Friday, June 30, 2017


If President Trump were to declare he was proceeding to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the MASS MEDIA would be forced into the proverbial wet-paint corner. Those scumbags would have to choose between supporting Trump's march to make salt...or...opposing that effort to escape the grip of the would-be master. To choose the former route...of course...would be a rebuke of socialism and Eco-fascism something the MASS MEDIA would never do....while choosing the latter path would deliver a bigger audience...better ratings...but also a total loss of credibility.

Leave Taiwan alone

Taiwan is the last place China would ever invade. The benefit would be negligible...while the loss so large few can imagine its edge. Hence...if President Trump wishes to sell military stuff to the Taiwanese...might it be the kind of weaponry China would accept? There isn't any significant advantage derived from selling the best game gear to people who want such firepower so they might be relevant in the region, (WSJ A-16;06-30-17).


Recently...Venezuela suffered a constitutional meltdown. Maduro...sensing he'd be ousted if an election were held...changed the rules to make it more difficult to evict him from office. California...concluding angry voters would choose Republicans...the state Senate Democrats changed the special election rules hoping thereby to hinder efforts to replace them with freedom-lovers,(WSJ A-15;06-30-17).


President Trump must stay out of the Ukraine and leave them to deal with their own problems. President Putin has tried to solve some of the troubles roiling Ukraine. He was hampered by Obama...that dung-throwing monkey...but...hopes BIG DON knows how to avoid miasma. VIVA PUTIN!

gum Gomez

Jimmy Gomez was tapped to replace Xavier Becerra as the U.S. Rep. from California's 34th Congressional District. Stopping to speak to a cub reporter...Jimmy explained how he intended to go to Washington DC and eliminate the last vestiges of liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey". He dripped venom as he mentioned the number of ways he could delete freedom and replace it with "whip and chain". So dramatic was Jimmy in his portrayal of the devastation he would unleash on what's left of capitalist America that he seemed like he was mimicking U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...herself a freedom-hater whose mission to enslave and impose.


President Trump invited South Korean President Moon to consider an alternative when discussing ways to contain the obvious aggression of the North Korean leader. Instead of isolating...why not make an effort to conduct commerce. If trade were begun on a large scale...the North Koreans would soon realize they didn't need to be subjected to a totalitarian way of life. VIVA TRUMP!

Mika squatted

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough attempted to join a Trump gathering in West Palm Beach but was turned away three times. President Trump simply didn't want such nasty jerks at his party. However...Mika was so disturbed by the snub...she went to trump Tower...found a bed in which Melania Trump had slept...climbed up...squatted...and...urinated. "I made sure TRUMP knew I didn't like him," screeched Mika as she dabbed some blood from her forehead facelift bandage.

treasure trove

Peter W. Smith worked with the INVESTIGATION DEPT. of this BLOG to ferret out the Hillary Clinton emails and publish them. The goal was to connect Hillary-the-hag to a pay-to-play scheme she and her cronies operated during her tenure as Secretary of State. While Mike Flynn's name was used to gain audience with suspects...nonetheless...the overall purpose was to expose the Clintons and Obama linking them in such a way that America would demand their prosecution,(WSJ A-5;06-30-17).

take away subsidy

Renewable energy producers survive on federal government hand-outs. President Trump knows how idiotic renewable energy ideas are and what they cost in terms of energy generation. Following the template laid out by this BLOG...BIG he's affectionately known by all removing the hassle and hinder Obama imposed. He has permitted the Dakota Access Pipeline to be completed and is opening up another route for a pipeline into Mexico. VIVA TRUMP!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch was chased by a Democrat hooligan across a New York City street because she dared to say OBAMA was a dung-throwing monkey...along with other appropriately framed epithets. Her assailant was a Democrat who was best friends with Democrat James Hodgkinson...the baseball field shooter. As this lice-ridden vagabond drew closer...his stench grew unbearable causing Dana to wretch uncontrollably all over this accosting jerk.

widespread support

A national poll was conducted about the reaction of President Trump to the nasty diatribe some ugly woman on TV unleashed. Overwhelmingly...most Americans liked his feisty way and wanted to see more of it in his dealings with the scumbag-Democrats and other freedom-haters infesting our blessed government. Unlike the previous lackluster BUSH miasma...President Trump and his team are finally deleting the 20th century NANNY STATE and the hateful MASS MEDIA talking heads are fighting him all the way. VIVA TRUMP!


Even though President Trump has millions of people who would love to help him dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...they're kept away from him by his so-called security team. And...because of such insulation...he does not realize he's supported by most Americans. They want liberation not more subjugation. they're tired of big grab government and intrusive bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump was attacked so much by an ugly woman on MSNBC that he finally said something about her hateful stare and bloody lips...somehow framing her as a vampire in drag. Instantly...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA reacted labeling him a sexist pig. And...while the attack will be 24/7...nonetheless...most Americans agree with President Trump and are proud he stood up for himself. VIVA TRUMP!


Another cyber attack...this time by some screw-ball sporting the name: PETYA. When this BLOG joked about "thunder shirt"...that new TV wrap the owner puts on the family dog...never did it imagine the idea would be used by some computer genius* as the nuts and bolts for the label: PETYA.
*Petya was name of latest cyber attack. In the attack...hospitals and doctors were shut down. Medical records were grabbed and held for ransom. Of course...the culprit was located in the bowels of the CIA...but...few Americans will ever accept such evil lurks inside America's security curtain.


Because GOOGLE would not put FOUNDEM.CO.UK on the front page...even though GOOGLE owned that front page...the critters at FOUNDEM.CO.UK filed a complaint with the European Union anti-trust thugs demanding that they deserved to be "front page" because* they wanted such position.

Shivaun Raff...CEO of FOUNDEM.CO.UK...told a cub reporter his company lost big bucks when GOOGLE decided it would use its front yard differently. "I was appalled GOOGLE would choose to make profit off their capital. I am a dedicated socialist and I always use other people's money...never my own. When GOOGLE refused to send visitors to our part of the was terrible for our bottom line. We expected GOOGLE to be our do out bidding as we saw fit. And...I went to the EU...a den of vermin as nasty as myself...and...they attacked for me."
(WSJ B-3;06-29-17).
* "How dare an owner attempt to police how others will use the front yard!" screeched the European hag who pursued GOOGLE demanding it deliver its property into her hands so she might divide as she saw fit.

"wasn't there"

What if there were someone so clever in 2016...they used the same trick the Allies used in World War Two to deceive the Germans as to where and when D-Day would manifest. What if someone induced not only James Comey but the MASS MEDIA to follow the script?

Suppose someone tagged a FAKE EMAIL in such fashion it not only appeared to come from the Russians...but also so secret only Obama was to know. And...suppose that email caused James Comey to hold his July press conference and therein exonerate Hillary-the-hag.

Might not that entire scenario have been contemplated...concluded such would happen...and...the nuts and bolts required to accomplish the feat adroitly given?


"The weapon is at once both a cause of utter absolute deterrent to aggression.'s only that if you tell someone. Why didn't you tell someone. Why did you keep that a secret?" scolded Dr. Strangelove.

Might the North Koreans be telling the world it does have that kind of scary-stuff...and...will unleash and detonate...should it be attacked?

Alejandro Lazo's wage

Alejandro Lazo wanted more money for his work. His wage was not high enough. He went to his boss for an answer and was informed a higher wage would mean 5 other people would lose their jobs. Lazo didn't much care about those other 5 people...he was only interested in his own rent...diaper cost for baby...and...a new purse for his demanding wife. When the boss refused...Lazo returned to his work-place and completed his task for the day.

That night...though...Lazo joined a protest for higher wages and succeeded in imposing a higher wage by law. Proudly...Lazo arrived at his job but found the door closed with a GONE OUT OF BUSINESS sign in the window. All Lazo had done was kill off the goose who was laying those golden eggs. He had listened to socialists who never owned a business...who lived off the wealth of others...and...his decision to join them had fetched little more than a future of misery.

Undaunted by such calamity...though...Lazo rebounded and went to see the leader of the protest. He needed a job and what better place to look for one than at the spot where his troubles all began. He approached Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...and...asked for a job. Warren looked at Lazo and laughed. "Did you really think I was trying to help you get more. I was only eliminating your source of income so you would have to crawl to me and beg for sustenance."(WSJ A-3;06-29-17).


Robyn C. Reed told a cub reporter she liked watching producers whipped...their storeroom plundered...and...the loot used to pay her salary at a children's hospital in Minneapolis. While charities could pay for sick children...her salary and pension would not be as much, (43% less). Hence...she elected to push for more socialism...more whip and chain...and...thereby keep her niche well-padded,(WSJ A-16;06-29-17).


In times past...charities ran most hospitals. The government was not involved. There were not any "certificate of need" bottle necks...not any intrusive big grab government decrees...and...socialist welfare state stuff was little more than horror stories told by clowns in dark rooms. If there were a sick child in the neighborhood...for instance...everyone joined to assist. It was community writ large in ways few can imagine nowadays with all the NANNY STATE stick-and-stack...all the stifling and hampering such a CAGE entails.


Robyn C. Reed walked by a crippled child who wanted her to give her entire salary to make sure the child did not die.

"How dare you ask me for my own money," screamed Reed...adding in her fit of rage..."I'm a socialist. I spend only other people's money. You need to find some government bureaucrat who will kill producers to give you money...and...I'll be there to collect my salary and help your twisted body get better."


U.S.Rep. Don Beyer(D.Va) told a cub reporter he was not at the baseball field when Democrat-James Hodgkinson shot U.S.Rep. Steve Scalise.

