Tuesday, October 31, 2017


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U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer declared he wanted to tax more...take more...and...reduce the producer to little more than a beast of burden, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRRsfCD1Bh0).


Unless Paul Manafort revealed his prior dealings with the Ukrainian government to Trump before he was employed to run the 2016 TRUMP CAMPAIGN...there would not be any way for Big Don to know Manafort had too much baggage to be hired. And...as President Trump said yesterday...he didn't know...but...would wait to see how the trial turns out. VIVA TRUMP!


Kellyanne Conway was asked about North Korean missiles and nukes. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "Well...I saw the thing coming out of the sky...it had one long horn and one big eye...I commenced to shaking and said oo-wee...looks like a North Korean in-bound nuclear-tipped missile to me."


At a tent-revival...the preacher asked for witnesses. Kevin Spacey stood up and began to speak, "I was with Tony Rapp...we skipped the light fandango...turned cartwheels cross the floor...I was feeling kinda seasick...but...RAPP cried out for more...his heart was humming harder...as the ceiling flew away...when we called out for another drink...Rapp told the waiter leave the tray. We did it on my bed...under the stairs...in our heads. But...I was so horny...couldn't hold back...went outside...grabbed the dog...raped and whacked."

All of a sudden...the tent grew quiet and cold...Spacey had revealed too much...though courageous and bold.

"Oops...I wouldn't have told that one," quipped the preacher to the astonished crowd.


The Democrats...the knaves who forged OBAMA-CARE...concluded there was a sufficient number of parasites and servile supplicants that as a voting bloc they'd perpetuate the enslavement OBAMA-CARE imposed. Instead of supporting such "whip and chain"...most young adults and many older people...however...chose liberation and asked Donald J. Trump to lead the march to make salt. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-17;10-31-17).


Beast of burden...the label said
young...healthy...busy...dawn till bed
They'll kneel and lick our boot
To get freebie and favor
They'll support plunder and loot.

But...they didn't do as would-be masters supposed
They refused to kneel...to worship the Emperor's newest clothes
When asked "why" not be part of the herd...leave alone liberty such a disturbing word
The Democrats were quickly told in almost every way...


OBAMA-CARE was pushed through in 2010 without one Republican vote. And...to repay the favor...the Democrats will boycott the effort to cut oppressive taxes and unshackle the producer thereby. As Senator Chuck Schumer said, "We-Democrats seek more not less grip on the throat of liberty."


Trying to end slavery by doing all that can be done might be framed as "sabotage" by the ruling elite...but...President Trump calls it LIBERATION. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-16;10-31-17).


The militant arm of HAMAS is called the IZZ al-DIN al-Qassam brigade. These men are sworn to die killing the JEW and are highly respected throughout the Middle East as the NINJA of JIHAD. Recently...the identity and whereabouts of the brigade members was handed over the President Trump by the WAR DEPT. of this BLOG so that he might dispatch THE HUNTERS to ferret out and delete. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-8;10-31-17).

Puigdemont stands forth

Instead of kneeling to the scumbag-socialists in Madrid...Puigdemont and his team of Catalan separatists stood forth and declared their region to be free from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Naturally...inside CATALAN there are pro-Madrid factions...enclaves of freedom-haters...parasites and servile supplicants who rely on the freebie and favor granted by Madrid; and these people want Spain to ravage Catalan...delete all separatists...all those who'd dare to breathe free...and...return Catalonia to the socialist toilet.


What is it called when government payments offset health insurance costs of providing out-of-pocket financial help to some low-income consumers? ANSWER: Socialism...taking from the producer and redistributing as the would-be master sees fit. And...while some idiots believe shackling the doctor will fetch better results...most Americans sense OBAMA-CARE is EVIL and must be repealed...its "whip and chain" forever eschewed as "anti-freedom",(MATTHEW 6:24).

Who? Buzz Lightyear?

Last week...speculation about who scumbag-Mueller would indict was wild and freely done...with Mike Flynn the obvious pick. However...the mystery's gone...Paul Manafort ...a/k/a...BUZZ LIGHTYEAR...was identified as the sacrificial lamb.


When Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...reduced INTEREST RATES to near-zero so he could spend $11 trillion keeping the Democrat Party afloat...he hurt almost every American who was using a bank to deposit savings. Instead of receiving 8%...the same fixed income saver was to receive 1.2%. Of course...that dramatic decrease in interest rates Obama knew would hurt people and that thought made his left leg tingle,(WSJ A-2;10-31-17).

Monday, October 30, 2017


Robert Mueller has a vested interest in ignoring the Russian Uranium-One deal. He received kickbacks from that deal...and...that connection will eventually be revealed should he not do as President Trump asks. VIVA TRUMP!


Folks...income tax deductions should be left alone...state and local taxes should be deductible as well as charitable donations. Depreciation should be expensed in the 1st year. And...not any tax should be greater than 1% of the net adjusted gross income and that might be too high for most Americans to pay.

Instead of declaring such ideas the core of liberation...the Democrats are shouting about lack of funds to pay for their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein taxes can go up but never down...a place where government controls almost every facet of life...indeed...a place where government can force people to worship whatever idol the would-be master might forge.


"You think they're just going to let you walk out of here unshackled?" asked the incredulous bystander as he watched the producer begin to make his way to the gate of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

not mask?

Asked about his sexual orientation...Anthony Rapp told his friends, "I screamed in horror," when attacked by Kevin Spacey...an admitted gay pedophile.

Chatting with his friends at a HARVEY WEINSTEIN party...this young man told the now large audience that he was 14 years old at the time and Kevin was 26 years of age.

However...just as RAPP was about to reveal the entire tryst...Harvey entered the circle...grabbed him by the ear...dragged him to the door...and...booted him to the street...shouting, "Me and Kevin are pals...so shut your mouth."


BUSH-CHENEY were directed to embroil America in perpetual war so that there would always be a need for the industrial-military complex. And...these two jerks accommodated* these wizards and in 2017 America is in perpetual war. To his esteemed credit...though...President Trump is extricating America as fast as possible from this MIASMA....killing as many terrorists and America-haters as possible on the way out of town. VIVA TRUMP!
*Recently...in this perpetual war another anecdote was fashioned: 4 Americans were ambushed while on a patrol that was destined to be attacked. As Secretary of Defense Mattis pointed out, "Before those Americans went on that fateful patrol...the entire nation of Niger knew where those 4 Americans were and what they did not have in the way of protection." 

Whitefish dropped

Whitefish had a $300 million contract to repair downed power lines in Puerto Rico...putting back what was there before...wasting $300 million since the next storm will take out whatever is not put underground...a more expensive way to deliver electricity but in a storm-prone area...underground utilities are best. Yes...America will spend $100 billion putting in such things for the socialists of Puerto Rico...but...when it's other people's money...who's counting, eh?


Whatever terrain WAR-BOT(tm) will traverse it is designed to accomplish that feat when performing its mission. If the area be desert...for instance...then...the bots are equipped to run across loose sand...leap rocks...and...dig itself into cover...and...do all that while firing its weaponry throughout.


Eventually...if Robert Mueller is not some kind of puppet...he'll find the evidence which demonstrates more likely than not Hillary Clinton...during her tenure as Secretary of State...operated a sophisticated "pay-to-play" scheme. The emails she destroyed...or...thought she destroyed...were encrypted dialogue about that scheme. So careful was Hillary that she thought by destroying the emails...any effort to break the encrypted messages would be thwarted as well.


When Kellyanne Conway was asked about Hillary Clinton using pseudonyms to hide her criminal enterprise...she grabbed her IVANKA FACE KIT...did some primping...and...then replied, "Her name was McGill...she called herself LILL...but...everyone knew her as Nancy."

Bill Nelson's commentary

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D. FL) said he knew Hillary Clinton had committed serious criminal acts but he didn't care because she was Democrat. Asked about Manafort...Nelson replied, "He took money the same way Hillary did...but...he is not Democrat so he can't commit such felonies."

OUCH...she bit me

Hillary-the-hag committed every crime that PAUL MANAFORT committed...yet...she has not been indicted. The difference between Clinton and Manafort is that Clinton has "dirt" on Special Counsel Mueller who was informed if he "bites Clinton"...Hillary will "bite back".


In the WSJ (B-1;10-30-17)...WAR-BOT(tm) is featured. While it was top secret just yesterday...now...it's old news...everyone knows.

According to Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, "Had WAR-BOT(tm) been used in Niger...those 4 Americans would still be alive."

But...Trump-haters in the chain-of-command didn't dispatch WAR-BOT(tm) knowing such failure would result in the loss of American soldiers...something the Trump-haters wanted.


HILLARY CLINTON was doing the same things Paul Manafort was doing but she has so far escaped condemnation and prosecution whereas Manafort has not. Might this unequal application of the law be Robert Mueller's own undoing. As U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was overheard saying: "Eventually...Mueller will be tracked down and deleted by some patriot wishing to eliminate scumbags from government."


If Paul Manafort is being prosecuted for criminal misconduct...then...HILLARY CLINTON and all her scurvy crew should also be prosecuted. The crimes committed by Clinton were covered-up by James "stooge" Comey while he was FBI Director. Despite such cover-up...however...there might be witnesses willing to come forward and reveal what they know about Hillary-the-hag.

Manafort arrested

Paul Manafort was told to stay away from Donald J. Trump. Of course...Manafort didn't heed the warning and was arrested by "scumbag" Mueller for crimes few can imagine. What has most people concerned...though...is "how" scumbag-Mueller ignored all the racketeering and "pay-to-play" stuff perpetrated by TEAM CLINTON. Why ignore obvious criminal misconduct unless the agenda is something other than what has been portrayed in the MASS MEDIA?


Robert C. Pozen. Ever heard the name? He's a senior lecturer at MIT. When asked about liberation of America from the grip of big grab government...he chuckled and replied, "I want America enslaved. Myself and many others like me will be the ruling elite...directing from cradle to grave. We will be as if gods. It makes my left leg tingle."(WSJ A-17;10-30-17).

