Monday, April 30, 2018


On one side of the wall were people who wanted to enter America and grab some of the welfare state. Some swam into the cold Pacific attempting to outswim border guards whose nets designed not to catch but to push and shove such would-be entrants back...shove them back into the jungle from which they struggled to escape.

Coming from socialist countries...they were raised to want big grab envy what others support any jackboot whose banner to grab and redistribute.

Yes...the Republicans do not want such socialists and freedom-haters flooding into America...while Democrats demand the wall be removed and the billion hungry mouths permitted to enter...overwhelm...and...deliver a NANNY STATE...a place exactly like the socialist toilet from which such caravan-people came.

President Trump is dedicated to stopping such a flood. He realizes* the game plan for the Democrats is well-funded. He also knows there are unlimited number of caravans forming...such that once the breach occurs...there will be another flood of illegal they stream through the holes...demanding asylum and the riches of America be given unto them instantly.

Already...on the Mexican side of the border...there are loudmouth immigration lawyers who are demanding the gates be opened and the socialist-immigrants be permitted to flood into America where they can impose socialism and a police state in the same design as that from which they fled.
*President Trump also knows there is a network erected throughout South America whose system is designed to produce caravans...pack people into trains and send them north to America where free money available...and...all provided by American Democrats who enslaved the producer so that they can offer such bounty and retain their political power. It's very machismo.


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed what the rag heads were doing in Tehran. Instead of standing down...the Iranians are working 24/7 to build their SWORD OF ALLAH...a nuclear device so huge...if will split the planet into rubble...blow us to that the 12th IMAMA might return and bring forth Islamic paradise. And...while such polemic seems at cross-purpose...nonetheless...for 14 virgins and all the wine one might drink...that kind of dream worth detonating for. Allaha Akbar!


The same place where Kim Jong Un and Mr. Moon met should be where President Trump and Kim Jon Un meet. If they can mesh...the world will shout and scream in adulation. If North Korea would only open its borders to trade...Americans would flock to that country to offer as much any Christian nation can muster. VIVA TRUMP!

big what?

Linda Vesters on a couch...Tom Brokaw helicoptering above her. He swooped in...his two hands going around the back of her head...his claw-like talons penetrating hair and flesh as he pushed her head towards his groin.

Repulsed...LINDA pulled back...and...said, " Tom...whatever you have keep it for someone else."

And with that declaration...she pushed the ghoul away...this half-wit jerk...and...departed the area. How dare he advance on her...she thought as she quickly retreated from that TRAP.


Farmers compete with each other as well as with other farmers worldwide. In China...America has a big part of the soybean market...for instance...largely because Americans know how to grow soy beans better than others. And...while politicians play a rude game of RISK...rolling dice...moving armies...and...passing out countries from go about their mundane day to day chores addressing and ultimately delivering what Mother Nature...for the most part...if she had her way...would never have allowed to leave the field.

President Trump has been playing* with farm export income as he negotiates with other countries demanding these countries open their markets so that American products might flood these protected as sensitive to soy bean...for American markets were somehow sensitive to cheap steel and very cheap cheap America was exploding with planes and beer buildings...resulting in marvelous savings for the consumers.
*The merit and wit of such negotiations are beyond the ken of this BLOG. Ludwig von Mises presumed in HUMAN ACTION that PEACE was surely the by-product of an otherwise unhampered market...and...mankind could approach NIRVANA if it simply adopted such paradigm...deleting the would-be master with envious mob model along the way.


Netflix sensation Michelle Wolf was as nasty and mean as she could be at the Correspondents' Dinner. She was particularly hateful to Sarah Huckabee Sanders...attempting to goad Sarah into some "insulted-walk-out". Instead...the White House Press Secretary took the blows...took the petards...suffered the hate and ignominy heaped upon her by this very caustic comic...all the while seated and poised...her beautiful blue dress shimmering...her make-up flawless...her power obvious. VIVA SARAH!

boat and crew

Because the new boat has more than 1.5% steel derived from another can't be used in American waters. The new 264 foot ship will be sold because the JONES ACT prevents it from being deployed. The ship builder has filed for bankruptcy...and...the ship's owner is trying to sell it to someone who wishes to use it elsewhere. As one patriot noted, "It's time to delete that idiotic 1920 law and permit America to compete in the fishing industry again.(WSJ A-17;04-30-18).


Americans cannot permit illegal immigrants to cross into America. There is a caravan in Tijuana packed with people who want to come to America...and...grab its benefit-package...take its welfare payments...grab its free medical services...its free clothing...and...spending money...all delivered by a NANNY STATE that has enslaved its citizens and needs more dependent-voters.

President Trump has demanded the border be impenetrable so that only legal immigrants are permitted. TEAM-TRUMP is also engaged in limiting the WELFARE STATE...reducing the number of made-victims...and...closing out entire bureaucracies...sending those disgruntled federal worker bees home with only thank you notes and fruit nothing!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

"bad jokes"

President Trump kept the Michigan rally under to speak...never tipping his hand...and...leading the scumbags who were planning on ambushing Trump at the Correspondents' Dinner to continue their JOKE WRITING...envisioning a "trapped" Trump unable to depart without a huge imbroglio...and...hence...who...would have had to have sat there and taken the abuse. Unfortunately for the DEMOCRATS...TEAM-TRUMP smelled another brilliant maneuver*...went to MICHIGAN and grabbed the 2018 election for the Republicans. It was was a was classic "Donald". VIVA TRUMP!
*The Trump-haters...steeped in filthy sarcasm and detestable half-wit...were caught having to write jokes in a few hours once they learned Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be the only one there to be attacked mercilessly.

"I know things"

After ascending to power...President Trump accessed THE FILE...the "compilation of dirt"...the ultimate to see what there was "bad" on U.S. Senator Jon Testor...the jerk who attacked Admiral Jackson during a confirmation hearing for the position of Administrator of the Veterans Administration(VA). What Big Don saw was revolting...disgusting...and...if ever divulged...would disqualify TESTOR instantly in the hearts and minds of all but the most devoted voter.

So dramatic was this THREAT of some kind of  FILE "leak" about the character of JON TESTOR...that the Communist News Network, (CNN)...f/k/a...the Clinton News Network...focused on Trump's "I know things" as somehow so sinister as to make every American wonder if they're next. That the Democratic National Committee(DNC) attempted to rig the 2016 presidential election...or...that Hillary undermined Bernie Sanders using her "pull" inside the DNC...all such tricks and crimes were to be ignored in favor of the HATE TRUMP NARRATIVE whatever form or format it might take from day to day.

Yet...the Democrats don't know the field on which they undertake battle. They have dwelt on peevish...silly...little...trivial...and...other small things...barrage upon barrage...each as demeaning and caustic as possible...never understanding they're being led into a grand trap. As TEAM-TRUMP gives ground...the MASS MEDIA will continue plowing forward with "hate-speech"...bunching up...drawing so close none can raise their being so enveloped...being so surrounded...deleted...until TEAM TRUMP triumphs. WOW. Cannae* again.
*CANNAE...the battle in Italy where Hannibal butchered 80,000 Romans.


Stormy Daniels...the porn star...who received $130,000 from Mike Cohn to keep quiet about her alleged TRUMP-TRYST...hired MIKE AVENATTI to represent her in her quest to breach the SILENCE-AGREEMENT so that she might tell about the sexual encounter she had with DONALD TRUMP. She picked Avenatti she put it...he was the most disgusting...reprehensible...slime ball she could imagine....but...such a critter by her needed to chase her future into the winner's circle.

As is almost always the frame...though...Avenatti and Daniels don't realize they're being used by TRUMP-HATERS. When their utility evaporates...when mention of them draws little interest...they'll be found sitting in outer offices...drinking secretary-provided coffee...and...waiting for that meeting* that'll never happen.
*As Tom "rapist" Brokaw confirmed, "People will ignore...or...avoid entirely." Not to be left out...JAKE TAPPER...offered Avenatti and Daniels GOLD CARD to his HELL FIRE CLUB...a nasty twit of a spot Tapper calls home.


Due to a higher loyalty*...when FBI Director James Comey heard about the death of U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY...he wanted desperately to examine what happened...find out who gave the "snuff-order" to kill that young man...and...render justice. As he learned more and more about that assassination...though...he began to conclude he had best write a MEMO...memorializing what he found...capturing dialogue...framing criminal misconduct.

Despite such a calling for higher loyalty...JAMES COMEY never wrote a memo about what he uncovered. Yes...he knew Obama issued the SNUFF ORDER to silence BRIAN TERRY before he could alert America about the Democrat-plot to flood America with illegal aliens...but...COMEY never reduced such DATA to MEMO-FORMAT.
*Comey claims he never wrote any memo during all his time as FBI Director except once when he decided he had best write a MEMO after President Trump prevailed in the 2016 presidential election.


Jeanne Shaheen and Claire McCaskill...are two socialists who must be defeated in 2018. These two U.S. Senators demand...TAX INCREASES...MORE REGULATION...more ENSLAVEMENT.

In 2017...for instance...when President Trump asked them to support even greater tax cuts...they refused. When he asked them to support his loosening the grip of big grab government...again...they refused. The refused because they represent the socialist way...taking from producers and redistributing as they see fit...picking winners and losers...and...using EVIL to perpetuate their power.

Can the MASS MEDIA hide their EVIL? Is there not some Republican patriot willing to stand forth and ask voters to support another way...a way of liberation...a way to prosperity...and...away from the socialist toilet these socialists desire? Should a liberator arise...and...stand forth...telling the world a march to make salt begins...that politician will defeat SHAHEEN or MACCASKILL.

Americans want freedom not shackle and whip...not more knee-crooking bureaucrats with their nasty sneer and envenomed lips. one voter said, "What we need is a small efficient government delivering only essential services...and...leaving whatever else to the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market to address and consider.
*McCaskill and Sec. of Defense Mattis were discussing defense spending and she said she was not about to permit a defense dept. underling in London to drive a $12 million Bentley. She was angry about that extravagance. Mattis waited until he was "off-camera" to tell her that she had best look in the mirror for BIG SPENDERS...pointing out her SILENCE while OBAMA drained PUBLIC COFFERS to perpetuate the NANNY STATE. Slapping her hard...he noted, "We've spent $22 trillion on the WAR ON POVERTY and that human-condition remains within our borders."


