Thursday, November 30, 2017


An 8% staff cut at BUZZFEED was a harbinger of bad things to come. Because BUZZFEED is a socialist toilet of vulgar concept and vapid was obvious it wasn't going to be a long-distance runner. the years to come...people will refer to BUZZFEED as the example of what NOT to do. As it is...BUZZFEED is on its way out...and...into the trash bin with all the other socialist media outlets.


U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said there was so much many wasn't possible for U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) to be re-elected. "There are too many people discussing his pedophilia...and...the accusations are so perverted...they have to be true."


On 11-30-13...this BLOG presented the following:

Well...Obama promised the healthcare website for enrolling to be another "TOBY" and glitch-free by 11-30-13. While his statements aren't any longer believed...having achieved Bill "blue dress" Clinton status...many Americans are, nevertheless, attempting to enroll seeking therein as much "freebie" as possible and rejecting any demand they pay more than they do now.

Ironically...what these freebie-takers don't realize is that they're being absorbed thereby...their innards drunk in the same way a spider grabs its helpless-victim entangled in its horrific web of doom...and...feeds. These people become dependent on the payment Uncle Sugar makes in their behalf and as such they must accept whatever their master grants: "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." In such metaphorical fashion** they've become another "Toby".


OBAMA-CARE always had this "whip and shackle" as its default position. Those people who seek government help are thereafter the cattle and sheep to be directed by bureaucratic creeps.

And for those romantically considering the manner in which OBAMA-CARE gives and guides...why not add some "reality" to the mix? Why not consider that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius...a/k/a...THE DEATH ANGEL...directed that a sickly child not receive the lung that might save her. Add and suppose that child was your child and as you do...look at that face of that DEATH that moment of might discover the EVIL afoot in OBAMA-SNARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-CARE.
*And while this BLOG relentlessly warned of its pernicious nature...most of the "complicit" MASS MEDIA told America to believe Obama when he a thousand times to America definitely declared: "If you like your health insurance you can keep it.Period!"
**In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he says his name is Toby.


Beleaguered U.S. Rep. John Conyers was asked about the latest accusation by MARION BROWN...describing how he attacked and raped. After smiling for a camera-shot...he replied, "When Harvey Weinstein rode to town...the womenfolk would hide. When Harvey walked around the men would step aside...because the point of his tongue was the only law that Harvey understood...when it came to face-to-face groping...Harv was mighty good."

too scary?

Investing in BITCOIN? If you're timid...faint of heart...not very bold...easily need of coddling and diaper check...stay away from BITCOIN.

Recently...a scumbag looking for ways to hurt people...and...deprive them of their chance to speculate and take great risk...asked President Trump if he were going to intrude into the unregulated BITCOIN MARKET and skew it...mess it up...grab and rip until it's just another whatever run by some government ghoul.

Big Don looked at the inquiring knave...and...replied, "From that seems you're in need of NANNY STATE spank and diaper check...there's probably you...well-paid...available to accommodate such thirst. Otherwise...BITCOIN will remain insulated from the reach of big grab government." VIVA TRUMP!


Did you know that 1+2+3 is the same as 1x2x3? Both equal "6" and is the only combination in the universe where the sum and product are the same. Might the DEBT CLOCK enthusiasts take heart when they proclaim the NATIONAL DEBT too big to imagine? stop TAX CUTS and to back up the freedom-hating BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT DEMOCRATS...the MASS MEDIA has been discussing the horrors of the $20 trillion national debt...a discussion never undertaken when TEAM OBAMA was spending $11 trillion building the NANNY STATE power structure.

But...because freedom-lovers want to escape the grip of the 20th Century NANNYS TATE CAGE...the MASS MEDIA the $20 trillion national debt as so big more taxes and more government are needed.


Why was Obama pushing tribal socialism during his tenure in office? Obama came from the hood where repossession and loss of shelter a way of life...standard operating procedure...and...accepted by everyone as something that would always be afoot. When he became President...however...trying to make a difference...he wanted to expand government's reach...intrude everywhere...make sure "de man" didn't repossess or foreclose.

he cares?

When President Trump re-tweeted the videos of Muslims hurting Christians...he...somehow...offended British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President offended was P/M May she had to be given serial bag enemas to unclog her pipe and bob....while Macron choked on his cud and had to be airlifted to Paris for resuscitation.

cobalt in Congo

Outside the door of the hut lay a vast expanse of savannah and desert...beneath which found a treasure trove of minerals...some such as cobalt worth $30 per pound...while others so rare their price whatever can be negotiated. These natives would have starved long ago had it not been for their ability to dig and grab.

Nowadays...though...these miners are being told they are working in dangerous conditions and their product won't be bought because they might have been hurt extracting it...dooming these miners to starvation.

When one of these "conflict-mineral" idiots was asked if he would financially support those miners who would be put out of business by his idea...he drew back and replied, "I am here to reduce people to dependent parasites and servile supplicants and I really don't care about them one way or the other. I'm trying to stop cobalt mining and reduce cobalt supply."


U.S. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) gave the Democrats the chance to offer amendments to the proposed tax cut measure. While some Democrats...such as JOE MANCHIN and SHERROD BROWN wish to break ranks and join the Republicans in dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...they lack the courage to do so. If there is to be some loosening of the grip of big grab won't be with their assistance. They'd rather stand back and permit America to go down the socialist toilet...a fate almost certain had HILLARY-THE-HAG been elected.


It's about time an American president stood up and said Muslim terrorists were to be condemned not condoned or commended. Of course...British Prime Minister Theresa May angrily scolded President Trump for framing terrorists in that fashion...preferring* he called them "excited religious leaders"...or..."God-led activists"...but...not "miscreants,scumbags and thugs"...those labels were much too harsh for rag heads.
*P/M May didn't see anything to cry about when a video was shown of a Christian being thrown off a roof by Muslim purists.


Marion Brown...not a sound...took grope and grab...until one day...when Conyers came to play...MARION said "no" and into John's back she stabbed. Her idea was to help stop ROY MOORE...someone who could push President Trump's agenda to dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. If she came forward to slay JOHN would give the accusers of ROY MOORE some backing...some enough to defeat MOORE and send DOUG JONES...a devout freedom-hater to the U.S. Senate...a seat he'll use to obstruct any CAGE escape.


U.S. Rep. John Conyers(D.Mi) used his office as a harem...a warehouse of women...put on payroll...then seduced...his fish-like lips drooling...his garlic-laden breath suffocating...stifling...repulsing...and...while Nancy Pelosi knew about such house of horror...she kept quiet because scumbag-John supported her effort to enslave America.
*U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D.Ca) finally surfaced and condemned JOHN CONYERS. Her handlers told her if she refused to demand his resignation...she would lose the next election.


When the list of perverted Democrats was sounded like the name of some blue-nose law firm: LAUER, FRANKEN, CONYERS, ROSE AND NELSON. Each of these people has been caught doing something "dirty"...some of them sexual deviants...while others rapists and pedophiles...but...all have been protected by the complicit MASS MEDIA...protected because these ghouls are devout-socialists dedicated to enslavement of America...a goal that makes the MASS MEDIA tingle with joyful expectation.
*U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) denied the allegations lodged against him by several now-of-age Cambodian boys. Adding to the accusations of deviant behavior...pole-dancers of Borneo told a harrowing story about how they had been picked out and attacked by Nelson when they were in Miami on a world tour of social media.


The social security system was sold based on a pay-to-play approach. The voters were told there was a LOCK BOX TRUST FUND...that their payments were safe...and...upon attaining age 65...a stipend would be returned. The voters never thought Uncle Sugar would inflate the money supply until the payments back to the worker bees were of little "value" in 2017. In 1940...for example...$350.00 bought a 750 square foot house in Vero Beach, Florida. That same $350 in 2017 won't buy a good night out. Such difference is pluperfect proof how much THEFT Uncle Sugar has perpetrated on the worker bee.


"YOU SHALL WEAR A GREEN SHIRT ON TUESDAY." If someone were to wish that to become law...most people would frown on such desire. Too intrusive...too idiotic...too foolish. Philadelphia...a big stomp government would-be master told local businesses they had to remove their protective bullet-proof glass because it made she was told...feel uncomfortable...unwelcomed...and...that kind of snub was too much for her to the city of brotherly love.

When the store owners were told of this decision...they were surprised and angered by such intrusion. "How dare she expose me and my family to some criminal who doesn't have to deal with the barrier any longer," sniffed Wa-ta-bah...the discount beer store owner.


Before Donald J. Trump was sworn in as President...most economists predicted a great slump...that Americans didn't wish to be free but wanted to be enslaved and a consequence...the American economy would continue to mope along at the same 1.1% GDP growth experienced during the tribal socialist years of OBAMA..


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi ordered security forces to rid the Sinai Peninsula of terrorists. The recent massacre of Sufis had caught his attention. He foresaw a day when the same assailants would enter his palace and delete him just as they eliminated 300 Sufis last week as they prayed in their mosque. His order...concise in content: ERADICATE!

Might the Egyptian forces sent to delete the terrorists be themselves part of that terrorist organization? President Sisi must assume as much if he is to survive in Cairo as head honcho. Hence...along with every Egyptian sent to erase terrorism in Sinai...he will dispatch a counter-force to shadow and monitor.

Sufis warned

In January of 2017...the Sufis were warned the Sunnis were going to slaughter them. Of course...the Sufis ignored the warning and continued their heretical rituals refusing to be directed by a bunch of apostates. it would November of 2017...SUFIS were in their mosque praying when machine gun toting thugs entered and sprayed the crowd killing 300 and wounding many others. As the massacre was unfolding...the shooters were heard shouting: ALLAHU AKBAR!(WSJ A-18;11-30-17).


The DEBT CLOCK took a $687 billion hiatus while being up-dated to show how much each American now owes to the federal government. More lights...more bangle and boom that Americans will see their portion...presently $172,500 each...and...choose not support a tax cut but demand...instead more "whip and chain"...more taxes...more lash and diktat.

