Sunday, November 19, 2017


Vassily Nebenzia issued the Russian veto stopping the United Nations from looking into the alleged chemical attack in Syria. President Putin knows that gas-attack was orchestrated by people who wanted it to "look lie" the Assad Regime was the culprit. And that idiotic U.N investigation would have been little more than some costly witch-hunt for nonsense. VIVA PUTIN!


Performing a DARK WEB SCAN...the name HILLARY CLINTON showed up connected to a $145 million transfer from several people to the Clinton Family Foundation following a deal with the Russians in the UNRANIUM ONE scandal. While Hillary had deleted 36,000 emails many of which were about this "deal"...this BLOG had them all and sent them to important agencies for their use, (think SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION).

Gillibrand condemnation

U.S. Senator Gillibrand(D.NY) betrayed* Hillary-the-hag when she said BILL CLINTON should have resigned when he was caught LYING about MONICA LEWINSKY...a LIE he finally had to acknowledge as soon as the stain on the blue dress surfaced as telltale proof of his tryst with that young, naïve intern.
*Gillibrand would still be some backroom tramp doing up-state big shots trying to get ahead by using her bed.


Out there nasty...out there shoving...beating...and...triumphantly deleting...such the stomp of President Trump. Making America great again...the drummer's thump. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) hates the farmer and has done all he can to destroy the small farming operations around Florida. The number of businesses that went defunct because of Bill Nelson number in the thousands. hear him tell it...he's advanced the cause of socialism...taking from the producer and redistributing to parasites and servile supplicants and he deserves to be sent back to Washington DC to continue to hurt Floridians.

What might very well defeat his problem with INTERNS who worked for Nelson and who are coming forward to reveal his perversions and preference for young Cambodian boys. One INTERN...using the pseudonym MAGGIE MAE...said she was awakened by NELSON'S hand and his voice saying: "WAKE UP MAGGIE...I've got something to say to's late September and you need to get back to school."


Is this the year the Philadelphia Eagles not only reach the Super Bowl but win? It's been centuries since Philadelphia Eagles came so close. Might this be the year?

"Shoot your eye out,kid!"

When Donald J. Trump said he wanted to be president...his teacher sternly replied, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

Ice Rink

Florida Panther's Ice Rink. the Sunshine State there is an outdoor ice rink. You heard outdoor ice rink. You can skate on ice when it's 100 degrees out there. Not that anyone would wish to skate in the noon day sun with mad dogs and Englishmen.

fire with fire?

Hillary-the-hag told a cub reporter if the Dept. of Injustice chooses to attack...she'll reveal all the "dirt" she has on most of them. "It'll be a massacre...a slaughter...if they attack me. I fight fire with fire...dirt with dirt...and...hell with hell."


Bill Mahr took up for his pal, Al Franken when asked about the photo of him groping Leeann Tweeden as she slept. "Yes...he groped her...but...he never undressed her and had sex." As Bill Mahr was saying as much...he winced and grimaced as if recalling an episode where he and Al were alone in a tent on a mountain.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


"Giving Americans incentive to produce by lowering their tax burden?" Only in a slave-state would such a thing be said.

In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...government does not "give incentive" but only is there to afford essential services such as courts(civil and penal)...police to protect and serve...and...a small national defense force in the event invaders arrive.

The funding for such essential government services in the OUM is done through rents, royalties, fees, and donations from magnanimous patrons such as Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban.

And in this OUM...unlike the America Obama almost smothered...everyone has the chance to prosper and never need fear some would-be master with mob declaring: "Our tears...your purse!"


In terms of world commerce...might the Chinese turn to the beleaguered American and say, "Can't keep up, eh?"

President Trump knows America will turn into another "fixated miasma" similar to what is found in Venezuela...North Korea...France...and...Cuba should big grab government not be dismantled and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market permitted thereby to manifest.

The so-called tax cut in 2017...if it were to happen...might be the FIRST STEP out of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE....enabling Americans to compete with the clever Chinese. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator Jeff Flake didn't know he was near a "microphone"...and...his entire diatribe on Big Don was captured. as he spoke to colleagues on the Senate floor. When President Trump heard the "slam"...he chuckled and pointed out Flake pronounced his name correctly.


Whoever is blocking the CLINTON INVESTIGATION at the Dept. of Injustice and at the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) must be identified and sent home without anything except a thank you note and fruit accolade...just a good-bye...and...don't let the door hit you on the way out.


In in VENEZUELA...the candidates are picked by a special panel and the voters must choose between them...not really any choice at all....but...the requirement of election is thereby met. Abominable and unfair were adjectives most Americans used when they were informed of such election rigging.

In America...though...such rigging has been afoot for awhile. The Democratic National Committee(DNC) appointed "super-delegates" to cast votes for the person selected by the DNC to be the standard bearer for the team. These so-called "better people" were put there to insure the DNC'S selected candidate was on the ballot. 2016...for example...used "super-delegates" in such a manner that BERNIE SANDERS in the "Democrat" primaries didn't have any chance at all of being the nominee. Not any chance at all!


When asked "why" should someone patronize this BLOG...the 27 editors in chorus fashion said, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER".

Friday, November 17, 2017

health and happiness

Recently Jack Ma congratulated this BLOG on its reach and importance. He liked the way freedom was framed and many ways...reminding him of his days years ago when he launched ALIBABA GROUP HOLDINGS, effort against all odds...against every naysayer and hack...JACK MA stood his own inexorable self...the guru of health and happiness...a messiah* in so many ways.
*This BLOG is constantly revealing tremendous break-through or some brilliant approach. VIVA JACK MA! (WSJ B-4;11-17-17).


Alighting from a street car named the rain...shouting "STELLA" was a wretch who had told her the password to his company's main frame to show his find out...his STELLA...was really STELLA PENN PECHANAC...the undercover operative for BLACK CUBE...the Israeli outfit that gives STELLA her assignments on a tape recorder which burns up after it is done delivering its message,(WSJ B-1;11-17-17)..


President Trump must somehow re-engineer AFGHANISTAN...or...depart and leave that region to the warlords.

Obviously...BUSH-CHENEY had the chance to remove Taliban...install a small central government...empower the tribal areas to handle their own matters...remove most taxes and delete all socialist program and policy...enabling the entrepreneurs to breathe free once more. Had BUSH-CHENEY done as much...President Trump would be referring to Afghanistan as the jewel of the mountains...the paradise of the valleys.

However...BUSH-CHENEY attempted to impose a socialist IRON take wealth from producers and redistribute it among the tribes as the central government scumbags saw fit. The civil war this kind of centralization engendered was predictable...but...BUSH-CHENEY were too intent on imposing SOCIALISM and back it up with SLAUGHTER.


The freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...trying to get some edge on the conservative wing of the Republican Party...asked SARAH PALIN about the accusations lodged against ROY MOORE. She said she had heard the allegations but as of yet not any proof had been forthcoming...proof she doubted was ever available. She went on to add the MASS MEDIA were acting as if the stories were true when the LIE DETECTOR DUDE on MAURY said the ROY MOORE accusers were ALL LYING!


If President Trump were to tell America he was offering KEY while the Congressional Democrats were demanding more enslavement inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...he would be called "messiah". VIVA TRUMP!


Carlos Curbelo...a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives...asked the Hispanic Caucus to admit him so that he might enjoy the frolic and fun of the Hispanic way. Naturally...CARLOS PAZ, Jr. rejected his application. How dare a freedom-lover ask to attend freedom-hater meetings?


In Shawnee, Kansas...Chelsea Prim was standing in her kitchen fixing dinner when she heard a loud knock on her door. She stopped peeling the potato and listened. Again...there was a very loud thump on her front door...followed by fist and bash.

"HOLD ON!" Chelsea loudly declared...taking off her apron...brushing her hair...and...applying lipstick. She reached the door...opened it...only to find standing on her door step but a bunch of people...some with knapsacks...some on mother with blind old man with hearing loss...all there to move into her house...and...share her wealth.

"But I never invited you!" exclaimed Prim as she looked out on the sea of hungry faces...hollow eyes staring at her $1200 housecoat and her expensive 2.5 carat diamond ring. " did," in chorus fashion the unwashed masses cried...adding..."You wrote in the Wall Street Journal you wanted people to open their storerooms and give away their wealth to the less fortunate. we are and we're here to take you up on that offer."

PRIM...the socialist...was aghast. She spent other people's money never her own. How dare the unwashed masses want her stuff...want her bed...want her towel...her soap...her beans and pone.

There she was. A loudmouth socialist facing people who wanted what she had. She could not very well shut the door abruptly. The MASS MEDIA was there with cameras asking about hypocrisy. So...Chelsea brass'd it out and told them Jesus was on his way with the loaves and fish.


Taxes should be minimal and never progressively imposed. Estates should never suffer an estate tax a tax that permits the would-be master to step over the crying widow and pick bones.

Where is it written that taxes should be used to punish success? Where is it written that the NANNYS TATE must flourish at the expense of the producer?

No...folks...we have a chance to escape the grip of big grab government. The first step is U.S. Senate Rules that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could have laws that could have been instantly repealed. However...the first step is always the biggest one since without it...enslavement would continue.

Of course...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA would never tell the audience there is another way and that the 20th Century NANNY STATE is destructive to their future. They don't reveal as much since their crowd is mostly comprised of parasites and servile supplicants and would-be masters who like hearing about themselves on radio and TV.


U.S. Senator AL Franken(D.Mn) told a cub reporter the flood was on-going as more and more men and women stepped forward to tell about how they were sexually attacked by Franken...some with videos...some with photos of thigh-bruises and deep back-scratches...others just with choked-up yearbook forgery...just a tear-filled extravaganza down memory lane.

Yet...all of them were telling the truth U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell concluded after hearing these victims reveal their travail at the hands of lecherous-Al Franken. McConnell pointed to the photo of Franken attacking a sleeping lady in battle gear as pluperfect evidence of his dastardly ways.

