Wednesday, January 17, 2018

BANDY X psychiatrist

BANDY X. LEE...a so-called psychiatrist...told America...while she never treated President Trump and never examined him in any way...nonetheless...she concluded President Trump was not a socialist...not a freedom-hater* such...he was UNFIT to be President...a position reserved for scumbag-freedom-haters.
*In if describing some kind of god...she drooled with love when she described OBAMA...that nasty perverted tribal socialist.


Poster child for SCUMBAG MAGAZINE?'s N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. When Eric-the-jackal was asked about internet freedom...he stepped back and began to drool venom. The Internet was to be grabbed and controlled by scumbags such as he. He envisioned* a day when as he walked down the street people would lick his boot.
*What Eric will receive is public shunning...spat upon...groin kicked...his car keyed and spray-painted...his house toilet-papered. His life is about to turn into a public derision session 24/7-365. He deserves no less than complete rejection in every way possible,(WSJ B-1;01-17-18).


When Bob sold widgets and took 99% of the market from others...GREG IP became angry. "How dare Bob work hard and deliver the better product!" shouted IP when he saw how much consumers liked Bob's product.

"I want government to force people to buy my stuff. It isn't fair that Bob can produce better products. I want Bob forced to give me his customers and I want government to kill anyone who refuses to buy my stuff," snorted GREG IP,(WSJ A-1;01-17-18).

Of course...GREG IP was not alone. There were hundreds of other disgruntled producers who couldn't sell their products because they were inferior to what Bob was offering. Nonetheless...GREG IP and his scurvy crew of envious jackals are demanding Bob be throttled...his business expropriated...and...the consumer forced to buy IP'S stuff.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Describing the economy during the OBAMA regime as "stale and stymied"...the only news of that era considered accurate. Already revisionists are trying to say the TRUMP ERA is nothing and that the incredible flourishing of America's markets is due to the wondrous effects of Obama's tribal socialism and not because of the liberation of the subjugated from the grip of big grab government.


U.S. Senator CORY BOOKER...didn't express any anger or vehemence when his fellow Democrats refused to make the tax cuts larger. No...he evince unseemly anger when asking the Homeland Security Director if she heard President Trump refer to Booker's beloved Africa as "shithole" countries. When the Director refused to subscribe to the DICK DURBIN LIE...that somehow Big Don had referred to Africa as "shithole" countries...BOOKER grew angry...loud...and...hateful...venom dripped from snarling lips.

defeating Nelson

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) can be defeated. Along the I-4 corridor...little Puerto Rico has come medical college...and...spending money...all given through the auspices of Bill Nelson. And...while Nelson might garner 80,000 Puerto Rican votes...nonetheless...most Floridians are going to choose GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT as their champion in Washington DC.


At a hearing today in Washington DC...U.S. Senator Cory Booker, (D. Pa) lambasted the Homeland Security Director. His anger...his venom flooded...and...everyone was amazed that this so-called Afro-American would attack a lovely lady such as this Homeland Security Director...a person whose honor and worthiness far more shiny than his ever could be.

Yes...CORY heard DURBIN make the reference to "shithole countries"...but...did not hear President Trump ever say as much. BOOKER wanted to brow-beat the lovely lady into admitting she heard what DURBIN was now loudly proclaiming Big Don said when asked about Norway and Asian countries.

When the Homeland Security Director refused to subscribe to what has become commonly known as the DURBIN LIE...the Democrats...such as BOOKER...became unhinged. CORY'S obvious...and...yet...not any Democrat stood up to defend this lovely lady.

Even laurel-thief BLUMENTHAL didn't step in and call CORY BOOKER down. No...these Democrats stood silent and permitted BOOKER to excoriate and belittle that lovely lady....never once stepping into the fray and declaring BOOKER "off-base".


The DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE might surpass 26,000 mightily in the next few months as investors around the world realize the new ball game is in America...not in the shithole countries of Africa and the Caribbean. Let the North Koreans invest in Venezuela and Cuba...while the rest of the planet scurries to our blessed land to get in on the TRUMPIAN ERA!


Instead of another unverified accusation...this BLOG tape-recorded every statement President Trump has made publicly including the now-notorious meeting wherein Dick Durbin said Big Don referred to Africa and Haiti as "shithole" countries. Anyone wishing to hear the entire dialogue in that so-called private meeting might want to (click here)...or...go to President Putin's website and ask for "Oh-Tim- the wizard". Suffice it to say...President Trump NEVER USED that derogatory but descriptive ascription for such countries.

38 minutes of nonsense

Ballistic missile in-bound: Hawaii. For 38 minutes this ALERT was viable.