The need to cut government spending is mighty...but...the MASS MEDIA foresees a day when all Americans are MARKED so that they can be watched...the product of their labor taken...and...whatever future painted* by the would-be master,(REV. 13:17).
*MARK OF THE BEAST is here. Obama and the scumbag Democrats in Congress passed OBAMA-CARE that included affixing a MARK to each American. They called it a "mandate".


Tyson was going to put a $320 million meat-packing operating in a 5,300 person town of Tonganoxie, Kansas. The 1,600 jobs that would have bubbled forth...the $100 million per year in local product purchase...such treasure was unwanted in that little one-light town.

Hearing of the problem...this BLOG offered Tyson a great place to set up in Vero Beach, Florida. And...of course...Tyson will be able to say, "We're not in Kansas anymore."(WSJ A-1;11-30-17).


Discussing the importance of loosening the grip of big grab government...President Trump said there wasn't any way to stop the MARCH TO MAKE SALT. Indeed...when Republicans were discussing tax cuts...some pointed out the U.S. Senate passed rules that prevented escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...only to be told by President Trump bash down wall...obliterate hurdle...delete barrier...we're coming through!

tulip crazy

Many years ago...there was a TULIP FRNZY. The price of tulips climbed higher and higher as more and more people wanted tulips. The producers supplied the want until there were so many tulips available...the price plummeted. Might the same effect* occur with BITCOIN?
*Bitcoin is popular because big grab government is not involved. Any government official in the U.S.A. who might want to intrude is quickly identified and shunned. In CHINA...President Xi tried to stop BITCOIN since it represented a way to help fund the future that didn't include him.


Folks...we're in a war on freedom and Congressional Republicans...even though a majority...don't have the courage to save America from the grip of big grab government. "Bumping up rates to 21% or 22% is attractive to Republicans looking for money to expand the child tax credit," Senator Nelson(D.FL) noted when asked about socialism and destruction of American freedom. Never did Nelson say he wanted to cut government spending since he's an inveterate socialist whose overall desire is to create as many poor and dependent voters as possible,(WSJ A-1;11-30-17).

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin acknowledged he procured some talking points from this BLOG. It was an unexpected accolade. Thank you, Matt.


Rail guns have been deployed and will be used should the "little rocket man" decide to launch a nuclear missile strike on America. Unlike rockets and cannon shells...the rail gun fires a small dart at a classified fast that the missiles of the "little fella" will be intercepted just as they clear the horizon. Yes...North Korea will be showered in unexploded plutonium...but...they must suffer what their dictator imposes.


According to U.S. Rep. Rice, (D.NY)...Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) was on the list of perverts who accessed the secret Congressional slush fund created to pay off victims. She said Senator Al Franken was a piker compared to Nelson who was notorious for his preference for young Cambodian boys. She wanted Nelson "outed" so that Floridians might choose someone else in 2018. VIVA RICK SCOTT!


President Trump was in Missouri...and...told a standing-room-only crowd he was prepared to sign a tax cut into law. He asked if they could contact socialist U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill and tell her that her own constituency wants her to support the tax cut. This invitation to McCaskill was classic Trump. He was framing Claire as an obstructionist in a way that compelled her to support the effort. Brilliant move. VIVA TRUMP!


Matt Lauer, anchor dude for NBC, was fired because he used his position to attack women. One of his victims came forward to reveal the horrific tale of Lauer-the-pervert. He forced one lady into a bedroom and had his way with her while reciting socialist slogans to keep her entertained. Another lady said Lauer preferred U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) but took her instead.

maybe Manchin

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin(D.W.Va) might choose to support President Trump and push that tax cut through the U.S. Senate despite threats from Schumer and Sherrod Brown to sully his reputation in the Democrat Party. HUH?


Despite a concerted MASS MEDIA attack...ROY MOORE will defeat DOUG JONES. There are few Afro-Americans who will support a former assistant U.S.Attorney. They know what scumbags these people are.


Because of OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...North Korean missiles can now strike anywhere in America. He could have stopped North Korean missile-building but chose not to intrude. And...according to U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff(D.Ca)...those missiles are there because of Obama's recklessness.


Revolutionary. Such was the frame given to the idea of cessation of funding for many government agencies including the Environmental Destruction Agency, the Dept. of Energy, the Dept. of Education, etc. If they are denied funds...staff* will depart and leave America alone...something so welcomed, it'll cause parades and cheers. VIVA TRUMP!
*Defunding the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Agency(CFPA) will force the worms and rats to depart CFPA.


When the SNITCH revealed himself and his intention to tell the world about Hillary-the-hag and her criminal enterprise...he was threatened by the Democrats. They didn't want TRUTH to be disseminated.


Because the federal judge knew Khatallah was a "fall guy'...[someone chosen to take the rap for the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy compound attack which resulted in the death of 4 Americans including Ambassador Stevens]...he sentenced Khatallah to life-in-prison. Reacting to the SENTENCE...the defendant promised to write a book on what happened.


A Republican candidate can't out-promise a Democrat. Whereas...the Republican will promise some kind of tax relief and less spending on social programs...the Democrat tell the crowd there is always a "free lunch" if you have a "whip and chain" to back it up. President Trump must frame the tax cut issue as a question of loosening the grip of big grab government...and...he'll succeed. Even the socialist MASS MEDIA cannot hide or skew such a message of liberation. VIVA TRUMP!


Yesterday...on each side of President Trump were two empty which should have been occupied by U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) and the other by U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi. They chose to boycott this history-making effort to cut taxes and loosen the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT.

They chose not to attend claiming Big Don had insulted them by labeling them "obstructionists". Their presence...though...wasn't actually necessary since these two freedom-haters are in the minority. Indeed...if the Republicans would only use their MAJORITY POWER...they could change rules...and...deploy the Omnibus Repeal Bill(ORB) wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE are deleted. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator John McCain(R.Az) might look* back on his time spent inside a 5 foot by 8 foot cage in North Vietnam and decide America is worth saving from the clutches of the socialists in Washington D.C. Yes...folks...this captured pilot spent years imprisoned by the North Vietnamese. McCain might choose to liberate the producer from the GRIP of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT and complete his mission.
*Mention is made of McCain's time in prison since he was singing "Coming in on a wing and a prayer" when he was looking at the proposed tax cuts in his office the other day.


Matt Lauer...a NBC talking head...was fired because of sexual attacks perpetrated by him. When asked who was the 1st to snitch...Lauer stopped...looked at the TV screen where is name was appearing every 5 minutes...and...replied, "It was Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren. I did both in the bathroom at the NBC studio in New York."


While the MASS MEDIA did not attack Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...they have chosen to be merciless in their denunciation of President Trump. They are doing all they can to stop him from delivering a modest tax cut by Christmas of 2017. If they can hurt Big Don enough in the eyes of Republican U.S. Senators...these Senators might very well choose to keep America in the socialist toilet.


President Trump is doing what he can to deliver a tax cut my Christmas. The hurdles are many...the personalities hateful...and...the MASS MEDIA dedicated to disrupting and stopping Big Don as he tries to liberate America from the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT. Yet...President Trump might very well succeed. VIVA TRUMP!


WASTED TIME. Since few know how long they have on Earth before they become the quintessence of dust...every moment must be used to find happiness and boundless joy. It's out there for everyone. Go look. And...don't waste precious matter how much of it you believe you have.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


The dictator of North Korea launched another ballistic missile...this one could have struck Los Angeles. When asked about this latest breakthrough...the "little fella" replied, "Obama permitted me to have the nukes and the expertise for missiles. I'm indebted to that dung-throwing monkey for that opening so that I might become a world class tyrant."


The Republican majority can push through any law they wished. Any barrier could be removed by a majority vote thereby eliminating Democrat-bottleneck...and...permitting liberation. However...the Republicans are not all freedom-lovers with some Republicans In Name Only(RINO) declaring they want more not less big grab government.


U.S. Senator Schumer and several other snotty Democrats departed a meeting with President Trump when they discovered Big Don labeled them: "fools and ghouls".


What if 1969...never went to the moon? What if the entire Apollo approach was simply a LIE? Recently...there has been so much investigation into the issue that it has become clear to anyone who wishes to look that there was a STAGED LANDING...and...FOLLOW-UPS.

It very well might be the radiation cloak which surrounds Mother Earth was and is so powerful anything electronic would be fried instantly...thereby creating an impenetrable* barrier...and...proving mankind never set foot on the lunar surface.
* Only pure metal objects such as zero-gravity made aluminum can survive that radiation. Well-clad satellites with GOLD PLATING might make it.


As odd as it might seem...protestors arrived at the U.S. Senate Office Building and began making noise about more taxes not less taxes. They demanded more enslavement...more whip and shackle...and...were going to fight if they did not get their way.

When asked "why" were they supporting the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and not championing CAGE escape...the protestors all laughed and said they were paid by GEORGE SOROS to make trouble. They didn't care one way or the other about destroying America with BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT.

Joining the SOROS melee...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY) paid protestors to throw human-dung filled bags at President Trump. The would-be assailants thought twice about carrying out the assault and told scumbag-Schumer to do his own dirty work.


When TEAM OBAMA was running up the national debt from $8 trillion to $20 trillion...U.S. Senator Bob Corker(D. Tn) did not say anything since big grab government was growing and wiping out liberty...something that made CORKER'S left leg tingle.

Nowadays...though...with President Trump trying to eke out a TINY TAX CUT...miniscule and minimal...CORKER is screaming and shouting about the NATIONAL DEBT.

"How dare Americans want to escape the grip of big grab government!" dripped CORKER as he watched the DEBT CLOCK spin away.


LEANDRA ENGLISH...stood in the office of the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Agency(CFPA)...and...demanded Mick Mulvaney depart. "I was appointed by "dick" Cordray...and...I have the right to be in that chair behind that oak desk," shouted English as she drooled venom and hate.

Of course...Mick told her to depart or face arrest for trespass on federal property.

Hearing the threat...English stormed out of the building with a troupe of Democrats and MASS MEDIA cameras framing her 5 minutes of FAME and DEFIANCE...things that will serve her well as she travels the MASS MEDIA circuit denouncing Big Don and his pick: MICK.


