Thursday, March 22, 2018


Folks...the government pension system needs to be addressed and addressed quickly alerting all public worker bees they won't have a pension provided by taxpayers but must use the same ways as the private sector does to acquire and keep pension intact.

Take Andrew McCabe for instance. He almost grabbed a MILLION DOLLAR PENSION to be paid by taxpayers. It's abominable to think anyone would ever give that scumbag a dime! Yet... McCabe's allies in the MASS MEDIA and in CONGRESS are screaming that this miscreant be granted his pension. He's a slime slug that deserves public derision...perhaps...a public flogging with a cat-of-nine-tails...and...shunned as a pariah. But...he does not deserve and should not receive ONE DIME of taxpayer money! NOT ONE DIME!


Ah...yes...feisty Joe Biden...former Vice President...said if it were high school again...he'd beat the hell out of Donald J. Trump. President Trump reacted by telling the world has-been Joe is "weak both mentally and physically"...and...doubted feisty Joe could ever manage a boxing bout.


President Trump spoke to his security advisers before calling President Putin to congratulate him on his 4th term as president of Russia. After the phone call that went very well for both Trump and Putin...there was another "leak" about the phone call and the advisers assessments related thereto. Instantly...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA gathered talking heads to criticize and excoriate Big Don for attempting to better the relationship between America and Russia. They used the "leaked data" as their basis for that was never intended* to be published.
*Leaking such data is illegal and whoever is the "deep throat" needs to be found and fired.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


While he disguised himself to avoid detection when he delivered the Fed Ex packages...MARK CONDITT was...nonetheless. detected...chased...and...killed.

$1.3 trillion spending bill?

The federal government takes in $1.3 trillion and then redistributes that $1.3 trillion in accord with requirements imposed by a myriad of entitlements...with the American military receiving $700 billion in 2018 and another $700 billion in 2019...enabling thereby the military to repair its equipment and build new weapons...delivering a 21st Century "computer-assisted platform" capable of dealing* with any threat.
*Imagine jets flown by "artificial intelligence" software capable of recognizing friend or foe in a nano-second and destroying the target before the target can draw close enough to use its own weaponry.


Whose sandwich eaten from the land down under? Pritzker v. Rauner...a contest between a socialist and a capitalist...between a big spending Democrat and a penny-pinching a contender whose message: more welfare and bigger taxes...the other...a frugal entreaty to cut spending and taxes for everyone. Which one will find himself in BOMBAY...head spinning with not much to say?


Because the MASS MEDIA is not telling the world about the political party to whom the Austin bomber's OBVIOUS the bomber was a Democrat!

methane from volcanoes?

Carbon Dioxide and methane are expelled in massive amounts by erupting volcanoes...although science has yet to find a way to calculate "how much" emitted. Because of the power of man over the environment...however...a power that can hurt or help the world...the 2018 Democrat platform calls for Congress to pass a law prohibiting volcanoes from erupting...a law Albert "inconvenient truth" Gore said was needed to stop methane from causing Mother Earth into flames to burst,(WSJ A-17;03-21-18).


Looking for capital to produce the widget...BIG BILL decided to use crowd-funding through what is called an Initial Coin Offering...a crypto-currency...a digital display of seeming value offered to the public in exchange for money to use to buy the land and material to produce the widget,(WSJ A-1;03-21-18).


Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 by Mike Cohn to keep quiet about whatever "affair" she had with President Trump in 2006. However...she's coming out to tell her sordid tale...steamy...stormy...and...powerfully portrayed by her as she describes each sexual encounter especially noting how Donald was so gentle with her.

Overlooking Hillary's payment to Russians to "rig" the 2016 election...and...all the other criminal misconduct of her team...the Federal Election Commission(FEC) declared it was going to examine the $130,000 payment as some kind of election law violation. When asked about Hillary-the-hag...the FEC official laughed and said, "She's a Democrat...a loyal freedom-hater...and...that insulates her from condemnation."(WSJ A-1;03-21-18).


Austin Police were following the bomber when he stopped...exited his vehicle...shot at the police...returned to his car...and...detonated the explosives. While a bomber in New York City might go undetected for Texas...however...the bomber was found and killed in less than a fortnight.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


"Allahu Akbar!" shouted Mook-mad illegal alien hiding in a sanctuary city building bombs to be used in Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida. SO far...this rag head has scored 5 times...and...predicts his bombs will make the infidel shudder and cringe.


After the 4th bomb exploded...Austin officials concluded the culprit was probably an unhappy Democrat who wanted to make more noise than the Democratic National Committee would permit.

Indeed...a well known forensic scientist framed the profile as that of a disgruntled Democrat who wanted to show the world he cared. Mary Ellen O'Toole went on to say this serial bomber was a bed wetter as a child and had issues with his mother when she made him sweep out his closet. So detailed and precise were O'Toole's FOCAL POINTS...that many around Austin thought she was describing: CHUCK SCHUMER....while others thought that description fit SHERROD BROWN...both nasty-disposition Democrats who'd kill their own mothers to advance the cause of socialism.


In the OBAMA ERA...Mark of the pioneers of FACEBOOK...delivered to TEAM OBAMA any and all data requested for the purpose of creating a composite of what the "voter" wanted to see and hear. The speeches Obama gave were dovetailed to fit such template...and...intended to persuade the fence-sitters to join him in transforming America into a socialist toilet...something FACEBOOK DATA said Americans wanted* more than life itself.
*However...when TEAM-TRUMP received some help in profiling and was called RIGGING THE ELECTION...and...gave Hillary-the-hag another EXCUSE for "why" she lost her bid for the White House in 2016.


IRON STOMACH. NERVES OF STEEL. Such the attributes of crypto-currency investors...people who prefer roller coasters...who jump from perfectly good airplanes to plummet to Earth hanging on to some cloth and twine.

Monday, March 19, 2018


President Trump didn't understand just how close he was when he said he wanted to DRAIN THE SWAMP. In the new America...there are two levels of justice...justice for the unwashed masses...and...expiation for the ruling elite. Take Hillary-the-hag for instance. She conducted a "pay-to-play" racket while Secretary of State; and when cornered, destroyed the hard drives and crushed cell phones...actions which would bring condemnation to anyone else...but...for such effort she was commended as brilliantly clever.

Maybe President Trump will tire of MUELLER'S PROBE...and tell this so-called proctologist he plans to continue to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE no matter how much "heat" scumbags such as Mueller can bring to bear. Perhaps...voters know* that if the SWAMP can withstand TRUMP'S "clean-house"'s likely the NANNY STATE with the help of its omnipotent MASS MEDIA will overwhelm and consume America in the same sickening fashion as it did Venezuela...nowadays...a place of empty shelves and hollow eyes.
*In "real" POLLS...likely-to-vote Americans wish to have the burden and shackle of the NANNY STATE removed...and...are more likely than not to support the politician who promises more liberty and less big grab government stomp and chomp.


Yes...folks...the Austin bomber is a Democrat hates capitalism and the freedom one must have to prosper in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. As a noise-making socialist...the bomber's to bring attention to the plight of homeless people and soft shelled turtles.


MSNBC has already convicted Donald J. Trump of money-laundering...and...obstruction of justice...although there isn't any proof. But...hatchet jobs rely on such LACK OF EVIDENCE...since it gives the attackers the ability to say, "We don't know if the accusations are true...but...we're accusing and our detailed accusations are proof least for us and for the MASS about you?"

President Trump...however...can shut down this nonsense when it comes time to do as much. For now...though...he can use MUELLER to ask rhetorically: How is it "crooked-Hillary" escaped investigation when the evidence of racketeering so open-and-obvious? Such questions at rallies are crowd-pleasers and as a TITAN...Big Don knows how to entertain. VIVA TRUMP!


While her character dark and hateful...Hillary Clinton's ability to leave false start fires to stop the duck any question about her past tells the world this lady is a genius...although a corrupt one. generated the Medici Ventures approach to finding that next new billion dollar start-up company. The wizards and geniuses declared tZERO...for example...forecast billions of dollars in revenue the 1st year only to admit to equity holders the RED INK will one day turn BLACK. Until then...tZERO enthusiasts will have to content themselves knowing that some day will be some day.


FACEBOOK gave a psychology professor access to meta data on FACEBOOK users...access that Zuckerberg didn't seem to find too intrusive since everyone whose data was accessed had signed a WAIVRE AGREEMENT permitting such passive perusal. But...the issue might be whether those 270,000(+) AGREEMENT SIGNERS also understood their friends and contacts would also be examined...enlarging that POOL to 50 million(+).

Enterprising in every way...this professor sold the data to CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA...who marketed its voter-appeal to TEAM-TRUMP...whose purchase of that "help" as an unwitting buyer is now being questioned by Democrats and their MASS MEDIA cronies as somehow "tainted"...and..."illegal"...accusations as preposterous as they are useful,(WSJ B-1;03-19-18).

Despite such noise and hate-speech...many pundits and wizards are asking "why" are the Democrats so interested in this use of data during a political contest...but...totally indifferent to the open-and-obvious criminal misconduct of Hillary-the-hag and her scurvy band of miscreants and misfits. Hillary destroyed hard drives...crushed cell phones...scripted witnesses...and...compromised the integrity of the U.S. Injustice Dept. and so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation...and...all done right in front of the "complicit" MASS MEDIA.


The U.S. Constitution has the CONTRACT CLAUSE...which declares "NO state shall pass any law impairing obligation of contract." Because so many states have unfunded public employee pension...the CONTRACT CLAUSE has been revisited to find a way to stop taxpayers from terminating any pension-payment obligation thereby insulating the taxpayer from the grip of avaricious public employee unions. Because it's important to eliminate those take away what was not earned but somehow gifted...and...thereby unshackle the producer...this BLOG has dispatched a LEGAL TEAM to Washington D.C. to discuss the matter in the U.S. Supreme Court appearing for the petitioner and the respondent in SVEEN v. MELIN.