Of course...nowadays...everyone knows the ALERT was created by a reckless government employee who happened to push the WRONG BUTTON.

Reflecting on that HORROR...many are laughing about how they found GOD in those ticking-away minutes.

One surfer...for example...paddled out to big-wave morgue and grabbed the first 80 footer found...taking a wave where wipeout not an option...and...surviving its roar and menace...such flooded his retrospection...making that TIME OF TROUBLE quite memorable.


Trying to remain "relevant" isn't easy when you're a freedom-hater and have spent your whole life pushing socialist dogma and proclaiming the misery and privation associated therewith just a passing aspect not to be suffered forever. Yet...many Democrats are boycotting the State of the Union address by President Trump in an effort to tell the world they want America enslaved and destitute as Venezuela or North Korea.


Why would America build more nuclear weapons? After was obvious to everyone nuclear war was too horrific to consider. Until that radioactive cloud covered Europe ...though...few knew what NUCLEAR RADIATION meant. Nowadays...however...children without noses and cows without legs attest to the DANGER of nuclear war,(WSJ A-1;01-16-18).

Monday, January 15, 2018


Stefon Diggs...went running out looking for the ball...Keenum saw seconds left...and....there was the mighty blow. Congratulations, MINNESOTA VIKINGS.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Valiant and victorious

Might valiant and victorious be frame for President Trump? While MAS MEDIA hatred won't permit such quintessence of dust...voters know their better days are with that hair-net and brush.


OKAY. One button put Hawaii on "full alert" for 38 minutes? How could such really occur when there have been many movies and TV plots reciting this very issue? Could Hawaiian socialists be that behind the times?


U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, (D.Il) declared he heard Big Don refer to Africa as "shithole countries". While everyone else did not hear such vulgarity...DURBIN proclaimed he did. When asked "why" he was so miffed now but had not stood forth and demanded instant rebuke and retraction from President Trump...Durbin was stuck for an answer. The fact Durbin waited until surrounded by his MASS MEDIA cohorts and only then raising such disdain and anger...meant DURBIN had been part of some script which needed only an unwitting Trump to complete its nefarious loop.


For 38 minutes...Hawaii was on "red alert"...ballistic missiles in-bound:Hawaii. While it was merely a mistake...nonetheless...for 38 minutes...Hawaiians were "getting right with God." One Hawaiian began the long trek up the side of a volcano so that she might virgin-toss herself into the maw of an angry spirit. Others scanned skies for red balloons...some...sat pretty in what was once a city...and...all wondered and waited...hoping the ALARM was somehow "wrong".


Shooting fish in a barrel. A way of describing an easily-accomplished feat. Might President Putin have thought as much as he examined Hillary's email trail...the one she thought she deleted?


Afro-Americans are asking each other to join the march to make the effort of President Trump to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


General Anna Mae Hayes died. She led nurses through war after war...making sure medical care was always there. In one instance...she arrived by helicopter...jumped 15 feet to the battlefield where she and her team saved countless lives as the bullets and bombs raged around them. God speed, Anna.


Peter Stzrok and Bruce Ohr along with Lois Lerner and Andrew Wiseman have been marked as "bad guys"...and...are publicly shunned. Lois Lerner refuses to go out of her house preferring to remain inside and not have to duck a barrage of human-dung bags and ammonia-filled balloons. At a local football game...Stzrok was shoved head first into a dung-packed toilet by people he didn't know. The others have had similar amusing encounters...but...haven't been worthy of mention.


U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi...mocked Wal-Mart for the $1000 bonus it gave to its employees...calling the bonus: "pathetic crumbs". When asked "why" she had not demanded even more tax cuts to address her misgivings...she pulled back and declared, "I want more not less taxes...more not less shackle and whip. As a would-be master...I impose and stomp....never do I give back what I take."

Saturday, January 13, 2018

80,000 Puerto Ricans

Orange County, Florida has been overrun with Puerto Ricans...each with vouchers for food and rent. In some areas of the I-4 corridor..."little" Puerto Rico can be found...violent...hateful...and...parasite-packed...demanding the same kind of socialism that buried Puerto Rico...never considering the only reason Florida is any better off is because the socialists and Eco-fascists were kept from power. Might U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) be counting on those 80,000 Puerto Ricans to carry him back to socialist Washington DC?


Thanks to the prescience of this BLOG a tape-recording was made of the meeting wherein President Trump referred to Africa as "shithole" countries. That utterance was NEVER made by Big Don. Yes...the attendance...claim he did but their own surveillance equipment proved them wrong. Because it doesn't help them against TRUMP...they deny they have such memorabilia.

