Wednesday, February 21, 2018

28 Democrat U.S.House seats

Yes...folks...28 Democrat seats in the U.S.House of Representatives are up for grabs in 2018. If Republicans offer a message of liberation...promising more tax cuts...more spending cuts...more prosperity...the Democrats will be left offering their constituents NANNY STATE MIASMA...something even Venezuelan President Maduro can't sell to his enslaved population.

Equally available is the U.S. Senate seat held by Bill "scumbag" Nelson(D.FL). Governor Rick Scott...if he were to announce his candidacy for that esteemed position...he could defeat this jackal...this "hater-of-farmers"...this socialist pig-eyed bag of drool. VIVA SCOTT!


Every massacre occurred because victims were unarmed and the security guards with guns arrived too late. Aaron Freis...a football coach at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...lacked a gun but he used his body as a shield so that students could escape slaughter. The armed guard was across campus and arrived too late to save those 17 people from doom.

What has the parents of the dead children so many told President Trump at that LISTEN that there were notifications of what was about to enforcement didn't react to provide a web of protection. It seemed as if the massacre was not to be stopped because it would give political advantage to the DEMOCRATS.


MASS MEDIA has been showing several students chanting: WHERE'S RICK SCOTT? Although the leader of that chant is a well-paid BILL NELSON crowd-organizer and malcontent...never would the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA reveal as much.

No...folks...the MASS MEDIA is in the tank for U.S. Senator Bill "scumbag" Nelson, (D.FL)...a jerk who has been exploiting the Stoneman Douglas massacre in ways almost demonic.

The MASS MEDIA overlooks such exploitation...though...because BILL NELSON is dedicated to imposing socialism on America and reducing Florida to something resembling Venezuela.


As ridiculous as it sounds...children in a Tallahassee rally declared they felt GUILTY that they had survived and their peers had not. The idea was idiotic...and...caused most adults to react with "WHAT?"

Folks...the shooter was known to law enforcement. The FBI had been told there was going to be a school shooting and Nikolas Cruz was the "would-be" shooter. enforcement...local and federal...did not react to such data. As one FBI insder recently pointed out, "Had the tipster just mentioned illegal drugs or jihad...NIKOLAS CRUZ would have been accosted and killed by an instantaneous respnse from all law enforcement wherever situated in Florida...S.W.A.T. teams...helicoper gunships...batallions of well-armed storm troopers...all sent to STOP this menace. But...without that "additional" sweeetner...that TIP was pushed aside."


Around Damascus there are rebel enclaves...rag heads who don't like President Assad or his Russian helpers. Unfortunately...because there isn't any way to negotiate with these malcontents...bombing and barrage were chosen as better bargaining tools than rhetorical interface.


President Trump whose reaction to the recent St. Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was to ask "why" did the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...when it received two "life-in-danger" notifications...SIT ON THAT DATA...never act on that NOTICE...never raise that ALERT to an "ACTION-EVENT". What bottleneck was there in place which kept that CRITICAL DATA from reaching the Miami FBI field office so that NIKOLAS CRUZ could have been accosted...disarmed...and...confined for "mental health evaluation"?

With that question pulsing in his dome...President Trump offered to have a "listening session"...a meeting between him and massacre suvivors. Knowing FREEDOM-HATERS would demand GUN CONTROL when that was not the "cause" of massacre...he concluded he should remain "silent"...and..."listen".


As if to assist these traumatized children who survived the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...this BLOG dispatched helpers to Tallahassee to tell these misguided children the failure of government personnel was the SOLE CAUSE of the slaughter at that Parkland, Florida high school. The FBI had notification..specific data...and...the FBI did not react...did not do their job...and...17 people died on Valentine's Day. The GUN LAWS were not the CAUSE. The failure-to-act on the part of people paid to perform that very task obviously constituted the CAUSE.

But...there isn't any political advantage to uttering a DIATRIBE about such nonfeasance when the MASS MEDIA wishes there be some outcry for GUN that such slaughter can become commonplace. every expert has said: "HAD THERE BEEN ARMED TEACHERS...NIKOLAS CRUZ WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT DEAD BEFORE HE EVER FIRED HIS FIRST ROUND FROM HIS AR-15."


Short-sell Walmart? Yes...borrow WALMART shares...sell them...and...tomorrow buy WALMART and return the shares. If the price of the subject shares went dwn...the difference in sell-and-buy is a tidy profit and one which can be repeated as long as the market is going down and Walmart shares are losing their value,(WSJ B-13;02-21-18).

What has many short-sellers worried enough to stay the prospect for of a DOW at 30,000 or higher as more and more capital floods into America to take advantage of security and tax benefits recently promulgated by TEAM-TRUMP.

bankrupt socialists

Venezuelan President Maduro promised INVESTORS the national bitcoin(PETRO) would be a sound and stable currency. When asked about the hyperinflation of the worthless that a $100,000 BOLIVAR won't buy a BEZOS BANANA( think 7 cents)...MADURO laughed and said investment always carries with it an underlying RISK...noting that as a socialist...he spends other people's money...and...those who use the PETRO...will be handsomely least for a season.


Qualcomm,Inc. discovered recently there were others interested in NXP Semiconductors NV...and...the $44 billion Qualcomm was offering was peanuts compared to the offer delivered by this BLOG. The deal-making is fast and furious...with only the most intrepid enjoying victory,(WSJ B-1;02-21-18).

General Qassem Soleimani said so

Reporting only to Ayatollah Khamenei...General Qassem Soleimani has become a well-known leader in Middle Eastern geo-political realms. Holding one of the largest caches of bitcoin...and...commanding a QUD FORCE of 25 million eager-to-die helpers...when he speaks...rag heads listen. When he declared camel dung was to be used by "true belivers" as a spice for tea and not an aphrodisiac...for example...every Shiite threw away aphrodisiac and commenced sipping,(WSJ A-18;02-21-18).


Ezekiel of the authors of OBAMA-CARE...grew angry and scared when he observed nurses and others removing patients from the hospital wing where the fire was consuming everything. He wanted to be removed FIRST...he was an author of OBAMA-CARE...he deserved special treatment...he was one of the ruling elite...and...he did not wish to wait his turn...a wait that might be too long and death-by-fire suffered.

"I'm EZEKIEL EMANUEL!" shouted ZEEK as he watched other patients*...patients who had not paid one dime for their care...all subsidized...all paid for by others...and...they were getting FIRST CLASS TREATMENT while he was told to wait his turn and not to whine or scream for preferential consideration. To one nurse...ZEEK screamed, "I am a socialist. I force people to do as I wish. I destroyed the medical service industry...and...for that destruction...I deserve to be treated as if some god...worshiped and obeyed. Now...stop helping that homeless knave and be about extracting me from what seems to be a total-loss situation."(WSJ A-17;02-21-18).
*Although Emanuel won't ever admit it...the free market is the best way to deliver health care to everyone. Ezekiel created a government morass wherein to survive doctors and hospitals must look for the worst possible health problem and then grab money based on such "worst case" approach. Hence...a $9,500 government payment through the socialist system this jerk helped create blossoms to $27,000.


Special "stooge" Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians for election law violations...but...ignored TEAM-CLINTON who had done the same things. Somehow...because HILLARY-THE-HAG has so much "dirt" on so many politicians and their cronies...these "closet-hiders" can't attack without suffering counterattack. Hence...the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S.Injustice Dept. won't examine or prosecute TEAM-CLINTON.


Billy Graham died at the age of 99 years. He was a well-known evangelist and brought the message of Jesus to the world. God speed, Billy.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"never again" march?

Folks...a march to make demand government evict the would-be masters...and...dismantle their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE...such a march means something to every liberty-lover and a march easily joined.

In onctrast...a MARCH to impose GUN take away the dissolve the right to bear arms...such a MARCH is not one freedom-lovers intentionally join. the "never again" march among the attendees are victims of school shootings. These people want NO MORE GUNS...never admitting* their TRAVAIL was due to "NO GUNS TO DEFEND".

Folks...the solution is to arm the tellers...train-workers...subway employees...and...a host of other job-decriptions...with only the head honcho of law enforcement in possession of the BLACK PANTHER LIST...the names of those with guns...guns ready to be pulled and fired...guns ready to defend against the next NIKOLAS CRUZ...the demon of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
*Everyone of those victims had to acknowledge the POLICE are ALWAYS "too late"...always arriving after the slaughter...after the carnage which could have been averted or constrained by weapon-bearing people inside the target area.


How were the 13 Russians to be prosecuted if they're not in America? Were they to be tried in absentia...the empty seat approach? What nonsense afoot has not been fully's likely to be remarkably idiotic.

Indeed...FBI-insiders pointed out there were not any ready, willing and able a grand jury context...the prosecutor need only assert there are such witnesses in order to secure an indictment. As this official-insider said, "Had a Russian arrived and said, "OKAY...PALE FACE...PROVE IT"...the prosecutor would eventually have to tell the court there are not any witnesses...just rumor and innuendo."

Hence...the 13 Russians won't ever see a courtroom...and...once the INDICTMENT'S usefulness as a MASS MEDIA "hurt-Trump-with-it" bludgeon has'll be ignored and lost somewhere ni the CLOUD.


The combination of forces envisioned by JOHN in Revelations which will bring about destruction are headed for Armaggedon. That President Trump would be able to avert such calamity was also foreseen...although the name of Donald J. Trump was so encrypted...only by adroitly channeling Champollion...was Big Don's messianic aspect gleaned. VIVA TRUMP!


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the recent indictment of 13 Russians and what it meant to TEAM-TRUMP. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she responded with a delightful ditty: "Got a basketball Jones."


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told the attendees at the Munich Conference recently he wasn't about to permit IRANIAN FORCES to be staged on Israel's southern border with Syria. If Israel found it would strike TEHRAN. In response...Ayatollah Ali Khamenei whispered, "The JEW will wander Sinai once more."(WSJ A-9;02-21-18).


As Ludwig von Mises in HUMAN ACTION pointed out, "Open trade begets peace." Taking that idea to another level...Senator Kamala Harris, (D. Ca) declared, "Never does the Mulsim kill his banker or baker." Indeed...recently...Israeli and Egyptian businesses are trading natural gas and oil derived from facilities constructed by the Israeli government,(WSJ A-8;02-21-18).


