Thursday, May 31, 2018


President Trump is using his PARDON POWER as it was meant to be used: to check government overreach and government-imposed EVIL. He plans...for instance...on delivering MARTHA STEWART from the lion's den as well. Recall MARTHA STEWART was ensnared in a political trap and she spent 27 months in federal prison. VIVA TRUMP!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Yesterday's rice

U.S.Rep. Kathleen Rice...a devoted socialist...spewed venom when she heard President Trump express bewilderment over the DOUBLE STANDARD...wherein the talking head can say something "bad" about Big Don and the DECLARANT is called "wondrous and enlightened". Say something "bad" about a socialist such as VALERIE lose your ABC "hit" show and are denounced by women* such as "silent" Kathy Rice...who stood quiet when she knew New York Attorney General ERIC SCHNEIDERMANN was raping women.
*As Senator RUBIO acknowledged...there is a sense in the Democrat Party that KATHLEEN RICE has lost her appeal.


And the Lord prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah(JONAH 2:17). Unlike other modern day presidents...if Big Don sees INJUSTICE...he corrects it. He pardoned JACK JOHNSON...a man who had been wrongly convicted of violating the MANN ACT...a law that said it was illegal for a black man to transport a white woman across state lines...even if that woman were his fiancée.

It's as likely as not...he'll pardon the drug users whose sentences are preposterous and based on WRONG-MINDED LAWS. He'll pardon the falsely convicted. Had Big Don...for example...been around when THE HURRICANE was railroaded in New Jersey...that travesty would not have gone on as long as it did...a torture-session only ended by a brave federal judge who saw INJUSTICE and instantly corrected the matter.


Jim Acosta...a Communist New Network(CNN) scumbag...told his friends he agreed with Rosanne Barr when it came to calling Valerie Jarrett some kind of critter from the crypt...but...was too afraid to say as much because he didn't have any other source of income.

"I must kneel and lick boot," whispered Acosta when asked why he did not say something when he saw New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann commit RAPE in the backroom of a New York pizza parlor.

"I saw Eric commit rape. Eric later told me he raped because the victim looked like someone he knew from a shit hole country and that had caused him to rape," confided ACOSTA as he recalled that rape so vividly.

Yes...ACOSTA could have stopped ERIC from a fellow socialist and freedom-hater...stood there and watched...too afraid to say something...too meek...too fearful...too much typical stooge to be anything but "go along to get along".


According to JAKE TAPPER...a Communist News Network(CNN) talking head...President Trump killed Puerto many as 5000, official expert...according to venomous ready to swear TRUMP killed* so many there isn't a need to rebuild that obliterated-by-hurricane paradise.
*When Hurricane Maria struck...people from all over the world scrambled to assist Puerto Rico. Haitians...remembering how America had helped them after that horrific 8.0 earthquake...dispatched shaman and other witch doctors to conjure "protection" from the wrath of Mother Nature. Unfortunately...their MUMBO JUMBO didn't help...and...Puerto Ricans continued to die. A Nigerian banker arrived and promised big bucks for Puerto Rico...promising to give each Puerto Rican a generator...10,000 gallons of gasoline...and...some credit cards from YEMEN...but...that...too...did not stop Puerto Ricans from dying.


If you wish to vomit...simply turn to the Communist News Network,(CNN)...and...listen to the talking heads...including the venomous JAKE TAPPER...denounce and demean President Trump.

It was the Nashville rally...despite 24/7 "hate-Trump"...the MASS MEDIA was unable to dissuade voters from supporting TEAM-TRUMP. The standing-room-only audience cheered and clapped as TRUMP promised to do even more to dismantle the NANNY STATE and thereby make America great.

Off-camera...Kellyanne Conway explained what President Trump meant when he told the socialist-Democrats other people's wealth was not theirs and what little to be given to the government was by and with consent of the governed. "Never is a tax cut somehow a cost to the government. The government does not own my wealth or yours. Yes...the socialist-Democrats are saying a tax cut costs the government...and...hence TAX CUTS must be kept to a minimum so that big grab government can grow and grow and grow...but...most voters don't wish to be enslaved and reduced to a "step and fetch it".


ABC CEO called Valerie Jarrett and personally apologized for Rosanne Barr's derogatory comment. Hearing how concerned ABC was about "bad statements"...President Trump asked ABC where the apology was for all the "nasty" ABC authored denouncing and belittling him. a fount of freedom-hating...would never apologize to a freedom-fighter. They foresee an America...suffering pathetic bondage...inside a socialist miasma of misery and privation. As the ABC CEO said, "Socialism makes my left leg tingle. I would never apologize to Trump."


Valerie Obama administration official...said President Trump was just as guilty of racism as ROSANNE BARR. When challenged to explain "how" Big Don was somehow the author of Barr's tweet comparing Jarrett to a monkey...she equivocated...and...said Trump was in charge of America and whatever people did was his problem. Asked if such "indirect-guilt" applied to Obama...Jarrett retorted, "Obama was without sin. He was a revered tribal socialist who did all he could to destroy such...he must be worshiped."


The Palestinians unleashed a rocket barrage at Israel. The Israelis...using rocket location technology...returned fire blowing away the rocket launchers. HAMAS had put children around the launchers so any strike would kill them. "They died for Allah," dripped Obama when he was asked about the JEW-ARAB fighting.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


James Clapper admitted SPIES were inserted into TEAM-TRUMP. Republicans...after hearing Clapper admit as much...were divided as to whether the SPYING was "proper"....with some declaring there were not any spies...just citizens wishing to reveal* SECRET TRUMP DATA.
*The same wizards who said TRUMP WOULD LOSE are now predicting a 2018 DEMOCRAT VICTORY. "It'll be a "blue wave" with voters choosing enslavement instead of liberation...choosing to be sheep and part of some socialist herd instead of individuals yearning to breathe free once more," burped Rep. Nancy Pelosi when asked to describe the BLUE WAVE. . Somehow...refusing to support TRUMP'S claim of SPYGATE is good for reelection.


Robert Mueller was overheard telling his underlings he intended to "rig" the 2018 mid-term election by attacking President Trump in October. "I plan on hurting Mr. Trump and I relish that idea so much I dream about...I envision it as I shower each makes my left leg tingle," whispered* Mueller to close friends as they walked into a government building.
*That entire conversation was captured on a remote vehicle with super sensitive microphone.


By 2010...Obama had a majority in both houses of Congress and passed OBAMACARE. The Democrats...using that power...could have dramatically changed IMMIGRATION LAWS...a campaign promise Obama quickly breached once he had received Hispanic support by deception...deception he knew he could perpetrate on Latinos because as Valerie Jarrett so often said, "SPICS are dumb."

President Trump has been attacked over this immigration policy that the Democrats could have changed but chose not to change. President Trump must enforce the laws the Democrats permitted to exist. One of those laws says that when parents are arrested for crossing the border illegally...their children are placed in foster care until the parents are sent home. That law was imposed* by TEAM-OBAMA...but...the Trump-hating MASS course...blaming TEAM-TRUMP for simply following what seems to be a very bad "law".
*Never has the MASS MEDIA revealed that the recent 1500 "missing" children were either INTENTIONALLY "lost" inside the computer-location system...or...the custodians of those "removed kids" were directed by the Democrats not to surface those hide keep them insulated from the asking-and-searching DEPT. OF CHILDREN SERVICES. Such "loss" would create a STAGE for DEMOCRATS...and...KICK OFF the campaign season. As Nancy Pelosi said, "What better way to kick off 2018 Democrat campaign than to have a KID HUNT."


Because Rosanne said some snide things about Valerie Jarrett's politics...looks...and...mannerisms...her "hit" show on ABC was canceled and she was dispatched to REGRET ISLAND...that place one goes to do find redemption...expiation...absolution...and...entry back into the chambers of the ruling elite. "She must wander the desert of REGRET sun-backed...purged of her sinful ways...and...sustained by her commitment not to disparage members of the RULING ELITE," dripped U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D. Mass)...herself a bed-partner with Valerie Jarrett in the old days.


Catholic Child Services(CCS) refused to place baby boys with homosexual men. And that refusal turned into a big trouble spot for Philadelphia since CCS handled 99.99% of all Pennsylvania adoptions along with providing foster care.

"How dare CCS not place baby boys with practicing homosexual men!" shouted an indignant Senator CORY BOOKER(D. Pa) himself a practicing homosexual with a well-publicized appetite* for 10 year old Cambodian boys. angry was BOOKER that he demanded CCS be removed from the CHILD CARE LOOP.
*According to officials inside the New York the back room of a dingy pizza parlor...such is the site of BOOKER'S conquests.


Democrats demanded Ellicott City be rebuilt with taxpayer dollars. "I want the entire city rebuilt as it was before that 2nd flood struck. Yes...another flood will destroy all of it again...but...taxpayer money is socialists...will rebuild that town with their money every time," confided U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen.


"Timid Al" Redmer...Maryland's Insurance Commissioner...admitted OBAMACARE increased the cost of health insurance...but...refused to acknowledge a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm was best of the best since to say as much would cost him his job. "For years...I've wanted to say something nasty about Obama and Valerie Jarrett...his concubine...but...I held off...hoping that somebody...some big name...perhaps...a Bob Hope or a Rosanne Barr...might say it for me," confided "timid Al". (WSJ A-19;05-29-18).


Socialist wizards and sages do not want a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market since they would have to compete 24/7 with the other equally talented and skilled...a task they would prefer not having to suffer. Instead...they want big grab government to impose itself...creating niches...and...granting to these knaves a place therein...a prominence they could not have gained but for government "picking winners and losers".


 Rosanne Barr erred by tweeting: “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” Valerie Jarrett was quite offended. Even though she was a freedom-hating Muslim...she didn't need ROSANNE framing her as some kind of critter from the crypt.

