Friday, January 12, 2018


Removal of Taliban from Afghanistan was a priority for BUSH-CHENEY and they failed. President Trump doesn't much care about victory so much as preventing Afghanistan from becoming a staging area for would-be assassins and terrorists similar to what was there in 2003.

Facing this kind of situation in January of 2018 would have flummoxed the best of leaders. But...Big Don is more than what has come to be known as a leader. He's a Titan...a giant...and...he knows how to eliminate and secure. Such is "why" he dispatched WAR-BOT(tm) that DRONE and air combined...all before the onslaught little more than soon-to-be rubble and ruin sublimed.

Yes...folks...robots with guns and attitude...marching around Afghanistan...ready to obliterate or accommodate...and....always looking for terrorists and would-be assassins...snuffing them instantly...and...assuring thereby the neighborhood free of such menace. VIVA TRUMP!

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