After President Trump finished acknowledging and rewarding the Navajo code talkers of World War II...a question was asked about U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) who was caught LYING about her American Indian ancestry to GAIN benefit thereby. He called her "Pocahontas" in an attempt to frame Warren as a LIAR...a DECEIVER...and...of course...a socialist-Democrat. VIVA TRUMP!

Monday, November 27, 2017


"Do I know DOUG JONES?" asked an incredulous Democrat holding a DOUG JONES FOR U.S.SENATE poster. "Of course...I know him. He was famous in high school for snitching on all the pot growers in the class...took out 85 student-farmers and was a bragging point of his for years...often told when dialogue languished after he mentioned his name. So when you ask if I know DOUG JONES...I say...YES...I know DOUG JONES."


President Trump referred to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) as "Pocahontas"...drawing attention to the LIE AND DECEPTION Warren was caught orchestrating some years back when she grabbed a government job by claiming she was an American Indian.
*An obvious LIE but one the Trump-despising MASS MEDIA...nowadays...won't discuss.


Sheppard Smith...a Fox news talking head...was accused of child molestation by a 25 year old man who said Mr. Smith had attempted sodomy in a bathroom at a public park in downtown Washington D.C. Naturally...Smith denied the accusation but the park security camera showed Smith and the that time 15 years of age...entering the bathroom holding hands. When ROY MOORE heard about of Moore's loudmouthed detractors...he laughed and pointed out Smith and Senator Al Franken couldn't lie when photos told it all.


President Trump would have done better to refer to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren,(D.Mass) as "papoose" than to call her "Pocahontas"...the famous Indian maiden who saved John Smith. He degraded "Pocahontas" by giving Warren such a great moniker.

On the other calling her "papoose"...Big Don would have once more brought attention to the LIE AND DECEPTION perpetrated by Warren wherein she pretended to be a direct descendent of an American Indian...when...actually her family came from Ireland during the potato famine...lineage about which she knew but preferred to hide so that she could grab that job that had been carved out for a female American Indian descendant.

$700 billion?

Imagine having $700 billion to spend to defend America. After paying personnel, funding pensions and medical expenses...what's left will be spent protecting America. HUH?


The leaders of the Islamic State chuckled when they heard the body count exceed 300 in the Sinai mosque attack. They wanted to taste Shiite blood...and...that massacre delivered mightily. President Sisi...Egypt's leader...swore revenge only to be told by his underlings such declaration was nonsense since Sunnis despised Shiites and would kill more apostates when the opportunity bubbled forth.


The Republicans lack a Public Relations firm capable of telling the world they're attempting to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein big grab government declares all wealth belongs to it and whatever it deems fitting for the peasants to have such is their prerogative to grant or deny.

While the MASS MEDIA is doing all it can to thwart such CAGE escape...there are international media outlets...such as this BLOG...which are leading the way out of this miasma of misery and privation.

Yes...should the NANNY STATE be deleted...3.78 million federal worker bees won't have jobs but so what!  With such qualifications...they'll be quickly absorbed in the hotel service and restaurant industries. Indeed...LOIS Internal Revenue Service scumbag...for example..was unable to find a job anywhere except as a toilet attendant at a massage bar in Utah...a niche she was well-suited to fill.


How does a federal employee ever assert they're insulated from discharge by the chief executive: DONALD TRUMP? Yet...when "dick" Cordray departed the so-called Consumer Finance Protection agency(CFPA) and appointed LEANDRA ENGLISH...a practicing Satanist and dedicated NAZI...somehow...he empowered scumbag ENGLISH in such fashion that she  could declare herself chief executive of the CFPA and tell Mick...President Trump's pick to go elsewhere.

Despite the nasty refusal to leave of her own accord...Mick Mulvaney arrived at the CFPA office...directed ENLGISH to depart because she was fired and was now trespassing if she didn't leave the premises. With federal police there to back up Mick...ENGLISH undid the handcuff she had used to chain herself to the 5 ton oak desk...grabbed her copy of MEIN KAMPF...and...left shouting NEO-NAZI worker slogans.

Meghan Markle

Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dislodged mystery and revealed their engagement. Meghan showed a cub reporter her engagement ring...a ring worn over 12,000 years ago by the most beautiful woman of that 2017...Meghan was adorned with the bauble.

Of course...envious American ladies instantly came forward and declared they were the most beautiful...that a WALL-MIRROR had said as much. Confronted by such backlash and prop wash...Prince Harry told the world he had an even older ring but had chosen to throw that one into the erupting maw of Mt. Agung.


As difficult as taking Iwo Jima. Such was the assessment of Republican U.S. Senators when asked about the likelihood of passage of pending tax cuts. "We are too timid...too fearful...too afraid to liberate enslaved producers. We can't give them the KEY to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. We just can't be the Party of Freedom...not the Republican least not the Republican Party of 2017," admitted Senator Lindsey Graham,(R.S.C.).


"Another sexual attack victim accusing U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL)?" asked U.S. Senator Al Franken(D.Min) himself a sexual deviant and groping scumbag. Franken was referring to the flood of women coming forward accusing BILL-THE-PERVERT of sexual attack so could only have been committed by a socialist-Democrat as lousy as Bill Nelson.


When the score card for economists was examined recently...this BLOG'S predictions were 100% right every time while others using KEYNESIAN HOKUM were always wrong. This BLOG...for example...using economic models designed by Ludwig von Mises...and...AYN RAND...predicted 2017 would be a great year for an American recovery from the OBAMA far...this forecast has been spot on correct. VIVA TRUMP!

Maj. Gen. Manuel Quevedo

Venezuelan strongman, MADURO appointed Major General Manuel Quevedo to run the national oil company. While Quevedo lacks any knowledge about the oil industry...he is the lapdog of MADURO. He was put into that bottleneck to stop anyone from profiting more than MADURO from the oil resources of that once great nation.


When this BLOG warned that MOUNT AGUNG near Bali was about to erupt...Congress refused to act. SCHUMER-PELOSI demanded the Republican majority instantly authorize the climate-change soothsayers to travel to Bali...ascend Mt. Agung...and...demand Mother Nature stop such tantrum and quiet down. Albert Gore...a climate-change guru*...pointed out that beseeching Mother Nature was the ONLY WAY to save mankind and that a loudmouth man-made climate change team should be funded and dispatched to issue that demand,(WSJ A-7;11-26-17).
*In 1991...Mt. Pinatubo erupted. It was the largest eruption in modern history. It spewed so much Carbon Dioxide that mankind died off from the change in climate. HUH?

Muhammad the butcher

While Muslims refer to Muhammad as the FINAL PROPHET...most Americans call him '"BUTCHER"...and...despise the mention of his name. Zahid Hamid...a Pakistani government official...agreed with the Americans and removed the oath that framed Muhammad as THE FINAL PROPHET...a move that angered the mainstream Barelvi sect of Islam.

So angry that someone would attempt to change some part of Islam's Law...even something as venial as an oath of office...that the Barelvi rioted leaving 7 dead and over 200 injured. "We will kill and kill some more until Islam is vindicated," shouted of the leaders of the Barelvi.


SOCK PUPPET. They're very difficult to spot and mark as "hazard" be avoided...and...always kept at arm's length so that if a surprise blow intended...sock puppet can't draw close enough to unleash attack. Such was the description which framed DOUG JONES when Big Don was asked "why" he did not want DOUG JONES to defeat ROY MOORE...the Republican vying for that U.S. Senate seat vacated by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Liza Koshy

Liza Kochy is a video star whose stardom arrived with YouTube,(WSJ A-1;11-26-17). She got her idea from reading this BLOG. She saw where she could reach GEN Z...the biggest crowd of consumers ever to hit YouTube and asked this BLOG for funding. With such financing received...LIZA has become a star! VIVA LIZA!


TEAM OBAMA created an unconstitutional agency one that can operate independent of the federal government. Until now that power has not been revealed. But...RICHARD "dick" CORDRAY appointed a NAZI to replace him. LEANDRA ENGLISH was not only by CORDRAY appointed but also was ready to kill her own mother to advance tyranny.

President Trump was informed by "dick" that he had put LEANDRA ENGLISH into the leadership position and Big Don could not do anything about it. The power of the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Agency(CFPA) was independent of politics and the cadre of NAZIS operating it could not be fired.

Of course...President Trump will send Mick Mulvaney over to the CFPA to direct Leandra and all the other scumbags to depart CFPA by 5:00 pm...or...face physical eviction and prosecution for trespass on federal property.

How dare some worm such as "dick" think he can stand up to Big Don? Maybe...behind some barn...Big Don...needs to meet "dick" and beat him senseless. VIVA TRUMP!

Sunday, November 26, 2017


In Virginia...Governor McAuliff gave 204,994 convicted felons their right to vote and the Democrats won by a 204,000 vote margin installing another lackluster socialist as governor and defeating Republican Ed Gillespie.


President Trump declared the Time Warner-AT&T merger was too much power in the hands of too few people. While Big Don is not an anti-trust lawyer...nonetheless...he's espousing a tenet of trust law which does not apply to these two companies. In fact...fewer and fewer people are using AT&T because of its lousy service and bad contracts.


Liberation from the grip of big grab say: RULES STOP THAT? Might there be afoot in America a leader who doesn't permit GORDIAN KNOT...but...slices through it as if hot knife through butter?

Are there Republicans...though...who might grab the sword and slice...but...are too timid...too meek...too empty to perform such feat?

The freedom-hating MASS MEDIA and its Democrat-allies are betting the Republicans lack the COURAGE to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and permit a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market to manifest and flourish. Are they right? Are there such knaves masquerading as Republicans in the U.S. Senate?



By reducing taxes and down-sizing government...Florida has become the Mecca of America. New York...for instance...has lost 15% of its producers while Washington state has lost 26.9% of its producers...all departing for the Sunshine State. Of course...the socialists in those beleaguered states are developing "obstacle and hinder" to retard the exodus...but...such shackle and whip tactic won't do anything more than accelerate the flood. VIVA RICK SCOTT!


TAX CUT is another way of saying liberation from the grip of big grab government. Of course...the Democrats hate TAX CUTS because they want enslavement...more intrusion...more power to the bureaucrat...and...eventually a socialist toilet.