NBC canceled the ROSANNE SHOW as a demonstration of how the two tracks work. Had Rosanne said something nasty about Melania...the FIRST LADY...for example...ABC would have not only commended Rosanne but also told the world that the ROSANNE SHOW was forever. But...because ROSANNE chose to attack the attack the simian culture of the Congo...establishing Valerie Jarrett as a by-product of such union...her show was canceled.
Rosanne Barr also told the world CHELSEA CLINTON was the daughter of WEBB HUBBLE who died recently after leaving a note explaining "why" Chelsea would never admit that he and not Bill "blue dress" Clinton was her dad.


U.S. Senator Cory Booker said he was quite pleased the homeless people in Philadelphia were being pushed into socialist shelters designed to care for the victims of socialism. "It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about how socialism takes away a person's pride and forces them into opioid addiction. It's wonderful," smacked Booker as he looked at the people being pushed out of the tunnel camps.

Monday, May 28, 2018


"While Americans have watches...we have time," quipped al-Walki Mook-Mood...the jihadist with fervor. "We will return as sure as the desert sand will one day return to its home," blurted al-Baghdadi...putative leader of Islamic State. Both men the big noise when it comes to Middle East tension and mayhem.


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the brilliance* of President Putin. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "The Russians know they have the upper hand on the Continent. They need only wait for the socialists to consume Europe until there isn't anything left. Venezuela was hollowed out within a decade...and...Europe isn't far from collapsing from socialist deadweight."
*Equally brilliant is President Trump in his angling in on Chairman Kim to get a nuke-deal assuring the world there won't be a nuclear war commenced by some hot head somewhere.


WAR-BOT(tm) was mentioned in a RADIO SHOW on 05-28-18 at 107.9FM...11:00 until noon. While the template was not fully expressed...the listener could get enough of an image and inherent concept to understand what was being described. In MOSUL...ancient Nineveh...WAR-BOT was given ONE SQUARE BLOCK to clear. Not only was WAR-BOT successful in clearing the area of Islamic State troops...but...not one civilian was harmed...not even a door was blown off its hinges. WAR-BOT took out the kill.

One F-35 jet fighter costs $340 million. That same $340 million can buy an armada of WAR-bots(tm)...robots...some fly...some hover...some can knock down trees...or...blast through 10 foot thick concrete walls. They're controlled personnel trained in the deployment of WAR-bot(tm). Because WAR-BOT(tm) has TERMITE MIND controller can control 1000 bots. The termite brain was reduced to software...artificial to speak... its organizing aspect used in attack and retention of spaces taken.


If America hadn't entered the European theater in World War II...the Russians would have eventually slaughtered every German...killing them all...leaving none alive...true Old Testament scourging of the land...even the cows would have been massacred...nothing would have remained. For saving them...the Germans should be forever grateful to America. Gratitude that even to this day can be seen when Germans speak to's almost with reverence. VIVA TRUMP!


Chelsea Clinton has WEBB HUBBLE as her father not BILL CLINTON. Take a look at Chelsea's mug...examine her her horse-look to that of WEBB HUBBLE...and...the father-daughter connection is OBVIOUS! Yet...Chelsea is telling the world President Trump has degraded what it means to be an American. What does she mean when such diatribe must include BILL inveterate philanderer? Eh, Chelsea?


Candidate Patrick Ryan told New York a card-carrying Democrat...he would increase their taxes...stifle their effort with oppressive regulation...and...freeze in place whatever economy under which they presently suffer. So powerful that message...the MASS MEDIA...particularly the Communist News Network(CNN)...touted RYAN'S credentials...telling its paltry audience enslavement better than liberation and RYAN the scumbag to impose such a NANNY STATE.


Jamester Waliki Smith demanded food stamps and free rent. He was entitled to these things at taxpayer expense. He couldn't find a job to his liking...although 300 or more employers were in need of strong backs and willing hearts. He preferred working out at his local YMCA...hanging out with his home-boys under the tree behind BOB'S BARRICADE WAREHOUSE...and...doing whatever he pleased. Other people were working so that he could lounge...take it easy...and...enjoy Florida.


Republican Senatorial candidate RICK SCOTT said, "Because I wished to see how Democrat counties were doing in Florida...I traveled to several of them and took a look. Folks...the difference between a Republican-run county and a Democrat county is striking. The Democrats have made it so hard to develop property in those counties that it's unlikely they'll ever be anything more than a place were extremely poor people live."


HOBO HAREM in America? In Africa...when Boko Harem stole 300 school girls...Michelle Obama demanded those children be returned. Eventually...BOKO HAREM returned several hundred girls...but...many had been forced to bear BOKO HAREM children replenishing its ranks thereby.

In 2018...Obama-era employees undertook to "disappear" 1500 children...children who had been separated from their parents because the LAW requires such separation when the parents are prosecuted for illegally crossing the border.

Of course...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA isn't blaming the Democrat-operatives who carried out this "loss of children". U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters...a devoted socialist and freedom-hater...giggled about the "loss" and said those children were absorbed by the Trump-haters and they weren't about to be "found".

The Trumpsters are demanding to know where they are...but...the Democrats won't reveal their location because the MASS MEDIA is having a wonderful time comparing TEAM-TRUMP to BOKO HAREM. "If we can keep these children hidden until election day...I'll defeat Rick Scott," chuckled Senator Bill Nelson...himself one of the architects of this "hide event".

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Why is this BLOG and President Trump the only two voices asking "why" had not the FBI inserted spies into Hillary's campaign? Why was the Trump 2016 campaign the sole place where spies were inserted? Why wasn't Hillary's campaign subjected to the SAME intense scrutiny that TEAM-TRUMP apparently suffered at the hands of Trump-hating bureaucrats?

The answer to that question reveals the two tracks of JUSTICE...the JUSTICE that applies to you and me...and...the JUSTICE that never applies to them...not ever. OBAMA directed the agents...the moles...the skillfully inserted pet eye-balls...and...eventually...ardent hounds will track the CRIMES all the way into Obama's Oval Office.

But...nothing will happen...the MASS MEDIA will hide the data...and...not anyone will be brave enough to demand JUSTICE. Not anyone other than President Trump and this BLOG.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


A third of the class went down with their boats...
a statistic of World War II submarine quotes.
But...among those lost...
valiant frame not by wave undone...
take the captain
who closed the hatch
TAKE HER DOWN...and...saved his men and boat in ways legend spun.
That moment...
clear the decks...
as Japanese Zero shot at sub...
only seconds before doom confound...
Captain Gilmore put wounded below...
closed the hatch
as he yelled:


Over us again. As we...the unknown...languish in that place. Boots...cannon roar...over us again...packed without a trace...somehow GOOD-BYE implored...without a face.


Al Gore....the man-caused climate change advocate...acquired a TV station and packed it with "current topics"...all socialist or Eco-fascist...and...intended for the mush-mind audience that had become the emblem of the Democrat Party.

However...investors quickly realized there were few patrons...the potential audience preferring other things.

Even MSNBC Chris Matthews was hurtful when cornered and asked about how unpopular AL GORE TV really was.

"Al Gore should be ashamed of his boring self. He can't keep an audience's interest past pronouncing his name," confided Chris Matthews while attending a campaign rally for U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown...himself another climate-guru with a very small crowd.

Hearing what CHRIS MATTHEWS said...another big shot exposed his brilliance by comparing how "bad" AL GORE TV had been to what OBAMA was producing and proposing to publish on Netflix.

HARVEY WEINSTEIN...a well-known Hollywood producer...walked over the scrum discussing the issue of "terrible" and declared, "I'd sooner rub my hands in vomit than spend time watching the idiotic stuff Obama is doing. Yes...people cry when dogs are show an hour long TV documentary on graphic DOG SLAUGHTER in INDIA isn't going to advance his prestige or keep an audience. He'll be as popular as SARAH PALIN was on her effort at TV stardom."

15,000 began to cross

Out of the woods came 15,000 Confederate soldiers...their attack on the hill top a mile away an impossible goal. Yet...on they came...through shot and ripped apart...others with their arms and legs blown off...guts...and...pulsing hearts. And while Pickett's Charge framed in such graphic terms...soldiers for whatever cause...invariably feed the worms.


The Irish finally decided a lady had the right to choose...full term...or...abortion...a choice as old as time was new. Somehow...a woman's right to longer the end of a dirty stick. VIVA IRELAND!


Unlike the Libyan dictator...Chairman Kim has a solid lock on his people. They don't count their blessings without mentioning this man-God. If he removes the nuclear warheads...that removal doesn't open him up to invasion since the only ones capable of invading would prefer trade and commerce between everyone...everywhere...a season of world to speak.

On the other hand...Chairman Kim knows prosperity for North Korea would eventually mean he'd be ousted in favor of some CRUEL-MASTER whose mission to subjugate once more...remove prosperity...impose hardship and privation...and...return North Korea to its hermit Kingdom status. And...its' this "long ball" realization that keeps Kim Jong Un attempting to build a nuke so big he can split the Earth into little pieces...a fate he finds fascinating.


Brilliant which will fetch Republican victories in 2018. Such the frame for the repeal of OBAMACARE...that socialist miasma of grab and push. Republicans must promise they'll repeal OBAMA-CARE...but...need more help. They must tell their voters Mitch McConnell could have changed the 60-vote rule...and...America would be well on its way into the prosperity of the 21st Century...but...Mitch...Kentucky Mitch*...was too fearful...too daunted...too cowardly to change the 60-vote rule so that 51 Senators could pass the House Bills on to the President for signature. One Republican stopped the escape from the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE,(WSJ A-4;05-26-18).
*One man. Mitch McConnell and his pals on the Democrat side of the aisle stopped OBAMACARE from being jettisoned.


