Friday, October 6, 2017


The Republicans and President Trump promised*America the ESTATE TAX would be deleted. They were elected on that promise and the covenant to repeal Marxist OBAMA-CARE,(WSJ A-2;10-06-17).

Congress...however...balked and didn't repeal hellish OBAMA-CARE. are telling America that America isn't any longer the land of the free...but...the home of cattle and sheep able to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

Instead of repealing the estate tax...they wish to raise the exemption a tad more...but...keeping the ability of government to destroy businesses...and...entire family structures...something the freedom-haters** never will release voluntarily,(EXODUS 20:17).
*The estate tax is ENVY IN FORMAT...and...those who wish to impose such demonic tax are themselves possessed of the need to hate and envy.
**It's sinful to envy what others have and even more horrific if that envy motivates the person to steal from those that have more. The ESTATE TAX is legalized theft of what others have managed to earn and save. The estate tax is used at death when the owner not any longer can fight the wolves and demons at the door. It's Satanic and America must delete that tax. It's a moral imperative!

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