Friday, October 6, 2017


Next to the Whirlpool washer and dryer were cheap versions made by foreign producers. The consumer...if questions weren't asked...if the written material weren't read...might choose the cheaper model. Of a year or two...they're out buying another cheap-version...because...they never took time to discover why Whirlpool is always chosen when the consumer knows best.

Nowadays...though...Whirlpool isn't relying on consumer-with-wisdom...but...on government protection. Instead of reducing its costs of production to compete with the South Koreans...for example...Whirlpool is seeking government assistance. It has burdened itself with so much UNION GRIP and has so much taken by Uncle Sugar in the form of taxes and oppressive regulation...that Whirlpool must seek government relief in the form of trade barriers. "We will force the consumer to buy Whirlpool," shouted U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown,(D.OH).

If someone were to own stock ($183.44 per share as of 10-05-17) in that company...the better route would be to sell now before the news gets out that Whirlpool as with so many other companies simply can't continue in's too expensive...and...too much hassle. Sure...President Trump is trying to liberate the American producer from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY  STATE so that businesses can compete...but...the freedom-haters in Congress are unwilling to release their grip on the throat of liberty,(WSJ A-5;10-06-17).

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