President Trump by executive order opened the way for down-sizing the federal government...delivering to his underlings the power to evict-from-niche. By slowly identifying the pro-socialists and other freedom-haters inside the federal slowly deleting them only a "thank you" note and fruit basket...the DEEP STATE won't realize* it's getting eviscerated. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-4;05-26-18).
*The NANNY STATE isn't about to be down-sized without a massive fight using the complicit MASS MEDIA as suicide bombers if need there be. While not yet spewing LIES 24/7...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA will be at full throttle come October of 2018...filling the TV and RADIO with "hate speech"...hoping the Democrat-voters are as stupid as the Democrat-wizards assume.


Recovering from surgery after being shot 3 times by Ethan Stonebraker...Jason teacher at an Indianapolis middle school...was commended for his quick reaction to Ethan's attempt to shoot people.

"That man took 3 bullets but saved the class," remarked President Trump as he listened to how Stonebraker had entered the class room...waited for that moment when he felt entitled to pull his cannons and begin to Mr. Jason Seaman reacted...dashed towards that maniac...swatted guns...and...began to wrestle. VIVA JASON SEAMAN!
*"Across the globe there were 36 school America...there were 289 since beginning of 2017," quipped Rahm Emmanuel...mayor of Chicago.


Harvey Weinstein was arrested and forced to do the "perp walk"...hand-cuffed...and...taken to the courthouse both to be arraigned and to be heard as to bail. He pled not guilty* and posted a $1 million cash bond. It might very well be that eventually most of TEAM-OBAMA might take that same "perp walk", eh Comey?
*Although employees inside TEAM-OBAMA didn't rape women...they did commit felonies...however...unlike pathetic Weinstein...they're insulated from the kind of JUSTICE Mr. Weinstein faces.

Friday, May 25, 2018


President Trump is finding that sweet spot...that advantage...that whatever it is which delivers more than expected. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump knows he can declassify at any time and reveal what the DEEP STATE doesn't wish voters to see.

But.."why" waste a great "razor"?

Why not the meantime...ask the BAD GUYS to show their expose their own criminal misdeeds?

The BAD GUYS know declassification will expose them any way since with declassification they would not any longer be able to close such doors. the BAD GUYS come forward seeking "deals" in exchange for "data"? the BAD GUYS wait and see if the 2018 election cycle stops the Republicans from exposing them? the BAD GUYS go ahead and confess trying to "deal-etch" before Big Don does what must be done: FULL DISCLOSURE!


Chef Batali drugged and raped his victims...serving them crepes draped with drugs...raping them...and...then...telling was best on that bear skin rug. Harvey Weinstein lured his victims to his room...there...ensnared...he had his way* with their breast and womb.
*Harvey did the "perp" walk today into the federal courthouse where he was arraigned on sexual crimes and directed to post a $1.0 million bail bond. When asked about the "frog-walk" into the courthouse...WEINSTEIN'S LAWYER...Brafman said, "Look...he had sex with 10,000 women and these 2 are saying it was not consensual. It's nonsense...and...we'll defeat these LIARS."


From top secret's now been learned that Obama...ever the dung-throwing late 2015...asked James Comey if the SPY had been inserted into TEAM-TRUMP. Figuratively speaking...COMEY took out a proctologist glove...and...winked...never speaking any words playing for any surveillance measures* which might be afoot.
*Had Hillary-the-hag defeated Big Don in 2016 not any of this idiotic scheming would ever have been published. But...since President Trump has said he'll protect any won't be long before all the SPIES surface seeking "safe harbor" before the HAMMER falls; and telling their stories about the EVIL Obama and his minions practiced.


Jesus or Barabbas? And...the crowd cried out louder for Barabbas,(Mark 15:11).

Might such a question be the message of the 2018 Democrats?

As U.S. Senator Bill Nelson put it, "To defeat Rick Scott...I must promise more freebie and favor...more taxes...more embittering regulation."

Nelson noted his control of the MASS MEDIA meant he could force the crowd to "cry for Barabbas"...and...propel him back into the U.S. Senate where he could continue to push America into the socialist toilet.

"People want to be enslaved and I can deliver such bondage...I can impose such whip and chain," dripped Billy-boy as he wiped venom from his snake-like lips.

meaning drained

"Brought to justice" has been drained of its meaning nowadays. There is justice for me and you...then...there is "insulation from justice" for them...the so-called DEEP STATE. They can LIE...DECEIVE...EVEN...KILL...and escape condemnation. And...with a skillful MASS MEDIA even be commended for their dastardly deeds. Take Rep. Adam Schiff...for instance. He was shown proof of SPYING on TEAM-TRUMP...yet...told the world he didn't see anything illegal. Had anyone else spied on TEAM-TRUMP they would be prosecuted. But...when it's SPYING by TEAM-OBAMA...that is insulated. It's despicable!


Sterling Brown...Milwaukee basketball star...parked his "incredible-car" and went inside the store to get some mints. When he returned to his car...he was surrounded by as many as 20,000 black-clad S.W.A.T. agents...some with machine guns...others with tazers...and...clubs...ready to beat and hurt STERLING BROWN. On many as 5 are observed as they surrounded BROWN...mad hornets...ready to sting...ready to smack-down...ready to impose themselves on STERLING BROWN.

Hoody with hands in pocket and black meant STERLING BROWN was going down. Yes...a simple parking ticket all that should have been issued. But with so many hornets buzzing about...there had to be some "slap and shout".

BAMMM! TAZER...TAZER...TAZER. Sterling Brown electrocuted...and...bull-bucket downed. Into the pavement went the surprised face of Brown...he had come upon hornets...and...was getting slapped down.

Afterwards...STERLING BROWN...nursing bruises and BURN-POINTS suffered when TAZED...was heard to describe the event:


By the time they hit the Brazilian shore...there was convoy...10,000 trucks screaming down the road...we ain't gonna pay that tax-n-toll...let those truckers roll!


Democrat voters love the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE so long as its benefits flow to them. When President Trump told Democrats "what do you have to lose?" by supporting the march to make salt...the leadership of the Democrat Party scoffed and belittled. How dare he offer prosperity to our "step-and-fetch".

For example...Democratic National Committee chairman, TOM PEREZ was asked about the lack of a cogent message...a message somehow different from the one used by Hillary in 2016. The black employment figures are the best ever; Hispanics finding any job they wish...and...women...the lowest unemployment figures in 19 years. With that kind of record...what was TOM PEREZ going to do about a message?

Hearing the question...PEREZ bragged that the Democrats had the Latino-vote as well as the "step...and...". Tom Perez didn't finish the phrase since he saw a SPY in the room.


Springing up like corn..."right-to-try" clinics are beginning to appear. One such clinic arrived and began to treat "incurable" melanoma with amazing results. One lady was determined to be tumor free...and...not any trace of any kind of cancer...with such results 120 days after she first presented and gave to the RTT clinic her data. think...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson was against such effort because it would increase fiscal burden* on his beloved socialist state.
*Not every clinic has a big government umbilical. If the government would simply stand aside...medical cures would be flooding America. Indeed...they used a tobacco plant to make EBOLA vaccine.

9 tanks

Instead of 44...the Germans sent 9 tanks to guard the eastern front. Instead of pretending...the common-sense Germans didn't wish to polish the polish...and...send tanks that were never going to be needed...tanks with crews...tanks with attendant-trucks and jeeps and air support and its accompanying brigades designed to travel along with the 44 tanks in a grand hammer...bashing and smashing enterprise,(WSJ A-15;05-25-18).

"We could have dispensed with the 9 tanks and simply simulated the combat in our computer studios and saved $2.7 billion," U.S. Senator Rand Paul, (R.KY) noted as he looked at the $21 trillion federal debt.


In 1967...the JEW destroyed the ARAB tank and jet easily since the ARAB knew his camel not the machinery in which he sat.


Oh my God! OMG moment...that instant of realization...that epiphany and flood of data and utmost conclusion. Such is what Kellyanne Conway experienced when she heard Lyndon B. 1964...had dispatched a goon squad to SPY on the GOLDWATER CAMPAIGN. "The same EVIL that was unleashed in 2016 against TEAM-TRUMP was done before," whispered Kellyanne to herself as she read serial SPY CONFESSIONS...people coming forward years later to admit they were part of that attack on Goldwater.(WSJ A-15;05-25-18).

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM...and...TEAM-TRUMP has been under attack by the would-be masters and their henchmen and cronies. Led by a venomous MASS MEDIA...the 24/7 assault has been mighty but without any political effect on Donald J. Trump.

And...because America is a blessed land...the TRUTH is coming out about what the NANNY STATE did and is doing to stop liberation of the subjugated. When the SPYING ON TRUMP was recently revealed...for instance...those who were engaged in the nefarious acts became SILENT...just as the "scoundrels" who illegally spied on GOLDWATER  did years before. As in 2016...back in 1964...those employees knew it was wrong to spy on GOLDWATER...yet they did...and...they kept SILENT for a long time...long enough to escape condemnation.

It's important that President Trump declassify everything...reveal it all. And...all those miscreants and maggots in the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. that participated in the ATTACK ON the INSULATION OF HILLARY...every man jack one of them thereby can be identified...and...tossed* from office...perhaps...defenestrated.
*In BRAVEHEART Long-shanks asks "Is he qualified?" To which the young official says, "I am skilled in the art of war and tactic." Long-shanks replies, "Oh...are you could tell me..." AND with that pause...Long-shanks throws that idiot out a 3rd story window.


When Kellyanne Conway was asked about the SPY that was inserted into TEAM-TRUMP in 2016...she replied, "In the movie ANIMAL HOUSE ...Dean Wormzer concludes he must eliminate the "animal house" and directs his student-helper to proceed. When asked which students should be picked to assist...Dean Wromzer says, "Get Needlemyer...he's a sneaky little shit."