Friday, January 12, 2018


Kellyanne Conway listened to the so-called private meeting and never did she hear President Trump refer to Africa as "shithole" countries...although CNN and all the other Trump-hating MASS MEDIA proclaimed as much. In reacting to the LIES of the MASS MEDIA...Ms. Conway framed the imbroglio as follows: "Ah, I'll get a swig in hell from Gunga Din".


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) can be defeated. He has strength along the I-4 corridor because that is where the socialists are found. However...he hates farmers and has done much to ruin farming in Florida. He hates the industrialists because they're giving worker bees better lives than they suffered during the Obama era. And...if Florida continues its climb to prosperity...NELSON will be seen as a freedom-hater...and...will be defeated. VIVA RICK SCOTT.


President Trump knows what is best for America and will make America great again. And that approach does not include permitting societal dregs into America from toilet countries. VIVA TRUMP!

5 white guys

President Trump did not refer* to Africa as "shithole" countries from which immigrants should not be taken. Although such vulgarity was ascribed to wasn't said as it has been reported by the FAKE NEWS.
*This BLOG supports Big Don, (MATTHEW 6:24).


Removal of Taliban from Afghanistan was a priority for BUSH-CHENEY and they failed. President Trump doesn't much care about victory so much as preventing Afghanistan from becoming a staging area for would-be assassins and terrorists similar to what was there in 2003.

Facing this kind of situation in January of 2018 would have flummoxed the best of leaders. But...Big Don is more than what has come to be known as a leader. He's a Titan...a giant...and...he knows how to eliminate and secure. Such is "why" he dispatched WAR-BOT(tm) that DRONE and air combined...all before the onslaught little more than soon-to-be rubble and ruin sublimed.

Yes...folks...robots with guns and attitude...marching around Afghanistan...ready to obliterate or accommodate...and....always looking for terrorists and would-be assassins...snuffing them instantly...and...assuring thereby the neighborhood free of such menace. VIVA TRUMP!


You say the South Korean government will destroy prosperity in order to retain its authoritarian grip on the Korean Peninsula? But...every South Korean met is found to be smart...and...wise about funds and funding...almost to the point of skilled-scholarship. could South Koreans permit their so-called NANNY STATE government to interfere with their crypto-currency endeavors? By what authority would some knave stationed in Seoul have to intrude on the gambling afoot with crypto-currencies if not but to insulate and retard?

The answer is with all efforts to duck the grip of big grab government...the crypto-currency market will suffer intrusion and high-jacking...all in the name of the "common-good"...or...for peace and tranquility...or...any other silly slogan meant to dumb-down the victims. Indeed...such vibrant markets will be absorbed...and...reduced to little more than footnotes* in the long history of the would-be master with envious mob.
*Folks...we're in the early days of the 21st Century with more to come every moment replacing what was yesterday's wonder-toy,(think Smartwatch). Only government can retard and stifle. President Trump has sensed as much and is slowly telling trading partners around the world that they can come here but we must be permitted to do business unfettered and untrammeled as afforded to them in our blessed land.

cold and alone

On a street in socialist Maryland...a lady...dressed in a hospital gown...was observed wandering the an undressed clown. It was 37 degrees...wet....and...nasty. And in that horror stood a troubled lady...oblivious to her predicament*...and...standing there looking around silently...her eyes wide open and jaw as if she'd fallen off a cliff and hadn't hit bottom yet...and...there wasn't anyone around to wish she'd not do such things without a net. socialist's little more than SADDLE IN THE RAIN.
*At the hospital at the University of Maryland...the horde of freeloaders and parasites is astounding...everyone of them demanding theirs be first and above all free.

behind the barn

Behind the barn stood Big Don. Former FBI scumbag, Peter Strzok refused to meet him there knowing he'd be beaten and stomped. Yesterday...President Trump framed Strzok's activities during the 2016 election cycle as "treasonous"...a fitting label for such a jerk as Strzok. Indeed...Strzok deserves to be publicly shunned...spat upon...and...driven from society into reclusion. Such is well-deserved. What a scumbag! VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-5;01-12-18).


Wal-Mart...following a template the ECONOMICS DEPT of this BLOG recently fashioned to procure the benefits of the recent TAX-CUT...raised the wages of its billion employees. Reacting to the GOOD NEWS...Senate Democrats declared, "Wait until we get into power again....we'll grab back all that stuff...and...shackle the rest for our redistribution effort."

Thursday, January 11, 2018

s***hole countries?

President Trump labeled a great portion of the planet little more than "s***hole countries"...graphically* framing most of Africa and Asia in one simple script. VIVA TRUMP.