Off-camera...adding to his assessment...McConnell was overheard telling his closest friends that he had "dirt" on more prominent Democrats..."bad dirt"...disqualifying kind of dirt...but...didn't know when he was going to unleash such firepower. Of course...most people who heard Mitch know he was referring to BILL NELSON...SHERROD BROWN...CHUCK SCHUMER and RICHARD BLUMENTHAL...scumbags whose trysts and imbroglios only now coming to the big silver screen for the first time.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) for the last few days has been fighting off rumor and innuendo each one more lurid than the last...each vividly told the accusation of sexual misconduct must be true.

The accusers can't all be LYING. Yes...their stories came out at the same time and have the same content...but...because they're accusers...their accusations must be believed.

Indeed...because that is the standard being used to judge ROY MOORE...that same idiotic standard must be applied to NELSON and his perversions. The adults who were sexually abused by NELSON when they were children are coming forward in flood fashion...each with a story about horror and sexual detailed...they have to be true, eh BILL?


While there might be such a thing as coincidence...few have ever seen it. Take the KEYSTONE pipeline for instance. Recently...a leak occurred in the pipeline and 5,000 barrels(210,000 gallons) of oil spilled out. This occurred within a week of the meeting of the Nebraska Public Service Commission...a meeting to decide if KEYSTONE can cross through Nebraska. It's OBVIOUS the pipeline was sabotaged so that a SPILL would occur just about the time of that meeting,(WSJ A-2;11-17-17).

Thursday, November 16, 2017


In a few months...the noise-making of North Korea will subside. The "little fella" will continue making trouble...but...his clout will slowly evaporate as the world moves forward ignoring him...and...the cries of starvation.


Due to the exposure of Al Franken...other prominent Democrats are coming forward. According to official sources...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL)...for a tell-all interview...admitted he sexually attacked young boys at an up-state reform school...some of whom died shortly after experiencing his "precious essence". It wasn't that he denied them his "essence"...yet...somehow they succumbed.

Sure...there isn't any record of Nelson at that reform school...and...the security videos only show a vehicle similar to what Nelson drove in those days...but...everyone says they know that figure in those videos to be Nelson...even though there was not any way to identify the hooded figure whose mask designed to thwart detection.

Yet...pedophile-Nelson came forward. His accusers were flooding the MASS MEDIA with emails and photos of the bruises Nelson inflicted as he revealed his "precious essence". Their lurid tales of terror and fear were so vivid they had to be true and Bill Nelson knew such an onslaught was he tried to get ahead  of the storm by giving the "tell-all" interview.


When "freedom" mentioned...neither commentary nor complement required. And...yet...President Trump confronts freedom-haters every day whose mission to replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey"...imposing whatever rule they choose...and...compelling worship of whatever idol they might forge, (Exodus 32:24).


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the upcoming election in Alabama between ROY MOORE and Doug Jones. Was there some kind of election-rigging by orchestrating the stories of 9000 women who all claim ROY MOORE bashed down their door and had his way with them?

After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...Kellyanne replied:



Can the voters of Alabama be tricked? If ROY MOORE loses...the answer is "yes". If ROY MOORE defeats scumbag DOUG'll be a big signal to the charlatans and deceivers* to steer clear of Alabama...don't waste the money or the time performing a "hit-job" simply doesn't work. Not in God-fearing...blood-washed Alabama.

Yes...U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) demanded ROY MOORE drop out of the Alabama U.S. Senate race.

McConnell's basis for such abandonment: mere accusations from many women with the same story coming forward at the same time...proof that an impartial fact-finder would never accept because the "timing" makes the entire portfolio suspect...particularly when there is not any AL FRANKEN PHOTO to back up the allegations of rape.
*The flim-flam man...artist with trick...sculptor of avarice...and...always offering what simply can't be true.


Deliver and let them squawk. Cut taxes mightily...and...ignore any opposition. Any rule the opposition relies upon...delete it...any barrier erected...go around it...but...deliver tax cuts that are mighty. Government spending must decrease and that will occur as the Republicans trim and cull...reducing the grip of big grab government...and...thereby...make America great again. VIVA TRUMP!

mall ghoul

Becky employee at a mall...many years ago...was approached by ROY MOORE and asked to go on a date. She told him she had a boyfriend.

She recalled the incident and told the MASS MEDIA the spot where the interface occurred was in an area not video-taped so there was only her account of what occurred.

She felt it was time to reveal the horror and fear she harbored all these years...not a waking moment that wasn't filled with sheer terror that maybe...some day...some night...the mall ghoul would get her...maybe while she was waiting for her boyfriend after work...just like Beverly Young Nelson...the lady who was attacked while she waited after work for her boyfriend.

When asked if she wanted ROY MOORE to lose the election...she said she liked DOUG JONES...and...his socialist agenda. She was on food stamps and rent subsidy and liked the idea of getting a free car and free medical care...things she wasn't about to receive from ROY MOORE.

Senator Tammy Baldwin(D. Wis)

Senator Tammy Baldwin was told about a group of U.S. Senators who had sex with young Cambodian boys. She said she'd heard of that bunch but ignored it since they were freedom-hating Democrats...something that made her left leg tingle. "I know Schumer and Sherrod are some of its leaders...and...I heard one child was raped so many times he died. But...they're Democrats so I ignore such horror," dripped Baldwin as examined a photo of AL Franken groping Leeann Tweeden.


FRANKEN AND MOORE? There is a difference in proof...a difference the MASS MEDIA is trying to overlook.

In one instance...Democrat Al Franken is photographed groping the breasts of a sleeping Leeann Tweeden...a photo that is open and obvious proof of felony sexual assault.

In the other instance...where ROY MOORE in the alleged culprit...there isn't any photo...not any blue dress stain...not any incriminating dear John letters...not any emails...not anything...EXCEPT...the lurid stories of 10,357 women whose story of rape and unwanted groping so vivid they must be true.

It's obvious the LEEANN TWEEDEN revelation was to be used to give the Democrats their own whipping boy to deflect criticism about the "hit-job" perpetrated on ROY MOORE.

If Leeann Tweeden hadn't come forward to denounce AL Franken...Americans might begin to accept this BLOG'S theory that ROY MOORE is the subject of a political "hit-job" similar in scope to what was unleashed on President Trump in 2016.


The 3 UCLA basketball players who stole sunglasses in China were directed to thank President Trump for interceding in the matter and delivering them home. The 3 thieves said they didn't want to thank "whitey" for the keep their scholarships, they had to say as much.

When President Trump was informed of their reluctance to say THANK YOU...he smiled and said, "When Jesus healed the lepers...all of them left...only one turned around and said THANK YOU." Could I want any more than Jesus received?"


U.S. Senator Robert Menendez,(D.NJ)...after a mistrial was declared...took to the podium and loudly denounced the entire proceeding.

In time past...though...when he saw others being attacked with "no proof" prosecution...he smiled...and...gleefully watched because his enemies were the targets.

However...when he didn't go along to get along with OBAMA on the IRANIAN NUKE DEAL...he found himself the target of the same kind of "nefarious prosecution"...a prosecution he denounced after himself suffering through such a nasty event. Why he never said as much before he became another victim of the U.S. Injustice Dept....though...won't ever be explained.


Whoever is orchestrating the ROY MOORE attack chose to add more accusers giving the MASS MEDIA the argument that the accusations must be true* if so many ladies are coming forward with the same lurid tale...a story of sexual predation...horrific fear...and...the decision not to reveal.
*They all chose to keep quiet...keep mum...not to reveal sexual attack...not to tell anyone about rape or unwanted groping...and...all the same come forward...and...discuss the ROY MOORE INTERLUDE. Such coordination requires a central planner...but...the MASS MEDIA won't ever say as much. Perhaps...they know who's manipulating this political "hit-job" but want socialism to swallow up America and this destruction of ROY MOORE one more step in that direction.


U.S. Senator Robert Menendez(D. NJ) so far has a deadlocked jury in a prosecution that accuses him of selling his power for profit. During closing argument...his defense team told the jury in so many words that this Democrat can't be guilty of doing what HILLARY-THE-HAG was also doing. "Senator Menendez should be commended not condemned for his conduct," his lawyer told the 12 person federal jury.


The need* to defeat ROY MOORE has become a categorical imperative. If the Democrats can put a socialist scumbag such as DOUG JONES into the U.S. Senate using this kind of "hit job"...then...every politician had better clean closet...destroy hard drive...and...hope there were not any security cameras at that motel in Jersey.
*For ROY MOORE to have raped and fondled as many women as have accused him...and...not any of it ever before mentioned...he would have had to have had the presence of DON JUAN...and...the touch of O-BE-ONE-KEN-O-BEE.


Senator Al Franken(D. Mn) was photographed with his hands groping a female while she was asleep. When Leeann Tweeden saw the photo of her sleeping self, she was livid. But...because her assailant was AL Franken and she needed work...she let it go. But...recently...when AL Franken attacked Leeann's underage female friend in a bathroom...she simply could not remain silent.

When confronted by a cub reporter about the anger of Tweeden...Al Franken said he was a Democrat and insulated from any accusations of sexual attack:

"I'm a freedom-hater. I can do as I please. I can rape...fondle...and...gloat...and...nothing will be done. The MASS MEDIA is in the pocket of the Democrats. I am a the MASS MEDIA must protect my indiscretions framing them as "venial faults", squirted Franken as his face became ape-like.


Hillary-the-hag recently framed the potential Dept. of Justice probe into the Clinton Family Foundation as an ABUSE OF POWER. Somehow looking into the business dealings of Hillary during her tenure as a New York Senator and as Secretary of State cannot be properly done. Even though the "pay-to-play" scheme was obvious...nonetheless...Hillary doesn't believe it deserves the scrutiny of a DOJ investigation with a Special Counsel deployed to conduct the survey. How about you?

Al Franken the scumbag

U.S. Senator Al Franken...a prominent Democrat...admitted he raped many under-aged females; but due to his station and his party affiliation such criminal misconduct was acceptable and accepted.

When told about this jerk's perversion...female Democrat Senators said they didn't care about his horrific sexual attacks because he was a of them...and...rape was just something those ladies would have to overlook. Claire McCaskill...for example...said she heard Franken was doing 5 under age female per month but that score didn't rival her own with young Cambodian boys.