Hillary-the-hag expressed outrage and frenetic anger when she was told her attempt to SCRUB her HARD DRIVES had failed. Her email inventory had already been grabbed. Instantly...Hillary directed her minions to declare possession of her emails was a criminal-act...thereby stopping anyone from producing them out of fear of the Clinton-controlled FBI or the U.S. Injustice Dept. attacking them. And that FEAR TACTIC worked against everyone except JULIAN ASSANGE.

Now that the world knows Hillary was operating a pay-to-play scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State...most inquiring minds are wondering "why" hasn't she been indicted along with the rest of her scurvy crew? Could her FEAR TACTIC have been that powerful.


Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone was asked about his attempt in 2016 to get incriminating emails from WikiLeaks so that TEAM-TRUMP might publish* them and ruin Hillary's chances to become president. He denied he was able to get any "dirt" from Julian Assange although he tried to accomplish that feat using an Assange associate, RANDY CREDICO.
*Clinton had scrubbed her computer hard drives...but...WikiLeaks already had her entire inventory...even the ones wherein can be found her racketeering during her tenure as Secretary of State.


Illinois government is considering imposing a new tax on all real estate...a tax that can't be avoided. The imposition is so great it might very well doom Illinois citizens to a feudalistic way of life. They plow and tend the land...while the master uses the product of such labor for socialist purposes.


In India...there is a caste system wherein some people are the lowest level of society and are labeled: UNTOUCHABLES. The European Union seeking to give each European the right to privacy...has passed the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION(GDPR). So nasty this law that many websites are demanding users disclose if they are European. If they are...they're instantly deleted and barred from ever using that platform again. As Jeff Bezos pointed out, "The GDPR has created the new "untouchables".(WSJ A-1;05-25-18).

Thursday, May 24, 2018


U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff,(D. Ca) told the world he examined the data that only he and several Republicans were permitted to view...and...he didn't see anything ILLEGAL. Schiff...cleverly...stayed away from denying SPIES were used against TEAM-TRUMP since such DENIAL would have caused the attendant-Republicans to breach their oath of silence to dispel the LIE that SCHIFF would have been telling. So secret the "viewed" list of SPIES inside TEAM-TRUMP...that the Republicans were shocked...but...due to their oath of silence...could not speak out.

In the days to come...more and more spies will be named...identified by various by incredible "gum-shoe" investigative each bubbles forth...the MASS MEDIA will attempt to "soft-shoe"..."spin-and-skew".


President Trump...when among the leaders of the world...fancies himself in the park* facing what might appear to be insurmountable odds. And just as Billy Jack kicked that bloated pig-eyed jerk on his cheek...might Big Don so as much metaphorically when negotiating with Chairman Kim?


Back in 1913...JACK JOHNSON was accused of violating the MANN ACT. He and his bride-to-be had crossed state lines and traveled from town to town as he fought against opponents so well that he was the heavy weight champion. Today...100 years after he was WRONGLY CONVICTED...President Trump issued him a PARDON. VIVA TRUMP!


Kellyanne Conway was asked about Big Don's decision to cancel the 06-12-18 meeting with Chairman Kim in Singapore. After looking at photos of that huge empty meeting room...she replied, "Invincibility is defense. Vincibility is attack. Defend and one has surplus; attack and one is insufficient." After Ms Conway departed the news room area...a reporter asked another what was meant by all that which the incredulous responder replied, "Oh, my're unfamiliar with Sun Tzu...ART OF WAR?"


Perhaps...Chairman Kim knows the banter...and...where such back and forth must go...maybe he's heard Abbott and Costello's version of WHO'S ON FIRST.


President Trump should concede South China Sea hegemony to China. It's obvious CHINA can better address the safety and security issues of that region than Uncle Sugar. Once again...Big Don is a genius at negotiation and the "little fella" will eventually meet on terms that benefit America. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY) chided TEAM-TRUMP for demanding revelation of the SPY RING inserted into their victorious campaign in this BLOG has proven...much late 2015...SPIES were already afoot inside the TRUMP-EFFORT. Despicable and illegal no Stzrok told Page and McCabe...they had an "insurance policy" should Trump defeat Hillary. Might not what has been launched against Big Don be some portion of that "insurance policy"?


Silvergate Bank doubled its assets from $978 million to $1.9 billion by offering a crypto-currency exchange. While extremely risky to finance crypto-currency...nevertheless...with research and inspection...the FRAUD never able to gain any credence in the exchange. Wishing to assist such a grand undertaking this BLOG dispatched STEFAN HALPER to negotiate with ALAN LANE...CEO of Silvergate...the goal to have SILVERGATE absorbed by WITBOIN...the crypto-currency exchange in Vero Beach, Florida.


"I think we're rockin'...I think we're ready," declared Secretary of State Pompeo when asked if TEAM-TRUMP were ready to negotiate a de-nuke deal with the North Korean dictator. Although President Trump had to cancel the 6-12-18 meeting in Singapore whereat de-nuking was to be discussed...Big Don did offer the "little fella" encouragement...noting Chairman Kim wants to do what's right.


Circumspect. Such was the frame of President Trump's decision to avoid a meeting with Chairman Kim Jong Un...the North Korean "little fella". Once Big Don rejected the IRANIAN NUKE DEAL...the "little fella" concluded* he was dealing with a world-class negotiator whose mission to deliver world peace.
* De-nuke the trade...North Koreans will become rich...the Kim unmarked grave. Maybe KIM doesn't wish to be subject to voter-whim...or...the puppet of some MASS MEDIA conglomerate. White House Chief of Staff James Kelly said it best, "You can hear him howling around your kitchen door...better stay away from him...he'll rip your lungs out, Kim...HUH...and...never will he meet his tailor."


Stefan Halper had been a SPY for years having received over $1 million for entrapping and ensnaring. So refined his skilled his manner of hiding...Trump-campaign-helper-CARTER PAGE never thought STEFAN was some kind of GHOUL...a CREEP...something from the to speak. Roundabout...and...from the oblique...such is how HALPER applied* his trade...he always grabbed if such he were to seek.
*Spies go about conducting their business in a circuitous manner so they can observe anyone tracking them. And...the more indirect the "contact"...the more insulated the SPY becomes...insuring longevity of SPY viz. the mission.


ELON MUSK...miffed by the LIES the MASS MEDIA has been publishing about him and his companies...told a cub reporter he was going to create a website similar to FREEUSFLORIDA.COM where people could post their "rating" for truthfulness. CNN...for instance...declared the 2017 tax cuts made health insurance premiums skyrocket...a LIE that could be tethered and besmirched by angry readers once MUSK delivers that platform. VIVA MUSK! (WSJ B-4;05-24-18).

It's called a KAEPERNICK

Instead of just playing football and going along to get along...COLIN KAEPERNICK refused to stand for the national anthem...declaring he was protesting the flagrant maltreatment of minorities by law enforcement personnel.

Nowadays...COLIN can't even get a job selling hotdogs at NFL games...not even they wish to have such a toxic "figure" working for them.

"I thought about hiring COLIN to hand out hotdogs and beer...but...the more I considered it...the less I thought the employment would redound to my benefit. So...I had to tell COLIN "no"...a response he seemed to have expected," whispered Billie...the concession stand dude.


Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told* Europe to keep him away from building nuclear weapons they had to buy Iranian oil...stop barking about missile development...and...permit IRAN to secure the Middle East under its umbrella of authoritarian power. Of course...the cowardly Europeans are considering the deal but want the Iranians to permit unbridled inspection so that TRUST can be maintained...inspections the rag heads won't ever permit since they never stopped working on their DOOMSDAY WEAPON...a nuke so big it can split the world in half.
*President Trump saw the Iran-nuke deal as idiocy on steroids and rebuked it.


Aruna Viswanatha...a malicious scribbler for the Wall Street Journal...deliberately skewed what President Trump said about the criminals working inside the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). Big Don did not say "all employees" are miscreants. He confined his derogatory remarks to the upper echelon whose machinations and criminal acts are being exposed slowly since ROD ROSENSTEIN and CHRIS WRAY are slow-walking the response to the demand for revelation. As SPYGATE and TERRYGATE and STEVENSGATE are explored*...indictments for Obama, Powers, Lynch, Eric the Holder, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Patrick Fitzgerald, Andy Wisemann, Andrew McCabe...and...a host of others...all will be DEFENDANTS if there is EQUAL JUSTICE in America.(WSJ A-4;05-24-18).
*U.S. border guard Brian Terry was assassinated by Obama. Ambassador Stevens was also snuffed by Obama. REMO WILLIAMS kind of slaughter.


U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer(D.NY) admitted his team refused to assist with tax reform in 2017 because Democrats needed an issue that could hurt property owners in their districts back home. "Had we injected ourselves into that tax cutting effort...we would have been defeated for decades to come since our message is: HIGH TAX...STIFLING REGULATION," chided Schumer when asked about the $10,000 property tax limitation(SALT DEDUCTION) in the 2017 tax cut resolution.


Folks...the PHILLIPS CURVE theory is little more than an expression of what interference into an economy by government can deliver. According to this so-called unemployment goes down...inflation goes up. Inside an authoritarian regime whose currency not pegged to GOLD such things can happen...but...need not happen. The Keynesian economists are baffled that their CURVE THEORY can't explain what is occurring in Japan and in America: high employment...low to none inflation. Because they want to see the CURVE to speak...these idiots are demanding there be a flood of currency injected into the economy so people will have to pay more for their goods and services. It's anti-consumer but it's what Democrats like to call: "liberation"(WSJ A-2;05-24-18).


Everyone is both a consumer and a producer...some consuming more...others producing less...but...those two functions are inherent in pursuing and sustaining "life". President Trump knows as much and understands the consumer is best served when the producer is unhampered...left unfettered...and...permitted to produce without government-imposed burden.