JEFF BEZOS and his $100 billion

Jeff Bezos was declared the richest man on planet Earth for 2017 sporting a $100 billion empire. When asked where he planned on taking his vacation next year...he laughed and said he was building an underground paradise on the Moon...transport free of charge...and...anyone who wished to take up residence there had to want something more.

2000 tons 500 miles

How do you move a 4 million pound stone 500 miles after quarrying it from the side of a mountain? Modern day machinery might achieve that those stone with such it several thousand erect a megalithic structure...such a feat is beyond the ken and technology of 2017.

But where is all that knowledge which backed up those builders so many thousands of years ago? Might it have been washed away in the GREAT FLOOD...and...those survivors who escaped over the centuries lost that data? Indeed...if a GREAT FLOOD were to happen today...what would be left might very well be the same kind of erasure?


A holocaust survivor donated $1 million to the American military. He was saved from the gas chamber in World War II by American G.I.s who arrived and killed the Nazi death camp guards.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


From grade school the receiver and quarterback practiced their skills...routes...fakes and jigs...all with the purpose of playing with a national pro squad for the world championship. Throughout their high school and college career they told anyone who asked their ultimate goal. And...of 2017...the Philadelphia Eagles led by that QB and receiver might very well be world champs. GO EAGLES.


PROLIFERATION OF NUKES. When HIGHLY radioactive skeletons were found in India buried in rubble dating back 20,000 was concluded that centuries ago...mankind decided their differences in a mushroom cloud; and what was left obliterated in a flood which buried cities and its people.


The Florida Gators will lose to Florida State Seminoles because they lack whatever is required to win. Their spirit...their skill...their ardor...a big ball of chill. Their coaches know it's a hard way to go...before over they begin.


Leandra English...the newly appointed-by-Cordray leader of the infamous Consumer Financial Protection Agency(CFPA)...told a cub reporter that when Trump asked her to step aside so that Mick Mulvaney could become head honcho of the CFPA...she snubbed his request and retorted, "I do not have to listen to your idle banter and babble. I am independent of your power and I tell you what to do. Yes...I am not a critter of power is above yours...I haven't any you can take all that bluster and bounce and stick it where the sun doesn't shine."


MIKE FLYNN agreed to raise money to make a movie about Fethullah Gulen...the exiled cleric residing in Pennsylvania. According to Turkish President Erdogan...this elderly religious leader plotted to overthrow the Turkish government using his laptop and fellow travelers stationed around Istanbul. So angry was Erdogan...he asked MIKE FLYNN to raise money for a movie about the nasty side of Gulen. In turn...Mike Flynn commenced canvasing America for investors...people who hated Gulen and loved Erdogan...a pool so large Flynn didn't think he'd have trouble performing the feat.

Along the way...MIKE FLYNN was asked to coordinate the abduction of Katalah...the alleged mastermind behind the attack on the Benghazi embassy complex on 09-11-12. So well planned was that kidnapping from Libya that FLYNN was approached by ERDOGAN not only to make a movie...but...while shooting "on site"...some of the movie-making team would break away...grab GULEN from his Pennsylvania retreat...and...send him off to Istanbul...where he'd be questioned...tortured...and...killed...hopefully in that order.

why mine?

"Why mine more than imagined? Whatever magic...whatever attracted and bolstered until fathomless wealth abounded," quipped FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg as he pondered a run for the presidency in 2020.


Rocky Balboa permits CLUBBER McGEE to bash and beat his face and body and as McGee is blasting away...pummeling...and...stomping...Rocky declares, "You're not so bad!"

Might such scenario be unfolding between Big Don and the "little fella" of North Korea?

The latest layer of sanctions imposed on North a state sponsor of terrorism...are so punitive...President Trump expects "rocket-man" to back down. However...because "face" is a moral injunction...KIM JUNG UN will not only stand up...but...will return petard for petard...bomb for bomb...and...obliteration for obliteration. He must do as much to "save face".


While Secretary of State...Hillary-the-hag engineered approval from all concerned government agencies and departments so that she was insulated from recriminations once she left office...creating a wall to defend against envisioned accusations that she used her office to enhance her own private fortune.

Yet...despite her meticulous construction...people are asking "how" $145 million was given to the Clinton Family Foundation where such donations were from participants in the Uranium One deal. They're asking "why" would this or that department or agency sign off on a deal that delivered 20% of America's uranium to the Russians. Some sleuths are also asking about that $145 million and its connection to the URANIUM ONE deal...wondering who transferred those funds...and...under whose orders such funds were sent.


If America were to know about the illegal acts of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) from 2009 through 2016...they'd demand prosecution of 99.99% of all IRS employees as co-conspirators...people who went along to get along...people who knew it was wrong yet kept silent to keep job. LOIS LERNER...that infamous witch at the Cincinnati office...has become the poster child* for this bunch of miscreants and knaves.
*Lois Lerner wants her deposition sealed so that she won't be assassinated by the people she "outed" in other areas of government.


When asked "why" she wanted her deposition sealed so that the contents can't be reviewed by her victims...LOIS LERNER...former Internal Revenue Service knave...pointed out she could not afford 24/7 bodyguards. Underscoring her wretchedness...she acknowledged she couldn't even get a job as a toilet attendant. The employers simply didn't wish to have such a despicable person any where near them or their business. To them she was the epitome of evil and hate...all mixed into a vicious concoction whose passion for hurting people second to none.


Opioid addiction is rampant in America. Instead of opening up the market so that all forms of pain relief are available to the most people...however...the WAR ON DRUGS created a miasma*...wherein drug users were consigned to find their "fix" in alleys and back street bars. With the advent of legalization of marijuana...the opioid crisis is abating although not fast enough to suit such jerks as BARTON COBERT...whose self-portrait of stupidity includes the assertion that marijuana leads to heroin,(WSJ A-12;11-25-17).
*Homer informs us that Odysseus was told to avoid a place where men are turned into cattle using a drug derived from the poppy.


As the minimum wage increases to $15 per hour...more and more companies are picking robots to do what was once done by entry-level worker bees. Naturally...removal of that minimum wage law would open those jobs once more...but...that would mean big stomp government would not have its intrusive hand in the production process...something the fascist and socialist alike won't ever permit. Their solution to levy a huge tax on the robots so that the companies will either be forced to return to the $15 per hour worker bee or close their doors,(WSJ A-11;11-25-17).


To avoid bloodshed...the SUFIS in Ber al Abd were told to stay away from the mosque...there was bound to be a massacre. The SUFIS...a mystical branch of Islam dubbed heretical by extremists...ignored the ALERT preferring to worship on Thursday as they had done for 400 years.

One of the survivors of the predicted attack which killed 235 SUFIS said the gunmen were singing socialist worker songs...the same songs BERNIE SANDERS and his socialist-mob were heard singing in 2016 during his failed presidential campaign. Why these killers found it necessary to chant such socialist nonsense has not been answered but clues have been left everywhere.


The Peshmerga were informed they weren't to receive any more ammo from Uncle Sugar. President Trump had decided to stop giving away such military supplies and equipment. Of course...that decision was prompted by the need to keep American military bases in Turkey. Hence...when President Erdogan asked Big Don to stop supplying the KURDS...or...lose the bases in Turkey...there was not any other choice but to comply and cease the provisioning of the Peshmerga,(WSJ A-4;11-25-17).

This BLOG warned the KURDS they were chess pieces and their fate based on which side had the next move. Except for Barzani...the leader of the KURDS...none believed America would betray them...not after all the blood the KURDS shed eliminating Islamic State. They simply couldn't believe Uncle Sugar would cut them loose and allow other tribes to delete them once more from the world stage.


"Smoking his ashes in my cigarette...riding around in his Vet...blew his brains out on Chicago's south side...he killed my best friend...there was no place he could hide." And for saying those drill rap video words...18 year old Sherrod Rhyme was gunned down by a rival gang who resented such reference to BIG HOGGIE...their beloved leader who was consumed in flame,(WSJ A-3;11-25-17).


Mick Mulvaney was charted to become head of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau(CFPA)...but...LEANDRA ENGLISH was appointed by RICHARD CORDRAY to act as the director during his absence thereby thwarting Trump's pick. Following tradition...Mick went to Leandra...asked her to participate in sexual intercourse...she agreed...met at a Mick handed her the door key...Mick asked, "I haven't done this about you?"


Former director of the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Agency(CFPA)Richard Cordray won't be able to walk the street without someone spitting on him or attempting groin kick. His 24/7 bodyguards will have their work cut out for them since CORDRAY is hated and despised...his effigy burns in every fireplace...and...his house in that gated community targeted for sonic boom box and other nasty "payback" stuff.

Before Cordray departed his perch at a parting dung-bag toss...he appointed LEANDRA ENGLISH to lead the agency. Even though President Trump didn't prefer this appointee...nonetheless...he's stuck with her until he finds a way to evict. LEANDRA ENGLISH his deputy director was chosen to lead CFPA because she promised...if need there kill her mother to advance cause and purpose.

Friday, November 24, 2017


President Trump has a hotel on Pennsylvania Ave. that is a grand one at that. In special suites...for example...24 carat gold toilet lids and sterling silver spoons are just a few of the added appointments demonstrating to the guest they're not only respected...but...also...appreciated. VIVA TRUMP!


Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, (D.Conn) said Mike Flynn was in big trouble for lying about this and that. When confronted about his own lying...about telling people he had saved Lieutenant Dan...he admitted he was a "laurel's thief"...but...because he was a freedom-hating Democrat voters* in his region liked him.
*In Connecticut...this BLOG has already spent $20 million undermining and denouncing this laurel's thief. As Senator Sherrod Brown,(D.OH) was overheard saying, "He's a LIAR who needs to be evicted from the U.S. Senate...then...ostracized and spat upon."


