left undone.


Business Insider, Inc. chief executive...HENY BLODGET...sent a thank you note to this BLOG thanking it for giving him the idea of deleting "business"...and...offering the social media a new face: INSIDER,INC. "I was wondering how to get that critter came this HELPER..delivering what I needed," whispered Blodget as he took another bite of his vegemite sandwich.


In HONG KONG...using a template this BLOG raised from initial coin offerings(ICO) has surged past $4 billion for the 1st time...even as regulators worldwide have escalated their warnings about this new form of corporate funding. Similar to BITCOIN in dramatic risk...ICO are traded for "real bucks"...with the ICO somehow a placeholder...somehow valuable...somehow marketable outside* the parties.
*Indeed...if BOB promises to buy back ICO when tendered...then...TIM can hold the ICO as an investment knowing the absolute risk of ZERO always there. If addition to such buy-back route...can sell that ICO to someone else interested in holding ICO...then...TIM might very well exchange "real" for "fake"...the cow for magic to speak,(WSJ B-1;12-15-17).


Taylor Swift told the world 2017 was the best year ever. Instantly...she was attacked by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA and its allies.

"How dare Ms. Swift frame 2017 as anything but lousy!" quipped U.S. Senator Kristen Gillibrand(D.NY) pointing to the offensive tweets Big Don had launched after Gillibrand attempted to bite* his feeding hand.

Lured by Gillibrand's animus...other Swift-haters have come forward to be identified. They've been asked if they were part of the bunch who was also hating Sara Idan(Miss Iraq) and Adar Gandelsman( Miss Israel) for publishing on INSTAGRAM their "selfie" with the post: PEACE AND LOVE FROM MISS IRAQ AND MISS ISRAEL? Naturally...they said they hated all of them and wanted the worst to happen.
*Gillibrand thought it humorous that Idan's family was burned out of their hovel in Iraq and were on "wanted" posters throughout the Middle East.


On election night...11-08-16...PAUL KRUGMAN declared America's best days were investors would sell off as quickly as possible lest they be caught in some massive market plummet. He staked his considerable reputation on his prediction telling his audience he was basing his conclusion on all his wisdom and technical skill. And...because so many investors liked KRUGMAN and his socialist-bent...they proceeded to sell.

Yes...they were told to come buy more not less...because the TRUMP-ERA would bring fabulous wealth* to anyone who wished to keep their hook in the water. Ignoring such "good news"...though...most investors sold and sold plenty precipitously dropping the market 700 points.

The MASS MEDIA called it doomsday as they attempted to fan that "flash-pan reaction into market rout"...but...some investors stopped...listened...and...knew they were being deceived...driven as if herd toward cliff...and...concluded KRUGMAN and the MASS MEDIA were working together to hurt Big Don and stifle his effort to make America great again.

Nowadays...with markets blossoming...producers finally returning to the economy...and...the DOW JONES about to break 24,000...those investors who sold are cursing KRUGMAN.

Some are looking to form a class action suit against him for malpractice.

GEORGE SOROS...a well-known freedom-hater...for instance...said he would dedicate the rest of his life to disparaging KRUGMAN...mentioning such occasions as Rotary meetings...and...public functions....wherein he'd dispatch KRUGMAN-CLOWNS to tell the crowd what a scumbag KRUGMAN really was.
*The reaction to KRUGMAN...dropped precipitously 700(+) points. Anyone who was short-selling such plummet made a terrific sum of money. This BLOG told anyone with big bucks to short sell major stocks and the return would be wondrous.


In a beauty contest...bikini-clad Miss Israel(Adar Gandelsman) and Miss Iraq(Sarah Idan)...together made a "selfie" with the post: PEACE AND LOVE FROM MISS IRAQ AND MISS ISRAEL...and...sent it to INSTAGRAM.

KA-BOOM! The anger and disgust in Iraq and other Arab toilets such as Abu Dhabi erupted as social media paraded that photo worldwide. "How dare a Muslim be seen smiling check to cheek with a JEW!" shouted Iraqis as they burned out Idan's family and bulldozed what was left. In Abu Dhabi...JEWISH JUDO GOLD MEDALISTS were denied their national anthem being played. When asked about this peculiarity...the officials declared the JEW didn't have any country.


A little better than a barrel of monkeys...the editorial staff of the WSJ once more demonstrated why umbrellas must be deployed when passing their cage. Instead of congratulating President Trump for avoiding the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) miasma with its GOLBAL BOARD...its global reach...its one-world government-bureaucracy...WSJ lambasted Big Don declaring somehow socialist-fascist Abe of Japan will be able to eek out some kind of benefit for trading with the socialist-Europeans using the TPP...a benefit Americans won't enjoy.

While the WSJ monkeys are throwing dung back and forth...investors worldwide are finding ways to buy AMERICAN. Indeed...if the choice is offered...most investors always choose the United States...and...more so...nowadays...than ever before...due to the advent of TEAM-TRUMP!


Russian President Vladimir Putin took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to tell America that President Trump defeated Hillary-the-hag in a fair contest in the famous 2016 presidential race. He said Russian government effort was never directed towards that contest and the real culprits are to be found in America inside TEAM OBAMA. Thank you, President Putin. VIVA PUTIN!


President Xi Jinping foresaw the need for ports in the South China Sea designed to accommodate patrol vessels so that piracy and other nasty matters can be addressed quickly. His team was able to locate "stable environments" on which buildings...tunnels...and...docking facilities could be erected and maintained efficiently and for the least cost possible.VIVA XI!


The HOUTHI in Yemen ousted the leadership and demanded caliphate manifest. Of course...the Houthi are SHIITE while the government they routed infested with Sunnis. So angry were the Saudis at such a takeover...they dispatched several divisions of rag heads to restore the government to its puppet-status. These warriors were met by the Houthi horde and sent running back to the safety of the sea.

Nowadays...Houthi brigades are firing missiles and dropping poison all over Saudi Arabia. Dogs and cats have disappeared as they succumbed to the poisons dropped by high-flying Houthi drones...while Arab airports are patching up the holes left by exploding missiles.

Perhaps...Sunni and Shiite will eventually slaughter each other until they're both the meantime...western civilization must be on guard lest they become battlefields for this eternal struggle.


"Build it and they will come," the ghost told the destitute farmer. a FIELD OF DREAMS...a baseball was pitched into a story about "come-back"...and...wherewithal. So attractive was this concept that Connecticut raised taxes on the premise: RAISE TAXES...BUILD THIS CAGE...and...producers will come to play therein. Instead of attracting producers...though...the TAX HIKES have compelled producers to go to Florida...the SUNSHINE STATE...and...escape BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT. VIVA RICK SCOTT!(WSJ A-3;12-15-17).


She'd been working for the county as a code enforcement officer for 35 years. On Friday...12-15-17...she will perform her last duties and say goodbye.

Some of her co-workers...jealous...perhaps...even envious...took off work so they did not have to be present when this VALIANT LADY finally said "goodbye".

Somehow...over the years...though...the other 893 people who worked for the county government not only admired and respected this INTREPID WOMAN...but...were saddened to see her leave...since with her went CODE ENFORCEMENT at...its best...its most understanding...and...its most knowledgeable. VIVA BETTY!


Victoria Toensing told a cub reporter she was surprised and angry about the latest James Comey revelations coming out of Washington DC. She noted that COMEY did as much as he could to "rig" the 2016 presidential election. He even changed the wording on his public announcement in order to make Hillary-the-hag look better...a perk he would never have extended to Donald J. Trump. Indeed...when scumbag-Comey had his chance...he disseminated a FALSE DOSSIER the purpose of which was to create a SPECIAL COUNSEL...staffed by Trump-haters...and...used to hound Big Don at every every door...always telling the world they are chasing DEMONS.


At $600(U.S.) per kilogram...VANILLA has become a hot commodity. So prized by consumers that bean-buyers are offering BITCOIN to Madagascar growers in exchange for their orchid-beans. In Ambodiampana...for instance...growers exchanged their supply for BITCOIN telling a cub reporter they took the crypto-currency since they did not wish to share their treasure with the scumbag-bureaucrats who would descend on their fields and threaten to burn them out lest they pay the TAX.


Using his position as a late night talk show host...JIMMY KIMMEL slammed President Trump for liberating the INTERNET from the grip of  Jimmy's beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Even though "off-camera"...KIMMEL wanted freedom to be paramount on the INTERNET and was delighted Big Don and his pal, AJIT PAI had delivered as much...on keep his job...he lambasted and ridiculed...calling liberation an anathema to the American way...and...demanding big grab government return and choke off anything not permitted by bureaucracy.

Ajit Pai!

Ajit Pai...a freedom-fighter...and...two other liberty-lovers...joined to delete the "net neutrality" rules which Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...had imposed. Instead of destroying the INTERNET and reducing it to some half-baked province of bureaucracy...AJIT PAI removed the tethers...unlocked the shackles...and...brought grandeur and power once more to the INTERNET. VIVA AJIT PAI!(WSJ A-1;12-15-17).

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Kellyanne Conway was asked* about President Trump delivering a tax cut for Christmas of 2017. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "Ring the bell...close the book...quench the candle!" all of that...and...then...whisper a prayer that you never have to do it again. Yes...that's what makes the world go round...first you're're's a half an inch of think you're gonna drown...yeah...that makes the world go round."
*John Prine.


