Saturday, April 21, 2018


NAKBA DAY...the day of catastrophe...the day the Jew ousted Palestinians from their homes...their businesses...their social clubs...and...pushed them into refugee camps...camps which are still here today...packed with Jew-haters...remembering what was done to their ancestors and proclaiming such "taking" would be avenged. Perhaps...such enthusiasm underlies the GAZA protestors who throw rocks...dung-bags...and...lead-tipped darts at Israeli border guards...every time NAKBA DAY arrives.

5 stars

Hey...folks...for your information(FYI)...AMAZON BEST SELLER LIST is nonsense. It's as much a LIE as the best seller list in the New York Times. The politics of the list are obvious...but...gullible Americans might believe that LIST and buy what they soon discover to be a "loser"...a "rag"...something better left untouched.


Unlike Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...President Trump encountered the North Korean dictator and resolved the nuke-missile issue in America's favor. VIVA TRUMP!


Folks...the Democratic National Committee(DNC) sued TEAM-TRUMP for its victory over CROOKED-HILLARY and her scurvy crew.

Because the DNC is using the federal discovery system...TEAM-TRUMP can attack and find out "why" the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat-nomination for president...and...who really hacked the DNC computers.

It was not the Russians who entered and examined the DNC computers but people who wished to create a FALSE TRAIL. They used "EDDIE SNOWDEN" software to enter and examine the criminal dealings of the DNC. The Russians were this country...nowadays...scapegoats are the way the Democrats arrange their excuses. Indeed...the DNC never permitted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to examine its computers. No...folks...the DNC used a private outfit whose mission to declare the RUSSIANS DID IT.

Who knows the lawyers for TEAM-TRUMP might even find those missing emails Hillary tried to hide. They might find Donna Brazile's explanation about how she "rigged" the 2016 election process to be just another LIE told by a very treacherous and deceptive Brazile.

Friday, April 20, 2018


Randa Jarrar...told a cub reporter she could say whatever she wished about BARBARA BUSH...and...didn't fear adverse reaction from the administrators of FRESNO STATE since she had tenure and her name-calling was well-insulated...her job well-protected...and...she hadn't even begun to denounce and stomp the memory of BARBARA BUSH. Naturally...the alumni of FRESNO STATE...not wishing to have their alma mater tarnished in such fashion...quietly asked* the "hire-fire" person to "ex communicate" JARRAR.
*JOHN WICK part 2...Wick violates a CARDINAL RULE...violation of which is DEATH.


President Trump was careful to avoid anything other than a missile strike on acceptable targets. President Putin congratulated Big Don on his surgical strike...meticulous...and...brilliantly performed. Although there are loudmouths all over America who denounce President Putin...nonetheless...most American admire, respect and support this Russian Titan in his effort to bring peace to the world. VIVA PUTIN!


In one of the first meetings between Big Don and jackal-Comey...he told President Trump that he did not "leak" and he didn't do "weasel moves". Of course...Comey did those very such denial...Comey was pandering to a HIGHER LOYALTY...a loyalty to the NANNY STATE...that place wherein critters such as himself can attack people with impunity...concoct evidence...suborn perjury...and...always know the federal scumbag judges will "wink" and "nod" approvingly.


Conjoined in ways not yet fully revealed...JAMES COMEY and ANDREW McCABE cannot turn on each other lest they both hang.

So far...both seem confident in the other's silence...but...such confidence might begin to weaken and evaporate as the "anonymous leaks" tell the WORLD what each did and how they did it. the lawyers for Comey and McCabe acknowledged, "Both of these two former federal employees believe there are still enough OBAMA moles and operatives inside both the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) to slow-walk and eventually dismiss the attack* TEAM-TRUMP is preparing to mount."
*The LEGAL DEPT. of this BLOG dispatched a cadre of helpers their mission statement to compel indictments of Obama, Comey, Clinton...both Bill and Hillary...along with a host of other knaves and miscreants.


Democrat Randa Jarrar told the world she would urinate on Barbara Bush's grave. As Jarrar framed it...she heard about Bush's 1990 Wellesley speech where she basically referred to the gals at that august institution as "butch" far from feminine as could be imagined. Nowadays...that INSULT* would be considered a gracious commendation and praised for insightfulness,(WSJ A-15;04-20-18).
*"And...who of you might be the spouse of a president and I wish him well."


Jack of the Titans of the 21st Century...followed the template laid out by the ECONOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG and agreed to assist Thailand....and...its enormous consumer-base. In a few short months...the businessmen and consumers of Thailand will be able to interface easily and with confidence in the system. VIVA JACK MA!  (WSJ B-5;04-20-18).


Reed College...a 1500 student liberal arts school nestled in the Portland, Oregon...chose to exclude "Western civilization" courses classifying such teachings as "white supremacy"..."oppressive"...and..."Caucasoid". Reacting in horror to this devolution into nonsense and paranoia..."Reedies"...graduates of that otherwise august school...demanded these courses be reinstituted or they weren't about to donate.


The choice between U.S. Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) and Democrat-O'Rourke is a decision people have made for centuries. Do voters want more socialism...more red tape and tax...more bureaucrats intruding...more burdens heaped...more lies told? If they wish as much...O'Rourke will provide plenty of it. On the other hand...if voters seek less burdens...less taxes...less bureaucracy...and...more prosperity coupled with peaceful coexistence with everyone else...CRUZ will win in landslide proportions. VIVA CRUZ!


Virat Kohli...India's national cricket star...along with 298 million Americans...stood SPARTACUS fashion...and declared: "I AM DONALD J. TRUMP!" The would-be master said Donald J. Trump was to be executed...and...wanted to know who among the unwashed masses was this Donald J. Trump.


Eight year old Asifa Bano was in a pasture feeding her family's horses when she was abducted by two Hindus who took that terrified child to a temple where she was drugged and raped by police...temples people...shepherds looking for something to do in an otherwise boring town...and...a host of Democrat Congressmen from America who paid big bucks to get on this kind of barbarism. One Democrat Congressman...speaking on condition of anonymity...said he fancied himself in the movie, HOSTEL.


Might the Persian once more overwhelm the Jew and delete Israel? The Ayatollah knows history and understands the way to eradicate the Jew is to undermine and denounce...until the world doesn't care if the Jew is erased. As one Persian said, "We plan on erasing the Jew. We did it before and we'll do it again. This time we'll do what Hitler saw as the final solution."

showed no mercy

Andrew McCabe never showed mercy to his victims. He attacked with ruthless zeal...tearing...smashing...destroying...never showing mercy...not ever. Now that he might be prosecuted for lying...he demands mercy. the course of justice...none of us see salvation...yet...we pray for's in this prayer that teaches us render the deeds of mercy.


Mick Mulvaney...the leader at the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Agency...told the staff if he caught any of them leaking confidential data...he'd personally see to it they were not only fired but prosecuted. As he was telling some of the vultures and crows such of the freedom-haters turned to another critter and whispered, "I can't wait to kill some more people and that jerk thinks we're afraid of him and won't do it."(WSJ A-6;04-20-18).

Thursday, April 19, 2018


When Hillary Clinton received the subpoena to turn over her emails, computers, and cell phones...her team undertook to scrub...destroy...and...otherwise delete data. Had an average citizen done as much...the prosecution would ensue condemning such obstruction. But...because of whom she was...her criminal activity was some ways...even...commended.


TAMMIE JO SHULTS...the intrepid pilot of the Boeing 737 jetliner whose engine malfunctioned...landed that damaged Southwest jet when statistics concluded that flight should have ended in calamity with a great loss of life. Instead of panic...Tammie did what her years of training as a naval pilot showed her. She pushed and pulled...trimmed...and...shoved...until that jet landed safely,(WSJ A-6-04-19-18). VIVA TAMMIE!

lousy advice

JAY GOLDBERG revealed himself not only a JERK...but also...a very bad lawyer...whose clients had best take their legal business elsewhere lest they appear in some rag such as the Wall Street Journal(WSJ A-4-04-19-18).

It's the editorial conclusion of this BLOG...President TRUMP must avoid any contact with LOUDMOUTH GOLDBERG...the dude who couldn't wait to tell the world that MIKE COHN was about to FLIP and squeal on Big Don...telling the prosecutors where all the skeletons are buried.

Of course...Mike Cohn does not have such an inventory...even if he imagined one as he has been asked to do by Mueller...nonetheless...MICHAEL COHN is a stand-up guy and would sword-fall before he ever gave up DONALD J. TRUMP...despite what scumbag-Goldberg contemplates Cohn doing.


Why bash and kick President Trump when he's trying to lift America out of the socialist toilet? Yet...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA and its allies in Congress are doing all they can to stop TEAM-TRUMP from dismantling the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. VIVA TRUMP!

Randa Jarrar speaks

Randa need of that proverbial 15 minutes of fame...called BARBARA BUSH...former First Lady...a host of opprobrious epithets* including "racist". If anything...Barbara Bush was the most gracious...friendly...and...sincere person...and...anyone who had the pleasure of meeting her never said less. get "noticed"...Ms. Jarrar spewed venom.
* think Jarrar is the "face" of the new Democrat Party.

NAME...NAME...NAME need a good name...catchy...something people will remember after hearing it said only once. BOB'S BARRICADE...for example. Every street in America has someone hammering or digging on it and about the enterprise festooned and marking the proper lane of travel: BOB'S BARRIACES...blinking that yellow light...and...telling drivers: "better not swipe or strike me...I don't move."

Hearing such good advice...however...was too strange to the rag heads who were asking each other what name should they use to tell the world about themselves. Finally after sipping tea spiced with camel of them screamed: HAYAT TAHRIR al-SHAM.

Yet...despite the need to call themselves ALLAH'S ARMY...something English-speaking people can hear said once and repeat...these rag heads decided on that HAYAT stuff. As former FBI Director JAMES COMEY was heard to say recently, "Higher loyalty requires simple frame."

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


In MYERS v. U.S...the U.S. Supreme Court noted, "The moment that a president loses confidence in the intelligence, ability, judgment or loyalty of any of them...he must have the power to remove without delay."

