Thursday, April 5, 2018

killing fields found

Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge slaughtered millions of people and left them to rot in killing fields. While most of the world called such butchery a CRIME AGAINST other places...POL POT was revered as a divine inspiration for revolution.

Similarly...Iraqi officials are uncovering mass graves containing what is left of 1,332,997 Iraqis who refused to worship the golden calf Islamic State forged, (Exodus 32:24).

Again...the world has witnessed mass slaughter without any intervention by those* who could have stopped al-BAGHDADI by not letting him out of GITMO, eh OBAMA?
*Obama needed some kind of HORROR in the Middle East...a destroyer he could direct. In exchange for letting al-Baghdadi out of GITMO...this rag head agreed to lay waste to the Middle East...and...give Obama DRAMA when politically expedient...something al-Baghdadi did with aplomb. As Obama bragged recently, "That rag head will have a bigger body count than Pol Pot ever had."

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