Trump, Jr....while being quizzed by zealot-Democrats about this and one point...retorted, "Your hatred of my family is obvious...but...what was an obvious pay-to-play scheme Hillary Clinton conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State doesn't grab your curiosity. It's pathetic to see such idiocy afoot in Congress."

A.B.Stoddard: puppet gal

Instead of telling Americans they want to be free from BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...A.B. Stoddard is telling them the tax cut is not wanted...that people prefer BIG STOMP GOVERNMENT and like being herd...not individual. Why Stoddard is saying such terrible things seems to be explained by her employer's bent for socialism. To stay employed she must drool and drip anyway her master decrees.


When Big Don needed Afro-American support...OMAROSA M. NEWMAN stepped forward and told the world TRUMP would be far better for America than Hillary-the-hag. So persuasive was OMAROSA...98% of the minority-vote went for Donald J. Trump. Grateful for her support and effort...President Trump assigned her to his White House staff. Why Amarosa chose to depart abruptly the other day...though...remains unexplained.

Kelly Jane Torrance

Kelly Jane Torrance told the world U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) was going to vote "no" on the tax bill thereby killing the tax cut and delivering America into the omnivorous maw of socialism and big grab government. When it comes time to stand up and fight for liberty...RUBIO...of all people...will not stand up...but...will refuse to assist in NANNY STATE CAGE escape. He foresees America going down the socialist toilet...but...somehow MARCO will remain aloof...part of the ruling to brag about how he stopped liberation and perpetuated subjugation.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper, (D.De)

Tommy Carper was caught in bed with FBI Andrew McCabe...their tryst discovered when their whereabouts became known. The spy-drones dispatched to follow and report delivered voluminous data...scathing commentary's core should such information ever be published. So miffed was the possibility of exposure...he exploded at a CONFERENCE ON TAX CUTS...cussing and drooling...and...aloud wondering if he'd been "outed" by Steve Bannon...the bane of the Democrats.


Unlike the combustion electric motor requires battery power. The more needed for work...the more battery power required. There is not any "free lunch'. Hence...the batteries must be substantial and ready to deliver when called upon.

However...batteries don't hold as much as needed...requiring them to be charged. The time to recharge the batteries has been reduced from 48 hours to 8 hours...making "wait-time" much less onerous. However...changing out battery-packs so the "time-for-stop" is reduced to 5 minutes as battery pack is changed out...won't ever become a solution because battery-packs take up a lot of space and must be properly stored lest they explode.


There's so much to be much to be for BITCOIN....not anyone knows it's boss.

U.S. Rep. John Garamend(D. Ca)

U.S. Rep. John Garamend(D.Ca) admitted he had heard Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) was accused by several ladies who claimed he molested them when they were children. They both had DICK AND JANE books in which Schumer had scribbled his love for them. While Schumer is claiming the signatures are forgeries...many people who know Schumer acknowledged the veracity of the credible accusations.


A hidden camera captured U.S. Senator Ron Wyden(D.Ore) and Eric Schneiderman...New York Attorney General...having a sexual fun-day at a hotel in Georgetown. The video has gone viral as these two naked ghouls discuss the number of children they not only attacked but also defiled in ways so disgusting it required a vomit-bag for viewers.

It turns out Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) was so mad at Eric for choosing Ron over him...he forged Ron's signature to a letter describing how Senator Gillibrand did 15 soldiers on a "lay-over" through Nevada. Naturally...scumbag Schumer is denying the forgery and demanding the Washington DC police find out where Ron and Eric were having their affair,(WSJ A-4;12-14-17).

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Over a number of years...the U.S. Justice Dept. has devolved into the U.S. Injustice Dept. When the scumbags who concocted and fabricated the LIE against Alaska Senator Ted Stevens were not fired or disbarred...the Justice morphed into INJUSTICE and it's been that way ever since.

Recently...Peter Strzok and Lisa Page...two INJUSTICE JERKS...for example...were caught exchanging anti-TRUMP emails...something prohibited given their positions as helpers to Special Counsel an investigation involving TRUMP. So far...they have not been fired* and publicly shamed.
*According to official sources inside the INJUSTICE DEPT...Strzok has dirt on both Meuller and  Sessions and they're afraid to bite.

Socialist Doug Jones won?

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY) and U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell(R. KY) merged their ideas some time back over dinner. While chewing on a piece of beef...Schumer pointed out, "DOUG JONES has a chance if a "hit-job" could be unleashed against ROY MOORE. The plan will be to wait until ROY MOORE defeats Luther Strange...and....then...attack ROY MOORE with 40 year old allegations from two accusers whose stories are riddled with LIES...but...with our control of the MASS MEDIA...Alabama voters will be tricked into supporting a scumbag such as DOUG JONES." that plan...Mitch McConnell and Schumer publicly denounced ROY MOORE when the contemplated accusers surfaced and began to accuse. The LIES...however...were never revealed to the public.

The MASS MEDIA was enlisted to attack and they did as much mercilessly...parading ladies across the TV screen who had been attacked by all sorts of perverts.

Al unrepentant ghoul...for instance...was groping women while they slept.

Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) was video-taped having sex with 12 year old Cambodian boys in the backroom of a Pizza shop near Georgetown.

The unspoken premise: If Nelson and Franken are to be ousted...why would anyone wish to choose ROY MOORE?

The plan worked. A majority of Alabama voters were fooled. But they deserve the misery and squalor socialist DOUG JONES will deliver to that spot. Instead of joining together to put ROY MOORE into the U.S. Senate...Alabama voters chose to sully the seat with a scumbag such as DOUG JONES.

Instead of there being a march to make salt...Congress will return to its miasma declaring there is not anything that can be done to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE. And the horror of the NANNY STATE will continue unabated.


Atop her mountain...HEIDI BROCK* looked out on a vast collection of aluminum...aluminum delivered from China at 1/10th the price of American aluminum. Heidi liked the fact the consumer was getting aluminum for 1/10th the price her team of "taxed-to-death" producers could produce...but...if that cheap aluminum persisted for too long...her team would go out of business. There wasn't any way to compete with a state-owned company whose mission to deliver a GIFT to the American consumer. VIVA XI JINPING!
*President and CEO of  the Aluminum Association acknowledged the Chinese were giving the American consumer $1 trillion in GIFTS. Although Heidi liked the GIFT...she saw that GIFT as a Trojan Horse designed to eliminate the Aluminum industry.


U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and U. S. Senator Elizabeth "blood money" Warren(D.Mass) are demanding "free medical care" be given to every American just as it is done in Canada. The mush-minds cheered such nonsense never sensing their liberty was going to be flushed down the socialist toilet and replaced by tyrannical "freedom-to-obey".

Yes...the Canadians were warned about socialized medical care...but...the idea of getting something for "free" drove a majority of CANUKS to support imposing the "whip and chain".

Nowadays...Canadians are crossing the border to get quality medical service when they want such service. Those Canadians unable to seek "quality medical care" are forced to WAIT in LONG LINES for their "freebie". When they gripe...they're told to shut-up...they're receiving "freebie" they had to wait and get whatever offered by their master,(WSJ A-18;12-13-17).


This BLOG has been instrumental in pushing NORD STREAM 2...the 2nd Russian pipeline into Europe. While the scumbag-socialists don't want Europeans to have plenty of energy thereby forcing them to kneel and worship the idols forged by these would-be masters...this BLOG has dispatched teams to the area with enough MONEY to pay off any hurdle-builder. VIVA TRUMP!


DOUG JONES with the assistance of a "hit-team" defeated ROY MOORE in the Alabama special election. DOUG JONES...a devout socialist...promised to enslave Alabama...and....that promise of whip-and-chain attracted Alabama-voters* who wished to return to that romantic era when old negro spirituals were sung around campfires...and...they used water buckets for their toilets.
*Alabama deserves what they're going to get from scumbag-JONES. The misery and squalor of socialism will descend on Alabama. It couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


DOUG JONES told an enthusiastic crowd of advance socialism and push America into enslavement...he'd kill his own mother. To such declaration...this huge crowd cheered and screamed. Hearing the response to such statement...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY) told Democrats they needed to support such a zealot.


Former president Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told his blacks ops team to attack ROY MOORE. He felt to preserve his legacy he needed to get another Democrat into the U.S. Senate and ROY MOORE was an easy target once LUTHER STRANGE was defeated in the Republican Primary.

The Democrats waited until ROY MOORE was the Republican nominee before unleashing the ATTACK ON MOORE...using 40 year old accusations and enlisting the prudes in the OLD REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT to denounce ROY MOORE despite the OBVIOUS nature of the LIES being told.

Did this PLOY work? By 12-13-17...we'll know if the "hit-job" had a body count or just a near-miss. If scumbags such as DOUGH JONES can be propelled into the U.S. Senate using such LIES...then...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) is an easy target because the stuff they're saying about Nelson is TRUE...not 40 year old LIES.


Investing in bitcoin is about as risky as buying tulips in 1637/. Back then...tulips were being sold for big bucks...and...then...suddenly...someone noticed an abundance of tulips and the market crashed. Might bitcoin experience such a demise? There are only 21 million bitcoins...but...there are other crypto-currencies and all will tumble shortly. The sell-off will quickly become a tsunami with bitcoin going from $19,000 to $10.00 in a fortnight!


