Friday, September 22, 2017


The Kurds must be cautious if they're to become an independent nation-state separate from Iraq. While Barzani...the Kurds' putative leader...has experience in taking enemy-held positions...he's unfamiliar with the treachery and deceit practiced by all political players in that region.

Take for instance the poison gas event unleashed by Sadam Hussein when the Kurds revolted. The Kurds were promised tactical military support by BUSH if they revolted. When the Kurds did revolt...BUSH didn't deliver and left them to be killed by poison gas. In another classic case of rank betrayal...the Kurds were promised weapons and air-support by Obama. When the Kurds arrived to gather their supplies...they were a massacre Obama denied knowing anything about.

Hence...the KURDS must be cautious. They must look behind the smile...sense the deceit in the hand-shake...and...know their stuff won't be theirs until they stand forth and proclaim themselves an independent nation...ready to defend borders...and...equally ready to participate in unfettered...unhampered commerce.

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