*U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL)...showing his geographic skill and acumen...said he thought France should be included in that frame.

immigrants from s****hole countries

YAHOO! Go Big Don! It's about time someone stood up and told all those politically-correct scumbags and 99% of Americans feel about the slime and dregs OBAMA brought into America. That dung-throwing monkey scoured the planet for the most pathetic...lackluster...and...parasitic he could find and then brought them to America and dumped them on them free exchange all they had to do was support the whip and chain of tribal socialism...Obama's calling card. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman9D.Ca) was asked about the incredible economic turnaround** since TEAM-TRUMP arrived. He chocked on his cud...drew a great whiff of his foul and pestilent odor...and...proclaimed, "Under TEAM OBAMA...America did so much better* than it's doing right now."
*Sherman....himself a foul and pestilent congregation of vapors...would not admit TRUMP and his TAX CUTS were fueling an economic recovery the likes of which had never been observed. He could not admit that if the tax cuts were even greater...and...delivered more benefits...America would be blistering hot...with the entire socialist world flocking to get in on the action.
**F.Y.I.....the Republicans had better commence FRAMING the 2018 election in such terms...a flood coming to America with great much glitter and gold that most Americans will become rich. It's that likelihood SHERMAN fears most. His scumbags and parasites would be out of the power-mongering business.

assassin interview

The assassin who snuffed U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY told a cub reporter she left behind the bullet that could be traced all the way into the Oval Office.

Her job was to take out Terry and she did as she was directed...though...miffed that her team had been tasked with eliminating a patriot and all around great guy.

Instead of a clean scene...however...she left behind the bullet that could be traced into the hands of OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey. When asked "why" she replied, "I saw Obama screwing with truth and keep karma from bursting its tether...evidence was left so that "if" someone were to look...simply "look"...the CRIME would be OBVIOUS."


U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D. Ca)  described the bonuses workers were receiving due to the TRUMP TAX CUT as on the order of "crumbs"....and...from her perspective "pathetic". When asked if she would support even greater tax cuts for those receiving "crumbs"...she acted as if she'd been struck with a hot iron and replied, "No...I want to take it all from my hands...I'll redistribute as I see fit...helping the poor and needy...crushing the producer beneath mountains of red tape and taxes...and...always telling my constituents better days are coming soon."


Years ago...U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY was assassinated before he could reveal what was afoot along with Mexican-U.S. border. The snuff order was issued by Obama and carried out by Eric the Holder. The assassin felt bad about her mission...however...and...left something that could be traced to OBAMA,(think bullet from gun in possession of the ATF).


Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY) directed his minions at the FBI and at the Dept. of Injustice not to look too hard at the relationship between the Clinton 2016 presidential campaign and the FISA warrants issued to spy on TEAM-TRUMP. "If you'll find criminal misconduct and that finding would ruin the Democrats chances in 2018 of retaining some of their federal seats of power."


`As U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) was leaving the U.S. Senate Building the other day...her bodyguards stepped over a crippled child who had crawled the last 3 miles to her doorstep to demand she give him money.

"I need your money to make my life better," chirped the belly-crawling lad....whose little nose packed with the street grime of socialism.

Hearing such mournful demands...Warren stopped...walked over that pile of rags...and...whispered, "Socialists never use their own money...they spend the funds of others...taken at gun-point and redistributed as the socialist sees fit. I urge you to go on TV and demand big gift government give to you what you wish. for my socialist self...I delight in your predicament and see no reason to assist."


While the MASS MEDIA won't report favorable polling numbers if they support President Trump...this BLOG has undertaken a broad canvassing of America. Indeed...cities...towns...hamlets...and...camps...all were asked about Big Don. Overwhelmingly in favor of liberation...those responding to the questions liked the way TEAM-TRUMP was slowly cleansing the Temple, (MARK 11:15).


The WALL might very well be a significant safety measure delivering the security one might expect from a WALL so tall not any ladder usable. The contemplated barrier would stymie and stifle the struggle to breach its formidable aspect. EL CHAPO...for instance...was hired from his jail-cell to fashion some of the WALL since his fame for breach so overwhelming his imprimatur a necessity.


Pakistan is a Muslim country. President Trump was correct to suspend military aid to that crowd until they find a way to stop Taliban from using its northern regions as staging areas for Afghan insurgency. Naturally...the rag heads threatened to align with China should Uncle Sugar persist in such refusal. When told of such threat...Big Don chuckled and replied, "Well...Muslims don't eat pork fried rice."


While the LYING is obvious...the MASS MEDIA is now proclaiming the economic expansion America has enjoyed since TEAM-TRUMP took over was created by none other than OBAMA....ever the dung-throwing monkey.