While the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA publishes "false polls"...this BLOG has performed the same feat using proper "samples" along with proper "mechanics" to derive the BEST GUESS possible. It was this BLOG...and...ONLY this BLOG...for instance...which declared Donald J. Trump the winner DAYS before the finale using formulaic algorithms designed to render an accurate account of the electorate on the day such POLL taken. Extrapolating...imagining an outcome some days hence...while incredibly risky and potentially a destructive aspect for this BLOG...nonetheless...undaunted...this BLOG issued its prediction: TRUMP DEFEATS HILLARY!

Franken apologia

U.S. Senator Al Franken (D.Minn) issued a blanket apology designed to address the complaints of the 13,992 ladies who have come forward with horrific stories about how "fish lips" attacked them...groped them...invaded their privacy...and...had his nasty way with them. "I'm sorry to all the ladies. I have been many places...done many things...most of which I see now was quite dastardly and irredeemable," whispered Franken when he was shown a photo of himself and a lady as she squirmed out of his offensive embrace.


Because the tenure of President Trump is so rare...that to commemorate the greatness afoot...people are out buying what they want. VIVA TRUMP!


Another Islamic State massacre...this time in Sinai...where 200(+) worshipers were machine gunned as they sat on their prayer rugs repeating verses of the Qu'ran. According to officials inside the United Nations...the killers were members of a shadowy group with connections to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Democratic National Committee,(DNC). To bolster this incredible assertion...the U.N. official revealed incontrovertible proof of a money trail leading from TOM PEREZ...chairman of the al-Baghdadi...the leader of Islamic State...a path that led to the butchery in Sinai.


One businessman...counting his profits...looked at the cub reporter and declared, "Who needs a tax cut!" To which the reporter replied, "Speak for yourself, buster."(WSJ B-12;11-24-17).


Through a phone by page...a demented Internal Revenue Service employee looked for a name...not any name...but...the name of the most randomly picked person ever. On a hill overlooking that target's place of employment...the jerk stationed himself...his telescopic sight traversing the business below looking for the victim...and...whispering to himself: DIE YOU RANDOM BASTARD!


Folks...did you know there is a FUND whose purpose to pay off victims of the indiscretions and imbroglios of members of Congress? It's recent revelation...though...has prompted a few in the MASS MEDIA to ask the names* of those members who accessed that fund to silence a would-be whistle-blower.
*U.S. Rep. JOHN CONYERS used $27,000 from that FUND to stop a lady from telling the world about the sex-slave operation CONYERS was operating in Afghanistan.


TOM STEYER admitted he was a hypocrite and deserved public condemnation. He championed environmentalist solutions even if those answers meant: (i)"no fossil fuel"...(ii) everyone consigned to "tent and mule" existence...and...(iii) STEYER riding by on his steed looking at his holding and slaves.

"nude photo"

U.S.Rep. Joe Barton(R.Tx) apologized to his constituents for dating a mature-lady...sending her nude photos of himself presenting his assessment while they were romantically involved...and...doing all of that nonsense while married to another woman. Of course...the "mature-lady" broke off the romance and uploaded the photo just to hurt JOE if possible. Reacting to the revelation...Hollywood pervert KEVIN SPACEY called JOE and asked for a date.

Brazil's pension nonsense

In Brazil...50% of tax receipts are redistributed to pensioners. 2018...this obligation will require $56 billion the government does not have and won't have unless it raises taxes...and...kills off the last vestiges of capitalism.

Eventually...even if it takes another 100 years...Brazilians will reject socialism...and...embrace a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Indeed...eventually a majority of Brazilian voters will tell the public employee pensioners...they made the wrong bet...and...they aren't getting any more pension-payments.


The Argentinian sub was finally declared lost...its 45 member crew* consigned to Davey Jones. SAILOR, REST YOUR OAR.
*The lookouts couldn't see the Zero...out of the sun it came...blazing away with cannon and machine gun. Only a few seconds stood between escape and obliteration. As the crew were scurrying toward the hatch...a bullet struck one of them. Captain Gilmore helped lower away...and...without time for himself to enter the hatch...closed he was closing...issued his last command: TAKE HER DOWN!


President Trump delivered an inspiring message about good times and a bubbling future.

Instead of echoing his praise for American and all that is good about this blessed land and its people...however...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA called the message "silly"..."misplaced"...and..."over-the-top" as where OBAMA'S insipid drooling masquerading as message were always labeled wondrous and enlightened.


Breaking a year of silence...HAFTZ SAEED told the world that man-made global warming was hokum...admitting he worked with Mike Mann ...a Penn State climate foisting horrible laws on America.

Capturing the mood...Saeed said, "Penn State scumbag MIKE MANN has joined forces with Islamic group known for assassinations in Mumbai and Tibet...their mission to silence anyone who says MAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE is rubbish. Mann...of course...has denied any wrongdoing...saying he was only lending his name to the militant wing of the environmental movement so they might collect more funds to finance their slaughter of "deniers".


GEORGE SOROS should be commended for finding a way to avoid the grip of big grab government and preserve his fortune so that those in the future who see things the same way he did can tap that $18 billion and finance their revolution eliminating the last vestiges of freedom and imposing a regime which SOROS envisioned...with his team at the top directing...and...everyone else rowing* the boat in any direction the board of directors might choose.

STEPHEN MOORE is envious of this tactic and wants some big grab government to take from SOROS so that that $18 billion can be used to fund MOORE'S beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein at death...government vultures descend...step over crying kids and pick the bones.

What has many experts "why" would STEPHEN MOORE care if SOROS structured his attack on freedom to be be continued until the last vestiges of liberty are erased and replaced with socialist "freedom-to-obey"? Mr. Moore dreams of the same horrific fate for America...only...he wants to do it his way,(WSJ A-19;11-24-17).
*In the movie, WATERWORLD...Dennis Hopper points in the direction of LAND...and...the inhabitants of that floating whatever put their oars in the water an commence to row. When Hooper is asked "why" do such a thing when LAND can't be found anywhere...Hopper replies, "They need purpose...they need hope...a dream...and...that way is just as good as any to give them what they want."


Billionaire Tom Steyer...a hedge-fund mogul...dedicated $20 million to what he calls his IMPEACH TRUMP effort using social media to acquire signatures on an impeachment petition. So far he has 2.6 million signatures and expects 300 million before year's end,(WSJ A-4;11-24-17).

When asked about "domain spoofing"...making something appear to be what is it not...TOM STEYER became visibly shaken and angry. "If it looks like there is something where I could actually make a difference, then I would be willing to try," Steyer shot back noting his ideas were well-received by people who want to return to a time of tent and mule...sitting about campfires singing and dancing till dawn...when...the tribe must pack it up...and...slowly move on.

Cars were gone
Oxen collared at dawn
You must be up and ready
When the tribe
moves on.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


The door opened...and...into that small hut came the mob...themselves starving...looking for food. There they were standing in that dirt-floor hut looking at an iron pot with boiling water. They approached the pot...took the spoon and dipped...only to discover the hut's owner cooking sand gathered near the stream.


The Democrats say many Americans don't get relief from taxation with the Republican plan. To address that misgiving...the tax cut should be enlarged to cover any gripe...any perceived that every America receives some kind of tax benefit. The best approach is to eliminate the progressive income tax and charge every producer .0001% of their effort to pay for the essential government services provided: courts, police and a small national defense force.

Because the Republican majority did not eliminate U.S. Senate rules that prevent escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...their so-called tax cut is tepid and delivers little more than brief reprieve from the grip of big grab omnivorous maw which consumes until all that remains are paupers and a ruling elite.


The families of 45 Argentinian submariners waited for news about the missing sub. The DISTRESS BOUY the sub could have launched was not observed which meant whatever trouble the sub experienced was so surprising and sudden there was not enough time to send up the BOUY.


The universe is a big place and where we fit into the grand parade seems to be peculiar to each and well it should be that way. Might the blessings received be the beginning of wonders beyond imagination. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...liberty is not some construct...but...the primal aspect underpinning the dynamic interaction of people. In a socialist society...the producer is enslaved...and...never given any escape route to liberation. The government decides what's best and all must conform or be deleted.

When the Venezuelans chose socialism...never did they foresee the privation and tyranny nowadays afoot. They had well-stocked people were buying yachts and building shopping centers. But...when the price of OIL plummeted...the socialists were trapped. They could not attract investors since their funds were evaporating. They could not buy whatever needed since the BOLIVAR was considered worthless and there was a dearth of U.S. dollars.

The spiral has begun in that socialist toilet and it will end in squalor and misery affecting 99% of that country's population.

But do they not deserve what they wished for?

They wanted to enslave the producer...and...reap the benefit of such toil. But...they forgot one thing: producers are not slaves unless actually shackled,(MATTHEW 6:24).


President Trump framed his telephonic dialogue with Russian President Putin as a "great call". It might very well be that Russia and America will join forces to eradicate Islamic terrorism. VIVA TRUMP!


From $1300 per month to $3800 per month with a $13,000 deductible. Such was the increase experienced by one family as they dealt with OBAMA-CARE for 2018. They were being forced in their hamlet of Rockingham, Virginia to buy something they did not want...compelled to worship the idol TEAM OBAMA forged, (Exodus 32:24). good Democrats they had supported OBAMA-CARE since they were told by Obama they could keep their doctor...keep their insurance...two BIG LIES that they accepted as TRUTH in 2010.

Nowadays...however...they curse the Democrats...burn Obama in effigy...and...long for the day when they can evict Mark Warner-the-socialist...the U.S. Senator from Virginia who promised to enslave Virginians for the common good.


In TV commercials running in ALABAMA...Jeff Sessions is featured telling the world he did not have any reason to doubt the accusations of the accusers of ROY MOORE. What was left out of that dissertation was Session's follow-up comment that until there was proof beyond a reasonable doubt...ROY MOORE had to be presumed innocent of those allegations.

Folks...the voters of Alabama are being played hard by the Democrats. The accusers...some claiming to be Trump-voters...were orchestrated by an outfit* hired to produce a winner. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA was enlisted to bash ROY MOORE using these "scripted accusations". The combination is expected to produce DOUG JONES as the Senator from Alabama...dooming both Alabama and the rest of America to a future of mediocrity and privation.
*Black Cube was hired by Tom Perez...chairman of the Democratic National Committee(DNC) create the ATTACK which has unfolded in Alabama.