4th TERM

Russian President Vladimir Putin defeated a host of competitors to become president for the 4th time. Unlike the Putin-hating American MASS MEDIA...the rest of the world not only respects but admires this TITAN.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Even though she was NEVER involved in the torture of prisoners...nonetheless...Ms. Haspel...President Trump's pick for the head honcho of the American Central Intelligence Agency...was accused of such horrific deeds. Yes...the MASS MEDIA knew their stories were LIES...but...their mission: besmirch TRUMP...using LIE...and...all the other MUD they can throw. Ms. Haspel...although a career agent...and...the kind of patriot Americans admire...was trashed with FALSEHOOD and vulgar innuendo because she agreed to assist Big Don in administering the federal government.


Russian President Putin prevailed over a host of competitors to become President of Russia again. VIVA PUTIN!


Had the same fervor and zeal as has been observed in the TRUMP investigation been unleashed in the investigation of TEAM-CLINTON...she'd already be in prison serving a 10 to 20 stretch. However...because she is a devout socialist and would kill her own mother to advance the cause...her transgressions have been ignored...overlooked...and...labeled commendable instead of suffering the stain of condemnation.

However...most Americans are in favor of eliminating the MUELLER* investigation. If Mueller wishes to use his own time...spend his own money...and...continue to examine...then...he can do it the way Judicial Watch and Tom Fitton do it: FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT requests.'s time to stop paying that scumbag and his scurvy crew to chase chimera and innuendo.
*In a recent poll...96% of all voters inclined to vote in 2018 said they liked TRUMP and wanted him to continue to dismantle the 20th Century


President Trump and "I heard from God"-Oprah Winfrey on the cover the ROLLING STONE? times to come...that rag might gather some the'll continue to roll on...seldom read...never quoted...and...from its wounds nothing bled.


If President Trump were to preach liberation over subjugation...telling the world the days of socialism are over...and...the advent of an otherwise unhampered market witnessed therein...we'd all be drinking that FREE BUBBLE-UP and eating RAINBOW STEW.
Merl Haggard's version of paradise.


Come sit right down...and...hear a tale...a tale of a fateful trip...which started from ESPN...aboard John Skipper's ship. John Skipper was a sailing man...courageous...brave...and...sure...ESPN set sail that day...snorting lines of Peruvian pure. The weather started getting rough...Skipper's bag was tossed...if not for the cunning of Skipper's mind...his job would surely be lost.

restless night, Carl?

Old man sleeps with his conscience at night...young man sleeps with his dreams. Instead of praising President Trump for his effort to remove socialist shackle and toss away Eco-fascist whip...CARL BERSTEIN showed his fang and claw...describing Donald J. Trump as a Demagogic Authoritarian loudmouth...who was leading America out of Bernstein's beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...something Bernstein felt was terrible...noting that Pharaoh attempted to stop the enslaved Jew from escaping bondage....and...Bernstein sort of empathized* with that man-God. "I know how Pharaoh must have felt seeing his work force depart. How dare Moses impose on the socialist state of Pharaoh," Bernstein mused as he spewed more TRUMP-VENOM.
*Might the restless nights Carl Bernstein suffers find its harvest in the socialist claptrap he has so long fed upon?
JOHN PRINE: While the mentally ill sit perfectly still in all of life's in-betweens.


President Trump needs to direct the Republican National Committee to organize the march to make salt with its petition for greater tax cuts...and...more regulatory relief...envisioning the deployment of THE ORB...the Omnibus Repeal Bill wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is finally passed and the shackle of socialism removed. VIVA TRUMP!


Battle plan? The Democrats have a BATTLE PLAN? They have a plan to defeat Republicans and retake power so they might impose more enslavement...more OBAMA-CARE stuff...making people kneel and worship whatever idol they might forge,(EXODUS 32:24).

Part of the plan is incessantly to assault TEAM-TRUMP with accusation...never any proof...just bald-faced accusation...with a complicit MASS MEDIA to stretch and paint until accusation appears as if "proven fact"...spoken of as such...and...used to rip and tear Trump support apart. The MUELLER INVESTIGATION was part of this plan. It's genesis isn't important right now...but...some historian some day will connect the dots with all the underlying trick and artifice exposed...scraping off the veneer to see the evil and treachery TEAM-CLINTON and TEAM-OBAMA unleashed.'s time to start clearing  away the barricades erected by the would-be masters to stop freedom-lovers from organizing and pushing them back into whatever hole from whence they crawled. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) is one such critter whose days in power should end in November of 2018. He should be marked for public derision...spat upon...groin kicked in gauntlet fashion...and...shunned as if a pariah.


Before Conor Lamb began his effort to defeat Saccone...his handlers told him he had to appear as sheep...not LIE about intention...promise whatever...but...never admit allegiance to socialism and Eco-fascism...and...if shoved into wet-paint corner...DENY PELOSI...eschew her platform of enslavement...and...spew Republican bromide and platitude. worked. Sure...the voting machines at two voting sites were registering Democrat when the Republican button was pushed and one voter asked about that problem...but...overall...the Democrats delivered the "expected" outcome for this special-election in accord with the "hate-Trump" template and game-plan for 2018.


In spite of the incessant 24/7 attack on character and stature...President Trump enjoys an approval rating higher than most critics are willing either to accept or admit. They can't understand how Americans can remain loyal to a liberator when they have done so much to undermine and mislead. In many ways their power to hurt has been demonstrated to be ineffective against Big Don. So long as he is trying to whittle away the grip of the NANNY STATE...he'll be not only admired but backed up 100% by that "basket of deplorables"...those Americans* who wish to breathe free once more. VIVA TRUMP!
* Mumbai...told India they should love socialism...accept its misery and privation and worship whatever gods their master might forge.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


"Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck," quipped Andrew "scumbag" MacCabe when asked "why" he lied about his involvement in the Hillary-the-hag fiasco...LYING which precipitated his dismissal last night when U.S. Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS was finally shown pluperfect proof McCabe had committed federal felonies and had to be raised up as an example...indicted...prosecuted...and...imprisoned.

Fightin' Father Finney

As the shells burst and boomed...standing forth delivering Late Rites and encouraging the rest to fight onward...ignore machine gun...bullet...and...doom...onward fight...such the cheer of fightin' Father Finney. And so it was in every war that has ever been...until now.

Yes...folks...war can be fought with drone and bot...machines which fight on the air...across mountain and canyon...battle zones everywhere. Yes...the advent of the competition on to speak...each nation attempting to impose their own version of "big time Pee Wee" when it comes to war.

Imagine 100,000 drones flying into an area their mission to bombard anything found moving and you've just sensed the chaos and horror of BOT-WAR...a battle fought across the planet...every corner...every roof top some kind of launch pad or filling station for airborne menaces of all formats and forms. Or...imagine having to radar-check the sky to assure yourself there aren't any WAR-BOTS(tm) hovering...waiting...striking and never asking "why"...armed for attack...ready to deliver death..."NEVER MISS" the motto painted across every drone's glide...some kind of Fightin' Father Finney've just be in a DRONE ZONE...a place* where nothing lives alone.
*In the DRONE WAR...the BOTS kill only people and do not destroy infrastructure. As where an army might take 6 months to retake a place...East Ghouta...for example...BOTS clear the entire site within 72 hours...if it's's if the biblical Angel of Death descended and reaped its grim harvest. Yes...there is some discrimination between friend and WAR-BOT(tm) doesn't enter and slaughter everyone in the room. But what that "difference" might be a secret kept until it's time to "boogie" coin a MUSLIM phrase.


Folks...Russian President Putin will defeat all comers and become the leader of Russia once more. As for the anti-Russian nonsense in America...vehemence stirred and perpetuated by a "fake-news" MASS MEDIA...such is a tempest in a tea to speak. Most Americans don't care about Russia and know Hillary-the-hag and her scurvy crew of miscreants and stooges...not the Russians...attempted to RIG the 2016 elections.

sexually-transmitted diseases

BOKO HAREM was forced to kidnap African school girls since the women to whom they had access were infected with AIDS and HONG KONG nasty it eats away the penis in a matter of hours,(WSJ A-1;03-17-18).


Folks...John Brennan...Obama's stooge at the CIA...erupted with anger when he heard Andrew McCabe had been fired for LYING when TRUTH was sought. "How dare President Trump fire McCabe...a loyal socialist...someone who'd kill his own mother to advance the cause. He was an inveterate LIAR...but...he did his master's bidding without question."


Former CIA Director John Brennan complained about being struck with dung-filled bags designed to splatter human excrement all over his Brooks Brothers' suit and Italian shoes. "I can't go anywhere without some bag from somewhere I can't see striking me and ruining another suit. My bodyguards are mystified and can't seem to locate the source of the barrage. I hate Donald J. Trump. I know he's behind this DRONE ASSAULT. How they hover over my whereabouts waiting to drop another dung-bomb can't be bodyguard company says they are too busy to baby-sit for "in-coming".


McCabe is only the 1st high profile scumbag to be EVICTED. There are a number of MOLES and MISCREANTS in the federal government...inside the FBI...the U.S. Dept. of Injustice...the Environmental Destruction Agency(think Gold King Mine-Animus River)...and...inside a host of other departments, agencies and outlets. VIVA TRUMP!


Andrew "scumbag" McCabe...a devout socialist and miscreant...was FIRED...and...will not receive his MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PENSION. As President Trump noted, "Because scumbag McCabe is a socialist...he must deliver his pension to the needy for the good of the hive. Eh, Andy?"

Friday, March 16, 2018


Badges of courage or incidents of foolhardiness. Such the choice when assessing the history of the BUSH-CHENEY WAR...the longest war ever fought by America...a war not intended to be won...only to be a dumping ground for old ordinance...a place to train personnel...and...test new weaponry and tactic. Those troops who fought* in that WAR are to be commended for their perseverance and fortitude.
*Imagine RULES OF ENGAGEMENT where the rag head with his AK-47 can shoot at the American but the American cannot use the 50 caliber machine gun to fight back. Why? The mullahs say the 50 cal's wound is too big.


"Shane...come back...Shane...don't go." Such was the thought running through Sam Nunberg's mind as he walked into Robert Mueller's office to give up fabricate...falsify...and...lie as ROBERT MUELLER wished. And when he did...he'd violate one of the rules recited eloquently in CARLITO'S WAY: "Never give up your friends, Dave."