Instead of deleting the progressive income ax and the estate tax...the timid Republicans have proffered a little tax cut...declaring U.S. Senate Rules...rules that can be changed by a simple majority vote...and...other laws...prevent escape from the grip of big grab government...the NANNY STATE is perpetual and all-consuming...and...the Republicans...exercising their majority clout...cannot delete the CAGE. It's too protected...too many layers of nonsense to address...and...all intended to be a GORDIAN KNOT.

Sensing this kind of wall...President Trump directed the Republicans to slice through the GORDIAN KNOT...delete barrier...circumvent all naysayers...and...finally dismantle this horrific...stifling...NANNY STATE. VIVA TRUMP!


Mere accusation is all that is required to kill the political future of any politician including U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL). When the young Cambodian boys came forward with their stories about sexual perversion at the hands of Nelson-the-ghoul...NBC and CNN refused to publish the stories or the confirming videos because Nelson is a freedom-hater destined to destroy liberty in Florida and they don't want to derail such EVIL.


U.S. Senator K. Gillibrand went to see Donald J. Trump and asked for a political donation and promised to do whatever Big Don wanted her to do. Naturally...because Donald needed political help in New York...he gave her BIG BUCKS.

Nowadays...though...revealing her true nature...Gillibrand is biting the feeding hand claiming Big Don must resign due to his VIDEO with BILLY BUSH wherein Trump spoke about big name dudes doing nasty things to small-name girls. Somehow that silly discussion which was supposedly "off-camera" disqualified TRUMP...but...the racketeering of Hillary-the-hag did not. Indeed...Gillibrand is the kind of friend you fear most...glad hand...and...then...from behind...stab.


Kellyanne Conway was asked about ROY MOORE and the despicable manner in which he was treated by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT she replied, "The hatchet man was dispatched to kill whomever was targeted for termination. The Chinese Tong used them to keep order and provide security for the neighborhood. The moniker was revered and feared. The killer would approach...and...deliver the fatal blow...then...fade into the unwashed masses once more."


The Muslims in New York City will never "rat" out one of their own...even if the jerk is about to go into a crowded commuter area and detonate a pipe bomb strapped to his stomach, (think Akayed Ullah).

They won't snitch on another Muslim even if their own* destruction intended: "It's the will of Allah".
*To the Muslim...permit it to be said, " in Allah...but...tie your camel."


The TRUMP-HATERS are everywhere in the MASS MEDIA. Take for example RICH LOWREY. He was caught having sex with U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) in a back alley bar in a no-name town somewhere in the middle. To keep the matter "off-camera"...LOWREY promised TOM PEREZ...chairman of the Democratic National attack President Trump 24/7 with as much vicious LIE as possible.

Adrienne Elrod hates Trump

Adrienne Elrod hates TRUMP. She despises him since she supported Hillary-the-hag whose defeat ruined Elrod's dream of becoming a White House icon...handling diplomats in her own sexual way. Indeed...ELROD pointed out Monica Lewinsky was not the only one who had power over men.


Akayed Ullah arrived in 2011 on an immigration visa for relatives in America. He was part of what has been called: CHAIN MIGRATION.

Mention is made of this worm since he detonated a bomb concealed in his underwear inside a crowded New York City transport hub. He waited until commuters were packed around him before he detonated his pipe explosive.

Fortunately...AKAYED was not a professional bomb-maker and his device only burned his body but didn't kill anyone. Islamic State had prepared a great expose' about Akayed but they threw that accolade in the trash when his effort turned out to be so lackluster.


Tom Steyer has big bucks and is using that money to destroy freedom and deliver America into the hands of his beloved socialists whose mission to reduce Americans to the status of herd tended by the knowing hands of STEYER-like-farmers...culling...feeding...and...making sure the underlings never climb out of the socialist toilet and take their position of power.


Gregory Clark was slapped by a lady whose wealth had been taken by Clark's beloved big grab government. Clark had advocated the expropriation of inherited* wealth labeling it "meritless inheritance" and loved watching people struggle when their wealth was grabbed.
* The lady's father had worked 24/7 to create wealth so his daughter would have a nice life. Clark was envious of such wealth. He wanted to hurt her so he could feel better. His ENVY was so great he drooled venom whenever he saw this lady approach. How dare she have so much!(EXODUS 20:17).


Climate-change gurus in chorus fashion declared, "The Tasmanian tiger died off due to many things including over-hunting and poor genetics. When the world climate changed about 12,000 years ago...due to mankind's industrial pollution and gross emissions of carbon dioxide...this unusual marsupial died off." Of course...12,000 years ago...there wasn't any industry. But few Americans know as much and were once more fooled by the gurus into believing this tiger died due to mankind's effort to improve their own lives, (WSJ A-9;12-12-17).

Saudi women

As Lady Elizabeth walked down the street in Saudi Arabia...she noticed the women were dressed in pup-tents with little slits by which they would look out so they might navigate the area. Inside their homes...however...these same ladies wore elegant gowns and sexy necklaces...a change so dramatic...Lady Elizabeth wondered if there were something to such "cover-up". The ladies didn't have any sun damage to their faces and they were beautiful even when they were 80 years old.(WSJ A-9;12-12-17).


The European Union told President Trump he could not make unilateral decisions about Israel. In response...Big Don told the French and others he was going to solve the problem once and for all. If it took eviction of the rag head from Jerusalem to achieve a peaceful solution to the Palestinian be it. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-9;12-12-17).

Monday, December 11, 2017


Islamic State promised they'd be in New York City for Christmas. Muslim entered a train station...waited until he was surrounded...and...then...detonated his underwear bomb. It blew the Muslim around the area...but...didn't slaughter infidels and apostates as envisioned. While NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is patting himself on the back...pointing to the ZERO body count...nonetheless...most terror-experts note the entire scene appeared to be a "dry-run" for something much more deadly.


How is it that DOUG JONES...a notorious socialist...leads ROY MOORE? Could the "hit-job" perpetrated by the Democrats have that much power?

And...if...someone...such as MOORE...can be attacked so easily...then...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) is a sitting duck for the conservative MASS MEDIA...what little there is of it.

The sexual perversions and demented assault on under-age boys will be published in social media...and...a few Florida newspapers willing to print'll be enough to stop BILL "the jackal" Nelson from being reelected.


U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D.Missouri) was asked about her colleagues and the likelihood of them being "outed". Finding herself cornered...McCaskill replied:

"When the victim told NBC about HARVEY WEINSTEIN and what a scumbag he was...NBC refused to print the story...a decision regrets...since NBC lost its reputation when it backed WEINSTEIN and ignored the accusations from this irate lady who was raped by WEINSTEIN, thrown out of his car...and...forced to walk 23 miles to her home outside of town.

Similarly...when NBC...7 days ago...was approached by a Cambodian boy who had a video of U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(R.FL) having his way with him...again...NBC refused to publish it. Sensing NELSON might lose the 2018 election in Florida...however...and...not wanting to allow another bad-news person into the stream of commerce...NBC contacted BLACK Israeli black-ops delete this troublemaker."


Unlike every other MASS MEDIA outlet...this BLOG paid as much money as needed to find out who connected the accusers together and plotted their revelation against ROY MOORE. It turns out that a hit-crew calling themselves BLACK CUBE were enlisted to locate accusers...develop their stories...assist them in remodeling their scripts...and...then...dispatch them to meet with awaiting MASS MEDIA flunkies whose job to disseminate the ACCUSATIONS as if they were true...never mentioning the accusations were more than 4 decades old.

To counter these jackals...ROY MOORE contacted 1-888-45 MAURY and asked the LIE DETECTOR dude to come and assist him. The TEST-GUY arrived...and...administered the LIE DETECTOR TEST. It turned out ROY MOORE never did what those accusers say he did. Moreover...the accusers refused to submit to the same test. They told the world that their lawyer, GLORIA ALRED, told them their stories were all that was needed and they weren't about to give their enemies the chance to disprove their tales.


Pockets of protest were observed throughout the Middle East and the Far East as Muslims worldwide showed their displeasure at moving the capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem thereby giving the JEW the kind of international recognition which has been lacking for so long. The Muslim would have preferred the JEW was dispatched back into Sinai to wander for another thousand years. But to give the JEW Jerusalem was too much for rag heads to countenance.

In the Palestinian controlled portion of found the HOUSE OF JOSEPH...the father of Jesus. When tourists do go there...they are repulsed by the horrid stench of urine. The Arab uses that house as a public urinal.

Now that the JEW is about to take back all of's likely the JEW will repay the favor the Arab bestowed on the HOUSE OF JOSEPH by using the Al Aqsa Mosque as a public urinal...consecrating it with a bucket of pig's blood...and...some good old negro spirituals.


When Gandhi commenced his march to make salt...the MASS MEDIA didn't know quite what to make of they soft-pedaled the effort...refusing to lambast or denounce...something the British ruling elite would liked to have happened. When Gandhi arrived at the sea shore...and...made that moment...because he was not opposed by the MASSMEDIA...the British stranglehold on India was broken.