Electronic rail guns have been deployed around North Korea the purpose: to create a web of protection. Should the "little fella" decide to launch some kind of nuclear missile strike against America...for instance...rail guns would shoot them from the skies. Such protective mantle has been erected. VIVA TRUMP!

"domain spoofing"

Recently...this BLOG uncovered "domain spoofing" in the political arena. There...the deception* is centered around "voter preference"...with the tactician selling the SPOOF to unwitting campaigns who are looking for insight into which way voters are going,(WSJ B-3;11-22-17).
*Domain spoofing: that tactic wherein a company such as Hyphbot creates different domain names and millions of URLs many designed to fool advertisers into thinking they're buying ad inventory from big-name publishers such as Economist and the Wall Street Journal.


JOHN LASSETER...senior creative director of WALT DISNEY CO...after conferring with the ETHICS DEPT. of this BLOG...took a leave of absence...posting the obligatory apology offering consideration to anyone who was ever touched or grabbed in ways they felt intrusive. John was so inclusive in his apologia...he offered his sincerest remorse to the several sheep and dogs on the various production sets...saying whatever happed had to remain only between them,(WSJ B-1;11-22-17).

who cries for Kate?

Who cries for Kate Steinle...the lady shot by an illegal immigrant as she and her dad were walking along the San Francisco Bay? Certainly not the 103 people demonstrating in front of the courthouse...whose signs declare KATE'S DEATH to be expected...the perpetrator to be commended not condemned.


Jesus healed a group of people. They went away after the experience. Only one turned around and said, "thank you".

Might President Trump have faced the same ingratitude when he heard LAVAR BALL...[the father of the UCLA basketball player who was saved from a 10 year prison sentence in China for shoplifting] a TV interview ...Big Don's intercession and assistance?


Hillary-the-hag lost the 2016 presidential election even though she had the MASS MEDIA on her side...along with millions of voters who wished to experience the misery and privation her ideas would have delivered. And...while it's obvious to anyone who wishes to look...nonetheless...for Crooked Hillary her defeat bubbled from Russian intrigue and Trump machinations.


U.S. Rep. John Conyers,(D.Mi) said he used taxpayer money to pay off victims of his sexual attacks over the years. Hearing such an admission...this BLOG examined Conyers computers and bank records and discovered he's been filching funds for years to cover the cost of his indiscretions and imbroglios. However...such misconduct won't be raised up and condemned by the MASS MEDIA because he's a freedom-hating Democrat...a label he wears proudly and defiantly.

"ungrateful fool"

President Trump was miffed about the ingratitude of Lavar Ball...the father of the UCLA basketball player...who was caught shoplifting in China but was brought home by Big Don thereby insulating Ball's son from a 10 year prison sentence. Framing such unkind references to his son's savior...though...seemed appropriate given the hatred of Trump in California.


"TAX CUTS RARELY PAY FOR THEMSELVES." To that assessment this BLOG declares: TAX CUTS are a moral imperative and big government must shrink in size and scope accordingly. "Send the federal worker bees home with nothing more than thank you notes and fruit baskets," quipped Lois Lerner after she was shoved out of her niche at Internal Revenue Service(IRS) for doing exactly what she was told to do.

let's bomb them

In Somalia...using WAR-BOT(tm) technology...Trump's team killed a 100 warriors of the al-Shabaab organization...while in Nigeria...Boko Haram unleashed some "payback" slaughtering worshippers in a mosque. General of the loudmouth spokesmen for Islamic State...said all terrorist groups are coordinating their bomb-attacks so that their overall footprint seems bigger than it really is,(WSJ A-8;11-22-17).

Lu Wei time

Lu internet mogul...asked this BLOG'S editorial staff for a job. Naturally...he was accepted and given as much as he required to make his life better. welcomed was he...a ditty was framed to commemorate his arrival: "Lu Wei notified me...if he didn't have a job...he couldn't go free...We took another look and another cup of tea and had some butter pie. Butter Pie?"

Eastern Ghouta

Eastern Ghouta is a rebel-held suburb of Damascus and home to 400,000 people whose lives were remarkably changed when civil war came to their doorstep. Nowadays...deep basements are preferred as housing units since whatever above ground already obliterated or targeted for destruction, (WSJ A-6;11-22-17).

President Trump spoke to President Putin the other day about the mess and agreed American personnel should stay away from that hot spot and allow the Syrians to handle their own miasma. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump said he needed ROY MOORE to pass his agenda. If DOUG JONES were to be elected as the U.S. Senator from Alabama...the march to make salt...the effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE would be thwarted...stifled...and...otherwise derailed. Why would voters of Alabama wish to continue into the socialist toilet? Yet...if they choose DOUG JONES they will be consigning themselves and their heirs to a life of torment and misery.


Whirlpool Corp. hasn't been able to make a cheap washing machine or dryer for years. The amount of government this and that imposed on Whirlpool has reflected itself in price and quality...leaving room for foreign competition to grab a big chunk of this market.

Instead of demanding removal of the hinder and hassle which retards Whirlpool...however...its board of directors wants President Trump to add a TAX on foreign products thereby making the price of a washer-dryer as high as Whirlpool needs to continue on its beleaguered way,(WSJ A-2;11-22-17).


As Robert Mueller and his intrepid cadre were passing through the jungle...Mueller was asked by one of his crew: "What about that?" Mueller paused...looked at the HILLARY CRIME FAMILY DATA...chuckled...and...replied, "We're out looking for stuff to hurt Trump not Clinton."(WSJ A-1;11-22-17).


On December 23, 2016...Obama directed his United Nations personnel to allow the U.N. Resolution to be granted condemning Israel for its settlements in the West Bank region...settlement vital to the long-term security of Israel. Opposing this effort to hurt the JEW was Donald J. Trump and his team. He dispatched Jared Kushner to that coven of idiots to persuade...if possible...a "no-vote" be forthcoming. Of November of 2017...scumbag-Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to know the content of such importuning...that begging which didn't fetch the envisioned result,(WSJ A-1;11-22-17).

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

nasty John

Every morning at the House of Reps you could see him arrive...he stood 5 foot 6 and weighed 165...kind of broad in the shoulders and narrow in the hips...and...all the ladies in his office knew you had to suffer squid-like lips of BIG JOHN.

Nobody knew where JOHN called home...he'd just drift into brothels and stay all alone...kind of quiet and shy but if he got a lady alone...his hand into panties always by him tried. BIG JOHN.

Somebody said he was caught for rape in New Orleans where he got in a fight over a Cajun queen...and...a crashing blow from JOHN'S huge right hand...sent a Louisiana fella to the promised land, BIG JOHN.

Then one day at the bottom of her mind...a lady said don't touch me anymore blind...she was praying...her heart beat fast...and...somehow that lady knew her job was past.

Through the dust and the mist of that Conyer's made hell...walked a giant of man...his employees knew well...grabbed a sagging breast and let out with a giant oak tree...just stood there alone...BIG JOHN.

And then with a mighty shove...that poor lady screamed there's a light above...and...20 ladies scrambled from a would-be there's only one left in there to save: BIG JOHN.

With picks and shovels they started back down...then...that rumble in the MASS MEDIA sound...smoke and gas pulsed out of JOHN'S bubbling wit...and...everyone knew CONYERS called it quits, BIG JOHN.


As if from Hollywood script...Paladin arrived in Birmingham to help ROY MOORE fight back against the Democrats and their freedom-hating allies in the MASS MEDIA. Within a few days of his arrival...the MASS MEDIA was receiving reports and cogent back-up data that the accusers were liars...their stories unworthy of publication...and...the people behind the ROY MOORE ATTACK undoubtedly connected to BLACK CUBE...that bunch known for doing dirty tricks dirt cheap.


In America...the person accused must be presumed credible and without guilt until proven otherwise. Accusations are merely verbal claims...not proof of anything...and...are the least worthy of credit and always considered by everyone the most unreliable.

Hence...when the chief executive of the United States was asked about ROY MOORE...he declared that MOORE had emphatically denied the accusations and until proven otherwise MOORE was entitled to credit...anything less was nonsense...exclusively the region where the MASS MEDIA needed to play not President Trump. VIVA TRUMP!

Alabama: pivital role

Folks...if DOUG JONES defeats ROY MOORE...the Democrats will receive a gift. They will have enough clout in the U.S. Senate to stop President Trump...stifle his agenda...and...thereby...keep America "mediocre"...its businesses anemic...its citizens burdened and beleaguered.

It's OBVIOUS...Alabama has been subjected to a Democrat-Trick perpetrated by a complicit MASS MEDIA and some fairly skilled propagandists. Whether the ARTIFICE worked will be known on 12-13-17...the day after this historical vote...the day they tore OLD DIXIE down.


Although the reporters know the NINE ACCUSERS OF ROY MOORE are LYING...nonetheless...they attacked President Trump today as he opened the forum for questions. Not one question about tax cuts...the main ingredient for dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. All questions were vicious innuendo masked as inquiry...but...Big Don said DOUG JONES would hurt America's effort to be great again. Adding cement to the idea...Trump noted that...MOORE emphatically denied* the accusations.
*In a news conference covered only by FOX NEWS...a team of investigators revealed a series of LIES including the BOGUS YEARBOOK SIGNATURE...thereby eviscerating the tales of Beverly Young Nelson...Ms. Corfman...and...the seven other liars.

Lavar Ball called

While his son thanked President Trump for intervening in China and bringing him home...his publicity-seeking father, LAVAR BALL, has been going around declaring TRUMP was not any help...that it was LAVAR'S ability to speak well that drew China's President Xi Jinping to PARDON his son who would have served a 10 year prison sentence for stealing those sunglasses. "I had to get on that phone...and...demand my son be released. I identified myself as LAVAR BALL...and...that name-dropping got the ball rolling in my son's favor. It was not Trump."


Almost moribund NEWSWEEK ran a cover story comparing CHARLES MANSON and DONALD J. TRUMP...the former: a murderer...the latter: a messiah. How dare NEWSWEEK publish such despicable nonsense!