Somehow...over the previous 8 years...tribal socialism fetched prosperity and spread it about America...prosperity that only noticeably manifested in the last 13 months...a spreading which was occurring but not observed...though...until TEAM-TRUMP took over?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Senator Jeanne Shaheen(D) socialist

According to FUSION GPS Glenn Simpson...U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen(D.) was asked about her interest in the Hillary "pay-to-play" racket the Clintons conducted during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State. Shaheen declined to reply on that issue claiming her lawyers told her she was about to be indicted for her own complicity in that scheme and her input would only darken her chances of acquittal.


Erecting the southern border wall is a security issue. Kirstjen Nielson...Homeland Security leader...told a cub reporter that the WALL was needed to assist in making sure America is safe from attack. VIVA TRUMP!


A teacher asked the scumbag leading the meeting "why" he received a "pay-raise". The teacher  was forcefully removed from the meeting when she insisted on an answer. that socialist setting...the would-be master can grab as much as they wish.

As U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) quipped, "'s time to take back America from the so-called "deep-state"...running off these jerks...identifying them for public spitting and groin kicking...maybe...keying their cars while they shop...or...spray-painting their driveways with socialist song lyrics."


In the 2018 election cycle...the Republicans could put the Democrats into the proverbial "wet-paint" corner if they would simply declare more taxes must be cut. They could also offer 100% deduction in Sate-And-Local-Taxes and force Democrats to back that "additional tax cut"...something scumbags such as Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) would be compelled* to support.
*They could demand "farm-haters" such as BILL NELSON back the estate tax deletion and make that nasty-jerk reveal his true hatred of freedom...something this BLOG has attempted to show 24/7 to Floridians.

Dr. No?

James Bond was dispatched to find out why military rockets were not succeeding in reaching orbit. Bond discovered Dr. No was using a sophisticated laser system to blast them from the upper atmosphere.

Recently...ELON MUSK admitted the secret-spy satellite...code-named ZUMA...didn't separate from the rocket as planned and probably fell somewhere in the Antarctic...probably near that old NAZI sub-base.

However...MUSK said SAPCEX was not to blame but refused to reveal that the rocket had been struck by a beam of radiation fired from North Korea.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


When one of the editors observed an American flag being trampled...she ran to it...pushed the rude away....grabbed Old Glory...raised it high...and...began to wave! To an attic...Lady Elizabeth ran...from its small window her pulsing hand...she displayed RED, WHITE AND BLUE...telling the world freedom there for me and you. She leaned far out on the window sill...and...shook it forth with royal will. "Shoot if you must this old gray head...but spare your country's flag she said.(BARBARA FRIETCHIE)


Trump-hating is profitable in the circles of the so-called ruling elite. Ask Mike Wolff how much money he's made since publishing that "slam-book" on Trump last week and you'll sense the profitability of "Trump-bashing". Had Wolff...for instance...defended TRUMP in FIRE AND FURY...instead of writing LIES...few would ever have bought it. Why read about grandeur when there's more profit in "LYING ABOUT TRUMP"?

RICH LOWRY...himself a scumbag and liar...was caught with Mike Wolff at a local Georgetown bar giggling about the LIES and who much the MASS MEDIA was doing to push that NASTY THING. Lowry told Wolff that he was envious that Steve Bannon chose Wolff and not himself to publish such FALSEHOOD.


While socialist Bernie Sanders didn't much care that the Democratic National Committee in 2016 was rigging primaries so he could not defeat 2017...does care.

They uncovered data demonstrating the DNC in coordination with FBI Director JAMES COMEY and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch attacked TEAM-TRUMP...spying on it...wire-tapping and grabbing...and...doing things as ILLEGAL as ever but insulated because it was done under the aegis of TEAM-OBAMA. In the end...TRUMP will have a list of wrongdoers*...and...he must prosecute them and imprison every one of them. VIVA TRUMP!
*Some of whom are: Peter Strzok...Bruce Ohr...Loretta Lynch...James Comey...Lisa Page...Samantha Powers...and...OBAMA...the dung-throwing monkey himself!


Finally...CHINA is becoming*the greatest economic power this planet has observed since the GREAT FLOOD. Through the extraordinary leadership of President Xi Jinping and his team of experts...CHINA has found its grip and will continue on its climb to the top. VIVA XI!
*Yes...there are many who fear CHINA. But to them this BLOG would point out that but for the incredible genius of XI DADA...that region of the world would be ablaze in Muslim turmoil and bloodshed. Had it not been for his profound understanding of world trade...that area of the world would be pirate-packed(think Samalia-Yemen).