When Donald J. Trump defeated THE ESTABLISHMENT...he began his own MARCH TO MAKE dismantle the NANNY delete its grip on the throat of make America great again. Unlike Gandhi...though...BIG DON has suffered a relentless and hateful MASS MEDIA...whose 24/7 diatribe few Americans hear anymore since it's usually FAKE-NEWS packed.
*Recently...BRIAN ROSS was fired because he hated Pres. Trump so much he created a LIE and sent it into the stream of journalistic commerce where it was published and relied upon.


Marijuana. The final frontier. These are the voyages of STARSHIP ENTERPRISE...whose 5 year seek out new boldly go where no farmer has gone before!


BRIAN ROSS disseminated FAKE NEWS and was caught...fired...and...generally ostracized by the MASS MEDIA...not because of what he did...but...because he got caught FALSIFYING DATA. And...because he got caught...nobody wants to be seen with him lest they be tagged as idiotic as BRIAN ROSS. Whoopie Goldberg...for example...said BRIAN ROSS was the proverbial TAR touch and forever stuck.


Some time back...around 2012...Barbara Kluka and John Chisholm were intimately discussing their tryst when they the same time...came up with an idea to attack Gov. Scott Walker,(R.Wis). They would proclaim a JOHN DOE INVESTIGATION. Chisholm would seek search warrants and Judge BARBARA would issue the search warrants to conduct whatever horror JOHN chose to unleash.

Although JOHN and BARBARA were targeting Walker...anyone who got in their way would be stomped.

Leah Vukmir...a Republican state senator...unfortunately...was one of those poor souls who dared to defend SCOTT WALKER and his effort to loose the grip of the union on state politics.

She was awakened by the loud sound of her front door being bashed down by a police battering ram. Before she could get out of bed and get dressed...she was attacked by black-clad...machine gun toting...agents. Her hands were cuffed and she was dragged on to the front lawn...naked...crying...and...wondering what was happening. She was told to shut up or be shot to death right then and there

Nowadays...Americans know this event as the HORROR OF WISCONSIN...that witch hunt unleashed by Democrats who used STATE POWER to hurt and hassle...torment and terrify...and...all meant and intended to advance* the cause of socialism and UNION GRIP.
* Kulka and Chisholm were identified as criminal miscreants...but...little was done in the way of penalty. How could penalty be levied on conduct the NANNY STATE always used to hurt opponents.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Conway on Weigel

Kellyanne Conway weighed in on the "oust-Weigel" mantra heard throughout Washington D.C.

"When Peter Weigel saw President Trump had another standing-room-only crowd in Pensacola...he was livid. His team at the Washington Post had done so much to hurt and damage...there was not any way Big Don should still be attracting such enormous audiences. But there they were.

Instead of acknowledging Big Don's appeal and stature...however...PETER WEIGEL...a/k/a...the WEASLE...published a photo showing an empty auditorium...proclaiming TRUMP had finally lost his constituency."

After this Weigel-revelation...Conway invited the MASS MEDIA to sing along:



PUSSY RIOT...that Russian punk-rock band...didn't much care for Swedish entered...did their nasty thing...and...told the world the JEW was a "prude".


When WILDFIRE in California broke out...this BLOG dispatched a team to save horses whose owners had abandoned them in the face of fire. The mission was to enter stalls...blow-down all barriers...and...give those horses their chance to survive. So far...over 12,300 horses have been saved from death. In one spot...however...the team was denied access by Governor Jerry Brown who told them he needed some equine death to pepper his man-caused global warming theory.


How did BLACK Israeli black ops firm...find accusers willing to attack ROY MOORE? That story will be later told...but...suffice it for now to say that the accusers of ROY MOORE were found...provided with script...and...sent forth to LIE and CRY...telling 40 year old stories which could not in any way be verified.

To assist Beverly Young Nelson in her tale...for instance...a year book was given to her with ROY MOORE'S SIGNATURE affixed thereto. Nelson declared all the writing in that scribble belonged to ROY MOORE...something that was "off-script". She was supposed to say she didn't know about any of the was so long ago she forgot...or...could not tell anything other than there was some writing and Moore's signature affixed thereto.

Fortunately for ROY MOORE...ole Bev went off script...and...said: "ALL THE WRITING BELONGED TO ROY MOORE"...a falsehood which has been revealed only recently by the FRIENDS OF ROY MOORE. Attempting to insulate herself from "blow-back"...Beverly Nelson's lawyer, GLORIA ALRED said she believed BEVERLY but had to plug-pull when LIE appeared.


Jessica Tarlov said she was fair to ROY MOORE when she referred to him as an alleged CHILD MOLESTER. Asked if she also peppered her portrayal with the added feature that such allegations were made by accusers who claimed 40 years earlier they were molested by ROY MOORE...JESSICA TARLOV replied, "Never would I help MOORE. I'm a devout freedom-hater and I relish watching MOORE fight LIES."


Against his door the MASS MEDIA pounded and bashed. They wanted to destroy Moore...install socialist DOUG JONES...and...into Alabama bring Democrat-trash. Hollywood stars have canvased the state...telling LIES ABOUT if tomorrow can't wait. But...when President Trump said he backed Moore...the Democrat-tactic to sully and besmirch...became nonsense outside his door.

U.S.Rep. Peter Roskam(R.Il)

U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam(R. Illinois) said he wanted to cut taxes even more but the Democrats were obstructing escape from the grip of their beloved big grab government.

"The Democrats imposed 8 years of NANNY STATE "spank and diaper check"...and...America all but stopped producers realized they were little more than glorified beasts of burden...tethered...shackled...and...denied their own future," Rep. Roskam underscored as he pointed out he'd like to eliminate 99% of the federal bureaucracy...and...send all that nonsense back to the states where people can mange their own affairs much more clearly and inexpensively.

Dave Weigel lies

David Weigel...a Washington Post LIAR...published an arena without anyone there and claimed the photo was authentic. President Trump reacted and demanded retraction. The rally was a "packed-house"...standing room only...and...Weigel was LYING. Of course...WEIGEL had to back down since he was caught once more LYING.


Heisman Trophy winner, BAKER MAYFIELD, told a crowd he was grateful for the accolade. He added that he supported President Trump and invited Oklahoma to stand by Big Don in his march to make salt. VIVA MAYFIELD.


Iraqis were bragging about how they had routed Islamic State...a/k/a...the Daesh...but...became PENSIVE when told DAESH were returning in greater numbers with more equipment. In a battle between Sunni and Shiite...the outcome is always determined by Allah. ALLAHU AKBAR, eh boys?


Democrat Chelsea Handler attacked Sarah Huckabee making fun of Huckabee's looks. If a Republican had done that to a Democrat-lady...the MASS MEDIA would be upset and excoriate the comedian for such transgression. But...since Handler was attacking a Republican...they not only enjoyed it...but...published the attack on as many MASS MEDIA channels as possible.


HAMAS...the Iranian funded Palestinian team...launched riots in several Middle Eastern cities for the MASS MEDIA to video and publish. When some of the hooligans chose a building that the camera could not view...they were asked to attack one that could be better shown. The Jew-hating MASS MEDIA of America is in full swing. And to 2016...the MASS MEDIA was pretending to like Jews.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Talk about killer clowns from outer space...Raul Castro tested a CLOWN CANNON on the U.S. Embassy in Havana. Anyone near the windows on the 2nd story when that thing was fired got a full barrage from that devilish weapon. So disturbed and hurt were the embassy personnel who had been near that spot they had to be flown back to Miami where a neurologist said they had been struck by a sonic resonance projector...known in the trade as a CLOWN CANNON.


As if his opinion meant anything at all...Gabe Debenedetti said he thought ROY MOORE could defeat DOUG JONES even in the midst of a MASS MEDIA attack designed to put DOUG JONES...a freedom-hating scumbag...into the U.S. Senate. If DOUG JONES can grab that Senate would enable Democrats to stop President Trump from dismantling their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Gabe thought Alabama-voters could not be so easily fooled by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA.


"BRICK AND MORTAR FOOLS...that's what the people in the town used to call us."Such were the words of Timmy Titler...owner of a small grocery store in downtown Detroit. His taxes...and...other red tape...had buried him until he barely profited from his long hours of dedication. Competing with this "actual-store" owner was the e-commerce squad. They transferred and conveyed "on-line"...delivering produce and "other" instantly to any doorstep or venue requested...all pre-paid with payment confirmed before anything dispatched...and...all transacted without any taxes owed.

Timmy Titler was asked to join the bunch petitioning Congress to destroy e-commerce on the Internet in order to preserve the tax burdens suffered by the "brick and mortar" fools...those fools whose businesses permitted sales taxes to be imposed...and...who didn't fight to delete any tax burden on them so that they might better compete with e-commerce. Titler listened to such invitation and then replied, "Why not join my march to Illinois State House and eliminate all taxes and compelling thereafter all government funds only derived from rents, royalties and lotteries?"


When Glenn met Chris to discuss a "slam-book" targeting Donald J. Trump in 2016...Glenn insisted it contain a scene where Melania Trump squats and urinates on Michelle Obama's bed in Moscow. Steele didn't see the purpose for such ribald caricature but agreed to make mention of it somewhere. In exchange for that understanding...SIMPSON approved payment of $17 million.