Take for instance the issue of export-import. Imports that cost less than similar domestic brands benefit the consumer. If a TAX is imposed on the IMPORT...the purpose of which is to discourage consumers...then...both the producer and the consumer are hurt. While the "tax"...or..."tariff" might protect some inefficient domestic dinosaurs for a season...eventually...the consumers simply go elsewhere and replace with substitutes*...dooming whatever protected companies the "taxes" were intended to assist.
*Imagine there was a CONASTOGA company...a maker of big covered wagons...and...from across the ocean came a WAGON that didn't need horses or mules for propulsion...a benefit to the consumer...and...the new form of transportation cost less than the horse/wagon kind. What a benefit to the consumer! Yet...observing CONASTOGA going out of business...further imagine...politicians imposed a TAX on the "new wagon"...a tax designed to discourage. What would happen in that instance? Would the CONASTOGA remain in business in perpetuity protected by huge taxes on the "new stuff"? Ask the Amish of Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


While with her parents...TOMI LAHREN was attacked by a lady who threw a drink on her. It was considered a battery and punishable by up to 1 year county jail and a $1000 fine. TOMI backed away from the sneering critter whose pals captured the attack and published it to the world. They were out to silence TOMI who has spoken often of liberation of the subjugated of the American NANNY STATE...liberation that the drink-thrower shoved aside for socialism...the THING Tomi says she hated most.

JOHN COX: loser

Republican-for-governor JOHN COX senses he has a chance to defeat the socialists and become Governor of California...a finale...GAVIN NEWSOM...the Democrat front-runner...told the world couldn't happen.

"We have reduced voters to parasites and servile supplicants...basically took their pride...left shadow-of-sheep behind...people who believe government is their deliverer...the grantor of their dreams...and...their shield when someone arrives who says such bondage is EVIL and declares the solution found in deletion of the grip of big grab government," whispered a smirking GAVIN as he looked out across the sea of mush-minds holding his biggest signs.


Although the 30 year old dead-beat son told the court under socialism his parents had to let him continue to live in their basement...the Judge reminded him he was in America...not in socialist Venezuela or France...places where government dictates who lives where and how. Disgruntled by the eviction order...the Millennial contacted U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and asked for a JOB and a place to live...two a practicing Democrat...she could not ever provide.


In New BETHPAGE...President Trump described MS-13 as a band of animals...savages...critters targeted for eradication...only to have his rhetoric condemned by Democrats who ignore the mayhem and slaughter unleashed by MS-13 since to focus on such evil would only invite voters to examine the Democrat candidates more inspection...most...if not all...wouldn't survive.

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill...a devout socialist who voted "NO" on the 2017 tax cut...for example...refused to attend any public forum where the audience was not hand-picked by her team...noting there were too many voters who were asking about her support for MS-13.


Even if the oil price per barrel were $100(+)...nonetheless...Venezuela couldn't recoup sufficient profit to balance its incredibly huge fiscal deficit. Some statisticians say 13,000% inflation is too great and no matter what price of oil...MADURO'S government is headed pell-mell into bankruptcy. President Trump summed it up quite well when he said, "Empty shelves and hollow eyes...the hallmark of Maduro's socialist paradise."
*Maduro is kept in power by skillful use of goon squads...cadres dedicated to silencing any organized protest leaving only sheep...quiet sheep...easily directed sheep behind him.


How Stefan Halper insinuated himself and what his purpose was are just a few pieces of the puzzle President Trump has aptly called: SPYGATE...the effort by the would-be masters of the NANNY STATE to "rig" the 2016 election.

Bernie Sanders...for instance...if it had not been for "rigging"...would have been the 2016 Democrat nominee for president not CROOKED HILLARY. Similarly...although the NANNY STATE did its best to stop TEAM-TRUMP...even resorting to reprehensible spying...nonetheless...there were...still...enough freedom-lovers to elect Big Don so that he might dismantle the NANNY STATE.

Mention is made of HALPERS because the effort to undermine and ensnare...such coordinated-enterprise was illegal and the CABAL behind it...every man jack one of them...must not only be identified...but...punished. Naturally...HALPER...on 05-22-18...told his handlers that he must be protected* from prosecution such that if he's attacked...he plans on "ratting out" the entire lot of them.
* All bite. The threatened "flipping" by HALPER was framed as other co-conspirators because the DEEP STATE controlled the prosecutor and the MASS MEDIA. "We never need fear HALPER...he's too involved...and...the MASS MEDIA does as we direct," whispered U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, (D. Oh).


University of Florida assistant professor ANDREA L. DUTTON and her co-pilot, Professor Michael E. Mann...a well-known Penn State charlatan...were told to get out front and stop some bullets before the REVELATION OF FALSEHOOD* brought down their entire MYTH of man-made climate change. "If you don't preach the tenets of the MYTH...we'll remove you from your teaching niche," threatened U.S. Senator Bill Nelson...himself a devout freedom-hating Democrat when he spoke to Dutton and Mann in a 3 way phone call addressing the unraveling of their mutually beloved MYTH, (WSJ A-14;05-23-18).
*Sea level rise is a natural phenomenon. Sea level neither rises nor falls because mankind emits carbon dioxide(CO2) every time a human-breath is exhaled...or...a cow emits its gases...or...a car burps nocuous fumes. Earthquakes...angle of Earth to Sun...sun flares...silt from land to sea...along with a myriad of other causes and instances not yet known contribute to a rise or fall in sea levels. To proclaim man-emitted CO2 causes sea levels to rise is to proclaim a LIE. Indeed...MANN refused to discuss the concept of equilibrium of Mother Earth when confronted about the MYTH-LIE. He had to avoid such dialogue since CO2 is a TRACE GAS and is a food-stuff of plant-life...things that use CO2 to make C6-H12-O6[GLUCOSE.]. The more CO2 in the atmosphere...the more food for plants to eat...a scientifically-proven fact known as photo-synthesis. times past...sea levels were 400 feet lower than today...and...mankind...MANN'S culprit in 2018...wasn't emitting mega-amounts of CO2...but...was still in caves hacking away at each other over carrion left by the bigger animals of the jungle. The recent emission from the Hawaiian volcano caused sea levels to rise recently but MANN and his cohort-Dutton refused to discuss any causal relationship lest they lose their jobs.


Doing business with Israeli entrepreneur JOEL ZAMEL must be conducted with an understanding that...if...ZAMEL must...he will: LIE...DECEIVE...and...BETRAY. Somehow...ZAMEL insinuated himself in a lower level of the 2016 Trump campaign and from that niche conducted as much profitable-interface as possible. Nowadays...ZAMEL is singing* like a bird...but...his noise too faint to be heard,(WSJ A-5;05-23-18).
*While ZAMEL is spilling data...the operatives for TEAM-OBAMA are observing "OMERTA"...the code of silence. Team Trump was...and...unfortunately...still is INFESTED with "spies" whose mission to hurt Trump...frame Trump's pals...create and concoct when needed.


Water...water...water everywhere...but not a drop to drink...such the rhyme for Newark, New Jersey residents...their in-door faucet glowing...with what most described as horror with stink. Hearing about such Newark plight and having observed what Democrats...for political purposes...did in Flint, Michigan to create DANGER...SCOTT PRUITT...the leader of the Environmental Protection Agency...directed his underlings to clean up the water supply and extract...if possible...the OBVIOUS contaminates and toxins, (WSJ A-4;05-23-18).

Yes...folks...a Republican is trying to clean up your water so that when you drink're not consuming such things as LEAD...ARSENIC...and..."OTHER". The Democrats see "poisoned water" as a great issue and have dispatched several cadres to look for a water supply that can be contaminated so that people sicken...and...some die.

"I want a calamity before election day,"shouted Democratic National Committee TOM PEREZ when he was told Democrats lacked a cogent message that would attract voters,(WSJ A-4;05-23-18).


Easties? Yes...residents of east Boston are called "EASTIES". Nowadays...with so much government burdens heaped on land owners...most housing prices in that area have risen substantially and will climb even higher should AMAZON choose Boston for its second HEADQUARTERS.

Instead of removing government this and that so that land prices could fall and thereby alleviate the threat of rent increases which landowners must impose to keep pace with big grab government's increasingly oppressive grip...instead of that enlightened approach...the Democrats imposed even more restrictions...and...burdens...guaranteed to increase rents and land prices.

Why would AMAZON want to be in such a socialist miasma? Hasn't Jeff Bezos seen enough in Seattle to know BOSTON is just another expression of that hatred of freedom? Might BEZOS be that ignorant of what it means to be an EASTIE?


Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai was asked by Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Jeff Merkley to find out who was posting "false utterances" they never uttered.

Pat Toomey...for against net neutrality rules since they would stifle and retard INTERNET COMMERCE...something a Republican finds abhorrent. Yet...whoever posted the TOOMEY comment declared TOOMEY wanted enslavement and destruction of internet-freedom. MERKLEY...on the other hand...was framed as an opponent to net neutrality...a complete distortion of MERKLEY'S hateful position that the INTERNET should be controlled by big grab government...a government he envisions having him as one of the omnipotent would-be masters.

Ajit Pai knows what enslavement looks like when it comes to the INTERNET and will do what he can to stop the "whip-and-chain" from being introduction MERKLEY and his nefarious bunch desire most. "If I can insinuate myself into that loop...I can remain in power forever," dripped MERKLEY as he drank from his Fountain of Youth, (WSJ A-2;05-23-18).


When lava strikes sea creates toxic gas and micro-glass shards. The hydrochloric gas is deadly as are the glass shards. Yet...tourists were observed right in the middle of that plume taking photos and posturing...never realizing they were "killing themselves" U.S. Senator Ron Johnson said, "People have the right to try."

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


To see if Russians were the puppet-masters behind TEAM-TRUMP...TEAM-OBAMA inserted SPIES into that campaign organization. James "idiot" Obama stooge...said SPIES were inserted without telling Donald J. Trump because the examination was for his benefit. "Why tell him his team was being investigated for ties to the Russians?" quipped Jimmy-boy...noting such linkage too great to overlook if there were the slightest chance such could be unfolding.