Turkey is the sworn enemy of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Using the tenets of the ART OF WAR...such knowledge was used by the KURDS to seek protection from Assad's troops so that AFRIN might remain within the KURD area of control,(WSJ A8;02-21-18).


As Mariano Lopez was led away to an awaiting SUV in an ICE roundup...on a second stroy balcony his wife cried and his 3 children wept. Lopez had been convicted of battery and had served a 90 day jail sentence making him eligible for deportation. A cub reporter accompnanying the ICE UNIT asked the wife "why" she had called the police that night and had done what needed to be done to put her husband in jail and eventually into that ICE van. The blubbering wife instantly stopped crying and began to berate Mariano...telling the reporter he was a drunkard...a foul-mouthed bully...but...paid the rent and the light bill,(WSJ A-3;02-21-18).


President Putin was correct when he said Russia did not rig the 2016 election. However...witch-hunts and inuendo can carry a theory farther than rational consideration and the theory that Russia somehow sowed discord in America beginning in 2014 is nonsense. As for the 13 Russians indicted...these are fall-guys...defendants whose activities don't amount to criminal misconduct. On the other hand...TEAM-CLINTON was doing the SAME THINGS and was commended for ingenuity and political savvy,(think Chris Steele dossier).

Following this idiotic theory of Russian puppeteering...FACEBOOK somehow was an unwitting ally. To correct this "access point"...the NANNY STATE will from now on control content much in the same way as CHINA controls publication of its domestic aspect. If you wish to publish something on FACEBOOK which deals with the ruling'll be censored...excised...and...its author warned NEVER AGAIN attempt to elucidate or entreat,(WSJ A-1;02-21-18).

Monday, February 19, 2018


Privately...FBI Director Chris Wray told his inner circle it was good that mayhem manifested in Parkland, Florida...just in time to help U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) get re-elected."


As the shooter went room to room killing people...some asked themselves "why" they had permitted others to pass laws that prevented them from defending themselves. Yes...when they signed up for the JOB...they knew one of the obvious hazards was: SCHOOL SHOOTER. accepting the JOB...these teachers and administrators assumed the RISK...assumed the potential for a NIKOLAS CRUZ to come to campus and slaughter. But...because TEACHERS' UNION stuff never addresses such RISK...the teachers* were left unprotected.
*Coach Aaron Freis...for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School... held the door open for children to escape although NIKOLAS CRUZ was facing Aaron and fired several .223 bullets blowing bucket size holes in this valiant hero.


Had the police or the FBI been told NIKOLAS CRUZ was a "pot-smoker"...or...was a Muslim jihadist with plan to ARMY would have attacked CRUZ' S house: S.W.A.T...Apache Helicopters...Marine division...batallion of Abrams Tanks...and...B-2 bombers dispatched from Ankara...all headed to stop NIKOLAS CRUZ...the 19 year old WHO had been identified as a SCHOOL SHOOTER...someone who would perform such massacre without conscience.

However...all the NOTIFICATIONS delivered to LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel were never collated...never examined...never investigated...but...left ignored...left untouched...left in some agent's "in-bin". When asked "why" such lack of concern...FBI Director Chris Wray declared, "We would have responded instantly had the tipsters mentioned JIHAD or DRUGS. Had they mentioned either one of those topics...the entire state of Florida would have been placed under marshal law...this SCHOOL SHOOTER "all-clear" whistle heard."


STORMY DANIELS signed a "non-disclosure" agreement in exchange for $130,000.00 wherein she promised never to discuss prior sexual involvement* she might have had with Donald J. Trump. When asked about this pay-off...Ms. Daniels' helper interceded and said, "It's like two riders on the same bus. Neither one can get off...and...hence...must ride to the very end...together...come what may."
*Edward G. Robinson in the movie, DOUBLE INDEMNITY tells the culprit about a BUS RIDE.


U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff,(D.Ca) was overheard telling a compatriot, "Keep the hell hound tracking. I don't care if there isn't any real evidence. When did real proof ever stop the Injustice Dept? They'll do our* Donald J. Trump around Perdition's Horn before they give him up."
*Schiff demonstrated his keen awareness of prophecy when he alluded to MOBY DICK and Ahab's sylloquy about chasing him.

LADY ELIZABETH was asked about Schiff and instantly delivered her own prose:

"I'd smite the face of God...if he insulted me...I'd stand and view Medusa's head had it but defied me to see...and...I'll chase that great white fiend unto the bowels of hell...that great white fiend whose death will be when slayed where demons dwell."


 Cameron Kasky...a survivor of the masscare at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...demanded GUN CONTROL...removal of all guns...disarming everyone...doing what must be done to make sure only the police and the "shooter" have guns...leaving everyone else as be slaughtered as they were slaughtered at Stoneman Douglas. When asked about this possible scenario...similar to what happened at his high school...CAMERON LASKY was unable to frame a response*....the politicians behind KASKEY'S lament had not told him how to react to such inquiry.
*As the shooter was walking from room to room slaughtering students and helpless of the children asked CAMERON KASKY, "Hey...Cameron...aren't you sorry teacher don't have guns?"


President Trump was correct to declare VINDICATION when Special Counsel Mueller saw fit to indict 13 Russians and...then...dispatch Rob "stooge" Rosenstein to tell America that there were not any Americans involved in the criminal misconduct embodied in the indictments.

What has some officials "how" did TEAM CLINTON escape condemnation when its effort was not only as DRAMATIC but as INVOLVED as what the indicted-Russians are accused of doing? The FALSE NARRATIVE concocted to chase Donald J. Trump was authored by TEAM-CLINTON and its on-going appeal to Trump-haters attests to the value of the "DIRT-ON-TRUMP" campaign..


Ah...yes...American scambags can lawfully emit propaganda but the Russians can't pay people to emit competing offered to thwart...eluidate...confound...and...deliver whatever message Russian wizards felt usable in their overall plan to RIG ELECTIONS in America.

Indeed...underscoring this dichotomy...U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff,(D.Ca) said he was angry the Russians hacked Democrat computers and then used that purloined data to deliver the election to Donald J. Trump. When asked if not the "stolen" data revealed illegal activity on the part of TEAM-CLINTON and its operatives...SCHIFF choked on his quick digression...declared President Trump stole the election and used RUSSIAN ASSISTANCE to accomplish the feat.


Gun Control was rapid and organized...and all guns were removed from the nation...all guns except thoise assigned to specific police officers...each of those guns accounted for 24/7 365. Richard Martinez...who lost his son-Chris in a 2014 mass murder...was one of the authors of this gun-vacuum such that people felt safe because only police had guns.

However...while on a train...from train car to train car...a shooter walked shooting passengers...those who saw doom approaching fled to the last car.. Dashing to the last train car...already packed with frightened passengers...was RICHARD MARTINEZ...his well-trimmed white beard his calling card dripping with drool-like fear. "You must let me into that last car...I'm the one who disarmed everyone so you must permit my survival. Let me in! And...if there is someone in there who has a gun...hand it out to me so I might defend myself. Sure...I was wrong...and...I'm ready to admit it. But...if there is a GUN in that last car...hand it I might defend myself."

"dialogue and war"

Okay...North Korea told the world it was ready for "dialogue and war"...offering such guns and butter interface as a solution to all-out conflict. In response...Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said if the "little fella" didn't negotiate towards a peaceful solution...America would increase its sanctions...pressuring that hermit nation even more. When asked if it were not such bullying which pushed the Japanese to commit PEARL HARBOR...Tillerson smiled and demurred, "Yes...such embargoes caused attack. Unlike back then...however...we're expecting attack. We're ready to obliterate should they choose attack instead of dialogue."


If the indicted Russians did attempt to RIG THE 2016 ELECTION...then...TEAM-CLINTON must also be indicted...all of them...Hillary...John Podesta...Bruce Ohr...Lisa Page...and...a host of other miscreants and erstwhile cronies. They did more than the indicted Russians to RIG the 2016 ELECTION.

Hillary-the-hag...for example...paid $12 million for a TRUMP SLAM-BOOK(think Chris Steele dossier) whose author paid Russians for anti-Trump data. Using DEEP STATE operatives...TEAM-CLINTON began to organize an attack on Donald J. Trump...hoping a fire in his part of the woods would draw attention away from her misconduct. And part of that attack was usage of the SLAM BOOK...usage which amounted to "authorized spying" on TEAM-TRUMP.


Nineteen year old NIKOLAS CRUZ stood shackled in Broward County Circuit Court clad in a red jump suit with his erstwhile Public Defender(P/D) standing beside him at the podium. When given her opportunity to address the court, the P/D referred to CRUZ as a child.

So miffed were the parents of the 17 slain children...they began to hiss and boo the P/D when she left the office for the day. One parent...clad in black...approached the blonde-haired P/D dressed in her stylish pant-suit and began to sing loudly:



Citizen notification was well-documented in the NIKOLAS CRUZ murder-case...with the Federal Bureau of Investigation TWICE notified; and the local police 36 times called to the house of the murderer. All of this notification went unheeded. And...left undeterred...CRUZ went to a high school similar to the one described by him as a site of mass slaughter...and...killed 17 people wounding many more.

However...the FAILURE TO ACT...the NONFEASANCE...the reckless disregard for potential mayhem...all such shortcomings of law enforcement personnel have been dramatically overlooked by the MASS MEDIA preferring to blame President Trump and the National Rifle Association for the masscare at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Removal of guns through some kind of half-baked GUN CONTROL leaves the next batch of victims defenseless from sudden-surprise-attack...the kind which happens more often than not. The solution is to have ARMED TEACHERS...equipped with firepower so that when the next scumbag-with-weapon arrives to unleash death and destruction...that perpetrator is met by a hail of .38 and .45 bullets...blowing that demon into little pieces. VIVA TRUMP!


Folks...the hacking-trail to RUSSIA is preposterous. Indeed...shortly after President Trump was elected...a CIA-whistleblower revealed software which left "false trails"...the user selecting the "unfortunately fall-guy". U.S. Rep. Schiff(D.Ca) knows as much but if he were to admit "false trail"...he'd lose his position as chief TRUMP-HATER.