NBC big shot Tom Brokaw's "perp walk" across national news graphically surprised him. Instead of finishing his career as a stellar TRUMP-HATER...he'll be remembered as the scumbag who attacked LINDA VESTER. Instead of reciting his many awards and trophies in the realm of news...he'll be called RAPIST. Similar to what happened to BILL COSBY...from out of the jungle will come ladies who were RAPED by TOM BROKAW...and...each will insist on prosecution...demanding the same justice the victims of BILL COSBY received.


Excited...ecstatic...bubbling...and...ready to cheer...such was the mood at the Michigan Trump rally. the group of high school children...Big Don told them about Brig. Gen. Custer.

At Gettysburg...Custer refused to stop attacking...telling what was left of his Michigan brigade: "RIDE. YOU WOLVERINES. RIDE!" And with that exhortation...his boys rode into glory.

It was fitting that Donald J. Trump should impart such wisdom. Just as Custer and his undaunted brigade continued to attack Jeb Stewart's is President Trump and his army attempting to stop enslavement and make America great again. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump was clever to avoid the so-called Correspondents' Dinner...but...some of TEAM-TRUMP did attend only to be attacked mercilessly. Sarah Huckabee Sanders...for example...a lovely lady with a passionate love of freedom...was verbally assaulted several times. The acrimony and hate was so palpable...some refused to take any more up...and...departed the area.


Should Floridians replace socialist Bill Nelson with freedom-loving RICK SCOTT...America will add another liberator to the U.S. Senate. As most Floridians know...socialism fetches misery and privation...two things unwanted in the SUNSHINE STATE. They know about the horror of Venezuela...the richest South American country until the socialists entered...passed socialist laws...and...sent unwitting* Venezuelans into the socialist toilet.
*The Trinidadians say there isn't anyone as stupid as a Venezuelan...pointing out how rich they were and how poor they are now due to how a would-be master deployed their own envy and greed against them...reducing them to "herd" be culled and cared for as master sees fit.


Instead of attending another "Trump-hater" black-tie dinner...he took the opportunity to hold a rally in Michigan. The standing-room-only crowd cheered and roared as he recited his accomplishments in only 1.5 years...telling the audience...if they would replace obstructionist Democrat-socialists with capitalist-Republicans...he could finally dismantle this horrific 20th NANNY STATE CAGE...ushering in thereby the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Strategic...and...clever. Such the frame of the meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea. President Trump was the catalyst for such drama...but...the Nobel Peace Prize will be given to Randa Jarrar...the Fresno State teacher who publicly lambasted the deceased Barbara Bush. According to the Nobel Prize Committee...similar to what Obama had done...Jarrar was able to bring people together.


The sequencing of the human genome has all but been finished with only a few regions where quantum computing will be required to access those "for-now" blank spaces. It's been known for quite some time...for example...that the telomeres...the tips of chromosomes determine "aging". Each time the human cell regenerates...the telomeres grow shorter until there isn't any more telomere and not any more regeneration. The human body...comprised of such cells...from such inability to regenerate...evinces a condition which we call "aging".

If there were some way to retard the diminution of the telomeres...the aging process would also be perturbed. As one researcher in the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG said, "Once we find the chemical that stops telomeres from growing shorter each time the cell regenerates...we will have discovered the secret to immortality. Imagine living 10,000 years."(WSJ A-11;04-28-18).
*There is a critter in the Mediterranean Sea that returns to its infant stage when food disappears. It literally returns from OLD to YOUNG. That DNA sequence which permits such a thing is also found in the human genome. How does the human trigger that mechanism to stop aging? That question is about to be answered.

Friday, April 27, 2018


President Putin knows how deceptive and treacherous Iranians can be. It's obvious he has taken such potential two-face into account as he gingerly jockeys for position in what has become quite a chess game. on the chess board got up and told him where to go...white knight talking queen pushed to and fro. President Trump heard nonsense and said "Tell me it isn't so."


"So long as you attack TRUMP and keep away from'll be insulated from recrimination or prosecution," whispered Senator Schumer when he met with James Comey in the backroom of a Georgetown pizza parlor. Last night...following that SCHUMER-ALERT...when Jimmy-boy was interviewed by Fox News...he acted as if he didn't "know" if Hillary-the-hag had paid for the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER...but...was definitely sure Donald J. Trump was unfit to be president.


On this magnificent 2018 chess board...North Korean President Kim Jong Un met with his South Korean counterpart to discuss the peaceful transition between neighbors from enemies to commercial pals. As one international expert framed this incredible maneuver: "Rook to Queen 8".

dog and pony show

"Fa├žade be damned!" And with that mighty declaration...Kim Jong Un...the leader of North Korea...met with the South Korean President to discuss the end to the 1950 war...eliminating that idiotic DEMILITARIZED ZONE...deleting the 100 billion land mines affixed to Mother Earth...and...opening up North Korea to the bounty of the world.

According to the "little fella"...North Koreans can out-compete anyone and he's willing to open North Korea. Kim Jong Un said, "Korea is open for business!"



Kellyanne Conway was asked about Obama's path of destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq. From her vantage point...could she explain how was he able to insulate himself from such horror. In one instance...he directed bombs which killed thousands of women and children...butchery beyond imagination. How could he manage to enjoy a day where such misdeeds abound? After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she declared:

“An orphan's curse would drag to hell 
A spirit from on high; 
But oh! more horrible than that 
Is the curse in a dead man's eye! 
Seven days, seven nights, I saw that curse, 
And yet I could not die.”


German Chancellor Merkel told President Trump she was still angry about the hidden camera OBAMA had his "dirt tricks" team put in her vacation home's master bathroom. She thought Obama was some kind of demented voyeur...and...wanted Big Don to mention how despicable Obama was to have installed such surveillance during their joint trade conference. Hearing such entreaty from this disgruntled frau was hard but revealing what Obama had done to her was just too much to divulge.

$1 billion price tag

President Trump dropped the cost of building an embassy in Jerusalem from $1 billion to $400,000. When OBAMA was told that Big Don had trimmed the building budget...he became hateful and said, "I had big bucks coming from that charade."


Why would Hillary-the-hag pay $12 million for a TRUMP-ATTACK? The answer is the trouble visited on President Trump since his 2016 election has been derived from that ATTACK. Even though former FBI Director James Comey admitted the stuff used to attack TEAM-TRUMP was unverified...not far...little more than accusation...he refused to concede such IMPENETRABLE ASPECT was the "real value" in that concerted assault on Donald J. Trump.


Knowing how useful such a device could be...SNAPCHAT revamped SPECTACLES...their eye-glasses-video/camera,(B-6;04-27-18).

When Admiral Ronny Jackson was accused of bad acts by U.S. Senator Jon Tester...the Admiral smirked and offered his portfolio of videos...each time-stamped...and...focused on Testor's allegations' date/time/place aspects.

So obvious were TESTOR'S LIES that this bloated maggot had to admit he'd been fooled by his underlings. Testor acknowledged JACKSON escaped this TRAP due to his tactical use of video equipment. "Had Ronny not had those contradictory-videos...I would have been able to hurt TEAM-TRUMP...a a Democrat...I cherish," drooled Testor-the-maggot.


Little Alfie Evans lost his bid to live longer. The British Medical Service decreed ALFIE will not be permitted to travel to Italy to receive life-saving medical that was to be fully funded by the Catholic Church. While it seems heartless...merciless...ruthless...nonetheless...advocates for socialized medical care declare such DEATH is necessary so that others won't attempt to rise up and cry out. The state is omnipotent...and..."decreed-death" is part of such power,(WSJ A-15;04-27-18). think...BERNIE SANDERS...the 2016 presidential candidate...and...most Congressional "decreed death". Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...for example...said she looked forward to hearing that troublesome kid is dead. "That child was costing too much...and...needed to be unplugged," dripped Senator Warren when asked her opinion about socialized medical service death-decrees.


MIKE POMPEO was confirmed as Secretary of State by the U.S. Senate in a 57 to 42 vote. Yes...some Democrats crossed over the line to support POMPEO but these senators know they're chances of being reelected revolved around avoiding too much controversy.


When she was 20(+) years of age...Linda Vester...while saying vespers...Latin phrase...cathedral tone...was attacked by TOM BROKAW while they were alone.

He attempted to kiss her lips with his...pulling her head towards his face...deploying surprising strength in his fingers as they pushed into her scalp...each one as if claw...talon...deep into hair and flesh.

Frightened beyond rational thought...transfixed by prowess and passion...LINDA squirmed...and...shoved BROKAW'S face away...telling him she was not looking for that kind of assistance in her quest for a job.


Depriving the opioid user* of opioid is cruel and demonstrates depravity in those who would refuse the cancer patient such pain-relief...or...the recovering surgery patient a good night's sleep. Instead of simply permitting "free clinics" to open as they are in Europe where opioid users can go to get their "fix"...there is a movement to restrict OPIOIDS so much their use dwindles and evaporates among law-abiding citizens...and...floods forth for "others",(WSJ A-3;04-27-18).
*In America..."free clinics" would be funded by private charities without government intrusion in any form or format. Such insulation would permit opioid users access to their drugs without fear of police or reprisal. If users succumb and die from overdose...that death is the result of user-idiocy and loved ones must place blame on that user or on themselves for their lack of interest but not on the community.


Those who foresaw riches in INTERNET COMMERCE are now internet-moguls...flooded with to buy just about anything desired,(WSJ A-1;04-27-18). What has so many people excited is how easy it is to begin your own INTERNET COMPANY...and...pursue the same fame and fortune as others have done.

