Monday, October 9, 2017


Unless Americans receive a tax cut and receive it soon...the economy will begin to founder once more.

Why is the federal government's budget $4.1 trillion?

When answering that must assume from the economy this $4.1 trillion is taken...leaving $4.1 trillion less in the hands of the producer/consumer.

Sure...that $4.1 trillion is passed back to vested interests whose omnivorous maw grows bigger...but...the producer...the one from whom such $4.1 trillion is taken...that person is deprived and hence prevented from even greater heights of production and prosperity.

President Trump asked U.S. Senator Corker(R.TN) to support tax cuts he'd proposed...and...invited the senator to make the cuts even bigger if such his preference. Instead of loudly declaring LIBERATION AT HAND...Senator Corker told the world he would never unshackle the producer because the federal deficit might grow larger. He preferred keeping the producer enslaved...and...any future controlled and directed by the ruling elite of which he considered himself one of its leaders.

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