Sunday, October 29, 2017


President Trump granted the WAR DEPT. of this BLOG a contract to deploy WAR-BOT(tm) along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. With $2 billion to spend...WAR-BOT(tm) was dispatched to that area...the satellites erected...and...100,000 gamers on-line marched to patrol the border...and...blow away anything and anyone who didn't show their hands and what they were carrying in the bag or on the back of the camel. Within a fortnight the entire Taliban supply line was disrupted...their staging areas along the border abandoned...and...Taliban as some kind of movement defeated. VIVA TRUMP!

buy the island

Why not buy the island of Puerto Rico? Give the $36 billion in reconstruction aid to its inhabitants...declare the island some kind of monument to socialism...and...walk away? If the island were left as some kind of open range...where anyone could come and attempt to conduct business or reside there...that island in a few years would be the Hong Kong of the Caribbean. Why pedants are in charge of this decision to buy or rebuild is a question Big Don is about to answer. VIVA TRUMP!


On 10-29-16*...the voters chose to send this BLOG on one more mission...to defeat Hillary-the-hag and save America. And...even though Hillary grabbed more votes due to the socialist bent of New York and California...nonetheless...Big Don was victorious. VIVA TRUMP!

ATTENTION. This is your captain speaking. Let me show you something. Here we see Hillary and Bill selling political influence and when caught they screw with truth and justice. If you vote "yes"...and...give this BLOG one more mission...we will expose this situation. Hurry and vote. Awaiting your decision. [adapted from RIDERS OF THE STORM, Dennis Hopper and Michael Pollack].


When the Spanish Inquisition began few knew what horror would come from such an effort. Might Special Counsel Mueller...in exchange for himself being overlooked...do the bidding of President Trump and cleanse the Temple?(MARK 11:15).


What if President Trump is using Robert Mueller for his own purpose? What if Mueller has been informed his own head in on the chopping block as well as the others should he not do Big Don's bidding. What if the stage is being set for a massive prosecution of Obama, Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Rod Rothstein, Chuck Schumer, Sherrrod Brown, Dick Durbin and Elizabeth Warren? VIVA TRUMP!

`"opposition research"

Dismissed as little more than "opposition research"...the Democrats don't care who paid for the content of the DIRTY DOSSIER. Indeed...they don't care who created data for the DOSSIER. Because it was anti-TRUMP it was useful during the 2016 presidential campaign.

According to JOHN PODESTA...TEAM CLINTON campaign manager...he counted on that DOSSIER to be the final bomb that would bunker-bust TEAM TRUMP.

Now that TRUMP defeated Hillary...though...the bridges to the DOSSIER must be burned. Such is "why" the Pakistani IT dude who worked for the Democratic National Committee left town so quickly with the laptop of Debbie Wasserman Schutlz...one of the conspirators in the DOSSIER'S preparation and dissemination. He took it as protection against assassination* figuring Schultz's goon squad would not do a "VINCE FOSTER" on him while he had possession of that laptop.

When apprehended...however...in exchange for leniency...this Pakistani gave up Shultz, Clinton, Podesta, Comey and Obama. Governor Chris Christie...a former federal prosecutor...when he heard how the Pakistani was singing...laughed and said, "The Democrats are going to get what they've been giving...and...what a sour puss look they're going to have."
*Before Vince Foster could confess and reveal the criminal wrongdoing of the Clinton Administration...he was assassinated.

Manu Raju scoop

Manu Raju...a Capitol Hill reporter...at the right place and time...gathered a news story so big he didn't know how to pass it on. He heard Jessica Valenti had squatted on the bed of Oliver Darcy and urinated...attempting to copy-cat what Michelle Obama did to Madonna's bed. With such bubbling data...RAJU struggled to find the right way to tell the world. It was the scoop everyone needed to hear to draw attention* away from the DIRTY DOSSIER.
*Hillary-the-hag paid Chris Steele to produce a 35 page "slam-book" on Big Don during the 2016 presidential campaign...a payment she denied.


Seated...stuffed...and...pompous...CARL BERNSTEIN told the world he didn't care if Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid for a "dirty dossier"...and...then LIED about it.

BERNSTEIN wanted the Special Counsel appointed to attack President Trump to ignore such obvious racketeering on the part of TEAM CLINTON and others in the U.S. Injustice Dept. and at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Because of his hatred of Trump...CARL didn't want the MASS MEDIA to be side-tracked in chasing real criminal misconduct.

No...not CARL BERNSTEIN....this advocate of truth, justice and the American way. He wanted Mueller to continue chasing TRUMP and never examine real criminal misconduct on the part of the Democrats.

U.S.Rep. Jim McGovern

U.S.Rep. Jim McGovern...a devout Democrat with a hatred of liberty second to none... was cornered by a cub reporter whose question forced this aloof scumbag to stop...and...turn around: "If the tax cut does not cut enough for whomever you find wanting...then...why not enlarge the tax cut to include those beleaguered folks you envision getting whacked by the new income tax?"

U.S.Rep. McGovern was caught. He'd stood on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and demanded that very thing...except...he was a ZERO-SUM GUY...one person's gain had to be another person's loss...and...to make it "fair" he wanted to grab the wealth of the producer and pass it out to those constituents whose lives would be made better if only their entitlement were increased or their tax bill lessened.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. This tax cut bill along with the repeal of the estate tax are two things that will tell the world if Americans are able to escape the grip of big grab government and breathe free once more. If Rep. Jim McGovern has his way...however...America will continue into the socialist toilet. Let's hope Big Don completes his march to make salt. VIVA TRUMP!
MARCH TO MAKE SALT: Gandhi loosed the Britain's grip on India  by such a march to make salt.

socialist toilet bowl

Puerto Rico...before Irma and Marie struck...was already a dilapidated socialist toilet...inhabited by parasites, servile supplicants and a ruling elite whose mission statement to keep the herd quiet...the freebies flowing...and...their power intact. To avoid MASS MEDIA attack...President Trump dispatched an army to rebuild that island...new roads...underground utilities...new sewers and water mains...along with stainless steel microwave ovens and marble floors in every home.

Pushing for such expenditure...U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, (D.OH) asserted, "I want President Trump to drain America of all its wealth...take away all that can be taken...and...give it to Puerto Rico. By such take-away...Puerto Rico will be a socialist jewel...something to which Americans can point and brag to the world that they...too...have shackled the producer. "


In the movie, ROOTS...Lorene Green beats the hero until he admits his name is "Toby". Might the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE use OBAMA-CARE as the whip...beating people until they submit and obey?

As U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D. NY) is so fond of saying, "OBAMA-CARE replaced liberty with socialist freedom-to-obey. I can force people to buy health insurance. I can decide who gets good medical care and who receives what government can provide. I control the life and death of people and it makes my left leg tingle."


As commander-in-chief...President Trump told his underlings to revamp their mission statement to include WAR-BOT(tm). Instead of sending personnel...robots would be dispatched.

Indeed...that Niger ambush in which La David Johnson was killed could have been avoided. The enemy would never attack robots since the outcome would be their slaughter.

As one ambusher said when asked if he'd attack a robot, "It's worthless to scream ALLAHU AKBAR at a bucket of bolts."


WHY NOT WAR-BOT(tm)? "Why wasn't WAR-BOT(tm) dispatched? Such questions bounced around inside Big Don's dome as he reviewed the tragic consequences of the Niger ambush wherein 4 Americans were killed including La David Johnson.

The American military could have sent WAR-BOT(tm) as overhead protection for the reconnoitering team. However...someone in the chain of command wanted something to go wrong...wanted a mess...wanted to hurt President Trump and knew the MASS MEDIA was just waiting for some "meat". So they sent that team out without overhead protection...knowing...ambush afoot.


As slaves toiled in fields...the would-be master told the envious mob their health insurance was free...they would not have to pay for their health care...the slaves would toil...produce the wealth required...and...all the freebie recipient had to do was vote for those who promise more not less freebie and favor.

As for the slaves...they're managed in the same way farmers care for and cull the herd.

Somehow...producers...enslaved and beleaguered...are expected to remain silent...obedient...and...never seek escape from the grip of big grab government. And...it might have stayed that way...but for the advent of Donald J. Trump...a/k/a...the liberator. VIVA TRUMP!


"Hey...Bill Miller...heads up!" China has breached quantum computer technology and such computing power can break into any crypto-currency(think bitcoin) in a micro-second. Because of this computing power aspect...bitcoin won't have an existence past the introduction of quantum computing to the world. Indeed...the dumping of bitcoin will be tremendous when bitcoin-owners find hackers stealing them whenever they desire. Unlike gold or silver...bitcoin can be hacked,(WSJ B-5;10-29-17).


In the movie, SPONGE BOB...Sponge Bob sees a free ice cream sign and a lady in a booth offering the cream and cone. "Free ice cream," chants the lady and Sponge Bob...hearing the call of the Sirens...so to speak...goes over...grabs the cream and cone only to find its not what it seems but a monster who uses ice cream to lure prey.

Mention is made of this metaphor since the SAME MONSTER is offering "free health insurance" to anyone who makes less than $36,000 per year. All the victim need do is grab it,(WSJ A-3;10-28-17). "It's just the idea of something free being really appealing," said NATE PURPURA, a vice president of eHealth.com adding "Once they're signed up...we can make them worship whatever idol we might forge. We consume them and they become servile supplicants sporting "parasite" as moniker."

Laughing about how servile people become...Wendy Curran, a spokeswoman for Blue Shield of Wyoming, injected, "We hope young people will say: Well yeah, if it's not going to cost me anything, sure. Once they're caught in the "free system"...they can be told what to do and when to do it. We essentially eat them and spit out "molded minds".

Florida Gators?

In Jacksonville...the Florida Gators faced off against the Georgia Bull Dogs. The Gators were said to be favored by pundits on social media and the Gator football team joined in on the declaration.

Following such parade...the mighty Gators arrived...took the field...and...before they could get started...one of the offensive lineman moved too soon and the Gators started their "pounding of George" 1st and 15...a predicament...unfortunately...the Gators were to suffer all day.

Undaunted...however...the Gators proceeded to inflict devastation on the Bull Dogs...pushing and shoving them just as they had forecast on social media. Yet...by the end...the Bull Dogs had them 42 to 7...a score they will have to discuss on social media until next year.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff(D. Ca) recently admitted he knew the FUSION GPS-CHRIS STEELE "dirty dossier" was a FALSE COMPILATION...an aggregate of fake stories...all designed to grab the attention and interest of anyone who hated Donald J. Trump.

