Sunday, October 22, 2017

52 to 49

Because of obstructive U.S. Senate rules...and...supposedly...not sufficient time to change them...the Republican-in-name-only Senate had to pass a budget resolution if there were to be any "by-majority-vote" tax cut in 2017. Such resolution passed by a margin of 52-49...a margin that could have been used to delete any Senate rule which prevented a dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE by "majority-vote". That such majority-power was not used in 2017 to liberate might very well be the centuries to that pivotal moment when CAGE or KEY was the question.

President Trump was correct when he said the window to delete the grip of big grab government is "open for now"'ll close...and...won't be opened again...not ever. If America does not stop its march into the tribal socialist toilet...if such dismantling is not done now...America will not be able to marshal the votes to stop the descent into misery and squalor. The time is "now" to remove the liberate the enslaved...and...deliver America from bondage. VIVA TRUMP!


White House Chief of Staff Jim Kelly lost his son in Afghanistan...but...pointed the time his son was killed...his son was doing exactly what he wanted to the way he wished to do it...and...the advent of death was always known to be a part of that enterprise.

It was that framed by JIM KELL...which President Trump imparted to the grieving mother of La David Johnson...a Navy Seal and one of 4 Americans killed in an ambush in Niger. Never was it Big Don's intention to insult the bereaved mother...even though...U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson(D.FL)...who was listening in on the dialogue...declared President Trump to be insensitive and rude.

Why are American troops in Niger in October of 2017? Why didn't Obama pulls those special teams out of that area before he departed office? The 300 kidnapped girls had long since been returned...many of them impregnated by terrorists...the oil fields and pipelines were relatively secure and safe from sabotage...and...most of the roadways had been cleared of miscreants and other knavish cadres. So "why" did Obama choose to leave American troops in to ambush and trickery?


When asked by a cub reporter to frame his tenure...President Trump replied, "Every word...great discourse...every meal...a for the walk...76 trombones led the big parade...110 coronets close behind...rows and rows and rows of virtu-ooooo-sohs...ah...yes...such always the line."

walls and windows

Kellyanne Conway was asked about the likelihood of America dismantling the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein people can be forced to buy health insurance and worship whatever idol the would-be master* might forge. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "It'll soon shake you windows and rattle your walls" the times they are a' changing."
*Bob Dylan sure has that one right, eh Obama?


"What is your definition of "mooch?" asked the cub reporter of President Trump after hearing the MASS MEDIA extolling the virtues of Joe and Mika Scarborough...two hacks on MSNBC. After a second of reflection...Big Don replied, "My definition of mooch. Well... that would have to be Joe and Mika...those two are up at parties...uninvited...expecting free entertainment. So...I'd have to say my definition of "mooch" has to be those two nasty freedom-haters."


The KURDS must fight if they are to have their own nation-state. They know they can't rely on President Trump since he told the world that America should remain on the sidelines when it comes to nation-building. Assessing their predicament...Barzani...a Peshmerga leader...said, "We have sufficient weapons and supplies to last 6 months. If the fight for nation-state isn't completed in that time-period...the likelihood of success is very low."


Bowe Bergdahl told a cub reporter the Taliban treated him better than the U.S. Army pointing out the Taliban were honest and never lied to him something the U.S. Army never offered. When he was informed Taliban just slaughtered 48 people...some of them women and children...Bowe stepped back...grew a huge smile...and...declared, "Allahu Akbar!"

Saturday, October 21, 2017

"empty barrel"

Jim Kelly...White House Chief of Staff...told a cub reporter he likened U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson,(D.FL) to an "empty barrel"...looks like fact...little more than frame. Of course...Kelly was referring to the hatred Rep. Wilson exhibited when she described "how'" President Trump had spoken to the mother of Sgt. La David Johnson while expressing his condolences. So acrimonious were her words of hate...even her fellow Congressional Democrats distanced themselves from her incendiary rhetoric.

degrees of stupid?

Standing in a long line at a coffee shop waiting for her turn...Lady Elizabeth was overheard in dramatic dialogue discussing an article in the Wall Street Journal,(WSJ B-12;10-21-17).

The article asserted that because 90% of all searches worldwide were done through GOOGLE...that somehow...the world should attack GOOGLE* and command content and patronage.

So idiotic was the idea espoused by Gallagher that Lady Elizabeth was compelled to quantify the ignorance...assess its depth and power: "Degrees of stupid? Well...there's stupid...very stupid...ram-speed stupid...and...then...Dan Gallagher stupid. WOW. Yeah...Gallagher is the epitome of stupid...the outer limits...the edge...the corner...the nothingness of stupid...such measures and frames Dan Gallagher."
*Beta Max was said to be a monopoly to reign for a billion years and that government should step in and control all facets of publication. Nowadays...however...Beta Max can be found only as a footnote in the history of social media.


Secretary of Defense Jim "mad dog" Mattis was asked about the turd in the punch bowl...the dilemma facing the Trump Administration:

Does Big Don support the Kurds...a/k/a...the Peshmerga...the valiant warriors who were promised support once Islamic State was defeated/ Or...does the commander-in-chief desert the KURDS and align America with Tehran's socialist-puppets in Baghdad?

Listening to such portrayal of the battlefield dynamics..."mad dog" somewhat of a forceful voice...declared, "The KURDS will receive what they were promised and for which they shed blood. However, President Trump won't back anyone at this time because the KURDS can take care of their own well-proven by their destruction of the Daesh."


Backed by freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...the would-be masters declared TAX CUTS...if any...would be paltry...and...of little value to producers. "We want more whip and chain...not less burdens...and...we'll never agree to loosening the shackle of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE," smacked U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) when asked about the tax cut proposals of President Trump.


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there is a huge patch of's larger than Texas...and...contains enough plastic to cover the planet in 15 feet of the stuff," quipped Penn State climatologist Michael Mann. "If I had my way...I'd force people back to tent-and-mule...force them to live in teepees and grub root for dinner. 100,000 years of such primal existence...that trash-continent would be gone. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about the way people could be forced to live."(WSJ B-1;10-21-17).

"approval rating"

Concocted polling data show President Trump with a 57% disapproval rating(Gallop). When asked about this odd-ball percentage...Kellyanne Conway...after primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...replied, "Pass out toys and babbles and the recipients will frame the donor as marvelous and worthy of praise. Such the underlying motivating feature in the Democrat Party playbook. On the other hand...the same playbook demands there never be any loosening of the grip of big grab government on the throat of liberty. Such is "why" Congressional Democrats are demanding more taxes...more government spending...and...more whip and chain applied to the producer."


Folks...some time back...this BLOG framed President Xi Jinping as one of the greatest leaders China has ever had. It was forecast that his country would recognize such grandeur and enshrine his name in the Communist Party Charter in late 2017. Commemorating this prediction...a life-like image of President Xi was fashioned by MARC SIJAN and placed in the Hall of Wonder at the headquarters of this BLOG. And...according to the WSJ...that prediction is about to come to fruition. VIVA XI!(WSJ A-6;10-21-17).

Lew's bodyguard

Because Jacob Lew worked for TEAM OBAMA...he demanded a 24/7 armed body guards be assigned to him.

Since January 20, 2017...however...Jacob has climbed ladders trying to find his security team. At Columbia University where Jacob is a visiting-idiot...for example...he was approached by a cub reporter who asked him "why" he was a "freedom-hater".

Although the question had never before been asked...he stopped his saunter and reflected...his thin lips dripping with venom...his brain in full gear conjuring an appropriate reply...while his eyes scanned the crowd for the "promised security team".

Finding himself in a wet-paint corner...Jacob declared:

 "I joined TEAM OBAMA because he was a tribal socialist bent on replacing liberty with "freedom-to-obey". His idea of forcing people to worship whatever idol he might forge made my left leg tingle. Here was a scumbag who would enslave...remove freedom and impose the whip-and-chain agenda...and...that kind of destruction was something of which I had dreamed ever a young child...I watched would-be masters slaughter whomever they pleased."


THE PICKWICK PAPERS they aren't...but...the data surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November of 1963 might very well reveal the incredible conspiracy and ensuing cover-up...a cover-up which enlisted the MASS MEDIA to sell the SINGLE-SHOOTER theory. Instead of consigning that data to some vault...however...President Trump has directed revelation. VIVA TRUMP!

Friday, October 20, 2017


U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson(D.FL) called herself a "rock star" since she made a big deal out of the death of La David of the 4 Americans killed in NIGER when his team was ambushed by terrorists who had been alerted the Americans were on their way.
*The NIGER PLAN was designed by Obama and was destined to fail. But...TRUMP was never told about the pitfalls of such an effort.


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said she didn't suffer from chronic pain. She said those Floridians who are suffering from such maladies won't have access to "pain-killers". While her idea was to insulate potential addicts from opiate addiction...her approach is clearly anti-patient and anti-doctor. Her idea is to impose her unwanted views on everyone else. She should keep her nose out of the doctor-patient relationship.


"What will we do?" asked the dependent supplicant when she was informed her "freebie medical care" was not any longer to be given by Uncle Sugar. When she was informed to seek out charity...the lady became angry and replied, "I was promised the slaves would give me what I wanted.'re telling me the slaves have been liberated. I am so angry that I must fend for myself. I was promised free medical transportation and spending're telling me there are not any slaves to give me what I want?"


Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be included in the CLINTON-RUSSIA investigation wherein Mueller and Clinton along with Obama and others gave 20% of America's uranium supply to President Putin. Such a conspiracy is criminal misconduct and Mueller is part of that criminal enterprise.


John Brennan...angered about President Trump framing BRENNAN as a bloated...pig-eyed...sack of dung...came forward and told the world that nuclear war was about to break-out. Naturally...BRENNAN'S forecast was published by the TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA in order to hurt Big Don,(WSJ A-4;10-20-17).