Because of such success in this newest form of enterprise...there are detractors and envious jackals who wish to stifle and hinder...and...see the INTERNET as a place to impose and intrude. Take YOUTUBE for instance. It gleans and sifts content to prevent what its owners don't like. Of course...WOULD-BE MASTERS are angered by such "editing"...somehow believing their dislike can be imposed on the owners of YOUTUBE. These people don't care if YOUTUBE is a privately owned organization. They want to be able to dictate what can and can't be accessed through YOUTUBE.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

COMEY'S FORTHCOMING? standing forth...receiving "in-coming" from detractors and doubters...taking the rotten egg and tomato barrages...JAMES COMEY is PUSHING the "focus" off of HILLARY-THE-HAG and her band of miscreants and knaves...and...on to his plight and purpose. And for this sword-fall he has been promised* riches and kingdoms,(MATTHEW 4:8).
*Whereas Jesus told Satan to get behind him...COMEY licked absurd pomp with candied tongue.


President Trump...when asked about Mike Cohn...said, "From what I can see* he did absolutely nothing wrong."

Such an endorsement from Big Don must mean much to a beleaguered Mike Cohn whose home and office were raided so that whatever he had could be examined.

As Mueller said as he put on his plastic glove, "I plan to probe deep and hard."
*Dana Andrews said prunes...gave him the runes...and...passing them took lots of skill...but when worlds collide said Trump to his bride...Stormy Daniels gives terrible thrills,(ROCKY HORROR).


Bill Cosby...a devoted socialist and loudmouthed Hillary Clinton supporter...was cut loose by THE ESTABLISHMENT to be prosecuted for sexual battery in Philadelphia.

"Had he been caught lying to the FBI...or...stealing public money...or...even...committing election-violations...he'd be called GREAT and WONDROUS. But...he went too far and attacked ladies who were brave enough to speak out against this Democrat-miscreant," quipped U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass).


Former FBI Director James Comey told a hand-picked CNN town hall crowd he was surprised he was fired by President Trump. The crowd cheered that declaration...whispering to each other what a devoted-NAZI this creep was. Off-camera...Jimmy-boy told a cub reporter his treachery...disloyalty...and...betrayal should have been overlooked in favor of his ability to hide crime.


While examining the gene in the starfish which directs regrowth of a lost limb...the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG discovered that the same GENE is found in humans but it is switched off when it comes to regrowth of limbs. Using CRISPR-9 technology...that GENE was switched back on and a wounded-in-Iraq warrior now has his two legs back. When asked about the experience...he said he could not believe his legs literally grew back...his ankles grew back...his muscles grew back...his toes were just as they were before he was blown up...and...he was quite happy to be the FIRST TEST.
WRONG TRIAL TACTIC. When Bill Cosby refused to take the witness stand in his own defense...his reluctance was an absolute guarantee of an adverse verdict. He should have ascended that witness did DAVID FRENCH SMITH...and...speak in his own defense. Had COSBY done as much...that jury would have found* him not guilty on all 3 counts in the indictment.
*Such testimony could have been cleverly orchestrated to avoid any pitfall...mimicking the defense used when FRENCH-SMITH was on trial for aggravated rape.


Bill Cosby...according to Philadelphia prosecutors...raped 12,457 women. His method of attack: DRUG victims...then...have his "I SPY" way with them.

The  recent trial...wherein COSBY was found guilty...became a parade of such prior attacks with one of the accuser...someone who had already received $3.38 million to keep silent about her sexual experience...telling a gullible Philadelphia jury in lurid detail what happened...details a DRUGGED LADY would never have recalled; but...of course...COSBY'S lawyer never developed that defense. HUH?


BILL COSBY didn't take the witness stand in his criminal sexual assault trial...and...on 3 counts...he was found GUILTY. His lawyer misadvised him. In the case just completed...BILL had to ascend and rebut the declarations made by a lady who had already received $3.38 million in "silent-pay". He could have defeated that idiotic prosecution had he but testified. As it was...the defense was left with "yesterday's rice" explanations which the jury rejected because BILL didn't get up there and tell them exactly what happened that night between him and that accuser.


The call went forth for maggots and jackals to assemble to denounce President Trump. Senator Leahy arrived with bell and bangle ready to spew his venom.

The most recent carcass on which to chew was the FOX NEWS statement by President Trump that Mike Cohn did represent him in the crazy Stormy Daniels mess.

According to Leahy...that statement by Trump meant President Trump was GUILTY of obstruction of justice and tampering with the 2016 election.

Drooling and dripping "nasty"...and...attempting to justify his 8 years of silence about Democrat criminal misconduct...Leahy pointed out he ignored the Clinton's racketeering because she was a socialist...a a fellow traveler...he refused to speak out against her. But...when it came to freedom-fighters such as TRUMP...Leahy was ready to DEMEAN.


The lawyer for Stormy Daniels...the porn star who alleged to have had sex with Big Don...said he was salivating over the data ROBERT MUELLER grabbed in the raid on Michael Cohn. According to this rattlesnake..when President Trump said what he said on FOX NEWS delivered the aces Avenatti lacked. Trump told the world that Cohn did very little legal work for him...and...that the investigation by Mueller was into Mike's other businesses and not into the lawyer-client relationship between Trump and Cohn.


EPA Director Scott Pruitt faced angry Democrats whose effort to denounce President Trump required Pruitt's demise. In his defense...PRUITT answered questions with an assurance in his voice everyone noticed. Here was a freedom-fighter whose mission to dismantle the NANNY STATE where he could manage as much. VIVA PRUITT!


Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have inked a contract with NASDAQ whereby GEMINI...their crypto-currency-exchange...can access "SMART"...a software gatekeeper which alerts the user that unusual trading is occurring.

As long as the government stays out of crypto-currency trading...this digital coin stuff will be used.

As soon as the Securities and Exchange Commission steps into the matter...though...crypto-currencies will disappear. Who wants some scumbag at the SEC asking questions?

If an investor is not prepared to lose 100% of the investment...that investor must avoid doesn't take the SEC to alert someone as to such RISK,(WSJ B-10;04-26-18).


The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA tries and convicts Trump-supporters when innocent until proven guilty should apply. Last night...JAMES COMEY told the world through a so-called CNN town hall that it wasn't right for President Trump to declare someone guilty before a trial even though that is what Jimmy-boy has been doing for years. While President Trump has observed government LYING and DECEPTION and made a public conclusion about those miscreants who have so far been exposed...JAMES COMEY is traveling around America denouncing Big Don for such public-condemnation.


The American people received a real treat when President Trump...on Melania's birthday...called FOX NEWS and delivered an extemporaneous recital of what is afoot* in politics. It was wonderful to hear a real person telling Americans what he is facing...describing the FAKE NEWS HATRED and congratulating "warriors" for their effort to liberate America from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where bureaucrats are a ruling elite and the citizens merely herd to be culled and cared for as the would-be master sees fit. VIVA TRUMP!
*He mentioned warriors such as DIAMOND AND SILK...the two ladies who were almost pushed off FACEBOOK until their 90 million followers complained about Zuckerberg's pandering to the socialists and Eco-fascists...two groups who hate DIAMOND AND SILK.


The deluge of "horrible anecdotes" flooded until Admiral Jackson said he'd not seek nomination as leader of the Veterans Administration(VA). Although his career award-packed...and...even though he had the endorsement of Obama...nevertheless...Admiral Jackson decided the "falsehood and hate" unleashed against him was too much and he backed out. "It's obvious the VA is a cash-cow for too many big shots and Ronny Jackson was perceived as a threat," confided President Trump when asked "why" Democrats hated Ronny so much.


Stewart Easterby refused to admit man-caused climate change was a hoax designed to ensnare America and turn it into another backward socialist toilet...similar to Venezuela...that august paradise with empty shelves and hollow eyes. When confronted about his ignorance...he acknowledged he didn't understand how EVIL the man-caused global warming enthusiasts had become...pushing their LIE...and...forcing government to impose laws that stifle innovation...invention...and...production.


Emmanuel Macron told President Trump he didn't believe in man-caused climate-change anymore than Big Don was such a lucrative LIE...the French government simply could not admit as much. Macron's wife underscored this point when she added, "The backlash would be horrendous...and...Macron doesn't wish to experience* such acrimony while serving as French President."(WSJ A-19;04-26-18).
*The man-caused climate-change hoax has been receiving some nasty publicity recently as its advocates have been forced to admit they're LYING for profit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Kanye West told the world he didn't like the Democrat template of "would-be master with envious mob"...and...supported TEAM-TRUMP because it had "dragon energy"...the power to change the status quo...the power to dismantle this oppressive NANNY STATE CAGE.

Instantly...KANYE WEST lost 9 million Twitter followers. "How dare he seek liberation from the grip of big grab government," shouted CANDICE OWENS...a Black Lives Matter KANYE critic. Not to be left out...led by U.S. Senator Elizabeth "you didn't built it" Warren...a HATE-KANYE CLUB formed around this anger over his effort to speak out against socialist tyranny.


U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) said the 2018 election cycle...needed to squat on Melania's bed and urinate. When asked if that kind of protest were something from her ancient past...perhaps...something Pocahontas did...Senator Warren began to glare...her voice in pitch rose 15 she replied, "Look...we Democrats are socialists...we hate's my pleasure to enslave America. I am American Indian you know."


Will I be a hit...perhaps a star? lady...sure...applause to the end...the rag lady said looking back on when she was the one standing there...getting dressed...the crowd waiting...restless...and...bare...standing there asking future from rag lady* again.
*The lady who assisted the actress donning whatever dress or gown


White House physician Ronny Jackson has been seriously criticized for the way in which he has administered this medical service including complaints from NURSES who said he stared at them as they administered various therapies. "I felt as if he were undressing me as I administered the injection of drugs to OBAMA," whispered NURSE RACHETT as she looked at a photo of Obama she kept near her night stand.

Such criticism was launched in order to derail Jackson's nomination as the leader of the Veterans Administration(VA). Indeed...from some of the White House medical staff came complaints about Jackson's snotty ways...and...his insistence on perfection...never asking Admiral Jackson "why" he wanted a polished effort.