Nowadays...this kind of election-tampering...paying for "dirty dossier" stuff...has become the kind of story that fetches long prison sentences for the perpetrators. The scumbags at the FBI and at the U.S. Injustice Dept. who were participants in this conspiracy to undermine the 2016 presidential election need to be identified and prosecuted. And once the hammer falls on some toes...the rest of the co-conspirators will be revealed...all the way up to Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey.



"'s quiet out there."
"Yeah...too quiet."
"You think they're gone or waiting?"
"Don't rightly's too quiet. Be ready. Surprise might very well be their stratagem."
"Yeah...staying frosty...even when its so quiet...might prove a bigger feat than expected."
"Perhaps...but...a running man can slit a thousand throats in a night."


Audre Lorde...the worm...AYN RAND...the Titan...the former praised at every University in America...the latter never discussed. The difference: LORDE wanted to enslave the world with herself as the whip-toting would-be master...while AYN RAND desired to lead the world out of socialist bondage. Because most universities are socialist miasmas...nowadays...LORDE is framed as enlightened...while AYN RAND is never discussed.

Friday, December 8, 2017


President Trump is headed to Pensacola for a "tax cut" rally...asking everyone to join him in demanding tax cuts. He wants to reduce spending...but...the Republicans In Name Only(RINO) won't permit escape the grip of the NANNY STATE. VIVA TRUMP!


Judy Kurtz...from her spot on the hill...said she believed the accusers of ROY MOORE. She didn't care if their stories had changed. She didn't care if the people who knew these accusers were telling everyone they're lying. She didn't care that the so-called YEAR BOOK SCRIBBLE by Roy Moore was not in 40 year old ink but fresh ink from a pen used to craft a nasty LIE against ROY MOORE. No...she didn't care. Her job* was to tell the world she believed those accusers and she didn't care how much of a LIE it turned out to be. She just didn't care.
*When the LIE is told about JUDY KURTZ sometime hence...will there be anyone to stand for her and say, " need to's Judy's life need to care?" KARMA says she'll be as alone as ROY MOORE is today combating 40 year old allegations from LIARS whose stories accepted without exception by the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA.

Lea Gabrielle

Lea Gabrielle...a former soldier...said she was stunned ROY MOORE was tried and convicted in the MASS MEDIA in order to hurt the power of President Trump. She found it surprising that so many good people would declare guilt after only hearing stories about sexual attack which allegedly occurred 4 decades earlier. And what floored her the to speak...was when she heard ROY had passed the MAURY LIE DETECTOR TEST and his accusers had not. VIVA ROY MOORE!


It's been awhile since the PRESS JOURNAL was scanned to determine it "freedom-quotient". On 12-08-2017 the editorial page was examined. While there were a total of 235 letters most of which demanded liberation from the grip of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE...only those few which called for more enslavement were published. The idea was to make it seem like Floridians want to be reduced to herd status such as Venezuelans now appearance absolutely keeping with the mission statement of this RAG...this mullet wrapper.


Jesus came upon the Temple...observed the level to which that great institution had sunk...became enraged...wove 3 cords into a whip...and...drove the heathen out,(MARK 13:15). Might President Trump metaphorically be driving the scumbags and vermin from Washington D.C...and...closing down their various "tables"...sending them back into whatever hole from whence they came? VIVA TRUMP!


As if directing the Light Brigade...Palestinian leaders directed their unwashed masses into the streets to riot and burn...throw stick and rock...scream anti-Jew petards...and...generally protest President Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. VIVA TRUMP!

"bad breath" Franken

Senator Gillibrand(D.NY) never condemned BILL CLINTON although recently she came forward to denounce U.S.Senator Al Franken(D.Minn) for doing much less.

Her two-face aspect has surprised most New York voters since they thought she was "okay".

Now...they're not so sure. Maybe she was given that U.S. Senate seat by the Clintons and she can't bite the "feeding hand"?


David Brooks...kept-prominent due to his hated of President Trump...came forward denouncing Big Don. How dare Donald J. Trump dismantle Brook's beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where scumbag-Democrats can force people to buy lousy health insurance...and...stop them from burning coal.


TEAM OBAMA used the power of the NANNY STATE to attack political opponents, assassinate potential threats...and...harass anyone deemed a menace to their hegemony. Yesterday...when U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan asked FBI Director Chris Wray about this "inner-circle" stuff...WRAY almost "cud-choked".

How dare Jordan force him to reveal the "innards" of BIG STOMP GOVERNMENT.

In reaction... WRAY told Jordan and the world he'd have to answer those questions "off-camera" since revelation would incite Americans to lynch 99% of the federal employees...mass hangings...mass executions...mass Americans slaughtered the vermin...and...cleansed the temple, (MARK 11:15).


California Governor Jerry Brown admitted he and his team caused the extraordinary wildfires consuming the southern and northern portions of  his state. "Had I only listened to FREEUSFLORIDA.COM...we could have avoided most of this conflagration...and...saved a trillion bucks in damages. But...I refused to listen...and...I supported all that idiotic "green-talk"...forced people to build their homes inside thicket and overgrown forest...never permitting pruning...tree to be built. I'm the cause of their misery, alright. But...because I'm a freedom-hater...and...would burn their houses again if I had the chance...I am some "green-people" idolized and worshiped as a GOD."

KAITEN "heaven shaker"

They heard the hatch being welded they moved into their positions inside the KAITEN TORPEDO...readying themselves to drive their explosives-laden mini-sub into an American aircraft carrier. Might there be metaphorical KAITENS still around...only these manned by OBAMA-moles...ready to attack in order to advance socialism and destroy the last vestiges of freedom-in-America?

WHAT CAN HE DO? angry "Muslim-on-mission"...grabbed a tire...some gasoline...and...placed them in the middle of the busiest road in WEST BANK and ignited the torch of ALLAH. Soon compatriots joined this loudmouth Muslim and pelted JEW with rock and much much much anger...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA flooded the area paying Muslims to throw rocks while on camera and to scream JEW-HATE only when near a microphone.


FREEDOM-FIGHTERS...those who wish Americans to breathe free once more...must step up and run for political office. Yes...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA will do all it can to stop such march to make salt...and...along the way...the casualties will mount. Yet...intrepid...undaunted...those who wish liberation from the grip of big grab government must come forward and demand the crowd follow them toward prosperity and away from socialist misery and privation. VIVA TRUMP!


BRUCE OHR...a scumbag at the U.S. Injustice* Dept....was materially involved in the preparation and dissemination of the so-called CHRIS STEELE "dirty dossier"...a 35 page slam-book on Donald J. Trump that time...was attempting to defeat Hillary-the-hag in the 2016 presidential race. It's likely OHR will escape condemnation as will all the other worms and weasels who assisted in the attack on least the world will know with whom they deal.
*As KEYS in DOUBLE IDEMNITY said, "They're on a bus...none can get off because they don't trust the they all must ride to the end."
SPARTACUS came from have many other great leaders...although none of them historically prominent. Nowadays...though...suffering the grip of GREEK SOCIALISM...the Muslims of THRACE are demanding SHARIAH LAW and not Greek civil law be applied in family squabbles.

Reacting to such an affront to Greek hegemony...Greek president Prokopis Pavlopoulos told Turkey President Erdogan that the Turk needs to keep his nose out of Greek affairs. While under Greek law...there would not be any "stone-to-death" matter how much fume and fuss Erdogan displayed.

In times past...such arrogance would have caused war to break out with the Greek president's head delivered to the throne of the Turk. these days and times...all that will be observed* are two clowns throwing pies and screaming opprobrious epithet and tossing petty petard.
*Greek president told Erdogan: " in ALLAH...but...tie your camel."


North Charleston Police Officer Mike Slagger told investigators that the dead Afro-American attacked him with a taser and he had to shoot. His story held up until a VIDEO surfaced showing Mike shooting at a fleeing driver from a car Mike had stopped for a "tag violation". Because of the heinous nature of the slaying...a federal judge sentenced Slager to 20 years, (WSJ A-3;12-08-17).

bitcoin mania

When this BLOG predicted bitcoin would wildly spiral upward in its value should Chinese President Xi Jinping prohibit bitcoin in China...almost every expert scoffed and chuckled at such an idea that crypto-currency such as bitcoin would ever replace the U.S. dollar, Yen or Yuan. Yet...bitcoin's value is almost $16,000 and rising. People simply do not want government intruding into their private affairs and bitcoin OFFERS such insulation. VIVA TRUMP!

Thursday, December 7, 2017


The attack on ROY MOORE was planned to be unleashed should he defeat Luther Strange for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat. Getting someone to come forward with an accusation was hard since ROY MOORE was a Christian and a fine person. Yet...dragging that proverbial $100 bill through trailer park and tenement area...the agents for BLACK BOX(tm) found several accusers.

Their stories were shaky...but...they were willing to swear to them. One "tell-all" accuser was attacked as she stood outside waiting for her boyfriend...a 2017...said that entire 40 year old story was nonsense. The other accuser was a lady ROY MOORE cornered in an Alabama bathroom in downtown Birmingham 4 decades earlier. He saw her enter the stall...heard her undress...and...then...he pounced...leaping over the 7 foot barrier and landing on her lap...naked...and...ready to rumble.

Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) said "if" ROY MOORE did such things...he should drop out of the U.S. Senate race for Jeff Session's long-held seat. Senator Cruz...though...was never asked if he thought those 40 year old accusations were true or not.

Plugging that hole...he was asked by a cub reporter from this BLOG about his conclusion as to GUILT or INNOCENCE. TED CRUZ demurred and said he was not willing to be a judge in that instance...and...preferred MAURY...use his famous LIE DETECTOR TEAM to find out who is LYING.


Janet Cooke wrote an expose about "Jimmy" the 8 year old heroin addict in Washington D.C. Her documentary was so tear-jerking...she won the Pulitzer Prize. When the whole story revealed itself to be CONCOCTED...however...Janet Cooke became infamous...her work despised...and...her public image irrevocably stained. So cometh the JANET COOKE AWARD...given for the story that is persuasive but total contrivance.

In 2017...the JANET COOKE AWARD goes to Chris Steele for his collaborative* effort to rig the 2016 election and deliver the Oval Office to the Democrats. The DONALD TRUMP DOSSIER(35 pages) was accepted as TRUE by every Trump-hater of which Washington DC was packed. The FBI even offered CHRIS STEELE a FBI job demonstrating their esteem and praise for his despicable story about a DEMENTED TRUMP. The Intelligence community also bought into the DOSSIER sinker, line and hook because it was against BIG DON...a person they despised.

OBAMA received the JANET COOKE AWARD in 2010 for his LIE: You can keep your doctor and your insurance and your premiums will go down." American people bought that LIE...swallowed the hook...and...eventually had their guts ripped out as GOVERNMENT began to reel them in.
*The Democratic National Committee commissioned CHRIS STEELE to deliver a nasty attack on TRUMP and he accommodated them in exchange for $17 that was not only paid but also "hidden" beneath other categories and topics so that review would not discover the funding. Naturally...this BLOG not only found the "hiding places"...but...sent the data to President Trump for his inspection and use.


"Snake pie-zon? Yeah...Al Franken was bitten by a deadly way for him to survive...he must resign," quipped U.S. Senator Gillibrand(D.NY) when asked about the fate of Franken-the-pervert.


The American embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was strategic and helped the JEW cement the claim to that city as Israel's capital. VIVA TRUMP!


Why would Peter Strzok...a FBI agent...involve himself in insulating Hillary-the-hag from FBI scrutiny particularly when her racketeering while Secretary of State was "open and obvious"? Might the $235,992.00 that was put into a NUMBERED ACCOUNT in Paris, France in the name of  Retep Kozrts be some kind of CLINTON "pay-off"?


U.S. Senate Al Franken said, "In the coming weeks I'll resign from the Senate."

But...Franken will be around when ROY MOORE wins...and...the usefulness of the so-called FRANKEN RESIGNATION will be gone. At that time...FRANKEN will pull back his proffered resignation.

It's a gambit, folks. RUSH LIMBAUGH agreed with this BLOG about this obvious TACTIC.


Man-caused climate-change enthusiasts...relying on their government-funded computer models...stood at the edge of the conflagration and chanted mantras about Mother Nature accepting their praise and worship and ceasing her rage. Of course...firefighters...impressed with the braggadocio...invited these enthusiasts to help extinguish the fire with rag and shovel. Except for a few...the others refused to help proclaiming it was the WILL OF MOTHER that the world be cleansed by fire.


U.S. Rep. JOHN CONYERS always counted U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi as his best friend. In a bar fight...he said she'd have his back. Yet...when it came to standing* by CONYERS in the face of the 10,000 accusers coming forward revealing the sexual attack CONYERS had unleashed on each of them...PELOSI stepped back...and...shunned CONYERS...calling for his RESIGNATION.
*Tonto and the Lone Ranger were surrounded by hostile Indians and out of bullets. "I guess we're done for, Tonto," Lone Ranger which Tonto replied, "What mean "we" pale face?"


In Ramallah...the Muslim demonstrated anger for the move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem recognizing thereby Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In Ramallah...Muslims burned tires and threw rocks demanding an independent Palestinian state. VIVA TRUMP!


There's happy...very happy...extremely happy...then...clown-happy. Might the Democrats be clown-happy that Americans are receiving only a SMALL TAX CUT...if any TAX CUT at all? Indeed...U.S. Senator BILL NELSON(D.FL) said it made his left leg tingle when he thought of enslaving of the producer...and...the power it gives him.


When you hear someone proclaiming socialism as the best way to might answer that declaration with your own: FREEDOM PRODUCES PROSPERITY...SOCIALISM DELIVERS PAIN,(think Venezuela).

10,000 emails

The Dept. of Injustice* is now looking into the 10,000 emails between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page...both employed by Special Counsel Mueller to attack President Trump. When Strzok broke protocol by revealing the hated and disgust the Mueller team had for Big Don...Mueller had to fire him lest the entire ATTACK be exposed and Mueller himself face condemnation.
*The racketeering of CLINTON was overlooked because they thought she'd be president and their jobs would be gone if they had attacked her.


Islamic State plundered and looted...then...sold the treasure to investors looking for "secret wealth". Nowadays...those buyers are slowly being identified and the artifacts returned. It might very well be the Daesh were looking for ancient artifacts which would give them ultimate power but only found stuff worth selling not keeping,(WSJ A-5;12-07-17).


Unlike Republican ROY MOORE...Democrat AL FRANKEN faces pluperfect proof of his sexual perversion. FRANKEN...similar to BILL COSBY...likes attacking women who are asleep or drugged.

Unlike the accusers chasing ROY MOORE...there are photos and videos of FRANKEN unleashing his ghoulish assaults.

FRANKEN needs to resign...ROY MOORE needs to ascend to the U.S. Senate so that he might fight for liberation. VIVA TRUMP!


Before the latest bout with wildfire...the good folks of Los Angeles and Ventura were warned about the likelihood of conflagration...and...the obvious need to delete all trees and bushes within 250 feet of their houses. neighborhoods...the project would be a mutual undertaking since all would have to remove whatever combustible in order to eliminate the threat of destruction. Except for a few diligent people...the rest of the potential pool of victims declined preferring to keep their foliage and accept whatever fate the Santa Ana winds might bring their way,(WSJ A-1;12-07-17).

More not less, Don?

President Trump promised to drain the swamp and delete big grab government. Yet...his Treasury Secretary...a socialist scumbag...wants to impose even more stricture and grip to the financial industry using DODD-FRANK-Financial Stability Oversight Council. Congress must delete DODD-FRANK along with all the other market-skewing rules and laws...and...deliver America out of bondage. Until then...TEAM TRUMP must delete as much as possible so that in the interim...Americans can breathe free once more. VIVA TRUMP!

how Steyer

TOM STEYER wants more taxes...more shackle...more whip applied to the producer. He hasn't once demanded taxes be tape cut...or...freedom restored. As U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D. FL) noted, "STEYER is a scumbag and likes watching people suffer beneath onerous taxes...and...oppressive regulation. While I enjoy and endorse the same horror...I don't write about it."


A producer who produces must contend with the envious and the parasitical...those who hate the producer for producing...and...envy the producer for having so much. Of course...through their own effort these freedom-haters might achieve the same grandeur...but..."why" work when with a "vote" the producer can be forced into shackles and the product grabbed for redistribution,(WSJ A-16;12-07-17).

And...while this horrific idea is anti-freedom...the Democrats relish it...and...have raised the nonsense to the level of deity. Their approach is to forge whatever idol they choose and compel the unwashed masses to kneel and worship,(EXODUS 32:24).

millennials for Venezuela

Millennials like socialism and hate the WALL STREET JOURNAL would have the reader believe. But those young adults who say as much have not been to Venezuela where socialism was imposed. The misery and squalor of that once rich-nation would quickly change their minds. In Venezuela...the government directs and controls from cradle to grave...dictating who lives...who dies...who laughs...who cries. It's monstrous and to have Americans at any age wishing for such enslavement is pathetic and a great stain on the public education system!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Forty years after they claimed to have been abused, molested and raped...ROY MOORE'S accusers were shown wearing neck braces. Beverly...for example...told a cub reporter she donned the neck brace because her lawyer, GLORIA ALRED, said her claim would be taken more seriously.


Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill Shall come against him." Might President Trump be moving the woods closer to Jerusalem...and...eventually evicting the entrenched Muslim? Whatever outcome...the move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a brilliant maneuver. VIVA TRUMP!


In can buy a house with lot for $300 U.S. Of must spend another $100,000 U.S. if you wish running water and electricity...and...another $500 per month for the 100 gate guards and spies one required to defend the homestead against marauder and fly-by-night renegade.


By recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel...President Trump is fulfilling a biblical prophecy that one day the Jew would be safe and secure in their homeland. However...unfortunately for the Jew...the forecast didn't anticipate the Muslim...a sect dedicated to the eradication of the infidel and apostate. It's obvious...if the Palestinians ever were to be given their own state...they would eventually push the JEW back into Sinai to wander for another 1000 years.


U.S. Senator AL FRANKEN (D. Minn) was told he had to get materially involved in opposing the move of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem lest he be ousted from the U.S. Senate due to his sexual perversion...and...absurd deviant behavior.