Instead of remaining under whatever rock he inhabits...scumbag-BUSH...yesterday...came out to attack President TRUMP. Of course...the TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA grabbed the rhetoric* and declared TRUMP was doing a "bad job" and using BUSH'S critique as their basis,(WSJ A-4;10-20-17).
*The MIDDLE EAST unrest and mayhem was caused by BUSH-CHENEY.


Once again...scumbag-Democrats want to kill off Internet freedom and replace it with "directed-content"...a similar restriction as the Chinese and North Koreans suffer. Yes...folks...U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar(D.Mn) and Mark Warner(D.Va) demand federal control over content. Imagine Amy and Mark deciding what is "better or worse"'ll sense the horror these two jerks envision inflicting,(WSJ A-4;10-20-17).

Thursday, October 19, 2017


President Trump knows North Korea could blow a nuclear-hole in Los Angeles and America could not retaliate in-kind but would be limited to conventional approach the North Koreans know they can win. As one Pentagon official...speaking on condition of anonymity...clearly confirmed, "The rocket man can get a free slap on us."


On Monday...October 19, 1987...the stock market crashed. At that time...the editorial staff of this BLOG went on record declaring that on October 19, 2017...the D.O.W. would be over 23,000.

 Naturally...all the wizards and know-it-alls scoffed and chuckled. Never could there be such a precise prediction.

However...on October 19, 2017...officials have determined not only was the forecast accurate but the D.O.W. was over 23,000. That's some fine shooting, eh?


While coincidence does has never been witnessed. Take for instance the recent so-called imbroglio between Trump and Cowanda Jones-Johnson.

President Trump called Cowanda Jones-Johnson, the mother of La David Johnson, to offer his condolences. Riding with Cowanda was cowboy-hat wearing U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson(D.FL) who called MASS MEDIA instantly to report a callous exchange between Big Don and that bereaved mother.

The ensuing MASS MEDIA portrayal of the dialogue between Cowanda and President Trump as heartless angered the commander-in-chief and he said as much when asked. VIVA TRUMP!


When a savvy investor was asked why not invest in start-up companies whose stock price is based on projected future growth and not on solid earnings...Lady Elizabeth replied, "There's green alligator...and...long necked geese...humpy back camel and sure as you're're never gonna see no unicorn."
Unicorn: a company that sells stock based on future growth but before that future ever arrives it fizzles,(WSJ B-4;10-19-17).


Instead of espousing liberation over subjugation and demanding implementation of the Omnibus Repeal Bill(ORB)...wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE deleted...some prominent Republicans are telling the world they like enslavement...and...might lift some burden...perhaps grant some respite...but...overall...their support for enslavement as strong and powerful as any Democrat or other freedom-hater might envision.

Take Lamar Alexander...the U.S. senator from Tennessee...for instance. Instead of demanding OBAMA-CARE be repealed and an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) be permitted to manifest...he collaborated with socialist Patty Murray to find ways to impose even more burden...more travail...and...all done for the so-called common benefit all the parasites and patrons of OBAMA-CARE. While he might talk the talk of liberty...he definitely does not walk the walk. He's as much in favor of more enslavement as any Democrat might ever imagine. AYN RAND pointed out over 50 years accomplish liberation...the advocates of such worthy enterprise and eternal outcome as the OUM must approach the battlefield ready to offer liberty to the oppressed. Indeed...even the most servile of supplicants or the most voracious of parasites will choose liberty over CAGE when offered the choice.

So far...though...with the assistance of the public school teachers and the complicit MASS MEDIA...the Democrats in keeping the Republicans from demanding liberation and forcing them to go along to get along with the socialists and other freedom-haters of America.


And Satan entered Judas' heart,(LUKE 22:3). Might such be said for U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander(R.Tenn) who betrayed his oath to fight for liberation and joined with socialist Patty Murray to end any escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE... place wherein government officials can exploit...lie...and...cheat?


U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(R.Ky) and President Trump stood at the podium discussing tax cuts and repeal of OBAMA-CARE.

When it came his turn to speak...the Majority Leader told the world his hands were tied since Senate Rules required 60 votes to rip from root hellish OBAMA-CARE and all other rules and laws creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. And...since he lacked 60 votes...albeit possessing at least 51 votes in favor of such dramatic liberation of subjugated America...Mitch could not accommodate the voters and dismantle the CAGE.

Listening to that nonsense...President Mitch why not change the rules...why not use the Republican majority power of the U.S. Senate to delete whatever hurdle erected. Why not slice through the Gordian Knot?

Because Mitch might be too timid...Big Don must grab the sword and slice. Let's hope Mitch will find the courage...and...profound wisdom* to support President Trump in his effort to overcome the CAGE...and...permit escape therefrom. VIVA TRUMP!
*MATTHEW 6:24: can't serve God and Mammon at the same time. If you support enslavement such as's serve MAMMON.

9,000 jobs

When this BLOG told South Carolinian law-makers it was time to open their borders to commerce...eliminate trade-killing rules...and...give BMW what it wanted to move to Greenville, South Carolina...most economists scoffed at the idea of loosening the grip of big grab government as a marvelous path to prosperity.

To underscore their criticism...they pointed to their computer models and asserted it to be silly to project 9,000 direct jobs and countless indirect benefits flowing therefrom. It was preposterous to claim that by eliminating "whip and chain" such liberation would attract producers. always...these naysaying economists have been proven wrong. Greenville is booming. Its inhabitants say the BMW factory was the best thing that ever happened to their state. Indeed...BMW produces 40,000 car per year from that production complex...has 9,000 employees...and...surrounding enterprises exist because of the success of BMW,(WSJ A-16;10-19-17).

2 square miles

Amaravati...the newest capital of the Telangana region of India...will have a 2 square mile government complex. Around that nerve center will be producers whose slave-like existence permitted only if it benefits this horrific leviathan. Instead of the government complex being a small building on the outskirts of town inhabited by selfless, drooling's been charted to be the big noise in that newest of cities,(WSJ A-8;10-19-17).


Why would the Kurds abandon KIRKUK...a city they've controlled since 2014? What promise has been made that was so persuasive the Kurds would permit the taking of KIRKUK by the Shiites of Baghdad? And when that "persuasive promise" is breached...and...the KURDS finally realize they've been "fooled again"...perhaps...then...they'll rise up and demand liberation from the socialist grip of the Shiites of Baghdad. VIVA BARZANI!

Leahy involved

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy(D.Vt) accused U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session of participating in some kind of "fa├žade"...some kind of accusation Leahy should have been making about himself and his fellow Congressional Democrats. Indeed...recently uncovered data shows Leahy knew about the bribery the Russians were unleashing in order to acquire 20% of America's uranium supply...but...kept his mouth shut since he was benefiting from the deal...benefits which are now being revealed by this BLOG,(WSJ A-4;10-19-17).

fired a co-conspirator?

"How dare the Republicans fire FBI Director James Comey!" shouted Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) when asked if it were not prudent to fire a co-conspirator in what has become a scandal bigger than WATERGATE. It turns out Comey was in-the-know on the Russian Uranium-deal...and...prepared an exoneration script for Hillary Clinton months before he ever interviewed her or her cronies. Such wrongdoing...though...was obviously not enough to cause Schumer to want Comey's resignation,(WSJ A-4;10-19-17).

How about Marawi?

"Stay away from Marawi," cautioned Weeboo, the famous Philippine guide, when he observed two Americans in Manila examining their vacation options. Surprised by such an alert Weeboo was asked what was afoot in Marawi that would be so dangerous. Weeboo looked at the clueless travelers and replied, "Islamic State terrorists are in Marawi area cutting off heads...slaughtering children...and...looking for hostages to ransom."


America was attacked some years ago when the federal government directed all hospitals to take anyone who applied for medical help regardless of payment. Such diktat set in motion the medical hazard and trouble Americans are facing under OBAMA-CARE....the latest attempt to address the "skewed market" the "hospital diktat" created. Instead of eradicating any law that intruded on the medical service delivery industry...however...idiot Lamar Alexander is collaborating with socialist Patty Murray to add even more big grab government this and that...layers upon layers of nonsense to address problems federal intrusion created in the first place,(WSJ A-1;10-19-17).

U.S. Senator Rand Paul is correct when he says the federal laws which skew and intrude in the market place must be deleted beginning with OBAMA-CARE and working backwards until all those laws are gone and Americans can breathe free again.


Last night...Senator Cruz and Senator Bernie Sanders appeared before the world and argued freedom v. enslavement...Cruz demanding liberation...Sanders declaring the producer his to direct as he sees fit for the common good of everyone. When Cruz mentioned principles of freedom...the audience cheered. When Bernie asserted how he'd take and give as he saw fit...the crowd moaned. The difference* was palpable.
*Bernie noticed the lack of support his demand for enslavement had. Yet...because he's the leader of the Democrat Party he had to preach "whip and chain" lest he be booted from his niche.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


President Trump is the KEY MASTER. He can open the proverbial 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and permit escape. Could there be sufficient votes in both Houses of Congress to deliver such liberation? Or...are the minions of socialist and fascist tyranny so powerful...their control of the MASS MEDIA so positioned that they're invincible? Or...are they as easily defeated as any enemy of freedom? VIVA TRUMP!


Before Napoleon invaded Russia...he was told his end found on the island of St. Helena. Not knowing what was meant...he invaded Russia only to lose his million man army and his position as French big shot. Exiled to Elba...Napoleon escaped...but...was defeated at Waterloo. St. Helena he was exiled; from whence he never left. In recently discovered holographic memoirs...Napoleon reflected on what Elijah meant so long ago as he prepared to enter Russia.


The Honor Guard stepped away from the flag-draped casket on that lonely hero's hill...the widow approached...across the she lay there...shedding tears. Her warrior had come back atop his shield...a victim of an ambush suffered while conducting a mission 2016...had designed before he departed the White House.

Mention is made of this sorrowful moment since President Trump wasn't wary enough of OBAMA-moles inside the military who weren't above killing off American warriors if such body count could hurt TEAM-TRUMP.