According to Gloria Alred...a notorious unprincipled lawyer...ROY MOORE beat and raped a lady when she was 14 years of age. When asked "why" would such a victim come forward after so many years of silence...ALRED laughed and replied, "She took photos...the hickies on her neck...the lacerations on her thighs....the discoloration on her cheek...just in day...she could use those photos effectively."


Back and forth the proposed tax cut has been volleyed.The U.S. Senate minority...for instance...demanded OBAMA ERA HANDOUTS continue...that the taxpayer be burdened with even greater taxes...more regulations...and...bigger troubles.

U.S. Senator Claire of the minority loudmouths...was blunt about perpetuating the enslavement of the producer. "I want more government spending and that means raising not lowering taxes...more burdens heaped on the producer...and...more power for me."

Defending the meager tax decrease...a timid Republican rejoined that he wanted to keep the producer shackled as much as McCaskill did...but...if some "carrot and stick" were not forthcoming the economic expansion in progress would subside as producers conclude they had best not make the effort lest scumbags such as McCaskill arrive and plunder.

Miffed by this adjective-packed description of the Democrat agenda...McCaskill said bigger taxes meant more control over people...something she found so exciting it made her left leg such...she wasn't about to assist in delivering the KEY to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


Did anyone question the motives behind declaring the Russian government hacked American computers? Except for this BLOG, not anyone in the MASS MEDIA asked. They just accepted the so-called Intelligence-community's assessment* of the 2016 election cycle.

In order to show that a hacker could enter a computer...grab data...and...depart leaving a FALSE TRAIL...this BLOG used Edward Snowden software...entered the computers of the National Security Agency...found out the NSA has been LYING to America about the Clinton-connection to international racketeering...and...then...departed leaving a trail to Cuban computers located in Havana in a basement behind a pizza parlor owned by Chuck Schumer.
*The Russians left telltale footprints and such indicia was the underpinning for the conclusion the Russians caused Hillary-the-hag to lose to Big Don.


Socialist U.S. Senators are prevalent in Congress nowadays with Claire McCaskill faming their mood and ardor so well she was pushed by Tom Perez...the chairman of the infamous Democratic National be poster child for the 2017 issue of WHIP AND CHAIN...a well-known socialist periodical-rag that each year features on its cover the socialist who most represents tyranny.

McCaskill's fervor

"Medicaid subsidy must not be cut!" shouted socialist-McCaskill when her Republican colleague attempted to recite tax cuts for the producer. "We enslaved the producer and I'm not about to hand over the key to those chains," smacked a defiant McCaskill.


U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff,(D. Ca) was angry that RUSSIA would help unmask Hillary and reveal her criminal misconduct.

"How dare the Russians help Donald J. Trump expose Hillary-the-hag!" shouted Schiff when he was asked about the 2016 election.

So miffed was Adam about the question...he grabbed the infamous CHRIS STEELE "slam-book" and pointed to a paragraph wherein Steele reveals the Russians have data on the "pay-to-play" scam Hillary ran during her tenure as Secretary of State. "That paragraph right there shows Trump was trying to expose Hillary's misdeeds...something that smacks of collusion." dripped Schiff.


Had the Kurds followed the template this BLOG gave them...they'd be holding all the territory they gained during the Islamic State war. However...they chose to listen to wizards and wonks who never created anything except more hassle and trouble and have been pushed, as a result, back into Kurdistan.

Scottish bootlegging

Scotland imposed a floor price of 50 pence on a unit of alcohol so that a shot of JIM BEAM in Scotland costs a week's wages. Naturally...the Scots reacted to such intrusion by bootlegging their alcohol circumventing such UNIT PRICING and giving the consumer a good drink at a decent price. Addressing this approach...Shona Robison...Scotland's Health Secretary...said she had dispatched hunters to track down the secret-stills and kill the tenders. Her goal to save drunkards from themselves. WOW. Only in Scotland could there be such idiocy.


When this BLOG...some years ago now...told investors to buy TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD most investors scoffed at such advise. How could a BLOG have such soothsayers aboard...such marketing wizards...such mavens of more? Yet...the advise given back then and ever so often reiterated has been shown to have been not only prescient but also provident...delivering to those who listened remarkable results...and...big profits,(WSJ B-1;11-16-17).

trained pigeons

Americans received a GIFT when RICHARD CORDRAY submitted his resignation as head honcho of the so-called Consumers' Bureau...a resignation this BLOG demanded in exchange for cessation of the 24/7 media blitz calling him nasty names and inviting the public to spit and groin kick.

While Cordray was able to avoid such onslaught...he could not escape the "trained pigeons". If Cordray stepped outside...instantly...he was bombarded by pigeon dung dropped from those sentinels trained to wait until Cordray appeared and then swoop in for a bombing run.

The same harassment is afoot spotlighting Adam Schiff, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Stabenow, Sherrod Brown and Claire McCaskill. The idea is to besmirch these Senators...sully their reputations...and...thereby...undermine their chances for reelection. The pigeons have been released...and...are on their way. Good hunting, lads.


Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey candidly admitted he had sex with Timothy P. Carney in a closet at the Washington Examiner where Carney was employed. When Tim was asked about the tryst...he seemed shocked that someone else knew about his torrid affair with Kevin. He wasn't ready to comment but began whimpering about exposure and public rebuke if his family ever found out about his preference for Spacey,(WSJ A-17;11-16-17).


New Jersey was made better in terms of its governmental aspect through the hard work of the team led by Governor Chris Christie,(WSJ A-17;11-16-17). However...whatever "good" Christie's bunch delivered...that will soon evaporate as the socialists return and grab back what they lost. As climatologist Roger Pielke,Jr. noted, "The climate change in New Jersey will be remarkable as freedom-lovers depart and parasites and servile supplicants move in and demand more not less freebie and favor...the stuff Democrats pass out best."


Looking at his empty wallet...a scientist asked his pal also as broke as he what they were going to do. They were out of ideas...the likelihood of employment nil...and...the world humming along without them. What were they to do?

After whining about big food...and...lousy entertainment...they began to gripe about rain, snow...heat...and...cold....asking themselves aloud if there were not some way to turn torment into big bucks.

The ideas they expressed were many but one that seemed to catch fire was man-caused climate change. Sure...with spoon and bucket dipping the ocean dry seemed ridiculous...but...if it were attached to enslavement...the Democrats would grab it and run as hard as possible paying off those who could debunk the MYTH along the way with bribes...better jobs...and...whatever else they might want. Mike Mann, Mark Z. Jacobson and a host of other knaves and scumabgs embarked on crafting the MYTH...and...then selling the nonsense to Democrats who were looking for some mantra they could use to impose more shackle. They sold their idea to equally bankrupt professors in the Universities showing them how they...too...could get in on this newest scam* and make big bucks. Equally hungry to help destroy freedom...the MASS MEDIA grabbed ahold of the THEORY and began to push it 24/7.
*President Trump knows about the genesis of this MYTH and knows how to undermine and defuse so that such KNAVERY can be deleted.


Although the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA won't acknowledge the brilliance and skill Big Don displayed when he met with the leaders of the Pacific Rim nations...most Americans are pleased. They know he told that part of the world that America was open for business and anyone who wished to participate were welcome. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff,(D. Ca) admitted the Russians did not influence the 2016 election. "Had the Russians really been involved my candidate would have prevailed," Schiff acknowledged as he read another page of the dossier prepared by Chris Steele entitled: HILLARY: LIES AND CRIMES,(WSJ A-4;11-16-17).


From eye-witness accounts...Hillary and Obama plotted to snuff Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi before he could reveal game-changing data and propel the Republicans into the Oval Office. However...those horrific murders have not been laid at their least...not yet.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


How can 5000 women with the same story come forward at the same time and the story they tell not be suspect? If the story is about ROY MOORE...then...whatever the accuser says is presented as TRUE and the obvious contrivance aspect ignored. On the other hand...if it's the 1200 women claiming BILL CLINTON raped them...then...their story is called NONSENSE...with the talking heads giggling as they way BILL raped that many women in a fortnight.

It's obvious the Trump -hating MASS MEDIA has picked ROY MOORE for termination. Just dial in CNN if you wish to watch an example of drooling-hatred...and...passionate desire to stop liberation of America.

Indeed...ROY this MASS MEDIA...[particularly CNN and MSNBC]...has already been convicted...the proof: the accusations by 5000 women...each one with a tale of terror and trouble...the judge: the talking heads of the TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA.

Sure...the MASS MEDIA is backed by such scumbags as MITCH McConnell...a dude who shoots his own team ROY MOORE'S corner...a great support group in Alabama stand and they will put ROY MOORE into the U.S. Senate.


Deleting the so-called MANDATE of OBAMA-CARE would be a great feat since it would eviscerate the core tenet of OBAMA-CARE: "our tears...your purse!"

Explaining this departure from enslavement...attempting thereby to justify removing the "whip and chain" of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate revealed their intent to chop down OBAMA-CARE:

Those who wished to receive government healthcare can remain in that idiotic system...but...people who wish to breathe free can choose to buy health insurance that fits their particular needs and their a marketplace stretching across state lines...across borders...across the world as huge pools are erected to cover the lame and sick.


FUSION GPS has denied any connection to the dissemination of the CHRIS STEELE "dossier" wherein Donald J. Trump was accused of incredible indiscretions...yet...won't permit this BLOG to examine its bank examination, nonetheless, undertaken using Edward Snowden "pass key" said bank records were found mysterious payment listed as coming from CARLOS DANGER...while another from a donor whose moniker: "blue dress" Bill.

Might the STEELE "hit-job" be just one example of the latest array of "dirty tricks done dirt cheap"?

Take for example the ROY MOORE attack. This one was undertaken by a cadre of well-trained...sworn-to-secrecy operatives who were able to keep the scripted-accusers quiet while MOORE took out STRANGE...and...then...orchestrate their revelation until crescendo affect attained.

By such trickery this cadre guaranteed DOUG JONES...a socialist scumbag...a cake-walk into the U.S. Senate and thereby be the vote that stops President Trump from completing his MARCH TO MAKE SALT...and...dooms America to decades of big government grip and grab...socialist misery...and...a destiny as good as what the pathetic Venezuelans foresee.