How is it that a bunch of jerks calling themselves ENERGY REGULATORS can stop America from rebuilding its energy grid? They're not elected but appointed. ..and...this latest bunch is dedicated to destroying as much of the fossil fuel grid as possible rendering America less powerful...less ready for the 21st Century's many requirements,(WSJ A-1;01-09-18).

How did America ever permit itself to be reduced to cattle directed from cradle to grave by such bureaucratic ghouls and knaves? Yes...these $190,000(+) per year regulators are not elected. They're the scumbags you spit on when you need to express hatred for the RULING ELITE. Yet...there they were yesterday declaring President Trump would have to accept their DICTATORIAL conclusion.

Unlike BUSH...though...BIG DON isn't about to stop improving America's energy grid. To assist the President...this BLOG has dispatched legal teams and proverbial harassment squads to the regions affected with the goal of opening America to whatever energy the market will support...removing all GREEN SUBSIDY and directing all energy producers to produce without benefit of federal handouts. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) described the TAX CUT as a "gut-punch" to the lower middle class. When asked "why" she did not offer more tax cuts to address those misgivings...she laughed and replied, "I want more not less taxes. Yes...I could have removed the burdens heaped on the lower middle class...but...if I had...I'd be helping to liberate America...anathema to my way of thinking."


CLIVEN BUNDY and some others were released from federal custody after a Nevada judge through out the federal prosecution. The judge pointed out the federal prosecutors should be disbarred for their flagrant violation of their OATH OF OFFICE. According to top officials...the prosecutors knew they were presenting LIES...knew they were holding back exonerating data...but...proceeded anyway because they are immune from repercussions for misconduct. As Clive said, "These jackals could kill their own mothers in front of the world and they'd be given prizes for their misdeed."


CRIMSON TIDE! Yes...folks...Alabama is the college national football champions for 2017. The struggle...the hardship...the determination required to defeat such great opposition is a testament to the spirit...the fabric...the core of that team's soul. ROLL TIDE!

Monday, January 8, 2018


Georgia and Alabama are facing off tonight to find out who's best. Might the TIDE? Or will the DOGS? A few hours from now...just a flame...just some logs.


According to the popular Dr. Brandy X. Lee...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was deemed to be INSANE...but...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA overlooked that little ripple since Obama was doing all he could to enslave America and reduce it to a tribal socialist toilet...something the MASS MEDIA obviously craved.


From 30,000
blowing holes in land
From primordial slime
to the universe shouted, "I AM MAN!"


Unlike the drivel and tripe OPRAH spewed last night...President NASHVILLE...delivered a fabulous speech. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...though...instead of complimenting TRUMP...chose to discuss his mental stability as framed by the book FIRE AND FURY...a "slam-book" written by LIARS...and...intended to be used to attack TEAM-TRUMP.

As for OPRAH'S simplistic statement...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA couldn't say enough about that lackluster "whatever" OPRAH dripped last night at the Golden Globe Awards. In contrast...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA ignored the incredible content of Trump's discourse...refusing to acknowledge that Big Don told the world that the American farmer was back and back in a big way. VIVA TRUMP!
*In contrast...when Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...spoke...even though his rhetoric was staid and stale...shallow and was always called DIVINE...and...INSPIRED...two adjectives which never should have been used to frame that scumbag!

NASHVILLE WISDOM Nashville...before a crowd of patriotic farmers...President Trump demonstrated again why he will serve 2 terms. America needed a freedom-fighter as its leader and Big Don is filling that need in ways only this BLOG predicted. Yes...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA will never compliment him for his remarkable abilities and achievements...but...the envious rarely do. VIVA TRUMP!

"Our tears...your purse!"

Before 2020...there will be many Democrats who bubble forth declaring their desire to oppose Big Don for the Oval Office. Recently...OPRAH said she was considering a run for that illustrious niche.

When asked "why"...OPRAH became almost demonic in her tone and declared, "I want America enslaved and in the socialist toilet just as the people of Africa suffer from tribal socialism...I want Americans to feel the horror and wonder of my beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE."

The MASS MEDIA was instantly drooling over OPRAH. Here was a socialist with tears in her eyes...a person who'd crush the life out of anyone demanding liberation from the subjugation of the welfare state...her beloved welfare state...a place where...until Big Don arrived...Afro-Americans were struggling. VIVA TRUMP!


Dr. Brandy X. Lee...a so-called psychiatrist...asked "how" she could make BIG BUCKS quickly. Her life-coach replied, "You need to attack President Trump. Call him "unfit"...or..."mentally disturbed"...or some other technical label applied...but...make the entire presentation a concerted assault on his character and temperament." So profound was the advice...BRANDY began to go down to the harbor each day and listen to the murmur of the waves describing her decision."