Had they asked...however...he'd have told them how he had met Mother Theresa...and...asked how he could which she replied, "Go find you own Calcutta."


While more and more voters prefer Republicans...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA won't admit as much. They're declaring a BLUE WAVE across America...with voters choosing socialism and Eco-fascism instead of liberation and prosperity. Maybe in some "backward" areas the Democrat will be any election where freedom or shackle the choice...voters always choose KEY over CAGE.


Fortunately for crypto-currency enthusiasts...the technology and commerce in such digital currency has begun to longer's happening in America during the TRUMP-ERA.

Yes...Obama scumbags inside the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) are trying to hamper*...constrict...even...eradicate blockchain.

As one Obama jackal acknowledged, "We aren't about to let digital currency escape our grip. We missed the INTERNET...but...we won't miss the crypto-stuff. We plan on subjugating...directing...and...eventually destroying. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about enslavement."
*SAFT...simple agreement for future tokens. The SAFT were used by TELEGRAM to raise $850 million in less than a fortnight enabling TELEGRAM to gather even more market share and advance investors interests mightily.


In a well-publicized special election...Debbie Lesko defeated the socialist-Democrat in a largely Republican district. Even though the MASS MEDIA predicted the Democrat would defeat the Republican declaring voters wanted to live in a socialist toilet instead of in a freedom-loving paradise...nonetheless...a majority of Arizona voters decided to continue on their path out of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


"I'll never do it again. It was a radio show ambush," whispered a former Catholic School principal. "I went there expecting to discuss the HARVEST FESTIVAL...the annual Catholic School fund-raiser...and...after some introduction stuff...the radio host asked, "What about condoms in Catholic Schools? Flabbergasted...surprised...and...somewhat principal, I demurred and said an intense search was conducted at the fairgrounds and not any condoms were used on the rides."


Folks...the chlorine gas released in DOUMA was not released by the Syrian regime but by rebels attempting thereby to inveigle America and keep it stuck like chuck in Syria. However...President Trump is way too smart to be fooled by the false trail in this gas attack.


President Trump must exit Syria...and...permit ancient forces to pound and bash each other once more. Historians support this idea of removing America from the meat grinder and permitting the Shiites...Sunnis...and..."other" to slaughter each other as they have done* since time began,(WSJ A-15;04-25-18).

President Putin...on the other hand...because of Russia's need for access to oceans and seas...must remain in SYRIA to protect Russian assets...and...Russian business interests. Yes...President Putin knows it's a meat grinder and he'll lose men and equipment...but...for Russia...there is not any alternative. Russia can't permit rag heads launching missiles and torpedoes at his team...and as such...he must remain in that Arab toilet.
*President Trump knows the JEW must defend Israel's borders at all cost lest the JEW be pushed once more into Sinai to wander for another thousand years. Hence...with the JEW's a good time for America to step out and permit the Syrians to butcher and hack their way to Islamic paradise.


Special Counsel ROBERT MUELLER was told to chase TRUMP and ignore CLINTON. Because Mueller would be examining everything...he needed to have Trump-hating helpers...people who would overlook CLINTON-CRIMES; and who better to "ignore" than TRUMP-HATERS...people who were devoted Hillary-fans. And...while the purpose underlying the choice of helpers is OBVIOUS...nonetheless...the complicit MASS MEDIA won't tell the world as much.


The best conclusion is one that can't be undermined. Take climate change caused by man. That conclusion is nonsense.'s the best conclusion because it can't be proven or disproven. It's a conclusion that people must accept based on FAITH...not on observation. Indeed...a keen observer would laugh at such a conclusion because it's OBVIOUSLY false,(WSJ A-4;04-25-18).

SCOTT PRUITT knows about such "best conclusions" and has directed his underlings to reject such "best conclusion" nonsense. If the conclusion lacks any reproducible data...if the conclusion is based on GUESS...then...that conclusion is to be REJECTED. JUNK SCIENCE does not have any seat at the Environmental Protection Agency any longer.

This kind of TEMPLE SWEEPING has been met with anger and hatred as the so-called climate gurus have been asked to show "how" they arrived at their conclusion that Mother Earth into flames was about to burst. Naturally...these charlatans cannot do as asked lest they reveal the LIE they have been telling. Hence...they've asked their hell hounds in the MASS MEDIA to attack SCOTT PRUITT and undermine and derail his effort to put SCIENCE back into the Environmental Protection Agency...f/k/a...the ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION AGENCY, (think Gold King Mine).


Yue Xin wrote an open letter on the INTERNET reciting the repression she suffered as a student at Peking University. Feng Yuan...a leading feminist scholar...said Peking University's intimidation of Ms Yue, although it could hurt the #METOO likely to do more damage to authorities by making them seem DEAF to calls for fairness and transparency,(WSJ A-7;04-25-18).

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


President Trump nominated Admiral Jackson...the White House doctor who has assisted 3 lead the Veterans Administration(VA) with Obama acknowledging Dr. Jackson as a fine doctor. Unfortunately...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA discovered some "dirt" on Jackson and is doing everything it can to besmirch and belittle this wonderful physician who wants to make the VA something which actually delivers what's needed when needed. VIVA TRUMP!


Unlike the last 4 presidents...Donald J. Trump arrived and began to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE...telling Americans they did not need some would-be master victimizing them...keeping them poor...making them dependent. Voters...on November 8, 2016...chose freedom over socialist-enslavement...and...with such vote begged Big Don to make America great again...remove the hassle and hinder imposed by autocratic-Democrats...cut taxes and regulation...and...push* big grab government out of the way. VIVA TRUMP!
*The 2017 tax cut was should have been much bigger. It would have been mightier had Democrats climbed aboard the FREEDOM EXPRESS. Instead of helping delete stomp-and-chomp...the churlish Democrats have been blowing rails and burning bridges to thwart escape from the grip of their beloved NANNY STATE.

Katherine Timpf hatred

FACEBOOK is a private enterprise and it can set its own rules. Users needn't's voluntary...with content upload in the sole discretion of the user/contributor. Because everyone wishes to be remembered in ways better framed than a headstone...though...FACEBOOK will always have patrons...and...advertisers trying to reach those people...using data gleaned from FACEBOOK to find out which brand of beer does Timmy drinks.

As Senator Rand Paul, (R.Ky) pointed out, "It was idiotic for Congress to tell the world it was prepared to harness and subjugate the INTERNET...when the best thing about America is the openness and benefits of this 21st Century electronic highway."

Yet...FACEBOOK has interdicted the WRITINGS OF KATHERINE TIMPF. "We cannot permit a freedom-lover such as Timpf to have access to America's mind," whispered FACEBOOK-Zuckerberg...adding, "If Timpf denounces Trump and demands socialism be imposed...that whip and chain be applied...then...TIMPF will be permitted access to FACEBOOK."


President Trump asked what kind of man is Kim Jong Un only to be told, "You better stay away from him...he'll rip your lungs out Jim." To which Big Don added, "Huh...I'd like to meet his tailor."


President Trump told Iranian rag heads if they attempt to restart their nuclear program...there will be big trouble. Hearing that threat...the Ayatollah laughed and said he'd blow holes in Manhattan carpenter's putty won't cover.

another stupid question

As President Trump was leaving the conference room with French President Macron...a snotty reporter asked if he were going to pardon Mike Cohn. Instantly...Big Don replied, "That's a stupid question." And...with that rebuke and branding...this TITAN and his French-friend continued on their way to the next meeting. VIVA TRUMP!


French President Macron met at the White House with President Trump wherein they discussed French socialism...French filthiness...French waste and abuse. According to White House sources...Macron conceded MAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE was nonsense but could not publicly admit as much because there was too much power and money to be made off that MYTH...benefits FRENCHIE didn't wish to give up.


Techcombank is one of Vietnam's largest private sector banks. Mention is made of this company since American investors are flocking into Vietnam. Yes...the government is communist...but...these potentates know not to tax and burden producers more than TEN PERCENT. Indeed...combined taxes on Vietnam does not exceed TEN PERCENT. It's that "openness" that is drawing* investors and their liquidity,(WSJ B-13;04-24-18). 
*TEAM-TRUMP is trying to be the lowest tax-burden spot but the Democrats aren't about to permit the NANNY STATE to be dismantled and lose their power to pick winners and losers.


Maybe the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump was the proverbial shouting out the window. Naturally...the Democrats were...and...are...deaf to such entreaty to cease with all the big grab government this and that...and...remove intrusion and interference...permitting thereby a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. But the Republicans have heard this cry and have brought some relief...with more to come should voters choose liberation and not Democrat-subjugation. VIVA TRUMP!

Didi Chuxing Technology Co.

Didi Chuxing was able to drive UBER from is pushing UBER out of Mexico. Unlike UBER with its myriad of rules and off-road problems...DIDI has adapted to whatever area in which it operates delivering prompt-rides to those who wish such an experience,(WSJ B-4;04-24-18).

Naruto and DNC

The Democratic National Committee(DNC) was approached by NARUTO...the macaque monkey who can write and speak in 8 different tongues including Mandarin and South African sign language. Naruto gained fame when he filed suit in California demanding the dude who was selling his photos return the profit to the monkey because the monkey owned the copyright. So impressed was the DNC over the caliber and prowess of Naruto's lawsuit...that it decided to sue Russia, Julian Assange and the Trump Campaign alleging Hillary-the-hag would have won had they not colluded. WOW...the power of simian polemic! (WSJ A-6;04-24-18).

Monday, April 23, 2018

Swiss franc rank

As predicted...socialist-economists won't admit their models simply well-dressed guesses. They won't admit they foretold chaos should the franc ever rise quickly in value. However...with Switzerland booming with a strong franc...they're having to acknowledge their ideas are wrong...their models little more than hokum...and...the best explanation for the so-called Swiss phenomenon is a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market overlay for which the Swiss are famous.