McCABE'S MILLIONS does a scumbag such as Andrew McCabe have a pension worthy millions of dollars? It's imperative he be denied that pension and that every other potential government pensioner in the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called FBI be identified and their pension taken forthwith. They don't deserve a pension greater than what the lowest taxpayer could afford. How is it that a scumbag such as McCabe has such a GOLDEN PARACHUTE? It's wrong and  it must be corrected by taking those pensions away forthwith...and...telling these public servants service alone is sufficient remuneration and due to their selflessness it was understood they'd gladly give up their pensions.


OBAMA-CARE was heralded as the 1st step to total enslavement of the producer. Recall Obama bragged about forcing people to pay for the illness of others...framing the WHIP AND CHAIN as his way of making "whitey" pay for the sins of the past. Instead of condemning Obama for such racist idiocy...the mass media commended him as "enlightened and wondrous".


In times past...Andrew "scumbag" McCabe* would have been strapped to a pillory and whipped until his back bled and he screamed for mercy. Andrew McCabe deserves worse treatment that even that...but...such penalty would satisfy most Floridians. He should be denied any pension and be somehow marked for public derision. What a jerk!(WSJ A-14;03-16-18).
*McCabe was caught concocting evidence and attempting to undermine TEAM-TRUMP using LIES and DECEPTION. He deserves to be kicked and slapped every day should he be found in public...his personal property vandalized...until he realizes he needs to leave America and go to a place more fitting for critters such as he...perhaps North Korea.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


To protect President warriors found...silent...elusive...deadly...profound.


At the "no-gun" rally...the crowd was slaughtered by a maniac with machine gun who attacked once he saw the guards take their afternoon coffee break. As people died...they were heard asking where were their guards...the ones who were supposed to protect them...the ones who promised if the audience gave up their guns that guards would protect where were they?

lacrimae rerum

Priam...ruler of he died...was heard to whisper, "Lacremae rerum."(TEARS OF THINGS). Might Stormy Daniels eventually say as much as she's shunned once her usefulness waned?


Conor Lamb defeated Saccone in a less than 1000 vote margin of victory. While there won't be any real examination of the ballots...and...names attached to's likely LAMB was granted victory by the "dead-vote"...those people who recently died but whose names have not been washed from the voter-rolls. As Conor told a cub reporter when asked about such help,"It's likely those troubled souls returned for one last bout with TRUMP."


It's needless expense to have U.S. troops in South Korea. The DMZ is so saturated with mines and other anti-tank...anti-jet...anti-ship...anti--anti...anti...that there isn't any way for the North Koreans to flood into South Korea. Similarly...the barriers the North Koreans erected to stop an invasion from the South are so formidable...even the North Koreans cannot cross without suffering immense casualties. Hence...stalemate and no reason for U.S. troops to be lingering there. VIVA TRUMP!


A stress test was being conducted on the sky bridge at Florida International University(FIU)...testing if the sky bridge could withstand the hypothetical 200 mph wind and the 10,000 foot high tsunami.

While it was obvious the sky bridge as built was doing just fine delivering students safely across an 8 lane highway...what wasn't as obvious was the advent of a deliberate attempt to force that structure to fail...if at all...during a time when cars were driving beneath it.

Of course...the culprits behind the FIU test-to-fail gambit were federal government employees whose mission to cause calamity.

Yes...folks...the same playbook that was used at the Gold King Mine explosion which poisoned the Animus River Basin for 2000 miles...was used to TEST-FAIL that sky bridge without that portion of the roadway blocked off.

Nelson exploits horror

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) scrambled to get on TV so he could "milk" the calamity unfolding in the sky bridge collapse at Florida International University(FIU). Just as he did when Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School was attacked by Nikolas Cruz...NELSON ran to a TV camera so he could exploit the FIU get his MUG in the scene...insinuating himself in such fashion as to be on TV. He's a callous scumbag who'd kill his own mother to advance his power. What a jerk!


The sky bridge over I-95 at Florida International University collapsed. The design was a product of computer software that was also used to design man-caused climate change models. When asked if the glitch which delivered a flawed structure in Florida was also delivering nonsense when world doom loomed therein...FIU officials declined to comment pointing out those killed in the calamity needed to be identified before blame attached.


If Special Counsel Mueller were to plug-pull and declare the TEAM-TRUMP investigation over...he'd lose his income stream. This bloated-pig-eyed sack of dung isn't about to kill off his source of income. No...scumbags such as he...grab as much as possible...appearing sanctified and glorious...when...they're truly despicable wretches. Critters who turn out to be the opposite of what they justly seemed.

Herbert Diess comes forth

After much importuning...HERBERT DIESS came forward to underscore what President Trump was saying about European IMPORT-TAXES...with American cars suffering a 10% tax while the Europeans suffer only a 2.5% tax in America. Breaking with a tradition of "silence"...DIESS has taken that courageous step to declare "open trade" best...adding President Trump and Europe need to delete these taxes delivering to everyone cheaper goods and services. As Diess pointed out, "Prosperity granted by merely removing government from the otherwise unhampered market." VIVA DIESS! (WSJ B-3;03-15-18).


When Romney put the family dog in a cage and strapped the mutt to the car's roof for a 10,000 mile drive...heartless was the label appended to such a miserable critter as Mitt "the nit" Romney.

When NIXON was caught accepting a puppy as an undocumented gift...he delivered the famous CHECKERS SPEECH.

And...when...PO-KEE-TOE...the French bulldog puppy...was put in the overhead cabinet on the United Airlines jet...a protocol violation...another dog-focused declaration bubbled forth.

Yes...the crying child tried to revive PO-KEE-TOE when the jet landed...sobbing..."WAKE UP...PO-KEE-TOE...WAKE-UP"....and...the 10,000 bystanders everyone denouncing United Airlines as BAD GUYS...but...UNITED AIRLINES came through with another CHECKERS SPEECH,(WSJ B-3;03-15-18).
Caesar: The Ides of March are here.
Soothsayer: Aye...great Caesar...but...not yet gone.

Ye Jianming recalled?

From obscurity came YE JIANMING...making deals in Africa...Europe...and...Russia...paving the way for ONE ROAD ONE BELT...the vision* of XI DADA. However...YE forgot his mission's purpose in every way...and...for the short-step...he's been be replaced by a lady whose background as secret as the organization to which she belongs. Her moniker: MADAME MING.
*Chinese President Xi Jinping has an incredible vision: ONE ROAD ONE BELT. President Trump has asked "how" America might become part of that endeavor.


Although this BLOG has been critical of ALAN BLINDER...the man does have a point when it comes to the steel and aluminum tariffs. Open flow of goods and an otherwise unhampered market...delivers the best of the best for everyone. Why BLINDER has stepped out of his socialist shell to support a free-trade idea is a surprise...but...a welcomed one, (WSJ A-19;03-15-18).

Christina Hoff Sommers: backdoor stage

Christina Hoff Sommers publicly called the NANNY STATE immoral and Satanic; and for that transgression...she was shouted down at Lewis & Clark Law School. "How dare she reveal the EVIL of the NANNY STATE!" screamed Timmy...the ringleader,(WSJ A-19;03-15-18).


U.S. Senator Corey Booker, (D.NJ) admitted cowardice for his refusal to stand up to scumbag-Schumer and demand bigger tax cuts...particularly for those people Booker thought needed his help most. Instead of joining the Republicans and exacting even more tax cuts and corresponding spending cuts...BOOKER chose to align himself with freedom-hating Democrats gambling such alliance would keep him in office so that he doesn't have to flip hamburgers in Phillie,(WSJ A-18;03-15-18).


 When asked "why" a mediocre porn star such as Daniels would ever be given such a stage in 2018...KELLYANNE CONWAY...after primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...replied, "Busty Stormy Daniels lured Donald J. Trump into her den of sin...and...Donald...not sensing the trap...went long for the ride. Nowadays...with himself in the spotlight and anything he ever did raised up for criticism...STORMY has been given a stage and an eager audience...ready to receive "dirty laundry".

641 votes

U.S. Rep. Saccone(R.Pa) might very well lose to Conor Lamb. Presently there are 641 votes between them with Lamb crowing that such is sufficient to proclaim himself the winner.

Somehow...District 18 voters felt almost evenly that their respective candidate would fetch the best for them...with LAMB generating those extra few votes which usually means victory or defeat.

While the MASS MEDIA isn't saying as's OBVIOUS Conor Lamb won't be able to hold on to the seat since he will be compelled to spout socialist dogma...refuse to support more tax cuts...and...speak about shackle and whip as if they were always a part of his platform.


If it weren't so obvious...perhaps...humor might be found...but...folks...the Russian Government did not meddle in the 2016 election. Indeed...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told the the final days of the 2016 contest...that TRUMP should stop whining about "election rigging" was improbable to consider the feat anything but a preposterous undertaking.

However...Hillary-the-hag and her merry band of cutthroats and charlatans did all they could do to "rig" that contest's outcome. They paid Russians $12 million to assist Chris Steele in preparing a SLAM-BOOK on Donald J. Trump...a dossier of sorts...intended to be deployed in barrage format so whatever "lead" TEAM-TRUMP had in the final days of the 2016 election cycle...this salacious and scurrilous MEMO would be raised up by the pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA to undermine and siphon off.

CRIMINAL ACTS WERE COMMITTED BY TEAM-HILLARY and TEAM-OBAMA in the 2016 election. However...because of the LEVIATHAN nature of the federal government...they could commit heinous acts with impunity insulated from the prosecution anyone else outside that "circle" would suffer. And to prove this supposition...just watch some TV news and you'll see the focus is on RUSSIA and not on OBAMA and CLINTON.


Some of the supporters of Conor Lamb in District 18 are going to be surprised when he turns into a raving socialist demanding their wealth be dedicated to his vision of "social-justice". When Conor was asked about his vision for pushed back from the podium and asserted, "Since I'm a closet-socialist, I'll slowly destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey".


U.S. Senator Ron Wyden(D.Ore) said he wanted all wealth taken and socialism imposed. By everyone being equal in misery...his power and prominence would be enhanced as the unwashed masses begged him for food and shelter. The vision made his left leg tingle as he saw himself astride the slaves he'd make by using taxes to remove their sustenance leaving them only the rags he chose.

However...people heard of his inner need and began to explain "why" he was wrong. Every time he exited a federal building without an umbrella...he was struck by a dung-filled bag thrown by a displeased voter. Wyden's bodyguards were never around when the bags were thrown. It seemed they liked watching Wyden-the-scumbag duck and dodge only to be finally struck by one of those nasty...filthy...bags.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Somehow...the Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(R.Ky) has permitted the Democrat-minority to slow-walk TRUMP OFFICIAL applications.