U.S. Rep. Bill Posey has represented the Treasure Coast with skill and boldness. He will continue to be our voice in Congress...fighting for lower taxes...less spending...and...more freedom in the marketplace. VIVA POSEY!


Throughout recorded history...prophets and others have claimed to hear from divine sources. Recently when Vice President Mike Pence said he heard from and spoke to Jesus...JOY BEHAR concluded Mike was "mentally ill". However...had he said he had channeled KARL MARX or MAO...the same JOY BEHAR would call him "gifted"..."oracle-of-value"...and...other glorious lables. The hatred of Behar for liberty was OBVIOUS.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


A vial of Adam Schiff drool* was placed on display at the Democratic National Committee headquarters so that Democrats could kneel at that alter and pray. While some might call it idol worship...most voters labeled it disgusting. How about you?
*Adam Schiff knows the computers at the Democratic National Committee(DNC) were NOT HACKED by the Russians but he has joined in blaming them nonetheless since it might advance his chances of winning in the 2018 election cycle. The FBI wanted to examine the DNC computers and were rebuffed. The conclusion the computers were hacked came from CROWD STRIKE...a computer compnay which scutinizes hard drives for hacking. Equally troubling about SCHIFF is he has told the world he's angry about Hillary's emails being grabbed so they could be published...defining that "revelation-exercise" categorical theft. No wonder Demcorats worship that VILE VIAL.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Critical of the lackluster performance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) specific TIP from a concerned citizen could be mishandled...and...ignored...Florida Governor Rick Scott framed his disgust, "A frantic June Allison would look at Lassie and ask, "Where's Timmy?" And...Lassie would bark. June Allison would say aloud, "Timmy's at Box Canyon?" And Lassie would bark. Allison would then add, "He's hanging by one hand on a ledge a thousand feet from the canyon floor?" Again...Lassie would bark. In such manner...Lassie told mom where her son was located and in what peril the child found himself."


Kellyanne Conway was asked the obvious failure of the FBI to interdict the slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...while Obama was in office (2009-2017)...became so infested with jackals and knaves...political hacks and servile cronies...that "when" a REAL TIP arrived...a TIP ABOUT MASSACRE...there wasn't anyone to receive that TIP...and...definitely...not anyone to investigate the TIP."

biggest one-day gain in 5 years

The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA was all too ready to jump on the "Trump-stock-market-crash" when the DOW fell from 26,400 to somewhere around 23,700...but...that same MAS MEDIA is strangely SILENT about the "just arrived" biggest stock market gain in 5 years...a "come-back" as short-sellers take profits and others attempt the same "harvest". Not anywhere but here at this BLOG was there any mention of the dynamics of a stock market and "why" there are leaps and valleys.

Friday, February 16, 2018


What would compel most people to conclude conspiracy was afoot to rig the 2016 election? about the fact FBI Director James Comey was drafting an exoneration letter 60 days before he ever interviewed Hillary-the-hag. Equally troubling...obvious-actors were permitted to destroy their computers and cellphones. Indeed...FBI personnel destroyed computers as well...eliminating TRAIL...and...obviously affording protection thereby.


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was on-scene to assist grieving families as the dead were identified.

Only later did Bondi learn the FBI had DATA on this SHOOTER as early as 01-05-18...but...had failed to notify local authorities.

Since the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School ni Parkland, Florida...however...the life story of NIKOLAS CRUZ has been published...a story about police-calls...threats to kill media bragging about desire to kill...and...neighbor-tales about ole-NIK introducing himself as a SCHOOL SHOOTER when people would drop by the house to visit with the people with whom he resided.


"I was backing out...and...because of the sun...I didn't see that white van. Fortunately...I missed colliding with that van with paper-thin margin to spare...a piece of paper separated the vehicles." To which the listening nurse injected, "At the hospital...we call that: "a near-miss".


These are the voyages of STARSHIP TRUMP...whose 8 year mission to dismantle the NANNY usher in the wondrous world of the otherwise unhampered boldly go where no leader has gone before. VIVA TRUMP!


LIGHT chases away DARKNESS...just as TRUTH stomps LIE...darkness can't remain...deception caught tied.

While many won't read ATLAS SRHUGGED...those who do are amused by how much the soothsayer AYN RAND has turned out to be.

 Even some of her dialogues in ATLAS SHRUGGED are almost word-for-word spoken by Democrats as they preach enslavement through socialism. predicted in that tome...scumbags have come forward praising "whip-and-chain". Senator Schumer...for an obvious instance of such scumbags...told a secret meeting the message they forged had to promise wonders and kingdoms of socialism lest they drown in Republican spate: DELETE THE NANNY STATE.


If the tip were about alleged wrong-doing on the part of Donald J. Trump...the FBI would have issued an ALL HANDS ON DECK kind of alert.

But...because the BEN it has come to be known...framed a high school massacre about to happen...the TIP never got out of the "FILE FOLDER"...never was sent to a field office to be examined...never sent to the Broward and Dade County Sheriffs...never sent to Governor Scott...never sent to the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement...never sent to local police...and...definitely...NEVER sent to possible targets in a RED LINE ALERT FORMAT.

No...folks...all such notification could have been done...machinery is in place for such to be done...but...because of the TRUMP-HATING afoot inside the FBI...those federal employees who could have stopped NIKOLAS CRUZ from slaughteing those children at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...either refused...or...ignored.


As Ronna McDaniels was making her way back to her table across the packed restaurant...she was stopped by bottleneck...a confluence of waiters...people looking for the bathroom...while others asking for directions to the pole-dancing bar. As she stood there...politely waiting for a gap to open through which she might squeeze...she came face to face with a cub reporter on a similar quest. Drawning near...nose-to-nose...the reporter recognized RONNA...said PARDONA...and...began to slice off questions about the Republican National Committee's message of liberation over subjugation.


"See something...say something?" a slogan most communities use to spread a web of observation...such that the unusual...the atypical...the abberant...the odd...the square in circle...such not only reported...but..investigated. Governor Scott adroitly erected such a web and was reliant on its components...each one well-oiled...each ready to deliver and reveal.

However...Governor Scott could not cover all holes. He was not in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) hence he could not direct the FBI agents to participate in his SAFETY NET. What he did not know was that the FBI was packed with Republican-haters...and...such masacre as occurred in Broward County at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...was envisioned as "good for Demcorats in 2018".

Indeed...not only did Governor Scott not know about this DEEP STATE AGENDA...but...most Floridians didn't know about it either. One such reporting citizen...Ben Bennight...for instance...graphically told the FBI...on 01-05-18...that there was a strange dude on social media and he was the kind of person who might very well commit a high school...maybe in retaliation for an expulsion...or...something such as that...compelling him to become be an angel of death...slaughtering indiscriminately...never sensing the horror inflicted.

By 02-14-18...though...following the HATE-TRUMP TEMPLATE...the FBI...never had checked* out Nikolas Cruz...never went to look...never did anything about the BEN BENNIGHT TIP...and...the SLAUGHTER they expected arrived.
*As if scripted...Democrat-vultures...such scumbags as: DEUTCH, NELSON, and SCHULTZ...arrived to declare GUN CONTROL NEEDED.


Why not repeal the 16th amendment of the U.S. Constitution and delete the 'whip-and-chain' such INCOME TAX SHACKLE represents? answer...BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT advocates and those whose entitlement dependent on derivative STOMP-AND-CHOMP program and policy demand that government must deliver whatever benefit their votes can marshal...without limit...without mercy...and...definitely without permission.


Governor Scott Walker...a Republican in a state packed with parasites...servile supplicants...and...cronies of every stripe and strip...had best tell voters he stands by President Trump but wishes to have even more tax cuts...more red tape cut...and...government handouts reduced. If he offers such a message of liberation...he'll defeat the Democrat who will offer "PIE IN SKY"as the solution to every problem...telling voters socialism while delivering misery and privation reduces everyone to the same level of if that outcome a prized aspect.


The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA concluded they could bombard TEAM-TRUMP 24/7 and eventually destroy it.

So far...President Trump and company are withstanding their incessant barrage...promising freedom-starved Americans the Republicans won't be deterred from dismantling this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Might President Trump be so powerful...backed so well by America's freedom-lovers...that the MASS MEDIA can't obliterate their TARGET?  Answering this question...LADY ELIZABETH declared, "The more hate...the more lies...the more venom the MASS MEDIA spews...the greater the voting bloc for TEAM-TRUMP!

stock rally?

The stock market is up and up...might tomorrow be's a some, understandable...for others, a spot which confounds. When the market was climbing it was due to Obama.

When the market self-adjusted...the MASS MEDIA blamed the FALL on TRUMP...declaring liberation of America from the grip of the NANNY STATE delivered such market-fall.

However...with the market climbing back as short-sellers take their profits...the MASS MEDIA is taciturn...refusing to reveal such market ascendance...and...quite unwilling to admit they were so WRONG about TEAM-TRUMP.


After Elon Musk shot that huge rocket into space and had the rocket engines return to the launch pad...people cheered such ingenuity. It's likely they cheer ELON MUSK when he reveals his lunar city where the chosen* can stay until the disaster on Earth subsides.
*Due to strike Earth n 2030...a 5 mile wide rock will deliver doom to life except that by ELON MUSK saved. When asked about the matter...MUSK replied, "When worlds collide said George Pal to his bride...I'll give you some terrible thrills."


RAJ SHAH...spokesman for White House...when ROB PROTER'S security clearance was mentioned...framed the imbroglio in terms of pilot to ground...PORTER didn't have the right "call sign".


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) appeared in Parkland, Florida to exploit the horrific massacre Nikolas Cruz unleashed on Valentine's Day. Although the MASS MEDIA didn't show it...NELSON was accosted by people who called him DESPICABLE and accused him of hating the farmer, refusing to back tax cuts and for imposing OBAMA-CARE on Floridians...things most Floridians believe to be disqualifying aspects. VIVA RICK SCOTT!