James Clapper said TEAM-TRUMP should be joyful that Obama inserted SPIES into their 2016 campaign. Clapper had to say as much because he was part of that CONSPIRACY TO SPY. If that "spying" were for political purposes and some insiders say it was solely done to find "dirt" on Donald J. Trump...then...Clapper had best "lawyer up" and stop trying to minimize his involvement.


South Korean leader Moon and U.S. President Trump met at the White House to discuss an agreement with North Korean Chairman Kim. If the nuclear threat from the North can be diminished...Big Don will have advanced the notion of peace in ways few ever thought possible. VIVA TRUMP!


Conceding this BLOG had more patronage and customers than POLITICO...Jack Ma...who bought the South China Morning Star...the English newspaper of Hong Kong in 2015...invited FREEUSFLORIDA.COM to open an ASIA branch to accommodate the 1.2 billion people who read FREEUSFLORIDA.COM every day. Thank you, Mr. Jack Ma...a/k/a...ALIBABA! (WSJ B-6;05-22-18).


BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA agreed to deliver MOVIES to NETFLIX for publication. "Michelle plans on showing how women squat on beds and urinate when they hate," chuckled Barack when asked which topics his wife found amusing. Hearing his wishful thinking...Michelle injected, "Barack always takes the high ground...leaving me with disgusting* portrayals."
*Michelle told a cub reporter she wanted to do a story on Chelsea Clinton...starting with that raucous affair in Arkansas with Webb Hubble. Naturally...Chelsea didn't wish to acknowledge WEBB was her real father since BILL CLINTON had posed for that niche.


More votes than voters? Yes...folks...the Democrats remain in power by virtue of these "ghost-voters". Aunt Millie voted in 2016 for Hillary Clinton although she died 20 years before. Billy Bones chose Senator AL Franken although Mr. Bones was identified by his tombstone. When FRANKEN was asked about VOTER-FRAUD...he chuckled and said GHOST-VOTERS deserved the same benefit and privilege as "live-voters".


"California's San Diego County earns the enchilada grande. Its 138% registration translates into 810,966 ghost voters."
State by state, this is an enormous problem that needs to be dealt with seriously. Having so many bogus voters out there is a temptation to voter fraud. In California, where Hillary Clinton racked up a massive majority over Trump, it would have made little difference.
But in other states, and in smaller elections, voter fraud could easily turn elections. A hundred votes here, a hundred votes there, and things could be very different. As a Wikipedia list of close elections shows, since just 2000 there have been literally dozens of elections at the state, local and federal level decided by 100 votes or fewer.
And, in at least two nationally important elections in recent memory, the outcome was decided by a paper-thin margin: In 2000, President Bush beat environmental activist and former Vice President Al Gore by just 538 votes.
Sen. Al Franken, the Minnesota Democrat, won his seat by beating incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman in 2008. Coleman was initially declared the winner the day after the election, with a 726-vote lead over Franken. But after a controversial series of recounts and ballot disqualifications, Franken emerged weeks later with a 225-seat victory.
Franken's win was enormous, since it gave Democrats filibuster-proof control of the Senate. So, yes, small vote totals matter.
We're not saying here that Franken cheated, nor, for that matter, that Bush did. But small numbers can have an enormous impact on our nation's governance. The 3.5 million possible fraudulent ballots that exist are a problem that deserves serious immediate attention. Nothing really hinges on it, of course, except the integrity and honesty of our democratic elections.


Listen to the Democrat leaders and you'll hear them preaching enslavement of the producer...and...reducing people to sheep to be controlled and directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) dripped with venom as she described how she would raise taxes and heap more "red tape" on America smothering and stifling...and...making more "sheep" thereby.

Monday, May 21, 2018


From a postage stamp island has come as much gas as emitted by China x 5. Yet...there is not any global warming...indeed...there is a global cooling occurring as the gases interact with Mother Nature. But...equilibrium will take its grip...and...within a few months all that STUFF will be once more part of Mother Earth. It's OBVIOUS the global warming enthusiasts want this volcano to stop erupting so school children won't realize they're being fed a dung-sandwich when it comes to man-made climate change.


In every county across the nation...FIRST BRIGADES formed...vigilant groups whose mission to evict socialist politicians wherever found...telling the sheep they can have better than some socialist scumbag such as Schumer...or...Sherrod Brown...or...Claire McCaskill...or...Joe Manchin...or...Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...etc.


Deceptive and cruel. Such the frame for the ruling elite of IRAN. President Trump...before he became president...understood the mind of the rag head. When Big Don decided to void the IRAN NUKE DEAL...he knew the cancelation was required so that freedom-lovers inside IRAN might rise up and retake their country from the mullahs and dispense with the so-called Islamic Republic wherein a REVOLUTIONARY GUARD deletes infidels and apostates when identified.


Chairman Kim Jong Un might be many things when critics describe and portray...but...he's not an intellectual weakling; and he has enough firepower to keep any would-be invader away from his Hermit Kingdom. Whatever deal, if any, he makes with President Trump will be framed in ways which advance North Korean interests....interests which might very well include opening* North Korea to American commerce.
*Only someone as powerful intellectually as Chairman Kim could ever negotiate with him. Such is "why" Chairman Kim is so eager to meet Big him a New York City dragon whose popularity around the world is soaring. VIVA TRUMP!


Don't see...don't hear...don't say. Which monkey displayed?


President Trump walked around the table with a ball bat discussing home runs and why team players need to stand by each other and not betray. When he arrived at the spot where sat a RAT he took that ball bat and struck that jerk in the back of the head knocking out his eyeballs.

Such was the "bad" dream ROD ROSENSTEIN had last night. He knew Big Don was looking for SPIES and for those jackals who directed those spies; and Rod didn't wish to end up like VINCE FOSTER.


At the end of the movie...everyone stands forth and says: I AM SPARTACUS. Might from TEAM TRUMP come a flood of confessing "rats'' each one with a story for the MASS MEDIA to consume? How would anyone know if that "insider" were a "real rat"...or...someone claiming to be such a SPY...knowing such claim can't be refuted by the U.S. Injustice Dept. or the FBI...lest both institutions find themselves under the microscope and having to hide all their dirty laundry.

cougar kill

Messing with bigfoot might be an American past time...but...heckling a cougar with cubs is a one-way ticket to doomsday. A bicycling meddler stopped to bad-mouth a cougar not knowing the cougar knew English better than most illegal immigrants. The beast took umbrage with the foul-mouth...and...decided to slice and dice.


Jack Ma...relying on a theory espoused by the ECONOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG...told the world if investors chose ANT FINANCIAL or ALIBABA...these investors had to agree not to invest in competitors. Naturally...100% agreed to those conditions since JACK MA is the TITAN-OF-TRADE and investors can climb to the stars with him at their side. VIVA JACK MA!(WSJ B-1;05-21-18).


MOLES INSIDE TEAM TRUMP? Yes...folks...inside TEAM TRUMP...presently lurk MOLES...rats...snitches...glad handers...smiling jackals...treacherously purposed knaves. Their puppet-masters found inside the Democrat Party maze.

OCTOBER 16, 2016

Obama...ever the dung throwing monkey...on October 16, 2016...told the world it was impossible to rig an election in America...too many moving parts...and...not sufficient time to accomplish such a fantastic goal. Yet...the MASS MEDIA has been declaring the RUSSIANS working hand-in-hand with TEAM-TRUMP defeated Hillary-the-hag. According to these wizards...Hillary would have won had the Russians not interposed not only their FACEBOOK advertisements but also had not released those incredibly incriminating emails...stuff Hillary thought she had scrubbed away.


U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff(D.Ca) said he didn't care if TEAM-CLINTON colluded with Russians and a British secret agent sporting a SPECTRE RING. As a freedom-hater...he was confident the criminal misconduct of Hillary-the-hag and her nefarious band of miscreants would never be prosecuted. "They have too much dirt on all of us," confided Schiff when asked why was he so fearful of Hillary's anger.
* In THUNDERBALL...the villain had a ring with an octopus. It was the emblem of SPECTRE...the ultimate criminal organization.


Vice President Mike Pence...asked about the spies and treachery suffered by TEAM-TRUMP at the hands of TEAM-OBAMA...stepped back a moment...looked at the cub reporter and said, "You all do this mantle...I recall the first time Caesar put it was on a warm summer evening in his tent...that day he had overcome the Nervii. See through here Cassius dagger ran...and...see what a rent the envious Casca made...and...through here stabbed beloved Brutus...this was the unkindest cut of all."

With that said...MIKE PENCE turned and left the area accompanied by his 100,000 body guards. As his entourage departed...Democrat- news reporters were overhead asking each other what was meant by all of that...only to be told by the cub reporter that similar to Caesar...President Trump is attacked by those who profess loyalty but when occasion arises...stab as well as all the other enemies.


Not really there...yet...thought to be leaving footprints everywhere. Classic Sun Tzu. Because President Putin is a grand master chess player as well as a disciple of Sun Tzu...he has been able to project the RUSSIAN BEAR into American politics and never actually be there.

Using the hatred for liberty bubbling from every crevice of Democrat...the RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA MACHINE was able to project RUSSIAN BEAR into every facet of politics...a presence of light and sound...all for observation...all to be by Trump-enemies shared...designed to perplex and confound.

Ah...yes...classic SUN TZU, eh Vlad?


MOLES. Not the furry ones your cat is always trying to catch...but...the kind who pretend with smile and knee-crooking curtsies and base spaniel fawning*...yet...are first to draw cutlass and hack away. Yes...TEAM-OBAMA to insure Hillary defeated TEAM-TRUMP dispatched a cadre of operatives to infiltrate and report data...moles inserted to orchestrate whatever incriminating scenario OBAMA thought useful, (think Russian lawyer meeting with Eric-the-fool).
*On occasion during the 2016 powerful and persuasive these "spies" they were able to induce lower-level TEAM-TRUMP enthusiasts to say things that were supposedly "secret".