Although few knew or could have guessed...this BLOG did rely on its ECONOMICS DEPT. forecast...and...reaped a multi-billion return on the GUESS...a guess that predicted*...on 01-15-15...the Swiss would unpeg the franc to the Euro...thereby...instantly...increasing the franc value by 30%! When the Swiss did as predicted...every critic of this BLOG bubbled with awe and profound respect,(WSJ B-6;04-23-18).
*This written forecast was called frivolous...unfounded...and...worse of all: poppycock.

FALL GUY ask who we are? We're need someone to take the fall. We find the idiot to take the rap...set up...framed...kicked...and...slapped. Take Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn who pleaded guilty to LYING when what he said was not a LIE at all...Yeah...poster child...GUY FALLED. The two agents who interviewed him and who would have been material witnesses against him...both admitted* FLYNN DID NOT LIE. Yet...Flynn took the "fall"...doom prepared by those called.
*Flynn pled guilty and was sentenced BEFORE these two federal employees came forward to exonerate FLYNN. Unfortunately for FLYNN...even though innocent...there is federal case law that prohibits the federal judge from recalling the entire indictment and voiding its process as illegally obtained through intentional malfeasance of the U.S. Injustice Dept. The judge might fuss and fume about deception and fraud-on-court but the scoundrels of the Injustice Dept. are immune from reprisal.


Uncle Misha offered the world the KOLION...crypto-currency backed by $500,000 in U.S. hundred dollar bills tucked away beneath Misha's mattress. In Kolionovo...Russians see few rubbles...and...what is in circulation almost worthless. trade tractor for make sure the daughter's wedding box sufficient to attract a suitable male...Uncle Misha produced the KOLION. As one Russian said as he saw his daughter depart leaving 6 more to go, "Without Uncle Misha and that KOLION I'd be stuck with all 7 for who knows how long."(WSJ A-9;04-23-18).


For the group photo...Michelle Obama and Melania Trump stood next to each other. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA with caustic humor pointed out how "white" Michelle appeared and how drab Melania seemed.

Cboe Volatility Index(VIX)

Ever since TEAM-TRUMP arrived...VIX has been indicating "fear". If Hillary-the-hag...on the other hand...had prevailed...the VIX* would be skyrocketing,(WSJ B-1;04-23-18).

What has perplexed the wizards of the VIX is this idiotic fear index is not reflecting what's afoot in the jungle. The markets are flooded with big game hunters...hungry...skilled...and...ready to grab what the "uninformed" toss away. Their "fear"...if such so framed...if any..."feigned" that to the "ignorant" seller the buyer appears only doing it to help this beleaguered seller...drooping lip...tears flooding eyes...and...a weaken voice barely able to negotiate...all fear-packed...yet willing...with God's favor...perhaps...take this losing package" and profit somewhere...somehow.
*Everyone with big smiles on their faces and thumbs stuck "where"...never minding the socialist toilet into which Hillary envisioned pushing America...never caring about the horror Hillary wanted to impose on producers...but...blithely ignoring all such miasma and declaring the future bright and perky. That VIX for Hillary...some gurus...say would have been WONDROUS...instead of PERPLEXING as it is with Trump.


President Trump was asked about Special Counsel Robert Mueller and with a flip of genius...Big Don replied, "He's a one-eyed jack and I've seen the other side."


Tencent Music Entertainment Group is about to offer its shares to Americans. Those investors who missed out on ALIBABA...should really consider TENCENT as a big deal with big potential returns. It's as likely as not the genius behind TENCENT will continue to be the pathfinder...and...for those who supported the effort...benefits marvelously delivered.


In KABUL...peaceful a crowd of Shiites...a/k/a...polytheists...stood outside the government building to get their identification cards for the upcoming elections...a Sunni belt-bomber detonated his 250 pounds of C-4 explosive blowing to bits people and building...and...shouting ALLAHU AKBAR* as he pushed the button.
*Somehow the Qu'ran supports suicide bombing and indiscriminate slaughter. As one Shiite mullah noted, "The Qu'ran can be used by murderers and thugs of all types. It's a book designed to assist wholesale slaughter."


Fadi al-Batsh was warned to cease working on ways to keep drones aloft...along with research on miniaturization. Instead of cessation...however...Fadi began work on a DRONE that was able to stay aloft and carry an impressive array of firepower and radar-jamming devices. Of course...the Israeli Mossad took steps...10-bullet kind of steps...and...slaughtered Fadi as he walked to the mosque for morning prayers in Kuala Lumpur,(WSJ A-7;04-23-18). Their idea was to kill the creator and hence stop the armada of drones that was envisioned mercilessly attacking Israel.


President Xi Jinping was shown jets which fly autonomously...using software developed by "Sully" the jet pilot who landed his passenger jet in the Hudson River when birds blew out both engines,(WSJ A-6;04-23-18).

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Ascended to power with over 60% of the vote...French President Macron is trying to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Nowadays...with riots in the streets because of Macron's desire to delete socialism...and...complicit polls saying Macron is only a 40% "liked-guy"...Macron is not backing down. He'll delete as much of the grip of the NANNY STATE as possible. And in that mission...he finds President Trump his comrade. VIVA MACRON!


How far down the line did the infection spread? How many employees at the U.S. Injustice Dept. undertook their own "attacks"...believing their "attacks" were sanctioned by their superiors since their superiors were engaging in the same kind of horrific attack...attack designed to besmirch and ruin...intended to "rig"...and...obstruct? Such questions by President Trump prompted U.S. Attorney General to direct a secret cadre to infiltrate the FBI and the Injustice Dept...and...identify those jackals* and jerks who had done such dirty deeds.
*Rod Rosenstein epitomizes what Anna Arendt meant by "banality of evil".

Saturday, April 21, 2018

WASHINGTON POST: mullet wrapper

The WASHINGTON POST was going under until it received the GIFT OF TRUMP. By berating...belittling...denouncing...bemoaning...and...excoriating TEAM-TRUMP...that rag has gained new life. The more LIES it prints...the more papers it sells. One editor said if it weren't for TRUMP...that paper would have already been bought by JERRY SPRINGER.


In Houston...Barbara Bush was laid to rest. At her funeral...people took to the podium to say a few words about her...what she meant to important she was in their lives.

Outside that people-packed church of mourners...however...stood rancorous Randa Jarrar screaming about BARBARA'S NAME on the bathroom wall at the local truck many soldiers were now flowers because of her.

Except for the hungry MASS MEDIA which could not get enough of that hatred...not anyone else listened to Jarrar spew her venom.


If James Comey...while Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI)...wrote memos to memos to file...then...there should be memos-to-file not only on President Trump but also on Obama...Clinton...Loretta Lynch...along with a host of other potentates. his own peculiar way...Comey was making a J. EDGAR HOOVER file...a file of dirt on all would-be masters, their knaves and that if any of them should ever rise up and attempt liberation of the unwashed masses...the DIRT would be used and that "loudmouth" silenced thereby.


Kim Jong un...the North Korean dictator...had to seek peace. The mountain beneath which he conducted all those nuclear tests was not only it was emitting radiation so powerful North Korea would be uninhabitable in less than 10 years...and...there was little that could be done to stop the collapse and resultant deadly emissions.

President Trump offered to "clean the site" provided the "little fella" stopped testing nukes and long-range missiles. If Big Don's offer to assist in "clean-up" is accepted...PEACE ON EARTH will arrive full force. VIVA TRUMP!


LADY ELIZABETH RADIO SHOW...107.9 FM every Monday 11:00 am to 12:00 Noon...featuring LADY ELIZABETH and her esteemed guests.'s Lady Elizabeth

GOOD MORNING FOLKS...I'm LADY ELIZABETH...and...we have an hour of incredible news and entertainment lined sit back...and...let's get started.

PRESIDENT TRUMP and the  LITTLE FELLA...the name by me given to the North Korean dictator...are about to meet face-to-face...mano-e-mano. Other MASS MEDIA wizards unable to conceive of the grandeur of this interface...are pointing out such things as the different heights of the two leaders. Big he's affectionately called...has that North Korean by a good 8 inches in height...the booster cushion Zuckerberg used during his testimony before Congress...will have to be deployed so the meeting...each leader will appear to be the same height.

Yes...the "little fella" can be deceptive...two-faced...unpredictable...and...downright clever...but...President Trump has been in business so long he knows what to do and how to do it so that PEACE ON EARTH might flood and flow. VIVA TRUMP!

Ah...yes...there is the VIVA TRUMP isn't there... A place to keep that august list...that inventory of great things done by team-Trump...and...this North Korean Initiative seems to one of those accomplishment about which Americans  need to know.

Most experts on nuclear weapons and thermonuclear combat agree with me that such a meeting was not only expected but necessary so that PEACE ON EARTH might finally flood and flow.

We have a lot more to say about this INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT...but...let's continue with highlighting and underscoring.

In local news...U.S. Rep. Bill Posey...our U.S. Representative is seeking reelection.

He is a freedom-fighter...a patriot...and...someone who knows how to stand forth and speak about liberation...about dismantling this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where the producer is harnessed and yoked as if some beast of burden.

As voters...we must insist on small...efficient...CHEAP...government...with taxes reduced accordingly. From a local perspective such a message of liberation offers everyone...every Floridian another way...a new way...a path of bounty and peace...a way wherein the government delivers only the essential services of courts, roads, drainage, bridges, maintenance and repair of capital structures, jails and police.

Many people have asked me LADY ELIZABETH what about government are they to be treated in this alternative to what we now have...this NANNYS TATE...this welfare state...this place where people are attacked for what they have...attacked because of their religious beliefs...attacked because of their advocacy for this or that social wrong...attacked because of political affiliation...or...attacked just because they're not liked?  What do we do about bureaucrats?

To such inquiring minds...I tell them that by eliminating every rule and law that creates or perpetuates this oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place of bureaucratic spank and diaper deleting all such rules and laws...a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market will instantly appear and America will blossom and bloom as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

The ESTABLISHMENT...a/k/a...DA' MAN...isn't about to permit this CAGE to be swept away.'ll hear the would-be masters react to this this this RADIO SHOW...declaring LIBERATION is not for America...that Americans are be cared for and culled as MASTER sees fit.