Mike Flynn was attacked and pled guilty to LYING never being told that FBI Director James Comey had concluded FLYNN had not lied in such fashion as to warrant prosecution. FLYNN'S defense team has demanded ROBERT MUELLER reveal such exonerating data so that FLYNN can have his plea/sentence overturned. What if TRUMP-FLYNN planned this entire scenario so that a BIGGER NET could be thrown over the "fishermen"?


The Freethinkers of Portland State University(FOPSU) told the world they were hosting a symposium on free speech...and...diversity of views. Their flyer stapled across Oregon and surrounding telephone poles notified the public of time/date/place/topic. The crowd expected was to be the largest ever assembled.

However...the freedom-haters didn't want such elucidation and warned FOPSU there would be "blood and terror" should the event be held. Undaunted...FOSPU alerted the local police who in turn alerted the National Guard who in turn alerted the President...who in turn alerted NATO and Israel.

Despite such WARNING...the event was held on campus at the Student Center. The air was crisp with excitement...even though...the 100,000 chairs remained empty. The speakers...all 50 of them...took turns speaking to that empty auditorium. They spoke about freedom and diversity. They described how Americans loved to breathe free and didn't much care for the snobs and aloof ruling elite...those who deigned to speak to those who were different or disliked,(WSJ A-17;02-16-18).


While there was an armed guard at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, he was not where the shooter was and could not get there before the shooter had committed slaughter and departed. The football coach...who stepped in front of the AR-15 in order to permit students the "time to escape"...was unarmed although he was "head of security". Somehow...only the "official guard" had a gun...a defect in school defense President Trump is about to correct. VIVA TRUMP!


The Republicans lack the courage to eliminate socialism in America. Somehow...they fear the MASS MEDIA and the parasites who demand the storeroom of others be plundered for their benefit. Take Senator Lamar Alexander,(R.TN) as an example of such cowardice. He has joined with socialist-Patty Murray(D.Wash) to push for more plundering...more grip and grab,(WSJ A-4;02-16-18).

"dreamers left by Dems"

When OBAMA and the Democrats had total power in 2009...they could have passed any law they wished. Instead of passing a nasty IMMIGRATION law...TEAM OBAMA chose to destroy 1/6th of the American economy with OBAMA-CARE. Nowadays...the same Democrats are refusing to join the Republicans in an effort to address the IMMIGRATION that in the 2018 election cycle they can tell their moronic supporters they fought for IMMIGRATION REFORM.,(WSJ A-1;02-16-18).

Thursday, February 15, 2018


A concerned citizen observed the antics of Nikolas Cruz on social media and alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) that there was an idiot out there who the next 48 hours...attack a high school and slaughter as many as he could...identifying NIKOLAS CRUZ as the potential demon.

Of course...because the FBI hates TRUMP and wants as much mayhem as possible...they sat on the ALERT...never once dispatching a team to observe...perhaps...shadow...spy upon...maybe conduct surveillance in the same passionate way as they "watched" CARTER PAGE?


For his presidential portrait...Obama chose an artist whose best known works are paintings of Afro-American ladies holding white women heads. Instead of denouncing such a poor choice...though...the MASS MEDIA could not find the words to praise Obama enough for his choice. They were ebullient about his selection of official-artist...and...drooled over the floral aspect in which the dung-throwing monkey was ensconced.


What calamity could make Uranus tilt in the way it's observed today? Might there be Super Nova stuff out hole menace...and...other imagined causes? Yet...mankind can't stop a madman from entering a school and slaughtering. What's up with power, these days?


Obama looked angry when he heard President Trump tell a dinner group Barak's portrait was the best poster he'd seen to warn people to be on the look out for a dung-throwing monkey. As Big Don put it, "When you hear "in-coming!"'ll know the source."


Broward County Sheriff Steve Israel greeted Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott...two FIRST-RESPONDERS...who arrived in Parkland to console the grieving parents of dead and wounded children...victims of a massacre inflicted by a 19 year old mentally deranged "expelled-from-Stoneman-Douglas" student.

At a public gathering of concerned citizens...the Sheriff told the world that Bondi and Scott were great leaders who deserved their support...a declaration the surrounding crowd cheered and applauded. Not stopping there...however...ISRAEL went on to demand more tax dollars for more deputies...more cannon...more aircraft and battleships and all the other stuff wizards say would have stopped NIKOLAS CRUZ from slaughtering all those people.


Although Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had an armed guard on-site...that protective mantle was elsewhere when the slaughter occurred. Nikolas Cruz knew where that armed guard would be...and...took advantage* of that that he might inflict horror and then escape before the guard was able to respond and oppose.
* F.Y.I to Rep. Ted Deutch...Mr. Gun Control himself...GUN CONTROL LAWS would not have stopped this killer from carrying out his plan. He would have ambushed students off-campus...or...detonated a well-hidden bomb...but...his intent to kill would not have been thwarted by GUN CONTROL LAWS.


U.S.Rep. Ted Deutch, (D.FL)...exploiting the tragic-slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...demanded GUN CONTROL...pointing out that only police should have guns. Of course...Ted has an armed guard with him 24/7 so that he's not assassinated...but...everyone else...the unwashed masses...they'll have to rely on the cop down the street...and...accept that "waiting period"...that first 5 minutes when all the carnage and mayhem is unleashed. What a guy. What a Democrat, eh Ted?

Nikolas Cruz: butcher

Into the 4000 student Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School came a butcher...armed with an AR-15. He began to shoot students as they fled from him. When a football coach saw the massacre in progress...he jumped in front of the shooter saving the lives of students as they took that moment to jump from windows and dash down stairs and hallways.

As soon as possible...Democrat-Senator Bill Nelson got on TV to tell Floridians that "many people died"...exploiting the tragedy as much as possible. In contrast...Governor Rick Scott dashed to the scene to assist and console...something aloof-Bill preferred not doing. As for the nasty...despicable MASS MEDIA...they began showing pictures of U.S. Senator TED CRUZ,(R.Tx) as if somehow attempting to "connect" this esteemed Senator to the butcher.


REBEKAH MERCER in many ways is a modern-day version* of JOAN OF ARC...leading a bewildered team against a mighty backed by a freedom-hating MASS MEDIA and envious mobs...parasite-packed and ready to gobble and destroy. Beside her...though...stand freedom-lovers...millions of Americans who sense liberty must be defended 24/7-365,(WSJ A-17;02-15-18).
*Rebekah Mercer has been asked to join the editorial board of this BLOG. Welcome aboard, Rebekah.

24-hour help

When Chinese president Xi Jinping issued his request for a flu drug...his need was instantly satisfied by the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG. It sent the software to XI DADA that can be used to create the "magic bullet" so to speak. The compound prepared by the computer-machinery stops the virus from hijacking the healthy cells...preventing virus replication. The flue virus simply becomes the food for the immune system's cohorts,(WSJ A-7;02-15-18).


Gandhi was told he could not go to the sea shore and grab a handful of salt. Such grabbing was ILLEGAL...punishable by flogging and imprisonment. Yet...Gandhi marched several hundred miles to the shore along the way attracting people to his cause until by him at that historical moment when he bent down to grab that handful of salt there stood a billion well-wishers. Of course...the British government personnel saw they were overwhelmed and stepped back. 2018...the march to make salt has arrived. In IDAHO...for example...BLUE CROSS will offer a health insurance plan that is cheap but lacks the 10,000 requirements of OBAMA-CARE...a law that still infects and harms this blessed land. Metaphorically...the leader of that valiant company has bent down and grabbed a handful of salt,(WSJ A-3;02-15-18).

It's as likely as not...because Big Don wants OBAMA-CARE deleted...he'll ignore the IDAHO gesture and direct his underlings to see to it the effort prospers and is used to implement such things in other needful states. VIVA TRUMP!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Dr. Good was sitting next to his car smoking a cigar when up came  a lady who demanded medical care right there. office is closed...I'M...on my home...I'm so disposed.  To such courteous reply...the indignant...suffering...lass...fumed, "We're in Oregon...and...the Oregon Constitution says I have the right to demand and receive access to cost-effective...medically appropriate and affordable health care. up that back that army of helpers about to leave the parking lot...and...satisfy my desire for healthcare. It's my constitutional right. I demand it. I demand it now!" (WSJ A-2;02-14-18).


In Oregon there might be a vote for an amendment to the state constitution saying the state must ensure that every resident of Oregon has access to cost-effective, medically-appropriate and affordable health care.

Yes...folks...if that amendment reside in Oregon and wish to have that kind of medical'll have to get it from some place other than Oregon.

Sure...the doctors from India and Pakistan where such nonsense is imposed will flood the market...but...American doctors...people you can understand...will depart for Florida...the Sunshine State...a place where innovation and freedom are cherished. VIVA GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT!


If socialism delivers paradise...a place where everyone sits around with their hands in each other's pocket telling themselves they're getting so many Venezuelans flee? Why are so many doing what they can to escape such paradise? Yes...there are no cans on shelves...and...eggs used for barter since the BOLIVAR* is socialist-paradise...privation and sacrifice the hallmarks of a well-functioning hive. So WHY do they flee?
*A $100,000 BOLIVAR is worth 7cents U.S. and storekeepers prefer keeping their 7 cents and not waste time with colored-paper. think...Senators CHUCK SCHUMER and ELIZABETH WARREN tell their audiences about the wonders of socialist paradise backed up by MASS MEDIA and PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS. Their seems...never sense the HORROR portrayed.

As seen in Venezuela...another place where people did not sense the horror to come from socialism...however...people finally saw shackle...indeed... the Venezuelans finally saw the whip-and-chain...finally saw their future painted not by them but by some scumbag-dictator...and...they fled.


"We must somehow halt the march* to make salt," whispered Senator Schumer(D.NY) at a secret Democrat-message meeting.

Injecting on that point...Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) declared, "We must push the idea that people don't build things...communities build them. I enjoyed telling millionaires and billionaires: "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT...OTHERS DID."

Listening to such chant and mantra...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) added, "I need a message that can fool Floridians...and...that 'you didn't build it stuff' will get me defeated."
*Gandhi led a world out of bondage when he walked peacefully to the ocean's edge...bent down...grabbed some salt...raised it up...and...declared that salt was from nature...that it was freely given by God...and...mankind must accept such gift without wall or platitude.