The entire mission in which warrior-Hunter...for example...was slain...was a nonsense effort. They had WAR-BOT(tm) which could have been deployed...and...have achieved the same results without losing Hunter and 3 other Seals. However they were ordered to shelve WAR-BOT(tm) and go order destined to generate casualties if ambush awaited...a likelihood Obama's plan assumed.


Off stage...the MASS MEDIA director told the talking head: "Show more fang when you're denouncing Trump."


President Trump called a lady who had lost a loved one in the conflict over seas. Unfortunately...riding in the car with the bereaved [when that telephone call was made] was a Trump-hater.

Instantly...the Trump-hater took issue with the wording and framework of the condolences...pointing out alleged shortcomings and unappealing if Big Don were in some rhetorical contest with this condescending politician as primordial judge. Instead of calling Big Don's telephone call a nice thing to have done...this Democrat sullied and belittled.

In the Rose Garden...addressed Bowe Bergdahl as an American hero...brave...courageous...and...bold...telling America...long live his fame...long live his glory...and...long may his story be told. When Obama framed that scumbag-deserter as an American hero...never did the MASS MEDIA take issue...never did they condemn Obama for such mockery. No...the MASS MEDIA did not condemn Obama since they liked the idea of destroying the concept of "HERO".


" the the gate!" shouted the would-be master of the NANNY STATE CAGE. Where were the gate guards...the MASS MEDIA cohorts...the freedom-haters...where were they? Panic-rushed through the dare the enslaved escape our grip mused would-be masters as they watched unwashed masses head toward the proverbial door.


Eliminate the grip of big grab government...and...America will become more prosperous. The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury told the world as much...that America was about to remove shackle...and...permit the slave to keep more than before...but...added the warning...that should Congress fail to remove the "whip and chain"...America would devolve into a socialist miasma.


Defiant and aggressive...such the frame Republicans used to describe U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) who said he wanted to be re-elected and that might very well mean permitting tax cuts...something as a devout socialist he could not ever permit. "I want to destroy...and...thereby rule over the producer...taking what I wish...leaving only what I feel necessary...and...maybe...a little burden-lifting might be in order...maybe," quipped scumbag-Brown.


Rock 'em...sock 'em...Raqqa...Islamic State capital of least until another would-be tyrant finds sufficient man-power and weaponry...jihad spawned.


With the help of a mole deep inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...this BLOG was able to deliver to President Trump data which clearly showed James Comey...the FBI Director during the OBAMA era...had drafted a script depicting the exoneration of Hillary long before he ever interviewed her or her underlings. While Comey denied he had done such a thing when asked about it in 2016...nonetheless...the revealed-data now opens that door and exposes the Comey-Obama-Clinton triad conspiracy to corrupt the pursuit of justice.

Ignoring this obvious criminal a recent hearing...U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein(D.Ca) asked if U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had any dialogue with Big Don about scumbag-Comey.

Sessions almost vomited when he was asked that question in such fashion as to imply it was wrongful to fire that scumbag. Being the Southern Gentleman that he is...however...he simply said he wasn't about to discuss private conversations he had with Trump about Comey and the Democrat cover-up.


When Paul Krugman was given a prize for was obvious if there were ever an effort to delete the grip of his beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...he'd be heard screaming for help to stop escape. However...he and other scumbags such as Bob Summers are being pushed aside by freedom-lovers who wish to breathe free again. Tax cuts will be delivered and in the portions President Trump envisions, if not more. VIVA TRUMP!

mad dogs

Roy Price was fired from Amazon when he was accused by Isa Dick Hackett of groping her in an elevator and office closet. When accused of lechery and sexual perversions of a beast-like nature...he said he was only doing what HARVEY WEINSTEIN was doing.


Instead of demanding the Iraqi military remain outside Kirkuk and Sinjar...Kurdish leaders permitted Iraqi Shiites to enter and grab control of government. It was sad to see the Kurds returned to their second class citizen status. They had a chance to make a nation for themselves...but...their leaders once more betrayed them.

Alexander betrays too

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander,(R.Tenn) said he liked socialism and was willing to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". He loved the idea of forcing people to kneel and worship whatever idol he and Senator Patty Murray(D.Wash) might conjure. When asked why betray America Lamar chuckled and said America deserved enslavement and he was going to deliver the shackle,(WSJ A-1;10-18-17).

18 million person charity?

Because there are 18 million parasites and servile supplicants who demand healthcare insurance coverage paid for by someone loose their death-grip...this BLOG offered to create a CHARITY wherein everyone on Earth donates...if they pay for those 18 million people. The needs of those 18 million people dwarfs any need you or anyone else might have. They're the 18 million Congressional Democrats say require Mother Earth to kneel and deliver.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


In less than one year...President Trump has done more to delete Islamic State than Obama did in his 7 years as commander-in-chief. Using new tactics Trump devised...ISIS has been routed from almost every stronghold. Instead of crediting Big Don with this triumph over Islamic State...the MASS MEDIA concluded he was only following a plan OBAMA already laid out. Trump-hating in this aspect is quite obvious.

8 seconds?

When asked about his relationship with President Trump...Secretary of State Rex Tillerson responded, "It's mud...blood...and...clown behold...stomped...chomped...and...bucked off cold...matters of state called rodeo."


CLINTON and OBAMA...during their respective administrations...permitted the North Koreans to procure whatever required to construct weapons of mass destruction. They chose to permit the wolf free run of the barn yard...always advancing the envelop until ultimate power achieved.

Nowadays...Americans are somewhat surprised that the "little fella"...a/k/a..."rocket man"...has threatened nuclear war with America. How could such a threat be credible? Didn't Obama and Clinton stop the North Koreans from obtaining such nuclear arsenal? From where did that maniacal dictator get such nukes?'ll be revealed that the nukes which the North Koreans plan to use to blow holes in America were developed during the Clinton and Obama years...a time when such development could proceed without fear of revelation or reaction.


Who pays for Medicaid? Answer: the taxpayer. Medicaid is another 20th century approach to socialism...reducing people to utter dependency and then demanding they worship whatever idol the would-be master might forge,(MATTHEW 6:24).

Betting price

Up...or...down...there are bets made on either side...some making profit if oil prices fall...for example...while others reap great rewards from premium escalation due to geopolitical risk. Take for example the oil region of Iraq. Some of it lies inside Kurdish areas...and...the KURDS know to relinquish their hegemony over such fossil fuel supplies would be idiotic. That potential conflict between Iran-directed Baghdad and Kurds will inject an OIL PRICE rise...and...speculators...sensitive to such battlefield...will make big bucks off that pending struggle.

Wi-Fi flaw

Testing a new way to hurt people...scientists at the National Security Agency(NSA)...operating an experimental lab near Patrick Air Force Base...fired micro-wave beams at a test ship packed with there to experience this newest form of mass destruction.

The beam...unfortunately...bounced off  Mr. Ocean and struck the building inhabited by U.S. Embassy personnel. Although injured by their exposure to that beam...nonetheless...NSA could not admit culpability lest the new weapon be exposed. Hence...CUBA...backward CUBA...was accused of the sophisticated attack,(WSJ B-4;10-17-17).

lead zeppelin

How preposterous is the concept of a LONG TERM STOCK EXCHANGE(LTSE) where the longer stock is held the more voting power at corporate meetings the investor possesses?

Hearing about this newest effort to market the idiotic...Warren Buffett told a cub reporter he was going to back the LTSE because it was so silly people would flock to it for awhile and during that romance he would buy-sell and make big bucks,(WSJ B-1;10-17-17).

reverential position

Hillary-the-hag was asked about NFL player-kneeling. She defended the players actions declaring kneeling was a reverential posture and never were they demonstrating a lack of respect or love for America. Instantly...President Trump noted Hillary's player-defense revealed another reason "why" she was defeated in 2016.


In 2016...whereas...corporations contributed $85 million to political races...unions spent $242 million...and...$1.04 billion came from individuals. So miffed were union members at such waste of union funds...they told a cub reporter they're going to bloc vote Republican. VIVA TRUMP!

DOW 23,000? predicted by this BLOG...the stock market is continuing to rise. If you're in that particular area of're reaping great rewards. VIVA TRUMP!


What Kurd permitted Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi unopposed entry into KIRKUK? So far...every Kurd has asked every other Kurd that same question: who permitted such unopposed entry? If the KURDS do not stand and fight...and...fight right now...the Iranians through its Baghdad-puppet...will control all of Iraq...and...the Kurds...once more...will be begging and waiting for whatever scraps the Shiites wish to toss. VIVA BARZANI!


When asked about treachery and betrayal of the Kurds by American politicians...many big grab government advocates came forward to offer an excuse for the betrayal of the Kurds. "The Kurds are amazing, and have been through a lot, but we need to get over our sentimentality," said Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow in foreign policy at the Brookings Institute...a socialist think-tank,(WSJ A-8;10-17-17).

D. O. Nut

Approached by D.O. Nut...President Trump stopped his march to his awaiting Limo...and...told this inquiring mind he intended to cut taxes...and...finally open the door to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE permitting escape thereby. VIVA TRUMP!


How could a demented socialist...such as Maduro...retain power when the voters are starving? If the would-be master controls the media and the military...there isn't any way to dislodge the tyrant.

Venezuela is a good example of this proposition. The opposition thought it could muster enough votes to out-sail the socialists...but...with rigged voting booths...there was not any way that kind of resolution was going to occur.

"If not by blood...then...not at all," concluded Ana Morales...a housekeeper from Zulia state whose husband was killed during street riots in Caracas.


From Madrid came the threat of harsh consequences if Carles Puigdemont...(a/k/a..."Pooty-Tang") did not relent and stop Catalonia's separationist effort.

So troubled by this demand was "Pooty" that he invited every Catalonian to his house for a party. They were separating from the socialists and there was not anything RAJOY and his bunch of parasites and servile supplicants could do to stop this historical march to independence.