When asked...if...he had been there...would he have wanted a gun for protection from Democrat James Hodgkinson...Don replied, "No...if I were killed...I would have died a happy socialist...knowing I had enslaved America and had destroyed liberty. My left leg would tingle and I would sing socialist worker songs as my last breath taken."

Arthur W. Page Society

Plain-Jane Sanders...the wife of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders...urinated on the bed of Arthur W. Page at the museum where his bed is on display.

So angry was she that the Society had not declared socialism the best way for America...she went to that museum...approached...and...squatted...leaving an indelible stain of hatred and anger.

Naturally...the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) was called upon to chase plain-Jane seeking to arrest her for such transgression. Former FBI Director James Comey when asked about the criminal aspect of her deed...chuckled and replied, "Had she urinated on Melania Trump's bed...she be called hero not heel."

socialist Modi

Instead of eliminating the socialist grip on the throat of freedom...MODI wants to impose another layer of taxation...this layer designed to delete all small business which does not kneel and lick his boot with candied tongue. "My idea is to crush and stomp until only those who worship whatever idol I might forge are left in India," bragged Prime Minister Narendra MODI when he spoke to President Trump about how America could follow his lead and become as much a filthy socialist toilet as India underscoring his assertion with the old Indian proverb: "Eat shit...10 billion flies can't be wrong."(WSJ A-9;06-29-17).


Jeb Bush lost support when he told voters he wanted to continue into the socialist toilet but do it the Republican way. In contrast...Donald Trump offered liberation from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE...offering KEY over CAGE...something BUSH was too timid to do. Hence...BUSH was pushed aside by an America starved for freedom. VIVA TRUMP!

$250 billion?

Entrepreneurs are departing Illinois as fast as possible. They heard about the unfunded $250 billion government-employee pension hole and they don't wish for their wealth to be earmarked as "filler". Eventually...Illinois will be another socialist toilet...packed with misery and privation. The government-employees will have their salaries...air-conditioned offices...big Limos...but...the average Joe and Jill...they'll be miserable but cared for as if cattle and sheep...warehoused, clothed and fed.

Oscar Perez

Oscar Perez read FREEUSFLORIDA.COM and decided it was time to punctuate the effort to liberate Venezuela from the grip of the socialist would-be masters. As a well-trained commando...he knew how to make his point graphically. He grabbed a nearby helicopter and dropped grenades as he hovered over the Venezuelan Supreme Court Building rebuking those scumbags thereby for going along with enslavement instead of fighting for freedom,(MATTHEW 6:24).

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


With a simple majority in both houses of Congress...President Trump could repeal almost every bad law there ever was and truly make America great again. Naturally...he'd have to tell America his march to make salt would fetch great wealth to everyone participating in the grand wherein there are not any entitlements...not any red tape scumbag bureaucrats...but...instead...a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!".


What if President Trump were to pivot 180 degrees and demand liberation of everyone from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? He'd instantly create a divide between good and evil...between grip and freedom...between cage and key...and...draw out all freedom-haters in such fashion they could be identified and defeated. And...while the MASS MEDIA is formidable...the INTERNET gives BIG DON all the room he needs to publish and propound.

Should BIG he's affectionately called by 300 million Americans...make such declaration...he'd become the greatest leader since Abe Lincoln...and...will have saved freedom from the toilet of tribal socialism. Simply by making this declaration of independence from the grip of the CAGE...BIG DON would change the entire dynamic of the world...and...head mankind toward prosperity rather than into the toilet of collectivism.


Only inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE could a scumbag such as Dave Jones...California Insurance Commissioner...confidently declare big grab government can take as much as it wants and redistribute as it sees fit. Take for instance President Trump's attempt to delete OBAMA-CARE. Instead of championing the liberation of the subjugated...Dave Jones wants all the parasites* to join with him and fight for more not less entitlement spending.
*Dave Jones rules over the parasites...those who receive government assistance...funds taken from producers and redistributed to parasites by would-be masters. Dave Jones likes how producers are forced to work for him and his parasites.


Obama told President Putin to "cut it out" referring to the personally-conducted-by-Putin hacking exercise. We know Obama did and said as much because Obama says he did. But isn't this the same LIAR who said: "you can keep your doctor...keep your health insurance"? And isn't he the one who killed U.S. Border guard Brian Terry and Ambassador Stevens?


Dave Jones...the California Insurance Commissioner....told a cub reporter he loved socialism and was a devout freedom-hater. "I want people forced to buy whatever I choose. They will lick my boot with candied tongue," thundered Dave Jones as he looked at how President Trump was trying to pry open the door to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE,(WSJ A-16;06-28-17).


Vacationing with the vastly-rich? Yes...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was found vacationing with the extremely rich. He had snubbed the offer to visit Vero Beach and pay for the room himself although the food would have been provided by the Gifford Glee Club. Sure...Obama is a tribal socialist who would rule over people with an iron fist. But spend his own with people in Vero Beach? No...he's too great for that kind of interface.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed his stooges at the Environmental Destruction Agency to poison as many rivers and drinking-water aquifers as possible.

Of course...his minions did just that. In Flint, Michigan...for example...local Democrats did their part poisoning a million children. Out west...EPA scumbags blew up the Gold King Mine barrier releasing a trillion tons of toxic waste into the Animus River system. In West Virginia* a coal dump retention area was sabotaged by EPA operatives poisoning the drinking water.

Fortunately...President Trump and Scott Pruitt know what Obama's team did and are in the process of removing the hassle and hinder on business and farming enabling them to compete in the world marketplace. They are also commencing prosecutions on all EPA operatives and their cronies. Eventually even Gina McCarthy...former CEO of the EPA...will be indicted for her orchestration of the attack on the water supply,(WSJ A-6;06-28-17).
*Of course...U.S. Senator Joe of Obama's henchman...was "out-of-town" when the calamity occurred so he could have an alibi.


In the movie, ROOTS...Lorene Green beats the hero until he admits his name is TOBY. insurance companies want government to beat Americans until they kneel and admit their name is TOBY. The insurance companies want the federal government to retain the so-called MANDATE...the shackle about the ankle of the young and healthy. However...these scumbags won't get their way this time around and the last...will remove the "whip and chain",(WSJ A-4;06-28-17).

Ruth Simon ignorant

Ruth Simon is a freedom-hater. She likes watching producers have the product of their labor grabbed by government thugs and redistributed as Ruth finds suitable. Maybe one day...BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT will come to her door and take from her. Will she be so accepting when her own storeroom is plundered so that Grannie-Jo can have her $82,000 per year nursing home bill paid?(WSJ A-4;06-28-17).
*It might be that RUTH SIMON is a puppet who writes whatever her master decrees. In the hopes she has some's a F.Y.I.(for your information) the Congressional Budget Office is NOT bipartisan but packed with freedom-haters such as she.

Land of Lincoln

Honest Abe Lincoln would be appalled to hear his beloved state of Illinois was drowning in socialist red ink. However...he'd be right-proud of the way Governor Rauner has attempted to remove the grip of the NANNY STATE and stop this spiral into the collectivist toilet...a place Obama calls paradise,(WSJ A-1;06-28-17).

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

3 resign

Zeppelin jumpers? CNN...3 resigned when they were caught crafting "fake news". Although CNN had to retract their stories...nonetheless...fellow scumbags...such as MSNBC'S Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow...declared it was acceptable to publish false stories if the purpose to advance socialism or Eco-fascism.
In World War One...a damaged Zeppelin...some times to get home...required some of the crew to jump.


From top secret documents it was learned TEAM OBAMA supposedly in August of 2016 identified the Russians as the culprits in hack-attack. However...OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...refused to alert Donald J. Trump that the Russians were afoot and doing what could be done to hamper the election. And...that refusal to alert recently has been framed as "noble and sagacious" by a complicit MASS MEDIA who wished Hillary-the-hag to defeat TEAM-TRUMP.

What if...though...the Russian hack-attack were really done by Obama's own team? Indeed...after Obama left office...a Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) employee revealed to the world the CIA could perform hack-attack and leave a false trail. Perhaps...Obama was behind the hack-attack and that is "why" his team slow-walked any investigation into that alleged hack-attack. According to Ms. Obama-mole and former U.S. Injustice Dept. stooge...Obama directed the hack-attacks and used his power to make it look like it was a Russian-effort.


Robert Mueller...the so-called special counsel hired by Trump-haters to chase President Trump and his team for the next 7 years...has been called many things. But the one label which fits him best is the moniker given to him by those who know him best: Mr. Diaper Check. Unlike most people...Bob is known for sticking his finger deep into the diaper...pulling out and smelling as if sniffing a fine wine. think...President Trump has to contend with such a freak for the next 84 months.


This BLOG was the 1st to identify TEAM OBAMA as somehow involved in the so-called Russian 2016-election-hack. To cover their to speak...TEAM OBAMA is now claiming the "hacking" was done by the Russians but they didn't do anything about it since to MAKE NOISE would have distracted from the election of Hillary-the-hag. However...TEAM OBAMA could not very well attack their own could they?

Kendra Arnold

Kendra Arnold told a cub reporter she had voted for FREEUSFLORIDA.COM as her favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize. "If it had not been for the 24/7 rant about U.S. border guard Brian Terry and the 300 kidnapped African girls...both of those issues would never have been resolved: (i) It was proven that Terry was killed by Obama...and...(ii) the kidnapped girls were finally released once the $3 billion ransom was paid by the WAR DEPT. of that blog. That bunch deserves that PRIZE."