A former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, Florida has been arrested for the massacre there today. Early reports from concerned Democrats...including SENATOR BILL NELSON...reveal the shooter's motive was his hatred of capitalism and his support for the welfare state Bill Nelson loves so much. Of course...most Floridians know the motive was bubbling-anger from the incredible epiphany...that he was left out of the yearbook.


Asked about the potential for Mother Earth in 2030 to be struck by a rock stretching 5 miles end to end...ELON MUSK...Mr. SPACEX himself...replied, "When worlds collide said George Pal to his bride...I'll give you some terrible thrills."

"many people killed"

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) took advantage of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman High School telling the news outlets: "Many people have been killed."

Why would that scumbag exploit this horrific situation?

Yet...there he was drooling out "bad news"...trying to get* a sound-bite for the political campaign of 2018.
*Bill's script writers were waiting for a Florida tragedy so they could write the instance into the overall GUN CONTROL TV-AD they are creating for the 2018 Senate race in Florida. The political ad will show NELSON crying over the dead children...and...turning to the camera and asking for GUN CONTROL. SPEWING OUT: NO MORE GUNS. ONLY THE POLICE TO HAVE GUNS. YES...MANY MORE WILL DIE BECAUSE OF NO GUNS...BUT...AS A DEMOCRAT...IN NEED OF POWER TO CONTROL...I SAY: THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY MORE GUNS.


Preparing for the man-made climate change symposium...those mentioned as speakers on the agenda were comparing their scripts* such that all were on the same page so to speak. "We do not need some outlier...some wizard...some wonk telling the world we're charlatans and then proceed to reveal "why" we're tricksters...and...inviting those who have been hoodwinked by such ROYAL NON-SUCH to throw rotten eggs and groin kick when close enough," quipped Michael Mann...the scumbag-climate-dude from Penn State. Overlapping Mann's concern...Obama pointed out that LYING was easy so long as the MASS MEDIA never exposed TRUTH.
*In times past...the Sahara Desert was not desert but lush jungle and fertile plains...fed by rivers...streams...and...the abundance was incredible to behold. However...Mother Earth tilted differently...perhaps...a HUGE ROCK FROM SPACE did its handy-work...but...whatever was its cause...LUSH turned to SAND...and...such CHANGE had nothing to do with man!


Bill Clinton has been labeled "too toxic" to be used on the campaign trail in 2018. Even though the BIG DRAWING CARD in 2016 at any Democrat 2018...his popularity has dwindled. Even socialist-POLITICO has graphically depicted him as "toxic"...and...a "real turn-off" for voters...warning Democrats to avoid inviting him lest they find their auditorium empty.


Congressional investigators wondered about ROB PORTER'S dance card. The #METOO crowd didn't care since they were after Big Don.


U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) criticized the Republican tax cut identifying shortcomings and the groups who were left out. When he was finished with his diatribe...a cub reporter asked, "But you did not add to the tax cuts to assist those people you felt were not helped as much as did not vote for the tax cuts. You did not demand there be greater tax cuts to help those you saw as in need of more tax cuts. you are declaring the Republican tax cut did not help those you knew needed help. It's two-faced, is it not?"


Now...there is going to be an investigation into the ROB PORTER affair. While such fervor was not observed when Hillary-the-hag was caught operating a "pay-to-play" racket...when it comes to hurting President Trump...however...the questions have been bubbling forth: How did ROB PORTER get access to the most secret papers in America when he had not yet received his final clearance...a final clearance that was bottlenecked in an underling's office? How could this wife-beater be looking at the best kept secrets in the world?"


The SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG led the way in shale oil production...offering design changes from time to time to enhance shale oil extraction. Nowadays...American shale oil production is prolific delivering so much HIGH GRADE OIL that Americans can enjoy abundant cheap fossil fuel for a 1000 years in all directions. There is so much shale oil being produced...that all the socialist-oil-producing-nations are demanding President Trump stop shale production lest these socialist-toilets lose their way to pay for their respective SOCIALIST PARADISE. Venezuela...for instance...has lost so much oil business due to American shale oil production that the Maduro impoverished and destitute,(WSJ B-1;02-14-18).


Sipping Brooklyn bourbon...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) told U.S. Senate Majority Leader* Mitch McConnell(R.KY) that "dreamers" were insulated through "robe and gavel" referring to the recent ruling by a federal judge sitting in Brooklyn that enjoined and stopped DACA-ERADICATION by President Trump, (WSJ A-3;02-14-18).
*Mitch was miffed...insisting Kentucky bourbon was the only bourbon worth sipping.

MARCH 18th

Come March 19, 2018...Vladimir Putin will have been elected President of Russia. A majority of Russian voters will have shown they sense Russia has a chance to become a world-player in commerce...and...they wish to have President Putin pushing aside trade barriers and opening the way for Russian businesses. VIVA PUTIN!


Why do Venezuelans flee Venezuela? Why are they running away and not sitting around enjoying their socialist paradise...a paradise the Democrats wish to impose on Americans?

Into Columbia and other South American countries these beleaguered Venezuelans flee...looking for money...things they want their new spot to give them.

When one Venezuelan was asked "why" should the Columbian give such things to him...he chuckled and replied, "I am a socialist and all the wealth of the world belongs to me. All I need do is demand it and some government official will give it to me. Once I exhaust your a locust...I'll press on to the next that next fertile field where I'll demand their wealth through government-grip-and-grab. I left Venezuela because that cupboard was bare."(WSJ A-9;02-14-18).


Consumers of aluminum and steel had the chance to buy both at prices never before seen. Somehow...a glut of both items in China enabled the Chinese to offer such products to the world at rock-bottom prices...delivering to any buyer a marvelous benefit.

Reacting to such competition...producers of those two items in America demanded a TAX be levied raising the price of the Chinese stuff to the same "now-price" of the domestic producers. Yes...they didn't care about the consumer...these producers cared about their own bottom-line...a bottom-line they wanted protected by big tax government.

Similarly...the "fake-news" MASS MEDIA in America didn't want competition from the Russian "fake-news" outlets. As MSNBC Hard Ball Chris Matthews* added when asked about the Russian "fake-news" industry, "The Russians are more imaginative...more willing to include the subtle and discreet which consumers find much more appealing. We can't compete. We LIE and spew venom but viewers nowadays are tuning out such nonsense. Hence...the MASS MEDIA demanded there be some PUBLIC DEFENSE erected against Russian fake-news. I can't afford the competition."
*Chris Matthews was framed by FREEUSFLORIDA.COM. in the BLOG: "show me a sign"

spies everywhere

President Trump had to assume the undertaking he had chosen was fraught with spies and enemy-made hazards. So far...he's done well ducking and dodging dart and petard as he attempts to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a system Big Don knows leads to misery and privation...something he did not wish to leave to his heirs. These "assassins and moles" are in all forms and formats...some of which have been recently exposed* and are not any longer a DANGER...but...many other eyes-and-ears are afoot watching...and...preparing to pounce.
*Lu Wei...China's INTERNET REGULATOR...was recently accused of disloyalty and personal flaws...along with other crimes. Somehow...Lu Wei failed to perform as President Xi wished...and...the displeasure of XI DADA must be respected. VIVA XI!


Are freedom-haters an unwanted bunch nowadays? Answering that question...Kellyanne Conway replied, " Alan Blinder and William Galston...two well-known freedom-haters...erred when they met at a restaurant together...something they were warned never to do. Disregarding that WARNING...they met and were having a dialogue about how to enslave America...smothering America with more "red ape, tax and spend" program and policy...imposing more NANNY STATE spank and diaper check...when...suddenly...from out of the nearby crowd...came 5 well-dressed people who began to throw human-dung filled balloon at them...spitting on them...kicking them in the groin...and...throwing their plates of food on to their clothing."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


To the world...U.S. Intelligence officials said they expected the Russians to unleash a full wing "mess with" the 2018 election interfere by: HACKING...SOCIAL MEDIA...and...PROPAGANDA.

To thwart such anticipated intrusion...they recommended BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT take over the INTERNET...and...only those people with their permission entitled to use it. While they agreed such "nationalization" would stop innovation and push American had to be done lest the computers of the Democratic National Committee once more be open* for extraction.
*CROWDSTRIKE looked at the Democratic National Committee computers and declared Russians had hacked the DNC. However...the FBI was refused any "look-see" and to this day not any official inspection has been done of the DNC computers. Yet...the MASS MEDIA is declaring the RUSSIANS hacked the DNC...a declaration that is LIE!


SUSAN an email to herself...dated 01-20-17...appeared to be pulling a NIXON....preparing a TRAIL.

The Susan Rice authored email to herself is a STRANGE DECLARATION: Obama told me on 01-05-17 the work had to be by the book.

When that email was revealed...everyone who read that email instantly aloud asked, "as opposed to what?"

If not by the was it to be handled?

And if things on others shelves were not handled "by-the-book" the interest of due process...such cases...such instances...must be pulled out...examined...and...the WRONG corrected so that it can be said that "after-corrections" it was "by-the-book".

And it's this CLAW-BACK...this MEMORY-LANE stuff...which has frightened all the co-conspirators who did not do whatever they did or did not do "by-the-book" when the activity was or was not undertaken.


"Very well...I accept. I'll show you how a Prussian officer fights." To which Steiner* replied, "And...I'll show you...where the IRON CROSSES grow."

That exchange goes through the mind of U.S. Senator Blumenthal(D.Conn) every time he's cornered and asked: "WHY HE LIED ABOUT BATTLE LAURELS?"
*In the movie...CROSS OF IRON...Steiner asks Lieutenant Stransky "Why is this piece of metal so important to you?"


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu received several hundred thousand dollars in gifts.

One businessman...for instance...gave him a watch that turned out not to be a real Rolex Presidential...while another one...a newspaper dude...was given front row seats at news briefings in exchange for favorable news coverage particularly when it came to the Palestinian question. When such things...however were added to the cigars...limos...and...pole-dancers in the Casbah...the price tag skyrocketed to $200,000.00.