Makes a person not want to support BILL NELSON. He hates the FARMER. He did not demand the ESTATE TAX be deleted in 2017 although he has the chance to eliminate this KNIFE...this WEAPON...this CRUEL TORMENT...this DEATH TAX. He laughed when he was told GRAVES BROTHERS...a wondrous 1200 employee grove-packing house combo was gone...destroyed by the ESTATE TAX. he chuckled. He laughed. He loved hearing about ESTATE TAX DESTRUCTION OF FARMERS.

As one voter told me the other's time for voters to rise up...and...say're days in power are over. Crawl back under whatever rock from whence you slime despicable critter of crud...

YES...ANOTHER HOT BUTTON...As for JUSTICE AND MERCY...let us not forget the TRAGEDY UNFOLDING at the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the FBI. Recall the Justice part was changed to INJUSTICE when it was revealed that the lawyers working there were LIARS...and...DECEIVERS...and...when caught...were not condemned but commended for their EVIL ASPECT. Federal Judges congratulate them when their caught but admonished to do better at hiding their tracks.

Senator TED STEVENS was ousted from Congress due to a conviction that was posthumously overturned when it was discovered the GOVERNMENT LAWYERS had hidden the EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE. Instead of disbarment...these scoundrels were praised...given pay raises and used an the template of "how" the job was supposed to be done. Senator Dan Guerney was attacked in a similar manner and was so mad when the TRUTH was finally shown that he called the U.S. Justice Dept. to the U.S. Injustice Dept.


Jesus and his team pulled off such an incredible this day...people still believe Jesus arose from the impossibility. Biblical scholars now admit...Lazarus was a see if the FORMULA worked...a compound that induced a state of death...the person not dead...appear to be dead...but...not dead.

Such is "why" when Jesus was informed LAZARUS had died...Jesus did not quickly proceed to the tomb...but...waited for the length of time it took for the DRUG to wear off. When he called LAZARUS forth from the tomb...LAZARUS arose because the stultifying affect of the DRUG had worn off.

When JESUS was observed after his resurrection...he bore the wounds of crucifixion...including the wound LOGINUS...the Centurion...had made when he plunged his spear into the side of JESUS to determine if he were indeed dead.

Because of the "affect of drug"...the appearance of death was overwhelming and quite convincing...the proof being Jesus made it out of the tomb...a tomb* specifically prepared for such a plan to be undertaken.
*Had the Romans found JESUS alive...they would have finished their assignment. Such is "why" JESUS and MARY MAGDELIN went to southern France...with their offspring becoming the leaders of the world. Some say Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is a direct descendent of JESUS as is British Prime Minister THERESA MAY.


NAKBA DAY...the day of catastrophe...the day the Jew ousted Palestinians from their homes...their businesses...their social clubs...and...pushed them into refugee camps...camps which are still here today...packed with Jew-haters...remembering what was done to their ancestors and proclaiming such "taking" would be avenged. Perhaps...such enthusiasm underlies the GAZA protestors who throw rocks...dung-bags...and...lead-tipped darts at Israeli border guards...every time NAKBA DAY arrives.

5 stars

Hey...folks...for your information(FYI)...AMAZON BEST SELLER LIST is nonsense. It's as much a LIE as the best seller list in the New York Times. The politics of the list are obvious...but...gullible Americans might believe that LIST and buy what they soon discover to be a "loser"...a "rag"...something better left untouched.


Unlike Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...President Trump encountered the North Korean dictator and resolved the nuke-missile issue in America's favor. VIVA TRUMP!


Folks...the Democratic National Committee(DNC) sued TEAM-TRUMP for its victory over CROOKED-HILLARY and her scurvy crew.

Because the DNC is using the federal discovery system...TEAM-TRUMP can attack and find out "why" the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat-nomination for president...and...who really hacked the DNC computers.

It was not the Russians who entered and examined the DNC computers but people who wished to create a FALSE TRAIL. They used "EDDIE SNOWDEN" software to enter and examine the criminal dealings of the DNC. The Russians were this country...nowadays...scapegoats are the way the Democrats arrange their excuses. Indeed...the DNC never permitted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to examine its computers. No...folks...the DNC used a private outfit whose mission to declare the RUSSIANS DID IT.

Who knows the lawyers for TEAM-TRUMP might even find those missing emails Hillary tried to hide. They might find Donna Brazile's explanation about how she "rigged" the 2016 election process to be just another LIE told by a very treacherous and deceptive Brazile.

Friday, April 20, 2018


Randa Jarrar...told a cub reporter she could say whatever she wished about BARBARA BUSH...and...didn't fear adverse reaction from the administrators of FRESNO STATE since she had tenure and her name-calling was well-insulated...her job well-protected...and...she hadn't even begun to denounce and stomp the memory of BARBARA BUSH. Naturally...the alumni of FRESNO STATE...not wishing to have their alma mater tarnished in such fashion...quietly asked* the "hire-fire" person to "ex communicate" JARRAR.
*JOHN WICK part 2...Wick violates a CARDINAL RULE...violation of which is DEATH.


President Trump was careful to avoid anything other than a missile strike on acceptable targets. President Putin congratulated Big Don on his surgical strike...meticulous...and...brilliantly performed. Although there are loudmouths all over America who denounce President Putin...nonetheless...most American admire, respect and support this Russian Titan in his effort to bring peace to the world. VIVA PUTIN!


In one of the first meetings between Big Don and jackal-Comey...he told President Trump that he did not "leak" and he didn't do "weasel moves". Of course...Comey did those very such denial...Comey was pandering to a HIGHER LOYALTY...a loyalty to the NANNY STATE...that place wherein critters such as himself can attack people with impunity...concoct evidence...suborn perjury...and...always know the federal scumbag judges will "wink" and "nod" approvingly.


Conjoined in ways not yet fully revealed...JAMES COMEY and ANDREW McCABE cannot turn on each other lest they both hang.

So far...both seem confident in the other's silence...but...such confidence might begin to weaken and evaporate as the "anonymous leaks" tell the WORLD what each did and how they did it. the lawyers for Comey and McCabe acknowledged, "Both of these two former federal employees believe there are still enough OBAMA moles and operatives inside both the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) to slow-walk and eventually dismiss the attack* TEAM-TRUMP is preparing to mount."
*The LEGAL DEPT. of this BLOG dispatched a cadre of helpers their mission statement to compel indictments of Obama, Comey, Clinton...both Bill and Hillary...along with a host of other knaves and miscreants.


Democrat Randa Jarrar told the world she would urinate on Barbara Bush's grave. As Jarrar framed it...she heard about Bush's 1990 Wellesley speech where she basically referred to the gals at that august institution as "butch" far from feminine as could be imagined. Nowadays...that INSULT* would be considered a gracious commendation and praised for insightfulness,(WSJ A-15;04-20-18).
*"And...who of you might be the spouse of a president and I wish him well."


Jack of the Titans of the 21st Century...followed the template laid out by the ECONOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG and agreed to assist Thailand....and...its enormous consumer-base. In a few short months...the businessmen and consumers of Thailand will be able to interface easily and with confidence in the system. VIVA JACK MA!  (WSJ B-5;04-20-18).


Reed College...a 1500 student liberal arts school nestled in the Portland, Oregon...chose to exclude "Western civilization" courses classifying such teachings as "white supremacy"..."oppressive"...and..."Caucasoid". Reacting in horror to this devolution into nonsense and paranoia..."Reedies"...graduates of that otherwise august school...demanded these courses be reinstituted or they weren't about to donate.


The choice between U.S. Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) and Democrat-O'Rourke is a decision people have made for centuries. Do voters want more socialism...more red tape and tax...more bureaucrats intruding...more burdens heaped...more lies told? If they wish as much...O'Rourke will provide plenty of it. On the other hand...if voters seek less burdens...less taxes...less bureaucracy...and...more prosperity coupled with peaceful coexistence with everyone else...CRUZ will win in landslide proportions. VIVA CRUZ!


Virat Kohli...India's national cricket star...along with 298 million Americans...stood SPARTACUS fashion...and declared: "I AM DONALD J. TRUMP!" The would-be master said Donald J. Trump was to be executed...and...wanted to know who among the unwashed masses was this Donald J. Trump.


Eight year old Asifa Bano was in a pasture feeding her family's horses when she was abducted by two Hindus who took that terrified child to a temple where she was drugged and raped by police...temples people...shepherds looking for something to do in an otherwise boring town...and...a host of Democrat Congressmen from America who paid big bucks to get on this kind of barbarism. One Democrat Congressman...speaking on condition of anonymity...said he fancied himself in the movie, HOSTEL.


Might the Persian once more overwhelm the Jew and delete Israel? The Ayatollah knows history and understands the way to eradicate the Jew is to undermine and denounce...until the world doesn't care if the Jew is erased. As one Persian said, "We plan on erasing the Jew. We did it before and we'll do it again. This time we'll do what Hitler saw as the final solution."

showed no mercy

Andrew McCabe never showed mercy to his victims. He attacked with ruthless zeal...tearing...smashing...destroying...never showing mercy...not ever. Now that he might be prosecuted for lying...he demands mercy. the course of justice...none of us see salvation...yet...we pray for's in this prayer that teaches us render the deeds of mercy.


Mick Mulvaney...the leader at the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Agency...told the staff if he caught any of them leaking confidential data...he'd personally see to it they were not only fired but prosecuted. As he was telling some of the vultures and crows such of the freedom-haters turned to another critter and whispered, "I can't wait to kill some more people and that jerk thinks we're afraid of him and won't do it."(WSJ A-6;04-20-18).

Thursday, April 19, 2018


When Hillary Clinton received the subpoena to turn over her emails, computers, and cell phones...her team undertook to scrub...destroy...and...otherwise delete data. Had an average citizen done as much...the prosecution would ensue condemning such obstruction. But...because of whom she was...her criminal activity was some ways...even...commended.