While the Republicans did not do it when they were in the minority...the Democrats have chosen to slap and kick as much as possible knowing the next time they're in the majority, if ever, they'll pass a 51% RULE and eliminate the minority altogether...something McConnell should have done on DAY-ONE of the Trump presidency so that the 20th Century NANNY STATE could be dismantled forthwith despite Democrat tantrum and panic.

McConnell chose to give the Democrats a way to thwart TEAM-TRUMP...a nasty betrayal...but...when you look at Mitch...his visage is that of a tremble-chin traitor.


Russian President Putin and his team weren't involved in the poisoning of the former Russian spy and his daughter-Yulie.

Yes...a Russian poison was used.

And...that the OPEN-AND-OBVIOUS direction-giver.

The culprit wished for the British and its allies to blame Putin.

Indeed...Putin is campaigning in Crimea right now and his enemies knew his schedule and knew "how" to create a FIRESTORM...something Putin-hating MASS MEDIA wizards can use to hurt him. has been said many times on this BLOG...President Putin is a TITAN...a mighty leader...and...someone whose passion and drama unparalleled. VIVA PUTIN!


U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill(D.Missouri) didn't vote for TAX CUTS...and...supported OBAMA-CARE. She has done little to nothing for Missouri. She calls the Missouri voters "cows"...and...laughs at how she can cull and care as she sees fit. Might the "show me" people finally evict this witch?


The short sellers are making a fortune off TEAM-TRUMP. The stock market goes up...and...down...and...those who manage predicting such changes in price are reaping spectacular benefit. One short seller made $1.2 million in less than 72 hours thanks to Big Don and his inimitable approach to life. VIVA TRUMP!
Short selling: borrow STOCK-X...sell STOCK-X when STOCK-X falls in price...and use those purchased shares to replace the ones borrowed...pocketing the difference.


The National Council of Economic Advisers received a new leader: LARRY KUDLOW. While Larry is not a zealot...he does like the idea of reducing the grip of the NANNY STATE. His selection once more demonstrates why historians will frame Donald J. Trump as a TITAN.


`Folks...Congressional Republicans haven't stopped looking for misconduct in Obama's administration. To the contrary...they're not going to stop exposing wrongdoing since their strong suit in the 2018 election cycle is to connect Democrats to the misdeeds of others. Yes...the MASS MEDIA will ignore most of the "connecting"...but such outlets as this BLOG will continue to throw mud and see if it sticks.


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the "too-close-to-call" Pennsylvania District 18 race between Lamb and Saccone. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she declared, "Conor Lamb said the Democratic National Committee promised 10,000 votes from "dead voters"...people who died recently but were still on the voter rolls. Yes...they're dead...but...their vote has one more time of it. While Republicans are repulsed at such morbid use of the dead...LAMB thought the idea clever and worth the gamble."


Stephen Hawking (1942 to 1918) came forward with an idea about BLACK HOLES. Using advanced physics and calculus...he fashioned a theory about time claiming that where there is infinite density...there is not any lapse of time. A BLACK HOLE...for example...has such density that its gravitational field is so strong that even light can't escape its pull. Hawking theorized black holes dissipated eventually...however...through radiation emitted at the event horizon...that spot where light can't escape any longer from the Black Hole's grip. While the evaporation might take 5 trillion years to be explained "why" there was still sufficient information* in the universe to keep it to speak.
*Mother Nature tried to make Stephen Hawking "shut-up" and stop revealing her secrets. Before Hawking died...he told the world that man-made climate change was NONSENSE...that he realized how such nonsense was being used to screw with truth and justice...and...he wasn't about to sit silently and permit such an idiotic myth replace his theory of time.


Democrat Conor Lamb declared his victory over SACCONE and told his supporters he would impose socialism and delete what little liberty remained. He thanked them for their blind loyalty and said he'd send them government-goodies as soon as he could. The crowd cheered boisterously. Here was a real scumbag who'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of socialism.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Schumer: two-faced

Asked if Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) were a two-faced scumbag...not trustworthy...and...generally an unrepentant scoundrel...REX TILLERSON replied, "Just the opposite to what he justly seemed."


Of course...the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) and the U.S. Injustice Dept. could not be entrusted with the task of ferreting out "bad guys" within their own ranks. The risk of people using that platform for "pay-back" was too great even for Big Don to unleash. Hence...President Trump directed his spies inside those agencies to commence gathering data so that the "scumbags and rats" can be identified and eased out quietly...taken to a wooded area...and...directed: don't look back.


What if remote-controlled robots were on the lunar this very moment...digging tunnels and making enormous underground rooms the size of 20 football fields with 500 foot high ceilings? Well...folks...that kind of enterprise is afoot...but...its existence kept secret. As one of the investors pointed out, "Secrecy molts no feather....but...when that 50 miles wide rock strikes team will be safely inside the Moon waiting for the horror to pass."


Israel noted the encirclement by rag head rocket systems and cautioned Jordan...Lebanon...and...Syria to stop rocket installation lest Israel launch interdiction attacks. Of course...the Palestinians want Israel reduced to rubble and love the idea of rocket barrage.


When asked about LYING to America...U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff (D.Ca) smirked...drew back...and...from his pie-face...snorted, "Kick 'im when Trump's up...Kick 'im when he's down...lie and deceive everyone'll believe...if there's dirty laundry laying around."


Conor Lamb is a devout-socialist. He hates freedom and would vote to take away wealth and grow his beloved NANNY STATE. Pennsylvania voters know LAMB is a sham and considers himself some kind of man-God...a Pharaoh of sorts.

But...despite the evil LAMB represents...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA pushed LAMB...telling voters they needed to kneel and lick LAMB'S boot. might very well be the power of MASS MEDIA will be demonstrated when the votes are counted.

Could Pennsylvania-voters be that parasitic...could they fancy themselves servile supplicants...and...wish to be considered part of LAMB'S be herded and culled as CONOR sees fit?


Not to be outdone...President Trump took his Mariachi band with him to San Diego. As he toured the proposed site for his imposing wall...his band played ditties delightful and compelling. The crowd was infatuated and enthralled with his splendid selection of concertos and dramatic interlude. As one spectator remarked, "Monty Python would be jealous of this dude's imagination."


President Trump in a tweet mentioned Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was departing and Mike Pompeo was taking his place with GINA HASPEL stepping into the leadership position at the American Central Intelligence Agency. While the selection of Pompeo and Haspel revealed another display of acumen...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA spewed venom labeling HASPEL...the torture-demon of Afghanistan...and...Pompeo...a mass murderer somewhere else.


President Trump will build the whole'll be done under budget and "on-time". Those who participate in erecting this edifice will be enshrined as patriots who stepped forward when battle was upon them. VIVA TRUMP!


Some years ago...climate scientists sat around a table griping about low income and no future. One lamented it was irrational to take the same data and conclude Mother Earth was heating up and cooling had to be right...the other had to be wrong...but...both sides would not concede the point.

Watching the battle between HOT and weary wizard in a spark of genius shared, "Why not GUESSING benefit everyone...if everyone signs on to one SIDE of the argument...and...eschews anyone claiming otherwise...the LIE could be pushed and pushed for great profit. If everyone joins in the HOAX...all profit mightily until one of our merry band slips and reveals our LIE...a slip none will suffer since we'd all hang with the rest of them.


"Beware the Ides of March!" shouted the soothsayer as President Trump toured the proposed wall in California...a sanctuary state...a place where illegal aliens can roost without fear of ICE raids.

Reacting to the harbinger...Big Don...turned and declared, "America will be great other freedom-haters...take note...that in the end...your beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE will be dismantled and liberty prevail once more."



Even though 73 witnesses were interviewed and 390,000 documents examined...not any evidence of Russian-Trump collusion was uncovered. Yes...$125,992,772.12 was needlessly spent looking for PROOF OF CRIME...but...none was found...a conclusion the Democrats won't accept since they were counting on that ISSUE to assist them in the 2018 election.


"For naught so vile that on earth doth earth some special good does give," whispered Stormy Daniels when asked how she felt  about hurting President Trump.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told a cub reporter several months ago he was planning on departing the Trump administration and expected CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him. When this BLOG mentioned as much some time back...the MASS MEDIA ignored the F.Y.I. preferring to lambast Trump and his change-around.

2/3 of GDP

That part of America which produced 2/3 of the annual GDP chose Hillary-the-hag over Big Don. Yet...she lost her bid for the Oval Office because she forgot about the rest of the nation...places represented in the Electoral College.

all invited

A startup exchange active in the derivative market is expanding into digital currency(think bitcoin). Yes...folks...VERO DIGITAL EXCHANGE has arrived. This Vero Beach based digital currency exchange platform permits buyers and sellers to exchange digital currency or to bet on the price of bitcoin...for example. The EXCHANGE takes a ONE PERCENT commission on every transaction with $1 trillion per month expected as "normal commerce". Everyone is invited to enter and gamble for big bucks. One happy customer made $100,000 in less than 48 hours simply by knowing when and where,(WSJ B-10;03-13-18).


Cancer drugs are quite high in price nowadays. The Food and Drug Administration during the OBAMA REGIME killed 246,991 cancer patients by denying them access to cancer-fighting drugs. The FDA was commended not condemned by the MASS MEDIA for their slaughter of so many...lessening the drain on federal resources as one of the big pluses noted by the complicit MASS MEDIA.

Addressing this horrific situation...over the objection of the MASS MEDIA...President Trump directed his team at the FDA to identify all bottlenecks and remove them so that cancer-fighting drugs can be produced cheaply. Adding to this directive...Big Don asked for the names of anyone obstructing the endeavor. VIVA TRUMP(WSJ B-4;03-13-18).


Polk county was selected for NUCOR'S new steel mill since it could be built near a port enabling NUCOR to produce and export its valuable steel-rods...rods used to build roads...skyscrapers...basements...and...pools.

Equally attractive was the "pro-business" spirit of POLK COUNTY.