Somehow...GIFTS are now the evidence of the OLD TESTAMENT the rulers always were given booty and babes.


The duration of the reign of the Little fella" of North Korea might not be determined by President Trump. Indeed...the North Korean dictator's loss of power could be found in a reactionary group of underlings who don't wish to be obliterated* just so the "little fella"...centuries hence...can be called the GREATEST BUTCHER EVER...eclipsing even Hitler...Stalin...Castro...or...Chavez.
*Perhaps...there are lower level personnel who sense it's time to remove the tyrant...but...fear their effort might not be successful. While examining how Lyndon Johnson assassinated Kennedy...they saw they needed control of too many parts of the North Korean government apparatus to be victorious...opening losers to eradication.

JULY OF 2017

In JULY of 2017...the FBI delivered the "vetting-data" on ROB PORTER...the alleged wife-beater who had been hired as part of the White House staff. Somehow...that report...and...the graphic photos of black eyes and lopped off ears displayed therein...didn't reach President Trump or Chief of Staff John Kelly until a few days ago. The pipeline was clogged by someone...the reason for which has become OBVIOUS as Trump-hating MASS MEDIA jackals have been asking 24/7 "why" Big Don stood up for ROB PORTER and not eject him instantly.


Into the social media universe stepped KIM YO JONG...the propaganda* chief of North Korea and the younger sister of the "little fella". When she and the leader of South Korea discussed meeting to discuss unification...her status was elevated even more with admirers framing her as the IVANKA-TRUMP of the Korean Peninsula.
*1.3 million people in North Korean prisons. But America has more prisoners on drug charges than in all of North Korean prisons. And that American-NUMBER is a disgrace and a wart on the nose of justice.


It's obvious "black ops" have engaged in attacks the purpose of which to foment unrest and discord along the Syrian-Turkish border. Neither the Turks nor the peaceful groups...wish the other harm...yet...factions inside the area foresee advantage from slaughter and carnage. And...because there is common ground for mutual protection...this BLOG dispatched a MEDIATION-TEAM to create a JOINT TASK FORCE whose mission to maintain peace...delete terrorists...and...conduct the effort professionally and forthrightly.

Blumenthal, Markey and Feinstein

Three U.S. Senate Democrats joined to stop federal legislation enabling the autonomous-vehicle(AV) to be marketed across America under one set of rules...rules designed for highway safety. "Because they have not received a "token of esteem" from the driverless-car guys...these three refused to support what would be a boon to the electric car industry," quipped Kellyanne Conway when asked about the two-faces of the Democrats,(WSJ B-6;02-13-18)..


Oracle Corp...pursuing an investment template created for it by this BLOG...will build computer centers using quantum-computing technology the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG developed for such purpose. Yes...folks...ORACLE is about to become a big name in the cloud-infrastructure market...competing nose-to-nose with AMAZON.COM...and...perhaps...leading the way into the 21st Century quantum world,(WSJ B-4;02-13-18).

swipe next scene

GOOGLE is offering new technology which gives the customer a way to read visual stories...swiping them past at any speed one prefers. The idea for it came from GOOGLE examining this BLOG and "how" it's written and composed...concluding the approach was novel and quite entertaining,(WSJ B-4;02-13-18).

Edward Pinto and Paul Kupiec

Pinto and Kupiec were welcomed by this BLOG as contributing editors. They decided to join the march to make salt, (WSJ A-17;02-13-18). They...too...wish to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE...a place wherein government causes houses to be "high priced"...a place where government makes "victims"...and...then demands loyalty in exchange for freebie and favor.


Quintessence of dust...such the frame...yet...from lowly dirt there came the latest way to stop infectious diseases,(WSJ A-3;02-13-18). A patch of soil from Italy...for example...delivered pseudouridimycin...a new compound which energizes vancomycin-considered an antibiotic of last resort for the most intractable infections. From a Vero Beach, Florida soil sample...a compound was derived which might very well eliminate most infections...including the FLESH-EATING kind.


Wherever there is spotted some problem with the new tax law...that problem should be corrected by deleting whatever hurdle or "big grab" hurting that particular taxpayer. By removing and deleting...America can be great again. But...big stomp government must be dismantled* and a small...efficient...government put in its place.
*If the states wish to have environmental protection agencies...then...let them pay for it and not tag the rest of the states to cover the tab.

Monday, February 12, 2018

"by the book"

While most Americans understand "by the book" to mean an investigation not only proper but conducted in the most honest and fair of manners...TEAM OBAMA had a different meaning for that phrase. For example..."by the book" when it came to the prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, (R. Alaska)...such meant HIDING EXONERATING DATA. When it came to the Hillary Clinton investigation and her offending emails...that phrase meant "prepare exoneration of Hillary 60 days before her interview". That is what SUSAN RICE meant...on 01-20-17...when she told her DEEP STATE comrades they were to do things "by the book".


Grace, beauty, intelligence and charm...not to mention "hotness"...such recitals from Obama when asked to discuss Michelle's portrait unveiled today in the Smithsonian. Michelle...on the other hand...felt the DRESS had somehow grabbed center aspect...leaving her the question, "Say yes to the dress?"


The recent furor over ROB PORTMAN...his resignation from the White House...the lack of proper vetting by the FBI in order to embarrass Big Don...and...other aspects of this imbroglio have combined to deliver a wondrous show for MASS MEDIA portrayal and dissemination.

But..."why" such BUBBLE-UP now..." up PORTMAN? What tactical advantage derived from such revelation...coordinated and choreographed so splendidly?

When asked such question...U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown said, "At a time when Democrats are getting hammered by the widely-read Republican 4-page memo...there was a need to throw off public focus and attention. What better way to accomplish such feat...such scrape-off...than to parade the victims of ROB PORTMAN...some with black-eyes...others with stories of horror and terror...real hockey mask stuff...declaring TEAM-TRUMP packed with misogynists, wife-beaters and other creatures of the night."


One of the abuses of government intended to be prevented by the 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was the general exploratory search...government searching...grabbing...examining...based on nothing more than hunch or political animus.

To restrict such investigation through seizure and search...the Founding Fathers imposed the requirement of an independent magistrate and probable cause...two hurdles designed to stop the reach of whimsical government...and...protect the citizens from such transgression.

Mention is made of this OBVIOUS SHIELD because President Trump has been attacked by such attack disguised as a SPECIAL COUNSEL whose mandate to find collusion, if any, between the Russians and TEAM-TRUMP during 2016 campaign.

Yes...folks...Donald J. Trump somehow...though...does not enjoy the same insulation that you enjoy. Instead of there being a finding of probable cause based on fact and factor...something which must be present and shown to exist...there has been only allegations and falsehoods so far uncovered as the underpinnings for the appointment of this HOUND FROM HELL...a ghoul of sorts dispatched to examine Big Don's entire life...from the day he was born forward...investigated by sleuths who despise him...who wish to see bad happen to him...and...who will fabricate in order to bring down this great leader. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Rep. Steve Womack said America needs an infrastructure that is not BIG BROTHER STUFF...but...actual construction...improving the way commerce* moves about the nation.
*A plan to pay for and hence expedite construction of an "entry-exit ramp" at Oslo Road and I-95 in Vero Beach, Florida...for example...has been proffered by this BLOG preferring the undertaking be "crowd-funded"...with every philanthropist in the Sunshine State delivering their share so that a 1000 years from now their names will be still be remembered as PIONEERS OF THE 21ST OTHERWISE UNHAMPERED MARKET.


Short of promising to lower taxes even more...and...removing even more regulatory hinder-and-hassle...politically speaking...there isn't much about which to talk. What promise to what constituency will induce that group to come out and support enslavement...the flip side of "lowering taxes and eliminating red tape".

Who wants more government intrusion into their lives? Let these folks step forward and tell their neighbors they like the "spank and diaper check" of the NANNY STATE. It's likely the Democrats will prevail in states where the parasite and the servile supplicant comprise a majority of voters...but...everywhere else...the Democrats* will lose to the Republican freedom-fighter.
*U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) promises more enslavement. Who in the I-4 corridor wants that kind of intrusion?


Touting infrastructure in Florida...President Trump plans on unveiling his ideas in a showcase presentation...commensurate with the $2 trillion he plans to spend on projects that are "actually" re-use an OBAMA-phrase to describe contemplated projects.


Although investors were told to stay away from BITGRAIL...they chose to ignore the alert and lost $170 million in stolen NANO...a little-known crypto-currency. Though told to invest in TOTS, (total-observable-tethered stuff)...and...stay away from NANO...intrepid investors proceeded to invest...and...suffer tragic loss.

BITGRAIL announced the THEFT and asked forgiveness from its patrons for recently promising an IMPREGNABLE VAULT...since while IMPREGNABLE last year...with quantum computing...the DOOR...unfortunately...was ajar as of Jan. 01, 2018.

Coming to the aid of these investors...the RECOVERY DEPT. of this BLOG offered balm by asserting: all that is part of the electronic universe can be spotted. Yes...the thieves will escape condemnation...perhaps...even capture...but...their BOOTY can't be used...not even offered anywhere lest the culprits be caught.

Because the THEFT and of itself...the only thing of's likely the culprit is some security agency conducting the attack. Perhaps...testing some kind of new device to intrude and grab...preparing for that moment when the socialists and fascists run out of other people's money...and   scour the planet for something of value. As James Clapper...a former "spook" admitted when asked if the culprit were some government agency, replied "They know the stolen NANOS can't be used anywhere such...they're worthless as an object of theft. They also know the $170 million will be covered if the STOLEN-NANOS are not returned...a return which might occur once tests are run and the value of the NANNO  assessed." (WSJ B-4;02-12-18).


When Isao Teshirogi...CEO of SHIONOGI & COMPANY...was approached about leveraging his company's work on a block-buster anti-HIV drug to create a compound which would work by blocking the a virus from hijacking cellular machinery from which more viruses cloned...he was understandably hesitant. While he'd heard of such technology...novel ideas gleaned from the study of ancient Sumerian tablets...he didn't see any way to connect the dots.

