Friday, February 9, 2018

Short-selling algorithms

When Donald J. Trump announced he was offering his services as president...this BLOG examined...and...decided to support his bid...concluding as president...he would do his best to make America great again...remove linoleum and put marble to speak...sweep away the "red tape, tax and spend" idiocy of the 20th Century NANNY STATE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can a would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Recently...the resultant blossoming commercial kindled by the extraordinary leadership of  President Trump and his courageous Congressional Republicans...have been going up and down in 500 point swings. Siphoning off the extraordinary value such an up-and-down in burgeoning markets and computer-buyers are gobbling up anything of value if there is some way to squeeze profit from the expected "swing".

When the 26,400 number was reached by the DOW...for instance...algorithms kicked into action to gain advantage. "Short-selling" algorithms began to buy-sell...looking for benefit...watching for differentials...and...executing trades* in micro-seconds.
*The stock markets have been responding to such computer-interface....with BIG BUCKS being made by those companies savvy enough to understand "how" to use market fluctuations.

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