WHY NOT IT START IN THIS COUNTY? Folks...might Indian River County, Florida be the spot where the march to make salt began? Why not the citizens of this county draw together...declare liberation...and...demand there be a reduction in property taxes...a reduction in government burden and footprint? Hmmm...why not?


Folks...when the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) asked the Democratic National Committee(DNC) to examine the DNC computers...DNC refused. Nonetheless...the DNC declared their computers were hacked by Russians. Not any proof was offered...though...because there wasn't any RUSSIAN HACKING. It was made up to assist Hillary's theory for defeating TEAM-TRUMP.


Nicholas Maduro told voters they had best muster to the polls and re-elect him to another 6 year term as president of Venezuela...that socialist paradise with 13,000% inflation and abandoned shelves. To encourage voters to participate...TEAM-MADURO promised "food boxes"...and...other goodies.

After her YALE SPEECH...Hillary-the-hag mentioned the FOOD BOX idea. "Had I been able to deliver food boxes to the unwashed masses instead of mere promises of food boxes...I would have defeated Trump."


European Union(EU) won't participate in the new sanctions on IRAN. The construction of a nuclear doomsday weapon did not frighten or concern the socialists of the EU. "If the rag heads detonate their doomsday weapon...they'll be killed as well. And...I don't think the mullahs want such a situation for the 12th IMAM's appearance," declared Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


HAMAS paid $500  should the GAZA STRIP resident be injured by Israeli soldiers. So lucrative was the confrontation...GAZA they're called...flooded the fence area last week and began to toss rocks and dung-filled balloons at Israeli soldiers...taunting them...thumbing their noses...and...calling them JEWISH PIGS.


Venezuela...once a rich nation full of rich now a cesspool...a socialist toilet where food is exchanged for vote. "Starving people never bite the feeding hand," quipped a mirthful Maduro as he looked at the votes coming in on the presidential election.


The shale oil resources in Great Britain while abundant cannot be accessed due to government bureaucracy mostly inhabited by freedom-haters who wish to see England return to a time of tent and mule...a time of castle and needful maidens...horses...wagons...mules...crops worked by hand...people starving and babies dying from malnutrition.

Such vision of socialist paradise has captured the British mind.

According to Meghan Markle...Duchess of Sussex...Brits want to be sheep...directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.


Across Caracas and other cities in socialist-Venezuela...government-worker bees were busy pushing voters to support the socialist regime even though there wasn't any electricity...rampant crime...and...inflation running at 13,000%. Instead of demanding liberation...the worker bees went around the slums reminding people that MADURO was delivering FOOD BOXES...helping them suffer socialist misery and privation. As one observer noted, "It's amazing how socialism can take everything and leave nothing except slaves waiting for their FOOD BOXES."(WSJ A-7;05-21-18)

13,000% inflation

Almost unheard of except in Venezuela...the BOLIVAR is virtually worthless experiencing 13,000% inflation. The INK is more valuable than the paper on which it's splashed. However...MADURO controls the MASS the voters don't know how bad they have it. Yet...Venezuelans who realize they're inside a socialist miasma are fleeing as fast as they can...many departing with the few dollars they were able to hide from the socialists. The other day...5,269 freedom-lovers departed Caracas to become residents of any place but there.


While the MASS MEDIA won't discuss 2016...inside the CLINTON CAMPAIGN there was a spy who collected incriminating data...but...when that SPY presented the information to the U.S. Injustice Dept. and to the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...she was rebuffed and told such things were not to be examined or used. "We love Hillary and will protect not hurt her," whispered Rod of the maggots inside the Injustice Dept.

However...the SPY inside TEAM-TRUMP...whatever data that scumbag acquired was to be used in any way possible if it could hurt President Trump or stop him from dismantling their beloved NANNY STATE...a place where jackals such as OBAMA can insert SPIES with impunity. Indeed...scumbag- James Clapper went so far as to declare such SPYING was "good" for America since it would stop freedom-lovers from trying to deliver KEY to the NANNY STATE CAGE.


Scumbag Rod Rosenstein is pretending he didn't know TEAM OBAMA was spying on TEAM-TRUMP in 2016. He was up to his ears in that illegal's pretending he did not know. What a scumbag! Rod deserves to be beaten and humiliated in public...perhaps...left so people could pass by and spit on him.

What a scumbag!

Yet...his character...his personality...such is what you find at the U.S. Injustice Dept. nowadays. It's despicable and the entire lot needs to be evicted...and...sent running back into whatever hole from whence they came.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

when spy caught

When the spy inside the White House was asked about purpose and loyalty...she replied, "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori!" ["It's sweet and proper to die for the fatherland."]

U.S.Rep. AL Green and racism

Representing the 9th District in Texas...U.S.Rep. Al Green...a loudmouthed socialist-Democrat...demanded to know why Meghan Markle was marrying a "white guy".

"I'm so angry that a black woman with a white appearance would marry "whitey", shouted Al Green to a bunch of Mexicans trying to sneak into America.

When RICARDO "Ricky" of those foreigners attempting entry...was asked if GREEN'S shouting helped his situation...Ricky replied, "Not really. I doubt Prince Harry would permit that kind of foul-mouth in his presence...but...Green is a Democrat...a back-stabber, no doubt. But...his diatribe didn't entertain me. No, not one bit."


When the spy was asked what she heard inside TEAM-TRUMP...the mole* replied, "They discuss victory and liberation of America from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where the would-be master sends in SPIES to watch the opposition and find weakness to be exploited."
* Although this BLOG has been reporting about the SPIES inside TEAM-TRUMP for quite some time...only recently did the MASS MEDIA acknowledge such misdeed was being conducted from Obama's Oval Office.


President Trump wanted to know if there were MOLES inside his team in 2016 and asked the Dept. of Injustice and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) to reveal any data thereon...a revelation these two vermin-infested organizations cannot do lest they all be condemned. By identifying all the knaves and ghouls involved...Big Don can commence to cleanse the Temple, (MARK 11:15).


In 2016...Bernie Sanders gave Hillary-the-hag a "bye" so to speak when he turned to the Democrats and said, "People are tired of hearing about your damn emails." The crowd clapped and Hillary said "thank you". It was the Democrat Party trying to raise up a blemished candidate and using Bernie-the-fool as their mouth-piece.

In 2018...Bernie Sanders has been asked to admonish voters to support enslavement of the producer. If they'll support such whip-and-chain...says Sanders...Sanders and his brethren promise a paradise as great as the ones enjoyed in Venezuela and Cuba. Yes...the U.S. dollar will become worthless...and...people will go from "good" to "bad" a socialist paradise everyone suffers equally. WOW! What a convincing message.


Lava splatter must be avoided. Rocks the size of cars...molten rock so hot it can burn-to-bone almost instantly. Yet...ignoring such danger...people are drawing close to the Hawaiian volcano to measure carbon dioxide emissions. Standing at the edge of creeping internationally famous climatologist said Mother Earth was into flames was about to burst and demanded there be symbolic "virgin toss"...that Congress pass laws getting rid of cars and fossil fuels...and...forcing America to return to a time of tent and mule...sitting around campfires singing and dancing till dawn.

"It's an inconvenient truth that mankind must return to cave and stone tool," shouted U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren,(D.Mass) as she watched that climatologist defying the lava and standing his ground refusing to permit Mother Nature to push him off the Big Island.

subdue without battle

Conceding such to be true...freedom-haters admitted peace comes from respecting each other and each other's right to life and to property to support such life. But...if peace be gained in that way...there isn't any room for the freedom-haters who love being inside government taking away liberty and imposing socialist "freedom-to-obey". In their Socio-economic framework...people work for the common good not for themselves and are denounced if they attempt to crow about their greatness since their greatness...if any...granted by these freedom-haters and their all-encompassing state...the NANNY STATE...if you will.


Now...the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation are claiming they were operating lawfully when they injected MOLES into TEAM-TRUMP in 2016.

However...they won't reveal the basis for such declaration of propriety...a declaration that is ODD and IDIOTIC once the listener examines the predicate...the basis...the groundwork...for such an insertion of a pet examination these two loose-cannon far...won't produce.

If they reveal the TRUTH about that domestic spying operation...Obama and almost all of his administration will be indicted and imprisoned for criminal misconduct. And...that reality...that eventuality the Democrats and their complicit MASS MEDIA helpers will KILL to stop from happening.


The DAILY NEWS...a Trump-hating rag...featured IVANKA TRUP on its front page with the  title: DADDY'S GHOUL. It was despicable but as far Trump-hating was somewhat benign. In Jerusalem...for instance...Palestinians called her: WHORE...and...WITCH...two labels that appeared to be authored by American Trump-hating journalists.


In 2016...Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by having a message of liberation while Hillary-the-hag proposed more big grab government stomp and chomp. While there were many Americans who like suffering the misery and privation of socialism...particularly if they were part of the ruling elite passing out freebies and favors to knee-crooking supplicants...nonetheless...there were more freedom-lovers who wished to breathe free again and voted to delete the NANNY STATE.  VIVA TRUMP!


MSNBC demonstrated its preference for talking heads willing to LIE. Take for instance the issue of "animals". When President Trump was asked about gangs...and...MS-13 in particular...he called them "animals" and that label somehow was framed as a disparagement on all Hispanics. The MSNBC talking heads dripped venom as they condemned Big Don for calling all immigrants "animals"...a moniker he never appended; but with respect to the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...such a great President, never commended. VIVA TRUMP!


Dimitrios-the-butcher. Such will be his name forever since he entered Santa Fe High School...a place he knew was without GUNS...and...began to kill students and teachers including shooting the cop with the school's only gun.