After hearing James Comey denounce President Trump...does anyone doubt Big Don made the right decision to oust that jackal?

And...might President Trump delete 90% of the federal work force due to their allegiance to socialism...and...Eco-fascism...and...their willingness to destroy what little is left of liberty to achieve their ends?


In the movie Dr. Strangelove...Colonel Jack Ripper...commander of Burbleson Air Force Base...launched a full wing attack on Russia resulting in the end of life on planet Earth. The doomsday weapon Russian had built was unknown to the Americans hence JACK RIPPER'S gambit to attack first...deliver overwhelming death and destruction...and...have enough people left to repopulate the planet...was not only foolhardy...but quite impractical. Might the MASS MEDIA attack on TEAM-TRUMP be as foolhardy?


Lady Elizabeth...entered the room packed with billionaires...power-shots( i.e., big-shots with political noise-making capacity) media moguls...editors of rags such as New York Times and Wall Street Journal...and...frankly...declared:

"It's time for America to turn to the MASS MEDIA...including the knavish editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS ELECTED TO DISMANTLE THE NANNY STATE AND HE WILL DO AS MUCH IN SPITE OF YOU...AND...DESPITE YOUR EFFORT TO HURT...HINDER...AND...HASSLE. Sure...there are knavish Americans...parasites...and...servile supplicants...jelly-spine...and...needful. But the vast majority of Americans despise those who would assume the role of would-be master...and...wholeheartedly back TEAM-TRUMP whose message that of liberation...whose temper that of a patriot...and...whose passion the same as what put OLD GLORY atop Iwo Jima."
(WSJ A-14;04-18-18).

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


The same scumbags who produced all the "Hillary will win" polls in 2016 are back. This time around...these jackals claim Americans didn't want a TAX CUT...but...wanted more taxes...more enslavement...more shackle and whip...more bureaucratic stomp-and-chomp.

This MASS MEDIA polling blitz is designed to convince voters they need to be directed from cradle to grave by such wondrous wizards as Bernie Sanders...Sherrod Brown...Elizabeth Warren...miserable-Michelle Obama...Oprah "by God" Winfrey...and...a host of others. As one top level Democrat revealed, "This latest poll was offered to prove Americans never wish to breathe free again."

"The American people want government to take from the producer and redistribute to the unwashed masses as the would-be master with envious mob sees fit," dripped Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) when asked if she built anything by herself besides FAKE POLLS.


When the New York Times received a national reporting award for overlooking the criminal misconduct of Obama and Clinton in favor of an attack on TEAM-TRUMP...most serious scholars finally concluded the knaves were complimenting knaves as if anyone really cared what called "good" in the land of the knaves...base spaniel fawning knaves,(WSJ B-4;04-17-18).

costly thy habit as thy purse can buy

There stood Stormy Daniels...inviting...buxom...and...plump...and...towards that SIREN...looking for action...swaggered Donald J. Trump. Neither tethered to mast...nor wax block song...Trump in bedroom...Stormy...bra and thong.


While man-caused climate change enthusiasts won't admit as much...half the results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals are not only wrong but intentionally concocted to achieve some ulterior purpose.

Peter Wood...President of the National Association of Scholars...described such chicanery as scandalous. Noting the harm such arm-chair nonsense causes...Peter declared, "According to 50% of the scientific community while the results are not reproducible...nonetheless...these "gurus" authored a "consensus letter" wherein they proclaimed both VIRGIN TOSS will stop a volcano from erupting...and...mankind's emission of carbon dioxide will smother Mother Earth.


According to polling data...voters think the tax cut should have been much bigger...and...they want more not less tax cuts next time around. Yes...most voters know the Democrats were the ones who stopped the tax cut in 2017 from being much larger. Indeed...the Democrats brag about how they'll enslave America if given the chance in 2018. think there types...who want to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves,(WSJ A-4;04-17-18).

Monday, April 16, 2018


President Trump...seemed quite ill...asked sky pilot if it were wrong to pilot congratulated Big Don for a missile strike without any blood spilled. HOW HIGH DO YOU FLY...YOU NEVER...NEVER...NEVER...REACH THE SKY.


U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) asked a sorceress for a potion that might somehow bewitch voters and deliver unto her what otherwise would be a resounding defeat in the 2018 election cycle. Bragging about its power...she told a friend, "I went to see Madam Rue...that gypsy with the gold tattoo...who made a sound...and...South African handful sign...and...told victory entangled and entwined."


President Donald J. Trump is impregnable. About him a hedge...and...about that hedge a human-circle...a wall of sorts...everyone a patriot...everyone ready to be counted* on BREED'S HILL.

A federal judge denied the bid by TEAM-TRUMP to stop the prosecutor from looking at the treasure trove of data MIKE COHN had on DONALD J. TRUMP...every nook...every corner...every closet...every miss and hit in all directions since Donald cried out, "I wish to liberate America from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE."

According to that jackal-judge...all attorney-client stuff was all open to view by Mueller's scurvy crew. Whatever constitutional proscriptions there were could not and would not prevent Mueller's team from devouring whatever fare they chose.

Imagine the hatred and disgust...bubbling these Mueller-maggots feed...bloating themselves...feasting on the stuff that...once upon a a distant it might seem now...was left where it was...that kind of stuff left alone...left entombed...a big do-not-disturb sign posted and respected so to speak...stuff...left alone out of respect...left alone out of a sense of mercy...left alone out of a sense of American pride that a American...wet nose...furry at times...fang and claw when need there be... that such a TITAN..would stand up...take the spears...bleed well with each masterful cut from well-handled rapier...yet...despite such spite of MASS MEDIA 24/7 FAKE NEWS barrage...nonetheless...stand forth a TITAN...a such such such stance...INVITE everyone:
"the next time there is a choice between BARABBAS...AND...LIGHT...that they scream loudly and long for TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY."
*Breed's Hill is where the battle of BUNKER HILL was actually fought. After that bloody battle...there followed a horrific revolutionary war. As for BREED'S was a battle which epitomized British Empire "power-stomp". demonstrate such prowess...the Brits attacked BREED'S HILL...a place some rebels who had fortified and awaited the considerable charge and destruction traditionally meted out by the Red Coats. The Brits lost 70% of their troops that day and marked what would be a long and bloody war...a war wherein the British Empire wasn't about to be routed so easily by a ragged band of cutthroats and smugglers. Might the ESTABLISHMENT be attacking TEAM-TRUMP because it fancies TEAM-TRUMP as the rebel band atop BREED'S HILL?


From several spots came components...all assembled and installed in Vero Beach, Florida at the clinic sporting the moniker: FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH(tm). Take for example the 86 year old lady who wants new this and that...and...has the $10 million to buy it...that 86 year old can return to a body of 40 years of age. The BRAIN also can be rejuvenated with several nano-applications that simply add back where something once was.

With the advent of the quantum computer and 3-D printing of human organs...the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH available if only there were some assembly plant where components might be received...assembled...and...installed.

Now there is such a place...but...the PRICE TAG is a hefty one...but...for virtual immortality* what's a few quid, eh Liz?
*Elizabeth Taylor died before the advent of this newest way to stay alive for 1000 years.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) laughed about the "dead" farms throughout Florida due to the Democrat* ESTATE TAX. "I love seeing farmers lose their heritage. It makes my left leg tingle to see the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) selling off farm land to pay that estate tax...a tax I love and defend," drooled Bill Nelson as he looked at the burned out packinghouse at the intersection of U.S. Hwy #1 and State Road 510 in Vero Beach, Florida.
*The Democrats refused to delete that farm-killing tax.


Folks...James Comey departed the FBI with "dirt" on so many politicians that he can't be attacked without a massacre of Democrats and a few Republicans all of whom know Comey has "dirt" on them. If they bite...he'll bite back. Senator Schumer reminded his colleagues that Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion but could not be prosecuted because he had to much "dirt" on too many big shots.


The political fallout over the latest missile strike in Syria has the makings of another power-point for Democrats during the 2018 election cycle. They'll tell voters they're against war and the missile attack on Homs and Damascus were clearly error. The elimination of gas-making facilities will not be anywhere mentioned in their stump-speech.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


How can it be civil servants can thumb their noses at you and me? Cannot we fire that jerk...push aside that thorn...what is it about their protection that seems impenetrable when worn?

Why not slice through the Gordian a wholesale manner...delete the entire nasty batch and bunch? President Trump...for instance...should go to the U.S. Injustice Dept. and clean house...firing everyone...marking them as they leave for public derision...and...while doing such revelation delete most of the other federal bureaucracy...send them home with only fruit baskets and thank you other benefits.


Last night singer
only flickering candle-dance shadows empty chairs
wind blowin' napkins
nobody to say how bad
so onward...last night singer wailed
nobody to clap...nobody to nail.


In response to the American missile attack on Homs and Damascus...Hezbollah was quick to tell the world the Great Satan had attacked the wrong was outright Holy War...Jihad...and...all who came to the call of Hezbollah would die as martyrs.

Of course the leadership of Hezbollah would remain in the background...away from the battle orders...and...waiting to take power so that ISLAM could be universally imposed...6th Century Shariah Law exacted...and...the world cleansed finally of the infidel. make sure that vision happened...the leaders could not be in the front lines but had to remain safely behind the trenches...tucked away bunker-style...all protected...while other rag heads perish for Allah...and...of course...die for the paradise these leaders promise they will impose should the infidel be swept away.


Fool multitude learn no more than fond eye doth teach...while...those who choose not by view chance as much and choose as true.

Should the Republicans offer a message* of liberation...inviting voters to back their march to make their effort to dismantle the grip of the dreadful 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the Democrats will lose their BLOCKADE in the U.S. Senate...permitting even more shackles to be removed.

Hearing these incredible words...a crippled child without mom or dad...crawled to the podium...propped himself on one elbow and said:

   "ALL the precious people...praying for Jesus to rise up again...but...all of these folks...these holy-    cloaked folks...never took me on as a friend. And crippled in ain't worth a anyone really in need...why not treat the same as you would you own name...the next time your heart starts to bleed."(JOHN PRINE).
*The Republican candidate must not voice a personal opinion on ABORTION, however, since ABORTION is the ONLY ISSUE the Democrat-candidate has in his or her corner. If the Republican simply says: ABORTION is a choice to be made by the mother and the busy-noses of the world need to find unwanted children and care for them...adopt them...and...if they do not...perhaps...they are the ones who talk the talk but never walk the walk.