Because he thought himself safe to say...Schiff acknowledged he pretended to believe the DOSSIER was true...yet...nevertheless...used it to demand TRUMP be impeached. Such wrongful conduct would warrant Schiff's instant resignation if he were Republican. But...because he's a scumbag-Democrat...his LYING...his NASTY ATTITUDE...are welcomed and labeled laudable.


As it flew across the marsh...10,000 bullets fired...each from a hunter's gun...each trying to bring down target...each trying until feat be done. Will the KURDS stand forth and fight for whatever land they wish? Indeed...it was proven the PESHMERGA could wipe out the Iraqi forces in a fortnight and take Baghdad id they desired. Yet...the KURDS are not fighting for this land they shed blood to grab. The world wonders "why".(WSJ A-8;10-28-17).


"You could tell the job was done by amateurs...they didn't know where to place the car bomb," quipped Tawfiq Aub Naeem...head of security for Hamas...as he brushed himself off...his car a smoldering wreck. His death would have scuttled the negotiations between Mahmoud Abbas...President of the Palestinian Authority...and...HAMAS...the militia-government-hooligan team which inhabits the GAZA STIP. Because he escaped death...it's likely HAMAS and FATAH will join to eradicate the JEW. Allahu Akbar, eh boys?(WSJ A-8;10-28-17)

more confirmation, eh?

As soon as it was announced that 4 Americans were killed in Niger on a so-called reconnoitering mission...this BLOG declared that unfortunate team lacked proper overhead air cover including armed drones. And...of course...this BLOG'S assessment was correct. The mission lacked armed drone air sport. Why WAR-BOT(tm) was left behind few can answer. It might very well be that these 4 Americans were sacrificed for some ulterior purpose still to be revealed,(WSJ A-1;10-28-17).


According to United Nation analysts...this BLOG led the fight for independence of Catalonia from Spain. Using its vast resources and funds...this BLOG paid anyone who wanted to help and independence has come. VIVA CATALAN!(WSJ A-1;10-28-17).


The Keynesian economists proclaimed it'd take years to recover from hurricanes. Of course...they were using their idiotic theories to make such forecast. In contrast...this BLOG said recovery would not be slow...because of President Trump...devastated areas would blossom and glow. And...of course...this BLOG was correct,(WSJ A-1;10-28-17).

Friday, October 27, 2017


Expanding the reach of this BLOG was helped mightily by TWITTER. When TWITTER refused to carry Russian advertising...the editorial staff of this BLOG reached out to every Russian on the planet and invited them to use the platform as they saw fit.. Instantly...President Putin was contacted and invited to examine the platform and discover the reach of what most intellectuals claim is the BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to 21st century concept and portrayal. Because there is not any charge to advertise on this BLOG...the Russians are excited about such exposure ,( 1 billion unique access points per day).

Joan Rivers dead

Within 72 hours of Joan Rivers revealing OBAMA was some creep and Michelle once a guy...she was dead. A "mechanic" was called to delete and Joan was gone. Such power in Washington D.C is legendary. That Obama would deploy REMO WILLIAMS stuff might startle some readers...but...many know a "snuff order" was "obviously" given.


Ari Melber...a MSNBC hack...instead of piling on Hillary and her team...stood forth and blamed President Trump for all woes of America including colluding with Russians to defeat Hillary in the 2016 election. When cornered about the latest revelation that Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz were paying Russians to deliver nasty stuff on Donald J. Trump...Melber stepped back and replied, "They're my friends...and...I won't desert them even if they were racketeering and endangering America's national security."


U.S.Rep. Claudia Tenney(R.NY) said she was going to delete the estate tax. It was double taxation. She did not...however...tell the world it was Satanic and based on envy,(EXODUS 20:17).


The Chinese have the fastest computer chip...far surpassing what American computer wonks have been able to make. The technology is so advanced many suspect the Chinese may have unlocked one of the tombs in which such things were stored. However acquired...the Chinese...led by President Xi Jinping...a/k/a...XI DADA...are offering the world incredible computing power* at a price only the Chinese in their magnanimity could offer. VIVA XI!
*Of course...protectionists in America are demanding the American military not use Chinese chips for fear there might be some Trojan Horse hidden somewhere therein...a mole so to speak...something that could be used to disable whatever weapon or system that relied on such Chinese computer chips.


How did Donald J. Trump, Jr. come to meet with Natalia? What was it that enabled that guided-missile to strike its target?

Recently...it was discovered Natalia was connected to FUSION GPS...the "hit-squad" Hillary-the-hag hired to undermine the TRUMP CAMPAIGN. To avoid indictment...GPS leader Glenn Simpson has admitted he and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz collaborated to publish as much filth and dirt on Big Don as possible. All that had to be done was find out who Donald Trump Jr.'s friends were...and...slowly reel in the target.

Who left town?

Because he was informed by a mole inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) that the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER was about to be connected to Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee...a Pakistani IT dude destroyed several hard drives...grabbed his suitcase along with Schultz's laptop...and...headed for the airport. Naturally...he was apprehended before he could make his escape. And...in exchange for his freedom...this Pakistani said he would tell the world about how Hillary tried to use Russian influence to defeat Donald J. Trump.


Catalonians...almost 99% of them...wish to become their own nation-state eliminating thereby the siphon socialist-Spain has on their wealth. Of course...the parasitic Spanish are miffed. "How dare the slaves attempt escape from the merciless clutches of big grab government!" shouted Rajoy from his Madrid palace.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ari Melber slapped

After Ari Melber...a MSNBC scumbag...left the studio...he was approached by a Trump-supporter and slapped across his face.

"How dare you besmirch President Trump with your lies and innuendo," the assailant asserted.

"I can lie as much as I want...skew facts any way I wish...and...your bellicose attitude is some proof I am killing off Big Don...someone I envy and hence hate," dripped scumbag Melber as he massaged the red stain on his cheek.

AFTER 53 years?

After 53 years...the CIA and the FBI...two of the least credible agencies...succeeded in keeping some of the President Kennedy assassination data from the American public...telling the world they needed 180 more days to examine the "most sensitive data"...and...redact those parts that expose government complicity in the plot to put Johnson in the White House and give a war to the industrial-military complex. As White House Chief of Staff Jim Kelly noted, "Can't show America what big grab government is still doing, now can they?"


Inside the Republican Party are moles...disguised Democrats...freedom-haters...whose mission to obstruct escape from the grip of big grab government...its yoke and choke agenda backed by NANNY STATE "spank and diaper check".

Might Corker and Collins be such masquerading Democrats? Perhaps these would-be masters can stop tax cuts...stop repeal of the Marxist estate tax...but...there is so much momentum for liberation...their reluctance to assist in the removal of the shackle might very well be overcome by their own patriotic passion.


Even though Hillary-the-hag was caught paying for smear and spear...receiving Russian data...and...using that information to kill Big Don's chance for election...nevertheless...James Clapper...former director of the National Security Agency...declared the content of the now-infamous CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER to be corroborated and verified and little in those 35 pages was found to be false. When Clapper was informed 100% of all data therein was concocted...he chuckled and declared, "Hey...my job description at NSA didn't include "reason or logic".

acid-rain hoax

During the 1980s and early 1990s...the big scare was ACID RAIN. Eventually...the concept of ACID RAIN was examined. It was discovered the entire matter was all quack-science and MASS MEDIA hype. There was not any such thing as ACID RAIN as such was portrayed by so-called "consensus-scientists"...highly paid idiots who traded their integrity for a bigger pay check. Yet...even though ACID RAIN was NONSENSE...nevertheless...until it was debunked...that crack-pot theory enjoyed wide-spread acceptance,(WSJ A-17;10-26-17).


While the official explanation is single shooter as the assassin of President Kennedy...most Americans...who know anything about bullets...KNOW the shooter who fired the fatal bullet was shooting from the frontal area...not from behind from a Book Store window. The head movement of Kennedy when that bullet struck demonstrated a frontal entry wound and a massive exist wound. The fatal frontal-bullet was an exploding bullet successfully designed to obliterate Kennedy.

Clapper snapper

"Missing some fingers, are you?" asked President Trump when he saw MSNBC Chris Matthews pulling back a nub where Clapper-touching fingers* once found. Reeling in pain and embarrassment, Matthews admitted he never should have believed a scumbag such as Clapper but went along with the theme song bubbling forth from the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER because it was an attack on TRUMP...a person Matthews envied and thus hated.
*James Clapper admitted he had examined the Steele dossier and found much of the content in those 35 pages to be credible with some corroboration as to every aspect. Yet...when confronted with the LIE embedded in the "dirty-dossier"...Clapper chuckled and replied, "So what. As long as most Americans believed it...what care I as to its truth."


Baghdad is determined to assert its authority over formerly Iraqi land conquered by Kurds when Islamic State was driven away. Instead of telling the Iraqis to stay out of Kirkuk...for example...they permitted the al-Abadi forces to retake land Islamic State had taken from the Iraqis in 2014. Had the Kurds refused entrance into those areas...however...they would...now...be calling the entire area KURDISTAN...and...the world would have recognized and acknowledged such nation-state.

Nowadays...though...with President Trump refusing to support the Kurds and their newest acquisition...it might very well be the Kurds are pushed back into the meager surroundings of Kurdistan...leaving them to be harassed by Shiite militias which will undoubtedly remain in the region and be a threat to peace. Indeed...Qais al Khazali, the head of a huge Shiite militia, told a cub reporter that the 5,200 American troops in Iraq should get ready for immediate departure. An announcement which portended American loss.

Marc Elias

Perkins Coie...a well-known law firm...to pay overhead...inveigled itself in a clandestine scheme wherein Russia would be given a route to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Debbie and Hillary weren't taking any chances. If a "dirt-dossier" using Russian contacts could be produced and published...it might just sway enough voters to deliver the 2016 election to Clinton. Hence...the Democratic National Committee through Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Clinton Campaign through John Podesta delivered big bucks to MACR ELIAS...a lawyer with Perkins Coie...and...in return...the CHRIS STEELE "dirt dossier" was created and delivered to the Democrats who took pleasure in reciting its sordid details.