A "mo-jo" is a magical aspect. When playing Baccarat...for must have a "mo-jo" or suffer dramatic loss. Might President Trump...a/k/a...BIG DON...have a great "mo-jo"?


President Trump attempted the improbable. He invited Congressional Democrats to a meeting at the White House to discuss deleting OBAMA-CARE. While his intentions were marvelous...those Democrats he invited were dedicated freedom-haters whose mission to enslave not liberate. "I hate Trump and I will resist his effort to liberate the enslaved," dripped Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren,(D.Mass).


In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...medical services would not only be cutting-edge in terms of technology and science...but...also available to everyone at a price determined by the obvious laws of supply and demand. However...the OUM requires little government involvement and hence is unwanted by the would-be masters who see medical care as a way to control and enslave.

OBAMA-CARE...for instance...was simply an excrescence of that desire to force people to worship whatever idol the master might forge. The U.S. Senate Democrats are trying to retain the "whip and chain" embedded in OBAMA-CARE lest they lose their grip on the throat of liberty. If they can stifle and stymie...they can stop the exodus from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein they can force people to kneel and lick their boot with candied tongue.


After President Trump made an announcement about OBAMA-CARE meeting...and...the cameras were allowed access for that announcement...BIG DON directed them to depart. Naturally...there were some reporters were miffed they were excluded. The CNN reporters...for example...were so angry...they took turns urinating on a bed* in the Trump Tower.
*Michelle Obama urinated on Madonna's bed  making that kind of attack chic and in vogue.


U.S. Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) met with President Trump about taxes and OBAMA-CARE.

In their meeting...these two stalwarts of liberty discussed the several ways to delete the grip of the so-called 20th Century NANNY STATE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. They reviewed the manner in which the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA and its allies in Congress were thwarting the repeal of that horrific law that enslaved so many and helped so few.

In the end...they both agreed the dismantling of OBAMA'S tribal socialism was a moral imperative. VIVA TRUMP!


Planned Parenthood(P/P) needs to survive on its own as an organization. It is anti-American to permit that organization to grab taxpayer funds. "If P/P is such a good won't have any trouble soliciting donations," quipped U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) who was a supporter of taxing producers in order to give money to P/P until he was informed the leaders of P/P thought he was a scumbag.


When this BLOG predicted CNN and several other "fake news" outlets would have to recant...almost all of the MASS MEDIA described that prediction as nonsense. Communist News Network, (CNN) recanted and admitted they had been producing "fake news". Their seemed...was to hurt Trump any way possible including using "fake news" as the weapon of choice.

Tom's barn

Instead of going on vacations...and...installing a swimming pool...Tom saved his money to construct a barn. However...across town...politicians were discussing how to take that building-fund from Tom. Their idea was to take from Tom and redistribute the money to Tim who needed money to pay for plastic surgery to his nose and eyes seeking to rejuvenate his looks. Tim needed Tom's money and had the votes to pass a law to grab* Tom's wealth.
*Medicaid is based on this idea: take and give to retain political power.

another sun

Before our sun...there was another sun. When it went super fried whatever was in its path. The outer planets in our present-day solar system were part of that prior system. They survived the super nova and are in the same configuration they were in when that sun exploded. While astronomers concede there was a previous sun and planet system...they doubt if Uranus and Neptune were part of that earlier system even though their own astro-physics clearly shows those two planets could not have formed from the debris of a super nova but were existing before that previous sun exploded and survived the blast.


Unlike the slaves and wimps of the Florida...freedom-fighters abound. Indeed...there are so many freedom-lovers that the would-be masters and their cronies can't seem to find sufficient voter support to impose socialist misery and privation. VIVA FLORIDA!


Avik Roy told a cub reporter he liked big grab government but wanted it not to be so intrusive. When asked "why" not simply eliminate the laws which hinder and stifle the medical service industry...Avik choked on his cud. "You can't delete big grab government. It's the only way to keep people enslaved and bound to whatever idol one might choose to forge," Avik drooled as he looked at how well the U.S. Senate Democrats were fighting to keep the "whip and chain",(WSJ A-17;06-27-17).

Monday, June 26, 2017


Spotting a leak in the dike...the little boy used his thumb to plug the hole and directed his sister to get help. And through the cold night the Dutch boy sat with his thumb in the hole protecting his country from devastation. So heroic was this child's effort the entire nation agreed to celebrate his birthday each year with an earthquake. They would precipitate the quake by pounding their feet against HOLY ROCK...a structure that 10,000 scientist said was somehow connected to the bowels of Mother Earth who'd respond to such stomp by shaking herself free of torment.

And...while most people would refer to that HOLY ROCK celebration as more Dutch-prone that country the oil producers were told to stop extraction out of fear there'd be more than one annual earthquake. Of course...the 10,000 scientists who ascribed such power to HOLY ROCK also added the oil producers as potential cause for quake,(WSJ B-3;06-26-17).

remove intrusion

Repeal and replace OBAMA-CARE? Why not simply repeal that anti-American law? Why not tell all the people who rely on the "whip and chain" of OBAMA-CARE they will have to look elsewhere for their slaves? What is there in America which gives would-be masters the sense they can force people to kneel and worship whatever idol they might forge? Is the answer found in the socialist-public education system or somewhere else?

Chen and Pollack

"What we need are two scumbag socialists to lead the way in fighting anyone who wishes to escape our beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE," fumed U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY). "Why not ask Chen and Pollack?" chimed Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...adding..."They hate liberty and will drool the kind of bromide or stale platitude needed to push enslavement of America."(WSJ A-15;06-26-17).

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Hard to believe slaves would choose the would-be master over the most socialist states...the made-dependent...more often than not...choose to remain shackled...cared for as if sheep...and...ready to worship whatever idol their master might forge. Those famed 23 million people who'd lose their health insurance if OBAMA-CARE were repealed...for instance...might these parasites be part of this mindless herd?


Democrats will refuse to support any effort to repeal OBAMA-CARE. They like big grab government stifling and strangling...and...won't ever permit escape from their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein they can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


Who won the 2016 Presidential contest between Hillary and Donald? Yes...Trump prevailed. Circle gets the square.


President Trump told the world the MASS MEDIA will be permitted access as he sees fit. To underscore his point...Trump ordered all audio and video to be left at the door if the reporter wished to have an audience with the White House. Naturally...the scumbags in the MASS MEDIA were miffed that the president was so far ahead of them.

Kalanick hitchhikes?

Travis Kalanick was hitchhiking...thumbing to speak...when approached by a Mercedes which stopped to ask why would the CEO of Uber Technologies...a $60 billion on foot thumbing a ride. Travis chuckled...and...replied, "Well...I revealed I liked President Trump and wanted to help him dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE."


When the extremely wealthy wish to find a hotel room for the night...they choose a Trump-hotel over any other because the room will be exquisite...the bed fit for a king...and...service only royalty could imagine. So lavish and extraordinary are the accommodations...envious Democrats want to know "how" Trump manages such pomp and circumstance.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Medicaid....described as a giant leach...sucking dry the wealth of a state until only carcass remains. Perhaps...Florida will remain the greatest state for business, investment and retirement because the Republicans held the line with respect to Medicaid and only the "most poor and disabled" take that money...and...if need there be...if Medicaid were found to be too costly...those few needful folks could be delegated to Florida charity and be taken care of even better than under Medicaid.


MEDICAID supports parasites...people who take but do not pay for that received. OBAMA-CARE expanded the number of parasites. The goal was to reduce as many Americans to abject dependency. "We created slaves...people who will do our bidding lest they lose their freebie or favor, " smirked. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) calling OBAMA-CARE a way to extract "blood money" from the producer.

"Because a person depends on Medicaid...I can tell that dependent-slave to lick my boot and with candied tongue that needful sheep will do as told," chuckled Elizabeth Warren....adding..."When we expanded OBAMA-CARE the idea was to make as many people so dependent they'd kneel and worship whatever idol I might forge."

600 chimneys

There are 600 high rise public housing projects in the London area...600 ready-to-burn buildings...buildings with the same design as Grenfell...the building that recently burned brightly through the night. "The 300,000 parasites in those buildings must be moved," declared Prime Minister Theresa May. accommodate so many parasites...almost every Duke...Count...and...Duchess would have to give up their palatial estates and permit those displaced-parasites to sleep in their from their tables...and...use their linen,(WSJ A-8;06-24-17).

cost drop

Even though the socialists predicted otherwise...cellphone prices and cost of service have been plummeting as more and more competitors join the INTERNET. Using just a cellphone...for example...a customer can watch the hit movie, WONDER with the local mechanic about the busted rear axel. However...this customer-oriented marketplace might become skewed if President Trump is thwarted in his effort to eliminate the grip of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE,(WSJ B-1;06-24-17).

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ponder vomit

Johnny Depp ponders vomit...loathing every aspect his life from it. draw from crowd...he teased about assassinating Trump...his words slow...and...dark as shroud. He could have told the world Treasure Island near...portraying the future as bountiful chest...and...wealth in every hand appear. But...such not to be...not from a rascal such as he.


A prominent Democrat told the world he was glad U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise was shot while playing baseball in Alexandria. He liked watching that Republican family cry out in fear and utter anguish. It made his left leg tingle. Instead of denouncing this scumbag-Democrat...however...the MASS MEDIA framed his diatribe as enlightened and a positive force behind Democrat reorganization.