After Big Don was elected by the freedom-lovers of America...pundits and wonks discussed what would become of America if the welfare state withered. While some said the parasites and servile supplicants along with their attendant ruling elite would have to go to another socialist state where producers are still shackled...others saw a different reaction. The ruling elite would do whatever necessary* to retain their grip on the throat of freedom. And the ROY MOORE attack was just another instance of this HATRED FOR LIBERTY and what would be done to stifle any effort to escape the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.

*Access GOOGLE and find out about anything imaginable including any political theory or trick ever devised and reduced to print.


What's a rule-fool? It's someone who follows the rules even if preposterous to do as much. Imagine the rule was: must wait for crew-member to push the alarm button before lifeboats can be lowered and the ship is already headed down...RULE-FOOL drowns because he dared not violate that rule. Could the refusal of U.S. Senate Republicans to pass real tax cuts due to U.S. Senate Rules be caught in a RULE-FOOL scenario? Senator Ron Johnson...a Republican from Wisconsin...seems to think so.


President Xi Jinping acknowledged the fact that a missile-launching nuclear North Korea would be a grave threat even to China. President Xi knows history and how some time back the Chinese were attacked and conquered by people from the north.


U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) is doing so much to help DOUG JONES defeat ROY MOORE. Without "tremble-chin" Mitch bashing and banging away...ROY might very well defeat DOUG JONES...a devout socialist and unrepentant racist. might very well be the rumor and innuendo disseminated by the "dirty tricks" squad of TEAM-DEMOCRAT in combination with McConnell's denunciation could end up delivering a U.S. Senate seat to another socialist.


As a small child Obama watched in horror as his pet-dog was grabbed by an eagle and taken away. As President...when he was informed WIND POWER would slaughter eagles...he told his energy team to erect as many windmills as possible.

Louis Vuitton botique

Into the Louis Vuitton boutique in Hangzhou came 3 UCLA basketball players...their 7 foot height attracting great attention in the crowded store.

English-speaking employees asked if they needed help and they declined assistance choosing to browse through the thousands of trinkets and bangles dangling from every shelf and cranny. After some inspection of the inventory...they elected to grab 3 pairs of sunglasses and depart without paying $3000.00($1000 x 3)...a crime that fetches 10 years in prison at HARD LABOR.

Naturally...these thieves never escaped. They were apprehended at the airport and detained for prosecution. Had it not been for President Trump interceding those 3 jerks would now be in a Chinese prison awaiting final departure to a mountain gulag. However...Big Don...not only paid the $3000...but also...paid from his own pocket the $15,000 incurred in costs generated by the Chinese police. VIVA TRUMP!


Instead of discussing the benefit of liberation from the grip of big grab government...STEPHANIE ARMOUR likes to tell the world that elimination of the enslavement embodied in the so-called OBAMA-CARE mandate will somehow cost taxpayers big bucks in the future. Never does STEPHANIE tell her audience that the taxpayer-producer is enslaved by OBAMA-CARE and it would be of great benefit to America if such shackle were removed,(WSJ A-6;11-15-17).


When Democratic National Committee chairman TOM PEREZ was discussing "how" to delete ROY MOORE...the Alabama-voter favorite...their candidate DOUG JONES just another whining socialist looking for a way to be powerful...he was told to float a bunch of SEXUAL ATTACK LIES...find ladies willing to attack...and...draw the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA into the whirl. While TRUMP was able to handle such an onslaught of rumor and lie...ROY MOORE would succumb and lose his political support. Thus the PLAN was hatched...and...America is witnessing the FEAT unfold...observing a dirty deed done dirt cheap.


If your people like socialism so much..."why" do they flee? If they like being enslaved by a snotty ruling elite..."why" do they choose to swim or raft from your paradise? Perhaps...they don't wish to be miserable and live out their lives in estranged desperation. Maybe they simply wish to breathe free and give their children the chance to be great and prosperous...something unavailable in your so-called wonderland.

The Republican majority in Congress must dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the freedom-haters version of paradise. They have the votes to accomplish this miracle. They need only look at the squalor and filth of Venezuela to se where the Democrats wish America to go. There isn't any place to which freedom-lovers can flee if America becomes another socialist outcome scumbags such as Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Elizabeth Warren envision for this blessed land.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Selecting a spot to defend against Napoleon's onslaught was vital should Wellington wish to be successful. If he stationed his team behind hills...perhaps garrisoned on the reverse slope...then...when Napoleon's cannon barrage were unleashed...some might die...but...most would survive due to the trajectory of the cannon balls when firing against hills.

Of course...everyone knows that Wellington simply waited for the cannonade to end...then...arrayed his team to slaughter the on-coming French.

“Everyone knows their own army best; but if I were to fight here I should expect to be beat” ~ Duke of Wellington

Had Napoleon stayed in Paris and not ventured out to attack the combined forces of 6 nations...however...he would have sustained his "come-back" for at least a decade. The natural defenses of the region surrounding Paris would have enabled this military genius to capitalize on the inability of the anti-Napoleon team to remain united long enough to eradicate him and his army of 500,000.

While President Trump does not fancy himself another Napoleon...Islamic State leader Al-Baghdadi does. And it's this arrogance that enabled Big Don to marshal his troops and chase ISIS out of Iraq and Syria. So successful has been President Trump that military experts are studying his concept* of robot-drone warfare.
*Trump explained the idea simply by noting equipment can be replaced...people can't be. He would dispatch robot-drone regiments to wipe out any enemy in less time than it would take to organize and deploy the same number of "real soldiers".

Tale of two stories


"Down the crest of an eighty foot wave went of the few intrepid surfers able to handle the potential doom of JAWS. By his side slicing through the wave was his dolphin-pal...a friend he had saved from a storm many years before...a companion he had nursed back to health...and...a gate guard making sure great whites didn't have LOU on their menu."


"I had just gotten off work at the restaurant and my boyfriend was late arriving to pick me up. A well-dressed Democrat-prosecutor in a fancy sports car drove up...asked if I needed a ride...and...I accepted. When I entered the car with its rich Corinthian leather and bucket seats... I never realized that in the next few minutes I was to be the prey of ROY MOORE...a sexual predator with a hunger as big as Alabama. He drove the car to the back of the restaurant and stopped. He turned off the engine. He looked at me with the eyes of a demon...grabbed my breasts...fiddled my monkey...and...dumped me out of the car on to the cold concrete telling me not anyone would believe ROY MOORE would do such a thing. When my boyfriend finally arrived...I chose not to tell him of the rape. The next day I took make-up and hid the bruises on my neck...bruises inflicted by the monster known as ROY MOORE."

Claire McCaskill appetite

Because the accuser must be credited and completely believed...U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill...has become the target of a vicious barrage of rumor and innuendo...stories about her forcing herself on under-aged boys and girls...her preference for the timid and meek always driving her onward.

Similar to the denials ROY MOORE issued when confronted with the same kind of "hit-job" accusations...CLAIRE said she never was at MOTEL 6...the young man didn't leave the light on for her...and...the pole-dancing 14 year old never saw Claire naked.

Naturally...because the accuser is to be believed and never doubted...McCaskill will be ruined in Missouri come the 2018 election cycle. Her denials were ignored since the accuser was to be believed and not doubted.

Seeking insulation from the "hit-job"...Claire asked U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in exchange for her vote on tax cuts do her a favor and declare he believed her and not the 1200 accusers.


According to reports and accusations of sexual misconduct with under aged females...ROY the time that these trysts were said to have occurred...was a practicing Democrat whose peccadilloes excused...his sexual imbroglios overlooked...and...anything else that might be considered immoral ignored. MOORE was a Democrat and as such insulated from any such ignominy. Well...insulated* until now, eh DOUG?
*DOUG JONES has his own closet of skeletons just waiting to be revealed. He was secretly video-taped sexually assaulting a young Cambodian child in ways despicable and horrifying.


Unlike the attack on U.S. Senator ROY attack based solely on accusations concerning an alleged event 40 years ago...the proposed prosecution of HILLARY CLINTON and her cronies will be based on REAL FACTS...incriminating facts...the kind of facts most prosecutors need to win. VIVA TRUMP!


After using Kurds to stomp Islamic State...a/k/a...Daesh...the Iraqi military pushed them out of the regions the KURDS had liberated. The Peshmerga died by the thousands routing the Daesh from RAQQA, KIRKUK and MOSUL. Iraqi military is pushing the KURDS back. Yes...folks...the KURDS were used. Now that they've served the purpose of Baghdad...they're being pushed back.

8 second ride

Aboard for 8 seconds on 2500 pounds of rage...jumping...spinning...its horns back and forth trying to rip gut...pluck eye...such the feat of the rodeo rider. Likening the BITCOING MARKET to such rage and surprise has been widely accepted as suitable frame for that marketplace...a market which grew from Mt. GOX...a market for people who don't want big-eye government in their business...who wish to enjoy privacy or want to get what they want with the least hassle attached,(WSJ B-10;11-14-17).

Collin Kaepernick is what?

Yes...folks...Collin Kaepernick...the dude who refused to stand during the national anthem...has been called "Man of the year" by GQ Magazine. Disrespecting the flag fetched Collin such accolade. Of course...Collin was picked from a sea of names...such notables as Stephen Paddock,(Las Vegas murderer)...and...Devin Patrick Kelley(Texas Baptist church massacre) were right at the top of the list GQ had fashioned as the pool from which to pick their "man".


FOLKS...GOOGLE is under attack by big stomp government and this BLOG has dispatched a legal team and $5 million to fight for GOOGLE,(WSJ B-1;11-14-17). Naturally...JOSH HAWLEY...the Missouri Attorney General...said his political clout would be greatly enhanced if he attacked a giant and chose GOOGLE because they accept liability so easily.


Many years ago...when H.W.BUSH was a photo shoot...he grabbed the butt of a 16 year old girl who was standing in the photo with him. She harbored that horror for many years...only now coming forward with her UFO story...unidentified feeling object. When BUSH grabbed her butt...he pinched...squeezed...massaged...and...all done while thousands of people looked upon the gathering.