Over 1000 women are planning on filing a class action lawsuit claiming AL Franken either touched them inappropriately or attacked them in a bathroom; and that potential 'LEGAL FIGHT' would mean Franken would be defeated in 2018. keep Democrats in the running for a majority...he has to resign before 2018.


Investors are making a big mistake by investing in Puerto Rico. It's a socialist toilet...a place where a righteous investor will lose his shirt and his bank roll. Stay away!


Joining the editorial staff of this BLOG is none other than JACK MA...the richest...most brilliant entrepreneur on this planet. VIVA JACK MA!


In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...TOM STEYER would be told to keep his nose in his own business and permit others to do as they see fit. In the present-day mixed economy welfare state...however...STEYER can demand that the producer be enslaved...the product of labor expropriated...and...spent as STEYER sees fit. Of course...because he's a freedom-hater...the complicit MASS MEDIA raised him up...his declarations framed as wondrous and enlightened,(WSJ A-19;12-06-17).

democrat inflation

In 1955...a 1200 square foot house in Vero Beach, Florida sold for $750.00. In 2017...that same $750 won't buy a good night on the town. The Democrats have inflated our currency until it's of such little value that it takes $1274 to buy one ounce of gold...a purchase that could be had for $35 in 1933. Instead of demanding government stop inflating the currency...DEMOCRATS  are demanding even more inflation...telling victims of inflation(savers and pensioners) they should have played for this kind of bounce.


TOM STEYER...a socialist on mission...told the world that the Democrats caused the GREAT RECESSION. Off-camera Steyer expanded on the idea by pointing out that it was the federal government that funded the FISCAL was Senator Chuck Schumer* who revealed the dialogue of what was supposed to be a secret meeting...a revelation that began the melt-down.
* Schumer got to the microphone first and accused WALL STREET never mentioning it was the Democrats who created the threshold for the financial disaster.

TOM STEYER: the socialist

TOM STEYER was approached by a crippled child and asked if he would give the child all his wealth so that the crippled child might have the same kind of life that Steyer enjoyed. TOM STEYER stepped back from that heap of rags and replied, "I'm a socialist. I spend other people's money never my own. I will find a producer to enslave so that the producer must deliver what you seek. for me...I'm a socialist...and...I never permit someone like you to get what I have."(WSJ A-19;12-07-17).
Why would the WSJ permit some socialist-jerk to scribble all over its editorial page? Is the WSJ endorsing this idiot's ideas? Or is the WSJ simply giving STEYER the rope to hang himself. STEYER'S article is LIE-PACKED and little more than a recitation of socialist dogma...the same trash that has put Venezuelans in breadlines.

Jane Kim's job

A homeless man asked JANE KIM for her job* as Supervisor of San Francisco. He told her his ideas were far more graphic than hers. If he were the leader...he'd impose more than a "robot tax"...he'd impose a "car tax" "oxygen tax"...the car tax to stop people from using private transport compelling them to use buses, bike and feet...the oxygen tax so that everyone pays their fair share for the air they breathe. So impressed was JANE KIM by the hatred for freedom this man expressed...she invited him to be sergeant-at-arms and do away with her enemies,(WSJ A-18;12-06-17).
*Jane Kim said the $15 per hour minimum wage had not put a wall up but had opened doors for the poor. For those who were prevented from landing a $15 per hour job...she proposed a ROBOT TAX to pay for their assuage their suffering...and...give them that decent life they richly deserve. Of course...the producer would have to pay for the parasite and servile supplicant but JANE KIM relishes that idea.


The scumbags at the Wall Street Journal framed the decision by Big Don to support ROY MOORE as an "unfortunate decision"...concluding* in their own way that ROY MOORE was a sexual deviant who attacked under-aged girls. It's OBVIOUS...the WSJ has decided they like enslavement better than freedom and hence do not wish to see ROY MOORE in the U.S. Senate working to delete their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where Democrats can force Republicans to buy health insurance or face penalty.
*The attack on ROY MOORE is a classic "hit job"...well-funded...and...unscrupulous in purpose. Will Alabamians be tricked and choose DOUG JONES...a socialist ghoul with an appetite for power?

Jerusalem intifada

According to Eliora Katz...a professed ZIONIST..."Jerusalem intifada" will be unleashed once more should the U.S. embassy be moved to Jerusalem. The Arab will kill the Jew. The overall result will be the Jew pushed back into Sinai. Only by giving the Palestinians their own state can the Jew be secure.

It's obvious Ms. Katz was not involved in the 1973 "intifada" where the Arab attacked Israel from all sides and only by the grace of God were they stopped by the stubborn Jew. Had it not been for the Jewish tank crews and the jet pilots...the Jew would already once more be wandering Sinai.


Relocating the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a strategic maneuver. It gives Big Don a reason to be involved in the Jew-Arab discussions about a separate Palestinian state. It gives the Jew a reason to stand ground and refuse to grant such a thing. If the Arab does get an independent state...the Jew will eventually be pushed back into Sinai. Netanyahu cannot afford to give such ground. Those who want Palestinians to have their own state don't remember the carnage in 1973 when the Arab unleashed the dogs of war and cried HAVOC!


Man-made climate change enthusiasts demanded a virgin be tossed into the molten maw of Mt. Agung. Their government-funded computer models showed if a virgin were to be sacrificed...Mother Nature would be appeased and the eruption would cease and the trillion tons of carbon dioxide it was releasing would return to the bowels of the Earth. And to think President Trump would not buy into this theory.  VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-10-12-06-17).


Richard "dick" Cordray...scumbag leader of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency(CFPA)...announced he was running for governor of Ohio. It's obvious he hurt as many people as he could while head honcho at CFPA because he thought such wrongful effort would endear him to the Democrats. To assist him in this effort...U.S. Rep. JOHN CONYERS...the bane of the secretarial staff...said he was going to resign and take up residence in Ohio where he could have sexual pleasures with Cordray's staff.
*Democrats support Cordray because he hates freedom.


In Ventura...the man-made global warming enthusiasts stood at the edge of the fire fanned by Santa Ana winds...and...demanded Mother Nature stop this tantrum. The gathered climate-change scientists waited to see if Mother Nature would respond and cease her destruction. Their government-funded computer-models predicted the fire would cease if the protest were great enough. One enthusiast speculated it might take a "virgin-toss" to placate* and satisfy Mother Nature...while Albert Gore said if he were paid more money his mantra would be effective,(WSJ A-3;12-06-17).
*Volcano eruptions were stopped in Hawaii by tossing a virgin into its awaiting...molten...maw.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Crypto-currencies...such as Bitcoin...will have a marketplace where futures in the stuff can be bought and sold. Because bitcoin and other digital mediums of exchange are popular Uncle Sugar looked for a way to siphon from this new stream of commerce. It might very well be the attractive nature of bitcoin, though, will be undermined as government begins to add this and that regulation until bitcoin and its brethren are nonsense.


Peter Strzok...told his mistress he hated President Trump and would do anything to rid the nation of this freedom-lover. The text messages were reviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller...who determined Strzok was a loose cannon and directed he step down from the leadership role he played in Mueller's "look-see". Strzok wasn't leaving without far Strzok has been revealing the innards of the Mueller extravaganza.


JACK PHILLIPS REFUSED TO MAKE A CAKE FOR A WEDDING INVOLVING SAME SEX. It was his shop and if he wished to keep his business confined to a select bunch of patrons...that was his unbridled decision and he wasn't about to back down. Now...the U.S. Supreme Court will decide if Jack owned his business and controlled the in and out...or...if Phillips is little more than a glorified steward whose mission to make cakes for anyone. It might be Jack will be pushed into a mold designed by the would-be master. If the U.S. Supreme Court decides Jack Phillips must offer cake to anyone...Jack will quit and so will all the other specialty cake makers who fear what happened to Phillips will happen to them.
In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...there is never an issue about cake making.


When Governor Rick Scott saw a way to attract business and wealth to Florida...he grabbed ahold and the Sunshine State is blossoming with new business...and...investors looking for a place that is insulated from the grip of big grab government. They're departing New York and Connecticut as quickly as possible...but...can't go until they find a sucker to buy what they wish to leave behind. That feat is getting tougher and more and more socialist this and that is added along with a tax increase to fund such effort. VIVA SCOTT!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Chinese President Xi Jinping asked his team what could China do to draw American consumers their way. Seeking the best advice on Earth...President Xi asked JACK MA...the leader of ALIBABA...what might he discern as somehow integral and significant. After some reflection on his own success in America...JACK MA replied,  "Americans like free stuff. They'll spend $1000 to get something for free. They're suckers for the word. The Democrats have been using that idea for 50 years to retain their grip. get into the American stream of commerce...the word FREE must be stuck somewhere prominent...somewhere noticeable...somewhere people can see and know."


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the temper tantrum British Prime Minister Theresa May unleashed when she heard President Trump was telling the world he was opposed to all forms of terrorism including the variety inflicted by demented Muslims.

After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "Talk about hands across the water...when President Trump re-tweeted the tweets of the BRITAIN FIRST leader...he framed the idea better than ever. Naturally...Donald Trump notified me...if he didn't have a curse...he couldn't let it he took another look...and...another cup of tea...and some butter pie."


