Saturday, October 7, 2017


Glenn Simpson...CEO of FUSION GPS and CHRIS STEELE...a British spy-spook...collaborated to produce a FAKE would certainly destroy Donald J. Trump and end his chance of being President of the United States. So powerful the idea...JAMES COMEY...the famous FBI stooge...dispatched personnel and funds to assist in its production and publication.

Nowadays...with Robert Mueller examining how the 2016 election was attacked and skewed...such collaboration and production of that hateful dossier must be center stage for his investigation. Indeed. Mr. Simpson admitted he colluded with top Russian officials in order to make the "dossier" appear to be authentic...genuine...reliable data. Yet...these jerks won't ever* be investigated...Comey's assistance never questioned...and...the dossier will continue to hurt Trump.

*While their effort might not be illegal it certainly was more of  an effort than TRUMP'S team ever did.

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