Responding to the allegation...decrepit BUSH replied, "I'm sorry if I groped that child's butt...I thought it was Barbara." Of course...BUSH agreed that he did grope and fondle her...although that groping-event NEVER happened.

He was told to "go along" with the story because it would HURT* Roy Moore's chances of being the U.S. Senator from Alabama...and...cripple PRESIDENT TRUMP and stop the march to make salt in as much as Democrat DOUG JONES...Moore's opponent...promised to thwart any effort to escape big grab government's grip on the throat of liberty.
*A lady declared that 40 years ago...ROY MOORE sexually attacked her. Moore vehemently denied the accusation. When 5000 more ladies came forward at the same time with the same story...Moore stood his ground and said the entire MASS MEDIA onslaught was a "political hit job". Because Moore's popularity has skyrocketed since the "hit-job" was unleashed...TRUMP-HATERS needed some more "pile-on"...another voice...another person with a similar story...and...a fall-guy whose part of the script to accept blame and admit in 2003 he did exactly what that lady claims he did.


Because the NANNY STATE CAGE is so well protected...the Republicans must approach liberation with passion and wisdom.

They mustn't be deterred by hateful MASS MEDIA whose mission not only to stop escape from the CAGE but to tell Americans they like enslavement and are happy with the horror of socialism.

They must cut taxes massively...and...liberate the producer from the grip of big grab government. Any barrier to such endeavor...any drawback* to such an achievement must be identified and adroitly circumvented. VIVA TRUMP!
*The so-called BYRD RULE must be deleted along with any other obstacle to liberation. If there is to be a day of reckoning for tyranny...if there is to be a day when the parasite is evicted...if there is to be a day when servile supplicants must look elsewhere for their daily bread...if there is to be a day when the producer need not fear a would-be master with envious mob...that time is now.


U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) told a cub reporter that he and some Republican Senators had joined together to stop escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. "We will add more burden...more shackle...more whip...and...we'll take what we want...and...producers will accept the torment because they haven't any other choice," drooled Schumer-the-scumbag.


Libra is a huge oil field off the coast of Brazil. It's owned by the government. When the government asked people to invest in that oil build loading docks...deepen ports...and...erect other aspects of such an endeavor...however...not anyone stepped forward. "Why do anything for that bunch of scumbags?" one oil refinery expert injected when he saw the latest advertisement for "suckers",(WSJ A-9;11-14-17).


When Dennis Hopper promised land...the people aboard ship began to row. When asked about his promise...Hopper laughed...and...said, "They need to hear promise...sighting land isn't important."(WATERWORLD). Might the American people have been promised tax cuts in the same way. They needed to hear the promise...they don't need to receive it?

Is there no key to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Could something called the "Byrd Rule" actually stop escape from the grip of big grab government? Is there not some leader with the wisdom to take the sword of liberation and slice through this GORDIAN KNOT?
*Byrd Rule prevents the Senate from passing tax and spending measures on simple majority vote if they increase the federal deficits beyond 10 years.


Puerto Rico demands America give $94 billion so that the socialist toilet might be rebuilt. Why would President Trump ever take money from producers to rebuild Puerto Rico? Let the socialists of that toilet bowl use their own resources...their own skill and labor to rebuild. But...that won't happen. Socialists only spend other people's money.


ROY MOORE is the victim of a political "hit-job"...well organized and prepared for this occasion. The fact that the accusers all employed Gloria Alred was another "telltale" sign of political machinations.

Yes...folks...the accuser of ROY MOORE has Gloria Alred as a lawyer. A lawyer who organized a news conference so Beverly Young Nelson could tell what happened to her 40 years ago when ROY grabbed her...had his way...and...then...dumped her on cold concrete in front of the restaurant where she worked.

Recall it was GLORIA ALRED who championed the accusers of President Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Even though the accusers failed the LIE DETECTOR TEST...nonetheless...ALRED pushed their stories in order to help Hillary and hurt Trump.'s obvious the ESTABLISHMENT does not want ROY MOORE in the U.S. Senate because he came did dismantle their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE.

Monday, November 13, 2017


U.S Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) was asked how he decided U.S. Senator ROY MOORE committed those unspeakable acts of sexual predation.

Had he used some kind of VOICE STRESS analysis...perhaps...relied on LIE DETECTOR results?

 And "why" had he ignored the fact ROY MOORE passed the LIE DETECTOR TEST that MAURY uses to ferret out liars on his show?

Why had MITCH ignored such things in favor of stomping ROY MOORE? What benefit does the Republican Party receive by helping scumbag-socialist DOUG JONES defeat MOORE? Does McConnell hate Trump so much he'd doom America to socialism?

$50 million?

When the SPORTS DEPT. of this BLOG heard NFL Commissioner Goddell asking for an annual salary of $50,000,000...the reaction was instantaneous as the entire SPORTS DEPT. sent their "hire-me" package to the wizards who make that decision...pointing their application...that for $5 million the same duties could be carried out with aplomb...without a need for private jet or an armed guard when the national anthem played.

Naturally...with politics as it is nowadays...the offer was turned down due to the connection to TEAM-TRUMP...a link President Trump has denied...a bridge Kelly* won't defend.

Of some consolation...however...the applicants were told they had been considered. "Had your BLOG been anti-Trump...the offer to handle the NFL for $5 million would have been accepted," confided the owner of the Dallas assessment backed up by none other than Elton John who wished to come in on the matter.
*White House Chief of Staff Jim Kelly told a cub reporter he didn't react to Trump's tweets.


Former Vice President Joe Biden told the world he might take on Big Don in 2020 and give America back to the parasites, servile supplicants and their "ruling elite"...reducing America to a socialist toilet similar to Venezuela...a place where everything is "free" provided loyal support for such NANNY STATE forthcoming,(MATTHEW 4:8).

Joe Biden told Megan Kelly he recalled how his he lay there dying...used the last few gulps of breath to exact a promise...a commitment to run for president...a duty imposed by his dying son to which he relied that he would...only to find his reply was to a dead son...a son that died before he could reply.

Invoking his son's last request...he told Megan he might run in 2020 so that he could enslave America...burden it with mounds of entitlements...huge taxes...and...government diktat so terrifying...only the most skilled ever able to navigate it's shoals as much in memory of his son. Reflection of what...he'd gladly show...when liberty that way undone.


U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) was asked if he knew about Democrat Senators with sordid histories. After clearing his cud so he wouldn't choke...he whispered, "Similar to ROY MOORE in his sexual appetite...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D. FL) will be "outed"...finally unmasked...and...held accountable."

Of course...McConnell was referring to the news that Nelson in times past was a sexual predator feasting as it were on the supple aspect of his victims. According to sources inside the U.S. Senate...NELSON paid "hush-money" for years not only to several ladies but also to 28 men who at the time of their trysts were male models looking for Senatorial action.


Into the U.S. Senate Rules were placed barriers to escape from the grip of the NANNY STATE. To cut taxes...for example...would require such an effort that only the smallest tax cuts would ever be permitted...thereby dooming the producer to a life of struggle and privation.

Yes...maybe...with ardor, luck and whatever else might arrive success can be achieved...even in this oppressive 2017 NANNY STATE...but...the season of victory is evanescent in as much as the "profit" aspect reduced...until so little left...the producer doesn't even begin in the first place. Why work all day if the product is grabbed by the socialist-government many ask as they refuse to begin to innovate...compete...or...invent.

Perhaps...GEORGE WASHINGTON was correct when he said liberty lost is never regained...and...the U.S. Senate Rules are meant to insure that proposition is never called into question.


Ah...yes...the lurid tale of Beverly Young Nelson who was attacked in a car by ROY MOORE...and...thrown to the concrete from the car as it sped away into the night...a car driven by a pervert who told her she'd best not tell anyone he had raped her because not anyone would believe her. help with this cover-up...Beverly...the next day...used make-up to hide the huge bruises she had on her, blue and purple...signs of struggle...evidence of sexual assault.

She didn't even tell her boyfriend who picked her up after work that terrible night...the night ROY MOORE tore Dixie down. She knew her boyfriend had a violent temper and she knew to tell him of the rape that had just occurred would cause him to grab gun and go kill...something she didn't wish to see happen.

Sure...she worked for HILLARY-THE-HAG...but...she voted for she now says when asked about political motivation. Why now? Why come forward now? Why give the Congressional the form of DOUG JONES...a way to stop President Trump from liberating America from the grip of the NANNY STATE?

No...folks...her tale is LIE. Indeed...using VOICE STRESS machinery...the conclusion of the device: LIE. add to the critique...Beverly refused to take the incredible LIE DETECTOR test that is used on MAURY...the test that shows if QUINEESHHHAAH WAS HAVING SEX WITH BILLY BOB.
In the movie, WHERE EAGLES DARE...the call sign for hero was "Broad Sword"...headquarters labeled: DANNY BOY.

wheat farming

Comparative advantage favors Russia as the best place to produce wheat. While American wheat farmers are crushed by "red tape and nasty taxes"...the Russian farmer is blessed by great weather and a governmental system designed not to export industry capable of putting 83 million tons of WHEAT on the breakfast table of America. VIVA PUTIN! (WSJ B-10-11-13-17).


The Lone Ranger and Tonto were surrounded by hostile Indians. They didn't have any more bullets...water...or...knives. Lone Ranger looked at Tonto and said, "We're done for, Tonto." To which Tonto replied, "What do you mean "we" pale face?"

Might President Trump have around him moles and leakers...who want to hurt...some for kicks...others publicity seekers?

Leora Horowitz's pulse

Leora Horowtiz, an associate professor of population health and medicine at New York University, was sent home after her heart attack from a local hospital whose decision to send her home based on OBAMA-CARE rules...and...not on what was best for Ms. Horowtiz.

Unfortunately...Leora had some more heart trouble...but...due to OBAMA-CARE...the hospital refused to admit her...telling her helping-friend to take that blue-faced female down the street to the government health clinic where she was sure to be seen before she died.

Yes...folks...OBAMA-CARE is claiming more and more victims as its DEATH PANELS decide who lives and who dies,(WSJ B-6;11-13-17). Ms. Horowitz...for example...ironically...was on one of those "decision-making" committees but never foresaw how her idiotic "go along to get along" would send her "blue-faced" body looking for someone to render assistance.