In a crowd of important people...several members of TEAM-TRUMP were approached in ambush fashion. Kellyanne Conway and Dana White were cornered by vultures.

Kellyanne...for example...was caught near a food table...and...asked about the peace President Trump was delivering around the world with North Korea assenting to a global eradication of all nuclear weapons...and...Syrian President Assad promising not to use chemical weapons again...something to which Assad agreed....always denying...however...that his team was behind that chlorine gas attack in Douma.

Dana White observed Conway's plight and elected to move along with the throng and escape the barrage. She refused to answer silly questions...her inquisitor invading her "tray space" snorting all over her pepperoni and cheese crackers...hoping such affront would cause Dana to call this intruder some "ghetto-slang" epithet.

Sensing he was about to be slapped by Dana White...the inquisitor instantly turned the microphone on Kellyanne.

Ms Conway saw the chance to stomp Democrats and stepped forward. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "As Gandhi marched closer to the sea...those who opposed liberation snickered and sneered. How could a bald-headed dude with a little brown frog-eee body topple an empire as mighty as that of Britannia...remove the grip of the would-be master...and...deliver a billion look-alikes from bondage? Yet...he did as many ways...perhaps...Gandhi much more."


When Hillary-the-hag failed to grab the Oval Office in 2016...MSBNC freedom-hater...RACHEL MADDOW...(pronounced Mau Mau)...along with other Trump-haters...loudly uttered a solemn they stood around a one-candle lit table...after having been shown the emblem by which their effort would be called. Her whispered oath that GOD hunt them all if she should fail to slaughter Donald J. her way of thinking...the proverbial Moby Dick. The secret sign by which all would know comrade* would be: MAU MAU.
*In the CONGO...Mau Mau killed "whitey"...burned down "whitey" building and barn...and...terrorized "whitey"...eventually driving "whitey" from that land of plenty...a land that since "whitey" was run off has deteriorated until its people starve and die from disease.


Americans forget quickly...too busy to notice...too busy to look back...and...because of such "busy"...not aware that from afar angry eyes observe...and...forge plans to destroy America...and...obliterate the great Satan.

As one Muslim said, "Americans have watches...we have time."



Although Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution gives President Trump the exclusive power to protect America from surprise attack...the Democrats did not see those 3 chemical production facilities to be a threat. Sure...their billion gallon per day capacity to produce deadly gas was somewhat could not be a threat if President Trump labeled it as such. As one nasty Democrat declared, "Of course...the Syrians were going to unleash that gas on Israel and massacre the Jew in biblical my opinion...would be an easy price to pay to give the Muslim peace in the Middle East."


Assuming the "James Comey" now is the same "James Comey" who met President Trump for a private dinner...most Americans can sense "why" President Trump might have broached the topic of loyalty while chewing a piece of filet mignon. While never inquiring about was obvious Donald J. Trump wished to see what fang and claw behind his back slimed and crawled.

In Comey's book...Jimmy-boy explains "why" he was doing all he could to assure Hillary-the-hag became president...along with what he did during his tenure at the FBI to hurt TEAM-TRUMP.

 Although Big Don didn't have the benefit of the "hand-written" copy of that book before his private dinner...somehow...due to his Titan-like sagacity...he suspected that seated across from him was a treacherous...cunning...lion-fox-kind-of-dude* whose ulterior motives too horrific to hide; and never would he repose trust in such a running-dog lackey or ask for loyalty from this latest** version of "Carlo".
*Donald J. Trump suspected Comey fancied himself some kind of Prince...lion-fox...wrapped in one big package...cunning...resourceful...and...always ready to do his master's bidding. Hence...between sip of wine and sauteed bean...Big Don asked Comey "why"...and...Comey almost cud-choked. Here was another Messiah telling him...the new-Judas...go and do what you must do quickly.
**In GODFATHER part 1...Michael arrives and tells Carlo he must pay for Santini.


President Trump was inveigled into launching another missile strike. What the Islamic eye-for-eye tradition...a 100 foot yacht draws near to Manhattan...and...detonates an atomic bomb? Or...more horrific...rag heads on an East River barge piled high with old tires...deliver a choking pyre.

WAR is once more...the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse across the sky. President Trump believes he's making his the rest of the world wonders "why". What if that chlorine gas attack in Douma, Syria were "concocted...contrived....deliberately done"...what if the so-called "intell-data" was as WRONG as what BUSH-CHENEY was given about Saddam and his nuclear arsenal?

There is an epochal chess game afoot...folks...and...President Trump just moved his king-rook to queen-bishop-7.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Although the FBI knew Noor Salman was not involved in the PULSE NIGHT CLUB massacre...nonetheless...they attacked. Fortunately for Noor...a lady with an I.Q. of 62...the 12-member jury declared her NOT GUILTY...a verdict delivered even though it was only post-trial that the world discovered the federal prosecutor knew the FBI was LYING and yet didn't say anything about it at trial. The prosecutor presented a LIE to the jury...knowingly presented a LIE...and...while disbarment for any other lawyer the penalty for such heinous act...for the federal prosecutor...he was commended and directed to be even more dastardly next time...AVOID leaving a trail to the LIE.


`Mike Flynn pleaded "no contest" only to learn...later on...the 2 FBI agents who had interviewed him had concluded he had not LIED to them...and...that he was pleading to a crime without any competent, substantial evidence that a LIE by him had been told. The same GAME that had been played on Scooter Libby, Ted Stevens, Dan Guerney, Noor Salman had also been successfully played on this highly decorated general. The it is now revealed...refused to alert Mike Flynn...pre-plea...that the prosecutor had only innuendo and rumor but not any actual eye-witness testimony with corroborating alert the prosecutor was obliged to give in any other instance in any other court in any other jurisdiction except the court in which MIKE FLYNN found* himself.
*Flynn was not told about the exculpatory evidence because the federal prosecutor was a jackal as are most of the upper echelon lawyers working at the U.S. Injustice Dept. As one whistle-blowing Assistant United States Attorney acknowledged, "Flynn found himself in the same predicament...the same did all the other poor souls who were wrongfully attacked for the darkest of ulterior motives."


Unlike New Testament Christians ready to turn the other cheek...most Muslims...especially the ones who rule Syria...believe in revenge as depicted in the Old Testament: EYE-FOR-AN-EYE. When that 3-star that White House briefing this morning...was asked about Syrian retaliation...he said the Pentagon was prepared for anything. Hearing that endorsement...HOMELAND SECURITY went to DEF-CON 5...ready to interdict any bomb-carrying rag head who wished to blow up an airport as a protest to President Trump's attack on gas-making facilities in Homs and Damascus.

As Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told a cub reporter, ""We know the rag head believes in eye-for-an-eye...and...they will attack. Where and when are two puzzling features of this "intell-game"...but...we feel confident we will interdict and stop that attack long before it can unleash whatever destruction and desolation envisioned thereby. We should be glad the Muslim doesn't know our "sweet spot".

one is too many

Convicting an innocent person is one conviction too many and the jurors...during the jury selection process...must be apprised of such duty to make absolutely sure...beyond a reasonable doubt...the defendant is GUILTY as charged...that the defendant did what the state claims the defendant did. Anything less is anathema to American jurisprudence. Yes...juries do convict innocent people all the time because jurors forego their duty and rubber stamp the prosecution...silently declaring by such kangaroo court decision-making that God will sort out error come Judgment Day.

In the case of "Scooter" Libby...he suffered at the hands of such a rubber stamping jury. He was convicted on 4 out of 5 counts about lying and obstructing justice. His ruination came about because he would not "rat out" then-Vice President Dick Cheney and somehow implicate Dick in a salacious child pornography racket. When Fitzgerald was told "Scooter" would ride the MARE OF STEEL rather than tell LIES to save himself...FITZGERALD attacked using a federal jury system...with "yes" people packed...before a BUSH-hating federal scumbag-judge...using FABRICATED STUFF...all neatly stacked.

Later on...the primary witness against SCOOTER...a tart sporting the label: Judith Miller came forward to say she'd been tricked by the U.S. Injustice Dept. She had been manipulated by FITZGERALD...the say things that were not true. She had been scripted by Fitzgerald...and...during trial...although troubled by Fitzgerald's glare and stare...she didn't wish to depart from her STORY since departure meant discrediting herself and the New York Times...a fate she preferred not suffering.

ONLY LATER ON...did Judith Miller discover PATRICK FITZGERALD...with JAMES COMEY guiding him...had USED her to attack. They had pushed her into a story line that was obviously false. She discovered this horrific ruse...however...AFTER the trial...and...long after Fitzgerald had made his escape and was beyond the long arm of real justice. Although she now saw what the Injustice Dept. had done...used her to FOOL a GULLIBLE JURY and convict an innocent was too late and the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA would never tell the world...anyway... about what their brethren did to innocent people.

But TRUTH and JUSTICE cannot be stomped out in such fashion. The evil-doers will some have been already...finally identified and brought to real justice. They'll be held out for punishment...and...marked for future derision and shunning.

Indeed...only on this BLOG and in a few news rags such as the Wall Street Journal will you read abut the EVIL of JAMES COMEY...FITZGERALD...McCabe...OBAMA...ELIZABETH WARREN...SHERROD BROWN...and...a host of other maggots and scumbags...all dedicated to destroying America...skewing its traditional jurisprudence...and...stomping anyone  asking questions.


Today...TEAM TRUMP said it had incontrovertible proof the chlorine gas attack on Douma was perpetrated by officials inside the Assad regime. Might the Assad regime have a "deep state" autonomous bunch of knaves and ghouls...similar to what infects* America's government? Folks...the NANNY STATE in all forms and formats is's not about to be swept away easily...not in Syria...and...from the looks of it...not in America either.
*The James Comey book reveals the darkest part of American government. In that book...Comey admits that he a stooge who had a history of hurting people...using falsehood as fact...and...helping wherever to implement the NANNY STATE.