Indeed...U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters said when she read those 35 pages...her left leg began to tingle and she almost experienced orgasm,(WSJ A-5;10-26-17).


Rebecca Bellhaus not only told a friend she knew Hillary-the-hag conducted a pay-to-play scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State...but also...meticulously described how Hillary had engineered a payment of $145 million to the Clinton Family Foundation and delivered 20% of America's uranium to Russia. Yet...after describing such racketeering...Bellhaus sighed and added, "Even though President Trump had nothing to do with Russia in 2016...nonetheless...I am duty-bound to LIE and say he did...and...ignore the real collusion story involving Clinton and Obama."

Canbridge Analytica and Nix

Alexander Nix asked Julian Assange if WikiLeaks needed some help finding Hillary's missing emails, all 35,000 of them. Julian declined the offer to find and publish those emails...emails Hillary-the-hag paid handsomely to have deleted. At the time Nix approached WikiLeaks...Julian was already deciding how to reveal the emails. Indeed...Julian turned down Nix's offer because he already had the incriminating emails and there was not any reason to cut Nix in on the treasure trove,(WSJ A-5;10-26-17).

leg pain?

Dr. Scott Gottlieb does not have neck, back or leg pain. Those people...though...who do suffer from such things will have to tolerate it and not receive opiate pain-relief. While there may be an epidemic when it comes to opiate consumption...those people who need such drug-given relief should not have to fear Gottlieb's preference. Yet...today...as head honcho at the Food and Drug Administration(FDA)...Gottlieb told those suffering pain he wasn't about to grant them opiate-relief.


According to Federal Judge Vince Chhabria...Obama violated the law when he gave health insurance companies funds to off-set their losses incurred by attempting to honor their contract with Uncle Sugar to deliver health insurance no matter what the pre-existing condition,(WSJ A-4;10-26-17). The government payments reimbursed insurers for providing subsidies to some low-income consumers for out-of-pocket expenses, including deductibles and co-pays. Under OBAMA-CARE...the insurers are required to cover such cost-sharing subsidies and about 7 million people who buy health insurance plans on the OBAMA-CARE exchanges get them,(WSJ A-4;10-26-17).

liberator extraordinaire

Federal Communications Commission chairman, AJIT PAI announced to the world that he had ended American obstruction to 21st Century media publication in all forms and formats. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-1;10-26-17).

take it outside, boys

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told President Trump and the Tehran mullahs if they wished to fight...take the battle elsewhere...leave Iraq in peace. While Big Don plans to leave Abadi-the-socialist and Barzani-the-Kurd fighting over Kirkuk and whatever else they find needful...the Iranians won't stop until Iraq is part of their Shiite* caliphate.
* And it's this FINAL SOLUTION that Tehran envisions: "Eradication of the infidel and apostate."

Generals agreed

President Trump backed his generals about their decision to send American warriors into a danger zone in Niger without air cover or WAR-BOT(tm). Even though Big Don would have used WAR-BOT(tm) technology to conduct that reconnoitering patrol 50 miles from headquarters...someone in the chain-of-command thought different.

In the movie, AVATAR there are scenes where huge battle tank-walking machines are used to confront the natives. Such equipment was left behind at headquarters in Niger. The generals know somewhere down the line...somewhere in the chain-of-command...there was a decision made to send American warriors into a danger zone without the proper equipment to fend off ambush...the very thing WAR-BOT(tm) was designed to thwart. Due to "in-house" protocol...though...the culprit won't be identified just moved to a Nome, Alaska radar station.


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the latest imbroglio involving uranium, Russians, Hillary and Obama. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "In the movie, V for Vendetta...the Inspector asks his comrade, "If the government were responsible for killing 80,000 people...would you really want to know?" And...if Hillary and Obama were involved in treason...would you really want to know?"


If taxes are cut...Uncle Sugar will have to spend less to make up for the shortfall...or...print more colored paper money...the former being idiotic...the latter being legalized theft. At some point...however...based on logic and reason...the size of the free lunch and wagon ride entitlement program will have to be reduced...delivering less to the parasites and servile supplicants than before...a politically hazardous thing to do when the majority of the voters are RIDERS.

Yet...if America is to be liberated from the ruthless clutches of big grab government...taxes must be cut and cut significantly with the elimination of the estate tax as its most important provision. Should this march* to make salt be successful...America will become so prosperous that Big Don will have a statue erected...a statue standing 10,000 feet high...gesturing to the universe...and...declaring:
                                                THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH!
                                                                 VIVA TRUMP!
*Gandhi led India out of bondage with his march to make salt.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


By this BLOG...President Trump was invited to follow a template for transcendence: put Robert Mueller in the position of Special Counsel. Then...fan a Trump-Russian connection...something that is completely untrue. When the MASS MEDIA bites and begins to chew...then...switch the focus to Hillary-the-hag and the Uranium One scandal of 2009-2010. Because Bob Mueller was involved in that scandal...he'll have to do whatever Trump says in order to escape destruction.  Thank you, Big Don for finding enough worth in the template as offered that it would be used so deftly. VIVA TRUMP!

done dirt cheap?

Hillary-the-hag was overheard singing "dirty deeds done dirt cheap" after she got off the phone with Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. While the eavesdropper didn't connect the dots in 2016...it has now become clear in October of 2017 that after she was informed Chris Steele was paid to create a dirty-dossier on Trump...her jubilance was so dramatic...she couldn't help but sing such a trademark song.


"...you were my thrill...ah...yeah...on Blue Berry Hill." God speed, Fats.
*Fats Domino 1929 to 2017


The first time President Trump saw U.S. Senator Jeff Flake,(R.Az)...Big Don concluded he must be a Democrat. When Flake's party affiliation was made known...however...President Trump approached and asked Jeff to support a massive tax cut...eliminating the grip of big grab government...deleting the vast power of the Internal Revenue Service...and...essentially dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. As if someone had poured scalding hot water in his lap...Flake quaked...leaped to his feet...and...told President Trump he'd never permit his beloved CAGE to be dismantled. Not ever!


Hillary-the-hag and her scurvy crew of miscreants and scumbags have finally been caught. Using data provided by this BLOG...Congressional Republicans are asking questions. They are finally looking into the Clinton Family Foundation and that Russian uranium deal...a transaction which fetched $145 million for the Clinton group.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


This BLOG has been telling the world the uranium deal was a criminal conspiracy and that in the end TEAM OBAMA and all the henchmen and stooges thereof...Mueller...Eric the Holder, Comey...Clinton...Obama...Podesta...Dick Durbin...Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren...they'd all be found to be involved and could be indicted in a conspiracy trial [18 U.S.C.Sec. 846].

Manafort and Podesta

John Podesta and Paul Manafort colluded with Russians to deliver 20% of America's uranium supply to a Russian company. Around the same time...the Clinton Family Foundation received over $100 million from various sources...all traceable to that uranium deal. If anyone else had been involved in such a criminal enterprise...they'd be prosecuted. However...because it involves Clinton...the MASS MEDIA will do all it can to ignore the criminality and the sensational aspect such drama portends.

Dr. Kelli Ward

Replacing U.S. Senator Jeff Flake(R.Az) will be Dr. Kelli Ward...a lady whose mission to deliver Arizona out the clutches of the 20th Century NANNY STATE. President Trump was excited when he heard Jeff wasn't seeking re-election in 2018. That announcement opened the door for Kelli Ward.

Glenn Simpson ribbon

FUSION GPS attempted to stop Congress from examining who paid for that anti-TRUMP dossier...a slam-book prepared by a British spook-Chris Steele, et al.

Because of the reach of this BLOG...however...it will be revealed that payment for that attack came from TEAM OBAMA...through several sources including the FBI. It will also be revealed that it was prepared to be used to hurt Trump at the most propitious moment...a game-changing revelation...something the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA could pound upon 24/7...demanding TRUMP drop out of the presidential race.

And above all else...it will be revealed that the Russians were directing the Trump-haters as if puppets.

Hillary's voice stress

Using voice stress technology...Hillary's recent denial of collusion with the Russians to buy uranium and line her pockets with $145 million was examined. The "never-wrong" result showed Hillary was very worried about the investigation since her clout inside the FBI and at the U.S. Injustice Dept. were gone and the likelihood of her prosecution for malfeasance and racketeering quite real.


Dr. Benjamin of Vero Beach, Florida is not guilty and will be exonerated eventually. While reviewing the charges and attendant fact and factor would satisfy the prurient interests of most voyeurs...it would also serve to assist the would-be juror when the time comes to decide guilt.

Take for example the robbery by sudden snatching allegation. Dr. Benjamin observed a SPY using his cellphone to violate Florida law via unauthorized recording. Benjamin asked the SPY for the phone. The SPY showed him the phone...and...acted like he was delivering the cellphone for inspection. Dr. Benjamin put the phone into a container to defeat the eavesdropping.
 At best there is trespass to personal property...a 2nd degree misdemeanor.

As for the allegations of fentanyl and its sale, Dr. Benjamin is lawfully permitted to subscribe fentanyl. If the patient is deceptive and this SPY...masquerading as a patient...surely was deceptive...then...it's possible that Dr. Benjamin might have erred when he gave fentanyl to someone who was pretending to be in severe...nauseating pain...grab-the-stomach kind of pain...push around sort of pain.



U.S. Senator Jeff Flake,(R.Az) said he'd not run for re-election in 2018. His announcement opened the door for a freedom-lover to step forward and tell his brethren he'll go to Washington and dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE...not be some wish-washy "me-too" voice as has been ole Jeffrey Flake.


U.S. Senator Bob Corker(R.TN) told President Trump he'd oppose any attempt to dismantle his beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE...a place wherein people can be forced to buy whatever the would-be master decrees...a place where people are attacked at death...their estates plundered...indeed...a place where such scumbags as Senator Corker can tell the world he won't permit liberation of the producer.