When asked "why not" Indian River County...a NUCOR official replied, "It is written...thou shall avoid anti-business counties. Why spend 20 years in legal battles over nonsense when the steel mill can be built in less than 24 months in Polk county?" noted this attractive official as she showed the architectural drawings of the proposed steel mill to the Rotary Club.


U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) was told by U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal(D. Conn) she could LIE about her past...and it would not hurt her politically because the Democrats controlled 99% of the MASS MEDIA. As long as she kept her LIE in its package...not embellishing...not adding color or tint...she could escape condemnation.

He pointed out that he was a LAUREL'S THIEF...claiming to have done great things in battle. "I could tell brain-dead Democrats how I saved Lieutenant Dan and buried Bubba...and...they believed it," crowed Blumenthal as he showed Warren how to pucker and sneer when challenged.

"Make sure you never take a DNA test, though," cautioned Blumenthal noting her LIE would be revealed and her future in politics doomed.


President Trump...a grand master chess player...knows* if his team sideline sits...the Sunnis and Shiites will slaughter each other until what's left can be swept away and America can ascend to its rightful position as the peacemaker. While idiots such as Senator Lindsey Graham,(R.S.C.) want America to embroil itself in the miasma of the Middle East...sacrificing personnel and equipment...President Trump knows the "side-line" is a great vantage point to look for that moment when PEACE COMES SHINNING THROUGH,(WSJ A-15;03-13-18).
*When the president goes through the White House doors and does what he says he'll do...we'll all be drinking that free bubble-up and eating that rainbow stew.

where ARE my guards

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy(D.Conn) screamed, "Where are my armed body guards?" His trembling voice became a whisper as the shooter approached his train car. His guards had disappeared and he was without a GUN. Yes...he was one of the scumbags who had pushed to remove guns from people so only police...his guards...and...bad guys would have them. gun...he thought to himself..." God...I'm done."(WSJ A-4;03-13-18).


Stormy Daniels...a/k/a...Stephanie Clifford...returned the $130,000.00 which Mike Cohn had sent to her to keep her story about a TRUMP-TRYST off-camera. "I want to tell it all. I was told I can receive millions of dollars from the Demon-cratic National Committee and from FUSION GPS if I spark and glitter...something I've done since my pole dancing days in Fellsmere, Florida."


British Prime Minister Theresa May finally admitted the NERVE AGENT that was used did not come from a plan hatched by the Russian government to kill SERGEI SKRIPAL...a former Russian spy. The POISON used* was developed in the 1970s and 1980s and was labeled the worst of them all. It was obvious to the Prime Minister these murders were made to appear as if the Russians...led by President Vladimir Putin...had committed the crime.
*This one remains on-site killing anyone who attempts to approach the victim. Indeed...police officers...who came up to the dead spy and his daughter Yule as they silently sat on a park bench together...were instantly overcome and fell down coughing and gasping,(WSJ A-1;03-13-18).

Monday, March 12, 2018


U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) refused to give her BLOOD so that a DNA TEST could be run to see if she is an American Indian.  If she's not an Indian...then...she grabbed government goodies by deceiving officials about her ancestry. And...because she's a dishonest-Democrat...she'll never reveal her deception. No...folks...she relies on MASS MEDIA PROTECTION...and...the moronic level of smarts her constituents seem to possess.

"white women" didn't choose

Hillary-the-hag said she lost the 2016 presidential election because "white women" did what their husbands told them to do. While she has enumerated several dozen reasons for her 2016 loss...this one was the most despicable...but...because she's a freedom-hater...the MASS MEDIA is labeling her conclusions to be "god-like"..."wondrous and enlightening". Had President Trump said as much...the MASS MEDIA and Congressional Republicans would be demanding impeachment. But...because Hillary-the-hag said it...everyone cowers and calls it "inspiring".


The Congressional Republicans...after a thorough search...interrogating dozens of witnesses...and...reviewing over 1.9 million original documents...concluded there was not any criminal misconduct on the part of either the Clinton or the Trump campaigns. Of course...the Democrats are livid since they didn't need proof to continue with their witch hunt...and...resented the Republican majority for closing down their perpetual-attack. Even though there was not any factual evidence of criminal activity...nonetheless...the Democrats want to proceed...pointing out witch hunts always find witches.


Folks...beware the BOX-BOMBER. Already 3 boxes delivered to 3 different places exploded killing and hurting. It's obvious terrorists are afoot.

Perhaps...MS-13...that Hispanic band of rascals are building BOX-BOMBS...maybe...rag heads from Iran decided to turn up the heat in Texas.

But...whoever this scoundrel is...revelation is imperative. So horrific this attack...that this BLOG dispatched an INVESTIGATIVE TEAM to assist in finding the BOX-BOMBER.


If the murderer hid the proof linking her to the crime...would not someone wish to find that hidden data? Most people would unhesitatingly say, "Yes...ferret out that information so that the murderer can be brought to justice."

However...when candidate Trump asked Russia and WikiLeaks to reveal the HIDDEN EMAILS of "crooked-Hillary"...somehow...such a request has been labeled by Trump-hating Democrats as proof of rigging the 2016 election?

As preposterous as that might sound...the Democrats and their stooges* in the MASS MEDIA are harping on that very point as proof of collusion.
*Imagine...trying to bring Hillary-the-hag to justice for her criminal misconduct has been called ELECTION-RIGGING.


James Clapper is a LIAR. Yet...somehow...CNN...doing their fake-news thing...featured this critter giving him a stage to claim RUSSIAN PRESIDENT PUTIN rigged the 2016 election. Clapper is a LIAR...a stooge...and...has been sent to declare TRUMP COLLUDED. Yes...not any proof...but...CLAPPER doesn't need proof...all he needs is a stage and that was provided by the Clinton News Network(CNN) and Wolf Blitzer...himself a socialist scumbag of the 1st order.

O.J. Simpson's confession nonsense

Folks...the son of O.J. Simpson killed both the wife of O.J. and that waiter outside O.J.'s house. Because O.J. was able to tidy up the killing by keeping his blood-covered son in a "safe-house"...O.J. knew...if he...O.J...were accused...he could beat that rap. He didn't do it.

As for that so-called CONFESSION that has been pushed all over TV...O.J.'s description of "how" the knife was used and from where the knife was drawn...all combine to show a BLOODY MESS...something O.J. was never accused of having on or about his his car.

Recall the "planted blood" that already had a preservative in it which was allegedly found in O.J.'s truck? The cops doctored the crime scene to ensnare an "innocent" O.J...never suspecting it was his estranged son who had committed those heinous murders. The cops were too busy framing O.J. and could not be bothered with OBVIOUS details which said the KILLER was someone else.
*The son was given those peculiar shoes...BRUNO MALIS. one time O.J. owned a pair. But he gave them to his son. O.J. never revealed that aspect of his "take-the-heat-for-son" gambit since the shoe print was NEVER made a big part of the prosecution's case. Kato Kaelin knew about the son's horrendous act so he agreed to cover for O.J. in the trial. his testimony...used a script from a 1930s movie where a lady on a phone tells the person on the other end that she just heard a noise as if someone hit the outside wall. That "mention" by KATO at the trial was done to create a half-baked time-line...further defending an innocent O.J.
KATO...KATO...go to McDonalds and get some fries
KATO...KATO...with McDonald burgers comes an alibi


President Trump framed CONOR LAMB appropriately when he called him: "LAMB-SHAM"...and...NBC Chuck Todd...a son-of-a-bitch. He once more lambasted the MASS MEDIA as "fake news"...and...told the world he would impose even more tax cuts and make America even greater. VIVA TRUMP!


While Obama came across as a dung-throwing monkey...Donald J. Trump exudes "presidential"...he embodies "grandeur and greatness". VIVA TRUMP!


Sometimes...TRUTH...a bitter aspect. It chases away darkness and reveals what lies beneath. So it is with U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) who said she didn't need a DNA test to prove she was a descendent of an American Indian. Her told her many times...while she was growing up...that she was an INDIAN and she believed them; and besides...she was not about to admit she LIED to get government jobs.


Sully lost engine power and had to ditch his jet filled with panicked passengers in the East River. Today...a helicopter lost power and repeated that landing in the East River. However...the 5 souls aboard the copter didn't survive.


President Trump pardoned RON DAIGLE. While aboard a nuclear submarine...RON took a photo of his station here he sat for 4 years. Never did RON think he was violating national security with that photo...but...he discovered that only HILLARY CLINTON and her scurvy crew could violate law and be insulated from consequences. To help RON and underscore the difference in treatment...PRESIDENT TRUMP issued that remarkable pardon. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Rep. Peter King(R.NY) revealed the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER...the so-called Trump slam-book...was circulated throughout TEAM-OBAMA...the intent obviously being to besmirch TRUMP and influence the campaign. Off-camera...Pete noted that the fact that Hillary paid Russians to get such filth meant she colluded with the Russians to RIG the 2016 election...the crime for which Special Counsel Mueller was sent to investigate TEAM-TRUMP.


In response to the importuning...OREN CASS finally stepped forth to admonish CLIIMATE CHANGE GURUS pointing out mankind can adapt to climate change as mankind has done throughout the ages...noting that there have been COLD and HOT periods and such difference as natural as breathing...with mankind adapting as needed. CASS was compelled to speak out when idiots claimed ICELAND would one day be the new Florida and what was once the Sunshine State...a frozen wasteland,(WSJ A-17;03-12-18).


An illegal alien...drunk and stupid...collided with another vehicle and escaped from the accident scene only to be raised up as POSTERCHILD for SANCTUARY CITY MAGAZINE. According to the Denver least 100,000 residents in the Denver area have materially assisted this illegal alien...this hit-and-run effectuating his escape. Hearing what the sheriff helper declared she didn't care if the illegal alien killed 5000 people...he deserved to be protected from capture.


Corn went from $2.00 per bushel to $8.00 due to the BUSH-ETHANOL MANDATE. The ripple effect of that idiotic ethanol-law was felt in the farming industry in ways most consumers found disconcerting. Hamburger went from 80 cents per pound to $2.00 per pound due to this IDIOTIC ethanol-law. As Senator Joni Ernst(R.Iowa) noted, "Ethanol keeps corn growing in Iowa and hamburgers off the menu." Adding to this frame...Senator Grassley(R.Iowa) said, "I don't own an outboard motor boat so I don't care if ethanol destroys boat engines."(WSJ A-17;03-12-18).