Senator Chuck Schumer was asked about this latest massacre and said, "Had each teacher been armed...Dimitrios would have never been able to kill 10 students...students who on 02-15-18 had walked with candles and sang anti-gun socialist ditties...students who wanted America to become socialist and enslaved...these freedom-hating children were killed by their own kind. Officials...studying this massacre...are blaming Jimmy Kimmel and Elizabeth Warren. These two socialists have called for violent overthrow of the government and their message must have reached Dimitrios on the "wrong channel".


Jimmy Kimmel could not speak badly about the Santa Fe High School shooter since the shooter was a professed-Democrat who shouted anti-Trump slogans as he killed fellow students...slogans Jimmy Kimmel had uttered. When Kimmel was challenged about his inciting of such a massacre...he smirked and replied, "Blame the NRA!"

callow canard

MS-13 gang members are "animals"...and...when President Trump called them as much...the Democrats instantly began to scream and shout "racism". Never mind MS-13 kills...rapes...and...plunders. Democrats ignore such horror...because they know MS-13 works hard to get Latino voters to the ballot box. It's this ability to muster the Hispanic bloc vote which keeps MS-13 in business, eh Schumer?
*Callow: immature...Canard: unfounded story


The Democrats know they can muster quite a voting bloc just by raising the specter of the Republicans denying women an abortion if they need one. The Democrats know some Republicans want to force women to carry the fetus to full term...and...are playing on that ASPECT to persuade female-voters to rebuke the meddlesome Republican and choose the Democrat. Of course...the Democrats must LIE* to these voters because the Democrats want to enslave women as much as the Republicans but know they must hide their motives and goals.
*The Democrats fought against lowering taxes even more for working women with children. They said they did not wish to unshackle the female voter lest they lose the 2018 election. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown said he hated cutting taxes particularly for working women.


Folks...PLANNED PARENTHOOD(P/P) must survive, if at all, on its own merit and with its own private funding. It is wrong to force taxpayers to pay for abortions! If P/P is so won't have any trouble asking for and receiving donations. But...never should any organization such as P/P be funded by taxpayer money. Not ever!

Friday, May 18, 2018


Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Dimitrios Pagourtzis entered Santa Fe High School with a .38 caliber revolver and a shotgun and slaughtered students and teachers. He was not killed and will stand trial in Texas as a juvenile for capital murder. He laughed at the body count and said he was practicing for the bigger game hunt where President Trump the target.


James Clapper told CNN that he was delighted it finally came out that TEAM-OBAMA had injected spies into the TRUMP CAMPAIGN to "rat out" wrong-doing. When Clapper was asked about the obvious racketeering of TEAM-CLINTON and the assassination of U.S. border guard Brian Terry and Ambassador Stevens...he cud-choked...and...defiantly declared any data supporting such things had been deleted.


Henry Knox through perilous mountains...across frozen rivers...and...through what most thought impassable woodland...brought heavy cannon to drive the British from Boston. George Washington had 3 pound cannon but those were for infantry engagement and not for bombardment. KNOX brought what Washington needed when it was needed. Such patriotism...such vigor...such power...all are afoot even today and bubbles from TEAM-TRUMP.


Alarmed by the possible flip of someone into a cooperating witness...James Comey told Andy Wisemann...none of them can identify the MOLES inside TEAM-TRUMP lest the whole vermin lot of them be prosecuted. Their nefarious conduct must be kept hidden...the penalty and public ignominy too great for any of them to make a "deal" to rat on the others.


While the Dept. of Injustice and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation are deliberately refusing to reveal the CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT of their employees...the stuff they're trying to hide is leaking out anyway. Yes..."Democrat-damaging" data* is being leaked. It's a's explosive information that demonstrates how the DEMOCRATS were using GOVERNMENT to "rig" the 2016 election in favor HILLARY-THE-HAG.
*In one "rigging" puzzle part...unwitting Trump-helpers were invited to to porn stars and ribald tales...and...lured into saying things about TEAM TRUMP most of which were untrue and said to make the "mark" appear greater...mightier...more important.


Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Dimitrios Pagourtzis entered Santa Fe High School with a .38 caliber revolver and a shotgun killed 10 and injured 10. As he was shooting...he was screaming anti-TRUMP slogans...phrases fashioned by the victim-causing MASS MEDIA.

One bystander said U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters...a DEMOCRAT FOR GUN CONTROL...was responsible for this butchery. Her venom translated into the Santa Fe massacre...a death ground Maxine Waters said she hoped would happen. She asked for such mayhem and she got what she demanded. And...yet...only this BLOG has laid blame for the Santa Fe High School shooting at her feet. She caused that shooting!


Swiss-based UTrust's CEO Nuno Correia admitted WITBOIN was probably the best investment in crypto-currency a sagacious investor could make. It was more cement and steel than risk and push...and...anyone with WITBOIN had an investment meant to become something every way...mightiest in the mightiest,(WSJ A-9;05-18-18).


The shooter saw what the butcher of Parkland accomplished in Florida and felt a need to do something more horrific. He told friends he was inspired by the people who demanded there be GUN CONTROL. He thought Chuck Schumer needed to be president with Elizabeth Warren as his vice president. His shotgun would be his "pepper and salt". The shooter's friends said they thought he was JOKING. He was a socialist...a freedom-hater such as the teachers and most of the he seemed to be OKAY...ONE OF THEM...someone who would kill for socialism but not kill his brethren. "Boy were they wrong," said Daffney...a bystander who heard the story.


Some people heard YOHAI...others heard RAT...when Jeffrey Yohai turned on Manafort to help Trump-hating Democrats,(WSJ A-4;05-18-18).


"Human resources(MOLES) who put themselves at great risk to work with us have to be able to TRUST that we're going to protect their identities," quipped FBI Director Chris Wray when asked the name of the MOLE inside the 2016 TRUMP CAMPAIGN, (WSJ A4;05-18-18). Of course...if WRAY gives up the names of all the "rats" infesting TEAM-TRUMP...he'll lose the KEYHOLE* unable to attack President Trump, eh Chris?
*SO far...78 people who will be indicted if equal justice is applied to TEAM OBAMA and TEAM will decimate the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept...but a TEMPLE to speak...must occur!( MARK 11: 15).


Talk* about Yanni or Laurel...while freedom-lovers who heard Rep. Kelly speak heard him saying good things about liberation and what removing the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE had done to spark investment and production...freedom-haters...such as Rep. Maxine Waters heard him describing RACISM...saying RACIST reprehensible...Maxine Waters was not going to yield ONE SECOND to him...not one SECOND!
*When people hear a taped-noise...some hear YANNI...while others swear they hear LAUREL. So powerful the compulsion to disagree about the WORD...North Korean leader KIM JONG UN threatened to cancel the nuke-summit between him and President Trump in Singapore on June 12, 2018...pointing out LAUREL the obvious phonetic winner...while Big far...has discussed YANNI as some kind of contender.


The more Special Counsel Mueller digs...the more he uncovers the misdeeds of TEAM OBAMA and TEAM HILLARY...although in "special memo" #3...Rod Rosenstein directed Bob to surround himself with TRUMP-HATERS...and...overlook Democrat "bad stuff"  lest 2018 be another debacle for Democrats and the Republicans finally get a 60-vote super-majority* so that the 20th Century NANNY STATE can finally be eradicated.
*The Republicans were unwise to support the anti-freedom NET NEUTRALITY RULE that OBAMA imposed but which AJIT PAI and TRUMP valiantly eradicated until the U.S. Senate...yesterday...voted to pass the question to the U.S. House of Representatives and then on to President Trump who knows the NET NEUTRALITY idea is big grab government inserting itself into an otherwise unhampered market arena commonly referred to as the INTERNET.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


On the MAURY show...ladies sit by their lovers whose passion and fidelity are questioned through a LIE DETECTOR. Maury said you do not know whose panties your wife found in your car...the LIE DETECTOR said, "That's a LIE". All of a sudden the seated...until-then...quiet-reserved-spouse...ERUPTS...slaps the cheating-lying husband on the face knocking him out of his chair and onto the floor as the audience cheers her pugnacious bent.

Well...folks...President Trump took that LIE DETECTOR and he did not have sex with STORMY DANIELS. When Stephanie Clifford...though...was asked to take that same test...she declined...pointing out STORMY DANIELS was making too much money off the STORY to undermine and derail that income source.

Instead of demanding she take that test...though...the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA agreed with her...going so far as to say because STORMY said had to be true. Why else would there be a $130,000 payment? Why else would Mike Cohn succumb to this EXTORTION...submit to the BADGER GAME if it were not true that DONALD had sex with that woman, STORMY aging porn star?


Had she won...had Hillary-the-hag prevailed...none of the machinations and criminal misconduct of the DEMOCRATS would be available for inspection. the credit of the far...despite Trump's VICTORY...the DEEP STATE...a leviathan created long ago...but...enlivened during the OBAMA-ERA...THIS DEEP STATE...nont only been able to insulate the criminal misconduct of TEAM HILLARY and TEAM OBAMA...but also...has attacked TEAM-TRUMP attempting to stop the dismantling of the beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein a DEEP STATE such as what we suffer nowadays can exist and prosper.


It's only this BLOG which praises DONALD J. TRUMP for his generous gift of his government salary to worthy causes. The other MASS MEDIA outlets wish to dwell on whether or not Donald J. Trump should have recited the payment to Mike Cohn as payment of EXTORTION MONEY instead of describing the payments as "expenses" on his presidential disclosure form. Although the other MASS MEDIA outlets won't mention it...folks...a president isn't required to disclose such things in the 1st year in office...and...hence...any disclosures were not only voluntary but in TEAM-TRUMP'S absolute control as to content. VIVA TRUMP!
(JOHN PRINE: Saddle in the rain)