Such indignation has been expressed by most of the reading public whose opinion of NEWSWEEK since this story's release has plummeted.

However...such adverse reaction is not the case for Democrats. For DEMOCRATS...CHARLES MANSON is...still...held in the highest esteem. He was reverently such elites as Bill Mahr and U.S. Senator CHUCK SCHUMER...called an avenging angel. Instead of labeling him demonic and throwing away any mention of him...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has been referring to MANSON as a great person with many redeeming qualities.

socialist paradise

Venezuela...that socialist paradise...the place the Democrats claim America must immolate and copy...has hit another record. The BOLIVAR...that revolutionary paper script...the envy of South America...that colored piece of paper is worth so little 450,000 Bolivars equals $8.00 (U.S.).

While public-school educated Americans can't seem to grasp the horror of socialism...horror framed so eloquently in that BOLIVAR VALUE RECITAL...those who do understand the THEFT embodied in such CURRENCY COMPARISON are demanding President Trump delete the grip of big grab government and restore America to its rightful path of liberty and prosperity.

These Illuminati know socialism will push everyone...but the insulated ruling elite...into ever greater circles of privation...grabbing more and more power...taking over more and more functions of daily life until a written permission slip* required to use the restroom.
*Ah...yes...the emblem of socialism.


On 12-12-17...if Democrat Doug Jones defeats ROY MOORE...the Democrats can stop President Trump from dismantling their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. It's critical to the American way of life...what's left of it...that ROY MOORE be elected. Yes...there are NINE ACCUSERS of ROY MOORE...9 ladies with scripted tales...their combined effort to derail MOORE and put another freedom-hater into a position of power. The big question: can Alabamians be tricked so easily by Democrats?

Syrian President Assad exonerated

Because so much hysteria has surrounded the regime of President Assad...this BLOG dispatched an investigative team to examine and report. The conclusion was that President Assad never murdered anyone and never used poison gas on any group. It was conclusively proven the poison gas attacks were unleashed by anti-Assad forces to inflame international hatred for Assad. As for the MASS GRAVES...those are emblems of the so-called ISLAMIC STATE....butchers who slaughtered thousands just because they didn't like the Sunni version of Islam.


Adduced data so far has exonerated ROY MOORE. Of course...the MASS MEDIA won't ever tell America the NINE ACCUSERS are LYING about ROY MOORE since they want socialist DOUG JONES to be the U.S. Senator from Alabama...a position from which the freedom-hating Democrat Party can engineer and impose more enslavement.

garlic breath

Harvey Weinstein smelled of revolting the odor...Hillary-the-hag would almost gag and have to step into the restroom for the vomit bag. Yet...she laughed at his lousy jokes...didn't say much when about her body he long as his money flowed into her hand...HARVEY WEINSTEIN...her gallant man.


CHARLIE ROSE is a well-known pervert in the MASS MEDIA. Rumors circulated for years that he was behind the pizza tryst with young Cambodian boys...orchestrated kiddy porn...and...raped under-aged females.

Yet...not anyone did anything about it because he was CHARLIE ROSE. Although his colleagues knew he raped and fondled at will...nevertheless...because he hated TRUMP...they ignored his indiscretions and misdeeds.

But...what if all these people could have been "outed" a long time ago...but...somehow...this brigade of miscreants and pedophiles was left alone until a MESS...a miasma of accusation was needed. The onslaught of MISDEEDS BY SO MANY PEOPLE might be designed* to be a "smother rag" if ROY MOORE were to escape the first barrage of NINE ACCUSERS.
*THE UNDERLYING PREMISE: So many high-profile people were attacking under-aged females...ROY MOORE must have been doing it too. He was a Democrat back then, you know.


If a submarine develops trouble below 50 feet...the likelihood of escape is virtually nil. Might the fate of the Argentinian boat be something as horrific as that? SAILOR REST YOUR OAR.

Jane Kleeb's shoe tip

To oil with love might be framed differently. Take for example hateful JANE KLEEB. KEYSTONE pipeline opposition leader Jane Kleeb had shoes built that contained a knife blade that would extend from its hiding place when she clicked her heels together.

At the Nebraska Public Service Commission meeting...KEYSTONE was permitted to cross Nebraska.

Standing up in the front row...Kleeb was so mad at the favorable 3-2 vote...she clicked her heels together and had to be restrained by a chair that was used to pin her against the wall as she kicked with her knives and drooled anger and hate.

3-2 blog power

Because of the incredible crusade this BLOG has led to open doors for the KEYSTONE pipeline...the Nebraska Public Service a 3-2 vote...chose to permit the pipeline to cross through that region. The sabotage that was carried out the week before did not turn the vote although it was meant to give the MASS MEDIA that last big hammer to compel a NEGATIVE VOTE. Somehow...the power of this BLOG once again demonstrated its might,(WSJ A-3;11-21-17).

gave and get

Charlie Rose gave ladies his best impression of a pervert and got in return a disciplinary dismissal from his MASS MEDIA employment. Because the time between revelation of his indiscretions and his dismissal was so short( 48 hours)...though...Bill Clinton didn't call him and tell him how to avoid looking like a to bite his lip...offer the host of accusers internships. But...there wasn't time to erect insulation.


Realizing the magnitude of politicians who were caught committing atrocious acts of sexual perversion...Pope Francis was hired...with taxpayer attend a confession booth with absolution the gift from such acceptance of responsibility. According to the AGREEMENT BETWEEN CULPRITS...each at a time...will enter the booth...confess their sin...and...depart "blood washed" of the burdens that were once so well huddled on the confessor's back.

U.S. Rep. John Conyers(D.Mi) wanted to be first in line followed by Bill "Little boy" Nelson(D.FL) whose passion for absolution seemed to bubble from every aspect of his soul.


Some years ago...CHARLIE ROSE...a MASS MEDIA big shot...was told: "a dog never defecates in its own backyard."


Accusations of sexual attack are flooding the MASS MEDIA. U.S. Rep. John Conyers, (D.Mi)...for example...denied he had paid "hush-money" to Kevin Spacey to keep KEVIN quiet about the sexual relationship Bill and he enjoyed over the years. "Bill Nelson is the salt of the earth...he'd kill his own mother to advance socialism...and...I'm proud to call him my friend," remarked Conyers when asked about the hotel video of him and Bill swimming naked in the private pool.


U.S. Rep. Conyers(D. Mi) told voters he did not have sex with that woman, TIFFANIQUADEESHA SIMMONS...a/k/a..."Tiff"...and...her accusations were a pack of lies disseminated by hateful Republicans.

When "Tiff" was asked if Conyers ever apologized for the backseat rape...she began to cry.

Addressing the allegations...Judge Whoopie Goldberg declared, "Her tears meant she was telling the truth and that Conyers is a rapist who needs to accept responsibility for his heinous misdeed."


When night comes to Sanctuary City...from beneath rock...from basement...from run-down shanties...come those who prey upon the unwary...the timid...the morons and buffoons. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would not permit such destruction and carnage...only to be told by a federal judge TEAM-TRUMP could not withhold funds from such places.

Prof. Richard Ready

After he had finished his lecture at Montana State University...Prof. Richard Ready was approached by a cub reporter who wished to know if he had ever read any of the books by LUWIG VON MISES or AYN RAND.

Ready chuckled and said he didn't have time to wander about the mountains and valleys looking for what might be best. He preferred to spout off any idiotic theory fashion by the NANNY STATE so long as his paycheck arrived every other Friday,(WWSJ A-16;11-21-17).

Addressing his lecture about how government helped create the automobile...the reporter pointed out to Prof. Ready that in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) fossil fuels would be just one way to access the energy of the universe. In the OUM would be found more ways than just the combustion engine...ways that NICHOLAS TESLA envisioned...harnessing the energy of Mother Earth...translating its harmony into horsepower.

But...such innovation and invention is thwarted and stifled by BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...a concept READY can't seem to grasp.


Margo G. Wooten...a loudmouth busy-nose...told LOUIE that he had to put the calories next to each item on his menu. If he didn't do as she directed...she'd send the police to kill him.

Of course...LOUIE...flipping some pizza dough...ignored the threat and told WOOTEN to get out of his place of business. He didn't wish to serve her or her 500 pals with their protest signs and human-dung-filled bags in the event LOUIE refused to do as WOOTEN demanded.

Within an hour...however...a SWAT TEAM arrived....snipers were posed...their order: KILL LOUIE. Yes...folks...MARGO G. WOOTEN was the head of the CALORIE POLICE...working undercover...discovering who had to be killed...and...then...dispatching her GOON SQUAD to deliver the fatal blow.


Lindsay Menz finally came forward with her lurid story about U.S. Senator Al Franken(D. Mn)...framing vividly a sexual attack so frightening* to her...that she carried the scar...reviewing the event in her mind over and over again...wondering if she could have stopped FRANKEN THE PREDATOR,(WSJ A-4;11-21-17).
*Many Democrat Senators have come forward demanding FRANKEN resign. How dare he grab Menz's butt in front of 12 million people at the state fair during a photo shoot.
At one point in her account of the terrifying event...Menz described Franken as a foul odor with fish lips and ugly-demonic eyes.


When Whitefish Energy Holdings LLC lost its $300 million contract to restore power to Puerto pulled out with its army of workers along with boatloads of equipment and supplies. Observing the repair squad departing...Puerto Ricans asked their socialist governor Ricardo Rossello what were they to do without competent repair cadres restoring power to the island. Rossello told them their electricity would be forthcoming as soon as government was able to find "suckers" willing to trust him and his scurvy crew,(WSJ A-3;11-21-17).

Monday, November 20, 2017

Charlie Rose grope-pose

Charlie Rose...a MASS MEDIA standout...acknowledged he sexually attack a 14 year old girl sometime back. In his admission he said, "When I undid her blouse...I knew she'd never been this far before. And when I took off her shorts...I knew she had never been this far before. And when I removed her bra and panties...I knew she'd never been this far before."