Mosul became little more than land mines and booby traps...laid out to slaughter as many people as possible. "Islamic State planted a billion mines and installed 900 million booby'll take a 1000 years to clear the area," confided an Iraqi general. Imagine being told for 100 years or so that the uninhabited parts of MOSUL or RAQQA are that way because few dare reside where death is almost 100% guaranteed.

proving ground

Secretary of Defense Mattis told a cub reporter he was convinced robo-war was the better way to go. Underscoring the idea..."mad dog" Mattis pointed out, "Unlike any other organization...the military is the one place where a proposal can be tested in real real real wartime context. Take for example, WAR-BOT(tm). Into Mosul...that system was injected. Within 24 hours...4 square kilometers of Mosul had been cleared of Islamic State troops without any loss of civilian achievement never before seen in warfare."


Socialist Bernie Sanders' notoriety grew after one of his inner circle...a dude named James Hodgkinson...shot several Republicans on a baseball field.

"I don't want to waste a good crowd," snorted Bernie as he looked at how much harm Hodgkinson unleashed.

Of course...Sanders was referring to his cross-country trip to generate opposition to liberation of the producer from the grip of the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


Once the manacle applied...the slave is doomed. OBAMA-CARE ensnared the producer...shackling and if producers were little more than beasts of burden. Nowadays...with OBAMA-CARE about to be repealed...all the slave-owners and their government cronies are demanding the CHAIN be retained. Will President Trump succeed in liberating America from the grip of the socialist NANNY STATE?

4,000 MORE?

President Trump might send another 4000 troops into toilet-Afghanistan to fight the ubiquitous Taliban. The recent car-bombings and the carnage found in almost every hamlet and town demonstrate the danger our troops will face. Why President Trump wishes to send our team into a meat grinder hasn't been explained.


The producer was enslaved for Medicaid. The government takes from the producer and delivers that wealth to the "poor and disabled" through Medicaid. To qualify for such benefit...a person need only declare herself destitute and for that lack of stuff great bounty and reward are given...carte blanche...favor-packed...all the frills and whistles...all the glitter and gold...all delivered.

But...what about the shackled producer? Who cries for that beast of burden? And...if...the answer is "only this BLOG" be it. a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan (JOHN 1:28)...invitation is made to join the march to make salt and let's dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein the would-be master can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Buffett bet

When Warren Buffett said he was buying Israeli bonds...this BLOG issued a "no-buy" since it was obvious Buffett had something else in mind and investors had best be wary...whatever afoot not defined.


Because there is so much surveillance...President Trump could only say that he...personally...did not possess or make any tape recording of the Trump-Comey interface. The revelation deflated hate-Trump narratives worldwide and demonstrated how easily the MASS MEDIA can be easily lured into whatever dead-end desired. VIVA TRUMP!

Even he's wrong

Tim Berners-Lee...a dude who helped invent the worldwide web said he wanted big stomp government directing the Internet using the euphemism: NET NEUTRALITY. Instead of demanding government stay out...Tim envisions bureaucrats telling people what to do and when to do it. Why Tim wants enslavement isn't well understood but perhaps his sexual involvement with Tom Wheeler might explain some of it, eh Tom?


Even though the Yellowstone Grizzlies are in greater numbers than in years past...nonetheless...hunting them should not be permitted. day...someone will find a way to communicate with them and discover they are sentient beings such as we...but...chose the life of the forest because it was less stress and more fun. Why kill beings out having some fun, eh Bungalow Bill?

Hillary's helper

Hillary-the-hag hired Adrian Abramovich to make robo-phone calls. The Federal Communications Commission(FCC) fined Adrian $120 million for making 100 million falsified robo-calls in late 2016. When Adrian asked Hillary for the CASH...she snickered...and...replied, "My dear Adrian...I'm a socialist...I spend other people's money...never my own."

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Could but would

Within 24 months...North Korea will have an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching Los Angeles and Seattle. When the "little fella" does acquire that kind of missile...will he deploy and attack? And...if he were to launch a preemptive strike...would America use its considerable defensive arsenal to stop that FIRST STRIKE...or...if failing to prevent such nuclear holocaust...return fire in like kind mutual obliteration?

Yes...folks...Bill Clinton gave the inscrutable North Koreans nuclear weapons...and...Obama gave them the impetus to complete...deploy...and...attack. If it weren't for the incredible deal President Trump made with Chinese President Xi Jinping...Los Angeles would already be glowing in the dark for a billion years in all directions. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator Rand Paul, (R.Ky) won't support the Senate bill as prepared because it does not dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...simply funds the insurance companies so they can offer lower premiums to a great majority of people. Senator Paul wants to dismantle this CAGE not enhance it...not interfere more to correct the problems created by the initial interference.


President Trump was informed that "if" he were to permit one spot where only an otherwise unhampered market were permitted to flourish...a 21st paradigm permitted for once to exist...inside that few kilometers...the most valuable real estate would be found.

Imagine...for instance...a place where you can get a new pancreas that is installed by nano-way-finders...little machines which in 3-D the damaged pancreas and installs it while one goes about normal everyday've been in that paradise. Imagine traveling through time and space to different've been inside one of the newest labs which so far has been stifled and stymied by 20th century ANNNY STATE CAGE nonsense...nonsense that would be prohibited inside this few square kilometers of "free-zone".

wheelchair prop

The MASS MEDIA ordered 3 wheelchair bound children with horror stories about their need for big gift government lest their wants go unsatisfied...but...only one child showed up ready to whine for the camera and to demand the producer be shackled so that his malady might be addressed as completely as he envisioned.

Reacting to such dearth...such paucity...many in the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA were perplexed...transfixed...and...unable to cope with what such a refusal meant inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE where the crippled did the bidding of their would-be masters:

"Hey...Murray...over here. Now...when I give you the tear up...pucker real hard...and...squeeze out a whimper," directed the MASS MEDIA choreographer as she examined the two empty spaces where wheelchair bound children were to sit...and...drool for the camera. Struggling with the hole created in her idea...this manager of script and scold...told the soloist to whimper so that it seemed as if all three were present...maybe...throwing cry over shoulder...or...side-lipping a wail.


OBAMA said Russia could far as he knew...did not "hack" the American election process. Yet...after Hillary-the-hag was defeated...of course...he changed his story proclaiming Russian involvement was obvious. Showing his loyalty* to Zeppelin-jump...Jeh Johnson said he was aware of Russian intrusion for years but kept quiet because it was not part of the OBAMA narrative.
*In World War One...Zeppelins would get damaged and to lighten the load so the ship might make it back to home base...crew members would jump to their doom.

Cruz bruise

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz(R. Tx) might reject the initial Republican plan to repeal and replace OBAMA-CARE since it simply retains too much big grab government. "I want liberation from the reach of the bureaucrat...and...what's before the Senate right now lacks such freedom-granting aspect."


When a WSJ writer cites data derived from friends of White House insiders...the reader should invariably conclude the data is LIE...and...the WSJ writer knows as much. However...if the data is's guaranteed to pass editorial scrutiny and never be checked. And...knowing this hatred embedded beyond rational thought...President Trump has continued to lure these scumbags into obvious rhetorical traps and silly pitfalls, (think White House tapes). VIVA TRUMP!

"no tapes"

President Trump told the world there weren't any surveillance tapes. What? No tapes? predicted...lured the MASS MEDIA onto another limb and handed them the saw. VIVA TRUMP!

Pelosi explanation

U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D. Ca) so many words...told a fear-stricken audience she was not backing down. "Our message of enslavement and redistribution is the right message even though we've lost almost every election based on such nonsense. We were told voters were sheep and would follow whomever promised more big gift government. I still believe it and we...Democrats...will continue with this message of enslavement."


In Chuck Schumer's world...the producer is a beast of burden to be whipped and directed by would-be masters such as he. "Our tears...their purse!" Schumer shouts and screams. In his world the producer enslaved...the master in control of dream. "We want the recipients of government gift dependent...abject...and...ready to lick my boot." Such is what comes about in Schumer's world of attack and loot.

Across stream in Rand Paul's world...people leave each other alone...don't covet their neighbor's door...eschew anyone declaring the need to plunder and pick to bone...and...where need there does more.

In Schumer's world...misery and privation abound...such Schumer power to lift some and let others fall. Just listen as he tells the world "why" big grab government delivers the better product...even though...every instance where attempted only devastation and horror found.

GuideStar's award

Officials of GuideStar...the nation's premiere philanthropic rating agency...reported is the world's most generous organization as well as the top-donation recipient. Congratulations, team.

lattice work

Tesla and Chris Lattner parted ways. Recall Lattner was hired to lead the driverless car program into the 21st Century. Recently...however...Lattner was asked to leave since his style was too much for staid Tesla to absorb.


How does a fearful America deal with the frightening myth of man-caused climate change? In Mississippi...a power plant has so far cost $7.5 billion...taken 7 years so far to construct...and...lacks the technology to carry out its mission of delivering "clean coal" power output. Indeed...the plant has resorted to using natural gas piped in from elsewhere and the cost to finish the synthesis gas portion of the overall project* estimated to cost another $13 billion...making the COST PER CUSTOMER astronomical and obviously idiotic.
*In times to silence angry volcanoes became too expensive to pursue.

devil does jazz

Richard Cohen admitted the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) had been befriended by James Hodgkinson...the baseball field shooter. While denying any direction connection... Cohen acknowledged the mission statement of SPLC and Hodgkinson were identical...but...Cohen preferred directing government thugs...and...not carry out its bidding.


In the CONGO...people are so dependent on government...they sit in their mud huts and starve waiting for their master to bring them their daily ration of gruel. If they don't get fed...they become restive...angry...and...ready to bite the would-be feeding hand if empty once more before them stand, (WSJ A-12;06-22-17).