Instead of dealing with the Benghazi embassy compound calamity...Obama climbed on Air Force One and went west for a campaign event. Ben Obama crony...when asked about this disrespectful treatment of the 4 dead Americans...chuckled and said, "Obama needed an alibi."


"For sale by owner" signs are found throughout Maine. People who sense socialism has grabbed the state want out and are looking for buyers who wish to become beasts-of-burden for the would-be master and the envious...hungry...riotous mob. One seller said she was lowering her price to attract someone wishing to be enslaved. But as for her and her family she was moving to Florida.


The alarm sounded at 8:14 a.m. at the gravity-lab...and...its personnel instantly went to work locating the source of the time-displacement. They found 2 neutron stars colliding and sending forth incredible ripples of space-time distortion. So profound the energy release that across a trillion billion million miles...observers on Earth recorded the event. Some of the scientists involved even speculated such collisions were the source of gold and uranium.


President Xi Jinping told a cub reporter his idea was to advance China so far into world commerce that few would ever doubt the prosperity his country brings to the planet. Indeed...right in front of his communist cronies...President Xi is slowly loosening the grip of tyranny. Sure...he calls it "fine-tuning the state-model"...and...such euphemism allays the fears and ambitions of his underlings...but...President Xi understands there isn't anything better than a 2st Century otherwise unhampered market. VIVA XI!


"It's a brilliant maneuver," quipped H.R. McMasters when asked about the decision to remain neutral in the Iraq-Kurd issue that has been brewing since the end of World War One. Describing President Trump's remarkable approach to the Middle East...McMasters added that Big Don was delivering on another campaign promise: "Let the rag heads fight it out among themselves."

Monday, October 16, 2017

Antifa threatens Loesch

To silence DANA LOESCH...a National Rifle Association helper...Antifa...a terrorist organization benefiting from Democrat-insulation...threatened her with physical harm and harm to her children. So shaken was DANA by this credible threat...she put her house up for sale and bought another house in an undisclosed location choosing to home-school her children so there whereabouts by computer couldn't be found and attacked. When told about this fear...Senator Bernie Sanders said she should fear righteous socialist anger and he didn't care what happened to her or to her children.

Billy hateful

There sat Bill Clinton. Before the other arrived he had that bar full of ladies all to himself. Angrily Bill fumed...whispering beneath his breath: "Of all the gin joints in all the world...Harvey Weinstein has to walk into mine."


There was Chuck Schumer floating on his back...the proverbial turd in punch bowl. Could such stop President Trump from dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?


Although honored by Obama as an Iraqi war hero...and...given Presidential Commendations meant only for the brave and bold...BOWE BERGDAHL...entered a GUILTY plea to the charge of desertion of his post in a time of offense punishable by death. When Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was asked "why" he labeled Bergdahl a "hero"...Obama chuckled and said, "By honoring the worst among raising Bergdahl up as a hero...I destroyed the concept of hero...something tribal socialism requires if it's to be imposed."

Lawrence Lindsey agreed

Lawrence Lindsey...a Bush-era big shot...told a cub reporter he bet the opposition to tax cut crowd $60,000 that tax cuts would improve the American economy. So far...however...not any freedom-hater has taken the bet. They refused to pay someone for being right. Their preference: spend other people's money.


Due to a cogent message sent by this BLOG to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader...U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell(R.Ky)...he appeared on stage with President Trump to promise America tax cuts were on the way. VIVA TRUMP!


"We're escaping this cage. Step aside!" Such the emphatic declaration of President Trump to the Republican majority and to the obstructionist Democrats. Cutting taxes...lessening government-imposed the producer respite...such the door to the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. VIVA TRUMP!


KARMA COMING DOWN. Such frames Harvey Weinstein...a lecherous predator...whose Democrat-contacts quite profound.

Recently...Democrat Hillary-the-hag was asked about her close friendship to WEINSTEIN. Before Bill Clinton could rape twice...she denied Harvey three times.


With 90% of northern California ablaze......U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein(D.Ca) was asked about the fire-fighting effort of California Governor Jerry Brown. After reflecting on the loss of 90,000 homes...Senator Dianne replied, "Once he was a child...a beautiful child...a child of clay...shaped and molded out of earth...they used to say, "Who's to blame for this child of clay."


Instead of Valedictorian...some schools are replacing this traditional "highest performer" accolade with trophies for everyone...each receiving a huge 36 inch gold-plated love cup emblazoned with their name and school motto: "Be like everyone else."


A cadre of retired professors and librarians...perhaps as many as ten...colluded to create a TWITTER presence and made it appear as if they were millions of Twitter users. The idea was to give the Trump-hating MAS MEDIA a daily basis for declaring most Americans dislike Big Don. And...had it not been for a whistle-blower inside that cadre...their plot...their wrongful purpose...would probably still be afoot.


DARK MATTER makes noise? Yes...the background noise heard coming from everywhere is the noise of dark matter. It's not any proof that in times past a BIG BANG occurred creating this universe around us.

Indeed...the BIG BANG THEORY requires some preposterous constructs. Take for example the decision to expand in the face of infinite density. One the theory goes...a board meeting was held. It was decided it was too boring just being a spot...a point...a mathematical construct. So the decision was made to expand the operation...and...poof...the universe commenced to grow in size and format.

Yes...folks...this idea is was the declaration the world wasn't flat. And just as that yesteryear idea of geography was debunked so will the BIG BANG THEORY be dislodged.


U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein(D.Ca) has been an elected official for more years than most voters can count. She needs to be put out to pasture. She hates liberty and wants to enslave America. OBAMA-CARE was just one of the tasks she undertook to replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey".


Rosana Guermica...a Puerto Rican going to school in New York...was given funds from this BLOG to buy supplies and an airplane to deliver food to the storm-ravaged island and bring back people with pressing medical needs.,(WSJ A-2;10-16-17).


When this BLOG predicted a horrific wild fire would consume large parts of northern California...the know-it-alls scoffed and chuckled. How could anyone forecast such conflagration?

Undaunted...this BLOG demanded there be tree-cutting and bush eradication creating thereby fire traps preventing the spread of blaze should one commence. Of that 90,000(+) homes have been consumed...and...lives lost...the WARNING has taken on a different tone and color. Victims are asking "why" was not that ALERT heeded. How about you?

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Even though North Korea might possess a nuclear would not deploy and detonate. Chernobyl demonstrated the much too real prospect of radiation poisoning. Some of the land near that nuclear power plant site...for instance...won't be habitable for a 100,000 years. Hence...the "little fella"...a/k/a..."rocket man"...might threaten but he'll never unleash such horror. Not even he has that kind* of  "Steve Paddock" evil.
*Stephen Paddock shot people in Las Vegas from a 32nd floor window.


Watching the Iranian military strut and parade...the pageantry...pomp...colors...jackboots moving rhythmically...all combined to tell the world these dudes meant business...their bite as bad as their bark.

Despite such Iranian growl...Pentagon officials...told a cub reporter that it'd take a fortnight to defeat the entire Iranian military...tank...jet...soldier...rag head suicide zealot...pup-tented lady with bomb...all would be defeated and freedom restored in about 14 days from beginning to end. WOW!


Democrat Harvey admitted rapist...was handed the OLD TESTAMENT marked at GENESIS 13:13,("And Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom.").


Long ago...LEONIDUS and 300 Spartans held off the would-be master. His roar loud and long. 2017...President Trump roars again...standing forth against improbable odds...ready to deliver whatever to make AMERICA great again. VIVA TRUMP!

2018 eviction

In 2018...President Trump will tell America the obstructionists must be evicted and freedom-lovers elected so that he can remove "bad laws" and make America great again. His proclamation of liberation from enslavement will be heralded Ages hence as great leaders are mentioned. As if a Titan...a colossus astride economic prosperity lighting the way for anyone wishing to breathe Big Don will be framed. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator Chris Murphy...a devout socialist from Connecticut...was asked in a town meeting a question which startled some...a question everyone wished answered but were too afraid or too brow-beaten to ask. An old lady stood up...and...after being recognized by a reluctant Murphy...she asked, "You speak about your subsidy pays for health insurance of people who can't afford to buy it. You take the money from producers and redistribute to the so-called needy and you ask us to accept such enslavement. Why? Why must it be "Your purse?" Why are you here demanding we kneel and worship this idol?" ( EXODUS 32:24).

Sparrow meet Farrow

Ronan Farrow approached NBC and revealed a harrowing tale about the sexual predations of Harvey Weinstein...a celebrated Democrat and loyal socialist. Instead of publishing what seemed to be revelations of outrageous misconduct...however...NBC chose to close its doors. Miffed by the indifference displayed by supposedly "good people"...Farrow went looking for a publisher with sufficient circulation to warrant the effort.

Ronan Farrow was directed by this BLOG to deliver the data to the New Yorker magazine since they were desperate* for something their patrons might consider worthy of their refined interest.
*When RONAN offered to initiate the revelation process through this BLOG...he was invited to choose a better platform which had instant credibility with the TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA...noting a pro-TRUMP website would not be read and never mentioned despite its veracity and social impact.

Senator Chris Murphy(D. Conn)

Should a Republican preach liberation over subjugation...that Republican could defeat CHRIS MURPHY in socialist Connecticut. One pollster admitted the taxpayers are fed up with high taxes...big government spending...and...a loss of their standard of living so surprising they're blaming it on the OBAMA era...a time in which Murphy could have demanded a HALT to enslavement but support the grip and grab of the 20th Century augmented NANNY STATE...a place wherein the would-be master with envious mob can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


Ms. G. Chapman...estranged wife of the infamous Harvey Weinstein...told a cub reporter she watched as Bill Clinton had his way with Harvey in the backroom of a small town bar. So disturbed was she about what Harvey might do...and...bring home to her...she refused to have sexual intercourse unless he wore a Haz-mat suit.

