Sunday, April 15, 2018


In a crowd of important people...several members of TEAM-TRUMP were approached in ambush fashion. Kellyanne Conway and Dana White were cornered by vultures.

Kellyanne...for example...was caught near a food table...and...asked about the peace President Trump was delivering around the world with North Korea assenting to a global eradication of all nuclear weapons...and...Syrian President Assad promising not to use chemical weapons again...something to which Assad agreed....always denying...however...that his team was behind that chlorine gas attack in Douma.

Dana White observed Conway's plight and elected to move along with the throng and escape the barrage. She refused to answer silly questions...her inquisitor invading her "tray space" snorting all over her pepperoni and cheese crackers...hoping such affront would cause Dana to call this intruder some "ghetto-slang" epithet.

Sensing he was about to be slapped by Dana White...the inquisitor instantly turned the microphone on Kellyanne.

Ms Conway saw the chance to stomp Democrats and stepped forward. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "As Gandhi marched closer to the sea...those who opposed liberation snickered and sneered. How could a bald-headed dude with a little brown frog-eee body topple an empire as mighty as that of Britannia...remove the grip of the would-be master...and...deliver a billion look-alikes from bondage? Yet...he did as many ways...perhaps...Gandhi much more."

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