However...following the plans delivered by the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG...SHIONOGI was able to create a compound that stopped Mr. FLU in 24 hours. took 5 days to recover completely...but...the remarkable eradication of the virus was astounding; and stands as proof that if science proceeds from the grip of the would-be master, (think Food and Drug Administration)...most diseases can be eradicated,(WSJ B-5;02-12-18).


Art critics are as amused as they are confused when they examine the portraits of Obama and Michelle.Why put Obama sitting on a chair among flowers and vines? And...put Michelle in such a pose with blue background grabbing all the gaze? What was it about these tribal socialists captured* so well emblazed?
*Eric Gardner can't tell us about how he feels...his last words, "Hey man you're choking me. I can't breathe!" Neither can the Afghan children butchered by Obama drones describe how they feel about that portrait...nor...can the KURDS left dying from betrayal spit or rip apart that so-called them an effigy to be burned.


Poster of a dung-throwing monkey...was the frame into which most art critics placed the recent portrait of Obama. Not wishing to insult anyone...the same critics when asked about Michelle...changed the subject to planting pumpkins on the back 40.


Harvey Weinstein touted his connections* to powerful political figures and asserted that he had contacts within the Secret Service that could take care of problems,(WSJ B-5;02-12-18).

It turns out from the inventory of emails and other data acquired from the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept....HARVEY-THE-LECHER was quite correct** in his description of a Secret Service ready to do the bidding of the would-be master.

Indeed...from recently revealed data...most voters concluded BIG STOMP government applied itself to defeat effort...fortunately for America...was quite unsuccessful. VIVA TRUMP!
*Although not technically a unit of the Secret Service...the Secret Service is nonetheless just a tentacle of BIG GOVERNMENT....the overall context in which HW touted his power.
**EMPTY SUIT is a term used in QUEENS to describe someone who brags about connections to the's all "talk" "walk" empty suit.


Years ago...a dude offered an idea approached the American War Dept. Because the proposed weapons platform was was rejected. The dude...then...went to Russia...and...offered the idea and plans to them. Unlike the STUFFED-SHIRTS in America...the Russians saw value and bought the entire package. In World War II...using that technology...the Russians were able to construct a superior weapon system superior to the German counterpart...a weapon which enabled them to repulse the Hun-horde.

Similarly...when the Pentagon was approached about WAR-BOT(tm) it was given only a small part in the Mosul offensive. WAR-BOT(tm) performed so well...MOSUL was retaken from the Islamic State with much less loss of life than anticipated. Yet...recently...when the contract came about to buy WAR-BOT(tm)...the TOP BRASS chose to buy traditional weapons...muskets and boots...instead of BOTS WITH BOOM.

Rejected but undaunted...WAR-BOT(tm) was offered to the JEW. Instead of rejecting WAR-BOT(tm) the JEW saw its value and has bought the entire package. If the Syrians attempt invasion...or...if QOD FORCES of IRAN continue their pernicious forays into the Promised Land...Netanyahu will unleash WAR-BOT(tm) and delete the entire lot. VIVA BIBI! (WSJ A-19;02-12-18).


Bob worked all how he'd spend the profit from the sale of that wood. When Bob was done...and...stood there examining his pile...he was interrupted by the demand for 90% of that wood...a demand barked by official with a writ to grab that pile so that it could be sold and the proceeds given to little Billy so he could get his teeth straightened and to Miss Simms...the lady without a husband raising 15 children...8 of her own...and...7 without names or dads.


Robert De Niro...that taxi-driving hard case...took his moment on stage to denounce President Trump.

How dare President Trump attempt to dismantle De Niro's beloved NANNY STATE...a place where the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. can be used to attack political opponents...a place where big grab government picks the bones of producers...indeed...a place where government attempts to control and direct from cradle to grave using NANNY STATE "spank and diaper check".

To De well as to all of his comrades and cohorts...such effort to delete and eliminate until a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market manifests is "temporary insanity".


Ah...yes...socialism imposed on Floridians. think there are still idiots out there who support such socialism.

Take for instance the typical situation in most counties. Bobby's bungalow was washed away by storm...but...with taxpayer money...that edifice was rebuilt. When the bungalow was washed away once more by storm...again...taxpayer money was used to rebuilt that edifice. And when Bobby's spot was once again scrubbed clean by Mother Nature...taxpayer money was used to rebuilt that edifice.

When asked "why" keep rebuilding...Bobby replied, "Why not! My tears...your purse. Socialism gives me a call on your wealth. Indeed...with enough votes I could grab all wealth if I wished such plundering."(WSJ A-19;02-12-18).


Michael Chertoff wants to control the INTERNET. When asked if he fancied himself YERTLE THE TURTLE...Chertoff chuckled and replied, "Yes...I'm a scoundrel in search of ultimate power. I have so many helpers...I'll be greater than the moon...or...that impetuous sun."(WSJ A17;02-12-18).


Kavos Seyed Iranian environmentalist who started the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation...was found hanging by his neck inside his Iranian jail cell. According to the coroner...Seyed had been dead for several days...perhaps as long as a week. "Had they left him hanging much longer...the neck would have separated from the rest of the body," whispered U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) the lady who had used her influence to compel his release from Evin prison...a place notorious for mysterious...unexplained...suicides.


Marcel Ghanem...a contributing editor of this BLOG...was arrested for telling Lebanon their government was harboring the terrorists of HEZBOLLAH.

In response to that tyrannical intrusion...a LEGAL TEAM was dispatched to assist Marcel. Of course...the necessary clearances and "red tape" were bypassed in order to deliver useful service.

It's likely MARCEL will be found guilty by the PUPPET-COURT despite the incredible defense of free speech interposed...but...his escape from Lebanon has already been planned. Indeed... U.S. Senator Mark Warner(D.Va) saw to it $100,000 was paid for that extraction.


Folks...COBALT is an element on the ATOMIC CHART. It has many industrial applications...and...its supply while finite is abundant throughout the world. In certain areas the cobalt-deposits are other areas...little to none found. It's this difference which CHINA is using to gain a better position on "continued supply". VIVA PRESIDENT XI!(WSJ A-1;02-12-18).


As Mother Earth passes through the tail of the ENCKE's likely collisions will occur between our planet and the debris in that tail...some of the rocks and rubble are miles big any strike by one of them would mean certain doom for most life. And...we're passing through that portion of the tail that Earth passed through 13,000(+) years ago...and...was struck by big rocks which caused the YOUNGER DRYUS period...a time when many species were killed off...a huge flood occurred...and...the sea level rose 400 feet.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


An email between two lovers said: POTUS wants to know everything we're doing.

Because Obama was to meet with President Putin in a few days...Obama was asking for an that if there were interference by the Russians...Obama would have such data prior to the contemplated meeting with Russia's head honcho.

This context in which those lovers interfaced...however...was deliberately February of 2018...that email entry [as depicted above] was suddenly dedicated proof of conspiracy to derail TEAM TRUMP. The complicit MASS MEDIA...though...knew the "dropped context" was deliberate and designed to give the MASS MEDIA another hate-Trump power-point should some pro-Trump advocate grab that "email" and declare the "smoking gun" finally found. if scripted...such is what has happened. It was offered as pluperfect proof of conspiracy. And as such the email took center stage as pundits discussed how such an email revealed misconduct. The wonks pontificated about what was meant by that email...never knowing the CONTEXT was deliberately dropped so that it became that kind of "bait".

It's obvious that this "now-added-context" ...this just added qualifying being used to show how ill-considered the Republican investigation into the criminal activities of TEAM-OBAMA. Indeed...U.S. Senator Mark Warner,(D.Va)...when asked about this EMAIL...and...the "now-added-context"...was heard to say, "Look...we're in a fight against Trump. The only rule is there is not any rule...and...I plan to grab and kick until I'm told to stand down."


If General Patton* were here...and...asked if he'd prefer a robot-tank or a man-operated tank...he'd choose the BOT to avoid loss of life understanding that the 20th century tank is a death trap unworthy of American blood....whereas the BOT-TANK able to travel faster and farther...and...capable of delivering the same PUNCH.
*Nicknamed "Old Blood and guts"...many of his men would add, "Yeah...his guts...our blood."


When this BLOG delivered a TACTICAL GAMBIT for President Trump to was contemplated that from such template a defense and an offense could be fashioned enabling TEAM-TRUMP to out-sail and deliver what had been promised: MAKING AMERCA GREAT AGAIN.

To accomplish this goal...the proverbial bureaucratic swamp had to be drained. to expose such knavery was the question and this BLOG delivered an answer and plan.

Because TEAM-OBAMA ran the show for 8 years there was a HIGH PROBABILITY that if an investigation could be chasing TRUMP...that as the hounds chased Big Don...they'd be handed proof of criminal misconduct on the part of Democrats and other enemies of each target uncovered...sufficient data leaked so that the MASS MEDIA could not ignore the latest HOLE in TEAM-DEMOCRAT.

So far...the TACTIC is working. It drew out U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff(D.Ca) who was caught trying to buy TRUMP-porno...and...U.S. Senator Mark Warner(D.Va) whose ignominious effort to hurt Trump was graphically framed. It also has exposed FBI and Injustice Dept. top level personnel who engaged in an illegal agreement to rig the 2016 election and once Hillary lost to undermine Team-Trump.


More people, planes and ships. Such is what generals...admirals...and...air marshals say...never acknowledging their paradigm...too old...too staid...too obsolete...and...likely unable to defeat an enemy whose firepower to penetrate and obliterate.


Where ya' goin' Sean Corrin...on this cold and foggy know the danger out know it ain't your know it be treason to mount those barricades and there's got to be a reason for defying the  CROWN this way. Hush now momma for a going I be to mount the wall to prevent the fall of freedom and liberty...and...Momma...why such gloom...I'll be returning as sure as the rising of the moon.

And where you going Jimmy Corrin with your brother this dismal day...can't you put that terrible gun down...can't you see it my way. NO...God...Momma...Sean's a going'...and...I've my mind to keep...for I've seen that side of freedom...and...that is what I seek...and...Momma...why such gloom...we'll be returning as sure as the rising of the moon. the fog closed about they moved from the room...they promised they'd be returning as sure as the rising of the moon. hear them coming keeping their promise to soon be returning...for them now I can see...