Reported by observers...two clouds came together above Winnie's tomb...seemed Nelson had waited for her in the other room. God speed, Winnie.

RETALIATION'S SWEET SPOT American 3-star general said the Syrian gas factory strike was a success...that the missiles had struck the sweet spot...little...if any...collateral damage inflicted. When asked about Syrian-retaliation and the millions of dead  in New York City...that same general replied, "Look...I didn't say we weren't going to get our haired mussed up some."
*In Dr. Strangelove...George C. Scott tells Peter Sellers that in an all out nuclear war...America could expect 30 million dead....adding..."I didn't say we wouldn't get our hair mussed some..."


If Hillary-the-hag LIED...her effort would be commended not condemned. Likewise...when JAMES COMEY* was caught LYING UNDER OATH...again...he was congratulated not crimped and bashed. Similarly...assistant U.S. Attorney General ROD ROSENSTEIN in 2016 pushed a FISA WARRANT he knew to be based on LIES...yet...he's still employed and called righteous and forthright. As Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer acknowledged, "What can I depends on who you are. Some people can LIE and get away with it...while others are stomped."
*James Comey was FBI Director during the OBAMA ERA and insulated Hillary-the-hag from criminal prosecution including permitting hard drives and cell phones to be destroyed. He dispatched "stooges" to interrogate Hillary and did not place her under oath and did not have any transcriber there to take down what was said. Comey also refused to investigate CLINTON BUSINESSES...and...FOUNDATIONS since such an effort would have brought down 99% of the Democrat Party. Ouch!


Oh, my god! Mistake! Error! A BIG OOPS. The missile strike last night on Syrian gas-making sites...will redound in ways of fright.

same rookies weeks later

Barrage and more barrage...explosion after explosion...pounding...thumping...blowing holes inside holes...each side meat grinding enemy flank...last week they were're aiming bazookas at tanks.


And...the band played Waltzing we boarded ship...into doom's hungry maw*...George Berger lost hair...ravaged by fang and claw...why that tune ne're slipped...strolling through tombstone mall.
*As violently as hasty powder fired doth hurry from fatal cannon's womb. As they stood at his grave singing AQUARIOUS...looking for smile inside urn of gloom.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Walmart bargain bin

As you pass by the bargain bin in see all sorts of books dropped into that bin. The needful consumer simply looks through that huge box...looking...and...picking which one for FIFTY CENTS is worth that FIFTY CENTS. As Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed out, "The James Comey book is the kind of stuff that ends up in bargain bins." VIVA TRUMP!


Most Americans really didn't care about "why" President Trump fired James Comey as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). However...James Comey...instead of evaporating as most stains do...wrote a book and with it why he was fired too. Could any leader keep such rattlesnake in his sleeping bag? Is not that book some kind of explanation as to "why" Big Don would not wish such treachery afoot so near his back? Instead of the expected condemnation Comey thought his BOOK OF BETRAYAL would muster against TRUMP...a majority of Americans are circling Donald J. Trump as if a wagon train under assault by heathen forces. VIVA TRUMP!


While the SWAMP cries for Barabbas...the unwashed masses demand President Trump be unfettered so that he might make America great again. VIVA TRUMP!

Elect me and I'll carry out what I am promising...and...America did. And...although PRESIDENT TRUMP is pouring OIL from his URN into the empty jar of an expectant America...nonetheless...except for this BLOG and Sean Hannity...there isn't any CHEER LEADING SQUAD...not ANY FAN CLUB...and...certainly not any MASS MEDIA praise to be heard.


President Trump tape recorded his private dinner with James Comey. On said tape there is not any mention of the dialogue James Comey reiterated in his now-infamous book to have occurred about the GOLDEN SHOWER event wherein President Trump many years before paid 2 hookers to climb atop the bed in which Michelle Obama slept...squat...and...urinate.

According to James that dinner...Big Don pointed out that he'd be in hot water with Melania if she even had a 1% idea that story was somehow true which he knew it was not. Not only did he demand loyalty from Jimmy-boy...but...he wanted the FBI'S imprimatur behind that assurance such atrocity never happened.

Of course...President Trump denied the Melania innuendo labeling Comey a "lying slime ball". As for Comey...he was clever enough to tell the world only he and Trump know if that story were true or not and he wasn't about to say his book was a LIE.

When Comey was confronted...however...about his LYING UNDER OATH to Congress...he smirked and said he was protected by the MASS MEDIA and the Democrats and he didn't have to worry about being indicted. He had dirt on too many people noting how Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion from his clients and escaped prosecution because he had dirt he was willing to reveal.


Across America cheers were heard as the unwashed masses were told SCOOTER LIBBY...the poor bastard who was attacked during the BUSH-CHENEY era...was pardoned.

As everyone knows...Scooter was indicted for LYING to some FBI agents...and...besmirched until today as a CONVICTED LIAR. Now...with Big Don's pardon in his pocket...he has received expiation...and...a lucrative contract to write a book about his ordeal.

When Scooter was told that nowadays LYING is not a crime if it's a LIE about TRUMP....Libby replied, "Oh! "why" President Trump decided to eliminate the cruel grip big grab government had on me."

untruthful slime ball

President Trump reacted to James Comey's book with outrage framing the former director of the FBI during the Obama era as an "untruthful slime ball". When people heard Big Don utter such an opprobrious epithet...they replied, "Come on...Don...don't sugar coat it."


Just as you do with an old jacking up the radiator cap and slipping a new car President Trump is attempting to delete the 20th century NANNY STATE and slip the 21st century otherwise unhampered market beneath...delivering prosperity and peace for a 1000 years in all directions. VIVA TRUMP!

Georgy Kalamanov

Fortunately...for the world...the Russians are not afraid to speak out when they're being framed for something they did not do. Russian Trade and Industry Minister Goergy Kalamanov pointed out quite eloquently that the Russians were not behind the poisoning in Salisbury: "Why would the United Kingdom publicly declare that RUSSIA was behind the poisoning of Skirpal and his daughter Yulie? Was it because large quantities of that NERVE AGENT were last known to be in the possession of the Russian government? Or was it because the wizards of the U.K. didn't wonder if someone with a motive to leave false trail had acquired that NERVE AGENT for that very reason?"


Assistant U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must be fired. He has aided and abetted criminal misconduct. He must be fired and publicly excoriated...perhaps...sent on a "perp walk" of sorts with Trump-loving MASS MEDIA...what little there is of it...telling Americans what Rod did to deserve such ostracizing. Right now...Rod is protected by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...but...such insulation WILL slowly evaporate as more and more people examine what Rosenstein did and what harm he caused or attempted to cause. VIVA TRUMP!  (WSJ A-4;04-13-18).


Thunder it seemed...the candle jumped with each was the door-knock of people who wanted their loans repaid. The widow of Zarepath* had only a small jar of precious oil...too little to pay all of those angry hands.

Hearing of her plight...Elijah told her to gather all the empty jars in the village...a task that took the widow and her children some time to compile...but....once gathered...she took her small jar of oil and into each empty jar she began to pour. When one jar was filled...she went to the next empty jug until all the containers were overflowing. When that moment arrived...her small jar of oil stopped pouring and was empty. She had followed the directions of Elijah...she had reposed trust...and...had reaped what had been foretold.

Might in America the small jar of oil be flowing? Indeed...according to the MASS MEDIA...although the report buried in the bowels of brief mention...the number of Americans claiming new unemployment benefits has never been so low for so long? (WSJ A-3;04-13-18). Might President Trump's effort to remove the grip of the NANNY STATE from the throat of freedom be delivering the blessings of an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
*I KINGS 17 7-16


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder...a freedom-fighting Republican...was asked about "why" he was discontinuing "free water" delivery to Flint residents. After some reflection and having read scientific reports about water quality restoration...he replied:

"During the OBAMA ERA...when there was an issue about water if West Virginia...a dam that was there for decades suddenly failed and released huge amounts of coal sludge. The DEEP WATER HORIZON calamity in the Gulf of Mexico was also sabotage and intended to help Obama destroy the fossil fuel production dynamic.

The idea was to deliver calamities to support whatever POWER-GRAB Obama wanted. But...the masters of the saboteurs got sloppy and sent some "goof-balls" to unleash another environmental calamity.

Take the ANIMUS RIVER fiasco for instance. It's a prime example of who not to send to perform sabotage. EPA Director Gina McCarthy dispatched "morons" to blow up the Gold King Mine and release a trillion gallons of toxic sludge into the otherwise pristine Animus River Basin. Her instructions were to do it in such a clandestine fashion* that the blame could be placed on INDUSTRY.

In Flint, Michigan...Environmental Protection people...all of them Democrats...were caught poisoning the water with lead. Before they attacked...they were told the MASS MEDIA would protect them as it had done in the GOLD KING MINE DISASTER...and...that their "help" would propel HILLARY CLINTON into the Oval Office.

Yes...folks...when these maggots were told socialism would prevail...these freedom-haters agreed instantly to assist. Of course...they'd help when their input would assure ECO-FASCISM would continue to overtake and replace liberty with what GINA "destructo" McCARTHY loved to call: "freedom-to-obey". we all know...FLINT, MICHIGAN water supply was POISONED with LEAD. It was an intentional POISONING. The pro-poison employees were told not to do what they planned but the doomsayers were pushed aside. There had to be a POISONING...the script called for such catastrophe...and...they were going to "goose-step" deliver."
*Of course...the POISONING that followed will remain hurtful for 10,000 emblem of what ECO-FASCISM can do when given power to impose.


Bankrupt  morally...and...down to their last dime...a bunch of angry climate scientists sat around pondering "how" to use their positions in various universities and government stations to aggrandize their income...perhaps...propel them to prominence and power...and...delivering finally the pinnacle they deserved.

As they brooded and cogitated...throwing out one bad idea after another...each one of them scrubbed and poked their domes for something...some way to derive income and NEVER fear getting caught in the LIE...never being exposed as charlatan* and losing that gold-egg laying goose.