Tommy's braces

Bob worked all day chopping wood envisioning what he'd do with the profit from his labor. And...indeed...Bob sold the wood pile...received money...and....was headed to the store to buy something he wished to have.

Before he could get there...though...the would-be master with envious mob arrived....showed Bob the law they had passed...and...based on that law...they grabbed the bag of money.

When asked for what purpose such theft...the master replied, "We need money to buy braces for little Tommy whose teeth need to be straightened."


The Iraqis plan to betray the Kurds as soon as Islamic State has been eliminated. The Kurds know as much and are bracing for the conflict sure to come.

The Kurds are much better fighters than the Iraqis and will defeat them when the time comes for final battle. In the meantime...the Peshmerga must be vigilant and ready to defend against any Iraqi intrusion.

Yes...there will be great blood shed...and...many Kurds will be consumed...but...eventually...the Iraqis will sue for peace and permit Kurdistan to possess KIRKUK and the OIL PRODUCING region thereabouts.


Why are so many countries trying to reach Mars? Might there be found a storeroom of sorts containing ultimate weaponry? Eventually...there will be revelation as to what was found on Mars. And...hopefully it won't be more weapons of mass destruction. Hopefully.


At the ocean's edge...the soothsayer told her pupils that such vast expanse of water would one day be impenetrable jungle. They all laughed. One asked the old lady when such might come. The seer replied, "Several billion years from'll be called the largest rain forest on Earth." Of course...her pupils concluded such time line meant the idea while interesting had little practical use.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


President Trump was correct to stop giving health insurance companies taxpayer money to cover their shortfalls. OBAMA-CARE imposed on health insurance companies an impossible task: cover everyone but refrain from charging what such insurance coverage would cost. The idea was to socialize medical care and leave the insurers on the hook always having to ask the federal government to cover the shortfalls OBAMA-CARE created.

Instead of demanding a free market in medical care...the Democrats forced OBAMA-CARE upon America. Trump is doing what he can to delete that hellish law. Those who can't afford health insurance should join one of the health cooperatives which Big Don has enabled to form by his Executive Order. As for the health insurance companies...they must now compete and won't have to take all comers...something the Democrats thought they had imposed forever. VIVA TRUMP!


An accusation of sexual assault coming from the likes of Hillary-the-hag would be ignored...but...because she's claiming President Trump was the perpetrator the MASS MEDIA has grabbed that statement and is publishing it 24/7.

The wife of a philanderer...the woman who destroyed 30,000 emails to avoid prosecution...the hag who left 4 Americans behind in Benghazi to die...that person was labeling Big Don a sexual pervert.

And...the MASS MEDIA isn't asking her about Bill Clinton or what she did to stifle his rape victims....since she's attacking TRUMP...they don't care about her past.

Friday, October 13, 2017

silk purse

Harvey Weinstein...the proverbial sexual predator and bloated, pig-eyed scumbag...laughed about how he did Angeline Jolie and other famous actresses and actors. "I was ravenous...and...I consumed so many many victories...I can only chuckle reflecting on it all," dripped Harvey as he went to a class on how to avoid getting caught.


In 2010...scumbag health insurance company officials reposed their trust in OBAMA. If they went along with the destruction of the American healthcare system...they'd be rewarded with subsidy. They could give insurance to everyone and any shortfall would be funded by the taxpayer. And with that promise of funding...these fascists agreed to support OBAMA-CARE...the enslavement of America.

Fortunately for America...President Trump finally told these fascists they made the wrong bet. He wasn't about to take from taxpayers* so these companies could continue delivering insurance to anyone who sought coverage. These companies would have to find ways of delivering the OBAMA-CARE they supported but do it without the taxpayer's pocketbook.
*Supported by research and reports...Big Don pointed out that any shortcomings in the delivery of healthcare would be covered by charitable enterprises...organizations who wish to help those in such need. According to these flawless reports and computer models...those who need medical care will receive such care but through charitable enterprises as they were before big stomp government arrived and began to ration medical services.


President Trump informed health insurance companies their umbilical cord was gone. If they wished to sell OBAMA-CARE stuff...they'd have to do it without the pocketbook of the taxpayer paying for shortfalls. As one might recall...these insurance companies went long with OBAMA-CARE...accepted this attack on freedom...because they were promised kingdoms and glories in exchange for their fealty, (MATTTHEW 4:8).

Nowadays...however...President Trump is ferreting out such fascist-nests...eliminating their umbilical cord into the taxpayer's pocket...and...delivering liberation to the otherwise subjugated. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump has once more out-sailed the rag head. When he heard HAMAS and the Palestinian Authority were collaborating...for example...he dispatched "noise-makers" into the region to keep those two groups fighting against each other. He has...also...disrupted rag head production of nuclear weapons...something TEAM OBAMA promised Tehran they could eventually have. Big Don decertified the so-called IRAN DEAL...and...invited Congress to address the matter.

Naturally...the rag heads will send attack boats into the Persian Gulf to sink an American warship. That sinking will be a cause for war...but...President Trump won't be drawn into such engagement. He'll prefer to address the matter using cadres of assassins...infiltrating Iranian defenses to snuff the Council of Twelve. In that way...he'll foster the anti-Regime forces to step up and delete their oppressors.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu said when asked about how Trump was doing in the Middle East, "It's obvious President Trump is a grand master chess player. Unlike checkers-only Obama...Big Don is dynamic and knows how to punch and counter-punch...always looking for that knock-out blow."



President Trump rebuked the IRAN DEAL. He wasn't about to accept something that would eventually deliver nuclear weapons to the maniacs in Tehran. It was nonsense to allow the rag heads to develop nuclear weapons and Big Don wasn't about to become part of that idiocy. VIVA TRUMP!


In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...newspapers...TV media outlets are kept alive...if at the consumer whose whim and choice as fickle as tomorrow's weather report. It takes continual loving and understanding of the patrons that keeps a business alive. Rebuke the patron...and...lose business. Indeed...the motto: the consumer is always right seems the best fit for the OUM.

President Trump became angry at the "fake news" that major networks were publishing...much of it anti-Trump. As MSNBC Rachel Maddow admitted, "If it's a negative story about's falsehood is never determined."

Reacting to this "negative approach"...Big Don wants to pull the licenses of those networks. But...his solution is wrong. He must realize there are many Trump-haters and these networks are playing to them since they are their "consumer-base". As Trump's popularity his tax cuts generate mega-buck deals...and...prosperity for all that unfolds...a majority of the Trump-haters will lose their anger and begin to compliment President Trump for delivering them from the grip of the would-be master and the socialist toilet which awaited America.


Once again...Donald J. Trump demonstrated "why" he was elected President. At the value-voters convention...he told a standing-room only crowd that he was dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminating the grip and grab of big stomp government...and...bringing back the freedom so cherished by everyone. VIVA TRUMP!


Steven A. Rosenberg told a cub reporter his immuno-therapies were based on scientific research done by the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG. Had it not been for his chance encounter with one of the editors of this BLOG...he never would have proceeded to look at immune system enhancement. Nowadays...however...using immune-therapies...cancer patients are surviving. VIVA ROSENBERG.


Despite Food and Drug Administration prohibition against life-prolongation through GENE-EDITING...the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG has joined forces with Junjiu Huang to create such FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. Imagine living 500 years...or...being disease free for life and you've just been in the laboratory of this BLOG. So profound the mission...that President Trump directed his team to get of the way and permit science to deliver benefits beyond the imagination. VIVA TRUMP!


The socialists of France want more not less big grab government and its Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told a cub reporter he was going to plunder the cashbox of internet companies such as GOOGLE. "Their success makes me envious and I will grab whatever I can from them. It's the socialist way, you know," bragged Le Maire when asked about stealing from producers.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

wick of war

The North Koreans didn't like President Trump declaring North Korean leadership should have been changed long ago.

"He has lit the wick of war," whispered a North Korean official when asked about NKO reaction.

Hearing the reaction...Big Don chuckled and replied, "We have weaponry that would obliterate those rascals. They had best cease what they're doing...or...face some real consequences."


President Trump did not order the production of more nuclear weaponry. As expected...Big Don was miffed by how NBC presented a "fake story" about Trump's demand for more nukes. To defend against this kind of attack...President Trump needs his own network...his own social media outlet...and...give his viewers...all 300 million of them...what is really happening.


At the rally in Pennsylvania...and...elsewhere...President Trump could have offered even greater tax cuts. Perhaps...his reluctance was based on the lack of MASS MEDIA backing. pull off total liberation of America from the grip of the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...Trump would need the help of both the Republican majority in Congress and some of the MASS MEDIA. Right now it seems Big Don doesn't have the votes to dismantle the CAGE.


A "right" is defined as: freedom to act within the Socio-economic context free of initiation of physical force. Hence...the "right" defines what can be done by people. The exercise of a right never harms anyone.

Recently...though...the concept of "right" has been coopted by the would-be master. The manta heard is: MEDICAL CARE IS A RIGHT. Somehow...a person's illness is a call on the wealth of insure the medical bills are paid...a would-be master is required to ferret out and grab such wealth so it might be handed to the poor and needy. Such a "right" subsumes even the right to life...reducing the population to herd-format...easily directed...and...always imperiled by whatever "right" the mob might wish.


OBAMA-CARE was enslavement of America. The idea was to force the healthy to support the sickly...and...that kind of enslavement is vicious and tyrannical. Indeed...the Democrats are declaring OBAMA-CARE must remain since it forces people to care for other people...a socialist ideal. Eventually...such a socialist shackle...however...invariably...creates a lousy healthcare system with those who can afford it receiving boutique medical care...while the unwashed masses must seek out whatever the government is offering...something the vets find quite difficult.