Gee, Mr. Olsen

Henry Olsen revealed his ignorance* when he told the world government needed to provide more help for people who wish to move to places where jobs are plentiful,(WSJ A-15;03-12-18). Instead of demanding government remove itself from the marketplace...OLSEN believes whatever "called good" should be imposed so that whatever vision of OLSEN might be shoved and pushed into the to speak.
*Dennis the menace would say "Gee, Mr. Olsen" when it came to comeuppance.

Rohingya's elephant

Now that Bangladesh has settled 700,000 unwanted refugees in the feeding grounds of the elephant...every night the refugees must defend their home and hearth from rampaging elephants who are angry about them cutting down their trees for fire wood...and...burning off the edible grasses so they might put their MUD HUT on that spot. While the elephants can run man away...the elephant can't fight against man's cannon display. The number of elephants that'll be killed number in the thousands...but...the Bangladesh government figures 400,000 unwanted refugees will also perish in the battle.


To those who don't believe we're inside an oppressive NANNY STATE CAGE...why not listen to Congressional discussion addressing your right to choose whatever medicine you wish to help you live longer? You'll hear from scumbags who believe they can decide if you live or die. What power do these people possess that the voter does not give? The answer is "none" such anyone who is stopping science from delivering longevity drugs should be identified...and...whipped publicly as they do in Cambodia...beginning with U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer,(WSJ A-3;03-12-18).

Sunday, March 11, 2018


When the Democrats in 2009-2010 possessed ultimate power...they imposed OBAMA-CARE...imposed onerous regulations and raised taxes in a hundred different oppressive the tribal socialist grip that America was headed into the tribal socialist toileet...a vision Obama had since his days in an Islamic Schol where hatred of freedom taught. contrast...voters were to grant TEAM-TRUMP filibuster-proof majorities in Congress in 2018...the NANNY STATE CAGE might be dismantled and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market thereby permitted to flourish. Imagine a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master with mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!" Imagine as much and you've just experienced the marvel and wonder of liberty. VIVA TRUMP!


NETFLIX is about to waste money funding OBAMA'S STORY...a presentation of stories about socialists who use other people's money to gain power and how they used that acquired power to impose their notion of fairness with them as ultimate arbiter. Naturally...brain-dead Millennials will no doubt find such drivel entertaining...but...everyone else will cruise by it noting as they pass: why step in vomit.


When TEAM-OBAMA wished to grow the 20th Century oppressive NANNY STATE...its impact on the national debt was ignored. The funds were being spent to increase the grip and grab of the would-be master and such demnoic enterprise framed as be commended not condemned. However...the same MASS MEDIA is screaming about the national debt and how TEAM-TRUMP is blowing holes int he national debt. Indeed...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)..himself a devout freedom-hater...shouted, "HOw dare President Trump attempt to reduce the grip of the almighty NANNY STATE. We want to control and direct ffrom cradle to grave and Dig Don is depriving us of such granduer.


President Trump told a standing-room only crowd that the MASS MEDIA was infested with freedom-haters...but...fortunately...because of the unfettered INTERNET...their power was minimal. Had TEAM-OBAMA been able to throttle the INTERNET with their idiotic "net neutrality" rules...though...PRESIDENT TRUMP would never* be able to get his message of liberation to the American people.
*Despite MASS MEDIA hatred and 2020...the political slogan will be: KEEP AMERICA GREAT!


Although mention of what others have done should not trouble or hurt...if such does push and's best to change the search. Whatever map...others wrote...whatever riches...others tote. And if harzard all in hope of advantage fair...don't stop till you pop...and...soul of power shared.


Because Chinese President Xi Jinping was foresighted...piracy in the South China Sea has dwindled's a rare event to be attacked by cutthroats in little boats. The military stations President Xi erected are intended to provide a wide blanket of protection. In one recent incident...a 70 foot pirate ship armed with 5 inch cannons attempted to overtake and board a merchant vessel. Within 5 minutes of that distress* call being issued...rocket-firing jets were overhead.
*The 70 foot boat tried unsccuessfully to dodge arial bombardment...with reports that sharks ate whatever didn't drown.


When Donald J. Trump felt warm him...came Stormy Daniels...a porn star if such can be so framed. Whatever happened between good taste...should off-camera remain.

Nowadays...however...Trump-haters want to splash whatever on anyone's stage...presenting them in nasty view...laughing when pelted in rage.

What a difference in MASS MEDIA treatment. The MASS MEDIA is tearing down Mike Cohn...Trump's lawyer...for delivering $130,000 of his own funds to Stormy Daniels as part of an agreement wherein Stormy would keep to herself the solace she gave Donald...when he needed it most.

In contrast...why hasn't anyone asked the lawyers for Hillary-the-hag how $12 million was drawn from various funds and delivered to FUSION GPS and Chris Steele to construct a "slam-book" on candidate-Trump by paying Russians to reveal salacious details about Trump's escapades in Moscow?

The freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...though...would never use the same investigative tactic or unleash such fervor to ferret out wrongdoing on the part of the Democrats since the MASS MEDIA is aligned 100% with the freedom-haters whose political mssion statement: impose* the NANNY STATE ON AMERICA.
*Folks..if the freedom-haters can stop TEAM-TRUMP from dismantling their beloved NANNY STATE...they can retain power and continue to push more people into dependency...thereby creating "vote-slaves"...servile supplicants who lick boot in exchange for master's freebie and favor.


Folks...President Trump and his "button that works" will meet "little rocketman" to discuss the North Korean construction of nuclear weaponry capable of poisoning Earth for a 100,000 years in all directions.

While Kim Jung Un was too little(think young) to know about it...and...perhaps...has never heard of it...for everyone else...CHERNOBYL* was the finale of nuclear weapon development.

When that radioactive cloud spread across Europe and on into Canada and the greater northwest of America...the world realized nucealr weapons had to be banned lest CHERNOBYL be repeated a thousand times and all life doomed.
*Chernobyl was a nuclear power plant with nuclear power in its rawest format. The safety equipment failed due operator error and the reactors melted spewing a radioactive plume that is still causing horrible brith defects in the Ukraine and Sweden.


If the MASS MEDIA...instead of hating President Trump...instead of disparaging him...had but raised up his victories...his accomplishments in the very short time he's been in office...America would be choosing Republicans at every level of government come November of 2018. However...because the MASS MEDIA is infested with socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters of all stripes and struts...there has been an incessant 24/7 barrage* of HATE AND ANGER levied at Big Don and his merry band of freedom-lovers.
*The MASS MEDIA polling data is concocted. It's designed to be used as a talking point. Yes...the real data shows the Republicans far ahead of the freedom-hating Democrats but the MASS MEDIA won't admit as much and will never publish such information. Their PLAN is to inundate the voting areas most critical to Republican victory with negative news...FAKE NEWS...its purpose to deceive and propel socialists into CONGRESS where they can destroy what little remains of liberty.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Even though the American economy has finally blossomed since the grip of the NANNY STATE has been loosened somewhat...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA won't proclaim as much. Sure...they'll hint at the remarkable turn-around...but...if credit is's labeled an OBAMA phenomenon...with very little input by a rogue such as Big Don.What has troubled political scientists is how many millenniels believe that TRIBAL SOCIALISM fetched such bounty...despite logic and rational discourse presented to the contrary.


Why should President Trump receive 100% of the credit for America's extraordinary turn-around?

As one wizard noted, "If any other person had won the 2016 presidential election...America would still be mired in OBAMA'S tribal socialist miasma...stuck in a web of red tape and onerous tax...the 20th Century NANNY STATE...using such tools of tyranny...mercilessly grinding away...shoving the producer deeper into despair and desperation as the producer struggles with an ever increasing GRAB by BIG GRIP GOVERNMENT."

Such the fate of America if not for the FIRST BRIGADES...those teams around the country whose mission to put Donald J. Trump in the White House and by 2019 deliver unto him a Congress that he could use to dismantle the 20th Century SOCIALIST MACHINERY and deliver America into the 21st Century...a place...where in an otherwise unhampered market...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper.

Yes...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA will do everything to stop TEAM-TRUMP from gaining a filibuster-proof Senate such that President Trump with such rubber stamp could delete laws and rules and deliver America from the clutches of the would-be masters with envious mobs...once and for all...sending the socialists back under rock from whence they came. VIVA TRUMP!


When Kellyanne Conway was told she was unwanted on the campus of Yale or Harvard...that the student body would pelt her with dung-filled balloons and carry "hate-speech" signs...she stepped back and declared:
"Ubi non licet tacere quid cuiquam licet: "If silence is not allowed...what is anyone allowed" ...Such is what CREON...his chief counselor...said to OEDIPUS when Oedipus bade him speak. CREON: "Allow me silence. Can any smaller freedom be requested from a king?" OEDIPUS REBUKES, "Often the freedom of silence is more dangerous than speech to king and kingdom. Then CREON utters these immortal words: IF SILENCE IS NOT ALLOWED...WHAT IS ANYONE ALLOWED."
Naturally...the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA didn't understand what this brilliant lady was framing when it came to the outright interdiction of contrary discourse at Harvard or Yale...both formally hallowed institutions which had forsaken the idea of freedom of expression in favor of "conformity and shove".


After Martin Shkreli was sentenced to 84 months in federal prison...his lawyer told a cub reporter his client could have avoided prosecution had he only threatened to reveal dirt on HILLARY-THE-HAG...and...her merry band of cutthroats and charlatans...pointing out DEMOCRAT JON CORZINE stole $2 billion from his clients and never suffered prosecution because he said, "You bite...I'll bite back."(WSJ B-1;03-10-18).


The less regulation...the more commerce. But...if regulation is removed...there isn't any room for government knaves to perch and grab salaries and pensions the private sector couldn't ever afford to give themselves. And while there are some wishy-washy types...such as PEGGY NOONAN...who declare mankind must be regulated by an all-knowing ruling elite...most Americans hate busy-noses(WSJ A-13;03-10-18).


Ubi non licet tacere quid cuiquam licet... "If silence is now allowed...what is anyone allowed" ...Such is what CREON...his chief counselor...said to OEDIPUS when Oedipus bade his speak. CREAON, "Allow me silence. Can any smaller freedom be requested from a king?" OEDIPUS REBUKES, "Often the freedom of silence is more dangerous than speech to king and kingdom. Then CREAON utters these immortal words.