After a few hours of of them stood up...and...declared..."My friends...we'll VIRGIN TOSS."
*In Hawaii...the climate gurus told the gullible inhabitants to stop volcanic eruption a virgin had to be tossed into that bubbling maw.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


The encrypted directive was intercepted by this BLOG using Edward Snowden software "pass-key" and the message concerned a gas attack designed to frame President Assad as the perpetrator of yet another gas attack.

Naturally...Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was informed of the RUSE...and...such is "why" when asked if SYRIAN PRESIDENT ASSAD had directed the chlorine gas attack in Duoma...he replied, "I cannot say it was's not yet been shown." Mattis worded his reply in a fashion intended to say THANK YOU to this BLOG for the effort of its WAR DEPT. to help stop* another
"dirty little war".
* And Jesus don't like matter what the reason're flag decal won't get you into heaven any more, (JOHN PRINE).


The musk ox will encircle their young...and...any wolf pack knows such encircling is meant as a warning that to the death the young will be protected. Most wolves know as much...and...wait for that circle to subside...then...attack. Until then...the pack waits far enough away to seem less threatening...yet...close enough to implement.

Might the musk ox circle be forming around TEAM-TRUMP? Certainly the Trump-devouring MASS MEDIA hunger for such do the maggot-Democrats*. They're attacking right's only been the effort of this BLOG and a few other Republican mass media outlets who have been able to deflect and stave of a mortal wounding of our esteemed president.

But by November of's the determined belief of the editorial staff of this BLOG that the Republicans will hold on to their majorities...but...the next time around...that 60 vote wall will be removed so that the complete dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can finally be accomplished VIVA TRUMP!
* has already been forecast...the Democrats plan to have "paid-for" hecklers at every Republican Party event...all intended to attack at the moment when the MASS MEDIA can video the effort...thereafter to be used to support the buy-line: people want Democrat politicians in Washington DC so that taxes can be raised and spending can continue unabated.


Armageddon...GOG and MAGOG...the forces from the east...the hordes from the west...all met on some preposterous battlefield...blowing holes in each other...and...declaring victory over what's left.

As one prognosticator enshrined, " I stand...looking what was once a city."

Might President Trump step back...find out "how" and "why" he is being "pushed" towards folly...and...away from tempered as much...before he unleashes the unimaginable firepower of America? VIVA TRUMP!
*Ezekiel 38 & 39 GOG and MAGOG...two impossibly powerful forces...colliding...conflicting...confronting...and...all done for whatever prize such effort might possibly fetch.


President Trump is being played and played hard. He's being given 'FALSE DATA'...and...later on...when everyone is laughing about how gullible and naïve Donald J. Trump was to have gobbled up such OBVIOUSLY FALSE DATA...President Trump himself will have to admit he didn't see it...with all that wisdom...with that instinct to smell rats...nonetheless...he reposed trust where he should not have reposed trust and was betrayed by those who wished his ruination.


President Trump is receiving the same kind of "bad data" about Syrian military using Chlorine gas in Douma...that General MacArthur received about there not being any Chinese military within hundreds of miles of the FROZEN CHOSIN RESERVOIR. Of course...that "data about China" was intentionally and deliberately FALSE...and...designed to EMBARASS kill his chances of being elected office it was rumored he envisioned holding. Within a few days of that so-called "data"...MacArthur's troops were not only in retreat but a big loss was about to be suffered as a MILLION CHINESE TROOPS poured into North Korea.

It's OBVIOUS...the same kind of "run-aground-on-reef" scenario is afoot with President Trump getting BAD ADVISE...and...being told things that are OBVIOUSLY false. However...with the MASS MEDIA pushing this "STRIKE SYRIA" nonsense...coupled with this "bad data" might very well be...President did MacArthur...won't suspect as much and will go ahead and attack Syria...become embroiled in another quagmire...and...the Republican Party suffer mightily in the November 2018 election cycle as Democrats posture and declare they would never have put American troops into that meat grinder and that they would have pulled the troops out and not attacked Syria based on "false data".
*President Trump was informed by TRUMP-HATING "data-pushers" they were confident that chlorine gas was used and the Syrian military was the perpetrator. And...because President Trump does not suspect he is being LIED TO...he might dispatch some cruise missiles into Syria thereby inviting the Syrians to sink an American warship...down a few jets...and...begin World War the place Revelations described vividly.


Ah...yes...park spelled backwards K-R-A-P...blemished with dung...spelled with a "c".


China and Uncle Sugar are in some kind of negotiation over trade...resolution of which can occur should both governments step back* and permit entrepreneurs to trade with each other as they see fit...unfettered...unhampered...and...without a fear of some scumbag-bureaucrat intruding. As JACK MA...the TITAN...told the world, "Government needs to get out of the way...and...permit consumers to have what they desire in the ways they prefer." VIVA JACK MA!
*President Trump knows such things...but...also...knows...the Chinese are the best bargain-hunters in the many ways inscrutable and enigmatic...making negotiations as hard as any ever envisioned. Yet...TRUMP can achieve such open-trade and deliver peace and prosperity to the planet in ways not even his critics would understand possible.


Abigail Shrier told the world about herself...and...told so much on FACEBOOK that she became the poster child for advertisers. On any her door would be 10 salesman asking her if she wished to buy a broom...soap...or...toilet paper. One saleslady appeared with a wheel barrel full of cosmetics...hoping help therein for Abigail to hide her horrific sneer and blood-thirsty eyes. Indeed...Abigail lamented, "Over the years...FACEBOOK pushed us to share more of ourselves."(WSJ A17;04-12-18).


Jack Ma began his business career in an 8 foot by 11 foot room. He had an idea to deliver to every Chinese consumer the door for goods and services they wanted...tailored to their needs...and...ready to be bought. In a place with a billion hungry consumers per day...JACK MA envisioned wonders beyond imagination. "OPEN SAYS ME!" declared Jack in the legend...the door to the cave of riches opened for him. So grateful was JACK MA...he framed his effort: ALIBABA...and the rest is a fascinating account of a remarkable businessman doing what needs to be done to deliver this cornucopia. VIVA JACK MA!   (WSJ A-17;04-12-18).

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Somehow...freedom-haters of all stripes and pedigrees are singing and dancing that PAUL RYAN has decided it's time to go home and be more than a weekend father. They foresee gaining 30(+) seats in the U.S. House of Representatives...their candidates professed socialists...Eco-fascists...and...all dedicated to eradicating liberty and replacing it with what North Koreans call "freedom-to-obey".

With the MASS MEDIA selling enslavement as a virtue...these maggots might very well succeed in eating away what remains of freedom.

Because the MASS MEDIA is pro-NANNY STATE...and...supports anyone demanding enslavement of the producer...the Republicans will have to marshal their talent and send forth FREEDOM-LOVERS as their candidates...people unafraid to speak about freedom and the horror of socialism.

If these Republican candidates come face to face with doubting Thomas-types...they can always use VENEZUELA as a primal example of how socialism works...describing that South American toilet as a PHOTO of what the Democrats envision for Americans. They can tell these crowds that if the Democrats prevail...they'll reduce Americans to status of herd...clipped and culled as the would-be master sees fit...and...totally unable to fight against the PUSH AND SHOVE of the unwashed masses.


PAUL RYAN told the world he was not pursuing reelection and would not any longer be Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

During his esteemed tenure...Paul Ryan attempted to delete the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE. He was modestly able to peel back a few fingers...but...what remained continues to be unrelenting in its press, nonetheless.

Never could PAUL RYAN...for example...get Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.KY) to delete the 60 vote rule and permit passage by 51 "yes" votes...a number the Republicans had.

Indeed...had MITCH MCCONNELL been a freedom-fighter instead of a slithering maggot...and...changed the Senate Rule...TEAM TRUMP would have been able to delete OBAMACARE and 90% of all the federal bureaucracy...and...have done as much in one law...the OMNIBUS REPEAL BILL, (THE ORB) wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Had Mitch McConnell been courageous and changed that 60-vote rule...PAUL RYAN would be returning to his home state as a hero...a man who deleted the grip of the NANNY STATE. As it is...PAUL RYAN returns home with some accomplishments...but...the BIG ENCHILLADA...deleting the NANNY STATE...well...folks...that'll have to wait until another freedom-fighter stands forth.



The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives announced he was passing the torch* and would be headed home so that his children would have more than a weekend dad.

Naturally such a man is rare in Congress but PAUL RYAN demonstrated what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he described the typical legislator...someone who would rise up and stop whatever tyranny afoot.

PAUL RYAN saw the Democrats screwing with TRUTH and JUSTICE...their purpose to enslave and reduce people to that of herd...clipped and culled as the master saw fit...and...such horror forced PAUL RYAN to stand up...declare such things wrong...and...then...go off to Congress to serve a spell...and...patch the crack in the Liberty Bell!
*Cincinnatus was entreated to leave his plow and lead Romans to victory. After Cincinnatus defeated the enemy...he returned to the plow.


FACEBOOK is the antithesis of privacy. The user agrees...upfront...the data uploaded can be used by anyone for anything. On the other hand...if the user harbors some qualms about such revelation or use...then...they're directed: do not upload.

However...almost all users expect plenty of "looking" the U.S. Supreme Court in US. v. KATZ pointed out, "Anything a person chooses to reveal to the public is in the public domain and a right to privacy with respect thereto can't be demanded."

FACEBOOK went further and compelled the user in exchange for the platform...the user agreed not to bark or make noise about who looked or who used...and...always had the choice to "keep private" if the user chose such closet. As FACEBOOK-Zuckerberg noted, "Secrecy molts no feather".


The banana crop is smaller because Mother Earth is cooling off. However...the man-caused climate change crowd has assiduously ignored such global cooling since it would undermine their lucrative MYTH. When asked about the banana crop...the man-caused climate change enthusiasts refused to acknowledge the debunking-drama....demanding fossil fuel be eliminated and people be forced back to a time of "tent and mule".


Rod "I need to hide too" Rosenstein put Robert "stooge" Mueller into the position of special counsel, and dispatched this jackal to investigate RUSSIAN COLLUSION but to ignore any illegality uncovered where Hillary-the-hag and her bunch were implicated.