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched* Vision 2030. The socialists...Eco-fascists...and...all other freedom-haters looked on with surprise. How could an autocratic government liberate its people and not itself be evicted?

In explaining that phenomenon...Majid Al Qasabi pointed out if Saudi Arabia converts to a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...remove government'll become the mightiest and richest spot on planet Earth. "We will beat Trump to that finish line," bragged Qasabi...noting how much opposition President Trump has in America to any effort to remove the shackle.
*This BLOG dispatched a team to assist Mohammed sending along a "good faith" funding of $10 billion (U.S.).

"I believe the women"

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) came forward and declared he had concluded the 5000 women who claimed ROY MOORE had sex with them when they were 14 years of age were truth-tellers...all 5000 of them...pointing out in his MONOLOGUE that these women had the same story and came forward at the same time...making their story thereby absolutely truthful...since there is not any way to coordinate 5000 ladies and give them the same script...not 5000 of them...even if all 5000 worked for TEAM wouldn't matter because all 5000 came forward with the same script and that obviously meant ROY MOORE was a perverted dude with a penchant for 14 year old females.


Kellyanne Conway was asked about tax cuts and why Americans need some of the burden lifted. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT she replied, "Escape from the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT is somehow being stopped by a U.S. Senate budget-process rule...a rule that could be changed; and that rule is stopping tax cuts... creating a barrier preventing the Republicans from passing real tax cuts and liberating Americans from the stomp-and-chomp of the 20th Century NANNY STATE...a place where bureaucrats can force people to buy health insurance."

And to think in the hands of the Republican majority is the sword to slice through this GORDIAN KNOT...and...liberate America from tyranny. To gain permanent power for generations to come...the Republicans MUST dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They have the votes to accomplish this feat and a willing president ready to delete and eliminate the grip and grab of the oppressive NANNY STATE.

Why would U.S Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) not delete any barrier to passage of dramatic tax cuts? Why would that tremble-chin protect the NANNY STATE? Instead of demanding liberation and changing the rules so that liberation might manifest...McConnell has narrowed what can get through the "rules" to little more than a brief respite from the omnivorous maw of the NANNY STATE.


At night...there is not any electricity generated by solar panels. Batteries must be used if solar the sole source of energy. However, batteries are heavy...bulky...and...subject to a myriad of problems and maintenance hazards. the sub-Saharan part of Africa...abundant sunlight is worthless when the sun goes down. It can be so dark one can't see the hand in front of face. No nothing but camp fire and bug-riddled tent,(WSJ A-15;11-13-17).


The members of the Association of South East Asian Nations met with President Trump to discuss trade and security...including safety on the high seas. While injecting his opinion on the other topics...Big Don told the group he was dispatching 3 carrier groups to the area near South Korea so that if North Korea did attempt a surprise'd be stopped before too many people were killed.


Islamic State could still be in possession of RAQQA had it had access to WAR-BOT(tm) the robot-drone combo which President Trump privately commissioned to assist the Peshmerga in their effort to route the Daesh,(ISIS). But...learning from this oversight...ISIS is constructing an armada of drones...a million drones...each one carrying 5 pounds of C-4 explosive...enough to blow a hole a city-block wide.


Brennan, Clapper and Comey are scumbags whose days in power are over. They'd do themselves well to avoid public contact since most people will spit on them or groin kick when possible. They're hated...despised wretches deserving of swift kick and denunciation. They were told by Trump-haters to declare Russia had "rigged" the 2016 election enabling Big Don to defeat Hillary-the-hag and they did so declare knowing at the time it was LIE...that the ONLY RIGGING was done by HILLARY'S cadres...wrongdoing that has only recently been revealed by Donna Brazile.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Once ambushed...survivors endeavor to avoid another...labeling such subsequent calamity "next-time" blood.

Might President Trump avoid such "next time" blood by dispatching WAR-BOT(tm) to do what the foot times past...was sent to do?

Imagine...for a moment...a desert village...with hostile rag heads hiding behind every wall...armed with machine guns...rocket-propelled grenades and improvised explosive devices...just waiting to unleash such firepower and slaughter as many Americans as've just sensed "why" WAR-BOT(tm) must be deployed.

Why send personnel into that situation when a squadron of WAR-BOTS could achieve the same outcome?


Why is a scumbag such as JOHN BRENNAN asked to criticize President Trump? If there were ever someone in need of indictment and's JOHN BRENNAN. He needs to be in the same jail as Hillary and Obama.

According to pre-indictment files prepared by Wiseman for Special Counsel Mueller...Brennan knew about the assassination of U.S border guard BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador both instances remained quiet.

Bolstering such proof of wrongdoing...Donna Brazile pointed out that BRENNAN profited on the URANIUM ONE deal along with other perks which are only now being revealed...perks such as a ton of GOLD in a bank in Beverly Hills in someone else's name.


JOHN BRENNAN...former CIA honcho...came forward to criticize President Trump for the way Big Don handled the question about Russian interference in the 2016 election cycle. The buy-line has been Russia hacked the 2016 election and but for that interference Hillary-the-hag would have prevailed.

What the President didn't wish to tell the world is that many in the American intelligence community are guilty of disseminating falsehood as if TRUTH for the purpose of undermining his effective administration. Hence...he had to backtrack a little...and...over-paint that obvious characterization of the "DEEP STATE" which has set itself against TEAM-TRUMP so obviously.


"It doesn't matter if ROY MOORE is innocent of the charge of an alleged 40 year old sexual attack on a 14 year old...he must resign and give the Democrats the voting power in the U.S. Senate to stop President Trump from dismantling my beloved 20th century NANNY STATE," quipped U.S. Senator John McCain(R.Az) as he stood near his glass house with stones in each hand.


The ACCUSATION of sexual attack lodged against U.S. Senator ROY MOORE has been trumpeted across every MASS MEDIA channel...never once...though...adding the ACCUSER is a Clinton-agent and a big supporter of the welfare state...the one thing Moore has expressly promised to dismantle.

Could such FALSEHOOD change an election? Could such LIES be so persuasive the voters change their mind and select DOUG JONES...a devout socialist? Certainly...TOM PEREZ...the chairman of the disgraced Democratic National Committee...believes this "hit-job"...while it didn't work on Trump...will surely bring down Moore.


Lady Elizabeth stood at the podium facing an audience of parasites and servile supplicants. Before she spoke...that crowd had clapped and cheered for the socialist-demagogue who promised larger entitlements...greater taxes on the producer...and...more power concentrated in the hands of a ruling elite...a collection of wizards and wonks...each one inimitably able to impose what's best.

She began by telling them about enslavement...and...all that glitters is not gold. They listened quietly...acknowledging by their attention the passion and point of what she had to say. "Why worship whatever idol that power-monger might forge?" she asked. "Why be herd when you can be prosperous and fulfill whatever future you might paint?"

Listening to Lady elderly attendee turned to another and remarked, "She'll never be heard. But...brave, though."


President Trump and President Putin met privately for about 30 minutes. When asked what was discussed...Trump said "golf games and grandchildren". While such explanation had been accepted by the MASS MEDIA when Bill Clinton in October of 2016 was asked about his meeting with Loretta Lynch aboard a government jet in Phoenix...when Big Don said as much...the same MASS MEDIA called him "deceptive"...and..."unprincipled".


"Abandon ship!" shouted several U.S. Senators when asked about their support of ROY MOORE since they heard the scurrilous rumor about sexual assault on a 14 year old girl over 40 years ago.

But...isn't he presumed innocent...these "judges" were asked as they pontificated about morality and accusation...only to be told: "No...he's guilty until proven innocent. The accuser is a her reliability* and truth quotient: stellar and persuasive."
*The accuser of ROY MOORE said she worked for TEAM CLINTON but voted for President Trump. Such a statement is gratuitous and self-serving since there is not any way with the "secret ballot" that such a statement could be verified. The "I voted for Trump" aspect was offered to deflect the assertion that the "sex assault" accusation was politically-motivated...and...designed to hurt Moore and help the socialist-scumbag-Democrat running for the U.S. Senate seat of Jeff Sessions.


When Hillary and Obama left 4 Americans to die on 09-11-12 in a Benghazi embassy compound...U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson was not anywhere to be heard demanding to know what happened...refusing to accept some VIDEO LIE...and...making noise about cover-up and deception. No...she wasn't anywhere to be heard shouting about assassination and tyranny. President Trump has suffered military casualties in Niger...this loudmouth is everywhere DEMANDING to know how Lad David Johnson died.


A drunkard walking through the lawn...stopped...bent down...grabbed...stood up...and...said, "Looks like it...smells like it...taste's like it...sure glad I didn't step in it."

When President Trump was told the North Korean dictator called him "old"...Big Don replied, "I don't call him "short and fat". I'm trying to be friendly...see my smile so big and wide."


U.S. Senator ROY MOORE(R.Ala) told Sean Hannity that he was not disputing any claims made by anyone about his younger days. When he said as much...however...he was not admitting he had attacked a 14 year old female...stripped her and himself...and...almost had sex. That TRYST was not acknowledged when Moore said he accepted the condemnation of the world but was washed in the blood of Jesus.

two projectiles

As science and technology leap and bound forward...military weaponry and equipment should also enjoy such progress. However...that profound idea can't enter the Pentagon door.

Instead of robots and drones conducting the work ground troops once performed...Pentagon prefers to send personnel into harm's way. The contrast is remarkable. The cost of putting a fully equipped and supported Marine...for example...into Iraq or about $125,000.00 per day...while that same task-package can be handled* as successfully by WAR-BOT(tm)...a robot-drone battalion which is sent to a region and given a task to perform.
*WAR-BOT(tm) costs $15,000 per day. In RAQQA and in MOSUL...WAR-BOT(tm) was deployed. The areas assigned to WAR-BOT(tm) were cleared of Islamic State combatants in 48 hours compared to the areas assigned to Peshmerga and Marines which took weeks to cleanse.