When Harvey Weinstein groped Hillary Clinton he was surprised when he felt a baseball catcher's cup. He knew Janet Reno wore one...but...didn't know about Hillary-the-hag. Yes...he'd heard about Huma Abedine but Harvey simply couldn't imagine.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Promising liberation...the crowd screamed with President Trump outlined his plan to eliminate the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE. Here was a liberator...someone who could achieve feats of grandeur which in times to come would be called wondrous and enlightened. Indeed...unlike the freedom-haters...Big Don knows to make America great again...the stomp and chomp of the would-be master with envious mob must be curtailed if not wholeheartedly deleted. VIVA TRUMP!

42 million votes

When Obama expanded the food stamp program to include able-bodied workers...he told his helpers he was packing the voting booth with servile supplicants and parasites...42 million of them...each ready to lick boot for their freebie and favor. "If the Republicans attempt to downsize the food stamp program to address this incredible expansion...they'll be met by angry street mobs...burning tires and breaking windows. We will have a permanent hold on Congress simply by using the "freebie and favor" tactic," confided Obama when asked by Hillary-the-hag what to do about the food stamp issue.


The 5.5 million French public-sector employees took to the streets threatening to close down airports...bus terminals...hospitals...medical clinics...and...all the other functions in the hands of the public-sector. They didn't like how President Macron was going about trimming the budget...eliminating redundant jobs such as street sweepers, for example. In Paris...there are 400 street sweepers per block...each paid a handsome salary with all the benefits one might imagine. How dare Macro wish to trim that battalion down to squad size!


Why is the economy growing when from 2010 to 2016 it did not? Maybe the lure of tax cuts combined with deregulation have fetched what always occurs when big grab government's grip is loosened.

Indeed...because of the movement toward unfettered trade...the entire world is beginning to blossom and bloom...a phenomenon the socialists predicted would not occur if the producer were unshackled.

 As Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY) said, "We take from the producer as much as we please...and...increase the burden with dramatic ease."

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Democrat Harvey Weinstein was accused of rape by 3 women. When asked about the allegations...Democrat Harvey Weinstein replied, "Bill Clinton raped more women that I ever did and he never lost his job over it."

porch and shovel

When they arrived...everyone was in favor of the hive...all worked for the common good...with each sharing equally in goods and services. The entire town would march out to the fields singing socialist worker until sundown.

Within a few weeks...fewer and fewer workers were found in the fields...the rest were on their porches waiting for the distribution to commence. Instead of a bountiful harvest...though...the output became meager...and...what there was to be passed out grew smaller in portion on each occasion.

Eventually...the fields were left alone. Not anyone would go to the fields to work for the hive. Not anyone wished to be the slave or beast of burden. They preferred watching others do the work. But...when everyone discovered the free lunch and wagon ride was over...they departed...leaving hungry socialists looking for someone to work the fields once more.


Aboard the free lunch and wagon ride...everyone accepts whatever the would-be master decides. Because it's free...nothing by anyone said...they're happy receiving their food...their shelter...their bed.


In an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) labor must be able to move unfettered so that the best pay and best job are always waiting. The border should be a geographical construct meant to divide territory and nothing more. On the other hand...if terrorists are entering...then...national defense and the policing function of the OUM require interdiction. VIVA TRUMP!


North Korea invaded by America? Never happen. And the "little fella" knows as much. But folks...the North Korean dictator is himself a puppet. He's a noise-maker. Indeed...when the American military-industrial complex wants more money...somehow...the "little fella" launches a rocket or detonates a hydrogen bomb. After budget time...the noise seems to disappear.

Moon Pie and RC Cola

In order to placate and soothe...President Trump directed his foreign policy team to offer "moon pie and RC cola" to the North Korean leader in exchange for cessation of his rocket-launching.


Rebirth. Renewal. Such ideas only humans entertain. And...then...only when there is need so great anything else seems worthless.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Bill Clinton massacred people in Waco, Texas. The ensuing cover-up was incredible but doable because the cellphone was still in its infancy and there wasn't any way for the Branch Davidians to document their destruction and send it to the world.

Indeed...Janet Reno in her private memoirs acknowledged Clinton told her to delete that problem with extreme prejudice. She admitted to having been haunted ever since...shadows that move when they should not...words spoken by things unseen...and...always somewhere the screams of children burning alive...the smell of roasting flesh...and Bill Clinton denying any involvement in that horrific slaughter.


Who defends Columbus nowadays? When spray-paint enthusiasts come calling...who stops such criminal mischief...such vandalism...such defacement of a public statue...a statue of a brave man who convinced the world there was another way?

Do the police step forward and insulate the statue from the unruly mob? Do the police shoot would-be artists whose goal to paint* Columbus as a NINJA warrior in drag...robust...but...meek?

Where does defense of public property end and butchery begin?
*Columbus was an explorer...infused with all the short-comings and valiant aspect of that era...ready to take on the unknown...willing to hazard all in hope of fair advantage. And his 2017...must be defended against those who will never attain such heights of glory and grandeur but whose mission statement to sully all that is great about America.


Even if on Mars structures and ancient machinery found...mankind would never access as much in any meaningful manner. Even if astronauts make it to up those generators and commence oxygen production once more...their success won't do much for the people of Mother Earth. They'll still be in socialist bondage...beleaguered...and...besieged by would-be masters with envious mobs.


The Dodge Charger is the preferred car of Saudi women whose freedom to drive was granted by the House of Saud. Instead of Mercedes or BMW...the pup tents...all 8.3 million of them...prefer the Dodge Charger. Unlike any other car on the market today...the Charger represents POWER AND DOMINANCE. It's mufflers tell the world there are 700 horses beneath the hood...super charged...nitro-mix adapted...and...ready to demonstrate what lies beneath the hood with wire-tipped peep-hole.


The Kurds must never relinquish Kirkuk or Hawija to the socialist-Shiites in Baghdad. Because the Kurds could defeat the entire Iraqi army in a fortnight...the Peshmerga must be ready to defend Kurdistan and the region acquired by the blood of the Kurds.

If attacked by Iraqi forces...something for which the Kurds must be ready...Kurds would have to fight alone. Their so-called American allies will be backing the Shiite-socialists!

Asked about their preparations for a long battle with the Shiite socialists of Baghdad...Brigade Col. Aso Ali Ahmed replied, "We lost many warriors defeating Islamic State. We evicted the demon and the Kurds will retain this land by right of conquest. Indeed...but for the Peshmerga...Islamic State would have already raised their black flag over Baghdad."


Solution? To stop the North Korean leader from launching troublesome missiles...President Trump should dispatch Pooty-Tang with belt. WHACK!


Crypto-currency...such as Bitcoin and Etheream...might be bubble stuff. Any investor must always gauge risk and measure profit. And with those crypto-currencies...such investor savvy is mandatory.

newest go-between

PUSSY RIOT was asked by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to use their persuasive methods to compel the North Korean dictator to take his finger off the red it on their G-spot.


A F-35 fighter-bomber-surveillance jet costs around $200 million to build. With that same $200 million...though...a million drones can be built each capable of doing exactly what the F-35 does. Yes...the drone's pilot is seated in a bunker a thousand miles away...but...the firepower and tenacity are all present through remote control and directive.

So why not use drones and avoid losing pilots and precious F-35 jets? The answer is horrific. Pentagon officials said they can't hardly agree* to down-sizing even though the firepower would be better and less blood lost.
*What would all those military contractors do? What would all those jobless employees do? The loss would be too great to change to a 21st century approach to war. Hence...the F-35 jet proposal will go forward with its $400 billion price tag.

Why not there?

Ajit Pai...chairman of the Federal Communications Commission(FCC)...admitted few businesses would ever set foot in Puerto Rico much less invest there.

"The socialist miasma consumes...and...destroys...and...few wish such fate for their organization," whispered Ajit Pai when cornered about what was being done for the parasites of Puerto Rico.

Such explains what happened when the gift-givers at Alphabet, Inc. proposed to dispatch PROJECT LOON...the balloon communication help with "communication-outage". Despite sweetheart could not find anyone who wished to chance such an investment. The potential for loss was too great since Puerto Rico is a socialist toilet and any investment therein a fool's enterprise.


When Vice President Mike Pence observed the disrespect exhibited by kneeling-players during the playing of the national anthem...he directed his entourage that he was departing.

His decision was commended and condemned.

By freedom-lovers...Pence was commended for his bravery to speak out for freedom...and...condemned by freedom-haters for not going along to get along.

brass count?

The brass was grabbed as souvenirs. People walking around Mandalay Bay looking up at that 32nd window from which Stephen Paddock had gunned down concert goers were prone to pick up the brass shell casings which came from Paddock's machine guns. Such souvenir-taking might explain "why" there is so little brass found not only in Paddock's hotel room...but also...on the ground outside his 32nd window.


"Stop singing that song," shouted an angry teacher who loved Harvey Weinstein and his socialist views. Yes...he had groped ladies and raped many of her friends...but...he was a freedom-hater...and...that meant whatever he did was: "OKAY". Yet...her injunction was ignored by her students who continued to sing: DEAD SKUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.



Marxist dogma demands there be a progressive income tax and a death tax. With those two taxes...a would-be master can perpetuate tyranny...taking during life and grabbing at death whatever missed the 1st time around. It gives the ruler the power to paint the future for the producer...taking away the right to choose...and...replacing such with "freedom-to-obey",(WSJ A-17;09-10-17).

Of course...Democrat freedom-haters want the death tax to be greater so death...whatever the government wants can be taken. Such an estate tax would give the government total power over a person's future...deciding what will and will not be. Instead of the producer choosing what will be done with his or her empire...freedom-haters want big grab government to make the decision.

Kurds beware

Although this BLOG isn't widely read in's everyday reading. The Kurds know they're on the menu should they ever permit the Iraqi government any ascendency in their region. The Shiites of Baghdad need to keep their noses out of the area controlled by the Kurds. To assist the Kurds...this BLOG has dispatched funds and personnel to help liberate Kurdistan from the grip of the socialists of Baghdad.