So far...Mueller has done as directed...overlooking the "pay-to-play" scheme Hillary conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State...ignoring her $12 million payment to Fusion GPS to concoct a NASTY STORY about Donald J. Trump...and...dismissing the sale of URANIUM to Russia in exchange for big bucks.

However...instead of confining himself and his Trump-hating staff to that "directive"...Mueller is attempting to destroy President Trump through what in times past was called a "witch hunt". Mueller sent a GOON SQUAD...for vacuum the offices...home...and...hotel room of MIKE of Big Don's personal lawyers...and...the one who sent $130,000 to STORMY DANIELS so that she would not tell the world about the alleged 2006 tryst with Donald J. Trump


Park spelled backwards: KRAP. Might the Democrats who are devoted to a socialist state be looking for a spot to "park"?


Robert J. Barro has read this BLOG and was compelled to expatiate...and...broaden the idea of unfettered trade between nations,(WSJ A-15;04-11-18).

Suffice it to say...BARRO wants a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm followed by all producers wherever located thereby maximizing benefits to the world.

Yes...some producers seek benefit and protection from their respective governments...but...such ideas are quickly losing their grip...and...eventually...liberty and not diktat will be the banner of all producers everywhere. Welcome aboard, "Robert."

Paul S. Levy

Paul S. Levy was so upset at how AMY WAX was treated by PENN LAW SCHOOL that he resigned as one of its premier professors. How dare they call AMY WAX a racist just because she didn't like affirmative action. "Had AMY WAX simply repeated the socialist rubric that "whitey" was the cause of the world's problems...she would have been canonized...not condemned," Paul S. Levy whispered when asked by a cub reporter "why" he left such a prestigious law school.


President Trump could make America great again if he successfully removes the "hassle and hinder" which stifles and depletes. Opposed to such enterprise are the would-be masters with envious mobs...never wishing to release their grip on the producer. Might President Trump take some guidance from Chinese President Xi Jinping and begin to delete and dismantle such "red tape and tax" as XI DADA is doing in China?(WSJ A-7;04-11-18). VIVA XI!


A 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm is the purpose of the Chinese and Vietnamese effort to trade with America. America...instead of welcoming such enterprise...American politicians and their cronies in various industries are raising barriers and depriving the consumer of the "best at least price"...the one thing which separates an unfettered market from whatever is bubbling forth in the minds of politicians.

Instead of an open market model...America is moving towards a FASCIST STATE. If steel and aluminum industries in America are being burdened with government "red tape and tax"...while competitors enjoy an unburdened environment...then...the solution is not to continue into the fascist remove the "hinder and hassle" that is stifling and preventing robust competition.'s true that bad ideas live longer than good ones. Socialism...for instance...creates a ruling elite stomping unwashed masses...while Eco-fascism delivers "tent-and mule". Such horror when finally noticed is the root of rebellion...unless...the MASS MEDIA also wishes such a miasma of misery and privation. Such is what you observe nowadays with the MASS MEDIA championing every "bad idea"...and...besmirching every good one.


FACEBOOK Zuckerberg was interrogated yesterday. As each Senator posed a question...ZUCKIE would begin his answer with "You have asked a wondrous question"...or...some other preface-accolade. His effort demonstrated tactical and strategic posturing...actions that will be studied in the years to come as a "way" to avoid condemnation from people looking to grandstand the crowd with such excoriation.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson...out to show Florida voters "why" they must support his re-election...uttered a grandstand performance...chocked full of invective and power-talk. After the Senate hearing was over...Nelson approached Zuckerberg and loudly asked, "What are you going to do about people who say the sun's shining somewhere? It's pure hate-speech and either you clean it up...or...I will pass a law that requires FACEBOOK to deny the SUN."


"In terms of body county...Obama killed more civilians that anyone since Stalin or Mao," Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) pointed out...but...not anywhere did Zuckerberg on FACEBOOK give Obama his due. "He deserved to be labeled a butcher...but...Zuckie decided to keep big stomp government off his door step...and...overlook Obama's crimes against humanity," confided Nelson as he ate another bite of his RAINBOW STEW with his silver spoon.


U.S. Senator Coons...a Delaware Democrat and infamous freedom-hater...asked Zuckerberg "why" COONS was shown on FACEBOOK sexually abusing 3 young Cambodian boys...a tryst he was promised would never see the light of day.

"What you did to me was despicable," shouted COONS as Zuckerberg was departing the hearing room.

"I was promised complete privacy and FACEBOOK showed what I did to those 3 Cambodian boys...a revelation I was promised would never occur. I want to know what you're going to do about it or a powerful Senator...I might find you in an alley brothel and attack," drooled COONS-THE-GHOUL.


Mark Zuckerberg promised the U.S. Senate he would publish only socialist propaganda...never permitting freedom-lovers to use the FACEBOOK platform. Smiling about this pledge to goosestep as his would-be masters demanded made the left legs tingle in that Senate hearing room. Senator Bill Nelson...himself a devout socialist...demanded FACEBOOK never again permit freedom-lovers to use Zuckerberg's FACEBOOK. "I want it perfectly clear that only socialists...Eco-fascists...and...other freedom-haters will be the ONLY ONES that will be granted such access," spewed scumbag-Nelson.

 to tell others that socialism is abhorrent and those who advocate for socialism the real monsters of FACEBOOK!


Mark Zuckerberg said he was taking down "terrorist websites"...and...will work diligently to deliver another propaganda mill for the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

"I will push the enslavement of the producer," promised Zuckerberg when asked by scumbag-Bill Nelson if FACEBOOK would eschew freedom and adopt "enslavement" as its banner.

"We...Democrats call the vociferous demand for freedom "hate speech"...and...I want you...Mark stomp out freedom where you can and impose government color-and-content," dripped U.S. Senator Nelson himself a devout socialist and one of the architects for the demise of farming in Florida.


Mike Cohn*...was awakened in the early morning hours by a S.W.A.T. Team busting down his door and shooting his dogs.

The FBI was sent to do some "dirty work" for the hate-Trump bunch...declaring Mike Cohn had somehow violated election law.

When the scumbags at FBI were asked about the CHRIS STEELE...$12 million deal...though...FBI Director Wray laughed, "There is obviously a DEEP administrative government...totally protected and insulated. Hell...Hillary could have killed people* and been commended not condemned for her skill and clever use of power. But...I hate President attack his scare his attorney...that makes my left leg tingle."

*The lawyer for President Trump who paid $130,000 to Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about a 2006 tryst between her buxom self and Big Don. Stormy Daniels was informed she could make BIG BUCKS if she were to break her silence and attack. we can see...such is occurring.
**While search warrants could have been used against Hillary-the-hag and her scurvy crew of miscreants and knee-crooking knaves...that kind of attack was not undertaken. She controlled the DEEP STATE....up until...James Comey learned he was due to receive the same kind of preference that VINCE FOSTER received. When Jimmie-boy heard as much...he turned on CROOKED HILLARY and fired his salvos.


The recent gas attack in Syria was not carried out by either Syrian President Assad or the Russians but perpetrated by rebels on rebels. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA knows the Assad regime was not involved but has proclaim Putin and Assad as the masterminds* behind the Chlorine gas attack...the proclamation's purpose to keep American mired in a miasma of death and destruction.
*President Trump is way too wise to fall for such a ruse and will extract our team when extraction is most beneficial to America. VIVA TRUMP!


How does one put 5 pounds of dung in a one pound bag? You turn the stuff into Lanny J. Davis...a Clinton-stooge. Recall Lanny Davis was involved in Hillary Clinton's pay-to-play scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State...and...profited mightily from that nefarious activity,(WSJ A-15;04-10-18). Recently...Lanny has been whining about James Comey...claiming Comey changed the course of America. "Had Comey remained silent...Hillary would have been president and America would be headed into the socialist toilet...a place meant for me and Hillary," fumed Lanny Davis.

Monday, April 9, 2018

$900 billion food stamp program?

Inside the government FARM of those ancient "give-me" programs somehow Republicans must deliver to retain political power...there's found the FOOD STAMP PROGRAM...a government handout reflecting $900 billion Uncle Sugar will pay to food stamp recipients. Because this program is based on the socialist idea that the producer is a beast of burden to be directed for the benefit of the parasites...servile supplicants...cronies...and..."others"'s mightily defended by the complicit MASS MEDIA and the power-mongers* of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE,(WSJ A-4;04-09-18).
*This CAGE...a place where producers can be compelled to pay for the wants and needs of those wants and needs are defined by the would-be master and the supportive proletariat.


In the movie, Dr. Strangelove...George C. Scott tells the president the Russian Ambassador can't come into the WAR ROOM...he'd see the BIG BOARD!

Might Assistant U.S. Attorney General STEPHEN refusing to deliver data on the criminal enterprise inside the U.S. Injustice Dept. and at the so-called Federal Bureau of saying about as much to President Trump when he was told to "open the books"...and....permit inspection. As BIG DON said, "What do these people have to hide?" VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-18;04-09-18).

F.Y.I for Andy Kessler

For your information, Andy Kessler...before a FACEBOOK user uploads whatever data that user SIGNS an agreement that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING so "uploaded" can be used ANY WAY POSSIBLE without recourse. The users don't mind that caveat since the intention of uploading is to SHOW the mark a spot on the planet that is unique and wondrous to behold. It's OBVIOUS the freedom-hating CONGRESS will do what it can to stifle FACEBOOK...remove its dynamic aspect...and...reduce FACEBOOK to just another boring platform used by old people to frame their future,(WSJ A-17;04-09-18).

Rebecca Dallet won?

In Wisconsin...Rebecca Dallet...a devoted socialist...defeated the Republican nominee to grab a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She said she was pro-choice...while the Republican knave said he was pro-life...and...that idiotic declaration by the Republican cost him that election. It was OBVIOUS...a majority of voters didn't want some meddlesome...officious jerk...such as that Republican be on their Supreme Court.