When a Las Vegas casino was asked if it would hire U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) as a casino toilet attendant...the answer was: "absolutely not". One casino manager noted, "When a person enters a casino toilet area...we want the experience to be comforting and pristine...two things that will obviously be lacking should we employ such despicable people as Schumer."


In Nashville...President Trump is about to address a gathering of farmers. While previous presidents refused to attend that conference since they didn't wish to hear about the enslavement of the farmer by their beloved big grab government....Big Don will arrive as a LIBERATOR. It's likely he'll mention ESTATE TAX deletion is imperative but is being opposed by the freedom-hating Democrats. VIVA TRUMP!
*Freedom-hating Democrats want big grab government to decide who eats much...and...when. They know they can control people by such diktat. It's despicable! U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL). chuckled about how many farms in Florida he has witnessed die and disappear because of his beloved socialist ESTATE TAX. "I love watching farms disappear. I makes my left leg tingle," quipped scumbag-Nelson.


In IRAN...the BASJI,...a volunteer militia under the Iranian Revolutionary blasting away at anyone trying to oppose the Iranian THEOCRACY. President Trump has dispatched teams to assist in assassinating REGIME personnel...assisting thereby in undermining and eliminating Iranian tyrants.

In 2009...OBAMA had the same chance as President Trump has now to delete the grip of the EVIL MULLAHS...but...being as much of a freedom-hater as the mullahs...OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...permitted the BASJI to slaughter and maim...chuckling about the blood and screams his agents were able to capture for him for his viewing pleasure on his home video screen.


"Oh my god!" exclaimed the leadership of the NAACP when they saw unemployment among blacks at its lowest levels* since President Trump took office. "We must riot...burn tires...break bank windows...and...march day and night singing socialist worker songs. We want them unemployed and dependent...victims of industry...but...Big Don is out-sailing us." Listening to their lament...U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) injected, "Why not cause trouble at the national football championship game between Georgia and Alabama? It'll have prime time coverage...and...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA will gladly use their TV cameras to capture the SCRIPTED PROTEST."
*During the tribal socialist era of TEAM OBAMA...Afro-Americans suffered mightily. While socialist statisticians would never publish as much...real numbers demonstrated blacks were in trouble and ignored.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


When Obama and scumbag-Democrats were destroying liberty...the MASS MEDIA was celebrating. They wanted America to be a socialist toilet. Hence...that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office was never attacked because he was a fellow-traveler intent on ruining America and reducing it to what is found in the bowels of Africa.

When Hillary-the-hag...during her tenure as Secretary of State...was fleecing people in her intricate "pay-to-play" scheme...the MASS MEDIA looked the other way. BRIAN KAREM...for example...knew she was stealing money from America...but...because she...herself...was a devout freedom-hater...he ignored her racketeering...preferring to frame her aspect as "GENIUS AND FIT FOR OFFICE."

Nowadays...with TEAM-TRUMP dismantling...albeit slowly...their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE...however...the FREEDOM-HATING MASS MEDIA is calling TRUMP such things as "ignorant"...clumsy"..."unfit"...along with a host of other opprobrious epithets. Indeed...the MASS MEDIA has raised up LIAR-MIKE of FIRE AND somehow the last-word on the fitness of President Trump to run the federal government.


Because of the great accomplishments so far seen in the tenure of  President Trump...he's been called "unfit" by scumbag-Democrats and their allies. They hate him for liberating the enslaved from the clutches* of BIG GRAB GOVERNMNT. Had Big Don...however...attacked what little liberty remains in America...and...done so as viciously as that dung-throwing monkey who just departed the Oval Office...he be called: GENIUS.
*There is so much more deleting and eliminating to do. There are 3.78 million federal employees most of whom need to be sent home with nothing more than thank you notes and fruit nothing! They deserve public ridicule and shunning, (think LOIS PERNER or BRUCE OHR).


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he was going to attack pot-users and pot-growers. He hated people not living the same "gray little life" he suffers. "I want people to suffer. I want to instill fear and trepidation. Yes...I'm only 5 foot NAZI underlings will carry out my orders. I am all-powerful!" screamed Sessions when confronted with the idiotic approach he had chosen.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


While this BLOG has supported "open borders" for hassle...kind of open trade between Mexico, Canada and all other countries...nonetheless...what President Trump has proposed when addressing border security is better than what has been done previously. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump...during the presidential campaign in 2016...was mocked by socialist-Democrats when he told the unemployed Afro-Americans, "What do you have to lose?" Instead of following the diktat of their Democrat-masters...they listened to Big Don and chose him and his allies to lead America. January of 2018...a quite reluctant TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA and its Democrat allies had to acknowledge the unemployment among minorities had dipped to its lowest levels ever recorded. VIVA TRUMP!