Reacting to the recent referendum for independence...freedom-haters took to the streets shouting they are Catalonians and want to remain inside socialist continue into the socialist toilet...and...feel the wonders of socialist freebie and favor. "We're such we can't permit the producer to escape our grip. We spend other people's money...and...Catalan's independence will stop that siphon...something we socialists can't permit. Not ever!" exclaimed Jose' Domingo...himself a devout socialist and freedom-hater,(WSJ A-6;10-09-17).


Big grab government takes wealth from the producer and redistributes as it sees fit in a perpetual exercise of power-enhancement. Those who receive the "subsidy"...those that are given the loot taken from the producer...they are forced ever so slowly to surrender their pride and self-esteem and become servile supplicants and needful parasites...unable to provide for themselves...and...quite willing for their would-be master to lay on the lash...and...whip the producer to deliver even more wealth,(WSJ A-4;10-09-17).

who rows now?

Aboard a life boat...taking turns rowing devolves into something of a growl and hiss as more and more occupants refuse to row until the oars manned only by those whose lives depend on such feat.

Yes...all aboard imperiled...but...those who refuse to row have already decided if someone else does not row then they'll languish and die. They know the desperate and needful will row and they'll vicariously benefit from the arduous effort. the end...none will row...then...all will die together...something the recalcitrant occupants find appealing. Might that same mind-set be afoot among the recipients of MEDICAID?(WSJ A-2;10-09-17).


Unless Americans receive a tax cut and receive it soon...the economy will begin to founder once more.

Why is the federal government's budget $4.1 trillion?

When answering that must assume from the economy this $4.1 trillion is taken...leaving $4.1 trillion less in the hands of the producer/consumer.

Sure...that $4.1 trillion is passed back to vested interests whose omnivorous maw grows bigger...but...the producer...the one from whom such $4.1 trillion is taken...that person is deprived and hence prevented from even greater heights of production and prosperity.

President Trump asked U.S. Senator Corker(R.TN) to support tax cuts he'd proposed...and...invited the senator to make the cuts even bigger if such his preference. Instead of loudly declaring LIBERATION AT HAND...Senator Corker told the world he would never unshackle the producer because the federal deficit might grow larger. He preferred keeping the producer enslaved...and...any future controlled and directed by the ruling elite of which he considered himself one of its leaders.


So angry was Michelle Obama at the manner in which Harvey Weinstein snubbed her at a cocktail party that she went into Harvey's bedroom...squatted...and...urinated on his bed. When asked by CHRIS STEELE...a British spy-spook...if Michelle would mind if he deleted her name and used Melania Trump as the bed-wetter should he commit the act to paper...Michelle laughed and told him to go ahead...she'd had her fun already.

Democrat Weinstein

Democrat Harvey Weinstein was finally fired from his production company after the board of directors watched video of Democrat Harvey Weinstein groping on a lady who obviously didn't want such offensive touching but permitted the sexual assault because as he was grabbing and rubbing he was promising her a job. Had Weinstein been a Republican his transgressions would be discussed 24/7 and compared to President Trump. But...because he's Democrat...he can kill...rape...and...burn...and...the MASS MEDIA would frame his antics as wondrous and enlightened.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


When the master was done eating...the napkin would be wadded and tossed onto the table signaling thereby the master was done and the table was to be cleared. When the tomb of Jesus was examined there lay a folded napkin...signifying the master was not yet done with the meal...and...would return to consume some more. Mention is made of this idea since President Trump when asked about repeal of OBAMA-CARE and liberating tax cuts...observed...inquiring minds...and...folded his napkin. VIVA TRUMP!


Europa...orbiting Jupiter...has a protective ice sheet covering its lunar surface...enabling life beneath such a radiation shield to exist. The warm oceans beneath that ICE SHEET are teeming with life...even advanced critters...sentient beings...whose life and lifestyle resembling that of the porpoise. Indeed...they'd be just as surprised to see us swimming around Europa looking at them as we'd be on Earth attempting to communicate.


Before the Civil War...few Deep South slave owners ever supported any law that intruded on their interests. 2017...freedom-haters are opposed to any tax cut that might unshackle the producer. What has so many Americans concerned is how much support for perpetual enslavement can be found not only in the MASS MEDIA but in the Democrat Party...the Party of the Deep South.


Paul Krugman...another famous miscreant...was caught LYING again. This time he declared Puerto Ricans were dying of cholera.

When cornered...though...KRUGMAN could not find a scapegoat to take the blame...and...admitted he was LYING...but...LYING to get worldwide attention for the beleaguered Puerto Ricans...good socialists who want their roads...their theaters...their bars and taverns rebuilt along with new homes with better appliances and as much spending money as they can imagine.

Such wants were so dramatic...KRUGMAN had to LIE to get attention.


President Trump has become so miffed at the "fake news" flooding the MASS MEDIA...he wants some law giving him equal time to tell America the "truth about this or that".

Somehow President Trump does not realize he already has such power. All he would have to do to address this to the "lesser media outlets" the front row seats...give them the time...ignore the "hateful MASS MEDIA"...and...refer to these "new sources" as the epitome of reliable doing such stuff...Big Don could literally plug-pull all of the "fake news"...since such "idiotic factoid" would lose its luster instantly.


How many times might Jimmy Kimmel tell the same joke* to the same audience and receive the same riotous laughter and applause? If the topic is TRUMP-HATING...then...he can tell the same joke a thousand times and receive the same "canned laughter and applause". long as Kimmel is bashing TRUMP his ratings remain high and he's not about to lose that perch by saying something nice about the "liberator-of-America". VIVA TRUMP!
*Johnny of the great late night hosts...never repeated JOKES...except the FORK IN THE ROAD reference...something he always did when he performed a certain skit.


U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) a rare moment of splendid candor...said his preference was total enslavement...the populace shackled and directed from cradle to grave by big grab government bureaucratic ghouls and knaves.

"We have a progressive income tax so we can grab the wealth during life...and...we have an estate whatever I missed the first time...I can grab at death. Yes...we slap aside the crying widow and step-over weeping kids...and...pick the decedent's such laws...I can perpetuate enslavement...and...that idea makes my left leg tingle," dripped Schumer's venom.

The Republicans could change any rule and dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...they're unwilling to liberate America. Indeed...when the likes of scumbag-Schumer can outright declare he prefers total enslavement...and...not fear repercussions for such anti-American's obvious the Republicans share that preference.
*U.S. Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) has stood for liberation. However...he's alone in the U.S. Senate...and...needs Americans to stand with him...and...fight this preference for enslavement.


Mike Pence told the world America was about to construct an underground city on the moon...creating a habitat for humanity should an asteroid strike Mother Earth and kill everything thereon. When asked if such an asteroid were on course to devastate Earth...he demurred and said, "Not anyone will know what wasn't done."


What if North Korea fired 800,000 mortars and cannon and obliterated Seoul? Would the South Koreans capitulate...surrender...and...kneel to their conqueror? Or...would the South Koreans...supplied by American military...return the attack and give some "pay-back"? And it's this conundrum which has kept the North Koreans on their side of the fence.


While historians...whose hatred of Republicans has blinded them...will say North Korea acquired the "nuke" during the BUSH era...and...that Clinton and Obama weren't involved...everyone else knows they were. Indeed...98% of all Americans know North Korea acquired "nuke-weaponry" during the OBAMA era...a time when North Korea could have been stopped but was permitted to continue with its development of weapons of mass destruction.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


President Trump told Americans they were free from having some scumbag bureaucrat attacking them due to their religious beliefs. If an employer's moral or religious belief does not permit helping employees buy contraceptives...then...they can exercise that right and be free from bureaucratic OBAMA-era attack. Of course...the employee will have to choose if the job is worth more than some silly political slogan...and...many will choose to quit their job and seek food stamp, free rent and free contraceptives. But the choice on either side will be equally constrained.

Cat 2 Nate

The Gulf Coast is preparing for Hurricane Nate...a category 2 storm. The flooding...the wind damage...the loss of power and structures...will combine to force President Trump to choose between Texas...Mississippi...and...Puerto Rico...when picking who gets what relief in the way of federal funding. Do the Puerto Rican socialists receive before the hard-working people of Texas or Mississippi?


Glenn Simpson...CEO of FUSION GPS and CHRIS STEELE...a British spy-spook...collaborated to produce a FAKE would certainly destroy Donald J. Trump and end his chance of being President of the United States. So powerful the idea...JAMES COMEY...the famous FBI stooge...dispatched personnel and funds to assist in its production and publication.

Nowadays...with Robert Mueller examining how the 2016 election was attacked and skewed...such collaboration and production of that hateful dossier must be center stage for his investigation. Indeed. Mr. Simpson admitted he colluded with top Russian officials in order to make the "dossier" appear to be authentic...genuine...reliable data. Yet...these jerks won't ever* be investigated...Comey's assistance never questioned...and...the dossier will continue to hurt Trump.

*While their effort might not be illegal it certainly was more of  an effort than TRUMP'S team ever did.


Harvey Weinstein spotted her as she maneuvered her way into a Dunkin' Donut line. Her shape...her moves...her hair...the smell of her perfume...excited Harvey...attracted Harvey...until he offered the lady a job for $300,000 per year...first paycheck that afternoon. Naturally...Michelle Obama took the job and found herself in the shower with a naked Weinstein asking her to massage his dragon.

Iraqi victory?

Recently leaders of Baghdad declared victory over Islamic State...labeling it an Iraqi victory when the Kurds did all the heavy lifting. But for the Kurds...there would not be any so-called victory.

The Kurds did their share because they wished to carve out there own nation-state...a nation that has been a quasi-nation even though divided and merged after World War One. But...the Kurds had best not trust any promise made by the American military...and...keep whatever land they have grabbed...never delivering any control to the Baghdad team. Not ever!