If America were to eliminate the progressive income tax and the estate tax and most of its regulations and trade barriers...America would be the richest country on Earth. It would attract everyone trying to be rich...everyone whose future their own...and...virtually all liquid capital on the planet. Yes...folks...President Trump could do as much...but...the Republican majority in Congress is too timid and too short-sighted to sense the incredible prosperity which awaits those who are brave enough to dismantle* the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. VIVA TRUMP!
*Inside the CAGE...the would-be master with envious mob can force people to buy health insurance...to pay for those who can't afford to pay for their own insurance coverage. Instead of insulating the producer from the grip of the parasite...the Democrats and the complicit MASS MEDIA want government to grow even more.


U.S. Senator Jeff Flake(R.Az) told a cub reporter he wasn't going to seek re-election in 2019. Until then...until he departed the Senate...however...he would obstruct any effort on the part of President Trump to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein the would-be master can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

what kind?

Eventually...if Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) has her way about single-payer medical services...most people...when sick...will be forced to use ONOCARE...pronounced: "OH-NO-CARE!" Ask the vets about their ONOCARE and you'll sense the wonder of such a system.


Keynesian economists were surprised that the predicted-by-this-BLOG comeback for those areas struck by Hurricane Harvey and Irma manifested in the manner and in the time frame this BLOG forecast. Instead of acknowledging the power of this BLOG...though...they simply told the world they were surprised since their computer models predicted a 5 year come-back period.


In Niger...whose decision was it to go 50 miles from headquarters without overhead air support? And...what possible use could American military personnel be on a run-of-the-mill reconnoitering operation?

As U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) noted, "Such questions mean something else was afoot in Niger on that fateful day when La David Johnson and 3 other Americans were killed in a well-planned ambush. And because that kill-box was prepared for that contemplated mission...someone inside TEAM TRUMP must have given the coordinates for that ambush to be carried out."


Steve Bannon lacks cannon to bring down walls of hate. He knows envy consumes the unwashed masses...destruction of liberty somehow America's fate.


Sailor Jack and his trusted dog-Bingo were appalled when they observed little Billy eating his Cracker Jacks...and...then...discovering a crummy piece of paper instead of the PRIZE traditionally found in that package. Billy tore that paper apart and began to cry. Sailor Jack and Bingo asked the world: give it another try.

Berkowitz knows Sam

Peter Berkowitz told a cub reporter he knew Sam but not the son. Without pause...Peter outlined claim and cause...exposing misdeed...and...prosecution left undone,(WSJ A-17;10-24-17).

Take for instance Robert Mueller and James Comey...two stooges...henchmen, so to speak...personnel who would slit their own mother's throat to advance cause. These two miscreants can be linked to the Russian-Uranium deal...a deal from which the Clinton Family reaped at least $145 million...a deal about which both Comey and Mueller knew. Instead of whistle-blowing...however...something they were duty-bound to do...they remained "silent"...knowing they could either sound the alarm...or...keep quiet and profit mightily.


Robert Mueller was involved* in the RSUSIAN-URANIUM DEAL and will be slowly drawn into the conspiracy until only President Trump can save him from oblivion. At that time...Big Don will find Special Counsel Mueller not only quite conciliatory...but also...will observe Mueller coming forward and announcing to the world President Trump was free of not any wrongdoing.
*In 2015 and 2016...this BLOG was the only international news outlet that connected Obama to the Russian uranium scandal.

MIKE CARROLL: ignorant hence dangerous

In Tuscolo, Illinois resides Mike Carroll. He's ignorant and hence dangerous. He would support plundering the storeroom of the decedent through an estate tax...a tax levied at death on the wealth the decedent managed to save; wealth that represents both the vast numbers of people who benefited from the decedent...and...the privation the decedent self-imposed so that his heirs might have a nest-egg...a fund from which to draw sustenance and power...a source for new things to be done...things the decedent could only imagine but would never observe,(WSJ A-16;10-24-17).

You see...the decedent was able to sell widgets and each sale delivered to the buyer more than the buyer gave for the widget. Hence...over the decades...the seller was able to save some of the profit...some of that representation of benefit bestowed on others...and...at the death of the seller...the content of that storeroom was an open and obvious measure of such overall benefit delivered over the years to the consuming public.

Mike Carroll envies such tenacity...such persistence...such enterprise...and...wants to hurt such producers...to make them understand they can't ever have a dream that requires big bucks because Mike and his fellow travelers of envy won't ever permit such future.

Mike is a worm...he wants a law...an estate tax...a way...so to speak...to take away that future and leave only what won't make Mike mad.

"taking" ain't "holding"

Even though Islamic State terrorists succeeded in taking Marawi...a Philippine town of 200,000...they could not hold it once the army arrived. The terrorists were out-gunned and out-manned. Yes...it took 5 months to clean them out...but...that vermin has been routed. VIVA DUERTE!


When it came to growing the NANNY STATE...increasing its reach...adding to its power...lack of money was not an issue. TEAM OBAMA simply printed more colored paper and used it to pay its debts and entitlement-payments.

Now that it has come time for the producer to escape the grip of this NANNY STATE...to lessen burden and find respite...the would-be masters...aided by a complicit MASS MEDIA...declare big grab government can't do without the money it takes from the producer...that the producer must remain a beast of burden...and...to loosen the shackle would only make slaves want full liberation...something...of course...the master-in-niche can't permit.


In the movie, UP TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT...there's a scene wherein Flip Wilson in the role of a shady lawyer takes $1000 from Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby. When he's asked by Sidney why he'd cheat a brother...Flip looks at him sternly and replies, "Why not you, brother."

Eventually...the socialist maw will consume its own supporters as it gravitates slowly into tyranny...a place run by a would-be master with envious mob...their purpose to survive...their target anything and anyone.

President Trump has foreseen such a socialist toilet and is attempting to insulate America from such travail and misery. VIVA TRUMP!


Might the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate...both controlled by a Republican majority...forge a new tax code...deleting the old one...and...imposing a new one...a tax code designed to insulate the producer from the vagaries of politics and the envy of the vested interests which feed off big grab government?


When President Trump was informed the 4 Americans were killed in Niger...he asked his underlings how it occurred when WAR-BOT(tm) was assigned to that area.

He was told WAR-BOT(tm) had been left behind because the special forces unit wished to engage the enemy face-to-face and not through some viewing screen with a control stick between them.

"It was a field-level decision, Sir...but...one often made by warriors wishing to taste blood," added General Dunford as he watched Big Don writhe in anguish over losing more personnel to needless combat.

Monday, October 23, 2017


Even though President Trump directed Pentagon officials to use WAR-BOT(tm) to conduct reconnoitering* in hostile areas in order to avoid needlessly losing personnel...nonetheless...in NIGER...4 Americans were sent on a recon mission...a mission that was authorized based on intelligence data designating the area to be examined by these 4 Americans as exquisitely peaceful and without any threat of danger or contact with hostile forces.

Of course...that data was knowingly FALSE. Hostile forces were waiting for them. Their arrival was known long enough beforehand that a killing zone was erected...designed to slaughter...and...grab front page in all the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA.

Even in the military there are Trump-haters...scumbags who are willing to send warriors to their doom in order to hurt Big Don. As General Dunford revealed, "Before we send any more warriors to their doom...we plan to deploy drones...robots with guns...designed to take and hold territory...and...deployed without any loss of personnel." VIVA TRUMP!
*WAR-BOT(tm) is a warfare system designed to take and hold territory. The system when deployed incorporates air and land vectors each with its own weapons platform capable of destroying entire battalions.


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the recent fear that Trump would kill off the tax benefits of the retirement accounts of millions of Americans.

After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied:

"Historians will spend years analyzing how President Trump single-handedly led the escape from the grip of big grab government...a feat the Democrats and their cohorts in the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...it will be recounted...did all they could to derail...to stop this march toward liberation...this exodus out of the bondage of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein the would-be master can decree: "Our tears...your purse!" VIVA TRUMP!"

matching funds

At a fund-raiser for hurricane relief...5 former U.S. Presidents asked the world for donations. Most of the donations...however...were earmarked for places other than Puerto Rico.

When asked "why" not include that devastated island...most donors said they refused to fund more socialist miasma...remove the socialism from that spot...and...many said they'd gladly include it.

Of course...stifling socialism once embedded...can never be extricated...never by roots removed...as permanent as mountain or stream. Hence...Puerto Rico will be last on most donors' list of places to help.


U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono(D.Hw) finally admitted she was sexually harassed by Chuck Schumer and Sherrod Brown...two pillars of the Democrat Party.

When Brown and Schumer denied culpability...however...Hirono offered to publish videos of their sexual attacks...mentioning that on one video...Brown can be observed naked chasing Hirono around a couch while Schumer can be seen...in his video...crawling along the floor...hissing as if a snake...whispering for MAZIE to bite his apple.

When President Trump was informed of such discord among big shot Democrats...he chuckled and wondered if MAZIE had Ja---pan---eeee---zzza in her theme song.


"Message? I don't need no stinking message!" dripped U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D.OH) when asked if his campaign had some underlying theme song...some indelible message...perhaps...a catchy slogan.

Passionately infused...Sherrod went on to forecast his victory...a victory based on his promise of more socialism...more taxes...more misery...more squalor and privation.

"I'll defeat the Republican challenger because Ohio voters want more taxes...more regulation...more whip-and-chain...and...I promise them I'll deliver as much if not more than even they can imagine," bubbled Senator Brown as he graphically described how TEAM OBAMA almost succeeded in destroying liberty in America.


U.S. Senator John McCain(R. Az)...when asked about his one-way ticket to po-luka-ville...replied, "I could have been a contender."

Mention is made of Senator McCain since he could help dismantle big grab government. Many pundits are asking about his resolve, though.

Will this has-been champion President Trump's tax cuts and the repeal of the Marxist estate tax?

Or...will JOHN...support whatever enslavement THE ESTABLISHMENT demands?

Will JOHN...ironically...be one of the gate guards of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE?

Or...will he be part of the movement which...centuries hence...will be called the army of liberation?

discrete sabotage

General Dunford...when asked about the Niger ambush wherein La David Johnson and 3 other special forces warriors were killed...said American troops are never sent to any place where contact is likely. He said the 4 Americans were not expecting any contact and were along as advisers...to direct the other warriors in jungle tactic...reconnoitering the area...and...then...slipping back into the trees and vines.