Nouri Grand Mosque

In Mosul...the Islamic State detonated a huge cache of explosives stored in the Nouri Grand Mosque. The explosion all but obliterated that ancient site...a place Muslims thought a Holy place...a place where Mohammad first used camel dung as an aphrodisiac.

Kaiser Family Foundation flounders

The Kaiser Family Foundation pushed OBAMA-CARE. Its leaders felt socialism was good for America. Because they were devout freedom-haters...they pushed for enslavement of the producer...forcing the worker bee to deliver honey to the hive. Their version of an American was a "dumb beast" whose sustenance and care the burden of the ruling elite. They concluded big stomp government could shackle the herd...and...the sheep would accept the yoke.

Nowadays...however...with health insurance companies fleeing the so-called government exchanges...leaving entire regions without health insurance coverage...KAISER-slime, as they've come to be called, is demanding government take over healthcare everyone the same kind of medical service the vets get from the Veterans Administration...that beleaguered bunch who kill vets by ignoring them,(WSJ A-4;06-22-17).


Jeh Johnson's pants were on fire as he sat there and LIED about President Putin. "I am sure Putin was involved," snorted LIAR-JOHNSON whose mission was obviously to besmirch the Russian leader. Because a "boogeyman" must be ever-present...President Putin was picked as that guy...and...Johnson was just following the script. He did it quite was obvious to everyone JEH was LYING,(WSJ A-4;06-22-17).
Liar Liar...pants on fire.

Chu Gruber

Jonathan Gruber became famous when it was reported he thought Americans were "stupid cattle" who could be led into a slaughter house quite easily.

June Chu...observed how famous Gruber became by calling white people "idiots". So taken by his aloof snotty style...she began to follow his lead. According to Ms Chu...a local restaurant was only suitable for "white trash".

Of course...had Ms. Chu been proclaiming America a socialist-state to be led by elitists...she would still be a dean at Yale.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


In Grand Rapids, Iowa...President Trump is holding a rally thanking Iowa for their support in making America great again. He will alert Iowa that he will dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...offering KEY over SHACKLE...and...promising to continue his march to make salt until BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT isn't any more. VIVA TRUMP!

jealous and envious

Why JON OSSOFF lost? The cult of envy has almost exhausted its repertoire of hate and anger. People...for the most part...don't envy what others have but try to make their own way without the need for plundering someone else's storeroom. The Democrats see their constituency as cattle and sheep to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

Jeh Johnson: LIAR

Former Homeland Security honcho Jeh Johnson said he was sure Russia hacked American computers. Somehow...he was equally sure the malware the CIA possessed which could create "false trail" had not been used and that it was foreign and not domestic intrusion...adding..."why" would the CIA wish to eavesdrop on John Podesta or Hillary-the-hag?

Well...folks...we're getting "played" hard by the war-mongers who wish to see some kind of expensive imbroglio. "The Europeans are fighting knife and hammer...while America will be faced with nuclear destruction," quipped Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi on a VIDEO he made before he was obliterated by Russian firepower. VIVA PUTIN!

Dingell and Bustos

U.S.Rep. Debbie Dingell and  U.S.Rep. Cheri Bustos told a cub reporter the Democrat Party lost in Georgia and South Carolina because voters weren't promised enough big government freebie and favor. "Had those Democrats preached enslavement and told voters how good it'd be as slaves...the Republican freedom-lovers would have lost," drooled U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill...herself on the Missouri chopping block come next November.


"What if Handel defeats Ossoff?" asked Timmy Titler as he looked at the VICTORY-SCRIPT which forecast a 2018 Republican rout...similar to the defeat suffered in Georgia by Handel. "She can't win," scoffed Bobby-the-knave...adding "We put too much money into that election...buying every TV ad...pumping out socialist propaganda 24/7. The voters will respond as out HERD-TELLERS predict. They want to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves."

"turn off"

Democrat Jon Ossoff...a rabid freedom-hater...turned off voters when they met him. Had he been kept inside a MASS MEDIA bubble...with only cameo sound-bites with paid-actors...he'd have defeated Karen Handel. But...every time he appeared in public...and...people were able to speak to him...they came away disgusted and disappointed. He was just as he looked: a scumbag.


U.S. SENATE DEMOCRATS liken themselves to European slave hunters...traversing the so-called jungle...looking for victims...watching for the chance to impose manacle. "There will be 23 million people who will die if OBAMA-CARE is not retained intact," screamed Senator Elizabeth Warren,(D.Mass). "We must enslave the producer...take away product of labor...and...redistribute as we see fit," dripped venomous "Liz"...adding..."We can't do as much if OBAMA-CARE is repealed."

bum steer

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) told her pals to invest in GYMBOREE CORP because it was a socialist organization...based on was surely the business model of the future. Instead of avoiding such a black hole...$171 million was invested by Warren's friends...and...everyone of those unsecured creditors are losing 100% of their investment. Somehow...socialism did not translate into good business, eh Elizabeth?


Former CIA insider, John Brennan went on record this morning and proclaimed the Russians commandeered the special-election between Ossoff and Handel. "It was obvious that Georgia-Democrat lost because of Russian interference," whispered Brennan as he looked at how big a loss Ossoff suffered.

4th largest?

IRAN might possess 25% of all oil and the meme goes although based on 1960 geology. France believes as much and has commenced investing $1 billion in natural gas production. It's obvious...Frenchie doesn't realize with whom the deal is done. As soon as advantageous...Frenchie will be chased away...and...BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT will take it all and say they won.


On a sidewalk sat a crippled child...humble little pile of rag and tear...watching Senator Gillibrand as she drew near. When Gillibrand passed with her entourage...the crippled child cried out," Help me, please!"

Of course...Gillibrand proceeded on...she never spent her own a committed socialist...she only spent other people's money. And that crippled child wasn't about to be given money from Gillibrand's own purse. No...not her purse. Never hers.


Voters...if given choice between KEY or CAGE...always choose freedom. Of course...socialists never learn that lesson and continue to promise the voter a paradise built on the loot taken from the producer. They don't realize most voters don't want to be cattle and sheep directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic* ghouls and creeps.
*OSSOFF was defeated because he preached subjugation not liberation. Even though paid-for POLLS said OSSOFF was a sure winner...nevertheless...he lost. People want liberation.


Hydraulic fracturing for oil is a great enterprise but its operators must be mindful of already-drilled vertical wells...many of them slanted...titled...even askew in dramatic fashion. Because radar-imaging substrata miles below the surface is fledgling science...guess work is often all that remains as guidance. One fracturing effort...for instance...sent a pipe parallel to the surface for 10,000 miles...draining oil and natural gas as it snaked it way 200 miles below Mother Earth's outer skin,(WSJ B-3;06-21-17).


Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, for decades one of the world's richest people, told a cub reporter he was donating $5 billion in endowment to FREEUSLFORIDA.COM so that it might carry on the march to make salt with a pocketbook* big enough to build any any door...and...befriend all people. VIVA LI!
*The old cash register would make a noise when it was opened: "KA-SHING".


Somehow...the socialists hadn't done their work well enough. There were...still...independent-minded voters...people who sensed "trap"...were aware of  "snare"...and...chose to elect a freedom-loving Republican. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA had to burn their script they'd written to herald the defeat of Handel...the Georgia Republican lady who asked for support in her march to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...make America great again. VIVA TRUMP!


Jared Kushner arrived in Israel to jump-start peace talks between the Jew and the Muslim. However...unless the JEW gives up land...the peace-talks are going to be as they've always been..."hot air...and...bellicose wind". The JEW can't surrender land lest the Muslim gain a foothold from which Islam can push the JEW back into Sinai. Kushner will do his best...but...the JEW can't bare throat to the knife-holding Arab!

Thucydides Trap

Thucydides, the Athenian historian and general, summarized the causes of the Peloponnesian War(431 BC to 404 BC) in a single line: It was the rise of Athens and the fear that this rise inspired in Sparta...that made conflict inevitable. Hence...the Thucydides Trap.

Fortunately for the world...such a TRAP can be avoided through each competitor preferring an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) paradigm...a place wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper. "Never does a person kill their banker or baker," whispered President Xi Jinping when asked "why" he does not believe in the so-called THUCYDIDES TRAP.
*In his tome, HUMAN ACTION...Ludwig von Mises clearly demonstrates "why" the TRAP is nonsense in a OUM context.


The WAR DEPT. of this BLOG sent WAR-BOT(tm) to MOSUL to assist in the eradication of the DAESH, (Islamic State). Recently...the WSJ heard about this effort and reported it to the world,(WSJ A-6;06-21-17). Instead of our team getting ambushed and slaughtered...the WAR-BOT(tm) enters...and...deletes all enemy combatants. Using software developed by STUXNET...the WAR-BOTS(tm) identifies the DAESH. When there is an opportunity to eradicate without harming the human shields the DAESH use...then...the deletion occurs...the scrape-off happens.


Removing government grip from the throat of freedom endangers health? Whose health? If a person is dependent on government hand-out...that person is enslaved...and...will lick master's boot for freebie and favor. U.S. Senator Kirstin Gillibrand(D.NY) told a cub reporter she loved watching people grovel and kneel. She bragged about how she could erect a golden calf and chuckled about how they'd worship whatever idol she forged,(Exodus 32:24).

How is it that before OBAMACARE there were not 23 million dependent-sheep...but...after OBAMA-CARE arrived...23 million dependent-sheep appeared...each one unable to survive without government help...without that golden umbilical cord...without that chain* about their neck?
*Has America gone so far socialist that some lady from New York can declare she will take from producers and redistribute the loot as she sees fit? "Her tears...their purse!"