When TEAM OBAMA spent $13 trillion over 8 years building the welfare state...not anyone asked about the NATIONAL DEBT. Indeed...the complicit MASS MEDIA was first to declare: "SO WHAT!" that a freedom-fighter has ascended to the pinnacle of power and has a Republican majority to push through any rule or law he wishes's time to escape the grip of big grab government. And to the MASS MEDIA and their socialist-Democrats in Congress who are now screaming about the DEBT and "how" a TAX CUT will "add" to the NATIONAL those scumbags...the Republicans should reply: "SO WHAT!"

Yet...instead of demanding liberation...and...inviting the MASS MEDIA to publish their promise of report their historical march to make rid America of the whip and chain of socialism and Eco-fascism...instead of all that...some of the Republican Senate majority have said they want more NANNY STATE not less...a declaration completely contrary* to what they told they constituencies in their home states.


Republican In Name Only(RINO). On the issue of tax cutting...the RINOS are telling America they won't permit escape from the grip of big grab government...that they're just as dedicated as the Democrats to the perpetuation of the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein producers are shackled...their estates subject to confiscation...and...whatever income only what government decides suitable.


" How can we stop ROY MOORE in Alabama?" asked Tom Perez...the newest chairman of the notorious Democratic National Committee. In reply...Jennifer Palmieri whispered, "Why not have some lady come forward who will tell a lurid story of sexual attack...and...tell it in such fashion that it can't be debunked easily. Such a tale would kill ROY MOORE...and...our cronies in the MASS MEDIA would love a child-rape story."

RUSSIAN TV? can turn on a TV...turn to Russian channels...and...get boring...stuffy...silly...can't-be-used kind of stuff. Indeed...Russians prefer American TV but have lately only been watching FOX NEWS if they wish to know what is really happening in the world.


President Trump doesn't drink alcohol. When he his coke or green tea but not alcohol. While he does not condemn alcohol consumption...his own family experience with his addicted-brother was enough of a warning for him. VIVA TRUMP!

Saturday, November 11, 2017


U.S. Senator Roy Moore,(R. Ala) when asked about the "hit-job" the Democrats unleashed...chuckled and replied, "Just about 40 years ago...I set out on the road...looking for fame and fortune...looking for that pot of gold...but...things got rough...things grew tough...I guess you know that tune...but...I'm back being accused of sexual attack on a 14 year old prune."


As Do Nguyen Mai Khoi sang about freedom and raindrops...someone asked "why" wasn't her music more accepted in Vietnam,(WSJ A-7;11-11-17).

DON'T AND DO...didn't...did

Did and didn't...Don't and do...different ways...find false from true. Take for example the fact that TEAM-CLINTON funded the now-infamous Chris Steel Dossier...a "slam-piece" surrounding which were kickback...and...foreign state collusion...a WRITTEN SMEAR on Donald J. Trump created to hurt Trump's chances to be president.

In contrast...Alexander Nix...CEO of Cambridge Analytica...before he ever was hired by the TRUMP CAMPAIGN...asked Julian Assange to share the Clinton-emails WikiLeaks had...emails Hillary-the-hag thought she had destroyed...emails that connected her so-called Foundation to a pay-to-play scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State. Naturally...JULIAN declined the request.

Somehow that REQUEST(but not its rejection) has been addressed for more hours than the time spent by the same MASS MEDIA discussing the connection between CHRIS STEEL and DONNA BRAZILE...a link that eventually might put Brazile in federal prison. Indeed...her book was her way of telling the would-be attack squad if they bite...she'll bite back.


In November of 2017...why must Americans labor beneath the jackboot of the 20th Century NANNY STATE? Answering that question...U.S. Senator Elizabeth "Papoose" Warren(D.Mass) told a cub reporter her vision was of an America enslaved...burdened with socialism...Eco-fascism...and...all other brands of oppression imaginable...with herself as the pinnacle of such ruling elite.

carefully crafted

The Clinton-operative...who suddenly came forward to accuse U.S. Senator ROY MOORE of sexual assault 39 years before...carefully crafted her story so that its ingredients...its contents...couldn't be verified or confirmed making her story the sole source of proof...a story that only now has come to the full screen cinema in brilliant Technicolor for the first time.


The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...looking for ways to attack TEAM-TRUMP...was approached by a Clinton-operative claiming she had been attacked 39 years ago by ROY MOORE. Her story about a 14 year old girl whose white "v" was caressed by the searching hand of ROY...a 32 year old prosecutor at the time...a prosecutor who knew this 14 year old girl would never tell about their interlude.

Instead of telling the world that the accuser of ROY MOORE was a CLINTON-OPERATIVE...that critical FACT was never mentioned until this BLOG made NOISE about such lack of candor...such DELIBERATE DECEPTION...such display of hatred few can say they've ever witnessed evinced by the MASS MEDIA. Until this BLOG revealed CLINTON was connected...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA was not telling the world that the attack dog barking about RAPE was a political attack as dirty as anything Hillary to-date had unleashed.

who'd be left?

When Cassandra opened the box and out came all the woes and travails of the world...what didn't take flight was HOPE. If North Korea were to open its borders and permit escape...the exodus would empty that country until all that would be left would be the tyrant and his henchmen. Could HOPE leave such mark?

gentle answer?

"We expect a gentle answer, Jew." Such faced Shylock as he petitioned Venice for payment on his bond...a bond that demanded a POUND OF FLESH. Might that same attitude be afoot when the Palestinians meet with the Jew to consider a separate Palestinian state?


Mike Flynn and his son were approached by Turkmen who asked if they could help kidnap FETHULLAH GULEN and in exchange would be paid $15 million. In Turkey...Gulen was labeled murderer and seditionist...and...classified: WANTED...DEAD OR ALIVE.

Naturally...Flynn thought the matter quite proper since his team had kidnapped Khatalla...the alleged mastermind behind 09-11-12 attack on the Benghazi embassy compound...and...had paid JUDAS.$7 million for his help in luring Khatalla to his home where he was bound and flown to Washington D.C. to stand trial,(WSJ A-1;11-11-17)..


Inside the bunker..last stand discussed. Remain and perish...take flight and live. After much debate...the decision made: FLEE!

Friday, November 10, 2017


LYING TO COVER HOLES MADE BY LYING. This skill has been refined to an art form by TEAM-CLINTON...and...adroitly used by Hillary in 2017 to avoid prosecution. What a gal!


How is it Bill Clinton could lie about a sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky and remain President? Yet he escaped impeachment because Hillary-the-hag organized a superb defense...insulation that worked until the "stained blue dress" was revealed. It was obvious Bill Clinton had succumbed to the allure of Monica...himself sex-starved due to Hillary's preference for camels and Huma Abedin. But...despite it being so obvious...nonetheless...he remained President.

Nowadays...ROY MOORE has been accused of sexual attack on a 14 year old girl while she was in his presence. The story has changed over the last few weeks as the accuser refines her tale of woe...a story of terror...ghoul...and...creep...her trembling hands drawn toward pulsing crotch...her white "v" seemed closer keep.


When Brazile received such acclaim for her revelation of misconduct in 2016 inside the Democratic National Committee...other ladies looked on avariciously.

One lady...for instance...was so consumed with envy...she contacted as many news outlets as possible until she located a Trump-hating outfit that wanted to hear her lurid story about how ROY MOORE as a young prosecutor seduced her inside a jail cell. He had blacked out the in-cell cameras and told the detention deputies to take a hike...hed' be busy for 30 minutes...a dialogue 15 Democrat gate guards remember as if it were yesterday...although the matter is claimed to have occurred over 30 years ago.

Although the JAIL sign-in sheet for that era is gone...a cab driver...a Democrat from Sutherland Springs, Texas...remembered how he was driving by the detention center and happened to see ROY MOORE trying to wipe clean a "blue dress".

Underpinning his recollection...he had a trip-ticket with a finger print of ROY MOORE on it...a ride he'd given ROY MOORE 15 years later...15 years after observing Moore wipe clean the blue-dress stain. As U.S. Senator McCain asserted, "That kind of evidence is so dramatic and so overwhelming...ROY must resign."


Folks...100 U.S. Senators are stopping liberation as if ghoulish gate guards preventing escape from the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT. Take for example, PAT TOOMEY. He said he can't get bigger tax cuts due to U.S. Senate Rules preventing such elimination of the NANNY STATE. When asked "why" not change the RULES to remove such barrier...Toomey cud-choked...unable to reply...that question "off-script"...that question too deep for answer. No...Toomey preferred to go along to get along and that meant perpetuation of the oppressive NANNY STATE.

two presidents meet

President Putin and President Trump met and discussed national security and economic progress. Their discussions were riveting and content-packed...with both Titans looking for ways for both countries to get rich.


It's obvious U.S. Senator ROY MOORE was targeted for attack: FALSEHOOD presented as TRUTH. When asked if the accusers had passed the LIE DETECTOR TEST employed by MAURY on his daytime show...all of the publishers of the ACCUSATIONS refused to answer except one who frankly declared, "The accusations don't have to be's better if it's total lie and contrivance since it has better legs...more impact...more power to hurt."


U.S. SENATOR JOHN McCAIN (R.Az) espoused a new rule-of-politics: "If a candidate is accused, the accusation disqualifies that candidate who must resign or cease candidacy." When asked about "presumed innocent"...McCain chuckled and replied, "Ever since Harvey Weinstein was revealed as a sexual predator...accusation is all that is required...proof is irrelevant."


Before Hillary-the-hag...people caught operating "pay-to-play" schemes during their tenure in public office were righteously prosecuted. Since the advent of TEAM-CLINTON...however...insulation from prosecution has been fashioned: "EXTREMELY CARELESS IS NOT INTENTIONAL."


Several decades's alleged...U.S. Senator ROY MOORE...while a government-prosecutor...sexually assaulted a 14 year old assault that only now has been revealed by this accuser.

Instead of coming to the support of U.S. Senator ROY MOORE...though...prominent Republicans have called for his resignation including such shining examples as Senator McCain and Senator Gardner...two men who giggle when they hear the phrase "innocent until proven guilty".