Some time back...Alexander the Great was conquering the known world. When he and his team arrived at the border of one such target...Alexander was met by a delegation whose mission to give Alexander what he desired...and...all given without a fight...provided Alexander could UNTIE a knot*...the GORDIAN KNOT.

Because Alexander was Alexander the Great...he accepted the "deal"...and...was taken to the GORDIAN KNOT. As Alexander studied the huge knot...he walked around it several times...looking...inspecting...and...then...because he was Alexander the Great...he drew his SWORD OF CONQUEST...struck the knot zipping through it as if hot knife through butter...and...received GORDO without a fight.

Similar prowess bubbles from President Trump. He's approaching the 20th Century NANNY STATE...and...dismantling it as easily as Alexander sliced through that enigmatic piece of rope. Yes...THE ESTABLISHMENT...protected by both sides of the aisle...want him to stop and not continue liberating America from the grip of the would-be masters of the NANNY STATE...but...BIG DON because he's BIG DON will continue to dismantle until the oppressive NANNY STATE is gone. VIVA TRUMP!
*Legend had it that the KNOT was created by the gods and could not be undone.


So popular is the DIAMOND AND SILK YouTube presentation...their daily effort went from 30 followers to 30 million per day. These two ladies read FREEUSFLORIDA.COM and then articulate its ideas on social media so their followers can hear about TRUTH AND JUSTICE. They're very entertaining and spot on correct in their political bent. They want liberty not socialist "freedom-to-obey"...and...they're unafraid to say as much.

Naturally...socialist FACEBOOK has labeled DIAMOND AND SILK "unsafe" that children would not hear about liberty but only about socialist enslavement. Why Zuckerberg went "socialist" isn't well might very be that ZUCKERBERG is not a freedom-lover but just another scumbag-socialist who happened upon a great way to make money.


Folks...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...stuck American troops into Syria. President Trump knows he must extricate our team now...pull them from what is about to become a meat grinder as total civil war breaks forth again as the Shiites and Sunnis butcher each other trying to gain control of government so they can loot the storeroom of the loser in typical socialist fashion...a fashion BUSH-CHENEY enshrined!

To weaken President Trump...his detractors are screaming for him to remain in Syria knowing to remain there means loss of American lives...a loss Big Don promised to avoid. His instinct is to withdraw from Syria and he must succeed in his effort to bring troops out of Syria and away from that meat grinder.

Sure...inside his administration are such detractors...Trump-haters in disguise...each pushing for TRUMP to remain in Syria.

Yet...because President Trump is an historical figure of great importance...even though he hears such "need to stay"...nonetheless...BIG DON knows he must depart...withdraw and permit the butchery to commence.

After the Russians...Iranians...Turks...and..."other"...are done blowing each other across the front yard...America can reenter...tidy up the place...and...this time around...invite survivors to consider a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never does any rag head need fear another rag head gaining power and declaring: "our tears...your purse!"...indeed...a place where peace and tolerance are the primal aspect of the Socio-economic context. VIVA TRUMP!

Sunday, April 8, 2018


What if there were a team of experts...a cadre of sorts...who were dispatched to unleash deadly NERVE GAS?

What if that team were hired as part of a plan that was hatched some time back wherein serial gas attacks would be unleashed...and...the GAS ATTACK would then be used to augment...or...push some theme.

Recall a Syrian GAS ATTACK was unleashed and it drew from OBAMA the infamous RED LINE declaration...locking Uncle Sugar into a military response should another GAS ATTACK occur. And...within weeks of Donald J. Trump ascending to the Oval Office...he used cruise missiles in reaction to a GAS ATTACK. President Trump is about to depart Syria...withdrawing troops and equipment...somehow...another GAS ATTACK is attack that is being used by the MASS MEDIA to demand President Trump remain in Syria and get our troops outcome the Democrats would love to see.

President Trump is too accept the OBVIOUS...and...knows there is much afoot. Hence...his experts are already on site and have reported the GAS ATTACK was perpetrated not by the Assad Regime but once more by that "team"...that "cadre"...known* only as OMEGA.
*In the movie CANADIAN BACON...the President dispatches the OMEGA TEAM.


While some years ago Americans were easily duped by the would-be masters and the complicit MASS MEDIA...nowadays...they're hard core doubting Thomas types...demanding "wound-poke" before accepting the news story.

Take for example the MASS MEDIA "lie" that Syrian President Assad unleashed another gas attack on Syrian rebels. Just when President Trump is departing that meat grinder and bring the troops home...somehow...President Assad decided to "GAS ATTACK"...inflame the world...and...thereby compel BIG DON to elect to "stay in Syria".

That is "idiotic"'s the TALE the American MASS MEDIA is pushing. Somehow the MASS MEDIA believes it can push President Trump not to depart Syria but leave Americans there to be butchered.

Then when Americans get slaughtered...that same bunch of MASS MEDIA "go and stay there"...will instantly declare President Trump was WRONG to remain in Syria...and...then...reveal that much publicized GAS ATTACK was really perpetrated by the rebels against some other rebels so that it could be made to look like...seem like...and...President Trump was not smart enough to see through that kind of "pull us back" gambit.


Kellyanne Conway was asked "why" Donald J. Trump would leave his billionaire lifestyle...insulated...aloof...special...regal...and...whatever else he wished about be hammered 24/7 in every tabloid and MASS MEDIA be scorned and reviled by people he once called friend...and...shunned in all so-called "better circles" because he stepped forward to make America great again...remove the stultifying NANNY STATE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Why would BIG DON step away from his marvelous life...and...undertake such a thankless job...a job fraught with spies...moles...two-faced scumbags...and all such innards protected by a civil service blanket that permits LYING...TREASON...and...whatever else might be chosen to short circuit and befoul?

After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT she replied, "Cincinnatus was plowing his field...when up came a throng of desperate Romans informing him their way of life was surrounded and without his help they'd surely perish beneath the jackboot of the invader. Instantly...Cincinnatus stopped plowing...walked to his hovel...retrieved his spear, sword and shield...and...followed that motley band back to the battlefield. As legend has ONE DAY*...the enemy was defeated...and...Cincinnatus returned to his plow...his victory forever seeded."
*According to Blubber McGee...Cincinnatus used poison gas that he deployed as soon as the wind was blowing towards the would-be masters.


By enslaving America slowly...children grow up inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and don't know they're inside a fish to speak...controlled and directed by a would-be master supported by an ENVIOUS MOB. The public schools...nowadays...are propaganda mills producing "worker bees" for the HIVE...never informing the children they're inside a CAGE...ruled from cradle to grave with NANNY STATE spank and diaper check. They're taught to be part of the collective...selfless...unassuming...and...willing to die for the MASTER.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi as Minority House leader and Senator Schumer...Minority Senate leader...delivered CRUMBS to the taxpayers instead of great bounty. Pelosi even admitted the TAX CUT delivered "crumbs".

But the complicit MASS MEDIA never then castigated Pelosi-Schumer for the "crumbs" by asking them: "But did you not refuse to increase the 2017 TAX CUT...and...was not "small size of tax cut" due to your refusal to help delete hurdle and shackle preferring to keep the TAX MONSTER alive and at your disposal?

Had such question been asked...the socialist Democrat Party would have been eviscerated...and...rendered ineffectual for a 1000 years in all directions. It might very well be the Republican National Committee(NRC) will being to make this kind of POLEMIC a national theme so that all Republicans can declare themselves aligned with making America great again. VIVA TRUMP!


Jonathan Schanzer said President Trump erred by extracting American troops from the Syrian meat grinder.

Hearing an idiot such as PANZER SHANZER...spew nonsense...Big Don turned to his entourage and said he was determined more than ever to extricate his team from that miasma. If there were to be some kind of power struggle over that part of the planet...America need not participate but wait until the Shiite...Sunni...and..."other"...have slaughtered and butchered and ruined.

Standing in the door frame aboard Air Force One...50,000 feet above it all...President Trump explained his idea about the Middle East, "Once these groups have exhausted themselves and prefer peace over power...that is when Big Don reenters and imposes PEACE for 1000 years in all directions by insisting that every nation adopt a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...and...deliver unto that part of the world a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper."
*Elon Musk is working on ways to MINE the MOON. Using 5-G technology and quantum computing equipment designed by this BLOG'S SCIENCE DEPT...ELON MUSK is headed to stars...mining GOLD...and...anything else he can sell on Earth. VIVA MUSK!


By the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was called a charismatic visionary...a man who would lead America into a socialist paradise...a place where everyone has as much as everyone else...and...the ruling elite care for and cull as they see fit...where the sick wait until master gives whatever medical service thought suitable...and...where the envious mob cries out for Barabbas every time.

In times past...Adolf Hitler spoke to huge crowds offering them himself as a charismatic visionary...whose passion for real estate so strong...his desire to stomp so great...the unwashed masses had to permit him his way. HEIL HITLER, eh Bernie?


President Trump doesn't mind people saying nasty things about him...but...he insists they pronounce his name correctly. Indeed...Big Don doesn't much care about "Chihuahuas" nipping about his ankles. VIVA TRUMP!


Crypto-currency enthusiasts should steer clear of COINBASE. This bunch is attempting to be certified by the so-called Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) know...the same bunch which permitted BERNIE MADOFF to steal billions of dollars from his customers even though SEC was told about what he was doing. And COIN BASE is seeking the imprimatur* of the SEC?(WSJ B-1;04-07-18).
*As soon as COIN BASE revealed it was seeking such imprimatur from the SEC...crypto-currency holders instantly began their flight from COINBASE...fearing a THEFT or OTHER TRICK...sanctioned by the SEC...a la MADOFF...was afoot.

that bunch of jackals.


For Ted was a "slap on wrist"...for anyone would have been MURDER. The double standard so observed surrounding the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick is still in play today insulating HILLARY-THE-HAG and her scurvy crew of miscreants and knee-crooking knaves. Indeed...JAMES 2016...while director of the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation...was writing the "exoneration memo" 90 days before he ever saw any evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary and her comrades.