Republican Karen Handel defeated socialist-Jon Ossoff in an election the MASS MEDIA had proclaimed a TRUMP REFERENDUM. With so much pre-election's strange not to see 24/7 discussion on "why" OSSOFF didn't defeat a freedom-fighter such as Handel. The talking heads said Georgia was ripe for socialist take-over...and...with a billion bucks behind him...socialist-Ossoff was sure to win. The pollsters were highly paid to produce FALSE POLLS. The local MASS MEDIA was paid to produce pro-socialist propaganda...making Ossoff's drivel* more palatable. Yet he lost.
*U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer said it best, "Eat shit...a billion flies can't be wrong."


President Trump must begin to eliminate the 2nd and 3rd tier of government...getting rid of as many worker bees as possible...and...directing the survivors to do no harm lest gone. If the regulation hurts or hinders...and...the worker bee does not report the potential damage or the injury done...that worker bee is fired...the rest told to run. Marvin Kaplan at the Dept. of Labor...A. Wayne Johnson at STUDENT LOAN...each told by President Trump to down-size...remove the fat...and...find bare bone,(WSJ A-3;06-21-17).


The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has killed millions of Americans. They raised the body count...for instance...when the death angels would not approve a drug for children afflicted with a disease where days without that needed medicine meant doom brought that much closer. OBAMA directed his ghouls at FDA to ignore the pleas for mercy...and...continue the slaughter.

Now...Scott Gottlieb...FDA leader...has commenced to dismantle this DEATH MACHINE. The Democrats are opposed to any down-sizing. "Hitler made his camps bigger and the massacre greater....and...never did it by cutting the DEATH BUDGET. We...Democrats love the body count and hate President Trump for removing $700 million from the purse of the hangman," scolded U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

$26 million for what?

Jon Ossoff...a loudmouth socialist...received $26 million in campaign donations from every freedom-hater in America. The complicit MASS MEDIA has been inundating the region with pro-socialist propaganda...telling America they like enslavement and want some scumbag such as Ossoff telling them what to do.


When the Deep South heard slavery was to be abolished...civil war erupted. How dare the North demand whip and shackle be removed! And...while history doesn't repeat itself too often...nonetheless...the imbroglio over enslavement has once more bubbled forth. This time around...the producer is demanding liberation from the grip of the would-be master...and...those who receive benefit from such subjugation have joined to stop escape from the stranglehold of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Unlike 1860...though...the freedom-lovers don't have any well-defined MASS MEDIA outlet from which to broadcast the message of liberation. Indeed...where are the freedom-lovers? Why don't they have a voice in the MASS MEDIA? Could it be the masters who make the rules for the wise men and the fools...have control of almost all sources* of public discourses?
*Look out's something you did...God knows're doing it again.


Wrestling fans love the BATTLE ROYAL...a match wherein 20 wrestlers face off against each other...each trying to throw the others out of the ring...over the ring ropes...through the ring ropes...under the ring ropes...any way possible...head first...feet first...scream and yell wrapped in blood and curse. Yes...the BATTLE ROYAL.

President Trump has found himself in such a proverbial BATTLE ROYAL in the ring with Russians...Syrians...Turks...Sunnis...Shiites...and...Kurds...each one trying to gain advantage...foothold...strategic position. And sitting back...watching this incredible confrontation of wit and wham...are the Jews...situated behind their to fight them all.


Although this BLOG has been extremely critical of Greek government idiocy...recently...Greece joined this BLOG in its support of CHINA. As President Xi Jinping noted, " was instrumental in opening Europe to Chinese business interests and encouraging Greece to join the team." VIVA XI!

3% increase?

Padding their own crib...California Democrats voted themselves a 3% "pay-raise". While the private sector is eating scraps and droppings...the ruling elite has increased their own wealth. Typical socialist drama...but...something which will be ignored by the complicit MASS MEDIA.


By attacking the coal industry and utility companies which used coal...OBAMA succeeded in destroying lives and communities,(WSJ A-3;06-20-17). Yet...the MASS MEDIA won't discuss the socialist grip big grab government has on America. But...President Trump isn't about to stop his effort to liberate.


As the tour group was departing Pyongyang...Otto Warmbier grabbed a poster off the wall of the airport corridor. He was immediately arrested and charged with crimes against the people of North Korea.

Yesterday...Otto died of injuries he sustained while a prisoner in that Hermit Kingdom.

Yes...OBAMA could have interceded and saved WARMBIER...but...Otto was not Afro-American...and...his family was not well-connected to the Democrat machine. Hence Obama abandoned Otto and left him to die...just as he did Dr. Afridi...U.S.border guard Brian Terry...and...Ambassador Stevens.


Could America already be so far gone...the Republicans think they can make even more burdensome the socialist grip?  Why repeal OBAMA-CARE...and...replace that monstrosity with another monstrosity?

Instead of allowing OBAMA-CARE to destroy the economy and remold it into a socialist miasma bubbling with misery and privation,(think paradise in Venezuela)...the Republicans are pell-mell headed toward more enslavement not less. They want to fine-tune the whip...make smarter the lash. They don't want to liberate...but...another shackle format cast.


Aspen Institute held a conference on taxation. All of the representatives of the would-be masters were there...with a packed audience of devout freedom-haters. For several hours...they joyfully discussed enslavement and how big grab government could do more to take from producers and better redistribute the loot.

Frank Clemente...for example...himself a pillar of fairness...told the crowd he loved to take from producers and give to those he found most needful: "The perfect taxpayer doesn't complain about the lash upon the back...but...says: Thank you, sir...can I have another."

Monday, June 19, 2017

4.8 billion years

Shale oil producers are drawing down the inventory of Mother Earth...and...some speculate that in 100,000 years mankind will need to rely on renewable energy sources...such as wind and solar. But...until then...fossil fuel delivers the most bang for the buck and only idiots say otherwise.

24% lured many

Venezuela offered 24% interest on its bonds and sucked in a vast number of investors seeking such interest rate in a world where 4% was considered wondrous. Despite the warning this BLOG issued...investors scurried to buy what have become to be called FOOL-PAPER. Why the investors didn't heed such an ALERT might be explained by the stupidity* of the jerks who encouraged such pursuit.
*Their stupidity...innate or acquired?


As Muslims departed the London mosque...they were surprised by a speeding van. It was aimed right for them. In a cacophony of scream and yelp...they darted and dodged...some were struck and killed outright while others bashed and battered by the fleeing crowd and flying limbs. The driver of that nasty-van was a socialist hate-monger with ties to Democratic National Committee chairman, TOM PEREZ...and...James Hodgkinson...the Alexandria ball field shooter.

Omnibus Repeal Bill (THE ORB)

David Schoenbrod finally read this BLOG and wrote about his enlightenment recently in the WSJ(A-17;06-19-17). Never having imagined as much...he concluded THE ORB was the only way to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in a 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

David would begin with the so-called 1970 Clean Air Act...a monstrosity passed by Democrats and scumbag-Nixon...and...continue onward eliminating the DEEP STATE...deleting entire bureaucracies...sending worker bees home with only thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their selfless, drooling public service. His idea is to clean out the Temple, ((MARK 11:15).


Despite 24/7 hate-barrage...the latest ACCURATE POLL...shows President Trump still remains loved and supported by 90% of all Americans. VIVA TRUMP!

your purse...his tears

Stephen A. Schwarzman declared "paid maternity leave" was good for his company and he wanted a law to force everyone else to follow his lead.

"I want a law that will destroy businesses and make my company great again," dripped Steve "scumbag" Schwarzman. As CEO of Blackstone...Schwarzman concluded "paid leave" was good for his company and wanted to impose it on everyone else.

When asked "why" not mind his own business..."scumbag" Schwarzman replied, "It's my tears...your purse. And I will kill anyone who does not worship the idol I forge."


U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown,(D.Oh) was asked about the Democrat who shot Republicans at a baseball field. Reflecting on the carnage in Alexandria...Sherrod replied, "If you wish to go hunting for humans...simply go to Mosul...and...shoot as many rag heads as you wish."

20 mph v. 60 mph

The U.S.S. Fitzgerald has a top speed of 60 mph while the ACX Crystal maybe can click of 20 mph. did a nimble ship such as the American destroyer get rammed by that cargo ship? It might very well be North Korean hackers messed with the radar control system aboard the Fitzgerald. Indeed...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer said he wanted a special counsel appointed to examine how President Trump made those ships collide using North Korean experts. Somehow there had to be a connection.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Big Don's crew

Surrounding Big Don his loyal crew...destined to fight evil and chain...stomping falsehood...bringing to fore the true...therein someday framed.

Raising his them he said, "Our hearts so no fame...for soon 'tis know...from whence we came...where e're we go...they fear the name...of Gary Owens in glory."

Might you consider supporting the effort to liberate America from the clutches of the would-be masters. Your two mites are needed, (Mark 12:42).

Too say?

Although alone in its prediction...this BLOG foretold Hillary-the-hag...if appointed to the position of Secretary of State...would market* her political influence and conduct a disguised "pay-to-play" scheme.

Never did the MASS MEDIA...though...demand a special counsel be appointed to examine this "pay-to-play" despite the OBVIOUS NATURE of the illicit enterprise. She was a freedom-hater...and...possibly the next president and they wanted to remain in good standing with the BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT crowd. Hence...they meticulously ignored the ramifications...the ripples...the wrinkles...the whole filthy mess. Even though their conscience cried out to tell the world...each scumbag concluded: SILENCE BEST.
*As foretold... and...verified by pet eye-ball data...Hillary-the-hag created an organization...labeled it non-profit...and...directed clients into its omnivorous maw when it came time to pay and play.