TAMMIE JO SHULTS...the intrepid pilot of the Boeing 737 jetliner whose engine malfunctioned...landed that damaged Southwest jet when statistics concluded that flight should have ended in calamity with a great loss of life. Instead of panic...Tammie did what her years of training as a naval pilot showed her. She pushed and pulled...trimmed...and...shoved...until that jet landed safely,(WSJ A-6-04-19-18). VIVA TAMMIE!

lousy advice

JAY GOLDBERG revealed himself not only a JERK...but also...a very bad lawyer...whose clients had best take their legal business elsewhere lest they appear in some rag such as the Wall Street Journal(WSJ A-4-04-19-18).

It's the editorial conclusion of this BLOG...President TRUMP must avoid any contact with LOUDMOUTH GOLDBERG...the dude who couldn't wait to tell the world that MIKE COHN was about to FLIP and squeal on Big Don...telling the prosecutors where all the skeletons are buried.

Of course...Mike Cohn does not have such an inventory...even if he imagined one as he has been asked to do by Mueller...nonetheless...MICHAEL COHN is a stand-up guy and would sword-fall before he ever gave up DONALD J. TRUMP...despite what scumbag-Goldberg contemplates Cohn doing.


Why bash and kick President Trump when he's trying to lift America out of the socialist toilet? Yet...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA and its allies in Congress are doing all they can to stop TEAM-TRUMP from dismantling the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. VIVA TRUMP!

Randa Jarrar speaks

Randa need of that proverbial 15 minutes of fame...called BARBARA BUSH...former First Lady...a host of opprobrious epithets* including "racist". If anything...Barbara Bush was the most gracious...friendly...and...sincere person...and...anyone who had the pleasure of meeting her never said less. get "noticed"...Ms. Jarrar spewed venom.
* think Jarrar is the "face" of the new Democrat Party.

NAME...NAME...NAME need a good name...catchy...something people will remember after hearing it said only once. BOB'S BARRICADE...for example. Every street in America has someone hammering or digging on it and about the enterprise festooned and marking the proper lane of travel: BOB'S BARRIACES...blinking that yellow light...and...telling drivers: "better not swipe or strike me...I don't move."

Hearing such good advice...however...was too strange to the rag heads who were asking each other what name should they use to tell the world about themselves. Finally after sipping tea spiced with camel of them screamed: HAYAT TAHRIR al-SHAM.

Yet...despite the need to call themselves ALLAH'S ARMY...something English-speaking people can hear said once and repeat...these rag heads decided on that HAYAT stuff. As former FBI Director JAMES COMEY was heard to say recently, "Higher loyalty requires simple frame."

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


In MYERS v. U.S...the U.S. Supreme Court noted, "The moment that a president loses confidence in the intelligence, ability, judgment or loyalty of any of them...he must have the power to remove without delay."

After hearing James Comey denounce President Trump...does anyone doubt Big Don made the right decision to oust that jackal?

And...might President Trump delete 90% of the federal work force due to their allegiance to socialism...and...Eco-fascism...and...their willingness to destroy what little is left of liberty to achieve their ends?


In the movie Dr. Strangelove...Colonel Jack Ripper...commander of Burbleson Air Force Base...launched a full wing attack on Russia resulting in the end of life on planet Earth. The doomsday weapon Russian had built was unknown to the Americans hence JACK RIPPER'S gambit to attack first...deliver overwhelming death and destruction...and...have enough people left to repopulate the planet...was not only foolhardy...but quite impractical. Might the MASS MEDIA attack on TEAM-TRUMP be as foolhardy?


Lady Elizabeth...entered the room packed with billionaires...power-shots( i.e., big-shots with political noise-making capacity) media moguls...editors of rags such as New York Times and Wall Street Journal...and...frankly...declared:

"It's time for America to turn to the MASS MEDIA...including the knavish editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS ELECTED TO DISMANTLE THE NANNY STATE AND HE WILL DO AS MUCH IN SPITE OF YOU...AND...DESPITE YOUR EFFORT TO HURT...HINDER...AND...HASSLE. Sure...there are knavish Americans...parasites...and...servile supplicants...jelly-spine...and...needful. But the vast majority of Americans despise those who would assume the role of would-be master...and...wholeheartedly back TEAM-TRUMP whose message that of liberation...whose temper that of a patriot...and...whose passion the same as what put OLD GLORY atop Iwo Jima."
(WSJ A-14;04-18-18).

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


The same scumbags who produced all the "Hillary will win" polls in 2016 are back. This time around...these jackals claim Americans didn't want a TAX CUT...but...wanted more taxes...more enslavement...more shackle and whip...more bureaucratic stomp-and-chomp.

This MASS MEDIA polling blitz is designed to convince voters they need to be directed from cradle to grave by such wondrous wizards as Bernie Sanders...Sherrod Brown...Elizabeth Warren...miserable-Michelle Obama...Oprah "by God" Winfrey...and...a host of others. As one top level Democrat revealed, "This latest poll was offered to prove Americans never wish to breathe free again."

"The American people want government to take from the producer and redistribute to the unwashed masses as the would-be master with envious mob sees fit," dripped Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) when asked if she built anything by herself besides FAKE POLLS.


When the New York Times received a national reporting award for overlooking the criminal misconduct of Obama and Clinton in favor of an attack on TEAM-TRUMP...most serious scholars finally concluded the knaves were complimenting knaves as if anyone really cared what called "good" in the land of the knaves...base spaniel fawning knaves,(WSJ B-4;04-17-18).

costly thy habit as thy purse can buy

There stood Stormy Daniels...inviting...buxom...and...plump...and...towards that SIREN...looking for action...swaggered Donald J. Trump. Neither tethered to mast...nor wax block song...Trump in bedroom...Stormy...bra and thong.


While man-caused climate change enthusiasts won't admit as much...half the results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals are not only wrong but intentionally concocted to achieve some ulterior purpose.

Peter Wood...President of the National Association of Scholars...described such chicanery as scandalous. Noting the harm such arm-chair nonsense causes...Peter declared, "According to 50% of the scientific community while the results are not reproducible...nonetheless...these "gurus" authored a "consensus letter" wherein they proclaimed both VIRGIN TOSS will stop a volcano from erupting...and...mankind's emission of carbon dioxide will smother Mother Earth.


According to polling data...voters think the tax cut should have been much bigger...and...they want more not less tax cuts next time around. Yes...most voters know the Democrats were the ones who stopped the tax cut in 2017 from being much larger. Indeed...the Democrats brag about how they'll enslave America if given the chance in 2018. think there types...who want to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves,(WSJ A-4;04-17-18).

Monday, April 16, 2018


President Trump...seemed quite ill...asked sky pilot if it were wrong to pilot congratulated Big Don for a missile strike without any blood spilled. HOW HIGH DO YOU FLY...YOU NEVER...NEVER...NEVER...REACH THE SKY.


U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) asked a sorceress for a potion that might somehow bewitch voters and deliver unto her what otherwise would be a resounding defeat in the 2018 election cycle. Bragging about its power...she told a friend, "I went to see Madam Rue...that gypsy with the gold tattoo...who made a sound...and...South African handful sign...and...told victory entangled and entwined."


President Donald J. Trump is impregnable. About him a hedge...and...about that hedge a human-circle...a wall of sorts...everyone a patriot...everyone ready to be counted* on BREED'S HILL.

A federal judge denied the bid by TEAM-TRUMP to stop the prosecutor from looking at the treasure trove of data MIKE COHN had on DONALD J. TRUMP...every nook...every corner...every closet...every miss and hit in all directions since Donald cried out, "I wish to liberate America from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE."

According to that jackal-judge...all attorney-client stuff was all open to view by Mueller's scurvy crew. Whatever constitutional proscriptions there were could not and would not prevent Mueller's team from devouring whatever fare they chose.

Imagine the hatred and disgust...bubbling these Mueller-maggots feed...bloating themselves...feasting on the stuff that...once upon a a distant it might seem now...was left where it was...that kind of stuff left alone...left entombed...a big do-not-disturb sign posted and respected so to speak...stuff...left alone out of respect...left alone out of a sense of mercy...left alone out of a sense of American pride that a American...wet nose...furry at times...fang and claw when need there be... that such a TITAN..would stand up...take the spears...bleed well with each masterful cut from well-handled rapier...yet...despite such spite of MASS MEDIA 24/7 FAKE NEWS barrage...nonetheless...stand forth a TITAN...a such such such stance...INVITE everyone:
"the next time there is a choice between BARABBAS...AND...LIGHT...that they scream loudly and long for TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY."
*Breed's Hill is where the battle of BUNKER HILL was actually fought. After that bloody battle...there followed a horrific revolutionary war. As for BREED'S was a battle which epitomized British Empire "power-stomp". demonstrate such prowess...the Brits attacked BREED'S HILL...a place some rebels who had fortified and awaited the considerable charge and destruction traditionally meted out by the Red Coats. The Brits lost 70% of their troops that day and marked what would be a long and bloody war...a war wherein the British Empire wasn't about to be routed so easily by a ragged band of cutthroats and smugglers. Might the ESTABLISHMENT be attacking TEAM-TRUMP because it fancies TEAM-TRUMP as the rebel band atop BREED'S HILL?


From several spots came components...all assembled and installed in Vero Beach, Florida at the clinic sporting the moniker: FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH(tm). Take for example the 86 year old lady who wants new this and that...and...has the $10 million to buy it...that 86 year old can return to a body of 40 years of age. The BRAIN also can be rejuvenated with several nano-applications that simply add back where something once was.

With the advent of the quantum computer and 3-D printing of human organs...the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH available if only there were some assembly plant where components might be received...assembled...and...installed.

Now there is such a place...but...the PRICE TAG is a hefty one...but...for virtual immortality* what's a few quid, eh Liz?
*Elizabeth Taylor died before the advent of this newest way to stay alive for 1000 years.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) laughed about the "dead" farms throughout Florida due to the Democrat* ESTATE TAX. "I love seeing farmers lose their heritage. It makes my left leg tingle to see the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) selling off farm land to pay that estate tax...a tax I love and defend," drooled Bill Nelson as he looked at the burned out packinghouse at the intersection of U.S. Hwy #1 and State Road 510 in Vero Beach, Florida.
*The Democrats refused to delete that farm-killing tax.


