Monday, November 13, 2017


Ah...yes...the lurid tale of Beverly Young Nelson who was attacked in a car by ROY MOORE...and...thrown to the concrete from the car as it sped away into the night...a car driven by a pervert who told her she'd best not tell anyone he had raped her because not anyone would believe her. help with this cover-up...Beverly...the next day...used make-up to hide the huge bruises she had on her, blue and purple...signs of struggle...evidence of sexual assault.

She didn't even tell her boyfriend who picked her up after work that terrible night...the night ROY MOORE tore Dixie down. She knew her boyfriend had a violent temper and she knew to tell him of the rape that had just occurred would cause him to grab gun and go kill...something she didn't wish to see happen.

Sure...she worked for HILLARY-THE-HAG...but...she voted for she now says when asked about political motivation. Why now? Why come forward now? Why give the Congressional the form of DOUG JONES...a way to stop President Trump from liberating America from the grip of the NANNY STATE?

No...folks...her tale is LIE. Indeed...using VOICE STRESS machinery...the conclusion of the device: LIE. add to the critique...Beverly refused to take the incredible LIE DETECTOR test that is used on MAURY...the test that shows if QUINEESHHHAAH WAS HAVING SEX WITH BILLY BOB.
In the movie, WHERE EAGLES DARE...the call sign for hero was "Broad Sword"...headquarters labeled: DANNY BOY.

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