Might the compelled-payment of UNION DUES be such a violation of free speech...forcing a worker bee to support a UNION whose political views anathema to that particular employee?(WSJ A-13;03-10-18).


Ann Frank's diary chronicaled the hiding of herself and her family from the NAZIS...a diary which ended when Ann and her family were finally grabbed after their hiding place was revealed by a burglar who happended to hear them while he was stealing stuff from the shop below.

Recently...Oakland Mayor Schaaf began to write her diary about how she kept illegal aliens from the grip of the ICE agents. In one ICE raid...for example...her alert permitted over 5,000 felons to escape capture. One ICE agent classified the Schaaf alert as very bad for Oakland since those 5000 who escaped capture were rapists and murderers.

Friday, March 9, 2018


Behar apologized for insulting Vice President Pence for his declaration that he speaks to God and God spaks back. It was a sign of mental illness. So great was the negative reaction around save her job and her reputation...BEHAR had to issue an apology...although she was smirking and chortling as she uttered her APOLOGY.


Sam Nunberg answered his Grand Jury subpeona and told them he didn't know anything about Russian collusion with TEAM-TRUMP in 2016...but...had an enormous portfolio of wrongdoing on the part of TEAM-CLINTON. Instantly...the Trump-hating Grand Jury dismissed Nunberg since they didn't care about how many people Hillary had killed or how many billions od dollars her team had grabbed. Her criminal misconduct was to be commended not condemned.


Mayor Schaaf issued an alert notifying illegal aliens ICE was afoot and they had best flee the area. Instead of ICE rounding up the 23,799 they had planned to grab and deport...they only found 128 and these had only committed small crimes such as JAY WALKING and SPEEDING.


Wada and Coincheck, Inc. were attacked by a rogue bunch inside the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) whose mission to disrupt a popular crypto-currency exchange site...a place where buyers and sellers can exchange their crypto-currencies. One of the currencies which the CIA grabbed was 'NANO'...a peculiar digital currency only used by those high-rollers whose appreciation of risk worn-out,(WSJ B-11;03-09-18).


According to the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...the RUSSIANS picked Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State. The RUSSIANS didn't like ROMNEY. They didn't like the way he attacked Donald J. Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. They preferred someone with more class and wisdom than some back-stabbing jerk such as ROMNEY,(WSJ A-5;03-09-18).


Tyie Andino,50, enrolled in Wisconsin's job-training program...a requirement if she wanted to continue receiving FOOD STAMPS and her RENT SUBSIDY...but...she missed several appointments after her friend got sick and could not give her a ride. When Tyie tried to enroll again, she was informed she had to retake classes. Instead of going back to "start and beginning again"...TYIE quit...lost her FOOD now HOMELESS. She simply didn't want to do what had to be done to keep her HANDOUTS. Why did she have to work to get her HANDOUTS?(WSJ A-3;03-09-18).


Richard Rubin told the world that he and his monkeys did some research and according to his data...the TRUMP TAX CUT won't pay for itself and there had to be TAX INCREASES so that the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE might continue on its merry way into the socialist outcome* which made RICHARD RUBIN'S left leg tingle. Naturally...when people heard RUBIN'S idiotic comment...they reacted by throwing dung-filled balloons at him as he exited his ROLLS ROYCE in his tuxedo.
*Like most freedom-haters...RUBIN never wants to reduce GOVERNMENT SPENDING. To RUBIN and other scumbags like him...GOVERNMENT deserves to have a call on all wealth and everyone is a SLAVE to that proposition. When asked about such things...RUBIN exclaimed, "PARASITES UNITE!"

Seema Verma's duty

Seema Verma...leader of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services...knows OBAMA-CARE is a disaster* but she has a duty to enforce that socialist "whip-and-chain" because it's the law. When asked about her turmoil...she noted that in NAZI GERMANY there were many Germans who did not like the JEW LAWS...but...they helped to enforce them. They knew JEW LAW hurt people...nonetheless...they supported the REGIME. Yes...they knew it was wrong...but...they went along. It was the law. It was the JEW LAW and as law-abiding citizens they were "duty-bound" to adhere and follow the JEW matter how matter how Satanic...they were duty-bound,(WSJ A-2;03-09-18).
*Idaho is working on eliminating the GRIP AND GRAB of OBAMA-CARE...delivering a viable health insurance market that was non-existent due to the idiotic application of OBAMA-CARE. Yet... Verma has sent IDAHO a letter that says she plans on ATTACKING IDAHO because it won't follow OBAMA-CARE idiotic law...a law that is just as bad as the JEW LAWS.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) told the world he was going to wipe out the economy-boosting tax cuts...and...impose tax increases so they can BUILD infrastructure.

Recall the last time Schumer and his scurvy bunch had power. They wasted $878 Billion on a so-called fund SHOVEL-READY PROJECTS...projects just waiting to be funded...only to have Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...later on laugh at how gullible the American taxpayer and concluding with: "You can piss down their back and tell them it's raining."

In a moment of candor...U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) said, "The tax increases SCHUMER WANTS are to fund the socialist NANNY pay off cronies and deliver more entitlement...more food stamps...more free housing...and...all done because socialism keeps people in their pathetic niches, (think Venezuela)."

KEVIN WARSH: animal spirit

Kevin Warsh revealed his animal spirit when he said he preferred socialism with him at the top dictating and directing...forcing others to live "Warsh's way"...something about which this jerk has dreamed,(WSJ A-17;03-08-18). In his realm...for example...BITCOIN and all the other crypto-currencies will be worthless...their fate similar to the TULIP CRAZE of 1637. In WARSH'S WORLD...government decides who lives...who dies...who laughs...who cries. Only in that tyrannical environment is the "animal spirit" observed.

EV Ehrlich: wrong again

EV undersecretary of commerce for economic affairs during the Obama era...lacks a working knowledge of what constiutes a monopoly. Indeed...without government protection...there can't be monoploy...there can only be a group of competitors attempting to deliver what consumers want most, (WSJ A-16;03-08-18). If FACEBOOK were to become something people didn't like to use...for example...Zuckerberg would lose his fortune and have to get a job flipping burgers. It's called "an otherwise unhampered market"...something EHRLICH can't imagine.


Before a trial...the lawyer stands up and involes the rule of sequestration whereby the witnesses are admonished not to discuss the case or their testimony while awaiting their turn and to remain outside of the courtrom until called upon to testify. This RULE is designed to prevent "orchestration and deception".

However...Special Counsel Mueller lacks the judicial power to impose such a GAG DECREE. Hence...President Trump was entitled to speak to the witnesses who had been interrogated by scumbag-Mueller and his scurvy crew...the same bunch of jacklas who permitted* Hillary and her team to destroy their cell phones and computers.

Although entitled to inquire...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is claiming Big Don's inquiry as to what Mueller was asking and the answers given thereto somehow amounted to OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. While that accusation is preposterous...the MASS MEDIA knows the "low-information voters"...those voters who absorb anything their told by their Democrat-masters...will believe TRUMP'S inquiry was tantamount to OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.
*Employees of the FBI helped crush some of the computers so that there would not be ANY WAY to track down and prosecute Hillary-the-hag and her merry band of scoundrels and knee-crooking knaves.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Influential Democrats are mocking Oprah's declaration she had to hear from God about seeking the Oval Office. Ever since Mike Pence was ridiculed by well-known freedom-hating Democrats for his witnessing about his relationship with the Lord...the Democrats have been trying to remove the stain such mocking left on the Democrat brand. Hence...the puppets...late comedians...for instance...were directed to make fun of Christianity and...if Oprah could be lured onto the TV stage...mock her as well. And by such belittling...such undermining....somehow...inform their "stooge-audience" it's OKAY to mock's okay to besmirch those who seek the Lord,(JOHN 1:23).


Democrats will lose even more seats in Congress in 2018. Voters know the Democrats will increase taxes. They just saw Senator Chuck Schumer declare he wanted to RAISE TAXES and to spend money as they did when TEAM-OBAMA...of which Schumer was such an integral part...wasted $787 billion on what was later called BOONDOOGLE "shovel-ready" nonsense.

Why would any voter choose to RAISE TAXES? Yet...the Democrats are prepared to offer such promise such "whip-and-chain"...and...somehow...with the skilled assistance of the freedm-hating MASS MEDIA...gain power and impose their socialist Venezuela-like paradise.

To counter this expected onslaught of PROPAGANDA...this BLOG commenced funding FIRST BRIGADES in the same manner as was done in the 2016 victory over socialism...funding these determined people whose mission to arrive first with the most personnel and present TRUTH AND LIGHT...the stuff* that forces the would-be master with envious mob back into the hole from whence they crawled.
*While there is a 20% hard-core freedom-hating bunch...most Americans cherish their freedom and jealously guard it against intrusion. It's this difference in world the view of the parasite...the other the glimpse of liberation by the enslaved...that will continue to deliver this blessed land from the grip of MAMMON, (Matthew 6:24).


The HATCH ACT restricts political activity by federal employees in their official capacity. Kellyanne Conway was called out for expressing her views about DOUG JONES just before the special election wherein ROY MOORE-the Republican was running against DOUG JONES, the socialist. When Kellyanne Conway told the world she thought Alabama should support President Trump and send a pro-Trump Senator to Congress...she...somehow...violated he HATCH ACT,(WSJ A-4;03-07-18).

Yet...during the 2016 election cycle...TEAM OBAMA was out doing exactly what the HATCH ACT was designed to prevent. However...because the CRIME was committed by Democrats...their transgression is deemed be overlooked...and...anyone asking about such OBVIOUS VIOLATIONS told to mind their own business.


Colistin is the drug-of-last-resort...only deployed when all other anti-bacterial agents fail. Recently...though...Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae withstood the Colistin application. a colony of those wee beasties...there are some that have identified* baterial heteroresistance to Colistin...making them unstopable.
*The SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG has commenced engineering a compound which will do what Colistin can't. Indeed...with the new software developed by this BLOG...the resistance-aspect is identified...a compound is devloped within 24 hours...and...deployed accordingly with magificent results. In one test...the pneumonia-stricken patient recovered from what would have othewise been a death-bed bout with the GRIM REEPER,(WSJ A-3;03-07-18).