30,000 parasites

According to rumors...30,000 federal employees are receiving over $190,000 per year for work that in the private sector wouldn't fetch better than $2000 per month, at best. How are Americans permitting such parasites? Why have Americans permitted this kind of enslavement of the taxpayer? When will it stop? VIVA TRUMP....DRAIN THE SWAMP, DON!
* In a candid moment...STEVE BANNON declared, "There must be a mass cleansing...eliminating...deleting...and...sending these lousy whatever they back into whatever hole from whence they came with only a fruit basket and thank-you note for their so-called selfless drooling public pension...not anything. And as they leave they need to be spat upon and groin kicked."

"sloppy Steve"

Steve collaboration with Mike Wolff...attacked President Trump. Once cut out of the TRUMP-TEAM...Bannon needed some funding. He met Mike inveterate liar and all-around jerk...and...together they produced FIRE AND FURY...a scathing attack on Big Don and his illustrious family. Bannon even took liberties with rumor and innuendo casting them as fact when all the while knowing them to be LIES. But...when you're trying to make money off someone else's stardom...almost anything is likely, eh "sloppy" Steve?


Holman W. Jenkins, inveterate liar and all-around he left the Wall Street Journal office...was struck by human-dung many struck him that he looked like a walking brown scarecrow. He was told...if he continued LYING about President Trump...the barrage would continue,(WSJ A-11;01-06-18).


Autherine Lucy attempted to speak to an audience about liberty and tolerance of opposing viewpoints. She wasn't able to deliver her speech because her audience shouted her down. How dare she espouse freedom. They wanted her to demand enslavement of the producer and the imposition of socialism. When she rebuked them for such nonsense...she became a marked lady...whose statement would never reach the world. U.S. Senator DOUG JONES(D.Ala) laughed* at the "shout-down" pointing out that LUCY'S message of liberty didn't sell nowadays in Alabama noting his election proved Alabamians want to be slaves with him as their would-be master.
*Although scumbag-Jones did not know it...on the campus of the University of Alabama...a statue of LUCY was unveiled.


Some years ago...STEVE HOLMES was asked why he wanted to kill birds. Naturally...HOLMES...leader of the American Bird Conservancy...denied he wished such a thing. Yet...when confronted with the BODY COUNT...he chuckled and replied, "So what if we delete the bald eagle. It represents liberty and that disgusts me. With my wind farms and huge sun-generators...located in strategic places...we slaughter thousands of winged critters. It made my left leg tingle as I walked though a wind farm recently and found the remains 3456 eagles. At the pace were going...GREEN ENERGY will wipe out the birds. I love the idea."


Man-made global warming advocate, ALBERT GORE...stood at the border of the United States and Canada and bid Mother Nature stop her attack on America with such blistering cold weather. He was demonstrating how mankind can change climate simply by bidding nature go elsewhere to peddle its cold-and-nasty. While critics of that theory laughed at such ignorance and stupidity...GORE'S followers...of last count...there were 3 billion like-minded adherents...joined in the entreaty...insisting their protestations be heard...their demands met. WOW!

Friday, January 5, 2018


A book praising President Trump would not sell very well. However...a scathing commentary by a one-time aide to Big Don would. In FIRE AND FURY...Mike Wolfe blasted TRUMP in every way possible relying...of course...on the recollection of Steve Bannon...that back-stabber. While NONE of the assertions are factually-based...nonetheless...the freedom-haters will BUY that book so they can continue their hate-parade. VIVA TRUMP!

two agendas

There are obviously two agendas afoot when it comes to the myth of man-caused climate change. One group wishes mankind to return to a romantic time...a time of tent and mule...a time when people would sit around campfires and dance till dawn. The other bunch wants to demonstrate that everything observed is natural....that one cannot with spoon and bucket dip the ocean dry.

Recently...a United Nations team...seeking to bolster their idea of man-made global warming...went to a part of the ocean notorious for its lack of oxygen...and...declared the world was coming to an end and that government must remove all liberty and replace it with Eco-fascist: freedom-to-obey. of the global warming crowd admitted man can't change the weather or the amount of oxygen in the oceans...but...she'd be fired if she were to tell the world her team is busy selling a HOAX.


Ah...yes...big boy button. The "little fella" told President Trump that he has a nuclear button on his desk. In response...President Trump informed that sadistic dictator that he had a NUKE-BUTTON on his desk as well...but...unlike "rocket man"...his works.