Jared Kushner told Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu it wasn't prudent to put a rattlesnake in your sleeping bag. The JEW understood what Kushner meant. Why give the Palestinian the room to attack? Why enable the Palestinian to evict the JEW?  Kushner must know the old Palestinian saying, "A running man can slit a thousand Jew throats in a night."


Poncho Villa sent people towards a wall...and...thousands were mowed down by machine gun or blown to bits by cannon. After several assaults and the ensuing carnage...Villa directed his cannon to open fire and in a few seconds the entire town and all within was obliterated.

Stunned by the event and what it American film maker asked, "Why? Why not have obliterated that town first?"

To that question...Villa replied, "The dead have family. And they'll join my ranks for revenge. If I had not killed so many of my a few army would be exploits mere scribbles in some empire another dream of mine gone bad."


How do you know when an American defense spending bill is afoot? You know it when the North Koreans make noise...perhaps a missile underground nuclear explosion...but...noise...noise designed to be used by the American industrial-military complex as the reason for more money to build even more weapons of a by-gone era...not the new 21st Century plastic and paint stuff...but...the 20th century leviathans whose mission statement already obsolete before the built.

What price glory, eh Donald?

The 21st Century military will be 99.99% robotic. A small cadre of personnel will operate the robots. Robot subs will travel undetected while surface ships will be arrayed to provide a web of security and protection...every facet protected by drones hovering or patrolling. On land...tanks and supply trucks will all be robotic with a small detachment of WAR-BOTS(tm) accompanying the team. Imagine...for a moment...100 Abrams tanks...accompanied by a regiment of 4-legged robots equipped with 50 caliber machine guns and CROSS-BOW ROCKETS...traveling at the same or greater speed than the tanks...ferreting out resistance...marking targets...and...holding territory once the BLITZ has passed through...imagine as've just sensed the dramatic change President Trump is bringing to the military.


POLLING NUMBERS are contrivances nowadays and intended to sway public opinion...perhaps...even deliver votes not otherwise cast. Such might be what is afoot in the POLLS that the MASS MEDIA is discussing. Somehow...according to these concocted POLLS...a scumbag such as DOUG JONES...a freedom-hating socialist more* desirable than a freedom-fighter such as ROY MOORE.

Come 12-12-17...Alabama will choose either MOORE...the freedom-fighter...or...DOUG JONES...the freedom-hater. It's likely Afro-Americans will choose MOORE because they know DOUG JONES was an assistant United States Attorney and as such is a SOCIALIST SCUMBAG of the 1st order who'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of tyranny.

"And...through here the MASS MEDIA dagger ran," quipped Kellyanne Conway as she recited all the rent and tear in the mantle of ROY MOORE.


Contrary to the prediction of the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...Senate Republicans...many of whom Republican In Name Only(RINO)...chose to support the march to make salt rather than obstruct the effort to loosen the grip of the would-be master with envious mob, (MATTREW 6:24). Yes...the tax cut is small but symbolic of this yearning to breathe free once be free from the grip of the NANNY STATE to paint the future as one might prefer.


"What about me?" asked the parasite when he heard his government entitlement payments were to be stopped. He would be required to find a job...a job that probably did not exist because government had erected hurdle and pitfall...all designed to keep that parasite dependent and susceptible of direction and control.

In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...this parasite would have so many job offers that only the most base of people would remain idle. In the present-day 20th Century NANNY STATE...though...this parasite can't become a worker bee due to all the "red tape" erected to stop that very thing.

President Trump realized the NANNY STATE had to be dismantled if America were to be great gain. Yes...the would-be master with envious mob are doing all they can to obstruct escape from the grip of big grab government...but...their numbers are dwindling...while the crowd of freedom-lovers has grown ever larger. VIVA TRUMP!


How is it the Democrats didn't make noise when OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...increased the national debt from $7 trillion to $20 trillion. Not one word...not one noise...just tacit agreement...aided...of a complicit MASS MEDIA that also wanted America in the socialist toilet. massive debt is said to be much too great to permit producers to escape the grip of big grab government. HUH?

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson refuses?

According to NBC talking head, Chuck Todd...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) refused to resign even though faced with mounting proof of sexual perversion involving underage children...many of whom have found the courage to speak out against this SCUMBAG! "Will Floridians accept Nelson's denial or will the stories of over 100 now-of-age accusers be credited?" asked a worried Chuck Todd when challenged about the implications of so many stories.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


The Palestinian has long demanded East Jerusalem be the capital of the new Palestinian state. However...the JEW has chosen Jerusalem as the capital of Israel moving that spot from Tel Aviv to its new location inside Jerusalem. One JEW pointed out the Al Aqsa mosque was charted to be a public urinal* for tourists...a plan that has angered many Muslims,(WSJ A-9;12-02-17).
*The house of Joseph...the father of used by the Arab as a public urinal. The JEW thought some "payback" was in order.


Because President Trump understood...he dispatched a covert team to install WAR-BOT(tm) in NIGER...but...not to deploy and commence until Niger had issued the "clearance" for its operation,(WSJ A-7;12-02-17).

Now that such permission has been granted...WAR-BOT(tm) has been placed in jungles...rivers...trees...under rocks...and...hovering in the sky...looking for terrorists and eliminating them upon contact.

So fearsome WAR-BOT(tm) Tehrik-e-Taliban told Pakistani officials they refused to blow up any more security checkpoints and government buildings until WAR-BOT(tm) was removed from the playing field. VIVA TRUMP!


The yearning to breathe free has reached the U.S. Senate Republican majority and they might very well support President Trump in his* march to make salt. VIVA RUBIO!
*Gandhi loosened the grip of the British empire by his march to make salt.

Friday, December 1, 2017


Ghostly presence, perhaps...but...many in the U.S. Senate felt as if the souls of great leaders were present...drawn to the historical moment when Americans took back their government and their country from the clutches of the would-be master with envious mob. Senator Marco Rubio, (R. FL) framed the feeling as one of great expectation...passionately portrayed by the Republicans as they vote to cut taxes and reduce the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT. VIVA RUBIO!


Out of Syria came 400 U.S. troops...their mission to eradicate Islamic State completed...with any "clean-up" operations able to be handled by the Syrians and their Russian allies. VIVA TRUMP!


Former Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn admitted he lied about his involvement in the RUSSIAN COLLUSION investigation and that top White House officials directed him to contact Russia and get the "dirt" on Hillary and her criminal "pay-to-play" scheme she conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State.

From court documents...Flynn initially LIED to the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) because he doubted their allegiance and honesty. He had witnessed JAMES "stooge" COMEY overlook the deceit and outright criminal misconduct of Hillary...such that any data Flynn might divulge was surely to be used to hurt Big Don...the Republican presidential candidate in 2016.

More likely than not...without a Presidential Pardon...Flynn will be sent to prison...a place in which Hillary, Chelsea and Bill belong as well. Flynn erred when he assumed America would stand behind him when it came to telling the FBI some fanciful story* about having heard about Russia and curiosity drove him to seek out the Russian-held "dirt" on CROOKED HILLARY. He discovered his assessment was wrong and that the evil of the FBI would be overlooked...his venial fault would not.
*Mike Flynn said after a big drunk...he does two things...goes looking for his car...and... returns the car he took.


A Mosquito armed with 57mm cannon? Yes...folks...a World War II military aircraft was used to sink an Argentinian submarine which had been dispatched to stop illegal fishing. The sub happened upon some serious fishermen who used their aircraft to blow holes in that sub sending it and its 45 man crew to Davey Jones.


President Xi Jinping asked his team what China could do to help the world become a better place. He was told to produce cheap steel and other consumer products thereby putting China at the forefront of most markets and framing OUR LAND as great and prosperous.

Yes...folks...China is offering a $1 trillion gift in the form of cheap cheap a house made of it would cost $1.00 per square foot compared to $100 per square foot. The difference is so remarkable that President Trump had to come forward and tell the American steel industry they had best retool and refashion or lose that spot to competition.

Most American steel makers...reacting to this incredible gift...are looking at ways to become more the short-term...Chinese steel will have its place of prominence. VIVA Xi!

Sam Dastyari

In Australia...Sam Dastyari was directed to step down from his prominent position in government because he dared agree with this BLOG that China is ascending and people should help President Xi Jinping put China where it needs to be. ONE BELT -ONE ROAD! VIVA XI!


America has become a welfare state and the lack of courage to dismantle such BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT is obvious. If the MASS MEDIA were to join this BLOG...though...and...launch a 24/7 campaign to liberate America from the clutches of the would-be master with envious mob...America could remove the shackle and become prosperous and bountiful for everyone not just the ruling elite.

Because of the way the socialists have run the federal government...however...there are large voting blocs which receive government payments. The idea was to use such "payments" to create a group of servile supplicants and "go along to get along" parasites whose "threatened" loss of government entitlement would force them to the ballot box to protect their "income".

The display in Congress when it came to dismantling OBAMA-CARE...for example...clearly demonstrated this idea was afoot and working quite well. The MASS MEDIAS was able to find parasites and supplicants whose lives would be dramatically changed if they had to rely on CHARITY and not on their federal entitlement payments. Never did the MASS MEDIA show the other side...the "enslaved producer" side...though...since that display would have worked against their purpose.