Jon Ossoff...a nasty socialist...has been backed by freedom-haters from all over the world. They know if OSSOFF is defeated...their chances of stopping the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE are nil.

"If we wish to stop liberation...we must stop Trump!" shouted Senator Elizabeth Warren at a small crowd campaign event outside Atlanta.

Even the complicit MASS MEDIA polls showed Ossoff ahead...nonetheless...most voters were not about to choose enslavement...the horror Ossoff offers.


How describe U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer? "Five year plans and new deals...wrapped in golden chains," whispered U.S. Rep. Scalise from his hospital bed.

Brexit banner

After the latest massacre by a Muslim gang...Prime Minister Theresa May invited the Poet for this BLOG to frame the greatness of Britain. Thanking Theresa for her thoughtful request...such was eloquently said:

This royal throne of kings, this scepter'd isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house
Against the envy of less happier lands,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

"Triple man Siani, coach."

For Villanova...a wide receiver named Siani was well-known. So well-known that in Bryd College Park, Maryland...Coach Roy Lester deployed a defense sporting the title: TRIPLE MAN SIANI...wherein 3 stout defenders would target Siani such that they would shadow him...move for move...foot by foot...up...across...and...down the field...Triple man Siani.

However...Siani went down field on their first series of plays from scrimmage...caught a deep post pass...and...scampered untouched into the Maryland Terrapin's end zone. Coach Lester...took off his ball cap...looked at Coach Royer...his defensive back coach and ask, "George...what defense were we in?" Coach Royer sheepishly replied, "Triple man Siani, coach." To which a befuddled Lester retorted, "But he's the guy who just caught that ball!"


President Trump commissioned the MUSIC DEPT. of this BLOG to put some Japanese in his theme song. Somehow...Vapor afoot. VIVA TRUMP!


A UFO debriefing hasn't changed in 20,000 years. The observer is thoroughly asked about what was observed...the matter completely documented...all possible measurements taken...sketches and photos if any examined over and over again. Yet...despite such documentation throughout the ages...from cave drawings and intricate representations in India's Mayan architecture so mighty not even today can such be there one shred of real proof there were or are alien visitors.


Kathy Griffin told a cub a Russian Death Cage...she was ready to take on Barron Trump...Big Don's 11 year old son. "I'll grab his head and bloody his nose...maybe bite off an ear...break a few toes," dripped the venomous Griffin as she held up a bloody head of little Barron. As she was doing the ad...she was heard singing socialist worker songs...songs she had heard Bernie Sanders, James Hodgkinson  and Elizabeth Warren singing in 2016.

wobble Earth?

"If the general public...the cattle and to speak...were ever to hear the Earth wobbles every 20,000 years and the Sahara Desert bursts into blossom and bloom...our lucrative myth about man-caused climate change would be undermined...and...our future income stream left doomed," confided Penn State* Michael Mann as he read about the 20,000 year cycle in his library book.
*Recall Mike Mann was caught fudging numbers and falsifying data in order to achieve his HOCKEY STICK theory...a theory with which Mann grabbed big bucks as he and fellow charlatans sold the idea to gullible sheep.

3 o'clock high?

In the final scene of the movie, 3 O'clock High...the hero is selling school supplies at his school supply sales window when everyone lines up to buy ONE SHEET OF PAPER for $1.00 so that by the end of the effort...replenishing the money that had been taken from the school supply cash box. Might Americans do the same for President Trump? Reacting to the hatred and outright assault on the Trump Empire...might people wish to patronize Trump establishments to demonstrate solidarity?(WSJ A-4;06-18-17).


Jeronimo Yanez shot Philando Castile and was charged with second-degree manslaughter. He was acquitted of all charges but lost his job as a Minnesota police officer. Curious about such reaction to a verdict of acquittal...a cub reporter asked the police chief and was told, "When Yanez pulled his cannon and blew holes in Castile...the level of rage was obvious. Here was an unarmed black man with funny looking hair and glaring eyes who was trying to tell Jeronimo he had a firearm but he was licensed to carry it. Those words of "alert" uttered by an Afro-American to a Hispanic combined with Jeronimo's innate fear of the erupted in cannon fire...blowing bucket-size holes in a father of 12."

Across town in Massachusetts...however...a lady...who texted* her boyfriend and told him to kill himself...was convicted of murder by a jury who wished to send a message to all not participate. While the conviction will be overturned on FREE SPEECH grounds...the message is clear: STAY AWAY FROM HELPING SOMEONE ELSE DO THE "snuff-out" EXERCISE.
* Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III were in love but he was affectionately called...dwelled on self-slaughter. He told Michelle he wanted to jump off a cliff and feel the impact 10,000 feet below...having to consider the waste and horror in those final few itch he just had to scratch...wondering about the "quick and dead"...and...other mumbo jumbo. So fed up with his nonsense...she finally replied, "If u don't do it're never gonna do it." Of course...Rob-Roy did it by inhaling carbon monoxide as he sat in his truck using a special gassing unit he had pieced together from Home Depot stuff.

trail mix and red bull

In the Oval that small refrigerator...Big Don has two things...only two things: Trail Mix and Red bull. VIVA TRUMP.


Can anyone recall Bill Cosby's last joke? Might the deadlocked jury in his drug-rape case have passed it around and because it was so funny...they chose to deadlock? Many trial experts believe it was his sense of humor which saved the elderly comedian. How about you?


The shooter at the ball field had a list of Republicans to kill. The paper on which the names were typed came from a tablet owned by DNC chairman Tom Perez. When Rod Rosenstein was informed that Tommy-boy was involved in the attempted murder of House Majority Whip Scalise...he laughed and replied, "Of course...scumbag-Democrats are going to take shots at the Republicans in order to stop the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They want America to remain enslaved and dependent on big grab government...and...the Republicans are trying to liberate...something freedom-hating Democrats simply can't permit."

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Recently...SCUMBAG INTERNATIONAL...issued a public brag telling the world ANDREW WEISSMANN was one of their graduates. He was credentialed* to do the bidding of Trump-haters...and...was going to be chasing the Trump Dynasty until Trump departed office 8 years hence.
* When scumbag-Weissmann was denounced by the NEW YORK OBSERVER...he vowed to snuff JARED KUSHNER...the editor-in-chief who had undertaken to alert the world that Weissmann was a SCUMBAG. Now that WEISSMANN has been hired by Robert Mueller...the so-called special counsel...he has a free hand in attacking Jared...Ivanka...little Barron...and...Melania.


Did you hear my tear? I did. It sounded as if the face of El Capitan had broken free...and...into the valley crashed. It's the kind of sound so must have been nourishing Holy ground.

Gorilla Glue

As Assistant U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosentein exhaled from a great hit on his bong...he said, "Man...I told Big Don to fire that scumbag Comey. He was not to be trusted...and...was likely involved in a conspiracy to leak data...hurtful data...embarrassing data...the kind of stuff he could have revealed about Hillary-the-hag a good...dutiful soldier...he refrained." VIVA TRUMP!


Two years and Donald descended the escalator and announced he would seek the office of President of the United States. He was entering a crowded field with JEB BUSH the putative frontrunner...biggest purse...most political organization. While this BLOG declared BIG DON president after his announcement speech...the rest of America wondered and wondered some more. Why would a billionaire with holdings worldwide wish to sit in an Oval Office and handle the mundane affairs of government?

Unlike the rest...this BLOG understood that Donald J. Trump might very well be JOHN GALT...the fabled hero of ATLAS SHRUGGED. Similar to what GALT faced...TRUMP knew he'd confront the minions of MAMMON(Matthew 6:24)...entrenched...and...nasty-minded. He knew the MASS MEDIA would be against anything he proposed if it involved liberating the producer from the shackles of the would-be master.

Yet...undaunted...intrepid...and...Titan-like...President Trump has told the socialists... the Eco-fascists...the freedom-haters of all stripes and stunts...that he intends to remove the manacle...remove the hassle and hinder...and...permit America to be great again. VIVA TRUMP!


Some time back...Sarah Palin was lambasted...ridiculed...and...labeled as a "harlot-with-tale". The New York Times...for example...ran FAKE STORIES hinting about her red-light nights. Had she remained Governor of Alaska...she'd still be in that niche. However...when she teamed up with scumbag-McCain...the MASS MEDIA attacked...chewing away as if some bloodthirsty piranha.


H.R. McMasters and Valery Gerasimov consider themselves grand master chess champions. can watch them make their splendid moves in a game involving fear...devastation...and...carnage on a scale never before witnesses by mankind. And to think it took until 2017 for such a match to be brought to the world. WOW! (WSJ A-1;06-14-17).


As fast as they can insurance companies are fleeing socialist Northeast for the capitalist South. "We can't afford to sell in those socialist toilets any more. We were deceived by monkey-Obama who promised us 300 million slaves...shackled and whipped to pay our premium. We were told Americans were cattle and sheep directed and controlled by his bureaucratic creeps. How wrong we were to have supported such enslavement. Americans don't kneel and they surely don't worship whatever idol Obama and his scurvy crew of scumbag Democrats forged," confided* Jonathan Gruber.
*Jonathan Gruber was overheard telling Senator Chuck Schumer he was surprised how smart the American people surprised he was at how they believed a dung-throwing monkey such as Obama.