After much importuning...DANA LOESCH joined the march to make salt. Her reluctance stemmed from the horrible way she was treated at a so-called CNN-sponsored TOWN HALL MEETING. "If I join the effort to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY entire future will be fraught with dung-filled balloons and spray-painted messages on my house. I'm not ready to accept 24/7 hatred heaped on me by the freedom-haters who see anyone marching to liberate themselves and others as the enemy to be hunted down and deleted. No...thank you...I have too much going on to join right now," whispered Dana as she signed the JOIN US ROSTER.


In the FISA warrant to spy on CARTER underling in TEAM-TRUMP...there was a footnote that described the origin and source of the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER in terms only the most asute might understand. The authors of that warrant application...however...had to have known of the felonies committed in acquiring and using that so-called dossier...yet...chose to overlook such transgressions since the goal was to access TRUMP TOWER.

What is more troubling is how cavalierly these employees of the Dept. of Injustice(DIJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) went about applying for that FISA WARRANT. They LIED...deceived...ignored felonies...and...committed other heinous acts yet to be revealed...all done without fear of reprisal or penalty. And that kind of snotty aloofness was everywhere in the upper echelons of those two government prevalent was it...that the "front office" crowd thought they could impose themselves and grab whatever they wished.


With his glove on...Mueller reached and inspected the Middle Eastern spot...poking...jabbing...examining...and...yet...all he found was what everyone already expected.


Gary Cohen...President Trump's 14-month economic adviser quit when Big Don announced tariffs on steel and aluminum. White House experts pointed out the imbroglio became too much when Gary said gambling in that fashion to force other countries to open their markets wouldn't work since the "closed doors" are the markets of socialist toilets...miasmas that'll NEVER CHANGE. The ruling elite can't change since to open their doors and permit prosperity would doom themselves to joblessness. Hence...Donald J. Trump was imposing hardship on everyone to protect dinosaurs...something COHEN couldn't accept as a viable plan. SO...HE QUIT.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

GOVERNMENT HACK ATTACK's OPEN-AND-OBVIOUS the crypto-currency exchanges have been attacked by government scumbags whose mission to close down these markets forcing investors to use other "investment-vehicles"...things that can be watched...and...when needed...grabbed.


How can a transfer of $130,000 from Mike Cohen to Mr. Davidson be "red flagged"...but...the conveyance of $12 million from Hillary's lawyer to the lawyer for Chris Steele and Fusion GPS not suffer the same scrutiny? The difference is as appalling as it is revealing of just how far the United States has slipped in terms of equal justice,(WSJ A-3;03-07-18). STORMY DANIELS said in a 2011 interview with In Touch Weekly...she did have a sexual encounter with Donald J. Trump in 2006. the closing days of the 2016 presidential election...Cohen tendered the $130,000 to keep STORMY from breaking loose a ribald story of debauchery and clandestine interlude...but...none of that was illegal....although the payments from TEAM-CLINTON to CRHIS STEELE and FUSION GPS were illegal in the sense they were used to fund* an "election rigging" plot.
*The Australian diplomat who started the entire RUSSIAN-COLLUSION investigation was a close friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton and had donated $25 million to the Clinton Family Foundation. HUH? Recall CHRIS STEELE was paid to create a "slam-book" on Trump. That "dossier" was then used as a predicate to get a SPYING WARRANT which enabled TEAM-HILLARY and TEAM-OBAMA to eavesdrop on illegal effort which will eventually be prosecuted...maybe.


As predicted by this BLOG...North Korean dictator Kim Jong un has sought peace with a promise to stop building nuclear weapons.

The "little fella" and his merry band of cutthroats discovered what America already knew: "radiation forever is too expensive".

Unlike Uncle Sugar's repository for nuclear waste at YUCCA FLATS...though...the North Koreans lack any way to store nuclear waste and because of this lack of place-to-store...North Korea glows at night from radiation.


Special Counsel Mueller was told to be a HARPIE...a mythological demon who would haunt the person on whom such monster was set.

And...while there is not any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of President Trump...the Mueller investigation has uncovered copious proof of racketeering and fraud on the part of TEAM-CLINTON and TEAM-OBAMA...the two sacred cows whose misconduct to be commended not condemned. Yet...because Mueller is a HARPIE...he has ignored the transgressions of Democrats in favor of attacking Donald J. Trump.

As Senator Joe Manchin(D.W.Va.) said, "This HARPIE-like approach of MUELLER is so open-and-obvious most voters are asking "why" won't someone put an end to this MONSTER?

Monday, March 5, 2018


It might have been thought the least...utterly improbable that a federal judge would stop President Trump from overturning Obama's Executive Order which delivered an illegal extension of the immigration law and permitted those born in America to remain in America"...a/k/a... DACA. However...a federal judge has done just that...enjoining the deletion of DACA protection...imposing the power of the judiciary in matters exclusively the province of the executive branch in times past.


With over $7 trillion invested in ONE ROAD...ONE BELT...Chinese President Xi Jinping demonstrates why he should be leader for life: XI DADA!

Antjuan Seawright

At the Oscars last night...Antjuan Seawright...another freedom-hater...leaned over and told a cub reporter that he despised President Trump for attempting to dismantle his beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE. "How dare the Republicans cut taxes...reduce stifling regulation...and...deliver the producer from the shackle of the would-be master with envious mob!" screeched U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, (D.Oh) who was seated beside Antjuan.


Syrian officials seized medical supplies destined for Eastern Ghouta...that 400,000 rebel enclave which is being bombed daily by Russian and Syrian forces whose mission to eliminate that last pocket of reble resistance. President Trump told the Syrian President there were fewer than 200 armed rebels in that entire area and if he'd step back...special forces...Russian and other...would quickly delete leaving the sheep to be thereafter to speak.                                 


The Oscars were once more a platform to lambast and foam about President Trump. The viewing audience was the lowest on record. So few tuned in to watch the awards...the producers plan on simply mailing the awards next year with a nice thank yuo note for their effort to bring great films to the silver screen.


 Unlike bloated, pig-eyed Iraqis...the sleek Persians envision themselves once more in command of the Middle East. If they but possessed the SWORD OF ALLAH...a nuclear weapon designed to obliterate the planet itself...they could rule the world. Who would dare incur the ire of the Ayatollah for fear his displeasure might include pushing the DESTRUCT BUTTON?(WSJ A-17;03-05-18)


The mullahs push socialism because it gives them ultimate power to pick winners and losers. These so-called holy men are charlatans whose theory of life revolves around their own power not the deliverance of souls to Allah.

14 or 1000

When Austrian steel producers realized their government had imposed* so much burden there was not any way to produce steel profitably if OLD WAYS continued to be used...they elected to modernize...add automation...robots...and...similar equipment until 14 employees could do what 1000 did to produce 500,000 tons.

In America...the VOESTALPINE AG model has been followed by micro-mills...small companies which use few employees and produce enormous amounts of "niche-steel"...tailored to whatever project for which they were contracted.
*President Trump knows TAXING IMPORTS hurts the consumer and protects dinosaurs from bankruptcy. one micro-mill owner said, "Why protect the dinosaurs at our expense. We modernized so that we could compete with China while the dinosaurs remained using the OLD WAY...a way which nowadays is too labor-intensive...too costly...and...too OLD to be competitive."


So much "fake news"...L.Gordon Crovitz and Steve Brill launched NEWSGUARD...a spin-off of this BLOG'S format...identifying the LIES...exposing the CHARLATANS...and...delivering to America one of the best sources of news and commentary ever imagined. Indeed...Brill and Crovitz sought out this BLOG'S editorial staff and asked "how" to sift and glean. And...armed with that incredible's hoped NEWSGUARD will join FREEUSFLORIDA.COM in bringing to America the TRUTH,(WSJ A-15;03-05-18).


President Trump observed the incredible production of steel and aluminum by Chinese state-owned companies...producing more than the Chinese could possibly use...and...creating an abundance in the global marketplace enabling American consumers to build in America in ways less expensive than before. President Trump knows the consumers are benfiting from this abundance...their't cost as much to produce.

However...these tariffs which Big Don has threatened to impose on steel and aluminum will increase the cost to the consumer...making everything which uses those two items more expensive. While President Trump might be helping a few dinorsaurs stay out of bankruptcy...the down-line ripple effect of this NEW TAX will be hurtful in ways few of Trump's wizards can imagine.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


TRADE BARRIERS are anathema to a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Unfettered commerce...insulated from bureaucratic hinder and hassle...such delivers peace and prosperity.

What if President Trump understands the dynamics of TRADE using the THREAT...perhaps...even a short-duration imposition of trade get the attention of those nations* that have extensive TRADE BARRIERS to American goods and services? What Don has promised to delete "grip and grab" as soon as they in turn do the same? Such tactic would be incredibly clever; and it's classic TRUMP.
*Indeed...THE PROPHET-Mohammed...told his followers they must never kill their banker or baker over choice of religion...permitting all winds to blow through Islam.


Even after 20 years...the Bill Clinton scandals still smell bad. And...while...Hillary won't ever admit as much...his trysts...his philandering...kept her from the Oval Office in 2016. As U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) framed, "Hillary lost because she refused to preach enslavement and the paradise which comes from such socialist whip and chain."

riches buried there

"...dark and red...turned the stone...Peace on Earth...was all it said." Might there be a TIN SOLDIER be afoot in the never-ending war...a was in which BUSH-CHENEY embroiled America?


While the "little fella" might threaten to detonate a "nuke"...he does everyone one won't happen. Yes..if he were a maniac and detonated his North Korean arsenal...he might pollute that part of the planet for 100,000 years...but...eventually the radiation would subside.

In India...for example...there is an area where centuries ago...a nuclear explosion occurred...polluting the land such that even today the radiation is so high not anything can live there...not even the cockroach.

And that might be what the "little fella" has in mind...render that region uninhabitable and thereby secure for himself a place in the history of mankind.


Kellyanne Conway was asked one of the better questions concerning the recent economic conference: At DAVOS...why did President Trump keep his distance from German Chancellor Merkel? 

After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT she replied, "Because he had heard from his Secret Service she was practicing a swift slap to his bean attack surely intended to double him over at the most inappropriate time."