A terrorist conspiracy was uncovered and stopped before the culprits could unleash their dastardly plot to kill people at the New York City Thanksgiving Parade. Their plan was to introduce a hydrogen gas filled balloon...and...detonate a 15 ton explosive package causing a shockwave and heat blast so powerful little of NYC would remain standing. The suspects were caught filling their OBAMA-balloon and packing the head with explosives. What gave them away were the socialist worker songs they had learned while working on the Bernie Sanders campaign.

short-selling bonds

Risky...almost too daring to do...short-selling bonds in America in late 2017. But...that gambit might pay-off big if bonds lose their value precipitously...say...if North Korea "nukes" Guam...for instance. Imagine short-selling bonds and in 30 days making a billion bucks off the plummet and you've just sensed the plan the ECONOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG envisions undertaking.

are they flying?

In his hands the order to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea...taking out their 500 missile bases in one salvo.

Dare he launch as directed?

Dare he defy his commander-in-chief?

And if the North Koreans used that delay to shoot their own missiles at America would the survivors understand his reluctance...would they forgive him for their dead families...and...the destruction of America.

Somehow...he thought they would.

bitcoin bubble trouble

So far in 2017...bitcoin increased in value 700%. That computer-designed medium of exchange...that algorithm number...that complex something...that hard to mine to speak...shot up 700% in less than 12 months. The increase might be just the beginning as more and more people use bitcoin to transact business privately without some government scumbag or snoop-dog somehow intruding and dictating.

So dramatic and dynamic the future of bitcoin...China's President Xi Jinping tried to corral grab it...only to find the grip caused more bitcoins to proliferate. At one point...President Xi Dada framed the matter by referring to the SHMOO...the Little Abner critter that if you said something bad about a SHMOO...that critique caused the SHMOO to divide into two more SHMOOS.


In 2008...BUSH-CHENEY took North Korea off the "Terrorist-nation" roster. 2017...President Trump put the "little fella" and his nasty crew on the ROSTER once more. Such designation enables Big Don to unleash a host of dramatic grip and grab maneuvers so orchestrated as to cause severe consternation and anxiety. Eventually..."rocket man" will have to come to the allies and sue for peace...or...embark on world wide undertaking the "little fella" lacks the men and equipment to accomplish.


U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, (R.Az) has been nominated as the grand marshal for the First Brigade of Arizona. He's a freedom-fighter and knows that the U.S. Senate Rules were designed to stop escape from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

He's willing to stand up and speak out for liberation from the yoke and choke agenda of the welfare state...demanding the producer be unshackled...the parasites sent such dramatic intervention...make America great again.

If only 60 Senators felt as he did, eh Trent?



Hillary's fear-etched face...the white knuckles of Bill...combined to tell the world their days of power and more blood to spill. The Democratic National Committee(DNC) concluded there wasn't any value in protecting such scumbags...the benefit versus cost was not enough. Hence...U.S. Senator Gillibrand was sent* to deliver the kiss...a task for which she was well-meant since her own prominence was due to Hillary's support.
*Gillibrand wanted to know how it felt to betray a friend...the feeling JUDAS must have felt.


If you want to succeed at the New York need a gimmick," asserted the NYT big shot as he addressed several rookies one of whom was GLENN THRUSH. Years later...those who didn't make it...saw GLENN THRUSH and asked how did he achieve what they did not. THRUSH said he listened to the advice and got a gimmick telling them the story of how it was done.

"I set up a table outside the headquarters of the New York Times. I offered free crackers with exquisite dip adorning each morsel. When the members of the board of the New York Times would reply the cracker and dip tasted like HUMAN DUNG...I would tell them that it was...and...invite them to buy a tooth brush...a supply I had on hand."


Until the tax bill arrived...Bob worked 16 hours a day chopping wood...and...selling all he had with great profits derived from such toil.

But...that was before the tax bill arrived.

Afterward...Bob didn't chop at all. He simply declared he was "poor" and began to receive government bounty brought to his door. All he had to do in exchange was support the would-be master at the ballot box....something he would do even if on his CAGE such was the lock.


President Trump is asking Congress for a tax cut by Christmas. Might such an enormous undertaking be achieved...or...are there sufficient ESTABLISHMENT forces to thwart such an escape from the grip of big grab government?

Yes...more liberation could have been obtained than what's in this tepid tax cut bill but the 60-vote wall...a barrier permitted by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(D.Ky)...prevents such escape...leaving only a minimal "respite and reprieve from outright expropriation.

For victory in 2018...the Republicans must pass the tax cut. The repeal of OBAMA-CARE must also occur...but...that battle can be fought in the summer of 2018 giving the Republicans a great platform: "THIS TIME...WE WILL DO IT!"

lush grassland?

Standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert...a man-caused climate change enthusiast masquerading as a geologist pointed out that same spot...that vast ocean of sand...15,000 years* earlier was lush grasslands fed by multiple rivers and streams. "Had mankind not been around as much as he was back then...those grasslands would be here today," quipped the geologist as he grabbed a handful of desert sand.
*The movement of continents...the orbit of the Earth...sun flares...gamma-ray bursts from other galaxies...change of major ocean currents, volcanism, etc.


Could the Miami Hurricanes go all the way to the final showdown and be national champs? If they can stay healthy...their first line players remain uninjured...the answer is "yes". But they might suffer as did the Oregon Ducks who had to attempt battle with less than their full complement of first line players. Those Ducks left valiantly fought...but...simply lacked the firepower to overcome the other side.

out of 5000

Black Israeli outfit specializing in "dirty deeds done dirt cheap"...sent 9 accusers down the chute to attack ROY MOORE. They chose the 9 out of a pool of 5000 potential claimants concluding those 9 did the best job of portraying an attacked woman.

Leigh Corfman...for example...was given the script of the 14 year old who waited to tell her story until her own children were grown; while Beverly Young Nelson was framed as the young lady who was attacked while she waited outside a closed restaurant for her late-arriving boyfriend...a boyfriend who finally arrived but who was never told about the rape that had just occurred a few moments before he arrived.

Perhaps...Alabama voters will be deceived by this ATTACK and choose DOUG JONES...the socialist-Democrat beneficiary of this BLACK CUBE plot. But...this BLOG stands by ROY MOORE. Unlike the 9 accusers...ROY MOORE took and passed the MAURY "lie detector" test!


Leon Panetta...former Secretary of Defense...said BILL CLINTON had paid the price for his sexual predation. Panetta came forward when he heard Hillary Clinton was using Leon as a whipping boy saying he led her husband into a life of tryst and seduction...accusations Panetta accepted as quite correct.


Why would precious money be spent blowing up Afghan drug labs? The missile used cost $734,998.00 and the lab that was destroyed was producing $1000 per day in first class drugs. The Afghan families subsisting off this drug lab's sales will now perish unless they seek government food stamps...government housing...government transport...and...government spending money...the kind of stuff Americans get in America if they suffer some government-caused down-turn in their income.

chip stacking

While chip-stacking is a great way to get more bang for buck...quartz crystal technology is about to arrive rendering the chip-stacking industry and its trillion dollar investment as marketable as "Betamax" cassettes,(WSJ B-1;11-20-17).

One official expert noted that quartz technology was derived from ancient Sumerian tablets, its data enabling computer hardware to shrink to the size of a pin head! "It took time to decipher all that stuff...but...the treasure at the other end was worth the effort, " asserted Lady Elizabeth as she looked at a Super Cray computer that had been reduced in size to that of a GRAPE.

"Duck Dick!"

Richard "Dick" Cordray was walking along the boulevard in downtown D.C. when someone yelled out, "Duck-Dick!'. Instinctively...and...because of long hours of practice...Cordray fell to the ground...trying to get as low to the ground as possible thereby avoiding whatever projectile in-coming. And...just as envisioned...over his body flew a dung-bomb...stinky-stuff...thrown to smack Dick in his arrogant face,(WSJ A-17;11-20-17).


Whining? The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is whining? About what? They started the battle when they chose to denounce and attack Big Don at every turn on every occasion...never finding anything in what he did worthy of their praise only their insipid condemnation. screwball talking head* is being raised up as the chief critic calling President Trump's effort to set the record straight "too much"?
*Mike Wallace...his closet skeleton-packed...was directed to attack President Trump...using whatever ammo a scumbag such as Wallace might prefer.

100 miles per gallon

What if a Ford 350 got 100 miles per gallon? The sales of that truck would soar. And...with the new combustion-engine technology...even 18-wheelers will be getting 50 miles per gallon. Yes...folks...President Trump has removed the "no innovation" barriers and invited inventors to come up with something new. And...naturally...Americans followed through with this novel approach* to forcing energy from fossil fuel. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ B-1;11-20-17).
*OIL can be used directly in the new engine. It fractures the oil into a usable product that a redesigned engine uses to develop horsepower.


The accuser of ROY MOORE is LEIGH CORFMAN. According to this well-paid accuser...she was 14 years old but dressed as if she were 25...and...lured men into her den of sin...trapping unwary husbands in a BADGER GAME...blackmailing...extorting...and...making big bucks for her PIMP.

She felt she had to come forward and tell her story if such revelation would help put a socialist-Democrat from Alabama into the U.S. Senate.

So far...however...her effort and that of her handlers in the Democratic National Committee have not paid off as envisioned. Indeed...the support for ROY MOORE has increased as more and more voters sense* they're being "played" by the Democrats and the complicit MASS MEDIA.
*Many voters are asking "why" have the accusers only now come forward? The answer is that all the accusers have a common core...a connection...and...that link was exposed by this BLOG: BLACK CUBE.

non-market economy

:China is a non-market economy," quipped U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D>NY) and as such we impose high-taxes on their goods making those products more expensive than the lesser-quality goods of America. When scumbag-Schumer was asked if lower prices helped the American consumer...Schumer smirked and replied, "I don't give a hoot about Americans receiving gifts from China...I want Americans to pay as much as possible for their goods and services not less!"(WSK A-6;11-20-17).

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Vassily Nebenzia issued the Russian veto stopping the United Nations from looking into the alleged chemical attack in Syria. President Putin knows that gas-attack was orchestrated by people who wanted it to "look lie" the Assad Regime was the culprit. And that idiotic U.N investigation would have been little more than some costly witch-hunt for nonsense. VIVA PUTIN!