Chris Mims noticed Silicon Valley companies buying up businesses all over America and warned everyone there would come a day when one company sold everything. He feared such an event and asked his neighbors to join with him and attack. "We don't want high prices and bad quality. And to make sure of it...we want government to be in control. The vets love how they're taken care of...for the Veteran Administration," quipped Mims as he looked at how OBAMA'S bureaucrats were still hurting America because President Trump can't fire them fast enough."

Friday, June 16, 2017


NEWS BLACKOUT? While most Americans are ignorant of the propaganda does exist. Take for instance the issue of the minimum wage. It creates institutionalized unemployment and kills off entry-level jobs. The critics of the minimum wage law forecast rampant closure of restaurants due to the latest increase in the minimum wage. And...of course...that prediction has come true...particularly in the socialist states of California and Washington. However...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA won't report such confirmation of forecast since it would undermine their kill-liberty narrative.


When U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D. Oh) asked his karate teacher about the concept of master...she smiled and told him that a master teaches things she can't teach...secrets she doesn't know...and...reveals powers of which she only dreams of possessing. "But how will I know my master? What is my master's name?" inquired Sherrod. In response...the karate teacher said, "The name of your master is: "SOOM DOOM GUY".

David Bonderman

David Bonderman was at an employee meeting where Arianna Huffington was present. When Huff-and-puff told the audience more women were going to be on the Board of Directors...Bonderman injected, "Actually what it shows is that it's much more likely to be more talking."

Instantly...Arrianna commenced a "Huff-hate" campaign to have David ejected due to his comment. Even though Arianna was discussing board membership in a sexist way...nonetheless...Bonderman was not entitled to offer some humor. As one observer noted, "It's okay for scumbag Bill Maher to say "nigger"...and...okay for Arianna to say sexist things. They're freedom-haters...elitists...and...they are raised up because of it. Bonderman lost out because he tried to inject humor into a boring meeting."

Sunway Taihulight computer

Once again...China has taken the lead in computer-science. Recently...Chinese scientist built a computer which can crunch stuff at a quintillion calculations per second. President Xi Jinping...when asked by a cub reporter if the Sunway were the pinnacle of computing...laughed and replied, "The Sunway is slow compared to the next generation of computers China will offer next year." VIVA XI!

PEOPLE DIED London...a high rise rooming house burned up. The cause for the horrific conflagration was found to be due to the "green energy" retrofit on the building's exterior...creating a "chimney effect" once the fire began. The local fire marshal said the "green energy" stuff was the primary cause of such extensive of the fire's damage.


BIG DON told a packed auditorium he was REJECTING the Cuban regime but offering liberation to the Cuban people. Once more...President Trump tells the world that America stands for freedom...not subjugation.


Some years was in vogue to discuss "peak oil"...a moment when Mother Earth ceased giving up her fossil fuel. So powerful was the belief...10,000 scientists signed a letter claiming the "end was near"...and...America had to invest in "green energy"...even though such renewable energy sources were not sufficient to provide what was obviously needed. Their fellow travelers in government using this "belief"...began to use taxpayer money to build "green energy" which were so expensive the cost per consumer would be huge. Obama even bragged about how lights were going to be turned off even if people wanted more power!

However...because there is still some freedom in America...OIL PRODUCERS went looking for oil in as many places as they could find. And...from such was discovered SHALE LAYERS were packed with OIL and much OIL and GAS that mankind had enough reserves to last 10,000 years. When government discovered its stranglehold on liberty was slipping away due to such attacked...imposing burdensome regulations trying to stop such production...creating the energy-disaster predicted...and...thereby retain their HOLD ON AMERICA!

But...all their demonic plotting and deceiving were upended with the election of BIG DON. Yes...folks...President Trump wants liberty and prosperity and he knows such only comes if government is restrained and restricted. He appointed an Energy Secretary whose mission to find as many power sources as possible making energy cheap and usable.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Bill Cosby faced a jury in a rape trial. So far...the jury is deadlocked. They are arguing over the fact the so-called victim solicited Cosby...chased after Cosby...and...after the sexual encounter concluded Cosby was terrible in bed and the entire effort was a big waste of time. It was only after the lady heard that other women were profiting from accusations of drug-rape that she attacked.

"fake news" used

MASS MEDIA personnel decided it was better to LIE about President Trump since the LIE sold more papers and advertising. "If we were pro-Trump...we'd be out of business since 50% of our patrons want to be enslaved and miserable. They do not wish to be free and prosperous," asserted MSNBC Rachel Maddow.


Rumiyah...the Islamic State magazine...sports a centerfold depicting al-Baghdadi...leader of Islamic State...having sex with a camel. While most issues are left unsold...this one sold out almost instantly. One buyer said he used the centerfold as an instruction manual for camel-sex...something the Qu'ran says is heavenly...but...does not give the "how it's done" aspect. The June-issue centerfold fills in that to speak.


Obama personally directed GITMO to release Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Of course...this BLOG alerted the world that Obama was about to release a scumbag-jihadist with delusions of grandeur. It warned that al-Baghdadi was destined to become a monster whose passion for beheading and mayhem already well known among GITMO inmates. Obama ignored this warning since it was his goal to establish a bloodthirsty Sunni army in the Middle East: ISLAMIC STATE.


Jeff Weaver...a Bernie Sanders stalwart...told a cub reporter he not only knew yesterday's shooter but had also worked with Hodgkinson on the Sanders campaign. "Hodgkinson was a socialist-soldier whose passion for massacre made my left leg tingle," whispered Weaver as he looked at the wounds the shooter inflicted on Republican targets.


Why did President Trump fire FBI Director James Comey? Answer: Removed rattlesnake from sleeping bag. VIVA TRUMP!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


OPEC tried to cut back oil production to life oil prices. But the American oil producers won't slow down. They generate a profit at $46.46 per barrel and can afford to pump even if the per barrel price were to drop to $25.00. Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern oil producers can cut all they wish...but...America won't stop until big grab government imposes a forced stoppage.

a Bernie guy

James Hodgkinson from Illinois drove to Virginia to shoot Republicans playing baseball. After this jerk was killed...his past was examined by police who discovered he was a Bernie Sanders operative and had been instrumental in Bernie's campaign.

"Jimmy was one of our guys. He threatened to kill Republicans and we all thought his ideas were wondrous and enlightened. He showed us photos of dead bears...dead deer...dead crows...and...dead rats. He said he loved to kill. I thought his passion for killing was good since it meant he was a dedicated socialist something Bernie found useful," asserted Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass).


The Cheesecake Factory has broken a 7 year winning streak...becoming the latest restaurant chain to suffer rising labor costs. So much burden has been heaped on the company that its sales have fallen markedly. "If big grab government doesn't step back...we're going out of business," quipped a cake-maker, (B-10;06-14-17).
* In Seattle and most of California...many restaurants are going out of business due to wage inflation. "The imposition of an increase in minimum wage has destroyed more businesses in those areas than in the rest of the country," bragged Senator Feinstein.

James Hodgkins

Hunting rifle in hand...cross-hairs on U.S. Rep. Scalise...the House Majority Whip...Jimmy Hodgkins opened fire...shooting as many times as he could before getting killed by police. While his aim was terrible...he managed to hit Scalise once in the hip. Inside James' vehicle...they found hand-written notes from a meeting Hodgkins had with Senate Democrats a few days before. It was obvious from the notes that the Democrats had discussed assassination but wondered who would do it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


In the Roman Senate...Julius Caesar was assassination. Shakespeare wrote a play about that event. actor portraying President Trump was featured as the target of the assassination. When Trump was slain...the crowd screamed and cheered. They hissed and booed Marc Antony...applauded Brutus and Cassius...and...shouted for the actors* to do it again.
*James Comey...portraying Marc Antony said, "You all do know this mantle. I recall the first time Trump ever put it on. It was a warm summer's evening in Trump Tower. That day he'd overcome Hillary-the-hag. Look through her ran Obama's dagger...and...see what a rent the envious Loretta Lynch made....and...through here stabbed Lindsey Graham...this was the unkindest cut of all."


Because University of Florida has ORANGE and BLUE as school colors...the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG created petunias sporting those colors. It took snippets of DNA from this and that...put it into a virus shell...and...the ORANGE-BLUE PATUNIA was produced, (WSJ A-17;06-13-17).

Naturally...the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture* pointed out the new flower was considered a deadly hazard and menace to public health and directed all 10 billion seeds be destroyed.

However...before that bigfoot government diktat was received...those seeds had been dispensed throughout Florida...Georgia...Alabama...and...Mississippi... places where the Fighting Gator is known to go.

*The USDA jerks are graduates of every place but University of Florida.


Ross William Ulbricht one day will be called a way-finder...a 21st century entrepreneur...and...a champion of liberty. Recall Ross designed the SILK ROAD...a way for one person to buy-sell anything on planet Earth. one point...the planet itself was offered for purchase with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. However...because ROSS had stepped on BIG FOOT attacked...putting ROSS in jail for crimes he didn't commit. Yes...a few users of the SILK RAOD did things which were deemed criminal acts...but...99.9999% of all transactions were lawful.


Get caught insulting the Prophet Mohammad in Pakistan and the sentence is death. Tamoor Raza discovered this pitfall when he was arrested for posting on FACEBOOK a diatribe on THE PROPHET. He pointed out the Shiites and Sunnis were in perpetual conflict ever since Mohammad did not decree which way camel dung was to be used leaving both sects at odds with each other. The Shiites use camel dung as an aphrodisiac while the Sunnis use it to flavor their tea. Both think the other an infidel for how such product is used,(WSJ A-7;06-13-17).