Because ROY MOORE is presumed not guilty of these horrific allegations...this BLOG has dispatched a legal team and $1 million to defend. In terms of "why" this BLOG concluded as it did...consider the following:
(1) Why wait so long?
(2) Why the details selected?
(3) Was there any coordination among victims?
(4) Is there a common thread...perhaps...alleged victims contacted by the same person?
(5) Is there some political link between Moore's opponent and the organizations pushing the STORY LINE about sexual assault?


This BLOG has been discussing WAR-BOT(tm) for years and pointing out that "armed drones" were the next big terror threat. MASS MEDIA has announced that there is such a threat. While vindication is always nice to hear because it tends to stomp critics...this time it hurts because Americans will be slaughtered by drones in the near future.

Laurence Kotlikoff

Laurence Kotlikoff was asked why he required a tax cut to "pay for itself". Larry pondered the question and replied, "All a person earns...all a producer produces belongs to the government. If the government chooses to permit the producer to keep some of the product of labor...the producer in turn must justify that "leave-alone"...or...accept whatever the would-be master thinks best."

Folks...we're in a war on freedom...a perpetual struggle lasting as long as there is a progressive income tax and an estate tax. Remove those two pillars of MARXISM and America would flourish. As it is...scumbags such as Kotlikoff speak about enslavement as if it were a virtue,(WSJ A-17;11-10-17).

Perhaps Donald J. Trump is not the messiah...not the one to lead America out of the socialist toilet...but...what if he is the one Americans have been expecting? What if President 2018...procures a 60 vote U.S. Senate and retains the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives?

If he were to achieve that kind of power...he could deploy the ORB...the Omnibus Repeal Bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...thereby enabling America to be great again. VIVA TRUMP!


Allegations of sexual attack decades old somehow now featured as news-worthy? The MASS MEDIA is gladly trumpeting accusations since the outcome of an election might be in the balance. Until those allegations were made public...ROY MOORE was defeating his socialist-Democrat opponent for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions. But...if the MASS MEDIA has its hand...MOORE will lose to this nasty-socialist jerk.


NOISE-MAKER: Al-Baghdadi was told he would have caliphate for a season and then his dream of Islamic State would be gone. So long as al-Baghdadi was useful to the "real masters"...his caliphate would be permitted. However...once that utility-aspect evaporated...he would be deleted.


OBAMA-CARE has opened enrollment and there has been a great surge in the number of people seeking insurance coverage for their medical care. Of course...these 601,462 enrollees have sought government handout...asking the government, [think taxpayer], to pay their way for 2018.

When asked about the surge...Peter V. Lee, executive director of Covered California, the state's OBAMA-CARE exchange...looked at the line of parasites and servile supplicants waiting to sign up...and...smugly replied, "The surge has been attributed to the way OBAMA-CARE is being advertised this year: "GET NOW OR LOSE IT". The lure of the "freebie" not only explains the surge but also shows the power of  "free"...socialism's hook. Once hooked on the "freebie"...the victim is absorbed into the collective...receiving whatever the would-be master thinks best. This surge is simply a manifestation of that phenomenon."(WSJ A-3;11-10-17).


U.S. Senator Roy Moore...the flamboyant freedom-fighter from Alabama...was accused of attacking a 14 year old girl over 20 years ago. Of course...Moore was said to be guilty based on that accusation never once considering the political motive behind such "late-arriving-news".

Not only do people wonder "how" this lady could wait so long...they also suspected BLACK CUBE* to be involved. Why would this "accuser" wait until the final days of an election to come forward? And how did other ladies with similar stories all decide to come forward at the same time? Adding to this situation is the ever present "why" did these accusers wait in the same way when all had the same story?

Might someone in the Democrat Party...the "dirty deeds done dirt cheap" dude...having seen the furor surrounding HARVEY WEINSTEIN'S indiscretions...have concluded such accusations against ROY MOORE in a Bible-thumping state such as Alabama might just change the election outcome? is that DIRTY DEED unfolding with the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA publishing the LIE as if TRUTH. The American ideal of "innocent until proven guilty" thrown away in favor of hurting ROY MOORE and helping the Democrats gain a critical U.S. Senate seat,(WSJ A-3;11-10-17).
*Black Cube is a Jewish research firm specializing in "dirt".


When the Republicans defeated several loudmouth Democrats in elections since TRUMP was elected...the MASS MEDIA didn't declare such defeat meant OBAMA-CARE was doomed. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA almost didn't mention the defeats preferring to wait until a Democrat won something...perhaps an election in one of the socialist Eastern states.

And...because Murphy-the-socialist defeated Lady-G in New Jersey the other day...the MASS MEDIA finally has been able to use their "we're all socialists now" script...touting the victory of Murphy as some kind of referendum on socialism...noting the people of New Jersey want to be enslaved not liberated,(WSJ A-3;11-10-17).

Thursday, November 9, 2017


In the centuries to come...the meeting between President Trump and President Xi Jinping will be classified as unique and wondrous...two Titans discussing the 21st Century and how they can both profit mightily...each with their own hegemony...unfettered commerce guiding the issues...and...peace the utmost concern of all.


President Trump...a modern day Marco Polo...will return from China with more deals than BUSH and OBAMA made during their combined tenures Yes...there will be bigger...better...and...what not...but...what a grand start! VIVA TRUMP!


"SLICE THROUGH!" became slogan...motto-like core...soul of liberation...Gordian Knot's much more. VIVA TRUMP!

Moore's score

Did Judge U.S. Senator Moore(R.Ala)...grab and molest female teenagers? There are 4 ladies who claim he attacked them 30 years ago. They felt they needed to come forward and reveal the disgusting assaults.

They kept quiet until approached by a lady* identifying herself as DIANE ILAC...who asked them if they'd be willing to reveal their secret. Indeed...DIANE ILAC introduced the 4 to each other since none knew there were other victims of the same kind of attack wherein the Judge would offer the teenager ice cream and while the teenager was busy licking the cone...he'd have his way with them...the same modus operandi suffered by all 4 teenagers.
*This lady is an agent for BLACK CUBE.


"People like them don't want to talk to people like you," Donna Brazile quipped as she pulled the cub reporter from a crowd in the middle of which stood U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass). "She'll never speak to you. She's too aloof...too much the regal format to stoop and speak to a cub reporter such as yourself," added a concerned Brazile herself the brunt of joke and stomp.


Kevin Spacey...the disgraced actor...admitted he had his way with many youths and adults including Richard Blumenthal...a U.S. Senator from Connecticut whose own infamy framed in his LIE about his battlefield exploits...reciting a time when he helped Lieutenant Dan...but...couldn't save Bubba.

Brazile's tactical

People...who just yesterday genuflected when DONNA BRAZILE entered the room...are telling America that Brazile is crazy...delusional...and...has ben that way for years...a defect they politely overlooked until recently when Donna revealed "dirt"...damaging "dirt"...election-changing kind of "dirt".

Had Donna told the world she was sorry about keeping quiet in 2016 about the "rigging" of the Democratic Primaries to favor Hillary-the-hag...and...proclaimed the wonder and awe of Hillary in every page of her so-called "tell-all" book...she might have escaped the denunciation which has ensued since she told the world her mind siphoned...her wisdom hacked.


Every rule or law that creates a barrier to escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE must be removed. With a Republican majority in the House and Senate...there isn't any barrier to eradication of this hellish NANNY STATE. Yes...against such liberation stand a Democrat-minority and their allies in the MASS MEDIA. Might such a small bunch of freedom-haters stop an exodus from bondage?


Leave the producer with more? Why would a slave-owner ever leave more for the slave? Such were the questions U.S. Senator Dick Durbin(D. Il) posed as he criticized the proposed tax cut. His acrimonious diatribe against loosening the shackle was little more than generic socialist screed...uttered so that parasites and servile supplicants might hear encouraging words.

Elizabeth Carlyle

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch used a pseudonym(Elizabeth Carlyle) when conferring with Bill Clinton about Hillary's potential indictment. When confronted about this "fake name"...Loretta chuckled and referred the inquiring mind to BLACK CUBE that Jewish outfit whose mission to investigate...find dirt...and...then deliver that questions asked or answered.

But why did Loretta choose to hide herself in BLACK CUBE? The answer's surprising.

It turns out BLACK CUBE has a long history of such assistance. Recently...for instance...the team was employed by HARVEY WEINSTEIN to plow the region and find out how many ladies were claiming he raped them. Rose McGowan...a Weinstein rape-victim...was approached by DIANE ILIC...a woman portraying herself as a representative of a rape-victim group based in London.

Rose answered all Diane's questions about the number of ladies Rose knew who were about to come forward and accuse Harvey. Never did Rose suspect...however...that her interviewer was really a disguised BLACK CUBE operative investigating the rape-theory for Harvey-the-pig,(WSJ B-1;11-09-17).


PRITI PATEL...the international development secretary...met with several Jews while in Uganda. Her interface was casual and didn't address the Arab-Jew question. However...Prime Minister Theresa May thought even a hand-shake and small talk about coffee preference too much when it came to speaking to a JEW.


Many had swords just as sharp...just as capable...yet...only Alexander the Great knew how to address the Gordian Knot. Might U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell possess such proverbial sword but lacks the know-how to use it? Why not remove the 60 vote WALL and permit tax cuts to be huge and powerful? Why not eliminate this barrier to escape from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Hmmm? Why not?


Using budget gimmicks...the U.S. House of Representative tax plan will ultimately cost the federal government $1.4 trillion over 10 years. How dare Republicans attempt to unshackle the producer! In a welfare state...the producer is enslaved...the product of labor grabbed...and...never is there any discussion about liberation...not ever.

Instead of telling the world that government spending is to be reduced mightily...the Republicans are writing a tepid tax cut that is gimmick-packed so that they might pass it under the budget reconciliation process which requires only 51 votes. Why McConnell didn't eliminate the bill-locking filibuster and thereby avoid this barrier won't be known for decades to come.

While the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA won't like it...the Republicans need to scrap the tax cut as written...and...write a tax bill actually deletes taxes and leave the gimmick-route for the freedom-hating Democrats to propose. To do as much they'll need to delete the filibuster-rule so that Democrats can be side-stepped, (WSJ A-17;11-09-17).