Folks...James Comey departed the FBI with "dirt" on so many politicians that he can't be attacked without a massacre of Democrats and a few Republicans all of whom know Comey has "dirt" on them. If they bite...he'll bite back. Senator Schumer reminded his colleagues that Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion but could not be prosecuted because he had to much "dirt" on too many big shots.


The political fallout over the latest missile strike in Syria has the makings of another power-point for Democrats during the 2018 election cycle. They'll tell voters they're against war and the missile attack on Homs and Damascus were clearly error. The elimination of gas-making facilities will not be anywhere mentioned in their stump-speech.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


How can it be civil servants can thumb their noses at you and me? Cannot we fire that jerk...push aside that thorn...what is it about their protection that seems impenetrable when worn?

Why not slice through the Gordian a wholesale manner...delete the entire nasty batch and bunch? President Trump...for instance...should go to the U.S. Injustice Dept. and clean house...firing everyone...marking them as they leave for public derision...and...while doing such revelation delete most of the other federal bureaucracy...send them home with only fruit baskets and thank you other benefits.


Last night singer
only flickering candle-dance shadows empty chairs
wind blowin' napkins
nobody to say how bad
so onward...last night singer wailed
nobody to clap...nobody to nail.


In response to the American missile attack on Homs and Damascus...Hezbollah was quick to tell the world the Great Satan had attacked the wrong was outright Holy War...Jihad...and...all who came to the call of Hezbollah would die as martyrs.

Of course the leadership of Hezbollah would remain in the background...away from the battle orders...and...waiting to take power so that ISLAM could be universally imposed...6th Century Shariah Law exacted...and...the world cleansed finally of the infidel. make sure that vision happened...the leaders could not be in the front lines but had to remain safely behind the trenches...tucked away bunker-style...all protected...while other rag heads perish for Allah...and...of course...die for the paradise these leaders promise they will impose should the infidel be swept away.


Fool multitude learn no more than fond eye doth teach...while...those who choose not by view chance as much and choose as true.

Should the Republicans offer a message* of liberation...inviting voters to back their march to make their effort to dismantle the grip of the dreadful 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the Democrats will lose their BLOCKADE in the U.S. Senate...permitting even more shackles to be removed.

Hearing these incredible words...a crippled child without mom or dad...crawled to the podium...propped himself on one elbow and said:

   "ALL the precious people...praying for Jesus to rise up again...but...all of these folks...these holy-    cloaked folks...never took me on as a friend. And crippled in ain't worth a anyone really in need...why not treat the same as you would you own name...the next time your heart starts to bleed."(JOHN PRINE).
*The Republican candidate must not voice a personal opinion on ABORTION, however, since ABORTION is the ONLY ISSUE the Democrat-candidate has in his or her corner. If the Republican simply says: ABORTION is a choice to be made by the mother and the busy-noses of the world need to find unwanted children and care for them...adopt them...and...if they do not...perhaps...they are the ones who talk the talk but never walk the walk.


In a crowd of important people...several members of TEAM-TRUMP were approached in ambush fashion. Kellyanne Conway and Dana White were cornered by vultures.

Kellyanne...for example...was caught near a food table...and...asked about the peace President Trump was delivering around the world with North Korea assenting to a global eradication of all nuclear weapons...and...Syrian President Assad promising not to use chemical weapons again...something to which Assad agreed....always denying...however...that his team was behind that chlorine gas attack in Douma.

Dana White observed Conway's plight and elected to move along with the throng and escape the barrage. She refused to answer silly questions...her inquisitor invading her "tray space" snorting all over her pepperoni and cheese crackers...hoping such affront would cause Dana to call this intruder some "ghetto-slang" epithet.

Sensing he was about to be slapped by Dana White...the inquisitor instantly turned the microphone on Kellyanne.

Ms Conway saw the chance to stomp Democrats and stepped forward. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "As Gandhi marched closer to the sea...those who opposed liberation snickered and sneered. How could a bald-headed dude with a little brown frog-eee body topple an empire as mighty as that of Britannia...remove the grip of the would-be master...and...deliver a billion look-alikes from bondage? Yet...he did as many ways...perhaps...Gandhi much more."


When Hillary-the-hag failed to grab the Oval Office in 2016...MSBNC freedom-hater...RACHEL MADDOW...(pronounced Mau Mau)...along with other Trump-haters...loudly uttered a solemn they stood around a one-candle lit table...after having been shown the emblem by which their effort would be called. Her whispered oath that GOD hunt them all if she should fail to slaughter Donald J. her way of thinking...the proverbial Moby Dick. The secret sign by which all would know comrade* would be: MAU MAU.
*In the CONGO...Mau Mau killed "whitey"...burned down "whitey" building and barn...and...terrorized "whitey"...eventually driving "whitey" from that land of plenty...a land that since "whitey" was run off has deteriorated until its people starve and die from disease.


Americans forget quickly...too busy to notice...too busy to look back...and...because of such "busy"...not aware that from afar angry eyes observe...and...forge plans to destroy America...and...obliterate the great Satan.

As one Muslim said, "Americans have watches...we have time."



Although Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution gives President Trump the exclusive power to protect America from surprise attack...the Democrats did not see those 3 chemical production facilities to be a threat. Sure...their billion gallon per day capacity to produce deadly gas was somewhat could not be a threat if President Trump labeled it as such. As one nasty Democrat declared, "Of course...the Syrians were going to unleash that gas on Israel and massacre the Jew in biblical my opinion...would be an easy price to pay to give the Muslim peace in the Middle East."


Assuming the "James Comey" now is the same "James Comey" who met President Trump for a private dinner...most Americans can sense "why" President Trump might have broached the topic of loyalty while chewing a piece of filet mignon. While never inquiring about was obvious Donald J. Trump wished to see what fang and claw behind his back slimed and crawled.

In Comey's book...Jimmy-boy explains "why" he was doing all he could to assure Hillary-the-hag became president...along with what he did during his tenure at the FBI to hurt TEAM-TRUMP.

 Although Big Don didn't have the benefit of the "hand-written" copy of that book before his private dinner...somehow...due to his Titan-like sagacity...he suspected that seated across from him was a treacherous...cunning...lion-fox-kind-of-dude* whose ulterior motives too horrific to hide; and never would he repose trust in such a running-dog lackey or ask for loyalty from this latest** version of "Carlo".
*Donald J. Trump suspected Comey fancied himself some kind of Prince...lion-fox...wrapped in one big package...cunning...resourceful...and...always ready to do his master's bidding. Hence...between sip of wine and sauteed bean...Big Don asked Comey "why"...and...Comey almost cud-choked. Here was another Messiah telling him...the new-Judas...go and do what you must do quickly.
**In GODFATHER part 1...Michael arrives and tells Carlo he must pay for Santini.


President Trump was inveigled into launching another missile strike. What the Islamic eye-for-eye tradition...a 100 foot yacht draws near to Manhattan...and...detonates an atomic bomb? Or...more horrific...rag heads on an East River barge piled high with old tires...deliver a choking pyre.

WAR is once more...the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse across the sky. President Trump believes he's making his the rest of the world wonders "why". What if that chlorine gas attack in Douma, Syria were "concocted...contrived....deliberately done"...what if the so-called "intell-data" was as WRONG as what BUSH-CHENEY was given about Saddam and his nuclear arsenal?

There is an epochal chess game afoot...folks...and...President Trump just moved his king-rook to queen-bishop-7.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Although the FBI knew Noor Salman was not involved in the PULSE NIGHT CLUB massacre...nonetheless...they attacked. Fortunately for Noor...a lady with an I.Q. of 62...the 12-member jury declared her NOT GUILTY...a verdict delivered even though it was only post-trial that the world discovered the federal prosecutor knew the FBI was LYING and yet didn't say anything about it at trial. The prosecutor presented a LIE to the jury...knowingly presented a LIE...and...while disbarment for any other lawyer the penalty for such heinous act...for the federal prosecutor...he was commended and directed to be even more dastardly next time...AVOID leaving a trail to the LIE.


`Mike Flynn pleaded "no contest" only to learn...later on...the 2 FBI agents who had interviewed him had concluded he had not LIED to them...and...that he was pleading to a crime without any competent, substantial evidence that a LIE by him had been told. The same GAME that had been played on Scooter Libby, Ted Stevens, Dan Guerney, Noor Salman had also been successfully played on this highly decorated general. The it is now revealed...refused to alert Mike Flynn...pre-plea...that the prosecutor had only innuendo and rumor but not any actual eye-witness testimony with corroborating alert the prosecutor was obliged to give in any other instance in any other court in any other jurisdiction except the court in which MIKE FLYNN found* himself.
*Flynn was not told about the exculpatory evidence because the federal prosecutor was a jackal as are most of the upper echelon lawyers working at the U.S. Injustice Dept. As one whistle-blowing Assistant United States Attorney acknowledged, "Flynn found himself in the same predicament...the same did all the other poor souls who were wrongfully attacked for the darkest of ulterior motives."


Unlike New Testament Christians ready to turn the other cheek...most Muslims...especially the ones who rule Syria...believe in revenge as depicted in the Old Testament: EYE-FOR-AN-EYE. When that 3-star that White House briefing this morning...was asked about Syrian retaliation...he said the Pentagon was prepared for anything. Hearing that endorsement...HOMELAND SECURITY went to DEF-CON 5...ready to interdict any bomb-carrying rag head who wished to blow up an airport as a protest to President Trump's attack on gas-making facilities in Homs and Damascus.

As Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told a cub reporter, ""We know the rag head believes in eye-for-an-eye...and...they will attack. Where and when are two puzzling features of this "intell-game"...but...we feel confident we will interdict and stop that attack long before it can unleash whatever destruction and desolation envisioned thereby. We should be glad the Muslim doesn't know our "sweet spot".