GROCERS are miffed that President Trump would wish to reduce FOOD STAMPS...a big ticket item in grocery parlance nowadays. "If we did not have that government "freebie" we'd be looking at a depression in grocery chain viability," quipped U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...admitting her biggest donations come from "interested food purveyors".
*The 20th Century NANNY STATE must be dismantled. The grocery stores will have to find ways to meet their needs without UNCLE SUGAR'S input. As for FOOD STAMP RECIPIENTS...they will need to find a charity or form* their own "private entitlement charity".

*They can seek donations from socialist-scumbags such as U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) and George Soros...two socialists who will prove to these pathetic supplicants that socialists only spend other people's money...never their own.


GAZA STIP is run by HAMAS...a dedicated bunch of rag heads whose mission to eradicate the JEW. Recently...tire-burning has been adopted as a great way to hurt the Jew. The black acrid smoke hangs over Tel Aviv choking the JEW...smothering the paradise of the JEW...and...ruining tourism...the mainstay of the Israeli economy. "We will burn tires when the wind blows towards the JEW...and...thereby choke the JEW...make the JEW leave our blessed land," croaked a veiled Palestinian sporting the name: Mack-mood-al-Zip-dry,(WSJ A-7;04-07-18).


When BERNIE SANDERS was demanding "free medical care' during the 2016 presidential campaign...the audience cheered and screamed with adulation. Here was a real scumbag who would kill his own mother to advance the cause of tyranny and it made them giddy with the thought of being enslaved.

Yet...few of these cheering attendees ever considered what BERNIE SANDERS really wanted. He was envisioning DEATH CAMPS...GAS CHAMBERS...CRUELTY...AND...OTHER WONDROUS ASPECTS OF SOCIALISM all brought to bear in America...stomping out liberty and replacing it with "freedom-to-obey".

Some years ago...a similar pied piper arose in Venezuela. CHEVEZ told the Venezuelans about a SOCIALIST PARADISE. And to receive such munificence all the voters had to do was support SOCIALISM. And...of course...a majority of Venezuelans chose "freebie and favor" hoping Chevez was able to deliver his promised "pot of gold".

Nowadays...with people dying from starvation and lack of medical care...the PARADISE aspect has faded and all that remains is the IRON FIST...and...DESTRUCTION.

Take Marta Soloranzo for instance,(WSJ A-6;04-07-18). She supported Chevez and Maduro. They promised "free medical care"...and...she fell for that TRICK pushing aside any misgivings about losing her FREEDOM and becoming a SLAVE.

Nowadays...though...with her GOVERNMENT ALOTMENT OF PILLS running out...and...bureaucratic knaves chuckling about their power to kill her anytime they choose...MARTA regrets having stood behind SOCIALISM.

 "Had I but stood up and said SOCIALISM is idiotic and will lead to horror...I could have stopped SOCIALISM* and done something thereby to make my life better. But I was tricked. I was promised freebie and favor...and...would RECEIVE what others had...and...because I was envious...I fell for that trick...and...I supported BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...the same bunch  of scumbags who at my own predicament...a bed I made for myself,I guess," whispered MARTA as she reflected on what she had done to herself.
*Socialism: everyone sits in a circle with hands in each others' pockets thinking they're getting rich. In socialism...the PIE is divided as MASTER with envious mob sees fit.


BACKPAGE.COM was accused of offering children-for-sex in its classified ad platform. The so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) seized that website and stopped business. Carl Ferrer...its CEO...was arrested,(WSJ A-4;4-07-18).

The charges are preposterous...the prosecution frivolous...but...when you're trying to derive POLITICAL BENEFIT...such drawbacks are ignored.

When scumbag Wray...the putative leader of the FBI...however...was asked "why" his team didn't do the same thing to HILLARY-THE-HAG when they knew she was operating a "pay-to-play" scam while Secretary of State...Wray laughed and replied, "We only attack peons...people who can't fight back...and...never would we attack freedom-hating politicians such as Hillary Clinton or Chuck Schumer."


While most prognosticators won't say...the FORECAST DEPT. of this BLOG pointed out a competitor to an opening.

The "opening" arrived when Zuckerberg agreed to kneel and lick big government boot.

Instead of declaring anything on FACEBOOK was not to be censored...ZUCKERBERG folded like a cheap suit...and...said he was restricting FACEBOOK.

Instantly...advertisers began to consider FREEUSFLORIDA.COM as the only "uncensored" platform from which political ads...fake...real...or...other...all accepted...all permitted. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-1;04-07-18).

Friday, April 6, 2018


FACEBOOK has a data bank of people...perhaps...several billion people...everyone of them asked if they preferred their data remain private or available in any way FACEBOOK chose to use it. Yes...15 out of 2.9 billion users preferred their data remain private while everyone else wanted the world to use their "stuff" any way possible. Mark Zuckerberg told Congress...those 15 people have their data locked away and was not used to "rig" the 2016 election.


If you suspect the price of stock-X is about to plummet...borrow stock-X...sell it...and...then...when the market plummets...simply buy stock-X at that reduced price...return newly bought STOCK-X...and...pocket the difference. must know the identity of STOCK-X...and...also...have  a STOMACH OF IRON...and...a RISK-TAKER'S KEEN SENSE OF DESPERATION'S SHADOW...but...if all that can be deployed...A MIGHTY PROFIT is there to be had. VIVA TRUMP!


In New Dehli...into the Jama Masjid mosque...playful Hindus tossed porcine innards. Instantly...JIHAD was declared against all Hindus...and...the slaughter commenced...butchery on a scale even Gandhi couldn't imagine. And...through the carnage...and...rubble...stepped Mahesh Vikram Hegde...POSTCARD NEWS dude...smirking about the destruction his "fake news" had caused. "When my team wrote about the pig-attack...we never thought Muslims so ignorant they'd actually believe such nonsense," whispered Masesh as he looked at the latest body count,(WSJ A-15;04-06-18).


As the Challenger sped skyward...on terra firma...stood MARK GOTCH...using a new camera loaded with the best FUJI FILM money could buy...shooting 73 seconds of photos of the space shuttle as it hurtled into outer space.

Mention is made of MARK GOTCH since it was his series of incredibly clear photos which revealed what happened to the Challenger.

As NASA later declared, "The MARK GOTCH photos probably saved the American space program since by using those photos NASA was able to discern what happened and corrected those areas so that such a tragedy would not happen again. VIVA MARK GOTCH!


Why did President Trump answer the TRAP QUESTION about Stormy Daniels and that $130,000 payment by Mike Cohn? Michael Avenatti...Stormy's slithering lawyer...was singing in the to speak...when he heard Big Don...aboard Air Force One...answer a question he should have SNUBBED...and...AVOIDED.

Why the President erred and answered that question seems to reveal a lack of good lawyers surrounding him.

Never should a reporter have been permitted to ask that question or broach that topic and a "buffer-mouth" should have been interposed to insulate and move the topic off the stage instantly. Where was his team of protectors?

*Mike Cohn is one of Donald's many lawyers. The $130,000 payment that was mentioned in a nondisclosure agreement wherein Stormy Daniels agreed never to tell anyone about the 2006 sexual event she had with David Dennison,(WSJ A-4;04-06-18).

Thursday, April 5, 2018

U.S.Rep. Ron DeSantos(R.FL)

U.S.Rep. Ron DeSantos(R.FL) is being attacked by freedom-haters claiming they can besmirch this patriot so much voters will choose a socialist scumbag, instead. Of course...they underestimate the Florida voter's acumen for knowing when the Democrats are pissing down their back and telling them it's raining.


JOHN BRENNAN hated Donald J. Trump so much he worked* closely with TEAM-CLINTON to "rig" the 2016 election by "leaking" FALSE DATA to the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA and undermining thereby TEAM-TRUMP whose precarious lead was to be subsumed by such "damaging dirt".
*Because JOHN BRENNAN is nothing more than stooge...his puppet-master...Obama...himself a dung-throwing monkey...directed the "leaks"...along with concocting "content".


Chappaquiddick...Mary Jo Kopechne...and...a murder cover-up to save Ted Kennedy from LIFE IN PRISON are all somewhat touched in the movie bearing that site's name. While the movie does expose some of the LIE and fails to reveal how the DEEP STATE...even back then*...had ways to cover up MURDER.
*Forestal was defenestrated from a 16th floor window...thrown out to prevent him from revealing the unique propulsion system America had acquired from somewhere else. Vince Foster was snuffed before he could rat out the Clintons...while U.S. border guard Brian Terry was assassinated by Obama to stop him from revealing how Obama was fomenting unrest and mayhem along the Mexican border.


Scott Pruitt*...head honcho at EPA...handed each worker bee a token of his INTENT to dismantle as much of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE as he possibly could. The freedom-hating MASS MEDIA instantly condemned that piece of plastic labeling it quite trite...and...admonishing the EPA Director for using recycled plastic and recycled ink to stamp out 2 inch in diameter circles...stamped with the phrase: TO-IT.
*Scott Pruitt is a patriot and a person historians will say walked alongside the Founding Fathers as he deleted and dismantled the idiotic "stomp and chomp" SYSTEM Gina "scumbag" McCarthy imposed on this blessed land during her tenure as the EPA Director,(think Gold King Mine and poisoning of the Animus River Basin).


Except for this BLOG and a few other pro-Trump MASS MEDIA outlets...THE ESTABLISHMENT and the complicit MASS MEDIA oppose escape from the grip of the would-be master with envious mob...preferring to push America into the SOCIALIST-TOILET...instead of helping President Trump dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where dung-throwing monkeys such as Obama and knee-crooking knaves such as Senator Chuck Schumer can impose whatever burden they please on the producer...their beast of burden.

Because President Trump has a 24/7 MASS MEDIA enemy...he must use every trick...every duck and poke he deliver on his promise to make America great again...a feat the MASS MEDIA and the freedom-hating Democrats oppose with heart and soul.

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin(D.WVa)...perhaps...framed it best when he laughed about how he could stomp COAL...spit on taxpayers...and...demand fealty at the ballot box. "I'll defeat the Republican because I stand for HIGHER TAXES...and...SOCIALISM. I will take from Bob and give to Bill...put more producers into shackle. To advance own mother I would kill," dripped Joe Manchin in a Union Hall where he is worshiped as a GOD.