Friday, October 6, 2017


When Castro conquered Cuba...from the population the guns were removed under penalty of court room drama...just a back-alley bullet and shallow grave if one be dug at all. And in that manner...Castro removed guns and fear of a well-armed militia. He had all the firepower. He could delete with impunity and his killing factories ran 24/7 until all that remained were cattle and sheep...from cradle to grave...directed and controlled by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

America is in the second decade of the 21st century...and...won't be here very much longer should its constitution become more packed with Satanic stuff.

Take for instance the INCOME TAX...the 16th amendment...whereby the federal government enslaved every producer giving the government a call on the product of labor and thereby control over the life and future of the producer...something Satanic...something the Founding Fathers would have found abominable.

Add to this INCOME ESTATE TAX...a/k/a...the DEATH TAX...and...the primal components of tyranny have been imposed. During life...big grab government takes as much as DEATH...swoops in...and...grabs the rest...leaving the widow and kids starving...the family business and its prospects in ruins...and...another VICTORY for the tyrant.

Against such things...eventually...civil war erupts...perhaps...not a civil war with guns and blood...but...a peaceful conquest wherein the proverbial would-be master with envious mob takes over government and uses the law to take away all wealth and place it in the coffers of the hive...its leaders dispensing freebie and favor...and...remaining in power by pitting one interest group against another. make sure there isn't any armed opposition...from the population the guns taken.


Although scientists declared there was not any water on the moon...the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG asserted there was plenty of water,(H2O) on the moon and that mankind could survive quite well beneath the lunar surface...noting* that on the moon...there were already ancient structures awaiting inhabitation once more. And...just as water was found on the moon recently as predicted...the ancient structures await inhabitation once more...perhaps...firing up generators long silent for eons...ready to deliver life-giving power once more to the moon's new residents. VIVA TRUMP!
*The Chinese read this BLOG and knew what was to be found on the moon. Instead of waiting for everyone else...President Xi...following his destiny...dispatched ROBOTS designed by the SCIENCE DEPT of this BLOG to ferret out anything that seemed artificial and examine with great detail and precision. VIVA XI!


But the guards...the Republicans...are "our guys"...they're supposed to assist in NANNY STATE CAGE escape...not...standing guard to prevent liberation. Why would they promise freedom...and...not deliver? Is the MASS MEDIA so powerful it can make a majority cower and fear reprisal? Might President Trump overcome this trepidation...perhaps...lead freedom-lovers out of bondage?

West Virginia blackout

Even though West Virginia is coal-packed...nonetheless...due to the attack on fossil fuel conducted by TEAM OBAMA...there are blackouts...times when there isn't any electricity flowing. And...while people are asking about the electrical grid and supporting infrastructure in America...such query isn't highlighted by the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA. Instead of discussing American this and that...they are dwelling on the trillion dollar re-furbish job for Puerto Rico.


When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson realized Russian President Putin and the Saudis were making deals without including America due to all the hassle and hinder which comes with any dealings with any American company...he informed President Trump something had to be done about the repressive NANNY STATE...that the yoke and choke agenda of the welfare state was consuming American trade and dulling the competitive edge.

President Trump acknowledged as much...but...pointed out that America was headed into the socialist toilet and there wasn't much he could do to stop it. Sure...Big Don could hold rallies...enormous gatherings...standing-room-only crowds...and...still...the MASS MEDIA would declare he lost his power to break the grip* of big grab government and Americans would have to submit to socialist diktat as envisioned by the freedom-hating Congressional Democrats.

Just the other avoid any misunderstanding about why Russia and Saudi Arabia were excluding America...President Putin called and asked, "Is Rex there?"
*And tell America the time has come to kneel and worship the NANNY STATE and its ruling elite.


unicorn not moron

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson never called President Trump a moron. Naturally...the MASS MEDIA didn't care if Tillerson had said as much. They put that "conflict" into the public domain in order to continue to attack Big Don. So miffed was Tillerson...he asked for the name of the scumbag who'd LIE about such a thing. The MASS MEDIA refused to surrender the name of the LIAR...since such FAKE NEWS sells better than the "real stuff".

lawful but not good

By this BLOG...Prime Minister Netanyahu was told to avoid receiving gifts from Arnon Milchon...a movie producer trying to break into the Hollywood arena. Even though quite lawful...Netanyahu's enemies would demand an investigation...and...such miasma would consume valuable time which could be spent protecting Israel from would-be conquerors,(WSJ A-6.10-06-17).


A cadre of motorcycles was chased by 3 Green Berets and 4 Nigerien helpers. The fast cycles were able to escape. As the Green Berets and their helpers were coming back from that chase...discussing how those cycles could have disappeared...they were pounced upon by 50 or more Islamic State fighters who had set up the entire ambush scenario. The Green Berets had fallen for one of the oldest traps ever designed. How?


Next to the Whirlpool washer and dryer were cheap versions made by foreign producers. The consumer...if questions weren't asked...if the written material weren't read...might choose the cheaper model. Of a year or two...they're out buying another cheap-version...because...they never took time to discover why Whirlpool is always chosen when the consumer knows best.

Nowadays...though...Whirlpool isn't relying on consumer-with-wisdom...but...on government protection. Instead of reducing its costs of production to compete with the South Koreans...for example...Whirlpool is seeking government assistance. It has burdened itself with so much UNION GRIP and has so much taken by Uncle Sugar in the form of taxes and oppressive regulation...that Whirlpool must seek government relief in the form of trade barriers. "We will force the consumer to buy Whirlpool," shouted U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown,(D.OH).

If someone were to own stock ($183.44 per share as of 10-05-17) in that company...the better route would be to sell now before the news gets out that Whirlpool as with so many other companies simply can't continue in's too expensive...and...too much hassle. Sure...President Trump is trying to liberate the American producer from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY  STATE so that businesses can compete...but...the freedom-haters in Congress are unwilling to release their grip on the throat of liberty,(WSJ A-5;10-06-17).


The Republicans and President Trump promised*America the ESTATE TAX would be deleted. They were elected on that promise and the covenant to repeal Marxist OBAMA-CARE,(WSJ A-2;10-06-17).

Congress...however...balked and didn't repeal hellish OBAMA-CARE. are telling America that America isn't any longer the land of the free...but...the home of cattle and sheep able to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

Instead of repealing the estate tax...they wish to raise the exemption a tad more...but...keeping the ability of government to destroy businesses...and...entire family structures...something the freedom-haters** never will release voluntarily,(EXODUS 20:17).
*The estate tax is ENVY IN FORMAT...and...those who wish to impose such demonic tax are themselves possessed of the need to hate and envy.
**It's sinful to envy what others have and even more horrific if that envy motivates the person to steal from those that have more. The ESTATE TAX is legalized theft of what others have managed to earn and save. The estate tax is used at death when the owner not any longer can fight the wolves and demons at the door. It's Satanic and America must delete that tax. It's a moral imperative!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


"He's got a day time job...he's doing all right." Good bye Sultan of Swing. Tom Petty...God speed.


In Niger fields...where poppies blow...stand 3 crosses in a row. American dead...sent to do whatever asked...last full measure of devotion bled. Quintessence of dust...where should meets must...with the angels affirm...the tragedy the play called war...its hero: Conqueror Worm.


"It's easy for a man to say he has a great secret," quipped Big Don as he stood near a gentleman who had "caught his eye...and...warranted attention". In reaction to that assessment...the man replied, "I have...lad...I have. There will come a day at sea...when you'll smell land where they be no land...and...on that will lead America from bondage...dismantling the grip and torment of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...make America great again."

Intrigued by the soothsaying...President Trump asked, "Ship Mate...what be your name?" To which the retreating figure answers, "Elijah...they call me Elijah."


Stephen Paddock...the Las Vegas murderer...committed the most horrific crime one might imagine. The people he killed came from every walk of life...many were vacationers...attending a concert...dancing...laughing...and...never contemplating that from a 32nd story window 4 football fields away...some maniac would attempt to slaughter them.

What has many Americans worried is that America might become Beirut or Kabul...teaming with disturbed and hate-filled monsters looking to be the worst ever...something to which Paddock now claims title. stop such destruction...everyone must be more vigilant. While the friends and family of the murderer could not have been more surprised...for instance...there had to be something they overlooked...or...perhaps...even ignored...something that would have tipped them off that Stephen was about to commit the most heinous crime* of the 20th century.
*America is tasting what the Israeli Jew fears every day...what the Afghan feels every minute...and...what inner city Afro-Americans suffer 24/7.


President Trump knows about the benefit of unhampered trade among nations. Recently...following the template outlined in HUMAN ACTION...the Russians and the Chinese are opening their borders to trade...removing the hassle and hinder and permitting enterprise in every direction.


In the Persian Gulf...President Trump is deploying BOT-BOAT(tm) the remarkable remote controlled boat that can do whatever a fully manned destroyer might accomplish without the threat of life-loss. While the BOT-BOAT(tm) might get would be simply a loss of inventory without the need for body bags, American flags, tears and Taps.

Innovative...inexpensive...capable of being about anywhere at any time...and...quite ready to "rock and roll"...such the power of BOT-BOAT(tm). What attracted Big Don and got him to direct his Pentagon team to deploy BOT-BOAT(tm) was not only similar firepower but also the price tag: 100 BOT-BOATS for the price of one fully-manned destroyer.  VIVA TRUMP!


Unfettered trade between countries creates peace and prosperity for everyone. However...if the commerce were unhampered...there would be little need and very little room for the would-be master who must regulate something in order to justify the job. Hence...with the help of the MASS MEDIA...the grip of big grab government is everywhere.


Last week...American oil producers delivered crude oil for $6.80 less than BRENT price. Americans exported 1.984 million barrels per day last week. Hearing such great news about American enterprise...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said, "If we had our way with fossil fuel...we Democrats would be forcing people to use bikes, buses or go by foot. Eventually...we'll get it done and America will return to a time of tent and mule...a romantic time where people sat about camp fires singing old negro spirituals and danced till dawn."