Tuesday, October 10, 2017

porch and shovel

When they arrived...everyone was in favor of the hive...all worked for the common good...with each sharing equally in goods and services. The entire town would march out to the fields singing socialist worker songs...and...work until sundown.

Within a few weeks...fewer and fewer workers were found in the fields...the rest were on their porches waiting for the distribution to commence. Instead of a bountiful harvest...though...the output became meager...and...what there was to be passed out grew smaller in portion on each occasion.

Eventually...the fields were left alone. Not anyone would go to the fields to work for the hive. Not anyone wished to be the slave or beast of burden. They preferred watching others do the work. But...when everyone discovered the free lunch and wagon ride was over...they departed...leaving hungry socialists looking for someone to work the fields once more.

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