Oh...Jimmy...oh Sean...the blood it has long I have long I have cried...but...I knew you'd be returning to wipe away my return to me for these old eyes to see in the light of the rising moon.

And...every night...I hear their fight...those rebels in that glen...they're double glory they love to them I send.


As if deciphering the VULTURE STONE...investigators are slowing reading what was encrypted in the Hillary Clinton emails. Perhaps...13,000 years ago...when critter-like figures were carved into it...their meaning was "open-and-obvious"...but...nowadays...whatever meant subject to speculation and tutorial snobbery. Similarly...the HILLARY EMAILS...and...the EMAILS of all the other conspirators are far unable* to be read. Yes...the words are seen...but...whatever code they represent...whatever hidden meaning therein...such has not been found.
*So intense this desire to know what Hillary's emails really say...the spirit of Champollion was channeled.


Inside the closed-door bunker...sat the Democrats. Their message of socialist toilet unwelcomed by most crowds. Yes...their core group would appear and cheer at rallies...but...the attendance was always the same faces...the same fervor...the same small donation...if any at all. Indeed...U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)  said she was tired of feeding people she had to stay up wind from to keep from vomiting from the stench. "I told my aides to keep the unwashed away from me so that I can appear a GREAT GIFT GIVER...but...not have to smell them," quipped a thin-lipped Warren.


At some point...Special Counsel Mueller must declare his investigators...everyone of them a Trump-hater...try as they might...cannot find usable evidence of criminal misconduct on the part of TEAM-TRUMP. Mueller was directed to look for any connection to the Russians...but...after one year...the only link to Moscow has been found in Democrat activity...including a deal to pay Russians $100,000 to get nude photos of Donald J. Trump...and...exposure of U.S. Senator Mark Warner's effort to hurt Donald J. Trump during the 2016 campaign.

While Mueller has ignored the felonies committed by Democrats as he looks for that CRIME OF TRUMP...this BLOG has not. Indeed...U.S. Rep. Nunez and U.S. Senator Grassley receive* daily "up-dates" "incriminating-data" is uncovered.
*The emails which were said to be lost were found. The hard drives which were destroyed had back-ups. The computers and cellphones that were destroyed...each had "back-up" and all data retained...intact!


Silk and Diamond...joined the editorial team of this BLOG in ways which are as imaginative as their daily presentations on their own website. Welcome aboard, ladies.


The FBI and the Injustice Dept. told President Trump to return the Dem-memo to them so they might redact...delete...and...eliminate the portions which are contrary to national security interests. At the same if coordinated...the Democrats demanded the Demo-memo be published "as is"...declaring the Dem-memo must be revealed "as is"...not any black-outs...not any deletions...and...let the chips fall where they may.

Should President Trump release the Dem-memo and it be the alleged root of disaster in foreign venues...the cause of nations to be toppled...computers to become chaos and doom imposed across the world...Big Don's precipitous release of the Dem-memo would be blamed. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA would assert indignantly, "He was the gate keeper and he permitted political pressure from the "minority" party to push him into exposing national secret which allowed enemies to benefit."

President Trump is correct to force the FBI and the Injustice Dept. to declare the Dem-memo "cleansed" of its "horrific revelations". Without that "FBI-INJUSTICE-OKAY"...Big Don can't release the Dem-memo. His ability to sense TRAP is extraordinary but he does have this BLOG out there with mine-sweepers and spies to insure his continued success. VIVA TRUP!


Might the real power in North Korea be found not in the "little fella" his sister? What if the real leader is in South Korea attending the Olympics while her "go-for" sits back in Pyongyang? According to official sources the "little fella" didn't wish to detonate the hydrogen bomb...but...was overruled by SIS.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Perhaps...every 13,000 years or so...Mother Earth travels through a region of the universe packed with rocks so big anyone of which could destroy all life if our planet were to collide therewith. According to consensus science...the Giza-Sphinx is over 200,000 years old...perhaps...even older...with the civilization responsible for it and the nearby Pyramids consumed when those ROCKS struck...not once...but as many years.


"There is no recovery for someone falsely accused," tweeted President Trump...himself a bruised veteran of such falsehood and nasty-rumor. Indeed...Big Don had been the subject of an incredible hunt for "dirt"...CHRIS STEELE...for example...saw fit to publish a 35 page SLAM-BOOK about Trump in Russia...and...for nasty photos of TRUMP...U.S. Senator Mark Warner(D.Va) negotiated with RAUL...a shadowy character last known to be doing such things when he met with James Earl Ray and discussed possible alibis back in 1968.

Instead of agreeing with Donald Trump about the damage FALSE ACCUSATION can work...though...the man-haters took to the MASS MEDIA stage to denounce President Trump for not instantly accepting the allegations...and...directing ROB PORTER...for depart instantly from the White House...and...go directly to REGRET ISLAND where he would have to do penance* until GLORIA ALRED...the final arbiter...said he had been cleansed.

Again...before ROB PORTER was hired by the White House...the FBI knew about his tendency to beat-up his girlfriends. Sure...these complaining-ladies had delivered some good licks on him...but...he was the male of the pair and wasn't supposed to whine about the lopped-off ear...the broken tooth...or...the knife slash across the stomach.

The FBI knew about such PHYSICAL ASPECT but did not tell the White House...waiting to detonate this BOMB...a BOMB with a fairly big concussion range. Yes...folks...the FBI...the dudes who were supposed to VET such people...they knew but didn't tell...thereby...planting a "bomb" improvised explosive device...ready to be detonated when needed by the Democrats.
*These man-haters spewed venom about how women must be accepted in their statement about sexual attack even though 99% of such MASS MEDIA motivated accusations are found to be abhorrently false.


If TEAM-TRUMP in conducting their 2016 campaign had done what Hillary and Obama did to them...the MASS MEDIA would have already demanded prosecution of everyone involved.

However...because the DIRTY STUFF was unleashed on TEAM-TRUMP...the effort...though...illegal was venial...pardonable...and...certainly unworthy of public derision.

What has miffed Donald J. Trump is how many Americans can't see the HORROR the Democrats set afoot in 2016 to retain the Oval Office.


Across the Syrian border...Israel conducted a preemptive strike on terrorists who were massing in that area for an all out assault to take back the Golan Heights and the West Bank. The JEW was informed by the WAR DEPT. of this BLOG there was not any choice. If the JEW did not remove the threat...the JEW would once more find the Promised Land under Arab assault...this time from GIZA STRIP...the WEST BANK...and...the Golan Heights. A preemptive strike was the only route possible. VIVA TRUMP!


In South the same room on several occasions with North Korean officials...Vice President Mike Pence followed the advice of the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG and did not speak to them.

Whatever he would have said would have been misinterpreted or turned into something "crude and ugly"...something never intended...but...imposed by TRUMP-HATERS. To avoid such a "tar-baby...don't touch" scenario...Mike ducked and dipped his way from engagement to engagement using his bodyguards as insulation.

Gleevec and Chronic Myelogenous leukemia

Because TERRY HOLLAND lacked the contacts to make NOISE...his daughter died.  Indeed...because the Food and Drug Administration refused to give his daughter GLEEVEC...she died. Had Terry been "connected" he could have used such linkage to get GLEEVEC and save his daughter,(WSJ A-12;02-10-18).


When French President Emmanuel Macron was informed that two of his inner circle were ABUSERS...he was surprised and refused to accept such allegations. However...once he was shown the photos of the injured ladies...some on crutches...others with black eyes...a few with broken fingers and noses...he erupted and demanded* those two dudes depart government service...find a hole...and...climb inside,(WSJ A-8;02-10-18).
*Macron did not know what happened but photos told much. When President Trump...on this side of the pond...was informed...recently...that Sorensen and Rob Porter were ABUSERS...he...initially stood by them...until...he was shown PHOTOS. Then...Porter and Sorensen had to depart. How these two escaped this kind of attention by the FBI-vetting squad is mysterious. Maybe the FBI knew...and...kept it later could be used to embarrass TEAM-TRUMP.


Explaining "how" this BLOG...was able to predict what Republican investigators would find if they but official declared, "By logical deduction...applied to the observed circumstances and the data provided by pet-eye-balls stationed throughout the bureaucracies of the NANNY STATE...this BLOG was able to proclaim: Top level Democrats with the assistance of various employees of the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. engaged in what can be called for lack of a better label: CONSIPRACY TO RIG AND THEN TO UNDERMINE."(WSJ A-4;02-10-18).

Take Sidney Blumenthal for example. This BLOG knew he was connected to Hillary-the-hag and was someone who could be trusted to keep his mouth shut. Because of his loyalty and his dedication to cause...Hillary-the-hag charged him with the responsibility of being the "go-between"...adding insulation as a precaution...something for which Clintons are famous.

As the go-between...he met with CODY SHEARER...a/k/a...DEEP THROAT. Cody was peddling* "dirt on Trump"...something for which Democrats hungered.. At that "video-taped" meeting...CODY and SIDNEY discussed "how" such "dirt" could be...synthesized...repackaged...and...deployed to hurt TEAM-TRUMP. They graphically envisioned using their goon squad at the Injustice Dept. and the ghouls at FBI to attack...and...keep attacking until TEAM-TRUMP dethroned.

Nowadays...with all the emails...and...memos being revealed...the entire CONSPIRACY is being exposed...just as predicted by this BLOG. Yes...some of those defendants will tell the jury in the trials to come that they only followed orders...while...the leaders will declare they only gave the orders...both of them in their own peculiar fashion asking the world to exonerate and acquit what would otherwise be considered ILLEGAL ACTS.
 *Even U.S. Senator Mark Warner(D.Va.) was involved in such attempts to grab "dirt"...although his involvement while revealed by this BLOG some time back...was only revealed by emails someone found on a cellphone the other day

U.S.Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R.IL)

In a secret meeting with Secretary of Defense James "mad dog" Mattis...Adam Kinzinger discussed the deployment of WAR-BOT(tm)...demonstrating the same firepower...the same tactical capabilities...and...without any loss of life...100% safety for troops...whose mission "mop-up" once slaughter has ended.