Unfortunately...news of their arrival was well-known and known in sufficient time to erect a clever ambush...a trap designed to slaughter Americans...and...make front page news back in the United States. President Trump never thought his own team would send Americans to die in order to create a political imbroglio...something the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA would use to denounce and lambast.

Hence...President Trump did not stop the recon-team's insertion into that area of Niger. Since then...though...the moles have been spotted and deleted. VIVA TRUMP!


Tesla Motors has found a place to make electric cars in China. Inside a so-called "free trade" zone in Shanghai...TESLA will build electric cars...cars that can go 40 miles before requiring a 24 hour recharge.

Because the average distance to/from around that part of China is only 20 miles...TESLA concluded such a car would be a big seller.

When asked about competing CHINESE ELECTRIC cars that use crystal technology and can go 1000 miles at 80 mph carrying a 15 ton load before requiring a 15 minute recharge...however...ELON MUSK choked on his cud...unable to regain his composure...left the stage coughing and hacking...stymied by such an offensive question.


"In order to defeat the socialists in 2018...tax cuts must be forthcoming," declared President Trump. While it's political gamesmanship to make such forecast...nonetheless...Big Don knows how hateful the MASS MEDIA will be should the Republicans fail to deliver on another campaign promise.

The Republican majority failed to delete OBAMA-CARE...brow-beaten by the MASS MEDIA into permitting OBAMA-CARE to remain. And...now...they might fail to eliminate the estate tax or fail to reduce the income tax. Indeed...might the Republicans be brow-beaten into leaving the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE intact...and...enslaving the producer even more?


A majority of the members of the AFL-CIO chose TRUMKA as president. He promised them more this and that...something members wanted to hear even though they knew such covenants were to be breached as soon as Trumka was elected.

Murray-Alexander compromise?

President Trump should not bail-out the fascist insurance companies who went along with OBAMA-CARE in hopes they'd reap great profits from that socialist miasma. These companies have since realized they'd been fooled and were on the hook for big bucks. They demanded OBAMA give them money to cover their shortfalls or else they'd pull out.

OBAMA...fearing repercussions in the 2012 election cycle...gave them what they wanted. Even though the payments were illegal...nonetheless...OBAMA paid them and the MASS MEDIA backed him up...something they'd never do for President Trump when he decides to stop such illegal payments to those fascist scumbags.

The so-called MURRAY-ALEXANDER bill making its way through the U.S. Senate and the editorial staff at the New York Times is a payment to those fascist insurance companies enabling them to continue to cover low-income Americans. The money to be given is taxpayer money...money taken from producers to be redistributed to the insurance companies who in turn give it to the healthcare providers as they see fit. And it's this BAIL-OUT...as embodied in MURRAY-ALEXANDER...that Big Don can't support. VIVA TRUMP!

speak for youself

"Rich guys don't want a tux cut," quipped President Trump...adding..."They told me to give the middle class the tax cut." Why Big Don would say such a thing is without explanation since a free market is never a zero sum game where one's loss is another person's gain. Everyone deserves a tax-cut and President Trump must deliver. If GOVERNMENT SPENDING* must be CUT...then...so be it...but...the producer deserves the burdens lifted. VIVA TRUMP!
*Did you know $37 million was spent determining how fast shrimp run on the bottom of the ocean?

Myopic Guo

When an editor of this BLOG was asked about recent dissidents of Chinese governance...a name popped up that most wizards and wonks recognized:GUO WENGUI.

Yes...folks...GUO was asked by his Chinese brethren to be kind to President Xi Jinping and acknowledge "Xi Dada" as the greatest leader of the 21st Century. Instead of accepting the offer...however...GOU chose to be a caustic critic, (WSJ A-1;10-23-17). From his 18th floor apartment on 5th Avenue, New York City...GUO hammered away at President Xi...exposing every shortcoming and mistake made by his administration...and...never once telling the world about the wonders and glories President Xi has bestowed.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a surprise visit to Afghanistan. When asked about the future of the Middle East...Rex looked at white crosses in poppy-blown fields and replied, "Mosul and Raqqa...reduced to rubble and swallowed by sand. Islamic State left its mark...and...perhaps...a demand that all Sunnis rise up and fight the Shiite-infidel. Maybe Islamic State with its remarkable black flag and catchy slogan is gone...but...the desire of the Sunni to slaughter the Shiite is just as strong as ever...and...as such...another flag-waving demagogue will rise up and once more slaughter the Shiite. Allahu Akbar, eh boys?"


RICHARD SPENCER...a devout collectivist sporting a white supremacist logo...surrounded by 100,000 Gainesville, Florida security* personnel...delivered a lackluster speech better suited for soapbox discourse  in a rundown park festooned with hobos wondering if such meant "warm beer under bridge".
*The University of Florida paid $600,000 to protect Spencer from would-be assassins and demented hooligans who shadow Spencer and follow him from speaking site to speaking site...waiting for their opportunity...that open window...that moment...when they can pounce...strike...and...inflict grievous wound and maybe instill such fear as to compel Spencer to cease his effort to tell America that white supremacists are the "in-crowd".

Mayeshia Johnson

"Oh...my yes!" exclaimed Mayeshia Johnson when U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson(D.FL) told her the death of La David Johnson could be used to advance the socialist-state paradigm. "I realize you miss La David...but...we could fan this clumsy Trump condolence telephone call into something really toxic for Trump...maybe even be the powder that blows away the Congressional Republican majority."


Jason Furman leads a pack of vermin whose mission to enslave America...reduce it to socialist toilet status...and...prevent thereby any escape from the grip of big grab government,(WSJ A-17;10-23-17). Instead of championing tax cuts...and...demanding spending reductions...as this BLOG has ADVOCATED...FURMAN criticizes President Trump for attempting CAGE escape...pointing out that because big gift government needs so much...there cannot be any spending reduction only increases as far into the future as one can imagine.


If Bob has expenses of $100...his business must generate at least that $100 otherwise Bob is "out-of-business". Similarly...if...big stomp government requires $100 to finance its jackbooted imprimatur...then...it must collect $100 from its victims or print whatever shortfall manifests...inflating the currency and reducing the value of each dollar thereby.

Indeed...when there is not $100 to pay for all the entitlements and other programs...the solution for big chomp government...is to reduce its bite...reduce spending...eliminate the omnivorous maw of entitlements*...and...deliver only essential government services: courts, (civil and penal)...police to protect and serve...and...a small national defense to repel would-be conquerors.
*As for SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE...these two government programs were paid for by recipients and any reduction must be reflected in some pay-out to these recipients lest they become another group of victims of the socialist era. As everyone knows...years ago...these elderly recipients were promised a LOCK-BOX TRUST FUND...packed with gold and platinum...waiting for them upon retirement; and based on that promise...worker bees contributed to the Social Security Trust Fund...never suspecting they were being hoodwinked. Nowadays...however...most workers know they were deceived and that the so-called Social Security Trust Fund is packed with paper I.O.U... not any gold...not any platinum...only paper I.O.U....worthless paper...Democrat and Republican "paper"...but..."paper" nonetheless...paper backed up by more paper...more promises...more deception.


In a socialist society...such as the one the Democrats propose to impose on America...there is a zero-sum game afoot...with every benefit delivered having a corresponding loser on the other end. Whatever is taken from the producer is divided among the competing interest groups each receiving only as much as their political clout warrants...with the producer always suffering more and more burdens...until...finally...the producer quits and joins the other parasites...all clamoring for their piece of the pie...however small that might be.

Yale and Haerter

BUSH-CHENEY should be labeled scumbags. They sent the American military into a perpetual meat grinder. There wasn't any reason to attack Afghanistan or Iraq...yet...BUSH-CHENEY elected to put America into a perpetual war...a war that has been ongoing for 600 years or more.

In 2008...two Marines were directed to repel all intruders. Yale and Hearter were guarding one of the entrances to their camp when a suicide bomber driving a truck was observed headed in their direction at high speed.

Instead of them possessing bazooka or cannon...however...they had only their M-16 rifles...and...SIX SECONDS to live. The Iraqi police fled but these two Marines stood their ground. They were entrusted with the lives of their comrades and they didn't back down. They stood there and fired their weapons at the speeding truck as it closed its distance. They stopped the truck...killed the driver...and...disappeared into the huge explosion which followed.

first blood

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suffered a bloody nose when he told a crowd he wanted to raise taxes and use that money to spend on them. He forgot he was talking to the very audience his taxes would devastate. So angered by Trudeau's snotty attitude and aloof manner...48 year old Alexander Kluev took off his shoe...walked to where Trudeau was standing...and...smacked him on the nose declaring, "I'm not your slave...you scumbag!"(WSJ A-6;10-23-17).


Pamela Monroe, vice president of property management at Columbus, Ohio-based National Church Residences which owns 3 apartment complexes with about 250 units for seniors across Puerto Rico told a cub reporter her church could have many more units for the helpless and needy...but...the socialists won't remove the barriers to such growth. "There could be cheap housing all over this island...with cheap electricity...cheap food...clothing...and...everything else if Puerto Rico were a "free trade zone"...no red tape...no taxes...no government diktat about who can reside where and when," added Ms. Monroe as she looked at the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Marie.


Do not invest in Puerto Rico. Such was the advice given by this BLOG. Those readers who heeded the warning escaped the calamity which befell all those investors who ignored the alert and put their money into that socialist toilet.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Through a rain of bullet and shell...Clint Eastwood drove a bus in the movie: GAUNTLET. Might President Trump...metaphorically...be suffering a similar "bad day" at the hands of the merciless Trump-hating MASS MEDIA?


Hovering around North Korea are several squadrons of drones armed with rail guns...hyper-kinetic energy weapons capable of blowing holes through mountains or downing missiles after launch. Of course...President Trump hasn't mentioned such firepower because he hasn't had to use them yet. However...should "little rocket man" choose to fire a missile at America...it would be surely knocked down. VIVA TRUMP!


In 2017...twenty five mile high water plumes jetting from fissures in Europa's ice covering were spotted by the Hubble telescope.

While abundant oceans of water were thought to exist...the photos confirmed the feature...an aspect of life...without which they can't be life...but...with which there is obviously life on Europa.

