Monday, October 9, 2017


Who defends Columbus nowadays? When spray-paint enthusiasts come calling...who stops such criminal mischief...such vandalism...such defacement of a public statue...a statue of a brave man who convinced the world there was another way?

Do the police step forward and insulate the statue from the unruly mob? Do the police shoot would-be artists whose goal to paint* Columbus as a NINJA warrior in drag...robust...but...meek?

Where does defense of public property end and butchery begin?
*Columbus was an explorer...infused with all the short-comings and valiant aspect of that era...ready to take on the unknown...willing to hazard all in hope of fair advantage. And his 2017...must be defended against those who will never attain such heights of glory and grandeur but whose mission statement to sully all that is great about America.

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