Speaking on the topic...President Trump chuckled and said, "The question which bubbles forth with such photos is: Are they the ones doing all that intricate crop-circle stuff?"


Guarding the door to the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE stand Congressional Democrats and their cohorts in the MASS MEDIA...arrayed in battle formation...ready to stop any effort to liberate the subjugated.

Can these scumbags stop the escape from the grip of big grab government? Or...are they...so powerful...they can continue to impose the "yoke and choke" agenda of the CAGE with NANNY STATE "spank and diaper check"?

Answering that question was U.S. Senator Elizabeth "blood money" Warren(D.Mass). She declared the CAGE inescapable. She noted that the public schools taught abject subservience to the would-be master...the MASS MEDIA preached enslavement 24/7...and...she expected the early days of the 21st Century to be the socialist era...a time of misery and squalor...a time when the ruling elite...people as such as she...directed and controlled from cradle to grave.

Xavier Becerra: fool

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said he wanted the federal government to take wealth from producers and redistribute such plunder according to the tenets of OBAMA-CARE. He mentioned a quadriplegic lady who would die if she lacked OBAMA-CARE. When asked her name...he refused to identify this person even though a charity stood by to cover her costs of medical care. He refused to reveal her identity since it would undermine his polemic: "Our tears...your purse!"

Mick Mulvaney

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney told a cub reporter President Trump was headed toward the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE door...and...was taking the American producer with him. WOW!

Astos defeat Bozos

The Houston Astros...using tactics designed by the ATHLETICS DEPT. of this BLOG...defeated the New York Yankees to clinch a World Series berth. So powerful were the Astros with their new tactics that the New York Yankees never had a chance. Recognizing such prowess and skill...even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged the Yankees never had a chance. VIVA ASTROS!

52 to 49

Because of obstructive U.S. Senate rules...and...supposedly...not sufficient time to change them...the Republican-in-name-only Senate had to pass a budget resolution if there were to be any "by-majority-vote" tax cut in 2017. Such resolution passed by a margin of 52-49...a margin that could have been used to delete any Senate rule which prevented a dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE by "majority-vote". That such majority-power was not used in 2017 to liberate might very well be framed...in the centuries to come...as that pivotal moment when CAGE or KEY was the question.

President Trump was correct when he said the window to delete the grip of big grab government is "open for now"...but...it'll close...and...won't be opened again...not ever. If America does not stop its march into the tribal socialist toilet...if such dismantling is not done now...America will not be able to marshal the votes to stop the descent into misery and squalor. The time is "now" to remove the shackle...to liberate the enslaved...and...deliver America from bondage. VIVA TRUMP!


White House Chief of Staff Jim Kelly lost his son in Afghanistan...but...pointed out...that...at the time his son was killed...his son was doing exactly what he wanted to do...in the way he wished to do it...and...the advent of death was always known to be a part of that enterprise.

It was that idea...as framed by JIM KELL...which President Trump imparted to the grieving mother of La David Johnson...a Navy Seal and one of 4 Americans killed in an ambush in Niger. Never was it Big Don's intention to insult the bereaved mother...even though...U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson(D.FL)...who was listening in on the dialogue...declared President Trump to be insensitive and rude.

Why are American troops in Niger in October of 2017? Why didn't Obama pulls those special teams out of that area before he departed office? The 300 kidnapped girls had long since been returned...many of them impregnated by terrorists...the oil fields and pipelines were relatively secure and safe from sabotage...and...most of the roadways had been cleared of miscreants and other knavish cadres. So "why" did Obama choose to leave American troops in Niger...exposed to ambush and trickery?


When asked by a cub reporter to frame his tenure...President Trump replied, "Every word...great discourse...every meal...a banquet...as for the walk...76 trombones led the big parade...110 coronets close behind...rows and rows and rows of virtu-ooooo-sohs...ah...yes...such always the line."

walls and windows

Kellyanne Conway was asked about the likelihood of America dismantling the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein people can be forced to buy health insurance and worship whatever idol the would-be master* might forge. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "It'll soon shake you windows and rattle your walls" the times they are a' changing."
*Bob Dylan sure has that one right, eh Obama?


"What is your definition of "mooch?" asked the cub reporter of President Trump after hearing the MASS MEDIA extolling the virtues of Joe and Mika Scarborough...two hacks on MSNBC. After a second of reflection...Big Don replied, "My definition of mooch. Well... that would have to be Joe and Mika...those two are free-loaders...show up at parties...uninvited...expecting free food...free booze...free entertainment. So...I'd have to say my definition of "mooch" has to be those two nasty freedom-haters."


The KURDS must fight if they are to have their own nation-state. They know they can't rely on President Trump since he told the world that America should remain on the sidelines when it comes to nation-building. Assessing their predicament...Barzani...a Peshmerga leader...said, "We have sufficient weapons and supplies to last 6 months. If the fight for nation-state isn't completed in that time-period...the likelihood of success is very low."


Bowe Bergdahl told a cub reporter the Taliban treated him better than the U.S. Army pointing out the Taliban were honest and never lied to him something the U.S. Army never offered. When he was informed Taliban just slaughtered 48 people...some of them women and children...Bowe stepped back...grew a huge smile...and...declared, "Allahu Akbar!"

Saturday, October 21, 2017

"empty barrel"

Jim Kelly...White House Chief of Staff...told a cub reporter he likened U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson,(D.FL) to an "empty barrel"...looks like something...but...in fact...little more than frame. Of course...Kelly was referring to the hatred Rep. Wilson exhibited when she described "how'" President Trump had spoken to the mother of Sgt. La David Johnson while expressing his condolences. So nasty...so vituperative...so acrimonious were her words of hate...even her fellow Congressional Democrats distanced themselves from her incendiary rhetoric.

degrees of stupid?

Standing in a long line at a coffee shop waiting for her turn...Lady Elizabeth was overheard in dramatic dialogue discussing an article in the Wall Street Journal,(WSJ B-12;10-21-17).

The article asserted that because 90% of all searches worldwide were done through GOOGLE...that somehow...the world should attack GOOGLE* and command content and patronage.

So idiotic was the idea espoused by Gallagher that Lady Elizabeth was compelled to quantify the ignorance...assess its depth and power: "Degrees of stupid? Well...there's stupid...very stupid...ram-speed stupid...and...then...Dan Gallagher stupid. WOW. Yeah...Gallagher is the epitome of stupid...the outer limits...the edge...the corner...the nothingness of stupid...such measures and frames Dan Gallagher."
*Beta Max was said to be a monopoly to reign for a billion years and that government should step in and control all facets of publication. Nowadays...however...Beta Max can be found only as a footnote in the history of social media.


Secretary of Defense Jim "mad dog" Mattis was asked about the turd in the punch bowl...the dilemma facing the Trump Administration:

Does Big Don support the Kurds...a/k/a...the Peshmerga...the valiant warriors who were promised support once Islamic State was defeated/ Or...does the commander-in-chief desert the KURDS and align America with Tehran's socialist-puppets in Baghdad?

Listening to such portrayal of the battlefield dynamics..."mad dog" smiled...and...then...in somewhat of a forceful voice...declared, "The KURDS will receive what they were promised and for which they shed blood. However, President Trump won't back anyone at this time because the KURDS can take care of their own backyard...as well-proven by their destruction of the Daesh."


Backed by freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...the would-be masters declared TAX CUTS...if any...would be paltry...and...of little value to producers. "We want more whip and chain...not less burdens...and...we'll never agree to loosening the shackle of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE," smacked U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) when asked about the tax cut proposals of President Trump.


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there is a huge patch of trash...it's larger than Texas...and...contains enough plastic to cover the planet in 15 feet of the stuff," quipped Penn State climatologist Michael Mann. "If I had my way...I'd force people back to tent-and-mule...force them to live in teepees and grub root for dinner. And...in 100,000 years of such primal existence...that trash-continent would be gone. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about the way people could be forced to live."(WSJ B-1;10-21-17).

"approval rating"

Concocted polling data show President Trump with a 57% disapproval rating(Gallop). When asked about this odd-ball percentage...Kellyanne Conway...after primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...replied, "Pass out toys and babbles and the recipients will frame the donor as marvelous and worthy of praise. Such the underlying motivating feature in the Democrat Party playbook. On the other hand...the same playbook demands there never be any loosening of the grip of big grab government on the throat of liberty. Such is "why" Congressional Democrats are demanding more taxes...more government spending...and...more whip and chain applied to the producer."


Folks...some time back...this BLOG framed President Xi Jinping as one of the greatest leaders China has ever had. It was forecast that his country would recognize such grandeur and enshrine his name in the Communist Party Charter in late 2017. Commemorating this prediction...a life-like image of President Xi was fashioned by MARC SIJAN and placed in the Hall of Wonder at the headquarters of this BLOG. And...according to the WSJ...that prediction is about to come to fruition. VIVA XI!(WSJ A-6;10-21-17).

Lew's bodyguard

Because Jacob Lew worked for TEAM OBAMA...he demanded a 24/7 armed body guards be assigned to him.

Since January 20, 2017...however...Jacob has climbed ladders trying to find his security team. At Columbia University where Jacob is a visiting-idiot...for example...he was approached by a cub reporter who asked him "why" he was a "freedom-hater".

Although the question had never before been asked...he stopped his saunter and reflected...his thin lips dripping with venom...his brain in full gear conjuring an appropriate reply...while his eyes scanned the crowd for the "promised security team".

Finding himself in a wet-paint corner...Jacob declared:

 "I joined TEAM OBAMA because he was a tribal socialist bent on replacing liberty with "freedom-to-obey". His idea of forcing people to worship whatever idol he might forge made my left leg tingle. Here was a scumbag who would enslave...remove freedom and impose the whip-and-chain agenda...and...that kind of destruction was something of which I had dreamed ever since...as a young child...I watched would-be masters slaughter whomever they pleased."


THE PICKWICK PAPERS they aren't...but...the data surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November of 1963 might very well reveal the incredible conspiracy and ensuing cover-up...a cover-up which enlisted the MASS MEDIA to sell the SINGLE-SHOOTER theory. Instead of consigning that data to some vault...however...President Trump has directed revelation. VIVA TRUMP!

Friday, October 20, 2017


U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson(D.FL) called herself a "rock star" since she made a big deal out of the death of La David Johnson...one of the 4 Americans killed in NIGER when his team was ambushed by terrorists who had been alerted the Americans were on their way.
*The NIGER PLAN was designed by Obama and was destined to fail. But...TRUMP was never told about the pitfalls of such an effort.


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said she didn't suffer from chronic pain. She said those Floridians who are suffering from such maladies won't have access to "pain-killers". While her idea was to insulate potential addicts from opiate addiction...her approach is clearly anti-patient and anti-doctor. Her idea is to impose her unwanted views on everyone else. She should keep her nose out of the doctor-patient relationship.


"What will we do?" asked the dependent supplicant when she was informed her "freebie medical care" was not any longer to be given by Uncle Sugar. When she was informed to seek out charity...the lady became angry and replied, "I was promised the slaves would give me what I wanted. Now...you're telling me the slaves have been liberated. I am so angry that I must fend for myself. I was promised free medical care...free food...free shelter...free transportation and spending money...and...now...you're telling me there are not any slaves to give me what I want?"


Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be included in the CLINTON-RUSSIA investigation wherein Mueller and Clinton along with Obama and others gave 20% of America's uranium supply to President Putin. Such a conspiracy is criminal misconduct and Mueller is part of that criminal enterprise.


John Brennan...angered about President Trump framing BRENNAN as a bloated...pig-eyed...sack of dung...came forward and told the world that nuclear war was about to break-out. Naturally...BRENNAN'S forecast was published by the TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA in order to hurt Big Don,(WSJ A-4;10-20-17).


Instead of remaining under whatever rock he inhabits...scumbag-BUSH...yesterday...came out to attack President TRUMP. Of course...the TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA grabbed the rhetoric* and declared TRUMP was doing a "bad job" and using BUSH'S critique as their basis,(WSJ A-4;10-20-17).
*The MIDDLE EAST unrest and mayhem was caused by BUSH-CHENEY.


Once again...scumbag-Democrats want to kill off Internet freedom and replace it with "directed-content"...a similar restriction as the Chinese and North Koreans suffer. Yes...folks...U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar(D.Mn) and Mark Warner(D.Va) demand federal control over content. Imagine Amy and Mark deciding what is "better or worse"...and...you'll sense the horror these two jerks envision inflicting,(WSJ A-4;10-20-17).

Thursday, October 19, 2017


President Trump knows North Korea could blow a nuclear-hole in Los Angeles and America could not retaliate in-kind but would be limited to conventional warfare...an approach the North Koreans know they can win. As one Pentagon official...speaking on condition of anonymity...clearly confirmed, "The rocket man can get a free slap on us."


On Monday...October 19, 1987...the stock market crashed. At that time...the editorial staff of this BLOG went on record declaring that on October 19, 2017...the D.O.W. would be over 23,000.

 Naturally...all the wizards and know-it-alls scoffed and chuckled. Never could there be such a precise prediction.

However...on October 19, 2017...officials have determined not only was the forecast accurate but the D.O.W. was over 23,000. That's some fine shooting, eh?


While coincidence does happen...one has never been witnessed. Take for instance the recent so-called imbroglio between Trump and Cowanda Jones-Johnson.

President Trump called Cowanda Jones-Johnson, the mother of La David Johnson, to offer his condolences. Riding with Cowanda was cowboy-hat wearing U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson(D.FL) who called MASS MEDIA instantly to report a callous exchange between Big Don and that bereaved mother.

The ensuing MASS MEDIA portrayal of the dialogue between Cowanda and President Trump as heartless angered the commander-in-chief and he said as much when asked. VIVA TRUMP!


When a savvy investor was asked why not invest in start-up companies whose stock price is based on projected future growth and not on solid earnings...Lady Elizabeth replied, "There's green alligator...and...long necked geese...humpy back camel and chimpanzee...rat...cat...elephant...but...as sure as you're born...you're never gonna see no unicorn."
Unicorn: a company that sells stock based on future growth but before that future ever arrives it fizzles,(WSJ B-4;10-19-17).


Instead of espousing liberation over subjugation and demanding implementation of the Omnibus Repeal Bill(ORB)...wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE deleted...some prominent Republicans are telling the world they like enslavement...and...might lift some burden...perhaps grant some respite...but...overall...their support for enslavement as strong and powerful as any Democrat or other freedom-hater might envision.

Take Lamar Alexander...the U.S. senator from Tennessee...for instance. Instead of demanding OBAMA-CARE be repealed and an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) be permitted to manifest...he collaborated with socialist Patty Murray to find ways to impose even more burden...more travail...and...all done for the so-called common good...and...to benefit all the parasites and patrons of OBAMA-CARE. While he might talk the talk of liberty...he definitely does not walk the walk. He's as much in favor of more enslavement as any Democrat might ever imagine.

Folks...as AYN RAND pointed out over 50 years ago...to accomplish liberation...the advocates of such worthy enterprise and eternal outcome as the OUM must approach the battlefield ready to offer liberty to the oppressed. Indeed...even the most servile of supplicants or the most voracious of parasites will choose liberty over CAGE when offered the choice.

So far...though...with the assistance of the public school teachers and the complicit MASS MEDIA...the Democrats have...to-date...succeeded in keeping the Republicans from demanding liberation and forcing them to go along to get along with the socialists and other freedom-haters of America.


And Satan entered Judas' heart,(LUKE 22:3). Might such be said for U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander(R.Tenn) who betrayed his oath to fight for liberation and joined with socialist Patty Murray to end any escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE... place wherein government officials can exploit...lie...and...cheat?


U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(R.Ky) and President Trump stood at the podium discussing tax cuts and repeal of OBAMA-CARE.

When it came his turn to speak...the Majority Leader told the world his hands were tied since Senate Rules required 60 votes to rip from root hellish OBAMA-CARE and all other rules and laws creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. And...since he lacked 60 votes...albeit possessing at least 51 votes in favor of such dramatic liberation of subjugated America...Mitch could not accommodate the voters and dismantle the CAGE.

Listening to that nonsense...President Trump...off-camera...asked Mitch why not change the rules...why not use the Republican majority power of the U.S. Senate to delete whatever hurdle erected. Why not slice through the Gordian Knot?

Because Mitch might be too timid...Big Don must grab the sword and slice. Let's hope Mitch will find the courage...and...profound wisdom* to support President Trump in his effort to overcome the CAGE...and...permit escape therefrom. VIVA TRUMP!
*MATTHEW 6:24: can't serve God and Mammon at the same time. If you support enslavement such as OBAMA-CARE...it's obvious...you serve MAMMON.

9,000 jobs

When this BLOG told South Carolinian law-makers it was time to open their borders to commerce...eliminate trade-killing rules...and...give BMW what it wanted to move to Greenville, South Carolina...most economists scoffed at the idea of loosening the grip of big grab government as a marvelous path to prosperity.

To underscore their criticism...they pointed to their computer models and asserted it to be silly to project 9,000 direct jobs and countless indirect benefits flowing therefrom. It was preposterous to claim that by eliminating "whip and chain" such liberation would attract producers.

Yet...like always...these naysaying economists have been proven wrong. Greenville is booming. Its inhabitants say the BMW factory was the best thing that ever happened to their state. Indeed...BMW produces 40,000 car per year from that production complex...has 9,000 employees...and...surrounding enterprises exist because of the success of BMW,(WSJ A-16;10-19-17).

2 square miles

Amaravati...the newest capital of the Telangana region of India...will have a 2 square mile government complex. Around that nerve center will be producers whose slave-like existence permitted only if it benefits this horrific leviathan. Instead of the government complex being a small building on the outskirts of town inhabited by selfless, drooling servants...it's been charted to be the big noise in that newest of cities,(WSJ A-8;10-19-17).


Why would the Kurds abandon KIRKUK...a city they've controlled since 2014? What promise has been made that was so persuasive the Kurds would permit the taking of KIRKUK by the Shiites of Baghdad? And when that "persuasive promise" is breached...and...the KURDS finally realize they've been "fooled again"...perhaps...then...they'll rise up and demand liberation from the socialist grip of the Shiites of Baghdad. VIVA BARZANI!

Leahy involved

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy(D.Vt) accused U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session of participating in some kind of "fa├žade"...some kind of charade...an accusation Leahy should have been making about himself and his fellow Congressional Democrats. Indeed...recently uncovered data shows Leahy knew about the bribery the Russians were unleashing in order to acquire 20% of America's uranium supply...but...kept his mouth shut since he was benefiting from the deal...benefits which are now being revealed by this BLOG,(WSJ A-4;10-19-17).

fired a co-conspirator?

"How dare the Republicans fire FBI Director James Comey!" shouted Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) when asked if it were not prudent to fire a co-conspirator in what has become a scandal bigger than WATERGATE. It turns out Comey was in-the-know on the Russian Uranium-deal...and...prepared an exoneration script for Hillary Clinton months before he ever interviewed her or her cronies. Such wrongdoing...though...was obviously not enough to cause Schumer to want Comey's resignation,(WSJ A-4;10-19-17).

How about Marawi?

"Stay away from Marawi," cautioned Weeboo, the famous Philippine guide, when he observed two Americans in Manila examining their vacation options. Surprised by such an alert Weeboo was asked what was afoot in Marawi that would be so dangerous. Weeboo looked at the clueless travelers and replied, "Islamic State terrorists are in Marawi area cutting off heads...slaughtering children...and...looking for hostages to ransom."


America was attacked some years ago when the federal government directed all hospitals to take anyone who applied for medical help regardless of payment. Such diktat set in motion the medical hazard and trouble Americans are facing under OBAMA-CARE....the latest attempt to address the "skewed market" the "hospital diktat" created. Instead of eradicating any law that intruded on the medical service delivery industry...however...idiot Lamar Alexander is collaborating with socialist Patty Murray to add even more big grab government this and that...layers upon layers of nonsense to address problems federal intrusion created in the first place,(WSJ A-1;10-19-17).

U.S. Senator Rand Paul is correct when he says the federal laws which skew and intrude in the market place must be deleted beginning with OBAMA-CARE and working backwards until all those nasty...horrific...market-skewing laws are gone and Americans can breathe free again.